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tv   Today  NBC  July 22, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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good morning. caving to pressure. . was really behind the disaster. tragic turn. the fire grows even larger. what has firefighters expressing optimism this morning. birthday boy. the new pictures just released of prince george turning the big 0-1 today as mom and dad open up about the little milestone. and queen age green. thousands upon thousands of screaming fans are here, some carved out for days.
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camped out for days. what's all the fuss about? five seconds of summer, the boy band from down under makes its morning show debut today, tuesday, july 22, 2014. from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome on a tuesday morning to "today." or as we like to call it, the center of the tween universe this morning. >> wow. it's crazy out there. you don't have to know new york city to know this line -- first of all, people started getting here on thursday of last week. and by this morning, the line had gone from 49th street and 5th avenue all the way up to 59th street and 5th avenue. that's ten blocks. >> as i drove in -- i rolled into work today, opened the car door, and there were hopeful
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looks on the faces imagine their disappointment. >> five sox fans. >> something tells me you'll spend a lot of time out in the crowd today. looking forward to that. let us take a break here and turn serious and to our top story. we're finally seeing positive steps in the investigation. five days after malaysia air flight 17 was shot out of the sky. just this morning, representatives from the airliner finally being allowed into the crash site. nbc's keir simmons has the latest on that. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. those investigators painstakingly examine this section of tail, taking pictures before moving on to other debris. we believe they are from malaysia, and this morning nbc news has been told of extraordinary negotiations with the prime minister of malaysia, phoning the rebel here's leader here himself. that also mentality the bodies
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of the victims could be taken from here. the people who died here have been given so little dignity. but this morning, local ukrainians held prayers. the bodies of the dead were transported by train overnight to a safer region of ukraine. dutch forensic experts who examined them yesterday must identify each victim. it may take time before they can be returned to their families. they have been left lying in the road fr road, prompting international outrage. late last night in a bizarre ceremony, the rebels handed the black boxes to the malaysians. a malaysian source tells nbc news the country's prime minister directly negotiated with the rebels, the state department apparently informed of a diplomatic deal to get the bodies and black boxes back, as the president made this combative statement. >> what exactly are they trying to hide? but russia's television reports,
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president putin and his diplomats all blame ukraine. >> it is very clear that ukrainian jet fighter was in the area at the same time, the same place. >> reporter: state-controlled tv in russia suggests ukrainian military shot down the passenger jet, mistaking it for president putin's own plane. there was also a conspiracy theory the plane was full of corpses and taken down by the u.s. in an attempt to start a war with russia. u.s. officials lambasted those claims as nonsense. while in the field, aircraft metal apparently riddled with damage from a missile is finally within the reach of investigators. those investigators have also been looking closely at people's possessions. they are taking their time at each site in this large crash area, and all the time they are accompanied by rebels. savannah?
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>> keir simmons, thank you. robert haeger is an aviation analyst who has covered this industry for decades. good morning to you. the fundamental question in this investigation, who fired that missile. getting the black boxes isn't going to answer that question. >> no. >> but are they irrelevant? >> not completely. i mean, the cockpit voice recorder, if the pilots actually saw this missile coming at them, i doubt it. but that would reflect that. i mean, if they talked about it. otherwise, i think both recorders just show a catastrophic event. they'll tell you where it was, and at what time. it doesn't indicate what kind of catastrophic event. and then the recorders quit like that. so doesn't shed a lot of light. >> what about the crash? we know it's been compromised somewhat in the last few days. are there things that investigators can glean from that wreckage that will help tell the story? >> yeah, there are. and i think you can see in one of the close-ups there a piece of plane, a little hole.
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they're looking for that kind of thing. this missile -- that's the way it's programmed as it approached the plane rather than as it goes through the plane, breaks into a lot of pieces with shrapnel. and the shrapnel might leave telltale signs of little holes in the wreckage. so the wreckage is imptant from that -- and it might tell you something, at least that it was hit by a missile. >> and the intelligence analysis. >> none of this tells you who fired it from where, which is the key question. that is intelligence information. >> all right. bob hage e always good to have you. >> thank you. >> send it over to matt. meantime, firefighters out in washington state are getting some help from calmer winds and cooler temperatures in their battle against a deadly wildfire. the largest in state history. it's already charred more than 379 square miles. nbc's jacob rascone has more. >> reporter: this is the most destructive burning in the
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northwest part of the country now. the community is welcoming rain but struggling to cope with the magnitude of their losses. the largest wildfire in washington state history has destroyed at least 150 homes. and now taken its first life. 67-year-old rob kazuski died trying to save his home. >> digging lines, hauling water. and i think after three days, sounded like he had a heart attack. >> over here was our house. >> reporter: the mayor speaks from experience. her home destroyed along with 30 of her neighbors' homes. >> i just want you all to know that we as a community are going to pull together and make this town even better. >> reporter: in the community of alta lake, sue digs to find anything worth saving. >> this dust, this ash, i don't know what it was. even if it's broken, it's like
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the mothers of the bride ornament. it's worth keeping to me. >> reporter: and after losing it all, she now spends her time giving. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: on the front lines, crews working to protect what's left. we saw for ourselves that a break in the weather doesn't mean a break in the firefight. 1,700 firefighters now fighting on the ground, with more in the air and more on the way. washington state's governor saying his fire resources spread razor thin. firefighters hoping the rain doesn't bring mass flooding and as well lightning to the area. savannah? >> all right. thank you so much. overseas now. new fighting raging in the middle east. even as secretary of state john kerry holds a peace deal. let's go right to nbc's chief
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foreign correspondent, richard engel in gaza city for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. secretary kerry may be in the region but a senior israeli official tells nbc news that a peace deal, a ceasefire, is, quote, not on the horizon. that israel will continue its offensive until all of the hamas tunnels have been destroyed. the israeli military has been surprised by the strength of hamas fighters and the extent of this network of tunnels. as to how long this mission could last, israeli officials said until the military mission is over. rescue workers in gaza scrambled to recover the dead after israel attacked an apartment building in gaza city. moments later, they're running as the building collapses. many workers are still inside. at least 11 are dead. israel is still under rocket attack from hamas. more than 2,000 fired since the fighting began. israel has lost at least 27 of
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its soldiers. but israel is under growing criticism for taking its offensive too far, and using heavy weapons against the densely populated gaza strip. striking buildings like this one, where a family once lived. israeli missiles came through the ceiling, through the floor, to hit the apartment downstairs. the eight people killed here were collateral damage. >> reporter: a hamas fighter may be hiding downstairs. israel sent its its missiles through this apartment. >> you're saying this is a piece of the rocket that went through this apartment. still blood stained. >> reporter: a neighbor sifts through the debris, looking for body parts of his youngest son, putting them in a garbage bag. the main hospital is overwhelmed. this 2-year-old was tossed in the air by an incoming israeli shell and hasn't opened her eyes
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since then. this 7-year-old lies in another bed, completely paralyzed. hamas is still firing rockets into israel. this operation from the air and ground has only lasted two weeks, but health officials here in gaza say more than 600 palestinians have been killed so far. savannah? >> richard engel in gaza city, thank you. natalie is here with a controversial move tied to the immigration crisis. >> that's right. texas now is going to deploy up to 1,000 national guard troops to the mexican border. governor rick perry says the troops will be sent to the rio grand valley to bolster border security. the deployment will begin immediately. border patrol facilities have been overwhelmed by tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants from central america, including children who started to pour into the united states this year. president obama has requested an additional $3.7 billion from congress to deal with the in flux. south korean police today say the country's most wanted
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man sought in connection of april's ferry disaster has been found dead. police say his body was found in a field last month. authorities believe he was the owner of the ferry that sank on south korea's coast in april. prosecutors say his alleged corruption may have contributed to the accident, because his company spent little on safety training for the ferry's crew. so far, 294 bodies have been retrieved and 10 people remain missing. president obama bestowed the medal of honor on monday on former army staff sergeant, ryan pitts. pitts is credited withholding off a brutal taliban attack back in 2008. nine soldiers died and 27 were wounded during the battle. for nearly two hours, pitts helped fend off the enemy fighters from his observation post. he is the ninth living recipient of the nation's highest decoration for battlefield valor for actions in iraq and afghanistan. v.a. secretary nominee robert mcdonald in the spotlight
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today when he goes before the senate and veterans' affairs committee for a nomination hearing. the former procter & gamble chairman, president and ceo was nominated by president obama last month as the permanent replacement for eric shinseki. shinseki resigned in may as the scandal over long waits for appointments and alleged secret waiting lists at v.a. medical centers. truck driver is recovering this morning in central kentucky after a horrifying accident all caught on camera. the driver was crossing some railroad tracks when his truck was hit by an oncoming freight train, and then it burst into flames, as you see there. investigators think the truck driver missed a turn, then was watching the back of the trailer instead of the tracks. and here's an uplifting one. the life of the party sometimes comes from where you would least expect it. take a look at this adorable grandpa who became inspired while dancing at a recent wedding. so he throws the canes down and then he starts to bust out some of his best moves. the man was a big hit on the dance floor, especially with the ladies.
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online, as well. hundreds of thousands of people have watched the video on youtube. he's got moves, all right. >> he does. you're not showing the part where he has the tear-off. that was crazy. >> threw the canes down. >> exactly, natalie, thank you. a check of the weather. and for that, al outside with his people. five seconds to summer crowd. >> could use that grandpa out here doing some dance moves. this crowd goes from 48th street -- these folks go all the way to 50th street. across the split rock. that is crazy stuff. let's show you what we've got for five sauce. we've got heavy showers and thunderstorms getting ready to move into chicago later today. otherwise going to be warm and humid. temperatures in the 80s. and you can see we have a risk of strong storms later today on into tonight. isolated tornadoes from kansas city into chicago. milwaukee, indianapolis gets into that overnight.
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rainfall amounts anywhere from a half inch to some areas up to 1 inch or more. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. best event, lease this 2014 ats for around $299 a month and make this the summer of style. ♪ good morning to you, time now 7:15. lock at the radar this tuesday morning, lightning, still getting some shower activity that the point and we're fair game for the next few hours. temperatures are going to stay nice and comfortable in some cities. actually accumulated over a.10
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of rain. right now we're mostly in the low 60s, headed towards 78 in the south bay. 75 on the east shore, and taking a live look at a beautiful start in san francisco. weather. we've got a little bit more than five seconds until we get to >> yes. >> where are you from? >> delaware. >> where are you from? >> delaware. >> delaware, my gosh. what a good mom. that's a nice picture of the album. very nicely done. and there are also big heads of will smith. i'm not sure why. i don't know why -- here they are down here. guys, hold on. i want to know what's the significance of will smith.
7:17 am
hey -- hey you -- hey, ladies, why do you have will smith heads? what's with the will smith head? >> because five seconds to summer, for some reach they have a crazy obsession? >> they have an obsession for will smith? we'll have to find out why. guys, back to you. i didn't know that. >> carson here walked to the window a little earlier and said reminds me of my trl days. >> all coming back. all those years of therapy, getting those screaming girls out of my head. they're back in my head. thanks so much. crazy around here, guys. the dressing room, they have taken over our dressing rooms. just to put in perspective, we have duane "the rock" johnson. this man has grossed more than $1.5 billion in box office money, relegated to a broom closet waiting for an interview with matt. let's go into the o.r. and break this down. these guys are crazy. they're not only prolific on social media, they were born on social media.
7:18 am
they own youtube. that's why you guys are all going crazy today. here they are, sound check this morning. this is the biggest crowd we've ever seen here as you heard, girls sleeping outside on the streets of new york. they're playing some guitars. never did i think i would be lying on an nyc sidewalk at 2:00 a.m. for a band. watch this animation. any given day, the twitter activity of five sauce. look at this. any given day. these guys are anywhere. the trends in the last 24 hours. these are just a few. there are many. keep them coming. a big morning. pictures from people on the plaza. you're excited for the show. tell us your thoughts. we'll have it here in the orange room. back to you. >> all right, carson, thank you. >> coming up, should your kids have to be home by 9:00 p.m.? the tough new curfew cracked down in one major city has parents kind of angry. some of them facing a hefty
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fine. this morning's message to the world from the duke and duchess of cambridge as prince george celebrates his first birthday. first, this is "today" on nbc. what are you up to?
