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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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lots to get to this morning, let's check the forecast with christina loren, nice start. yeah, nice and mild out there, good morning to you, laura, scott, everybody at home. we are getting so close to that weekend at this point. it's going to hot there today. we're going to stay warm the weekend. mild to start, temperatures today jumping by five to ten degrees. we'll drive in in a -- dive in in a minute. mike has the day off. i'm pulling double duty. everything as per usual. we have a couple construction
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zones that could slow you down. this one might catch you offguard. westbound on 580, one lane there is blocked due to construction. it's slated to be wrapping here. count on a little bit of a delay. once you get past the construction. you can make up whatever time you lost. we'll keep you updated, back to you and the top stories of the day. the breaking news in the top story, more trouble in the skies this morning. we are learning that an air al yes ri plane with nearly 220 people on board disappeared from radar. let's get right to "today in the bay's" kris sanchez. she's in the news room with the late breaking details. >> reporter: good morning, that flight was 50 minutes into a four hour flight. communication between that crew stops near the algerian border. here's a map of the area. flight departed from the african
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country and headed for algeria. its been in turmoil. more on that in just a moment. we want to the show you what the plane looks like. it is operated by air aljere. swift air said up to now, no communication with the aircraft, on board the plane are 110 passengers and six crew members of which two are pilots and four are flight attendants. now at this time, the company emergency personnel are working to find out what happened. again that statement coming from swift air which owns the aircraft. now the associated foreign press sights an unnamed company source reporting that the plane was not far from the algerian frontier which the crew was asked to make a detour because of poor visibility and collision with another aircraft on that route. now, sources say it was a
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routine route, and to be clear, we don't know what happened yet, but it comes less than a week after malaysian flight 17 was shot down over hostile territory in ukraine. the faa considers this flight path over maly potentially hostile where civil aircraft are at risk of encountering fire. we are gathering more details for you and we will bring them to you all morning long. >> i suspect we'll find out something very, very soon. we'll check back in, thank you. in the men time, faa lifted its ban to israel. several carriers canceled flights through the area. faa imposed a 24 hour ban after a hamas rocket strike landed near the international airport on tuesday. it was supposed to last through the morning, but lifted last night. this morning, residents of gaza city surveyed the damage from overnight air strikes before the sun came up.
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29 more people were killed including six members of the same family. so far in the conflict, more than 727 palestinians have been killed along with 35 israelis. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east, he's reported some progress towards a ceasefire, but a top israeli leader says truce is unlikely. san jose people will hold a vigil tonight. it will begin at 7:00 tonight. similar events will take place today, across the country. well now to the latest in the malaysian plane shot down in ukraine. two more dutch military planes carrying the remains of the victims will arrive in the netherland this morning. it is the second round of victims to arrive. yesterday, two planes carrying 40 wooden coffins arrived and thousands of dutch lined the 60 mile roult as the bodies were driven from the aircraft. the u.s. state department now
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says up to 100 victims may still be missing. at 4:34, one man dead, another critically hurt in a car crash in highway 101 in santa clara. happened around midnight near great america parkway. investigators say while the car was on northbound 101, it couldn't make a turn, flipped about five times. the passenger died at the scene the driver was taken to stanford hospital with life threatening injuries. the lanes are all open now. it happened aid long a stretch 101 that has seen two other deadly crashes in the last week. copper thief is dead this morning. he was electrocuted while trying to steal the valuable wiring. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live at the pipe company factory. and stephanie, i understand this factory was vacant for years. >> reporter: yeah, good morning laura, that's right. we don't know who the man was, but oakland police saying it appears he was trying to steal
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copper wiring from this factory begin that was evacuate for years. it was around can the last night -- 9:00 last night when medics were called to the factory at west glenn and mandela parkway for a report of an electrical shock victim. he was found electrocuted, pronounced dead at the saenl. he suffered marijuana burns that appeared consistent with handling live voltage wires leading police to believe after a preliminary investigation that he had been trying to steal the copper wiring. presumably because the factory has been vacant for years, the man may not have thought that any wires would be carrying any electric currents. we are still trying to find out where and how, you know, he got electrocuted. we did see fencing around, but just barbed wire, doesn't appear that was the way. copper theft has been on the rise around the country the couple to few years. in fact, the copper price is trading at about $3.20 a pound, that's nearly four times higher than it was just ten years ago.
