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tv   Today  NBC  March 14, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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ticket master. sounds good. good morning. one week in, still no answers. the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370 now expanded in the indian ocean. a u.s. destroying moving in to assist and this morning, a new report of a seismic event on the ocean floor near that ple's last known location. chaos on the runway. >> they're evacuating the plane. oh, my god. the plane is on fire. oh, my god, my plane. >> passengers escape after a blown tire forces a us airways pilot to abort takeoff. this morning, the frantic moments caught on camera. nbc news exclusive.
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evidence that general motors had a way to fix a dangerous defect years ago, but made a business decision not to use it. and together again. the dogs of sochi and the u.s. olympian who fought to bring them home reunited. an emotional moment three weeks in the making today, friday, march 14th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a. in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall, al roker and willie geist. i think we need a playbook to figure out who's in here. we've got savannah and natalie off today. >> i'm right here. >> but we have puppies. we had a puppy party once in the orange room, but we're having a
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puppy shower today. because when you get a new baby, you've got to have a shower. >> sometimes, it happens whether you like it or not. >> that's gus kenworthy, the u.s. olympian and silver medalist. we're going to check in with him. but we want to get right to our top story today. new developments in the mystery of malaysia air flight 370. a full week into the search, a lot of questions remaining. the potential flight zone is now enormous. nbc's tom costello has been covering the investigation from the beginning. tom, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. a lot of questions and not much concrete. there is a chinese report out this morning there was some sort of deep ocean event, almost a seismic event that occurred in 90 minutes after the plane lost contact in the same general area. we don't know what that was. we also know the last data burst from the plane came in from an automated maintenance report 14 minutes before the plane's last
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transponder report. did somebody turn the s. systeming off or was there a catastrophic failure. we know the plane kept pinging a satellite. we go beyond that to the strait of malacca and into the indian ocean. if the plane flew longer, that is 2,500 miles. that means this plane could be anywhere in this zone. this is video of the malaysian airlines plane that is now missing, flying into los angeles last october. now, a week after it disappeared in southeast asia, u.s. government sources say the plane continued transmitting a ping to an orbiting satellite hours after going off radar and cutting communications with air traffic controllers. investigators say it's increasingly likely that the plane did double back, making a left hand turn flying over
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malaysia, the strait of malacca, and the indian ocean, possibly staying airborne for another four to five hours. that means the plane could have traveled up to 2,500 miles in any direction, a vast expanse of the globe that includes the indian ocean. but who was piloting the plane and where were they going? this morning, malaysian authorities say anything is possible. >> there's been a lot of media speculation today after comments from unnamed u.s. officials suggested the plane may have traveled for some time after losing contact. as is standard procedure, the investigation team will not publicly release information until it has properly been verified and corroborated with relevant authorities. >> with evidence building, the plane may well have flown west. the "uss kidd" is moving through the strait of malacca while planes and choppers probe the indian ocean. >> based on some new information that's not necessarily conclusive, an additional search area may be opening in the
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indian ocean. we are consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy. >> what no one knows is whether the plane experienced a catastrophic mechanical breakdown, a hijacking or whether a member of the crew commandeered the plane. experts were telling us this morning that through mathematical calculations, the arc of the earth and the location of the plane, it is possible to get a general location fix for where this plane was as it flew on for several hours. if the engines, of course, were still operating, and the plane was flying for that long, we may get a feel for the plane. that would put it way down into the indian ocean. a long way. matt, back to you. >> tom, before you go, if the engines on that plane were sending out signals four, perhaps five hours after the last known contact with the flight, does it take investigators way away from some kind of catastrophic event?
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>> first of all, they don't think it was the engine sending these signals. it was coming from the automated maintenance system called the a-car system and it was quite literally pinging the satellite as if to say, i'm here, i'm here, but not transmitting data. if that's true, if this plane was still transmitting data, absolutely, that would take the theory away from the notion of a cataclysmic event and more towards the notion of something more sinister, but if that's not true, we are still left with the possibility that this plane may have suffered a cataclysmic event. i don't think you can take that thing off the table. >> tom costello, thanks very much. >> now let's turn to nbc's keir simmons. he's in kuala lumpur. keir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the house of the co-pilot fariq hamid. it is an ordinary suburban street, a middle class street. there is a nursery on one side of the house. a nursery on the other side of the house. we have been talking to people here about what kind of person the co-pilot is.
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they say he is dedicated to his work, that he is quiet. doesn't talk to people very much. isn't here that much because he is a co-pilot. we did speak to some people in the street, this speculation that perhaps one part of the investigation is that one of the pilots might have commandeered the plane. they were absolutely shocked by that. they say this family is deeply religious. let me just move you down the street and show you. right at the end of the street is the local mosque. about 1,000 people pray here and i spoke to the leader of the mosque. he says that fariq prays here five times a day when he is here. he says his father came to him as soon as the plane went missing to tell him the news in desperation really, and every day now, his father says to them, no news, no news. >> keir, thank you very much. and we want to turn to a frightening incident involving a plane right here at home. a u.s. airways pilot was forced to abort takeoff at philadelphia
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international airport after the plane's front landing gear collapsed. nbc's kristen dahlgren is there. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. earlier this morning, they moved that damaged plane and operations are back to normal here, but that is a far cry from those frightening moments yesterday when the plane bounced and skidded down this runway, leaving passengers running to escape. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: as passengers rushed from the smoking plane, cell phone video captured the frantic dash. down emergency slides and out window exits onto the wings, with the plane resting on its nose, one passenger took a selfie. >> they're evacuating the plane. oh, my god, the plane is on fire. >> the plane just came down all of a sudden, pretty hard. we bounced and came down hard again and bounced again. >> reporter: the a-320 carrying 149 passengers and five crew started down the runway, building up speed, when a tire
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blew. the pilots aborted the takeoff, but the plane bounced and screeched down the runway. slamming down at least twice. >> there's something going on on the runway here. i see smoke down there and are you guys still on the runway? 1702, we're going to dispatch the emergency vehicle. >> reporter: by then, the flight attendants were already evacuating passengers. the runway and the airport shutdown. >> everyone else on frequency just sit tight and hold their position. >> remarkably, just two passengers asked for medical assistance at the scene. a few hours later, most of the passengers were put on another plane, finally arriving in ft. lauderdale overnight. among them, hannah, who took this selfie. >> i want to show my parents everyone running and just what was going on. >> oh, my god, my plane just crashed. i'm far enough away. i was one of the first people out of the plane, so i put my phone on and took a video. oh, my god.
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>> reporter: no surprise, a few passengers opted not to get on another flight. those passengers treated are believed to be in good condition. meantime, the investigation continues to what went wrong with the tire in the first place, matt. >> kristen dahlgren, thanks very much. we were just talking on the side here, none of us would have thought to take our cell phones and start doing selfie video in a moment like that. >> i think now that you're people of a certain age, that's part of their lifestyle. >> running from a burning plane. >> there used to be fight, flight, now, it's take a selfie. willie is here with some key information on big meetings regarding the tense situation in ukraine. that's right, tamron. secretary of state john kerry is in london today to meet with russia's foreign minister for talks on the ukraine crisis. this comes just two days before voters in crimea will decide whether the region should join the russian federation or remain a part of ukraine. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in ukraine with the very latest. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the referendum hasn't taken
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place yet, but it already feels like crimea is no longer part of ukraine. this entire area is now being run by pro-russian militia men. everybody knows they have the full backing of moscow, but to make that point abundantly clear, russia has ordered up a new series of snap military exercises. about 10,000 russian troops and heavy weapons operating right on the ukrainian border. this referendum is scheduled to take place sunday, but quietly, u.s. officials are already acknowledging that crimea may have been lost to russia. >> richard engel reporting for us from ukraine. richard, thanks so much. u.s. lawmakers are calling on president obama to come up with a stronger strategy for addressing the syrian humanitarian crisis. the bipartisan resolution comes on the heels of a series of reports including those bye by news detailing in personal terms, the 5.5 million young victims in the syrian conflict. the anniversary of the crisis
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was marked by vigils around the world including one outside the u.s. capitol building. workers will spend another day digging through the rubble at the scene of the collapsed buildings here in new york city. crews will use sound devices to listen for voices and telescopic cameras to search small spaces in hopes of finding survivors. at least three people still missing. officials believe a gas explosion to be the blame for wednesday's explosion. at least eight have died and dozens more hurt. some australian tourists got more than their money's worth on a recent safari in the serengeti. check out these photographs. a young male cheetah in tanzania got curious about his visitors. climbs up on the roof of the land rover, pokes his head all the way into the sunroof. eventually the cheetah's mother called him away. the photographer who took the picture said she was in awe, but never scared during the ordeal. incredible photographs. remember that line in "vacation" when chevy chase says roll them up? i think we roll them up, the cheetah. >> i love the cheetah mom calling him away. hey, there.
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get back here. get away from those people. scare those people. >> dinner's in here. >> you don't know where those people have been! >> mr. roker's here with a check of the weather. >> ready for another storm? come on, here we go. it's fantastic. >> if he says it happy, we'll be happy about it. >> unfortunately, we're looking first of all starting saturday, severe weather, possibility of tornados stretching from dallas, san antonio, lake charles, louisiana and shreveport, so expect problems there. now, this system starts to make its way east, so saturday night, snow and ice, chicago into omaha. this continues to the east so that sunday, you've got rain making its way into washington, d.c., wintry mix during the day sunday, back through the midwest, then sunday night, here we go. monday, st. patrick's day, this is what we're looking at. snow, some heavy, 3 to 6 inches
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throughout washington, d.c., the del marva peninsula. up to 3 inches through monday for st. patrick's day. the last time we had snow on st. patrick's day was ten years ago. your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. home insurae can keep your stuff covered,even when it's not at home? or that collisions with wildlife on the road may not be covered. and what if you didn't know that you could be liable for any accidents on your property? the more you know,the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ happy friday bay area. temperatures are kind of chilly to start but we're going to see a nice rebound jumping by about 40 degrees. 82 in the north bay. 74 is the high in san francisco. we have about 79 degrees in the
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south bay. getting into the weekend temperatures are going to climb more, we expect to break records saturday and sunday, and looking good for monday. temperatures will drop off a little bit. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. the fallout over the massive general motors recall is now growing. could the problem with faulty ignition switches have been fixed years ago? nbc's gabe gutierrez is at gm headquarters in detroit. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. an nbc news investigation found that back in 2005, nine years ago, gm had developed a partial fix to that ignition switch problem, but decided not to widely implement it, making what was termed a business decision. four years ago this week, brook melton never made it home. it was her 29th birthday. >> we stay in a constant state of grief.
7:16 am
>> the '05 chevy cobalt was among the 1.6 million cars gm recalled last month. according to black box data, her ignition had shut off, turning off the power steering system and anti-lock brakes. >> she hydroplaned, went across two lanes of traffic and was hit in the side by another car. >> i kept thinking, it's her birthday, this can't happen. it's her birthday. >> ken and beth melton are among the families who have sued the carmaker. they've settled for an undisclosed sum. >> i'm still in shock and boiling over with anger. >> from their civil lawsuit against gm, deposition showed that in 2005, gm proposed a solution making it less likely to switch off. changing this key slot to a smaller hole, so it couldn't support a heavy chain that might make the key move around, but a top engineer made a decision, not to make the partial fix, a
7:17 am
fix experts would have said would have cost about a dollar per car. the gm engineer went on to say he did not agree the car was unsafe. we went to see him. and asked him to clarify his testimony. why did it take so long for these recalls to happen? >> i can't answer this question. >> a high level executive tells nbc news that gm is deeply 3 c1 troubled with some decisions that were made. >> that information was available so long ago up to ten years ago. our daughter might still be here today. >> reporter: this morning, gm is pushing back hard against an analysis commission. a watch dog group that claims in
7:18 am
2003, that two gm models, there have been more than 300 deaths due to failed air bags. it is unclear how many of the deaths were related to the faulty ignition problem. guys, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez in detroit this morning. thanks so much. meantime, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg making news this morning. carson is here with us. >> the nsa, they've been in the news a lot lately over security issues and mark zuckerberg right in the middle of it. it has gone viral. let's go to the orange room and tell you what we know at this hour. he actually picked up the phone and called president obama on wednesday night, said, hey, i just read a report that said the nsa has been posing serving as facebook servers, dropping in malicious software. what's going on with that. he posted this in his status update. when our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we're protecting you against criminals, not our government. the u.s. government should be the champion for the internet, not a threat. of course, nsa quick to respond.
7:19 am
nsa does not use the technical capabilities to target the web sites without appropriate legal authority. you have people out there kind of seeing both sides. sam writes, thanks for taking the lead with your public stance. a call to action for all of us to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. bo writes, it's cute when facebook says they're concerned about your privacy. so, that is what's happening here. any thoughts? >> i'm impressed he's got the president's number. >> how did he get that number? i think there's going to be a lot of debate over this. there's no question about it. the line that has to be drawn and facebook bringing it to our attention. a lot of people will be talking about it. >> they expect the nsa to just kind of deny. what else are they really going to say? >> i think that last comment speaks to a lot of feelings towards facebook. people think they have some issues protecting their privacy on their side. >> thanks so much. coming up, the defense highlighting some mistakes made by police at the murder trial of oscar pistorius.
