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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 28, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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nbc news anchor sits down with edward knsnowden. >> and we are seeing a clear area around the bay area. fire danger on the increase. coming up. >> and we've got a clear view of flashing lights. as you travel through the area as it develops. >> this is today in the bay. >> and a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. in his first television interview. confess eed leaker edward snowd is speaking on how he exposed
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the spying program. good morning. good morning to you scott. that is right. the state is looking at a law that would require the federal government to go ahead and get a warrant from a judge if they wanted access to people's cell phones and computer records. he was interviewed by nbc's brian williams. the 30 year old is responsible for leaks in intelligence. what he says he actually did for the government his training and his job. he was trained as a spy of sorts and was assigned a name that wasn't his. >> i am a technical expert i
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don't work with people. i don't recruit agents. i put systems to work for the united states. and i have done that at all levels from the bottom all the way to the top. the government might deny these things and frame it and say well he's a low-level analyst. >> he says it is misleading to call him a low level analyst. experts say he over inflated his position and that he was able to gain access to. reporting live today in the bay. >> thank you. the entire snowden interview will air during a one hourlong prime time special. >> in a show of soldarity there
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will be a candlelight vigil at 8:00 tonight. he went onto kill three more people before killing himself. the father of one of the victims seds it is time for change. >> not one more. not one more! >> we grief together today as a family as the community of the university of california. and we will get through this together. >> the shooting has lead to new
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legislation in sacramento. it would prevent someone from buying a gun if that person would prevent a violent crime. we do have continuing coverage of the deadly rampage of uc santa barbara. you will find more video and the show of soldarity. >> vice president joe biden will be in the bay today. they will stay overnight at the fairmont in san francisco. we are still waiting on our first clue on the mysterious millionaire who plans to hide
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cash around the south bay. you are among the thousands who plan to await these hidden cash tweets. according to@hiddencash he will be droppi inping more envelopes time this morning. he posted lots ofclues yesterday posting white envelopes with $100 inside. those following him followed the easy clues like the base of lombard street and peer 39. >> it is a good thing that he is doing this for us. and i hope he goes. so, everybody gets a chance. >> and this is what twas said t
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us. if you are broken, struggling, please don't look to hidden cash i've seen too many people join this. he claims to be a man who made his money flipping properties. people are taking that message to heart. his plan he will be doing this in los angeles this weekend. still waiting for those clues though. it is pretty cool.
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good morning for a money hunt. no fog. 53 right now. earlier start. we should see temperatures fairly comfortable. this will be a warm and dry location due to some dry winds and humidity levels. not much unthe way of cloud cover. from the 70s we saw most places to the mid 80s.
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the problem is that pollen which is high for grass right now. that is the likely cause for that. and our temperature trend. we will see a cooler weekend ahead. we will be looking at highs in the 80s. temperatures around livermoore for tomorrow climbing into the upper 80s. here is mike. squhoo squh . >> here eastbound flashing lights this is cleared. this is just east westbound a good commute. good spacing here. now the crew that cleared eastbound westbound that is your direction. livermoore itself dipping down below 60. and first street over here we
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see slowing as well. around oak street that is the only thing going on in the area. that crew may be slow. we will track this. speeds around 50 miles per hour. the rest of the bay looks standard and you would expect this time. we are looking over the peninsula side. palo alto. out of san francisco for the bay shore or 280 back to you. >> more carpool stickers for electric cars could be coming. a bill is making its way and double the amount of stickers issued. it could be extended through 2029. >> spotify is talking about a security breach. >> will he or won't he mix
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messages. he will fight it out with the league.
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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good wednesday morning to you. spotify warning of a security breach. people who use it's software on android devices, no passwords or
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financial information was stolen. the maker of quicken and turbo tax is paying $60 million with check. the company claims to have nearly 10 million customers. stocks continue to sky rocket. the s&p 500 closed at 1900 for the first time good morning. >> reporter: good morning. futures are higher after stocks rose again on tuesday. closing at another high and the dow is 40 points away from a new record. investors reacting to positive data.
