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tv   Today  NBC  March 13, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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we're back at 7:25 with a live local update. you good morning. breaking news overnight. an alleged drunk driver plows through a barricade and into a crowd at the popular south by southwest festival in texas. at least two people killed, more than 20 others injured. we're at the scene. mystery deepens. officials casting doubt this morning on this satellite image of possible debris for malaysia flight 370, saying the area has already been searched. while a new report suggests the plane may have flown for hours after losing contact with the ground. rising death toll. four more bodies pulled from the rubble of a massive gas explosion in new york, pushing the number killed to at least seven. as the agonizing search for more victims goes on.
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and winter's last gas? heavy snow leading to accidents and power outages from the midwest to new england. while millions deal with a drastic blast of cold that has temperatures plunging by as much as 40 degrees today. thursday, march 13th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. we welcome you to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall. savannah is off. joined by natalie morales and al roker as well. busy news day. >> it's so hard to believe so few answers related to that flight 370. we're almost at a week since this happened. >> that's right. we'll have much more on that story coming up. but our top story today is that tragedy at the south by southwest festival overnight. it was caused by an alleged drunk driver.
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our nbc affiliate kxan is at the scene. sophia, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, police say a suspected drunk driver tried to escape police, but then led them on a chase, plowing down a crowd of people and then eventually crashing into several cars. >> everywhere you look, somebody's been hit. >> reporter: a terrifying scene overnight after a suspected drunk driver refused to stop for police, taking them on a high-speed chase before plowing through barricades set up for the south by southwest festival and into a crowd of people. >> the car barrels down ninth and red river, goes down red river and hits multiple people. an unfortunate, very sad, multiple people down all the way down the street. >> reporter: the aftermath deadly. at least two people on a moped were killed, and five more in >> how long ago did this happen? >> ten minutes ago. not even. maybe five. probably five.
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>> yeah. we're still kind of shooken up about it. >> reporter: minutes after the incident this video posted on youtube captured the reaction of eyewitnesses who were headed to a concert. >> we were waiting to get into the show. and we were, like, around the side. and all of a sudden this car just, like, came driving through, like, hit ten people. >> probably going, like, 70 miles per hour. took off, hit all these people right here. i just saw all these people, like, flying. it was terrifying. >> reporter: police say the driver tried to flee on foot but was tased and is in custody and is expected to be charged with two counts of murder. police say this area will be blocked off for the remainder of the day as they continue their investigation. reporting from downtown austin, back to you. >> sophia, thank you very much. well, there are new developments in the hunt for malaysia air flight 370. we've learned the area in this chinese saltellite image showin possible debris has already been searched, but nothing was found. and there was a report overnight
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that data transmitted from the plane suggests it flew for four hours once it lost contact. but malaysian officials say that that may not be the case. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. good morning, tom. >> reporter: hi, tamron. yeah, "the wall street journal" reporting this morning that the data transmitted by the plane's engines suggest the engines kept running, and the plane kept flying for four hours after the plane went off radar. the malaysian government this morning insists it's been in communication with boeing and the engine maker, rolls royce, and the reports, it says, are inaccurate. meanwhile, no sign of the debris the chinese say their satellites may have captured images of. there in the waters south of vietnam, images that a chinese satellite took and that the chinese government news agency says could be three large pieces of wreckage from flight 370. the photos were taken at 11:00 a.m. sunday. but this morning malaysian officials say so far there's no sign of that debris.
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>> maritime surveillance team was dispatched this morning to investigate potential debris shown on chinese satellite images. we deployed but found nothing. >> reporter: whatever the chinese photos captured, it would have been very close to flight 370's original flight plan which took it over the waters towards vietnam. radar tracked the plane making a slight jog to the right as it followed its normal flight path. then nothing. no turn, no radar contact, no transponder, no radios. >> so for me, this is, like, yeah, it's a big mystery. i've never seen anything like this. i really don't know what to believe. >> reporter: meanwhile, the malaysian military says it's still examining radar tapes to see whether the plane it tracked making a sharp left-hand turn, flying over malaysia and towards the indian ocean was indeed flight 370. with confusion over where the plane might be, the defined search zone has grown to 31,000
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square miles. to the east of malaysia, the south china sea and the gulf of thailand. to the west, the strait of malacca and the andaman sea. >> a very large area, just to give you some comparison, it's about as large as the caribbean. that's about the comparison. >> reporter: in kuala lumpur, nbc's keir simmons says officials involved seem confused at times. >> every day you hear malaysian officials trying to explain, but as yet inexplicable, they still can't say for sure whether the plane even changed direction. their answers at times contradictory. >> reporter: meanwhile, the question remains this morning just where is flight 370? u.s. military and intelligence agencies say they have no information on those chinese images. meanwhile, if the plane had kept running for four hours after it disappeared, then this plane could have flown 2,200 miles further.
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still no trace whatsoever. matt, back to you. >> yeah, that expands the search area considerably. tom, thanks very much. so all eyes now are turning to the pilots of that boeing 777. did they play a part in its disappearance? nbc's kevin tibbles is in the cockpit of a 777 flight simulator up in toronto with more on that. kevin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we are actually flying on autopilot right now in this simulator of the 777, the same sort of plane that the malaysian airline pilots would have been flying. this is what tom was just talking about, the autopilot here. this plane at the moment is flying on autopilot. and if the plane was going to divert its route, the route either would have had to have been punched into the autopilot, or the autopilot would have had to have been disabled in order for that plane to turn around. many questions about what was going on with the autopilot during the flight because, of course, it should have been working properly at the time the plane disappeared. a lot of other questions are focusing down in this area of
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the cockpit here. this is the transponder. the transponder is what tells the pilots where they are and perhaps most importantly, matt, it tells people on the ground where the plane is. this transponder apparently was not working. and what is interesting about that where the questions are coming from there, the 777 has five backup power sources on board the plane in case there's any sort of a power loss. backing up those five power sources, matt, are eight hydraulic power sources. people here that run this simulator tell me it would be a lot easier to win the lottery several times over than lose complete power in the cockpit of the 777. so the big question is, why wasn't this transponder working? was it turned off? matt? >> kevin tibbles, thank you very much. let me bring in greg fite, former ntsb investigator. good morning. >> good morning.
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>> you've seen that kevin has given us a tour of the simulator cockpit. is there anything in that cockpit that you think investigators need to look at first? >> given the fact that there are five power sources, that we probably know that the airplane stayed powered for it to fly not only that hour and a half for the radar data but continued on. you've got radar -- i mean, you've got radio and transponders. >> let's talk about the transponder. kevin showed us where it is. said that it could be turned off. i know there are a lot of people who speculate that a poilot or someone in that cockpit deliberately turned it off, and you think that's one of the possible scenarios. why, though, can it be turned off? why would you want that? >> because when the airplane is operating on the ground, you don't want it squawking the data code because it clutters all of the ground-based radar. and if you have a problem in the air with the transponder, let's say the air traffic controllers lose your data tag, they'll ask you to recycle it. so you either turn it off or hit a button. >> and talk now about if this is a situation where one of the
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pilots decided to deliberately down this aircraft, that pilot would have had to neutralize the other pilot because you'd have to assume both wouldn't be involved in this. and in the small confines of this cockpit, if one of the pilots managed to get a weapon on board, that's not that difficult. >> and we have to go back to silk air because that was the scenario that we were investigating and found very good evidence of it, especially when we had the cockpit voice recorder. >> greg, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> the more information, the more we see, the more questions. >> every day it's something new. >> greg, thank you very much. let's go back over to tamron. >> matt, thank you. the death toll is rising from a tragic gas explosion here in new york city. at least seven people were killed when two buildings collapsed. more than 70 others were injured. and this morning crews are still searching through the rubble for still others who are missing. nbc's katy tur is at the scene. katy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. you can still see the smoke and steam rising from that charred pit. officials believe it was a gas
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leak that caused all of this. the explosion was so strong, it shook the earth for blocks, blew out windows and has now left at least seven dead, and many more still unaccounted for. two buildings reduced to rubble in an instant. >> it sounded like a bomb went off. >> all my windows shattered. >> we thought that the train had exploded. >> reporter: an explosion and five-alarm fire in east harlem sent people on this busy new york city street running for cover. on the building's first floors, a church and piano store. above them, 15 apartments. family members frantic to find missing loved ones. >> we just want to know if he's all right. that's all we want to know. and the dog, too. that's it. he doesn't pick up. i just want him alive. i just want to find him. that's all i want right now. if you're listening, george, please, if you're outside, whatever, give us a call, please. >> this is a tragedy of the worst kind because there was no
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indication in time to save people. >> reporter: the victims identified so far include 22-year-old rozar barrios, a security officer and 67-year-old dental hygienist carmen tanko. con edison was called to a building down the street for the smell of gas 15 minutes before the explosion. by the time workers got there, nothing could be done. ruben left his now decimated building minutes before. he said he smelled gas tuesday and that it was even worse a month ago. >> a few months ago. that's when it was the worst. that's when we couldn't enter the building. >> reporter: the fire that had been burning underneath that rubble is now finally out, allowing rescue workers and recovery workers to get in there. also, investigators to get in there so they can try and pinpoint exactly what went wrong. matt and tamron? >> katy tur, thank you very much. let's talk now about the latest brutal blast of winter.
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parts of the northeast are dealing with blizzard conditions this morning while millions from washington, d.c., up to new york cope with dramatic temperature drops. nbc's dylan dreyer has made her way to syracuse, new york, where it's snowy and very cold. and dylan, according to a tweet you sent out last night, it was a difficult trip to get there. >> reporter: matt, you don't even understand. it was no small feat trying to get to this winter wonderland here in syracuse. i ended up driving here from new york city, if i can get my way through this -- ended up driving from new york city. it was 50 degrees when i left. it was 7 degrees by the time i got here. and i drove through it all. heavy rain, sleet and freezing rain and then the heavy snow. and it was the heavy snow that caused some serious problems on the roadways yesterday. take a look at this 40 to 50-car pileup on the ohio turnpike yesterday. it caused about a ten-mile backup. three people were killed and an ohio state trooper is in serious condition right now. and other areas hit hard,
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western new york where buffalo has had its second blizzard this season. that's the first time in history. they ended up with about a foot and a half of snow. parts of vermont ended up with about two feet of snow. here in syracuse, we have about a foot of snow on the ground. but now the big story is the brutal cold. we have ten degrees below zero for our windchill. and you can see that the campus is pretty much empty. why, al? well, it's spring break here in syracuse university. everybody trying to head somewhere warmer, which today it's not too hard to find all that warmth. >> if you need to find someplace warm, go to dinosaur barbecue. the barbecue pit there is fantastic. it's fantastic. >> reporter: i'll gladly do that. >> best barbecue going. all right. let's show you what's happening. again, here goes the storm. it's finally moving out. that's the good news. it is going to dump a little more snow. about three to six inches generally in northern new england. but in far northern maine up to another foot of snow before it's all over. and as dylan mentioned, we are
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looking at strong winds barrelling around this low-pressure system. so windchill's a big factor. right now it feels like it's about nine below in syracuse. nine in cincinnati. washington, d.c., it's 25 but a windchill of nine. and afternoon highs, look at this. this is 36 degrees in washington, d.c. that's 18 degrees below where it should be. 22 in cleveland. 11 in caribou. we don't really see much in the way of a warm-up until we get to about mid weekend. and then sunday, monday, maybe it will start getting better. >> no. >> or wednesday. i guarantee you this is over by july. >> thank you. going out on a limb. >> appreciate it. >> bringing light wherever i can. >> thank you for the light, mr. roker. natalie's here with the headlines includining more developments on that general motors recall. >> more tough questions. after handing over documents in the wake of that massive recall.
7:16 am
nbc's gabe gutierrez is at gm headquarters in detroit. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. gm now says it noticed a problem with its ignition switches back in 2001. that's three years earlier than it had previously reported. overnight federal regulators released the updated timetable. gm just submitted explaining what the company knew and when. the carmaker now says it found the problem with an ignition switch back in 2001 during pre-production of the saturn ion. and in 2003, there were reports of ignition switch problems linked to ion stalling. gm had previously said it only became aware of similar issues in 2004. last month, gm recalled more than 1.5 million older model compact cars including chevy cobalt and pontiac g5. the company asked consumers to avoid heavy keychains because they could cause the ignition switches to shut off suddenly, disabling power steering, making
7:17 am
brakes less effective and disarming the air bags. the problem is linked to 12 deaths. so why the revised timetable that suggests concerns popped up earlier than first reported? gm says it's now conducting a more in-depth analysis. and the automaker is stressing that its cooperating fully with federal regulators. a gm spokesman says today's gm is fully committed to learning from the past while embracing the highest standards for quality and performance now and in the future. gm is now facing scrutiny on multiple fronts. the justice department is looking into whether gm may have violated a federal law that requires carmakers to report problems to the government promptly. and natalie, congress is also now planning hearings. >> all right, gabe gutierrez in detroit for us, thank you, gabe. ukraine's acting prime minister will be here in new york today to address the u.n. security council. president obama welcomed him to
7:18 am
the white house on wednesday. the president warned that the west will apply a cost if russia continues its aggression in ukraine. he also called a crimean secession vote scheduled for sunday illegitimate. there is a beer controversy brewing in boise. minor league hockey fans are suing the owner of a local arena over beer cup sizes after a fan discovered that you could take a 16-ounce beer sold in the arena there for $4, and you could pour it into a large size cup listed at 20 ounces which sells for $7. the problem is the two cups hold virtually the exact same amount of beer. hmm. the arena president says he was unaware of the discrepancy, or mouthwash, and he plans to order 24-ounce cups to give fans a better value. >> which explains why most of our crew members here are wearing black arm bands today in solidarity. >> yeah. >> i bet that happens a lot. >> i love that a guy discovered that. like wait a minute!