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my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live. you're watching "today in the bay." a very good morning to you, it is 7:26 i'm laura garcia-cannon. the santa clara county water district is considering to hire water cop to get people to turn off the tap. it would cost half a million dollars. the water cop could get warnings, but not issue fines to people who overwater their lawns or wash cars without a nozzle. district officials ask too cut back water use but fell short of that goal. lightning overnight in san francisco, this video was sent by a viewer in the mission district. it all started about 4:30 this morning. the unusual light show was seen all over the city. you can see here, lightning and lighting over at&t park.
7:27 am
the lightning was followed by rein and heavy rain rolled through the city after 5:00 a.m. this is video near union square and the powell muni station. also coming down in the south bay our photographer shot this video along highway 101 in caylee anthony clara. some of the monsoonal moisture. check in with christina loren, she has a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you, laura. we're still tracking that right now let's get to the radar. you can see over the past hour, we had quite a bit of lightning just offshore, but as i stopped the radar for you, you can see what's happening now. the showers are thinning out, they're spreading out, and as they head throughout the next few hours. all of the activity is expected to wind down, but the south bay right now all the way to livermore getting a good band of rain. next up is this little band of moisture that is going to slam marin county then after that, we have a clear sky over the open water. now as we head throughout the day today, gorgeous, gorgeous start to the day. lots of pretty clouds overhead and temperatures hard to beat.
7:28 am
we're talking about 78 in the south bay, here's mike and the drive. south bay where the live shot shows you traffic slowing down. northbound 101, same shows on our maps. green, damp roads, you'll see that around the bay. crash north 280 and south 280 may slow you down, but they're moving out of the roadway. the southbound countercommute. the rest of the commute looks standard as far as when you pick out the paths. nop big deal, but we have slowing for the tri-valley, south 880 through oakland as well as the east shore freeway, back to you. >> thank you for joining us as well, i'll be back in half hour, have a great one.
7:29 am
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♪ 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. 22nd day of july 2014. as you can see from that aerial shot and down here closer to ground level, rockefeller plaza packed for the 5 seconds of summer. 5 sos as they're known to their fans. we're going to get to their music in our 8:30 half hour. this is one where we could run naked through the crowds and no one would notice. >> you could pick any other analogy and it would be far less disturbing. >> these girls are laser focused on the stage. >> why would you say? >> it just crossed my mind.
7:31 am
>> well, uncross it. >> now that you have that visual in your mind, let's look at what's making headlines this morning. bowing to international pressure, pro-russian separatists have now given the black boxes to malaysian officials. and just this morning the train that is carrying the bodies of some of the 298 victims arrived at a government-controlled part of eastern ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with top arab league officials today. that's in an attempt to end two weeks of heavy fighting between israel and hamas. and firefights say there is optimism in the air as they battle a fire in north central washington. this out of control fire, the largest in state history is blamed in at least one death so far. meantime, where were you one year ago? i was at my post outside the wing in london as prince george made his arrival finally. coming up, his whirlwind first
7:32 am
year and a new message from his parents. but we're going to begin this half hour in baltimore where a controversial new curfew will be in effect. it holds children and parents accountable. some say this goes way too far. peter alexander is there with more. >> reporter: good morning. this curfew is happening in baltimore, but cities around the country are going to be watching how it works. there are reasons why this has become so controversial. most notably because it's one of the strictest curfews in the country. not just because of how early it is, but because of the consequences for violators and their parents. is it fair? you be the judge. it's battles with drugs and gangs and poverty cast baltimore on the top tv series "the wire." and now some insists the city's mayor is going out on a wire with plans to enforce a strict new curfew intended to keep kids safe. protests broke out at a city
7:33 am
council meeting here last month and critics weighed in again last night. >> are they going to jump out on you, demand i.d. >> reporter: under the curfew next month kids under 14 have to be home at 9:00 p.m. and 14 to 16 have to be in by 10:00 on weeknights and 11:00 on weekends and summer. >> this is about making sure we keep kids out of harm's way. so they don't become a victim of violent crimes or they don't perpetrate any crime. >> reporter: once picked up by police, kids are taken to a curfew center where their parents have to get them. and the parents face a fine of up to $500. however, that fine is waived if parents complete a family counseling session. but critics argue the plan amounts to house arrest and the city's energy and money would be better spent on other resources designed to help. >> communities know who these
7:34 am
kids are and organizations that work with them have already been asking for all kinds of services that the city is choosing not to invest in. >> reporter: similar debates have happened in indianapolis, oakland, and las vegas. and in recent years kansas city and philadelphia had curfews to crack down on crime. a debate so heated even teens can't agree. what's the problem with a curfew? >> i moo en, i'm not going to be doing anything reckless or anything. i don't know why i have to be in at a certain time. >> reporter: is this a good idea or bad idea? >> for our location, it's a good idea. majority of people our age don't do what they're supposed to do. it's probably best for now. >> reporter: one of the most controversial elements of all of this here is whether police should be the ones enforcing this. a lot of people say they already have too many things on their hands to deal with. and a lot of participaents say want their children to have less
7:35 am
interaction with police, not more. >> prompted discussion on the set just watching the story. i have a feeling people online will want to weigh in on this online. carson? >> yes, sir. do you think citywide curfews are a good idea. overwhelmingly the answer came back yes. 97% believe that's great. lani says what child under 14 needs to be running around after 9:00 p.m.? mary says it's a shame that the city has to do with parents are supposed to do. keep the conversation going at facebook. but as you can see, most people think it's a great idea. not just in baltimore, but beyond. >> i can tell you what nancy guthrie said when i was young. no good can come after midnight. al's outside with our crowd, and it's a massive one. >> it really is, guys. we want to be able to communicate with them. hello all you people. are you having a good time?
7:36 am
how about everybody over on 48th street? i love this thing. i'm going to use this all the time. all right, let's show you what's going on as far as your weather. we do have something going on in the tropics right now. tropical depression number two. it's moving west at 25 miles per hour. not a lot going on with this thing. we do have a touch of summer in the midwest today. we've got heat advisories up from texas all the way into wisconsin. omaha is going to feel like 105. 101 in st. louis. 97 in dallas. and we've got a heat warning for minneapolis. but relief is on the way behind that cold front. temperatures drop down into the 80s. rest of the country, risk of strong storms making their way from chicago all the way back into nebraska. wet weather in the interior pacific northwest. good news for firefighters there. more wet weather continues, fourth day in a row in the
7:37 am
southeast and the gulf coast. that's w 7:36, now we have a really unstable air mass overhead and showers and thunderstorms continue to roll on shore. realtime lightning strikes right now from mill valley all the way north to san rafael. if you're hearing me, you're in the locations, stay indoors, at least for the next 10 to 15 minutes. that is a very active cell. we're going to see more lightning out of it as it continues to make its way east. otherwise, as those showers clear out of here, getting brakes within the thick clouds. we're going to see a nice day, 75 on the east shore and 65 on san francisco. >> got less than sos. >> you know how happy that makes him? >> a kid in a candy shop. now let's talk about a new law to limit the amount of hitting allowed at middle and
7:38 am
high school football practices. willie is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning to you. the practice limits full-on tackling during the off-season and during most of the season it comes after the danger of concussions among both youth and professional athletes. california governor jerry brown is running interference for middle and high school football players by signing a law late monday limiting the amount of tackling. the new law will restrict full-contact practices to twice a week for a maximum of 90 minutes during the regular and preseason. and tackling is banned altogether in the off-season. >> the spirit of the rule is to keep kids safe and eliminate contact. >> reporter: but not everyone, including some parents, think less physical contact makes perfect sense. >> i think it's putting my son in jeopardy. as an athlete you want to be prepared for what the conditions are like when you're in a game. >> reporter: according to to the
7:39 am
u.s. centers for disease control and prevention, nearly 14 million athletes suffer head injuries every year. the law comes as concussion related injuries are making headlines across the country. from teens to the pros. >> one of our team doctors who treated the players who had concussions -- >> reporter: the nfl has reached a tentative settlement to pay $167 million to compensate players who have developed problems. brett favre talked with matt last year about his experience with concussions on and off the field. >> do you see a time you will have gone from the poster boy for toughness and grit in the nfl? would you be willing to be the poster boy for awareness of concussions and what the hits can mean? >> yes. i should say yes and no. i don't want to knock football at all. i think that's unfair.
7:40 am
i knew what i was getting into. to think i could help maybe ease some of the potential trauma but still keep integrity of the game, i'm willing to do that. >> reporter: as for those practices in california, experts are now willing to bet that less tackling in practice could lead to better health in the future. >> it's the attitude you just need to suck it up and get tough and this sort of thing. but there seems to be a significant risk. if we could take extra precautions to help people in the long run, it's worth it. >> this is obviously a big step for a big state like california. remember the nfl already has restrictions in place on how much hitting they can do. and the state of texas now limited it to one 90-minute session per week you can have contact. >> a lot of parents will sign
7:41 am
onto that. >> willie, thank you. coming up on "trending," fascinating photos. some of new york's most popular landmarks seen in an eye-catching new way. >> okay. and then up next, milestone for prince george. what the duke and duchess of cambridge are saying today. right after this. ♪ [ shelly ] as a graduate of devry university and keller graduate school of management, a business career was my goal. this was my career training camp... my professors... they were also my coaches. and my biggest supporters. their guidance from start to finish... helped me get my latest microsoft. [ male announcer ] get started now with our merit based career catalyst scholarship. new students could qualify for up to $20,000. funds are limited. to be considered you must apply by august 29th at
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♪ back at 7:45. a big day for prince george. william and kate's little one is turning one year old. who better to take us through the young royal's first year than aunt natalie. >> i should be by now. it seems like just yesterday i was camped outside in london for days and days and days. it has been a whole year since
7:46 am
the birth of prince george. what a year it has been. the wait seemed to go on forever. >> natalie is at her post outside saint mary's hospital. >> still no baby. great kate wait continues. hoping to see a baby at the end of this week. finally on that hot summer evening, a new baby boy has been born, eight pounds, six ounces. it was the aw heard around the world when prince george was carried out in his mother's arms. >> here he comes in his baby-sit. >> then put into the car by his father. in the past year, fascination with the royal family's newest member has only grown. >> he has captured hearts and minds across the world because he represents something new and the future. >> we saw his christening, his first photo shoot. his first steps. he has become a world traveller. he plays well with others.
7:47 am
and is apparently an animal lover. a cover boy, the little prince's face has graced the pages of countless magazines. like his mom, even his style is being watched. call it the george affect. the clothing he is spotted in sells out within hours. in spite of all the attention the parents are aiming to give him as normal a childhood as possible. >> william and kate want to resip row indicate what they have in their own upbringing. he is a baby like any other. on the other, you can read into that that this is a kid that knows his destiny. >> a destiny he is marching toward at full speed with the world watching this little boy who will one day be king. the duke and duchess have released a statement in the honor of his birthday. we would like to take this opportunity on george's first birthday to thank everyone over the last year, wherever we have met them, both at home and overseas for their warm and
7:48 am
generous good wishes to george and our family. prince george will reportedly be secelebrating with close family and friends. let him eat cake. >> you are going to be the king one day. do you have to be that cute? >> i know. >> too much for one little kid. >> he is adorable. >> i have my own little baby wait to go on here. i will start knitting today. >> i will give you the world exclusive. >> see her outside the hospital? >> don't laugh. you have heard of procrass naturers, could you be a precraft naturer. the problems that come with getting things done too early. >> and up next, how one woman sparked an online craze even though she's not on social media. carson is in the orange room with her story right after this. it's great on strawberries, apples...
7:49 am
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7:52 am
look at view. look at that huge crowd from atop looking down on rockefeller center. okay. are you guys ready to see 5 sos? okay. look up there. they're in the green room right now. are you ready? oh, momma. it's 5 sos. >> that is al roker out on the plaza inciting the crowd as if they need that. al has hosted the tree lighting ceremony in rockefeller plaza for about 35 years. al, compare the crowd before we go up to the chopper. >> probably the biggest crowd we've had. this is like one direction size. or ricky martin. when ricky martin was at his peak. this is bigger than that.
