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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 14, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sits in jail awaiting his trial and her father continues his search. marianne favro spoke to steve lamar today. such a difficult journey. what's the family's reaction at this point. >> reporter: he is frustrated by how long this case is taking to prosecute in the courts. he is also frustrate that despite hundreds of searches, two years later, he still has no answers. two years ago this sunday, 15-year-old syrierra lamar disappeared after leaving her home in morgan hills. she has never been found. today her father talked to nbc bay area about the painful anniversary. >> it's even tougher, i think, these days just, you know, the frustration of it all and stuff, just kind of wears on you and
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gets a little bit tougher as time goes on and there is still no answers. >> reporter: steve lamar says he's even more frustrated because the man charged with killing his daughter is not talking. >> if there is someone that does know, you know, kind of makes it even worse. >> reporter: garcia torrez entered a not guilty plea in february, more than 21 months after his arrest. >> the length of the court is frustrating. >> reporter: as he copes with ups and downs of the investigation and prosecution, lamar is consumed with missing his daughter. sierra would be 17 now. his favorite memories. >> christmas, she loved christmas. we made a dig deal of christmas. she loved that time of the year. >> reporter: he's also grateful for the volunteers that searched and the core group of 25 who
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still search every saturday. they have scouringed hundreds of square miles. roger nelson has been there from the beginning. >> niece folks are exceptional people. they stayed in and said, you know, no matter, we'll keep searching and we'll bring her home. >> reporter: steve lamar says the searchers have not found anything gives him hope. >> just that she's alive somewhere, the scenario, you know, that she's alive somehow, somewhere. >> reporter: right now at morgan hills, there is a fundraiser going on to raise money for search efforts and tomorrow morning here at the search center, volunteers are encouraged to come and help once again search for sierra beginning at 8:00 in the morning. reporting live in morgan hill, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. more details on garcia torrez, the murder and three counts of attempted kidnapping
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and jcarjacking. those are related to 2009 cases in which he allegedly accosted three women outside the south bay. this just in, this man is on the loose and police say he's dangerous serial atm robber. just yesterday in daily city, police say he held up a person withdrawaling money at bank of america atm. it isn't the first time. he's suspected of pulling off other robberies. police say his get away car is a toyota corolla with utah license plates. if you recognize him, they are asking you to call police. plans to have volunteers help clean up one of the biggest homes in america are in jeopardy tonight. the city is urging volunteers to stay away. it is located behind san jose's happy hollow zoo. damian trujillo joins us and why
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local business members say the jungle doesn't need to be cleaned but closed. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. this is one of the two large dumpsters at the residence of the jungle we'll use to collect all that trash over the weekend. let me give you a quick peak at what jungle looks like at 6:00 on a friday afternoon, but as there is excitement down there over tomorrow's cleanup, there is growing concern at city hall. spring cleaning is in full bloom inside the jungle. the goal is simple. you want it to look clean. >> yes, this is our home where we live. just -- like in the front lines, you know, people do from above, we want them to know that we're not dirty and lazy people. we're not. we're just having our problems. >> we'll be here all day saturday and sunday. >> reporter: the care program, a homeless out reach had dumpstered donated so volunteers can clean up the jungle on their
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own over the weekend but city officials are warning volunteers to stay away. >> in any camping environment, there are health concerns from individuals that may have tuberculosis or other health issues. >> reporter: the city says it already has a program in place to help the homeless, but their goal isn't to spruce up encampments but get people out of them. san jose's homeless program sent a dozen workers into the jungle today to create files for each person and try to get them a roof over their head before city crews move in to tear down the jungle again. >> the city is taking its time and making sure we have the best plan possible. our goal is to house as many homeless residents as we can. >> reporter: some residents of the encampment like annie and giggles say they already got housing vouchers, but they are still excited volunteers are
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coming to help them clean up their current home. some of the merchants around the jungle say this police is actually hurting their establishments, as well. they want this place closed down. the city says the goal with all of the encampments is to find housing and services for the homeless and then to eradicate those encampments in san jose. we're live at the jungle, i'm damian trujillo. >> all right, thank you. to an nbc bay area followup. chuck weed, statewide pension reform bill is defeated. mayor reed sued in hopes of overturning an inaccurate summery of his proposal but the judge rejected the lawsuit. reed and other mayors will consider an appeal and also determine whether the measure is viable for the november 2016 ballot. the bill hoped to restructure government pensions. the soaring cost led to cuts in friending for municipal services
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and contributed to a hand full of cities going bankrupt. let's take you outside, it's beautiful and sunny. one of the places where it will feel like summer tomorrow. jeff ranieri is tracking near-record temperatures that are in our future. >> yes, and some would have said yesterday we could have gone to 80 but we did it today. san ramon 80 and dublin at 75. tomorrow warmer because the on shore wind this morning that brought cloud cover and fog and turning more out of the north especially in the east bay, near napa and slightly out of the east. that is going to combine in with hotter air aloft saturday and sunday to bump up our temperatures. here is an early look at the first part of the week. north bay low 80s. the peninsula low 80s and tri valley close to 85. not really warm inland for saturday but sunday, some of the best beach weather expected then, 79 degrees in santa cruz.