7:19 am
>> fool me once, shame on you. all right. mr. roker. >> quick look, show you what's going on out there. we've got a gorgeous day down through texas into the southwest. showers in the pacific northwest. windy conditions western new york. and a gorgeous day down through florida, miami today, 76 degrees. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds. power plant in the couny to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪ good morning. 7:19 the time. anthony slaughter in for christina loren. a beautiful day across the bay area. today's highs will be similar to what we saw yesterday.
7:20 am
we're going 78 in san jose, and by noon we're going to be in the 70s, this afternoon around 5:00, 76 degrees. you'll notice the sunshine continues across the board and we're going to continue to see sun even at the cost today. even san francisco around 70 degrees. warm all day long. even warmer in the weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks so much. carson is here with a look at what's driving the convo online. >> one year ago today pope francis was elected. let's been tell you what's been going on with the pope. starting early on, a year ago today when he was elected, you'll remember over st. peter's square, he actually asked the people to pray for him rather than praying for the people. it's been the francis effect. he's been heavy online, too. here's his twitter page. that's pretty cool. 3.77 million followers, although 1.1 billion catholics in the world. look for that number to rise. he actually tweeted out an hour
7:21 am
ago to pray for him. the selfie seen around the world back in august. we knew we had a special pope when he took the nice picture here with some young folks. this selfie was seen everywhere. then, of course, there was this moment. you guys remember this? that little boy. >> the little boy. >> he was addressing 80 countries, a bunch of families there and this little boy took a liking to the pope. he waited for maybe the pope have him ushered away. nope, the pope just loved this little kid, and the love was reciprocated. and that was a really cute moment. the francis effect. share your thoughts with us, and we'll have more on this in the next half hour, guys. >> that's a good topic. i like that. >> thank you very much. coming up, the youtube video taking center stage at the oscar pistorius murder trial. why it could be a crucial piece of evidence in the case. and the college professor behind a provocative essay entitled "when may i shoot my student?" spurring debate over guns on campuses. but first, this is "today" on nbc. a provocative title "when can i
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a very good thursday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. hot spots flaring at the scene of that massive construction fire in san francisco this morning frmth fire crews spent most of the night pouring water on what's left of the complex once in construction in the mission bay neighborhood. three engine companies and a dozen firefighters are on the scene. they are keeping a close eye on the north and south sides of the site where there are concerns for collapse. >> lawyers for aldon smith will be in court but it is unlikely the 49ers defensive star will make an appearance. a judge is expected to seat date for his preliminary hearing. he faces several weapons charges after deputies reportedly found three illegal assault rifles in his home in 2012. smith was arrested on suspicion
7:27 am
of driving under the influence. the judge could set a date for that charge. he missed five games to go to rehab. 7:27. time to look at the forecast. >> good morning. we saw a beautiful day. it was windy. the thing about today it's not as windy but it's going to be nice. we're going 70s across the board from san francisco at 71 degrees even in the south bay, 78 degrees, and palo alto you can see beautiful colors this morning, and this is indicative what if we're going to look at. sunshine continues even in palo alto, near 76 degrees. so warm across the board. even warmer for the weekend. we'll have details on that every half hour. let's check that drive and talk to mike. >> you show beautiful sun rises, i show the roads. this is the westbound 80. your commute direction moves a little slower, there was a crash there near the university avenue overcrossing. that has cleared. still a slow commute. looking at the maps the rest of
7:28 am
the bay, nothing unexpected but i'll call out over in fremont down south bound 880 slow out of union city. a series of crashes, the latest have complicated things and also southbound 680 approaching auto mall parkway. a car went off the road down the embankment. as far as i know there is one cruiser on the scene so slowing you around the bend and that builds over the last half hour slorks toward mission boulevard where they cut over to 880. >> take it easy out there.
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t.j.maxx and marshalls. ♪ the best i ever had 7:30 now on a thursday morning, march 13, 2014. that is the scene in buffalo, new york. you know what the temperature is there, guys? >> yeah. >> four degrees. >> oh, balmy. that's so balmy. >> let's go where the weather is warm. here it is, 21 degrees, new york city. the view from the top of the rock, south of the empire state building. there's some people outside in some pretty rough temperatures. we'll have al's forecast coming up in just a little while. >> but we feel like spring. >> we're going to hold on to hope. keep hope alive. >> let's take a look at what's making headlines today. unfortunately a deadly accident
7:31 am
at the south by southwest festival in austin, texas. at least two people killed, more than 21 injured when an alleged drew and driver crashed through a crowd as he tried to escape a dwi checkpoint. that driver is now in custody. >> the death toll in a deadly collapse has risen to at least seven people. three more bodies were pulled from the rubble overnight. and the search continues for others missing. and officials casting doubt on this satellite image of possible debris for malaysian flight 370. they say the area was searched. coming up, an eye-opening story that i think a lot of people will be able to relate to. one mother's struggle while raising a family and living paycheck to paycheck. is the system designed to see people like her fail?
7:32 am
>> this morning, at the murder trial of oscar pistorius, his defense team firing back at the prosecution's case. nbc's jeff rossen is at the course house in pretoria. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. another rainy day here in pretoria, south africa, and another busy day in court with several big developments. this morning oscar pistorius got violently sick once again when prosecutors accidentally showed a photograph, a graphic one, of reeva's body. plus, why a youtube video made in america is now playing a role in the case. this crowning achievement seems like a lifetime ago. oscar pistorius on his blades in the 2012 olympics. his girlfriend, the beautiful reeva steenkamp. now he's in court, accused of killing her. oscar says it was an accident. thought it was an intruder. in court today, photos of his prosthetic legs covered in blood that night. >> does it match?
7:33 am
>> yeah, it does. >> reporter: this forensic expert back on the stand today and oscar's lawyer is grilling him about how the evidence was handled. >> when we looked at the photographs on that day, the bat was found in different positions. we're trying to find out who preserved the scene and how it was possible for the bat to change positions. >> reporter: oscar's lawyer even accusing police of misplacing wood pieces from a bathroom door. >> you say you had the wooden pieces. >> i can't remember. i spoke during the conversations about the missing pieces. i could not -- i could not determine the location. >> reporter: a key element of the prosecution's case, all those neighbors who testified they heard screams and then gunshots. but the defense is fighting back, saying at that distance, neighbors couldn't tell the difference between gunshots through that door and the sound of oscar hitting it with a cricket bat right after.
7:34 am
>> let's see what kind of noise we can make while striking this against the door. >> reporter: in court this morning, this youtube video taking center stage. the defense says it supports their case. this california man, a self-described crime scene analyst, set up an experiment. >> that's pretty loud. that sounded to me something like a gunshot. >> reporter: he placed an audio recorder about 580 feet away. the distance of oscar's neighbors. here's the cricket bat noise. then he fired a .9-millimeter pistol, the same type of gun oscar used. okay, now here's how they sound on the recorder 580 feet away. cricket bat first. now the gunshots. while the defense team acknowledges it's not scientific, they say the neighbors' time lines just can't be trusted. >> the bat against the door makes a definite crack. that you could think is a
7:35 am
gunshot. >> reporter: very interesting video. on the stand right now, a new witness. the police commander who was among the first on scene. he says oscar was in the kitchen crying when he arrived. they're also in court right now showing more disturbing images including trails of blood inside of oscar's house, guys. >> jeff rossen, that's the first i've seen that videotape. >> very compelling. >> that youtube tape. if you're talking about reasonable doubt or raising suspicion of doubt, that tape is incredible. >> sound s exactly the same. >> jeff, thanks. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> today's weather is brought to you by white house black market. wear what works. >> all right. so it's been not like spring here. but if you're out west, you've got nice high pressure, return flow. look at this. billings, montana. it's 55. kansas city, you're 15 degrees normal at 69.
7:36 am
amarillo, 69. st. louis at 64 degrees. and out west, another gorgeous day. seattle, 58 degrees. plenty of sunshine. san francisco, 69. sunny in denver. and 58 degrees. the rest of the country, windy in the northeast causes big problems. gulf coast looking pretty good. sunshine through texas. a little bit of snow back through the upper >> good morning. 7:36 the time. anthony slaughter in for christina loren. looking at a beautiful day across the bay. temperatures are going to be similar to what we saw yesterday. 71 in san francisco, and sunshine expected every single hour of the day today. and the thing about today we're not going to see a bunch of wind like yesterday. winds are going to calm down so that will make for a nice day and even into the weekend, even warmer we're talking mid to upper 80s by saturday and sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. now to idaho where the governor has signed a bill that will allow guns on college
7:37 am
campuses. it's a controversial measure that's generated a lot of debate and an eye-opening letter from one professor. here's nbc's joe fryar. >> i'm a biology professor, not a lawyer. and i had never considered bringing a gun to work until now. but since many of my students are likely to be armed, i thought it would be a good idea to even the playing field. >> reporter: at boise state university, greg is a dna expert suddenly diving into politics, concerned about plans to allow guns on college campuses. he recently wrote a satirical law to lawmakers published in "the new york times" and headlined by a shocking question. >> when may i shoot a student? >> reporter: when may i shoot a shun student? >> reporter: that's provocative. mass shootings like virginia tech, newtown and columbine often tom to mind when discussing guns in schools. but his tongue-in-cheek letter focuses how teachers might feel in a classroom where guns are
7:38 am
legal. he writes about past encounters with disgruntled students. >> i always assumed that when they reached into their backpacks, they were going for a pencil. but now that we'll all be packing heat, i would like legal instruction in the rules of classroom engagement. >> reporter: he asks, "if i am working out a long equation on the board and several students try to correct me using their laser sights, am i allowed to fire a warning shot?" do you have any concerns about your safety if this passes? >> no. honestly, no. >> reporter: rather he hoped his letter would draw attention to a bill in the idaho legislature that's opposed by the leaders of all eight public colleges. but supporters say those with enhanced concealed carry permits have a right to protect themselves within campus borders. >> i personally look at this more of an individual protection, not for the masses but for the individuals. >> reporter: state representative jason monk has three kids in college including kelby who plans to carry a gun on campus. he's more worried about everyday
7:39 am
criminals, but school shootings concern him, too. >> i wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that i watched something so horrible and heinous happen and that people were murdered, and i just had to lay down and just hope that i wasn't next. >> reporter: with so many opinions, the professor opened up debate in class. >> in a situation where when you're defending yourself, you are reacting to an attack, why not try to level the playing field as much as possible? >> people are going to carry whether you restrict them or not. >> i have a concealed carry. i don't necessarily think it's appropriate on campus. i'm kind of torn on it. >> people are talking about it. all over the country. >> reporter: he says he just wanted his letter to generate opinions. something everyone has a license to carry. for "today," joe fryar, nbc news, idaho. >> opening up dialogue, which is important. i love seeing the students have a different point of view to add to it. up next, the francis effect.
7:40 am
the pope's impact on pop culture during just one year has had on the catholic church. and the powerful and controversial new movie tied to the bible. why some theaters are refusing to show the epic "noah." we'll tell you about that right after these messages. [bell rings] [prof. burke] at farmers,we make you smarter about your insurance,because what you don't know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that home insurance can keep your stuff covered,even when it's not at home? or that collisions with wildlife on the road may not be covered. and what if you didn't know that you could be liable for any accidents on your property? the more you know,the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ the instant you wear it, you own it. the instantly slimming dress, exclusively at white house black market.
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7:44 am
mark the anniversary this morning. it's been a year since pope francis was elected the leader of the world's catholics. a wall street journal poll states they believe the pope has strengthened their faith and the catholic church. >> all you have to do is listen. in one short year pope francis has changed the conversation about the catholic church. at loyola university, chicago, they talk about him in theology and business classes. >> what did your marketing class think of pope francis brand management? >>. >> thinks it's great. they all agreed that the pope certainly is changing the image of the church. >> reporter: he gets high marks from these student faith leaders who think of francis as one of
7:45 am
theirs because the pope from argentina is a jesuit, like the priest who runs their school. >> he does a very good job representing our generation or the community i have here a loyola. >> in our generation people can identify with him because he just talks about how to love each other. >> reporter: jorge was one of 3 million people on rio's beaches for the pope's mass. >> he gets down to the people and just talks to them where it's normal, not look up to the visionary stuff. >> reporter: a message he delivers in his italian or his native spanish. >> to be able to hear and speak spanish and for my mom to understand it and my family to understand it, it's just so important to me. >> being a gay catholic, what he says about gays and lesbians, it's not changes what the catholic church has to say but it is changing the voice of how it is said.
