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tv   Today  NBC  July 28, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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local news updates including lots of traffic. >> that's right. and of course join us right here for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. chaos on venice beach. a freak lightning strike kills one man and injures another on a popular california beach. while in the south, a tornado damages homes in tennessee. pressure's on. the president calls for israel's prime minister for a cease-fire. but the fighting goes on today. the death toll topping 1,000. the overnight immediate stop to the bloodshed by the u.n. goes unheeded. where was she? a new hampshire girl after missing for nine months suddenly returns home. >> it's something that's haunting me. it will haunt me for the rest of
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my life. >> her mother speaks out after reuniting with her daughter. and gone to pot? is the legalization of marijuana driving people to homeless shelters? the unexpected problem in colorado as it goes mainstream today. monday, july 28, 2014. >> from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. we've got willie in here for matt this morning. what a strange situation in california, the lightning strike on the beach. >> how rare these are, al. >> this is such a tiny storm. in fact, the last time somebody died in california from a lightning strike was 2009. so you don't see that this often. >> and that violent weather coast to coast actually is our top story this morning. let's start with the deadly
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lightning strike on california's famed venice beach. that's where we find nbc's joe fryer this morning. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. one person was killed, another is in critical condition. in all, across southern california, 14 people were injured by lightning strikes. something that doesn't normally happen here on the beach especially this time of year. complete chaos across venice beach moments after the lightning bolt hit. people rushing to help a victim who was lying on the edge of the water. >> it literally sounded like a bomb went off. >> the loudest clap of thunder i've heard in my life. >> reporter: paul deon was swimming when the shock pulsed through him. >> you know, i was struggling to get my head back above water. >> reporter: luckily nearby friends pulled him to safety. >> thank god they were brave enough to jump in and not hesitate. >> reporter: in all 13 people were treated at the scene, eight of them taken to hospitals.
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one of the victims, a 20-year-old man, passed away. the lightning strike was produced by a rare band of summer thunderstorms that moved through los angeles on sunday. >> that big cell right there, i'll zero in on, that's where the lightning strikes were this afternoon. >> reporter: another lightning bolt on a golf course on catalina island injured a 57-year-old man. he's expected to be okay. and this was the aftermath in redondo beach where lightning singed a house and a car. a path of destruction on the ground caused by a sudden jolt of electricity from the sky. this is the 16th death this year in the u.s. caused by a lightning strike and the first in california. al, as you mentioned the last time someone in southern california was killed by a lightning strike was over five years ago. >> that's right, joe fryer in venice beach, california. joe, thank you so much. and as we mentioned, 16 people generally so far this year have been killed by lightning strikes
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in 2014. out of that number, six were in florida so far. and as joe mentioned, 2009 last southern california death. in fact, on average about 52 people die a year due to lightning strikes in our country. we've also had severe weather in the east. as you look, this is in eastern tennessee. a rope tornado. and you'll see some power lines flashing as you can see them right there. boom. transformers blowing as lines get ripped up. a lot of damage in parts of eastern tennessee. in fact, out of the 36 eastern counties, about ten of them saw major damage. you can see buildings knocked down, power lines pulled down. poles literally pulled out of the ground and that is now making its way to the east. as you can see on the map, we've got more showers and thunderstorms starting to crop up as the warm, moist air makes its way along the eastern seaboard. we'll see the humidity levels still hanging in. but behind this, much cooler air comes on in.
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that's going to generate more strong storms from new orleans all the way down into wilmington, tallahassee, charleston. can't rule out tornadoes, damaging winds, and a decent amount of rain, guys. we're talking 2 to 3 inches of rain that may cause flash flooding on top of everything else. >> wild weather coast to coast. al, we'll talk to you in a couple minutes. thanks. now to the heavy fighting in the middle east. israel and hamas exchanged new attacks overnight following a temporary truce. and with the death toll now topping 1,000 people the u.n. security council is calling for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in gaza city for us. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the u.n. security council held this emergency meeting overnight calling on both sides to stop their hostilities to implement this unconditional cease-fire. president obama in what has been described to us as an especially blunt conversation spoke with israel's prime minister to
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stress the same point. israel has agreed to stop most of its offensive operations in gaza, but this conflict is certainly and by no certain terms over yet. after three weeks of punishing air strikes against the gaza strip, nearly 2,500 palestinian rockets lobbed at israeli cities. and a 12-day ground operation into gaza in which at least 43 israeli soldiers were killed in close combat. now the most promising sign yet that this war could be turning a corner. israel says it wants to trade quiet for quiet. but israel isn't stopping its gaza mission entirely. the army said it will continue to destroy hamas tunnels along gaza's perimeter. it gave no time limit for how long that might take.
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what is hamas getting in return? so far nothing. no deal, no immediate lifting of the closure of the gaza strip. just a reprieve from israel's assault that has flattened entire gaza neighborhoods and killed more than 1,000 palestinians. many of them civilians, many of them children. the war could easily escalate again. hamas wants an agreement to end the fighting. not for israel to unilaterally scale back the assault on its own terms. after this harsh and blunt phone call from president obama, israel said it will stop taking unilateral action and only respond to attacks. hamas has rejected that. it says that it will probably hold a cease-fire for 24 hours. this is a muslim holy day across the arab world, across the muslim world. but it's very likely when this holiday ends, tomorrow or the next day, hamas rocket attacks in israel could resume. >> all right. richard engel in gaza city for us this morning.
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richard, thank you. now to another troubled spot. new fighting in the ukraine. once again slowing the investigation into the downing of malaysia air flight 17. and nbc's keir simmons has the latest from donetsk this morning. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this morning, the u.n. says the shooting down or apparent shooting down of mh-17 may constitute a war crime which makes the investigation even more important. and yet this morning we were with the investigators as they struggled to even get to the scene of the crash. determined to reach the crash site of malaysian flight 17, a convoy of western monitors and media is forced to pull over. there's gunfire ahead. the monitors have been stopped in the road just up here further up we heard fighting, tank fire, mortars, clashes between the separatists and the ukrainian military. tense negotiations begin. finally the two sides agree to cease fire long enough to allow
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safe passage. but locals are fleeing with terrible stories. we heard anti-aircraft guns trying to shoot the plane, he tells me, then it dropped two bombs. and there are reports of both sides using indiscriminate ground rockets like these. pictures unverified by nbc news. the ukrainian military and the rebels blaming each other for the death of 13 civilians including two children yesterday. most of this unverified video is too sickening to show. secretary kerry is urging russia to stop arming the rebels. but president putin taking part in a russian naval ceremony isn't listening. vowing to strengthen the russian fleet in crimea, still considered by ukraine's leadership to be their country. and this morning the state department has issued satellite images it says supports its assertion that russian forces are firing artillery into eastern ukraine in support of the separatists.
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meanwhile we're hearing those monitors in the end did have to turn back, savannah. they are saying that artillery fire got closer and closer to them. and they are describing themselves as sick and tired of it. savannah. >> it makes a hard job even harder. keir simmons in the region this morning, thank. concerns are intensifying today after a second american tested positive for the potentially deadly ebola virus while working in africa. nbc's janet shamlian in london with that story. janet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. one is a doctor and one is a missionary. they contracted the ebola virus while working in the area. dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol, who have been working in liberia to save the lives of ebola patients are now fighting for their own. despite wearing protective suits, like the one dr. brantly is seen in here while treating a patient, both have contracted
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the highly contagious virus. >> we're all sort of devastated by it, but at the same time we find room for optimism because in both cases the disease was not only diagnosed very quickly, but we were able to begin intensive supportive care. >> reporter: ken isaacs is with the samaritan's purse group dr. brantly is working for. writebol is a missionary, also part of the ebola team. dr. brantly's wife and two children had been living with him in liberia, but are now back in texas. >> they are self-monitoring themselves. checking their temperature. that would be the first sign is if they had any fever at all. >> reporter: writebol's husband david, also a missionary in liberia, doesn't have symptoms but told his north carolina church that says his wife is not doing well. both writebol and brantly are in isolation infected with the virus they hoped to save others from. the virus is spreading quickly.
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in the countries of new guinea and sierra leone and liberia. and the airports are now tracking and testing passengers after one died. there is not treatment or vaccine. death rates can be as high as 90% for ebola. chances of survival are higher when it's caught early. samaritan's purse say both americans are getting the best care possible, but willie, again, there is no vaccine. willie, back to you. >> janet shamlian on a scary story out of africa. janet, thanks so much. now to natalie. top stories of the west including a fire. crews are making progress against the fast moving wildfire in the sierra foothills. the sand fire has destroyed 13
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homes and burned 6 square miles of steep, rugged terrain. hundreds of people have been evacuated. it was 50% contained sunday night but more 500 homes remain in danger. it started on friday when a vehicle drove over dry vegetation. the "costa concordia"'s long journey is finally over. this is a time lapsed video of the cruise liner arriving in genoa. it shows the wrecked "concordia" making its way through a span of seven hours. it's arrival marked the biggest maritime salvage operation costing more than $2 billion. it capsized more than two years ago killing 32 people. newly released audiotapes reveal a heated exchange between a delta air lines pilot. along with the air traffic controller. this happened friday at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport. after the air traffic controller suggested that the pilot was on the wrong taxiway. take a listen. >> it looks like you joined lima.
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>> you know what? we'll taxi out there any way we want you tell us to. i don't like your attitude. >> good morning. there was no attitude. i was just trying to correct you. >> you didn't tell us how to get there. next time you can try doing that. >> settle down captain happy. >> a little cranky. at the very end, that was another pilot from another plane saying settle down. delta now is reportedly investigating. somebody needs a little time-out, i think. well, any baseball executive is going to admit during the dog days of summer it could be hard to get the fans in the seats. but a team in south korea has potentially the answer. take a look. the eagles have installed what they call fan bots into a section of the stadium. they hold up digital signs and encourage fans to cheer and can even do the wave. so who controls the fan bots? they're real human fans who are sitting at home. they can rent a digital body and have their face then displayed on its head. no word on whether they can
7:15 am
order a beer though. not quite the same effect. >> i don't know how to feel about that. >> still processing what you told me. >> i don't think it works. >> should we get fan bots for the plaza? >> we have real fans. >> are you real? >> this was all worth it just for captain happy. you can apply that nickname. >> you really restrained yourself on that one. >> i did. let's show you what's going on, commander smiley. we're looking at a risk of strong storms through the atlantic coast. wet weather through the southwest and four corners area. toasty in the pacific northwest. we'll look at that in more detail. and we've got heavy showers and thunderstorms through the northeast. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds, captain.
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makes you want to dance. 7:16, rain dance. look at this. we have showers on the radar this morning. but i can tell you, a lot of that activity still to our south, it's slowly but surely working its way into the bay area. as a result today, bring your umbrella with you. humid conditions, also hot weather, but the showers will provide some rain-doomed air throughout the day today. 20, 30% chance all across the board. 70 degrees in san francisco, 81 on the east shore. >> all right, al. thank you so much. there is a potential break in that awful case in philadelphia. deadly carjacking and crash. now two persons of interest are
7:17 am
being questioned about the incident. it killed three children as they were on the street selling fruit to raise money for a playground. the mother is now in the hospital. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. overnight we learned that police are questioning those two persons of interest. one 19-year-old man, another in his 20s. they haven't released names. there are no charges. as you can imagine this is welcomed news here in this neighborhood left reeling by what happened here. they were a family selling fruit to raise money for a new playground when police say two carjackers who had just stolen an suv lost control and barrelled into their stand. >> this is like a bomb at exploded. >> reporter: three young lives taken. little terrance was just seven years old. >> he was very sweet and very quiet. >> reporter: his brother thomas was ten. >> he was shy, too, but sneaky shy. >> reporter: and 15-year-old
7:18 am
keyiera about to start high school. their neighbor tried, but couldn't save her. >> you see the kids. >> reporter: mom keshia williams is in critical condition. neighbors say still unaware that three of her children are gone. >> that's going to kill her. >> reporter: tia brown's mother selma a close family friend was also injured in the crash. as was the woman who was carjacked. now after a massive manhunt and ongoing police investigation, a mourning community hoped they may finally have some answers. >> whoever they are did what they did to these people to then get out of the truck and run and leave these people dead. ♪ >> reporter: we're told that one of the men turned himself in. he was accompanied by his mother and his pastor. the other man was picked up by marshals not far from here. when you think it can't get sadder, but we learn the mom in critical condition also has two
7:19 am
other children. one of them has special needs. >> kristen dahlgren, keep us updated on that investigation. thank you very much. let's take a turn now and swing to carson. he's back in the orange room with news from nascar. >> jeff gordon won his brickyard 400 for the fifth time. he is taking the checkered flag. he got off to a rocky start. we'll get to that in a second. however, yesterday it was jeff gordon day. it celebrates the first time he won 20 years ago. look at the point and shoot cameras back then now all iphones. a lot changed in 20 years. the first pit gas man trying to get the gas in there. that second container. didn't matter. the traditional kissing of the bricks. mr. gordon goes on to win. his family down there kissing the bricks. people on facebook are kissing
7:20 am
the bricks. way to go. congratulations, jeff gordon. that's the news from the orange room. guys, back to you. >> gordon's been doing it a long time. coming up, twist in the case of a missing girl home after nine months. her mother speaks to us exclusively. plus a reunion that will melt your heart. a dog so incredibly happy to see his owner, yes, he faints. he's okay though. first this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning it is 7:26 i'm kris sanchez. breaking news in the south bay where a fallen power line causing a mess of the morning commute. this was the view from our chopper just moments ago above highway 85 in sun thivle where the northbound lanes are shut down. this is near the homestead road exit just north of the interchange with 280. traffic backed uch for mimes. chp allowing cars to get off the freeway going the wrong way off the off-ramp at homestead road. no word yet on when crews will have the scene cleared. although mike inouye is getting word that things are changing. >> at least in the southbound direction coming down to the area, they're opening all the one lanes at homestead.
