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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of their home by flames. new details about their overnight escape, next. plus crisis in iraq. u.s. troops on the ground and air strikes could be next. we are going to warm up by about five to ten degrees as a result, we're going to hit average highs for this time of year and then, the heat is on for tomorrow. i'll tell you who will see the warmest weather and how long it'll last in your microclimate weather forecast. let's get you started with a look at the south baying with the city of san jose here on this tuesday morning, it is june 17th this is "today in the bay". from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning, thanks for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. developing story this morning as president obama weighs his options for iraq, u.s. military's e massing resources
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there. nbc bay area kris sanchez monitoring the latest developments. kris, some of the forces are ready for combat? >> reporter: they are, they're ready, but the there is no plan for kbatd at this point but there are resources already e massing for whatever the president decides. there are marines on the ground in baghdad to protect the embassy and to help evacuate some of the 5,000 embassy personnel out of the country. the aircraft carrier, george h.w. bush is there in the persian gulf along with five other warships and there are more than 500 marines and dozens of helicopters on standby. president obama is considering air strikes right now which the iraqi government has asked for. before that happens, the president wants the current government to be more inclusive. meanwhile again there are 170 new troops at the embassy. they may be helping to evacuate more personnel out of the country. this as isis continues its brutal and bloody march towards
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baghdad. already iraqi government are hitting them while waiting for the u.s. the state department confirming yesterday that the option with iran as a partner is still on the table. iran is an ally of iraq's shiite-led government. the isis militants are sunni. we showed you photos of those militants capturing iraqi soldiers yesterday and now there's video forcing them to talk about what's next and move quickly. >> when you have people murdering, assassinating, in these mass massacres, you have to stop that. >> reporter: iraqi shiites are not waiting for the u.s. air strikes though, volunteers loaded up and headed for the front lines as isis militants have seized territory north of baghdad including iraq's second largest city. many lawmakers from both parties are urging the president to come up with a plan and quickly.
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house speaker john boehner saying quote too many americans sacrificed too much to allow iraq to slip back into chaos. laura. >> thank you very much, kris. new details now about the jihadist group known as isis, it stands for theist lammic state of iraq and syria. it has been around for years and grew out of al qaeda in iraq. it was an offchute. it's nor or its you for forcing sharia. the goal is create an islamic state to strike that ls syria and iraq. >> we will have continuing coverage all morning long, also online on you can find in the u.s. and world section under the news tab on the home page or just search iraq. state proposal aimed at closing loopholes in anti-bullying laws could clear a hurtle. ah drink's law is named after a teen that was sexual assaulted and cyber bullied. bob redell joins us live at
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sarah toga high school where she went to high school. >> reporter: it is, good morning to you, there sam. and if usa drink's law is passed, it would increase the punishment for those convicted of sexual assaulting somebody's whose either development tally disabled or unconscious, but the there is a chance that this bill might die today in the assembly public safety committee. which is why ah drink's mom and her attorney spoke out yesterday against those who opposed this law. if you're not familiar with the ah drink pott case, she was a 15-year-old sarah toga high school student who was sexual assaulted and photographed while she was unconscious at a party back in twelve. she committed suicide after those pictures circulated. her attackers received punishments of 30 to 45 days. this proposed ah drink's law would require a hand tear two-year sentence. the center on juvenile and criminal justice opposes that requirement arguing it goes against the notion that the
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juvenile justice system should be be about rehabilitation, not punishment. and another group, the california attorney's for krm justice sent a letter to the committee opposing the bill, arguing that ah drink pott was not sexual assaulted which incensed her mother. >> i was completely outraged to read that because its been reported that they admitted to six felonies, one of them was the sexual assault. >> reporter: ah drink's law if -- audrey's law are behind proceedings held behind the closed doors. bob redell, today in the babe. >> thank you, bob. new morning, smoke and flames sent a couple running out of a burning townhouse overnight in san jose. firefighters say a husband and wife inhaled a lot of smoke during their escape from their two-story home on the draif. it's a block away from the creek
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park near piedmont road. paramedics treated the couple and they should be fine. it took firefighters about an hour to control those flames. the fire started on the second floor and want cause is still under investigation. almost 6:06 on your tuesday morning. time for your forecast. live picture of the golden gate bridge, everything looking clear out there. let's see how the rest of the bay area's doing. check in with christina loren. >> nice start to the day out there, christina. >> it is nice out there. and you know the bay area with all our various microclimates, something for everybody on your tuesday. let's get you out that door right now, talk about what your temperatures are doing, we are in the 50s to start, it's a chilly start out at half-moon bay, upper 40s, 50 in san martin and you're in the low 40s up in napa this morning. microclimate showing you separation out there. overall, comfortable day, beautiful start here in san francisco, cue the tanker right