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live in oakland this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest, stephanie. investigators dusting a shotgun and shells for fingerprints this morning trying to figure out who left a loaded gun at a santa rosa elementary school. it was found by several children at lincoln elementary on tuesday. police think gang members stashed it there. they say it's a new thing that gang members are doing so they're not caught with weapons in their possession, but they have them around. they call them community guns. >>. apparently often marbles roll under the building, they ran under there, saw what they thought was a gun. they went home, and this occurred last night, told their mom about it, mom said just tell the staff in the morning. >> i'm in shock. the kids come to play. they will think it's a toy. and tragedy's going to hit us right there. >> the neighborhood is known for gang activity.
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big vote today for people hoping to preserve the wildlife habitat and farmland around silicon valley. santa clara county open space authority is set to make a decision about putting a new tax on the november ballot. the $24 per parsele tax would raise 120e million in 15 years. the money would expand open space preserves around henry co state park, clara reservoir, and the hills of san jose. the people in san jose will vote on the issues this fall. it would needed a two-thirds majority to pass. palo alto considering to go to a high-tech option to cut back on water. they're running a pilot program allowing homeowners to track their water usage down to the air. they can log on to a website and see how much they're using. one family was sent an e-mail warning of a water leak at their home. >> fortunately we got somebody over to the house and find the
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problem and fix it. otherwise we'd have come back home and found ourselves in a lake inl stead of a house. >> al low alto -- palo alto people say they cut by 20%. if it's successful, it could be expanded to everybody in palo alto. meanwhile the santa clara water district coming up with more ways to enforce regulations, get people to stop wasting water. new video overnight for you of a business near baring in san jose. that has sprinklers shooting into the street. they launched a free app allowing people to report water wasters like this in addition to hiring ten so-called water cops. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. i thought it was a really nice morning already. >> it's comfortable out there, temperatures are in the 60s. mostly clear at this hour as well. and it's going to be warm today. basically, i've got to tell you, so far, we've had it pretty easy this summer here in the bay area, as we jump into this
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afternoon and the coming days, we're about to hit the longest stretch of heat that we've had e so far this morning. and although we aren't expecting major extremes like up to 110 degrees. some spots will hit 105 degrees. i want to put that on your radar, that's for tomorrow when we peek. 85 degrees in the east here, 89 along the peninsula and 1i in the south bay. 90s are back. you'll notice the difference and probably have to use your ac throughout all the inland spots today. you can always get significant heat relieve just by heading over to the ocean. we're going to peak tomorrow, 105 possible in places like antioch, staying warm through the weekend, only going down a touch though from where we're expecting. i'm going to dive in in a few moments. afterall we want to help you make the outdoor plans, you work hard to enjoy the weekends. let's help you get to work so you can get that the paycheck. tomorrow might be a payday friday. taking a live look at the entire bay area, mike has the day off, i'm pulling double duty, there are construction zones, none of
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which have that are going to slow you down except for one. this is out in the tri-valley. we told you about it earlier, and this construction is creating some pretty good delays. i'll show you live in just a minute. westbound 580, one lane blocked there. we have significant back-up, about five to ten minutes longer to get through that stretch. otherwise, most of your roadways look similar to what we're seeing on the golden gate bridge. and i'll show you the san mateo bridge stacking up in both directions. a little bit, light, lots of space between the cars for now. and we know that's going to change. we'll take you through your forecast and change in commute all morning long, right now back to you scott and laura. >> and we look forward to it. blocked by the president, still ahead, how the presidential motorcade can't a woman in labor from reaching a hospital. plus catching hit and run drivers, proposed alert system that would make it harder for people to get away from the scene. and back in court. what we could learn today from the man accused of starting more than a dozen fires in san jose.
