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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news. a commuter train jumps the tracks and slams into an escalator overnight bringing service to a halt at one of the bigsiest airports. >> gun fire in san francisco sends seven to the hospital. the search is on for the person who pulled the trigger. >> new developments in the search for the missing malaysian jets. >> and a live look outside at san francisco this morning. straight up 4:30, it is monday, march 24th, this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. it's 4:30. >> a lot to get to.
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let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren g. morning. >> hey, good morning to you, laura, peggy, happy monday to you. it's kind of chilly but we have such great news in the weather department. today's going to be nice. in the 40s into the 70s just about everywhere. then the much needed rainfall, we'll be tracking this at this time tomorrow. i'm going to show you that. you might be surprised how much rain we're expecting. >> that's good stuff but we'll watch because it will have an effect on your drive. the bay bridge, we had construction around the bend. the taillights going around past the tower there was flashing lights. the crew moved but there is another in the foreground at the bottom of the screen. that's westbound 80 and eastbound across from treasure island to the oakland side. also two lanes that have overnight construction, those crews should take longer to clear from the san francisco side and treasure island watching for the span but nothing unusual as far as the flow. the rest of the bay, north to
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the dumbarton bridge, easy drive, south too. we'll show that to you in a second. i did want to call out eastbound 580 out of livermore toward the altamont we have a lot of slowing. there are no overnight crews but there may have been and they are starting clearing. that may be what's going on. for now back to the desk. >> thank you. we do have breaking news to tell you about. 32 people treated for minor injuries this morning after a commuter train derailed outside chicago-o'hare international airport. it happened just before 3:00 this morning as it was pulling into o'hare station. passengers say the train climbed over the last stop, jumped on the sidewalk, then up the stairs and escalator. investigators are looking into what caused that derailment. the train service outside the airport has been suspended. >> investigator spend the night picking through evidence in the
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tenderloin district after a shooting. all the victims were taken to san francisco general. none of their injuries are life threatening. most of the people were shot in arms and legs. officials say the fight broke out near the intersection of turk and taylor streets. investigators hope surveillance video and witnesses can help them figure out what happened. >> just as a matter of course we follow up and canvas for witnesses and external video sources so we're following up on that. >> so far no arrests have been made. investigators have not released details about possible suspects. >> our continuing coverage on the missing malaysian plane. australian officials hope a ship will reach debris in the next couple hours. it was spotted southwest of perth awe stral yaxt crews on the plane reported seeing two objects, a gray or green circular object and orange rectangular object. the ship is en route. officials say it could reach the objects in the next few hours or
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possibly tomorrow a. chinese plane spotted two white square objects in an area close to where a satellite snapped pictures of similar objects. the chinese ice breaker is headed to the area. our bob redell is in the newsroom keeping a close eye on the developments. he will have an update in the next half hour and any time we're not on air head to our website for the latest. tense moments aboard another malaysia airlines flight, this one had to be diverted to hong kong when its main electrical generator stopped working. the flight left kuala lumpur when it experienced the problem. malaysian airlines says the auxiliary unit was able to supply lexty. the plane landed safely. all on board were transferred to other planes. >> hope of finding survivors of a mudslide in washington state appears to be fading. overnight crews pulled four more bodies, a total of eight people
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killed and about a dozen missing. several others were injured when a wall of mud came crashing down on saturday destroying about three homes and burying a square mile of land. in places the mud is 60 feet deep. >> mud was just too thick and deep, they did not hear people, they couldn't hear signs of life once they got closer to the structure where they thought it was. so the decision based on safety was that they back out. >> officials believe heavy rainfall made the ground unstable. the san jose police officer accused of raping a woman in a hotel room could enter a plea today. jeffrey graves was arrested earlier this month. investigators say he forced his way into a hotel room and raped a woman while she was on duty. hours earlier graves and several other officers were called to the woman's house when she got
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in a fight with her husband. she wanted to spend the night at a hotel so graves dropped her off off at one. he later returned and sexually assaulted her. crews spent the night watching for hot spots. the abandoned building caught fire yesterday afternoon. crews had to call for backup several times. investigators think the fire started at a homeless camp, then spread to a vacant building. though there have been reports of homeless people living in the building in the past crews did not find any one inside during the fire. >> santa clara county could be the latest to crack down on e-cigarettes. they will consider a measure treating the devices like traditional devices. it would be illegal to use them at all county buildings within 30 feet of outdoor service area, also banned in county vehicles. the cleaner way to get nicotine fix they are growing in popularity but how safe they are is up for debate.