7:53 am
it goes from 48th street all the way to 51st street. it is a huge crowd because of those four guys right there. >> amazing. we really want to get a look at it high in the air. that's where we find the chopper 4 pilot for wnbc. ty, good morning. what are you seeing there? it's a crazy crowd. >> good morning to you. absolutely. it brings back -- al was just saying a few moments ago, one direction when they were here. i was on the ground for that concert. you can see the largest crowd of the year. thousands of teenage girls and a few not so teenage girls have packed the plaza, lined the streets around the plaza. every once in awhile you'll see a group of girls sprint in one direction or another thinking they may be able to get a better view. matt and savannah, to be honest, i know a lot about these guys before yesterday. i mentioned to my two young girls i'd be doing the concert and they practically pass eed o. over to you.
7:54 am
>> that's the story. thank you so much. coming up, rachel mcadams will be here. she'll talk about her newest thriller. plus finally our big concert from 5 seconds of summer. but first your local news and weather. carmax is the best place to start your car search.e, great for frank, who's quite particular... russian jazz funk? next to swedish hip hop. when he knows what he wants... - thank you. do you have himalayan toad lilies?
7:55 am
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7:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, 7:56 i'm scott mcgrew. rare summer rain and lightning hitting bait area right now. christina loren, look for the san rafael camera this morning. >> yeah, you know what scott, we have some really interesting weather. and i have to tell you. you're waking up and joining us right now from san rafael to mill valley. stay indoor for the next 10 to 15 minutes as of this point. we've only had the lightning strikes offshore, but over the course of the last 10 to 15 minutes, realtime lightning strike coming down, cloud to ground. and we're talking about 10 to 15 over the past five to ten seconds. so definitely an active air mass overhead, looking live now at san rafael. kind of miss leading when -- misleading when you walk out your front door. you are going see blue. you can see the clouds moving so quickly you can see them with the naked eye. i want to take you further to the south we're clearing out here. looking better here.
7:57 am
although we're still fair game for the stray showers and thunderstorms as we progress throughout the morning. meanwhile, san francisco getting a clear blue sky for now, temperatures are really mild, ian with the rain-doomed aired, we're waking up with with the 60s. mount hamilton showing you clearing. overall today, mid-70s to low 80s, even in the hot spots, yeah, count on that rain. let's see what it's doing to your commute, here's mike. so far, no impact. we have had one report of a spinout, that was early in the morning in the north bay. we'll look over here across the bay, san mateo bridge, volume having an impact of slowing because of the folks heading from 880 to 101. maps, the slower drive kicked in, simmering down now for 880. we'll see if that follows through. dumbarton bridge slow westbound, south bay, no big deal except for the build in. there is a slow down there as well.
7:58 am
moving smoothly. we'll continue to update your weather throughout the morning, another local news update in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ . it's 8:00 on "today." bringing abbey home, nine months after vanishing a teen reappears safe and sound. where was she all this time? more questions this morning. an all-star doubleheader here in studio 1a. rachel mcadams joins us and then duane johnson. and the stage is set. a massive crowd is in place. the teens' hormones are raging. cue the hottest band of the summer set to rock our plaza today, july 22, 2014.
8:01 am
>> from down under. >> we live five seconds of summer. >> you mean the world to us. >> i love michael! >> he would came all the way from florida. good morning, everyone. welcome back to quite a day on our plaza. maybe we should call it five hot day. july 22, 2014, the day the band from australia invaded our plaza. thousands of screaming fans are here. we just conducted a little experiment. matt and al did rundown naked. >> no, we didn't. >> no one noticed. >> no, we didn't. >> you are just used to this. this is an enormous crowd. i know you guys have heard that
8:02 am
some of the these people started sleeping out thursday to watch you guys today. is this just another day at the office for you? >> it's simply another day in the office, no. it's very early. i'm happy people are here. >> what's the deal with you guys and will smith? >> basically, will smith probably the best man to ever live. >> normal people would be like what's will smith doing here? for our fans it's normal to have will smith everywhere. >> we get it. and that's all that matters. >> we can't wait to catch up with you, hear you play. this crowd is going to get a great treat. the top stories. >> go inside to natalie. good morning. this morning, dutch officials say their investigators have been given the lead roll into looking into last week's shootdown of flight 17 in ukraine. tomorrow, the first bodies of crash victims, many of them dutch, are expected to arrive in the netherlands.
8:03 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, crash scene investigators arrived here for the first time five days after mh-17 went down. we watched them exam then area of tail, take pictures before moving on to other sites. as you say, the bodies of victims have been removed away from this region and we're told will be flown to the netherlands and the black boxes have been handed over to malaysian officials last night by rebel leaders. the investigators here will have a lot to look at. in the last hour, we saw a piece of debris that appears to have marks across it that may have been made by large pieces of shrapnel traveling at high velocity. could that be evidence for the investigators? >> thank you. today secretary of state john kerry is holding talks in egypt hoping to work out a mideast cease-fire. this as fighting rages in gaza. the toll now from the two weeks
8:04 am
of fighting has soared to more than 580 palestinians and at least 29 israelis. during the night rescue workers in a building in gaza city were trying to find survivors after an israeli attack when the building collapsed. firefighters in washington state are battling what has become the biggest wildfire ever recorded in that state. that fire has now burned more than 379 square miles and is only about 16% contained. it is now being blamed for at least one death. a man who was trying to save his home. the wildfire has destroyed at least 150 homes. now to what appears to be a happy conclusion to a nationwide search for a new hampshire teenager missing for more than nine months. 15-year-old abigail hernandez is waking up this morning in her own bed. it's the first time since she was last seen leaving her high school back in october. home safe. about i gail is back with her family in new hampshire after
8:05 am
missing for 285 days. the happy news coming from the facebook page bring abbey home, a family representative posting abbey is safely home with her mom and sister along with this thank you note. she was last seen walking home from her high school on october 9th. she was texting with a friend before she vanished. a search was launched by land and by air. the fbi joined the investigation. right before thanksgiving, abbey's mother made an emotional plea for her return. >> i believe you are alive and i know that hope speaks louder than fear. it is my hope that you can reach out to me. >> two weeks later investigators revealed abbey had reached out sending a letter to her mother in october. the contents were not made public. >> we are concerned for her safety. she is not out there alone. she has somebody who is either helping her whether that be a friend or what we fear is a foe.
8:06 am
>> investigators handed out pictures of a necklace and bag she may have had with her hoping it would lead to a tip. months went by without a word. until sunday night when she returned home safely. abbey's family has declined any interview requests and authorities are now discussing the case as the criminal investigation remains open. for now, neighbors say it doesn't matter. >> there's lots of scuttle about what happened and the bottom line is, she's home. and they say she's safe. >> a representative says the family will release more information to the press later on today. until then, it's a mystery though with a happy ending. there's been an out pouring of support for a young wisconsin girl who survived being stabbed 19 times in the slender man case. people from around the country have donated over $50,000 for her medical expenses. recently, an anonymous donor sent her this, a purple heart medal with the note saying it was the only heart i could find
8:07 am
then the words be strong. the family was so moved it wants to personally thank the veteran who sent it. not only for the gift but for sacrificing for the country. it's 8:07. back outside to mr. al and the crazy crowd. >> that's right. you are part of the crazy crowd. >> yes, we are. >> let's see what we have for you for today. we are looking at our pick city, monterey, california. spectacular weather, sunshine, temperatures in the low 70s over the next few days. we are looking though at kansas city. they have had showers and thunderstorms today. but we will see clearing skies. temperatures up near 100 degrees. the rest of the country expect to see a risk of strong storms, kansas city into chicago. more showers through the southeast. through that's what's going on around 8:07 now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. tracking some severe weather here in the nbc bay area weather department.
8:08 am
i can tell you right now, though, just as quickly as those lightning strikes move into marin county, they have now subsided. so now it's nice and safe for you to get back outdoors. at this point, all the lightning is finished for the time being. as we head throughout the next couple of hours, getting a few showers down in the south bay, they'll last until 10:00 a.m. by 11:00 to noon, mostly clear conditions with temps in the 70s and 80s today. "today" takes off is brought to you by capital one. what's in your wallet? >> we've got great weather now. we hope the weather will be great for you later this week, natalie. you're hitting the road again. >> for "today" takes off. my adventures continue. so far i've been in a heart pounding adventure climbing a glacier in alaska and i'll never forget my thrill ride with jenna bush hager in colorado. and this week i'm off to
8:09 am
cooperstown, new york, home of the baseball hall of fame. and carson has more on that. >> i'm preoccupied by the music there. yes, that's right. "today" takes off. the baseball theme. we asked you to send in baseball loyal photos. we've got good ones here. this young man is practicing with derek jeter. that's carter. thanks for that photo. here's die hard cincinnati reds fans. that's not just halloween. here's baby jace at his first game. and christina sent us the photo of max wearing the boston red sox pride there as well. keep the baseball pride coming in. #todaytakesoff. back to you in the 5 sos mess. coming up next on "trending," the surprising problem that that show "orange is the new black" is causing for real-life prison. also ahead, rachel mcadams on her new thriller, her most memorable roles, and a lot more. and who's ready for a
8:10 am
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8:15 am
well, if you have kids... ...then you know why. now the real question. where's this thing going in the house? the rav4 toyota. let's go places. we're back now at 8:15 with "what's trending" today. let's start with a big question for parents. how much if anything do you want to leave your children when you pass away? philip seymour hoffman had a lot of money to give, but it's what he has written in his will that has a lot of people talking. his estate worth $35 million. he didn't leave any to his children all under the age of ten. you might be asking why. well, because he didn't want them to become, quote, unquote,
8:16 am
trust fund kids. instead they left all the money to their mother, his longtime girlfriend. this has a lot of people asking what do i want to do when it comes time for me to make that decision. >> it's a good conversation starter. if you're lucky enough to have money to leave in the first place, you don't want to give them so much they're not motivated. so many success stories have to do with people who came up from nothing and built something. >> you see a lot of these billionaires now leaving more of their money to charity. >> which is a great thing. >> ask the kids how much would you like me to leave you? a million, five million? i think you want to leave enough to where they're covered or put it in a college fund, but not so much where they're not incentivized to not word. >> you leave them enough to do something, not enough to do nothing. and require a portion is donated to charity. >> how much are you going to leave, al? >> i'm not going anywhere. >> al's going to live forever.