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more on the beach weather and more on how hot on that sunday forecast coming up in a few. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. the family of jahi mcmath smoke out this afternoon about a new state report that supported oakland children's hospital. doctors at children's hospital declared 13-year-old jahi mcmath bread dead after complications from tonsil surgery in september. her family went to court to keep her on life support and move her to a new facility. a new recent report found the hospital did nothing wrong does not let the hospital off the hook. jahi's uncle and family attorney aren't revealing where she is but say she's still on life support and improving. >> we haven't seen any signs of bodily functions shutting down, skin changing colors, any of that. >> i can't tell you ja hhi mcma will make a full recovery or
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neurological coming back but what the hospital said will happen, hasn't happened. >> we were able to confirm the conditions of mcmath. a community college protest that began with a violent clash between police and demonstrators moved from city college of san francisco to city hall today. this is what it looked like outside administration building yesterday. protesters demanding change as the college battles to have accreditation reinstated. protesters move the fight to city hall and team up with state and city leaders. stephanie strong reports the removal of a state-appointed trustee. >> we want our board back and we want it now. >> reporter: as they chanted for change, sheriff's deputies stood guard at city hall while police officers watched the rally from across the street. the golfs to prevent the
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violence that erupted less than 24 hours earlier. students have two main demands, the resignation of the trustees and the end to a new payment policy requiring students to pay for classes up front, a policy that protesters say is especially rough for low-income and undocumented students. >> i've been in this state 27 years now, and i'm still fighting my right to be declared as an american. you know, and i get good grades. i have straight as. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor david campos is leading the fight to remove the special trusty who failed to be transparent especially after giving pay raises to three new vice chancellors. >> we want fiscal responsibility. we want good management, but that requires transparency, not decisions made behind closed doors without input. >> reporter: city college spokesman said the trustee quote
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learned from that mistake and says the chancellor was sited by yesterday's violent clash that ended with six officers suffering minor injuries. >> had the protesters done what they had to do, there wouldn't be violence and excessive force. our police were attacked. >> reporter: in san francisco, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> they will take up the resolution on march 25th. tom was at today's rally at city hall and plans to introduce a bill that would prevent the state from stripping the power from elected community college trustees. >> once you push the send button, you especially lose control over what it is you're sending. >> still ahead at 6:00, the sexting scandal that has school kids in the middle of an investigation. a very popular airline is about to take off for the last time. coming up, reaction from
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passengers and local business. and the nature versus progress, the fight to save a rare redwood from being bulldozed in order to build a train track.
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they called it the nerd bird and now you can call it history. south bay is pulling out after less than a year. scott budman is live at san jose international to explain what happened and what it means for fliers. >> you know, jessica, they called it the nerd bird because so many techs flew from here to southern california. there will be six carriers and as of mid may, virgin america won't be one of them. when virgin america came to san jose, it did so with a splishing
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$80,000 campaign featuring the leader richard branson. bad news after less than a year, virgin, the one airline based in the bay area, is leaving san jose. >> you know, we're disappointed obviously to see them go. they are an awesome airline and we love having them as a partner, and we're going to be working hard at trying to get them back. >> reporter: taking a step back in the effort to play the role of rival to the much bigger san francisco airport to the north. >> i don't know. i like flying virgin, so that's not good. i guess i have to go to sfo. >> reporter: even though it's based here, virgin declined to co comment on the move releasing a statement saying in part, the san jose market didn't meet expectations and instead focus on longer flights like those out of san francisco, something san jose has got to hate to hear.
