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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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in morgan hill. cal fire sent eight engines and a bulldozer yesterday. >> they were send iing b and e which means lights and sirens. >> yesterday, there were at least three fire ins the south bay, including this warehouse fire in san jose. the question now is will we have adequate protection now that cal fire has sent 30 firefighters to battle the sand fire. division chief says we do have enough protection and cal fire can always rely on mutual aid stations throughout the bay area in the event of a big fire. he also says that cal fire has reserved engines that they can also rely on. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, mary anne. of course we were watching the fire situation very closely.
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you can head over for your forecast. we also have temperatures for your specific neighborhood and your seven-day forecast. >> city leaders are embracing a cozy relationship. and officials say they have the evidence to prove it's too cozy. nbc bay area live in san bruno and christy, a state lawmaker now making his voice heard. >> yeah, that's right. good evening to you. he says that a series of documents including e-mails show that their relationship between pg&e and the state p, you see, is it's just cozy, too close and it's inappropriate. now, the state public utilities commission oversees gas and electric. and this comes four years after the deadly gas explosion in san bruno. investigators have already named a close relationship and lack oversight as factors 234 that pipeline explosion.
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the city says the puc's president, michael peevey is involved in some of these e-mails. sam bruno has been involved in the penalty process saying i ii keeping close watch to see that the state holds pg&e accountable. that's what these e-mails show. that coziness is not what we expected. >> now, we did reach out to the state puc today but didn't hear back. earlier, they did release a statement about transparency. pg&e referred us back to a statement that was released friday saying in part we're absolutely committed to conducting ourselves in an ethical manner at all times. senator hill is expected to join
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city leaders as they announce actions against the state puc and the pg&e tomorrow morning in san francisco. >> christy, thank you. today, governor brown took off for mexico on a trade mission and controversy certainly followed him. immigration reform is expected to come up during this trip. but the focus on unaccompanied children leaving central amer a america. bud that hot button topic was not listed. the government's first official trip to mexico since returning to the governor's office three years ago. >> east palo alto police are hoping someone can provide more information on a murder. police found the victims in front of a home near university avenue around midnight.2< the 34-year-old man from heyward died at the scene.
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>> an israeli cabinet meeting is underway to discuss whether or not a humanitarian cease fire proposed by hamas. with more than a thousand palestinians and 46 israelis killed so far. >> reporter: palestinian cease fire that was called for by hamas at 2:00 in the afternoon. since they called for the cease fire, hamas themselves have fired more than 30 rockets at israel. israel has responded with rocket fire and continued pounding in gaza. >> despite the fact that israel held its fire, there were continued rocket attacks upon israel. and now we have to respond. >> the calls for the humanitarian cease fires from the united nations particularly of state john kerry seems to be
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falling on deaf ears. there's a cabinet meeting going on in which they're discussing the question of whether or not a humanitarian cease fire will agree too a cease fire. but they're also discussing that if that cease fire does not work, what will they do next. will that go to stage three of the operation. it will mean a deeper infiltration moving the israeli ground forces deeper into gaza. that would mean more violent confrontation with hamas. that's exactly what secretary of state john kerry is trying to avoid. all of the cause for cease fire do not seem to be met positively by the two sides. they seem to have a lot of fight with them left. >> coming up next at 6:00,
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another round of fog in the peninsula. >> a new plan to protect passenger planes from being shot down by missiles.
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round two will be sprayed for the second time this month to combat the spread of west
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nile virus. north idaho street and seven lane in hillsboro. they sprayed the same area on july 21 st, but despite that, county mosquitos have tested positive for the virus. >> two people are in the hospital tonight after an apartment fire in richmond early this morning. the flames broke out just before 4:00 at an apartment complex a block from interstate 80. a man and a woman were burned but expected to survive. the red cross is stepping in now to help out those residents. fire fighters say they are looking into how the fire started. >> a surge of violence has caused a team to abandon the search for flight 317.
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with more than half the dead from the netherlands, the dutch will recover and identify the bodies. malaysia's prime minister had been reached with the crash site. >> they say the attack on malaysia flight 17 combined with near misses of the tell tell veef. >> and i know senator schuman and i are both concerned about terrorists and copy catting. when they see a tactic used effectively, they're going to replicate that tactic. >> missile defense equipment
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would cost $1-2 million per plane. >> pleasant in the east bay, you can see the showers winding down for the moment. but we're watching another round of moisture pulling up out of southern california. that will bring another chance of showers and thundershowers. we'll look at that in the forecast when we come right back. ous taste that makes even the most impatient, patient. dude! tillamook sharp cheddar, tastes better because it's made better.
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the end of a tragic journey for the costa concordia. the wrecked cruise ship arrived today.
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it capsized more than two years ago in the mediterranean. 32 people died in that accident. a 33-year-old waiter from the boat is the only thing missing after the tragedy. >> headed right here, right now with your forecast, he was talking rain a few minutes ago. it's a bizarre summer at this point. >> it is. especially the driest month of the year, typically, is not behaving that way. at times, coming up out of the desert southwest and more where that's coming from. evening around the bay area. san jose near 820 degrees. you see mostly clear skies. 71 closer to oakland. around livermore, still 95 drk. as you take out san francisco right now, this sea breeze is going. 68 degrees currently there. the winds are on shore. this part of the picture looks familiar. you've got the late day sea breeze.