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>> on a trolley when my kids are there, i don't like it. i look at it just like a cigarette. >> it's a water vapor. there is nothing wrong with it. the water vapor is like chewing gum. if it wasn't shaped like a cigarette nobody would know. >> study are looking into the health risks. san francisco leaders approved a similar plan. >> speaking of san francisco, a community meeting will be held tonight to talk about the increasing the cost of soda. the proposed measure would at 2 cents per ounce on sugary drinks, a tax. companies say that would race grocery and restaurant prices. supporters say the tax could raise as much as $31 million per year for local health programs. that starts tonight. >> 4:37. a live look at the western span of the bay bridge this morning. and just a matter of hours demolition on the old eastern
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span will hit another milestone. today crews will slice the cantilever section down the middle and start tearing it down. they are going to start with the upper deck, lowering the pieces on the lower deck. if all goes as plan the entire span will be demolished by the end of 2016. >> right now 4:38. a look at our microclimate forecast as we take you out to the east bay a. look at fremont you can see a little traffic out there. people up on a monday. looking ahead here in san jose, nice as we check out downtown. we heard from christina there could be rain in the forecast. good news there. >> there's some rain in the forecast. i think that you'll be pleased with how much we are anticipating, peggy, laura, good morning to you and of course good morning to you at home. temperatures mostly in the 40s and the 50s. i want to thank you for joining us on a monday which can be tough. the weather's on your side this morning as we head throughout this afternoon really comfortable conditions headed our way.
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we're still going to hit the upper 70s today in the tri-valley. 76 in the south bay, 76 along the peninsula and san francisco, you're going to hit 67 degrees so a little cooler with increasing clouds throughout the day as the storm track starts to dip to the south. let me show you. i stop the clock tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. look at this. all of this moisture is probably going to fall apart before it makes its way into the area. we're going to pick up a quarter inch to 3/4 inch so that's kind of a dud compared to what's coming later in the week into the weekend. we stop the clock wednesday night, another round of pretty good moisture, then watch this. take you into the weekend, this is our friend the atmospheric river returns. the weather game changer, you can see by sunday we're going to be getting dumped on especially fin north bay. this brought us a foot of rainfall over the course of two days a couple weeks ago so we hope that this will all pan out. i'm going to show you how many
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more days on sunday we have rain in the forecast. the rain chances don't stop. that's good news. let's check your drive. >> good morning. we'll watch for that and plan for the effects on your commute. right now we're planning for 580 westbound with these headlights through dublin, they are approaching, no problems. but there is a good amount of traffic. this is what we typically see. even at 4:30. that's westbound your commute direction for 580. eastbound we're pointing out folks out of the area, we saw more slowing five minutes ago. that has started to simmer down so looks likes a few slow moving vehicles moving along through the area. nothing big for 580. the south bay at the bottom, easy drive, as well as the rest of the area around the bay. i'll take to you the north bay. that orange, you know our traffic and weather systems are tied together so there is moisture there. enough that it might be a fog situation for bodega bay. and 101 though much less than we
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saw on friday so keep that in mind. a live look through san rafael, by the time you pass through novato and here around the curves it's a smooth easy drive and a clear view. that will change over the next 40 minutes. >> it will pick up. thanks. >> still ahead, apple's latest push to take a bite out of the tv market. >> new questions surrounding what general motors knew about faulty ignition switches when it file forward bankruptcy years ago. >> and more than 500 people just sentenced to death in egypt, what they were convicted of doing coming up next.
