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tv   Today  NBC  June 13, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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breaking news. good morning. breaking news. back on u.s. soil. sergeant bowe bergdahl arrives in texas overnight. in this country for the first time in five years. he's yet to see his family, so what's next for the former prisoner of war. marching toward baghdad. iraq inching closer to civil war as militants push closer to the capital city, while the white house weighs u.s. military options. tasteful or tacky? the bitter feud between donald trump and the mayor of chicago over this giant sign. neither side backing down. we'll let you weigh in as donald trump joins us live. and "today" exclusive. former president george h.w. bush takes us behind the scenes
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of his thrilling skydive to celebrate his 90th birthday. >> i think i landed a little hot, but other than that, it was great. >> and he's already planning to do it again today, friday, june 13th, 2014. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. friday the 13th. >> feeling superstitious? >> not me. not me. >> you have a black cat. >> that's every day. >> i have a superstition. whenever it's drizzly, we get a huge crowd on the plaza. train is here. there is a little bit of rain. it has not stopped the crowd from getting out. we're going to get a great concert from them coming up in
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our 8:30 half-hour. >> we'll look forward to that. let's get right to this morning's breaking news. bowe bergdahl returned to the u.s. to take the next steps in his recovery. nbc's katy tur is outside brooke army medical center in san antonio. katy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. he got here to san antonio around 3:30 this morning. he was taken directly to the medical center. and while it's unclear how long he will be here, the circumstances surrounding his capture and subsequent release are still being hotly debated. this homecoming has been five years in the making, but there's no fanfare celebrations in bergdahl's hometown in idaho, cancelled because of controversy. two weeks after bergdahl was exchanged for five guantanamo detainees, many are still looking for answers. that includes members of congress who grilled defense secretary chuck hagel, asking what took so long to bring bergdahl back to the u.s. >> have you ever seen a traumatically injured service
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member brought to the united states immediately upon being stabilized at landstuhl? we do it all the time. >> this isn't just about a physical situation, congressman. this guy was held for almost five years in god knows what kind of conditions. >> reporter: bergdahl has been through the first two phases of the army's reintegration process that include initial medical care and intelligence debriefings. now he's set to begin phase three, which typically means reuniting with family and possibly being returned to duty. it's still unclear when bergdahl will see his parents. his return to duty in question, as the military investigates how he ended up in enemy hands in the first place. and just this morning, "the daily beast" released letters purportedly from bergdahl during his time in captivity where he asked for people to reserve judgment, writing "if this letter makes it to the usa, tell those involved in the investigation that there are
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more sides to the situation. please tell d.c. to wait for all evidence to come in." now those letters have not been independently verified by nbc news. matt and savannah. >> all right, katy tur on the story. katy, thanks very much. another big story we're following is this new turmoil raging in iraq this morning. it's getting worse there. al qaeda inspired militants seizing control of two more cities overnight. in a province to the northeast of baghdad. this as the president is weighing u.s. military options. this is a road the country has been down before, as we know. 293 americans died, another 467 were wounded in action during 1991's desert storm. and then, of course, 12 years later, we had the war in iraq. that would have forces there spending more than eight years on the ground. at its height in 2007, more than 166,000 american service members were in iraq. 4,477 died in that war. more than 32,000 were wounded, and the overall price tag, $732
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billion. all of that in the background as the u.s. considers what to do next. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in northern iraq for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we are now about 30 miles outside the city of mosul. the city is controlled by sunni extremists from that al qaeda offshoot. the mayor of mosul just told us a short while ago that the sunni extremists have begun to impose shari'a law. that means shari'a law being imposed in the second largest city in iraq. those militants have their sights set on baghdad and are now just about 40 miles away. baghdad is bracing for an attack. the u.s.-backed government is rounding up recruits and open air enlistments, desperately signing anyone willing to fight the al qaeda offshoot that's vowed to capture the city and is closing in. the u.s. trained and equipped
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iraqi army has been surrendering in droves, handing the militants from isis, the islamic state in iraq and syria, weapons, including humvees once used by american troops. and more than weapons. the militants are flush with cash. they robbed mosul's central bank, taking over $400 million, according to the city's governor. it makes them arguably the richest terrorist group in the world. >> we are celebrating. we took over mosul. >> reporter: this man was one of the iraqi soldiers who surrendered to isis in mosul. he's ashamed of it, but says he was ordered to by his commanding officer. al-shibli claims the officers in l appeared to have a deal with the isis. maybe they were bribed. maybe sympathetic. he says he's not sure. hundreds of thousands of civilians are fleeing.
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entire families loaded into cars. 13 from one family told me they were leaving mosul after they heard gunshots near their home. others left on foot. iraq is collapsing. the country is breaking apart along ethnic and religious lines. the sectarian divides that u.s. troops tried to contain for years are exploding. this seems to be the start of a civil war. in northern iraq, kurdish fighters seize the city of kirkuk. it has one of the country's richest oil fields. iraq is now up for grabs with baghdad the next target. the militants now converging on baghdad say their goal is to impose shari'a law, or hard line islamic law across all of this country, all of syria, and beyond. in the middle of all of this are still several thousand american diplomats and contractors. some are being evacuated. those evacuations are continuing today. matt, savannah? >> all right, richard, thank you so much. let's turn to congressman mike rogers, he chairs the house
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intelligence committee. chairman rog everybodies, rogers, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> this is an incredibly complex situation, as you well know. but the bottom line question the white house is facing right now is should the u.s. intervene and get involved. what's your view of that? >> i think we have to do something. you have to stop and slow their momentum. and you have to remember who we're dealing with. this is an up close and personal look at what the whole al qaeda political aim is, and that's to gain ground, hold it, institute shari'a law, the very tough muslim brand of legal enforcement that puts women back in the house, means that women can't come out of the house without a male escort. this is as bad as it gets. and we've seen them fight in other places. that's why this is so dangerous, savannah. this is not just about iraq for them. it's about the lavant, all across the middle east, about syria, about other places as well. >> let me pick up on that, because there are a lot of people watching this that are very war-weary in this country. they think it's awful what's happening, there's this sectarian divide and they're fighting each other.
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can you explain why it is in america's interests to intervene? >> this is an al qaeda offshoot. this was a group that actually fought with some other al qaeda elements because they wanted to be more aggressive outside of their boundaries, outside of iraq. and so it's dangerous because if you believe al qaeda is still planning operations, they are. if you believe that this group wants to do terrorist activities outside of the area, including europe and the united states, they do. and so you can't just allow them to get safe haven. and they're getting stronger by the day. they're getting weapons. they're getting money. that gives them huge swaths of land to train al qaeda operatives to come over to the united states or europe or somewhere else. so the whole goal of our counterterrorism plans in the past has been deny them safe haven. continue to disrupt their operations for external to the area of which they operate. >> but how deeply should the u.s. get involved? it's not a simple matter of doing a few air strikes and being done with it. i think the question is if you
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take one step toward intervention, how far in are you? >> well, again, i think we have lots of options. there's nobody talking about putting troops on the ground. i think people should understand that completely. but there are lots of options. one of the things that so many of us said, be careful about just an unconditional pullout, because you need to give their soldiers, their troops enough time to season, to harden, to get their commanding control down, to get their effectiveness up. so the important thing here is can we disrupt the momentum that you see on the battlefield today, which is taking mosul, huge problem for iraq. i argue huge problem for the united states. these are al qaeda minded individuals. they would kill americans in a heartbeat. and so we need to disrupt that momentum. i think there are interim steps we can take, including possible air support operations
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for iraq, and there are intelligences packages and robust training of certain types of forces that we can do very quickly to get them back into the fight and trying to turn the tide of what is really al qaeda moving out and holding more ground than we've ever seen them hold. that's dangerous. >> it is a dangerous situation indeed. chairman mike rogers. always good to have you, sir. thank you. >> natalie's here now with an emerging crisis. this one's tied to an immigration debate. >> children caught in the middle of this as well. transportation secretary jay johnson says immigrant children caught trying to cross the border illegally are being cared for humanely. the obama administration is scrambling to handle the spike in young border crossers who are traveling alone. more than 47,000 children have been apprehended at the mexican border since october. most are coming from central america. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling is ramping up his fight against the nba as the league tries to strip him of the team over his racist remarks. sterling's team of lawyers has hired four private investigation firms to reportedly dig up dirt
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on the nba's former and current commissioners and its 29 other owners. investigators also are looking into whether other owners made any off color jokes or racist or sexist remarks. a luxury home dangling over a cliff in texas will be intentionally set on fire this morning, hopefully before another landslide drops the home into the water. as you see a large portion of the bluff fell into the lake below on tuesday. thankfully, the home was vacant at the time. one of america's legendary stage and screen actresses has passed away. ruby dee died wednesday. dee earned acclaim during her long career of stage, television, radio, and film. she earned an oscar nomination in 2008 for the role in "american gangster." ruby dee was 91 years old. the world cup resumes today with three more matches in brazil. on thursday, the tournament got off to an exciting start when the home country survived a brief scare from croatia. brazil was down by a goal in the first half when a brazilian player accidentally scored for
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the other team, oops. they did come back to win it, though. 3-1. and a bumpy ride on the millennium falcon lands harrison ford in the hospital. and disney says harrison ford was injured on the set of "star wars" episode 7. according to reports, a hydraulic door from his fictional spaceship fell on his ankle and broke it. the 71-year-old actor is reprising his role as han solo. the film is set for release for the end of 2015. wish him well. hopefully quick recovery there. >> they're going to set it in carbonite. >> that's what i was just thinking. >> i was thinking, what does that mean. >> i know. we'll explain later. mr. roker. >> we've got some severe weather to talk about. listen to what was happening. that's hail in abilene, texas. you pull over, and look at the damage it's done.
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police cars, vans, all sorts of problems with hail up to baseball size, and really caused big problems. more severe weather today. look at that. tennis ball-sized hail. we are looking for more storms making their way in ahead of this cold front. we're going to see this activity pushing in. houston, you're going to be looking at showers and thunderstorms this morning. then things clear out rather nicely. we do have this risk of severe weather up in the northern plains today. also, from new mexico on into texas, with the risk of strong storms, isolated tornados. tomorrow, though, we've got a much more dangerous risk of severe weather, especially parts of nebraska on into iowa, parts of kansas as well. these could be generating -- these superstorms could be generating a lot of tornado activity by tomorrow, into tomorrow night, and heavy rain also in the midwest, anywhere from two to four inches of rain. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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nbc bay area mike are climate weather forecast sponsored by yakult probiotic drink. 7:15. you made it to the end of the week and another gorgeous day to get through. temperatures will end up from the 50s right now into the upper 70s, low 80s at best. and that means temperatures are going to be just a touch below average all across the board, but this is the last day. we'll see those numbers really start to climb as we get into your father's day weekend. for today, the clouds cling the coast and the ocean air comes
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all the way inland. -to-be parents. how about some news that could be reassuring or a little bit disturbing? it's about risky teenage behavior. it comes from a new report from the centers for disease control. here's the headlines. the number of kids smoking is down, that's good news. but an alarming number of teenagers are texting while driving and carrying weapons. nbc's tom costello has more on this. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning. more than 13,000 high school students nationwide participated in the study. some of the risky behavior might be surprising to parents. among the risky teenage behaviors, weapons. the cdc found nearly 18% of the high school students asked had carried a weapon, a gun, a knife, or a club at least once in the previous 30 days. >> one student is deceased as a result of a lone gunman who entered the school. >> reporter: the news coming just days after a 15-year-old gunman killed a classmate and wounded a teacher in oregon. another risky behavior, texting
7:17 am
while driving. 41% of students who are driving had texted or e-mailed while driving in the past 30 days. >> turn signal. right mirror check. >> reporter: in maryland, 17-year-old jazma stein is practicing for her driving test. she's already promised her mom, no drinking, no texting, no distractions. are you worried? >> i'm concerned. she has her life ahead of her, full life. and it can all be changed in a heartbeat. >> reporter: the cdc report also found 10% of teens admitted to drinking and driving. nearly 22% had been in a car with another driver who was drinking. sex is also on the list of risky teenage behavior. 34% of teens admitted to being sexually active, down from 38% in 1991. but among those kids, condom use had declined to 59% from 63% ten years ago. >> we're very concerned to see the decrease in condom use. we worked hard, we educated and
7:18 am
we had a steady increase in condom use until recent years. >> reporter: still, there is good news. smoking among teens is now at the lowest rate on record, 15.7%. alcohol use has dropped dramatically among teens, from 50% in 1999 to 35% today. and fights on school property have been cut in half over the past 20 years, with 8% reporting they'd been in a school fight. a few more stats that may be concerning to parents of teens. nearly 15% of kids reported being electronically bullied. 17% have considered attempting suicide. and nearly one in five teens have taken prescription drugs without a prescription. so as we said, some good news and some concerning news for parents and educators. matt, savannah, back to you. >> i'm just writing down all the conversations i need to have with my kids this weekend. thank you, tom. meantime, shifting gears, there's a little bit of a controversy pitting chicago's mayor rahm emanuel against donald trump. tamron is here. we've been asking viewers what they think about this. >> we've all been to chicago, one of the most beautiful
7:19 am
skylines i think in the world. and there's a big controversy regarding the city's skyline, because -- let's take a look at it. this trump sign is on the side of trump's 96-story hotel, smack in the middle of the city. you'll recognize this on the side. this is the iconic marina tower, and here's trump's building. now, the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, says that the sign is architecturally tasteless. this is the beautiful chicago river. many people know this boat tour, which is the chicago architecture tour, where you can get the feel of chicago. in the next half-hour, we're going to talk with donald trump, but before we do, what do you think? trump sign, fine by me, or is it in poor taste? we'll let you know, survey answers when we come back, guys. >> all right, tamron, thanks. we're going to have more on that controversy. we're going to talk to donald trump live. >> i think the sign's okay. it's his giant head on the top. >> thanks for your help.
7:20 am
also ahead, is luck on your side? it's friday the 13th, there's a full moon, nat is freaking out. >> we'll tell you about some superstitions. and what were your favorites? the commercials just crowned the best of the year. but first, this is "today" on nbc. the world of fashion is split in two.