7:46 am
>> reporter: they love that this pope prefers the bus to the limo, carries his own brief case, will stop for a selfie and laughs at himself. he is, they say, just like us. do you like the fact that he doesn't like the bling? >> i love it. >> the red shoes are a little much. >> reporter: you like the brown ones better? >> yeah. >> i think that the voice of the pope is a really great voice, but i think it's -- i mean, the church is us. he's just like us. >> reporter: now these young changes don't expect change on issues such as gay rights, contraception and abortion but they like that's not all the pope talks about, they love his emphasis on the poor and helping your neighbor. matt? >> coming up, new details on a
7:47 am
carjacking suspect who led police on a dramatic and dangerous chase with a 4-year-old boy inside a stolen car. >> and next, carson is in the orange room with the end of one of the most controversial runs in jeopardy history. not kidding. people are talking about it right after this. looks like when you're getting the most out of yourself and out of life. start your day with the power of protein. milk life. with a smartphone from straight talk wireless. we replaced sue's smartphone she'll get the same great nationwide coverage for half the cost. let's see if she notices. you bet she did. francois!! deux! ah, o!i
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at the corner of happy and healthy. back now at 7:50, you know that song. carson is in the orange room. >> that's right, "jeopardy" fan, come on into the orange room. your streak came to an end. not you, this guy, arthur chu. if you don't know about arthur chu, he's a self-described mad genius and uses that approach in his strategy to playing "jeopardy." some people didn't like it. he didn't just pick a category and answer all the questions, he would jump all over the board, using a hopscotch approach, mining for those hidden daily devils. it upset some people.
7:52 am
it came to an end last night. play along, anchors. here is the final "jeopardy" answer. he was the last male monarch who had not previously been prince of wales. what do you say, nat? >> you need to make that into a question. >> go ahead. >> who is albert? >> i said who is edward? because it sounds british? >> natalie? >> prince prince. >> and i think matt wins the show. >> who is donald trump? >> let's go to the tape and see how badly you guys did. >> arthur, we come to you first. you were in third place and up wrote down who was george ii? >> it's going to drop you to zero. she wrote down who is george vi
7:53 am
and that is correct! >> arthur chu tweeted saying thank you and it came to an end. >> arthur chu tweeted saying thank you and it came to an end. >> coming up, back home but just take a closer look. it works how you want to work. with a fidelity investment professional... or managing your investments on your own. helping you find new ways to plan for retirement. and save on taxes where you can. so you can invest in the life that you want today. tap into the full power of your fidelity greenline. call or come in today for a free one-on-one review.
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7:56 am
a very good thursday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san jose police are looking through hours of surveillance video in hopes of finding the men accused of kidnapping a woman at gunpoint while she was responding to an ad on craiglist. it happened monday in the parking lot of the target store on capitol expressway an king road in san jose. the woman wants to remain anonymous but she agreed to meet a person selling iphones on craiglist. when she got there two men pulled out a gun, kidnapped her and took her to a bank to withdraw cash. it didn't work so the two took her back to target and made her call a friend to bring money. her friend showed up, gave the men thousands of dollars and they left. police hope the men were caught on camera. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist anthony is in for christina. >> yes. we saw a beautiful day across the bay yesterday. you saw blustery conditions,
7:57 am
today not going to be as windy but we're going to see lots of sunshine as you can see from our sky camera network. not a cloud in the sky but this afternoon we will see a few high thin clouds but the main story will be how warm it's going to be. by our standards this time of year only expected to be back in the mid-60s, we'll be in the mid to upper 70s for our inland valleys and in san francisco topping out at 71 degrees. a beautiful day and starts the weekend warming trend. 80s for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that. let's toss things to mike. >> look at this view of 880. you see the sunshine that anthony's talking about. a smooth drive past the well lit trees. we'll show you this is moving smoothly but more crowded because of all of the folks held up by the latest crash. that's cleared and now a smoother drive but slow hayward to union city and fremont for southbound 880 t nimitz slow south 680 around the bend, the
7:58 am
earlier crash, there it is. >> thanks so much.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 on "today." coming up, a surprise twist in the case of the new jersey teen suing her parents. why she's now back home. >> plus, maria shriver's look at women keeping their families together paycheck to paycheck. >> and flood of controversy. why some theaters are banning russell crowe's epic new movie "noah" weeks before it's released on "today," march 13, 2014. >> all the girls love al roker! >> we are on spring break.
8:01 am
>> tcu! tcu! >> good luck in the big east tournament. >> from idaho, nebraska, we love you, matt! >> from houston, texas! >> from new york it's "today." >> and we're back now, 8:00 on a thursday morning. it is a chilly morning here in the northeast. we've got a noisy plaza, not only because of the rolling schools through new york city. >> we have xavier over here. >> over here we have creighton,
8:02 am
yeah! >> who do you guys play? >> they play paul. >> what happens if this team wins today and that team wins today? >> and who will win that game? >> we would, we would! >>ism think by sheer noise you guys win. [ cheers ] >> impressive. >> and by the way, just want to say, today's throwback thursday song, the spinners' "mighty love." >> okay. very good. they also listen to directions very well. >> yes, they do. >> we need to bring a picture of the pope tomorrow. >> you win when you have a
8:03 am
picture of the pope on your side. >> good morning, everyone. this morning malaysian officials are denying reports a missing jetliner kept flying for hours after it lost contact. the confusion is testing the patience of anxious families. keir simmons joins us from kuala lumpur with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, natalie, good morning. you're right, an even more confusing picture here if that was possible. malaysian officials at a news conference here saying reports the plane had been flying for five hours were inaccurate. caught in the middle are the families who now have been waiting for news for almost a full week. six days of anguish for families waiting around the world. >> there is no news whatsoever. it's just disappeared off the face of the earth. >> reporter: and increasing anger. some so furious in recent days, they threw water bottles at
8:04 am
malaysian airline officials, while at the airport, family members in tears today. >> they don't have any idea what to do here. >> reporter: this man's son was one of the 227 passengers. >> it's so difficult to not know, just to not know. to not have any information. >> no information. >> reporter: they are close. they share the same name. his son has a wife and baby. she was too emotional to talk. i just can't imagine how hard it might be. "this could end two ways," mohamed says. "my son has survived or the worst possible news." but he said he just wants to know. >> i love my son.
8:05 am
>> reporter: those few words, natalie, "i love my son" say so much. >> at least two people were killed overnight when a car crashed into the crowd at the south by southwest festival in he now faces capital murder charges. >> and a while and dangerous police chase came to an end yesterday after a young boy was kidnapped and three had been car jabbed. it started denver. she watched in horror as the suspect drove off with the 4-year-old inside the van. during the choice, the suspect then struck a state trooper, seriously injuring him. when he stole a third vehicle, that driver then tried to fight
8:06 am
back and police finally caught 28-year-old after he jumped out. thank goodness they got him. it is 8:05 right now. let's get a check of the weather right now with al. >> let's check your weather. can you see where dylan dreyer is, snow. let's go back to our graphics. almost 127 inches of snow. the prord 192. it's only 15 inches above normal. drou we go to detroit and second snowiest winter and we go to
8:07 am
chicago, the third snowiest winter, well good morning. across the bay area, we're waking up to sunshine. beautiful colors across the peninsula. this afternoon we'll see plenty of sunshine. just like what we saw yesterday. the thing about today is we're not going to see as much wind. in fact, later on this afternoon, highs back into the 70s. with no wind, that will feel very comfortable. oh, yeah. i'm going for the team in blue and white. >> all right, al. thank you. up next in "trending," you have got to hear oscar winning matthew mcconaughey's story behind his catch phrase "all
8:08 am
right, all right, all right." >> and maria shriver with a look at the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck. >> and when it comes to money, how do you help an aging parent who is struggling? it can be a troubling question. we'll have the answer for you it ca[ male announcer ]uestion. this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air. where you can get this 55-inch vizio smart hdtv
8:09 am
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8:13 am
to enjoy something sweet with the ones you love. think sugar, say splenda™ we're back now. 8:13. time for what's trending today. we have an update now on a story that generated an awful lot of debate around here and online. it's about that new jersey teenager who's suing her parents to pay her bills. that's after she says they kicked her out of the house. the parents say she moved out.
8:14 am
either way, 18-year-old rachel canning is now back home with her family this morning. this, after a judge denied her request for financial support and recommended instead that the family try counseling first and fast. >> well, a lawyer for rachel's parents says the honors student has moved back home without conditions. in court documents rachel's attorneys says her parents are pressuring her to drop the lawsuit as you would expect them to do. i'm hopeful with both sides being in the home, maybe they can reconcile as opposed to rachel being at the neighbor's home and having that middle person which the judge said they needed counseling. it's hard. >> right now it's a legal issue. maybe they can become a family when they're under one roof. >> who's going to play her in the mtv movie? >> mila kunis. >> there you go. >> all right. well, you know, we all know it can be tough to find new ways to interview celebrities.
8:15 am
"vogue" magazine found a new way to make its time with sarah jessica parker. they sent a reporter to ask her 73 rapid fire questions in just about five minutes. all the while getting a tour of her charming new york brownstone. >> hey, sarah jessica. >> hi. >> so glad you invited me for this interview. >> of course. you're welcome. >> i have 73 questions to ask so let's get into it. >> what's your favorite color. >> peacock blue. >> least favorite color. >> orange. >> what color did you wear to your prom? >> i didn't get to go but i had a peach silk dress picked out. >> diamonds or pearls. >> diamonds. >> cheap shampoo or expensive. >> affordable. >> heels or flats? >> of course, heels with sarah jessica. now with her own line of high heel shoes. in honor of this idea, i have a few questions here, guys. i thought i'd put you -- i have 73. we have all the time in the world. let's start with tamron. this is a good one. we know sort of the answer. if you had a tattoo, where would
8:16 am
it be? >> in other words, where's your tattoo at? >> i'm with sarah jessica parker. it's on my hip. >> on your hip? wow. >> matt, person you would like to -- >> on tamron's hip. >> person you want to have coffee with. >> tamron's hip. now that's stuck in my mind. get in line. >> carson, favorite movie? >> oh, gosh. shaw shank redemption. >> al, on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about life right now? >> i'd say ten. >> yeah. great answer. >> all right. >> what about you? >> going to ask you a question. >> you? >> get in there. natalie, what's your favorite drink? >> oh. >> red wine. >> okay. all right. so during awards season this year oscar winner matthew mcconaughey became known for chanting one iconic phrase. >> all right.
8:17 am
all right. all right, all right. >> well, of course mcconaughey used the line in the 1993 movie "dazed and confused" but it wasn't in the original script so where did it come from? mcconaughey credits the doors' front man. >> all right. all right. all right. all right. >> i'm in my car. i'm high as a kite. i'm missing rock and roll action and there's the chick, all right, all right, all right. >> oh, my gosh. >> there you go. that's good stuff. >> meanwhile, four more questions. favorite curse word? never mind. >> go there with that one. we have nick with the bleeper ready to go. >> that's what's trending today. we're back in 30 seconds. all right, all right, all right.
8:18 am
tens of millions of americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck all too often struggling to decide which bills they can pay. in february maria shriver released a report. now she's telling one woman's story in the hbo documentary "paycheck to paycheck, the life and times of katrina gillmer." >> even nurses say a nice job is the back bone to the nursing field. it can be rewarding. you meet very good people, but you also lose them and it's very
8:19 am
hard. >> yeah, john, i'll be back tomorrow. >> $9.49 an hour for what we do. >> maria shriver and katrina gilbert, nice to see you both. >> in this country we talk about the very, very poor and the very, very rich. this is a group that katrina is a part of that encompasses so many layers of our society. why did you want to tell her story? >> because her story is the story of 42 million women and the 28 million children who depend on them. katrina has three children herself. it's the story of people, regular americans working really hard and can't get above the brink of poverty. you see every issue that's being debated kind of unfold in katri katrina's life. you come out and say i understand that. so many people say that's me and we can do better. >> katrina, this is very personal. you talk about things that a lot of people don't like to talk about, especially with cameras following you around. why did you decide to let that happen? >> i decided to let it happen hopefully to inspire somebody that was in the same
8:20 am
circumstances as i was, to inspire them and show them that they could do it. >> do you think that there are misconceptions about people who are in your situation living paycheck to paycheck? >> i think there is. i think there is misconception, yes. in my case, i was married for ten years, it just didn't work out. >> you struggle with the same things that a lot of people do. you've got to make car payments, house payments, health care payments, things like that. i know you got a raise recently. >> yes. >> what did that take you from and to? >> it took me from $9.49 an hour to $9.63 an hour. >> 14 cents. that's how the film actually ends, first raise in two years. i think katrina -- >> 14 cents extra an hour. >> yeah. when you see in the film the work she does, taking care of people's parents who have alzheimer's who are in nursing homes, working so hard seven days a week, eight days a week to provide for her family, we live in a country that doesn't provide child care. she doesn't get any benefits
8:21 am
whatsoever. and i think when you talk about misconceptions, people often think that people who are on the brink of poverty are sitting around. she is a working woman with children who depend on her trying to better herself, go back to school. can't get financial aid. it's a kind of box that she finds herself in. >> carson, we've put this up online. carson is in the orange room. he's got some people who are -- i guess have questions. carson, what do you have? >> people giving some tips here too, matt. we found walk more, save money on gas and transit fare. try it for a week and see how much save. that's a good tip. stephanie wrote in, what helps me is taking my lunch to work with me and taking my coffee at home. i save $240 a month. use coupons. never go grocery shopping without a list. you'll always overspend. use #paychecktopaycheck. >> do you mind that we do this? can we bring the special people in your life into the studio? >> yes.