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>> >> 4:44, nearly 530 people were sentenced to death in egypt in one of the largest mass trials. the group supported the ousted islamist president mohammed morsi, convicted of attacking police and killing a police man back in august. the riots were in response to a crackdown on two pro morsi camps
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which killed hundreds. attorneys say the sentences were too harsh and could be overturned on appeal. >> russian forces stormed another ukrainian base in crimea and detained dozens of ukrainian servicemen. 80 detained on site. it's unclear how the two service men were hurt or who hurt them. this is video of another military base seized yesterday. ukraine's act president says the country's troops in crimea will be pulled from the region. president obama arrived in the netherlands a few hours ago, he is there to talk about nuclear security. also hopes to rally allies to increase pressure against russian president vladamir putin. he has imposed sanctions on russian officials. now lawmakers say it's time for widespread economic penalties and maybe even a military assistance for ukraine. >> it may come to small arms, i'm not ruling that out. keep it on the table. >> maybe medical supply, radio equipment, things they can use
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to protect themselves, defensive posture weapons systems. >> it's the president's first stop in a week-long trip through europe and the middle east. >> new proposed contract will keep thousands of uc hospital workers across the state on the job this morning. school officials and the union representing patient care technical worker desire reach a tentative agreement averting a five-day strike. union leaders say it includes wage increases, secured benefits and pension reform this will be up for a vote this week. >> it appears that apple is gearing up to take a bite out of the television markets. reports say the tech giant is teaming up with comcast to develop an online streaming service. for that and the rest of the business news before the bell we turn to bertha coombs. good morning to you. >> good morning. when it comes to streaming video we all feel the need for speed. apple is reportedly in talks with comcast the parent company
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of nbc universal, about a streaming video service. "the wall street journal" says this could allow apple's set top boxes to gain access to faster web speeds similar to the deal netflix last month. despite the fact that we saw losses on friday, and lots of volatility following the fed meeting and signals that an interest rake hike may be coming next year, not to mention the political worries over russia and ukraine. no major economic data on tap today but looking for reports this week on home prices, new home sales and consumer confidence. the dow is going to start at 16,302 t nasdaq at 4276 after slipping 42. and the justice department is probing whether gm hid knowledge of the faulty ignition switches at the center of a global recall when it filed for bankruptcy in 2009. "the new york times" reports
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authorities are also examining whether gm understated the problems to safety regulators at the time. the investigation is led by the prosecutors who worked on toyota's sudden acceleration case which led to a billion dollar settlement just last week. this is going to be a very, very interesting legal case to watch because under the bankruptcy rules, they are not liable for anything that happened before 2009. and a lot of these things started long before that. so, a lot of folks watching to see how this develops. >> thanks, bertha. >> check in with christina. we're coming off a really nice weekend. >> yeah, it was nice. we're going to see nice conditions again. monday not always everybody's favorite day. i can tell you the weather is going to be on your side. you might find a little coastal fog along one, we're looking clear from the peninsula through the tri-valley. the temperatures are chilly this
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morning because of that clear start. at 39 degrees in santa rosa, we're at 47 in san jose, and the temperature right now in livermore is 45 degrees. the hills they are still green with the reinforcing shot of the drink, that's right, we're going to get a lot of water over the next couple days. a lot of moisture, a lot of rainfall and we need it. i can tell you i'm looking at the month of april, looking higher than average for our rainfall possibility. so that's the great news. as you know we're 18 drought. i was in the state capitol on friday talking about that, putting together a drought special, and this probably won't take us out of the drought but if everything pans out we're talking about the potential for maybe 6 to 7 inches of rainfall up in the north bay. that's really going to come into play over the weekend. this first one not packing a lot of moyxt we time it out right now. 7:00 a.m. you can see the front draped across the north bay. pretty rich moisture for the morning commute in santa rosa. that moves south.
