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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  July 28, 2014 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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we're in a drought but it's humid outside. >> i know. even a few showers possible tomorrow. the hottest temperature will be in the tri-valley. 80 degrees already at 10:00. and you can see on the seven-day forecast, five day rather, we'll keep this with the hotter weather. 70s in san francisco. so for the little leaguers in the tri-valley, drink some water. >> jimmy fallon and james franco next. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --
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james franco chadwick boseman musical guest, jenny lewis and featuring the legendary roots crew. and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. thank you for being here. thank you so much for being here. welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. here's what everyone is talking about. this is pretty big.
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the "new york times" just published an editorial calling on the federal government to legalize recreational marijuana. [ cheers and applause ] the "new york times." they don't reall care about weed, it's just the only way they can keep selling papers. [ laughter ] you don't have to read it, you can roll it, use it however you want. the "new york times" wants the government to legalize marijuana. even weirder, "high times" is calling on the u.n. to broker a a two-state solution in the middle east. [ laughter ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: so, i don't know what's going on. the oddest weekend, yeah. like a freaky friday. >> steve: freaky friday. >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: dude! >> jimmy: the "new york times" says the government should legalize marijuana, because the current laws against weed are useless and outdated. and then they said, "you know, like a newspaper." [ laughter ] [ applause ] i love it the "new york times." >> steve: love it! >> jimmy: i do. i read it all the time. i don't read just the sunday paper. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: i read monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday,
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friday. >> steve: so you don't get the weekender, you get the whole -- >> jimmy: i get the whole thing. i wake up in the morning. >> steve: sure. >> jimmy: tall glass of -- tall glass of butter milk. [ laughter ] read the paper. >> steve: yep. get in your incline boots. >> jimmy: yeah, i get into anti-gravity boots. [ laughter ] hang upside down. >> steve: yep. get the pet rock out and you're set. >> jimmy: but i was reading -- and you can tell the paper was kind of pro-weed by looking at the weekend's cross word puzzle. take a look at some of the clues. one across -- "a five letter word that is pizza." [ laughter ] >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: thirteen down is, "things you can put on a dog so that it looks like a person. [ laughter ] and finally, six across -- "do you ever think about how big the universe is?" [ laughter and applause ] you can tell. guys, a little controversy here. [ laughter ] a little controversy. the bose corporation says it will sue beats electronics for infringing on its patents for its noise cancelling headphones. [ audience ohs ] yeah. well they didn't so much say it as they shouted it. "we're gonna sue you!"
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[ laughter ] take your headphones -- "what?" this is cool "game of thrones" announced that it's adding nine -- [ cheers ] it's adding nine new characters for the next season. and -- they're already dead. [ applause ] but they were fun while they were there. the idea was fun. some more tv news. i heard that "the view" will be auditioning a potential new co-hosts every day this week. which is great news for fans of "the view." even better news for the makers of those noise cancelling headphones. [ laughter and applause ] i don't care if it's beats or bose, everyone wins. everyone wins. >> steve: everybody wins! >> jimmy: yeah. let's see what's happening over in sports. yesterday, cyclist vincenzo nibali became the first italian to win the tour de france in 16 years. amazing. [ applause ] officials for the tour de france were so honored to hand him the cup, and after he pees in it they're going to give him the trophy. [ laughter ] they've had bad experiences in the past. they're not going to fall for
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it again. [ applause ] >> jimmy: this is just crazy. i heard that 17 siblings from new jersey just won $20 million in the lottery. and if i know siblings, and if i know new jersey, this should go really well. [ laughter and applause ] wow. 17 siblings from new jersey won the lottery. when asked how they plan to spend their money, they said "remodelling the shoe we grew up in." [ laughter ] >> steve: oh! >> jimmy: pretty exciting. this actually marks the first time a family in new jersey made that much money that didn't involve waste management. [ laughter ] >> steve: hey! ho! hey! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't worry 'bout it. >> steve: don't worry 'bout it. >> jimmy: don't worry 'bout it. he's a little somthin' -- somthin' for you. [ laughter ] what am i stu knox? >> steve: hey! hey! come on! >> jimmy: gabagool!
