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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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quote, the 49ers organization is way of the matter involving chris culliver. we will remain in contact with chris and the local authorities and we continue to gather the facts regarding this situation. as this is an ongoing legal matter, we will reserve further comment at this time. mixed feelings about the b.a.r.t. extension to the south bay. as nbc's reporter shows us, there's a worry what the trains might bring. >> reporter: 211 is a penal code for robbery. that's how they're coining it. the 211. are you concerned? the sheba's liquor store is down the street. police are worried they'll jump aboard the b.a.r.t. and then disappear ban onto b.a.r.t. gene sheba has already been
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robbed once. >> we got tied up. it's like a nightmare. it's a nightmare. we're still very scared. >> there is some precedence for fear. people tell us that people were lootedafter they opened the southwest station three years ago but other mer chants and others are welcoming the train's arrival. >> i don't think that's bigger concern because there's so much more potential coming out of the b.a.r.t. station coming down to san jose. there's so much more business potential that could come to san jose up to oakland too. that might be a few little conflict. i think the growth for it is a lot more potential. >> it could be okay, yeah. >> you're not worried about it? >> i'm not worried about it. it depends on the passengers. >> with increased crime and fewer police on san jose, beat cops say the problem is only going to get worse.
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>> now damian tells us the training will start rolling in about three years. >> it could have been a lot worse. a scary sight on the side of the road after a tour bus caught fire. it happened at 11:00. authorities say there were 20 people on the bus at the time. no one was injured, though. crews put out the fire and got traffic moving some two hours later. continuing coverage of the leyland yi state hearing. two other democrats caught up in their own separate scandals were also suspended. all three state senators will remain on payroll collecting their $90,000 salary. we have multiple reports. we begin with monte francis. he's at the bay area center. monte. >> reporter: he left his house here in the sunset district around 1:40 this afternoon. we do not know where he was going but he got into a silver car with another man and he drove off.
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now, yi has not since returned and as he was leaving he did not stop to talk to reporters. lee land yi finally emerged from his house but had no comment about his suspension from the state senate or the shocking charges he now faces of fraud, corruption, and gun trafficking. >> i rise today to see the suspensions of yi, calderon, and write. >> reporter: earlier he was blasted from the senate floor calling for his suspensions along with the suspension of senator ron calderon accused of accepting bribes and senator rod wright also sentenced f. the stigma of associating with their alleged actions.
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leave, please. >> reporter: but so far yi is refusing to step down. yi's attorney issued a statement reading, suspension is the right step for now and is appropriate in a system that presumes the innocent is accused. the decision was to suspend yi twoonld others. the only dissenting opposed was joe anderson from san diego who was upset they will continue to receive their salaries of $95,000 a year. >> so it amounts to nothing more than a paid holiday. i think that's wrong. his political future is unclear at best. many of yi's colleagues are urged him to resign but at least one reporting stopped by yi's house to express his report. >> he's done a lot of good thinged and people don't remember that. okay? pride and fame. politics ruin lots of people.
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>> reporter: and next week steinberg said he win would introduce policy to suspend without pavement yi is duh back in court on monday. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monte. let's turn things over to chase cain. we have more. raymond chow also known as shrimp boat was back in court today. >> reporter: what happened inside. sorting out attorneys and dates but one thing that stood out to me and several others in the courtroom is how he behaved. he was almost jovial when he was a judge and to one who has gotten to know chow over the past few months, he was not surprised. a courtroom sketch of raymond
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shrimp boy chow shows a rather serious face but to be inside the courthouse with him you could feel the kind of personality he shows on his facebook page and just how engaging this former gangster can be. >> raymond is one of the more charismatic people i've ever met. >> reporter: he's working on a documentary for pbs and he's gotten to know ciao well. >> he wear as big smile and higher pitched tone to disarm people because when he walks in a roam most people know who he is, number two of a triad out of hong kong. >> reporter: all allegedly tied to this building in chinatown raided by the i wednesday morning. agents claim ciao has run plenty of alleged activities from here
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for years. >> i was surprised. we new law enforcement remained interesting in raymond. he would say as much. but we had no inkling this was about to come down. >> reporter: but the claims are just beginning against chow and some two dozen others, so an attorney for one of chow's alleged associates cautions against jumping to conclusions. >> i wouldn't be surprised that as is typical in a lot of these kinds of cases that when you get to the facts, it's not exactly as portrayed as it's been so far. >> raymond chow and keith jackson still do not have attorneys. that will not be sorted out until sometime next week, but coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll talk about what we can expect as this case begins to wind its way through federal court. live for now in san francisco, chase cain, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chase. you heard him mention chow's
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facebook page. he has lots of pictures of himself with some familiar faces including this one lieutenant governor gavin newsom. we asked the governor about his relationship with chow when he was mayor of san francisco. >> as mayor, i took tens of thousands of photos and anyone could run up to you. >> tonight at 6:00 the senate reacts to li. let's head outside. a live look over san jose this evening. nice blue skies with clouds there. but the blue skies might not be around much longer. rob? >> that's right. most of the changes north of the golden gate, you see mostly cloudy skies and the clouds are going to continue to thicken up starting off in the north bay and pushing south as we head into the night. let's zoom you into the bear area. what we have is rain north of ukiah, a few rain showers north of santa rosa. that's going to head our way
