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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's mild out there right now. today, the last day of unseasonably cool temperatures. we crank up that heat. we'll tell you what that means for your microclimate in moments. liking that cool. also looking at commute as we're starting the build. we had overnight construction, that was held up late in the tri-valley. we'll show you the status for 580 and the bay bridge. live look at the bay bridge. it's wednesday, july 23rd. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. >> president obama back in the bay area. a brief stop on his three-day fund-raising trip. he has a couple of events planned before he hops back on to air force one to leave town. we'll check in with more details on that in a few minutes.
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but first, developing news out of the middle east. new explosions in gaza overnight as israel continues its offensive. hamas fighting backing launching rockets into israel. one rocket landed a few miles from the airport in tel aviv, forcing the faa to ban u.s. airlines flying into and out of the airport. hours ago, israel opened a nearby airport in case the faa lifts that ban. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with the latest developments from the middle east. a lot go on. >> that's right. the airport is very far south, not a realistic option for folks who feel stranded in tel aviv. as the faa ban on travel to the airport in tel aviv remains in effecting u.s. secretary of state kerry landed to continue to try to broker a cease-fire. flights into tel aviv canceled by u.s. and some european carriers after a hamas rocket
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hit near the ben gurion airport. stranded travelers desperate to leave what are some calling a war zone. overnight explosions as you saw lit up the sky over gaza city as israel launched air strikes there, one air strike hit a home but no one hurt. a different story in the southern gaza city of rafah where people picked through remains of a shelled out hospital. officials say tank shelling killed four people there. a bank also badly damaged. since the fighting started on july 8th, more than 600 palestinians have died and the united nations estimates that 3/4 were civilians. 29 israelis have died, 2 civilians among them. before heading to israel, secretary kerry spoke from egypt about the cease-fire proposed by egypt, now supported by the u.s. and israel but rejected by hamas. >> we're here working because we have seen too much bloodshed on
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all sides, including death of two american citizens. >> now that faa flight ban remains in effect for another few hours and it's world cup mentioning that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg did manage to fly into ben gurion airport on an israeli airline in what he says is a show of solidarity. the concern, of course, flying over what is now considered an active war zone as that malaysian airliner was doing as it was shot down over ukraine. we have developing news. we'll have that update in a half hour. >> so active. it's amazing everything that's going on. >> we are able to update some of that right this minute in ukraine. the ukrainian government says two military fighter jets have been shot down in the eastern part of the country, 20 miles away from the crash site of malaysia air flight 17. the defense ministry says the
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planes may have been carrying two crew members each. the planes carrying those killed in the crash are on the way to the netherlands. a long line of hearses drove into the airport waiting to pick up bodies. 298 people died when the flight was shot down last week. majority of the remains have been found, australia's prime minister says some may never be recovered unless there's a thorough search of the crash site. president obama, with all of the crises, waking up in the bay area. >> he's doing what he normally does here, raise money. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang, live close to where the president is staying, incontinental hotel in san francisco. not everybody thinks the president should be fund-raising with what's go on in the world. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, laura and scott. he's getting heat for the fund-raising trip for the democratic national committee. he is staying at int intercontinental hotel. that's a block away almost. a lot of security.