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get out of here. get over here. now get outta here! [ laughter ] don't worry 'bout it. i don't know if this is a good idea or not. there's a company in boston that's now selling a wristband that gives you an electric shock if you miss your exercise goals. [ laughter ] then people say if you get fat enough you won't be able to feel it any more. [ laughter ] it's actually kind of cool. it's like a massage. [ applause ] a wrist massage. and finally, our old pal, toronto mayor rob ford. [ cheers and applause ] he's, of course, running for reelection. so when he and his brother found a seesaw yesterday, well, there was only one thing that they could do. [ laughter ]
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>> okay. >> i gotcha. >> hold it! [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my god, there are two of them! [ applause ] if they keep doing that they'll generate enough electricity to power toronto. we have a great show, everybody. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: everybody, it is monday. it is monday, we're thrilled to be back. we've got a big week of shows. a giant week of shows coming up this week. julia roberts is going to be here. >> steve: whoa! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: julie roberts! >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: vin diesel, heidi klum, and martin lawrence will all be here. [ cheers and applause ]
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and we're gonna have performances from, temples, and aloe blacc. you don't want to miss it, it's a great week. [ applause ] set your tivos! first we have a great show, tonight. he's a friend of our show, he's been on the show probably 30 times. >> steve: i think 36 times. >> jimmy: and we're only done 30 shows. [ laughter ] he acts, he writes, he directs. james franco is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: james franco! >> jimmy: new movie out. >> steve: the man is a delight. >> jimmy: talented guy. and this guy's one of the most talented young actors in the business. he plays james brown in the new biopic "get on up," chadwick boseman is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] a little piece of trivia, our very own tariq trotter is also in that movie. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, buddy! the roots. >> steve: tariq! tariq! >> jimmy: so proud of you man. opening this weekend. and we have music -- great music. oh my gosh, jenny lewis is here! [ cheers and applause ] sounds great. set looks great. so fun.
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it's a good performance. sorry to embarrass you there, tariq. i just had to put you on the spot there. we're very proud of you, man. >> tariq: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i will say, we're very lucky to have the greatest band in late night on the show, the roots. right there. [ cheers and applause ] we're very lucky. but it isn't always fun and games. from time to time, we put the roots to the test. we pick people from our audience. random people. and have the roots make up songs about them on the spot. it is time for "free styling with the roots." here we go! ♪ time to freestyle with the roots ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's right. hey, roots, are you guys ready to do this? >> yeah! >> jimmy: oh, my goodness, let's get started. who wants the roots to -- [ cheers and applause ] how you doing, buddy? >> i'm good. how are you? >> jimmy: you can hold this. >> all right.
11:44 pm
>> jimmy: how's it going? everything great? >> everything's good. how about you? >> jimmy: perfect. great. >> roots, hello. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what is your name? >> nate. >> jimmy: nate. very good, nate. nate, where are you from? >> astoria. >> jimmy: astoria. [ cheers ] astoria, queens, right? >> correct. >> jimmy: that's cool man. now, it's the middle of the summer. what is your favorite thing to do summertime? >> i have a backyard. so like to just hang out in the backyard, have a few drinks. enjoy myself. i'm a simple man. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: your answers could be a little bit more simple though. you are a simple man. hang out the backyard, right? this is fun. we've got my friend nate here. okay? he's from astoria, queens. and his favorite thing to do in the summertime, he has a a backyard. >> home away from home. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: likes to hang out there. very simple man, simple life. simple, simple -- i like to sit and hang out in the backyard. that's it. so the first song -- i, uh, actually heard that the jacksons are doing a a reality show. which i'm very excited about
11:45 pm
that. can you guys do it like a a jackson 5 style song? ♪ ♪ ♪ nate came to the tonight show ♪ ♪ sitting in the eighth row of seats ♪ ♪ came here from astoria new york that's astoria queens m ♪ his favorite thing to do in the summer time sit in the yard drink a couple of brews ♪ ♪ he might even smoke a dub or two 'cause at nate's house there ain't no rules ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much, man. i appreciate it. that was great. thank you, buddy. who else? [ cheers and applause ] who do we got? what's going down? all right, let's go over here. how are you doing, buddy? >> good. >> jimmy: you want to hold that?
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how are you? >> good, how about you. >> jimmy: everything's great. what is your name? >> my name is nick. >> all right, nick. very good, nick. ck, last week was comic-con in san diego. if you were a superhero, nick, what would your name be? >> um, hmm. [ laughter ] probably -- nuclear nick. >> jimmy: all right, nuclear nick. [ applause ] nuclear nick, that's how much destruction you can cause, right? nuclear nick. >> yep. >> jimmy: very good. as nuclear nick, what would be your one weakness? every superhero has a weakness. you know, it's kryptonite, or something. what was your kryptonite? >> cheese. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: the only way to beat nuclear nick is to sneak some cheese in there. [ laughter ] he doesn't like it. yeah, yeah, yeah. it'll destroy him. guys, we've got my pal, nick,
11:47 pm
here. and if he was a superhero, his name would be nuclear nick, okay? and his one weakness, it's a a tough weakness because it's pretty readily available. [ laughter ] his one weakness, you don't want to mess with -- he can't mess with cheese. [ laughter ] that's his one. so this next one -- last week, we had a guy on the show, he was great. made his t.v. debut, his name was chronixx. good reggae. and so, can you do a type of reggae type of song. ♪ ♪ ♪ hold up your hand if you love jimmy fallon hold up your hand ♪ ♪ like nick when he pulled up comic-con ♪ ♪ and they rolled through just to take a whiff but cheese is the only way to beat nuclear nick ♪ ♪ the cheese is the only way to beat nuclear nick the cheese is the ♪ ♪ say reggae song
11:48 pm
nuclear nick is on the bong bong bong reggar song ♪ ♪ but cheese is what nuclear nick don't want want want ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you. i'm gonna hop around here. i'm running around this side. running around this side. running around this side. hey, everybody. hey, what's happening? come on, yeah. how are you pal. nice to see you. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> jimmy: what is your name? >> rayna. >> jimmy: rayna, very good. r-a-i >> y. >> jimmy: r-a-y- >> n-a, yes. >> jimmy: rayna, very good. rayna, this wednesday, everybody is talking about it. the syfy channel is airing "sharknado 2." it's a big moment in america. [ applause ] >> yes. >> jimmy: if there was a a tornado of sharks, if it was real, what would be the first thing you would do? >> i would grab my kids and jump in the tub. >> jimmy: jump in the tub? [ laughter ] >> yes.