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10:00 a.m. you're starting to get that rich moisture. san jose we'll start to get our first showers bat 10:00 a.m. then all of this throughout day. possibly bring up to 3/4 inch. let me show you a wide view here and another future cast to give you an example what's coming this weekend. there it is, the pineapple express returns. this pumps moisture into the bay. this brought about that foot of rainfall in napa the last time this happened which was a few weeks ago. we're looking good for some ample totals. you'll notice on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen we're not going to be out of the rainfall even on sunday, monday into tuesday the first official day of april, april fool's day, you want to keep in mind we're still going to have rain on the radar so that's the good news. our pattern is changing, time to break out the umbrella again. back to you, peggy and laura. >> thank you. >> california energy commission says the amount of crude oil being carried by trains to the
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bay area has sky-rocketed thanks to an oil boom in north dakota and canada. trains are carrying 2.7 million gallons into the bay area every day. senator jerry hill says that has him worried. he points to a deadly accident in quebec involving a train carrying crude oil in which 47 people were killed. he says california could not currently respond to a disaster of that magnitude. >> it's the response time and the preparedness that we don't have in california. we're back in about 1980 is where we're prepared for. we can't deal with that volume. >> in 2011 there were 9,000 tank cars filled with oil brought into california from out of state. by 2016 the state's energy commission says that could reach 200,000. 10% would travel through the bay area. the trains are operated by burlington northern sante fe and come through so lana and contra costa counties.
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>> happening now at 4:51 a major shipping channel is closed because of an oil spill. look at this mess. this barge collided with a ship on saturday causing 170,000 gallons of tar-like oil to spill into texas's galveston bay. more help is called in to contain the spill and protect important habitat near the peak of migration so the timing couldn't be worse. oil has been found up to 12 miles into the gulf of mexico, as many as 60 vessels are waiting to get in or out of that bay. >> 4:52. still ahead on "today in the bay," pablo sandoval's future could be in question. >> the cardinal dances into the sweet 16. >> we're talking about crews on the road starting to move. this is 880, clear sailing post the coliseum. farther south we'll give you a look at that.
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how sweet it is for cardinal fans. for the first time in six years the team is headed to the sweet 16. >> after upsetting new mexico the cardinal did away with the number 2 seed jayhawks. the win earned stanford a match-up against the dayton flyers on thursday in memphis. fans say they can't wait. >> i'm really excited. the team had an up and down sochblt it's awesome to see them making waves.
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>> i think it's part of the stanford character that has gotten them this far. i wish them success. >> we beat a very good team. >> from the court to the diamond, opening day one week away for the giants, pablo sandoval is unlikely to have a new contract. he rejected the offer a three-year deal. his agent says he wants at least five years at 90 million. >> let's check in with mike inouye right now. he's got a look at the morning commute for a monday. >> i'm shake my head. 40 million. come on. traffic flow, come on, looking here 880 at 17 and 280. northbound at 280 coming toward us. we had flashing lights but i kept this shot. we'll show you the map, we had slowing as well until a couple of seconds ago. southbound 880 now clear, updating the sensors, smooth
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after the overnight construction closed a couple of the connecters. that's great flow here. talking about the rest of the bay with a smooth drive as well. on the peninsula, 101 at third into san francisco reports of a car that went off the road into a ditch. no major issue but that's on the report so i'm going to shout it out. there is not a lot else. >> thanks a lot. still ahead we're tracking an australian ship headed for debris spotted in the indian ocean, the latest lead in the search for the missing malaysian airlines plane. >> a train jumps the track at chicago-o'hare, hear from passengers who were on the train coming up next.
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breaking news. a commuter train goes off the rails and into an escalator in chicago. we'll have the latest details. >> what pg&e is now doing about a controversial gas pipeline on the peninsula. >> you can give your heater a break this morning in most cities, close to the 50s except
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for santa rosa upper 30s there. today's nice, we have rainfall and a lot in the forecast. i'll time out three systems in moments. >> we have three trucks here. it's pretty light so far for fremont. that's what it is around the bay. we'll look at slowing in livermore. >> let's take a live look outside. beautiful span of the bay bridge. you can see folks making their way across. it's monday, march 24th, this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker. seven people are in the hospital this morning after a fight broke out in san francisco. this happened last night near turk and taylor streets in the tenderloin. christie smith is live at san francisco general with what police are saying about the shooting. good morning to you, christie. >> rep


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