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a mix of about a dozen both san francisco police officers as well as of course secret service. strong security presence here at howard and forest especially. all of the streets around the int intercontinental hotel blocked off by police and the barricades. the president arriving at sfo around 9:30, where there was tight security but no one to greet him at the bottom of the stairs. mr. obama's visit set to raise money specifically for the democrats running for congress in the midterm election. but as the israel-gaza conflict continues and the aftermath of the ma lair shah airlines plane shot down continues to unfold, republicans are taking the opportunity to criticize the president for the timing of the trip. political analysts counter, mr. obama has a duty to handle both roles as a leader in for an fairs and fund-raiser for his party. >> he's leader of the democratic party and parties need money to buy tv time, to successfully campaign. so he's helping out the congress
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and -- in this case. >> right now is a particularly  inopportune time. a serious war going none israel and america under attack by russia. >> reporter: the president on a west coast fund-raising mission, the first stop before seattle before coming here. next he goes to four seasons a few blocks away from here in san francisco for a house majority pact event at 9:20. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you. after that event the president will head to a fund-raiser at the home of judy and george marcus. george co-founder of a real estate brokerage firm and judy was inducted into the hall of fame at san francisco state university last year for her philanthropic work. for 10,000, attendees eat lunch with the president and attack a
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photo. nancy pelosi, anna eshoo, steve israel chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, will also be there with supporters come protesters. they will be in los altos hills trying to get the president to stand up for net neutrality. they think access to the internet should be unrestricted and equal to all. fighting an fcc proposal allowing internet providers to offer faster connection speeds for a fee. nbc is owned by one of those providers, comcast. >> mike inouye right now. mike, the president is going to tie up traffic. whenever he's in town this happens, obviously for his own safety. tell us about the route. >> where stephanie's in san francisco, 4th and howard, overnight, the security does not rest, around 4th and howard the area where the security and the perimeter will spread toward four seasons. we talked about that, it's nearby but going tie up local routes and that could affect
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muni routes as they travel and try to cut through the area. that will be late in the morning commute. that will be as a lot of folk heading into san francisco. los altos hills, so 101 or 280, right there, for the second of the fund-raisers. we don't know which route. who knows, maybe a helicopter will be used. 101 and 280, if there's the motorcade, the president follows his motorcade, so follow closures. and we don't know specifically the routes but those are warning signs, peninsula side, east bay will remain clear and so will the south bay. looking at rest of the flow of traffic, west 580 not a problem at dublin interchange. overnight construction, folks held up approaching vasco road. a smoother drive developing and that's typical as you tra through that tri-valley. approaching the east shore freeway, no issues. it's here, slowdown. serious as far as chick lets are
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concerned, red. but no incidents off the east shore freeway and richmond/san rafael bridge. slow sensors indicate something's going on. checking for construction crews, that might be yp oakland, past the coliseum, smooth light, easy drive past high street. one stall on the side approaching high street from the roadway and never appeared on the chp report. no problems as far as traffic. >> 880 in oakland never looked so good. 6 7 in san francisco. 65 in concord, 60 degrees in san jose. yeah, we actually have quite a bit of traffic out there, though kids are off for summer for now. trying to get your kids outdoors, today should be easy to do. temperatures comfortable, not too hot. keep the muggy feeling going until 10:00 a.m. onshore flow will return. cool ocean breeze, natural a.c.
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comes back to the bay area. between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., clearing. you can have great conditions there. if you wanted to have lunch on the water, san francisco or oakland, beautiful conditions, fog burning off. as we head throughout the morning drive time -- excuse me, evening drive time, 3:00 to 7:00 p.m., warm and clear. temperatures for today in the 70s for the most part. 75 degrees on the peninsula. 74 degrees on east shore. 67 in beautiful san francisco. and we're going to continue to be blessed with the gorgeous weather as we head throughout the next few days. though that heat is going to crank, it's mile out there so far. not talking about triple digits in south bay. we haven't seen triple digits in south bay so far, in case keeping track. we certainly are. 87 by tomorrow. touch on the low 90s for friday. close to 90 on saturday. overall, though, comfortable. i want to tell you about your ocean currents, what's happening there. interesting things making your
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ocean temperatures close to 70 degrees, which is almost unheard of here in northern california. we'll get into that coming up. back to you, scott and laura. >> disturbing story, police in san francisco trying to figure out who shot at a senior living center, leaving one woman with a bullet to her head. the woman spent the night in the hospital but expected to survive. the manager of the senior living center says the woman was hurt when a bullet flew through her window. she was able to take the elevator down from her apartment and told staff. police blocked off the intersection of third and mckinnion for hours yesterday. detectives investigating whether a nearby hit-and-run crash may have had something to do with the shooting. no arrests have been made. well, in daly city, two women broke into a home, beat up the homeowner. people the police are looking for, investigators say they broke into a home about 1:30 this morning and attacked the
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homeowner, leaving him with an injury on his head. unclear, what if anything they stole. another bay area college could be closing. the trouble for a local trade school. two years after the costa concordia crashed, the ship finally on the move. details next.
