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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 28, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good wednesday morning. coming up on "early today," president obama's vision. the president lays out his plan for america's pullout from afghanistan. ahead of his speech at west point today. nbc news exclusive, the most wanted man, edward snowden, speaks out to brian williams. somber occasion, honoring the victims of the uc santa barbara killing. >> plus one heck of a tornado captured on tape. google's driverless cars with no steering wheel. and team usa gears up for the world cup. it is wednesday, may 28th. "early today" starts right now. good morning. >> i'm dara brown. after more than a decade of
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fighting in afghanistan, today we should learn more about president obama's vision for an end for america's longest war. today at west point, the president will graduate graduating cadets. there he's expected to discuss plans for what he sees as a new chapter in american leadership. tracie potts has more. good morning. what can we expect to hear from the president today? >> reporter: we're expecting a middle of the road strategy where the united states keeps an eye on countries like syria and the threat there and isn't afraid to act against russia with the rest of the world but is very careful about getting involved in conflict in other nations. this morning's west point speech comes after president obama announced 9800 u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan after the war ends in december. that number will gradually drop to about 1,000 after the next two years. their jobs, training afghanistan security forces and fighting al qaeda. >> this new chapter in american foreign policy will allow us to
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redirect some of the resources saved by ending these wars to respond to changing terrorism. >> leaving nearly a thousand boots on the ground signing a bilateral agreement with the u.s. >> previous presidents haven't felt the need to declare an arbitrary end to an ongoing partnership and pull u.s. forces out the way that president obama seems set on doing here. >> how long they'll be in country should be driven by our national security imperative, not by the president's desire for a particular political legacy. >> that vision, the big picture for our foreign policy after afghanistan is what the president will outline at west point today. >> that speech today is the dwing of two week focus for president obama on national security and on foreign policy. he's headed over to europe for a week again for a week and part
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of that trip is to talk about the anniversary and to commemorate the anniversary of d-day. tonight we will hear from edward snowden, the 30-year-old american responsible for the most staggering theft of american intelligence secrets in the modern era. he is wanted on espionage charges and he continues to live in exile in russia. nbc's brian williams met with him last week in moscow. in the following exsermt -- excerpt from the interview, snowden touches on something he's never spoken of before on camera, about what he did for the government and how he describes his job, his training and his career right up until he put an end to it. >> were you trained as a spy? it seems to me spies probably look a lot more like ed snowden and a lot less like james bond these days. >> well, it's no secret that the u.s. tends to get more and better intelligence out of computers nowadays than they do out of people. i was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the
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word in that i lived and worked under cover, overseas, pretending to work in a job that i'm not and even being assigned a name that was not mine. but i am a technical specialist. i am a technical expert. i don't work with people. i don't recruit agents. what i do is i put systems to work for the united states. and i've done that at all levels from the bottom on the ground all the way to the top. now, the government might deny these things, they might frame it in certain ways and say oh, he's a low level analyst. but what they're trying to do is they're trying to use one position that i've had in a career here or there to distract from the totality of my experience. which is that i've worked for the central intelligence agency undercover overseas. i've worked for the national security agency undercover overseas and i've worked for defense as a lecturer at the
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join counter intelligence training academy where i developed sources and methods for keeping our information security in the most hostile and dangerous environments around the world. so when they say i'm a low level systems administrator, that i don't know what i'm talking about, i'd say it's somewhat misleading. >> hear more from edward snowden this evening on nbc evening news and our lourng special airs tonight at 10:00. >> students and faculty are paying their respects to those killed near the university of santa barbara. thousands gathered together for a memorial last night to remember the six lives cut short in a stabbing and shooting spree. >> we are here because we want to share memories of the young lives struck down far too soon. >> richard martinez the father of one of the victims spoke
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about the problem of lack of action on gun safety. >> my son died and i believe it could have been prevented. we're americans. we're supposed to be a can do country. i find it inconceivable and unacceptable this is a normalized condition in our society. it's outrageous. why has it taken this many people to die, kids to die. it's insane. >> authorities say elliot rodger shot 16 people before shooting himself. a wild pursuit in southern california involving a stolen dump truck. it ended in a gas station takedown two hours later. >> going to go on the wrong side, southbound in the number lanes against traffic and just go anyway. >> that man driving a stolen container truck traveled up to 90 miles per hour on the 15 freeway, dodging traffic and occasionally exiting on to side streets. the driver once looped around that gas station before getting back on the highway.