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that's the power of the home depot. ryobi impact driver, drill, batteries, charger & case just $99 bucks. and good morning, it's 7:26 on your friday morning. i'm sam brock. within the last 30 minutes or so the coroner arriving at the scene at a deadly fire in hayward. the fire broke out at 2:00 on fuchsia court not far from mission boulevard. neighbors say the man who died had a cast on his foot and likely had trouble trying to escape the flames. firefighters discovered the body ten feet from the front door. no word yet on a cause. former dodgers owner frank mccourt will take the stand today to testify in the bryan stow civil trial. stow's family says the franchise didn't have enough security to prevent the attack in the stadium parking lot that left stow with permanent brain damage. earlier this week a security expert agreed with stow's family
7:27 am
telling jurors that staffing fell short of security standards on the night of the beating back in 2011. it is, of course, your friday which is good news to begin with and let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, sam. good morning to you at home. temperatures spread out. 49 degrees, for example, in santa rosa. need a coat there and probably don't need one 57 in san francisco and we're starting out here in san jose, comfortably 54 degrees. as we head throughout the day today, that cool, ocean air will persist and that beautiful sea breeze will make its way into the east bay and your temperatures are going to be comfortable as a result. 67 degrees today in san francisco and 82 in the north bay and just a 15 degree separation between your microclimate today. bigger separation as we get into next week and temperatures jump out of the 70s and 80s into the triple digits. we'll talk about that right now and here's mike, not looking like friday light.
7:28 am
>> but seeing a little separation between these cars and the fastrak lanes and movement. a lighter flow of traffic still slow off of west 580 and west 24 all the way across the bay. we have the metering lights on and a smoother drive into san francisco on the bay bridge. the rest of your bay, not too bad. slow down 880 all the way down towards 84 and the earlier crash had set things off and, sam, looking at a smoother drive south of there in the northbound direction. >> we will have another local news update for you coming up in just about half an hour, see you then. safeway understands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards.
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♪ 7:30 on friday the 13th of june, 2014. >> look forward to that. sergeant bowe bergdahl back on u.s. soil this morning for the first time in five years. the former p.o.w. arrived at the brooke army medical center overnight for the next phase of the reintegration process. president obama is weighing options in the wake of that
7:31 am
renewed al qaeda inspired violence in iraq. we're told the administration is considering possible air strikes, but putting american troops on the ground has already been ruled out. how about this one? the san antonio spurs now just one win away from being crowned world champions. they defeated the miami heat 107-86 last night. they hold a 3-1 lead in the best of seven series. the nba finals game five is sunday. >> all right. >> right there on father's day. and since we're celebrating dads all week, counting down to father's day, we're going to share our fondest memories of our own dads, and the lessons they taught us. >> love those photos. also, 41 turns 90 in style. jenna bush hager takes you inside her grandfather's birthday skydive. >> we're going to have to talk about that landing, because it looked a little rough. >> hard for us to see. >> but he's on solid ground this morning, so we'll get that. but we'll get the showdown between two powerful men, donald trump and chicago mayor rahm emanuel. we will talk live to mr. trump in just a moment, but first, nbc's john yang is in chicago to
7:32 am
fill us in. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. you can see how prominent it is in downtown chicago, a prime spot along the chicago river. this is a debate about art, about taste, aesthetics, and given the personalities involved, some might dare i say some towering egos, too. in this corner, billionaire developer donald trump, never shy about leaving his mark. >> you're fired. >> reporter: in the other corner, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, the former white house chief of staff, no shrinking violet himself. the stakes, five 20-foot-high stainless steel letters spelling out trump's name on his 96-story condo and hotel tower. at night, it glows. blair cayman, the pulitzer prize winning architectural critic is leading the charge against the sign. >> it's the lack of subtlety, the brashness, the egotistical overstatement, all the things that we expected of trump are
7:33 am
coming to roost. >> reporter: the donald says it will be like the hollywood sign, an icon. the mayor says it's an architecturally tasteful building scarred by an architecturally tasteless sign. trump tweeted, people are loving the trump sign on the chicago building. big league tweets, letrs, and calls. with trump, there are always strong opinions. >> i think it adds a little class to downtown chicago. it stands out. >> reporter: some people say it's too big. >> no, no. not for trump. i mean, that's who he is. >> i think it's beautiful. people going down the river are going to point it out. that's trump and there it is. i really don't have a problem with that. >> reporter: plenty of others do. >> i mean, you can't really not see it. it's very big. >> it's just an eyesore. >> reporter: some wonder why it's even necessary. >> the building is beautiful on its own and we all know whose building it is. >> reporter: among those in the
7:34 am
no column is the man who designed the building, architect adrian smith. in a statement to nbc news, he said, it is in poor taste, it hurts the image of the building, hurts the image of chicago, and he asked, how could the city officials that must approve these signs let this happen? matt? >> all right, john yang in chicago. batton down the hatches. donald trump is with us now by phone. donald, good morning. >> good morning. >> so we conducted a little survey here, donald. i'll give you the results of that in just a second. have you and mayor emanuel spoken directly about this issue? >> no, we haven't, but this is fully approved. everybody knew about it. his administration knew about it. the previous approved it. and this has been approved for a long period of time. >> there are other buildings you have around the country that you've got your name on. i was in las vegas recently. you've got a building just adjacent to the strip there. big trump name up top of that. trump tower on fifth avenue, you've got your name down low by fifth avenue, but not up high.
7:35 am
what are the rules? how do you decide when you do this and when you don't? >> well, i look at the building, it's very important architecturally to me. this has turned out to be a great piece of architecture. a great thing for chicago. i do great buildings. and if i like the building, if i like what's going on, if it's the right and appropriate thing, if it enhances the building, i will do that. the brand is very hot with probably the hottest brand we're building all over the world, and cities love the brand, and frankly, i will tell you that we're getting tweets and letters and phone calls. everybody loves it. we have people that just love it. i don't know what poll you took, but we are getting calls by the literally hundreds and thousands, including tweets on twitter that people just love it. >> all right, well, here's the results right here, donald. fine by me, 56% of people on our survey say it's fine. in poor taste, 44%. so you're winning our little battle here. >> well, that's really great.
7:36 am
i mean, this is done by -- this was started by a third rate architectural critic for the "chicago tribune," who i thought got fired. he was gone for a long period of time. most people thought he got fired. all of a sudden he re-emerges, and to get a little publicity, he started this campaign. the fact is -- and i'm impressed by your poll, because the fact is that people love it. and it's a very high level sign. it's done in the highest level of taste. done by one of the great sign designers. so, you know, so far, so good. >> would you want to live next -- never mind. that's not a good question. i don't know where i was going with that. >> i think i might have liked that question. >> donald, thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much, matt. >> all right, nice talking to you. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> i think it looks good. >> donald trump, master of the superlative. it's the greatest, it's the best. >> he waited until the end to tee off on that architect. let's get a check of the weather from the greatest, mr. roker.
7:37 am
>> today's weather is brought to you by the new windows, one experience for everything in your life. >> we've been having some third rate weather here in the northeast. and it has just been wet, it continues. but the good news is we will start to see things drying out. from boston, where it's foggy and rainy, we've got fog. top of the rock, new york city. what a mess. washington, d.c., cloudy skies. but it is clearing out eventually. and perfect weather as you head down to pinehurst for the u.s. open. we've got some storms today, 89 degrees. saturday, isolated storms. 88, hot and humid on sunday. as far as your weather for today is concerned, we are looking at a risk of strong storms down through the southwest. also up in the northern plains, along the west coast spectacular weather. 72 and sunny. in los angeles, 73. san francisco, rip current problems as you make your way into the northwest. we are going to be looking at more showers and thunderstorms. eventually, though, things will start clearing out.
7:38 am
7:37. now, happy friday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. comfortable temperatures to kick off the day, mostly thinl 50s. one spots in the 40 and that's santa rosa. probably the only place you'll need your jacket. the cool ocean air will keep moving onshore and as a result, your temperatures are going to remain comfortable. you can see right now where the low clouds are as we keep the cool ocean breeze coming in and we'll end up in the 70s here in the south bay right around 77 degrees this afternoon. pinehurst number two. i played there one time. unfortunately, i played like el abierto de estados unidos en number two. >> he's here until thursday! >> maybe i'll get another chance. >> we love your golf stories, really. coming up on "trending" -- >> oh! savannah! nicely done. high five all around. >> now i'm being treated like
7:39 am
number two. >> all right, guys, did you see jennifer lopez and pitbull? >> yes. >> did you see it? >> wait, he's wearing pants. he's wearing capris. >> i'm not looking at his pants, i'm looking at jennifer lopez. >> we'll get into it coming up. also, what ads do you remember the most? we're going to reveal the best commercials of the year right after this. replace your laptop? start with the best writing experience. make it incredibly thin. add an adjustable kickstand, a keyboard, a usb port, and the freedom of touch. and, of course, make it run microsoft office, with the power and speed to do real work. introducing surface pro 3. the tablet that can replace your laptop.
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7:43. from jean-claude van damme to overprotective moms, it was a big year for commercials. but which ads were just crowned the best of the year? matt miller is the president and ceo of the association for independent commercial producers. matt, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, matt. >> writing, directing, all of that stuff included here. let's get right to the one that got best in show. the big award. let's take a look. we'll talk about it on the other
7:44 am
side. >> what you see is a body crafted to perfection, a pair of legs engineered to defy the laws of physics and the mindset to master the most epic of splits. ♪ who can say where the road goes ♪ ♪ where the day flows only time ♪ >> all right. so this is a commercial for volvo. 18-wheelers. i'm a little surprised that takes home the top prize. why? >> well, it is amazing, for a product like 18-wheeler trucks, you wouldn't expect it to have such broad appeal, but it's been seen over 70 million times on the internet. but for music, for the cinematography, for the visual style, and of course, jean-claude doing the epic split.
7:45 am
>> let's move to the humor category. i always said you can sell me a bag of dirt if you make me laugh while doing it. let's take a look at "mom song" by old spice. ♪ i didn't see it coming but it came in a can ♪ ♪ now my sweet son's been sprayed into a man ♪ ♪ old spice sprayed a man on my son ♪ ♪ i was kissing all the women and his chores aren't done ♪ ♪ made a man of my son now he smells like a man and they treat him like one ♪ >> is that funny or creepy? >> it won in the creepy category. but it's so funny. old spice, they brought isaiah mustafa out. they relaunched the brand. now they're taking on axe, that's won the body spray category for youth. it's quirky, odd, a little creepy, but it's really fun.
7:46 am
>> staying in the humor category, this one makes me laugh every time i see it. i'm just going to say it's for k-mart. take a look. >> ship my pants? right here? you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. >> i just may ship my pants. >> billy, you can ship your pants, too. >> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad. >> it's very convenient. >> very convenient. >> it just works on so many levels. >> it does. i don't know, i can't tell you why that's funny. if i have to tell you why it's funny -- >> oh, i can tell you why it's funny. >> but articulation is really important. that "p" is a really important "p". >> you miss that "p" and throw another consonant in there and it's a career-ender. very good commercial. by the way, no super bowl ads.
7:47 am
>> there were some super bowl ads in there. but we're not showing them today. but radio shack was a big winner. bud light was. >> how about this one? this was a web-only campaign. this is for newcastle and stars anna kendrick. >> i was really excited to make a [ bleep ] commercial with newcastle, but then, turns out they don't even have the money or permission to make a [ bleep ] commercial. they can't even say the word [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. it's bleeped. i don't think they can even say [ bleep ]. i don't think you can mention football, like in any capacity. >> is this the wave of the future, these web-only ads? >> well, it's a web-only ambush ad. they put it out knowing they're trying to get some of the hoopla out of the super bowl ads. they launched it the week before and using anna kendrick and she was a great sport. they just sort of hit that out of the park. >> matt miller, thanks very much for bringing them by. good to see you. >> you, too. >> you can see these commercials in their entirety on our website, coming up, a behind the scenes look at former president george h.w. bush's birthday ent skydive.
7:48 am
we'll hear from him exclusively. but, up next, a full moon on friday the 13th? cue the superstitions. tamron will tell us what it all means right after this. what if he breaks his arm? or what if he wants a fish? or a dog? or an iguana? what if that iguana breaks his arm? what if he wants to study abroad? or if he needs braces? or she? what if they both need braces? what if there's more than one of them? what if there's six? what if we saved a little today, just in case we need a little more tomorrow? download cartwheel and save on what you want, like essentials. so you can save up for what's most essential to you. they put the hash browns on the inside?
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7:51 am
getting ready for our concert on the plaza from train. it is friday the 13th. as we've mentioned, you have an extra reason to be superstitious this time around. tamron's keeping track of it. >> yes, guys. don't be afraid, okay? last night, though, it was a full moon. not since the year 2000 has a full moon coincided with friday the 13th, but the good thing is we won't have this happen until 2049. so basically, we'll all be gone. so a lot of you have tweeted out -- >> speak for yourself. [ laughter ] >> what do you know that we don't? >> i knew that would draw moans from the crowd. this is pretty cool. these are full moons sent to us from some of our viewers, and we asked you, if you're
7:52 am
superstitious, what things are you most superstitious about? 55% of you said broken mirror. 14% open umbrella. 13% black cat. under the ladder 11%. 7% of you said spilling salt. i love this tweet. i opened an umbrella during our tease to break. david arnold said, a whole group of people just had an anxiety attack when you opened that umbrella inside. #orangeroom. we asked our team what are some of the things you're superstitious about. matt, you said you walk into the studio the same way? >> i have to go the same direction and same path. i always jog up the back stairs. i'm not allowed to walk. drives me crazy. >> baseball players are very superstitious as well. they have similar things. savannah, you said traffic talk. what does that mean? >> oh, never say oh, the traffic's great, until you are safely, really in the last block. >> we're out of time, but i know natalie, you have the pope francis beads. you rub those for good luck. al, you said when people say
7:53 am
can't get worse, it can. we'll have more on and more on train after your local news. [ jennifer garner ] why can't powerful sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer. its superior uva uvb protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer, all with the cleanest feel.
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7:55 am
and talk to a headache specialist.
7:56 am
good friday morning. it's 7:56. i'm sam brock. chris christie is expected to show up at a san francisco flower shop any minute now. he'll be alongside neel kashkari the republican candidate for governor and the two will be on seventh street to focus on family-owned small businesses in the city. after that, christie is planning on heading south to visit with his pals at facebook and take part in a live chat. open table. this morning priceline announced it is buying the restaurant reservation site for just over $2.5 billion. the deal is expected to close in september and the head of open table says employees will continue to work out of the san francisco offices. open table, of course, restaurants on demand for weather on demand, we have our very own expert and tune in to meteorologist christina loren. >> great day for lunch out on the water, sam.
