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tv   Today  NBC  April 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. ready to run. counting down to marathon monday in boston where the pride of determination couldn't be stronger. security tighter than ever along the entire route. thousands of law enforcement officers are on happened. we are live in boston. on edge. an incredible scene in wyoming where the mountainside is slowly cracking. the force of it so powerful it split one house in two. this morning the anxious wait for the residents below. down but not out. a horrifying scene as a 90 mile-an-hour pitch hits a minor leaguer in the face. now he's nursing a massive bruise, but apparently that's not stopping him from talking. and george steals the show
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again. the royals take a trip to the zoo as will and kate take a back seat to their little prince. today, easter sunday, april 20th, 2014. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. happy easter. >> i'm lester holt. we're supposed to come on after prince george. >> imagine how you feel if you had to follow him and you're his parents. >> i'm thinking harper and prince george? >> i didn't want to say anything, but i was waiting for the right time to introduce the two of them. thursday seems like a good time. >> set up a play date. >> is harper going to tweet that? >> she will.
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george will never know who harper is, let's face it. >> great pictures. great pictures from the zoo. we'll show you more coming up. >> it is also easter sunday. pope francis just wrapping up his easter mass at this hour. tens of thousands of people looking on in st. peters square. we'll have more on his message just ahead. >> but we want to begin this morning with the countdown to the boston marathon. since that deadly day last year, law enforcement officials have worked around the clock preparing for this year's race and figuring out new ways to secure the 22.2 mile route. their eyes will be everywhere and stephanie gosk begins this with that massive security effort. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning, lester. everyone is going to feel the extra security tomorrow. racers can't bring backpacks on the course. only allowed fanny packs. spectators were not supposed to bring coolers. there are some 40 check points on the race course.
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there are all extra measures that law enforcement say are just as much about putting people at ease as they are about the security. the mobile command unit for the massachusetts state police wasn't brought in for last year's marathon, but it will be up and running tomorrow. >> we've had it upgraded. the technology is newer in here. the capability is obviously better. the communications are seamless. >> reporter: video from police helicopters and more than a hundred security cameras all along the 26.2 mile route can be instantly accessed on screens or laptops. the center will help local, state, and federal agencies coordinate 3,500 uniformed and plain clothed members of law enforcement. that's double last year's number. >> we're better prepared, better leaders because of the experience last year. >> reporter: since the attack, the police department has invested heavily in its bomb unit. chris connolly and his team have more people and equipment including a new robot and a
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kevlar blast suit. >> maybe 15 minutes. no longer. >> reporter: 15 minutes because you can't hold it up that long. the unit also got five more bomb-sniffing dogs. on race day they will be part of a 45-dog team from around the region. >> we're going to be checking crowds, checking packages. checking anything in the area. >> reporter: they want to try to strike a balance between securing the race and maintaining the fun of the event. >> great marathon. and it's near and dear to all the bostonians. >> reporter: one pastime not going anywhere is the hugs and kisses the men and women get from the college. only numbered runners are allowed. but the decade's old tradition lives on. law enforcement reiterated that it's impossible to completely secure the race, but they are
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actively encouraging people to come out here. the restaurants are packed. the hotel rooms are filled. it's going to be quite a crowd here tomorrow. >> stephanie gosk this morning, thank you very much. thousands of runners were close to the finish line when those bombs went off last year. many of them will be back running again. they say they don't want to finish just for themselves. they are doing it for boston too. to prove that nothing can stop them, nothing can stop the spirit of this race. ron mott is also in boston. he joins us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey there. good morning to you. this is the 118th boston marathon. probably safe to say this has been the most painful marathon but tomorrow is race day finally. a crowded field of about 36,000 runners from the world's elite to first timers is eager for ready, set, go. >> and you're off. >> reporter: on saturday, a 5k