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three counties later, the chase ended at a gas station. the driver faces charges for stealing the truck and allegedly trying to run over an officer in ontario. how about no brakes, no gas pedal, no steering wheel. that's google's idea for a self-driving car. the company has started driving 100 experimental prototypes. in two-seat ultra compact vehicle the driver controls a start button. and a red e stop panic button. it would summon the car, pick up the passenger and automatically drive to the selected destination. some wild weather was caught on camera in north dakota. oil workers didn't know what to do when they saw this tornado touch down. they got in their trucks, but they didn't leave because they weren't sure which way the twister was headed. nine people were hurt, but
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everyone in the truck was fine, thankfully. bill, that's incredible. nbc's bill karins is here with your weather forecast. >> literally so remote, they don't have any storm shelter, nothing and looking up at this tornado. just incredible footage. >> amazing. if you have no idea -- >> if you're looking up at it you're way too close. they survived. let's talk about yesterday. you survived in phoenix and we turned the heat up like you get in the middle of summer. 107 in vegas, hottest day those early spring season, 105. temperatures are up and it feels like summer in the desert southwest. in the 60s in seattle. phoenix, the heat is here to stay. cooler for you on thursday but then we get right back into it friday, saturday and still remaining triple digits through sunday. we have a small little storm spinning itself off the coastline of oregon. bringing us showery type weather and clouds especially coastal areas and keep the temperatures
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in check too only temperatures in the mid-60s there from medford to portland. that's a whole lot different than what we're experiencing in thewidespread. more misses than hits and no one will get soaked. we'll take a look at the forecast for the upcoming weekend in the northwest. some of you may like it. >> the weekend is already on the agenda. it's already wednesday. >> coming from a holiday weekend. why not. >> short week. cocktails and firearms together, a shooting range gets a liquor license. plus the rich get richer with average ceo pay inning the eight figures. and that's not all. "early today" is back in two. [ male announcer ] they say mr. clean was born
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welcome back. it is a texas tea party in the election primaries. fiery radio talk show host dan patrick taking the nomination for lieutenant governor. ken pexton won the republican nomination for the state's attorney general and the oldest member to ever serve in the house of representatives lost his primary runoff. 91-year-old republican ross hall a world war ii veteran who boasts of a story of a run-in with bonnie and clyde lost his bid for an 18th term. depart immediately, the state department is sending a message to get out of libya. the assault ship carries about 1,000 marines and several helicopters. firearms and booze, the city council in oklahoma city has approved a liquor license for a gun range. that's right, shooting and cocktails all in the same place in the same rules. they have a zero tolerance rule, no shooting after you drink. the only question now? what can possibly go wrong.
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former president george w. bush is recovering from knee replacement. the operation took place in chicago on saturday and his spokesman said our 43rd president is, quote, doing great. >> let's get down to business. hi. look, mom no hands. google is building driverless cars with no steering wheel, gas pedal or brakes. it relies on software and currently has a top speed of 25 miles per hour. ceo since google plans to put the cars on the streets sometime this year. a new survey finds fewer workers around the world are confident they will have a comfortable retirement. half believe the next generation will be worse off than they are. but it is good to be a ceo. a study by ap finds the average
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this morning on "today," more whales are being struck and killed by large ships on the eastern seaboard and it has marine biologists concerned, what can be causing these deadly collisions, ahead on "today." >> let's get the latest on sports. >> we begin this morning with the nba's western conference final. >> westbrook with a steal knocks it away. westbrook, back, sets it up. >> oklahoma city whipped up the home crowd with fast break points. they dominated san antonio on both ends of the court. the spurs showed some fight but the thunder blow it out with kevin durant getting two of his 31 here. and westbrook scoring a game high 40 from outside down to the middle. they tie the series, 2-2. attorneys for donald sterling say he'll fight to the bloody end to keep his team. he submitted a 32-page response to his nba's charge against the l.a. clippers owner for alleged
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racist remarks. the document said quote a jealous rant to a lover never intended to be published cannot offend the league rules. league owners could force sterling to sell the team. rangers/canadiens game is tied at 4 when they start a scoring spree. they win it 7-4 but not before dale wies is thrown out. he is ejected and he will likely be suspended. rangers still lead the series, 3-2. >> tonight, you get to throw out the first pitch. are you nervous? excited? >> excited. you know what? i'm going to throw a strike. >> not so much. maybe that commitment got the best of you. first pitch is a mile outside of
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the strike zone. that has to be one of the worst-all time pitches we can remember. team usa continues there building up to the world cup. the americans ranked 14th had a couple of headers blocked before scoring their first goal. the u.s. went on to win, 2-0. doesn't that look like it hurt? joy and a lot of pain for 18-year-old noah grannigan. as he wins this new jersey race. he showed up to the winner's podium with just a bandaged arm. finally, former milwaukee bucs owner herb coal gave every single arena employee a $500 check. he doled out the generous cash after selling the team for over $500 million. that is paying it forward.