7:20 am
how is that going to impact the case? and did princess diana leak phone numbers and private information about the royal family to a member of the press? the bombshell just revealed in court, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:27 am
alameda water district implemented the rules. you are not allowed to water on consecutive days and cannot refill swimming pools or use a hose to clean things. if you use a hose it has to have a shutoff nozzle. if you don't follow the new rules first you get a written warning followed by a knock at the door, you still don't comply the district will shut off your water and you could be charged with a misdemeanor. don't mess around. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. happy friday everybody. temperatures are pretty chilly to start. a nice rebound headed our way. san francisco, low clouds to kick off the day, by lunch time almost gone. full sunshine later on. a nice looking day. 79 in the south bay, sunny and warm, tri-valley, heating up to 81 degrees. as we progress the next couple days it's going to stay warm. we're going to warm up more. peninsula 82, 82 in the north bay. here is mike and your drive.
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>> we have them back up at the bay bridge. the metering lights turned on 6:15 so there you go with all lanes including the cash and fast track lanes, not a major problem but we'll show you a couple incidents in the area. looking at west 24, circle the bottom at 580 a crash there. sounds like everything is out of lanes and the earlier slowdown has cleared from the area. eastbound 80 getting away from the bridge heading past golden gate field, the crash moves to the shoulder. westbound it's not so bad down the east shore freeway. a smooth drive here, that's my phone notifying me things are clear at the peninsula. back to you. >> are you sure? >> something like that. >> another update in a half hour. safewa ents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, fresh driscoll's strawberries are just $1.99. make it an extra scoop. breyers ice cream is only $2.88. and arrowhead water is just $3.29 a case.
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pretty shot from raleigh, north carolina this morning. 7:30 on a friday morning. 14th day of march, 2014, sunrise in the south and here's the scene outside our studio here in rockefeller plaza. lots of sports fans still in town for a couple of big tournaments and there, enrique iglesias is going to be in our plaza on monday for a special st. patrick's day concert. he'll put his snow boots on and he's going to be dodging snow flakes. >> it's going to be snow tastic. >> can't wait to see what he wears in the snow. >> he's a miami guy.
7:31 am
>> let's take a look at what's making headlines. a potential new clue in the search for malaysia flight 370. chinese scientists report a seismic event was detected on the ocean floor, close to the plane's last known location. >> it is slow going at the site of wednesday's deadly gas explosion and and building collapse here in new york city. crews have only removed about half of the rubble. an eighth body was pulled from the debris last night. and secretary of state john kerry is in london this morning for a face to face meeting with russia's foreign minister on the ongoing crisis in ukraine. coming up, why would she do it? a new report that princess diana leaked royal phone numbers to a tabloid reporter. >> let's begin with the murder trial of olympic sprinter, oscar pistorius. graphic image of the crime scene dominating the day there.
7:32 am
jeff rossen is in pretoria. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. we are getting our first real look inside oscar's house. the official crime scene photos today. not only where it happened inside the bathroom, but also the trail of evidence all over his home. right now, oscar's defense team, here at the courthouse behind me. they are fighting back hard, using the same strategy as another sports legend, who had a trial of his own. oscar pistorius, the night of the shooting. covered in blood without his prosthetic legs, photographed by police. in fact, officers took dozens of photos all over the house. oscar's hallway, his staircase and the trail of blood inside the bathroom where he shot and killed reeva steenkamp. oscar's gun was discovered just feet away. this police colonel was among the first on scene. >> that firearm as it is lying there, ready to fire. >> it's ready to fire. just have to pull the trigger.
7:33 am
>> and here are the two iphones found laying on the floor. then came photos of reeva's body. >> to close up the deceased. >> oscar looked away, putting his head in his hands. he says it was all an accident, thought there was an intruder and there are issues with the prosecution's case. police mistakes at the scene. the colonel testifying today, saying he noticed an officer holding oscar's gun without gloves. >> i asked him, what are you doing? and then he turn his head to me and i was looking and then he realized there was no hand gloves and then he said, sorry. >> reporter: the defense strategy is really coming into focus now. put the police on trial, painting them as sloppy, the evidence tainted and the investigation contaminated with officers who are only investigating angles that proved oscar's guilt. in fact, early on, the lead detective had to be removed from
7:34 am
the case for contaminating the crime scene and claiming he found performance enhancing drugs in oscar's home. which wasn't true. >> a way that he should not disturb the scene. >> reporter: now, the defense capitalizing on those mistakes. it worked for o.j. simpson. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: now, a member of o.j.'s dream team is weighing in, saying there's one key difference between o.j. and the case against oscar pistorius. >> in south africa, there is no jury, so this is being tried to a judge who is very experienced. a jury might well be very influenced by inconsistencies, police testimony and mishandling of evidence. a judge is less likely to be so less convinced. >> reporter: here on a friday as we finish up the second week of
7:35 am
this trial and head into the weekend, keep this in mind. there are more than 100 people on the witness list. so far, about a dozen have testified. that's it. legal experts say not everyone will be called. otherwise, we'd be here for months. as it is, they say this could last another five weeks. >> jess rossen, thank you very much. lisa bloom is "today's" legal analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> keeping in mind the judge will decide this case, let's talk about some of the events in this courtroom. on two occasions, oscar pistorius became physically ill during graphic testimony. if you're the judge sitting listening to this case, does that have any impact on you at all. >> judges aren't robots. she may have feeling for him in the courtroom. he's clearly having a tough time. alternately crying, smiling, getting sick, but she's sworn to decide the case based on the evidence. >> the prosecution conceded this week that at the time of the shooting, at the time those shots were fired through the
7:36 am
bathroom door, he was not wearing his prosthetic legs. at a bail hearing a year ago, they said he was. does that damage their case? >> i think it does a little bit in front of the judge, who have surely aware that they've changed their theory and when you combine that with a mistakes made by police, it doesn't look good for them. but is there proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he killed her with premeditation rather than by an accident. >> let's not skip over what you said, the mistakes made by the police, did the defense score some real points with that strategy? >> they did. there's no question about that. a police officer touching the gun without gloves? are you kidding me? woodchips that are missing? the cricket bat appears to have been moved around. there's no expert analysis of the fingerprints. but here's the big difference between this case and the o.j. simpson case. that was a who-done-it. in this case, we know that oscar was the shooter. the question is, why did he do it? so, really, what is going on in his head is more important than
7:37 am
the forensics at the crime scene because we know he was the shooter. >> maybe unfair, but was this a good week for the defense or prosecution? >> i think it was about even. there's some important evidence that came in this week that's been overlooked. she had two cell phones with her. she was fully dressed and that bathroom door was locked. doesn't sound like a woman who got up in the middle of the night while sleeping to use the restroom. that's oscar pistorius' defense. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> thank you. let's turn to the forecast with al. >> today's weather is brought to you by edward jones. a big financial services firm that doesn't act that way. >> our friends in the pacific northwest getting a little wet weather coming in over the next 24 hours. some areas picking up up to 2 inches of rain around the puget sound area, but it will end by late tomorrow. let's start off our st. patrick's day weekend. chicago, your parade is tomorrow
7:38 am
at noon. temperatures in the mid-30s. boston, your parade is on sunday. it's a big one. mostly sunny, temperatures will be in the mid-30s to about 40, but gusty winds and then to savannah, georgia. they have a huge parade. monday morning, 10:15, cloudy, mild, showers, temperatures mid-50s and the granddaddy of them all, new york city. cloudy, cold, a 60% chance of snow. temperatures in the mid-20s. last time we had a half an inch or more of snow, ten years ago. so, looks like we may come close to that coming up on monday. we'll let you know more as we get closer. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening 7:38. you made it to friday. it's going to be kind of warm today. we'll keep on climbing throughout the weekend but hey, it's an early taste of spring which officially arrives on the 20th. 53 in san francisco, 39 degrees it's chilly in the north bay. we're going to jump out of the
7:39 am
30s in the north bay into the 80s, almost a 40-degree jump throughout the day today for many of our bay area cities. that stretch of near record warmth continues into this weekend. look at san francisco and san jose, staying unseasonably mild across the board. marshall of the parade, enrique iglesias. >> you'll have to talk to him sunday night so he can dress appropriately. >> just dress warm. >> up next, a new headline of the british phone hacking scandal, was princess diana actually behind the leaks of private information about the royal family? and on trending, which is better? the parents who turn in one of the best lip-sync song ever or their daughter, who appears to really care less. but first, these messages. eir d really care less. but first, these mes ♪ [ cellphones beeping ] ♪ [ cellphone rings ] hello? [ male announcer ] over 12,000 financial advisors.
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back now with a bombshell in britain's phone hacking scandal. a former tabloid journalist telling a court one of his sources was princess diana. janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: yes, this is quite a claim. the former editor on trial testifying that princess diana was a mole in the royal household, that she was leaking phone numbers to the press. all while claiming they were hounding her.
7:44 am
this is the former tabloid editor who says princess diana leaked royal phone directoriedi known as green books, in a secret bid to get revenge on prince charles. he said she sent one to his office, then followed up with a personal phone call to be sure i got it. she wanted me the staff of his his compared to other royals. she felt she was being swamped by his people. he said she was looking for an ally and had befriended several journalists to get back at charles. >> if these revelations are true, they are stunning because they reveal a very manipulatetive side of her nature. >> reporter: he was jailed in 2007 for hacking voice mails, the latest sensational detail that has offered a glimpse into the life of the royal family. >> princess diana was chased by the p--
7:45 am
>> reporter: and that former editor also offered details on these directories. he said they were kind of divided into upstairs and downstairs staff. in his words, very "downton abbey". and the long journey for these puppies and the olympian who made it all possible. up next, our app of the week. i'm going to share my pick with carson in the orange room. with a little help from my friends. >> can't wait. >> glimpse, carson, glimpse. >> we'll find out what it is, coming up. someone bathed in handsome... oikos man. once you go greek... it's on the house. i'll pay you back reeeeal soon. grrrrrrrrrr. works every time. and stamos is right on schedule. she is so gonna own him. (both) hahahaha.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
and the fun continues out on the plaza. we're having fun inside. matt is with carson in the orange room and i'm really excited about this one. >> well, it's friday. happy friday, everybody, where we ask our anchor here to turn us on to a couple of apps. you have two. >> we're going to have dinner downtown. we both download glimpse. if you're waiting for me, you ask me for a glimpse, we've got brittney shriver with a glimpse. it will show you where that person is in real time, allow you to track them, how fast they're going and their estimated time of arrival. you can send me a glimpse or i can send you. >> maybe i won't order an appetizer because i see you in six minutes. >> and your kids coming home
7:51 am
from school. it has a timer on it. when it expires, you can no longer check in on that. >> can your kids see where you are? >> only if i give thems a glimpse. my next one is great. you love movies, you want to go, but you know in the middle of the movie, you have to get up to go to the bathroom. >> diet cokes are just enormous. >> so, you want to download run pee. say we want to go see "frozen." >> you can't urinate during this movie. it's one of the greatest movies of all time. >> you want to know what is the optimal time to get up so you won't miss pivotal context. 30 minutes in, you have a four-minute pee time. what you're missing, when you come back, anna yells, someone bring me my horse and it will then tell you what happens during that time. >> just a big riding sequence. >> looking for her sister. you can even set this thing to
7:52 am
have an alarm so your phone will buzz at the time you should get up and go to the bathroom. >> what if you have to do more than pee pee? >> that's called run. >> you're zero for two. >> we are so not feeling you. >> the bladder of a 12-year-old girl. look at this. >> do you see what savannah showed us last week? >> what soda size are you ordering and i'm always late for dinner. i don't need your pestering me because i'm late. >> wow, this didn't go the way i planned. >> really? what do you think? >> i think he should see a physician if you can't get to a two-hour film without going to the restroom. >> you got to go, you got to go. you don't want to miss anything. >> my phone just -- >> all right, we'll be right >> my phone just -- >> all right[ julie ]e right the wrinkle cream graveyard.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
a very good friday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. pg&e crews prepping for emergency work on a transmission line in san carlos. crews are out venting gas out of the line and they warned it could be as loud as a jet engine. work was supposed to start at 2:00, it was delayed and now pg&e says it probably won't start until 9:00. >> travelers could see an increase in delays at sfo while two runways are shut for construction. they will shut from may 17 through september. it will cut the number of arriving flights 15%. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's going to be nice and warm. we made it to the weekend. if you want to get outdoors you want to have the sun screen and the shades ready.
7:57 am
sun starting today. all the way through sunday. 74 in san francisco. 82 degrees in the north bay. we're in the 30s right now. what a jump. the east bay is going to hit 81. we expect 79 degrees in san jose. here's a preview of what we expect into the weekend. it's going to be very warm. 85 in the north bay on saturday, up to 88 on sunday, take a look at this. 87 the tri-valley saturday up to 90 degrees and that would be a new record if we hit that on sunday. let's check your drive. >> it is friday, so overall a lighter volume of traffic. we'll show you oakland, though, this is light past the coliseum at 8:00. slowing up toward high street, the brake lights, we don't have incidents here, that's a sunday burst of traffic. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a burst of traffic as well. as we approach 8:00 the sun coming up, more hitting the road, expect more slowing. the orange zone, about 50 miles per hour. slowing north 101 into mountain, past the google and yahoo! area.
7:58 am
the rest of the northbound routes continue to build. >> thank you as well. i'll be back with a local update in a half hour. ♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, one week later, more questions than answers. the mystery deepens around what happened to malaysia flight 370 as conspiracy theories abound. plus, the secret behind getting out the door faster each morning. we'll tell you what you need to do to get going. and home at last, those stray puppies adopted by silver medalist scott kenworthy in sochi finally make their way to america. we've got the long awaited reunion today, friday, march 14th, 2014.