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starting tomorrow morning. rain showers, a round of one of three storms. the first one looking at close to as much as an inch of rain. in and around san francisco and out toward lore rina rinne da. we do expect feet of snow. we'll walk you through the timing of when the rain will arrive and the full forecast coming up soon. fwook you. search crews are now reporting a discovery of what they're calling multiple-colored debris in the sea. the search has shifted some 700 miles northeast of the area where they had been scouring. that's because initial news shows flight 370 may have been going faster than anticipated which means it crashed closer to australia. the crews are back in australia tonight poring over the objects they saw at sea to try to get a better look at them. >> if we can determine that the objects that we found are, in
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fact, wreckage or debris, that will provide, you know, key information to come up with the data of where the aircraft has possibly gone down. >> a chinese ship in the area is now trying to locate that field of debris. a follow-up now to a vicious crime in the south bay that happened two years ago. two parents were killed in front of their children. tonight police say they found the gunmen. 31-year-old pedro medina was extradited back to the united states from mexico yesterday. investigators say he was hiding in gat a la harrah. in the days before the homicide the victims told police that medina had threatened them. they say he was angry when she broke off their relationship to get back together with pedro, the father of her three children. still ahead, a rude awakening for a man napping in his car. the explosion blamed for this mess and how he miraculously escaped injury. and locked up. how this photo helped police track down a man accused of a
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violent burglary on peninsula. plus -- >> reporter: the teacher who once taught here at mira vista and is now behind bars for molesting several young boys was back in court today. i'll tell you what happened coming up. and then at 6:00, the money and champagne are flowing, but is this a sign of another bubble. >> with need to be cautious here. whether it's a sign, remains to be seen. >> that's new at 6:00. [doorbell rings]
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and is now behind bars for whether it's a sign, remains to san jose police say they have a mystery on their hands. they found a man dead in his home on airborne road not far from silver creek high. officers went on a welfare check to see how he was. when no one answered the door, they went inside and found a body. they're now calling the death
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suspicious. at this point they're not releasing the man's name. a richmond teacher accused of molesting several boys is back in court. ronald ginto is now facing sex abuse and kidnapping charges. >> reporter: robert ginto was a teach here at mira vista here for nearly two months. parents are relieved that he is now out of the classroom and behind bars. >> he is accused of sexually abusing and kidnapping 11 and 12-year-old boys. the 32-year-old taught seventh grade english and skriebs here at mira. he also visited students. at least six of the victims attended that program. >> the sad part this man was trying to take these kids illegally from this school on a trip next week. i'm glad they caught it ahead of time. >> they're now working to
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improve the system of checking teacher references and doing background checks. ginto's attorney says his client has no prior offenses. i spoke with the older brother of one of the victims. he told me that his younger brother still cannot bring himself to share the details of what happened. in richmond. marianne favro, nbc news. >> a young woman was assaulted in downtown oakland but managed to escape. police are asking for your help in identifying this man accused of kidnapping and assault. it happened on tuesday afternoon about two blocks from the plaza. the suspect allegedly grabbed a 27-year-old woman from behind and dragged her backward. the victim, though, did fight back and was able to get away. a violent home burglary interrupted by a san mateo woman. that suspect now in custody. san mateo police tracked down hugo mangua at his redwood city home on wednesday.
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according to officers he was robing a moment on march 17th when the homeowner walked in. he had a gun, the burglar did. he tied her up and took her atm card. this atm photo generated leads for the police. he's charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and kipping. >> he says he feels like the luckiest guy in the bay area. jose castilla was sleeping in his brand-new car when it was destroyed. an exploding propane tank blasted through the room. amazingly he suffered only a sore shoulder. the tank came from alco iron and metal. they were recycling it thinking it was empty when it wasn't. it became a projectile which flew a couple hundred yards across doolittle drive into
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castillo's car. >> it sounded like a building shook. >> i was sitting in my office working and my whole desk shook. >> castillo was coaxed to get out of the car and go to the hospital. he usually goes to work early to get to work and catch as quick nap. we're going old school. this weekend is your last school to see a movie at san jose's dome theaters. the owners of century 21 showing its final move this sunday at 7:00. 7:00 p.m. it's a blast from the past. "raider os testify lost ark." owners want to tear down the theater to redevelop it as well as centuries 22 and 23, the old dome theaters in the soukd bay. some don't want them torn down. they're circulating petitions to make them historic structures. the state is expected to debate it next month. >> we turn things over to rob y
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mayeda. >> let's show you san francisco. very fascinating here. you've got moisture coming in riding up over the hilltops. it cools below its dew point and the clouds form over the tops of the hills so you're literally seeing clouds created now as the moisture increases in the atmosphere. it will eventually lead to rain as we head into tomorrow morning or at least tonight for parts of the north bay. as we watch it continue, we should see temperatures close to 60. first pitch time, 7:156789 increasing clouds, maybe some misty conditions very late in the game, but most of the rain holding off for san francisco up till we get toward tomorrow morning. so as we zoom you back in toward the bay area, you can see toward the north bay, north of santa rosa starting to see a few light showers pass by, and that is the first wave of three storms that will be coming in over the next several days. hour by hour over the rest of the season, you've got the clouds moving on in.
