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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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incredible images right there of some of the men pulled out alive. >> looking live this morning over looking san jose the sun is up the coolest part of the day is probably over by now. temperatures creeping up, it is wednesday, may 14th, this is today in the bay. i'm scott mcgrue. >> right now. we'll look live in san francisco. the san matteo bridge. you think it has been hot this week it is going to get hotter temperatures in the triple
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digits. one thought where some people will try to beat the heat. we have team coverage. today in the bay's christie smith is live. >> good morning to you. i know you two are prepared because you have to listen every ten or 15 minutes. you are not aware of how hot it to going to be. >> you are putting yourself in danger because we are talking about triple digits unless you can get out to the coast. we are going to see relief today. we are talking about the upper 70s to low 80s this time of year. we are going to be a few degrees
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away from the south bay. 102 in morgan hill today. temperatures are going to be hot hot hot out in saratoga. 101 degrees in sunnyville as well. so guys, make sure you are aware of the hot day ahead. you want to have that sunscreen ready to go as well as the water. we want to tell you how you can keep your house cool. >> back to you, scott and laura are. as christina mentioned it is going to be a scorcher today. >> today in the bay's christie smith joins us live. that is going to be packed, i'm sure christie. it doesn't get better than this at ocean beach at 6:00 in the morning. people are wearing shorts and jogging. a lot of folks walking by saying isn't this beautiful. that is what it is like. they could be in for quite a
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surprise. we caught up with a pod of whales off the coast putting on quite a show. in walnut creek, swimmers and people who don't do laps trying to get into 8:00 am to beat the heat. same thing, iced cream, popsi e popsicles shade, trying to keep cool for the young ones and spring temperatures who are near 100 degrees. one teacher saying she tells her students not to over do it and stay hydrated. sometimes you go outside and it is really really hot. >> one of dozens of cooling centers that have opened up across the bay area that keep everyone that needs to stay cool in that condition and i wanted to show you back here live howbute how beautiful it is this morning.
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i had a san francisco police officer stop by saying he couldn't believe how warm it was already how warm it was. reporting live. in san francisco. >> nice way to stort yoar your morning. >> we will be following the latest heat wave for you. all day and online. christina will be back with your full forecast. lots of information about cooling centers. remember to check on your elderly neighbors as well. it is 6:04 happening now. crews are working to repair a
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telephone poll. power lines came down and started a small brush fire. kirker pass road will probably be closed in that area. if you need to get through officials suggest using highway four. >> let's check in with him. we have a live shot on northbound 101. right under that 286 interchange. we are looking at the hov lane i don't know the extend of the injuries. traffic is starting to bog down.
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north 85 to 87 to get around that slowing. smooth slow of traffic. 84 shows a bit of traffic slowing from alvarado northbound or eastbound towards 680 continuing up and we'll track that down if i find trouble through the area. you guys were talking about this before the traffic came in. do not use that as your cut through. you will see extra slowing now. southbound 242 we'll take you back down and you get about your way on those surface streets. hopefully another hour or so and they can clear that. nothing unexpected through the tunnel and we are showing you a
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live look outside as well. got to say something. back to you. new developments out of turkey where 240 people are dead. hundreds more still trapped. here is video of that scene in western turkey outside a mine that exploded and caught fire. today in the bay's peggy bunker joins us now. >> this will surely affect every family in soma. the death toll now sitting at 232 after the explosion. this is 155 miles south of istanbul. this happened during a shift change when more corkkworkers t normal were inside the mine. and they shouted their release.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> 363 miners have been pull ped out alive so far. family members wait near the entrance hoping that they will be their loved one. they were below ground when a transformer blew. rescuers are pulling out many victims 232 dead so far. most died from carbon monoxide poisoning. trapping them about 450 yards below ground. and then this, dozens of ambulances carried them dead or alive. the scene can only be described as complete chaos. the receisafety records for min
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there questionable. this mine has been inspected five times in the past two years. during that inspection no violations were discovered. tough to look at that scene. so many families there waiting to find out if there loved one was still be low ground. >> nothing they can do. thank you. >> it is 6:09 right now. still ahead on today in the bay. unexpected and unwelcome sight. coming up. we'll tell you why these cameras are being installed without warning in neighborhoods throughout the city. and a heat wave this is a look from our san bruno camera. we'll have more in just a moment.