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on time this morning, gorgeous shot here of al ka trez. and you'll -- alcatraz, and you'll notice the ripples on the water. it's going to keep us cool or at average for this time of year. 67 though, that's a nice day in san francisco here in the south bay we'll hit about 79 degrees. you can see all that moisture coming in. and that's a good sign as well. hillsides are still nice and moist. we are going to dry out tomorrow and warm up significantly, but then we're going to cool you down through thursday and friday. one hot day to get through. 52 in fact east bay. right now we're at 53 along the peninsula and 79 degrees in the south bay. meanwhile, temperatures looking good as we get into the next couple days, we're going to climb to the 80s. look at jump between today and tomorrow. 85 degrees by wednesday, then thursday, the cooldown begins. we're going to carry it all the way into the upcoming weekend. it's looking good. i want to give you an update. we told you about this ten minutes ago. traffic alert, 101 at peninsula. two left lanes are blocked. car on its side here and the
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delays are stacking up significantly. so right now your best bet is to go ahead and take 92 over to 280 and that's going to save you time this morning as that is stacking up significantly, right now, no word on clearing. otherwise, good news is that debris has cleared, 580 westbound at vasco. lots of green out there. watch out, northbound 580, 13 ax blocking a delay there. that'll start to develop in the next 15 minutes. we will keep you updated, back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:08, still ahead on "today in the bay," catching criminals one license plate at the same time. the bay area they wants to step up surveillance with tracking technology and new cameras. just ran through basically a wall of fire. >> san jose state line backer fought to escape flames. now he's fighting to return to the football field. why he says he's not giving up hope even though his recovery is far from over. let's take a live look outside this morning.
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overlooking foster city, good morning bay area. welcome to tuesday morning, ab lot more news, traffic, weather ahead. stick around, 6:08. nbc bay area, honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting, and public service in television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists, nbc bay area, we investigate. welcome back.
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hey really? kiss your abs goodbye. cardiologist to check stand 1. crystal geyser alpine spring water? toucé. crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source. you're watching "today in the bay." good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. you are taking a live look at san francisco. beautiful start to the day here. if you enjoyed yesterday, today will be warmer, but we're going to stick with the 70s through most of your inland valleys. we'll get to your forecast in just a moment, but san jose today, give you a preview, high 79 degrees sound? meanwhile in the traffic department, we're still following this traffic alert in
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burlingame this morning. northbound 10e 1 at -- 101 at peninsula, lanes blocked and significant backups. we have great alternates for you, stick around, traffic and weather together in moments. 4u6 12 on -- 6:12 on your tuesday. sunni militants are back on the offensive in iraq. raiding a police station northeast of baghdad. militants were trying to free prisoners but were stopped by progovernment myly that men. dual tornados touching down in nebraska killed a five-year-old and injured at least 19 people. more than half of the town was wiped out. the national guard is coming in to help with the cleanup. and faith leaders from across the bay area planning on submitting a petition to the arch bishop urging him to cancel a marriage rally. he is scheduled to appear at a march for marriage rally in
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washington, d.c. on thursday. leaders in fremont will decide whether to spend $300,000 to install surveillance cameras throughout the city. they've had trouble in the past agreeing on whether the cameras are a boost for safety or government spying. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in freemont where there could be extra eyes on the road very soon, good morning, s. >> reporter: good morning, laura, including this location here there could be a camera at mission boulevard between 680 and 880. a lot of people drive through this stretch because it's a connecter, and if you've been here, you knee there's already a red light -- know there's already a red light camera. it could be that you're captured on camera not just if you run a red light, but every time you drive by. this security camera proposed by the freemont police department would include cameras and license plate readers capturing images of you, your vehicle, license plate information, as you enter and exit fremont.
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all but two of the 12 suggested sites are by 12 highways. they would store video footage at the department and purge it after 30 days unless it's linked to a crime. they say they'd delete the license plate information after a year, again unless linked to a crime. police adding that the license plate information will likely be available to other law enforcement agencies through data-sharing agreements. so a big question, how do residents feel? we got a couple of the opinions from the city website. one who lives in the centerville neighborhood wrote bay area citizens have had a poor history with little oversight and auditing from outside the police departments and city that runs them. there are also plenty of supporters with a bob in the central neighborhood writing i would like to have a camera at the skate board park to cut down on the bad stuff. the burglary rate went down 27% from 2012 to 2013.