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how does san jose get long haul flights like virgin to come here? >> as we both know in business, especially the technology business, every moment counts. time is money. product life cycles are as short as six months or three months. >> reporter: virgin america lasted less than a year in san jose. its last flight out will be may 14th. one final note, that $80,000 publicity bill was split by virgin in the city of san jose. i'm told the ceo of virgin called san jose's mayor today and said we'll reimburse you your half of that bill. reporting live at san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> very interesting, thank you, scott. today, uber, the smart phone-based taxi service made an announceme announcement. until now, uber's insurance covered drivers with passengers in the car. they were covered by a million dollar policy but now uber's insurance will cover them without a passenger in the car,
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however, it's only a $50,000 policy. some are saying the new policy does not provide enough money. >> so really what this is is an insurance hustle by uber. they want people to think now we're being good corporate citizens, but they are not. >> the announcement comes after uber's driver hit and killed a six-year-old girl. at the time uber said it was not responsible for the damages because the driver did not have a passenger in the car. a new twist on the squirrel controversy there is acquisitions they tried to silence protesters. a plan to kill squirrels to the cesar chavez park. the squirrels are digging holes that led to toxins. when the animal right's group heard, they targeted with an e-mail campaign protesting the plan but some never got any of
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the 81,000 e-mails sent. they were intentionally dellated to silence the opposition. the city manager says a spam blocker is to blame. lets turn things over to jeff ranieri. we're on the cusp of a weekend and a nice, toasty one. >> yeah, i can feel it now and the key indication it will definitely warm up through saturday and sunday as we had fog this morning. we're on fog watch across downtown san francisco, all that fog has cleared out. winds out of the south at three miles per hour. we'll take you to the rest of the bay area. temperatures are averaging mild. 73 in the east bay. we had numbers get up to 80 there in the east bay today and also currently 70 in the south bay and for the north bay averaging mid 70s right now and clear skies. as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, temperatures will be going up. in fact, with more of a drying slight offshore wind, low 80s expected in the south bay, also for the east bay, and for the north bay as well. north bay could actually be some of the warmest weather tomorrow.
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don't forget that spf and remember that allergy medication. we'll talk more about the pollen coming up, if you do suffer from allergies. we'll take you to the 24-hour forecast. through saturday, we want to give you a look through the morning hours, afternoon. the biggest difference, clear skies to start at 7:00 a.m. by 3:00 p.m. low 80s expected and for the peninsula clear and mid 50s and upper 70s by the afternoon hours and you could see in san francisco, fog free in the morning hours and fog free by the afternoon. temperatures in the mid 70s. some of the warmest weather tomorrow into parts of the north bay and the tri valley expecting the low to mid 80s. the good news while we do have pollen levels that will be up to the moderate levels for tomorrow, just the way the winds blowing we're not going to see major air quality issues. it will stay moderate through saturday's forecast, so that is good news. so sit back and enjoy it. i wish it would bring rainfall but we can't, so have the sun. >> happy friday to you, jeff.
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>> thanks. up next, what happened at the san jose dmv office that made the wait even longer than usual. and then finding an additional source for school funding in an old place. parents fighting to get money for schools running into opposition.
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it's time to pay up, that's the message from minority groups that said the governor redirected $370 million that was supposed to help california homeowners facing foreclosures. california was one of the states that won a settlement with banks two years ago. they were supposed to go to home loan counseling. state officials say they are spending decisions are legal. >> publ you hear it all the tim,
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parents talking about public funding for school and the actual dollar amount is lower than you might think. a small army of colorful parents are standing up to bay area schools this spring and trying to write wrong in funding. opponents say the parents' proposed fix comes at a high praise. >> awesome, thank you. this is an orange crush. >> thank you so much. i'm excited. >> reporter: orange cat in the hats are out in front of the elementary school in oakland. >> we're educating parents that think property taxes are going to schools and allocated to schools are not getting there. >> reporter: parent volunteers are collecting signatures for a ballot measure that would give property taxes back to public schools. >> i had always assumed that my property taxes were going to oakland public schools, and if they are not, i definitely want to know. >> reporter: not just oakland,
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according to the ballot backers, it's a system i can problem. 41% are supposed to go to public schools but only 27% actually does. in san mateo county, 41% deg nateed to schools but only 33% ends up there. in san francisco, 34% is meant for education, but the actual number is 18. >> it's surprising. i don't think that people realized the kinds of things that were happening in local counties. >> reporter: but the ballot drivers running up strong opposition from local government. >> it is a significant cause for concern. >> reporter: an analysis of the initiative by the legislative office finds cities and counties would lose $2.5 billion a year. >> it is an alarming number, frankly, to think about how to deal with at the local level. >> reporter: that's because the blunt of cuts would fall on public safety. >> police and fire protection in
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counties, jail, probation department. >> reporter: and that's a dilemma that may be hard to solve at the ballot box. >> if in fact, we believe that public safety on one hand and the education of children on another are a vital state services, well then we should figure out how to pay for those and either make the pie bigger or take the funding from somewhere else. >> now the backers plan to release a list of endorsements in the next couple weeks. it will be a tough fight. that's for sure. because they need 1.3 million signatures by april 15th to qualify and that is right around the corner. still to come at 6:00, getting personal, why tesla's ceo is lashing out against an unlikely foe, plus. >> police are investigating allegations of sexting and possible harassment among middle schoolers where parents and school officials have to say coming up. >> so where could it possibly be? investigators sharing a new theory about that missing
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malaysia plane that vanished a week ago.