7:57 am
warmer and already starting out in the upper 50s and upper 6 os in san francisco and that sustained ocean breeze transported all that cool air all the way inland means another beautiful day with temperatures not exceeding their seasonal averages by much, even in the warm spots. 84 degrees in the east bay today. 78 degrees in the south bay and average for us is about 79 degrees. a touch below here. meanwhile, mid-60s for san francisco and warming into your father's day weekend. let's check your drive, here's mike. >> over my shoulder a live look at north 101 move smoothly and look at the map north of that shot. slow down and circling it at the top of your screen and that crash actually still blocking the slow lane of 101 over on the interchange. crash north 680 at mckee and a light commute today anyway. south 880 still slow from hayward into fremont and the earlier crash has cleared and around the bay, sam, typical pattern. back to you. >> 87 and 101, mike, and get
7:58 am
back to you shortly. another local news update for you with traffic and weather in just 30 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," and coming up, this is 90. former president george h.w. bush makes good on his promise to skydive on his landmark birthday. >> i think it's pretty daring for a 90-year-old to jump out of a helicopter. >> jenna takes us behind the scenes of her grandfather's big jump. plus, in honor of father's day, we open up on what we've learned from our dads. >> if it was humanly possible, my dad always said yes. >> i always still hear his voice in my head. do the right thing, even if you don't think anybody else is watching. >> and we'll also have a special surprise for one very deserving
8:01 am
dad. and all aboard. grammy winning group train hits our summer concert stage, today, friday, june 13th, 2014. ♪ oh i swear to you i'll be there for you ♪ ♪ this is not a drive-by >> lucky to be at the big apple with my soul sister. we love train! >> celebrating our birthdays with train. ♪ when you move me everything is groovy ♪ >> go montana state bobcats! ♪ this is not a drive-by >> good morning, missouri! [ cheers and applause ] >> and we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 13th day of june. yes, friday the 13th, 2014.
8:02 am
raise your hands if you're superstitious. that's not good. that's not good at all. anyway, out on the plaza, on the stage for our summer concert, we've got a nice crowd behind us. >> we sure do. here's something to look forward to. you guys will love this. a whole series dedicated to our favorite movie babies. the stars before they could walk. >> from "three men and a baby," to little nathan in "raising arizona." we'll catch up with those box office babies all next week on "today." >> that's going to be fun. let's go inside. natalie's got a check of all the headlines of the morning. >> good morning to you guys once again. former american p.o.w. sergeant bowe bergdahl is back on american soil for the first time in five years. he arrived overnight on a flight from germany and is now at a military hospital in san antonio, texas. the idaho, native, was released two weeks ago in that controversial swap for five taliban prisoners. he has yet to be reunited with his family.
8:03 am
and the pentagon is still investigating how bergdahl fell into enemy hands in the first place. iraq's u.s.-trained army is collapsing as militants from an al qaeda offshoot close in on baghdad. the rebels have seized weapons and military vehicles once used by american troops. they've also overrun mosul, iraq's second-largest city, and taken $450 million from a central bank. on thursday, president obama refused to rule out new u.s. help for iraq to keep the rebels from getting a permanent foothold in the region. there are still american and other foreign diplomats, meanwhile, in baghdad. we spoke this morning with an al jazeera reporter about security in iraq's capital. >> they've mounted more mobile patrols. they're putting more people around the clock to monitor the situation. also they've secured the green zone further, and that's the home of the u.s. and the uk embassy, but will that make people in baghdad feel better? well, people here are looking at
8:04 am
the situation in mosul. this was a city of two million people that fell very quickly to just 1,300 islamic state of iraq and syria fighters, and they're wondering if the same can happen here in baghdad. for almost a year now, we've been bringing you the heartwarming story of jenny and dave ezil and their twin baby boys that were born conjoined at birth and separated by doctors. this morning, all of them are finally home together. >> this is what we were waiting for. we're so excited. >> jenny ezil's smile has been a long time coming. almost a year since she and her husband dave had conjoined twins owen and emmett, and it's been a roller coaster ride. when they were just a month old, the boys were successfully separated in a risky operation. but home was still a while off.
8:05 am
for nine months, jenny and dave practically lived at medical city children's hospital in dallas. and here on "today," we followed their progress. >> good morning. >> thursday, it was time to head out. >> you're ready to go? >> and have been for some time now. >> once conjoined, now each boy was loaded into a separate van. and then finally home. they didn't miss a beat. >> this is just another place for them. hopefully we can turn it into something more than that. >> just another place for the boys on just another day. >> so this is it. this is what we wanted. >> make that a very, very special day. >> it's what we've been waiting for. >> so precious. jenny and dave know they still have a lot of hurdles in front of them, but they're excited and optimistic. we wish them all the best. it's 8:06. let's send it back outside to
8:06 am
everyone. >> all right, natalie, thank you very much. game five of the stanley cup finals tonight between the l.a. kings and the new york rangers joining us now is a rangers superfan known affectionately as joey clams. joey, good morning, how you doing? >> good. how you doing? how's everything doing? >> how you doing? >> good. >> how'd you become such a big rangers fan? >> i was born that way. my father's a big sports fan. going to rangers games since i was a kid. sunday mornings i slept at my nanny's in brooklyn, frying the meatballs, we ate 2:30, 3:00, then my father and aunt and uncle, we go to the games. >> fair to say you have arrived. jimmy fallon talked about you on his show. take a look. >> joey clams they call me. i ate 12 dozen raw claims. >> call me joey clams. joey clams. >> hey! joey clams! >> call me joey clams. >> that's pretty good stuff,
8:07 am
joey. you have a prediction for tonight's game? >> i think we'll get a win. i think we'll be up 3-1 and score an empty net goal, and we'll bring it back here for monday night. we're gonna go crazy. >> and you'll be there? >> oh, of course i'll be there. absolutely. without a doubt. >> without a doubt. >> without a doubt. joey clams on our plaza. >> a little rodney dangerfield. >> may your first child be a masculine child. bobby blue eyes. beats. anthony l. let's go rangers. all right. >> you can watch game five of the stanley cup finals tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here on nbc. >> rock on! >> he wants to thank each and every one of you personally. >> all right, al, how about a check of the weather. >> that's what's going on around how you doing today?
8:08 am
we've got a good-looking friday in store. a sustained ocean breeze, that's what's going to keep our air nice and refreshing, not too hot as we get into this afternoon. very little cloud cover to show you. it's not the fog that's going to keep your temperatures down, it's that cool ocean air, courtesy of an area of low pressure that came through yesterday. highs today, mostly in the upper 70s, a couple low 80s out there. you'll hit 66, meanwhile. in san francisco, a great-looking father's day weekend coming your way. >> savannah's going to have one tough girl, i tell you. >> al, thank you so much. did not see that one coming. coming up next on "trending," jimmy fallon and chris christie's evolution of dad dancing. so what was the one dance the governor would not do? plus, jenna bush hager shares a view of her grandfather's birthday skydive you won't see anywhere else. plus, we'll hear from the bush family exclusively. and as we head into father's day, we'll celebrate our dads and the lessons they passed down to us.
8:09 am
but first, these messages. riend. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind... what's in your wallet?
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[ cluck, cluck ] ♪ no, we ain't got no room ♪ for boring ♪ for boring, we ain't got no room ♪ ahh! [ male announcer ] the 2014 highlander. toyota. let's go places. so, which would you choose?a big part of your job. [ male announcer ] the 2014 highlander. this one that cleans or this one that cleans and protects against dryness? that one. that's it. you got one question for me? dove men+care bodywash cleans and protects against dryness. we're back now at 8:12. time for what's trending today. new jersey's governor chris christie has had a couple of rough months, because of the scandal involving the closure of several lanes of the george washington bridge. last night, though, he found a way to poke a little fun at himself with jimmy fallon on "the tonight show." >> in honor of father's day, jimmy and the governor presented the evolution of dad dancing.
8:13 am
♪ >> oh, my. ♪ >> for understandable reasons, christie wanted no part of the bridge is closed dance, but he returned for a little more springsteen. >> that's good. governor christie's moves aren't the only ones getting a lot of attention. the world cup kicked off in brazil on thursday. during the opening ceremony, jennifer lopez and pit bull roused fans along with a brazilian singer. >> normally j-lo's outfits are what we're talking about. but this morning pit bull's ensemble apparently stole the show. his tight, high-waisted cropped white pants were too much for twitter to take.
8:14 am
>> otherwise known as matt lauer's saturday. some called them diaper pants. others mom capris. then you add the matching white loafers. >> you laugh because you know it's true. >> no, it's not. we love pit bull here, but i have to say, those are awful. those are awful. >> not good. >> one viewer on twitter said, it's like a cuban simon cowell. >> under the bus on that one. >> that's what's trending today. meantime, something else that's getting a lot of attention, of course. former president george h. w. bush marking his 90th birthday by, what else skydiving. jenna bush hager made that announcement right here on "today" and she had the front row seat for the big jump. jenna, good morning. >> good morning, guys. yes, my grandfather proved he is a man of his word. he said he was going to skydive for his 90th and he did. i have to say, we were all really excited about it, but nobody was more excited than he
8:15 am
was. it was a special day for my grandfather. a local group came to sing. ♪ happy birthday, 41 to us you are a treasure ♪ >> family arrived home, and some golden knights returned for a bold jump. on this day, my grandfather was looking for an adventure. when we told matt lauer that you were skydiving, he called you a stud. what do you say to that? >> i say thank you, matt. you're a perceptive kind of fellow. i've always admired you and now i respect you even more. >> soon, he was airborne, ready to take that leap in a tandem jump with his partner, mi mike elliot. more than 6,000 feet done, his family and dear friends gathered to watch. >> i think it's pretty daring for a 90-year-old to jump out of a helicopter. >> what has he taught you? >> he's taught me to live life
8:16 am
to the fullest and to maintain your integrity, and to keep values central to your life, such as the importance of our family. >> uh-huh. could you love a man any more? >> no. no. he is an awesome man. >> uh-huh. he is. so you hope the jump goes well? >> yes, i do. >> and then, his parachute appeared, red, white, and blue, symbolic of the country he loves. this is his eighth jump. he is no stranger to the skies. and says he's never stopped loving it. but our family and friends on the ground were holding our breath. it was not the easiest of landings, but in true gampy style, he was back up and celebrating real success. >> how did it look coming down? >> it looked amazing. was it fun? >> yeah. >> and so we said a prayer of thanks for his safety, for this special day. he was hospitalized not long ago, so this birthday was all the more meaningful. >> that was great! >> it was fun.
8:17 am
>> what do you think? >> i think i landed a little hot, but other than that, it was great. >> you landed hot because you are hot. >> hey. it's cold. >> no harm done. >> what do you think? >> i think it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. >> really? >> i've had a lot of exciting moments, too. >> i was going to say my gosh. >> you've done it a couple times now. what do you rate it? ten out of ten? >> i'd throw it in there about nine. >> a nine out of ten. >> he's going to do it again when he's 95. >> that's what he's already said. >> yep. >> all right, we'll be there. high five, gamps. >> god willing. >> my family is thrilled for him and no longer surprised by anything. >> is it hard to watch, jenna? >> i have to say, we were covering our eyes. and even our producer hugged my aunt after it was all over. >> aw, he's amazing. >> it was amazing, though.
8:18 am
it was so fun to be there. he celebrated last night, we all were a little tired because we all went out and had a great dinner, and so he feels good. it was a rough landing, but everything ended up great. >> god bless him. >> he's amazing. >> thanks for sharing with us, jenna, we appreciate it. coming up next, guys, father knows best "modern dads" is brought to
8:19 am
you by dove men plus care. celebrating the many ways dads care. >> well, all this week, as we lead up to father's day, we've been taking a look at fatherhood in our special series "modern dads." this morning, some stories of our own dads. >> while some of them are still with us, but many have passed on, they all, though, played a huge role in our lives. take a look. my dad's name was charles guthrie, but everybody called him charlie. he was incredibly warm and very funny. people loved my dad. he was effervescent and full of life. the thing i most admire about my dad was his integrity and loyalty. i always still hear his voice in my head. do the right thing, even if you don't think anybody else is watching. i remember my dad coming home from a business trip, which for him was the mining business, and bringing a little rock or a sample, or fool's gold or
8:20 am
something. it wasn't like the business trip where you stop at the airport and get like a stuffed toy. i didn't get to have my dad for very long. he passed away when i was just 16. i grew up with a father i adored, and we all revolved around him. and when he passed away, it was life-shattering. and the way i look back at it is there was life before my dad passed away, and life after. i hope and wish somehow he could know that he's as important today as he ever was. >> my dad's name is mario morales jr. my dad is the most knowledgeable person i know. i always say if i ever ended up on one of those millionaire shows, he would be my lifeline. my dad also has an incredible passion for travel. to this day, you know, after a life in the military where every couple of years we were on the road moving to another place, he still can't settle down. but that's his zest for life.
8:21 am
best words of advice my dad taught me, you'll get through those hard times. life is about picking yourself up and continuing on and being stronger for all those little hits and misses along the way. right about the time i was about to get married, it was three months before my wedding, my dad had a massive stroke. he was only 51 years old, and they weren't sure if he was going to make it. but i remember at the time when i found out really thinking about how important it is that we say everything to our parents and make sure that they know how much they have meant to us and how much, you know, we are who we are because of them. so -- start crying now. he's a wonderful grandfather. and i am who i am because of him. >> j.d. was my father. james thomas daly. died when i was 5 years old. my mom remarried a few years later to dick caruso, who's my stepfather, but i've always said
8:22 am
that, you know, god really blessed me with two wonderful dads. what i admire most about my stepfather, and i really just call him my dad. my dad, dick, is his work ethic. i remember hearing his dress shoes hit our floor in santa monica as he would be leaving for work at about 5:00 in the morning. every day i would be there's dad going to work and wouldn't come home until 6:30 at night, but family meant everything to him and he worked hard to provide for us. he was a man of few words, but when he spoke, it was usually on do the right thing. if he noticed i didn't do the right thing, he'd tell you and he'd do anything quickly to make sure you did the right thing. my father's name was albert lincoln roker. i would describe my father as this bigger than life character. he was somebody who really embraced life, he embraced people. he saw the best in people. he could be a little gruff on the outside, but you really didn't have to go very far underneath to find this big mush ball.