8:17 am
>> perfect. >> shifting gears, "orange is the new black" on netflix, it's also kind of the opposite of the rule of the real life jail. the sheriff at saginaw county jail is now ditching the orange jump suit replacing it with black and white stripes. he says it's because -- this is crazy -- the show has made the orange jump suit too trendy among fans. and the sheriff wants to make it clear it is not cool to be an inmate of the saginaw county jail. >> now black and white stripes will be the fashion. >> exactly. all right. what else we got trending this morning? >> moving on. >> show of hands. >> how many are procrastinators? i think we're all little bit procrastinators. the person who waits until the last minute to get it done. what could be just as bad are those who finish tasks way ahead
8:18 am
of schedule. if you answer trivial e nails just to keep the inbox empty. do you pay your bills ahead of time? do you arrive to parties way too early? >> that's annoying when people do that. >> yeah. if so, you may be pre-crastinating. >> somebody throws a party at 7:00, i show up at 7:15. i've had people show up at my house 20 minutes early for a party. >> you're like, set the table. >> and you're not ready usually. >> you guys had a party? it's been awhile. >> carson the hermit. you've got to see these photos. literally fades into the background. surreal images are the creation of trina mary. she paints nearly nude models so they blend into their
8:19 am
surroundings. >> this project has taken her to locations all over new york. she's planted models in front of the freedom tower, brooklyn bridge, and central park. >> that is awesome. >> it is and that is "what's tren if you're in the mood for a summer thriller, buckle up. rachel mcadams stars in "the most wanted man." costarring robin wright and the
8:20 am
late philip seymour hoffman. mcadams plays a human rights lawyer who gets involved with an immigrant seeking asylum in germany. take a look. >> god's will? or just a man who is arrogant enough to kill in his name? >> she's good. >> layla has been arrested. they may be deported. because they were kind to you. because they invited you into their home. god's will. >> welcome back. >> thank you. good to be here. >> nice to see you. thrillers, do you always love these? >> yeah. this is a good one. this is based on a book which is amazing. it's got a lot of tangled webs and lots of threads to follow. and lots of surprises. >> when you're diving into a character based in a movie based on a novel like this one versus one that's simply based on a
8:21 am
screen play, does it give you more to go on? >> for sure. there's a whole template to follow there. i went back to the book often for details for a character but also just for mood and feeling. he's so detail oriented that this comes from that. >> you're a lot younger than i am. but let's do the greatest thrillers you've done from the movies. are you more of a psycho girl? i don't mean that the way it sounded. sorry. >> thank you, matt. >> it just came out funny. or a wait until dark girl? >> i've never seen wait until dark. >> you've got to see that. >> no. is that the one -- no i'm thinking -- >> audrey hepburn and she plays a blind woman. it's unbelievable. >> i've never seen that one. i spook myself easily. >> so how do you make a movie
8:22 am
like this? >> this is political drama. i mean, it's not as scary. >> ten years ago you made a little movie called "notebook." a lot of people still talking about that movie. can i tell you a quick little story? >> al, why don't you tell the story? >> so we're on a flight from new york to l.a. and we got our little video players. and i'm sitting next to matt. and he's watching a movie, i'm reading a book. all of a sudden i notice he's crying. i mean, he's sobbing. i mean, buckets. >> weeping. >> uncontrollably. and then i start watching it and now i'm crying. and we're just buckets of water. >> oh, you guys. >> we held hands the rest of the flight. >> there's no shame in that, right? >> no, no. embrace it. i love that. >> do people still talk to you about "the notebook" all the time? >> well, it's funny. men want to confess that they
8:23 am
cried and it felt good. yeah. it's a lovely thing. thank you. >> they just released your audition tape. you've obviously seen that. it came out. is it weird to go back and look at the way you went about getting roles ten years ago? >> i haven't seen it. that would be weird, yes. >> we have a shot. take a look at this. >> you have it? you have everything here. >> there is no easy way out. no matter what i do, somebody gets hurt. >> forget about everyone then. forget about everyone and me and him and your parents and what you think you should do. what about you? what do you want? >> it's not that simple. >> yes, it is. >> no, it's not. >> it is. >> why are you cringing? you got the part. it worked out well. it really did. nicely done. >> thanks, guys. >> we got matt's audition. let's roll that. >> he's weeping. >> he taped it easy. it's weird. >> rachel revealed something to
8:24 am
me in the commercial break. because we have this huge crowd out here for 5 seconds of summer. i asked you about your boy band crushes. >> new kids on the block all the way. >> really? >> oh, yeah. >> would you have waited out -- some of these people were here since thursday? >> my mother would not let me wait outside for the new kids on the block, i'm sure. but it's crazy out there. there's been fainting and all kinds of wild stuff. we couldn't even get -- i almost missed the show it's so crazy out there. we couldn't get through. it's good. and did you have one? >> i'm a lot older. the beatles and rolling stones were my boy band crushes. good to see you. "most wanted man" is the movie. we're talking to your costar tomorrow on "today." just ahead, special concert on the plaza. 5 seconds of summer. rachel's new boy band crush. but first your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. b.a.r.t. is expanding a program it says is aimed at improving safety at its stations. yesterday, b.a.r.t. police started warning people that sleeping or sitting with your legs out at the station could get you fined. b.a.r.t. says the new safety measure is to make sure stations can be safely evacuated during emergency in just four to six minutes. city officials will talk about the program with b.a.r.t. in just a few weeks. let's check that morning commute now with mike. how's it looking? >> no delays reported for that b.a.r.t. system. in the south, we're just starting to see traffic moving better. look at all that red, and 101 at 680 -- sorry, 280 and 680 both
8:27 am
slow. i don't know why. there's no incidents in the area, but some earlier rain and maybe some wet roadways causing some distractions. wet 92, a little slow across that flat section. and that burst of traffic over that high-rise. and approaching the bay bridge. a nice easier drive now that the crash at carlton for richmond has cleared. a live look at san rafael, southbound 101. earlier rain in the north bay. it's never been a problem here at the curves of terra linda. just the volume here. >> thank you for joining us as well. another update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great tuesday.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 22nd day of july 2014. we're back with another view of our massive crowd here in the plaza all getting ready for a concert here from 5 seconds of summer. that takes place in just a couple of minutes. no one knows how to get down at a concert better than natalie morales. she's got the beach ball. she's ready to go.
8:31 am
all right. it's over. >> done. >> we have got hoda and kathie lee. they've got a special summer backstage pass. >> we'll get to that in a moment. and there's also someone signed on the show trying to get here. dwayne johnson is stuck in 5 seconds of summer traffic right now, but we're told he's on his way, he's going to make it. he'll tell us all about his epic new film hercules. >> he should be riding a chariot. >> actually closed off 49th street. now they're opening it up again. >> dwayne, are you there? we'll see him in a couple minutes we hope. >> so we do have this morning one of our famous backstage passes. if you had to pick a day to win a backstage pass to the "today" show, this would be the day that you'd want to win it. i think hoda is down in our crowd right now with carson. >> oh, my gosh. okay. omg. all right.
8:32 am
going to get moved up from the back of the bus to the front of the bus. >> some have been here a couple of days. can you imagine how psyched they will be to be in the front row. who do you got? >> the one moving from the back all the way to the front row. >> the what? the front row. >> they've been here since monday. the two people are from montgome montgomery, new york, jordan and carolyn. >> oh, my god! >> you guys. >> want to go to the front row? you going to make it there? it's too bad we couldn't find somebody excited. >> come here. >> breathe ladies, breathe. >> here's what we're going to give you. we're going to give you each a vest. just hold hers. forget it. let's go.
8:33 am
you all right? let's go. all the way to the front. all the way to the front. >> these ladies have been here since monday 7:00 a.m. from the back of the bus to the front. their dreams are coming true. >> all the way. oh, my gosh. you all right? >> this is what backstage pass is all about. >> are you okay? >> so happy for you. >> this spot right here. this spot all right? >> what do you want to do? >> all right. we're going to get ready. >> where are your parents? >> not here. >> you want to say hi to them. >> hi, mom! >> we got them, mom. they're okay. >> all the way up. come on. all the way up. >> this is what the guys sing when you see them. >> these two are going to get front row seats. al, back to you. >> wow. they almost exploded.
8:34 am
>> they will when the band gets there. >> hoda, thank you. carson, thank you. mr. roker, qui 8:34. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at the radar, which is starting to dry out, especially up in marin county, a little cell south of sonoma county. as we continue throughout the morning hours, though, i can tell you, we are going to continue to clear out of here. by about lunchtime, maybe a residual shower or two, but most of this activity will conclude. beautiful sky leftover. take a look at san francisco, fabulous start to the day here. looking beautiful in the oakland hills, same for mt. hamilton. temperatures today in the low 80s, even in the hot spots. >> and that's your latest weather. i want to introduce someone here holding a big check. she is with annie's. and you're here because of a story carson has been working on over the last six of eight months. tell us about that. >> exactly. i know many love us for our mac
8:35 am
and cheese and organic foods. but we've been passionate about helping with gardens. so when we heard of all the work carson has been doing. >> how are you? great to have you. keep going. >> we've heard of all the work he and the association kids are doing. we want to get involved. here's a $25,000 check to you, carson. and we hope that our donation today will help inspire others and get them involved to donate and help you with your mission of putting a garden in every school. >> this means so much to us and the schools in brooklyn. for annie's to step up like this, you acknowledged real food for kids to get close to it. so this means a lot to us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. and carson, good job. we are going to come back and then we've got a little
8:36 am
thing called a concert from 5 seconds of summer on the concert stage behind us. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
just seconds away now from our big concert on the plaza. 5 seconds of summer will take our toyota summer concert stage in just a moment. those two lucky girls. my goodness. we'll check in with them in a moment. we're back with one of the biggest action stars in hollywood. dwayne johnson stars in the new movie "hercules." take a look. >> in this moment on this day become the man you were born to be. let it be to death or victory! >> talk about the man you were born to be.
8:39 am
i feel like you were born to play this role. >> i was. >> i heard you wanted to play it since you were a kid? >> yeah. when i was a kid at 5 i saw the first hercules steve reeves and i remember the poster. it inspired me then. then when i got to hollywood 14 years ago, it was the first project i brought up to executives. at that time i didn't have the juice, i didn't have the clout, so it didn't get made. then years later, here i'm sitting with you. so i do. i actually said this to our director a few years ago when we sat down for it. i said it's cliche and corny but i feel in my bones i was born to play this role. >> something really amused me. i heard you had to bulk up for the role. is it true? >> is it so amusing? >> amusing you had to go through the regimen. >> i did. you get one shot at hercules. even though there's been it rations in the past of herculeh, i wanted to have one that was defining for the generation. there i am in budapest training.
8:40 am
and it was working out twice a day. >> when did you start? what time in the morning? >> 3:30 in the morning. >> it's crazy. tell me about your eating regimen. that's also insane. >> are you sure you want to hear this pregnant? it's crazy, by the way. it was seven to eight meals a day. starting at 3:30 in the morning. but i needed that. i needed all the calories to support all the activity that i was doing. >> you obviously worked so hard. like anyone after a good workout, you went through three hours of hair and makeup to get that wonderful look. >> i did. we had the best designers in hollywood. oscar nominated. and it was three and a half hours every day. because, by the wa y, i'm awarei can't hide. not like matt lauer running around here. i don't blend. neither does he, by the way, in that cool suit. it was three and a half hours every day of hair, beard, scars
8:41 am
to make the transformation happen. >> i hear you just wrapped up "fast and furious 7" i know paul walker was a friend. i'm sure that was tough. >> it was bittersweet. the death of paul like any time we lose a loved one, it rocks us to our core. it makes us love our loved ones that much more stronger every day. more powerful. and with paul's death, i felt that the best thing -- we all felt collectively was the best thing to do was create space and make the best movie possible. and i do believe that the fans are going to walk away from the movie -- i think they're going to be triggered emotionally because of paul. and i also think they're going to walk away seeing a great movie. >> that's a tribute to his legacy, of course. >> he was one of the good guys, as you know. >> indeed. and you are a movie star right now. would you ever go back to wrestling? >> well, i love the connection with an audience. there's nothing like it. you know that. you're in live television.
8:42 am
there's nothing like it, because you're on. but if it made sense. and right now what makes sense would be to find the marquee opponent. i don't know who that is. maybe it's me, al roker, and, you know, matt in a triple threat match. >> wait a minute. i'm tough too. >> you too. absolutely. >> and then lastly before i let you go, i hear you might be playing a dc comic hero? is that happening? >> look at you. yes, it is going to happen. i can't wait. i've been dying to announce it, by the way. we still have to find the right writer. but i'm very excited about it. it's going to be great. have been waiting a long time for this and so have the fans. >> indeed they have. they'll be happy for that. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> "hercules" opens on friday. up next, 5 seconds of summer live right after this break. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so there's more local produce to love. like this week, locally grown g&s farms sweet corn is just 8 for $2.00. safeway, ingredients for life.
8:44 am
8:45 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. we've been talking all morning about the huge crowd that's gathered here in rockefeller plaza. some of them here since last thursday. let's not make them wait any longer. ladies and gentlemen, five seconds of summer. >> if you know the song sing along. ♪ hey hey hey hey
8:46 am
♪ hey hey hey hey ♪ say we're too young now to amount to anything at all ♪ ♪ but they're wrong ♪ we're too smart to figure them out ♪ ♪ and i know now that i'm so down ♪ ♪ lipstick stain i got your name tattooed ♪ ♪ and i know now that i'm the
8:47 am
one ♪ ♪ hey hey hey hey ♪ work it out ♪ work too hard to keep us down ♪ ♪ but i found myself thinking about ♪ ♪ with you i want to run away to ♪ ♪ because all i really want is you ♪ ♪ and i know now that i'm so down ♪ ♪ lipstick stain i got your skinny jeans lying on the floor ♪ ♪ hey hey hey hey
8:48 am
♪ i know now ♪ hands up ♪ ♪ lipstick stain got you name tattooed ♪ ♪ and i know now here we go! snow ♪ and i know now ♪ that i'm down ♪ got your name tattooed
8:49 am
♪ and i know now that i'm so down ♪ ♪ >> 5 seconds of summer. we'll have more with them and chat with them. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
every mercedes-benz is made with the highest level of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz.