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we just miss a quick traffic break. all lanes are starting to move all but the hov lane. we see the traffic backing up to pick up three cars in the center divide. murder trial for oscar pistorius
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will be delayed. the head prosecutor requested evaluation after a key witness for the defense tested that he had an anxiety disorder when he shot and killed his girlfriend, v reva steamcamp. >> officials say a transformer exploded causing the massive fire that is still burning. most of the deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. >> as throw naughts are back on earth this morning. >> new this morning a man wearing a head lamp trying to put out a brush fire with a bucket of liquid.
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that fire returned bright enough for several drivers to see. fire crews were able to arrive and put it out. no reports of damages or injuries. this morning, we are learning new details about a mystery on the peninsula. bob redell is live this morning. what are those cameras all about? >> good morning laura and scott. it is the same question people here had and in other parts of town. what is that newly installed video camera doing outside of my house. what is it and why weren't we notified. you are looking at this one and there are as many as a dozen video cameras. the city is using these to count
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the number of bikists and pedestrians to count the number of bikists in the neighborhood. a man complained to the city of this video camera. this is installed outside of his house. he feels like it is an invasion of privacy and he is peeved that the city did not notify him in advance. the city said it was a consultant that installed them. the city points out that the cameras do not point into anyone's windows. and the video is deleted afterwards the one here is reportedly supposed to come down on saturday, you but the particular homeowner says he wants it down as soon as possible. the consultants are using tube
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counters across the road. they don't see one at this location here but they are using those in addition to the video cameras because they aren't as accurate as you can imagine that they do not count a pedestrian unless they stand on them. you can see they are not points do down. >> the fate of pot clubs lingering in the area today. the city council postponed a vote to shut some of them down next week. city council and the mayor heard testimony from numerous club owners considering new rules to
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stay 10 tho,000 feet away and considering cutting the number of dispenries to 20. a weather alert as we give you a live look at san jose and san francisco this morning. heat wave getting cranked up today. it is going to be a hot day at the ball park for both of our bay area teams. here is a live look at the cove. >> the giants take on the dodgers today. let's go for a live look at the coliseum. the a's take on the white sox at 12 12:35. >> it is going to be hot. we are talking about temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. you know it is going to be scorching inland. the great thing about living in the bay area you get 10 to 15
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degrees of cooling. temperatures today are going to be better off at the beach. if you can get outdoors today and you want to get outside make sure you have plenty of spf. you will have the ac in the office but hey, if you are going to be outside take it easy out there. i want to remind you of the fact that we could see people experience heat exhaustion today. 82 degrees 12:45. that wind warms us up. as the braves take on the giants today 84 degrees. and temperatures are going to be warm with no wind to cool you off. 88 degrees is the high for
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today. we are used to seeing temperatures close to the triple drinks its. we are a month away from the official kick off of summertime. we are going to break a few records today. hottest city will be gillroy, morgan hill and 100 degrees. so, make sure you are ready for that heat, drink lots of water throughout the day today. shut the blinds in your home today. as we head through tomorrow, couple degrees cooler. we are going to see cooling tomorrow at the coast. 8 to 10 degree drop off with the return muff fenough for us to s at the coast. we'll talk about the cool down coming up.
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>> yeah, the alert at the south bay san jose 101. you see the remains of the accident. we had the crash we saw the full screen and all lanes now open. the flat bed tow truck there. we have a smoother flow of traffic under 280 there. the map will show you the slow down there. really building up. you will start slowing around the capitol expressway jammed up toward the crash scene. slower drive starting in patches 87. more subtle build for this wednesday. easy drive across the bridges to the clear peninsula from 101 and 280. we are looking at a slower drive on the east bay side. and bridges in toward freemont. the dry valley shows the build.
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no big drama here. holding steady close to the limit. we had an earlier fire still learning folks on north of 580 you may find smoke and activity near the landfill. no closures from what i understand. speeds coming down to 50, 55 and the racetrack itself is slow. we do have those metering lights they were turned on. you see this lower drive. we make the approach 580 as well. still ahead. today in the bay a shark swims underneath a surfer. >> plus it may look like a hoax but it is all too real. we'll tell you how a bounce house wound up high into the air with a boy inside.
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>> will the weather help or hurt as firefighters try to get a handle on the flames.