8:23 am
>> got three als on the boat. alston from the lodge. al senior. al junior. the bone fish don't have a chance. >> i was doing some specials for the food network. my father's family is from the bahamas. so i thought, this would be great. i hadn't been to the bahamas with my dad, and so we went down and what's always been bittersweet about that, we taped that in april of 2001, and was gone, died from lung cancer in october in 2001, the same year. and to look at him, you'd have no idea that anything was wrong. my dad came home one thursday, and said, tomorrow we're going to montreal. just decided, we're going to go to expo '67. we didn't have tickets. we didn't have reservations. we didn't have nothing. we had a new station wagon and my father bundles us all up. it was one of the greatest times of my life.
8:24 am
my father's name was jay robert lauer, but most people called him bob. my dad was the most reliable man, reliable person i'd ever met. no matter what was happening in your life, how big or how little your needs were, he was always there for you. i can't remember a single time in my life that i ever said to my dad, you want to have a catch, you want to throw the football around? if it was humanly football, my dad always said yes. i must have had 500,000 baseball catches with my dad. and we had some of our best talks, father-son talks during those little catches. my dad died in 1997, about two or three months after i got this job. which was difficult. he had been sick for a long time. i think it was a great thrill for him to see me get the job and start the job. but it was incredibly bittersweet for me when he
8:25 am
passed away, just a couple of months in. my parents divorced when i was 8. my sister was 13. so clearly, the years after that, i didn't spend every day with my dad. i saw him on weekends and a couple of weeks every summer. i remember him with incredible fondness and love, but i also remember him as being someone i wish i could have been around more often. he taught me my love for the game of golf. i would go play golf with my dad on weekends. it wasn't about learning the game, it wasn't about the score. it was about four and a half hours alone with my dad. it's nice to look back. tamron, you're going to talk about your dad in the next hour. >> yes, we'll talk with willie as well. i'm watching everyone crying. we all cried while taping this. there are tears of joy, tears of missing. but all of these dads had an amazing impact on our lives. >> privileged to tell the world about the men we love. by the way, check out
8:26 am
it teamed up with lean in, asked some of us to write letters to some and a good friday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. friday the 13th, right now. the coroner's office is working to identify the man's body was found in a burned out mobile home in hayward overnight. the fire broke out just before 3:00 this morning on fuchsia court. the man who died had a cast on his foot and likely had trouble trying to escape the flames. firefighters found the body 10 feet from the front door. no word yet on a cause. very sad news there. mike, last time we checked in with you, you were mentioning an accident near the san jose airport. is that still clogging things up? >> you know, it clogged past tenth. you know that crash just cleared, sam. but look at the map, the ripple effect. it did ripple back from the airport back there.
8:27 am
now, that's a recovery, but farther north in mountain view, we have a slower drive past ellsworth, already a congestion point there anyway. and a crash back on the shoulder. friday, lighter commute keeps things moving there, as well as southbound 880. the rest of your bay, pretty typical pattern as far as the flow. the bay bridge toll plaza, give you a live look out there and show you the volume starting to ease up. that will hold steady through the next hour, and more traffic getting into the city. back to you. >> people just stoked about hearing more traffic on your friday. we'll tell you all about it coming up in about 30 minutes. another local news update for you.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ oh i swear to you this is not a drive-by ♪ >> 8:30 on this friday morning. the 13th of june, 2014. don't we have a great crowd. train knows how to turn up, rain or shine. a little damp. we'll have train in a matter of moments. >> also we've got great music planned next week on our plaza.
8:31 am
a special concert on tuesday from the group little mix. they won the british version of x-factor. they're taking this country by storm. you won't want to miss the show that they have planned. >> cool. meantime, still to come, we have a bevy of stars in our green room right now. we have kristen wiig, america ferrera, and "game of thrones" star kit harrington, all here. >> mr. roker, a check of the weather? >> good idea. let's do that. show you what we've got for your weekend. we start off san francisco. looking at not a bad day today. we've got some sunshine coming in. high of about 70 degrees. ought to be spectacular. as we look ahead towards saturday, risk of strong storms in the plains. all the way into texas. out west, going to be nice and mild. sunny and hot in the southwest. some showers in the southeast. sunday, sunday! daddy's day. we're going to help you tie one on with plenty of sunshine up and down the east coast. some showers down in florida. risk of some strong storms back through the central plains.
8:32 am
again, we are going to be the envy of the nation as we get into this weekend. you made it to friday. and you know it's going to be nice out there again today. we're starting out with comfortable conditions as well. temperatures right now in the upper 50s to low 60s. we've got a beautiful day shaping up, that ocean breeze continues to move inland. and as a result, your temperatures are going to remain in the 70s. even right here in the south bay. i'm forecasting 78 degrees. 79, meanwhile, for the peninsula. and 82 out in the east bay. we are going to warm you up, as we get into your father's day weekend, but just by a touch. >> and that's your latest weather. we've got a huge crowd getting ready for train! let's go to mr. lauer. >> all right, mr. roker, thank you very much. more now of our "modern dads" series. father's day just two days away, we worked with the team made man on something very special.
8:33 am
charles worthton has been both a grandfather and father to his grandson demille, and charles, you think you're here obviously because this man right here demille is auditioning for "the voice." that is not actually true. all right? actually, demille would like to publicly thank you for all that you have done for him. he has a special message for you. take a look. ♪ >> there is no father figure more worthy than my grandfather charles worthy. he has been beside me the last 20 years, supporting me as i'm pursuing singing and agenting myself. i've been on a long journey faced with obstacle after obstacle, but my dreams are starting to come true and it would have never been possible without my grandfather. after raising his own children, my grandfather started all over again and began to raise me. working at least two jobs in addition to serving to protect
8:34 am
his country, my grandfather did whatever it took to ensure that i would have ever advantage. a man with a heart that big should be honored. to have him sing for everyone to hear would be the culmination of everything he's taught me. even if it may not come overnight, hard work, love, and persistence always pays off. that's my grandpa, y'all. thank you. >> charles and demille, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> charles, i'm sorry we tricked you a little bit. >> you sure did. >> i apologize. you thought you were here because demille is auditioning for a very important thing in his life. in fact, you're here because he wanted to deliver that message. what was it like listening to that? >> i think it was great. it's very surprising. i never thought this would happen. he's been telling me this for about a month or so. he said grandpa, you've just got to come out and be with me, so here i am. >> why was it so important for you to publicly say what you've been thinking about this guy all these years?
8:35 am
>> you know, matt, as i mentioned in the video, he has been the man that really showed me how to be a man. and if it weren't for him, i wouldn't be as far as i am today. so i just wanted to publicly thank him and help make one of his dreams come true, as i mentioned. >> let's talk about that dream. demille has told us that one of the things you've always dreamed about is singing in front of a large group of people. >> that's true. >> what do you see when you look behind the camera there? >> i see a lot of folks out there. >> you see a large group of people? >> yeah. >> he's what we would like to do. demille, you're going to help. and charles, we thought it would be nice if you would sing the national anthem for this group of people right here. [ applause ] i think you've been practicing. i think we've got microphones for you. do we have cards just in case? can i have those? here we've got some cards. because i know nerves can kick
8:36 am
in here. >> yes, sir. >> at a moment's notice. >> so, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome charles and demille singing our national anthem. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof
8:37 am
through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> well-done. demille, charles, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> great to have you. more on a father's day friday.
8:38 am
oh wait -- excuse me? oh, by the way, we have one more surprise. that's right. because we've got the philly phanatic right here. and you know what that means? you can't tell him, i can. you are actually going to go to philadelphia and you are going to sing the national anthem in front of a crowd in a full stadium. >> that is amazing! >> can you do that? >> i can do that. >> charles, congratulations. demille, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we're back in a moment. three for the price of one. kristen wiig, america ferrera, kit harrington, plus train live in concert, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
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test. test.
8:41 am
test. test. meet dragon. >> why? >> because i'm going to change his mind about dragons. i can change yours. may i? ah! >> dragon riders! >> what is with all the net? >> watch it. that was close. oh, my. me liky. >> kristen, america, kit, good morning. >> good morning. >> kristen, you are unrecognizable in this part, and not for the obvious reasons. i didn't know that was your voice. that was you, that last voice we heard. she looks like me. but yeah, that was me. >> where does that deep dark scratchy voice come from? >> i don't really know.
8:42 am
we just thought the character was sort of, you know, rough around the edges, so we came up with that. >> i heard it hurt your throat. are you really suffering for your art? >> yes. i tend to do that. >> america, you kind of experimented with a couple different voices for your character, is that right? >> well, yeah. we were both in the first one. i've been voicing astrid in the tv show for cartoon network, so it's been seven years now of playing with this character and exploring it, and in this movie, they're five years older, so we got to play with aging them up and their voices, whatever that means. >> so we know you from "game day," of cour-- game of thrones. going into a booth by yourself and having to act, that seems to me one of the most challenging things you have to do. >> it's quite solo. me and america did one little session together in new york, but other than that, you're working opposite the director, dean, who does all the voices opposite you. so he's kind of a split
8:43 am
personality. >> this is getting great reviews. everybody says the story is kind of jaw-dropping. you look at it, it is absolutely beautiful. here's a segue. "bridesmaids." absolutely not connected to that at all. but kristen, we're so excited, we learned you're teaming up with your former director and writer for a new movie, not a sequel to "bridesmaids." can you tell me about it? >> there's not much to tell yet. >> come on. >> i'll come back and tell you another time. we're still in the developing process. but yeah, i'm very excited. >> chick movie. >> well, maybe. i don't know. maybe there's dragons in it. i don't know. see a segue. >> segue right back to that. okay, america, real quickly, i have to ask you about what happened at cannes. what a creep. that's all i have to say about that. what did you think when you heard this guy struck again? >> i just -- you know, for me, i think it's just insane that he's getting the attention that he
8:44 am
asked for. i think the best way to make these people go away is to not pay them attention. >> we'll start that right now. >> okay, thank you. >> and a real big "game of thrones" finale this weekend. >> it is, yeah. >> kit, we'll give us extra time if you just tell us everything that happens. >> i would never want to do that. i would never want to spoil it for you. but it's going to be a big one. on paper, it was my favorite episode of an entire four, five seasons. >> whoa. some shockers, right? >> yeah, some big shocks. >> and on that note. kristen wiig, america ferrera, kit harrington, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the movie "how to train your dragon 2" is in theaters today. coming up next, segueing out. live concert on the plaza from train. but first, this is "tod
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> they are three-time grammy award winners, and you know what else? they're also favorites of ours here on the "today" show. we welcome them back to the toyota summer concert series. ladies and gentlemen, train. ♪ on the other side of the street ♪ ♪ i knew a girl that looked like you ♪ ♪ i know that's deja vu new york or santa fe ♪ ♪ or wherever to get away from me ♪ ♪ oh but that one night is more than just right ♪ ♪ i didn't leave you i was overwhelmed ♪ ♪ and frankly scared as hell ♪ ♪ 'cause i really fell for you ♪ ♪ oh i swear to you i'll be there for you ♪ ♪ this is not a drive-by
8:48 am
just a shy guy ♪ ♪ when you move me everything is groovy ♪ ♪ oh i swear to you i'll be there for you this is not a drive-by ♪ ♪ on the other side of a downward spiral ♪ ♪ my love for you went viral ♪ ♪ i loved you every mile drove away ♪ ♪ now here you are again let's skip the how you been ♪ ♪ get down to the more than friends at last ♪ ♪ oh but that one night still the highlight ♪ ♪ i didn't need you until i came to ♪ ♪ and i was overwhelmed
8:49 am
and frankly scared as hell ♪ ♪ 'cause i really fell for you oh i swear to you this is not a drive-by ♪ ♪ just a shy guy when you move me ♪ ♪ everything is groovy oh i swear to you ♪ ♪ i'll be there for you this is not a drive-by ♪ ♪ please believe that when i leave ♪ ♪ there's nothing up my sleeve but love for you ♪ ♪ a little time to get my head together ♪ ♪ on the other side of the street i knew a girl that looked like you ♪ ♪ deja vu but i thought this can't be true ♪ ♪ oh i swear to you i'll be there for you ♪ ♪ this is not a drive-by
8:50 am
just a shy guy ♪ ♪ when you move me everything is groovy ♪ ♪ oh i swear to you i'll be there for you ♪ ♪ this is not a drive-by [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. >> more music from train on a rainy friday morning, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
the rain falls mainly on train this morning. they have gone from a san francisco band to a worldwide fan favorite. their new album will be released in september, but their new single is out now. here they are, train, singing "angel in blue jeans." ♪ i never got her name time to find out anything i loved her just the same ♪ ♪ no, i rode a different road
8:53 am
sang a different song i'll love her till my last breath's gone ♪ ♪ like a river made of silver ♪ ♪ everyone came running to the scene ♪ ♪ i was shot down in cold blood ♪ ♪ by an angel in blue jeans oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ she had a way i chased her to the turnpike ♪ ♪ the way the music never plays i rode upon the storms ♪ ♪ fell into the water loved until my judgment day ♪ ♪ like a sunrise made of white lies ♪ ♪ everything was nothing
8:54 am
as it seems ♪ ♪ i was shot down in cold blood ♪ ♪ by an angel in blue jeans oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ i hear voices calling all around ♪ ♪ i keep falling down i see a million different ways ♪ ♪ to never leave this maze alive ♪ ♪ i woke up in somebody's arms strange and so familiar ♪ ♪ where nothing could go wrong ♪ ♪ barely alive or nearly dead ♪ ♪ awake in my own bed
8:55 am
and there you are ♪ ♪ like a highway headed my way ♪ ♪ life is but a dream i was shot down ♪ ♪ by your love my angel in blue jeans ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♪ ♪ ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♪
8:56 am
>> thank you so much. thanks. >> thank you to train and its rain-soaked fan and a good friday morning. it's 8:56. i am sam brock. we are awaiting right now remarks from the president on the devolving situation in iraq. if we get interrupted, that will be why. in the meantime, the san jose family camp near yosemite, which was badly damaged in last summer's massive rim fire reopens today. crews have spent the last several months removing hundreds of charred trees, rebuilding cabins and fixing damaged water tanks. the first campers are expected
8:57 am
to arrive around 1:00 this afternoon 7. this is an nbc news special report. >> we are coming on the air just about noontime here on the east coast. we are going to hear from the president on the south lawn of the white house on the deteriorating situation in iraq and what he is prepared to do about it. our foreign correspondent richard engel is in northern iraq with the latest on the situation there. richard -- >> reporter: it is very serious, david. the u.s. faces very difficult choices because the militants are now roughly 40 miles outside of baghdad. they have been marching on the capital and have been seizing american weapons that were left for the iraq security forces. those security forces mostly have been defecting and not putting up a fight. in the capital itself, in baghdad, they are bracing for
8:58 am
this war to arrive. check points are being set up. mosques are putting out public calls for civilians to come and collect weapons to defend the city. >> richard engel for us in erbil, iraq. as we wait for the president at the white house, he's leaving to go speak elsewhere this afternoon. a big concern in washington. not just in the administration, on capitol hill as well, about the future of baghdad. not forces but u.s. personnel that are operating in baghdad and what it means for the future of the country, of course. and the status of the terror group known as isis. as we wait for the president, our correspondent at the white house, peter alexander, with more of what the president is going to say and not do at this particular point. >> i just hung up with the senior administration official who tells me we should not expect the president to be