11:49 pm
>> jimmy: besides sharks, what kind of animal would least want to see in a tornado? >> least want to see? >> jimmy: yeah. >> those cows, from "twister." >> jimmy: whole tornados of cows? [ laughter ] "cownado" could be coming to syfy. "cownado." more real than "sharknado." it could happen. guys, we have our pal rayna. if there was ever a sharknado, a real one, does what anyone would do. grab your kids and hop in the tub. [ laughter ] get a little family time. a little warm tub. the only thing she'd be more afraid of, if wasn't sharks, she'd be afraid of flying cows. since this is the last one here, the new james brown biopic, "get on up," is in theaters friday. tariq from the roots is in the movie as i said earlier. [ cheers and applause ] can you guys do a james brown sort of thing? >> hit me! ♪
11:50 pm
♪ ♪ rayna's gettin' her stuff together to watch sharknado 2 hey ♪ ♪ the bathtub and her kids together is what in the world they do ♪ ♪ a thousand sharks is very scary and i don't even ♪ ♪ rayna she don't want to see a load of them flying cows ♪ ♪ flying cows flying cows flying cows flying cows ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about right there! oh, my goodsness! the roots, these guys righ there. oh, my goodness! that was amazing. we'll be right back with james franco! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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"hi. buy me a drink." request from the universe. just a person to person interaction. put your phone down.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is academy award nominated actor
11:55 pm
whose new film "child of god," which he co-wrote and directed, is in select theatres on friday. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome james franco. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, that's what i'm talking about. welcome. welcome back. welcome back to the program. >> thank you. this is my new favorite show. [ cheers ] i love it here. >> jimmy: you've been on every other week. >> i know, i was just here. >> jimmy: you were just here. so let's continue the conversation. no, actually, you just wrapped last night ?- >> yes. >> jimmy: you just wrapped "of mice and men." >> i came at the opening of "of mice and men" and we just closed last night. now, we have -- it was pretty sad last night but we do have two more performances and we're going to film it with the national theater from london, tomorrow. twice. >> jimmy: oh really? >> yeah.
11:56 pm
so, which is pretty great. we get to preserve it. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i didn't know you get to do that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: now i follow you on instagram. there's always pictures of you with fans outside. "of mice and men." yeah, i mean, i like to go and take pictures of the people at the stage door after the show. they're obviously very supportive. and i try and just give them what they want. and give them a picture. and i notice -- i went back and looked at some of the pictures i took early on. and i realized, "oh, yeah, i was going out there without a a hat on and sometimes even without glasses." and then as it went on, i kind of developed this costume where i had my glasses and baseball hat every time. >> jimmy: creepiest, scariest face i've ever seen. >> and then i do, i guess i do, kind of a, sometimes i smile. >> jimmy: no. you don't. i have photos. look at this. one, two -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] it's the exact same face every single time.
11:57 pm
it really made me laugh. >> alright. so, we're going to break it down. i'm going to show you why. so, they're not always the best selfie takers. >> jimmy: oh. people don't know how to take a a good selfie. >> they don't. a lot of -- some do. the younger people seem to be a a little more savy, but there's also some older people that want a selfie, too. and so it's always ?- do you have a phone? >> jimmy: yes. here it is. >> okay. alright. so it's always like, especially with the older people, it's like, alright first, it's, like, "oh, i don't know how to do this james." and there's like -- >> jimmy: there not falling off a wire or tightrope are they? >> hundreds -- yeah. they -- and there's like, hundreds people waiting. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so i have to wait for this person to be, like, "james, oh." and then, also, if they touch me like that, then the security guards will be, like -- oh, they're freaked out now that the security guards have jumped on them. and then they're like, "okay, we've finally got it the right direction." and then they don't understand, like, how far away to do it.