8:22 am
>> these are your kids? and these are the people that you are working so hard to support. hi, guys. >> hi. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> everybody good? i mean, this is the face of a family here. >> this is an american family. >> when you hear what she's making per hour trying to support this family, it's incredibly difficult. >> and give them a better life. what's really exciting, matt, had this airs on hbo, we're having gatherings all over the country. more than 500 people have signed up to talk about these issues debated in america. when you see these kids in the film, your heart opens up. i think you drop judgment and you say that -- i don't think you can look at a woman working like katrina again, or a man, and think they don't deserve better, something we can't do. >> katrina, thank you for sharing your story. i think it's very brave of you and very smart that you're trying to spread the word. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> guys, good morning. >> thank you to you. we appreciate it. maria, as always. "paycheck to paycheck" appears monday on hbo. go over to tamron.
8:23 am
>> so powerful, matt. thank you so much. to one of the oldest and best known stories in the world, noah and the big flood. it's headed to the big screen at the end of the month. critics are lining up. here's nbc's janet shamlean. >> reporter: with headliners and a budget set to top $120 million, it's on track to be a hollywood best seller. >> build a vessel. >> reporter: but weeks ahead of its opening, the biblical epic "noah" about the great flood is already awash in controversy. in a rare move paramount pictures has put a displame k claimer. it will appear in all marketsing going forward. the film is inspired by the story of noah, it reads. artistic license has been taken. it concludes the biblical story of noah can be found in the book of genesis. it's clearly a move to apiece
8:24 am
religious critics. >> the studio is doing this because they're walking a very fine line here. they want this movie to be a wide mainstream hit that will appeal to global audience bes regardless of faith, but they want to do that while at the same time not alienating people who see the noah story as gospel. >> reporter: paramount confirms it has been banned from several middle eastern countries. it's not the first time religious leaders have clashed with movie makers on a faith-based film. the passion of the christ was criticized as, anti-semetic. "noah" could end up to be a boon as it creates curiosity. for "today," nbc news, london. no question. >> quite a controversy on the movie. >> and, yet, the more you talk about it, the more controversy, the more people are curious to see that as janet mentioned.
8:25 am
>> such a hunger for faith-based movies. >> yes. it does well from tv to small screen to this one i predict on the big screen. >> it looks amazing. >> it does. >> and it's weather related. >> you rock. >> 80% chance of rain! >> coming up, a big, huge announcement from donald trump, and the beautiful raiping miein usa. >> sam champion has a weather challenge. al, you're on my team. local news and weather.
8:26 am
a very good thursday morning to you. it is 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. today we will get a update how the south bay plans to marge the fans that are going to watch the 49ers. there is a community open house to address traffic, parking, and public safety concerns. the meeting starts want to at 6:00. levi stadium opens in august. let's see if there is any traffic right now. >> yes, we're looking past the home of the raiders and we're looking at a slower drive. it is a pretty typical build there as well as the rest of the bay. we have a big slow down and a
8:27 am
continued south 880 gets back to a relatively normal pace. earliy eier crashes in fremont we continue to recover. you see that into dan vil, an earlier crash involving three vehicles took awhile to cover, and there is your slow drive approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. >> thanks, mike. and thank you for joining us. more news in half an hour. have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
all right, we're back, now 8:30 on a thursday morning, 13th of march, 2014. by the way, the butler bulldogs behind us as well. they lost by 1 to seton hall. she made it sound like it doesn't count because it's only one point. wednesday here on the plaza, we didn't need coats. now 21 degrees. >> no question it has been a wild winter but how much do you have really know about winter?
8:31 am
this morning i'm teaming up with my weather buddy sam champion to test your weather knowledge. >> he does it all, sam. >> and donald trump and the reigning miss usa are here with an exclusive announcement about this year's pageant. >> come on, smile, donald. there you go. >> and for all of you bargain hunters a rare deal on american girl dolls. >> and don't forget, a big concert here on the plaza, enrique iglesias will be here li live. we look forward to seeing him on monday. >> tomorrow, sunshine up and down the east coast, warm weather in the southwest. as we move on into saturday, we're going to be looking at a slight risk of strong storms through the lower mississippi valley. sunny and warm texas on into the southwest.
8:32 am
it's going to be a wet day down in the northwest on good morning, waking up to plenty of sunshine across the bay area here. no fog to report of, and sunshine will continue all day long in places like palo alto where we will warm quickly to 75 this afternoon. san francisco, lots of sunshine. 71 here, and sun continues all day long. the good thing at the coast today, not as breezy as yesterday. that's making for picture perfect conditions all the way tlur this weekend. 70s today, 80s for tomorrow. our latest weather. any time up need your weather go, to the weather channel on cable, online. we have some ladies from auburn. are you guys in the march madness? >> no.
8:33 am
>> all right. there you go. back to matt and tamron. >> it's time to start polishing the tiara and break out the swim sues again. >> erin brady is with us. we'll talk about your future in a second, it's very bright, as bright as those earrings. donald trump has an announcement. >> we've done very well on nbc. we're going to be going to baton rouge, louisiana. >> whoo! >> why that move? >> just a place that really wanted us. we had about 12 places that were fighting for the rights. we just decided that's sort of the home of pageantry, really the home of the whole beauty
8:34 am
thing. they're terrific people. we are really excited. we never fail in las vegas but we thought we'd move it. so it's going to be baton rouge. >> in june, right? >>? june. >> you've got the location and -- >> but i'm leaving. >> you look forward left. what's the highlight been? >> a, living in new york. b, competing in miss universe. i was able to go to moscow russia and compete with 90 women from around the world. and it's miss usa. it's an incredible experience. >> what do you want to do next? >> i do have a financial background and i'm hoping to take that further. >> didn't you wear some kind of wild outfit at miss universe? >> it was a transformer. >> can i borrow that for
8:35 am
halloween next year? >> and you have it still on loan. >> we have good ones, we have bad hosts. >> who were some of the bad ones? >> we had a miss russia who was a total disaster, who i fired. first time in history of the pageant. >> speaking of russia, you've been critical of the president and his handling of the situation with ukraine and crimea. i think you said, i'm paraphrasing here, basically putin was playing with or toying with obama. that is kind of a common refrain of yours, i should mention. >> and a lot of other people. >> you always think that obama is being weak. wa would you have done differently than he did in the days before russian troops went into crimea. >> first of all, it should have never happened. >> but what would you have done?
8:36 am
>> it should have worked so that a thing like that doesn't happen. with all of that being said, it their but we should definitely be strong and show sangs. putin has eaten our lunch for a long period of time. i hope that obama, who is not looking too good, doesn't do something very foolish and very stupid to show his manhood. i just hope that doesn't happen. >> let's talk about your political career. rumors swirling around whether you're going to run for governor of new york. the announcement is sometime later here. why not telling us now if you're planning on running for governor? >> it's just, i'm thinking about it. the republican leaders came to see me. they want me to run so badly and i think i'd win if you know the truth. >> do you want to win in your
8:37 am
heart? >> i say the republican party is a mess. they haven't won a dleks against the -- >> some people think unifying means you want them to anoint you as the only choice. >> that's absolutely true. i wouldn't want to go through a time that could be won. >> announcement soon. erain, i'll vote to you if you want to. >> miss usa, erin brady, thanks to both of you. you can see the u.s. competition june 8, 8 cluck sen central time. >> up next, our weather. >>
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
it's time for wild wacky weather wallop with your hosts al roker and sam champion! >> hey now. >> this feels good. this could be a nighttime game show on nbc. i feel it coming on. >> you get two weather game show hosts for the price of one. sam is the new weather channel anchor of the morning show "america's morning headquarters." >> i'm trying to get used to getting up in the morning. >> it's not like it's been -- >> it's been three months now. so before the coffee kicks in, let's start. i'd like to introduce you. >> they need no introduction. >> would you like to introduce
8:41 am
our lovely panel? >> we have from texas, tamron hall. from connecticut, the great nut meg state, matt lauer from all over the place, nat le roar -- natalie. >> contestants, which major u.s. city known for its cold weather is having the third snowiest winter on record? can we wait, please? is it, a, minneapolis? is it b, chicago? is it c, denver, colorado? >> chicago. >> that was an easy one. >> natalie, this one you might have. >> other cities around the world are also experiencing record breaking snowfalls. which major -- >> forget the buzzer.
8:42 am
>> tokyo. >> i agree. >> the answer is tokyo! >> very nice. >> which major cities are also experiencing record snowfalls? averages only about 4 inches per year. >> hold on one second. this is the buzzer, carson. >> it doesn't work. i don't know the answer also. >> i'd like to apologize for our first attempt. whoever fastest raises their hand. are you ready for our third question? >> yes. >> how many days in february did buffalo, new york have measurable snowfall? is it a, 12? b, 16? or c, 26? >> go ahead.