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northwest wind for now and san jose keeping the garlic i smell down gr now. so what we have right now is a break between these waves that continue to come up through the desert southwest. those are the showers that did continue to bring thunder and lightning briefly. that has moved on and you c see the intensity of the showers briefly offshore. but that system weakening by the time it's across the coast later on in the evening for today. notice in southern california, we've got another wave of moisture coming up. by this time tomorrow, very likely. that would be the next batch of mid level moisture. the pattern that we normally see is sea breeze dominated. instead, we had high pressure
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early out of the southwest and pushing that moisture out of news, weather, and sports earn california hitting down along the coast. we could see the chances of summer showers. next batch coming in probably during the day tomorrow. we'll see increasing clouds, probably quick start to the morning. another hot day. by monday night into tuesday, you see that next batch of showers coming in. you'll see that reaching its peak early tuesday morning. a chance of summer showers go away as you pass wednesday and thursday. 88 degrees in san jose, we'll probably eat there by lunchtime tomorrow. that should put a cap on these afternoon temperatures. mid 90s for saratoga tomorrow. mostly could day skies on tuesday. temperatures may temporarily drop down a little bit.
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and then as we head towards next weekend, lower 80s around the south bay. for the north bay, we'll see highs in near santa rosa. still pretty hot for the next couple of days. it's not untim friday those temperatures will level off. but over the next two days, as femptures stay in the 90s, there's that slight chance to see a stray shower or two or lightning possible in the coastal range. back to you. >> sounds good, thank you, rob. >> they're off. tens of thousands of athletes sizzle through the streets of san francisco. >> we'll see what it was like from the runner's perspective of this year's marathon.
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well, he's tobacco. residents have been warned if they hear gunshots or explosions next week, don't be concerned: it's just arnold. the term nay xx is back handling his business. did i do that justice? he'll be back. thank you. according to the mercury, the fifth term nay xx movie will be shot inside oracle head quarters starting tomorrow. the production company is keeping pretty mum about the shoot. some seens will also be shot in san francisco, but it's unclear when. find out. we'll tell you. >> especially if there's booms involved. >> we usually want to know about that. >> avid runners put some serious
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miles on their shoes this morning in san francisco. take a look. thousands took part in the annual marathon. the event also included half and full marathons. >> tony, our producer here tonight, it's incredible. i hope i got that right, won the marathon for men. finishing in just over 2:32. and a mother of three, ann anna raton, won the woman's event for the second straight time! that is amazing. tony was telling us he kept about an 8 minute pace per mile. >> coming up in sports, a pair of oakland a greats are inducted into the baseball hall of fame from cooperstown. >> plus, the 49ers suffer another setback at training camp.
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find out which running back was carted off the practice field today. it's coming up next on the xfinity sports desk.
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just a someday avenue fellow running back was diagnose noded with a torn acl. james suffered a dislocated elbow and could miss about a month of football. 49ers secondary is another question mark heading into the 2014 season. long time quarterbacks rogers and brown each migrated to oakland this off season.
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it's part of a very high level right out of the shoot. off to a very strong start. both of those players is really looks to elevate his gain. >> i saw it last season. i saw it in the off season. he's off to a very, very strong start. chris oliver is moving around. he knows right now. and then i think with chris cook, parrish cox, acker and dante johnson, they're just working. >> we have three guys that could be legit number one. it helps alleviate the confidence and work on your kraft a lot.
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>> let's get to a big day in baseball. coopers town welcomed the class of 2014 into the baseball hall of fame today. former a's manager tony larusa among the as honored. >> you go to oakland and you have the same combination of chicago and st. louis. you have wonderful ownership. they're all represented here today. you have a great front office all represented here today. and then we had hall of famers, two of them back here, rick kick and nick. and i believe the way to accept this tremendous honor is as a representative of all of those coaches and members of the chicago white sox and oakland days. >> the green and gold were also represented by the bigger, frank
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thomas received the coveted honor on his first hall of fame ball lots. the first baseman put up huge numbers and also made quite a mark with the as back in 2006. >> i want to personally thank you all for being great role models and making this game what it is today. no shortcuts to success. thanks for having me in your club. >> i would like to thank the oakland as for believing me ass a free agent. lou wolf, billy bing, dave fore hearst. thanks for taking a chance on me รท that season was magical. >> very good speeches today. the san francisco giants are in action as we speak. newly acquired jam peevey is on the mound. can he help the g-man avoid the sweep. we'll have highlights coming up tonight at 11:00.
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>> sounds good, henry. thank you. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you back here tont at 11. >> good night. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ]
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[cell phone vibrates] >> hello. >> lemon, good morning. wh--what is that sound? are you frying bacon? >> no, it's my new running shoes. >> [laughs] oh, come on. lemon, i'm going over the guest list for my 50th birthday party and you have not rsvp'd. >> oh, right, sorry. my mail's been piling up and i keep forgetting to buy toilet paper so... >> what is that supposed to mean? >> nothing. i'm coming. >> good. and don't wear that thing with the belt. >> what thing with the belt? don't hang up. i have a lot of belted outfit-- oh, what is this idiot doing? >> i will be brief. i have decided to fulfill my dream of going into space. if you have a spaceship and are looking for a hilarious astronaut with an irregular heartbeat and $30 million, i'm prepared to leave as soon as tomorrow. >> [sighs] >> i wrote that yesterday. i will not be taking questions.


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