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notice the lifting into north bay. even at 7:00 tomorrow morning, look at the season montreal bay, you're seeing moderate to heavy bay. we go into the afternoon. if you look closely here, some of these brighter echos that we're seeing here on the radar indicating once the front goes on by as the atmosphere destabilizes, cooler air aloft with daytime heating, we could get thundershowers, especially in the inland east bay allies. if you're going to head into the central valley, you could see pretty intense thunder at times. rain totals with the system moving as quickly as it is down a little bit. we should still pick up a half-inch to three quarters of an inch and the higher totals upton coastal hilltops. this is good news. we're going to see as much as 24 to 30 inches on the higher peaks. be prepared for controls this weekend. the heavier snow we'll see out of the first system coming down in the morning hours into the
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early afternoon. elevations around highway 80 a foot of snow. the areas in purple and pink indicating close to 7,000 feet, still looking to get two more feet of snow as it comes through. here comes wave number two. this is monday. colder system through the gulf of alaska. we'll get more showers into tuesday. wednesday, a dry break. and then as we head into thursday and friday. here comes round number three. good news for a late season push on rainfall totals and the sierra by the time we get through the next seven days. good news there in the forecast as we move ahead. so for tomorrow we're looking at rain obviously, probably hanging on the longest in the south bay. it may stick around. highs near 60 in san jose. san francisco in the upper 50s for the north bayou even got those temperatures in the 50s to near 60 and as you can see here, saturday we've got the rain. should clear in the north bay as early as the afternoon, breaking
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out to partly cloudy skies. sunday as you see in the seven-day forecast does look dry and we'll show you. monday we're back into the rain again. here is that difference about that sunday storm system. we'll see highs tomorrow in the low 60s. if you look closely here across the bay area, mid-50s. that means snow levels could be as low as 4,000 feet with that system coming in early next week. back to you. ahead, the dream becoming a reality. the big announcement about the 2016 super bowl at the levi stadium. what tesla is now promising do in the wake of some car fires.
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desperate search continues after that deadly landslide and the latest on the search for the missing airliner. . a section of parking structure, the area of a good sized home fell from a parking garage in downtown los angeles.
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luckily no one was in the area when the 3,700-square-foot section fell onto the floor. this morning firefighters say all workers were accounted for before that collapse happened. a follow-up now on the investigation of the batteries in tesla cars. the federal government has closed the case tied to two car fires concluding the fires were linked to road debris which damaged the batteries. tesla has agreed to more shields to protect from under carriage damage. it is stressing this action is in no way a recall. save the date and start saving your money for tickets. super bowl l in santa clara. the announcement made today. they won the joint super bowl bid last week. as part of the day soesz will host several of the events.
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levi stadium is almost complete. it's set to open a couple of months from now. a few miles away is the earthquakes' new stadium. a steel beam scrawled with messages from the soccer fans is seen here. the stadium is on coleman avenue near the international airport. you don't have to be just a soccer fan to enjoy it. >> yeah. we'll have soccer, other events like rugby and lacrosse and college football, high school football. so all those things together will create really a village green for people to experience events. >> two new great stadiums a few miles from each other. this earthquake stadium will open a year from now at the start of the march 2015 season. a big win for an east bay basketball team. we'll show it to you next.
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we'll be back in 30 minutes. here's what we're working on for. pilots do it, players have to. why don't doctors have to take a drug test? we take a look at new calls here. that's coming up tonight in our reality check at 6:00. we have not only college madness but high school madness. the st. joe's team beat the team from southern california. the title game was in sacramento. st. joe's wins the division 5 championship game. great for them. this marks the fifth straight title for st. joe's of alameda.
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a great legacy for basketball. congratulations to st. joe's in alameda's state tight  >> that's great. that's going to do it for us. rob's got a final check on weather. >> clouds holding. flag blowing around pretty good. that's an a's flag looks like they've got over san francisco. >> in san francisco? who's in charge of it? >> the other one's behind it. it's like, wait a minute. >> there's a game tonight. >> let's take a look what's going on on the radar. clouds going in in the area. we will see this spill to the south later on tonight. so 60s outside right now. it should be very nice for the game out there at the ballpark. tomorrow, yes you will need the umbrella and hang onto it. breezy at times and a slight chance of showers in the early after snoon we'll check to see if there's a giants flag. >> i think they're side by side. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. "nightly news" is next. >> we'll see you at 6:00.
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on the broadcast tonight, a stunning turn of events in the hunt for that missing plane. it has been three weeks tonight and the search has again shifted in a big way. force of nature. a herculean effort now by the national guard, digging through what was once a mountainside for any signs of life. and tonight the news that many had feared was coming. on the ink. late word tonight of a call from putin to the president, while at the pentagon they're watching and fearing russia could be about to invade the rest of ukraine. and warning signs for the american weekend tradition. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. it was three weeks ago tonight when we came on the air and reported the controllers had


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