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no major economic reports today. and the nasdaq adding 51 points to $32.47. >> the beastie boys are back in court reacting to another copyright issue. in 2012 monster posted a snow boarding highlight video online featuring a number of beastie boys songs. the will of band member states that the band's music cannot be used in advertisements. the two sides settled the issue out of court for an undisclosed amount. >> the morning clear skies and the city cam views look bright
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across the bay. we are going to see dry conditions heading into the afternoon. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. winds picking up out of the northwest. way are seeing that red flag warning up. from now through 8:00 on thursday. out towards fairfield and the humidity levels get dry through the next couple of afternoons. we see an area of low pressure
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passing to the north and high pressure trying to move in behind it. setting us up for later today. we are going to watch as an area of low pressure here out of canada dropping down bringing cool air air to the bay area. if it can manage to scoop up moisture to the' shan. watch out. you are going to head to the high country. warming up close to 80 degrees in the san jose. we'll see highs near 70 and for the north bay highs in the low 80s. upper 80s in the forecast.
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enjoy it this weekend highs in the 70s. >> watch for that change. over here cash lanes couple of folks waiting there. fast track and an easy flow off the curve. oakland talks about the a's playing tonight. keep that in mind for lunch time traffic. the maps we still see oak street. crews overnight should be moving right about now. there you go the approach off the bridges as well as highway 37 moving nicely. watching the roads and rails we have no delays reported for the
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systems. that has since cleared no delays for the south bay. back to you. >> thank you so much. new this morning two americans suffered injuries overnight after an attack on a u.s. convoy in afghanistan. police are still looking for the attackers. accused murderers and former new england patriot's player is expected to be in court today. the player all right faces char charges in last year's shooting. loid was dating the sister of hernandez's sister at the time. the heat may finally be off the maker of the hot sauce. he may ask the city to drop it's
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public nuisance order. people complained about the spicy smells burning their throats and eyes. he installed stronger filters at the plant. coming up in august. >> the commission that is trying to take away city college of san francisco's accreditation giving the scrool a chance to fix it's problem, want the commission to extend the july 31st dead lane. according to the chronicle, commission leaders told pelosi that they have been too lenient with the school. >> the college has 80,000 students. >> at&t will not have to move cell phone equipment.
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people were upset the equipment was placed too close to the ground. they asked the city coun soil to reconsider that. >> today san francisco will hold a ceremony in honor of harvey milk. milk became one of the first openly gay elected officials when he won the seat back in 1977. he was assassinated less than a year after taking office. today the ceremony starts at 3:30. it is 5:20 right now. south bay native and competitive eater lost one of his titles. we'll show you how coming up next. messages coming
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out about donald sterling. >> including his 50% stake.
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her camp says no official offers have been received yet. shelly sterling wants to sell the team before june 3rd. that is when a board of governors will vote to terminate ownership of the team. leaders in switzerland decided not to put in for the event. at issue is the cost. $11 billion more than china spent back in 2008. nebraska woman gaining attention after she chowed down on a 72 ounce steak after less
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than two minutes. she followed it up with another 72 ouncer. nine pounds of steak. this video posted it took her fo 4:58 to eat the first steak. by our own san jose joey chestnut. it looks like i will be making a trip to amarillo, lol good job. >> that is a lot of beef. >> you ready to take on that challenge, rob? >> is there anything that you would eat in that quantity? >> amen. yes, storm chasing, went out to that area there. we had a 12 ounce. temperatures in the 50.
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the winds are picking up in the east bay. we had earlier crews going westbou westbound. now steady lights both directions from the bay bridge. no slowing down and a little slowing remains north. looks like the pattern as the road crews cleared there. west 580 through livermoore now a good deal more approaching the avenue. typical pattern there same thing with the south bay and the peninsula is clear as well. >> 5:26 we'll here more from the exclusive interview with
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edwardsnow den coming up next. moments of certainty. when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances.
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beautiful look at the sun comes up over the roads. i'll show you the slowest spots for your route coming up. it is wednesday, may 28th.