8:43 am
>> 16 days of february. >> it's c, 26. it snowed all but two days. >> things gare going to be a lo smoother for you. >> this past january everybody was talking about the polar vortex but there are other parts of the u.s. who are experiencing record breaking warmth. which u.s. city had the warmest january on record? >> los angeles. >> the answer is, a, los angeles skp. >> california had 21 days in january above 60 degrees. >> they also had an epic drought. does that count as an answer? >> no, i'm not going to give you a point for that, tamron. >> anyone can win because this is what we call -- >> we're not keeping score. because it's not a real game
8:44 am
show and the buzzer s don't wor. >> besides that, this is our video daily double. please wait for the video to play before answering. >> al was on the u.s. coast guard cutting "penobscot bay." >> oh, roll the video. >> let's tack a look at the clip. we're looking at a clip. >> we are making progress up the river and i think can you hear the ice being broken now. you know, we always have -- this is something i always wanted to do. >> ladies and gentlemen, what was it that al always wand to do? wait for it -- >> was it a, a, go fishing? was it w, spite off the side or was it c --
8:45 am
>> i think it's b. >> matt, it was -- >> oh! >> sam champion, your new show debuting monday morning. >> and matt, you are the winner, my friend. >> thank you very much. >> we do have a lovely -- >> a lovely drink. >> what i actually get is talk to
8:46 am
8:47 am
it's 8:47. this morning on "today's money," we're managing your parents'
8:48 am
finance. nearly every family deals with aging issues in one form or another. how do you know when your parents need help with their money? jean chatzky, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it can divide your family and cause issues. if you put it off, you're in trouble. >> you have to put it in place before your parents have health issues. >> you have three categories to talk about. the first is starting the conversation. how do you go about it? >> you want to know who you need to talk to should things go wrong. put it on you. i'm doing this in my own life. can we talk about where things are in your life? >> you also want people to identify trigger points. what are trigger points? >> trigger points are signs things are starting to go wrong. i'm starting to see papers pile up, i'm starting to see boxes
8:49 am
because perhaps your parents are shopping excessively or i'm seeing your parents are worried they're being taken advantage of. it's a great time to sit down with a financial adviser and talk things through. >> what kind of preach cautions can you take and when should you start looking at them? >> you can start setting up automatic bill payment so you make sure everything is being paid on time. do it a little at a time, don't do it too quickly or your parents will really feel you're trying to take over. >> and one of the things you power of attorney. >> so you can take over and pay their bills, manage their accounts. it's much better than getting your name on their accounts. and make sure they're not taking too much risk in their asset
8:50 am
allocation and check their credit report. >> carson is in the orange. what do you have? >> here you go, jean. donald wanted to know what differences should i count for when helping my parents invest, versus themselves? >> they can't take as much risk as can you. they should be increasing the portfolio they have in safer assets by about 1% from each year. >> another question? >> is it smart for my parents to sell their house as soon as the mortgage is paid off? >> i wouldn't think so necessarily. i love the ideas that goes through it easier. the benefit is you want to look at paying for that house. >> thanks for the questions, thanks for the folk on. and we are going to have much
8:51 am
more on "today." >> up next, all new steals and
8:52 am
back now at 8:52 with jill's
8:53 am
steals & deals. squil, it's go jill, it's good to see you. i'll let you start. i don't want to waste any time. >> the handbags of $550. they come in six colors. celeb fans include jennifer aniston and halle berry. the deal $86. >> and soul journey bracelets, hand crafted in september. you're sapphire. so that's for you. each represents obviously a different month. my mom is here, march 11th. i'm wearing hers, aqua marine. >> what's the price? >> the retail $96, the deal is $25. >> and these are candles and diffusers. look at these beautiful boxes. both available in 12 different
8:54 am
cents. candles, 80 hours of burn time. in barney's, sachs, retail $84 and our price is $25. >> it's my dad's birthday so this is for him, the waffle maker, the retail $165, rotating feature for even crisp. it's very crispy. it's very nice. we'll take a bite after. recipes included and it ships free, the retail $165. the deal $49. >> this is $49? >> 70% off. >> this is a fantastic gift. >> i have to be honest, i'm tremendously excited with this, my three nieces. >>. >> is flipping out, american girl dolls. it's the bitty baby, six choices
8:55 am
of dolls with the 15-piece deluxe collection. retail $180. the deal is $72. then the second deal, pet sets, comes with accessories shown, go on our web site again, the retail $42-$46. our deal $16. >> where were you when i just bought this? >> this is my mother, it's her birthday. >> this is our contest. tweet us. does your pet resemble any of these pets? if so, tweet us a picture. we are going to give away pet
8:56 am
sets tomorrow to 50 what's pets most resemble these. >> go to we are back after your local news. ♪ i'm hanging on a moment with you ♪ i'm on the a very good morning to you. it is 8:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. another south bay city has come out against a plan to guild express planes on highway 85. saratoga set a letter expressing concern. they want a more in-depth study on the impact. air, traffic, and noise quality in saratoga and if it will lead
8:57 am
to heavy trucks. they are currently banned. solo drivers will have to pay a toll to use carpool lanes. last month they submitted a letter saying it could discourage carpooling.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc from nbc news this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on thursday morning, march 13, 2014. i'm willie geist along with al roker, tamron hall and natalie morales. >> it was almost like being at the winter olympics because so many people have been responding. >> i got a great tweet from somebody who said, is that a sochi ice skating outfit? >> i take that as a compliment. >> our producer al in the orange room said they had -- how many people have responded to
9:01 am
natalie's dress? >> the dashboard is full of tweets right now. >> i borrowed it. >> i love it. >> men don't face this as much when the weather is this dicey. we change out our closets. you switch your wardrobe. he is an exceptional man. most guys are like, let me put a jacket on. al is like, let me see what i've got. >> like "clueless." >> it rotates around. >> i have to take a number when i go into my closet. crazy. >> like the shoes from "sex in the city." >> how much longer? >> june. >> july you said earlier. >> i backed it up a little. >> tomorrow we are better? >> a little bit. not by much. it's a roller coaster. we might have something on
9:02 am
monday, then again on wednesday. >> out like a lion, i guess. >> exactly. it was in like a lion and out like a wildebeest. we've got more news to tell you about this morning. i wish we had more good news. >> nothing definitive. >> no. the malaysia airlines flight. yesterday china released photos taken by satellite in waters in south vietnam. there was excitement. the chinese government new agency said it could be three large pieces of wreckage. malaysia officials sent a surveillance plane to investigate and so far found no debris there. whatever the chinese officials captured, it would have been close to that flight path. this morning "wall street journal" reporting aviation investigators and national security officials believe the missing plane kept flying for four hours after it was off
9:03 am
radar. that comes from people who made the engine tracking data in there. they based it on it was automatically downloaded and sent to the ground from the plane's engine, but the malaysiian government is denying that report saying that is not accurate either. we get pieces of information. they turn out to be refuted by the government. bottom line, no sign of the plane. >> terrible saying it, but i don't at this point believe anything. >> from day to day, it change is. >> it's day six. going back to the families who are waiting in the staging area and one day you're told this information, the next day you're told something completely different. what we do know at this point is that someone has been incompetent here. i think a lot of the attention has been directed at the malaysian government. it's hard to believe that. we can focus on technology, but it sounds like there has been a lot of mishandling of information, especially given to
9:04 am
the families. that's why they are so outraged. >> and centralized how they are disseminating the information. >> they have 12 nations involved in this search and investigation. it gets to a point where there is no centralized effort. >> china stepped in because of incompetence, they say. >> who knows. >> china may have ulterior motives. another story we were following yesterday and is getting a lot worse as far as number of people who lost their lives. a horrific explosion in harlem. a five-story apartment building leveled in a matter of seconds. someone reported 9:14 eastern time smelling the odor of gas outside that building. soon after there was an explosion. overnight more fatalities confirmed. the number right now, at least seven people, 70 others injured. in the midst of all of this, yet again you see the heroism by people in the middle of fear
9:05 am
could flee the situation, but they go in to help one another. "the new york post" is reporting a man found himself safe under a cloud of a flying piano. there is a piano repair place in that building. colin paterson was a piano tech who lives behind the ground floor of the piano store. he heard a loud explosion. said the whole building was moving. it's miraculous he was under a cocoon of pianos. you are hear miracle stories like that. i talked to a woman running out of the building. 50 people were behind her and they were trying to pull each other to safety there. >> i was watching our nbc station, news 4 new york. they were saying residents were saying they've been smelling gas for at least a week. some said even longer. makes you wonder how could it go that long without somebody checking that out? >> this is a massive explosion. columbia university said it registered on the richter scale
9:06 am
as a 5. we were talking about the story last week. the new jersey teenager who left home, sued her parents, wanted them to pay for her high school and college. now she is back home. she has been reunited with her family. the parents' attorney said yesterday the teen is home without any conditions. the attorney also said the dispute had been settled amicably which we hope is the case. he refused to comment further on the litigation. he said there is a long road ahead. this is not something that is going to happen overnight. the point of this process, the healing needs to begin. rachel canning claimed at the time she had been kicked out of the house after she turned 18. that's when she moved in with her friends' family and they funded that lawsuit. last week rachel and her parents were in court. a lot of people, i think, it certainly sparked a lot of conversation around the country about what a child can do when it comes to not getting along with their parents and how far they could take it. the fact it made it through to
9:07 am
at least the first judge, who seemed to have a lot of good sense to say, take this at home. get a counselor. let's get mediation here. try to be a family again. it seems that is going to work out. >> no one at this table knows what is going on inside that house, inside that family. hopefully we can let them work it out. it is interesting the dynamic between the two different families. the one family that took her in and funded her to hire a lawyer. >> i didn't know legally you could sue for your education in the state of new jersey. that is incredible. i will not have a kid. i'll borrow all yours. >> you're willing to pay for their education. >> i can't borrow them? >> okay. here is what we've got. another study. love these studies. happiness. who doesn't like happen necessary? if your social media friends are
9:08 am
in a good mood, the study says you will be too. they found facebook feelings are contagious. that's right. you don't need friends. you just need to have friends online. >> who are happy. >> they analyzed over a billion status updates from american facebook users. positive posts inspired more positive faces. positive posts are more influential and more contagious. >> you're giving us mr. rogers right now. ♪ it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ♪ >> on social media, nobody is ever negative. >> there are so many happy posts. >> that's right. nice people who said nice things about your dress. >> i thought they were funny. >> i don't understand it. >> focus on the people who put the happy emoticon.
9:09 am
i don't focus on the negative ones. >> they are hiding something. people use emoticons are hiding something. >> and scene. >> i like the happy face. you say, hey, good morning, happy face. >> it was okay when they started with a few of them. now you look at that emtoicon, it's frightening. some psycho emoticon. >> i like the blushing one. >> what is going on here? there are streams coming from some of them. whoa, emoticon. >> can you delete that app off my phone? >> it's like a freddie krueger emoticon. >> what message is that sending? >> i don't know. i don't want to find out. >> there is a happy devil. he's smiling.
9:10 am
>> their e-mails are all emoticon. >> do you do the homemade? >> old school. >> i go old school but i mix it in. there is a new update. i have to get the new update. i love emoticons. let's get a check of the weather, al. >> let's be positive about our weather. this storm, moving away. isn't that good? if you're a skier and you're in new england, this is going to be spectacular. we are going to be looking at so much snow, up to a foot of snow up through northern maine and that's good news. now, if you like cold weather, i have fantastic new for you. it's going to be great. look at the wind chill. it's 4 in new york city. it feels like it's 4. could be worse. could feel like zero. cincinnati at 19. feels like 10. marquette, you're at 1, but you feel like 14 below.
9:11 am
>> look how happy you made us. that's how we want you to do it every day. wear a yellow cardigan please, next time. >> i feel like al franken's character. >> do it. do it. >> stuart smiley here. how are you? that's what's going on around the country. isn't it a great country? all right then. let's talk about the weather across the bay area. anthony slaughter in for christina loren here. no bad weather to report here at all. temperatures about ten degrees above average. we're going 78 in the south bay, 78 for the east bay, and even in san francisco today, plenty of sunshine. 71 for your daytime highs.
9:12 am
gosh darn it. >> i'm smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me. >> they do. like all of you. >> we love you, al. >> willie and i are like -- >> it's getting weird. >> we have analog happiness. >> i need my phone, please. >> what, are you growing a period? >> that's me thinking. you don't see me do it often. >> our stage manager is like, his emoticon is going like this. >> what does this mean? >> there's got to be one for you. >> up next -- >> up next -- there's a lot going on in the world. this morning that could stoke your fears. we've got facts to put those stories in perspective. >> we were so happy. now we go to fear? hat in perspective. activia tummies, happy people when you feel good inside. you live life with a smile. but when you feel bloated, with discomfort, gas, not to mention the rumbling...
9:13 am
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9:16 am
airplane has been dominating the news. it can be really scary. >> but this morning, we have a reality check, just something to ease your fears. we have with us a clinical psychologist and a life coach. how we deal with fear is the key, dr. lombardo. >> absolutely. there's a lot of bad news out there, what are we going to focus on and concentrate on, we get to choose so let's choose wisely. >> and it's natural. >> when things happen over which you have no control, that can cause a sense of learned helplessness. >> it's important to listen to the statistics. for example, the chance of dying in a flight and airplane crash,
9:17 am
1 in 7,229. keep things in perspective. >> logic tells us we're way more likely to die because the bad eating habits and unhealthy behaviors that we're in full control of. the fact that we're worrying about things that are very unlukely are not good. >> you say it's important to watch what we put into our brains and thoughts. and what else you surround yourself with. >> especially right before you go to bed. bring something more positive aufr watch the news, whether it's reading, meditating. >> and worrying is counterproductive. it's about shifting your focus. >> part of our problem as human beings is we confuse worrying as doing something but it diverts our attention from what we care about. what we should be doing is calling someone or meeting someone in person that we love.
9:18 am
these fears remind us that we love, we care. >> and what about superstitions? people surround their fears by that. i won't get on the elevator to go to the 13th floor, i won't walk under a ladder. >> i call it umbrella syndrome. if i bring my umbrella, it's not going to rain. that's not true at all. >> sometimes it's your overall stress level that's playing into it and it enhances the fierears. >> yes, when we're stressed, we go to seeing everything in the negative. be pro active, something in your regiment every day to reduce your stress. >> when you say focus on gratitude, i think that's great, especially if you have children because it's easy for kids not to learn that lesson and fall into the cycle we adults have. >> the great thing about being
9:19 am
human is you can change your thoughts, choose your thoughts, press a pause button and decide what you are want to think about. you cannot be thinking about how much you love your children, your familiar or your friends or what you're going to do today that's going to be great and also be worrying at the same time. >> live in the moment and gratitude. coming up, i have all the news you need before you leave the house this morning. >> plus, the surprising reason why germs could be lurking in your house. and the good news, we're getting rid of them. ♪ oh, there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. it's how we help keep go-getters like you... going... and getting. one bite at a time. make it with milk for a boost of protein.
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, millions of american workers may ultimately see more in their paychecks. today president obama will direct the labor department to propose rules expanding the number of employees eligible for overtime pay. the new rules would affect salaried workers who make more than $455 a week and currently don't get overtime since they're considered management. it could be at least a year before the new rules take effect. >> general motors first noticed a problem with ignition switches on some of cars in 2001, three years earlier than first reported. the problem led to the recall of more than 1.5 million older cars last month. gm will offer free loaner cars until they can get the cars fixed. the company is also offering those customers a $500 cash
9:24 am
allowance toward a new gm vehicle. >> another important recall to tell you about this morning, about 1 million fit bit activity wrist bands are being recalled after thousands complained about skin irritations and hundreds ended up with rashes or blisters. >> and if you're in the job market, certain words on your resumé may help up get the job done. a survey asked which words to use. among the best words, achieved, created, trained, managed and among the worst, synergy, go-to person, outside the box. >> and a 5-year-old tiger gave birth to these three adorable cubs.
