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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well, good morning to you. 4:30 this thursday. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a lot to get to this morning, first a check of the forecast. good morning, rob. >> foggy starts in parts looking back towards san francisco, see the low clouds on top of the towers of the bay bridge and what to expect the low clouds bringing misty skies around the coast and into san flun this morning as we head towards the afternoon, temperatures inland cooling five to ten degrees and fog come rolling back in as we come towards this evening right around 5:00. today's highs mid-70s around san
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jose and upper 70s near san mateo and low 60s near san francisco and this morning that fog, mike, reducing visibility down to about a mile in santa rosa. >> watch the north bay. sometimes we catch some fog okay and sometimes you see across the golf course but it's dark right here. watching the tops of the towers and moving across the span, that's key. look at the map, construction overnight and emergency road work and scott and lauren, we'll talk about that in a second. traffic is flowing in and out of san francisco just fine. watch the low clouds as they sink down across the bay. nice easy dry throughout the bay, especially the south bay where we have construction work going on. that's about it, guys. we'll track the east bay, coming up. back to you. in fact, i have pictures of that. three eastland lanes and two westbound lanes shut down for
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several hours. crews repairing the large pothole. because the eastern span runs right under the western span, crew husband to close off the eastbound lane, three of them while repairs were going on overhead. fans leaving the giants game, boy, they were stuck and backed up into the overnight hours. chp opened all the lanes around 2:poth 2:30 this morning. developing news out of ocean beach. the desperate search continues right now in the watters for a boy that was swept out to sea. "today in the bay" christie smith with new details about that overnight search. good morning. >> good morning to you, lauren. i just spoke with san francisco firefighters and they have a mobile command post set up here at ocean beach and they say the reason they're doing that is because the coast guard still has one cutter in the water right now. and if they need help right away, ground support, these firefighters will be ready to provide that. i also spoke with the coast guard and what they're telling me is they have one cutter in
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the water and the coast guard cutter "stockeye" but patrol golden gate bridge and south of ocean beach this morning and that's because of water drift patterns overnight. still looking for that 14-year-old teen. it was yesterday afternoon a man and his teenage son and nephew were here along ocean beach walking and the teen went to play in the water near the shore. that's when they were suddenly dragged out to sea by a rip current. the man ran into save them and then a 17-year-old surfer saw what was happening, but he wasn't sure what to make of it at first. >> i saw a boy out there, his arms were flailing but thought he was just playing in the water, screaming to the dad and the dad points back to me and back at the son. i look over at the son. i pull him on my board. >> now, those water temperatures
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overnight, we're told, about 55 degrees. rather cold. he rescued the 17-year-old and saw the dad bobbing in the water unconscious and that's when paramedics got involved and he didn't have a pulse but was taken to the hospital where his pulse was back. also wanted to mention the surfer's father is actually a captain with the san francisco fire department, certainly proud of his son for what he did. now, what theicose guard coast telling me come day break more resources in the water but because of the fog, it is very possible they may not be able to have a helicopter in the air, at least for the morning. reporting live in ocean beach, christie smith. >> thank you very much, christie. some parents in the south bay voicing concerns about the safety of a dicaay care. the state is investigating de colores after some parents complained about abuse. changes in their daughter's
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behavior and bruising has been a concern. >> i saw a hand print, which i thought was very odd. i brought it up to them and she told me, it couldn't have been there. i don't hit my kids. >> my daughter was coming to me telling me she was being hit. >> the center is currently being investigated by the state's department of social services during inspections this year. state documents say the center had unqualified staff working with infants. too many kids with a number of staff with the kids on duty. just last month state officials found the child unsupervised in a bathroom. the day care did post the state inspection notices as required by law. we asked the supervisor if they wanted to talk about the allegations, they are not returning our call. the center is located in the santa theresa neighborhood near the section of 805 and 101. the man who caused another car to crash in the florida day care is on the run this morning. one girl was killed and 14
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others, mostly children, were hurt. it happened yesterday just north of orlando. police say they're looking for a 26-year-old man they say has been arrested eight times since 2000. they say the suspect's suv hit a convertible causing that car to jump a curb and crash through the wall of the day care. the suspect's suv was found a few hours later. school closed this morning at the pennsylvania high school where nearly two dozen people were stabbed yesterday. one student had emergency surgery overnight and is listed in extremely critical condition. he was stabbed several times. doctors do say he could die. yesterday witnesses say 16-year-old alex hribal had had a blank expression on his face as he went through the hallways slashing students with two large knives. hribal who made his first appearance in court is being charged as an adult. he is facing dozens of charges, including four counts of attempted homicide.