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you're watching "today in the bay." 5:14. new trouble for embattled brian college. the company has filed for bankruptcy. bryman has campuses in san jose, hayward, san francisco.
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not clear how long the school will remain open biohealth purchased it from corinthian college when the schools and called everett college. money troubles have continued forcing the company to put most of its schools up for sale. linkedin jumping into the tech buying frenzy. the company spending $175 million to buy bizo, a company that provides advertising technology and other services for professionals. it's a san francisco company. linkedin will pay 90% cash, the rest in stock, expected to close by the end of the year. facebook will report its second quarter profits after the bell. over the past 12 months the stock has jumped nearly 170%. analysts have big hopes for facebook expecting to hear about a big increase in revenue. seema mody, good morning. >> good morning, scott. stocks rising on tuesday, lifting s&p 500 index to a new
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record. now the s&p 500 is just 17 points away from breaking 2000 mark. a lot of eyes on the benchmark index. investors have a lot to go through, earnings reports, showing tame inflation, and progress in the housing market. in focus, boeing, pepsi, at&t, facebook. the dow rising 61, nasdaq adding 30 points yesterday. apple expected to introduce two new iphones and a smartwatch this fall. secured a patent for a wearable device called itime. the watch enact with smartphones and tablets. wearable devices have been a hot focus -- a high focus for tech investors. it's see what apple potentially unveils. >> thank you. there's no way i'm wearing an apple watch. but when they came out with the ipad, why would you carry around a tablet that would be crazy.
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>> exactly. >> i'm going to -- >> what are you going to do, scott? >> i don't know. >> he's going to get a watch. >> i'll buy one for my dad. >> inspector gadget on us. good morning. 5:17. show you what we are working with. yeah, i'm with you, scott. i didn't know that the tablet, i did not believe it would take off the way it did i'm was picturing people using those as phones, which i almost never see. 59 degrees in san martin. 64 in livermore. 65 in concord. isn't it great to be waking up here in the silicon valley where all of that technology originates? 62 mountain view right now. 65 concord. as you head outdoors, comfortable conditions for you. we are going to feel muggy, mid level cloud cover until 11:00. onshore flow takes over, ocean air moves in. this is our last unseasonably cool day, temperatures in the upper 70s. one more day in the south bay.
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79 for us. 75 peninsula. 74 the forecasted high for today on the east shore where the a's are back at it. tonight taking on the astros. i'm going to be out there it's root beer float night. happening just like yesterday, getting a little bit of activity on the radar. flashes of grain which is starting to ramp up right now. we have a fair chance for light showers as we head throughout the morning hours. not look agent same moisture we had yesterday. might have to use the windshield wipers. throughout the end of the week, high pressure takes over. humidity leaves but the heat comes up. it will get hot. notice the difference between today and tomorrow. 79 today in the south bay. up to 87 tomorrow. as promised, we'll get into the ocean current report coming up because, like i said, it's 67 degrees in the ocean off santa cruz right now. we'll talk about why. it's going to take me a while to explain it. here's mike.
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>> hear people around the bay area, can we have work in the ocean today? it's a california thing. south bay, northbound 101 smoothly. no one requests that. smoother drive from 680 and 280 toward allen rock. easy pattern. normal schedule for north 101, flip there at camera. blip heading up into sunnyvale. looking toward the tri-valley, dublin inter-chang continues with easy flow of traffic at the limit. 84, increase in volume. sorted itself out, typical pattern. watch isabel, a road crew on the shoulder. you always want to slow for the cone zone. we'll show you dublin here, there you go, that's the volume of traffic. not a problem. that's why you're at the limit. back out to the maps. approach to the bay bridge. traffic flows smoothly. slowing north 880 off of 238. no incidents reported. check the area of san leandro.