7:27 am
all but one is lane. it's not so bad that it was backed up to 237. north 280 for folks trying to get off and head up through the interchange. they are jammed up. look how the ripple effect is happen for north 85. and nrt 280 out of san jose is jamming up towards that scene. again, we still have all northbound lanes closed. the boulevard up towards 280, that's jammed as well. maybe continue up towards fremont avenue. it's busy in the surface streets through silicon valley because of the of that build for the south bay commute. the rest of 101 and 87 log standard for our monday morning though. also jammed up, westbound 580 out of the pass and in toward livermore westbound 580. greensville, overturned big rig is yet to clear. and the change is settled. >> settle. you know what i mean. couple days left in the month of july and we're tracking showers and a lot of shower activity, but most of this is still to the south of the bay area. it will come up here as we head throughout the day. in fact, i'm expecting some of
7:28 am
that action here in the south baby 9:30. mostly cloudy conditions, same over ocean beach. i want to show you the sky over san francisco already seeing those low clouds thinning out. it's going to be warm out there today and humid, and your true temperature is actually going to feel even warmer because of that humidity. 89 degrees in the south bay. that's the high, it's going to feel more like 99 degrees when you add that moisture. 81 for the east shore. 70 degrees in san francisco. and 86 degrees today in the north bay, back to you. >> thank you very much, christina. we have more local news coming up in just about a half hour. for now, enjoy the "today show."
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7:30 now on this monday morning, july 28th, 2014. what a pretty one in tulsa, oklahoma, as the sun is coming up there. we would love to put your photos of the morning up on our plaza. just share them with us with #todaysunrise. >> beautiful. here's a look at what's making headlines. violent storms in the south. this tornado in tennessee, at least ten homes and a grocery store were destroyed. luckily no injuries reported. one person was killed, dozen others injured by a lightning strike in venice beach, california. a rare thunderstorm caught a lot of beachgoers and swimmers off guard. and firefighters are making
7:31 am
progress against wildfires burning around yosemite national park and california's vineyards. but this morning more than 500 homes remain under threat. straight ahead this morning, the questions tied to the missing new hampshire girl recently found. today her mother in an exclusive interview. and our friend whoopi goldberg will be stopping by. i heard about something maybe going on at "the view." >> we'll get the scoop from whoopi. and tomorrow on "today," lady gaga is here. she's teaming up with another legend from the music world. tony bennett. they will tell us what it's about when we see them tomorrow morning on "today." >> fascinating pairing. and it works. it does. let's begin this half hour with a reported spike in homeless young people at shelters in the state of colorado. as nbc's gabe gutierrez
7:32 am
explains, some of the blame is being placed on the state's new marijuana laws. >> reporter: this summer in colorado there's a different type of rocky mountie high. a higher number of homeless. >> a couple people said i'm from texas. i'm just here to smoke. >> reporter: they started noticing the surge in january shortly after colorado started offering recreational marijuana. now the homeless shelter sees extra people a night. >> the increased number of people has to do with the passage of the marijuana laws. >> what brought me here? i was able to smoke pot freely. >> reporter: 19-year-old jacob janice moved to colorado five months ago. >> people here have an open mentality. you're able to be who you want to be and get high just like it was tea time. >> reporter: so far colorado and washington are the only two that allow recreational pot sales. 23 states plus washington, d.c.
7:33 am
allow medical marijuana. even though weed is still technically illegal under federal law. now a blunt editorial in "the new york times" is urging the federal government to drop that ban for people 21 and over. the paper argues that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol and it is long past time to repeal this edition of prohibition. columnist david brooks on "meet the press." >> the haze is strong. >> reporter: the new influx is stretching already thin resources. >> there's an impact beyond what we could have guessed. >> reporter: unintended consequences of one of the great social experiments of the century. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> complicated on a number of levels. let's get a check of the weather. >> we've got a lot of warm weather to talk about. we're seeing cooler than normal temperatures as the jet stream
7:34 am
takes this big dip. we are looking at much cooler air making its way through the great lakes and the northeast later today. but as you can see that ridge bubbling up, that allows for a lot of ab normally hot weather. y yakima, washington, 100 today. and we're watching the tropics. this is when the atlantic starts to get a little more active. right now we're watching this strong tropical wave. right now given a 70% chance of development. if it becomes a tropical storm, second one of the season, i love this name. bertha. >> yeah. >> big bertha. >> that's hoping bertha doesn't get too big. 7:34 now live look at heelsburg. you can see here, mostly cloudy
7:35 am
conditions overhead. as we head throughout the day today, we're going to burn off the cloud cover over the course of 30 minutes. san francisco, still rather overcast. these are your highs for today. you have to factor in that humidity. it's going to feel sticky. we may have a few showers roll through the bay area. 89 degrees today in the south bay. east shore's at 81 degrees. we'll stay steady just about all week long. weather, check out the weather channel on cable or in line. a 15-year-old new hampshire girl suddenly reappeared nine months after she vanished. you have this story. >> that's right. abigail hernandez didn't return from high school. just a week ago she walked into her family's home. now abigail's mother is speaking out exclusively to "today." >> it's a lot. we're just taking it day by day.
7:36 am
>> reporter: last sunday night their prayers were answered after abigail returned home after going missing in october. >> we just stood and looked at each other and then we hugged. i just said thank god you're home. thank god you're home. >> reporter: seen here for the first time reuniting with a friend, her appearance shocked her mother. >> she lost a lot of weight. she looked pale. she had a look in her eyes that is haunting me. >> reporter: police were investigating. they can't share many details what happened during the nine months away. but the protected mother is defending her daughter from rumors surrounding her disappearance. >> people believe she was pregnant. she was not. she did not run away. i firmly believe that.
7:37 am
as far as her knowing her attacker, i believe she did not know the individual. >> reporter: police are looking for this man in connection with her disappearance. new hampshire attorney general issued a statement saying law enforcement officers must now obtain satisfactory answers to the questions surrounding the facts and circumstances of abigail's disappearance and nine-month absence. abigail thanked those who searched for her in a statement saying, my gratitude is beyond words. it's an incredible feeling to be home. and i believe in my heart that your hopes and prayers played a major role in my release. but for abigail and her mother, the battle is not yet over. >> i feel like they just took and ripped somebody out of our souls. and just as i swore that i'll find her, i'll find the person. i'll find out what happened. >> and abigail's mom says she encouraged her daughter to talk to the police to ensure justice is served, but she says she
7:38 am
knows that has been very hard on her daughter. >> hopefully can get more answer when the police conclude their investigation. thank you. coming up next, are you getting what you paid for? the rossen report talks about some major gems being sold at retailers. how do you feel about play dates? one one state at home dad says he wants them banned from your listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure. take life in.
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they'll wanna eat it rightgonna away.odor five generations, and country crock stirs in easily, to give mashed potatoes that rich buttery flavor your family loves, everytime. welcome to crock country. ♪ we're back at 7:41. this morning on rossen reports, a red ruby alert. are those beautiful pendants and
7:42 am
rings you're buying real or a cheap filler? jeff rossen went shopping with his team. what'd you find? >> reporter: good morning, guys. it's july. if you have a birthday in the month of july like our cameraman john. his birthday is tomorrow. ruby is your birthstone. they're representing strength, power, and love. and those don't come cheap. some going for thousands of dollars each. you can buy them at about every major department store. but our investigation found some of the rubies in those display cases are actually filled with cheap glass. this morning our hidden cameras are rolling. we're going on a shopping spree. we're interested in some of the rubies you have here. searching for radiant rubies and shelling out thousands for them. they must be the real deal, right? >> it's almost all glass. >> reporter: wait. did he just say glass? >> 90% glass. correct. >> reporter: wow.
7:43 am
just imagine our surprise when we had them analyzed by world renowned gemologists. >> this is fish tank gravel that's been modified. that's what i call it. >> reporter: in fact, both our experts say these rubies are just imposters. but we found them on display at some of the nation's biggest stores. first up, lord and taylor where this salesman is up front about it. >> lead glass. >> reporter: but then he said what? >> it's a real ruby. >> reporter: you're sure it's natural? >> yeah. >> these are not rubies. period. >> reporter: we were told the same thing at this jcpenney. >> it's lead filled, genuine ruby. >> reporter: that's not true either. but at least these mentioned the lead glass. this macy's saleswoman never did. >> it is natural.
7:44 am
yes. >> reporter: it's pretty. the price tag? $1200. and no glass disclosure by littman's jewelry. it's real? >> absolutely. >> reporter: remember we had them tested and they're filled with glass. one of these is filled with lead glass and the rest are 100% genuine rubies. i'll give you a second. don't feel bad. it's the one in the middle filled with lead glass. a telltale sign right here. up close, those air bubbles trapped inside. >> there's never an air bubble in a natural ruby. >> reporter: and check this out. here's a real ruby. here's what you bought for real ruby. put in a cleaning solution at any jeweler.
7:45 am
see what happens. here's your natural ruby. >> looks beautiful. no cracking. >> and here's what they sold as a natural ruby. >> reporter: this is literally falling apart. >> if you left it long enough, it would literally fall apart. >> reporter: they mark with tags and some mention it online. but now our investigation is getting results. littman and macy's are retraining their associates. and penney's is removing any reference to the word genuine. when a salesperson says you're getting genuine. >> wrong. you're getting lead glass. >> we're told the salespeople never meant to mislead. what are these really worth? we've been showing you on the set. this is the $1200 ring from macy's. our experts say it's worth maybe half that. and that's only because of the diamonds around it and because
7:46 am
of the gold if you melt it down. by the way, we contacted one of the leading makers of lead glass rubies. they said they will work to improve disclosure. >> will stores be knocking down the price? >> you keep waiting for that. >> all right. jeff, thank you. coming up on "trending," need help getting to where you need to go? the new shoes that vibrate directions to your feet while you're walking. >> wow. >> and carson's in the orange room with a touching reunion between this woman and her dog. right after this. unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day.
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with a thick creamy texture. never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying. light & fit greek. taste satisfaction without sacrifice. ♪ dannon ♪ let's check in with mr. carson daly. he's got video that will touch your heart. >> it's so cute. re rebecca goes away for two years and the dog casey is so happy that mom is home. take a look. [ dog squealing ] >> and casey's down. passes out. so excited. clean bill of health from the vet, everybody. don't freak out. those screeches translates to i never thought you were going to come back. isn't that adorable?
7:51 am
16 million views that one posted just from last week. you've been sharing your dog days of summer photos with us on facebook too. here's a kiss from a dog. that's max. >> that's the best. >> check out frankie surfing. we found this on youtube. i didn't rewind it. but there's clive jumping into the sleeper. look at that. is that good? >> that's the best. >> taking a little summer nap. keep your photos coming there. dog days of summer. good stuff. back to you. >> you're killing us over here. >> it's what i do. >> captain happy salutes you. >> we're going to go on like this all morning. >> carson, thanks a lot. just ahead on "trending," what happens when a yankees fan stumbles across a lost red sox world series ring? plus a dad who's taking on play dates. he sparked a fire storm saying
7:52 am
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7:56 am
well good morning everyone, 7:56, breaking news going on in the south bay this morning. that's where a fallen power line or phone line caused quite a mess on the morning commute just moments ago, crews cleared that line reopened all lanes of highway 85 in sunnyvale. this was the scene near homestead road exit just north of the interstate 280 interchange. chp allowing cars to get on the freeway going the wrong way on the off-ramp. just to get out of there and off the 85 highway there. let's check in with mike on the very latest. at least it's over. >> that's right. you showed how much of a mess it was there. all laned cleared. but we'll look at thes me, southbound 85. lanes open a half hour ago, and that's much better, but northbound 85 and north 280 heading towards the same area, those are the commute directions for the major freeways and so we have a big backup still coming out of san jose for another 280 off of 880. north 85 recovering, but still
7:57 am
seeing that slowing down typical for this time of morning. the rest of the bay looking standard. we're looking at a peninsula with no surprises over in the tri-valley, still slow approaching greenville for west 580 because that crash is still over on the shoulder clearing from the shoulder, the overturned big rig and talking about the slow drive there making the dublin interchange better. two sides with the same coin, christina. i want to be on the side without the red. san francisco is looking really good right now. this is the one place where those low clouds are lingering. we are mostly clear, just about everywhere else. including san mateo, south bay showing you mostly blue sky at this point. and it's going to be warm one. 89 degrees is the high for the today north south bay. fair game for a few showers as we go through your morning, muggy again tomorrow. and then that dry heat will return late week. temperatures overall, not fluctuating that much throughout the week. we'll be in the low 90s for wednesday and thursday. scott, back to you.
7:58 am
>> all right, more local news in a half hour.
7:59 am
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♪ everybody want to hold your hand ♪ it's 8:00. on today, coming up, why one stay at home dad says it's time to ban the play date and the firestorm he's unleashed. wonder woman, is that you? good-bye patriotic bathing suit. hello black ledger. the makeover for the new "batman" movie. and whoopi, the within and only whoopi goldberg is here to talk about who she could be sitting next to on "the view. and her role on the big screen, july 28th, 2014.
8:01 am
>> good morning, houston, texas! >> i'm 10 years old today. >> you're 10 years old? ♪ >> it's going down. we're going to get ready. round two. we've done this before of fresh cooks live, it's a series. this time it's summer sizzle. we'll be all week long barbecuing on the plaza. we have a talented group of new chefs. we're live streaming at go there right now. we've already posted the recipes we're going to do this week. i'm going to wear my go pro. >> you can get the tv to the outside to the backyard. >> you are my barbecue guru.
8:02 am
>> i'm here for you. >> we have three big grill men out here. >> yes. >> we have whoopi goldberg in the house. a big new movie. >> oh. >> it is early, isn't it? >> maybe whoopi is not as excited as she could be. hi, whoopi. >> once whoopee sees what we're cooking she'll be excited. >> natalie is over at the news desk. good morning. witnesses said the lightning bolt sounded like a bomb and it shook the beach on sunday. a 20-year-old man died at venice beach from his injuries and about a dozen other people were hurt. another lightning bolt struck a golf course on catalina island, injuring a 57-year-old man. there was another accident on the beach in venice, florida. two people there were hit by an airplane. nbc's kerry sanders joins us with more from venice. good morning.