9:25 am
they don't know if the newborns are male or female but we do know, as we said, they are incredibly cute. coming up, quick tricks to fix try our delicious new fresh mex bowls with chipotle or margarita chicken. all served with a bowl of soup, like our new southwest chicken.
9:26 am
chili's lunch combo starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. good thursday morning to you. i'm peggy bunker. hot spots are flaring up at the scene of the construction fire that popped up overnight. crews have been pouring water on what's left. three engine companies and a dozen firefighters are on scene keeping a close eye on the north and south sides of the site where there was concern for collapse. lawyers for aldon smith will be in dwourt this morning, but it unlikely the star will be in circuit court himself. he faces several weapons charges after santa clara sheriff's
9:27 am
deputies found three weapons. smith missed five games last season because he was in rehab. a quick break here and we'll be back with weather and traffic after this. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry
9:28 am
♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ welcome back right now. time now 9:28. we're warming very quickly. 59 in san francisco. definitely a sign of good things to come. 70 later this afternoon. elsewhere it will be very warm and balmy for this time of year. you may need ac in some places like san jose where it will be 78 degrees, even in san jose you can see right now lots of sunshine, a hazy look, but you notice as we look ahead into the weekend more sunshine coming our way. beach weather saturday and sunday, mid to upper 80s. >> typical traffic slow through
9:29 am
oakland. i turned away from the 101. university avenue is what you see. there was a car fire. it is right by facebook and that is still going on. one lane reported open now. the dumbarton bridge was jammed because of all of that activity. use the san mateo bridge if you can, if that's an option. a crash near the connecter has cleared, a slow drive through mountain view. there you go. >> thanks, mike. i'll have another local news update for you coming up in half an hour. i'll see you then.
9:30 am
take it up, take it up. >> good morning, i'm here with al, natalie and tamron. huge breaking scrabble news. if you're a scrabble player, you'll know you can't use many commonly used current words, no selfie, no hash tag. but they are letting people choose words. you can nominate words on the hasboro web site. >> what word would you like?
9:31 am
>> digin. >> do we need to define it again? >> tell me again. >> what are you doing, natalie? >> oh, really, i'm just digin. >> you're using your digits. >> but it's also wrapping my mind around it. >> unwrap it. >> you have to get on board if it's going to be on scrabble. >> i don't want it on scrabble. there are plenty of words we already have that we don't use in scrabble. let's use the words we got. let's use the words we got. i'm not grumpy about it. i'm not grumpy about not using the words. >> let's push for it. let's just see if we can do it,
9:32 am
man. come on! >> you know what i'm going to push for? i'm going to push for the weather. let's do it. >> it's a happy friday. >> if you look at the sun, what do they look like? >> emoticons! >> as we move into saturday, mr. meany down there. nice and warm in the southwest. on sunday, icy in the mid mississippi river valley, wet weather through the southwest and we're looking at showers in the pacific northwest. sunny and warm through southern 9:32 the time. still looking at plenty of sunshine across the board. temperatures warming nicely, close to 60 degrees in san francisco. later this afternoon it will be sunny, not as windy as it was yesterday. in fact, really makes for picture perfect conditions, 71 in san francisco later today, in
9:33 am
lynn valley, a good mix of mid to upper 70s, sunshine and warmer into the upcoming weekend. "today's" healthy home is brought to you by clorox. >> you take out of garbage, but how often do you actually clean out the can that that trash sits in? >> never. >> i never do it. here to reveal your unhealthy home habits and how we can fix them is courtney smith and dr. donna. >> good morning. >> these things are creepy but then we're empowered, right? >> right. >> i was so stunned about spatulas being dirty? >> the rubber spatula is one of
9:34 am
the top germiest places in your kitchen? the rubber tip often comes off from the handle and that manse there's nooks and crannies for food to get into. >> we put this um on to see how many of our viewers clean the spatula. >> how many? >> i don't know. 64% do not clean the spatula. >> do not clean it properly. she's talking about taking the two parts apart. these are for the spatulas that have a removable head. some people are lucky enough to have one that doesn't have a removable head. i don't want people to think i clean it, what are you talking about? that's for any kitchen gadgets that have parts, like a blender. that's because of dark, warm and moist trifecta, it's where they love to multiply. >> take it apart, put it in the dishwasher or you can hand wash
9:35 am
it in hot so and water and rinse. >> cutting board. this is the item that makes me more paranoid in my home and i buy one all the time. >> you are rightfully paranoid. there are 200 more times fecal matter on the cutting board than -- >> whoa! >> we worry about the meat more but the number one germs that lead to food poisoning is actually produce. >> and that's where the fecal matter is? >> that's where the fecal matter is. >> we'll be very scientific, we'll see e. coli and salmonella. >> i'm never having another salad. thank you very much. >> run it through the dishwasher. >> even the wooden ones? >> no, those you can soak in
9:36 am
vinegar and water overnight. >> and not scrubbing your trash can. >> even with a plastic bag, there can be leakage. think about all the raw foods, egg shells festering there. you need to scrub it out regularly. use common sense. if you can't remember the last time you did it, it's time to do it. >> does spraying lysol help? >> you follow manufacture instructions and do it. or you can use half a cup of believe -- i'm sorry, with baking powder, fill it, let it soak for ten minutes and scrub it down the sides. >> when you take out the trash bag, don't set it on the kitchen counter or on the kitchen floor or have it sit in the hallway for 24 hours while you're waiting for your husband to take it out.
9:37 am
take it directly to the trash and don't touch anything. we're talking about 9.6 million cases per year in the united states, severe diarrhea, cramping, you could have a fever of 101. and it can be contagious. >> 35% of our viewers on say they never cleans inside of their washing machine. >> another place that can harbor fecal matter. every pair of underwear we wash has on average a tenth of a gram -- >> we got it, we got it, we got it. >> you wrap this up, i got to get out of here. >> i want to put myself in a plastic bag. >> especially if you're washing clothes of someone who has had a virus or had pink eye or cold sores. >> you want to run a cycle with
9:38 am
bleach and then just run it again to thoroughly rinse it. >> i'm itching now. but you know what, knowledge is power. i always tell myself that, even when it's hard to hear. thank you so much. and i'll be waiting for my husband to take the trash out. >> how every day household items can help get through that honey do list. and we're going to show you how to tackle the tips. >> you all right? >> she's going to go throw out her cutting board. >> she's going to go throw out her cutting board. you have such a wonderful aura. >> she's going to go throw out of all the things that happen on your counters... dad? namaste. disinfecting should be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes. smawhy didn't theyogy. think of this sooner? you see, the smart tube reaches the bottom so you can spray every last drop. absolutely magnific... ooh! my bottle! my eagle! only clorox gives you every last drop.
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9:42 am
weekend and not much of a clue about how to do them. >> good thing we have home improvements experts shane duffy here. good to see you. >> how are you? >> i'm great. >> talk to me about what i'm wearing right now. >> it looks good. >> our producer wanted me to wear it but there's no buckle. >> if you don't have a buckle, that's a great way to do it. >> this is great. i love this because it's super easy and convenient. let's say you're missing a glove or one of them wore out. >> it happens. >> you can make it into a makeshift tool belt. you got your hammer here, flashlight. >> you're like mcgyver. >> let me show you how to quickly do this. instead of wearing a big tool belt just wear this little thing. cut a little slit here, cut a little slit right there,
9:43 am
beautiful, drop the hammer. cut it right here for the belt loop. let me put a disclaimer about this. you might get laughed off the job site. >> not going to happen. >> what are we doing with soap and nails here? >> this is a clever tricky learned, passed down from generation to generation. instead of nailing in or screwing in, put it through so and it gives you a little film and you can hammer it in much more smoothly and it's less friction. >> does that help the wood from stopping splitting? >> it helps it from stopping splitting because there's less friction on there. >> i use this tip more for when you buy furniture that's already prefabricated. sometimes the holes aren't as big as the screws so you run a little so on it.
9:44 am
>> you have a ladder. >> let's say you're up here, you got your hammer and you don't want to hold your hammer. grab a c-clamp, drop it in. >> willie, how many c-clamps do you have at home? >> i can't even count them. >> not an a-clamp, a c-clamp. >> this is great. >> you always get those anti-slip rug pads. >> take acrylic latex caulk, flip your rug over, go down a straight line. >> that's a lot of caulk there. you don't want too much. you want to be generous but -- >> wow. >> you like that? >> so you want to let this dry for 24 hours before you put it
9:45 am
down. >> you put it down and then it's glued down to the floor. >> this one here, there's an example. now it doesn't twist. >> so it dries in 24 hours -- >> make sure it's acrylic latex. >> how do you keep a mess from happening when you drill into the wall? >> is this you, by the way? you have framed photos of yourself in your home? >> somebody set me up for that. >> amazing. >> if i looked like you, i'd have a picture of myself. >> nobody likes to clean up when they're on a job site. a quick fix, i call it the envelope trick. you take an envelope, run some painters tape. use painters tape so it doesn't take off any paint. so let's say you're drilling a hole right here.
9:46 am
take this -- look at that. it goes right in there. >> shane duffy, we have a lovely parting gift for you. thank you so much. >> that's me. i got a couple extra tricks, though. >> you save those tricks. >> i'm sure somebody will take you up on that. >>
9:47 am
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9:50 am
sick, you want to go above and beyond easing the pain but sometimes waiting is the best medicine. >> why some benefits may benefit from a wait-and-see approach. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. >> we hate to watch our kids suffer. often it's a high fever. i think a lot of us, our tendency is to rush to the medic medicine cabinet. you tell us to wait a little. why? >> fever is caused by a bacterial infection. i always say this -- don't treat the thermometer, treat your child. if your child is really flopping on the couch, not moving around a lot, isn't drinking and keeping up with fluids, treat with a fever reducer. there are some takeaways where you want to keep in touch with your pediatrician. if your baby is an infant, under three months of age, fever is
9:51 am
not acceptable without a doctor visit. and if fever goes on for two or three days, we wonder what may be happening. if your kid is playing in the corner with their lego and happy, no need to treat the thermometer. >> ear infections. the kid are so miserable. >> well, they're painful. that's a great reminder that the most important medicine when it comes to ear infections are those fever reducers and pain reducers. just in the last year the american academy of pediatrics set out new guidelines. over 50% of ear infections go away without an anti-biotic. you want to make sure your pediatrician sees the eardrum before you treat with antibiotics. if your child is over age 2, you can use pain meds for the first couple of days to avoid that
9:52 am
anti-b anti-biotic. sometimes i'll see a patient in the office and i'll write a prescription and say if your 6-year-old is not better in two days, then start it. >> and with pink eye, wait a little bit first. aren't you concerned -- i mean, it is super contagious. >> it is contagious. sometimes can you avoid antibiotics when, for example, if your child is older and over age 6 and if the gunk in their eye isn't causing the eye to be swollen shut, you might be able to get away with not using antibiotics. >> and ct scans. these can be life saving. at what point do you need to worry about getting your kid a ct scan? >> you're right, they can help us diagnose things we didn't used to see. there's ban five-fold increase
9:53 am
in the number of ct scans children get. they provide ionizing radiation, which we think can lead to cancer later on. you can ask the radiologist to dial down the dose of radiation for a child. they really get pint sized doses. and ask for alternatives. >> we're out of time. thanks so much. great information. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> kathie lee and hoda coming up next, what do you have? >> we have m
9:56 am
good thursday morning to you. it is 9:56. police are looking for video trying to find a man who kidnapped a woman at gunpoint while he was responding to a ad
9:57 am
on craigslist. the woman would like to remain anonymous, but she agreed to meet a person that was selling iphones on the listing website. they kidnapped her and took her to a bank to withdraw cash. they took her back to target to make her friend bring them money. police hope the men were caught on surveillance cameras. checking in on that weather and forecast, anthony slaughter. >> we're looking at clear skies across the board right now and continuing to warm. 59 in san francisco. we'll top out near 71 and els where you will find very warm temperatures for this time of year. mid to upper 70s. it's all because of this area of high pressure sitting on top of this area. today, 70s, tomorrow, record
9:58 am
warmth. and really for hayward down to san jose and santa rosa, upper 70s to 80s tomorrow, enjoy it. >> minutes before 10:00, look how jammed the north 101 is. there has been a serious of crashes in mountain view. now it may be affecting the traffic flow from 87 back to 280. southbound, one of our directors called in and say debris fell off a off. so more issues there. our whole team contributes every morning, folks. thanks, mike. another local news update for you in half an hour. good morning nelly! woah.
9:59 am
hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag!
10:00 am
be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. it is march 13th. and we have a big show today. actor christian slater and former full house actress lori laughlin is here with our regular "ambush makeovers" and everybody still just loves. >> crazy about. and everyone has a story. all today. >> pretty amazing today. very rarely do we get the person who writes in the story be the one who actually performs it. >> i saw her in the green room downstairs. >> looking forward to that.
