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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. well, very good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. look who's back. >> yes, i found the road here. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we want to check that forecast with christina loren. getting tongue tied after being on vacation. >> that clock is right, 4:30, my friends. we have this interesting pattern taking shape. you can feel the humidity out in the bay area. for us, we're mostly dry. look at this, in chico, all the way up to reading, getting these
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light showers. that will continue to be the case for today. we actually have a better chance of showers in the bay area as we get into this afternoon. we'll talk about that and what's to come for the weekend, because we made it to wednesday, that's probably what you're thinking about now. you have to work for it. here is mike to help you get there on time? >> we're looking over here to the freeways, highway 101 in san jose, light, easy drive. you do have company, nothing to worry about as far as speeds. overall the south bay freeways are moving nicely. just a couple of overnight crews sticking around. we have this. this is a deadly crash that happened earlier this morning. it's to the east of coddle road. the entrance to 85 is hope. at least for a while santa teresa was closed we have a crew heading out to the scene. if you want to avoid the area, go to the south. i would imagine if this car that
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hit a tree is able to be isolated to one side, then they can reopen the other side. waiting on record from san jose pd on what will be the traffic flow. the rest of the bay looking smooth. we'll follow that situation. back to you. at 4:32, a developing situation in the middle east right now. the israeli army is stepping up on its offensive on hamas in the gaza strip. the army attacked pore than 160 sites in gaza today alone. more are expected. so far 32 palestinians have been killed in air strikes since the full blown offensive started yesterday. this includes nine children. another 200 are hurt. in the meantime militants in gaza continue to fire rockets deep into israeli territory. that rocket fire sent guests at a wedding in central israel
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running for shelter. warning sirens blared as the country's defense system intercepted two rockets. this violence in the region stems from the killings of three israeli teens in what appears to be revenge in the killing of a palestinian teen. this afternoon president obama will land in texas to raise money for democrats and talk about immigration reform. but he will not visit the border. instead he'll be hundreds of miles away in dallas meeting with faith leaders and texas governor rick perry. his trip comes one day after he asked congress for nearly $4 billion to deal with the flood of children who have come to the u.s. without their families. republicans are focusing on the decision not to visit the border, choosing that as evidence the president doesn't, in their words, care about the issue. the united nations insists children are refugees and should stay. >> they believed that they couldn't access any protection from their own governments,
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their only choice to survive was to actually leave. these are painful decisions that families are making. >> the u.n. says 60% of migrant children were victims of extreme gang violence and deserve special refugee protection. the border crisis also on the agenda on capitol hill. a hearing is taking place to talk about the president's request for money. president obama says the $3.7 billion will be used for more border agents as well as food, clothes and medical care for those thousands of women and children being detained. a high-end prostitute accused of murdering a google executive is expected to face a judge this morning. santa cruz police say alex tickerman and forest hayes met several times before his death last november. they say tickleman injected hays with so much heroin on his yacht he died. a security camera shows tickleman step over his body to grab a glass of wine.
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after collecting evidence for months, police set up a prostitution sting last month to arrest her. a man is in jail accused of inappropriately touching two young san jose girls when they were asleep. victor manzanares was naked when he was arrested at a mobile home park off center road on monday. police say he entered one of the homes through an unlocked back door. they say he went into the bedroom of an 11-year-old, kissed her on the cheek and tried to lay down next to her. he went into the living room where he woke up her 12-year-old sister. >> on the couch taking a nap for a few minutes. when i was in a deep sleep, he came and licked my face. i was like freaked out. >> both girls quickly grabbed their little brother and ran out safely. police say manzanares also tried to burn down the house. this morning a san francisco neighborhood patrol is expanding after same-sex couples were attacked during pride celebrations. the castro community on patrol
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trained several new volunteers last night. wearing orange vests, the group walks the streets trying to keep the neighborhood safe. the new volunteers say they want to help any way they can. >> if this became an unsafe place, it would be a disservice to gay people around the world. >> the group asking anyone with information or video of hate crimes from two weeks ago to come forward. the community started the organized patrol in 2006 after a series of sexual assaults in the castro. regulators are considering hitting water wasters where it hurts, their wallets. next week the state resources control board will consider fining people who wastewater $500 a day. this applies to outdoor water use, like watering lawns, washing down driveways or washing cars without a nozzle on the hose. tickets could be handed out by any public employee who hat authority to do so. if the board adopts the regulations next tuesday, the rules would take effect
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immediately and remain in effect for nine months. firefighters hoping someone who spent the fourth of july weekend at lake berryessa will help them figure out how a wildfire started. it has burned nearly 6500 acres in solano and yolo counties. officials want to talk to anyone near highway 128 and canyon creek resort and pleasant valley road especially between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. happening now a powerful typhoon barrelling towards mainland japan. the storm brought rains and wind gusts top ping 140 miles per hor to the southern islands of okinawa. about 200,000 people are being told to move to higher ground and stay indoors. about 50,000 are without power. so far nearly 30 people are hurt. some areas will see up to 16 inches of rain in 24 hours. the storm is expected to hit
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tokyo by friday. turning now to our micro climate forecast. looking live at san francisco and the bay bridge. looks spectacular. let's go over to san jose as well. it's been humid but wonderful. let's check in with christina loren. >> not too hot. not bad out there at well. good wednesday morning. we have a good looking weekend shaping up. it will be cooler and drier out there. this morning really comfortable conditions. humidity will increase as we head throughout the day. that monsoonal moisture comes back into the bay area. this morning it's crisp out there. let me show you what's happening, though, on your satellite. radar compilion, we have a lot of activity over the desert southwest. that monsoonal moisture is coming as far north as chico, reading, it's pushing into the pacific northwest areas at this point. as we head throughout the day today, we're fair game for a couple showers. here's the deal, we're seeing
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enough of an onshore flow to keep the showers to the east of the bay area. that's the case until this afternoon. then we'll see that humidity increase. let me show you what i'm talking about. high pressure is going to amplify as we head throughout the afternoon. it pulls that moisture from off the coast of baja and for us that will translate to a couple of remember ganegade showers. difficult to pinpoint where we will see those. i can tell you fair game for that all across the board. we will cut that chance off as we head into the weekend. temperatures will stay comfortable. we'll lose their humidity and it will be nice out there. i'll show you that forecast coming up. right now, let's check on your driv drive. >> i want to show you the traffic flow coming through dublin, westbound 580 a live camera out there. we'll show you 168.