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it is a concern for so many students and parents, some east bay middle schoolers are facing legal questions tonight because of a sexting scandal. the investigation spans four middle schools in contra costa county. several young teenagers were sending each other sexually
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explicit photos. >> a boy may have used one to convince a fellow student to perform a sex act at school. we ahave the latest on the case and the whole teen sexting trend. >> reporter: yeah, police say sexting is a bigger issue as kids get connected with cell phones and the internet and kids 14 years old and under. >> i am shocked. i am very shocked. they are so young, and i don't know what they were thinking. >> reporter: this week police were called to adams middle school after staff reported several students between the ages of 12 and 14 were sending semi nude pictures by text message, an activity known as sexting. >> it's very serious because once you push the send button, you essentially lose control over what it is you're sending. >> reporter: after interviewing students, police believe one of the boys may have used sexually
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explicit photos of a female to perform sex acts. >> when you're here on campus, there shouldn't be any opportunity for anything lake that to go on. >> reporter: the investigation also found sexting wasn't limited to just one school. police say students from three other local middle schools had also been texting inappropriate pictures. >> i think we were surprised by the severity of the incidents that occurred and number that occurred and while most of the exchanges seem to take place at home, at least at this point, it still found its way to the campus. >> reporter: once police finish the investigation, the case will be given to the contra costa district attorney's office and the da will determine what charges, if any, will be filed. among the charges could be child pornography. could be forced to register as a sex offender for life. >> something that seems innocent, once you hit the transmit button, you can't pull that information back.
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>> reporter: the numbers are not exact, but one poll in 2012 has one in fourte teens admitting t sexing and a class on sexting and cyber bullying was offered here. >> thank you, kimberly. it's been a week since the malaysia airline plane vanished from the sky. the latest theory is that flight 370 was hijacked and landed somewhere somehow. sources tell nbc news that data from a military radar revealed the jetliner deliberately flew hundreds of miles off course. they are working to see if any satellite information can help find flight 370. searchers began scouring the indian ocean yesterday but the probability of finding the plane is very, very low. >> one passengers on board has california ties.