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it does believe that it can cut down on more of this kind of crime with this new proposed system. so tonight at 7:00, city council will meet to discuss this plan, again $300,000 for up to a dozen cameras across the city. if approved, the police department will host meetings to answer questions. live in south fremont, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the update. nice story, san jose football player who barely escaped an apartment fire hopes to be back on the gridiron this upcoming season. it's remarkable. jared leif was in the hospital for more than a month, part of the time, medically induced coma. his recovery is far from over and not sure if the doctor will clear him to play any time soon. back in april, he was asleep when his roommate said the third floor apartment was on fire with smoke pouring under the door. he knew he had to get out right away. >> just ran through, basically a wall of fire, i think my whole, my whole living room and kitchen was on fire.
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and just ran out the door. >> he says the whole experience has made him appreciate life even more. leif grew up in martinez and went to el hombre high school. you remember when this happened? >> i remember covering that story in the morning because we had a fire down there. we knew that one student had gotten out. and then he called his roommate who was still inside, and so it's nice to see his face now and wishing him the best in his roovr ri as well. it's nice to see the other side of the story as well. >> amazing from coma to comeback potentially, quite an effort. >> hope he's doing okay. it's time to check the forecast right now, let's take a peek outside. i got see this earlier, yeah, coore tower, al ka as it there in the -- alcatraz, people that make the swim. it doesn't look that far, they do, and it's cold. >> are there sharks in there? >> i don't know about that. onces in a while though we do get reports of shark sightings. usual lay it happens down in the santa cruz area, but hey, watch
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out. there's a shark right there, sam, and it's coming at you. we'll get to that in the break. 6:16 now, 5:00 hour showed you we had a little bit of low cloud cover. as we're getting into the 6:00 hour, now we're seeing more of the low clouds move on shore and not a lot, but i can tell you enough that's going to keep our temperatures right at average for today. so thanks for waking up with us each and every morning today, good news for you. 79 degrees is the forecasted high in san jose, 77 meanwhile for the peninsula, you're getting ready to enjoy a fabulous stretch of weather if you live on the peninsula. 52 degrees right now in the east bay you'll hit 82 later on. significant jump for you, 67 in san francisco, and you'll hit 83 out in the north bay. not too hot out there, even in the wine country where it gets toasty this time of year. let me take you through the next three days. noticeably warmer, less wind, full afternoon sunshine. tomorrow's going to be the hottest day of the week. dloesing in on 90s.
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that's the tri-valley also up in the north bay, here is in places like gilroy, 87 degrees, that's not too bad. then we're going to cool you back off as wet head through thursday and friday. let me give you a preview of your three microclimates, we're going to focus on those right now. san jose, san francisco, then the peninsula. 79 degrees for today in san jose up to 85 tomorrow. that's the hot east coast day of the week, look at this, we continue to drop off in the waexd. and you can get by without using ac. if you play your cards right on the peninsula, tomorrow warmest at 82. look at the numbers, really comfortable through the upcoming weekend. no oe pressive heat in the forecast. now this is something a lot of commuters are not going to be happy to hear about this morning. northbound 101. we have a traffic alert at pence last. it's still there blocking two lanes. we've got a car on its side, your alternate right now is to take 280, but then we had reports of debris on the road on 280. so this could create delays,
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watching for both. nonetheless, if you're trying to get up the peninsula headed north, give yourself extra time. 280 at sand hill, that's an area that backseat up at this the time in the morning. all is clear, we'll keep you updated, back to you. >> thanks so much. eyes will be on 49ers tight end vernon davis this morning. >> spectacular athlete to begin with. but this is for a different reason. davis wants a new contract. you're actually looking at military auction. >> he's a wealthy guy. there's vernon davis. okay, he's taking some heat right now. the reason that he is is that he's not attending the team's voluntary workouts so far this offseason. the start of mandatory three-day mini camp is about to unfold, and yesterday, davis wrote in sports ill traited he wants -- illustrated, he wants what he's worst. he suggested he may miss the start of today's camp which would officially qualify him as a holdout. no one wants that word associated with them. >> one to watch, certainly.
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>> yeah, people looking to see what the pay grade is going to be for the tight ends after his contract comes up. >> for what he's worth he says. >> whatever that may been be. 6:19 on tuesday morning, still ahead on "today in the bay." different kind of hardware is about to hit the auction block. you got a hint a second ago. it's something, maybe you've seen it before, just now on our air waves. bob redell is looking at bidding on military tanks. even a scud missile. taking a live look outside, probably don't to want take one of the tanks over here. san mateo bridge, sun is up, traffic is moving smoothly. couple little traffic spots to tell you about. christina's keeping tabs on those for us as well as the forecast. stick around, 6:20e.