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looking good. a smooth drive at about the speed limit. the traffic crew has cleared from their overnight construction. the map will show you i have unusual slowing northbound 680 out of pleasanton towards the interchange. speeds there around 52 miles per hour. i have no reason for that slowdown. it did clear from around sunol earlier. there may be a couple slower moving trucks. that may be the other issue. anything moving slower will skew that data. we'll look at the rest of the south bay. a deadly crash, this is going on off of the freeway, santa teresa boulevard, a major roadway here, east of cottle, around george page park. right now i would consider that intersection closed until further notice. the rest of the bay moving nicely, including the bay bridge toll plaza. light volume of traffic at the bay bridge, we see the bottom of
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the screen, left approach still slow because one of those cash lanes is not open. back to you. here's a good reminder if you park in redwood city, starting today rates in downtown redwood city will double from 50 cents to a dollar an hour. it includes parking in the lot next to the redwood city caltrain station. they hope to keep people from using redwood city as a hub to get to santa clara. still ahead, how washington state's legalization of recreational pot is renewing the push in the bay area. and accused of fraud, the new class action lawsuit filed against anthem blue cross. and uber agrees to cap prices but only under certain circumstances. we have the details coming up.
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a follow-up now, the san francisco board of supervisors has passed a controversial law that could change mental health care in the city. laura's law would allow friends, family, doctors and law enforcement officials to ask the courts to force mentally ill people to get outpatient treatment in certain situations. potential patients must have been hospitalized or jailed for mental health issues twice in the last three years and been violent towards themselveses or
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others. critics say it will strip mentally ill people of their rights to accept or refuse medical treatment. one of the state's largest health insurance companies has been accused of fraud. the anthem health insurance company is accused of delaying and providing full information to consumers until it was too late to change plans. they also failed to tell enrollees that many policies would not be covered outside its approved network. the push for pot in california is on. activists more than ever are fighting to legalize marijuana after washington became the second state to legalize recreational pot yesterday. a field poll last december found 55% of californians supported legalization, but backers could not agree on what the law should say, so they ended up with four
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california versions. >> the problem with four is it divides the money, makes it hard to get support and get everybody behind one movement. >> activists will try again to get the initiative on the 2016 statewide ballot. opponents say they're ready to fight. it's 4:46. a warning for android smartphone users. if you're selling or giving away your phone, your personal data may be on there even if you tried to delete it. researchers from a security firm bought 20 smart android phones on ebay, they could recover thousands of photographs, hundreds of e-mails and uncover the identities of four previous owners. resear researchers discover that data despite previous users using the delete function on the phone. uber agreed to cap its prices during emergencies or natural disasters. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, here is bertha coombs.