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you're watching "today in the bay." very good morning to you, taking a live look outside, what a beautiful live look at the bay bridge. never get tired of that. a nice start to our day. great temperatures, warm-up on the way. we'll check in with christina
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coming up. president obama is in los angeles, meeting with college students to talk about the economy. the president arrived in southern california yesterday afternoon, he'll visit a community college later today to talk about the importance of job driven skills training. before leaving for l.a., the president was in the bay area for a whirlwind fund raising trip. pair of fundraisers with one at san francisco's four seasons hotel, the other at the hills in the home of real estate mogul george marcus. the president about $1 million. president obama's arrival in southern california almost coincided with another less predictable arrival. look at this picture which was posted actually on twitter. this looks like video. we should have picture of a pregnant woman, she's in labor. she couldn't cross the street to the hospital because of the presidential motorcade. it's unclear exactly how long she waited, but police say she eventually made it to the hospital in time. we have yet to hear from the baby was made his or her grand
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appearance, we can imagine. california lawmaker thinks he has a way to make drivers think twice before leaving the scene of the accident. mike gato is introducing the idea of yellow alerts. it would allow police to post descriptions and partial license plate numbers of hit and run drivers, kind of like amber alert, but only activated on local freeways and not to your phone. family of a hit and run victim says it's a great idea. >> probably prevent a lot of people from fleeing in the future because they know that it'll be publicized more and people will catch them. >> reporter: the legislation is making its way through the state senate along with two other bills which would increase the penalty for leaving the scene of the accident. well investors will be watching facebook closely today, for that and the news before the bell, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott, that's right, got to watch facebook. the social media giant's quarterly profits morn doubled as sales and mobile ads surged.
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those account for two-thirds of all ad revenue. facebook has more than 1.3 billion active users. the company has a market value of $190 billion, the same as ibm. and check on the markets, futures higher after a mix daddy on wall street. investors earning from apple and boeing, s&p 500 closing at a record high for the 26th time this year. we do get that out today on unemployment and new home sales, plus earnings, caterpillar, ford, gm, amazon were and starbucks falling 26, nasdaq rising 17. gm announcing six new recalls, none tied to faulty ignition switches. it covers nearly 718,000 vehicles in the u.s. the biggest recall involves a loose bolt on power front seats in several models in 2010 to 2012, including the chevy equinox. they are recalled nearly 16 million vehicles worldwide this year. >> thank you. just staggering, good on gm for
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saying hey, something doesn't work. they didn't do that, but that's millions and millions of cars. >> a lot of them on the roadways. >> we'll check the morning commute in a little bit, christina because she's fulling double duty today. yes, i can tellout right now, if you are leaving, we are accident-free so far this morning. and it's a big bay area, that's a great way to wake up. 63 degrees in concord, 64 to kick off the day in oakland, 63 in mountain view, i can list these numbers off or tell you. it's mild out there. and you don't even need a jacket. even in san francisco it's 61 degrees. although, later on today you really not going to need a jacket, especially in you're waking up with us and leaving the house after 9:00 a.m. i want to show you the trend for the day. this is for the peninsula, but the trend is going to be very warm for the entire bay area. especially the inland spots. you're going to be at 73 degrees on the peninsula as of 9:00 a.m. as you break for lunch, temperatures climb into the 80s. you're going to be close to # 0
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degrees to finish off the day. then as you make your way home from work, 6:00 to 9:00, staying mild. we don't gate lot of relief. temperatures will be warm across the board, 91 degrees in the south bay, 85 for the east shore and 78 degrees in san francisco. cloegser to -- closer to 83 degrees for tomorrow. in san francisco. highly unusual, we'll talk about what's driving this wild weather in just a little bit. just wanted to show you the golden gate bring. we're going to look at your drive in just a moment. overall, really light so far. might have something to do with the summer time. lots of events happen across the bay area, forecast for that coming up, right now back to you, scott and laura. new details, investigators say stormy weather caused a taiwanese airport to crash yesterday. the crash happened while the plane was trying to land during the tail end of a typhoon. the ruling comes as relatives travel to identify their loved ones. victims include 46 taiwanese,
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two french medical students, ten people survived that crash. a long beach man says he does not regret killing a woman who said she was pregnant when she and another man broke into his home. >> she was like don't shoot me, i'm pregnant, i'm having a baby. i shot her anyway. >> he got home to find the couple ransacking his home. they tackled him, he got away and got his gun. the couple ran out the back door, but greer tracked them to the alley behind his house and shot the woman. she begged for her life. but he fired anyway. the man got away. >> i shot her, so that's going to leave a message on his mind. for the rest of his life. >> greer was treated at the hospital for severe shoulder injury and a collarbone injury. long beach police say they're investigating and have not said whether greer will face charges. it's unclear if the woman was actually pregnant. happening now, police are
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searching the south bay and pence loo for an elderly man with dementia who walked away from a hospital yesterday morning. henry scott is in his 70s. he was seen walking away from stanford hospital about 5:00 a.m. again, he does have dementia, also have high blood pressure, he often takes buss in san mateo, they're asking bus riders to keep an eye out. today we could hear from the man who intentionally started 13 fires in san jose. patrick brennan waived his right to enter a plea in april and may. and may actually entered one at a hearing today. he's charged with a ten counts of arson and three counts of attempted arson. after his arrest in january, prosecutors say he admitted he knew there were people in most of the buildings before he set them on fire. because he has a history as an arsonists and sex offender, prosecutors says he faces several life terms in prison if he is convicted. well still ahead "today in the bay," an electrofieing night for the giants, quite literally.