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bay bridge, easy flow. no backup at toll plaza except a few cars in the cash lanes. standard, guys. 5:20, new this morning, horns sounding in the mediterranean sea sending the "costa concordia" off its final voyage. the ship will be towed to the northern italian port where it will be scrapped. more than 2 1/2 years ago the ship ran aground, capsized killing 32. the captain of the ship is on trial for manslaughter and abandoning the ship before everyone was evacuated. he has denied any wrong doing. an accident on the beach has firefighters issuing a new warning. the 26-year-old adam pye digging a ten-foot hole in the sand at half moon bay monday and the tunnel collapsed. firefighters and dozen of volunteers spent more than 30 minutes digging pye out and they were unable to revive him. firefighters want to remind you,
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never dig deeper than you are tall. know that sand tunnels will collapse. it's only a matter of time. refreshing follow-up. people in one pleasanton apartment complex, finally waking up to showers and flushing toilets this morning. a happy change after five days without running water. water was restored at spring house apartment complex yesterday afternoon. property manager says the pipe burst underground. it took five different plumbers just to fix that job. more than 300 units were affected. san francisco, voters will decide whether people in the city should have to pay more for sodas and our sugary drinks. yesterday the board of supervisors approved putting the measure on the november ballot. the tax would raise more than $35 million a year, most money raised would go towards health and nutritional programs. tens of thousands converging on san diego this weekend, getting ready for comic-con, the annual convention starts this morning in downtown san diego.
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the lineup includes cast of "24" and "american horror story," show off the giver, the anticipated film version of the new -- >> wow, blue face. a drunk uber rider shares his embarrassing moment next. >> dwayne the rock johnson back filming in the bay area. in the russian hill neighborhood shooting scenes for "san andreas," a film about a father looking for his daughter after a massive earthquake. no word if the rock will be there. he's doing the talk show circuit for the release of another movie, "hercules." he showed off some workout moves. >> we'll dance away the pound. ready, one, two, one. ♪ come on, baby we're going to rock this ♪ ♪ get on down and do the squat thrust ♪
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♪ baby, do the squat thrust do the squat thrust.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. 5:257 marshawn lynch in oakland for a movie shoot. the parking job is going viral. next check out the image tweeted out by a man who lived across the street from where lynch parked monday. the lamborghini with velvet ropes. lynch grew up in oakland, played football at cal. the movie is about his life. bring your own rope. houston uber rider getting a laugh after a night of drinking. he posted this, at fairly heavy drink he took an unnecessary cab
5:26 am
ride. went 95 feet. he circled the block to end up at the house around the corner. he didn't know it was behind him at the time. cost of the trip $4.28. >> sometimes you need to ride. >> i know somebody who took a cab from the sir francis drake to chinatown. >> wow. just a walk. if you're wearing high heels maybe, i don't know. >> let's check the morning commute -- not the morning commute, the forecast. look at the sunrise behind us, gorgeous. >> it is gorgeous. sometimes you just need somebody to talk to, a cab driver can be a gentle ear, i know from experience. this is what i want to tell you about. this is the biggest story in the weather department. our water temperatures offshore right now in the mid to upper 60s. the reason why has everything to do with the wind direction. typically we get wind out of the northwest this time of year and that helps to upwell that colder
5:27 am
water. lately the wind out of the southeast. and that brings wind and that very, very warm, warm ocean current with it. so basically the california current is showing you temperatures in the mid-60s. 65 degrees offshore, big sur. 63 monterey. as the wind shifts this isn't going to last much longer. by the weekend, back in the 50s in the ocean. get out if you can and enjoy it. unusual. kind of cool, huh, mike? >> it is. i'm sure that my shower's more than 63 degrees. across the bay, smooth drive westbound. no problems eastbound. beautiful view of the bay bridge. look at maps. beautiful view of the traffic. we do have a fire reported east 880 off of the roadway but not a problem as far as our traffic flow. we'll check in on the fire itself. sounds like a tiny one. we'll be right back.
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the president pays another visit to the bay area, waking up
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in san francisco this morning weep have team coverage of the fund-raising trip and how it's going to impact the roads coming up. plus, why one bay area high school may not be open in time for the school year. the delay that has school administrators concerned. >> i'm christina loren. for the third consecutive morning waking up with showers on the radar. we'll tell you how long this will last, how nice your temperatures will be for today and when the heat come on strong. microclimate weather forecast in moments. >> i'm tracking whether or not you have to shower any quicker this morning because we do have a delay showing up a couple of major commute spots. also fire reported across the freeway, we'll talk about that as welcoming up. >> we have a live look outside at san jose. good morning, san jose. it's wednesday, july 23rd. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you.
