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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well, good morning, everyone. 4:30 in the morning, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's say good morning to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning and so close to the weekend for you. we have showers on the radar this morning. we told you they were coming in and they have arrived right on time. now, for the most part this activity stay well to the north of the golden gate bridge and we'll see two very different parts of the bay in the north bay versus what we're expecting here in the south bay. dive into the forecast coming up and tell you what is on the way for mother's day weekend.
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for now here's mike inouye and your morning drive. >> turn the camera further north and see right-hand lane at willow eanother rig off the freeway and another stuck on the shoulder there that is the disabled rig on the peninsula. the bad news, very close to the only lane for that off ramp at willow. look at the maps and get you located and not a lot of slowing in the area. we'll give you that warning if you are exiting there in palo alto just north of university avenue. smooth drive across the bay and throughout the south bay. a new incident reported. a fender bender crash right here westbound 24 on the oakland side but more information from chp, i'll bring that to you coming up. back to you. at 4:31. we begin with breaking news this morning. an islamic rebel group set off a bomb leveling a syrian hotel. there's been no confirmation thus far. the hotel is largely used by
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government troops as a military base in aleppo. several buildings were damaged in that explosion. the rebel group planted a huge amount of explosives in a tunnel they dug under the hotel and detonated them remotely. crews keeping an eye out for hot spots after a mobile home caught fire in sunnyvale. dozens of firefighters were able to keep the flames contained just to the one mobile home. nobody hurt, no word yet on a cause. they're still at the scene. this is on borregas avenue. in just a few hours air force one will land on the peninsula for a quick, but busy bay area trip. after landing in mountain view just before 4:00, president obama will attend an intimate round table meeting of the estranged wife of google.
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later the president will take part at a fund-raiser and tomorrow morning president obama will talk about energy efficiency at a walmart in mountain view. then air force one will depart from moppet field just after 11:00 a.m. last night the president rubbed elbows with some of hollywood's elite. ambassador of humanity award from filmmaker steven spielberg at a gala at usc. we're going to have continuing coverage of the president's visit all morning long coming up in our next half hour and more on how mr. obama's trip will impact your trip home. we'll also stream his arrival live on two schools in danville in response to a couple threatening message. latest message found right on campus. found in the boy's bathroom and referenced hurting people on may 8th and that is today.
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the principal sent out an e-mail saying even though the staff does not think the threat is credible, they contacted the danville police department and increased supervision. several parents we spoke with said they're so concerned they're not going to let their children go to school today as a precaution. similar to some found in the charlotte wood middle school and canceled some school activities there. at 4:34. happening now. a statewide manhunt is under way for a cal fire battalion chief suspected of stabbing his fiancee to death. 55-year-old fleming killed 26-year-old sarah douglas in sacramento last week. after looking for him in the area, authorities expanded their search statewide saying fleming is an avid outdoorsman who has keys to fire gates, trails and cal fire facilities. a spokesperson says those keys give him access to hundreds of miles of back roads and other
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state supplies and facilities throughout california. fleming has spent a lot of time in the santa cruz mountains. he is believed to have two guns with him and is considered dangerous. the san jose woman accused of stabbing her baby boy to death may enter her plea in court today. ashley newton has been in jail since she was arrested april 26th. investigators say she drove her 7-month-old boy to a park in livermore, deliberately wrecked her car and then stabbed the child. the sequence of events is still a bit unclear, but while officials were investigating the car crash, they say newton came out of the woods holding the body of her baby. investigators say she also had stab wounds, those are believed to be self-inflicted. investigators will be examining the wood chipper used after a tree trimming job at oakland. some say workers may have killed endangered baby birds. the black crowned knight harins were nesting in the trees on alice street between the 13th
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and 14th. the post office hired a crew to trim those trees because workers were tired of bird droppings on their truck. a neighbor took cell phone video of the crew at work on saturday and at the bottom of the tree you can see a small bird flapping its wings. crews rescued five from the parking lot with injuries consistent of falling out of a nest. some residents were worried that chicks were killed during the tree trimming. >> they took the nest and put it in another part of the tree away from harm's way and continued trimming those trees. >> they really made a big mistake and there are a lot of us in this city are really furious about it. >> handling the endangered species may be a violation of the migratory bird treaty act. the u.s. fish and wildlife service is investigating the incident. today we could learn more about a raid involving several state and local agencies which resulted in an internet
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sweepstakes cafe getting shut down for good. yesterday the california department of justice and the milpitas police department rated net connection on jacqueline road. this exclusive video shows officers loading about 50 computers on to a trailer, detaining a few of the cafe patrons, as well, in the parking lot. sweepstakes cafes have prompted legal fights in several states because they try to skirt gambling laws by claiming just to charge customers for internet time. but in reality police say they're providing access to video slot machines and other games on server software. >> they told me it was all legal. i am very upset to hear they closed it down, i don't think it's right. they need to put this back up. >> the state bureau of gaming control issued an advisory last year saying sweepstakes cafes are illegal under state law. many remain open. the milpitas police department said it's planning to provide more information about the raid later today. 4:37.