8:03 am
>> reporter: good morning. for a father and daughter, this accident came without warning. as we look down the beach here, you can see the scene where the plane came to rest. this morning investigators are there looking for clues to explain what went wrong. a summer walk on the beach turned to tragedy sunday afternoon when a 36-year-old father was killed and his 9-year-old daughter was critically injured by a private small plane that made an emergency crash landing. the pilot who was unhurt in the crash is identified as 57-year-old carl kokomoore. it's unclear what happened, but as he was flying his single engine piper cherokee, he radioed a nearby airport tower in venice, florida, saying there was an on-board emergency. he reportedly told air traffic controllers his plane, built in 1972, would not be able to land safely. minutes later it came down on this stretch of sand. >> there was a matter of minutes between the time that the tower was alerted, the sheriff's office was alerted, and venice
8:04 am
police department. everybody was en route to respond and the plane went down at that same time. >> reporter: it's unclear if the father and daughter who were here from georgia were struck by the plane itself or by debris, but the aircraft remains largely intact. neither the pilot of the plane nor a lone passenger along for what became a terrifying ride, suffered any injuries. this morning the national transportation safety board is investigating the accident as well as the reason for the initial distress signal. the father who died posted on his facebook yesterday, today, nine years ago, i tied my life to my beautiful wife rebecca irizarri. wow, how fast time has passed. they say time flies when you're having fun. it is true. thank you for being with me through thick and thin. i love you with all my heart. i am happy and can't wait to see
8:05 am
what the next hundred years have in store for us. i love you, becky. it's unclear whether his daughter knows her father has died. she was air lifted to all childrens hospital in st. petersburg where she is listed in critical condition. natalie? >> such a sad story there. kerry sanders in venice, florida, thank you. the mother of a 15-year-old new hampshire girl who returned home last week nine months after she disappeared says she believes her daughter was abducted by a stranger. in an exclusive interview seen earlier on "today," the mother denied her daughter was pregnant when she vanished on her way home from school. though her prayers were answered, her daughter's physical appearance was shocking. >> she was very thin. she lost a lot of weight. very pale. she had a look in her eyes that i've never seen before. and that's something that's haunting me. i think will haunt for the rest of my life. >> police are still questioning
8:06 am
abigail and her mother about what happened. but they have released this sketch a man they are looking for based on abigail's description. some heart-pounding moments were caught on camera when a woman pushing a stroller was nearly hit by an out of control suv. she was able to pull back on the stroller just in time. the suv ended up hitting the handrail of a nearby building entrance. let's get another check of the weather with al on the plaza. >> all right. thanks, natalie. we've got all these nice folks here. where are you guys from? >> new york and they're from florida. >> visiting, are you? >> yes. >> yesterday was my berth day. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> let's show you what we've got going on right now.
8:07 am
boston, mass, showers and thunderstorms moving on through. then things clear out a bit. nice and cooler, temperatures in the 70s. as you look ahead, we have wet weather here in the northeast. strong storms making their way through the southeast into the gulf coast. and monsoonal moisture through the southwest. . 8:07 now. still not getting that heavy batch of rain but we're starting to see a little more green pop up on your radar. for the most part, the bulk of the moisture is well to the south of the bay area. as you move your radar up, you can see what is coming our way. it's going to take a little bit of time for the showers to work their way into the bay area. by 9:30, we'll see a dark sky and showers in the south bay. 89 degrees for today. muggy conditions. 81 on the east shore. 70 degrees in san francisco and 86 in the north bay. your latest weather. thank you. coming up next on "trending," the answer to the danger of texting while walking. would you pay for shoes that
8:08 am
vibrate the directions right to your feet? kind of like shoe gps? then, banning the play date? the stay at home dad who sparked a fire storm with his blog. asking parents to just get rid of it. plus whoopi goldberg is here awake we hope. she's going to talk about her new movie and rosie o'donnell's return to "the view." all of that coming up after these messages. ns video game? i think i'm getting the hang of it. [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! [ jay ] bush's baked beans are slow-cooked according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. high score! you get to put your name on the wall of fame! [ beeping ] whoa! game over... aww, you're no fun. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans. still made from our secret family recipe. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans.
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♪ cereal and milk delicious kellogg's® cereal and milk. it has protein to help you rebuild, and grains to help you recharge. kellogg's. see you at breakfast. ♪ this is lady. ♪ she's a unicorn... ...and a pegasus. and why is she strapped to the roof of my rav4? well, if you have kids... ...then you know why. now the real question. where's this thing going in the house? the rav4 toyota. let's go places. all right. we're back. it's 8:11. time for "what's trending" today. have you guys ever gotten lost on a walk? >> sure. >> all the time. >> ever wish you had some kind of gps device in your shoes, maybe something that vibrated to
8:12 am
go left or right? >> is there something that can help? >> good news. a company has created insoles that direct you to your destination. it vibrates to let you know which way to turn. it was created to help blind people navigate. now the company is saying they will give a pair to someone who is visually impaired. they're out in september. hundred bucks. >> brilliant idea. >> if the gps tells me to turn into a canyon, or ravine, i just go right in. >> and now they're putting that in sneakers? >> i know. i kind of like the idea. >> it's a good intention. it's great for people visually impaired. incredible. i don't know if i'm going to buy a pair. >> through crowds though -- >> traffic. >> you should have run the
8:13 am
boston marathon in those. >> yeah. >> all right. we've all had that moment when we lose something important. don't you hate that? your phone or something. what if it was your world series ring? the ring thing -- >> who would lose that? >> diamonds, issapphires, rubie. would you return that ring? what if you found a red sox world series ring and you were a yankees fan? luigi did the right thing. he found the ring on the bathroom sink of his restaurant here in manhattan. it belonged to drew weber who owns a red sox minor league team in massachusetts. this is the first time weber had ever worn the ring outside his own home and maybe it's the last time. as a thank you, he will make his first trip to fenway park as weber's guest to see the final game of derek jeter. >> that's cool. >> if you're a yankees fan and find that ring, you've got to
8:14 am
put that ring underneath the tire of your car put it on instagram and just freak people out for a second. and then do the right thing. >> you have given this thought. >> i would have had so much fun with that ring. >> what a good sport. >> you do the right thing at the end. >> you pretend you're such a nice guy. >> dark carson. >> we're still on commercial, right? >> have you ever spaced out during a conversation? >> never. >> i think some of us have. well, buzzfeed has come up with catch phrases to help you catch up. like do you feel you're making any progress? when off problem, it will generally move the conversation forward. here's another one. are you the only one seeing this? this phrase works for when you're hearing someone vent to detect if there's an issue. >> another one is i'm not sure
8:15 am
what i would do if i were in your situation. it shows empathy. have you ever found ourself drifting off? >> savannah has a good one. >> i don't want to give it away. >> we've all heard it around here. >> sometimes i have spaced out when people are telling me a long story. i just get distracted and then i say. huh, so how did you leave it? >> it's a good one. >> it works for everything. >> which is another way of saying wrap it up. >> we all love this kid. we met bat kid last year. well coming soon, a future length documentary showcasing the most elaborate make a wish wish to date when the city of san francisco transformed itself to gotham city for bat kid to save the day. the trailer was released at comic-con this weekend. >> i mean, seriously, it was like brad pitt just walked out. >> one thing that struck me was
8:16 am
how many people were holding up signs saying save us bat kid. i looked at those kids and thought you mean that literally. in helping him to live this dream, we were saving ourselves. >> wow. he is in remission from leukemia and is ready to take over the world. >> glad to hear he's in good health most importantly. that is "what's trending" today. coming up, whoopi goldberg joins us. plus one dad's push to ban
8:17 am
if you're like most parents, you spend a lot of time organizing your kids' schedules. but one dad wants us to cross play dates off of our calendars. >> good morning to you. many parents love the play date, that preplanned organized way for kids to interact in a controlled setting. but one stay-at-home dad says enough already. his blog is setting off a fire storm of debate with parents now asking are play dates ruining childhood? chris is a stay-at-home father of three who's become pretty good at making boo boos better, helping with homework, and high fives too. he loves afternoon adventures on the playground and at the zoo. but there is one thing he absolutely does not do. play dates.
8:18 am
>> structured formality of it. >> reporter: he thinks play dates stifle creativity. >> they become dependent on the schedule. so they're constantly going to be coming to you, going to be asking you what's next, what's next. >> reporter: the former teacher featured in our modern dad series runs a blog for stay-at-home dads. and he's now opening up about precisely why he loathes the play date so much. it makes me feel like i should be preparing a cheese plate and some activity that as a host our guest kid will be taking home a fabulous parting gift. his article is striking a nerve and generating overwhelming response. one person wrote times have changed since we were kids. our kids are no longer safe to play in their front yards or go riding off on their bikes unaccompanied. experts say play dates really have little to do with the children. >> we often have two parents working outside the home and they need to know what's going
8:19 am
on because the schedules are all over the place. i think that's part of the bigger issue of how do we slow ourselves down as the adults in these children's lives. >> reporter: chris' wife thinks stomaching them might be easier if he were her. >> men socialize differently than women do. women tend to group together and have more of these play date type activities. >> reporter: that may explain why he started organizing outings like this one at the zoo. they're all stay-at-home dads and insist what's happening here is not a play date. >> when i grew up it was just really kids getting together in the neighborhood. we would just go knock on neighbors' doors and play flash light tag, that kind of thing. >> al roker loves play dates. >> they all just find each other at the zoo? >> our expert did say that it's not really so much the play date that may be threatening childhood. it's our children's obsessions with these.
8:20 am
smartphones, tablets, video games, computers. those are the things she says are actually stifling imaginations. >> i think it needs a rebrand. we don't like the title play date. >> get together. >> yeah. get the kids together. >> things should be more organic. like it used to be as a kid, you asked do you want to come over and play. now the parents say can you have so-and-so come over. >> just change it to get together. >> get together. we'll call them that. >> and the kids can put them in their outlook calendars. craig melvin, thanks so much. up to savannah. whoopi goldberg is an emmy, grammy, and tony winner. now she's in the reboot of the teenager mutant ninja turtles. she plays one that's a little skeptical of the crime fighters.
8:21 am
>> i saw them again. because there's four. there's not just one. there's four. >> what do they look like? >> i'll show you. >> what? >> like this. >> like turtles? >> well, they don't look like turtles because they are turtles. they're over six feet tall and they speak english. >> you are now telling me that there are four six foot talking turtles walking around new york city and no one has seen them but you? >> that's what i'm telling you. >> is there anything else we should know about them? >> they're ninjas. >> i'm sorry. what? >> and they do karate. >> okay. get out. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this role is kind of 30 years in the making? your daughter's been asking you to get in one of these? >> yeah. i've always loved the turtles. it's been always fun to watch them or read them or see the films. when she was little she was a huge fan. she says why are you never in
8:22 am
these movies. i said i don't know. no one ever said yes until now. so now here i am in the teenager mutant ninja turtles. i was only supposed to be there like a second. >> you were hired to do one day. and they kept writing you into scenes. >> which was kind of wonderful. >> do you have any action scenes? >> not this time. but if people go see this movie and it does as well as we hope it does, maybe. >> you could insist on it. >> i could. but i want a relationship with the turtles. >> don't write me about this. i'm humorous. >> what kind of relationship? what do you see the nature of that relationship? >> we could go out and have pizza and hold hands on the beach. you know, girly turtle kind of relationship. >> speaking of your daughter, i hear you are recently and i can't believe this because you're so young, a great grandmother. >> yes. nothing should surprise you about how old folks are when
8:23 am
they become parents or great grandparents or grandparents. >> you've got this cute picture on instagram. her name is charlie rose. i love that. >> now she's four and weighs 14 pounds apparently. there she is. she's like stop with the pictures, please. >> she's like call my agent. >> yes. and she will have one soon, i'm sure. >> i was talking to a friend this weekend. i said i'm going to interview whoopi. she said do you know she's an egot. i said what is that. emmy, grammy, oscar, tony. >> i only know this because i did an episode on "30 rock" where somebody had to explain what an egot was. >> it doesn't sound good until you hear what that means. >> i don't pay attention. there's stuff in my house. i know i won it, but i don't look at it. >> made me think about, you have done it all.
8:24 am
you've reached the height of basically every entertainment profession. >> not yet. >> what's on your bucket list? >> eventually i'd like to make produce an award winning film. i mean, there's lots still to do. i'm looking at another at least 30 years of life, so i can't lay because i think it's going to end soon. which means i probably just jinxed myself. if i did, good-bye, everyone. i'm kidding. i can hear my child's head exploding. there's lots i want to do. >> i know you have fun doing "the view." everybody is talking about it. you are now the grand dame of it. >> i don't know if you like that. >> i'm the last one standing you
8:25 am
mean. >> doesn't grand dame sound good? >> no. just whoop. >> everyone's talking about who's going to be on the couch. we know rosie's coming back. do you like that? >> here's the truth. i don't actually know what's going on. abc are the only ones who know what's happening. there's a lot of talk. nothing has been put in cement. >> now, do you not know because you don't want to know or because they don't ask? >> i don't know because i work like you do for conglomerate. okay? and so i might not be the first person on their list to talk stuff over with when they're talking about their stuff. >> you could show up come september -- >> there could be six turtles at the table. i won't know until i get there. and i'm okay with that. because i like being part of a crew. >> ensemble. >> i like ensemble.
8:26 am
i don't want it -- barbara walters started "the view" and this will always be good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. today, prosecutors will try to convince the judge that there is enough evidence to try a man accused of pretending to be a police officer in order to sexually assault undocumented immigrants. san francisco police say this man, jeffrey, dressed up like a cop. he allegedly made them perform sexual acts, threatening them with deportation if they reported anything. he pleaded not guilty earlier this month. time to check in with mike inouye with our traffic situation. >> things have shifted, kris. we'll start with the big jam on highway 85. we see a great recovery from
8:27 am
280. all lanes were closed for a portion of this morning's early commute but now they have reopened. and now the jam at north 101 north of 680. there's a crash blocking your slow lane and that's a real focus point. that's a big issue. another crash at 280 approaching 880 causing more trouble. one lane for the cleanup. that's greenville. it makes things lighter. kris, back to you. >> thank you very much. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now monday morning the 28th of july, 2014. we've got a great crowd out here. if they smell something good in the kitchen, it's because something is going to be grilli grilling with carson. >> coming up from savings without the scissors. how to score big bargains without the hassle of clipping coupons. >> plus a live performance from christina perri coming up.