8:51 am
♪ all right. five seconds of summer performed in australia in 2011. their music and fan base spread very quickly all around the world. >> that's right. today they release their self-titled debut album. good morning to all of you. >> hi. >> hiya. >> i think i read it was about 12 people. >> 11 people. seriously, this is the most incredibly thing that's ever happened to us right now. this is amazing. this is freaking cool. >> have you been able to get to stop and enjoy while it's been happening? >> the amount of people here is
8:52 am
the most we have ever had waiting for us ever. >> what do you think is the best part of this for you? >> meeting the fans. >> that is like the drums. drums are cool. >> we're dominantly young ladies out in the audience. have you noticed that? >> middle-aged men. >> what are you going to sipping now? >> we're going to sing a song that comes out today "i need you". >> give us two seconds to help savannah get off the stage. ladies and gentlemen, five seconds of summer. >> thanks, guys.
8:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ down your face ♪ ♪ the dreams you left behind you didn't need them ♪ ♪ like every single wish we ever made ♪
8:56 am
♪ i wish that i could wake up with amnesia ♪ ♪ and forget about the stupid little things ♪ ♪ like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you ♪ ♪ and the memories i never can escape ♪ ♪ cause i'm not fine at all thank you, guys. thank you. good morning, everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. lightning hit overnight in san francisco. this video sent to us by a viewer in the mission. it started around 4:30 this morning. the unusual light show, seen all over the city. you can see it over at&t park this morning as well. and, in fact, we saw some just a short time ago. let's check in with christina. >> we had some really rare
8:57 am
cloud-to-ground lightning up in the north bay. watch as this radar begins. you can actually see it coming through mill valley, all the way up to san rafael. and yeah, you heard those claps of lightning and thunder was so loud out there. at this point, things are starting to settle down. you can see those cells starting to deteriorate. gradual clearing, a building breeze, and your seven-day forecast in moments.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hal from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> holy 5 seconds of summer. >> 5 sos. >> 5 sos? >> if you're a fan which i am now. >> 5 s-o-s. >> yes. >> if they were smart they'd put out a sauce. >> you know they will. >> they got to punk thing going. >> it's amazing because two years ago a group one direction
9:01 am
was opening for nickelodeon boy band, big time rush. by the end of the tour, they had eclipsed big time rush. >> same story here. >> these guys are opening for one direction right now. i think they're at the london hotel or something. and along with one direction, it's no big secret. and there are thousands of girls camped out there. >> speaking of, would you stand in line -- girls were standing in line starting last week. 2:00 a.m. the line stretched for ten blocks. >> my parents wouldn't let me do that. give these kids a pass and let them go and come back. >> i'm always curious about that. people who let your kids -- look. >> most parents are with them. >> but a lot of these kids are down there by themselves. >> that would be an edge y i fun experience if you're 16. >> i had a friend who said --
9:02 am
too much? wow. >> hey. >> random bathroom. >> easy now. >> haven't showered for four days. living on edge. >> what i was going to say pales in comparison. >> my mom took me to go see -- right away your street cred has dropped considerably. my mom took me to see soupy sails performing at the singer bowl at the world's fair. and that was big. >> but you were at the drake concert. >> i was. >> and your video went viral. because you were trying to understand the life of a 16-year-old girl. >> i was there with my daughter and her friend. it was five hours of common, future, and drake. >> like who are these people? >> i knew who they were, but i was like, my gosh, i've got to get out of here. >> not your cup of tea. >> they're talented, but wow. >> a lot of people saying who is 5 seconds of summer.
9:03 am
now you know. you're going to know from here on out. >> they're good. >> their album is great. i was listening to it prepping for the show. i like it. i'm a young people too. young person. >> keep telling yourself that. >> no? >> it's too late for all of us. >> i try, anyway. >> great moment at the white house yesterday. staff sergeant ryan m. pitts received the congressional medal of honor yesterday from president obama. he is the ninth living recipient of the nation's highest honor for military courage. in 2008 he was in afghanistan when about 200 insurgents attacked his post. it became one of the deadliest battles of the war there. the nine soldiers fighting with him were killed. he was wounded but was able to hold off alone until a couple more guys joined him. to push them back and hold position. here's what the president had to say about sergeant pitts
9:04 am
yesterday. >> ryan pitts, you see the humility and loyalty that define america's men and women in uniform. this medal, he says it's not mine alone. it belongs to everybody there because we did it together. >> long before today, i knew that when president obama put the medal around my neck i would be thinking of my brothers who fought beside me on july 13th, 2008. standing there i thought of these incredible men. those present here today and especially our brothers who fell. valor was everywhere that day and the real heroes are the nine men who made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us could return home. it is their names, not mine, that i want people to know. specialist sergio abad, corporal jonathan ayers, first lieutenant
9:05 am
jonathan burgstrom, corp. ral matthew phillips, corporal gunnar swilling. >> what a beautiful tribute there. you see that time and time again with these guys. they're almost uncomfortable receiving this award because they think it belongs to the men and women no longer there. >> his story a lot like "the lone survivor." and it is heart breaking to think they sort of live with that guilt now. >> absolutely. >> thinking could i have done more. and he did everything humanly possible. >> somebody we know and love, a recipient, he touched on that. he said when he received his honor, you're not thinking of yourself. all you can think about are those who did not come home to their families. that you were embarrassed of the attention that you so rightfully
9:06 am
deserved but your heart is with your brothers and sisters. >> amazing. sergeant pitts, thank you for what you did. >> well, here's a different kind of story. to spank or not to spank? i think every parent has come to that point in their parenting life where all of a sudden they have to make a decision or they're trying to grapple with how do i handle the right way to discipline my child? this story is out of long island where a parent spanked his son due to speaking back to an adult. the man admitted to spanking his child. and last week an appellate court ruled that the father's spanking was a reasonable use of force. did not constitute excessive corporal punishment. look around the table at the parents here, and i think a couple of times, maybe two times i have spanked my children.
9:07 am
all were for extreme cases of, i thought my children were going to run out in front of a car. or other things that they were not supposed to do that scared the life out of me. >> i got three kids. i probably spanked each one maybe twice. look, i was spanked as a kid. >> i was a lot. >> i think it was more the threat of the spanking than the actual spanking. >> i think it is generational. not a lot, but i think i was spanked. i've never spanked my kids. i have a deep, threatening voice that is worse than any spanking. >> what do you do? >> i have to show it to the kids. >> i'm not going to show it to you now. >> because i would shudder in fear? >> you would. it freezes them in the tracks. i think spanking a kid teaches them that that's the way to resolve a conflict and that it ends right there and with a physical confrontation. you should be able to talk
9:08 am
through it. there are times that maybe i've grabbed them by their arm to shake them a little bit. >> i think if it's a habitual thing. the time it's happened i apologized after wards. >> you feel terrible. >> i maybe overreacted but you scared dad. i was so worried about you. obviously it's not something you do on a regular basis. >> my dad used the threat of don't make me go get my belt. and it was a military belt. >> did he use it? >> barely. >> my dad made the move to the belt. >> i remember my elementary school. they had the paddle. with the holes in it. >> they said they could go at it. >> a drumstick. >> you get caught with it? >> yes. she popped me. it was traumatic.
9:09 am
i still feel it. but my mom was okay with it. because it's a nun. no, it's not okay. did christ tell her personally it was okay? come on. >> okay. that was your thought. >> i was like jesus told me something else. and then i got popped. that was it. >> moving on now. highest paid actors. this is an interesting list. okay. what was the number one movie, you think, of the year that would rake in major cast? >> "fast and furious". >> "ironman." >> those are worth the investment as it stands. those actors in those films, highest paid people in hollywood as far as men are concerned. chris hemsworth for "thor." bradley cooper earned an
9:10 am
estimated $46 million from "american hustle" and "the hangover." and dwayne the rock johnson, you mentioned "fast and furious." he made $52 million from that franchise. it's interesting that's the first big movie that came to our minds. number one on the list was robert downey jr. he didn't have a movie out this year, but he earned the cash from "ironman" and "avengers." like $75 million. >> and worth every penny of it. >> that's the thing. are those movies worth those salaries? i say yes. >> please. >> look at the box office. >> internationally, "fast and furious" is huge a asia. >> and the smaller movies, they take points and see how to make it on the other side. >> let's show you what we've got
9:11 am
going on as far as your weather is concerned today. checking things out. look who's in the orange room. it's mel b. mel b. is in the orange room. >> nice to see you. >> you look fantastic. >> so do you. >> you're going to join us in a bit. >> i am. >> it's mel b. you can see we got showers and thunderstorms. warm, moist, humid air being pumped up ahead of this front. we're go i think to look at the colder air behind the front. temperatures about 20 degrees colder. in between those two we're looking at strong storms. chicago, you're going to have a great day today. by late in the day, showers and thunderstorms develop. and here's the area of strong weather today from nebraska, kansas city, chicago, milwaukee. damaging winds, hail, heavy rain, and the isolated that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wood a good-looking day shaping
9:12 am
up. it's 9:11 now. taking a good look at the radar, which has really started to improve over the past half hour or so. this is all that's leftover, but i can tell you, we're still fair game for a residual shower or two as we head throughout the morning. beautiful shot in san francisco, shows you that clearing sky. same for the oakland hills and mt. hamilton looking lovely adds you overlook the santa clara valley. temperatures today will be comfortable, we're looking at 66, san francisco. >> and that is your latest weather. mel b. is back in the building. we have no idea what's going to happen. >> we know it'll be fun. >> get over here, [ male announcer ] we get cats.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
>> three continents. >> and one foreign planet. >> we will find out what planet. "america's got talent" is one of the shows, and we love her because she's constantly stirring up trouble. >> i am? >> yeah. look. ♪ >> mel, did you unplug the buzzers? >> mel b. pulled out the plug to the buzzers to charge her phone. >> i'm so busted. >> i'm so busted. >> you had a call that you were expecting, right? >> my kids. i have to keep my phone fully charged. >> you got to keep connected to the family. >> judgment. why do you guys do that? all the time with my accent.
9:17 am
>> we like it. >> tonight and tomorrow night. then lye at radio city music hall next week. >> what can we expect? >> a bunch of everything. from danger acts, magicians, dancers, singers. everything across the board. >> do you have a favorite? >> well, my favorites change every single week. i'm a bit fickle like that. i get kind of surprised a lot of. >> do you have a kind of act you like better? you can be honest with us right now. >> i would actually lean more towards singers. but the danger acts this year are very, very good. >> danger acts. like propelling fire? >> the balancing people. that's crazy stuff. >> if you could be on "america's got talent," what would you do? >> i did as a young child i had a ventriloquist act. >> you did? >> we have tape of it right now. >> no, you don't.
9:18 am
>> i lost my lips. i don't have it anymore. but i had a jerry mahoney dummy that my grandmother made an outfit for. >> we have to find that footage. >> 1964 pepsicola contest i lost to girls singing "i want to hold your hand." >> and you don't hold a grudge. >> not only are you doing this, but you're doing "x factor" in uk, "voice kids" in australia. how do you do all this? >> and you have kids of your own. >> there's the mel b. plane with your head sticking out of the cockpit. >> is it legal to fly like that? >> i have fun doing all three -- >> fun. >> fun. stop it with my accent. i'm going to smack you. >> please do. >> yeah, i just enjoy it. it kind of works itself out. it's all filmed at different times so i manage to fit it all
9:19 am
in. >> how do you find time for new music? >> i'm in and out of the studio. i kind of -- music is my first passion, my first love. so i have to fit that in somewhere at some point. i've just got to. >> i'm going to ask a question you're asked 20 times a day. >> go on. >> spice reunion. we saw a it at the olympics, everyone loved it. can we get the girls together? >> i'm always the one that says yes. i've just got to convince the other four. >> who is the one that's not really wanting to? >> who do we need to focus on? >> all of us are all over the place. >> you're on three continents. if you can do it. come on. >> i would love for that to happen. >> is it victoria? because we'll get her. >> we'll go after her. >> i'm not saying anything. >> that's a yes. yes, it's victoria! >> mel b. is giving us the goods. we are writing victoria beckham tonight.