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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. today, president obama in the bay area for a quick fund-raising trip. >> first stop is in san francisco where he will meet supporters. "today in the bay's" stephanie strong joins us live by the intercontinental hotel where the president is right now. the president take some heat, though, for not focusing more on global issues, instead here to fundraise. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. getting some of the criticism for leaving the white house in order to raise money for the democratic national committee. now, the president is staying at hotel down the street here where security's very tight. they just let through what appeared to be elevator servicing company. they did a thorough sweep of the vehicle. you can see here at 4th and howard, there's the strong security presence, mix of secret service. police have blocked off other streets around the intercontinental hotel. air force one touched down 9:30 last night. the president's visit to the bay area part of a three-day west coast trip to raise money for
5:32 am
the democrats who are campaigning for congress in this year's midterm election. however, the move has drawn criticism as the aftermath of the malaysian airliner shot down continues to unfold. with the conflict between israel and gaza heating up. now our political analyst said, mr. obama has a duty to handle both roles as leader in foreign affairs and fund-raiser but republicans counter he should be concentrating on critical international matters. >> today is an inopportune time. we have a war going on in israel and america under attack. >> that's part of the deal, what presidents will do. he will get criticism. all presidents do in times of crisis but it doesn't seem to stop them. they'll go on raising money. >> the president came to the bay area after fundraising in seattle for three days, three stops on the west coast, next is l.a. he does make a stop next in san francisco at four seasons hotel at a house majority pact
5:33 am
event at 9:20 this morning. for now, live in san francisco, stephanie strong, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> from the four seasons in san francisco, president obama will head south to the home for fund-raising lunch at the home of a bay area bigwig. "today in the bay's" bob redell is there, ahead of the president's visit. good morning, bob. sounds as if we don't have bob. here are the bigwigs. judy marcus and george marcus, george is a real estate developer and judy's been recognized for philanthropy many times. wherever the president goes, we are going to go. some other people who will be attending. we will continue to cover president obama's visit throughout the day. whenever we're not on air, head to for continuously updated information. >> it's busy when the president
5:34 am
comes to town and that certainly affects the morning drive. and the afternoon drive as well. we want to check in with mike inouye right now. he's taking a look at that for us. >> the president is in san francisco right now, stephanie chuang's talking about. we'll advise folks, see the security that stephanie saw around 4th and howard around the hotel. and going just a short distance away over toward market, mission, third and fourth, as he visits the four seasons for his first step in the middle of the morning commute. and then as we are traveling south, los altos, as bob redell was going to tell us, but bigwigs talking about, i've never been to the marcus family estate but that is the drive. either 101 or 280 or perhaps a helicopter. he's been known to take that. if he hits that, where goes the president goes, so goes his motorcade. we'll follow that. the south bay and east bay clear from this because it's unlikely he'll travel along the east bay since he has to go back from los
5:35 am
altos to sfo for the departure later today. south bay itself maintains speed limit. westbound 580 slow into livermore. isabel, clear toward the dublin interchange. a live look as the traffic approaches interchange. 580 no problems, good spacing. eastbound, easy drive out of town. smooth traffic throughout the area as well. clear skies as far as cameras go as far as i can see. christina, you have better equipment to see the radar. >> you've got 20/20 but i can see the bay area from space. a live look at radar. starting to get action right now. you might have to use your windshield wipers for three to five minutes at a time. nothing like yesterday but an indication the monsoonal moisture continues to sweep through the bay area. we'll have the muggy feeling for the first three hours of your morning. i'd say by 8:30, you notice the sea breeze taking over. 63 half moon bay. 6 san francisco.