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a little quiz for you, how is germany like alcoa? >> they can't wait until tomorrow. >> nope. they both beat by six yesterday. alcoa recording earnings that were six cents better yesterday afternoon. that has the futures pointing to a higher start. the nasdaq suffering its worst day in two months as investors sold off biotechs and internet stocks. we'll get the minutes later on this afternoon from the federal reserve meeting last month, and a lot of folks will watch to see what they say about inflation and for any clues about interest rates rising. the dow falling 117 points to 16,906. the nasdaq losing 60 to 4391. and uber has agreed to cap prices in new york during emergencies and natural disasters. it's part of a deal that the popular ride sharing and car for
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hire app has struck with the new york attorney general's office. uber's rates rise and fall with demand, but it's been criticized for so-called surge pricing. uber is expected to apply the same price cap for services nationwide. and citigroup is reportedly close to a $7 billion settlement with the justice department. the department charges it sold bad mortgages in the run up to the final crisis. the two sides were far apart two weeks ago, but now a deal could be announced as soon as next week. part of the settlement will likely go towards consumer relief. a lot of citi mortgage owners will be watching that carefully. back to you. >> for sure. thank you. i'll be ready for your quiz tomorrow. >> always ready for bertha. ready to check the forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> i can quiz you, scott mcgrew as well when it comes to the
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forecast for today. we are going to get conditions that we don't typically see in the bay area. i can tell you we only get these opportune times for that monsoonal flow. maybe three or four opportunities per summer. we're getting that now. beautiful cloud cover. what happens when we get the mid level clouds, we get an absolutely spectacular sunrise. we will show you those pictures. we have hd cameras situated across in big, beautiful bay area. look at what's happening to our north. showers coming down this morning. if you're traveling into the sacramento valley and headed towards chico reading, you will have to use your windshield wipers. today, this monsoonal moisture will press more and more towards the west. for us, that will increase the cloud cover, maybe bring in a stray shower or two. you stand the best chance for that if you live on the east side of the bay area. right now, a live look at san
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jose, nice and clear. pacifica socked in with fog. nice drive on the bay bridge as the low clouds are still above the bridge. as we head throughout the day today, these are your temperatures. comfortable by july standards in the bay area. 82 for the south bay. 76 on the east shore. 64 in san francisco. so the weekend, i know it's only wednesday, the weekend will be nice. there's a lot happening across the bay area. we'll talk about some of those events, the giants are back in town. they're back at at&t parkside of town, i should say. they have a game, 7:00, 60 degrees out there. day game for tomorrow, 63 degrees as the battle of the bay continues. i'll let you guys talk about what happened last night. as we head throughout the next couple days a little bit on the sticky side saturday into sunday, drying you out, comfortable conditions for outdoor plans as we get into the weekend. we'll talk more about those events coming up.
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right now back to you, scott and laura. four people dead in new york state after what appeared to be a tornado. severe thunderstorms, strong winds rolled through the town of smithfield leveling several homes last night. one house ripped from its foundation. smithfield is a rural area between syracuse and utica. right now searchers and rescue dogs are in the town making sure nobody else is trapped under the rubble. the same store struck in maryland as well in carroll county a child was killed and six others hurt while at a camp. the owner of a dog written with the words "free" written across it could face abandonment marks. a woman found the dog with permanent marker saying free on the dog and i need a home written on its body. she took home.
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>> it was heart broken. nobody wants to see an animal like that super well trained. makes no sense why somebody would dump her. >> she named the dog libby, short for liberty. she plans to formally adopt the home. i guess a better home. chaos at world cup. thousands of soccer fans ran from the world famous cocoa cabana beach. >> in san jose, we have a deadly crash a road closure. i have new video into the newsroom.
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. welcome back to you at 4:55. after live look at at&t park and mccovey cove. the a's will make the trek across the bay bridge this time tonight to take on the giants on their home turf. the a's took the first two games of the series. last night's final, a's 6, giants 1. new video this morning of chaos in rio de janeiro. watch hundreds of people fleeing the city's famed copa cabana beach. this is not something that the brazil board of tourism wants you to see. a woman whose apartment overlooks the beach captured this panic on camera. a gang of young men ran around
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snapping up bags, cell phones, jewelry off peoples neck. no word on if anybody was hurt. this all happens as thousands gather to watch germany just pummel the home country of brazil. >> germany 7-1 victory, one of the big of the routs ever on the world cup stage. germany scored five times in the first 30 minutes of the match. that is a world cup record. we even had to speed up the video to show you all of those goals. let's check in with mike. i know he has a serious situation down in santa teresa area. >> we do. first we'll show you the video that just came in to the newsroom. this is of the scene. we see a lot of flashing lights. santa teresa, a major road, right by st. ignacio and cottle, by kaiser, george page park, the closest locator there. there is the car thatan into a tree. it looks like that little rise between the roadways.
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that's what is going on. the investigation for this deadly crash, in continues. both directions of santa teresa boulevard still closed. this is not a main freeway, but it is a major roadway south of highway 85. you can use cottle to access that. there are surface streets to the south. police should reroute you a few blocks around it. we'll track that to let you know how it progresses. north 101 at great america parkway, a crash, no slowing at the scene just yet. still ahead on today in the bay, wasting water could cost you $500 a day. the new regulations under consideration across the state. plus a prostitute under arrest accused of murdering a google executive. the disturbing details of the crime coming up in a live report. it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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watch. dentist. [ popping ] now you have to figure out which one takes your insurance... [ sighs ] okay. now, a dentist you trust and feel comfortable going to. hrmm. i know. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist, and we can do the same for you. [ chuckles ] so don't put it off. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ we could learn more details about the case against the bay area golf instructor accused of molesting some of his students. >> plus the price of parking going up.
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the new city being impacted by the opening of levi stadium. and this should be the last day, but we are going to stay humid this afternoon. you'll see clouds increase. i have your weekend changes coming in just moments. been tracking a deadly crash in san jose, new crash in santa clara for highway 101. both of those incidents coming up. let's take a peek outside from the south bay this morning. sun coming up over san jose. it's wednesday, july 9th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> there's a new crackdown on water wasters. those caught would have to pay a hefty fine. apparently not enough people are conserving water? >> no, they are not. welcome back. voluntary


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