8:31 am
>> first as we mentioned we're kicking off another exciting week of fresh cook. this morning it's carson manning the grill. good morning. >> good morning. what a great site you do. weekly cooking shows. go to, the recipes we'll do all this week. we're doing summer sizzle. you can follow along, cook along with us. today we're going to make a chicken. we'll have that when we get started right now. we'll check back in with the broadcast. >> okay. and right here. thank you. >> what's going on with the weather, al? >> we've got nice folks down here that are doing some bike riding. tell us about this. >> we're riding up to 190 miles to raise money for cancer research this weekend. $40 million goal.
8:32 am
and you can donate at and 100% goes to cancer research. >> we're trying to make sure you have good weather for the ride. >> that's what we want. and we have this for you. >> that's awfully nice. thank you so much. very sweet. lovely. let's show you what we've got going on strong storms through the southeast. wet weather in the northeast. a lot of moisture in the southwest today. for tomorrow that rain moves into the rockies. the exception may be down through the south. 8:32. i'm meteorologist christina loren. good monday morning to you. a little bit of shower activity getting more active at this point. basically the deal for today is cloudy skies. the clouds will thicken up as we head throughout the afternoon.
8:33 am
it will still be hot, temperatures in the 90s in your inland hot spots. showing you san jose, you can see the moisture. san francisco right now, still a little bit of lingering cloud cover for the next half hour to hour. after that, mid-level clouds. 89 in the south bay and 89 on the peninsula. latest weather. this is your bucket list. go to new york city and be on tv. wow. i don't know. you've got awhile to go, but you've got to add to that list. there you go. savannah? >> thank you so much. now to our special series first jobs today. we spoke about the new book "lean in for graduates." we asked her to prepare those entering the workforce. now jenna bush hager is here. >> for the newly minted graduate, getting a job in this market can seem more difficult than ever before. so we found three women from across the country who have
8:34 am
started the search with some help from some familiar faces. tongue twister. >> my name is hayley mathie. i'm from a small town in michigan called perry. for my first job i'm passionate about changing the way girls from a very early age are bombarded by messages and images that prohibit them from reaching full potential. >> hello. my name is sydney dawson. i'm from richmond, virginia. my first job i want to be a public relations coordinator. because it is a steppingstone to my dream job in communication. >> i am angelina hill and i am 25 years old and i live in seattle, washington. for my first job i would love to be an analyst or work with archives because i am passionate about researching and learning
8:35 am
new information. >> reporter: for these girls, each have had their struggles. >> it takes two or three months to receive a rejection e-mail. >> i've had no interviews so far. and submitted 20 resumes. >> i didn't know how to translate what i have studied into a job. >> reporter: but all have one mission. >> please help me find my first job. >> and so we'll be following them in their job search and will update you as they work with sheryl with other experts from the lean in team. if you want to know how to jump start your job search, head to >> what a great opportunity. it's so hard to get that first job. >> it's amazing. they're working with these amazing women who have done it. >> it is a great opportunity for them. we'll be watching. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, does it pay to go big? how you can save money on your next trip to the grocery store.
8:36 am
plus we'll check in with carson and the fresh cooks live chef. we're back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. and this journey will keep you on the edge of your seat
8:37 am
all summer long during the emirates airline us open series. this summer we'll be in the great city of washington, dc for the citi open. where some of the top players in tennis will battle it out to see who's best. which champion will prevail, which new hero will emerge? don't miss your chance to find out. for ticket and player information, go to evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz.
8:38 am
we're back now at 8:38. we'll check in with carson in a few minutes with his fresh cooks live series. we're back with smarter ways to save. everybody wants to spend less at the grocery store. but 28% of women say they can't be bothered with coupons. 15% call them a necessary evil. lisa freeman is with shop smart magazine. good to see you. >> good morning. >> a lot of people love their coupons. but some people can't be bothered with them. you say there's another way. >> that's right. we sent secret shoppers out to supermarkets without coupons to see if you can save.
8:39 am
you can. you just have to practice strategies and be consistent. >> let's dive in. first of all, look for the bags. >> you're going to save with bags versus buying individual items. but most people don't know how much. you can save as much as 40% on these potatoes. as much as 30% on the apples. and buying prepackaged of chobani. that's no coupons. just smart shopping. >> reach for the bulks. it's easy to reach for the prepackaged deli meat. but you say there's an advantage at the counter. >> a lot of people think it's a treat to have them happened cut. the truth of the matter is our secret shopper found it actually saves you money. when we compared the prepackaged and presliced versus deli sliced, we saved 30%. ham as well. almost 20% for the ham. it does pay to wait in line, get
8:40 am
it fresh. >> here's one some people avoid like the plague. the clearance rack at the grocery store. it's one thing at the clothing store, but with food people get scared. >> the thing is you can save up to 50% or more. a lot of the things are discontinued items. things that didn't sell. seasonal items they're trying to get rid of. things close to their expiration date. always check the dates. but look at this. 50% off, these are still good. >> are there certain things to avoid from the clearance rack? >> again check the dates. >> let's move over here now. we're looking at dollar store shopping. >> that's right. a lot of people don't think dollar stores and food shopping. they're carrying more and more food. and not just weird brands, they're carrying big name items. and staples like eggs and bread. and they're a great place to pick up eggs and bread. we found the price there is even cheaper than walmart. >> really? >> yes.
8:41 am
>> that's their new tag line. avoid the weirdo brands. sometimes the big packaging with cereal or ketchup is the way to go. >> it's not always the better deal, but it is many times. with the ketchup you could save 40% by buying the larger size. cheerios, 37%. and also mayonnaise. so if you know you're going to use it, go for the bigger size. makes sense. >> that's good. talk organics. i think people hear organic and think expensive. >> news here is walmart has a new organic line. it's called wild oats. they claim they can save you 25% or more. and you saved as much as 40% as trader joe's and other stores we checked. >> quickly let's talk about subscription services. good idea? you like these? >> it's a great idea. if there's things you're going
8:42 am
to buy regularly like diapers, vitamins, or dog food. sign up at amazon. you'll get 15% off. at target you can get 10% off if you have the card and free shipping. it'll get delivered to your door. >> cool. all right. we'll never shop the same. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. coming up next on a monday morning, a live performance from christina perri. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> and we are back at 8:44 with singer song writer christina perri. "human" off her newest album has just gone platinum. now she's moving up the charts with a new hit. i love the name of your record.
8:45 am
"head or heart." you're posing the question in matters of love, head or heart. what's the answer? >> i still don't know. the truth is i haven't figured it out. i have a feeling it's gut or both. would be nice to trust both. >> you're hedging on us. >> i still don't know. so i'm just honest. >> that's the point of the record. you have to find out for yourself. >> maybe album three. >> you're out touring. very busy. onerepublic, demi lovato. >> we're really excited. >> you miss your bed at all? >> i get homey on the bus and i love the people i tour with. i'm a lucky girl. >> what are you going to be singing? >> "burning gold." >> this is off the new album. this one made the cut. take it away, christina perri. >> thank you.
8:46 am
♪ ♪ looking for an exit in this world of fear ♪ ♪ i can see the path that leads the way ♪ ♪ mama never left daddy needs me here ♪ ♪ i wish the wind would carry a change ♪ ♪ i've had enough ♪ i'm standing up ♪ i need, i need a change ♪ i've had enough ♪ of chasing luck ♪ i need, i need a change ♪ i'm setting fire to the life that i know ♪ ♪ let's start a fire everywhere that we go ♪ ♪ we're starting fires ♪ we're starting fires 'til our lives are burning gold ♪
8:47 am
♪ 'til our lives are burning gold ♪ ♪ looking for my ticket to a higher place ♪ ♪ i can see my chance begin to fade ♪ ♪ one step forward and two back again ♪ ♪ i wish the wind would carry a change ♪ ♪ i've had enough ♪ i'm standing up ♪ i need, i need a change ♪ i've had enough ♪ of chasing luck ♪ i need, i need a change ♪ i'm setting fire to the life that i know ♪ ♪ let's start a fire everywhere that we go ♪ ♪ we're starting fires ♪ we're starting fires 'til our
8:48 am
lives are burning gold ♪ ♪ 'til our lives are burning gold ♪ ♪ looking back i see i had the flame in me ♪ ♪ i'm the wind that's carrying change ♪ ♪ i've had enough ♪ of chasing luck ♪ i need, i need a change ♪ i'm setting fire to the life that i know ♪ ♪ let's start a fire everywhere that we go ♪ ♪ we're starting fires ♪ we're starting fires 'til our lives are burning gold ♪ ♪ i'm setting fire to the life
8:49 am
that i know ♪ ♪ let's start a fire everywhere that we go ♪ ♪ we're starting fires ♪ we're starting fires 'til our lives are burning gold ♪ ♪ 'til our lives are burning gold ♪ >> christina perri, any album "head or heart." coming up, fresh cooks live summer sizzle. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ all right. we are back. we're streaming live at with our week-long series fresh cooks live summer sizzle. this time we're outside. we've got guy turland. this last half hour we've been making a jerk chicken. you surf down in australia. a great backdrop. you're a trained chef. your friend ask a film maker. that's how you got your start. >> it's grown so quickly. it's a match made in heaven. he's a producer and chef. we don't get in each other's way. >> a great thing. check it out. we're making the jerk sauce. make it the night before.
8:52 am
describe it. >> you've got some ginger, all spice, spiced rum, peppers. >> you can control the heat by what pepper you pick. >> 100%. >> the caramel from the dark sugars. grind all that up and get it on that jerk chicken. which we're doing with the steak too. let it marinade how long? >> cat least at least 12 hours. it's going to penetrate the flesh. it will smell out of kroul. >> what kind of heat on the grill? >> you're going direct heat on one side and direct on the other. the idea is you get caramelization on the one side and then push it over and cook it. >> we've got our guys over here eating. >> so good. >> pop this on there.
8:53 am
>> okay. here we go. >> go ahead. coals on one side. put on the direct heat. >> right on the direct heat. 12 hour marinainatmarinating. >> how do you put the garlic on the bread? >> just rub it on there to break up the garlic. >> literally just rub it on the bread. then whack it on the grill. >> we're going to whack a lot on the grill. >> absolutely. get the beautiful colors and lines. and a beautiful steak sandwich has that crispy toast. >> how is it? have you had a bite? what do you think? >> it's good, huh? makes something that can be great. that little bit of that beautiful flavor. very good. this is one we've done beforehand.
8:54 am
look how beautiful it is. >> perfect. >> slice it up. >> are you tasting the jerk flavor in the meat? >> the ginger. >> really good. >> get some of this going. do you serve this in your restaurant too? >> we do. we do a mean steak sandwich. >> have you serve surfed on the east coast yet? >> i haven't. >> how long do you marinate it? >> a good 12 hours. really let it soak up. >> you want that flavor to really penetrate the meat. >> and the butterflying of the chicken is a cool thing. but it's intimidated. the butcher can do it and take the backbone out. >> i love this cavocado salad
8:55 am
stuff. >> what is that? we didn't get to that. >> you have avocado and coriander. >> is it meant as a side salad or put it on the chicken. >> however you'd like to eat it. >> i always have a hard time figuring what's the best steak for a steak sandwich. >> i like flank steak. >> well, that's the answer. beautiful tomatoes. >> look how healthy. it's got green and tomatoes. >> it's like a salad. >>
8:56 am
good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 8:56. linda rchl onstadt was awarded the bay area native at the white house. well, let's get a check of your weather this morning with christina. >> that's quite an honor. good morning to you. 89 degrees. of course, i'm not accepting
8:57 am
that. in the bay area, it's humid out there and hot for today but we're also going to get a little shower activity. not that bad. 81 degrees on the east shore. 70 in san francisco and 86 degrees in the north bay for today. i want to give you an idea of where we're headed and temperatures will level off. we'll lose the humidity as we head wednesday into thursday. i hope you have a fantastic day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and wylie geist. >> it's july 8th, 2014. big, loud crowd on the plaza this morning. good looking group. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron who was not selected for jury duty. >> i did my duty and i was rejected. >> did they tell you why? >> no, they basically said get out. but there was a moment of pause for everyone. their friday, criminal court building. and they select the six jurors and then the clerk person says, "we're done with you here but
9:01 am
that doesn't mean the court is done with you. you've got to go down stairs and get back in the jury pool." >> back in the pool! >> my dream is to appear on "walking dead." i was in "walking dead" friday. we zombied our way to the room and then they said we're free. >> i love jury duty. >> they gave you a document and said you need to keep this, just in case. in case they call you back, don't lose this. >> no. >> that's what happened when i got called. i lost it. >> how did you lose it? >> i don't know! >> and i got a call on jury duty. it was fantastic. and al roker loves jury duty. he said you can bring your lunch, you can meet people. >> meeting folks. i love jury duty. >> time away. >> because you get to meet folks. you're downtown. you're downtown, and you're in a different world. i love it. >> different world. here -- i'm sorry. occupy time.
9:02 am
sitting next to this wonderful woman who wants to take a selfie. i said, ma'am, there is no camera, but i'll sneak -- she said you know who you guys should book on the show. and i said no, who. and she said tracy chapman. >> all right. >> not that we don't love tracy chapman. but it just came out of nowhere. >> would you have thought about that? >> i have tracy chapman on my playlist. >> see? >> one of the most talented people who ever sang a record. >> please. >> #orangeroom. >> you've got a fast car, call us. >> while we're at it. >> that's what happened. anyway -- the weather -- >> yeah. yesterday as i was watching this stuff develop yesterday, they almost never -- you know the old song, "it never rains in southern california", even rarer to get lightning storms. and they had a bad one yesterday, very localized over venice beach, california.