5:36 am
62 mountain view. i live look here at downtown san jose, beautiful start to the day. you can see the mid level clouds lingering. more will roll on shore throughout the next couple of hours. what else we're working with, golden gate bridge, clear. this is last day of that. tomorrow morning socked in with fog. same for the city by the bay. you'll get gorgeous temperatures in san francisco, as we get into the weekend. 81 degrees for the north bay today. 67 san francisco. 75 on the peninsula. and here in the south bay, our last day of the upper 70s. upper 80s as of tomorrow. as that heat really starts to crank. so if you're headed out and about today, muggy feeling until 10:00 a.m. and then start to feel really nice around here. we will talk about what's happening across the bay area. i want to talk about air quality. expecting significant changes there as well. back to you. >> thank you. 5:36 right now. new, workers at house of liquors
5:37 am
in san leandro received a late night surprise when a truck crashed through the wall. firefighters had to secure that building with board before he could get the truck out. the driver went to the hospital as a precaution. liquor store was open at time but no one inside was hurt. investigators are not sure if the driver had any liquor of her own before she got behind the while. the district in charge of the pinole valley high school will talk about what to do if a temporary school isn't done in time the temporary high school is supposed to accommodate students while a new school's being built. it was supposed to be finished by the time the school year began on august 18th, but now district leaders say it might not be done until mid-september. old school being torn down to make room for 125 million facility scheduled to open in three years. >> president obama not the only political heavyweight in the bay area today. former secretary of state hillary clinton will flb oakland for a community meeting with
5:38 am
local leaders and families. clinton was in silicon earlier this week to take part in question and answer sessions, one at facebook, the other twitter. today, clinton visiting the children's hospital oakland research institute, promoting the group too small to fail which focuses on helping children succeed. follow-up, soon ten people patrolling south bay streets looking for water wasters. they will not be writing tickets and giving out fines. the water cops will investigate complaints, educate people about conservation and report back to the water districten the program will cost the district about a half million. the water cops will start their duty in late august. los altos has changed a long standing involving horses and weddings. passing an ordinance giving the city manager power to grant requests on a case by case basis. traditional indian weddings of -- include the groom entering
5:39 am
in on a white horse. until now couples wanting a horse would have to present the proposal at a city council meeting because horses were illegal in downtown los altos. >> now it's changed. we continue to follow a pair of developing stories for you. new word out of ukraine where rebels say they have shot down two ukrainian fighter jets. the latest in a live report. plus, secretary of state john kerry in the middle east trying to broker a cease-fire between israel and hamas. this as the number of people killed grows by the day. [ heart beating ]
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[ heart beats ] shelling of gaza by israeli forces, secretary of state kerry says he's making some progress
5:42 am
towards a cease-fire agreement. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with the very latest details from overseas. good morning, tracy. >> good morning, everyone. the latest is that those flights in and out of israel that were grounded from the u.s. by the faa, we're waiting to find out if they'll lift or extend that restriction. the faa can make the announcement today before noon. in just a few hours. there are a lot of people waiting at ben gurion airport outside tel aviv and airports around the united states since the airlines themselves and faa decided 24 hours new york flights in or out after a rocket landed a mile from that airport. this morning, lufthansa extending their ban through tomorrow. the faa may decide the same in the next few hours. secretary of state kerry went into israel today, landed at the airport but on a military plane which was not covered by the
5:43 am
faa's ban. he's got meetings with the israelis, palestinians, united nations, trying to bring about that cease-fire. the state department says this could take some time. before meeting with the united nations secretary-general there today, secretary kerry did say they're making some progress but he declined to go into detail. >> all right. escalation continues. live from washington this morning. developing news out of ukraine this morning. two ukrainian military fighter jets shot down not far from the debris field of malaysia airlines flight 17. kris sanchez joining us now. this is complicating the searches for victims and clues as to what brought that plane down. i would be so afraid now, as an investigator, even to fly in. >> right. investigators can't even access that main crash site, it's still around control of the rush be separatists. but what we know so far about the two ukrainian fighter jets they were shot down 20 miles from the main crash site.