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>> good morning. thousands of students trying to comprehend a tragedy. 20,000 people gathered on the campus of u sxs santa barbarbar not one more. the father of one of the victims say it is normal to accept these types of massacres. >> we find ourselves asking a lot of questions we ask why, why have such a beautiful place and beautiful people been hurt in
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this way, why here and why now? >> tonight students will gather to show solidarity. >> it will be rescheduled for the summer. >> two california lawmakers propose family members of friends to ask a judge for gun violence restraining orders.
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>> it is 5:31. in this first u.s. television interview. edward snowden is opening up in his role. good morning to you. this after a leak's video by edward snowden who is drawing sharp criticism this morning. he sits down with brian williams to talk about his job, training and career as he saw it. the 30-year-old is responsible
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for mass intelligence leaks. he lived and worked undercover and was asked what are you doing there? >> all right this is a really fair concern. i personally am surprised that i ended up here. i had a flight booked to cuba onwards to latin america. and i was stopped because the united states decided to revoke my passport in the moscow airport. >> when they ask me that i say please ask the state department. >> if mr. snowden wants to come
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back to the united states today we'll have him on a flight today. we would be delighted to come back and that is what a patriot would do. a patriot would not run away and look for refuge in another country. he would stand up and make his case to the american people. but he has refused to do that to this date. >> congressional critics said that he over inflated his position and his access. reporting live in san francisco today in the bay. >> wow it is going to be fascinating to hear the whole thing. he sits down tonight you can watch the entire interview during a one hour special right
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here. >> arson investigators trying to pin point the cause of two brush fires that burned down a home. no one was there when crews arrived. mr. biden kicks off his visit in san francisco where he will attend a reception at the private home of tom styier. he wraps up the day at the fairmont hotel. the vice president expected to
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stay overnight. the hidden cash guy could be in the south bay right now planting cash. >> today in the bay's bob redell are following him on twitter. any crews yet this morning? >> reporter: not yet. there are 125,000 people following him ever since the man behind that hidden cash started tweeting envelopes. several hours ago he did tweet that he would be making some drops this morning but he has not yet released any clues. yesterday he dropped several hundred dollars throughout the area. he put three envelopes at pier 39. for one of the pier 39 drops he tweeted out the picks with a text that reads this is the view from behind the blue railing and look for something white and
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folded. >> i walked on over and on that area over there it was taped up and folded with $100 in it. >> i'm going to buy my friends food and drink. my message for the haves is to give back more. i know so many wealthy people want more more more. when is it enough. when will you be satisfied. take a step back and give back a bit. putting smiles on people's faces will put a smile on your face. looking back i believe he just posted. here we go. looking for money don't know what to do, stop being stupid and take a look underneath your
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shoe. >> look down. >> wow. wow. >> this is unbelievable. >> this has been here the entire time. >> you know i felt like somebody kicked me and knocked me down. i didn't think anything of it. >> e, yeah, shocker huh? >> no clues as of yet. san jose drops in the morning showing the south bay some loving in cash. >> thanks bud. >> and the plot twists. that would be great. he's wearing the green today as well. >> we have clear skies nice start to the morning.
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sunrise an hour or so away. clear skies over the south bay and we will see clear skies pick up. that is going to dry things out. especially out towards fairfield. and humidity levels staying fairly low between now and thursday. east bay locations we will have to watch out the fire danger. the temperatures warm up over the next 24 to 36 hours. we have an area of low pressure to the north and staying dry into thursday. as we head into the weekend. we'll see a cold system drop down to the north. the forecast is dropping down right there. cold area of low pressure. as we head into the weekend. today temperatures come up a few degrees. low 80s. close to 70s with highs in the low 80s. breezy and dry at times and
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highs near 85 today. now for a check of your wednesday commute. >> you are talking about the 84 and 85 range here. >> farther out. westbound 580 a good deal of slowing. a little more as you are hitting the dublin interchange. we had more slowing but now coming off the area that is your morning area. northbound directions 101 a tad bit of slowing. increase of slowing. for the rest of your bay on either side of the bay moving slowly there as well. we see the increase as well. making your way off the bay bridge. that is where the bulk of your commute is. we should see the lights in the next 15 to 20 minutes. >> it is 5:40 we will show you
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the first pitch that some are calling the worst in history. >> some kids showing off their spelling skills. >> a look at our local c contestants coming up.