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she goes by an american adopted name of joy. she graduated from usc in 2012 with a masters in petroleum engineering. she was planning to attend training for shell oil in malays malaysia. her name was on the manifest and they have not heard from her since the plane disappeared. criticism comes after new jersey regulators barred tesla from selling the electric cars directly to consumers without involving outside dealers. in a blog post, tesla's ceo elon musk accuses christi of making a back room deal with auto dealers. he then wrote if anyone believed otherwise, the governor had a bridge closure he wants to sell them referring to the previous scandal having to do with the bridge. tesla says it will fight the ruling in court. new jersey residents can still order those cars online, though. long lines at the dmv, heard those stories but nothing compared to what happened today. firefighters evacuated the dmv
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in south san jose after a driver waiting to take a driving test crashed into the building. she ruptured a gas line. she also hit a motorcyclist in line in front of her. that motorcyclist, though, took it all in stride. [ laughter ] >> well, i stood in line for a driving test and the person behind me was a little too eager and ran me over, and next thing you know, i was up in the air. >> he was okay. good attitude. as for the woman, she was taken to a nearby hospital. firefighters cleared the scene in about 30 minutes. thousands of redwood trees across the bay area, but one extremely rare redwood is causing a fuss. why its location may bring its send. >> reporter: before there was a wall or a storage business on this corner there was a house where donna ramirez and her sisters grew up. >> it was such a small town. everybody knew everybody else. >> reporter: it on that land some 60 years ago her father
6:34 pm
pete planted a redwood tree. >> apparently, my dad planted it, and babied it. he used to protect it. >> reporter: what the family didn't know then was the tree was an extremely rare albino redwood and a type known as a a canarra redwood. >> it has two different types of dna. >> reporter: he discovered this 52-foot genetic wonder and says there are only ten in the world and only one with cones. >> this is the first observing of female cones on a cimera ever and quite astounding. >> reporter: he planted the tree a few yards back, there wouldn't have been a fuss but instead it's growing on what's now the construction path for the new smart rail way. >> it's thrived there and in the rail way and much too close to passing trains. >> reporter: rail way officials plan to remove the tree after collecting and replanting a thousand cuttings but staple ton
6:35 pm
said the cuttings would die and science would lose. >> if we understand redwood mutation, we could understand the forest and give us clues to climate change and tell us the state of the environment. >> reporter: they are working with the city to see if the tree can be removed and replanted in a nearby park and plnlt add security stay of execution. >> we're stepping back and bringing in additional experts and allowing the time to explore other options, if there are any. >> when we were little, smaller. >> reporter: ramirez hopes the tree will be saved, a symbol of a simple childhood and a loving dad with a green thumb. >> he was such a wonderful man and to try to save something he was part of is good. a long line tonight as people try to buy their chance to win the new mega millions jackpot. what is in the pot next? >> the california drought has
6:36 pm
drawn the nation's attention. the livelihood of farmers, but what about you? impacts should bay area residents expect if the droult p -- drought persists longer? reality check is coming up. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking plenty of beach weather for this weekend and fog free in san francisco. come to your tv to see that sunset and in oakland fog free now. details on how hot it's going to get in a few minutes.
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i dunno,
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i just ah woke up today and i said i need something sportier. annnd done. ok maxwell, just need to ah contact your insurance company with the vin number. oh, i just did it. with my geico app. vin # is up to the loaded. ok well then jerry here will take you through all of the features then. why don't weeeeeeeeeeee go out to the car. ok, i'll just be outside... ok, yeah. his dad is my boss. yeah. vin scanning to add a car. just a tap away on the geico app. a lot of people are happy the lineup for the second annual bottle rock festival was announced today. this year, the cure, out cast,
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weezer, the fray and heart just some of the artists that will take center stage in may. while it drew huge crowds, the event's producer filed for bankruptcy. this year a different producer stepped in. in all 50 artists are expected to cross four stages over five days. someone could be hours away from being the state's next instant millionaire. the jackpot is more than $353 million. the fifth largest jackpot of all time. people have been lining up to buy tickets in places like jennifer's gift shop where somebody bought a ticket worth 648 million dollar. if a ticket winner wins, they have the option of taking $194 million in a lump sum. i could live on that. >> yeah. >> couple months ago, san jose a few months ago, tonight santa clara. >> i notice a trend, every time we joke about it --
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>> it's never us. >> no. >> we'll win tonight. i just got to go -- i said it. we got to go to the store and get the ticket. live lack outside, fog-free conditions and a hotter weekend. details on who could hit 84 degrees in a few minutes. i'm geraud moncure. raiders continue to make waves in free agency today stealing a player from just across the bay and with the earthquakes kicking off their mls season at home, we check in with j.j.covalt coming up in sports.
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just a few weeks ago, an expert describe the drought as the worst on record. >> we have received a little rainfall since then but how historic is the drought now and how will it impact us?