8:59 am
announcing any specific action in these remarks. it will be an update on the situation. that official telling me the president has not made his mind up yet. >> i want to take time to give you a quick update about the situation in iraq. yesterday i convened a meeting with my national security council to discuss the situation there. this morning i received an update from my team. over the last several days, we have seen significant gains made by ifil. the terrorist organization that operates in both iraq and syria. in the face after terrorist offensive, iraqi security forces have proven unable to defend a number of cities which has allowed the terrorists to overrun a part of iraq's territory. this pose as danger to iraq and its people and given the nature of the terrorists, it could pose a let eventually to american interests as well. this threat is not brand-new. over the last year, we have been
9:00 am
steadily ramping up our security assistants to the iraqi government with increased training, equipping and intelligence. now iraq needs additional support to break the number of extremist groups and bolster iraq's security forces. we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq but i asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces and i will be reviewing those options in the days ahead. i do want to be clear, though, that this is not solely or even primarily a military challenge. over the past decade, american troops have made extraordinary sacrifices to give iraqis an opportunity to claim their own future. unfortunately iraq's leaders have been unable to overcome too often the mistrust and sectarian differences that has long been simmering will. that's created vulnerabilities
9:01 am
within the iraqi government as well as their security forces. so -- any action that we may take to provide assistance to iraqi security forces has to be joined by a serious and sincere effort by iraq's leaders to set aside sectarian difference, to promote stability, and account for the legitimate interests of all of iraq's communities, and it continues to build the capacity of an effective security force. we can't do it for them. in the absence of this type of political effort, short-term military action, including my assistance we may provide, won't succeed. this should be a wakeup call. iraq's leaders have to demonstrate a willing must to make hard decisions and compromises on behalf of the iraqi people in order to bring the country together. in that effort, they will have the support of the united states and our friends and our allies. iraq's neighbors have
9:02 am
responsibility to support this process. nobody has an interest in seeing terrorists gain a foothold inside of iraq and mob is going to benefit from seeing iraq descend into chaos. so the united states will do our part but understand that ultimately it is up to the iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve their own problems. we redoubled are our efforts to help build counter terrorism forces so groups like isis can't establish safe haven and will continue that through our support of the moderate opposition in syria, our support for iraq and security forces and partnership with other countries across the region. we are also going to pursue intensive diplomacy throughout this period, both inside of iraq and across the region. because there is never going to be stability in rock and broader region unless there are political outcomes to allow people to resolve their problems
9:03 am
peacefully without relying on war or the united states military. we will be monitoring the situation in iraq very carefully over the next several days. our top priority will remain being vigilant against personnel serving in overseas. we will consult with congress as we make determinations about appropriate action and will continue to keep the american people fully informed as we make decisions about the way forward. all right. i will take a question. >> recent u.s. history there, are you reluctant to get involved again in iraq? >> i think that we should look at the situation carefully. we have ain't in making sure that a group like isil, which is a vicious organization and has been taken -- able to take advantage of the chaos in syria, that they don't get a broader foothold. i think that there is dangerous fighting, if for exam
9:04 am
temperature terrorists rye to overrun sacred shiite sites that could results in conflicts that could be very hard to stamp out. so we have enormous interest there and obviously our troops and the american people and american taxpayers made huge investments and sacrifices in order to give iraqi it is opportunity to chart a better course, a better destiny. but ultimately they will have to cease it. as i said before, we are not going to be le to do it for them. you know, given the very difficult history that we have seen in rock, i think that any objective observer would recognize that in the absence of accommodation among the various factions inside of iraq, various military actions by the united states, by any outside nation, are not going to solve those problems over the long term and not going to delivered the kind of stability we need. anybody else?
9:05 am
>> mr. president, is the syrian civil war spilling over the iraq border? >> i think that's been happening for some time isil has been able to gain a foot hold in syria. that's part of the reason why we have been so concerned about it. that's part of the why we have been supporting the syrian opposition there. but it is a challenging problem. in iraq, the iraqi government, which was initially resistant, to some of our offers of help, has come around now to recognize that cooperation with us on some of the issues can be useful. obviously that's not the case in syria where president assad has no interest in seeing us involved there and where some of the governments supporting us have been able to block, for example, u.n. efforts, even at humanitarian aid. but this is a regional problem and it is going to be a long-term problem.
9:06 am
what we are going on have to do is combine selective actions by our military to make sure we are going after terrorists who could harm our personnel overseas or eventually hit the homeland. we are going to have to combine that with what is a very challenging international effort to try to rebuild countries and communities that have been shattered by sectarian war. and that's not an easy task. we are in contact with them now. we will have a better sense by the end of the weekend after those consultations and we will be getting a better sense from them of how they might support an effort to bring about the kind of political unity inside of rock that bolsters security forces. look, the united states has
9:07 am
poured a lot of money into these iraqi security forces and devote ad lot of training to iraqi security forces. the fact that they are not willing to stand and fight and defend their posts against admittedly hardened terrorists but not rifts who are overwhelming in numbers, indicates there is a problem with morale. there is a problem in terms of commitment and ultimately that's rooted in the political problems that plagued the country for a very long time. last question? >> thank you. can you talk a little bit about u.s. concern of the disruption of oil supplies? >> so far at least we have not seen major disruptions in oil supplies. obviously if in fact isil was able to object ain't control
9:08 am
over major output, significant refineries, and that could be a source of concern. as you might expect, world oil markets react to any kind of instability in the middle east, you know -- one of our goals should be to make sure that in cooperation with other countries in the region, not only are we creating some sort of backstop in terms of what's happening inside of rock but if they do end up being disruptions inside of rock, that some of the other producers in the gulf are able to pick up the slack. that will be part of the consultation that will be taking prays during the course of this week. just to give people a sense of timing here, you know, although events on the ground in iraq have been happening very quickly, our ability to plan, whether it is military action or work with the iraqi government on some of the political issues is going to take several days. people should not anticipate that this is something that is
9:09 am
going to happen overnight. we want to make sure that we have good eyes on the situation there. we want to make sure that we gathered all the intelligence that's necessary so if, in fact, do i direct and order any actions there that they are targeted, precise and will have to have an effect. as i indicated before, i want to make sure that everybody understands this message, the united states is not simply going to involve itself in a military action in the absence of a political plan by the iraqis that gives us some assurance that they are prepared to work together. we are not going to allow ourselves to be dragged back into a situation in which while we are there, we are keeping a lid on things and after enormous sacrifices by us, as soon as we are not will, suddenly people end up acting in ways that are not conducive to the long-term
9:10 am
stability and prosperity of the country. all right. thank you very much, everybody. >> president obama speaking about the crisis in iraq. she on the south lawn of the white house. some striking comments here. criticism of the iraqi government and its political standing and its political failures. also making it very clear that the u.s. has significant interests in iraq but that the president will not commit u.s. troops to deal with this crisis. she, however, making it clear it is going to take the next several days to consider other military options that would be targeted, precise, and have an effect. he took pains at tend there to tell reporters and the country that whatever happens is going to take several days so that he gets, quote, good eyes on the situation in iraq. there is a lot of concern about the terror group, isil, as the president referred to it. taking control of baghdad. p at the time wants time to assess and also made it very
9:11 am
clear that the military action alone by the u.s. will not solve the problems of iraq and as he says, the united states is not going to get dragged back into a situation unless, he said, there is the political action taken on the part of the eye rake government as part of this. it is quite clear he is frustrated with al maliki, the shiite prime minister of iraq, whose own political failures, the inclusion of sunnis has in part led to this difficulty. richard engel in erbil, northern iraq, is still with us. what do you think the u.s. could do here to have an influence over the next several days or even a week? >> reporter: over the next few days, it would be very difficult. as president was saying, if military action will be taken without u.s. troops on the ground, that means bombing, that means drones and directing iraqi fire. with where exactly are they going to be attacking?
9:12 am
these militants move quickly and they move in civilian vehicles. there aren't clear military options here. one thing that struck me this is a wakeup call for the iraqi government. the iraqi government sees it as a civil war and may be facing collapse. >> richard engel in iraq. criticism by some on the right that think u.s. with drew troops too quickly. could iran be helpful here in tamping down this violence and shoring up the shiite dominated iraqi government? more on this throughout the day and on "nbc nightly news."
9:13 am
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and dinner at the table is approaching i think something like 12 minutes. which shatters the previous family record of 4 minutes of them sitting still. thanks to 12 extra crispy tenders, 4 dipping sauces, 2 sides, and biscuits... and a free i spy game, right on the bucket. they love playing the game. i spy a tiger. i see it! rawr!! it's really good. is it good? i kind of want to do this every friday. [ all ] yeah! ♪ not even the rain could keep a huge crowd away from our plaza this morning to see three-time grammy winners train take over our summer concert stage. >> yes, their new album is out in september, and their newest single off the album is "angel in blue jeans." pat monahan, the lead vocalist is with us. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. >> we've counted. i'm not sure if you have. five appearances for our summer concert series.
9:16 am
what draws you back every year? >> i think even more before the summer concert series. so yeah, we're trying to just get the full-time gig. >> the house band? nice. >> we'll take it. you're hired. absolutely. you have a new album coming out. it's called "bulletproof picasso." what does the title mean? it's a great name. >> it started off as a song that is very much like "born to run." i think when we think about "bulletproof picasso", the artist picasso and the fact that it's something bulletproof, it's describing train a little bit. like we've lasted 20 years for some reason, our art. so it seemed like a romantic image. >> is you guys evolved? i think a lot of people think of you, they think "drops of jupiter" when you guys exploded on to the scene. over the last ten, 12 years, has your style changed at all? do you feel like you're a different songwriter or performer? >> i think as an artist, you have to be around young people
9:17 am
and just constantly be listening, instead of you don't know what you're doing, you should listen to me. it's kind of the opposite now. it should be like, wow, what is that, that sounds cool, i'd like to be a part of that. but stay as true to yourself as you can while you do that. >> and as the band has e mervol your drummer scott underwood left the band. what happened there? >> i think being in a project like this is a marriage and you get to a point where you go in different directions. we were definitely heading in different directions. so this is a way to make all of us a little happier. >> good. >> when you look out at an audience like today and it's pouring rain and they're out there, they're hanging, they're smiling, they know every word, how does that feel? describe that to the mere mortals that are before you right now. >> it's really lovely, but i have a theory that i can't -- no one watching us perform in the rain should be left out there without me. like, the other guys can't really go out there because their gear -- but i can. so it's kind of my responsibility to go share the
9:18 am
rain. >> take care of them. >> sometimes when we do live shows in concert, being in the rain makes it more fun. there's a little bit different energy. >> how much are you on tour during the year? >> a lot. this summer is going to be like weekends more so, and then we'll go to europe and australia and asia and everything. and then next summer we'll do a really long tour. we'll be away from home a lot. >> before we leave, we've got this picture. can you tell us what's going on? can we put that picture up? >> oh, throwback thursday. >> what's going on right there? it's called a whole lot of sexy. [ laughter ] >> yeah! that's what i'm talking about. >> the hair. >> man! >> i don't know what i was thinking. but i wish i could do it again. >> the weird thing is that was last weekend. >> yeah. >> we want you to bring back that sexy, pat. >> he's still got it. >> one of the guys backstage that works here, i was like man, that was when i was young and
9:19 am
cool. he goes now you're cool and old. [ laughter ] thanks, "today" show. >> keeping it real around here. >> thank you so much. we'll have more music from train coming up. coming up next, i've got all the news you need before you start your weekend. the news you need before you start your weekend. >> breaking bad's aaron jouh, what's going on? (laughs) it's this new paint. valspar reserve. nothing stays on the wall! not anything! not any of these things, jon! right. valspar reserve. super stain-resistant and scrubbable... and this color! still perfect! yeah, looks great, val. how much coffee have you had? 3 cups. mmhmm. 4. introducing valspar reserve paint + primer with hydrochroma technology. now the colors you love stay the colors you love. exclusively at lowe's. (together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats.
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, ford is cutting fuel economy numbers on six models because it overstated the vehicle's gas mileage. the affected cars include the 2013 and 2014 ford fiesta as well as the fusion and c-max hybrids. ford says a testing error caused it to inflate the car's fuel economy by as much as five miles per gallon. the company will send checks to some 200,000 customers to refund the difference. meantime, bad news for drivers as summer gets under way. unrest in iraq could cause a spike in gas prices. crude oil jumped to a nine-month high on thursday, and analysts say that could push the price of regular unleaded up five to ten cents a gallon in the coming days. nationwide, meanwhile, gas is averaging about $3.64 a gallon. there was some unwanted excitement this morning at cnn's world headquarters in atlanta. a mercedes-benz crashed right into the building's lobby, just after 4:00 in the morning. it knocked out a whole panel of the glass wall there, but nobody
9:24 am
in the car or in the building was hurt. and two online heavyweights joining forces. priceline says it is buying restaurant reservation company open table for $2.6 billion in cash. open table seats more than 15 million diners per month at more than 31,000 restaurants. the company will operate as an independent business. amazon has launched its own music streaming service. prime music is available free to subscribers of amazon prime, the company's $99 a year free shipping program. the service offers more than a million songs from thousands of artists, although amazon says it will not feature many new releases. however, prime music is ad-free and users get unlimited streaming. nothing says summer quite like watermelon, but here are a few that are just too pretty to eat. these are the creations of artist clive cooper, and he says the sculptures are inspired by carved pumpkins. they're certainly one-of-a-kind,
9:25 am
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9:26 am
and a good morning to you. it's 9:26 on your friday the 13th. i'm sam brock. speaking from the white house lawn just moments ago, president obama addressed the escalating turmoil in iraq. the president stressed the u.s. will not be sending troops into combat to help iraqi security forces defend itself against the terrorist group, isil, but the president says he will be reviewing other military options from his national security team in the coming days. here in the pay area, right now, homicide investigators in san jose are trying to see if anyone's security cameras were rolling when a man was shot to death late last night. police uncoffvered the man's bo just blocks from happy hollow zoo. witnesses say there was a large fight and then they heard about five gunshots or so.