8:01 am
>> i'm 50 and feeling fine! >> celebrating my 40th with my best friend from florida. >> it's mia's ninth birthday! >> hi. we're from the sunshine state and we're freezing. >> south carolina senior spring break. >> hi, from north dakota. >> welcome to "the today" show. ♪ >> and we're back now. 8:00 on a friday morning, 14th day of march, 2014. bedlam on the plaza. check it out. we've got basketball, two great schools with us. up on the bus, we've got the bcu rams. they're playing in a tournament in brooklyn. carson, who do we have over here?
8:02 am
>> these guys are going crazy. >> it's like a giant pep rally out on the plaza. let's see if we can get some cooperation. >> all right! i love that. >> that's pretty good. >> nice, nice. >> i got on the bus with them. >> did you recognize the song? "wrecking ball." i love that. earlier, matt revealed his favorite app of the year with the help of carson and we kind of heckled, well, i did, and al, heckled your app pick. but the fans have come to matt's defense. >> the orange room's on fire. >> hunter says, are you kidding, that was the best. i can't wait to try it. >> you doubted me. run pee is trending.
8:03 am
>> so many people have the bladder of a 6-year-old. >> apparently. listen, i can't believe how many people have jumped in on this, defending you. >> i rest my case. >> it really works. great selections. >> thank you. >> how about not drinking too much before you -- >> oh, how about just reading my twitter. >> go to the bathroom right before the movie. >> i think we should back off because fans have spoken. let's get a check of the top stories from willie geist, who's in for natalie. >> all right, guys, good morning. again, good morning, everyone. new attention is focused this morning on the pilot's flying the malaysian passenger jet that flat out vanished last weekend. keir simmons joins us from kuala lumpur with more. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning. down the street here is the home where the copilot lives with his mom and dad. the community here is digesting the difficult news every day. the latest of the authorities
8:04 am
seem convinced that the plane did fly for some time. they are working with u.s. authorities to establish exactly where it flew to. maybe as far as the indian ocean. here, they have been praying in the local mosque, which is just down the street here, praying for the flight 370 and all the passengers and crew on board. they say that the co-pilot came here to pray regularly when he was here. he is dedicated to his work and often away. they say his dad comes here. he told the leader of the mosque that he is devastated and every day he says, there's no news, there's no news. willie. >> the mystery continues. thank you. the u.s. navy also involved in the search. we spoke this morning with commander william marx, public information officer for the seventh fleet. he told us about the navy patrol aircraft being used. >> their radar is so advanced, they can see something the size of a small wooden crate or a basketball on the surface of the water.
8:05 am
>> the patrol aircraft take off from kuala lumpur and are able to stay airborne for nine hours at a time as they search. the us airways jet that had a dramatic aborted takeoff in philadelphia thursday was moved off the runway overnight so safety inspectors can conduct their investigation. cell phone video shows passengers using emergency slides and exits to evacuate the smoking plane. flight 1702 was headed to ft. lauderdale with more than 150 people on board. it blew a tire during takeoff, bounced and slammed down. at least one person suffered minor injuries. in phoenix, a speeding driver refused to surrender to police yesterday even after his blue suv slammed into another vehicle, injuring a 4-year-old boy. the driver then tried to escape on foot, but was tackled by officers. as you can see here, they had to use an electronic taser to subdue the man. it is a sad day in hollywood and across the country. the man with one of america's most famous voices has died. >> in a world where laughter was king.
8:06 am
>> that's legendary voice over artist hal douglas. he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2010. hal douglas was 89 years old. it is 8:06. let's get a check on the weather with al. >> today's weather is brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins. for the most amazing parts of you. >> the rolling spring break continues. look at this huge crowd. hold on just a second. okay. and look at all these folks. fantastic. man. all the way down to 48th street. huge crowd. oh, i love this sign. you're like a flower, pick me. what kind of flower are you? >> i don't know. >> a pretty flower. very nice. let's check your weather. see what we got going on. it is chilly. look at this. 26, new york city. 40, chicago. 37, indianapolis.
8:07 am
cleveland, ten degrees above normal, 56. norfolk, a little chilly. washington, d.c., up 4 degrees. we're looking at wet weather coming to the pacific northwest today. showers around the great lakes. sunshine in southern california. high of 71 degrees in l.a. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your well, we will be a little on the warm side. good morning to you. you will want to dress in layers for today. san jose in the 70s. between lunchtime and 4:00 p.m., the temperatures soar up to 79 in the south bay for today. we're talking about 81 in the trivalley, a hot day there. 82 in the north bay and 77 in the east bay today. >> all right.
8:08 am
up next on trending, ever sleep in your workout gear? a creative way to add more time to your day. >> plus, america's silver medalist and his favorite souvenirs from sochi, his new puppies. >> and could there be a sex in the city 3? we are going to talk to cynthia nixon about that, but first, these messages. cynthia nixon about that, but first, these messages. everything your mouth does in a day is building up layer, upon layer, of bacteria. and to destroy those layers? you need listerine®. its unique formula penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer. so for a cleaner, healthier mouth, go with #1 dentist recommended listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try new listerine® naturals. the only mouthwash that combines the power of listerine® with naturally sourced ingredients.
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you can make dinner disappear. mommwanna see what's in it? ou. yeah! (gasps) you put it in here? yeah. and then you wanna take this... are you making them for the easter bunny? no, you. ahhhhh. this easter... ...bring a tradition... ...out of its shell. (cheers)
8:11 am
we're back now with what's trending. it's world sleep day. >> thank you very much.
8:12 am
flowers were beautiful. >> here's a headline students want to hear on sleep day. you snooze, you win. seems that after 20 years to start the day of school a little later is finally gaining momentum. it's a front page story in "the new york times" this morning. hundreds of schools nationwide are on board. they're pushing back the ringing of the first bell to 8:30 or 9:00 and the reason is to let kids get more sleep. >> getting penalized on the other end? the school day longer? >> some interesting information from the study, it later found -- start -- >> we'll start this again. >> start the day later. >> a recent study found later start times led to improved mental health, lower car crash rates and better attendance, but not everyone is buying it. critics say it cuts into time for home work and extra circular
8:13 am
activity. >> studies show that the teenage brain needs more sleep and the day isn't in sync with their brain. >> still getting the same amount of time in school, just pushing it back. if you're one of those people who has trouble getting out of the house in the morning, our friends at the "huffington post" have a few secrets. first, download run pee. create a morning play list timed to your daily routine. >> that's what i do. a-team theme. >> you have one song all morning long. so you coordinate different songs. if you're in the shower, you put on a song that lasts four and a half minutes. how about filling up your gas tank on the way home the night before. smart move. brush your teeth in the shower to save time. and perhaps, best of all, i love this one. strike the power pose. huff post says standing with your chest out, head up, hips in and looking at yourself in the mirror for two minutes can give
8:14 am
you a much needed boost in the morning. can you imagine doing that at 4:00 in the morning? >> that's bizarre. >> what about the one where you're supposed to sleep in your gym close. >> you and i shave the night before. >> i lay out everything the night before. >> here's colin powell, the father of the selfie. >> my power pose. >> apparently, we're done with that. >> colin powell. is he the father of the internet, of the selfie. well, ellen may have broken twitter with her oscar photo, but the former secretary of state officially won the internet over on thursday with this vintage selfie. likely taken during his teens. the caption, i was doing selfies 60 years before you facebook folks. eat your heart out, ellen. no surprise the photo's been liked more than 97,000 times.
8:15 am
>> show of hands, how many of us have seen frozen more than 100 times? >> every night. >> this thing, kids and adults belting out tunes, but two parents from texas got carried away. they've seen the movie more than 15 times, so they wanted to do a special car sing along with the lyrics. now, as you watch this video, watch their daughter in the backseat. ♪ love is an open door love is an open door love is an open door with you with you with you ♪ >> so, they're lip-syncing, giving it their all. their daughter in the back, yawning. she is so over it. >> those, singing, driving and
8:16 am
age acting, not safe. >> came in to work, 4:30, roker was in his dressing room with the door half open and i hear music, frozen. >> it's in my head 24/7. ♪ i am one with the wind and skies ♪ >> and if i hadn't had run pee, i would have missed that song. >> and that is what's trending today. back in just 15 seconds.
8:17 am
we're back with more on the mystery of flight 370. it's been a week now and still no sign of the missing 777. that's led to some wild speculation. stephanie gosk has that part of the story. >> it seems everyone is asking everyone else the same question. what do you think happened to flight 370. experts and officials will insist no one should speculate, but the truth is, very few could resist. >> i think the flight just fell in the water. >> i think it's mechanical error. >> they must be alive. >> only one thing we know for sure about the disappearance. that is that we don't know much about flight 370's disappearance and the vacuum of thoughts has spanned a litany of theorys. >> possibility that it was diverted to a secret location. >> an electrical failure. >> he's saying this has got to
8:18 am
be a hijacking. >> an online chat room for pilots, some suspect a sudden loss of cabin pressure. there are more than few tweets blaming aliens. the facts that have been released only seem to fuel suspicio suspicions. no may day signal, no debris field, conflicting comments from malaysian officials. the "wall street journal" reports investigators are looking into, among other things, whether the plane may have landed in an unknown location. suddenly, some investigators give some thought to the lost theory. looking for answers where there aren't any is a natural knee jerk reaex. >> if it's the mystery, then everybody getting on a plane feels afraid. well, that could happen to me. there's no answer, no
8:19 am
preventable cause. we want to believe there's a preventable cause because the alternative is frightening. >> and maybe that's why everyone keeps guessing, concluding we simply don't know is just too unsettling. for the people really looking for answers and for the families and friends of the victims, speculation doesn't help, but the more the mystery deepens, the less likely it will stop. carson, back to you. >> as you can see here, our friends at twitter provided us with a map that shows these lights are the areas where the conversation of the missing plane, where it's being talked about. the east coast, new york area. obviously in the area of malays malaysia. everybody is talking about this. tara writes, how does an entire airplane go mia without a trace? i'm skeptical about how much info is being shared. another facebook mention, so bizarre. there's something more to it. just feel terrible for the families and not knowing what happened to their loved ones. much more on this the rest of the morning.
8:20 am
back to you, tamron and matt. >> thanks very much. the olympic winter games were filled with dramatic finishes and performances and there was one story not tied to the actual competition that tugged on a lot of heart strings. the dogs we saw in the streets of sochi. one u.s. medal winner made it his mission to find a better home for some of them. gus kenworthy dream eed of olymc glory in the newly added slopestyle event. he left sochi with a silver medal and much more. the stray dogs wandering the streets in sochi captured the hearts of athletes and visitors. >> you feel in love here in russia. >> i did, absolutely. >> but when the olympic flame went out, kenworthy wasn't about to leave his new four-legged friends behind. >> when this tent goes, they don't really have anywhere else to sleep. >> there are tens of thousands of stray dogs in russia.
8:21 am
kenworthy couldn't save them all, but he and his friend traveled thousands of miles from moscow to new york city to give these dogs a chance at a better life. it took a village. some might say an olympic one, to give these dogs a happy home. >> they're amazing and so lucky to be here. this is what we're working for, why we're staying committed. and now, an emotional reunion between man and his best friends. the end of a long journey from russia with love. gus kenworthy is with us along with his friend an three of their new pals. guys, good morning. good to see you. >> morning. >> it's a nice reunion, it's heartwarming. fill us in on what's been happening. >> yeah, so, i mean, there's all these dogs in russia that we were trying to bring back. it was a lot more difficult than we think we thought it was going to be. robin stayed behind and i think that we had expected him to be there maybe two or three extra days and he was there for almost
8:22 am
a month by himself to get them out and they just weren't really getting the treatment that they needed and not all of them made it, but the ones that did are more than happy to be here. i think they're on their own time zone still. they woke us up at 4:00 in the morning. >> when you say not all of them made it, you did try to bring more, but some were really malnourished and really sick and some of them passed away. >> so, we encountered some government roadblocks when we were ed the dogs were theirs and didn't want to release them to us for whatever reason and they were kind of kept away from me for the duration that i was there and we were fighting with the humane society international to really get them proper care and it took too long and two of the dogs unfortunately did pass away. >> but the blessing here is that you were able to bring these guys home. i'm holding --
8:23 am
>> this is jake. this is mama. >> and mishka. how does it feel after all of those obstacles to have them here with us now? >> it's just incredible. feels so nice to have them home. these dogs are, they've traveled thousands of miles and it's been many, many weeks of this whole process, kind of coming to an end and just really can't thank robin and the humane society enough for making it happen. >> and the outpouring of people. i saw stories on the internet, facebook, internationally, you guys captured so many eyes and ears to the problem. you told us what was going on and i didn't know it. >> i think that's like the best part for me. we had people come up to both of us and tell us what they either donated to the humane society or went and adopted a dog here, so that's awesome to see and i think that we're really just kind of hoping to bring awareness to the plight of the dogs in russia and hopefully set up some shelters and stuff there
8:24 am
so in future world cups and different events, there will be a better system in place so this doesn't happen again so if someone wants to take a dog back, they can take a dog back. it's not going to be a horrible process. >> you're both obviously animal lovers, but are there any difficulties, mama was stray for a long time. is it difficult to get her into a situation where she's comfortable around people and being handled and touched? >> in sochi, one of the strange things about sochi, the dogs there, the stray dogs are really friendly. people feed them, people actually do take care of them, just not bringing them into their home and treating them like a pet. there's more help with the humane society international working with them and trying to get them -- >> they're very sweet though, very comfortable. more than happy to be held and played with. >> this one's got quite a personality. >> just not potty trained at all. >> they're not potty trained? come on, gus and robin.