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you're watching "today in the bay." 6:23 on your tuesday, look at that the, that is a live picture of the bay bridge at the sun comes up. one image just gets better than the next all morning. its been beautiful outside in the bay area. >> see the perks of getting up early, sam? >> this is totally motivating me. >> exactly. it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some military memorabilia. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell has this exclusive sneak peek of an unusual auction about to take place on the peninsula. >> this is a scud a. >> reporter: introducing the quickest way to get launched -- >> what would it take to put you in this one today? >> reporter: out of a job. >> i have my nbc universal
6:24 am
corporate card. >> reporter: soon you can bid on one of the only scud missiles in the western hemisphere. propelling an explosive unfortunately not included. just one of 114 historic armored vehicles up for auction. most of which still run. okay, firing. thanks to alex o'neil, a veteran whose helped restore many of these historic pieces. how dhuz make you feel? >> makes you feel like king kong. >> reporter: would you believe not all of the items have been demilitarized? some are still registered guns. depending on your intentions -- that might be slightly illegal. >> the opportunity here to have a bit of that history is really remarkable. >> reporter: this mini army is one of the largest private collections of its kind. built by the late littlefield who was a military history buff. most of his tanks never saw combat. >> in general tanks that saw
6:25 am
action didn't come home. >> reporter: but many are extremely rare. like this german 5, one of the most feared tanks of world war ii. >> this is the only restored example in north america. >> reporter: how much do you want for it? >> that this one's not for sale. >> reporter: rob collins and his foundation are keeping the rare pieces for a rare museum back east to honor those who helmed save the world. last time tom rode in one of these shermans, he was just a kid fighting the nazis. to be back after all this time. >> i can't describe that for you. >> everyone should have a tank. >> reporter: it's tempting. driving lesson included. >> how do we go forward? >> i'm not telling you that. >> reporter: assuming you have a deep enough pocket. >> this is probably going to be 5 to 600,000.
6:26 am
cash. >> reporter: bob redell, "today in the bay." >> better call cash call, bob. littlefield collection goes on the block july 11th and 12th. pieces are expected to fetch anywhere from several thousand to well over a million. you can learn more on our website, today. just search tanks. room in your garage for one of those? >> i do not have a garage, but i would say does bob have room on his credit card, on the corporate card? i don't know how the bosses would feel about the tab. >> maybe we can hich a ride though. >> ask for forgiveness and not permission. 6:26 right now on your tuesday morning. still ahead, should your status update send you to prison? the showdown between free speech and facebook posts going down at the supreme court right now, next. let's take a live look outside this morning. overlooking dublin, back in two minutes, but first, check out this brian williams mashup clip from the tonight show. >> so ladies, ladies.
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is it legal to threaten somebody on facebook, even if you're not planning to follow through on your threat? the decision right now before the supreme court, next. and a beautiful start to the day as that sunrise glistens over the san francisco bay. it is going to be so nice out there. south bay showing you moisture moving in. we'll hit about 79 degrees for today. and then the climb is on for tomorrow. we told you about this traffic alert in burlingame, now all lanes are clear, but you're backed up 30 minute residual delays and those will likely get longer as more people hit the highway. we're getting into that rush hour drive, your full forecast and traffic in moments. taking you live to new york this morning as we await the opening bells, futures higher after stocks posted mile gains for the second straight day, but unease over iraq curving
6:30 am
enthusiasm from upbeat economic status and merger news. we get down on today on consumer houses and plus the fed beginning its two-day meeting today. one to watch. j.p. morgan doing the honors at the nync. meanwhile, nasdaq, starbucks doing the honors. they've been quite in the news lately with their scholarship program with their baristas. this is tuesday, june 17th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." it's a golden day in the golden state, good morning, i'm sam brock. >> and it's a good place to be, i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have breaking news out of kenya this morning where nine people are dead killed by extremists in the second attack on a coastal town in as many days. somali militant group claimed responsibility for that overnight attack. and also for a deadly shooting spree late sunday night.