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race that drew more than 10,000 runners. a tribute walk that brought out bombing survivors and wounded warriors moving in solidarity. >> we felt compelled to reach out to the people here and let them know life is going to continue. >> having b.j. here is like having family here. he's been a huge part of our recovery. >> reporter: for many, monday's marathon is a chance to finish what was started a year ago. >> i was still on the course. i was unable to finish. i made it to mile 25 where they stopped up. so i'm back this year to cross that finish line. >> reporter: ethiopian ranked number one in the world is back doechbd his men's title. ri rita jeptoo for the women. no matter who wins the top prize in both divisions, many consider the city of boston the ultimate
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victor a year after tragedy. >> i want to thank you for all your strength and all the things you do. whether you're first responders, survivors, thank you very much for making the city so strong. >> reporter: now, tomorrow is patriots day across the commonwealth of massachusetts. that means that state offices are closed, at lot of schools as well. >> going to be quite a day. ron mott, thank you. we have new development in the search for -- of that south korean ferry. the death toll is rising from the accident now that divers have been able to get inside the sunken vessel. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. after four days of frustration and failure, divers have now found several ways to get into the passenger area of that sunken ship. so the pace of the operation here has quickened. that is of little comfort to the
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parents of so many missing children. you can hear the pain. as the death toll rises, the anguish deepens. one by one their children are being identified. their descriptions put on screen. height were hair, clothes. child 55, 56. both boys. my child was alive in the water, i had a text message, she screamed. but most parents now accept their children are probably dead. some have had enough marching from the rescue center in protest. these relatives are already very angry at what they say are delays in the rescue operation. and they've now been stopped from marching by what looks like a heavy handed police operation. there were scuffles as police blocked them. they wanted to confront korean
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officials looking for someone to blame for this disaster. please help us, she cried. someone help us. li yeon-uk lost her son. the boats are coming ashore more often now. nearly every body that of a 16 or 17-year-old. divers have now found five ways into the ship breaking windows. hundreds of them scouring the ship. but only one in six of those who disappeared have been recovered. for the parents, this is a long and painful wait. as for how this disaster happened, one official said they almost ruled out the possibility that the ship hit a submerged rock. they're focusing instead on a very sharp turn by an
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inexperienced junior officer who prosecutors say was steering the ferry for the very first time. back to you, lester. >> all right. bill neeley in south korea, thanks so much. the story gets sadder by the moment. you feel their anguish and anger. >> absolutely. i can't put myself in their shoes. tough one. jenna has the other top stories. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. the search for malaysian flight 370 is at a critical stage today. officials say it's crucial to find some sign of the missing plane this weekend. check out these pictures which shows the unmanned sub preparing to go back in the water. if nothing is found, the sub may have to begin searching a larger area. terrifying new pictures now from the exact moment when a wall of ice came down on mt. everest. dozens of nepalese sherpas were going through a dangerous path
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when the avalanche killed 13 people. climbing is suspended while the search goes on for three missing sherpas. there's a looming threat this morning over a wyoming resort town. a slow-moving landslide is beginning to tear homes apart as the residents watch and wait for a mountainside to come down. >> reporter: video taken from the air shows a fractured hillside in jackson, wyoming, with cracks large enough to rip a vacant home in half. what started two weeks ago with a slow-moving slide has picked up speed. already the earth is buckling beneath the parking lot of a new drugstore as more rocks and gravel tumble down with officials warning the chunks could get better. across the country the u.s. geological survey says there are hundreds of thousands of landslides and mudslides each year. >> like many hazards, they do endanger people's lives