5:44 am
they are jets that can carry a pilot and co-pilot and at this point no one is claiming responsibility. this complicates what is a difficult recovery, an investigation at the debris field six miles long. before that, before those two ukrainian fighter jet were shot down, bodies of flight 17 victims loaded on to the ukrainian military planes for the first leg of their journey home. it was a brief ceremony at the airport, as soldiers carried caskets on to a plane and then another plane carrying bodies of some of the other victims was expected to head to the netherlands today. it is a national day of mourning there. now, in all the bodies of 200 people are making their journey home but 98 remain at the wreckage site and the australian prime minister fears they may never be recovered. >> it's quite possible that many bodies are still out there in the open, in the european
5:45 am
summer, subject to interference and subject to the ravages of heat and animals. that is the predicament in which we found -- we find ourselves. >> monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe visited a site with wreckage from malaysia airlines flight 17 today, but pro-russian separatists remain in control of the main crash site. now they have turned over the jet's black boxes to malaysian expert but was it takes 24 hours to recover data, longer than that to analyze it. russia denies its supporters in involved in the shooting down of the passenger plane but the u.s. says there's plenty of evidence that they were behind it and that it was likely a mistaken hit on what rebels thought was a transport plane. again new york one taking responsibility yet for those two ukrainian military fighter jets shot down. >> interesting to see. you're working to find out more. but keep us updated, because that expands that story quite a
5:46 am
bit. kris sanchez, thank you. new video to show you this morning of a frightening situation for passengers aboard a southwest chicago-bound plane. the plane had to make an emergency landing in columbus, ohio last night after smoke started coming from the cargo hold. the plane landed. the emergency slide deployed and 49 crew -- 49 passengers, 5 crew members managed to jump out safely the plane is out of service until inspectors can figure out what caused the smoke. 5:46 now. senate committee will meet in washington to talk about what to feed the country's children while at school. congress approved standards for school lunches in 2010, they require districts to provide more fresh fruits, veb vegetabld whole grains. last may a separate committed voted some districts to opt out. schools that do not have enough money can get a waiver from the federal government. >> they're trying to feed more
5:47 am
food to children, better food but i've heard from teachers at the end of that they throw it in the trash which is frustrating. >> feeding children altogether. >> i prefer tater tots. >> mac and cheese. >> with tater tots. >> and bacon. and bacon. >> sign me up. >> it's true. it's hard to get down on the kids for not wanting to eat the veggies when we did the same thing when we, too, were kids. 5:47. your mom was like mine, she probably wishes you have a child just like you. 61 degrees in north bay right now, 67 degrees in san francisco. 60 in the south bay. you know what? it's really, really nice out there. if you've got kids at home for summer break, one of the fabulous days to get them outdoors. even though it's still pretty cold in the pacific ocean, in the 50s, typically this time of year, now in the upper 60s in
5:48 am
some cases which is still cold for the pacific ocean. if you're getting in there, you only want to do so for five to ten minutes at a time. yeah, warm up on the warm sands of santa cruz. 70 in santa cruz on the beach, inside the water 67. taking a live look here at san jose, this is spectacular. what a way to start the day. mid level clouds which paint just gorgeous sunrises for us in the bay area. 62 on the peninsula. that's a mild start to the day. only going to ramp up to the upper 70s, even in the heat of the day. still getting shower activity from time to time, you might have to use your windshield wipers north of san francisco. overall, though, not as much activity as we had at this time yesterday. that monsoonal moisture continues to clear out of here. for today 79 south bay. 75 on the peninsula. gorgeous conditions. 68 in san francisco. really nice day coming your way in the north bay. 83 there. 71 east shore and tri-valley today, beautiful conditions, not too hot. low 80s again. i promised we would talk about
5:49 am
air quality. let's do that right now. as we head throughout today, good air quality for the bay area. only had three to four spare the air days so far this summer as we get into the end of the week and crank up the heat, dome of high pressure sets up, stagnant air mass as well, expecting sparing the air by monday into tuesday of next week because we are going to get into the stretch of unusually warm weather but still not too bad. no triple digits for san jose. check your drive with mike inouye. >> bay bridge, i've turned the camera over toward the metering lights. they trigger on a few minutes ago. multiple people in the vehicle, the car pool lane. heading up across the incline. we'll look at maps and see that things are starting to gum up here on the approach to the metering lights and smoother drive across the incline. by the time to treasure island tunnel, you're fine. oakland, east shore freeway at
5:50 am
the limit. oakland, another game, a's playing tonight 7:05. expect post-work traffic. in the city talked about the president being here. stephanie, intercontinental 4th and howard where security is now. traveling through city streets some roadways blocked off by the hotels. slowing northbound 101 san jose. also 580 toward the dublin interchange, continued build there peninsula, look at palo alto, highway 101, traffic flows nicely, northbound past university, south twaeoward embarcadero. 5:50. recent stanford grad has come up with a solution to keep women from having to sit while using a dirty public room rest. it's called the stand-up. she came up with the idea after hearing women complaining about the cleanliness of public bathrooms. >> that's the back.