8:25 am
might want to tell a girl that before -- okay, i don't mind, you can go to what's your app? congratulations on getting them
8:26 am
good friday morning to you. 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. the man accused of trying to run down two san francisco police officers could enter a plea in court today. he is charged with assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon, that weapon being his vehicle, and position of ammunition by a felony. he was pulled over by two officers on saturday and tried to back into one of the officers. one of the officers open fired and may have accidentally shot his partner. he was later arrested in san jose. time now to check that friday morning commute. >> thanks to you i have this to
8:27 am
report. chp has no record, but this was life as it happened, north 880 and high street, there was a stra traffic break going on there. that will cam up. and it slowly dissipates. there is your build for your friday morning cute as well. not a big deal. the south bay is pretty predictably. west 580, a new crash, and a stall in lanes approaching el charro. always gathering information, even when we're not, on air.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 on a friday morning, st. louis university giving us a little musical entertainment this morning.
8:31 am
al roker, carson, natalie. >> and cynthia nixon is here. we'll talk with her about her role on hannibal and ask the question, will there be another sex in the city movie. >> and we'll help you get a jump-start on the spring cleaning with creative tips. >> also, this place is going to be rocking on monday here on "today." enrique iglesias is going to take to our concert stage for a special concert right here on the plaza, so come on down and join us, st. patrick's day. >> mr. roker checking the weather. >> let's show you what we've got going on. tomorrow, risk of strong storms down in the gulf. rain into the northwest, sunday, sunday, we're looking at icy conditions through the mid mississippi river valley.
8:32 am
wet weather through the southeast. sunny and mild through the southwest and rain i kind of a wild crowd on the plaza today. fantastic in the bay area today. temperatures are a little chilly out there. player up because look at where we're headed. 82 degrees, that's the high in the north bay, the south bay is the 82 and 74 is the high in san francisco. now that we started this stretch, it will stick with us for most of the weekend, starting to drop off a little bit into the next part of next week. have a great weekend. and that's your latest weather. tamron. >> thank you very much. cynthia nixon is best known for her role as miranda on "sex in the city." now, she's guest starring in the second season of "hannibal." take a look. >> because you wanted to
8:33 am
believe, who is he to you that makes you want to risk everything for him? >> a very cogent reminder of having faith in one's fellow man. >> everyone at one point or another, has to leave somebody behind. you've got to cut him loose. oth otherwise, the someone being left behind today or tomorrow is going to be you. >> intense. good morning. good to see you. >> you, too. >> so, i figured we'd train in our cosmos for some beans and kiante. >> that sounds great. a little early in the morning perhaps. >> haven't seen hoda and kathie lee. >> and they look suspiciously like ears. >> what made you decide to get on board? >> the offer came and i had never seen it. we don't have tv, so i'm very out of the loop of television shows. we have a television set, but we
8:34 am
don't have cable, so we don't have reception. luckily, my daughter finds ways on the computer. >> and your daughter was a key part. >> she is a huge hannibal fan, so she immediately said let's watch the pilot episode and you're going to love it. >> sounds like she made you an officer you can't refuse. what is it like working with lawrence fishburne? >> so admiring of him. we were both kid actors. you know, almost roughly the same time in new york, so that's a real shared experience. >> absolutely. >> and when they first said, i said, what's the part, they said, you're going to be his boss. i was like, i'm going to tell lawrence what to do? that's an acting job. >> you mentioned you were a kid actor. a lot of people may not realize it. you were how old?
8:35 am
>> 12. >> i think we have a clip. >> really? >> yes. take a look at this. this is cynthia back in the day. you were a child there. look at you. adorable. and here, you've transitioned into an award winning actress on many levels. when you think about some of those years and look at the young kid actors now, what do you think? is it a cultural thing? just a change of the times? you're a mom, too, so i'm sure you're concerned. >> i think it's really hard being a child actor. there's a lot of money and attention thrown at you, then a lot of kid actors don't become adult actors and then it all goes away and it's hard to deal with with. but i think it's easier for kids in new york than it is for kids in l.a. >> and you're making a transition back to broadway soon. >> yes, i'm going to be doing "the real thing" in the fall,
8:36 am
the character that i played 30 years ago, i'm played her mother. with ewan mcgregor and maggie gyllenhaal. >> should we toast to another movie? >> if michael patrick will write it and sarah jessica will star in it, absolutely. >> so, that's a yes? >> absolutely. if they're on board, i'm on board. >> we love the girls. hope it happens. thank you so much, cynthia. such a pleasure to talk with you. catch "hannibal" tonight, 10:00, 9:00 central. up next, one family's struggle to help their daughter to hear and later, simple ways to spruce up your home if your spring cleaning list is a mile long, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back now with a cautionary tale involving an amazing medical technology. as we've shown you in the past, cochlear implants can restore hearing and change lives, but lisa myers tells us how one company's defective implants led to pain and suffering for hundreds of families. lisa, good morning to you. >> hey, matt. good morning. it's hard to believe that any company would knowingly sale a defective medical device to be implanted in a child, but internal documents obtained by nbc news suggest just that. they reveal that the second largest cochlear implant maker in the world repeatedly withheld information. grace is a remarkable little girl who suffers from an undiagnosed condition that has left her unable to walk, use her arms or breathe on her own. here she is with her brother,
8:40 am
throwing out the first pitch at a cincinnati reds game. what else do you like to do, grace? >> i like to go swimming in the summertime. >> at age 3, grace became completely deaf. >> we then went to see the ent doctor and when she said we can get her to hear if you want her to and i was like, okay, let's do it tomorrow. >> so, in december 2005, grace, then almost 4, received a cochlear implant called the hires 90 k. an external device with a microphone picks up sound and digitally transmits it to a digital device surgically implanted into the skull. electrodes then send the information to the auditory nerve to the brain. but only three months after it was implanted in grace's skull, her parents received a startling letter. the device was being recalled. because of the possibility of
8:41 am
high levels of moisture inside a key component. >> i was hot. i was livid. they had to have known there was issues going on at the time it was implanted in my kid's head. >> internal documents reveal the company did know. almost a year and a half before grace's surgery, the fda identified 237 devices with excessive moisture. an employee expressed concern that the company failed to tell the fda it hadn't conducted a key test that mimics the human body. later in 2004, the company recalled the device and thought it had fixed the moisture problem, but it got worse. the next year, a senior official wrote, product failures continue to occur at an alarming rate and we're in significant danger of losing our key accounts in new york city. yet, they kept on selling the device. meanwhile, grace's hearing hadn't improved much and doctors
8:42 am
figured out her device, too, had failed, because of excess moisture. >> time and time again, they had a chance to fix something wrong. even before it got to us and then even after it got to us and it seemed like they chose not to. >> in 2006, after 4,000 devices had been implanted, advanced buy on ices finally recalled and stopped selling the defective implant. the company admitted it failed to put into place an effective quality system. yet when we recently visited the company under new ownership, advanced bionics denied any wrong doing and said that it tested the product according to industry standards. officials say they didn't pull the device off the market until two years after the failures began because it took that long to figure out the cause of the moisture. but even if you don't know what is causing the problem, when you have evidence that these things are failing at an alarming rate, why don't you stop selling them? >> we went through the process that we thought was appropriate
8:43 am
to identify the cause of this issue and we dealt with it as quickly as we could in order to ensure the safety and well being of our patients. >> the company is offering to replace detective devices and now says it has a rate of 99% reliability. >> the quality and importance of that is something we really take to heart. >> they knew. they knew and could have helped us prevent that with our kid. >> today, grace has a new implant made by a different company, but her parents are still upset about lost years of development grace will never get back. >> is it that she's your little girl and this happened to her? >> sure. someone takes something, can't get it back. >> now, the fda accused the company of exposing patients to unnecessary health risks and surgeries. the company paid $1.1 million to settle the charges without admitting wrong doing. matt, one little girl suffered electrical shocks and convulsions from the implant. her family sued and the jury
8:44 am
found the company acted with reckless disregard. it's now estimateded that 1500 of these devices have failed. >> lisa, thank you very much. it's infuriating when you think of all that grace has gone through and continues to go through. >> and so many other children. >> exactly. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back now. the first day of spring just six days away and with the right tips, you can make your spring cleaning a breeze. after the winter we've had, just the words spring cleaning, are going to be music to people's ears. >> i know how you feel about germs, so we are going to tackle the kitchen, which is really the dirtiest place.
8:47 am
>> what are you going to use to do the cleaning? >> your sink is dirtier than your toilet seat. you're going to take a sponge, wash with soap and water, then take white vinegar, spray white vinegar, then hydrogen peroxide, do not mix them. you're going to let that dry. that's going to disinfect your sink. next, your disposal, take lemon, salt and ice, run it, it's going to clean it. >> the sponges give me the creeps. >> it's dirty, just throw that away. the other you want to, i like to run them in the dishwasher. anytime you're running it, put them in there or one minute in the microwave. >> you have to clean the dishwasher. >> take baking soda, damp sponge, run around the edges and
8:48 am
use something like dishwasher magic. take that, put it into the silverware drawer, run it on the hottest steam. there is e. coli bacteria in there, so that is what gets rid of it. next, the refrigerator. you're going to open it up, throw away and toss any old food. that goes in the garbage. >> oh, i was going to eat that. >> i don't you want to. speaking of e. coli. then take a teaspoon of baking soda, mix with water. clean the shelves well. if you can pull your refriger e refrigerator on, vacuum the coils. it will run 20% more efficiently. >> what else do you have? >> the oven. keep your oven clean. again, this is about running efficiently. i suggest getting a nonstick liner. just pop that in there. what's great about it, it's going to collect any debris and you can run that through your
8:49 am
dishwasher to clean it. >> i never thought i would say this, but come meet me in the bathroom. let's talk about the shower. you need to do some spring cleaning on this. >> let's start off with the shower head. what i've done is taken a white vinegar, put it in a plastic bag and taken rubber bands to attach. the white vinegar is like a wonder cleaner. it's going to get rid of the build up, bacteria. to wash the shower doors, take a pixture of baking soda and vinegar. wash the doors, the grout. you want to get all that mildew. the worst thing in a bathroom, it's warm, airless and damp. and then also, your drain. the other thing you want to do is put baking soda down it, white vinegar. put a hot towel on it, sit for five minutes, then chase it down with some boiling water. lastly for your doors, you can use a car product like rainex to
8:50 am
prevent water and then lastly, your toilet, use something like tang because first of all, it's nontoxic and the citric acid works as a scrubber. >> just right in the bowl. >> take a little scrub brush, flush it, you're done. >> record time. you got through the kitchen and the bathroom. >> miracle. >> this was right up my alley. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
well, what if you could change the world with a pair of shoes, eyeglasses and a cup of coffee? jenna bush hager caught up with a man who was doing just that. >> he's the man behind tom's shoes and his latest idea might surprise you. blake gets shoes. he gets business. he gets big ideas. we first met blake in 2010, a couple of years after he founded tom's. a company dedicated to giving back. for every pair of shoes sold, a child in need receives a pair. the company later expanded into eye wear. once again, aiming to help people through a model blake terms, one for one. but while toms thrived, blake did something few successful
8:53 am
ceos would do. he took a break from the business. so, you had your sabbatical, but just couldn't stay away. >> i knew i wanted to come back and reengage, but i needed a new battle, a new challenge. >> and so, he came to the south by southwest festival to reveal his new challenge. coffee. >> you know, extract this coffee and by this coffee from these local farmerses, creating the economic development and every time we bring the coffee out, we'll invest in water systems in the survrounding areas, so we'l sell coffee and give water. >> for every bag or cup of coffee sold, it provided clean water for people in need. allowing people to make one for one giving part of their daily life. >> people buy shoes when they need a new pair. sunglasses. people buy coffee. >> every morning. i've been saying in the office, start our day by improving someone else's. there's few things in our life where we can be purposeful and
8:54 am
mindful when we consume something. >> appealing to a more niche cu customer. the coffee can be purchased online, but also bought firsthand at whole foods and at the newly opened toms coffee shop in austin. >> we're looking at as part of our kind of giving philosophy atoa at toms, our way to give back. >> as toms continues to give and growing the company and blake show no signs of slowing down. is there an overall goal or end game? a point where you're going to say, i'm done? >> i don't think i ever stop because i love what i do. i love the impact we're having and i think we can even have a greater impact in so many different industries that we're not even in yet. >> while the next big idea is brewing, blake wants people to drink up and keep giving back. >> this is to starting your day
8:55 am
by improving someone else's. >> i like it. what a nice way to start our day. all right, so, obviously, we have some coffee drinkers here and this is the new coffee. you can purchase it at whole foods. i think it's pretty delicious. oh, you're not going to taste it? >> i don't drink coffee. no, no. >> pretty good, right? >> carson, what do you think? you like it? >> it's good. better than shoes. >> it tastes a little bit like shoes. >> thank you, jenna. appreciate it. what are you guys talking about next? >> jillian anderson coming up. a new series and we're going to talk more about this plane. what happened, where is it? we're cooking a del
8:56 am
good friday morning to you. i'm peggy bunker. a surprising development this morning. after only a year of starting service, virgin america says they're taking off. they say the demand did not meet expectations and they're focusing on more lucrative
8:57 am
developments. checking in with christina loren now. i doubt the forecast will be a disappointment. >> good morning to you. san francisco mostly clear. lingering low clouds will be gone. sunshine later today. it will bring our temperatures up to the mid to upper 70s. meanwhile talking about the 80s inland and closer to the 90s over the weekend. on my journey across america,
8:58 am
i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, march 14th, 2014. a crazy plaza today. you' got fans from all these college basketball teams in town for two different tournaments. >> rolling spring break is growing. >> i love when you wake up and there's a band outside. >> band on a bus no less. >> band on the run. i like that. >> i'm willie along with al and tamron. natalie has the morning off. speaking of the plaza, we
9:01 am
identified a shot, it reads al, our aunt used to change your diapers. >> that was about two weeks ago. >> but apparently, you can confirm this. their aunt is a dear, dear friend of my mom's. pat edwards and her husband, cliff. and they useded to have house parties together and a very old school, and in fact, pat lives in texas. >> so, the sign is true. >> the sign is in fact true. i don't remember this, but i assume, i've got some pictures. >> and they may have some, too. >> of my parents and pat and cliff back in like the early '60s. they were having parties, back then, little smoke, little drinking, playing cards. that was back in the day when your parents would get together with friends on a friday night. play cards, have a house party. everybody's dancing.