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happening today lawyers for a tech titan will deliver opening arguments in the fight for access to a secluded beach hide away. here's the area that we're talking about. martins beach five miles south of half moon bay. co-founder of sun microsystems owns land next to the beach. in 2010 closed an access road going through the property effectively making the beach inaccessible. the surf rider foundation sued saying the public has a right to access the beach. new this morning, a small earthquake shook southern california last night. no reports of any injuries or damage. it happened near a city a few miles south of los angeles. the magnitude 3.3 quake hit just before midnight. no reports of injuries or damage. thousands posted on social media, though, saying they felt a strong jolt. let's check with weather this morning and christina, happy thursday to you.
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>> that will put a jolt in your morning. happy thursday to you, as well, scott, laura, everybody at home. just two more days to get through and then we have mother's day weekend. and temperatures are going to warm up rapidly as we get into that weekend. but between now and then we actually have showers on the radar. so, this isn't going to impact everybody. here's the deal, showers for the most part to the north of the golden gate bridge as we head throughout the day today. you can see right now that is the case. kind of pesky activity. it will intensify as we head into your afternoon and let me take it to your futurecast. stop the clock and even by 5:00 p.m., still tracking those showers. between 5:00 and 9:00, little activity down here in the south bay and clear out overnight and still see comfortable t temperatures today. you want to bring your umbrella with you in san francisco and north bay with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for today. 69 degrees along the peninsula and 69 for east bay and, hey, hold up, before you get out here, we have your mother's day
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forecast. couple things to note if you're outdoors on sunday. say happy thursday to mike inouye. >> looking towards the bay bridge which is happily moving along, as well. taillights towards the right and that's northbound. we'll look at the map and see a smooth drive on the span and approaching through the maze, i have circled over towards the right side of the screen the orinda side of the caldecutt tunnel. picking up the overnight road work and maybe one of the trucks was hit and no injuries reported and a crew heading to the scene with an ambulance just in case because we got the initial report there. sound like all lanes are cleared, as well. again, a cal trans crew may have been involved. the rest of your bay moves very smoothly and coming into dublin on the right side of your screen and no problems out of livermore and in through the area through the dublin interchange. in the south bay a nice, easy drive, as well. 880 right around stevens creek
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and typical overnight crews there and we'll look at the north bay for southbound 101 heading towards the curve through the curve here at north and look at that, barely any company. that's okay, they're not complaining. >> not just yet. thanks a lot. 4:41. still ahead, a case of emergency text 911. the new program aimed at giving people another way to get help. plus, the world's first banking system for pot. why lawmakers hope the move will help make marijuana safe. got a story efor nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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welcome back, everyone. it it's 4:44. the next public face for obama care takes the seat today. will appear before the senate to determine if she will be the next u.s. secretary of health and human services. birdwell will replace kathleen sebelius who stepped down after the problematic rollout of she has been the director of management and budget. calling for help without
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saying a word. soon text 911 in an emergency. starting next week california emergency dispatch centers can provide text to 911 service through the county's four leading wireless carriers. a program designed with hearing and speech problems but will provide everyone with another way of getting emergency help. >> let's say if someone was following me or something down the street, i might not want it, i might not be inclined to call the police or dial 911 if i don't want that person behind me to know i'm calling the police. i might be more inclined to use the text message-type system. >> might get faster to them by texting. >> it could still be years before texting 911 is widespread throughout the state because emergency centers do not have the necessary hardware to actually support it. this morning, a bill designed to protect your smartphone from thieves will have another shot in the state senate. the kill switch bill failed to pass in sacramento a few weeks