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a live look we are in the middle of a heat wave and cooling centers are set up throughout the bay area. including the haywood area. and the sports center on east
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boulevard. we have a list of the cooling centers throughout the bay area. evacuation orders underway. the fire sparked near black mountain road. flame flames were fueled by the winds. meantime some confusion over an odd alert sent out by san diego county. it says fire in your pants. we are not sure who wrote fire in your pants they are still looking into that. it was also sent out to cell phones through the app. >> firefighters are battling a
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huge brush fire. this one happening in the city. so far some evacuations are in place. two young boys were covered after being swept away. a five and six year old boy suffered major injuries after they fell 15 to 20 feet onto the street and onto a car. a third child fell from the heights. no charges will be filed. check out this video. sharks spotted in the waters off manhattan beach. people who live in the area say the shark is a welcome sight.
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they think tourists will stay away after the sighting. >> still ahead. time now 6:26. a health warning including one here in the bay area. >> plus the south bay gets it's razzle dazzle back. >> who is footing the bill.
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and the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a slow drive and i'll tell you about the closure in the east bay as well. >> live look at the opening bell. the dow set an intraday record yesterday. the s&p 500 popped. the nasdaq not doing quite as
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well. we willis enforce the bell there it is. now to the nasdaq and their count down. today is wednesday may 14th. good morning. now and deadly virus is forcing a worldwide warning. signs are going up at all worldwide airports. they are alerting people about mers. today in the bay's danielle lee is reporting. >> reporter: good morning. you know there is a lot of concern about this spreading. we have had two confirmed cases
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here in the u.s. advisories are letting people know about the symptoms letting people know about what they can do in case they experience those symptoms. this has to be taken seriously because this can be deadly. that is why they are watching it closely and they are saying if you do travel and you get sick within 14 days it is important to go to the doctor. >> back to you. >> thank you so much. >> back to our weather alert, let's give a a live look at downtown. triple digit temperatures in some areas today. >> it is going to heat up out there. here is a live look at the
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eastern approach to the bay bridge. people rolling down their windows this morning. >> let's check in with christina with unbelievable numbers this morning. >> good morning. you know if people are driving around with their windows down today it is because they don't have ac. if that is you, our director raised his hand our parts beat for you. san francisco 59 degrees in oakland to start the day. if you are going to be headed out and about. hazy sun for today. our air quality is going to be widespread. hottest after noon shaping up. i think you are hit 103 degrees out there. i know the difference between 105 and 103 not much. heading out a little bit cooler. that heat is going to simmer.
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we will show you why and show you which city is breaking temperature records. let's check your drive already seeing pick up there. earlier traffic problem it is cleared but created another one in san jose. northbound seeing a smoother drive. we had that clearing of the crash. blocking lanes northbound 101. all the way up toward the airport. moving smoothly 280 and 101. 880 slow southbound.
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we are looking over here toward the bay and the approach slows a little bit and reminder after the earlier crash. haven't gotten updates back to you. for the fert time in six years the show will light up the sky on the 4th of july. the roadry club teamed up to raise the money they have done it to fund that show. and they will be invited back to do it again. the most beautiful part of the race. along highway one and they fight to the finish.
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yesterday, dozens of the world's top cyclists go to danville. it is beautiful. the way they come around it in a big pack. it is amazing. like a ballet. it is fun to watch. it is 6:35 still ahead. oscar pistorius ordered to undergo a psychiatric test we'll tell you why coming up next.
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we'll take an overall shot of the city. it is going to be at least 80s into the 90s in some spots. great day to go to the beach. the trial will be delayed while the olympian undergoes psychiatric tests.
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>> no word yet when that trial will resume. >> the pentagon wants to transfer chelsea manning to a private prison so she can be treated for a mental disorder. manning asked for hormone therapy and to be able to live as a woman. but transgendered people are not allowed in the military. >> the daughter of casey kasem is expected to file a missing person's report. investigators believe he is either at a native american
6:40 am
reservation in washington state or out of the country. >> coming up. agonizing wait as hundreds of miners are trapped underground in turkey. >> weather alert triple digit heat throughout the bay area. we'll show you how you can beat the heat if you can get away from the office. whale sightings. >> wow. i can't wait to see where those whales can be found. out your door right now. 63 degrees in san francisco. 59 in oakland. that heat is going to climb. we'll show you the hour by hour changes and i've got a couple of great tips for you before you leave the how this morning when today in the bay returns in moments.
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triple digit heat expected in two areas. keeping an eye on fire danger in the state. you could see the sign says danger is moderate right now. if you can get away from the office this is a great day to head to the shore. this is a live look at the beach in san francisco. christie smith is live there this morning. girt, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren with a look at temperatures right now. it is going to be hot out there.