10:01 am
>> what? >> yesterday was a day i picked for bambino's birthday because we know he was born in march, but don't know the exact date. we have so many family, you know, birthdays in march. i picked one that somebody else didn't already have. so i just thought, all right, i'll pick march 12th. last night sitting there in front of the fire with frank and me and bam and the doggies, i thought you know what, let's celebrate a little bit. let's do your first selfie. so that's it. >> oh, my -- >> a long day. he had been celebrating all day long. i just said, you know, bambino's selfie. thinking nothing of it. i actually have too much time on my hand. you can't believe the amount of people that wished him well. and their dogs and their cats wished him well. it was just -- >> no matter what you post on instagram or twitter, you put your dog up, and everyone clicks on it. you can put a newborn baby, maybe you'll get clicks, but not
10:02 am
like bambino. it is really crazy how it works. >> it really is. so, thanks, everybody. it's fun. >> let's dish some dirt. >> what are we going to do about the bachelor, hoda? >> juan pablo, everyone hates him. >> is pablo his last name? >> no he has another name but nobody cares abo s abous about . juan pablo is on the cover of "people" magazine. he may be the worst bachelor in the history of the show, but he's not going down without a fight. >> he says he's not that bad guy. >> no, he's not. we'll watch a couple of clips. we'll watch what happened on the show this is what happened to his runner-up, the one he didn't choose. >> clare. >> clare. let's watch. >> oh, dear. >> i want them to know that they want to be with me. >> orf course, i understand.
10:03 am
i want you to be here. you're special to me. >> i'm going to follow what i think is best for me, and i have to say good-bye to you. >> i'll tell you what, i thought i knew what kind of man you were -- >> okay. >> but what you made me go through, i would never want my children having a father like you. >> okay. >> and not over there. >> maybe i will start watching this show. >> after she walked away, he whispered under his breath, he was happy he didn't choose her. happy i didn't choose you. what a jerk. he makes her spill her guts, he practically tells her she's the one. >> chosen. >> and in front of everybody, he dropped her like a bag of dirt. >> worse than a bag of dirt.
10:04 am
a bag of manure. >> let's watch happened with nikki, the woman he chose. >> i'm not 100% sure that i want to propose to you, but at the same time, i'm 100% sure that i just -- i don't want to let you go. i like you a lot. a lot. so, nikki, will you accept my final rose? >> absolutely. >> ew. >> i wish she said no, jerk. >> wow. >> but wait, there's even more. >> oh, my gosh. i'm loving this. >> after the rose, there is a show called after the rose.
10:05 am
chris harrison was interviewing them. chris got tense. take a look. >> how much of it was real, do you think? >> -- like you can actually express your feelings. >> this is the time to shine. i can express my feelings. >> this is what the hoe show is about. >> the show is about meeting somebody and falling in love and being happy. >> did you? did you fall in love? >> i'm with somebody, look. i'm happy. i've been four months happy. >> i don't know what i'm looking at. i don't know what i'm looking at. >> you don't? >> we do. are you happy? >> what was her answer? is she happy? >> mumble. mumbling. >> wow. why can't chris be the -- is he married? >> he might be married. he'd be a good bachelor. >> he seems like a nice guy. >> here is the funny thing, he did not say he loved her. >> it is hard when you're so in love with yourself. >> right. but there are other guys on the show and i think three of the 18 if those numbers are right, 3 of the 18 people have wound up
10:06 am
together. of the rest of them, they didn't work out, they said i loved you, they proposed, they did all the things they want you to do on the show, it didn't work out. i'm not defending the guy. he seems like a real you know what. >> what, hod. >> elaine stritch is not here. i'm not going to say anything. >> golly day. i guess i can see why people are just glued. you can't believe that anybody is allowing themselves to be seen in such a light. i'm not saying people should be phony and all that, but this is a huge life decision. to his credit, he didn't say i love you, if he doesn't. but he did say things to the girl the day before and a total switcheroo and sounds like some producer got to him and said, you know what would be awesome for television? i know too many people who do reality shows and they're not the people on the show that are the people that i zblsnow know.
10:07 am
>> there is such a fine line between charming and con. it looked like he was totally conning her and baiting her and making her -- it was horrible. and guys who are charming you have to look out for because they're trouble. they always -- there is always another side because they're so good at it. they need to charm everybody. waitress, the girl over here, the -- those guys are trouble. i'm just saying not from experience, i just heard. >> oh. >> those guys are trouble. all right. let's go on to matthew mcconaughey. >> something fun. everybody has been wondering where all right, all right, all right came up. well, we now know. in 2001 interview -- >> canadian talk show host. >> not the mayor. >> anyway -- >> say the name. >> i won't bother because -- >> george -- >> in interview, he was listening to the recording of the doors on jim morrison album and later that day, i guess they said the word -- >> in between songs. >> he went all right, all right,
10:08 am
all right. they did it like four times or something like that. >> later that day -- >> he was filming "dazed and confused". >> his first film. and they were discussing his character with the director of the movie. >> the director told matthew four things that should motivate his character. his car, getting high, rock 'n' roll and picking up chicks. >> what else is there in life. >> look at what matthew had to say about that. >> all right, all right, all right, all right. >> i go, i'm in my car, i'm high as a kite, i'm listening to rock 'n' roll, action. and there is the chick. all right, all right, all right. three out of four. >> he actually had all four if you do it that way. >> he's so charming. >> you know what, seeing something that old, that's from just 2011 -- >> yeah. >> couple of years. >> before he lost all the weight and everything, he's always -- >> he's a handsome guy. >> still in love with his wife. >> she looked so great at the oscars. >> she was -- she was standing
10:09 am
there with me and with al and matthew was talking an i was hardly listening because i just -- she's this far away and i'm going, oh, my gosh, she's so lovely. the nicest lady. >> she's trying to get rid of my ihoda, but you can't. this is an oldie. you might like it. jim croce. >> i will like it, i promise you. >> okay. you know who you shouldn't miss around with? >> leroy brown. >> no. jim. don't miss around with jim. let's go. >> not my favorite. >> what? >> no. >> i heard this in the park. ♪ uptown got it the bowery got its bumps ♪ ♪ 42nd street son of a gun ♪ ♪ big and bad as a man can come ♪ ♪ stronger than a country hunk ♪ ♪ they say you don't tug on
10:10 am
superman's cape ♪ ♪ don't spit into the wind don't pull the mask off the lone ranger ♪ ♪ and don't mess around with jim ♪ >> let's do that chorus one more time, shall we. ♪ don't tug on superman's cape ♪ ♪ don't spit into the wind ♪ ♪ don't pull the mask off the lone ranger ♪ ♪ and you don't mess around with jim ♪ >> great songwriter. >> great songwriter. jim croce. >> he was awesome. he left behind such a legacy. great, great music. once in a while, you do it right, hoda. is it okay or not okay to quit public life? that's the question we were asked in "okay "magazine, which it says jennifer aniston is now getting married. >> but not specific. in june, but no mention if she's pregnant with twins. okay, so, let's see what we had to say. >> it's best not to make
10:11 am
sweeping declarations in the heat of an emotional moment, hoda. calm down, honey. take a breath and plan your next step without broadcasting it to the whole world until you're sure. >> that was very thoughtful. and lengthy. here's mine, sure it's okay, but why proclaim it. it is about what you do, not what you say. >> my gosh there is growth in you yet. >> yeah. >> i like the sound effects. coming up, "ambush makeovers." >> and christian slater with a very provocative new film, right after this. my name is jenny, and i quit smoking with chantix. before chantix, i tried to quit probably about five times. it was different than the other times i tried to quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix varenicline is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. that helped me quit smoking. [ male announcer ] some people
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10:15 am
christian slater come to mind. >> if you're interested in me, you have bigger problems than that. >> a guy who named for himself in "heathers" and "true romance," he now plays in -- >> sorry. >> he knows how to sell a movie. >> yes, he does. >> we like a guy that comes to play. >> sorry, sorry. >> this is a very -- what would you call it, it is r-rated, i would have to say, isn't it? >> definitely -- >> what this is the rating on it? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> these things are kind of important to know before you do an international -- >> true, true. >> the armed forces carries us, you know what i'm saying? >> very important. >> and big in prisons. you need to know that before you come on. >> sure, sure. i think it is -- i don't know what the rating is. i have no clue. >> have you seen the movie? >> i have seen the film. i saw the extended version of the movie -- >> extended.
10:16 am
>> yes. >> don't even -- >> there is a shorter version and a longer version. >> okay. let's talk about your -- >> the director's cut. >> right, exactly. we had a -- no, that's not. i can't even say that. >> i don't know. so your character -- you play -- you play the father of a nymphomaniac. >> i play the father. >> you have no sex scenes. >> correct. >> why not? you had sex at one time. >> sure, of course. had to be creative, so, yeah, that is true. but in this particular movie, no, i do not have to expose -- i do have to expose some parts of myself, but not the -- >> you seem a little young to be playing a dad of a -- how old is she? in her 20s? >> i play the father from the time she's about 12 to about 18. >> okay. so the formative years of her life. >> and why does she become a
10:17 am
nymphomaniac? >> i think she has a natural desire for sex, at a very early age. it is a natural thing. but as the course of the movie takes place, it becomes something that she starts to use to escape from feeling other things, like she's -- she's trying to avoid -- >> she's not in pain? >> she has a wonderful relationship with her father, she trusts her father greatly, but then she loses her father and i think she spends a lot of time trying to fill that void -- >> this has an unbelievable cast. >> it does, yeah. >> a lot of people were attracted to it in spite of its subject matter. >> shia labeouf is in it. >> shia labeouf. >> he went a little cuckoo afterwards. >> we were concerned after the news conference. what happened? >> we're a sensitive bunch and, you know, we like to push the envelope and take a lot of chances. i think that's why working with
10:18 am
somebody like von treer is so exciting. he is that type of director. he likes to do controversial things and do things that are terrifying. denmark. >> they are much more open about a lot of this stuff. >> that's true. i was happy when i saw the film in berlin with a european audience. they were less blown away by like the sexual aspect of the movie, more interested in the characters. >> that wouldn't happen here. i can tell you for a fact, my mother isn't going to see -- >> focus. >> if you're expecting them to -- >> okay, well, we know what audience that we're going for. i have a -- >> we're keeping you too long, but he's fun. >> a grandmother who is in her 80s and grandfather who is -- and they -- >> they'll go see it? >> yes. i'm desperate for them to see it. they're a fun couple. they had seven kids, and they have a big family.
10:19 am
they're still -- i think they're still having a good time. >> i think your mom -- >> listen, thank you, we love it when you come by. >> thank you so much. >> volume one. it is available now on in demand and in theaters next friday, march 21st. >> my wife is -- >> i'm in trouble. >> we're going from this to "full house". >> lori the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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10:22 am
lori loughlin has tv hosting experience of her own. >> back in the late 1980s through 1995, she played aunt becky, host of the wake up san francisco on the hit tv show "full house" that everybody loves. >> now lori is taking on another family show on thallmark channe "wind calls the help". >> after a coal minining accide claims her husband's life, she becomes the central figure on a small prairie town on the western frontier, i love it already. >> -- about that young man your sister found in the woods. >> i'm worried too. she knew nothing about him. but she's taken such a personal interest. >> i asked contabl ostable o'reo pay him a visit. i just -- i want to send a message loud and clear that we intend to keep our town safe and secure. >> that's right you do.