6:43 pm
sam brock digs up facts and scrapes away hype about the drought. >> well talked about, raj, and jessica. good evening. this may not be the worst drought, some communities have more stable water sources than others. one thing is for sure, if the drought goes on for another year or more, we'll all feel it. the water picture isn't perfect in california. with basic supply now coming into question, reservoirs in many areas are running low. state resources from the sacramento s sacramento district and how bad is the drought and what risks does it pose? >> we have low reservoir levels from a couple dry years previously. some basins are dry because we haven't gotten a lot of rainfall, but it's not going to be a 500 year drought this year. >> reporter: director of uc
6:44 pm
davis' water science reduced the claim now. storms spilled up the deficit enough to take us out of the history book. according to the water resources, 2013/14 represented by the blue line is the third worst in california's recorded history but don't be fooled. it's not plentiful and will affect some folks in the bay. >> yes, there are concerns in the san francisco bay area, especially the north bay. the north bay is dependent on local supplies, local reservoirs. >> reporter: heather works at the pacific institute and studied california droughts extensively. northern california and the central valley get hit hardest by droughts, particularly areas depending on local sources like the north bay and russian river. that might explain why the map of severe water shortages in california lights up with central valley and northern california communities, close to home santa cruz and the water
6:45 pm
district is on that list. pull back out and move up to the north bay, two other communities, clover dale and hills burg are declared within 100 days of having no water. so who is safe for now? she says look to stable sources like the river which supplies hetch, hetchy and those tapping the crucial source for say, east bay mud. the south bay draws from a variety of sources including the st. louis reservoir. i'm standing at the base of the reservoir and things look pine down here. you can see the water levels behind me seem to be fairly plentiful but the thing you want to pay attention to is not where the water levels are now but where they used to be and if you glance at the hills over my shoulder, you can see the marks are half way up the ridge, if not higher. that's where the water should be. lucky for santa clara residents, the area is protected by a number of factors, ground water supply, diversity of sources,
6:46 pm
even investments in recycled water but should the drought continue beyond this year, experts say everybody everywhere is going to be vulnerable. >> the reality is that these types of crowds will become for frequent and intense. population is going to continue to grow. our economy grows and water is limited in california. so we need to learn how to live within our means. >> and cooly says this drought could last for another year or ten years. locally santa clara have mandatory water restrictions in place. alameda county passed it last night. you can be sure there will be more namesed toed to that list. i'm sam brock, back to you. >> thank you. we just talked about alameda county, you can water once a week effective until june. let's turn things over to jeff. in the next couple days we won't see any rain. we're in the extreme stretch now. dry weather and record-setting
6:47 pm
heat in march. let's get a look at some of the hottest today after fog this morning in a cool on shore flow. the flow that cut off and temperatures warmed up a bit. san ramon at 80 and dublin at 75. let's take you outside of the sky camera network. you can see clear skies right now, no indication at all of fog developing. that will help numbers warm up through sad aturday and sunday' forecast. you can see in the south bay now, it's clear but we're finding haze see conditions, as well and throughout the santa clara valley, winds light but the winds again are going to be shifting offshore. we're already starting to see the sign of some of that wind change right now. namely up into fairfield and livermore. you can see the arrows beginning to point more to the north. that's the dry wind that will help to boost temperatures as we head throughout saturday's forecast. the other thing, the second
6:48 pm
component that will drive heat this weekend is high pressure. the closer high pressure gets to california, the hotter the temperatures will be. you can see as we head throughout saturday, wide-spread temperatures into the 80s but high pressure moves on top of california, we'll look at the potential here of plenty of mid 80s across the bay. let's look at temperature spreads throughout saturday and sunday and see the average in the north bay, primarily low 80s for saturday and sunday the warmest day of the heat event with mid 80s expected in the north bay, upper 80s possible in the trivalley but sunday and the south bay, mid 80s. let's take you into the micro climate forecast through saturday. sunny, temperatures going up by three to five degrees. again, a roller coaster ride today with them going down a bit but back up again for saturday. sunny in san jose and 83 and palo alto cooler at 82 but san mateo, mid peninsula, upper 70s
6:49 pm
as the on shore flow gets cut off and above average weather in san francisco. heading out with a walk towards fisherman's warph. heading up to wine country, low 80s expected in napa over towards oakland, upper 70s and for the trivalley low to mid 80s in the forecast. it will be warm to hot inland, not extremely hot but again warm. so at the beaches, it's going to mean great weather. saturday still cooler side. we'll find upper 60s and low 70s. if you want to go to the beach, looks like sunday's forecast looks the best. half moon bay 72 and ocean beach at 73. great beach water. great weather inland. unfortunately on the schooling seven-day forecast, no rainfall even through next tuesday and wednesday in the forecast. so this drought, you know, issues here continues across the bay area.