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his motive, though, still a mystery. >> not at this point. there's talk out there of certain things happening with a threat and things like that, that's part of an investigation and we'll look into that. it's early and we'll put that together. >> we'll help support resources them here for them. this community is a special place and i don't want that to be last lost. >> hribal told them he wanted to die. he is back in court at the end of the month. another underwater ping was detected about an hour ago as crews search, they continue that search to look for missing malaysian airlines flight 370. an australian naval plane picked up a signal in the same area and sounds were first heard earlier in the week. those pings are consistent with the plane's black boxes. crews will analyze it overnight. the smallest search zone yet. this morning a photograph of
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san francisco international airport is raising terrorism concerns. it was featured in an international publication run by al qaeda. this picture here shows an air train car used at the airport to shuttle passengers. the caption encourages people to assemble bombs. the fbi says it does not believe there is any safety threat to the public. yesterday, the picture was brought up at capitol hill. california congressman eric says people should not be afraid, they should be alert. >> the photo is certainly concerning. it is calling on al qaeda members to carry out a terrorist attack and a year after the boston marathon bombings, we should be mindful that rogue individuals inspired by al qaeda can use household items to carry out these devastating attacks. >> now, we spoke to a terrorism expert at uc berkeley who says it's highly unlikely the sfo picture was intentional. it's likely just a stock
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photograph. this all remains an open investigation, of course. 4:38 right now. time to turn to our microclimate forecast taking a live look outside this morning from san jose. light out there.ic is kind of we'll get to that part of it with mike coming up in a little bit. look at those skies, little foggy in some parts, too, rob? >> really the big part of the sto story, 40s and 50s outside. those temperatures around san francisco and the coast right now, not too bad around the south bay and 54 degrees in san jose around the peninsula you're mostly seeing temperatures in the 40s from san mateo and low 50s there tri-valley waking up to temperatures mostly in the 40s to low 50s. now, notice the visibility mild, mike has been keeping a close eye on this for your morning commute. heading towards san francisco and down the coast to santa cruz, less than a mile visibility impacting highway 17 as you head up over the hill. patches of low clouds lingering
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around the inner bay and the coast even into the late morning hours. west of the golden gate and then late today high clouds coming up out of the south, which hints at some changes for the mountain areas by the time we get into friday afternoon. an isolated shower, perhaps, up around lake county as we get closer to the start of the weekend. sea breeze sticking around and temperatures pretty comfortable and san francisco low 60s with the low clouds coming back in by 5:00 this evening and temperatures comfortable there in the north bay looking pretty good. >> you are talking about the fog in the north bay, the low clouds. still over to san rafael and the camera that rob was talking about, folks. visibility in santa rosa and north of here, even worse than this. traffic flows very smoothly right here and what you need for stopping distance, can't see much more than that at times. the orange overlay shows you the fog and petaluma and along the coast as rob was talking about. watching that closer to the golden gate bridge not as much
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of an issue. remember, both directions have reopened after overnight road work continues. all lanes, again, oepen for the morning commute. a smoother drive through the tri-valley and disabled vehicle reported and watch for a little slowing but the rest of your bay looking close to the speed limit. back to you. >> thank you, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay" another change this morning for facebook users. too hot to handle, the decision surrounding the future of a popular hot sauce, coming up next. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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very good thursday morning to you. it's 4:44. president obama hoping to wrap up a three-day summit today at the lbj presidential library in austin. the president will commemorate what has been accomplished and recommit the nation to fighting remaining inequality. last night former president bill clinton paid his tribute. >> decided to form a more perfect unit.