10:23 am
>> this one my mother is going to love. >> she will. >> lori, so great to see you. >> you look so great. >> thanks. >> you are a walking advertisement for pilates. >> you really are. i've known you forever and you get more beautiful all the time. >> thank you. >> enough of that. let's talk about -- >> this film, you seem to pick really great roles that are kind of family centered like this one. >> i do. i think i always have. i have a rule when i was younger before i had a family, and i always said to myself, can my father watch this? and if the answer was yes, i would do the project. and i always thought, i would pray i would have children and thankfully i do, and i said, i never want to put anything on film that my kids would one day be embarrassed. >> i wish kids would think about that. >> i tend to gravitate to family driven projects. >> has he always loved everything you did? >> i don't have my dad, i lost him six years ago, but he was always very proud and i did everything to make him proud so,
10:24 am
yeah. >> tell us about your role. you're a widowed coal miner's wife. >> i am. she's a strong central character in the piece, grounded. even though it is set in 1910, we can tell a contemporary story line of a woman on her own, taking care of herself, fending for herself in the world. >> women had to then. >> exactly. and today. and as a child, my mother always used to say to me, don't ever rely on anyone else to take care of you. always make sure you can take care of yourself. that's what i love about this role, she's a strong woman in the early 1900s, taking care of herself and it is about friendship and women in the town and community and a support system. it has a great message. >> this is the series, which is new for -- >> second series. >> great. >> cedar cove is the first. >> fantastic. >> they do great work. >> we have a wonderful company to work for too. i can't say enough nice things about crown media. >> you always say nice things,
10:25 am
lori. i did not get called for christian slater. i've known christian forever and he passed me reveal your most extraordinary hair. every day. >>for extremely damaged hair a new life awaits. l'oreal presents total repair extreme shampoo. our first haircare with lactic aha. penetrates layers deep. strengthens the architecture. split ends sealed. damage un-done. total repair extreme brings new life to every strand. a transformation you can feel. >>extraordinary. new total repair extreme. from l'oreal advanced haircare. the science behind extraordinary hair. >>because you're worth it. i cthis year aloneore places offi hit new and texas! see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry
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10:27 am
of the apartment complex. they say they're keeping close eyes on the north and south sides of this site. today we will be a update on how the south bay plans to manage the swarm of fans going to levi stadium to watch the 49ers. they're hosting a community open house to talk about traffic, parking, and public safety concerns. it will start tonight at 6:00 at the community center of sun sunnyvale. ients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
10:29 am
welcome back. 10:28 right now. sunshine across the board. san francisco is warming nicely. eventually this afternoon 69 by 5:00. very warm not only for our inland valleys but also at the coast. the inland valleys are mill to upper 70s. temperatures not only for today in the 70s but all the way through this upcoming weekend. let's check this drive, here is mike. >> a pretty standard drive. looking at 880 through fremont. the last remaining car. slowing for those, but starting to clean up. west 237 low. north 101 much better than an hour ago. a slow spot around the san jose international airport. also shows slowing that is
10:30 am
playing up in the last few minutes. tough commute this morning. thanks, mike. more local news in a half hour at 11:00. we're back on this thirsty thursday with yet another edition of our plaza "ambush makeovers." and, you have to wonder if the two lucky ladies plucked off the cold and windy plaza were more excited for their makeovers or just to come inside. >> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars louis licari and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author -- >> jill martin. >> nice. work their magic today. hello, kiddos. how was it? >> cold as always. is that a chore this winter or what? >> it is over, stop it. >> spring. >> let's move on, shall we? emily black is our first lucky lady. 43 years old from dallas, texas. she's only colored her hair once in her life. she was nervous.
10:31 am
but excited to get a glam new style. let's take a listen to her story. >> well you guys are nuts for being outside in this. and we saved you, but i know you want this for your mom. tell me why. >> because i think that she's an awesome mom because she took me to new york, and i think that i want her to look more stylish and more cool. >> more cool. what do you think about that? >> that sounds good. >> you're a little freaked out. >> i'm a little freaked out, yes. a little nervous about this, but yes. it will be fun. >> all right. so she's here with her daughter aidan and her mom donna. please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is emily black before. all right, emily. let's see the new you. oh, my god. wow. all right, guys. are you ready? take off your blindfolds. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> that's my little girl. >> are you ready to see
10:32 am
yourself, little girl? >> i guess. >> spin right here. >> wow. >> nice. >> and thought it was emma stone for a second. >> you look adorable. >> thank you. tell us about that hair. >> emily, you lucked out today you wanted to look cool, we have the coolest hairdresser of all. >> carson. >> he gave me this very chic, very new york city up to date hairstyle. >> i love it. >> i know she -- she left -- she wanted to left long bangs and i love long bangs. that's sexy peekaboo look. i went with the hair color a little warmer, just to change it a bit. also -- >> looks like an irish las. >> when you add color to the air, you don't have to add so much color to the face and she
10:33 am
looks fantastic. >> i think she looks amazing. i really like it. >> how about you, monthm? you like it? >> i do. >> the dress. cool and sexy we went for. this is from maggie london and just really her bustline is so subtle, that through the sheer black and the new hemline, everyone can see, it is a little longer than this. >> is that called tea length? >> a little bit longer than tea length. this is appropriate for her height and made her look good. >> beautiful. >> a big round of applause with emily. you can join your family. >> wonderful, great. >> our second is lori. she had the same look for as long as she can remember. her co-workers begged us to give her a brand-new style. let's listen to her story. >> well, we're on spring break. >> whoo! >> it is wild over here. and principal sharon, i know you're her boss, why do you want this for maureen? >> because she wanted it for me. so she looks worse than i do.
10:34 am
that's wonderful. >> what do you think about that? >> that's just how she treats me. >> i don't think so. all right. principal sharon what do you think about all of this? >> i think it is wonderful. because this proves to the whole world she looks worse than i do. >> okay. she said it. >> crazy. sharon is crazy. >> wow. okay. she's here with sharon, rhonda and jane. let's take one last look at maureen before. >> keep your blindfolds on. >> keep them on. and bring out the new maureen. >> wow. >> all right. ladies, take off your blindfolds. >> you're going to freak out. i'm telling you right now. >> there she is. all righty. >> wow. >> you want to turn around and see maureen? take a little spin. >> oh, my gosh. >> you look great. >> i love those bangs. >> yes. carson is going to -- with the bangs. louis, tell us what he did.
10:35 am
>> just swept away bangs. >> she's going to move in with christian slater. >> i think she is, actually. of course, again, her hair was so light that it blended with her complexion, so they did her hair color and makeup. i mean, glamorous, beautiful. >> this is maggie london but the built in panel, the built in belt to accentuate the waistline and panels on the side, very slimming. >> great job. >> let's bring emily back out. big round of applause for both of our -- >> stick around, everybody, a very touching everyone has a story right after this. >> awesome. good job, you guys. you guys look so good! [ male announcer ] this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto jim's on the move.
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10:40 am
but first, let's listen to her amazing story. >> my name is jamie petron and i'm a working actress. though these days i find myself living a very different role. it all began in the fall of my sophomore year of college. i was a musical theater major and before the semester began, i was required to complete a routine physical. what i brushed off as a nervous stomach, the doctor took to be an undiagnosed ulcer. he started me on a prescription and a few months later i woke up unable to feel my legs. i was diagnosed with a severe allergic reaction known as stevens johnson syndrome. the doctors explained that this was the worst type of allergic reaction a person could have. and that i was lucky to be alive. because stevens johnsons syndrome can be fatal. one more pill and i could have died. there was no prognosis. and no one seemed to know when or if i would ever walk again. amidst the pain, frustration, fear, and confusion i looked around at everyone's
10:41 am
extravagantly normal lives, and i was convinced no one would ever understand what i was going through. having been asked by the director of the musical theater program to leave the school and come back when i'm better, because you can't be an actress in a wheelchair was enough to put me on the verge of breaking into pieces. this is one of those defining moments in life, where your heart outweighs any reason, and it was then that i made an unwavering decision. ♪ why would a fellow >> no matter what, this is what i was going to do. if you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it work. the ironic part of it all, i spent half of my life trying to stand out. now i seem to be fighting just to fit in. but i choose to see past my disability. for me, part of making it work now is proving to the next generation that anything is possible. >> wow. >> that's beautiful. >> jamie is here with her mom. that was so well done, sally and
10:42 am
her good friend. let's say it together, shall we. >> laura reyes. >> with jazz hands. wow. >> what an amazing letter you wrote to us. never had heard of this syndrome before. how rare is it? >> very rare. >> this allergic reaction. >> it is rare here and in third world countries it is a lot more common, but here it is very, very rare. >> the way that you found strength, i mean, you muscled through it, and when you see yourself singing, you know, after you thought that maybe that would have to go up on the shelf, that must feel really good for you. >> it does. it is humbling, you know? i feel like there is so much to be grateful for because when you look at it, and you see that you could have been dead, you know, that that's only god. it is only god that got me through. and you -- it is funny because god gives you hindsight for a reason, you know? you look back. if you knew then what you know now, i don't know that it would be so easy. >> one thing to go through it yourself, another thing to have
10:43 am
your child going through it. tell us -- you're crying even now. that's why we want to plan ahead. tell us what you were going through. you see your talented, beautiful daughter going through this, out of the blue. >> yeah. well, yeah. it -- they called -- she called me from college and said, i can't walk. so went down there, got her, and it was tough. it was tough. >> still tough. >> it is tough, but as she said, our faith got us through. you know, you just put it in god's hands. and he has a reason. so he does have a reason for her now and for her future. she's doing great. >> she has an optimism that is infectious. >> so contagious. >> it really is. how big of a part did you play in this whole thing with your friend? the broadway community, that the acting community is very, very loving and supportive. >> yeah. >> when they're not ripping each other's eyes out trying to get the same role, they're very loving and supportive.
10:44 am
we know. so what was it like for you? >> you know, you run the gamut of emotions watching jamie struggle, it was so frustrating for her and at the same time you're just in awe because she's so determined and such -- the way that she meets the world and life and her positivity, it is so inspiring and just unmatched by anybody. she wants to do something, she's going to do it. >> she's going to find a way, you mean? >> yes. >> that's what we titled her song. >> by the way, i love when you have broadway singers come and sing the songs. i'm excited to hear jamie sing the song you wrote for her. >> the song that david friedman and i wrote for you. ready, sweetie? >> a little bit of a rehearsal. >> the woman can sing. all righty. we'll be right back. walmart always has more ways to save you money. and this month it's rollback madness! where you'll find huge savings on popular items. like downy liquid fabric softeners for just $3.97 each.
10:45 am
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10:49 am
to hear the special song that david friedman and i wrote just for jamie. today, instead of having someone from broadway sing that song to jamie, jamie is going to sing her own song. >> yeah. >> it is called "you find a way." take it away, jammy. ♪ i started out with a dream ♪ ♪ and a drive ♪ doing what made me feel alive ♪ ♪ i couldn't envision what the future would be ♪ ♪ filled with excitement and possibility ♪ ♪ then in one moment the future was gone ♪ ♪ it seemed in that moment i couldn't go on ♪ ♪ until i heard something inside of me say if you want it bad enough you find a way ♪ ♪ you find a way
10:50 am
to let your heart out play your mind ♪ ♪ you find a way to leave your doubts and fears behind ♪ ♪ you find a way to make it work and day by day ♪ ♪ you find a way ♪ and now i'm standing up for me and for you ♪ ♪ and for the right to do what we're born to do ♪ ♪ i use ed to think i had to stand out to win ♪ ♪ now i'm fighting for my right to fit in ♪ ♪ and so if you have been told your dreams are through ♪ ♪ and there is nothing you can do ♪ ♪ you got to hear something inside of you say ♪ ♪ if you want it bad enough you find a way ♪ ♪ you find a way to show the world that you are here ♪ ♪ you find a way
10:51 am
to take control of your career ♪ ♪ you find a way to pass it on year after year ♪ ♪ you find a way when you can make the choice ♪ ♪ you find a way when you lift up your voice ♪ ♪ you find a way when you know you'll go far ♪ ♪ you find a way when you know who you are ♪ ♪ you find a way >> yeah! >> yes! >> jamie! >> good for you, darling. aso awesome. we'll be right back.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
all right, we're back with "everyone has a story" honoring a special woman, jamie petrone,
10:55 am
she just performed "you'll find a way." kathie lee and david friedman wrote the song. >> david friedman is here with david wild. >> tell us what you thought of listening to your daughter sing. it must be such a thrill every time she does. >> oh, yeah. she's good. she's good. she sells a song. >> boy, did she sell it. >> how does it feel to be in front of everybody like that, jamie? >> surreal. >> was it surreal? >> a little surreal. >> did you have a moment when -- >> you feel leak you're oike yoa cannon, yeah. >> you were singing about yourself. >> singing about everybody. there are so many people that that song reaches and i appreciate you for writing it, because i just -- for what we are, i think that there is a very visible disability that you see. and when i look in a mirror, i don't see a visible disability. i don't. that, i think, is what that song said. find a way to see something, see some things differently, you know? see beyond the disability, see the way to get some place.
10:56 am
so i think it is just about enabling so many people, you know? >> absolutely. and you have a -- a documentary being made about you right now. >> yes. >> yes. and you also are starting something -- a conservatory or something for people in the same situation. >> yes. so i founded a company called this ability instead of disability. yes. and it is really -- it is there to train, to reach -- i want children to be able to grow up and see themselves in a community that looks very much the same, you know? i want them to strive to be -- to go beyond what -- when we go into auditions, so many people look at us and see this and can't get past this. i want them to be able to see a trained performer in front of them. and that's really one of the missions of the conservatory. >> we wanted to give you a little something. so we thought we would get you out of the chilly weather. you're sick of it. and travel some place warm.
10:57 am
you and a friend are going on an all inclusive trip to dana points, california to watch whale watching at the capital, best of all, the sun. >> i wonder who that friend might be. >> sorry. >> mom is out of luck. >> david, you're going on a five-week tour all over the place. david wild has all kinds of tv shows. he's so big, i can't believe he comes back to see us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. we'll ship that -- you're driving back. you're fine. >> tomorrow, we look at the preacher's daughters. >> and help
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good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm peggy bunker. we begin with new details about a police chase that ended with a suspected drunk driver plowing into a crowd of people at a festival. he went through a barricade at the south by southwest festival in texas. bob redell has more. >> reporter: we just heard from austin's police chief, and he calling last night's events intentional. the man is now facing


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