6:31 am
the group says it is revenge for the death of somalis at the hands of kenyan forces. foreign tourists are warned to stay out. sunday's attack came as most were watching world cup soccer. 48 were killed. the town is just south of the border with somalia. when do threatening comments cross the line from free speech to a crime? it could affect anyone who goes on a social media rant. "today in the bay's" tracy potts joins us live on capitol hill, tracy, it doesn't sound innocuous. it stems from a man who threatened to kill his wife in a facebook post. >> reporter: exactly. his wife left him with his two kids, lost his job because of a similar post with a co-worker, then the fbi and the police starting talking to him and he posted about them too. so the question becomes, what was the intent? was he really intending to threaten harm, or was it interpreted that way by people
6:32 am
who read it, people by the way that he never knew would read it because he posted it online and that information ended up in the hands of people that he did not intend. he was arrested. he spent nearly four years in jail convicted on most of those charges, but now he's arguing to the supreme court that it was essentially life imitating art that most of these were lyrics that he wrote in the theme of eminem and other rappers, other performers that he didn't mean any of it, but could a reasonable person interpret those words as being harmful? that is the question that courts have decided and the u.s. supreme court will now decide. some of those he threatening in addition to his wife were school children. he talked about blowing up a police station. he talked about schools that were nearby and school shootings and initiating school shootings. the supreme court is going to have to sift through all of that and decide whether or not he has a first amendment right to
6:33 am
protect its speech, sam. >> huge precedence to be set, thank you very much, tracy. it is 6:32 right now, let's take a peek outside as we look at our microclimate forecast for today. another nice day as we take a live look at the transamerica pyramid there in san francisco sitting by the bay. we've had pretty nice temperatures lately, christina, feeling quite spoiled. >> you look at the rest of the nation, severe weather happening throughout the plain states, and we really, really have it well off here in the bay area. also when you compare just california, north to south, its been dry and hot in southern california. meanwhile we're still getting an onshore flow to keep the hillsides nice and moist here in the bay area which is good news when it comes to our fire danger when we do talk about weather conditions that drive that fire danger, tomorrow we are going to see a warmer day. we're also going to see a drier day as we cut off that onshore flow, then after that, we're going to see it return in full strength as we head through
6:34 am
thursday. that's the good news. we are not on fire weather watch as far as the local weather goes. it will be windy, that is the bun thing you want to watch out for, the wind season still going to be out there. not as windy as yesterday. we're going to take wind speeds and slice them in half. and you will notice that difference. temperatures are going to warm up as a result of that weakening onshore flow. 79 degrees in the south bay. 69 in -- 67 in san francisco, up from the upper 50s yesterday. 83 degrees in the north bay. so we're getting to that time when traffic starts to stack up, it's now 6:34. update on this traffic alert in burlingame. we're going to keep it going as a traffic alert for 15 minutes. local heroes got out there quickly and they cleared it out, we still have of a 30 minute residual delay, northbound 101. you're still better off for the time fwg you're leaving now take 280 up in san francisco. still have this reported debris on the road, northbound 280 as you get closer to sand hill road. no delays just yet, but that could become problematic.
6:35 am
we're keeping an eye on that this morning as well. as to be expected, the metering lights are on. watch out for the sunrise slow down as well. back to you sam and laura. >> thanks christina. good thing the giants players don't have to deal with that. traffic hasks of its own. 6:34 on "today in the bay." one on one where a giant's legends. >> what are you seeing that you like from this team this season? >> i like everything, really. >> what's not to like? you know that man. willie mccovy. which is making the most impact on the season and why he says he is the only person in the bay area whose sad about saying good-bye to the stick. nbc bay area. honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting, and public service in television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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i'll have my usual ultimate cheeseburger. you can have that. or-two new versions of the ultimate cheeseburger. one has sliced jalapeños and creamy ranch sauce, the other has sweet and tangy barbecue sauce and grilled onions, plus double meat and cheese like the original. new versions...? two new versions! now, this was just a training video, but these twists on my ultimate cheeseburger will blow people's minds. is that guy ok?