9:03 am
one man was killed, at least 12 others injured, one critically, after being struck by lightning on venice beach. another struck on catalina island. a huge clap of thunder. on average, 52 people a year are killed by lightning strikes. so far this year, we've had 16. six of those in florida. >> it is rare in southern california. >> last time anyone was killed by lightning in southern california was 2009. and then other side of the country, these powerful storms moving through -- which just moved through the northeast. but yesterday through tennessee, they had at least one tornado destroyed, at least ten homes, a gas station, a couple businesses. rock springs, tennessee. >> look at that video. >> yeah. >> a lot of damage. they're going to be -- national weather service going to check that out later. you can see the power lines getting yar getting yanked out there by the explosions going on. and out west, wildfires going on. right around yosemite. 13 homes destroyed.
9:04 am
fires 50% contained, but there are at least 500 other homes that are being threatened at this point. so it's just a wild -- >> summer of everything. >> and now this cooler than usual air invading into the midwest. temperatures are going to be in the 50s in parts of the upper midwest. >> this is the second time they're getting that coldness in there. >> everybody getting little bit coast to coast. we know you'll keep a close eye on that and i know you're keeping a close eye on this story, your favorite of the day. get ready to meet captain happy. ever wonder what the conversation is like between the pilot and air traffic control? >> we don't want to know. >> this is an exchange between a delta pilot and air traffic controller, very heated on friday. at the atlanta hartfield jackson airport. check it out. >> it looks like you joined lima. >> hey, you know what, we'll taxi out there if you tell us to. i don't like your attitude. >> good morning. there was no attitude. i was just trying to correct you. >> you didn't tell us how to get there. next time tell us how to do
9:05 am
that. >> settle down, captain happy. >> yeah, settle down captain happy. >> al wants to be captain happy. >> you are captain happy around here. >> i thought that was another pilot who had been listening in and told the pilot, chill, man. >> settle down. >> take a break. there's folks taking a break right now. >> what's this? >> hi, guys. >> i think we've got a different feed. >> we're seeing something different at home. >> also investigating that incident, to go back to it. >> we reached out to delta and they said "mind your business." no, they didn't say that. >> all right. well, here's a story, i think it's certainly going to open your eyes and if you're a parent with a teenager at home who always has their cell phone next to them, especially when they're sleeping, you want to pay attention. 13-year-old ariel tolfre fell asleep with her galaxy s4 in her
9:06 am
bed. the phone slipped. she said it was under her pillow during the night and she woke up to the smell of something burning. it turn turns out the phone had burnt under the pillow into her bed. yeah, it apparently had burnt a hole through the bed, into the mattress, two inches into the mattress, in fact. >> is that possible? >> well, the battery can overheat and the father said the battery overheated. it was a battery replacement from samsung. >> so maybe -- was it -- >> the brand -- >> samsung -- wasn't the original that came with the phone. we did reach out to samsung. appears to be an isolated incident. as of now, we haven't heard back from samsung about this. >> by the way -- >> a lot of kids do that, sleep with their phones right next to them. a lot of adults do that too. >> nikki just got a phone for her 12th birthday. and part of the deal, he has to give the phone back at the end of the day. >> that's good. good idea.
9:07 am
>> you know what i noticed, the girl's last name, how fitting. >> what is it? >> tolfre. >> i didn't pay attention to that. >> pretty cool. toll-free number. >> unfortunately, left its mark. >> oh, my gosh. all right. well, something that can leave a mark when you shake someone's hand and they're sick. and you end up with their cold. i don't know how i got this one. but, you know, it may come as a no-brainer to you. which is the best way to greet someone, a fist bump, handshake or high five? >> fist bump. >> a british study -- they did a study and experimented, putting a glove into a bath of e-coli and gave a fist bump with people wearing clean gloves. tested the glove for bacteria. fist-bumping was the cleanest, least amount of bacteria transfer, followed by high five
9:08 am
and the dirtiest greeting, a hand -- like a handshake. so handshake, ten times more bacteria than a fist bump. and i actually googled the history of hand shakes, according to wikipedia. >> yeah. >> and other sources. >> very reliable. >> i threw it out there. anyway, it was seen as a way to greet in the medieval days to prove that you were not armed. >> yeah. >> and later became, as we all know, a sign of power, and you were measured when you walked into wall street or business meeting on how firm your hand shake was. >> how firm the fist bump is? >> you don't get sick from going in and out of cold buildings. >> i can't convince my mother of that. my mother is convinced that cold weather -- i'm like, mom, it's not that. . >> but it can suppress your immune system if you're always freezing going in and outside. >> i like the handshake. this is too casual.
9:09 am
>> why can't we just say hi? >> i like hugs. >> i do like greeting with hugs. >> a full body hug? >> come on, everybody in here. >> aww. >> now we all have tamron's cold. thank you. >> yeah. >> probably should have rethought that, shouldn't we have? all right. so here we go, this warm, humid air, pushing in, showers and thunderstorms. a risk of strong storms up into the northeast. also mid atlantic, down into the gulf coast on into biloxi, mississippi. looking at the possibility of about an inch to an inch-and-a-half of rain in some local spots. but we are also looking for showers and thunderstorms during the day today, down through that area. we're looking at wet weather through the four corners and the rockies. a toasty day in the pacific northwest. a high of 92 in portland, oregon. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in .
9:10 am
oh, roker, we love you. we're going to get dry heat that we're so accustomed to back in the forecast but not until thursday into friday. it will be muggy, at least for the first three days of the week. 89 degrees in the south bay. still mostly clear. you can see that high atop mt. hamilton. expecting answer overcast sky as you head through the next few hours. there are showers along the way, albeit thunderstorms this afternoon. everybody the text you just got from a family member. >> i got a text saying you're shaking your leg too much. but i've taken a sudafed and an advil and i'm like hopped up. >> all right. >> hey. >> you don't take those together. >> don't do that. 12:00 she's still going to be in the studio. >> stick around for this one. we've got something great coming up next.
9:11 am
a little monday morning magic from the great penn and teller. they're going to pull a trick on all of us after this. fresh greens at the peak of the season... can you imagine how delicious they would be paired with triscuit crackers? join me in the triscuit summer snackoff! use your creativity to make your own triscuit recipe by combining your favorite triscuit, summer greens, and any other ingredients you choose. visit triscuitsummersnackoffom and share a photo of your creation to receive a free box of triscuit crackers and a chance to come to new york city and meet with me. ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all of the time.
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9:14 am
for the past 12 years penn and teller have been performing at the rio in las vegas making them the longest running headliners in the same hotel. they've had emmy winning specials and best sellers. >> and magicians perform tricks in front of the duo. if they can't figure the trick out, they go to be the opening act for their show. penn and teller, good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. this looks like a great show. you guys have been working
9:15 am
together 40 years now. >> knocking on that. >> are there not any surprises left? >> you get into magic because you enjoy being fooled. and then you keep chasing that same high. i'm addressing you on that because you're literally high. you chase that high for people to fool you. it gets harder as you get better. we got some of the best magicians in the world coming out to give us that thrill. >> i can't imagine you guys are easily fooled though. >> i don't think particularly easily. but we already shot the show. a few times people boggle us. >> you've got a trick you're going to do here. >> it's a trick like this. now, you're going to do this carefully. any of you do impersonations? >> al. >> not even a christopher walken or james brown? >> teller does physical impersonations because he doesn't talk. >> which one is the best at shuffling cards?
9:16 am
>> tamron now. >> i'll take the blue. >> these cards are in new deck order. they are just the way you buy them. they're exactly the same. so he's going to try and copy exactly how you shuffle. >> i'm going to try to throw you off here. >> don't try too hard. looks pretty good. give it one more shuffle. sure. okay. >> that was on purpose? >> why don't you switch the decks here. and why don't you take this deck that's all shuffled here. and why don't you look through the cards face up and find one that strikes your fancy. not us, not the tv, not anybody, and just pull that one out like that. put it on top of the deck here. >> okay. >> and then cut it into the
9:17 am
middle. teller is trying to match you exactly. >> just cut it in the middle. >> put this one on top. >> that's the way you cut. yeah. >> anyone want to play blackjack? >> teller trying to match this exactly. you have to do this next part as well. take this one. you're going to look through and find that same card that you just found in the other deck. find that and just put it down there on the table. don't do anything else to the cards. just put it down on the table. >> okay. >> don't show him. >> put it down there. put the whole deck right down there. now here's what you're going to do. this is the fun part. can we trust you to do this? >> i'm trustable. >> cut deep there. >> like that? >> no deep. cut deep. there you go.
9:18 am
teller is going to try to match you on that. there you go. and take these cards here and just match teller and count them silently. >> wow. >> he got 14. how many did you get? >> 14. >> and which card did you get? >> ace of clubs. >> turn that one over there. >> wow. >> so the same number. >> for the fun, turn that one over there. ace of hearts. turn that one over there. there's no chance of this happening unless he did -- you started off with decks exactly the same. turn that last one over and see if we got lucky all the way around. there's all four aces. >> wow. >> will you tell us how you did it? >> absolutely.
9:19 am
how much money you got? >> come on. >> i love it. >> i'm baffled. fantastic. >> coming up next, i've got all the news you need before you walk out the door. >> and is your body younger or older than your actual age? >> take the quiz and we'll have advice on slowing down the aging process. we all took the quiz. process. we all took the quiz. we'll reveal our age after t baand frustrating. e tough. but now, there's a better way. introducing the first-ever raid defense system. it attacks the bugs you see. controls the bugs you don't see... and prevents... by keeping bugs out. the raid defense system... get the answers. beat the bugs. raid. kills bugs dead. scjohnson. a family company. ♪
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and we're new to the pacific northwest. the rain, the mud -- babam! it's there. the outside comes in. it's kinda nasty so you start the towel-mop shuffle. where are you sun?! [ doorbell rings ] oh, wow, it's a swiffer wetjet. this puts my towel mopping to shame. whoa! ewww. sunshine is overrated, now we can get messy. [ laughs ] now we can get messy. discover light & fit greek nonfat yogurt.eal pleasure? irresistible flavors, like toasted coconut and vanilla, with a delightfully thick creamy texture. light & fit greek. taste satisfaction without sacrifice. ♪ dannon
9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, concerns are growing today after a second american tested positive for the ebola virus while working in africa. nancy writebol and her husband are at a mission in africa. nancy was part of a team decontaminating people. she's in stable condition. if mosquito bites take a bite out of your summer, there's an app for that. there are many that promise to scare pesty mosquitos away.
9:24 am
one emits a sound that's keep them as a distance. want to get away but don't have the time or money to go on vacati vacation? why not try a day-cation. the price depends on the hotel or ree sort and which amenities you choose. at some locations days passes are $25 for pool access. "lucy" took in an estimated $44 million in its debut weekend. dwayne johnson's "hercules" was second with $29 million. a baseball team in south korea has a you name yet futuristic way of dealing with the dwindling attendance. take a look at the eagles. they've installed fan bots into one section of the stadium. they robots hold up digital signs encouraging fans to cheer. they can do the wave.
9:25 am
but who controls the fan bots? real humans at home. but who controls the fan bots? real humans at home. they can rent the when folks think about what they get from alaska, but who controls the fan bots? real humans at home. tthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. ♪ well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! tell me more, tell me more... ♪♪ twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. when did you know that when her sister dumped me. oh dad, you remember my friend alex. ya, the one who had the work done.
9:26 am
sometimes being too transparent can be a bad thing. this looks good. but not with oscar mayer. the freshness you see is the freshness you taste. good morning. it's 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. form every state senator political consultant is expected to enter a plea in court today. keith jackson was swooped up by the fbi that nabbed a gangster. he's named in the federal corruption and organized crime. there is going to be a criminal probe into construction problems on the bay bridge as well. as a separate story, a yet to be investigated report will suggest that caltrans accepted substandard work at taxpayer expense. he wants outside experts to
9:27 am
examine it for defects. a hearing is scheduled for next month. also, virgin america is filing papers to the ipo. burlingame-based company is owned by richard branson. it's been around for more than a decade but only recently reported a profit. no word on when the stock may debut or on which market. we have a look at the traffic coming up after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28. hard to believe but we still have some shower activity lingering at this point. still to the south of the bay area. and i can tell you, the showers are moving at about a snail's pace. they are still on their way to the bay area. we're still going to get that activity but probably not until lunchtime. the best chance is in the higher elevations. hot for today and muggy again tomorrow and then the dry heat returns as we head to the end of the week. i've got to tell you, it's going
9:29 am
to be humid between now and wednesday, meek. i hope you can take it. >> i don't like it but i'll deal. we're looking at a drive through dublin and greenville. they've opened one lane. now just one lane closed, i'm sorry, at the scene of that big rig. they are still trying to right it and clear it from earlier morning, before 2:00 a.m. now, the 101 continues to move. some slowing here at the university, kris. back to you. >> more local news coming up for you right here in half an hour.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on a monday morning. it's july 28th, 2014. i'm willie along with al, natalie, and tamron. >> let's clear something up. we were chastising tamron earlier for taking sudafed and advil together. in fact, your doctor said it's okay. >> no a doctor. on twitter. >> wait a minute. >> back-to-back? >> she said it's completely okay. and i looked her twitter handle up and verified her identity dr. kate howard. she said you can take sudafed and advil together. no more than 800 milligrams of advil every eight hours. thank you, doctor. >> that settles that. so there's this new app out there called emoji -- you know
9:31 am
what emojis are with the smiley faces. there's one called imoji to take a selfie and make it into an emoji. let's take this test drive. we've taken our own faces here and let's start with you, tamron. we'll work around the wheel. i've got to drag it. then it pops up and what are you? what is that emotion right there. >> that's overmedicated. >> that's a what? >> this is al. going huh? >> surprised. >> i don't know what this is. i don't. and here comes -- >> this is the opposite of captain happy right here. >> he's going hard here. >> a whole lot of don't mess with me.