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welcome back the scripts national spelling bee just got underway in maryland. two students from our area are trying to spell their way to glory. tl tracy potts joins us live with the details. >> reporter: you won the prize. they are so interesting.
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these kids do a whole lot more than just spelling. when she is not spelling, she is practicing karate, taking singing lessons. and then both of them will be on stage today. the question is will they make it on stage for the finals. >> it is 5:44. the state senate is scheduled to reopen martins beach or obtain access rights so that the public
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could again use the sandy shore. he closed the road and is now locked in a court case with people who want access to the beach. >> people in santa clara could see a filmy residue left on dishes. they are using ground water. it is safe to drink and use but p minerals in it do leave behind a film that is noticeable on water glasses. one woman said it will make her use more water. it is not drought productive at all. but you are not going to serve people wine in a filmy glass. it has more minerals. so what they are seeing on their dishes and glasses are mineral
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deposits. >> water softeners are available for several hundred to a few thousand dollars. later you can come to my house and use some wine and jelly jars. it is all because of the drought when are we going to see rain? >> your 7 day forecast at the bottom of the screen is going to show a big cool down. a chilly start in the morning. eventually northwest winds are picking up. 51 degrees in oakland. we have a game at the ball park.
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53 degrees right now. and the winds picking up as we head into the wind. warming up into the mid 80s today. notice the direction there. the weather pat tetern to the nh
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and west will keep us dry wednesday and thursday. a few degrees warmer. that will drop our temperatures down. it could kick off showers. stay tuned to the forecast. close to 80 degrees. if you have grass and olive pollen. san francisco today. notice the temperatures dropping off there. the forecast as we approach the weekend. there you see the temperatures dropping off as we go through the next five days. up towards the north bay the numbers are dropping off a good ten degrees. >> this is not dropping off.
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this is building so much they turned the lights on. here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have that bill and slowing coming off that curve. we do see the east shore through the area. that starts to smooth out. there you go they are moving smoothly. watching the roads and the rails, no delays, that is good stuff one typical here. we showed you the back up to the
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bay bridge toll plaza. let's get a look where we have the 705 game tonight. and the giants play at 12:45. >> popular hotel working to sanitize it's kitchen. crews have been working to disinfect the hotel. >> sealed up lockers closed all but two since a series of bomb threats. now students will have to carry their belongings in backpacks.
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students have to sign in and out when they use the bathrooms. they have disrupted classes in the last few weeks. fire started monday and has burned through 1300 acres and two homes. the area has been evacuated as wind is making the fire defendant f difficult for crews to contain. a piece of san jose history reopens today with a new look. new hardware store opens it's door at 7:00 this morning. this is on the same lot next door to where the nation's first one opened. >> meanwhile, you are about to see the worst not could be, the worst first pitch of all-time.
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>> rapper doing the honors in city field last night. watch the pitch. that is so far left it is crazy. he nearly hit a photographer out there. he told reporters the pitch was the work of his alter ego. >> and if you look carefully. this being a mets game there were 7 people watching this in the stands. >> that was awful. >> time now is 5:52 google showing off it's new self driving car.
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welcome back. eriksson made what some think was the largest deal according to the news. this will be made 101 bowers avenue. it relies on software and censors. it is a video posted on the driving car project. do you remember tweeky from buck ro rogers? it looks like him. >> i would love that.
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dry winds that will be the story as fire danger increases into thursday. there is a slowing drive there. at the toll the span over here the try valley. coming in. you are getting a bit of a break. a crash fender bender. this is going to be more of a delay. heading in toward that dublin interchange. not a problem 101. and a live look out there.
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there you go, just before you get to 680 traffic moves smoothly. back to you. >> 5:56. u.s. consulate car overnight. we'll have the latest details overnight. storm chaser struck by lightening. we'll tell you what happened coming up next. the bay area's community college suffers a setback. >> and in the meantime we had beautiful sunrise shots. we want to share another one with you. 5:57.
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and vice president joe biden headed to the bay area. >> and right now we are watching clear skies across the by area. looking for the problem. i see some flashing lights. the rest of the commute coming up. may 28th, this is today in the bay.


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