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occasionally. >> reporter: landslides kill 25 to 50 people a year and create more than $1 billion in damage. last month the mudslide leveled oso, washington, killing at least 29. several homes here remain evacuated with no end in sight in a place where the hills are best known for skiing, not landslides. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. pope francis celebrating easter this morning in front of a massive crowd in st. peters square. more than 150,000 people came to hear the pope say mass on the steps of st. peters basilica. he asked for peace in the ukraine and also peace in syria and nigeria. tens of thousands are expected in denver today to celebrate 4/20. it's a day to light up in public. this is the first 4/20 day in
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the mile high city since they legalized pot, so the turnout is expected to be high. and this is my favorite story of the morning. file this next story under the ultimate dose of irony. this is the story. connecticut senator richard blumenthal stood on a train platform. they were to talk about the safety of the railroad. standing there talking safety. safety. and just as the mayor utters the word safety, as you know it's paramount, a train pulls into the station nearly taking them out. everyone is okay so we're able to laugh at the fact that it is just so ironic. >> the sign is okay too. >> the sign made it through which is also important. >> don't turn your back on a train platform. >> don't get so close. >> thanks very much. and now here's erica. >> thanks. tensions remain very high in
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ukraine today where in the eastern part of that country pro-russian forces have taken over and show no signs of releasing their hold on government buildings. this morning ukraine's prime minister is speaking out exclusively to david gregory on "meet the press" saying he's not sure how far president putin will take it. >> president putin has a dream to restore the soviet union. and every day he goes further and further. and god knows where is the final destination. >> david is with us now in washington. david, good morning. >> good morning. >> so we've heard since this crisis began, we've heard this term sort of bantered about with the cold war. but when you hear the prime minister speaking with you, he believes this could be somewhat of a reality. >> and i think what you hear from that is really a call to the administration that they need more. i mean, ukraine's military is out-gunned. they're up against russian
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forces. a raid on the border as well as these separatists which are russian agents of some kind or russian troops of some kind. and he believes they're not going to stop. as long as putin is convinced he's got some room to maneuver, he'll keep going. he's already taken crimea. there's no reason to believe that that's going to be reversed any time soon. that's a reality that president obama faces. he thought he had a deal this week. that's quickly unravelled. and that's got to be distressing. >> that agreement made earlier this week as you mentioned protesters as we talked about still with that hold on these buildings. vice president biden is set to head to kiev. as we look at this, you mentioned the prime minister wanting more from the administration. what is the plan if this doesn't change? >> well, he's got elections coming up. there's a big aid package that will be prepared by the west. it just won't be the united states to try to help ukraine economically. but i think there's a military point here too.
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you've got nato maybe thinking about ground forces up in the baltic states to send a message to vladimir putin. the question is whether ukraine's military is going to get direct weaponry or some kind of assistance to be able to send a message to putin that this is where it has to stop. i suspect that's a request that biden is going to get this week. >> all right. we'll look for more of that and we'll check in with you in a bit for a closer look at "meet the press." >> thanks. a minor league baseball player is on the mend this morning just two days after he was hit in the face by a 90 mile-an-hour fastball. it's incredible he stood up just moments after he was hit, but some of you still may find this a little tough to watch. here's kerry sanders with the story. >> reporter: minor league ball, top of the second. for de shield a 90 mile-per-hour fastball inside and -- >> it hits shield on the helmet. >> reporter: a look again at that fastball.
6:17 am
a pinch inches from hitting his helmet. instead a direct hit to his face. >> you could hear the thump. >> reporter: he is the starting center fielder with the corpus christi hooves. he tweeted this picture of himself from the hospital. that's not photoshopped. it fractured his cheek. hours later, another photo. thumbs up tweeting i'm doing fantastic. blessed to see another day. >> i'm a little loopy on meds right now, but feeling good. not really much pain. i feel little awkward in the face. >> reporter: the 21-year-old houston astros prospect says he doesn't remember what happened. just the aftermath. >> and i was like, i can't look as bad as i think. i was like wow. then i started laughing. >> reporter: at the test facility in st. louis, it's clear the damage a ball can do to a player.