9:32 am
>> that's when the kids have done something you send that to them. >> i love this. imoji. download the app. >> as an adult you can use emojis. don't listen to willie. >> but not to your bosses. >> all right, mr. roker. check of the weather. >> if you're more than 14, don't use emojis. all right? showers and thunderstorms moving into the northeast. also through the gulf coast. tomorrow that all gets out of here. off the east coast. cooler, drier more pleasant air. it will be fantastic. we've got blowing dust expected around the deserts, four corners area later tomorrow. up and down the coast here pretty good. although interior sections with 9:32, good monday morning. i'm meteorologist christina
9:33 am
loren. we're tracking another batch of monsoonal rain to our south. we're expecting the shower activity to come up into the bay area as we head through the afternoon. it looks like 12:00 to 5:00 is the best chance. as you can see here, the warmup is coming. a live picture of mt. hamilton shows you the clouds are increasing. 89 in the south bay today. >> that's the latest. >> we just turn all on the lights and it's bragt in here all of a sudden. and it wasn't the advil sudafed combination. you know what they say, age is just a number. but how does that number stack up to your body's health? >> on we asked you to
9:34 am
take a quiz to determine your biological age. we took the quiz as well. we have advice to slow down the aging process. she's at health magazine. what is my biological age? what does that mean? >> age is just a number and it's not all about the number of birthdays you've had. it's really more important to know how is your body aging, what's going on inside. biological age is not like a true scientific term but we use it to refer to how healthy you are on the inside. we did a true age quiz which you all took and it kind of assesses factors whether you smoke, how you exercise, how much sleep you're getting, how connected you are to people in your community. and we got some interesting results. >> let's go through them. i guess i'm up first. we all four took it. i'm 39 years old. according to the quiz my body's age is 36.6. what helped me lower that age? >> one thing you do well is the way you manage stress. you answered that if you were stressed out you take a few deep
9:35 am
breaths and move on. stress is so important. it really can age us bil biologically. >> all right. my score. i'm 42. my result puts my biological age at 38.4. almost as young as you are. and i do a lot of exercise as people know. i'm a big runner. i try to eat well. pretty healthy lifestyle. but i do like my glass of wine every now and then which increased it. >> but what you also do well is you learn new things. you're always trying new things. we see here on the "today" show you're always out doing new things. education, the higher level of education you have that's been associated with better health outcome. probably because you have better access to health care, more knowledgeable about health. but also learning new things. we're exercising different parts of our brain. it's wonderful to keep your brain active and slow down the
9:36 am
dementia. >> trying to stay young, people. >> so i'm almost 60. and let's see -- 56.7. what happened there? >> so you're good. you eat very well which is great. you also are very lucky because you have a lot of relatives that have lived into their 90s. that actually does boost up your score. because genes are important. however, even if you don't have longevity in your family, lifestyle factors can affect what's going to happen to you. you definitely want to know your family history. what are the medical problems that run in the family so you can be proactive about going to the doctor and getting checked. sleep is the thing you didn't do well on. >> i don't think any of us did. >> yeah. >> all right. my actual age is 43 and according to this i'm 41. i eat red meat. and i eat it three times a week. >> so red meat, we really want to reduce the processed meats and the red meats that we're
9:37 am
eating. the mediterranean diet has shown to be great for your cardiovascular health. that's more fish, whole grains, vegetables. tamron, you weren't great on the sleep also. >> i don't have time for your criticizing me. >> what she also did well is stays connected. >> and i run. we gave this quiz to the viewers. how you think it differs from your actual age. five years younger, one to four years younger, exactly the same, one to four older. overwhelming with 45% said they feel five years younger. isn't it what you feel? doesn't that count for something? i feel younger than 43. i feel younger than 41. >> yeah. i think age -- exactly. it is just a number. >> mentally as well how you feel makes a big difference. >> how should she feel taking advil and sudafed?
9:38 am
>> it's fine, tamron. you'll be okay. >> just don't have a cup of coffee as well. >> that would push her over the edge. >> very interesting stuff, doctor. thanks so much. you can take the true age quiz to find out your body's age by heading to coming up next, one of the most stressful parts of any family vacation is the packing. we've got tips to help you jack in everything you need as you head out on summer vacation in everything you need as you head out on summer vacation carmax is the best with a quick written offer, right on the spot. perfect for jeannine, who prefers not to have her time wasted. ...and time! thank you. your usual. she believes life's too short for inefficiencies. i now pronounce you husband and wife. no second should be squandered. which is why we make our appraisal process quick and easy, and why jeannine chooses to start here. carmax. start here.
9:39 am
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worst morning ever. [ angelic music plays ] ♪ toaster strudel! best morning ever! [ hans ] warm, flaky, gooey. toaster strudel! "today's" travel is brought to you by sleep inn. dream better here. >> as you may have learned the hard way this summer, packing up the family for a trip can be stressful. if you don't pack wisely it can make or break your getaway. >> you may want to pay attention to these tips. good morning. good to see you. you've got great tips.
9:42 am
pack each day the outfits you need. >> you can prepackage the outfits into little baggings. you have socks, undies, then you hang onto the zip lock bag afterwards. if you have a wet bathing suit or something messy, you zip it back up. remember question don't need to overpack for kids. they stay in the same outfit the whole time. >> smart idea. i love this one for shoes. you have a dirty sole. >> you don't like it to get grow i did. i bought shower caps for 99 cents. you put them on the bottom of the shoes. you don't want it touching all your stuff. nice, simple, inexpensive way to keep e everything clean. >> and reusable. >> something else if you have a carry-on bag. i have chargers and headphones. use an old eyeglass case. you put it on the inside of the
9:43 am
sipper part, if you have the outside package, say you got a carry-on bag, makes it easy to get to your chargers, keeps everything organized. otherwise you start digging. >> that's so smart and efficient. >> sticking along with the electronics, this is an old fashion portable dvd player. make technology your travel companion, but if you're on an airplane or train, not everybody loves dora the explorer. so bring your head foehphones fe kids to listen. >> isn't that the worst? kids watching at full volume. >> now this looks organized. this is cool. this is what i call a boredom back. it's a travel cosmetic case. you fill each pocket with age-appropriate activities that the kids can get to. it's got snacks, handheld alongs games. willie i can make one of these
9:44 am
for big boys on the go. >> you have poker here. i didn't know what age group that was. >> and self-craft sets. travel cosmetic cases and they hang from the seat back in front of where your child is sitting. i also want to remind people that you've got to bring everything on board an airplane, a train, anywhere that you're going to be traveling. there's nothing on board to help you to help your kid other than an airsick bag. which you can fill up with hot water and warm a baby bottle if you need to. >> nice. what's down here now? >> so this one is once you get to your destination, you have four people, five people sharing a really small space. it's one of those hanging shoe trees. you bring it with you, hang it up in the bathroom over the door and put all the different toiletri toiletries. it keeps everything organized. that space in the room is small. i want one more tip that is nothing to do with packing.
9:45 am
kids are creature of habit. they know what's coming next by what comes before it. so when you're traveling with little kids, stick to those routines around naptime, potty time, meal time. and make sure they have a special thing they sleep with at night, bring that. if you have a ritual around bedtime, you do that. and i hope everyone has happy travels that are less stressful and more enjoyable. >> you're so comforting. i want a blanket and travel with you. >> will you come with us on vacation next week? >> i'll pack you the boredom bag. >> shooest so comforting. i want to hug you. >> that's the sudafed. up next, latin [ female announcer ] at degree, we believe that everything can be improved, and we mean everything. we love to do things, and when we get to make them better, it just feels fantastic. that's why we pushed ourselves
9:46 am
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9:49 am
grilled chicken, pico, fresh greens, cilantro, avocado, tortilla strips, and a drizzle of margarita sauce, all served with a bowl of soup. chili's fresh mex bowls from our lunch combo menu starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. "today's" kitchen is brought to you by chili's lunch combos. >> if you are looking to spice up tonight's chicken dinner, we have just the chef to help you do that. >> pattie is the host of pattie's table on public tv and recently cooked for president obama at the cinco de mayo celebration. >> everybody was warm and welcoming and it was so nice. >> you're going to make for us a classic mexican dish. >> it's home style, easy. someone once said when you share your food you share your heart
9:50 am
so better make it tasty. >> that's great. >> and easy. so here we have fresh squeezed lime juice. help me pour olive oil. fresh rosemary chopped. you can use dried. you guys are a great team. super simple ingredients. doesn't have to be fancy. then pour it on the chicken. you don't have to marinate it, but you can if you want to. then put it on the grill. how long would it have been in there? >> you have to have your grill or skillet really hot over medium high hit. >> sizzle right away. >> five minutes per side. while it grills, i want to show you how to make a mexican red rice. rice can go every color and flavor. for mexicans, we love it red.
9:51 am
we have oil with heating. we soaked the rice for five minutes in warm water. drained it with cold water. if you let it soak, it will soften. if you don't have time, no worries. >> you do like my mom does. she does the olive oil first and then it coats and gives it that crunchiness too. it's that first step we always do. as you say it coasts it and gives it a nutty flavor. and you know the rice is ready to receive the flavor broth. when it turns from the grayish white to a shiny white. as it does, what we're going to flavor with today is a pound of tomatoes. fresh or canned. add the garlic, onion, salt. and then you puree until completely smooth.
9:52 am
perfect. and then so you can flavor it with anything you want. here we're doing tomatoes, but you can do poblano peppers and cilantro and make it green. if you want yellow, do saffron. the next step is you add the broth. i always say if you're going to a mexican chicken and you don't see sizzle and smoke and noise, don't eat there. >> it's not a mexican kitchen. >> so you want to cook that until the rice soaks all the tomato broth and it gets pasty like this. then you add the chicken broth. and you make it healthy a by adding all the veggies. here we're adding carrots and peas and corn. >> once your chicken is done -- >> and once the chicken is done it's here. you bring this to a boil. 15 minutes you're set.
9:53 am
once the chicken is done, you can have your chicken and rice. just slice it. but a great thing with these lime chicken, if you have leftovers or want to do something different. you make a sandwich. >> there's chicken in here. i can't stand it. >> how could we miss this? >> they came in to join the party. >> so you can make it on the side or with rice and avocado. >> we were premature. >> what else is new? recipes on
9:54 am
9:55 am
dig in. >> we're still having a little bit here. that was fun. we've got clever cleaning products coming
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. the city of san bruno is accusing pg&e of illegal misconduct. this comes after the deadly gas
9:57 am
explosion in san bruno that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. leaders have uncovered 40 violations of state law through documents that were obtained through a lawsuit settlement. we're going to have lots more on this story in our next newscast at 11:00. investigators in san jose trying to figure out what sparked a fire near a propane depot. it broke out around 11:00 last night near interstate 280. crews had to shut down the interstate in both directions and evacuated a neighborhood for a while. they managed to stop the flames before any of the tanks exploded. let's check your weather this morning with christina. >> temperature for today, upper 80s. feeling more like the 90s when you add in the humidity. a stray shower or two as we progress throughout the day today. overall, though, we're looking good. hot with a few showers and staying muggy through tomorrow. dry heat will return later in
9:58 am
the week. first, though, let's check your drive with mike. >> christina, we're looking towards 101, it's slow at 680, the interchange there. look at the approach up towards trimbull. the rest of the northbound route is starting to recover. so is 101. we're hearing about clearing for west 580. they are trying the last stages of the clearing where a big rig has been turned over since 1:00 a.m. the bay bridge toll plaza, basically very little backup. a couple of folks looking for cash. back to you. >> all right, mike. thank you. another local news update in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. so happy you're with us today. >> it's fun day monday, and we're going to check our attitudes. >> yes, we are. >> it's fun day monday. we have a whole nice week to get to until we get to the next weekend. it's july 28th. i decided attitude is everything. >> attitude is everything. >> everything. >> how was your weekend? >> it was very nice. me and boots cooked on friday night. i made my fondu fish. it has only three ingredients. i was googling the show -- i couldn't remember how long it was supposed to be in there.
10:01 am
i couldn't remember -- anyway, i followed our recipe. >> sea bass, right? >> they said that's all fished out. i did cod instead. >> that's how she cooks. did you even put pam on the -- >> no. just put it in. two ingredients, and then we just hung out. >> did boots enjoy it? >> he did. he liked it. >> boots also enjoyed the other thing you made. >> what? >> mojito. >> yeah. i made a mean mojito. we had a really kind of fun just stayed in the city, and the city -- new york is really great in the summer sometimes because everyone gets out of the city. >> you have it to yourself a little bit. >> yep. >> how was your weekend? >> not good, but thank you for asking. no, it was pretty good. this is the weekend that i couldn't decide what it wanted to be. it was weird, weird weather, right? it was like really sunny and beautiful a couple of mornings, and then dark. then it was like at 5:00 gorgeous. happy it came out for happy hour. that's for sure. >> you know when it's going to
10:02 am
be happy hour around here? friday. >> friday. >> friday. >> yep. regis is going to host with me. >> reg is back. >> i'm so excited about it. it's been two years since he was -- i have seen him a lot. we've had a lot -- i haven't hosted with him, and he is excited about it. he says where is hoda going? i said koda is going a vacation with her mom and sister, a couple of friends. he is going to pitch in. we'll have a good time. >> okay. so another woman is celebrating 50. >> you're not the only one, hoda woman. >> sandra bullock turned 50 this weekend. >> that shocked me. i'm sorry. the woman looks 25 years old. >> i know. >> she looks half her age, and she's full of life. >> i know. you want to hate her, and you can't. >> do you remember "speed." that movie was 20 years ago. 1994. this is what she looked like in 199 when she was 30 years old. what we meant was not yet. later we're going to discuss that.