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hey is right. named after a legend dare giant, beautiful look this morning. yep, number 44, willie mccovy. these days he's senior advisor to the giants and has a lot to say about the team. >> he has his own cove. of course he's allowed to. he sat down with comcast sportsnets amy guterez to talk about the season. >> whenever you get a chance to
6:39 am
talk about the hall of famer, you take it, willie, mckovy, thanks for joining me. first and foremost, the giants are off to a fantastic season. the best in, they're the best in baseball, so many parts have to work for a team to win, what are you seeing that you like from this team this season? >> i like everything, really. they're hitting with more power, as you know last year we didn't hit with a lot of power, but it's great having that big guy in the middle. michael moss. i think he really makes the line-up. he, you know, takes a lot of pressure off of the other guys. >> all right, as you're well aware, candle stick is no longer, nothing else is going to be happening there, and there's so many wonderful giants 'memories at the stick. just your thoughts in general about the field shutting down and what it meant to you and your time with the giants as a player? >> it seems like i'm one of the few guys whose side to see it
6:40 am
torn down. everybody else seems to be happy. you know, i enjoyed playing at candlestick. i had great years there. i had no complaints. i thought it was a good stadium, we thought it was the greatest thing in the world because it was the newest. >> sure. >> but i really have no complaints about candlestick and i'm going to be sad that it's going to be torn down. >> what is your role today with the giants? i know your title's advisor, what does that entail? >> well, i am a senior advisor, and that's not only for the players, it's for the front office people too. larry ra will ask -- larry will come to me and ask fe more certain things. >> he's 44, he's the best, thank you. >> and you're amy. >> and don't forget it. that's nice when willie knows your name. he's kind of like a great ambassador for the giants as well. >> he is, he's a senior advisor. i want to be a senior fan. how do you get those diet zblms
6:41 am
one day. >> we'll see where things stack up. 6:40 on your tuesday morning. coming up, surveillance on sidewalks and neighborhoods. the bay area city that wants to step up security with new cameras and tracking technology. plus a husband and wife nearly trapped inside their home by flames. new details about their overnight escape, next. and live picture right now of the big board on the new york stock exchange. you see the dow is down for the time being. about 32 points or so, but hopefully things will tick back up over the course of the day. we'll give ewe check of weather, news, and traffic after the break.
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you're watching 156 minutes
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of continuous news, weather, and traffic on "today in the bay." developing story of international import. the world is watching president obama waiting to see what action he will take in iraq as militants ramp up their murderous march towards the city of baghdad. kris sanchez is watching the developments. >> reporter: the president has not yet revealed the final plan, but we know air strikes are on the table as well as special forces equipped for combat. here are the resources that are right now in the region. there are 170 new u.s. soldiers and marines at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the aircraft carrier, the george h.w. suburb in the persian gulf along with five other warships and more than 500 marines and dozens of helicopters on standby. this, as the president considers air strikes, iraqi government pilots are hitting the sunni-backed isis fighters. u.s. officials say that before the president will order air strikes, he wants the current
6:45 am
iraqi government to be more inclusive. the state department confirmed yesterday that the u.s. is considering working with iran and here's the reason why. iran is an ally of iraq's shiite-led government. the isis militants are sunni. we showed you photos of the militants capturing soldiers yesterday. now there's video as well forcing the talk about what's next to move much more quickly. >> when you have people murdering, assassinating in these mass massacres, you have to stop that. >> reporter: iraqi shiites are not waiting idly for the u.s. air strikes, convoys of trucks and buses headed for the frontlinings as isis militants seized territory north of baghdad including the stiff mosl. many lawmakers from both parties are urging the president to come up with a plan, house speaker john boehner saying quote too many americans sacrificed too much to allow iraq to slip back
6:46 am
into chaos. in addition to crafting the strategy, there's also issue of how to pay for what's next in iraq. the white house planned for congress now is reportedly to use the money saved from the war in afghanistan for this new conflict in iraq. sam. >> thank you kris. conflicting opinions on where we go from here, appreciate that report. "today show" will have continuing coverage of the crisis in iraq and find updates online watt you can find it in the u.s. and world section under the news tab on our home page. let's get updated right here right now when it dooms to the microclimate forecast. taking a peek outside, this is a live look at the eastern approach to the bay bridge this morning. christina has a look at the forecast, how do we dress for the day? >> you know what, dress for a june afternoon, we're going to hit average highs today which is unusual. and if you want to know just how well we have it here in the bay area, average high this time of year, late june in san shoez 79
6:47 am
degrees -- jose is 79 degrees. that is hard to beat my friends. 52 in san jose, just days away now from the official kickoff of summer. we hit the some cities as we get into your saturday. then we have three, dry months to get through. we are in a drought here. we always want to conserve water. temperatures this morning mostly in the 50s. it's going to be lovely out there. little hot tomorrow, but that's it. tomorrow will peek in the 80s, maybe a couple isolated 90s out in the tri-valley in the warm spots, but overall, looking good. no triple digits in the forecast. i think that's the threshold for most people when they do not want that heat when we exceed about 98 degrees. gets hot. as we head throughout the next couple days. temperatures will be warm. like i said before, we're going to cool you off. no extremes in in the forecast. that's good news. this is san jose, beautiful, clear sky overhead, we're backing up here significantly. 101 as you approach 280. we'll look at the drive in just a moment. mike has the day off.