6:18 am
this is what is 90 mile-an-hour fastball looks like when it strikes a water melon. >> we don't see these kinds of injuries very often, but it really makes sense to me to start protecting people's faces. >> reporter: deshields says he's unphased. the test will be when he's back in the batters box. his father a former major leaguer himself thinks his son will be fine. >> i don't think he'll have a problem getting back on the horse. he's a tough kid. he'll be back. >> reporter: like all athletes, he's anxious to return to play. but that won't happen until the doctors give him the all clear. kerry sanders, miami. >> we're just glad he's able to talk about it. >> i'm shocked he can talk about it. and that official with the water melon too. what a great way to set it up. but ow. >> i feel a little awkward in the face. best bite.
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>> i wonder why. dylan has a check of the weather. >> for this easter most areas will be seeing pretty decent weather. we had a storm yesterday producing rain across the carolinas. the heaviest rain is now moving out over the water. just a couple spotty showers on the coastline. out west, though, dhis is an area where we are going to keep an eye out for strong storms. especially later on this afternoon into early this evening. we could see some large hail with some of those storms and also some damaging
6:20 am
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a live picture right there otthe bay bridge as we kick off the second day of your weekend. i'm sam brock, in for kris sanchez. anthony has a check of the weekend forecast. >> good morning, happy easter to you, sam. happy easter to you at home. you'll know the thing about this morning, sunrise service just started around 6:12 and we're waking up to beautiful conditions. you couldn't ask for a better sunrise than this. san jose, you can see the red hue over the mountains. high clouds overhead, making for a beautiful sunrise. you may need a light jacket, but by this afternoon, plenty of sunshine across every single location. 70 degrees in san francisco.
6:27 am
about 8 degrees warmer than yesterday, even in the trivalley, back to the low 80s. 83 for there, and san jose near 80. we'll talk more about the chances for rain at 7:00. might be surprised. we have two shots of seeing it. we'll see you in a bit. >> developing this morning, a popular new bra and restaurant in downtown san jose becomes a crime scene after four people are stabbed this morning. police say the violence occurred at sp2 communal bar and restaurant just a few doors down from the old spaghetti factory. officers responded to a report of a stabbing around 1:00, where they found a man bleeding. they then learned than three other people had been stabbed but were no longer on scene. leaving all sorts of questions. >> all we know is there was some type of fight, an argument that occurred inside the establishment, before the person was actually stabbed. >> nbc bay area has learned all four men are in their 20s and have been taken to local
6:28 am
hospitals. police say two suffered minor injuries, the condition of the other two right now is unknown. so far, no arrests have been made. >> a chp officer is recovering this morning after a close call with a hit and run driver. they said it happened just before 11:00 on friday night on 101 and an chosy. two officers were manning a dui detail and issuing a traffic ticket when a silver sudan came out of nowhere and sideswiped a patrol car, striking one of the officers who flew into the other officer. the driver of the car then drove off. the 25-year-old officer who was struck suffered a minorlying injury, but has been released from the hospital. another officer in san francisco is also recovering from minor injuries after a police chase ends in a crash. two men under arrest may have robbed and fired shots at a home on balboa street saturday morning in the richmond district of the street. when officers spotted the suspect's vehicle, a chase ens e
6:29 am
ensued ending with the two cars crashing into each other. >> coming up at 7:00 on today in the bay, the sharks continue the playoff battle with the kings at the tank today. we'll show you how team teal is getting an edge with their friends from silicon valley. that plus all your stories coming up at 7:00. right now, for a short period, we'll return you to the today show and see you in about a half hour.
6:30 am
♪ from south carolina -- >> this is the "today" show. >> happy easter to minnesota. >> hello grandma! >> we are back on this easter sunday morning, april 20, 2014. our crowd on the plaza knows how to get the holiday started right. they have been taking nice pictures this morning and sharing them with us. we'll be outside to see them in just a little bit. >> want to get you quickly caught up on the morning's top headlines. 36,000 runners are getting ready to hit the streets of boston for tomorrow's marathon. police have stepped up security on a grand scale since last year's bombing understandably.