10:03 am
anyway -- >> we can't even afford pictures of ourselves anymore on this show, much less anybody else. >> she did celebrate her 50th with friends, and one of her friends, good friends -- >> yes. >> -- is chelsea handler. she instagramed a couple of pictures over the weekend. one is with sandra with her sister, and look who is mooning? look closely. we see chelsea. sandra, her sister. sfroo i can't make it out. >> there is somebody -- they said they're in jackson hole. >> we blurred. >> someone's bottom was on there, right? somebody mooned it. >> we didn't know that sandra bullock and chelsea handler were such good friends, but then we remembered the shower scene. >> the shower scene. do you remember on "chelsea lately." 2012. show it can't show it wrash it was too darn expensive. you'll have to take our word for it. what is your favorite sandra bullock movie? >> i loved "the proposal" with ryan reynolds and betty white. >> i watched that 100 times. >> miss conjeanality. >> blind side, fantastic.
10:04 am
>> blind side when she was you. zoog everybody says -- i want you to watch the blind side on demand. >> we'll show you what you can. >> picture -- close your eyes and picture it. that's our new theme for our show. >> use your imagination. nobody does that enough anymore. >> when you watch that -- when you watch that movie "blind side" and you see sandra bullock's character, think for one second about kathie lee. just think about her when you watch that character and we promise you it will all make sense. all right. piper parabo, who we really love -- she's come on the show to promote her show "covert affairs," which -- >> she got married. we didn't know. >> producer-director of covert affairs. >> she is just a doll. >> this is what their wedding looked like. it looks like something out of "game of thrones," doesn't it? not him. her. >> she's got like a gold veil and a silver wedding dress, and he looks like he has his own
10:05 am
sense of style. a little funky, and they got a new orleans brass band behind them. >> they probably had a lot of fun, obviously. >> yeah. she's such a sweet one. didn't know she had that wild side. >> kind of like hodie and boots. the roon you guys don't know boots and have not been introduced to him because hoda very wisely has learned that sometimes things are best unshared if you want to keep them special. i'm proud of you. >> there is boots. i think i'm having a hot flash, by the way. >> i think i'm starting to get them. i'm not kidding. i didn't start until -- >> last week. >> you said what's going on? i said i'm just hot from the gym. oh, my god, i'm sweating. you start freaking a little. >> because you have no control. the air conditioner can be on full blast, but you are, like, ah! >> then you're freezing. it's weird. it's like you're sweating through your clothes, and then -- >> are you lucky you just had them happen to you like two weeks before you turned 50. >> i wonder if it was just
10:06 am
suggested because i saw we had a menopause segment. >> what a difference. wow. >> how long is this going to go on? >> i don't know. i googled it this morning. it's kind of like how long does this last? they said sometimes they are every hour. i think mine are more than every hour. i think mine happened. >> mine started at 41, and it went on for ten years. >> yeah. >> you know, my doctor who tries me on all kind of hormonal things which have made me crazy, and i just thought, you know what, women have fwaun through menopause since cave man -- cave woman times. it's a natural part of life. get over it. >> stop taking pills. >> i'm not -- i said, you know what, it's a part of life, hoda. man up. oh, that's funny. man up about menopause. >> god. >> more couples want cash -- >> i'm sorry. >> as a wedding gift. >> i'm always cold in here. >> how would you feel if somebody said please don't give me a toaster.
10:07 am
i just want cash. >> that's what people are doing now. >> 80% of couples getting married this year prefer money to a wedding present. >> you would think if you registered you know what you need, so that means you get things you like. >> people are getting married at older and oftentimes they already have a toaster or they've lived together for years so they have those things, but they're still struggling with -- i don't know. people are on their third and fourth marriages. i'm sorry. i'm not giving you anything. all right? i'm going to pray for you, but i am not giving you a dag gone thing. >> you know what, though, i think cash seems so impersonal. >> it seems crass to me. >> it seems weird to hand people a pile of cash. >> they do it at bar mitzvahs and other things as well. i think it's quite cultural. in certain cultures -- >> people like money. >> you know what i don't like? maybe it was amanda saying that at a wedding she went to people pin cash on the bride's veil.
10:08 am
>> it's a southern tradition. doesn't mean like i got money moye veil. it's like, hey, good luck. you know? i think it's -- >> it's a lot like exotic dancers with the -- >> you're right. it kind of does. okay. let's go to some good video. it's time. >> we paid for it? >> we paid for this one. so you know this -- we're about to show you video of a dog who has not seen its owner in two years. rebecca has been overseas for two years. this is the moment that her schnauzer, casey, first saw her for the first time in two years. >> casey. >> he, like, fainted. at first he jumped up on her, which we musd. >> he went crazy, and then the pitch of him -- look. then -- ready and down.
10:09 am
dog is fine. oh, my god. he can't even believe it. >> hyperventilating. oh. >> that's every day when i come home. >> oh, my. that's so -- >> nothing makes you feel better in the world than when you come home. you have been told all day long by all kinds of social media that you are a piece of something. you walk in the door, baby, and you're everything to your dog. >> real quick, the little baby. >> this is amazing. >> this is a little baby in one of those -- >> little softy chairs. >> can we -- 10-week-old baby girl. look what happens when the puppy comes up. hi. oh. snuggles right up. oh, my god. >> is that your baby? >> how precious is that? all our jaded camera guys are going, oh. all right. >> you go first. >> i just walked in this
10:10 am
morning, and everybody said, oh, my gosh, you got a show that must be your favorite thing. it's about clara sun woo. it's -- it's one of those jumpsuits again. it's so comfortable. you guys, it literally just comes off so easily. so does this little jacket. stwloo the sweater is awesome. everything starts at about $79. it's clara sun thank you, sunny. >> if you have a huge purse and you can't find your keys and you are digging and digging and you are digging and you can't find them, here's the solution. problem solved. it's called the good light. here's your key. you take your purse and you shake it. look what happens. you can't see well here, but it lights up. when you are in your purse, you see where the light is coming from. it's $19.99. it's goog it's so smart for people who have huge purses. >> or else you could clean out your purse and be able to see your keys. >> that just doesn't make enough sense. >> all right. you won't believe you ever lived
10:11 am
without them. >> genius products that will make your life a whole lot easier. >> the celebrity scoop of the weekend, like those rumors of an engagement. >> we have all the hollywood headlines. finally brian baltha sdmr ar here. all you need to know about here. all you need to know about today's buzz a at sargento, our cheese is going thin in a big way. with our ultra thin slices, you can now enjoy the same natural sargento cheese you love, at just 45 calories a slice. the same cheddar, swiss and provolone. just thinner and just 45 calories a slice. it's safe to say, thin has never been more in. sargent ultra thin slices. now available in baby swiss, chedder-jack and longhorn colby. when you can repair it. [ male announcer ] from l'oreal, total repair extreme shampoo. our first haircare with lactic aha. strengthens even extremely damaged hair. helps repair broken fibers. seals split ends. l'oreal total repair extreme.
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10:14 am
[ male announcer ] ask your doctor about xarelto® today. for more information including savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit we're back on fun day monday. we keep any the loop on all the hottest hollywood scoop. here with the celebrity gossip, you and all your friends will be talking about today's executive editor brian balthazar. you're an executive editor? every week. >> okay. >> okay. >> i'll pick that up later. thank you. >> it's on the ground. >> oh, my god. >> put it on a chair. >> charlize theron and sean penn, are they engaged? >> just this past week we were wondering the same question because charlize theron was walking down through paparazzi,
10:15 am
and she was hiding her face and revealed a ring on her finger, and every was, like, is she engaged? is she engaged? it turns out now there are reports that she's not, and here's how i know why. she's wearing an anito coa ring that's about $5,000. come on. they're gazillionaires. i looked that up because. >> you're saying he was -- >> i would hope. she's saying, if it were just $5,000 ring. >> some people are not that shallow. >> yes, and i'm saying that they probably are. in any case, dylan, sean penn's 23-year-old daughter, was interviewed and said she supports their relationship. she thinks they're great. she doesn't know if they're engaged, doesn't think they're engaged. >> do you think they'll go the distance? >> i actually don't think they'll be in a rush to get married. they both won an oscar at the same time in 2004. can you believe it was that long ago she won for "monster." she said even if they had a kid, the more the measurier.
10:16 am
>> susan serandon spoke to "the daily beast." >> we're used to see her with tim robbins and then the table tennis player. yeah, i think that they've never really confirmed that they're a couple. >> he is quite a bit younger. >> yes. she revealed in this interview that she once dated none other than david bowie. >> why now? >> well -- >> why is she coming out about that now? >> she's giving an interview to promote a film, and she's talked about she dated actors, a rock star. the reporter said tell us about the rock star. they filmed a movie called "the hunger" in 1983 it was released, and she said that -- >> it's not sexy at all. looking at someone going at someone's open mouth is not sexy. >> keep it to yourself. i don't know what she said, but i'm going to keep going. she said the reason that they didn't actually stick together is that she didn't want to have kids because she was, like, the mother to her siblings when she
10:17 am
was a child. >> sure. >> like nine siblings. then two years later she had a kid. she now has three, and -- >> and what? david bowie went on to marry a mom. >> and then -- >> i'm so glad these things work out sometimes. >> she also revealed something else interesting in the interview. she supports the legalization of marijuana, and she said if we all smoked pot it would be a certain kind of place. can you check it out on "the daily beast." >> comicon is such a huge gathering. >> what do you think of comicon, kathie lee? are you confused by comicon? >> the star trekkies. people fixate and it fas natures me. >> all of mainstream hollywood is getting in the act. they have the newest makeup line with max, marge simpson. >> it's about time. >> who is better looking than marge? >> i was worried at first that it was going tb a yellow foundation. to me it seems jaundicy.
10:18 am
they lined up outside the max store in san diego for hours even the night before. in two hours they sold out of this initial release of marge's make swrup. it's really just pops of color. they had people dressed as marge, like eight models. it was clever. you can actually buy this in stores in september or on-line in late august. it's like bright blue eye shadow, bright green. maybe there's a green and bright pink lip gloss. no yellow foundation. >> i would stand in line for that, wouldn't you? >> in a minute. what about the merging of the simpsons and -- >> family guy. it's going to be a special ep episode where they merge together. i think it's called -- >> i love it. >> i will see that. >> it's going to be good. those two are powerhouses. kaunt go wrong. >> lastly, you have a -- >> lucy killed at the box office this weekend. $46 million. you want to get to men and women, and men aren't disappointed looking at skarl et johansson. we have a new trailer released for the hunger games "mocking jay. "we'll give you a tease of that. you can find that on-line at
10:19 am what's interesting about this film is it's one of the last films that fill ip seymour hoffman made. we'll see a glimpse of him. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> i will pick up my fwum. >> do it. >> when we go to commercial break. don't go anywhere because we're about to surprise our fan of the week. it might just be you, but probably not. >> while you'll never have to reach for the tape again when you're wrapping gifts. >> incredibly clever products that make your life easier. after this. ♪ milk and cereal cereal and milk ♪ ♪ milk and cereal ♪ cereal and milk ♪ k -- e -- double -- l -- o-- double good ♪ ♪ protein to help you rebuild like you should ♪ ♪ great tasting grains to help you recharge ♪ ♪ put a spring in your step ♪ so you keep livin' large ♪ milk and cereal ♪ cereal cereal ♪ milk and cereal cereal cereal .... make your morning shine with delicious kellogg's cereal and milk. it has protein to help you rebuild, and grains to help you recharge. kellogg's cereal and milk. see you at breakfast.
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10:22 am
signs of a possible life-threatening condition. abnormal bleeding, bone fractures, restlessness, vision problems, and impaired judgment and motor skills may occur. don't take brisdelle if you are pregnant, taking maois, thioridazine, pimozide, or are allergic to paroxetine. tell your doctor about all your medicines like tamoxifen, triptans, or paroxetine. side effects include nausea, vomiting, tiredness, and headache. change is in the air. it's time to talk to your doctor about the only fda approved, non-hormonal option. brisdelle. zeerchlts we are in the orange room because it's time to announce our fan of the week. >> drum roll. we spin the fwloglobe to find o where it's going to land. >> in south hadley, mass has. katie. >> i love her. >> she watches us on whch in boston. she's joining us by skype. >> hi, katie. how are you? >> oh, my god.
10:23 am
oh, my god! >> i love katie. >> you know what, she's like the puppy. she's going to pass out. don't pass out, katie. it's okay. >> we're going to put you to the test of the trivia question, okay? first, we're going to tell everybody why you were chosen, sweetie. >> katie has been a huge fan of the show since we are the women she eats lunch with, exercises with, and laughs with every day. >> katie is an avid runner, and her workout play list always includes a combination of kathie lee's music and my i-hoda collection. >> why? >> during one of her recent trips to new york city. >> bumped into her on the sidewalk. i remember. in front of -- oh, my gosh. yes. i remember. oh, my god. >> all right, katie. now it's time to test your fandom with a little kathie lee and hoda trivia question. you have 15 seconds so guess and one shot at answering. remember the rules have changed. you need to answer it correctly to win your prize. are you ready, doll? >> yes. >> okay. now, since you do work out so some of my i-hoda songs, who is
10:24 am
any favorite country star who i also named any dog after? >> blake shelton. >> give it away. >> great job. you won the trip. are you ready to find out where you are going, sweetie? >> where? >> you and your guest will be heading to sunny miami beach florida to stay at the james earl palm. you're going to stay in an ocean view suite. we're not cheap. the max hotel. we have editions by the james royal palm. all right. who are you going to take, sweetheart? >> thank you so were. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> you know who you're going to take? >> my best friend janelle. >> all right. >> everything is fine. from hot flashes to insomnia, how to handle all those changes that come with the change of life. >> and problem solving products that will work double duty for >> and problem solving products thattrying to stay fitduty for but miss real pleasure?
10:25 am
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10:26 am
oh yeah! i put my pants on one leg at a time except my pants are 22 different flavors. but other than that, i'm completely normal. [ male announcer ] try any of our 22 delicious flavors. smile. it's kool-aid. well, good morning, everyone. 10:26, i'm scott mcgrew. a couple of problems caused headaches for morning drivers during the morning commute. in sunnyvale, a power line came down north of the 280 interchange. crews had to shut down both
10:27 am
directions for about 90 minutes before they could clear that scene. and then take a look at this mess on 580 near livermore. a truck carrying thousands of bananas overturned just west of the altamont pass and closed most of the lanes through the morning commute. nobody was hurt. we'll have a look at traffic and weather coming up after the break.