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live look outside, we're looking on your morning commute. no traffic snarls to report. still early as we look live outside at palo alto this morning. stay with us, more news ahead.
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you're watching "today in the bay." well happy thursday to you, 4:54, look at coliseum. a's beat the astros last night. back in action this afternoon, first pitch, 12:35.
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meantime lightning lit up the sky last night in philadelphia just as the giants picked up their play following a long hour long delay. the game was scoreless until the top of the ninth, hunter pence clearing the bases with double. the giants won 3-1. they'll go for a sweep in just a few hours. 10:05 this morning. now two games up on the dodgers who come into san francisco for a huge series tomorrow night, and of course, that game will be right here on nbc bay area. >> which is good because i believe it's sold out. >> yes it is. from baseball to football. today the 49ers will take the field for the first official practice of the season. vernon davis will be there. >> c.j. spillman posted this video on instagram showing davis being welcomed back to team headquarters yesterday. he wants a new contract. he stayed away from the team's voluntary offseason workouts, and mini camp last month. however, guard alex boone still remains a no-show. >> man those guys are strong.
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even though the first official event is next saturday, we're counting down the days until the 49ers regular season home opener against the bears. just 51 days left, and that game can be seen right here on nbc bay area, september 14th. >> make a good chicagoan. let's check in with -- >> wait a minute, also, root beer scooper. >> yeah. >> usa's game last night. >> and they won. that was really, really awesome to see both bay area teams win in the night. they're rivaling for the first place position right now. >> maybe you're the lucky charm. >> no, i can't take credit for that. but i can tell you right now if you were traveling around oakland, good-looking drive right now. hardly any delays. even at this hour, that's rare on 880. i want to tell you where you might be delayed. right now we have construction clearing westbound 580 beforefallen, however, there were debris in the highway, clean up process, so you're going to have a little bit of a back-up, about five to ten
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minutes. this should be clearing throughout the next hour. i want to take you up to richmond. this is eastbound 580 at castro. also some late running road work here, blocking two lanes, it'll take you about five minutes to get through here. five minutes longer than usual. overall, not bad. that traffic volume is picking up, we're going to show you some hot spots in just label the. right now back to you, scott and laura. >> thanks a lot. it is 4:57, update to breaking news, passenger plane with more than 100 people on board disappears from radar. our own kris sanchez is monitoring the situation. she will have the very latest in about two minutes. plus a man electrocuted as police say he was trying to steal copper from a vacant factory. live in oakland with details. plus san francisco is one of four u.s. cities vying to host the 2024 olympic games. what city leaders are doing this morning in hopes of boosting the odds.
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breaking news, a plane out of western africa disappears mid-flig mid-flight, more than 100 passengers on board. we'll tell you what we're learning in a live report. man is killed while allegedly trying to steal copper from a vacant building. what police think happened coming up. we've been spoiled with unseasonably cool weather for the past ten days. the heat is going to surge as we get into this afternoon, peek heat tomorrow, temperatures up to 105 degrees in some spots. and we're going to hold on to that heat through the weekend. we'll tell you just how long this heat wave could last in your microclimate forecast this morning. and a live look outside at san jose, it is thursday, july 24th, and this is "today in the bay". from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning, thank you for joining us, scott mcgrew. >> and i'm


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