9:20 am
"america's got talent" airs tonight at 9:00/8:00 central here on nbc. >> judgment week. >> mel, thank you. up next, all the news you need before you leave the house. did you get my e-mail? [ man ] i did. so, what'd you think of the house? did you see the school rating? oh, you're right. hey, babe, i got to go. bye, daddy. have a good day at school, okay? ♪ [ man ] but what about when my parents visit? okay. just love this one. it's next to a park. [ man ] i love it. i love it, too. here's your new house. ♪ daddy! [ male announcer ] you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. zillow.
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9:23 am
the bhershey's s'mores, together is hothe unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. taking a look at the headlines. johns hopkins hospital has agreed to pay $190 million to
9:24 am
former patients whose doctor secretly recorded their pelvic exams. the doctor nikita levy was fired in 2013 after admitting to misconduct and took his own life ten days later. a hospital attorney called the doctor's conduct outrageous and a breach of trust. the case traumatized thousands of women. an important nationwide recall of fruit. a california farm is recalling peaches, neck ta reetarines and. the recalled fruit was packed between july 1st. no illnesses have been reported. researchers at the university of florida have found that learning starts very young even in the womb. using a fetal heart rate monitor, they found that babies start responding to the rhythm of nursery rhymes and show evidence of learning by 34 weeks. they say babies are capable of
9:25 am
remembering a rhyme until just prior to birth. pretty remarkable. just when you think you've seen the most terrifying amusement park ride in the world, there's always another to top it. this in denmark is called the sky tower. riders are latched to a train, they free fall m (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein. acidity was in my diet...much that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it right away.
9:26 am
my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live. a very good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. now, thieves appear to be targeting tech start-ups in san francisco. we have surveillance video from the company build zoom. it's on mission street south of market. police are trying to figure out if the woman seen wandering around the building is the same person who broke in last week. in those cases, several thousands dollars worth of electronics were stolen. today, san francisco city leaders will decide if a controversial soda tax will move forward. the board of supervisors will vote on whether to place the nuf ton november ballot. the bill adds a 2 cent per tax ounce on sugar -- soda and other sugary drinks.
9:27 am
air force one will be touching down at sfo tonight. the president will arrive in the bay area, just after 9:00 tonight. tomorrow, he'll go to a fund-raising lunch at the los altos home of real estate tycoon, george marcus. house minority leader nancy pelosi is expected to be there. tickets range from $10,000 to $32,000. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back, now our wild weather ride finally coming to as close this morning, although, we still have fair game for more thunderstorms activity later on this afternoon, when we accumulate the daytime heating. but overall, at this point, the front continues to lift out of here, just some hit or miss showers and a clearing sky over san francisco. you can see that here over the oakland hills, starting to improve there. and really looking lovely over the santa clara valley right now from high atop mt. hamilton. a mix of mid-level clouds and low clouds as well. will keep the temperature at 75 in the south bay, 75 for the east shore. let's check your drive.
9:29 am
here's mike. >> we're looking over here at the peninsula side. you see a good volume of traffic, it's starting to smooth out on the flat section, and here at the high-rise as well. the map will show you across the bay, 92 and 84 also look very nice. typical westbound commute and typical slowing through san mateo and palo alto. northbound 101, really cleared up. no problems until you get up towards about 680. then still slow up towards the -- actually towards moffett. westbound 287 sees that heavier tuesday crew. >> thank you very much and thank you for joining us as well. another local update in half an hour. have a great tuesday morning.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" this tuesday morning, july the 22nd, 2014. the massive crowd just now beginning to thin out from 5 seconds of summer. >> how do you clear that many people so quickly? >> not in five seconds. >> it's pretty good. >> you have preteens and teenagers. once they lose interest, they're gone. if you have teenagers at home, the moment they lose interest in what you're talking about, it's like tumble weeds. >> tumble weeds. >> they've moved on with their day. you know whose birthday it is today, right? prince george. >> georgie. >> you were there. you were there at the birth. >> i was practically there on the receiving end. i wasn't. >> wow.
9:31 am
what an image. hey batter batter, come on! put her on in there! >> nbc exclusive reporting from natalie morales. >> she's got a catcher's mitt. >> new photos release of prince george. come on. >> who doesn't love bubbles. or is that butterflies? >> butterflies. >> look at this. >> he's at the museum of natural history in london, apparently. apparently they're going to celebrate today with just friends and family at kensington. >> what else was he going to do? >> i'm going out drinking. >> it's been a tough year. >> get the bentley. >> one of the things you can be sure prince george is going to do today, is smash his face in a birthday cake. it's called smashing or something like that.
9:32 am
>> it is. it's cute. >> 1-year-olds on their birthday. goodness gracious. >> look at him. >> i love that. >> the parents are down this now and of course they keep another cake for the guests. >> the princess has gone rogue. >> what's the cutoff? nine, ten years old? >> maybe. >> look at his face. >> i think it could be the the bridal trend as well. the cake in the face. just smash in the face, right? >> since you brought it up, at my wedding we didn't eat the cake. we're not big cake people. toward the end of the wedding my friend smashed his face into our entire wedding cake. and it's on video. >> are you still friends with him? >> still one of the favorite friends. it was the best part. >> how are you not cake people? >> i blacked out once he said that. >> she doesn't like cake.
9:33 am
>> what? >> i like the cake, but christina wasn't like i have to have the eight tiers and all that. >> but as a rule, like as dessert goes? >> look at this. >> wow. it's the frosting that she doesn't like. >> that's the best part! >> i know. >> i take out the cake and leave the frosting. the frosting is the dessert of the dessert. >> no. i like the cake part. >> right now she's locking her door. afraid you're going to come in and make her eat cake. >> what about pie? >> she likes the pie. she loves chocolate. it's something about the frosting on the cake. it's too much, it's too heavy for her. >> what? >> there's no too much cake. >> i could eat wacake right now. >> let them eat cake, no cake. >> what do you want? i want key lime pie all day. >> there was a bit on cosby
9:34 am
daddy is great, give us the chocolate cake. and he let them have chocolate cake for breakfast on the cosby show. how do you not like cake? and i like pie. anyway, we've got a risk of strong thunderstorms from indiana, michigan, wisconsin all the way into nebraska. wet weather in the pacific northwest. help those wildfires for tomorrow, a slight risk that's what's go 9:34. we set the radar back three hours. you can see all the wet weather that rolled through. but as we stop, you can see just a few lingering cells, very hit or miss, not organized. and we are clearing you out. we'll continue to clear out as we head throughout the day today, but two competing weather systems means that breeze will build. beautiful temperatures. 77 in the south bay. 66, san francisco. temperatures overall are going to warm up as we get into the
9:35 am
end of the week. looking hot by the weekend. >> a good cream cheese frosting on a red velvet cake. #orangeroom. cake, no cake. eat cake or no cake. >> all right. meanwhile, this morning a road to to spread kindness. >> act of random kindness. seven friends traveled thousands of miles this summer to do nice things for strangers around the country. >> these gentlemen would like to give you two flowers. >> you just made my day. thank you. >> one flower is for you. and the other flower is for you to pass onto someone else. these five friends, a.m. lex, dalton, ted, jesse, and jake are giving flowers through art project now as a way to spread random acts of kindness. >> kindness communicates values. so no matter how small or large
9:36 am
an act, whatever it might be that communicates value to people. that's what we want to show through our project is that we value people and we love people. >> reporter: this summer they got a $10,000 grant and hit the road in an rv to share their mission around the country. along the way they've given out free ice cream, left care packages for the homeless, and visited the children's medical center in omaha to cook families for families staying in long-term housing. >> i thought, well, that's weird there would be an rv in the parking lot of the rainbow house. >> reporter: the mcgee family has been back and forth between the hospital in nebraska and their home in iowa since last fall when their son caden was born with severe heart and lung conditions. the guys took the mcgees on a shopping spree to help take their minds off a major heart surgery caden had scheduled. >> random acts of kindness are rarer than they should be.
9:37 am
so i feel like with our rare situation, it was pretty neat to have these guys come and do this. because you don't hear about acts of kindness very much. and so it was nice to be part of that. they just asked that we try to do acts of kindness too. >> reporter: 20-year-old alex started the project after his first semester at perdue university in indiana. his inspiration for the term a.r.k. came from the movie evan almighty. >> morgan freeman was playing god and he said how do we change the world. >> one act of random kindness. >> it took ahold of my heart in a way nothing has. i knew this is what i was made for. >> reporter: alex dropped out of college so he could pursue a.r.k. project now full-time. in california the guys are on the receiving end of kindness. a hotel lets them park their rv for free while they move to
9:38 am
their next act. >> we're going to hand out free water, make sure people are staying hydrated and healthy out here. >> reporter: while in san francisco, the team hangs out with a group of kids at the willie mays boys and girls club. after getting to know each other, they surprise everyone with personal gifts. >> we wanted to get you guys a laptop. >> the crazy thing about this trip is where we set out and more of the people have been more of an inspiration to us. >> reporter: with each mile on the road and each smile given, the guys hope each simple act of generosity leads to many more. great job by those guys. by the way, baby caden who you heard about in the piece, he's recovering well from heart surgery and they cannot wait to finally bring him home. we wish caden and the family well. >> and the guys from the a.r.k. project now, they're asking people to join their commitment
9:39 am
to pledge to their cause. we'll link you to it on coming up next from beautiful mountains to relaxing spas, got some luxury getaways that won't break the bank. [ hair dryer whirring ] [ male announcer ] there's a simpler way to fluffier eggs. ♪
9:40 am
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9:43 am
well, do you want to travel to a private island or relax at a resort but don't have the unlimited budget? >> we have some vacations for 200 bucks. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> water front property under 100 bucks in new england. >> can you believe it? bar harbor, maine. beautiful island on the central coast of maine. once home to some of our country's most influential families. like the rockefellers, the vanderbilts. so people now come to bar harbor because of all the kayaking, the hiking. there's a great little inn there. the mosley inn and cottage. stay at the inn. rooms go for a hundred dollars a night and it's a stone's throw from town. >> looks beautiful. love it. all right. if you want the private island
9:44 am
feel, a quiet island off puerto rico. found a good deal there as well. >> one of the hottest u.s. travel destinations today. it's an island seven miles off the coast of puerto rico. you can take a propeller plane over to the island. 25 minutes. or $2 ferry. lasts about 75 minutes. hicks island house hits above it on the hills. every single room there is open on two sides. so you really get these great breezes coming through, sweeping views of the caribbean. my favorite thing is go to the bay and it lights up at night and take your breath away. >> you're looking for a city escape but not the big cities. what do you like? >> people go to cities for world class dining, architecture, culture, history, museums. let me introduce you to charleston, south carolina. people actually say hello to you on the street. charleston has all of this
9:45 am
wonderful charm and elegance. i love the dining options there. you should check out the ordinary. great book shops, and even despite the cocktail culture, they have a great outdoor and active scene. >> and you found a great inn there as well. the king charles inn. >> located in historic downtown charleston. goes for about $190 a night. rates start there. it's in walking distance to everything. >> looks beautiful. >> wyoming and spa. you don't usually think of them going together. >> jackson hole, wyoming. jackson hole and zen go hand in hand with the grand tetons up above the sea floor. if you need a bit of extra assistance in destressing, the spring creek ranch is a place to go. they've got an amazing spa there. rooms for $180 a night and the setting is spectacular. >> look at that view. >> joe, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> it was good to be here.
9:46 am
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it not only safely whitens teeth, but also restores enamel. lose the nerves, and get a healthier, whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy whitetm. power to your mouthtm! this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. get all day arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap. all right. this morning we're kicking off a new series called tamron's tuesday trend where tamron shares her favorite lifestyle beauty and health trends with you. >> i have to put my ear piece in. willie did a great job.