9:27 am
officers are currently interviewing several people to try to i.d. a possible suspect. neighbors in the area say they're worried. >> you know, hearing it that close, especially with my family and my kids, i kind of got scared, yeah, for them. told them to stay inside for a while, don't go out. >> and right now, the coroner is working to identify the victim, but police say he appears to be between 15 and 25 years old. this would be the city's 19th homicide of the year. some sobering news for you this morning. in the meantime, we will have a look at your weather and traffic coming up right after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back now. the time is 9:28. happy friday to you. we've got a gorgeous day, because we're going to keep that cool ocean air moving all the way inland. these your highs for today. 78 degrees. in the south bay, 84 degrees out in the extreme east bay. not too hot there. you'll have about 82 degrees, meanwhile, in wine country. we are going to warm you up as we get into your father's day weekend. just gradually, at first. and by next week, we get close
9:29 am
to 90 degrees for wednesday and thursday. enjoy this while it lasts. let's talk to mike about your drive. >> palo alto, we had a little slowdown. you still see it over on the right, southbound, approaching embarcadero road, we have a little slowing, no crashes in the area. look at the maps and see you flow through the area, late in the morning commute slowing. the earlier crash, west 92 has cleared, getting through san mateo, better news there. northbound 101 past the airport, finally clearing through that area of the south bay and the rest of your bay approaching the bay bridge, a nice, easy drive. >> thank you, mike. things starting to decongest on your friday. we'll see you again in 30 minutes for another update on news.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's friday morning, june 13th, 2014. i'm willie along with al, natalie, and tamron, and a very special guest. at the end of the table this morning. [ applause ] >> yes! aaron paul! >> wow. love you all. >> that's your two-time emmy award-winner aaron paul, aka jesse pinkman, of "breaking bad." we'll talk about that and his new film. but perhaps aaron's finest work came on another critically acclaimed television program. >> we got this, aaron. >> come on down! >> oh, look at that. >> look at the double shirt.
9:31 am
>> so you wore your pajamas under the t-shirt. >> who is that guy, aaron? >> look at that. >> the shoe hanging on your waistband. >> wow. >> oh! >> that's one of my finest performances right there. >> look at that. >> what acting school did you go to to be able to channel that excitement? >> i have no idea. but that's just terrifying. >> after that performance, the casting directors just started calling immediately. >> what did you win? >> i didn't win anything. i only won a desk. >> we watch it on game show network and the reruns. by the way, best-smelling guest we've ever had. >> stop it. you're such a flirt. oh, get in here. >> what is that? >> it's lalavo. >> you're a lalavo person, too. >> i am.
9:32 am
>> my sister is going to be so jealous that you're smelling me. she has the biggest crush on you. >> come do weather with me. come on. have you ever done weather before? >> no. this is very exciting. >> oekay, so basically this ris of strong storms tomorrow. would you like to make that area a little bigger? >> a little sunny right there. >> i like this guy. >> he's very happy. that's my buddy. hit this button right here. watch what happens. boom. it's father's day. >> wow! happy father's day. hey, dad. happy father's day. >> a slight risk of strong storms from central illinois into oklahoma. we don't have mr. happy -- oh, there he is. right near arizona. he got some of walter white's stuff.
9:33 am
taking a look at a blue sky over the san francisco area, completely clear. we have a gorgeous day shaping up. clouds right now, just clinging to the coastline, as we head through this afternoon, high mostly in the 60s and the 70s and that strong ocean breeze is going to persist just about all day long, into the evening hours. these are your highs the for today. 78 degrees, really comfortable here in the south bay. we'll hit 79, meanwhile, for the peninsula. 84 in the east bay, 66 in san francisco, and 82 degrees in the north bay, with big warming on the way for next week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys, back to you. >> all right, al, thanks a lot. as aaron apaul paul continues t wonder what on god's green earth. so let's go for a second dose of "the price is right." did he win? >> did i win? >> lower number than four?
9:34 am
i'm sorry. >> wait, wait. >> i get to spin the wheel! >> that's right. >> i was so excited to spin the wheel. i just couldn't wait to spin the wheel. >> so you didn't win the car. >> i didn't win the car, but i spun the wheel. >> there you go. that's like winning a car. >> speaking of win, let's talk about the real reason you're here. a great new film out called "hellion." you play a recently widowed father of two young boys, having a hard time taking care of himself and his kids. i know this is a passion project for you. a little indie film. but you loved the idea and the script itself. >> that's where my heart is. i mean, our brilliant, fearless leader cat, who is over here somewhere. cat, where are you? cat! come here! >> cat's like no, no. >> she's there right now. >> she's like i'm not on camera. >> you're beautiful, cat. but i read her script and i
9:35 am
thought it was just so beautifully honest. and she flew out to georgia where i was shooting at the time. we sat over milkshakes and within five minutes, i had to jump at the chance to work with her. >> the milkshake summit, we'll call it. >> yeah. >> brings people together. >> i've got to ask you, this is a really cool film. this kid -- i want to get his name right. josh wiggins. he's incredible. and this is his debut, right? >> this is his debut. he's about to just take over hollywood. he's brilliant. >> in fact, you even called his mother, i understand, after the film to let him know what a great kid he was to work with. that says it all. >> i just wanted to remind her what an amazing job she did raising him. such a beautiful person. >> he was lucky to have you. >> he was. >> absolutely. >> the bromance you had with al is very touching, but he has a rival. justin timberlake. you twit ter pizza breaking bad? >> i like pizza. >> and you and justin exchanging
9:36 am
tweets. >> he was saying he missed walter white and jesse pinkman, and i said that i missed him as well, and we should have pizza, and he sent me a funny pizza video, and -- yeah. >> oh. has the date happened? >> no. no. i've known the kid for a while. he's a good funny man. >> meanwhile, before you got famous, you had a couple of odd jobs. >> oh, boy. >> including some of the honest -- being that you were a mascot at one point. >> yeah. i was a giant frog that dressed up as a country singer. >> what? >> yeah. big cowboy hat. >> that makes a lot of sense. we have a mascot here for you. would you consider trading jobs for a second? where is he? mr. philly. he's gone? oh, he was here. he was here for you, we thought. anyway, sorry.
9:37 am
>> is this the strangest tv appearance of all time? >> we have a car. >> you still get a car! >> oh, beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> would you help me out? >> easy now. >> wow. she's playing the part. >> there's a dream come true. >> oh, my gosh. >> everything you dreamed of? >> yes, it is. thank you. >> is this on tv right now? what's happening? >> aaron's like, don't think i'm getting in that car. "the price is right" was a long time ago. >> aaron paul, thank you so much. the movie is "hellion" in theaters today. it's also available on vod, video on demand. >> thanks, aaron, you're a good sport. >> al's sorry he had to leave earlier. >> love you, al. hi mom, hi dad. >> happy father's day. >> speaking of dads -- >> we're going to share our personal stories as we celebrate father's day next, after this. ♪
9:38 am
♪ ♪ donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? [ telephone rings ] how's the camping trip? well, the kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup having coffee. ohh.
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9:42 am
this bigger than life character. he was somebody who really embraced life, he embraced people. he was a bus driver and he would work double-shifts. i never felt like he wasn't there. which is a testament to who he was. he was so at ease with people. i took him and my mom to some charity function, and the prince and princess of denmark was at our table. and my dad's talking to the guy about fishing. and i'm like, i love this man. i love this man. >> my dad's name is bill geist. i would describe my dad as funny, first and foremost. also kind, considerate, and humble. as little kids, my sister and i would race and wait for him to get off the short line bus on route 17 in new jersey. and i remember he worked hard all day, but when he stepped off that bus, he was home with us.
9:43 am
first thing he would do, would say i'm going to go put on my home clothes. once the home clothes were on, he was with us. i would hope to pass on to my kids from my father this constant respect for people around you. whether it's the president of the united states, the guy delivering your pizza, or whoever it is you come across in the day, treat them equally, and i've watched my dad do that. >> my father's name is clarence newton sr. i guess everyone probably would say this, but to me, he was the most amazing dad a girl could have. he was confident, loving, strong, caring, understanding. i could go on and on about my dad. what i admire most about my father is his loyalty to his family. he is not my biological father. my parents divorced early in my life, and my father, clarence
9:44 am
newton sr., took in two children who were not his own, and loved us with every breath that he could take. my dad, says do not enter, if there's something wrong on the other end of that door, just go in. i just remember him smiling. i cry now and know that my heart is happy that i had those years. >> my dad's name is mario morales jr. whenever i felt like something didn't go my way, i could always count on him for a pep talk, and i still do. the ongoing joke in my family is my dad's frugalness. >> these guys taught me a very important lesson early on in life and that was the value of dollar. >> my dad was the coupon king.
9:45 am
penelope, where's the coupon book? he will not buy the toilet paper, even if he needs it, because i didn't use the coupon. that is my dad. right about the time i was about to get married, it was three months before my wedding, my dad had a massive stroke. he was only 51 years old, and they weren't sure if he was going to make it. but i remember at the time when i found out really thinking about how important it is that we say everything to our parents and make sure that they know how much they have meant to us and how much we are who we are because of them. so -- start crying now. my dad, ever since that life-changing moment, has become such a better person. he's more patient, he's a wonderful grandfather. and i am who i am because of him. >> ladies, you've got me going. >> not a dry eye.
9:46 am
>> my ladies. i think we can agree all three of us have great father. >> absolutely. >> we're so lucky. >> for them to have made such a mark in our lives. >> and it's tears of happiness. my dad passed away. the last time he saw me on television was the "today" show. he was in the hospital and he said he heard my voice and he woke up and he's like, there's my girl. these are joyful tears because as you said, natalie, and you've said, willie, without them, we wouldn't be here. >> we wouldn't be who we are. >> i love what you said. talk to your dad. tell him how you feel. >> tell them every day. because you don't know when that conversation could be the last. anyway, we do want to wish all the dads out there a wonderful father's day. >> happy father's day. >> coming up next, we have >> happy father's day. >>as a mother of two, it's really hard to work at home. when i really need to get stuff done, i hide in the laundry room. no one ever goes in there. a lawyer that's a monkey? hahahaha. also, the dryer sheets reeeally help my writing. writing supplies. oh.
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9:49 am
>> announcer: "the toyota concert series" on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> our summer concert stars train asked for your help picking the third song they should sing today. >> and the one you chose, drum roll, please, "marry me." >> and here they are once again, train. ♪ ♪ forever could never be long enough for me to feel like i've had long enough with you ♪ ♪ forget the world now, we won't
9:50 am
let them see, but there's one thing left to do ♪ ♪ now that the waeight has lifted, love has surely shifted my way ♪ ♪ marry me today and every day ♪ marry me ♪ if i ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe, say you will, mm-mmm, say you will ♪ ♪ together could never be close enough for me to feel like i am
9:51 am
close enough to you ♪ ♪ you wear white and i'll wear out the words i love you and you're beautiful ♪ ♪ now that the wait is over, love has finally shown her my way ♪ ♪ marry me today and every day ♪ marry me, if i ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe, say you will ♪ ♪ mm-mmm, say you will, mm-mmm ♪ promise me you'll always be
9:52 am
happy by my side, i promise to sing to you when all the music dies ♪ ♪ and marry me today and every day ♪ ♪ marry me, if i ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe ♪ >> train, thanks so much. >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
our buddy dylan dreyer is here with a preview of what's coming up this weekend on "today." >> good morning, guys. we have so much planned. it's been such a special week with us celebrating all things dad and just honoring so many incredible fathers, so we're going to wrap that all up with a special father's day celebration. we've got the surprises for some deserving dads that you are not going to want to miss. we're also going to take you into our lives a little bit, just like we did this morning. that's me and my dad. we're going to share with you just how much they mean to us and how special they are and why we love them so much. my dad whispered something in my ear during that father-daughter dance that just brought me to tears. so there were just tears rolling down my face at our father-daughter dance. we're going to share that. >> that was only a couple years ago. such a gorgeous bride. >> thank you. >> we look forward to seeing you guys coming up tomorrow morning on "today." thanks, dylan. coming up next, kathie lee,
9:56 am
a very good morning to you. it's 9:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. right now, the coroner's office is working to identify the man whose body was found in a burned out mobile home in hayward overnight. the fire broke out just before 3:00 this morning on fuchsia
9:57 am
court, not far from mission boulevard. neighbors say the man who died had a cast on his foot and likely had trouble trying to escape the flames. firefighters found the body 10 feet from the front door. no word yet on a cause. the san jose family camp near yosemite that was badly damaged in the rim fire reopens today. crews spent the last several months removing hundreds of charred trees, rebuilding tent cab yns and fixing damaged water tanks. the first campers are expected to arrive in about three hours. right now, let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, thank you. that cool breeze, oh, yes. it's actually going to stay on for today, our natural ac. westerly flow, bringing that ocean air into your valley spots and all the way through the delta. as a result, comfortable temperatures. 66 in san francisco. you'll hit 82 in wine country with a comfortable weekend shaping up. we will see a warm-up, but a gradual build in your temperatures. even as we get into your saturday and sunday, father's day, it will be mostly clear and we're only going to climb by a few degrees. next week, that heat cramps by
9:58 am
the end of the week, coming up, here's mike in your drive. >> very scared, christina, i saw the sensors reading a very slow drive across the bay bridge. fortunately, we have our cameras, this is in emeryville. we've zoomed into that span and we don't see anymore slowing and no crashes. that's good news. back to the maps and you see that's it's sorted itself out. a little blip of red up the incline. that's about it. the rest of your bay moves very smoothly, an earlier crash has the unusual pattern of slowing after that interchange. and also, eastbound 580 towards the dublin interchange, laura, after the dublin grade, we have a crash, which is still causing that slowdown. the only thing unusual for the tri-valley right now. >> late in the game for that. we'll be back with another local news update in about half an hour. hope to see you then. have a good friday morning.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome. it is try day friday, june 13th. looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend. >> gorgeous weekend ahead. hope it is a nice weekend for my niece ella, because it is her 4th birthday. >> happy birthday, little ella. >> so happy for ella. >> adorable. >> she is. she's 4 already. my brother and his wife adopted her from ethiopia and she is celebrating. that's us and dora. dora is always in the middle. >> she loves dora. >> here's the great thing, kath.