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and so should we. >> president lyndon johnson signed the act into law in 1964. other u.s. presidents who have spoken at the event, george w. bush and jimmy carter. well, hillary rodham clinton back in the bay area tonight speaking at san jose state university for women lecture series. part of a series of west coast appearances. if you want to hear her speak, still not too late. we checked 30 minutes ago online and 45 tickets left on stub hub ranging from $98 up to $380 each. former u.s. congressman ron paul scheduled to be in san francisco this morning. he will be talking about his beliefs about liberty. that event starts at 10:00 this morning at the common wealth club downtown. it is sold out. declared a hot sauce factory a nuisance. voted last night to give the
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siracha factory 90 days to stop the acid odors that stink up the city. the company says it's been working on a fix since complaints started last fall. back in november the judge ordered to stop operations but by then the pepper season had ended. let's turn to jackie deangeles live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning to you, scott. well, stock futures right now pointing to a slightly lower open on wall street. the federal reserve's decision to keep rates low for the foreseeable future sent stocks soaring with the dough closing up 181 points. as you mentioned, facebook announcing a major change to its mobile app. users will no longer to be able to send private messages from
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inside the facebook app but download a separate messaging app. the change will be official in the next couple weeks but rolled out in a few european countries. the master's golf tournament kicking off in augusta, georgia. tiger woods sitting out for the first time since 1994 due to back surgery and the business impact is expected to be massive. ticket sellers are seeing a major drop in prices, some as much as 66%. nike set to lose $3 million to $4 million due to a loss in airtime from its biggest product endorser and other businesses the hotels and transportation services and the tv ratings all as well expected to take a hit. >> jackie at cnbc, thank you very much. >> everyone likes to watch tiger. >> just not doing it. good day to hit the link physical you can see the ball through the fog. let's check in with rob who is in for christina this morning. >> the low clouds hung out here
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around san jose and seeing it not just in san jose but east bay and looking back across san francisco bay and low clouds and fog for you this morning and that is something to expect in the morning hours with misty skies on the coastal mountains. run into some of that around midday low clouds to break up and inland location s cooling down and then later on tonight low clouds spilling back in across the bay. heading to the giants game taking on the diamondbacks. first pitch after 7:00 fairly cool. temperatures around 60 degrees with areas of low clouds. west of the golden gate down the coast towards santa cruz temperatures upper 50s to mid-50s. sunshine inland and later on tonight, we'll see few high clouds coming on in with low clouds spreading back across the bay and that low cloud cover will thicken up over the next few days.
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keep us cool as we finish off the week and it's going to make the sea breeze feel a little extra strong for inland valleys. start to see some cooling and you'll notice here on the north bay hill tops, way up around northern sonoma county, one thing to watch in the forecast as we head out towards friday and head to the sierras and we may see few isolated mountain showers by the time we hit 5:00 friday evening. as you head into the evening, watch out for that. today, looking pretty nice around saratoga and quloclose t degrees and san mateo and san francisco cool and highs in the low 60s and in the north bay mostly sunny after the low clouds break up and pretty thick fog in santa rosa and mid-70s for the afternoon and pleasanton the warm spot around the bay area those temperatures close to 83 degrees later on. back to you. 4:49 right now. oscar pistorius on the stand right now for a second day of cross-examination. prosecutors ripped apart
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pistorius' apology to reeva steenkamp's family and questioned why the olympic athlete and his girlfriend never exchanged the words, i love you. pistorius said he never got the opportunity to tell her that. messages by steenkamp accusing him of yelling at her. he could face up to 25 years in prison. at 4:50 a houston woman convicted of murder for stabbing her boyfriend to death with her stilleto heel could testify this morning during the sentencing phase of her trial. pinned down 59-year-old boyfriend and stabbed him at least 25 times with a five inch heel of her shoe. the attorneys claim he attacked her and she defended herself with the only weapon she had. not many crocodiles in the san diego, but there is at least one. someone abandoned this four-foot
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crocodile yesterday. he was left inside a storage bin with a note that said, call rescue. but as you can see from the cell phone video, it got out of its cage and started wandering around. the crocodile now in the hands of the state's fish and wildlife. 4:51. sports fans in the bay area could take a lesson from a 7-year-old boy from gilroy. >> caden gonzalez beat out 15 million other entries in the march madness bracket challenge he finished 21st, if he finished 20th he would have won $100,000. he correctly predicted the final four. this is how he wants to visit florida. he chose wisconsin because he likes georgia o'keefe who is from the state and kentucky because it starts with a k and picked uconn because he has a stuffed husky and that's the school's mascot. >> you don't always have to win.