6:31 am
they say there will be more eyes on this race than ever in its history. the death toll from that south korea ferry accident is rising now that divers have finally been able to get inside the ship. that ship that sunk off the coast of south korea, more than 500 divers at this point are helping out in that recovery mission. and a slow-moving landslide are destroying parts of one wyoming town. it is creeping towards residents. still to come in this half hour, journey of healing for one man. he was a student at columbine high school during the shooting 15 years ago. i'll tell his story of how meeting other school shooting victims has helped him. and with all the distractions out there, how are you sure young drivers are paying attention behind the wheel? turns out there are plenty of high-tech ways to do it. we're going to show you how they work. and also ahead, it's the center piece of easter tables. the ham. this morning we're showing you everything from the best glaze to the proper way to carve it.
6:32 am
>> so that is coming up. my aunt sarah is watching just for that. i'll give a full report this afternoon. we do begin this half hour with the latest leg of william and kate's down under adventure and our chance once again to see this little guy, prince george. the entire family stopped at the zoo where the little prince was able to get up and close with the animals. >> reporter: most children enjoy a trip to the zoo. very few get part of the zoo named after them. if prince george knew all this fuss was for him, he wasn't letting on. he just wanted to wriggle away from his mom. george met another george. an australian bilby. at first he didn't seem sure about sharing his name with the strange marsupial. and whatever it is he'd like to touch it. prince william was heard saying if he gets it, he'll never let go. prince george can tell us
6:33 am
exactly what he thinks of all those long speeches. he'd also had enough of bilbys. even toy ones. as they continued to see zoo animals, george was taken away. his second public engagement over. we're getting familiar with his cheeky expressions. as with all families, everything resolves around the baby now. kate and william would never be too far away from their son. earlier today they went to an easter sunday church service in sydney while george stayed with his nanny. even so the duchess told another mum how much she's missing him. william and kate are happy the trip's almost over and prince george has stepped onto the national stage with a little help. nbc news, london. >> good to be the prince.
6:34 am
>> it is great to be the prince. never follow cute kids and animals. dylan, good luck with this one because you're up with a final check of the forecast. >> it is a tough act to follow. determined to find some easter bonnets out here on easter sunday morning. we found them. and it's also your birthday. where are you from? >> fairfield, connecticut. >> are you having a good time in new york? >> yes. >> and you look beautiful. your whole family does here. and we are going to see a really nice day across much of the country this easter sunday. temperatures starting to warm up. we'll be in the 70s and 80s through the midwest and down in tex texas. we have a threat of stronger storms through the red area in west central texas, we could end up with large hail and damaging wind gusts. elsewhere things are looking quiet. that goes for boston tomorrow too.
6:35 am
absolutely perfect for the boston their thon. we're not looking at a whole lot of wind. temperatures should start off with the 40s and 50s. that slight risk area of strong storms does spread eastward tomorrow through eastern texas we are going to see again the chance of hail and damaging wind gusts. any tornadoes would be >> and that is your latest forecast. >> thanks. erica? >> dylan, thanks. today is the 15th
6:36 am
anniversary of the columbine high school shooting. it was a day marked with sadness understandably for the survivors and families who lost loved ones. >> to this day many of them still struggle to come to terms with that awful violence. that's why one man who was a high school junior at the time decided to confront his fears and anxiety by traveling across the country to meet survivors of other school shootings. this is how sam grinio, a 32-year-old film maker, feels when the month of april rolls around and the columbine anniversary approaches. >> it's a time when everything starts coming to life and really all i can think about is death. >> reporter: but this year, he's decided to do something about his yearly anxiety. a cross country trip to meet the survivors of other school shootings in the locations where their misfortune took place. >> that's a scary journey. and can open up a lot of pain. >> yeah. because i didn't know what it would be like to completely