5:51 am
open stand up, subtle direction, you though that should face you. and then squeeze these two little squeeze tabs. >> women we talked to had different opinions, but one who tested out that invention says she would use it while camping or in a pinch. >> i have no comment. >> i knew you wouldn't. 5:51. talk about having your home covered by insurance literally the faa investigating a bizarre incident, huge geico insurance banner broke loose while being towed by a plane last friday. the sign fell hundreds of feet from the sky and landed directly on sarah clark's home in fremont. she heard a loud thump, thought it was pouring rain. the banner did come close to taking out power lines. but in the end, no damage, nobody hurt, just an interesting story to tell and maybe career in commercials. >> did you know that 15 minutes or less could save you 15% or
5:52 am
more on car insurance. >> everybody knows that. >> 15 seconds or less could have your house literally covered by geico. >> the pilot was trying out a new rope. turned out it wasn't strong enough to hold the sign. he knows not use that rope. >> like how quick they were. >> they were good. they were good. >> stub hub worried about a possible data breach. what we're expected to learn. >>
5:53 am
5:54 am
says cyberthieves cot access to more than 1,000 accounts who used them to buy tickets. hackers did not break through its security, they got info from
5:55 am
breaches at other websites. the manhattan district attorney's office will hold a news conference later today. reports are arrests are expected. stub hub, owned by ebay, has issued refunds to those affected. on the stock market, an until focus. the company reporting higher quarterly profits, sales fell shy of wall street estimates. apple sold more than 35 million iphones, strong demand from china. ipad sales fell for the second straight quarter. apple expected to introduce two iphones and a smartwatch this fall. home of the 49ers, greenest in the country but few teams that have a leg up when it comes to saving the environment. >> part of a new program, the jets will go paperless for ticket holders. instead of usual tickets fans get a smart card that will let them into games. broncos and chiefs paperless. >> if airlines are doing it, why not stadiums. >> christina loren this morning.
5:56 am
a wonderful forecast. >> just spectacular. good morning. live look here, san francisco, from hayes valley. just a fantastic shot. you can see that wall of cloud cover, those low clouds, we call it the marine layer, starting to move onshore. today westerly flow going to keep temperatures comfortable. right now waking up in the 50s and 60s. it's really mild out there we'll end up just spectacular day shaping up let me tell you. high temperatures coming up and then talk about that heat impending heat down the road. want to make sure you're prepared for than first, mike inouye who can prepare you for that road. >> that's right. get ready. there it is. 101 shows slowing from 280 up toward allen rock. jamup here but smooth out by the time you hit allen rock. the map shows you the trend. typical. right there the orange section. everything else looking good.
5:57 am
87, volume building. slowing there followed by 85 and 280 right there. that's the typical pattern for the south bay. rest of the bay area, typical flow as well southbound 880 slowing hayward, union city, the tri-valley as well. watching roads and rails, no major delays for systems. great idea if you don't want to drive, take a ride. 5:57. the president's back in the bay area. what could affect the traffic there, we'll talk about that next? we follow developing news out of ukraine. pro-russian rebels accused of shooting down a pair of ukrainian fighter jets miles from the malaysia airlines crash. into good morning,
5:58 am
5:59 am
mr. president. new detail about whirlwind trip to the bay area and why it's so controversial. plus, black boxes finally in the hands of investigators. new details about the plane shot down in ukraine, including new reports that rebels just shot
6:00 am
down two more military planes. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. overcast start over the oakland hills. want to show you what it look like over the santa clara valley. beautiful sky here. our last unseasonably cool day. we'll crank the heat starting tomorrow and it's going to last for quite some time. we'll get into the minutes. commute starts to build, look at this oakland and 880. the president's visit caughting issues for some drivers already. we have a live look outside at san jose. wednesday, july 23rd, this is today. very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. president obama in the bay area, a whirlwind trip. it's controversial with critics arguing the president should be


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