6:48 am
i'm pulling a little bit of double duty this morning. 67 degrees is the forecasted high in san francisco, we're going see pretty big microclimate separation as we get into this afternoon, upper 60s in san francisco. then just up the road in santa rosa today at about 82 degrees. so those microclimate still making an impact even more or so for tomorrow as high pressure builds in. 79 degrees for today in the south bay. 82 in the east bay and 67 degrees in san francisco. back above average as we head throughout the next couple days, but not by much. maybe a degree or two. good news for commuters who take northbound 101. we had this issue, overturned vehicle, all lanes are cleared a that the point. things are improving significantly. you shouldn't have to adjust your normal drive this morning. northbound 88 at thornton, accident blocking the left hand lane. there's a crew on the scene. we'll keep you updated, back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you very much, christina. this morning state committee
6:49 am
could move forward on audrey's law. the bill is named after audrey pott a student who took her own life after being sexual assaulted and cyber-bullied. bob redell joins us live where pott went to school, good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. but there is opposition to this law that would toughen the punishment for rapists and the opposition so strong laura that one called the california attorney's for criminal justice. they sent a letter to lawmakers here in the state of california arguing that there was no sexual assault of audrey pott. her mother is outraged and it's one reason why they held a news conference yesterday to reiterate why they believe this be proposed legislation is so important. now you might recall audrey pott was a student who was sexual assaulted and photographed while unconscious at a party back in twelve. the teenager then committed suicide after those pics circulated. her attackers received
6:50 am
punishments of 30 to 45 days. the proposed law her mom is pushing for would open up the juvenile proceedings and would require mandatory sentence two of years for those convicted of sbaulting someone who is development tally disabled or unconscious. >> if audrey was able to fight back her attackers. it would have gone to an adult court. it would have been open proceedings. they would have had sexual offender status, but because she couldn't fight back, it was treated as a lesser crime. and that's outrageous. >> we think that the entire bill really goes against the purpose of the juvenile justice system. the goal of the system is rehabilitation of the youth that includes holding him or her accountable for their actions. >> reporter: the assembly public safety committee will decide later this morning whether or
6:51 am
not to push forward sb 838 also known as audrey's law. its been proposed by senator jim bell of san jose. reporting live here at sarah toga, bob redell, "today in the bay." faith leaders from the bay area plan to submit a petition to the san francisco's arch bishop urging him to cancel his appearance at a rally supporting traditional marriage. he is scheduled to appear at a march for marriage rally in washington, d.c. on thursday. local catholics as well as leaders like lieutenant governor newsom and senator mark leno urged him not to attend. nearly 30,000 people signed the petition asking him not to go. south bay children have a new place to hang out and it's a first for the civil cone valley -- silicon valley. complete with the game room, library, and computer lab. it's the first clubhouse within the silicon valley branch to open outside of san jose. the organization plans to open
6:52 am
another new facility next year but close two clubs in san jose due to safety concerns. the palo alto council is considering to build a new animal shelter. according to the "weekly," the current shelter located on bay shore road could use fixups and improvements, updates so the city is considering joining forces with the humane society. under that partnership, the city would provide land for a new shelter. the humane society would run the new shelter. crews in the south bay will be out in force trying to get rid of the west nile virus starting tonight at 11:00, ground fog willing take place in the willow glenn neighborhood and parts of campbell. it is expected to last for several hours. santa clara vector control says the insecond side is not toxic to humans or animals. it comes after some adult mosquitos were discovered in that area last week. it's an evolving discussion on privacy versus security if you live, work, or drive through
6:53 am
fremont. you could have more eyeballs on you. tonight city leaders could decide whether to install cameras throughout that city. here are the potential locations, almost all of them are right by a major highway. stephanie schaung live in fremont where there could be extra eyes on the road including stephanie's this morning, what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, sam. this is one of the suggested sites, mission boulevard between 680 and 880. one of if not the most popular intersections in fremont. you're caught, but only if you run a red light. this new system would mean that you, your vehicle, your license plate information would all be recorded every time you drive through. the new system proposed by the fremont police department would include cameras as well as automatic license plate leaders recording 24/7 as people enter and exit fremont.