6:37 am
submerge myself in just the whole idea of school shootings. i'm driving into jonesboro, arkansas, right thousanow. there was a middle school shooting here in 1998 which was a year before columbine. this is the first time i've ever stepped foot on the grounds of the location of another school shooting. >> reporter: sam is meeting two teachers. debbie spencer, who saw several of her students die that tragic day. and lynnette bedford, who was shot and barely survived. >> i'm surprised they didn't kill more than what they did. because, i mean, that was just -- >> reporter: healing, they tell sam, took a long time. physically and emotionally. >> what are some of the greatest tools that help you get through any of these hard moments? >> i just said, it's okay. that's the one thing i think i learned the most. whatever you're feeling is normal. that was the best piece of
6:38 am
advice i ever received. >> reporter: sam and the teachers talk for hours. and somewhere during the conversation, sam starts getting this feeling. that somehow he doesn't belong here. >> sometimes i feel like i didn't go through enough to be able to talk to you. >> yes, you did. you did. i don't care if you were shot or not. you were injured. you are a victim. i don't think you should ever let anybody minimize that. that is -- you know, you suffered. >> well, thank you for that. >> reporter: is that part of what you were looking for, some sense of validation that what you're going through, what this is really all about is entirely real? >> yeah. debbie and lynnette, they really show med me that we're all in ts together. that part was incredible. >> sam has a pretty harrowing story of where he was in columbine and what he faced that day which you'll hear in the story. interesting, a lot of the shootings, a lot of the places he went to, they happen in the
6:39 am
spring. virginia tech anniversary was last week. red lake, minnesota, the shooting there in 2005. that was in march. of course, today is the anniversary of columbine. people who've gone through these, they face, you know, spring is this time of awakening and flowers and trees. but they get this sense of dread when the anniversary comes along. you can see more of sam's journey tonight on "dateline" at 8:00/7:00 central right here on nbc. >> powerful journey there. just ahead here on "today," getting your teenage driver to keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. we'll share some new technology that is helping parents do just that right after these messages.
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this morning on "today's consumer" new technology that could help keep your kids and, frankly, you safe behind the wheel. april is national distracted driving awareness month. as any parent knows, in this age of social media, teens are especially at risk behind the wheel. consumer correspondent janice lieberman is here with some possible solutions for us all. i want to emphasize to all. because we all need these, janice. >> 100%. we worry about our kids texting and ourselves. now there are apps available to help parents monitor children while they're on the road. we asked a family with three young drivers to check them out. it only takes seconds. one look down and a frightening
6:42 am
crash. jerry shankle constantly sends his three daughters videos like these. to remind them not to text and drive. >> it also makes me think of, you know, it's not going to happen to me. i'm just going to send one text message, and then i'll be fine. >> reporter: jerry's daughter, kirsten, learned a hard lesson several years ago. >> i looked down at my phone for a moment. and i ended up -- i was in a car accident. >> reporter: but the girls admit they still look at their phones every once in a while. >> i am guilty. of using my phone. >> i have checked my phone. i have sent a text. i have read a text. i've answered my phone before. >> reporter: we found three apps meant to offer parents some peace of mind while discouraging drivers from texting behind the wheel. taylor tried cellcontrol driveid at $129. it works by blocking all driver cell phone functions when the car is in motion. it also allows her parents to
6:43 am