10:28 am
hey, welcome back. temperatures are going to be hot
10:29 am
because you've got to factor in the humidity. we call it a heat index. forecast is a high of 89 degrees in the south bay. it's going to feel more like the mid-to upper 90s when you add in the mugginess. 84 degrees for the peninsula. 81 on the east shore. 74 in san francisco. and we are counting on some very light showers to roll through the bay area. we head throughout the day today. also, a slight chance of thunderstorms as well. mostly between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00. overall, though, a few showers today, muggy tomorrow and then dry as we head throughout the weekend. here is mike with your driver. >> 580 was smooth. look at our maps as it show as slower drive. on the 101, san jose, starting to move much smoother after the earlier crash has cleared. smoother now through livermore because traffic is moving over to the dublin interchange. we had a probably earlier but it's all clear. slowing past the coliseum. mike, look at this.
10:30 am
a close call in the city. an amazing video of a woman pushing a stroller and barely gets hit by an suv. we'll have more of that coming up at 11:00. we are back with more of today on this fun day monday and some of the most ingenius items on the market you wish you could have thought of first. >> foels at buzz feed have come up with a list of very clever products dined to make the little things in life easier, and here with a few of them is buzz feed's editor allana. >> thank you so much for having me. >> sure. okay. we can't believe your first item. >> finally. >> what's going on? >> this is what the world has been waiting for. this is basically a nifty little device that suctions to your shower or bath. on to any tile. it will hold your wine. i mean, if there were anything that we needed more in the world, i don't know what it is. >> you can't take a shower or a bath without your wine, you got other problems. i want this to go home with me.
10:31 am
>> it's an indulgence. >> now, okay, yeah, explain this. >> this is an incredibly nifty thing. it's a device you can shove into any citrus, into an orange or lime or lemon, and it actually squirts -- >> i cannot believe that. is it hard to -- >> you got to kind of dig it in there, but it works like a charm. you can use it on your hair if you want to get highlights. >> go, hodie. >> all right. >> look at that. sfroo there you go. >> how much does that cost? >> oh, it's like $4. >> wow. >> it's a really cool company. >> this i like because whenever i'm wrapping presents i'm always looking for either the scizzors or the tape. >> they're both in the bottom of your purse. >> this is incredible because it combines both the scizzors and tape. you can cut, but then you also right here can right here -- >> voila. >> everybody is going, oh, great. >> i know. it's like why didn't i think of this first? i could be a million air. >> we all remember highlighters from studying in college and
10:32 am
stuff. you have a new take on it. >> this is incredibly useful for college students especially. it's a scanner where if you just go against a piece of paper like that, it will actually scan the text to your computer. it's so cool. >> wow. >> uh-huh. >> wish i used a computer. >> saves so much time and energy. >> all right. so for moms you have some good devices. >> this is called the mommy hook. its ingenius. >> hi. >> what's your name? >> this is jesse joy. >> hi. >> oh, my god. >> love your nails. >> tell us what you got for the mom and the baby. >> the mommy hook is this really ingenius device where basically it's shaped like a regular caribeaner that you would put keys on, but it helps you support heavy bags. can you carry it yourself. it's not just for moms. the one thing to be careful of is once you are removing the bags, make sure your weight is still -- >> things will be flying. >> after a long day of shopping.
10:33 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. what's over here? >> so this is incredibly useful. this is actually called a smart thermometer, and it operates through your phone, so it's really awesome too because it actually helps you record different temperatures for different members of the family. may i? >> okay. >> she's very confident. >> all do you is press take temperature. you select how you want to do it, and then you put it under your tongue. after about ten seconds or so it's actually much faster than a normal thermometer. it should tell you what your temperature is. it's going to go through all these little bubbles. uh-huh. keep it under your tongue. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> apparently the first person to have used it. >> there's a protective sleeve on it. >> the very cool thing is you can -- >> yep. you can put in other symptoms. if you have chills or cough and then you can apply it to different people in the family.
10:34 am
>> then you are a hypocondree abbing. >> this is super great for the beach. >> it's also awesome for recipe books as well. this is a hold your book flat on a given page. you know, when are you in the kitchen and your hands are covered in sauce, but you need to know how much salt to put in, you can just have it open on the page. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is -- that's a nice way to do that. >> yeah. i really love this, actually. basically it's a run of the mill broom and dust pan, but the dust pan has teeth so you can use it to clean off the broom in between. they stick together, so it's ease where he to store as well. >> i like that. >> ham bone alex. what do we have? >> this is something that every guy who works in an office absolutely needs to have. this is called a pillow tie, and i say it speaks for itself, but basically it looks like a tie, but it's inflatable. you can blow up this. it's very quick. then you can nap on it. >> your boss can see you from there. >> is that "fifty shades of
10:35 am
grey" or something. it's weird. >> it also doesn't leave a mark on your cheek. if you need to sneak into your cube -- >> thank you. >> clever products help you get through menopause. >> we'll show you how to embrace the change. >> while your cleaning supplies could be making your home dirtier. we have solutions. oh, dear. right after this. oh, dear. right after this. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and
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10:37 am
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10:39 am
>> it's time for boom tossic. baby boomer's swrrgs turns 50, like hoda, in 12 days. >> today we're talking about menopause. you can dread it or you can approach it with a sense of humor like one woman has. check out this video. take a look. >> girl, you thought you were done learning about your body after age 12? well, your uterus. >> and your ovaries didn't agree. ♪ menopause is when your period has been over for one solid
10:40 am
year ♪ ♪ it's the process of menopause starts much earlier ♪ ♪ holy crap ♪ you can start getting symptoms ten years before ♪ ♪ and that's called peri-menopause, peri-menopause, peri menopause, gross ♪ >> it's the idea of a cler woman with the blog weekly menopause, and the author of love sex again. if you are wonder whying we have this hair blown look is because we have people in our studio helping us out as the whole process begins in ernest. >> it's not just psychological, is it, ladies, that she's just started right before she's turning 50? >> it's the real thing. >> it's real. >> i saw your video, by the way. can we talk about that for one second. >> i don't have a singing uterus. >> you don't? i had on my uterus costume, and i got to the airport, and the tsa was all over it. i had to take it off.
10:41 am
the reason i made this music video is because i was completely blind sided by peri-menopause, and i really want women to understand, the younger women, especially, what peri-menopause is, how it affects their biological clock and their fertility and what the symptoms are so that they can become their own health advocate. >> yes. speaking of symptoms, hot flashes like number one by far. >> absolutely the number one symptom. again, talking about being blind sided. my patients say to me all the time i'm going to tough it out. i'm going to do a little yoeg wra. i'm going to get a fan. then it hits them. we're not talking a little warmth. we're talking rivers of sweat. all those women that say, well, i'm just going to tough it out, they can't. you know, we always say it's not your mother's menopause, and part of it is your menopause may be different than your mother, but your mother wasn't running a company and an airlines pilot, a talk show host. you have to function. you have to work. and when you are up all night
10:42 am
flashing, my message is you don't need to do that. you don't need to suffer. there are solutions. there are safe, wonderful things you can do because this should be a good time of life. >> they must have made new products on the market because when i was peri-menopausal at the age of 41 -- >> 41 is not abnormal. 51 is the normal age, but any time after 40 is considered to be normal. young women, often a lot more severe. >> that's when my symptoms started. i was in the middle of a business meeting. all of a sudden i couldn't finish my train of thought. >> it comes on that fast. new then it looked like i had run a 5k, and i was drenched. i had -- it's really hard to function like that. it's good to understand all the different options. >> there are some thekz you can do. >> yeah. >> what are some basics? >> the basic thing is you have to look at what your symptoms are. hot flashes, for example. the most common symptom. you can do some lifestyle things. all the yoga and fans in the
10:43 am
world, it's not going to help if are you that woman with rivers of sweat. >> you say avoid alcohol, avoid spicy foods, avoid -- >> again, switch to white. red is a little bit worse. you can find some triggers. beyond that, some women just really need to go to their doctor and get a prescription. now, when we talk about going to your doctor, i wish i could say that every doctor was a menopause expert, but they're not. while your doctor may be, you need to get good information. my favorite place to send women is north american menopause society. you can also get good information. once you get your doctor, he or she will tell you, first of all, about the estrogen products that are available now. >> we should point out that there are links with estrogen and there are issues that come along with it when it comes to -- >> less than you think. that's the beg disconnect. that's why it's so important to get good information. when i think of it as the pill. a lot of people don't know about the transdermal estrogen, meaning it goes through the
10:44 am
skin, which in many ways are much safer. you can use a gel or a patch. i brought one with me. we have one of the sprays here, which is another way of giving estrogen. you can put a little patch on your skin that you just wear it. >> we have a couple of seconds left. i want to ask other guests, when is the best time to -- sex is an issue. it ain't great after -- bloo it can be very painful. >> my vag passed out and went to sahara desert. >> that's what she said. >> it was not fun. there are lots of options, and -- >> i never go anywhere without it. >> ranging from all kinds of thing. maybe a lube swrob. time for a lube job. >> this is actually a new product. it sounds like there are many opings. this is awe ring that you put in your vagina. it not like a diaphragm. you throw it out and put another one in.
10:45 am
it will make it like it was when you were 20. >> moisture and lubricants. >> thank you for being with us today. >> it's just about time to share your videos. >> for our fan. >> hope they're nice and clean. >> and the dirty information about cleaning products probably making thing worse. we'll be right back. ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo.
10:46 am
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10:48 am
10:49 am
>> if cleaning the bathroom and launtdry and kitchen wasn't enough, now we have a few more things you should be adding to your list. your cleaning supplies. >> that is right. the brushes, the mops, even the machines you're using could be spreading more germs and definitely some bad scents around the house. here with some sanitary solutions is editor of all you magazine nina waldorf.
10:50 am
hi, nina. >> thank you for having me. >> now, you can see that the mop can get a little bit icky if it's sitting around. even if you rinse it out or wash it. >> what you are going to want to do is once a week you are going to want to take one cup of vinegar, one cup of water in warm water. dunk your mop. let it sit in there. >> marinate it a little. >> you pick it up, and you let it -- rinse it off and dry it out. that's going to clean off the mop. >> it really is like -- >> you can buy it by the bucket full for so cheap. then when it comes to your sponges, sponges, who knew, are actually the dirtiest thing in your house. >> yeah. >> you want different sponges for your bathroom. different sponges for your kitchen. with your bathroom sponge, you are going to pour one table spoon of vinegar. >> again. >> you are going to -- exactly -- you're going to put it in the microwave for two minutes on high. not only does this clean the
10:51 am
sponge, but it actually cleans the microwave too. >> you're kidding. >> your sponge can last -- >> can you throw it in the dish washer? >> this is what you are going to do with your cousin sponkitchen. >> this is the bathroom one. >> i don't want to put that in my microwave. >> it actually cleans your microwave too. >> see, listen to nina. >> that counter intuitive. >> do what you are comfortable with. >> are you comfortable? >> i'm very comfortable. your dish washer, you're going to they this in every other day. along with your dishes. it cleans it right out. no vinegar. two weeks. when it comes to your dish washer itself, the great thing to do is once a week take out the bottom rack and wipe everything down. >> i have never done that. >> it's very simple. i just take paper towels and do that. then once a month you're going to take a cup of vinegar. you're going to put it in the top rack with nothing else in the dish washer.
10:52 am
sprinkles a little baking soda in the bottom. >> let it roll. >> let it roll for 30 minutes, short cycle. clears out the odors. take everything out. wipe it down. done. so easy. >> maybe just throw them away, the sponges, because they're not that expensive. >> you'll do that anyway every two weeks, but it extends the life of your products. >> so your broom. you have a broom. once a week you're going take your hand vac, and ewe going to get all the debris off of it, so you make surure not leaving the gross debris on the broom. >> yeah. >> then once a month you're going to take just a couple drops of dish soap, pour it in the bucket, and then let it soak, rinse it out. you're good to go. use different brooms in different parts of your house so that you don't spread germs around. >> oh, my fwosh gosh. >> brooms. >> you are going to take a different wipe. you're going to wipe down the handle once a week. this is a really great tip. once a month you're going to take two cups of bleach, pour it
10:53 am
into the toilet bowl and soak your brush in the toilet bowl. rinse it out. i love this tip. ure basically going to let it dry by clamp it like this so you don't -- you know, it just automatically dries like that. >> what do we need here at the end, nina? >> what we have here is this is part of the washing machine. you might not think that you need to clean a washing machine, but it can get some mold in it. once a week you're going to take bleach, fill the dispenser. you can run your white through at the same time. if you get mold, then you can use one part bleach, four parts water. spritz, dry. then you're good to go. >> i will try about anything. thank you, nina. >> all right. >> a kind-hearted person that's touched kwountless lives. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
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time now to shine our fan spotlight on a special person you wanted us to know about. >> last friday we dedicated our show to giving back and paying it forward. we asked you to send responses of how you were impacted by someone else. >> we received responses about one person in particular. his name is keith. you told us about him delivering homemade hot meals, volunteering to help others. >> he calls to check on friends and neighbors going through difficult times this. past holiday season keith raised $7,000 for families in need. >> we want to give a big thank you to keith for brightening up people's days and inspiring others do the same. thanks to all viewers for sharing. >> sharing riches. >> for sharing stories. >> exactly. tomorrow pricilla presley on
10:58 am
the show. >> from sharknado ii. >> have an awesome monday has told us.
10:59 am
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the two u.s. marshals and the and breaking news is going on in new york city. that's where sources say two u.s. marshals and an nypd officer have been shot in greenwich village. these officers were reportedly shot in the vicinity of west fourth and jones streets. right now police are redirecting the traffic in the area. the officers have been taken to the hospital. again, happening in new york city. the condition is not known at this time. we're keeping an eye on all of this. three law enforcement officers shot. we'll have more updates for you as the information comes into our newsroom. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'ms


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