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that's the important thing about every single game. >> ladies and gentlemen, if you take nothing out of that story or even this entire newscast, take that. kaden and his family celebrated his accomplishment by going out to dinner. >> this was different contest from the one that offered the top prize of $1 billion courtesy of warren buffett. but he came pretty close. >> he came close. >> i like the way he does it, too. still ahead, we'll tell you who the sharks will face off against in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs. the tip of the hat to kaden from the peninsula. a smooth flow of traffic and not a major concern. low clouds and fog peeking around the bay, especially along the coast. we'll talk about your east bay commute, though, coming up. it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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well, after nine, yeah, nine straight years of playoff disappointment, the san jose sharks will begin another quest for its first ever stanley cup. we now know the sharks will battle the l.a. kings in the first round of playoffs, this after the ducks beat the sharks in anaheim to clinch the division. the first two playoff games will be at the tank, but we won't know dates or time until early next week, after the regular season officially wraps up. the giants looking to take the rubber mesh tonight at at&t park against the diamondbacks. last night tim lincecum got hit
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hard right off the bat. his nemesis paul goldschmidt for a three-run home run. the diamondbacks never looked back. topping 7 -3. ryan vogelsong on the mound tonight. one of the pleasure periods where it's not so bad even though we have a lot of company. 880 moves smoothly. right by the coliseum, we marked the game warriors play the nuggets tonight, game-time traffic after work. we're showing a smooth drive for 580 and 880 and both directions and all lanes open right now. looking towards the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge crossing the bay there. on the peninsula side and along the coast, rob talking about some fog. watch highway 1 and pacifica and half moon bay. nice, easy flow of traffic.
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watch that 280 connector from northbound 880 to northbound 880 sounds like still a road crew there and clearing in the next few minutes, we'll send it back to you. the search is on right now for a 14-year-old boy now missing off the coast for nearly 14 hours. we'll have a live report from ocean beach, next. plus, we'll tell you about new plans to get more police officers back on to the streets of san jose. >> live look outside, emoriville, little hazy and cooler and foggy, as well. rob mayeda is in for christina and a look at that forecast.
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developing right now, search crews out in the waters off of ocean beach this morning looking for a teenage boy swept out to sea. lots of new developments from the overnight search, next. moments ago, police released new information about the stabbing inside a pennsylvania high school that injured almost two dozen people. and a lot of low clouds around for the morning and an afternoon forecast that is
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trending cooler as we approach the weekend. a look at that, coming up. i don't mind that trend, rob. also trending more busy for the roadways. in fact an issue for 580 as you come out of the pass. we'll give you that coming up. we're so spoiled. when it's cool we like it hot and when it's hot we like it cool. this thursday, april 10th, this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. scouring the water off of ocean beach in hopes of finding an 8-year-old boy swept out to sea. christie smith just spoke with police with live details. >> one coast guard cutter is in the water looking for that 14-year-old boy andhe


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