track her car. kirsten was set up with for $13.95 annually. the app reads your texts and e-mails outloud. >> a message from aubrey. >> hey, what's up? >> reporter: and lindsay, text limit. for $24.99 a year she couldn't make calls or texts on the road. and her parents could monitor her driving activity. a week later, we checked in with our young drivers and their parents. first up, cell control's driveid. >> it has the device in the car. once you start your car and put it in drive, it totally blocks all functions of the phone. >> reporter: as for that $129 price tag? >> i do think that's worth it. you know, for what it's doing. i mean, saving your life. >> reporter: lindsay had the text limit app. >> i couldn't do anything on my phone. but if somebody called me i could answer it. and if somebody texted me, i would look down and see the text. >> reporter: the makers of text limit noted that apple devices
6:44 am
override textlimit to allow incoming text message alerts. however, the user cannot read the entire message or send outgoing messages. as for kirsten's experience with which reads texts and e-mails out loud? >> it didn't prevent me from texting e-mails and receiving phone calls. i did find it a little distracting. >> reporter: drive safely responded saying if you prefer not to listen to your messages read aloud or to respond by voice, you can use drive as an auto responder. it sends a message back to sender letting them know you are driving. consumer reports says this technology is a good start. >> we found many were very beneficial. they're not perfect yet. they're certainly a step in the right direction. >> reporter: and mom and dad are glad their daughters tried these apps. >> i had a little bit more peace of mind this weak. >> this week we had three less distracted drivers on the road. >> big daddy's watching. >> big daddy's watching. >> always. we should note the driving filmed in our peace was done
6:45 am
with safety in mind. we kept the girls in the parking lot. >> and monitored it and monitored their speed. there is also a very low tech, completely free option that people have. that's simply to put your phone somewhere where you can't even reach it or see it or hear it. >> put it in the backseat. have a designated reader. my son who's 11 reads my texts to me. if it's absolutely crucial he can actually write back. but just forget it. everything can wait. >> your son in the car. that's a good reminder that we're setting the example. >> it's hard. >> great information all around. janice, thanks. let's head over to dylan in the orange room with our plaza fan of the day. >> good morning, erica. we're having fun here. these two guys, they were going to come yesterday. and, boy, are they happy they waited till today. we have katherine and gabriel halfner from minneapolis. you guys, take it away. >> still coming up, the perfect way to cook your easter ham. >> but first these messages.
6:46 am
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this morning on "today's kitchen," easter ham. it will be the center piece of so many tables today. how do you make sure it looks
6:49 am
and tastes delicious. julia collin daveson, executive food editor for america's test kitchen is going to show us. she knows what she's talking about. she's cooked over 100 hams to find the perfect recipe. julia, good morning. great to see you. my first instinct is the instructions say put it in the oven and heat it up. it's already cooked. >> you think about a ham, it's already cooked. those instructions will leave you with leather. hams dry out in the oven. we have a better way. >> you added a step. it involves water. >> hot water. if you wouldn't mind helping me out we'll put the ham in hot tap water. >> in the package? >> leave it in the package. if there's tears or holes wrap it in saran wrap. we're heating the ham through without losing any moisture. >> how long will it sit in there? >> for an hour and a half. >> you have to replace the hot water. >> halfway through refresh it with more hot water. then we're going to get ready for the oven. of course, take it out of the
6:50 am
packaging. take covering here. there's a plastic cap on the bone on the bottom. back it in an oven bag. buy these at the grocery store. >> seal this up? >> that's right. the other bag helps to retain the moisture as it bakes in the oven. these twist ties come with the bag. but, of course, you can use butcher's twine if you have it. >> i'm thinking you're going to want to vent it, though. >> yes. if you don't vent the bag it'll blow up in the oven. here. >> we're going to seal it up. then it's ready to go in. >> that's right. it goes into a low oven. 250 degrees for about ten minutes a pound. >> we don't want to dry this out. >> that's right. of course, you know, i haven't done anything with the glaze yet. >> it comes with glaze. >> the ingredients? >> high fructose corn syrup, sugar, honey. >> tastes about as good as it sounds. you want to make your own glaze. they're really easy to make. available, the recipes on the website.