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>> class act. dara, back to you. and just ahead here on "early today," is george clooney booking downton abbyy? plus, one of the best and funniest pranks we've seen in a long time. up next. when you find the one... you just know. new almay smart shade makeup made it easy with just three skintone-adjusting shades to choose from... not hundreds. new almay tonemimic technology intuitively transforms to your skintone. it's my one... and only. almay. we really you know? take a relaxingjust to unwind.a. but we can only afford one trip this year, and his high school reunion is coming up in seattle.
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>> sounded like dynamite. that was a lightning strike captured in south dakota by a storm chaser. he's filming that rainbow in the background at the end of his day and out of blue comes a lightning strike and it landed inches from his vehicle. look at the pavement. that's what a lightning strike can do to asphalt. looks like charcoal in the grill. very, very impressive. nothing like that in the northwest today. scattered storms, hit or miss lightning. 69 in san francisco. 78 san diego. coolest air along the shore with onshore flow. as far as seattle goes, showers on thursday, dry out in portland. the northwest, the upcoming weekend it looked like it will be pretty nice friday and saturday look like the best days by far.
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the season got off to a scary start on america's got talent. >> what? >> oh, dirty. >> watch. >> watch it. security. >> hey. >> it's you! >> oh, it's nick! >> yeah, don't worry. the deranged mime contestant is host nick canyon playing a prank on the contestants. howard stern used his buzzer for the first time to push a bizarre karate act to the next round. rumor has it george clooney and his fiancee have chosen the castle of downton abby for their wedding nuptials. the castle is a steal at around 23,000 a day. compare to the $400,000 kimye spent on their castle in italy. >> this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news in the "boston globe," serial tickler. breaking into boston college students' homes. authorities say the creepy man either watches his victims sleep or he goes and tickles their feet. so far it's happened at least ten times. on, connecticut high school crowns first openly gay prom queen. male danbury student nazier fleming says winning the title is a statement against transphobia and transgender discrimination. some other things we're keeping an eye on, the supreme court has ruled in favor of death row inmates with low i.q. scores. the execution of mentally disabled people have been prohibited for 12 years and many states use i.q. tests as a determination. but the test's margin of error creates a gray decision. in a five-four decision, the court says states must look beyond those test scores if results fall within that gray area.
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first lady michelle obama is fired up. she is lashing out at republicans in congress who want to scale down healthy meal standards in schools. it is a bump in her campaign against childhood obesity. >> you know, this is unacceptable. it's unacceptable to me not just as first lady, but as a mother. now is not the time to roll back everything that we have worked for. our kids deserve so much better than that. and thousands on hand for the annual cheese rolling competition in england. contestants launch themselves in a violent race down a steep hill and ironically, this year's winner, he doesn't even like cheese. otters debut their musical talent at the smithsonian national zoo here. playing the keyboard are these asian small quad otters. animals at the zoo are encouraged to play with their sight, their touch and hearing as part of the zoo's enrichment program. although it is amusing for us,
4:28 am
animals perform human acts, the musical activity is meant to really enhance the otters' well being. >> when you give them a keyboard they wouldn't use their sight, touch or hearing. we have to enrich them. >> a zoo keeper with too big of a budget. >> now a time to look ahead and back. the two-day scripps spelling bee gets under way in the nation's capital. speller ranging in age from 8 to 15 will vie for thousands of dollars in scholarships and the coveted trophy. on this day in 1959, a big step for u.s. space exploration. the u.s. army launches reese monkey able and squirrel monkey baker on a suborbital flight. both survive. toronto mayor rob ford turns 45, john fogerty turns 70. thanks for being with us here on "early today."
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have a great wednesday.
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good morning everyone. it is 4:30 i think it is wednesday. >> you are right. scott and we are half way through our work week. >> this morning we are seeing mostly clear skies and mostly 50s. clear out on the coast. heading into the afternoon breezy and dry conditions. we will see winds 15 to 30 miles per hour more out of the north. it will warm up our temperatures today. close to 80 in san jose.


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