6:44 am
temperatures are starting out in the 60s. so 6 3 degrees to kick off the day in an fran. as i let you know earlier on this is the coolest point in the day. if you want to go for a run this morning right now is the time to do it. it is going to turn over to 83 at lunch time and that will translate to triple digit heat. this is what you can expect. widespread 60s to kick off the day mild conditions to start. we are talking about heat advisory in place for the bay area with the exclusion of the coast but at the coast we are talking about 70s and 80s. santa cruz is the only beach city that will hit the 90s. 8:07 tonight that sun will start
6:45 am
to drop off and we'll have good tips for you when it comes to beating that heat. here are the highs for today. microclimates about 105 degrees in gilroy. east bay at 91 degrees. 97 in wine crown tri aountry. on shore flow is going to res e resume. for today this is the kind of heat you don't want to mess around with. i can tell you that off the bat. before leaving you want to close the blinds on your home and that will keep your house 20% cooler. you want to postpone any heat generating appliances once that sun starts to drop off. probably want to postpone using the oven. i know i'm breaking your heart.
6:46 am
but that will help keep your house cool. that will be the difference between ten and 20 degrees. as we head into the rest of the week, temperatures are going to fall gradually at first and then we will get that cooling towards the end of the week and we'll end up with 71 degrees by sunday. want to show you the difference from san francisco. you will get quite a bit of relief. let's check your drive. >> actually i'm going to send it back to you guy. >> we can continue to talk about the heat. people are going to find ways to heat it. one way to stay cool is to hit the beach. >> it is pretty expected to get packed good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jay, in fact there are people out here working out and looking
6:47 am
at how beautiful it. it doesn't get better than this. this is right near the cliff house and it is shorts weather and that is pretty rare. we have been already talking to folks who have been ready to catch a breeze. big crowds are expected out here. maybe people who don't have ac at home will beat the heat. already though, people jogging and taking pictures here. you might get a surprise. a pod of chills that we spotted here putting on a show off the coast. iced cream shade and cooling off. one mom and her daughter told me they came out to ocean beach early to declare it a beach day. this is fantastic.
6:48 am
we declared today a beach day on our calendar and this morning we woke up and the moon was setting. and it was fantastic. it was great. >> go get your jacket. let's go down to the beach. >> they were out here for a little while. and they will be back in the afternoon. you will want to have sunscreen and water. and we checked in at the gilroy senior center one of the dozens of centers for all people who want to keep cool because it is going to be hot this afternoon. i have to tell you a lot of folks out here. we are seeing other people strolling by saying they don't normally come out. they had to come and take a look. again, it is stort's weather coming out. today in the bay. >> christie it is a wonderful
6:49 am
day at the beach that beach dangerous to get too close to the water. and they do have the signs out here reminding people that they have rip currents and they can happen quickly. they wanted the breeze. >> absolutely. >> that is a nice way to start your morning. the nbc bay area weather team will be follow iing all day online. >> happening now, crews are working to remayor a telephone poll and open a main road between two east bay cities before the commute is finished. last night a car hit a poll between concord and pittsburgh. it started a small brush fire. the road will be closed at least meteorologist 7:00 this morning. if you need to get through
6:50 am
officials suggest using highway 4 time to see how things are rolling out there. >> that is the first notification that we get. none so far. i want to show you the early build we had for san jose. we had that crash that tied up over half of the freeway. folks heard about that shirt and that is a little bit of a shirt for your wednesday commute. still we are getting along already. across the bridges easy drive westbound to the finish. 101 and 280 adding speed to the area. down toward fremont. the crash is over off the roadway but the southbound side off of 238 we are looking at south 680 through the try
6:51 am
valley. northbou head hing through san ramone. it is over here that we are talking about kirker pass road. that section there working to repair that roadway until they get that fifled and cleared we have more traffic here as you are heading toward concord. planning a longer drive we'll let you know as i get the update and the notification that it will clear. you have your slowing there at highway 37 southbound 101. approaching the bay bridge slowing there. down to the racetrack a live look showing there is a full look there. the a's playing tonight and the giant's playing. the a's might play midday.