9:02 am
>> and you're rolling around in your diaper. >> i always remember, when the edwards would come over, my mom got out this big jar of brach's chocolate stars. i kept eating them. my mother said, if you eat one more of those, you're going to turn into a chocolate star. of course, i forgot, and i ate it and was afraid to fall asleep that night, but as it turns out, i am a chocolate star. >> she was right. >> pat edwards, if you're wat watching, they're on central time -- >> so, the sign is real. flagged it and al confirmed it. it's one week now since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared and in a report, a u.s. official who spoke on a condition of anonymity, the
9:03 am
boeing 777 200 was not transmitting data to the satellite, but was sending a signal to establish contact. but no data. still sending a signal, so according to tom costello, u.s. government sources say the plane continued to transmit a ping to an orbiting satellite and cutting communications with air traffic controllers in southeast asia. investigators say it's likely the plane did in fact double back, making a left hand turn, flying over malaysia and on to the indian ocean, possibly staying airborne for four or five hours. this of course opens up a huge new swath of territory if it is in fact the indian ocean they're going to look at. >> so, every day, we learn something more that puts this into question even more. there's never been a situation like this. >> look at that map, guys. this area they have to search. >> that's crazy. >> that's crazy. >> i don't know how you begin
9:04 am
and it's been one week now. we talked about the air france flight after five days, we kept saying, air france, after five days, we knew pretty well what happened on that plane. we found the floating material. we're no closer to the answer than we were a week ago. >> and the us navy involved. they have high-tech technology available now for the search, but -- >> plus, the chinese reporting there was a quote, seismic event in the area, which the chinese, every week, every day, they seem to be coming out with something new. >> well, that image they released yesterday of this little dot in the ocean, now, the chinese are saying we should not have released that information after all. >> say it's a seismic event. come on. >> taking everything with a grain of salt because there are no firm answers. >> that's the bottom line. >> what else is going on? in the world of aviation? >> this one, thankfully, everybody was okay. last night, real drama in philadelphia when passengers had to evacuate a florida bound
9:05 am
plane after the front tire blew as they were taking off and the pilot had to abort. us airways plane bounces twice, skids down the runway as passengers rush from the smoking plane, some are capturing video via their cell phones and one passenger took this selfie as she flees. >> the plane is on fire. oh, my god, my plane just crashed. >> okay, so, we then get to interview her. take a listen to what she was thinking at the time. >> my parents, everyone running, just what was going on. like i'm far enough away. i was one of the first people out of the plane, so i took my phone out, okay, take a video. >> show of hands, how many of us would have done that? to take a video as you're running away from a burning plane? >> i would have gotten a safe distance away, i don't know if i would have gotten myself in the video. >> as you were running away. i think it's interesting, a
9:06 am
search age, this is part of their life. it's what they do. i'm not condemning it. >> absolutely. i said earlier, it's fight, flight, maybe facebook. we used to think how do you get out of a situation and now, everyone wants to tape it. in not defense because we're not judging her, we both ride bikes in the city and i now have my phone on the ready because i've been sideswiped. >> i ride with my go pro. >> i have it on the ready. >> because just because of that. just worried that in case something happens -- >> exactly. so maybe that was her thinking. you know, she said she felt that she was a safe distance. i don't know what the safe distance is from a burning plane other than back at home. >> your living room. >> imagine her parents saw that, what were you thinking. >> right there, she's clearly at a safe distance. >> something else is interesting and talk about the sign of the
9:07 am
times here. starbucks, they're getting ready to begin testing a new app that ahloelows customers to order coe before you reach the store or while you wait in line. you download the app and they said it was developed at the request of customers who complain the lines were too long. the company's chief digital -- >> you don't like it? >> no, i don't. >> why? >> because everything is not instant. >> this is just efficient though. >> but here's efficiency. >> you don't have to. >> i know that. but you asked me what i think, so here's the deal. >> i didn't ask you, you volunteered that. you volunteered that. >> you said, tamron, what do you think, i said, here i go. >> see, you just did your own version of the starbucks thing. i didn't have to ask you. >> so, what don't you like about that? what's the problem? >> it just got chilly in here.
9:08 am
>> she's on run pee. >> i'm taking a youtube video of myself running from al. >> you can never get away from me. gosh, no, i'm saying we live in a society where everything is instant. we want it when we want it. you can't even wait in line for coffee for three seconds. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. have you been to a starbucks? it's not just three seconds. >> or hire more people. >> i don't want see a downside. if you can walk in and swipe it off the counter, what's the problem? are you still riding a horse and buggy around town? with your foot men. >> any way. they want to do it, it's by popular demand. who am i to poo poo on technology. >> you just did. >> you got a little bubble right there. >> work out the bubble. i'm going to move on. remember yesterday we were talking about scrabble, updating
9:09 am
the dictionary. natalie through out -- hasbro game night gave her a shutout, said we love natalie morales' suggests to add it. >> we love it. then blew right past. >> they don't pick it, you have to -- >> it's up to the people. >> so you guys because you created it before i joined the show. >> see how she's pushing this on us? i had nothing to do with it, she says. natalie is watching. she's going to call in. i think that you should push it and get it in this dictionary. go for it, man. >> we need your help as well, okay? >> you know what? news nation. you start pushing this on news nation on msnbc today at 11:00. >> see? properly? >> use it in proper sentence, it's fantastic. speaking of new words, oxford just announced 900 new additi s
9:10 am
additions. bestie. diyer. >> do-it-yourselfer. >> i know what it means. i just don't see it as a word. >> bathroom break. >> that's two words. >> and they're not new words. how is that a new word? >> because it's a new two word. >> they never put the two together. >> whackadoodle and doover. >> who says that? >> wow. >> someone said, i do. i say tarnation. >> what in tarnation. >> whackadoodles. >> we should have the oxford cartoon dictionary. dag nabbit. >> last night, big moment on jimmy fallon. remember yesterday's show, shawn duffy taught willie and al some repair tricks.
9:11 am
jimmy fallon was a little amused. >> what did we do? >> this is great. i watch the "today" show every morning. i love it. this morning, did a segment with a handyman talking about how to secure a rug to the floor. i think that's what they were talking about. >> all you can do is take acrylic latex. >> that's a lot of caulk there, so you don't want too much. >> that's a lot of caulk there. >> it's like 8:00 in the morning. >> that's 8:00 in the morning. >> c-a-u-l-k. >> you have to say caulk. >> you don't have to say the l. do you say walk? >> check your watch. it's 9:00 in the morning. come on, jimmy. >> i like that, jimmy. >> al, would you walk over and do the weather? >> thank you.
9:12 am
hey, could you order me a starbucks while i go over here? >> i'm going to take video of you running. >> thank you very much. so, we've got this weekend storm to talk about. right now, down in texas, for tomorrow, we've got the risk of strong storms. talking about more snow possibly, but in the meantime, we're talking about severe weather. possibility of thunderstorms, tornados, hail from dallas, corpus christi, all the way to lake charms, louisiana. as we kopt and push to the east, we're going to be looking at more heavy showers and thunderstorms into the gulf. icy and snowy from omaha into chicago. sunday during the day, this system moves to the east. more rain. an icy mix. sunday night, here's where it gets interesting. washington, d.c., cincinnati, snow, rain down to the south. monday morning, we could be looking at significant snow throughout washington, d.c., the del marva peninsula and as these models continue, this area of
9:13 am
darker blue, 3 to 6 inches of snow or more. so we're going to 9:12 now. a bit of a rarity, but san francisco is the warmest city right now on your temperature map. we're at 45 in san martin, 56 in oakland. 51 here in san jose. 74 is the high in san francisco. a lot of sunshine coming in all day long. 79 is the forecasted high today right here in san jose with a warmer weekend shaping up. hope you have a great one. that's a lot. comin[ male announcer ]e cult this is jim. that's a lot. coming up next, from the cult a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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she won an emmy and golden globe playing the skeptical agent on the hit series, "the x files," a show that developeded an obsessive following and spawned a couple of movies. >> and now, gillian anderson is taking on a new role, playing a high powered ceo, whose daughter's bus is hijacked on a school trip. the kids held hostage have the most powerful and wealthiest parents in america and they're not going to take this situation lightly. >> the secret service agents might be involved? >> can't tell you that. >> some of the parents had gps trackers implanted into their children. they're not responding. what does that mean? >> it means whoever did this knows exactly what they're doing. >> all these people in here are used to being first in line. so get ready, they're going to want answers and there will be no line. >> gillian anderson, good morning. you take charge. you play this may fish, this no nonsense kind of ceo, take charge person, yet you're in
9:18 am
this scene with the fbi. is it kind of weird? >> i think that scene was probably the first we shot for the series and surrounded by fbi agents wearing those jackets and one part, was like, wait a second, i'm supposed to have one of those on, right? but good. rachel taylor, who plays my sister, but also the lead fbi agent on it, is fantastic. lance gross, he's amazing. >> the idea behind the show is a little scary, but cool. you've got a bus load full of kids. the most powerful parents in the country, because they're in washington, d.c., including one of the first children. >> yep, president's son. >> there will be no line. they want answers now. so, how does this play out over the course of the season? >> it's front page news. you see it unraveling, what feels like realtime on the show. the kidnappers start to use the parents to try and reach them. got a revenge mission on his
9:19 am
mind, so he asks the parents to do things they would normally not consider doing, morally compromising or illegal, in order to threatening that they'll get their children back if they do this, and see which systemically the parents being called and those situations. but you've got the government, fbi, cia. you've got secret service. you've got parents, children. there's a good cross section. >> basically, a hot show. you've talked in the past about the limited roles for women over the age of 45 and that's why a lot of women go to television for example. but this and many other news shows out there, that this forum is a starmaker. it's not the big and small screen anymore as we've seen in the past. >> i think over the last ten years, there's been some pretty amazing tv shows that have had female leads at a certain age, et cetera. this is a big ensemble cast. rachel and lance and dermotte.
9:20 am
>> during research, you find a lot of fun facts. we wanted to play this game, two truths and a lie. you're going to tell us three statements about yourself. two are true, one is a lie. >> i'm going to focus on high school. is that all right? >> makes it more difficult. >> okay. so, in high school, i when i was 16, i got my nose pierced. >> okay. about th >> about that same time, i had a pet rat that drowned in its water dish. >> one more thing. >> which is that i was voted most likely to be arrested. >> i say you were voted most likely to be arrested. >> is that a lie? >> that's the truth. >> you didn't have a rat that drowned. >> that's interesting. >> you did not pierce your nose. >> i did pierce my nose. i was voted most likely to be arrested. but i had a pet iguana that
9:21 am
drowned. >> a trick question. >> what kind of rule is that? i'm sorry. >> throwing us into crisis. catch the series premier of "crisis" this sunday night at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> show is great. thanks so much. up next, i'll catch you up on all the news you need before you leave your house this morning. plus, we'll tell you the story behind this photograph. >> wow. story behind this photograph. >> wow. >> that looks like the at university of phoenix story behind this photograph. >your education is built to >>help move your career forward. here's how: we work with leading employers to learn what you need to learn so classes impact your career. while helping ensure credits you've already earned pay off. and we have career planning tools to keep you on track every step of the way. plus the freshman fifteen, isn't really a thing here. and graduation, it's just the beginning. because we build education around where you want to go. so, you know, you can get the job you want. ready, let's get to work.
9:22 am
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9:24 am
taking a look at some headlines this morning. the senate finally came to an agreement on thursday on jobless benefits. the agreement will help more than 2 million americans who have been out of work the longest. the $9.7 billion measure should be approved later this month. target is now admitting that it failed to act on early warning before the data breach. target said its own security system detected and flagged a small amount of hacker activity, however, its security team decideded ultimate follow up action was not needed. dried fruit snacks at costco are being recalled because of possible salmonella poising. it was sold in red and white cases that hold 20 pouchs of freeze-dried snacks. and a few australian tourists got some incredible safari pictures here.