6:51 am
this is a cherry port. this is an orange maple. and this is an apple ginger. again, you just put a few ingredients into a sauce pan. cook it down until it's really thick. takes about five minutes. >> they're all prepared roughly the same. >> pick your favorite flavor. >> i love cherry. >> me, too. bring your glaze back here. here. we're going to glaze the ham. this ham has been in the oven for, again, about an hour and a half. it's nice and hot. what you're going to do is you're going to snip the bag open. now it's time to glaze. going to roll back the bag. you see those juices in the bottom. >> all the product of the soaking. >> that's right. >> now we're going to glaze the ham. we're going to put it back into an oven. you're going to raise the oven temperature to 350. just so that the glaze can get nice and caramelized on the outside of the ham. just for the final ten minutes. notice how thick this glaze is. that's good. you really want it to stick to the ham. >> again, the key is putting it
6:52 am
back in the oven after we glaze it. >> that's right. just for about ten minutes. >> everything will stay on there. >> that's right. here we have a nice finished ham. >> this is the final product. >> you want to cut the ham. >> happy easter. >> happy easter. good morning. when you a cut a ham, put it on i wants side. do this in the kitchen, not on the table. it will make a mess of your table cloth. note where the bone is. you want to cut alongside the bone. you cut up the meat. of course, you'll have a little glaze leftover. >> it'll drip down the side. >> yep. julia collin daveson, thanks for coming up. we're going to munch on that when we go away here. still to come on a sunday, ed weeks from "the mindy project." more of the spring and easter photos you've been sending us. if you don't mind, we're going to munch here. ahhh, number 1 of my 20 is for chacne.
6:53 am
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that is the smooth talking dr. jeremy reid, plays by british actor ed weeks on the hit show "the mindy project" which just got picked up for a third season. a fine way to celebrate. why not celebrate on the "today" show plaza? that's why ed is here this morning. >> happy easter. >> happy easter. nice to have you here. dr. jeremy reid, i understand, was originally written as sort of a bradley cooper-esque guy. >> he was written american. my american accent leaves a lot to be desired. sounds borderline racist. i went native. >> it's worked out all right.
6:57 am
>> it has worked out all right. no acting required. >> perfect. >> i'm a gynecologist. my mother is so proud. >> my understanding is you have a pretty good american accent and new york accent courtesy of one of your cast mates, chris mesina. >> i can do a pretty good impression of chris mesina. he has a gravelly voice. >> that's good. i'm glad you made the character as a british doctor. your character started off as a little bit of a womanizer. then you turned into a semidecent guy. semidecent character. do you enjoy the role? do you like playing this role? >> i loved it. the beginning of the second season they put me in a fat suit i think to make him a bit more vulnerable and likable. in fact, it was a onesie. chris mecina was helpful. that sounds wrong. >> you've actually been kind of
6:58 am
tagging along with danny, chris's character, with the whole breakup. is there any hope of them getting back together? >> i think it's like in normal relationships when people have been friends before. it's always going to be on and off. it's going to be a roller coaster. i think they're destined to be together. that's my personal opinion. >> it's a tfunny show. congratulations on the third season. let's check in with david gregory, find out what's coming up on "meet the press." >> just how far will russian president putin go and what can be done to stop him? this morning i have an exclusive interview with the prime minister of ukraine. we're also going to hear from the chair of the democratic party on whether this week's pretty positive news on health care can turn the tide for democrats in the fall. all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> 20 seconds. >> david, thanks very much. >> that's going to do it for us on this sunday morn. thanks for watching. if you're celebrating, happy easter. good luck on the egg hunt. >> i'll see you here for "nbc
6:59 am
nightly news." until then, have a great
7:00 am
good morning. i'm sam brock. coming up on today in the bay, a vile want night at a brand new south bay bar and restaurant. a suspect or suspects still on the loose after four people were stabbed. also, thousands expected to take over golden gate park today for a pot celebration. how police are going to maintain order. >> and sun splashed blue skies always a welcome sight in the bay area, but don't get too comfortable. changes on the way. we have a look at the seven-day forecast. this is today in the bay. a little after 7:00 on your easter sunday. a live picture right there of the bay bridge. nice sunday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'


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