9:50 am
i whip my hair back and forth. a few weeks ago i wore my hair natural on television for the first time. and received a huge response from viewers. most of it pretty positive. >> i think your hair looks spectacular. >> i've never wor natural hair on tv. >> should tamron keep her hair like this. #orangeroom. yes or no. >> a lady wrote what does natural hair mean. natural means no heat, no relaxer. so thanks to everybody for the love. thank you for the supporting of it. >> that was a hilt head kiss. so for my first tuesday trend i wanted to start with natural textured hair. so i called in the celebrity hair stylist and educator johnny rice who does my hair and he also happens to be the stylist for the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. he is the man behind the bangs. >> i am the bangs.
9:51 am
>> good morning. >> nice client list there. >> hefty a bit. >> it's good. were you surprised by the reaction you got? >> i was. i shot the show with bear grylls and i was too tired to do my hair that morning. i was surprised. i was also moved by the number of moms who said my child is multiracial and has curly hair. what should she do. i want the natural look too too. it was interesting. >> i was so happy you did it. i was so excited. >> why do you think the natural hair movement really has -- i hate to say taken off. it's not a trend. for women of color, people have this. but why do you think it's so hot? >> times have changed. i think women are starting to embrace their curls a little more and feel a little more like they want to be more versatile. that's what's great about natural hair. you can wear it curly, you can wear it straight. you can have a frizz ball. whatever you want. and everybody knows curly girls
9:52 am
rock. they really do. it's a natural nation out there. >> bun of the headlines said why is tamron's mini afro making headlin headlines? >> you did a great job shampooing. with tamron left a little conditioner in her hair. a lot of people don't understand how did you get it curly. no, this is her natural hair texture. when i do it straight, i blow it out and put heat on it. >> natural means no chemical relaxer. let's move here. it's all women from all backgrounds. >> yes. >> this is a curly look for a different type of hair. >> yes. we do diffusing to it. this is her natural hair texture. leave a little leave in in there and diffuse it and you get nice curls like this. >> how does she keep from having frizz? >> the products she uses. steam care is good for natural hair. it applies a lot of noich to the air.
9:53 am
the curls they get dry, so you have to have steam care. >> and this is willie's goal in life to have hair like this. >> i know america will fall in love with miss zoe. >> we twist sit her hair yesterday. you can take big sections. it helps define the curls. >> does she have product in her hair? >> a little bit. al aloe v aloe vera because it helps with breakage. >> i'm going to post some of the tips. and also willie, he has natural curls as well. i used to call him lasagna. >> when it gets long, it looks like a lasagna noodle. >> thanks. and i'll post more tips. thank you. we'll be back this is "today" on nbc. you used to sleep like a champ.
9:54 am
9:55 am
then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what?
9:56 am
let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq™ start at just $999.98. know better sleep with sleep number. well, good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. the santa clara valley water district is considering hiring water cops to fine water wasters and get them to turn off the tap. the proposal would cost
9:57 am
$500,000. now, so-called water cops could give warnings, but not actually issue fines. people who overwater their lines or wash their cars without a nozzle. district officials asked customers to cut back by 20%, but customers have fallen short of that goal. b.a.r.t. is expanding a program that is aimed at improving safety at its stations. yesterday, b.a.r.t. police started warning people that sleeping, laying down, or sitting with your legs out at the powell street station could get you fined. b.a.r.t. says the new safety measure is to make sure that stations can be safely evacuated in an emergency, in just four to six minutes. but it certainly affects homeless people who take shelter there. well, let's take your weather with christina. >> good morning, scott. good morning to you at home. this is all that is left of that shower activity. still have a pretty good batch over palo alto. everything is clearing nicely. i want to show you emeryville. as you can see, a little bit of blue in that sky. same thing for la honda and looking good in san francisco. a gorgeous shot here as those
9:58 am
clouds clear. the wind is going to pick up for today, and that will be a problem, especially in places right at the immediate coast and through the higher elevations. overall, temperatures today, mid-70s. really comfortable. here's mike and your dry. >> southbound 101, looking a little slower here at the curves. we'll show you the maps, the curves at terra linda, the only real sticking point. maybe a little fog, actually, highway 37, novato there. a lower drive, north 880 through oakland. cleared now that the stalled vehicle has also cleared. scott, there's the rest of your bay, a smooth drive, 101 still a little slow. >> all right, mike, thanks. another local news update coming for you in a half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, gosh. >> it is booze day tuesday, july 22. the summer is passing by too fast. >> we are going to celebrate today. >> it is a birthday. when a royal has a birthday we throw a party. it is happy birthday to george. we will discuss that a little later. but the biggest party -- >> he is just too adorable. >> i want to eat him up. >> the biggest party of all
10:01 am
happened today on our plaza. >> we couldn't get in the building to go to work today. >> there is a group called 5 seconds of summer. usually it is packed. this time it was packed all the way from 50th, 49th street to central park. the kids have been sleeping on the pavement with faces on the sidewalk, some from last week. these are four kids from australia. they scream out their names. by the way, i was walking through the crowd. while i was walking through i saw a girl crying and someone is passing out and doing something. they said 18 girls were treated by medics because they had been out there for so long. two girls -- it's insane. two girls -- we were finding two fans to bring them to the front. >> they are from montgomery, new
10:02 am
york. they are 15 and 16-year-old sisters. they were sisters. take a look. ready and go. >> we are going to walk to the front. let's go. >> hyperventilating. >> they kept saying -- >> you know what is funny about those two? all the young girls were saying we are so happy because they were so happy to be there. >> so we should look at the performance. >> i hadn't heard of them until last week. ♪ i love you standing there in my american apparel underwear ♪ ♪ and i know now that i'm so down ♪ ♪ your lip stick stain is a work
10:03 am
of art ♪ ♪ i have your name tattooed in an arrow heart ♪ ♪ i know now that i'm so down >> they are all adorable. they have the darling australian accent. it turns out the three -- what i like about these guys is they are not just a pretty boy band. they really are a band. they all play instruments. three of the guys were putting up covers of songs on youtube and they found their drummer who is so cute. >> adorable. >> looks like a surfer. found him on facebook. now they are opening for one direction. >> i wonder if they are bigger than one direction. >> they might end up being. never under estimate the power of teenage hormones. that is what that is. >> the little girls were sobbing. i didn't know what was going on. a girl gave me a letter to give to one of them and then she wants him to tweet when she gets
10:04 am
it. it was a lot. people had things to hand to them and gifts. >> we had a song from them. they are going to play on our show, too. we all know kate hudson in a movie called "i wish i was here". she is here. that is all that matters is that she is here. let's talk about our party. we have party favors. we have wine. we are celebrating a 1 year old. we decided we wanted to take a look back at the prince over his first year. let's take a peek. >> it will just be fun. >> oh, my gosh. >> the long gown. >> look at this. he wants everything. >> he is so curious. >> he's curious george.
10:05 am
>> curious george but such a happy baby. >> oh, don't you want to watch like every -- i want to see every photo, every piece of video. >> he has already been on about 100 covers. >> good luck trying to keep him grounded. >> the statement they did release we would like to take this opportunity on george's first birthday to thank everyone over the last year wherever we have met them for their warm and generous good wishes to george. there are rumors that she is pregnant again. we don't know it is true. we will show you party ideas for your child if they are turning 1. >> we don't want george to hog the spot light so we asked for pictures of your baby who share
10:06 am
george's birthday. here they are. presley is 1 today. >> how adorable. >> look at her shirt. i love george. >> elliot and bennett hardin. >> and by the way, throughout our show we will show you more pictures of babies turning 1 today. >> so there is an update about the three little girls from the pho photothey took together that have gone viral. they are battling cancer. >> there they are. >> it is one of the photos. they didn't know each other and took the picture. the great news about when you see that you feel sort of sad but the great news today is that all three of those girls are in remission. so we are just very happy for them and for the families. we thought sometimes we show
10:07 am
photos like that and it is nice to know. the photographer wants to reunite the three girls and get them back together. >> that's fantastic. >> harrison ford, remember he was in england and they were shooting his "star wars" movie. >> he broke something, never confirmed. >> it was such a weird thing. did he twist his ankle? this is the contraption he is walking around in. >> no crutches. he has sort of like bent at the knee and then he has a peg thing on the ground. give me crutches or something. >> he is 71 years old even with that thing i think he looks great. >> i do, too. >> i think he is a sexy man. what is interesting is they had to stop production on the movie. so this is a great piece of video. there is 105-year-old woman who celebrated her birthday in a
10:08 am
unique way. the oldest person ever to throw out a major league pitch. >> look at the windup and the toss. >> watch how she does it. >> and go! i think she did well especially considering some of the other people throwing out pitches. remember 50 cent. >> it's just a picture. that doesn't help. that is not great form. >> remember, he threw it into the bleachers on to the side. >> it is not as easy as it looks. >> i don't mean a girlie pitch. >> want an apology underneath. all of us have heard of procrastinators, the ones who pay taxes late and do things late. >> who is a procrastinator that you know? >> i am about certain things.
10:09 am
taxes and bills. i wait. >> jury duty. >> but there is a new thing called precontrast naters, people who do things too early. the people who show up to lunch a half hour before they are supposed to be there, people who pay their bills a month before and making us all feel overwhelmed and stressed out. >> or is it making the people doing it feel that way? >> i like being early. we show up early for lunch. >> we have been on live television for so many years. frank when he was coach under vince lombardi you were never to be on time with coach lombardi. you had to be there ten minutes ahead of time so you were late. we live by lombardi time. >> i like that. >> you have to factor in that things are going to happen. life happens. >> sometimes if people are eating with us they want to show up early.
10:10 am
i know when others come to meet us feel like they are late because we are already sitting there. >> everybody has just so much time in their lives. if you are chronicily late you are saying my time is more important than everybody else's. nobody's time is more important. >> what about five minutes late? >> things happen. you get stuck in traffic or the elevator. i think people have a grace period of five or ten minutes. people always late and come in breathless and always drama. >> the subway broke and it's like i don't want to know. >> you know we don't like your sexy photos online. >> for young teens who think it is cool to be like i'm at the beach look at my earrings and their boobs are out don't do that.
10:11 am
studies show people don't like that. they looked at facebook profiles for a fake 20-year-old woman. the bottom line is when you do that you annoy people. i know when i see pictures of someone saying you like my new jeans you are inhaving everythi out. >> you have to be careful. these things haunt you sometimes. you are trying to get a job and it is a serious subject. be careful. so we have a huge show. we have major, major stories. we have 5 seconds of summer performing. and from "i wish i was here" we are glad she is here.
10:12 am
kate hudson. so, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game? i think i'm getting the hang of it. [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! [ jay ] bush's baked beans are slow-cooked according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. high score! you get to put your name on the wall of fame! [ beeping ] whoa! game over... aww, you're no fun. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans. still made from our secret family recipe. so i'm trying best foods with olive oil. let's see what happens. that's not best foods on your sandwiches. it's best foods with olive oil. whaddaya want, a parade? [ laughter ] bring 'em over here. c'mon. there's a new reason to love activia. when you feel good inside. [ laughter ] you live life with a smile. but when you feel bloated, with discomfort, gas, not to mention the rumbling... you feel totally knocked out. eat activia. twice a day for four weeks.
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with roc® multi correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness, lift sagging, diminish the look of dark spots, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. {baby} again, again. when we're having this much fun, why quit? and bounty has no quit in it either. it's two times more absorbent then the leading ordinary brand and then stays strong so you can use less. watch how one sheet of bounty keeps working. while their two sheets just quit. >>yay.