9:25 am
take a look when a young male cheetah got curious about his visitors. climbs on the hood, then pokes his head through [ male announcer ] never before. in the history of mankind. has one march. meant. so. much. your quicken loans college basketball bracket picks could change your life...forever. ♪ the quicken loans billion dollar bracket challenge with yahoo sports. pick a perfect bracket. win a billion dollars. enter today at where you'll find kingsford match light charcoal for only $9.43
9:26 am
and green giant steamers broccoli & cheese sauce for just $1.25. find over 15,000 rollbacks like that throughout the store during rollback madness at walmart. a very good morning to you. it is 9:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. new mandatory water restrictions are in place. and people who don't follow the rules could end up with no water at all. they decleared an emergency water shortage last night. it includes more than 330,000 people in fremont, and newark. you can't refill your pools, water your lawn on consecutive days, or use a hose to clean things. if you don't follow the new
9:27 am
rules you'll get a written warning with a knock on the door. if you still don't comply, the district will shut off your water. travelers could see an increase in delays at sfo this summer. two run ways will be shut down may 17th through september. it will cut the number of arriving flights during peak hours at 15%.
9:28 am
9:28, happy friday to you bay area. we're headed towards a warm day with temperatures jumping into the upper 70s in san jose. even warmer along the peninsula. 74 is the forecast thd high in san francisco. 82 along the peninsula. meanwhile in the north bay, you're going to see a 40 degree jump from where your temperatures are now to where they are later on. and in the next couple days a
9:29 am
little change, temperatures will climb saturday and sunday near record levels. hope you're ready for that. >> we're looking over here at 880, not as dramatic as those temperatures, still slow past the coliseum. the bay, it is a typical friday for the most part but slowing that i showed you live. it caused late back up for 880. . the a few crashes cleared around the berkeley curve. the backup was pretty scattered and the back up is full approaching the bay bridge toll plaza.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on friday morning. it's march 14th, 2014. natalie has the morning off. earlier this week, we asked our viewers to send in videos showing that great moment when your teenager reads his or her college acceptance letter. we got some great ones. this one is from missy of brookville, massachusetts, reacting to her son's acceptance to brown university. >> congratulations --
9:31 am
>> what a great video. >> that's so sweet. mom said, quote, he wanted it so badly and worked his tush off to get there and he is very focused. >> i'm assuming little sister's over there. so precious. >> getting into the ivy league. that's a reason for celebration. >> she said he worked his tush and everything else off. >> getting into any college is really so, so special. >> we want to see these videos. >> special for parents, too. >> keep sending them in, accepted today. >> i love this. i could watch these all day long. >> no, you know, it really is -- no, i think it's terrific. >> you know what it is? you're parents, so you're used to these exciting moments with the kids. >> no, every time it happens, whether it's middle school or
9:32 am
high school, whatever, that is, it's, your child is on their way. they're making that journey. >> so sweet. i love it. >> what's going on outside? >> speaking of journeys, journey shall we to show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned for st. patrick's day. i was told i couldn't walk. i was told, stay down. stay down. all right. let's start off, savannah, for st. patrick's day, 10:15, cloudy and mild. savannah, you are going to be looking at your st. patrick's day, 10:15 monday morning. temperature, 54 to 58 degrees on st. patrick's day. let's make our move here. head on up into woops, sorry, i moved the wrong thing. go to chicago. hey, chicago, you've got your st. patrick's day coming up. saturday at noon. partly sunny, cold.
9:33 am
temperature, 35 to 39 degrees. and we continue along our trip. we move down to new york city. it's looking pretty good. snow. unusual for st. patrick's day. it's been ten years since we had that. monday, 11:00 a.m., cloudy, 60% chance of 9:33. happy friday to you. i'm christina loren. these are your current temperatures. it's pretty warm out there already in places like san francisco. we're at 51 degrees right here in san jose. it will be a warm finish today. temperatures will climb into the 70s and 80s and look at this. warmer in places like moup tan view and palo alto than what we're expecting here. lots of sunshine, and we really quick into that warm up into the weekend. and that's your latest weather. a missing jet liner,
9:34 am
explosion in harlem. we're looking into stories behind the pictures of the week. >> senior editor of "time" magazine. a lot of events happening this week. our first photo captures a photo from the tragic story of the missing malaysian flight. of course, this is continuing. >> we're used to seeing candle light vigils for tragedies, but the message here, this is from some international students in china, is hope. because we don't know what happened to the flight yet. those letters translate to pray for life. >> that is really stunning. to be able to catch that exposure and the light all at once. >> very moving image. >> sad part is, those vigils continue today, a week later. let's look at another photo from another terrible situation that took place not far from here. >> when i first saw this image, it almost looks like something
9:35 am
from a war zone. that happened just 60 blocks from where we are now. because it was takeawayen just an hour after the collapse, it captures the moment. >> there's one first responder at the bottom of the screen. he is waist deep in debris. unbelievable. >> let's,ing something on a brighter note, literally. india kicking off their festival of colors. >> wow. >> this is the holy festival. looks like a fun party. it is to kick off the springtime. they celebrate this every year to welcome the spring, they toss colored powders in the air. they doss each other with colored water. it's supposed to be a big, fun party to celebrate spring. >> that is stunning. we need to duplicate that. >> put down a lot of plastic. >> and finally, the international feline beauty -- that's a beauty show? >> version of a cat? >> a canadian space cat. it's known for being hairless
9:36 am
and as you mentioned, it's competing in a beauty show in romania. >> needs botox. >> what do the contestants look like. >> i wish i knew, but that one certainly has my vote. >> brain is showing. >> and i kid you not, the beauty pageant, it's called sophisticat. >> up next, how to save big and keep more money in your pocket. right after this. "stubborn love" by the lumineers did you get my email? i did. so what did you think of the house? did you see the school ratings? oh, you're right. hey babe, i got to go. bye daddy! have a good day at school, ok? ...but what about when my parents visit? ok. i just love this one... and it's next to a park. i love it. i love it too. here's our new house... daddy! you're not just looking for a house.
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9:41 am
finance editor and -- good morning. let's dive right into these. we'll start with home and car insurance. what can people do now? >> pick up the phone. the easiest way to save money. just call your insurance agents and let them know if you've made any improvements to your home or are using your car less because as an underwriter, you're less risky as a client. if you install new smoke detectors, alarm systems, you've gotten a watchdog, let them know. that could reduce your home insurance by 20%. similarly with car insurance. if you've taken the keys away from your teenager, or gotten a tune-up. you can save. >> if you're traveling, how do you save money on hotels? >> two websites, and
9:42 am
t back bid says they save about $143 per reservation. >> property tax bills can be a real gut punch. what can you do to change that number and make your savings greater? >> your property tax bill has gone up, you may have a case for an appeal. you'll want to go to your local tax assessor's office or website and look up your record. things like number of bathrooms, bedrooms. square footage. compare that to similar homes, so pull cards of homes with similar square footage and bedrooms. if yours is a lot higher than similar properties, you may have a good case for an appeal. >> an appeal scheduled, deadlines, that varies from state to state. >> make sure your understand your local rules. >> but you can knock thousands of dollars off. >> a friend of mine saves $5,000. this is an annual savings. >> let's switch to health care benefits. you can save a lot of money if
9:43 am
you know what you're doing. what's the tip? >> if you know what you're doing. a lot of us make mistakes, especially now with obama care's open enrollment coming to a close, also a lot of employers are offering. you're not overcovered or undercovered. we're leaving a lot of us, about $750 in wasted money because we choose incorrectly. so take the time to talk to an insurance agent or your employer's plan to learn. especially if life changes. like i'm pregnant. i have to review by health policy this year to make sure i'm covered enough. >> i think a lot of people just refresh. >> can't do it. >> how about cars? they could be money pits, but there are some free services that you can use to save yourself cash. >> there are auto clubs around the country that will do checks for you. pep boys will do different things. if your check engine light comes on, they'll do a little
9:44 am
diagnostic for you to see what's wrong. good year will do things for tires. if you have good year, they'll rotate them for free at certain locations. >> sometimes, your manufacturer will help you out. >> awareness sounds like the key. >> thanks so much. coming up next, an easy friday night fish dish you can make right now after this.
9:45 am
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and then there's juicy chicken. the difference is best foods. best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy and so delicious. you can make dinner disappear. best foods. bring out the best.
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to freeze, slip into a lunch box, and be ready to eat by lunch. so lunchtime is better for everyone. gogurt, it is so good to freeze, thaw, and slurp. gogurt, it is so good ♪ see what's new at gogurt, it is so good this morning in today's kitchen, we are cooking up a chowder made with cod, roasted pepper and fennel. easy to put together. >> the executive chef at oceania showing us how to do it right. good morning. now, a chowder can be either cream based or not. which one is this? >> this is neither. this is going to be thickened with some crushed potato.
9:49 am
no dairy, flour or any of the thicken thickener. we're going to cook some potatoes separately and crush that and use to thicken it. we've got a little bit of garlic and onion and if you could add the potatoes and fennel. those are not cooked. that's diced potato and fennel. we're going to cook that until it becomes tender. >> what i like about this, it's a one pop kind of snacenario he so you're not juggling too many things. then the chili flakes. and a little bit of white wine there. we're going cook the white wine until it just about drys out the pot. then we're going to be adding a little bit of roasted red peppers and then two cups of water. >> all this in? >> put it all in. that, we're going to simmer for about 12 minutes until the flavors come together and then the fennel and the potatoes become tender.
9:50 am
then what we've got is some cod that we've already seasoned with some salt and pepper and we're going to add this to the dish and it's going to braise right in the chowder. >> what about people who get a little intimidated because of bones with fish and such? >> with this line right here, if you just run your finger over, you're going to feel for any bones and if you have them, you're going to use a pair of tweezers and pull the bones right out. >> that's delicious. >> how long are you going to let that braise for? >> that's going to cook for about five or six minutes. >> we've got our potatoes that we've boiled and we're just going to pour the water, because we need that water in the recipe, too, we're going to pour that in and just crush the potatoes with a fork. >> and this is your thickener for your chowder. >> yes, so essentially, almost making a mashed potato. just going to use the natural starch that's in the potato and that we're going to add into the soup and that's going to thicken it all up.
9:51 am
that's going to go for about five minutes and then what we've got, we've got everything coming together already here already. >> oh, that looks nice. >> you see the fish already poached and all the joyuices ar adding flavor. >> what do you like to pair it with? >> i think this would be great with a white wine. >> i was thinking vegetables. >> obviously mistook her for kathie lee. >> i was thinking like, what do you like to -- >> i think some sauteed broccoli with a little garlic. >> if you didn't want to use cod, is there another kind of fish? >> halibut would be great. adding a little baby spinach and basil. that's going to wilt in right away. and you just want to cook it. that's why it's going in at the end. we're going to take the rest of this, pour it right over the top. >> do we get to taste? this is nice because it's hearty because being too heavy. nice, nice, nice.
9:52 am
>> kind of like myself. >> that's how i describe you to people all the time. >> thank you so much. have a great weekend. we're going to be back in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> this is delicious.
9:53 am
9:54 am
lester holt's been here for a while. >> al said i could borrow his. this is called team work. >> there it is. hi. >> let me tell you guys what's coming up this weekend on "today." that's a really good act by the way. we're halfway through 30 days to a better you series, which means i'm only 50% better and we'll make calorie heavy foods figure friendly. >> we took a cooking class and we remade some healthy dinner time favorites. so, we're going to show you those and also, dispel a few
9:55 am
myths because something looks healthy, doesn't mean it is. >> that and much more this weekend on "today." we had a blast at cooking school. we're going back on our own. >> we're going to do a little date night. >> did y'all get along? >> there was a little knife play. >> but it was fine. lester and i clearly won the battle in the kitchen. >> we'll have to watch this, but i loved the boot camp on the plaza last weekend. >> and we had a great turnout. >> got a regular friday work out coming up. >> we've got to get changed. >> we've got to start doing more stuff together. >> minus the boot camp. >> we'll just go eat. >> that's w
9:56 am
very good friday morning to you. 9:56 now. a bay area father remains at
9:57 am
jail this morning for allegedly attacking his baby. fairfield police say yesterday morning joshua cooper got frustrated because his one month old son was crying so he bit the child's nose off. moments later the baby's mother made a call to police. the baby is in stable condition. >> police found a room full of both. they say a marijuana grow operation was found in a room. know one was home when the fire started just before midnight. they wonder if the electrical system may have been tampered with to avoid detection. yeah, a lot of people come to san francisco for st. patrick's day. i'm a little too excited. we're going to be at 79 later today. this is really warm. for instance, average temperature in san jose is about
9:58 am
66 degrees. well above average all weekend long. >> the city of st. francis festival for st. patricks. it is looking really nice right now. the bay bridge toll plaza, just the pay lanes are waiting. east shore freeway coming down through the area, a little slowing. north 880, a little slow past the coliseum. another break down that cleared lanes relatively quickly. heading northbound, the afternoon will kick in about 2:00 with slowing in the bay. watch that as well. the south bay just a little sloured. the top of your screen has been a late crash. a late slow down just past the airport. laura? >> thank you very much. more local news in a half hour. hope you enjoy your friday morning. ♪
9:59 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry
10:00 am
♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it is try day friday. march 14th,2014. i personally am very excited about the upcoming april. >> yes. sorry. >> trying to find things to love about march. st. patrick's day. that's about it. >> we like to start the show with giving somebody a prize. >> we do? since when?