10:01 am
you move on with the times. >> i kick and scream. >> you got off the flip phone you got the iphone. you text. but then -- >> i tweet. >> you tweet. >> we're going to make your texting life -- >> and i podcast. >> yes, you do. we're going to make your texting life infinitely easier. instead of pushing the keys and spelling everything out, why don't you just voice text? it is much easier than writing it. so here's how you do it. here's the phone. now, there's a little microphone. >> icon. >> icon. i'm about to send you a text message. i'll push the thing. the microphone. i'm going to say, hey, kathie lee. would you like to go to lunch with me? >> you sound drunk. >> i am. okay. and now look what happens. >> that was awesome. did you see that?
10:02 am
>> now it should appear on -- what? >> hit send. >> oh. i'm going to hit send. okay. let's see. send. >> okay. now it should show up. >> it is so much better than speaking -- than typing it all and waiting for the -- >> unless you think your friend is going to be offended you don't know how to spell their name right, it is perfect. >> it is not there yet. it is still sending. we don't have the greatest service here in the studio. still sending. but, anyway, it is not about the sending part, it is about the texting part. >> okay, cool. >> congratulations. now you can -- >> i'm excited about that. okay. now this kid scooter mcgruder, he's back. this time he's covering the top things parents never want to hear. okay? take a look. >> i kind of hit a stop sign with the car last night. but it could have been worse. >> i kind of need to borrow $500. >> i'm going to to get my tongue
10:03 am
pierced. a forehead tattoo. >> mom. >> what? >> come here. >> this is the principal of the school calling. your son is exhibiting strange behavior. >> i think i've been driving three hours in the wrong direction. >> mom, the toilet is not working. >> i have to clean my room. it is my room, what if i like it dirty? i was lucky to get a d. the teacher doesn't like me. i think i put a hole in the wall. b mom, i kind of pawned your wedding ring. >> that's scooter mcgruder. >> he's adorable. >> fun. >> a lot of husbands and boyfriend can relate to this, their wife is shopping and they don't want to be there, and they're bored out of their mind. there was this guy in a craft store shopping with his wife. he was bored out of his mind and decided to do something creative. he posted this picture on reddit. help me. wife won't leave. that is genius. he was in a craft store.
10:04 am
clever. what does frank do when you shop? does he sit in a chair? >> he finds a place, gets a cup of coffee, he'll wait for me. he likes to watch people go by. the other thing i love about frank, i loved this from the very beginning, he loves -- what the world would call just regular people. he loves to talk to every cop he sees, every fireman, every janitor. he just loves to engage with people like that. i think that -- he finds it -- it is sweet. it is a beautiful quality, yeah. >> we're here to relieve you a little bit. a lot of girls who are dating and wives worry about what their husbands are concerned about when it comes to things like should you get a mani/pedi, should you shave your legs. >> they don't care about the things we think they care about. >> they say don't bother. they don't care whether or not you had a mani/pedi. you care a lot. you care if people in the studio had one. >> they don't care if you shaved your legs. what if you have trees growing
10:05 am
off of them. >> they don't care. alan said he didn't care. >> they don't care if you're not wearing makeup. most of the time they prefer it. >> they don't care if you don't pay for everything. the guy expects to pay. they don't care if you want to go out with the girlfriends instead of going out with him. >> they think it is fine, a girl's night out. they don't care if you have morning breath. and they don't care what you're eating when you go on a date. often the girl is like i'll take the salad and the carrots. the guys don't care, so stop worrying about things like that. >> i wonder what a guy would think of you if you went on a first date and went to mary's and started gnawing on the lambchops. it is ugly. >> it is so good and stuff in your teeth. you don't even care. we have a winner of the toilet paper wedding dress. every year this time of year we roll out the winner of the cheap
10:06 am
sheet wedding contest. >> susan brennan, modeling her dress. this is amazing. 20 rolls of charmin toilet paper. >> 17. >> 17 rolls. how -- are you kidding? what did you do? how did you do that? >> i rolled tape, you can use tape, glue, needle and thread, charmin ultra soft toilet paper. >> into two pieces? >> yes, it is two pieces. you make the purse to match. >> what is happening? the second piece is coming off. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. i think it -- i can't even -- >> the toilet paper is hard. what do you use on that? >> some glue. >> want me to unbuckle? >> yes. >> why? >> right here on that side. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> oh, no! for the reception. no wonder why you won! that is awesome. >> you're really, really creative.
10:07 am
>> thank you. >> third time winning, right? >> this is. >> you won in 2011, 2012, i don't know who won in 2013, but we're glad you're back. congratulations. >> thank you. >> don't forget your purse, sweetheart. >> you know what it is time for? friday funny. >> a doctor walks into the hospital waiting room -- >> start again. i wasn't ready. >> doctor walks into the hospital waiting room and had to break some tough news to the husband of his patient. sir, i'm so sorry to tell you this, but i need to move your wife to a psychiatric hospital. really, said the husband? yes, i am sorry to say her mind is almost completely gone. the husband shrugged and said, okay, sounds good. the doctor was shocked and said, sir, aren't you surprised your wife's mind is almost gone? nah, said the husband. she's been giving me a piece of it every day for the last 15 years.
10:08 am
you know how hard it is to find clean jokes. >> it is time for our johnson's baby announcements when we celebrate new momz and the adorable new additions to their families. >> tyler joseph green. he was born in pomona, california, on april 25th, his mom lauren offers this advice to new parents, expect help from family and friends. >> our next baby of the week is caitlin ivy adam, born on may 12th, in pembroke pines, florida. she was named after her grandfather who passed away this year. >> now to a baby born in las vegas on may 6th. carter david shaffer, his parents jessica and jason offer this advice, don't get lost in all the little things after having a baby, try to sit back and enjoy the miracle you've created. >> and our final johnson's baby of the week is peyton larkin stern born on may 1st in bridgeport, connecticut. peyton was so excited to enter the world, that he tinkled on his daddy when he was about to cut the cord.
10:09 am
>> that's a sign of love. >> congrats to all the babies. >> if you want to submit your baby for or johnson's baby of the week contest, go to and press the -- >> connect butten. >> good girl, hoda. >> are you a felix or are an oscar? >> what your mess or extreme tidiness tells about you. got sugar? how long has it been sitting in your pantry. >> what to keep and what to toss after this. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom. come to mcdonald's and play peel. play. olé olé. how much i love you.
10:10 am
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now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! [ jay ] bush's baked beans are slow-cooked according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. high score! you get to put your name on the wall of fame! [ beeping ] whoa! game over... aww, you're no fun. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans. still made from our secret family recipe. some people like to keep
10:13 am
things very tidy, others function in organized chaos. >> having a partner who is the completely opposite housekeeping habits can lead to stress and disagreements. something ross may have had to deal with on "friends ." take a look. >> you want to come inside? >> yes. yes, i do. >> wow. >> the best "friends" clip ever. >> how does your personal space reflect your personality? barbara reese is a professional organizer. >> of course she is. >> and the author of "secrets of an organized mom." >> nice to see you. if we're messy or if we're neat, what kind of a window does that give you, samantha, into
10:14 am
someone's personality? >> i think it can say a couple of things about them. but you don't want to overread that either. people sometimes will assume then that somebody who is very tidy is very self-disciplined and controlled, maybe somebody who isn't isn't that self-disciplined or controlled. there are other factors that may play a role. >> like what? >> environment can play a really serious role in how we behave. and they have done studies like this where they put flyers on the windshield of cars in different types of parking lots. picture one that is immaculate, very clean, nothing on the ground. versus another one, filled with litter. and what do people do? those in the immaculate parking lot are much more likely to pick it off the windshield and walk a long distance and throw it in the garbage. those in a filthy parking lot are much more to eh. and even the tidy ones -- >> i would never in a million years. >> barbara, you work with people, you're trying to organize them and get them in shape. tell us a little bit about --
10:15 am
how could you possibly help someone? >> i can definitely help hoda. >> you could? how? >> people have reasons for why they have clutter. there are some people that can't make a decision. they can't decide what to keep, what to throw away, so they keep everything. >> a hoarder. >> i wouldn't use that word necessarily, but -- in best of all possible ways. or some people are procrastinators. they would rather do anything other than clean and organize so they don't, and the consequences, they live with a lot of cluter. >> does it tell you anything else about their personality. i feel lick ike i'm disciplined my life. >> you get up and walk the dog and work out. >> you walked into my office, the dressing room, she was horrified, she was, like, what happened? it was like a bomb blew up in there. >> you waste a lot of time. you're looking for stuff constantly. >> and money buying things again that you already have because you don't --
10:16 am
>> you don't find them. >> you don't think you have it because you don't know where you put it, absolutely. >> let's stop picking on the people who aren't organized. what about people like kathie lee. i had a conversation with kathie lee and we were talking like this and behind me was a lamp and it was askew. she could not look at me. she was looking at the lamp and adjusting. i didn't know what was going on. >> you were boring me too, i don't know. i wasn't riveted, hoda. >> you know what i'm talking about. people who are very into having things in rows. >> it sort of -- at the risk of being rigid and sometimes a messy environment can actually make us a little more creative. and so people who are in sort of a little bit more of a disheveled environment may be more open to new experiences. for example, if you want to think outside of the box, if that's the kind of career you're in and you want something a little more creative, it might help to have more of a disorganized -- >> if i'm writing or something, i've got all of that controlled chaos around me. i don't want to leave it there and see it later. >> shoes on the foyer or
10:17 am
something like that. >> yes, there are hazards to people. you can trip on them and hurt yourself. >> okay. if you want to organize your life a little, is there sort of an abc guide to how to do it? >> absolutely. the first thing i would say is you should start small. so focus on things you can tackle in short amounts of time because that will give you the confidence to do -- >> a junk drawer. >> a junk drawer, your refrigerator. you can clean it out for 15 minutes, you can. you can clean out your room and get rid of the clothes that don't fit him or her in half an hour. start the day, make your bed. >> psychologically you already accomplished something kind of primal. i gbet they used to clean up their caves. get that dinosaur out of here, you feel better if you're in a better environment like that. >> it is a cathartic experience to do it. there is that wonderful thing about spring cleaning and getting things done.
10:18 am
i think a five-minute miracle, make it easy, start small and you can do things, for example, in relationships. it is often a huge drive for attention. there is a way to make it easy. if you live somebody who is more chaotic and is -- >> what should you do? >> how can you make it easy for them to not put the wet towel on the floor. >> how do you do it? >> put a hamper on that space. make it easy, make the default option easy. >> should you pick up after them? >> i would say no, absolutely not. >> you have to otherwise you're always -- >> if it is a space where it is theirs, where they can have their chaos. >> give them their room, their man cave. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. got stains? we'll show you how to get rid of the toughest stuff on your walls. >> bobbie is next. it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most.
10:19 am
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10:22 am
guess what? it is time for bobbie's buzz. >> have you heard of life hacks? >> of course i have. it is savvy simple strategies to help streamline, problem solve or make life a little bit easier. >> today's style editor's bobbie thomas is here to show you. >> it is one of those things when you have insomnia, it is great to troll online for these ideas. so fantastic. organize your keys, use the nail polish colors you have in your
10:23 am
cabinet. >> how genius is that? >> you don't have to struggle guessing which one. >> then you have to remember which color, so it is work too. >> you can do nail art and put door, front door. >> genius. cute. >> love that idea. >> this is fantastic. i flipped when i saw this online. use a lotion bottle you're about to toss into the trash. >> okay. >> cut the top off. this is what it looked like before. >> cut it off. >> decorate it, maybe put fabric around this to make it cuter. but you plug a charge near an outlet and you now have a place for your phone and the court and don't have to search for a table? have you ever been looking for an outlet? this is an outlet cubby. >> this sits -- >> it will prop it up, hold it up. >> see that tight shot? and then it will hang off the outlet so you can put the courts and everything -- >> very cute. >> throw this out anyway so save the bottle. now soda tabs or beer can tabs, this will double your closet
10:24 am
space. all you do is flip the tab on the neck, and then flip the other hanger and you got a double hanger. >> look at that. >> oh! >> these are really kind of -- >> i like this. >> this is a party in the glass, not the kind of wine glass we think, but you hear it? >> uh-huh. >> it gets louder. >> like a little speaker. how is that possible? >> all you need. >> the sound waves don't go out, they're -- >> that's -- that's unbelievable. >> simply just need to put anything, like your mp3 player into a cup or glass, it can be a silo cup too. it surrounds and amplifies. >> huh. >> how about that? big round of applause. >> thank you. all righty. love you, sweetheart. how long is that open box of pasta been just sitting there in your pantry? >> madelyn is here to tell you what will last and what will not. >> all of that is coming up after your local news.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
candidates neel kashkari visited and gave flowers in san francisco. the visit was to focus on family-owned the small businesses in the city. priceline snatching up oakland-based open table for $2.5 billion. the news sent open table shares soaring 47%. the deal is expected to close in september. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
10:28 am
hey, welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. cool breeze in san francisco, and that's going to extend all
10:29 am
the way to your inland valleys. very representative temperatures of that cool ocean breeze. 66. in san francisco, you'll be at 78 degrees in the south bay today, and right around 82 degrees, staying comfortable in wine country, at least for today. tomorrow, we are going to climb. temperatures in the north bay are going to end up in the mid-80s. by tomorrow, san francisco, upper 60s for you. then on father's day, we're going to see some pretty comfortable temperatures, mostly expecting the 70s and 80s in your inland valley spots. here's mike and your drive. >> all right, christina, not so bad from this live shot. look at this map. eastbound, coming out of the castro valley area, off the dublin grade and up the dublin grade, still jammed because of a crash at san ramon road, that's blocking two lanes. a big problem, but the only problem for the bay area now. the bay bridge toll plaza, look at that, a light volume of traffic that's going to build a bit, because folks tend to do that midday on a friday. back to you. >> thank you very much. a quick programming note for you. no 11:00 a.m. news today because of the u.s. open. our next newscast will be at
10:30 am
4:00 tonight, followed by game five of the stanley cup finals. stay with us after the game for more local news. and we thank local troop 60272 for joining us this morning. have a great day. "today." if lirk moyou're like most peop have condiments, canneds good that have been sitting around for a long time. >> whether you opened it some time ago or still sealed but past its date, madelyn fernstrom is here with the 411 on what you should keep and what you should toss. hello, madelyn. >> today we'll visit the pantry. >> let's go over to our pantry. >> and what i'm going to do is take a product and ask you if we should keep or toss. i'll tell you how long ago it was opened or if it wasn't opened at all. first, we're going to start with sugar, plain old sugar. it is opened 15 months ago, some sugar. should you keep or toss?