6:50 pm
maybe something here as we head throughout the next three weeks or so. >> okay. thanks, jeff. keep our fingers cross the. let's get to sports. let's bring in geraud month cure. jessica is finally excited about the raiders, big moves. >> it's gotten better because it wasn't too good a couple days ago but moved forward. making more moves in free agency signing antonio smith to a deal reportedly worth 9 million. he's a nine-year veteran that were in houston with the texans. silver and black signed terrell brown to a one-year deal reportedly worth $3.5 million. browns spent the first seven seasons of his career across the bay with the 49ers where he recorded 200 tackles and 11 interceptions. off the diamond, jared parker will see james andrews monday. parker dealt with a forearm issue last year and had trouble getting looserlier last year, showing reduced velocity. a.j. griffin will see dr.
6:51 pm
douglas free burg saturday for an elbow issue that dates back to last season. griffin is expected to begin the season on the disabled list. rockies and giants, bottom fourth, hunter pence at the plate and opposite field muscle. the blast, his second solo round triple of the day. in the fifth. b bumgarner on the mound, giants win in a shutout 4-0. giants, by the way, will take on the a's tomorrow in a grudge match and you can catch it hear on nbc bay area at 3:00. at the ice, former shark and the islanders hosting team teal second period, sharks up 2-1. watch joe thornton. martin, one-timer regaining a two-goal advantage and the sharks win again 4-3.
6:52 pm
the mls season opens tomorrow for the earthquakes and nobody is more excited than midfielder j.j. the quake's first round draft pick hoping to make an impact down the road from the farm. >> i feel at home here. stanford is 20 minutes down the road, which is nice. not much of a transition in terms of where my life is, which is nice. i have my community and church at stanford and i also have a new family here i guess has been very welcoming. >> part of the hospitality j.j. has experienced is the constant reminder that he is a rookie and paying dues to get on the field is part of the process, but hard work is all he's ever known. >> my dad runs a small business that basically does surface preparation, an example would be picking up or taking off the rubber when a plane lands. gets too slippery after awhile. that's what he does. my mom does a lot of finances for it. i grew up helping out every once in awhile.
6:53 pm
>> work ethic translated into stardom where he started 74 career games becamming all pack 12 in the seasons. >> loose ball. deflected and into the back of the net. i don't even know if jj cobalt knew that he hit it. >> we saw a little bit of everything from him. he's got good athleticism, good feet, i thought tactically he was good. he knew the position and did the little things right that you want to see out of a player. had a great attitude. great work ethic. >> the goal of the tools, he'll need a veteran's approach in the big time and one of his heroes will be right by his side. >> i'll be there to support him along the way but ultimately development will be playing, training and games. playing at that level and getting, jumping into that level is an invaluable experience for him. i was excited when i got the opportunity to sign and i wanted to take it. i wanted to be here in san jose and i'm excited to play for the earthquakes. so i see that as an honor and i
6:54 pm
want to take it in full stride. >> hoops this evening, the dubs and steph curry. tonight at or kill will score off against irving and the former warrior jarrett jack tonight. highlights of that game tonight at 11:00 and anthony fix son doesn't look like he'll return to the 49ers tweeting so glad to be the newest member of the buffalo bills, going to make this thang official in the morning. >> the thang means thing? >> yes, that's the lyingo. you got to be hip. >> thang. thanks geraud. for more you can watch comcast sports bay area tonight at 10:30.
6:55 pm
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here is what we're working on for our 11:00 newscast. a big surprise for a bay area man that googled himself. how found out he was on a most-wanted list. he turned himself in and how it's helping police. a gold medalist proved he has a heart of gold. he fell in love with a pack of stray dogs and promised this bring them home. turned out to be difficult from getting proper medical care to the paperwork. his friend stayed behind for nearly a month to help. kenworthy showed off his new family of dogs on the "today show" and hopes the attention will bring to light the issue of strays in russia. >> they look cute. we could stay on that for
6:58 pm
awhile. >> so sweet. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. we made it until friday. >> yeah, we did. see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
of. >> brand-new pics britney spears escaping l.a. for a louisiana wedding. is she tiying the knot? now on "extra." >> britney spears' family invades her hometown for a top-secret ceremony. >> you seem happier than ever right now. >> from the marriage license to last-minute preparations, we're on britney wedding watch. then, the most hated bachelor in history's ex-girlfriend speaks out. >> i'm interested what you think to about juan pablo-we've got his baby mama's fist and only


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