10:01 am
>> this is a big prize. >> all right. >> this is big. >> this is when we're announcing our pop the question engagement contest winner. >> that contest that swept the world. >> it did. and we boiled it down to just three proposal videos. okay. >> yes. >> and there were three couples. >> you voted. >> and now it is ready for the grand prize. >> they're all waiting and we're going to make the announcement, hoda. >> true. the winning couple is -- >> drum roll. >> stephanie and her fiance jason kelly. there they are. >> if you remember, this is the pop the question proposal that happened in a school. you remember? >> in the gymnasium. >> hi, you guys. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're just going to remind people real quick, in case they missed it, this was during a homecoming pep rally. and it was a beautiful thing. all the kids were involved. everybody knew but the fiancee.
10:02 am
>> like, what is going on? >> wow. >> we are so excited for you. we want to remind you what you have won, sweetie. take it away. >> are you ready? this is big, big, big. >> huge. >> you are headed for a romantic four day, three night getaway at the beautiful scrub island resort and spa and marina in the british virgin islands. >> gorgeous. while you're there, you'll be able to go on a snorkeling adventure, you're going to go courtesy of divi and relax at the resort's luxurious spa. >> you're going to enjoy a romantic dinner for two and breakfast in bed from your ocean view guest room. >> hotel accommodations furnished by scrub island resort and marina. >> you got to provide the romantic on your own, okay? if i were you guys, save money, make that your honeymoon, you
10:03 am
know what i'm saying? yes. >> we're excited for you. god bless. >> thank you so much. >> have a great time. >> send a postcard. >> okay. >> all right, you guys, have a great life together. >> sweet. >> congratulations. >> i love them. >> i wish everybody could have won. if we were generous, everybody would have, but no. >> we don't have any money. okay. so we're going to do something you need. we're trying to help you out. we're going to decode your texts. >> if you're a big texter. apparently you're doing everything wrong. they have decoded the most common text and you'll be surprised. >> these are some of the things you may not realize you're doing when you text. if you text the word hi, this could mean, could mean you're mad at the person you're trying to act normal. hi. >> hate your guts is what it really implies. >> i usually say hi as a greeting. >> you're a nice person, hoda. what they say is it could mean we need to talk.
10:04 am
i think that's weird. >> well, let's go to hey. that's very important. >> not our kind of hey. short hey. >> hey means we need to talk. >> hi means -- >> i might have an issue with you. hey means we need to talk. >> what the heck are we supposed to say then? thank you for your kindness and patience and -- i don't understand. >> if you text hey with lots of -- hey with lots of ys, we think that's fun. they say it actually might mean that you are -- >> intoxicated. >> well, we aren't but you might be. but why do they make a suggestion about how you should start these things? what are you supposed to say? >> thank you for your attention. >> i think that they're reading into it. i do agree that tone in a text is very hard to understand. >> that's why there is lol or ha. >> how about the people -- we have emoticons or whatever
10:05 am
they're called. >> i don't have those. how you to get those? is that an app? i don't want any more apps. >> a microphone and two thumbs up and hands clapping. i'm just, like, just write in words. >> it is like anything else. if it is somebody you know, then you hear their voice as you're seeing the words and there is no tone intended. you know, though. >> if you were angry at somebody and needed to talk to them on the phone and let them know you've been trying to get them but haven't been able to reach them, how would you write that text and you're upset because they have done something horrible. what would you write? >> i would call them. >> but you didn't get them and now it is important you reach out to them before 5:00. >> i think anything important in life should be done in person or via a human voice. >> what would you write? in a text. >> would you please call me. there is something i think really important i'd like to discuss with you. >> okay. >> but don't do it via social media. just don't, hoda. >> a lot of --
10:06 am
>> you're always sorry. always. you know what you won't be sorry about. try day friday chocolate. >> you know about the cronuts. very big. the cronut. >> it still exists at same little place. >> they have created something else that is going to -- >> for the afternoon. >> this is called the chocolate chip cookie milk shot. >> created by the cronutmaker himself. >> how smart is this? they put milk in the cookie so you don't have to have two separate vehicles. >> you're far too busy to have to -- >> britney will try. >> we're going to get the -- >> the birthday boy himself, come on over here. we can't afford a cake but we have a free cookie for you. >> here is ralph and britney. let's all toast. >> i can't drink milk because -- >> so almond milk and -- >> and then eat the cookie. >> drink it first. >> i can't drink it first. >> and then bite the cookie.
10:07 am
>> how is the cookie? >> let me get the milk so you can eat the cookie first. >> is it good? >> there is chocolate on the inside that is really good. >> oh. >> share it with kathie lee. >> here's what's great about this, you guys. they're serving these only at 3:00 p.m. >> available today, starting at 3:00 p.m. >> it is in soho. but -- >> bad for people who live in oshkosh or something. >> they're $3 each. >> i wonder if they ship them. >> they may. here is the cool thing, though, they don't want lots of long lines for cronut and these, that's why they start these at 3:00. >> the cronut people are gone by then so the cookie people can arrive. that's good planning. >> there is chocolate on the inside, like a shell. >> while we enjoy this, we'll go look at a little video that has gone viral on youtube that is getting -- everybody is obsessed with the movie "frozen." >> by the way, the parents are obsessed. it is really the parents. >> i think it is both. >> no, but after you see this
10:08 am
video, you'll know, it is the parents. >> okay. >> let's watch. ♪ i see your face and it's nothing like i've ever known before ♪ ♪ love is an open door ♪ ♪ love is an open door ♪ ♪ love is an open door ♪ ♪ with you with you ♪ ♪ love is an open door ♪ >> driving. >> by the way, the wife has a seat belt on. it is around her waist and not the shoulder strap. people are going to write in and say -- >> take it up with them. >> we should wear -- >> was that them really singing? >> no, they were lip-synching. >> they were lip-synching? that was good. >> that's because it is lip-synching. the actual people were -- >> are you sure? >> hoda, you kill me.
10:09 am
they're terrific. we want to learn -- >> wait a second. >> don't do it. okay. >> all right. so now it is time for our friday funny. >> all right. >> timing in show business. >> no, no. don't do it. no. people can't stand when you spit stuff out on the air. they can't. they tweet me about it. >> by the way, we took umbrage with the national enquirer that a whole thing about how hoda and i call every night, and if we're mad at each other you can tell because we're wearing clothes that don't match -- >> at odds with one another. >> that's how you know if we're mad at each other. >> look at what kyle did. kyle michael miller, to see how we decide in the morning what to wear how we're going to wear what we're going to wear. they think we're feuding. >> i like it. >> me too. friday funny. >> okay. >> a man was riding in a
10:10 am
taxicab, he thought of the question he had about the neighborhood he was in, that he was headed to. he decided to tapt driver on the shoulder to get his attention. as soon as he tapped, the driver, he went screaming and shot out of his chair. he lost control of the car, almost hit an on coming bus. came to a stop. after driving up on to the curb. they both caught their breath, driver asked his passenger, sir, are you okay? yes, just shaken, replied the man. i'm so sorry. i just lost control of the car, the driver said, but you scared the living daylights out of me. the man apologizes and said he couldn't imagine such a quick -- just a little tap on the shoulder could startle him so much. the driver replied, no, no, no. i'm sorry. enactuarially tu entirely my fault. today is my first day driving a cab. i've been driving a hearse for the last 25 years. think it through. >> i like that one. liked it. it was excellent.
10:11 am
time for the johnson baby announcement, where we celebrate moms and the new additions to their family. >> the first baby is bailey anne carmen. she was born in cocoa beach florida on january 22nd. bailey is very lucky little girl. blessed with five great grandparents and three grandparents. >> don't ask. only in america. >> okay. our next baby of the week is karabella an amodeo. >> how do you know? >> i read it before. >> born on february 13th, new jersey. her parents offered this advice. the days might feel long, but the years will feel short. so hold your baby every moment you can. that is an adorable little baby. >> that's how i feel about you, hodi. >> you do? >> yes, i do. next to a baby boy in san francisco on january 20th, kenji william dea. yeah. i think it is dea. this is the first child for
10:12 am
parents lisa and brian, hoda. and they say he's getting bigger and bigger every day. that's because he's healthy and already 13 pounds. good for him. final baby is who? benjamin gary siefken. >> hoda! >> born in iowa on january 24th, adorable. his mother jennifer says he has his dad's big blue eyes. >> look at that baby. >> beautiful. >> if you want to submit your baby to be the johnson baby of the week, all the details are on >> okay. don't let it rain on your parade. bobbi t. will keep you dry inside. >> yes, she will. and preacher ken coleman is here with his daughter taylor. she gives him a run for his money. a reality show. we'll talk about it. >> right after this. ced tara's e with a smartphone from straight talk wireless. she'll get the same great nationwide coverage at half the cost. let's see if she notices. brrr-rrrrrr.
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hit can be tough to be daddy's little angel with the whole congregation watching your ever move. now "preachers' daughters" addresses the family die nam wh dynamic when the ministry is on the line. >> why do i always have to be here all the time? >> you're the preacher's daughter. >> exactly. the daughter. i'm not the preacher. >> you don't have to be. i signed you up for this. >> i'm leaving home soon and you will have to find somebody else to straighten up the chairs. >> until you leave, it is my rules -- >> what i'm saying is i'm 18, i feel like i should get some more independent. >> you haven't earned it. >> well, well, well. welcome. >> thank you for having us. >> i want to know what the preacher daddy thinks about the dress you're wearing. >> what do you think?
10:17 am
>> it's all right. >> you take some issue -- i saw part of an episode where you did a music video. she surprised you in your own home when you had a group meeting going on. and you decide to pop that dvd in and it was a little risque. not going to say it wasn't anything crazy, but it was risque. how do you -- how did you discipline her? what did you do? were you able to in. >> i went off on her about it. we were in a meeting and young people are over there and then someone comes and delivers this dvd of her making a video. she wants to pop it in and see it. one of the mothers of the church, assistants of the church said let us see it. let's see what the child is doing. >> i didn't think it was anything really wrong with the video. way end sh i wasn't showing anything. i was eating an apple. >> like eve in the garden? do you know what happened with that? >> forbidden fruit, so kind of like metaphor type of thing. >> do you feel the pressure, though, because your dad leads
10:18 am
the congregation, the entire town knows you and what you're up to, it must not be -- you have a lot of people -- >> a lot of eyeballs on you. >> at first, in junior high, i was the church girl, she doesn't know how to have fun. i was, like, i know how to have fun. i grew up around all you kids. and now they're like, she's bad. >> you know that everybody sins, you know. you know that. you're not asking your child to be perfect. >> no, i'm not. >> what is the thing you're most fearful about for your beautiful young daughter? >> most fearful that taylor will get in a part of life and experience some things she can't handle. so i try to protect her from those things in life that i've gone through. i don't want her to go down the same road. >> that's no different than any good father. >> any parent. >> where does the safe element come in with this? you don't want to superimpose your faith on her. shouldn't she develop her own personal faith? >> the only way she can develop her faith is if parents teach her faith. otherwise she might get into
10:19 am
things that might mess her up, some kind of cult or something. i believe believing in christ is everything. >> are you glad you're doing the show. it is a public thing. >> it opens you up. it does. >> and one of the key elements of the show. at the same time we give the word to the people to show them church is accepting people and at the same time she's getting the gospel and everybody else is getting it. >> are you a celeb? what's going on? do you walk around and people want your autograph? >> no. everyone in my hometown knows me. >> how do you feel about your dad? >> my dad really is a good dad. we have our ups and downs, yeah. >> like any kid. >> because we have the same personality. we're both head strong. it is just going to be that way. >> thank you so much. you can catch "preachers' daughters" wednesday night on lifetime. spring with awesome travel deals.
10:20 am
we'll be right back. ♪ dear armpit... in the lottery of life, you drew the short stick. people shave you. pour hot wax on you. and your name... is armpit. people don't treat you like skin. because, frankly, they don't think of you as skin. [ female announcer ] new dove advanced care. the first antiperspirant with nutrium moisture. so you can be a softer, smoother, more beautiful little armpit. you deserve our best care ever. and don't you ever forget that. ♪
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10:23 am
it is time for bobbie's buzz. >> you can't escape the april showers. >> here to help you stay dry and stylish is bobbie thomas. she's fine but lost her voice a little bit. her personality and beauty is all that matters. >> i'm excited about "today's buzz" because some of the people behind the products are awesome. two twin sisters invented the boots called duality. it is the most brilliant idea. for a high school marketing competition, they came up with a clear base and then the liners that come out -- >> like stockings for their -- >> genius. >> they're cozy and warm. this is amazing. >> buy them in your size. >> yeah. you buy the boots and then -- >> and you put it in so people can understand and you put your adorable little feet into -- >> some of the liners can be
10:24 am
solid or the polka dot, you can buy liners that are reversible. >> just adorable. good for those girls. i hope they make a fortune. >> susan from portland, she was sick and tired of not having something simple in the rain to update her jacket into a raincoat. she came up with this hood on the go. >> you put your regular jacket on over it. >> it doesn't fit me. what does? >> it is in this little pack, you keep in your purse. >> that's adorable. >> it is 20 bucks. >> love it. >> this is fun for you ladies. the winebrella. it looks like a wine bottle but it is an umbrella. >> so cute. >> last but not least, these are rain friendly, vegan leather totes, two for one. two colors, flip them around, they come with the bag and more. go to our website.
10:25 am
>> bobbie, you look beautiful. can't get enough of the spring style -- >> fashions for every age. >> and how stereotyping your daughter can affect her in the long run. >> yes, indeed. these little angels build in softness.