10:15 am
and try bounty napkins. actress kate hudson lights up the screen with zack braf. >> take a look. >> haven't you seen me with a
10:16 am
smile? >> i guess, yeah, is that weird? >> it's beautiful in a bizarre way. >> look how cute you are. >> hello! >> i am a mix. i love this movie. so that makes you feel a bit better. you see all of everything. you know, you are always critical of yourself. you think about how you did something and if you would have done it differently. >> you and zack are friends. i know he has wanted you to be in a project of his for a long time and timing never worked out. you were pregnant or busy. this was perfect. >> the script was so wonderful. when i read it i was so excited to be a part of it. >> it was also an independent film. shooting is actually a lot -- >> we had 25 days to shat a l--
10:17 am
shoot a lot of pages and a limited budget. zach is amazing. when you have such an intimate relationship with someone sometimes you feel like the boundaries are blurred. zach commands the set and knows what he wants and everybody wants to work for him because he is so wonderful. it was great to see that. >> when you are talking i think of your mother. >> i can't help it. >> the smile, the whole thing. >> it is a compliment. i love my mommy. >> when she watches your films, does she criticize or praise or give pointers? >> it depends on the movie. i have a very honest family. there are times where they are like well, there is always another movie. >> what was the biggest porker? >> the first film i ever did was
10:18 am
the big dramatic moment, a small emmy movie. the big dramatic moment was one of the actors. my dad and i just started to laugh it was like. my dad goes there is always your first movie. so you can't -- you have to -- i think as an actor, one thing if you are a producer or director and putting your vision out there. as an actor you are a hired gun. we show up and hope for the best and walk away. we get some flack for it. you kind of have to let it go once you leave set. >> kind of a metaphor for life. >> let it go. >> i hear that song all day long. >> what about the other songs? >> "fancy".
10:19 am
♪ i'm so fancy you already know ♪ ♪ i'm in the fast lane from l.a. to tokyo ♪ ♪ i'm so fancy >> my son is going to be completely embarrassed. he loves music. i can see him at like 16 getting into like dj stuff. he knows everything. he is a complete encyclopedia of music. >> let's do one spin of the bottle. >> look how beautiful that is. >> here it is. >> what is your cheat food when you are on a diet? [ laughter ] >> my cheat food? i would say pasta and ice cream. >> pasta and ice cream.
10:20 am
>> like together? >> no. like pasta. and ice cream. my diets are interesting. i try not to diet. i cleanse but i try like -- i like to eat the things i like. >> your mom, we were talking to her the other day. you are at your venus, your peak. don't waste anymore time with us. go out and peak. >> congratulations with the movie. >> "wish i was here" in theaters right now. >> prince george's first birthday coming up after this. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiqtm technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night.
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it is brain teaser tuesday. we will put your minds to work with another riddle by our friends from "brain games". >> two men play checkers and each man wins the same number of games but no ties. how? we will let you know after the break. get ready to rock. we have a performance by 5 seconds of summer. exercises to help you stop the spread. how to throw a royal bash in celebration of prince george's first birthday. they say as a boy mr. clean
10:25 am
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[cheering]ight. last week we hosted. this week the kids invited us to their place. we got this delicious kfc meal and 2 extra sides for free. for free! sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. ♪ fousugar. only six?ns. six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy! well, good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. san francisco firefighters had to rescue a man stuck in a recycling truck this morning. the truck driver says he was doing his normal routine, lifting trash into the truck when he heard yelling from the back. he quickly drove to the nearest
10:27 am
fire station to get the man out. turns out the man had been sleeping in a bin before being dumped into the back of the truck. he's expected to be okay. we talked to the truck driver. he's being called a hero. we'll talk to him more at 11:00 today, so tune in for that. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so there's more local produce to love. like this week, locally grown g&s farms sweet corn is just 8 for $2.00. safeway, ingredients for life. 10:28. welcome back. still a little bit of activity lingering around the bay area. we're going to see these residual cells pass through. they're hit or miss at this point. you don't need to pull out that
10:29 am
umbrella, but it really is a welcome sight. in the heart of our drought in the bay area, look at this. pretty skies to show you. elmiville, lo honda, a mostly clear sky. the clouds clear and our temperatures will be comfortable. upper 70s and a closer look at that heat wave today at 11:00. >> looking over here towards dublin, 580 starting to show an easier drive, but we still have a generally slower drive throughout the entire stretch for 580. let me show you what we're talking about. the altamont pass shows you the clearing for the yellow. and that orange continues over towards dublin. and again, the last of the morning commute making its way through there. and the rest of your bay shows the same pattern, clearing up, but a little bit of rainfall on the 0880. it's hit and miss through oakland. also, 101 and palo alto, a smooth drive, both directions slow a bit towards university avenue. and there's our live look, starting to ease up there, scott. back you. >> mike twhanks. college students will soon be
10:30 am
able to drink on campus, sort of, even if they're not 21. a new law going into effect and why it only applies to certain students. more on that story coming up on the big show. ♪ we are back on this booze day tuesday with more of "today." before the break we gave a riddle. >> two men play five complete games of checkers. each man wins the same number of games but no ties. how does this work? >> the answer is they are not playing against each other. if you had a hard time figuring it out it is because your brain is wired to try to provide an answer. scientists call this the illusion of knowledge. >> thank you to nat geo "brain games". and tonight one part cooking
10:31 am
competition and one part game show and pairs the professional against the amateur. >> tonight is the premier. tell us how it works. how is the show going to work? >> home cooks take their five best signature dishes and go against five talented chefs. the chefs increase the level of difficulty with each chef you knockout you win money. >> how long does the competition last? >> depends on the different dishes. what is great is it is judged by five every day americans, not food professionals. they don't know it is amateur versus pro. >> that is what it should be based on. >> i never think this but people think i bet i can make that. you look at a good recipe and think you can whip it up. >> absolutely. the home cooks don't know the chef's expertise. the chef doesn't know what they are cooking until right before. >> it is a strategy. >> what kind of people are
10:32 am
entering? >> the audience is definitely going to recognize something because they are moms, grandpas, decorated soldier. >> all kinds of people. >> so you are going to -- we are going to do a test drive here because our viewers sent in their recipes. >> anyway, i think he is going to know spaghetti when he tastes it. >> why not? why wouldn't you do it? >> let's do the whole thing. >> a little bit of a big bite. you can do it. you got that. >> okay. >> what is that? >> some kind of grab meat. >> cheddar cheese crab meat. >> here is something else. >> drink that. >> wipe my hands of this whole thing. just a little bite.
10:33 am
>> it's going in your mouth. going right in. good luck with that. good one. >> that's good. >> one more. >> okay. >> a little water. >> thank you so much. >> now, good luck with that. >> thank you so much. >> i'm going to do this one yourself. >> all right. >> we have to wind it down. >> if you couldn't understand what any of that was, of those three we have a prize for the winner, which of these dishes do you think deserves the prize? >> i am going to say i like the flavor the most on number three. >> it is chicken and the winner of this, whoever it is, gets a mug, sign and a "today" show cap. slap yo mama chicken wings.
10:34 am
jessica, this is for you. >> this thing you have to tweet it out an apology for some of your remarks. >> i guess obviously incredibly sorry about my actions but i think more so i know that my mom raised me better than that. i was raised to know that human beings don't talk that way to each other and if you are someone on television it is irresponsible. my whole thing is so many people worked so hard on "food fighters". i would hate for my lapse of judgment to overshadow the work. they see the three of us on camera. >> thank you. >> "food fighters" premieres tonight here on nbc. you can find the recipes on k
10:35 am
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10:39 am
anxiously awaiting the arrival of the future king of england and today prince george turns 1. >> we are sharing the limelight with other babies whose birth got lost in the royal frenzy last year like madison korigan and wyatt mcmahon and little lydia davis all celebrating their first birthday today. here to show you how to throw a royal birthday party whether for the first or not for your prince or princess it is laura fenten. >> they are just having fun. >> it is a great future celebration. this might work for an older child, as well. >> you have new trends out there. >> and we have basic advice for someone with a first birthday. keep it short and time it to your child's schedule.
10:40 am
if you have baby james here he usually wakes up at 2:00 you want to have the party from 2:30 to 4:30. >> that is the perfect time. >> look how cute he is. >> oh, my goodness. >> you have a smash cake now. >> this is a big trend. parents will buy a miniature cake for their 1-year-old to get a photo opportunity of the baby enjoying their first piece of cake. >> get involved. >> not you, hoda. him. >> many children will just attack the cake. >> wow! >> he's ready. >> want a little bite? look at hody. want a bite? >> he is not so sure. >> this brings up a great tip for parents.
10:41 am
parents often have their heart set on the photo of their kid tearing into the cake. so you might want to consider doing the cake the night before or earlier in the day because at the party there is a lot of pressure and babies might not be ready. >> what's next? this cake is two trend in one. one is the trend of naked cake with frosting only between the layers. and then another trend we are seeing are natural frosting colors. >> of course, you are. >> these are made with peaches, carrot use and just a little way to avoid the artificial food color. >> you use just a little bit. >> it is delicious. >> diydecor, make your own. make a stamp for napkins.
10:42 am
>> probably have a photo garland and create paper hats. in celebration of george's birthday we have home made pipe cleaner crowns. so easy to make. >> hoda, see if it fits. >> i'm over it. >> let's do this real quick. we have to get to the baby at the end. >> we have baby food jars. you can use them to decorate, to make vases, favors. >> let's move this a little bit. tell us this little girl's name. >> she is going to play a game where she will predict her future. we set out a bunch of objects for her to choose from. if she gravitates to the stethoscope perhaps a doctor. >> we should have left 15 minutes for this set. >> i think she is looking. >> what is that? and she is going for the abacus.
10:43 am
>> yea! >> she is a genius. >> george is still waiting down there. >> happy birthday everybody. if you have teenage girls not in the house get ready to record. >> we have a performance from 5 seconds of summer. we will tell you how to stop the spread through exercise. so we're all set?
10:44 am
10:45 am
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10:47 am
we're back with the series dedicated to boomers. as the last of the generation turns 50 this year in just 18 days middle age spread is a depressing fact of life as you age sending everything you eat to your middle area. >> how can we stop the spread and shed pounds from mid life
10:48 am
weight gain? here is the founder of akt in motion. anna kaiser is here. >> do you call it act or akt? >> akt. >> you can spot reduce your belly? >> you can't spot train. you want to think about what you are eating and drinking and also adding some cardio. you blast the fat. >> you brought two adorable trainers. >> tell us about the first one. >> we have four moves. two cardio. cardio. the first is called exit. you take out, out, in, in. work the heels. now we get the arms going out and in. you are working thoseabs and stretch out. >> ow.
10:49 am
>>. >> what's the next move? >> open the legs and bend your knees and take arms overhead. you are going to work your obliques. >> i never knew i had a one. >> now we are going to do a second cardio called the swizzle. >> jump. >> swizzle. ready? yeah! >> switch it up. >> last move is diabinal. you are going to take your hands behind your head and across your body. pulling your abs. >> we have one bonus move.
10:50 am
>> show us. >> grab towels. >> come on. >> you are going to put it on the floor and put your foot on the towel. we are dropping it. here we go. go for it. ice, ice baby. that is hard to hold a plank without doing that part. don't you love when 20-year-old women show you how to look so fabulous. how many of those do you need to do? >> you are beautiful. you guys are great. motivated us. >> tomorrow we continue with the series to stop the spread with ways to dress slimmer. >> move over one direction there are some new kids on the block and we don't mean the old kids
10:51 am
on the block mptd. >> we have a performance by 5 seconds of summer. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
♪ the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. ready, set record. australian sensation 5 seconds of summer got a boost from one direction and now they filled our plaza and the rest of the neighborhood. >> their self-titled debut album is out today. before we go here is 5 seconds of summer singing "don't stop". have a great tuesday. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ you ready to rock ♪ some kind of holiday ♪ so we can run away
10:55 am
♪ you want to take you there you tell me anywhere ♪ ♪ i ask for your number and say you don't have a phone ♪ ♪ everybody wants to take you home tonight ♪ i'm going i'm -- everybody wants you to be and know it, know it ♪ ♪ don't stop because you know that i like it ♪ ♪ every time you walk in the room you know it, know it ♪ ♪ you're coming close now you got to come back ♪ ♪ tell me what you got
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right now at 11:00, an unexpected find in a bay area recycling truck. how a man ended up in the trash and why the truck driver is being called a hero. plus, the faa tells all u.s. airlines to stop flying to israel, as the crisis in the middle east intensifies. and lightning strikes mean rare summer thunderstorms to the bray area. and christina loren fills us in on this uncommon sight. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. new at 11:00, an unusual rescue in san francisco. firefighters reached deep into a garbage truck to free a man


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