10:31 am
>> it is open. will you hand it to me. i can't reach. okay, thank you. which side is the keep side? >> this is the keep side. >> i say keep it. >> you would be right. you can keep sugar -- >> what if it has bugs in it or something. >> well, sure. if it is sealed or in a ziploc baggie, keep it for up to two years. >> good to know. >> let's move on to spices. to cinnamon. we have that, it expired one year ago. >> but opened? >> it is opened. powdered spice. >> keep it. >> keep it. you would be right. this is something you save for two to three years, nutmeg, whole things can be four years. oregano and basil, that's about one year. they're safe but will have no flavor. it is very aromatic. next we have -- who doesn't have brownie mix and cake mix. >> a lot of it. >> this is -- >> eight months ago purchased. >> eight months ago. should you keep or toss. >> keep everything. keep it. don't toss it. >> hoda would be right. kathie lee, other side.
10:32 am
because it is unopened. now, again -- >> you didn't say that. >> yes, she did. >> i thought it was opened. >> you get credit for that too. >> thank you. >> who opens brownie mix and leaves it in there? >> if you have this, up to nine are or ten months -- >> maybe they don't use all of it. maybe a little brownie. >> that's possible too. if it is unopened you can keep it for, you know, nine or ten months, and but just keep it. >> okay. >> up next, cans. here we have a can with a dent on top. a dent on top. >> keep it. >> it is a good can. >> a good can. put it in the keep it. >> i don't know. >> air gets in it. >> kathie lee would be right. >> how is air getting in it? >> there can be little teeny air bubbles -- breaks in the seam. so if it is on the seam. sometimes a dent on the side, no problem. on the top, you risk that. >> don't buy it dented. >> don't buy severe dents around
10:33 am
the top. that's something you want to toss. next is baby formula. >> toss it. toss it. >> used by with weeks ago. >> throw it away. >> no, no, no. never take -- >> toss. >> i was going to. you said you're not correct. >> no, she said you're correct. >> anything that has anything to do with your child's safety. >> it is the only canned item that when it is used by, it is off the shelves and if you buy in bulk and have it in your pantry, toss it. >> i like this segment. >> ketchup, unopened. >> keep it. >> that you can keep for years. >> nine months ago. >> years. >> you are right. you can keep that. >> makes you wonder what's in it. all the preservatives. >> a lot of vinegar. >> what about canola oil? >> let's go to peanut -- that's right. unprocessed, natural peanut butter. >> with the oil on top kind of thing. >> what does it say? how long? is it opened? >> this is opened. this is opened and --
10:34 am
>> keep it. >> keep everything. >> i like -- >> that's the way she rolls. i say don't. but that's what hoda wants. but i say -- >> kathie lee should have relied on her instincts. i did. >> you were deferring to her. you wanted to put it in the toss. >> you don't usually. it is weird. >> that oil can get rancid because there is no -- >> time for one more. >> pick what you like. we can go vinegar, oil or rice. >> oil, you should probably toss, right? >> toss and don't buy the big containers. let's go to brown rice. it is opened. >> toss it. >> toss it because it has a little fat in it. put it in the toss with the oil. >> real quick, i had cans of tuna fish that have been there since i moved into my apartment. can you keep these? >> they're fine. you can go past the expired date. no dent on the top. >> okay. gotcha. madel madelyn, all great. loved it. from the kitchen to the closet, how to keep clothes
10:35 am
looking brand-new. >> and what everyday household items you can use to remove marks from your furniture? do you know what it is? >> no. >> secret weapons to wipe out stains right after this. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians.
10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:39 am
♪ you're amazing, just the way you are. ♪ don't miss all the latest amazing stories right at your fingertips. people love people. if there an ink stain on your leather purse or your pet has an accident what do you grab to get rid of a stain? >> hoda is about to learn something. here to help us learn how to erase all kinds of stubborn stains is mena mildorf. people love the stain segment. >> we're all about helping you solve your everyday problems. in my house i have stains every day. >> hoda gets ink on everything. >> i get ink on my purses. a little stray oops -- >> you're not going to do it. >> you get pen on the purse. you can take a gum eraser. these are, you get these for like a dollar -- >> like at staples or something.
10:40 am
>> and just erase it off. it just erases. >> you're not even using it. >> i'm not even getting too much muss until there. >> does that mess up the leather? >> no, it is fine. >> does it matter what kind of pen, ball point or something anything? >> what about sharpies. >> this is best for nonoil based stains and, you know, it works for scuffs and -- >> all that sort of stuff. it is a great thing. >> so coffee. you left the mug in the sink overnight. what are you going to do? this happens to every single one of us. what you're going to do is you're going to take half of a lemon, squeeze it in. >> lemon is nature's cleanser, isn't it? >> it is the best. it is such a great household product. leave it and let it sit for five minutes. the acid lifts the stain. you're -- >> what are you adding now? >> this is what we call salt. we put some -- >> i didn't know.
10:41 am
>> it looked like tide. >> some salt in our mug. we're going to let the salt then lift the stain out and -- >> the stain is -- >> you take -- >> your lemon. >> the lemon, i know. and you rub it in and your stain will -- >> okay. >> why do we have this? >> she's going to show us. >> this is crazy but totally works. shaving cream, you've got a little stain on your couch, this is, like, juice. juice, sweat, maybe hairspray. >> bad party. >> jheri curl, could be. >> spritz some of this shaving cream on your -- nice thing about a foam shaving cream compared to another kind of stain remover is that, you know, a liquid stain remover tends to spread the stain out. where as this shaving cream kind of keeps it -- >> what do you do after that?
10:42 am
>> you take your towel and you blot it. just blot. blot. now if you have like a -- if you have a mud stain on your couch, you want to let that dry first. >> and then scrape it off. >> get the extra debris off before you do. >> this is a lot of shaving cream. >> does that mess with the color of the couch. >> if you're using microfiber sofa like this, it shouldn't. yeah. you always want to spot clean in a place first to make sure that it doesn't mess it up. >> i said mayonnaise before. >> crayon on wood. i have two children 3 and 5, this is a common occurrence in my house. mayo. you're going to dab some mayo on the wood like we did, you're going to leave it sit for ten minutes. >> does miracle whip like too? because i like hellmann's. >> i would try it. i would try it. i don't know about that one. and then you're going to just wipe it off. you can see, the oil and the egg in the mayonnaise really tends to -- >> you can lick the mayonnaise
10:43 am
too. >> thank you. >> okay. we have got some pet urine on this carpet, which is dual action grossness. it smells and it stains. >> what do you do? >> you take your club soda, pour a little bit on there, you're going to pat, pat it dry. and keep in mind this could work for wine. wine and pet urine. >> okay. >> oh, my god. >> and you're testing me here. and then you spritz some vinegar on there. and then you're going to pour some baking soda and then you're going to let it sit and vacuum it up. you're looking at club soda, vinegar and baking soda. this is like your trifecta of cleaning products. >> and lemon. >> and lemon. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> twice the life out of your clothes. >> how to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and new right after this. you used to sleep like a champ.
10:44 am
then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiqtm technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq start at just $999.98. know better sleep with sleep number. like their crisp and fresh strawberry & avocado salad, make for a more invigorating afternoon. ♪ hey, look at them go. summer lunch combos -- under 600 calories and starting at just $6.99. at applebee's. >> baby: my brand-new skin is ten times more sensitive than yours, mom. but somehow you just know it's best to use johnson's baby head-to-toe, the really gentle stuff. you're good, mom, and by good... i mean great.
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all right it time to hit your closet. want to know how to keep your clothes from fading or fraying or how to fight wrinkles without an iron? >> here with quick and easy tips to keep your wardrobe looking like new is real simple magazine's associate home editor, yes, she's here, stephanie cisco. >> hi. >> how are you? >> great. >> let's start in the laundry department. it always seems complicated. you have detergents and bleaches and dryer sheets. >> the only necessity really is your detergent. everything else is kind of just an add-on. fabric softener, it adds chemicals to your clothes so only put it in every few washes. and put in half the recommended amount. >> oh. >> yeah. during the middle of the wash. not at the same time as deet ter detergent. >> there are some detergents
10:48 am
that claim you can put your whites and darks together. i haven't tried that yet. i wouldn't recommend putting a red sock in with your whites but maybe helps with dark clothes you don't have to separate medium darks from your dark darks. >> let's talk lingerie. when it comes to lingerie, you feel you are to wash everything by hand and hang it up in the shower. >> what should you do. >> delicate handles hand wash, maybe lace or silk. or you can get a mesh bag you can throw into the washing machine on the gentle cycle, make sure you fasten the clasp of the bra so it doesn't tangle or snag. >> and air dry it? >> during bathing suit season -- >> do you wash your bathing suit? >> i do. >> wash them the same way you do your undergarments. wash them out after the beach, because the saltwater and chlorine can affect the fibers. >> people watch their jeans. >> sometimes -- remember
10:49 am
anderson cooper didn't wash his jeans for five years. >> we recommend washing every four to five wears. and in between the washer and the dryer, to make sure they keep their shape, just hold the waistband and ankles, give them a little tug and make sure they don't shrink and get shorter. >> while you towel dry them. >> no, put them in the washing machine -- excuse me, the dryer. >> stretch them out. >> dry them on a low or medium heat. >> all right. so t-shirts and things. >> i love t-shirts. >> t-shirts are like second skin. they absorb the oils in your body. if you wore them for more than four hours, throw them in the washing machine in hot water. >> depending how much you sweat, you may want to throw them away. >> what's this? >> that's going into the ironing section. depending on whether you have silk or cotton, you're going to want to use different functions of your iron. for a silk dress, use the steam function and hold it about three inches away from the fabric because it can rip if it gets wet. use the dry fufrpnction on cott
10:50 am
fibers. >> this is fun. some people just don't find it that enjoyable. there are some tricks, though, for not ironing. so you can create an at home wrinkle release with a 16 ounce spray bottle of hot water, two cups of hot water and one tablespoon of fabric softener. give it a spritz on your wrinkled shirt and let it hang to dry while you -- >> okay. >> are showering. >> lastly, stuff in the dry cleaner's, should you take off the plastic and hang it up? >> always take off the plastic and it can actually discolor your clothes if you leave it on. so the minute you take it home, transfer it to the appropriate hanger and recycle. >> we got to run. that's a great way to store stuff down there, put it in bags. >> thanks so much. >> cut it out, baby. >> cut it out. >> essential knife skills to free up your time in the kitchen. but, you know what? this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
do you wish you could slice and dice with the best of them? we may not turn you into julia child, but you're about to learn a few fundamental skills for a lifetime of great cooking. >> grab that avocado, because joel gamerin is here to help you hone your basic knife skills. >> joel. we are ready. >> have all ten? >> have all ten. >> starting with ten. >> all right. we'll start with the avocado. first thing we got to learn is how to hold the knife. the way you do it is pinch the top, wrap your fingers around the bottom. you got, like, it is like choking up. cut the avocado in half until you hit the seed. you guys are rocking it out so far, yeah. give it a little twist. >> mm-hmm. >> okay. all the way around. normally scoop out the seed but we don't have a towel. you can put it face down on a
10:55 am
plate, it won't turn down, which is very cool. but this we'll scoop out. scoop out the avocado, right on there, seedless, you're going seed in, trying something completely new. i love it. >> the one without that side. the one you put on the plate. and we slice this thin. that's all right. you're 0 for 1, kathie lee. i'm with you, girl. we're good. that's that. okay. mango. mango, same knife, paring knife, cut it on the half. such a smart way to cut a mango. get around the seed. see how it is stopping on the seed. then make a little grid. follow my knife. don't cut all the way through, just most of the way through. >> ow. >> hoda. >> man down. >> i'm pinching it. then you kind of cut it. >> i hate it when blood gets -- >> easy. that's a good way to do it. >> fine.
10:56 am
no, it's fine. >> let's move over here. >> come with me. i'll do the next one. >> we have a little shrimp. i'll come over here. >> use a napkin over there, baby. >> okay. >> you all right? >> yes, it's good. >> what are you deveining it? taking the vein out? >> halfway through, open it up, and you just kind of take out the -- >> that's shrimp poo-poo isn't it? >> it is. that's great for small jobs. this is a flexible knife, boning knife. we use this -- >> that looks good. look at that. >> you pop out the segments like that. that's easy, right? >> i like it. >> keep it very, very simple. let's move on back. >> okay. >> so many different types of knives. >> i like this knife. >> this is the work horse, the most important -- this is great. this is a way to do a pepper. you cut out the top. you got it. >> careful of your fingers. >> there you go. cut off the bottom.
10:57 am
perfect. and then sneak your knife right on the side, just like this. perfect. and then roll the pepper as you cut to get all the seeds out. isn't that easy? >> it looks simple. >> she's doing it. >> careful. >> and then just kind of chop this up. >> i got it. >> i'm good. >> one handed. >> we're all good. >> that was awesome. >> thank you, everybody. thanks so much, sweetie. i'm going to be at the shoprite wine and spirits in new jersey. come see me. between 2:00 and 4:00. >> be there. >> have an awesome weekend, everybody. >> thank you, joel. thanks.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> kate: stefano, when are you coming home? that long? well, i suppose i could manage. no, no, no, i understand. you have to have all your ducks in a row for that big board meeting. and finally you will show everyone exactly who is boss >> sonny: here you go, ben. >> ben: oh, thanks. >> will: i just filled ben and abigail in on... [sniffles] gabi's plea bargain. >> ben: i'll start unpacking that shipment. >> will: are you upset that the judge accepted gabi's deal? i know julie wanted gabi to go to prison for the rest of her life. >> abigail: no, i-i wouldn't want that.


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