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ago, following strong opposition from the cell phone industry. but state senator mark leno will push it forward, again, today. one thing in his favor apple which opposed the kill switch bill now not taking a side on it and running i0s 7 has a kill switch built in. for the rest of the news before the bell, let's turn to courtney reagan live in cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. futures are higher after another choppy day of trading on wednesday. stocks fell at the open but recovered some ground when allen testified before congress. the economy will be in better shape at the end of this year. the dow had its best day in three weeks but the nasdaq closed at a three-week low. data on unemployment and another hearing on the economy and the dow rising 117 points from 16,518. the nasdaq slipping 13 to 4067. well, now you can get your
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package delivered seven days a week. amazon is expanding sunday delivery service to 15 more u.s. cities, including philadelphia, dallas and new orleans. the bay area is not on the list yet. the online retailer first rolled out the service in new york and los angeles in november as a part of the deal with u.s. postal service and just ahead of the holiday shopping season. no extra charge for sunday delivery. that's a bonus, too. back to you. >> all right, courtney, thank you very much. >> that is a big bonus. meteorologist christina loren. some rain in the works. >> some rain in the works. temperatures this morning are really mild and starting out in the 50s, but, yeah, some showers on the radar this morning and we're going to see more activity as we head throughout the day today. things are pretty calm right now and you can see the wind is picking up and jet stream just to our north and a little breezy this morning in san francisco keep that in mind else where and mostly in the single digits to kick off the day. low clouds to start and mostly clear inland and temperatures comfortable as we head throughout this afternoon and notice the low clouds just about
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all day long clinging to the coastline and located right over the bay. so, turning cloudy on and off showers to the north today and then we have a big-time warm up coming your way. so, if you want to get outdoors, today is your day to do so. that sun will set this evening at about 8:06. as we head throughout the day today, take your umbrella with you. showers on the radar and just about all day long. 70 degrees a whole other story to tell you down in the south bay and for the peninsula with a mix of sun and clouds and turning cloudy by the end of the day and temperatures in the 70s. so, comfortable conditions. here's where we're headed. as we get into your mother's day weekend. that warm up kicks in and look at the difference between saturday and sunday. from 71 degrees in the south bay on saturday up to 87 degrees by sunday. pretty warm out there and you want to get outdoors with your mom saturday might be a better day to do so and sunday do something indoors and monday that heat cranks. back to you guys. >> thank you much. the head of the company that owned the ferry that sank off south korea's coast last month
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has been detained for questioning. officials think the ferry was overloaded with cargo that may have contributed, they think, to the sinking. more than 300 people onboard have died or are still missing. four employees at the company that own the ferry have been arrested. officials say they knew the ferry took on a dangerous amount of cargo, but did nothing before it started its final voyage. this morning, we are expecting to get an update on the circus accident, the hair-hanging stunt that crashed to the ground and injured nine performers. investigators believe the steel clip holding up the chandelier-like platform failed. since that incident, the show has moved from rhode island to hartford, connecticut. where a news conference will be held today. coincidentally tonight will be the first performance of the show since the accident. colorado just approved plans for the world's first pot banking system. the plan would let marijuana businesses form a co-op that acts as a credit union. not insured by the federal
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government the way banks are, though. because marijuana is still illegal under law a cash-only business. the concern is the pot shops are more vulnerable to thieves if they deal only in cash. lawmakers also hope the move will make it easier to detect illegal activities like money laundering. still ahead on "today in the bay" silicon valley twist. coming up, technology helping select teams evaluate college athletes. and we're looking over here towards the commute. i'm evaluating the san mateo bridge. camera shakes a little bit. we'll talk about what i see as far as that crash over near the c cal decut coming up.