10:26 am
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10:27 am
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go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. welcome back now, warm day today. san francisco, 74 degrees, 79 here in the south bay. temperatures will be really warm out here in the tri-valley and we have only just gun that climb. east bay 77 degrees. 82 out in the north bay where we are expecting a ho degree jump in your temperatures between our lows this morning and our highs later on today. it will be warmer as we get into the weekend. saturday and sunday are great opportunities for you. saturday up to 77 degrees on sunday. let's see how your drive is shaping up with mike inouye. crowded over toward the santa cruz side. the maps are slow, but north of
10:30 am
101 past the airport, and we have a trash tieing things up. the res t of the bay looks realy good, peggy. >> that does look good. more news at 11:00. we're back on this try day friday. young girls are constantly being bombarded with messages of what is supposed to be girlie. but is this pretty in pink culture really healthy for our kids. >> melissa actens woody said she's fed up with the stereotype so she's written a book called "redefining girlie" and jennifer hartstein is a psychologist who is here a lot. >> if you got a girl and a boy, and -- >> ages 8 and 6. >> 8 and 6. >> when did you first notice there was a clear way girls and
10:31 am
boys were treated? >> my daughter named after amelia earhart and we were going to a family wedding, i thought it would be nice to have her in a onsie, a little pilot. nothing like that existed for girls. and what i noticed very quickly is that girls were princesses, flowers, cupcakes, sweethearts, angels, things like that. boys had ships and planes and rocket ships and -- >> more fascinating things. >> they were able to go all over the world and be big and grand and girls were supposed to be close to home and -- and that's not how i grew up. that's not what i wanted for my daughter. >> do you think that's impactful on a child? >> it is very impactful. girls are learning from younger and younger ages that everything is based on appearance and what any can look like and that's problematic. we're seeing girls younger and younger ages with eating disorders saying they're fat at ages 4 and 5. it affects all these things.
10:32 am
the girls don't have it in their guts to be those people. >> we were talking about that whole being bossy thing. one is good and the other is bad. how do you feel about that? >> it is a very gendered conversation because when a boy and girl are demonstrating the exact same qualities, we'll call a little girl bossy, but it is substitution for another b word that would be inappropriate to call a child. >> don't we want to raise a little girl to become the boss. >> the boss is different than bossy. >> explain. >> yes, ma'am. the difference is someone who is a leader is the boss and knows how to delegate, your game, then my game, then melissa's game and then runs the show. but is involves everybody. bossy is a negative judgment and doesn't allow for growth, inclusion and other thins. i don't know which one you guys fall into. >> you wanted to unring the bell with your kid.
10:33 am
what can a parent do in their own home to change things. >> so we started with our daughter, we focused on what skills she needed to develop and so if she was crawling, we got her balls and cars because they would move around on the ground and she would follow after them. it developed that gross motor skill. she got old, she had a toy kitchen, but also a toy tool bench. it wasn't about her gender, it was about the developmental milestones she needed to reach. >> fix the refrigerator when it goes bad. >> all themes, all colors. >> the boy came first and the daughter came later? >> my daughter came first. >> did you also give your son barbies to play with? were you equal opportunity. >> he didn't have barbies because he wasn't interested in that but he has stuffed kittens that he acts like a daddy to. i talk about giving your daughter the space to -- so she can show you who she wants to be. >> give her a stethoscope.
10:34 am
>> right. >> let her have a -- >> we're not saying princesses are bad. it is not that they shouldn't be in a tutu, but why not get dirty in your tutu or play with tools in your tutu. let them have every opportunity. >> don't limit the possibilities in your life. >> thank you. >> i love your hair. >> okay. from girl talk to getting the creativity flowing in your children. >> and how to wear the spring trends whether you're 40 or more after this. [ male announcer ] the savings are heating up at walmart during rollback madness.
10:35 am
where you can get this 55-inch vizio smart hdtv for only $698. plus pick up doritos and ruffles party size chips for $2.98 each. find over 15,000 rollbacks like that throughout the store. during rollback madness at walmart. but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: weeknight crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents.
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make dinner pop.
10:37 am
transitioning into spring's hottest trends is easy for the younger generation. not everybody -- not every style is suitable for everybody. >> there are tons of great options in spring fashion for women of all ages. and susan swimmer is a contributing fashion feature editor for "more" magazine. so nice to see you. >> hello. >> hearing the word spring it
10:38 am
feels good. >> it is coming. >> we want to be age appropriate, but want to wear something that is cool and cute. >> okay. for different stages, your life requires different kinds of clothing. so the good news is there are terrific spring trends. the weather still might be cold across the country, but there are great spring trends and one great at different areas of life. >> for your 30s -- >> for your 30s, we have rhea. >> come on out. >> okay. that's adorable. >> so florals, florals tend to come back in the spring, but they're doing these beautiful blues and greens and little darker floral than a pastel. this is a fit and flair dress from banana republic. on banana republic, they're running a thing now. 40% off on most items on the website. for spring. for spring. that dress was $140, $84 online. fit and flair, it does have some stretch in it and does hold her in a little bit. but you can dress up or dress down.
10:39 am
>> sure. >> she's in a heel. >> put it with a sweater. >> it looks likely on her. a little bag. >> very cute. >> on to the 40s. we have -- we have vanessa. come on out. >> okay, vanessa. >> in your 40s is a busy decade in your life. you're kissing children and juggling career and all sorts of things. so color blocking. you can mix and match different solids easily. this jacket is from nydj. >> is that leather? >> it is pleather. it is faux perforated leather it is lightweight. but has the motorcycle detailing, which is fun to add a little zing to your color blocking. the pants are from old navy. and the bag is gx by gwen stefani. the heels. we're all obsessed with the heels. >> they cover the bottom of the heel. love it so much. very cute. >> on to ladies in their 50s. >> wish i could do that too.
10:40 am
>> come on out. >> okay. in your 50s -- >> look at you now. wow. >> the figure on nina, she's fabulous. in your 50s, it is a time to have fun and express your individuality. >> and show off what you still got. >> show off what you still have. >> this is a graffiti print. the black and white prints with the hit of color, a huge spring trend. you'll see this everyeverywhere. the dress is from zara. the clutch, olivia and joy. and add a little shine in the shoe, add a little color in the bag, vice versa. but it is really a sense of -- it is great, great, fun, out there, bold style. >> thank you. >> on to women in their 60s. we have martha. martha, martha, martha. >> look how pretty she looks. >> in your 60s, you know who you are, what your life is, what works for your body. a classic shirt dress you'll never go wrong with. the shirt dress is from j. jill.
10:41 am
the scarf from tommy bahama. i like to add the neutrals this is the trend, to go with the neutrals. >> a splash of color. >> a little melon color. >> i love that. >> it is very beautiful on the skin. the thing about neutrals, mix up those neutrals. they don't have to match perfectly. do nude and cream and mocha and just mix it all together. >> okay. >> the shoes, it is a great lower heel. a little less, they come in a lot of different colors. the bag is just fab. >> thank you. thank you, sweetheart. thank you, ladies, so much. coming up, fun spring crafts you can do with your kids and find around your house. >> and we're going to give you the best travel deals of -- right after this. take everything you know about this is new garnier clean plus! the powerful blackhead eliminating scrub for oily skin.
10:42 am
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10:46 am
spring break is approaching finally. and if you're looking for a fun, affordable getaway to recharge your family's batteries, now would be a great time to start taking some notes. >> here with four destinations that won't break the bank is julie lofredi. everybody is beyond ready for something like this. >> we're itchy. we got to get away, honey. >> can we go to san diego first? >> san diego will be 80s and sunny this weekend. can you believe it? >> talk to us about that. >> this place is a big hit with families. it is affordable too. let's start things off with airfare. round trip, the average is about $400 per person. >> that's great. >> you can stay at the best western plus island palms hotel and marina. it is around $150 a night. that's pretty good. >> wow. >> double occupancy, right? >> and roll away beds. they have cribs, a park across the street for the kids to play. >> look how beautiful it is there. i love san diego.
10:47 am
>> wow. >> now, you can also stay at a vacation rental. checking out the condo or -- >> and use the kitchen facilities. >> exactly. >> there is over 200 right in this area, to choose from. we found this really cozy beach cottage, it sleeps four, it is pet friendly. >> okay. let's go to puerto rico. i love -- >> all right. let's start with airfare, round trip, looking at about $450 per person. double tree by hilton, this is a great place to stay for the familipha family. about 200 bucks a night, not shabby. >> for high season, that's not bad at all. >> 24 hour grocery store across street. stock up -- >> buy your own groceries. >> you got it. the vacation representntal has factor.
10:48 am
you have two bathrooms, one for the kids, one for the parents. >> that's a savings. >> pretty. really pretty. to san abel island? >> san abel has some of the best beaches in the world. you can spend hours finding shells there. it is a great place for families. so airfare there right now about round trip, the average is $360 per person. the sanibel inn, $300 a night now. they have pullout beds as well. if you have a few extra kids -- >> i love they don't have any high buildings, everything is low. >> they really kept it special. that's very smart. >> what about a rental if you want to -- >> we found a rental in that area for about $200 a night. it sleeps four. it is a few minutes walk to the beach. so you can do your research and see what's available. and go from there. >> what is the best way to find a rental? just go online and do what? >> if you're on trip advise, you
10:49 am
put in what you're looking for, vacation rental or hotel. you can compare both of them. >> we had a tough winter. is it cherry blossom season yet in washington, d.c.? >> take us to d.c. >> hold wd.c. is a great place visit all year round. you have all the cool museums and stuff. the airfare is 350 bucks now. the avenue suites georgetown hotel is $225 a night. this is one of the top rated family friendly hotels in the area. and you can see why by reading those reviews from real traveler. they like the affordability, the location, short walk to the white house. >> yeah. all right. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> spring, get here. >> time to get your kids busy. >> projects for kids, by kids. >> meet tristan and tyler. >> so adorable.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
if your kid has cabin fever and can't wait for spring or you want them to drop the video games for a while, these guys have got something for you. >> they are twins, tristan and tyler. they have some fun spring crafts your kids can do, probably things you have around your house. >> most of them are easy enough to do without a grown-up. we'll help them out today, just for fun. >> who's who? >> raise your hand if you're tristan. raise your hand if you're tyler. >> i don't believe it. >> what are we making? >> right now? >> yes. >> okay. so -- >> next week if you want, but this would be good right now. >> okay. right now we're making -- we're either making caterpillar or lady bugs. >> they're adorable.
10:54 am
>> look, hodi. >> i made that one. >> so you decided you were going to cut them and then paint them. show us how you do it. >> okay. >> you can paint it any color you want. >> i like yellow. >> you can do it all one color, or -- >> or mix it up, right? >> yes. >> i'll do yellow. >> i'll do -- so then you paint them and then let them dry and put other stuff on them. >> googly eyes. >> googly eyes. >> who doesn't love googly eyes? >> you guys love art in school? >> my art teacher. >> what is her name? >> miss maftry. >> a teacher can make such a huge difference. you add the little -- >> eyes and nose. come on down. >> what's next? i'll get on this side. >> now what are we making? >> well, here we have butterflies. >> like over here. perfect. >> caterpillar turned into a butterfly. >> of course.
10:55 am
>> that's so smart. and my mom made that one. >> what did you make? >> what have you done? >> we are going to make these. >> let's do it. show us how you do it. a toilet paper roll. >> you take a paper towel roll. toilet paper rolls are disgusting. >> okay. paper towel roll. and wrap it. >> wrap it up. >> and then -- >> glue it or staple it? >> glue it. >> got the little glue. you can open it like -- that. >> that's what happens. you have to have it open first. >> you can have the edge, and then you have two of these. >> two hearts? >> and you make wings. >> adorable. absolutely adorable. >> that's so good. >> you add the little things that hoda was -- >> who is tristan? let's move down to the next one. >> now we'll make some crowns and things. >> this one is fun. >> okay. tell us about it.
10:56 am
>> okay. so you see -- we have crowns, right? and so we have gems and we have pompons and it turns -- >> gold or silver. >> and so you can, like, put -- stick them on there. >> where do you get this? paper from michael's or something? and cut in. >> yeah. >> and these are examples. my mom and dad made that one. >> you did nothing! what are you ding here? >> so far we have a couple of helicopter parents. >> next question, who is tyler? let's go down here. now what are we making? >> last one. >> these are beads. >> that is not edible. >> they're smarter than us. >> don't eat. not edible. >> we made these ones. >> you did make these. see, they're beautiful. they're beautiful. >> well, you guys -- >> nice. you put it on a -- all right. so you can go ahead and string
10:57 am
them on. >> and you make them. >> and now we have -- what is this? >> this is my favorite. >> do you guys have a last name? >> go ahead and show us as we say good-bye. >> these are some animals and we plant -- there is plants and you can put lots at the bottom. dirt on the top. you put in your little plant and decorate it and put in the animal. >> you guys, adorable. >> thanks for being with us. thank you for making all those things, sort of. >> we have some flowers for you guy. >> next week, felicia rashad and kermit and miss piggy. have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye.
10:58 am
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right now at 11:00, your next vacation plans could be in jeopardy. big changes coming. an early wake up call for some people on the peninsula. what pg&e g that was as loud as a jet engine. and a search for sierra lamar, the teenager that went missing two years ago. the interview that you will only see here. good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us at 11:00 a.m. it didn't last a


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