6:54 am
this would build on the success of home and business security cameras that have helped catching thieves stealing off porngs. police crediting the partnership with the public in a growing number of private surveillance systems with the 27% drop in the city's residential burglary rate from 2012 to 2013. so, how would the police handle the recordings? well they say they would store the footage at the department and furge after 30 dick clark -- and purge it after 30 days unless linked to a crime. the license plate information will likely be available to other law enforcement agencies through data-sharing greechlts. big de -- agreements. big debates tonight. city leaders deciding whether to spend $3900,000 for the up to a dozen cameras around the city. live in fremont this morning,
6:55 am
"today in the bay." >> all right, stephanie. the drought is ruining summer plans for many people on the peninsula. memorial county park closed to campers possibly for the rest of the season. the creek, the main source of water is running at a 90 year low. the campground canceled about 175 reservations this month including a wedding. the officials expect to refund another 2,000 reservations. the county expects to lose $350,000 just because of all those cancellations. the park however is still open for day visits. richmond city council is expected to take its final vote today to approve a new minimum wage ordnance. if passed, it would increase to $13 by the year 2018. it would start at 960 and include compensatory damages such as businesses that pay less than 80 hours of employee wages in a two-week period. those for and against the law have gone back and forth for months, it is expected to be adopted. it's 6:55, final check of
6:56 am
the top stories. san jose couple is recovering from smoke inhalation this morning after their town home went up in flames overnight. it happened close to barry creek park. the cause is under investigation. twin tornados that touched down in a small town in nebraska killed a five-year-old and injured at least 19 other people. more than half of the town we're told was wiped out. the national guard is coming in to help with the cleanup. fire crews in central california are making progress on a wild fire burning near bakersfield. the flames are 75% contained compared to just 10% yesterday. evacuation orders were lifted for hundreds of people last night. 6:56 on your tuesday morning, usually this is a more crowded desk, today you take on the responsibility of two people. >> she's a queen today. >> mike is the king, and he's right about traffic tuesday. i mean there's something to this, you guys. i know firsthand now, it is heavier than normal out there. and we have school off for
6:57 am
summer time for a lot of locations. we're going to get to that in adjust minute. the good news first, the weather. beautiful day shaping up. mid-50s right now up to about 82 degrees in the east bay today, that's going to be one of the warm spots. gorgeous 70s continuing in the south bay for the peninsula. upper 60s day for you in san francisco. let's goat traffic because we have big time problems cropping up in oakland and fremont. northbound 880 at thornton, accident blocking the left lane, onlooker delays to the south. it's going to take you 15 minutes longer than usual to the north. then just up the road on 880 headed southbound, another crash at industrial. this one's blocking a couple lanes, and yeah, we have delays all the way back to 238 this morning. give yourself a little extra time if you can. plan on a little bit slower than normal drive, but the good news is like to end on a good note, no mass transit delays, everything's on time or just about at time. >> maybe you're the lucky charm.
6:58 am
>> she is. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. it is a great morning for u.s. soccer fans. >> men's national team beat ghana 2-1 in its 2014 world cup debut. check out the game winning goal. this is the first ever u.s. world cup goal by a substitute. brooks told reporters he actually had a dream he would score that goal two days before the game. he said he had the dream that he would do it as a header, about 80 seconds before the game was over. so boy, maybe dream big. >> he's a visionary is what brooks is. and this game actually featured a couple of injuries that were pretty, potentially scary for the u.s. team. we'll have to see -- >> explain those elbows, sam. >> i guess that'ses a tattoo. here's the back story on mr. brooks. he was born and raised in germany, but his father works in a little city called chicago. look at this the photo. tattoo of germany on one and
6:59 am
illinois on the other. the 21-year-old is one of five german-american players on the u.s. rosters. here's why this gets interesting now. somebody here at this table has already gone out and said germany is the pick, you're laughing. >> they're strong. >> was it this guy? >> per se. >> they look really, really gooded. and yeah, if i was a betting woman, and i'm not, that's where my money would go. i'm happy to see vau sticking with it. >> that was great game yesterday if you caught it. mexico plays today. >> we're rooting for team usa also. >> how can you not? >> let that be reflected on the record. >> meantime delta airlines is apologizing after sending out a tweet congratulating the u.s. team. >> on the left of your screen is a picture of the statue of liberty with a number two and on the right a picture with a giraffe representing each country. but the problem here, there are no giraffes in ghana. after major backlash on twitter, the airline took down the tweet.
7:00 am
they've issued two apologizes. probably just sticking to flying. >> i feel like that's kind of an honest miss take, right? >> have a great day. >> did you know there were no giraffes in ghana? >> we're all human. >> and not zooologists. >> no. >> 6:59, we're going back back with more news, weather, and traffic at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. as well. have a great day. >> good morning double devastation. >> it's ripping up the whole town. >> they cut a deadly path of destruction near nebraska. more than half of one town gone and facing the threat of more violent weather today. the white house sending a new wave of american forces to secure the u.s. embassy in baghdad. more recall. general motors has another 3 million cars to the recall list pushing it to more than 20 million this year.


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