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welcome back. we took a live picture of san jose here as the sun is yet to come up. it is supposed to be fantastic for mother's day, though. 4:53. today football fans across america have been waiting for since the super bowl because it's draft day. the raiders have the fifth overall pick and the 49ers sit at number 30. both teams will likely miss out on this fellow. south carolina defensive end clowny barring a surprise the houston texans are expected to pick him number one overall. fresno statewide receiver devante adams will bikely be the first bay area native to hear
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his name called. adams has the potential to be a late-round pick maybe in the first round. a big accomplishment considering he didn't even take football seriously until his junior season. another name to look out for, san jose quarterback david fails. fails expected to go somewhere in the fourth or fifth round but 49ers head coach jim harbaugh calls him one of the top five quarterbacks on the board. visited both the niners and raiders camps recently said he'll spend draft day with his family in his hometown of salinas. our own bob redell has exclusive access to the 49ers new home. coming up in 49 minutes we'll take you inside levi's stadium for a tour. nobody has ever done it. bob will give us a sneak field at the field and the broadcast booth and the green roof terrace. silicon valley technology is helping two nfl teams evaluate draft prospects.
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exclusively teaming up with the autolanta falcons and jacksonville jaguars to break down an athlete's physical potential. now, this is a photo posted on the company's website. it shows clowny jumping off a so-called force plate. the data is instant. its software can measure not only speed and strength, but also reveal whether a college star is at risk of an injury, like even blowing out a knee. so, many eyes on football tonight but we can't forget about the giants. >> never. our g-men are down in los angeles gearing up for a four-game series against the dodgers. giants looking to bounce back after two straight one-run losses to the pirates. it will be ryan vogelsong on the hill tonight. first pitch just after 7:00 and on a side note pitcher matt cain activated from the disabled list tomorrow. you'll recall just a couple weeks ago he cut his finger while making a sandwich in the clubhouse. >> matt wants to clear this up, by the way. he made the sandwich.
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he's tired of people saying making. he was cutting it into quarters. that's when he cut his finger. he was able to make the sandwich. he does want to set that straight. let's check in with mike this morning. >> should have called in the closer for him. >> he would have eaten it. >> there you go. looking over here towards the east shore freeway. westbound 80 with the lights moving very smoothly underneath university avenue. no advisories from anyone there. so, don't worry about it. looking over towards the map, as well. arrow shows you the direction we were looking at. westbound as you're heading right towards it that caldecott tunnel. and crew that was clearing grazed one of the trucks by another truck there. no injuries reported, but there's still a crash activity over there approaching the caldecott and both directions and a smooth drive around the rest of the bay, as well.
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live look at our dublin camera westbound with this stream of headlights. you see the flashing lights there, that is just a crew, the overnight road crews heading past and getting ready to clear and no slowing because of very light traffic in the area. back to you. >> that's detail on your morning commute. >> mike knows all about this. speaking of traffic, president obama visited today. expected to tie up bay area roadways. we'll hear from mike what you need to know about your evening commute coming up. plus, threatening graffiti found in one bay area city has police, parents and students on high alert. we'll show you how schools are responding this morning. i want to tell you about a unique group of people.
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♪ the arrest that has secret service agents rushing to a tiny town in texas. and another inconsistent weather pattern to tell you about. we have showers on the radar this momorning. triple-digit heat just days
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away. president obama comes to the bay area today and so will traffic jams. we'll take a look at where you need to avoid and when. and i'll also show you what's going on right now like over on the peninsula we have a disabled big rig and we will talk about that presidential trip coming up. a live look outside it's thursday, may 8th. this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. fire crews on the scene of a mobile home fire that caught fire overnight in sunnyvale. dozens of firefighters able to keep the flames contained just to this unit. no one hurt that we know of, but the fire chief says it is still too soon to determine that cause.


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