6:52 am
over here an easy flow. the issue as these folks are heading southbound these trees a lot of sun prepare for the slow down guys back to you. >> happening now, a possible gas explosion in new york. live pictures a huge home there on fire. firefighters we don't know if there have been injuries but something we have been keeping an eye on. there is a wild fire that has swept through hundreds of acres. the evacuation orders in san diego have been lifted this morning. but firefighters continuing to battle that fire as it smoelder. 240 people are dead in turkey following a mining accident. 120 others are still missing. here is video of the scene in western turkey outside of a mine. it exploded and caught fire.
6:53 am
peggy bunker joins us on the rescue efforts there. good morning. hard to over state how much this will affect every single family. the death toll sitting at 238 people. after this explosion 155 miles south of istanbul. hope is dwindling for those deep in the mine. >> those pulled out there been shouting for their release. >> they are covered with dirt and soot. some of them bleeding. 363 have been pulled out so far. 787 were below ground when a transformer blew up. the blast shut down power to the
6:54 am
mines to the elevators that stopped working trapping them 450 yards below ground. mining accidents there are very common. officials say that this mine website inspected back in march and during the inspection no safety violations were discovered. p [ shouting ] >> from that mine we take you to in front of the hospital here. ambulances continue to bring the miners dead and alive to the scene. the injured miners are being taken inside. they continue to work on those that have been injured. right now a little bit before 5:00 p.m. in that town of soma. the last time anyone was brought out alive was their time. heart breaking scene for the families and the crowds that
6:55 am
have gathered there. they are losing hope that anyone could still be alive. >> tragic. thank you peggy. >> in other news this morning. the u.s. under secretary of state is in nigeria this morning as the country works to find hundreds of school girls. the mass kidnapping happened a month ago. the u.s. and britain has teams on the ground. the incident has caught the attention of movie stars and now star athletes here at home. stanford grads and wnba stars are first generation americans and their parents were born in nigeria and have spent a lot of time in the country and are teaming up with unicef to help the girls.
6:56 am
rally will be held to show their support for the kidnapped girls. the rally begins at noon on the berkeley campus. participants will wear black and green to show support for the missing girls. >> $3.7 million system was implemented last week. officers say in the field some could not log onto data in their cars. crucial information had to be delivered over the radio. they were searching for details that can affect officer safety. department of emergency says it is working on a fix. >> virgin america is no longer flying out of lax. the airline will continue to fly
6:57 am
out of sfo. the airline will reimburse p san jose the $40 billion it spent to market the lax flight. >> finally an, answer to a mystery on the peninsula. why they installed cameras across the city without saying anything about it. what are they all about? >> reporter: good morning to you. some people were wondering if this video camera at the top of the poll was a big brother on behalf of the city flt wondering if it was an invasion of privacy. it is something more mundane. they have this one on stanford avenue as a traffic survey. they are taking video of pedestrian and bikists.
6:58 am
a man complained to the city about this particular video camera installed outside of this house. he feels like it is an invasion of privacy and he is peeved that the city didn't knno notify him advance. the city admits that they do need to do a better job of outreach. the cameras do not point into any windows that the traffic consultants count the walkers and bikers while viewing the video in fast forward and that it is deligeted afterwards. this one is supposed to come down on saturday. this homeowner would like it down as soon as possible. you also have the rubber tube counters. they are also using those. you can imagine, those tubes do
6:59 am
a poor job of counting pedestrian unless someone were to intentionally step on one. reporting live. today in the bay. >> and bay area landmark reopens today. you see the tower there. it will reopen this morning with a ribbon ceremony. you may recall it will reopen since last fall. you can enjoy free elevator rides with views that over look the city. hot weather. >> good morning to you. >> it is going to be a scorcher out there. 97 degrees in the south bay. your hottest microclimates. palo alto 99. we will be tracking the temperatures as they climb. right now back to you scott and laura. >> someone give me a fan. >> keep your neighbors safe.
7:00 am
cooling centers on our website. have a great day. we will be back with a local news update at 7:25 this morning thank you for joining us. >> bye-bye. good morning. wildfire. thousands force to evacuate as a blaze erupts near san diego. why officials fear this could be the worst fire season in years. breaking news. emergency crews frantically try to reach hundreds of miners in turkey trapped underground by an explosion and fire. oxygen being pumped in as the tragic accident's death toll soars to more than 200. psychiatric testing. this morning a judge orders oscar pistorius to undergo a mental evaluation, a move that could potentially delay his murder trial for more than a month. and terrifying ride. two boys hospitalized this morning after falling from a


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