11:58 pm
so it's always like, [ laughter ] so it's always like -- so this is like, the too close. this is like 50% of them. like, the too close selfie. okay james. or even like that. >> jimmy: show the people what that looks like at home. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: so then that comes out, >> yeah. >> jimmy: it looks like this. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> that's like ?- that's like 50% of them. right? and so if i put the glasses on, at least it protects me from like, my face getting too close. >> jimmy: distorting, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and then here's the other one. they don't understand, like, if they just put it there, it's fine, right. but they're like -- and then they don't understand like, they're making it bad. so then they keep, like, leaning back. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: you can feel the strain there. >> they're leaning back and then they're going up. >> jimmy: you can stop leaning back and you won't have to lean back.
11:59 pm
you're the one holding the camera. >> horrible like high angle. that's the horrible high angle, right there. >> jimmy: yeah, that one. [ laughter and applause ] >> so, if you put on -- yeah, you got some gear here. you put this on. this on. and you just make the stone face. [ laughter ] stone, stone. [ laughter ] and then you're just going to look good from any angle. they can screw it up, they can -- >> jimmy: any angle. >> any angle. >> jimmy: yeah, it looks pretty cool. >> don't, don't. >> jimmy: alright. [ laughter ] >> any angle, your photo should be good. [ applause ] >> jimmy: this feels good right here for me. let's talk about your movie. >> okay. >> jimmy: well it's not a funny movie. so -- we can make it -- >> okay. >> jimmy: because it actually is a serious movie.
12:00 am
>> this is actually how i look out on the street. >> jimmy: this is the movie. i'm going to start rocking this, as well. noting up here. >> yeah. you could actually put your movie name up there. >> jimmy: yeah. exactly. your new movie "child of god," if you want you can write that on your hat. >> yeah. >> yeah, i'll do it too. "child of god" is the movie. we'll just throw out our guests. and write their movies on hats. >> i did a movie, it's an adaptation of a book by cormac mccarthy who wrote the pulitzer prize winning "the road," and, wrote "no country for old men" that was turned into the cohen brothers movie. this is like, his third book, so these are like, [ laughter ] the early days, of cormac mccarthy. so he's already dark in the later days, but the early days he's especially dark. so it's about this guy who is sort of pushed out of civilized society and he ends up living in the woods and doing a lot of horrible things. murdering, but even worse than murder.
12:01 am
>> jimmy: yeah, it's a really, >> you can imagine. >> jimmy: it's a dark, dark film. we have a clip. here's james franco. it's so dark you have to wear glasses to watch. [ laughter ] [ applause ] james franco in "child of god," take a look. >> alright ballard, we're going to let you make this easy on yourself. you tell us where you put them bodies so we can give them a a proper burial. we'll put you back in the hospital. let you take your chances with the law. >> the law. where's them bodies at, ballard? >> i don't know nothing bout no bodies. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's very good. very dark. great job there bud. >> thank you. as far as my buddy, scott hayes, who is already getting, like, a lot of attention for his performace, the new york times said he's like, one of five people to watch this year, so. >> jimmy: i'm so happy.
12:02 am
it's in select theaters on friday. more with james franco when we get back everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ if it folds and flips, it's breakfast. if it's fresh brewed, it's breakfast. have breakfast for breakfast. the fresh-made, from our kitchen. the egg white delight. only from mcdonald's. so what are you having for breakfast? ♪ so dude. what'sthey're super soft.s? yeah, but why don't you just wear a hanes comfortblend shirt? it's just as soft as those kittens, but ya know, it's a shirt. but i got it off skymall . try hanes comfortblend. softness for the whole family.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back everybody. we're here with my man james franco. james, you've been in a lot of movies. would you say you know a lot about movies? >> i think i know -- i know a a fair amount about movies. >> jimmy: do you think you know enough about movies that you be able to summarize them in just five seconds? >> i think -- i think i'm gonna be able to. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so it's time to give it a shot. time to play a new game called
12:07 am
5 second summaries. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ one two three four five second summaries ♪ >> jimmy: all right. now here's how the game works. i have a stack of cards here. each card has a movie title on it. as soon as you look at the card, you have five seconds to describe the plot of the movie the best you can -- the plot and try to make me guess which movie it is. >> we're kinda -- we're sorta working together actually. >> jimmy: we are working together, not really competing. more for fun. >> yeah, we want each other to guess. >> jimmy: yeah. >> okay. >> jimmy: we'll know in the end -- >> don't not guess cause you just want to win or something. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not like a life hack thing and ruin the game. no, it's a game. i'll play the game. we'll have fun with this -- >> cause you beat me last time with eh ski ball thing. >> jimmy: they're be a clear winner and loser at the end of this. we'll just -- >> i just say give me some great clues so i can guess what it is. >> jimmy: oh my gosh, you're mad already. already -- already, you're cheating now. if feels like you're giving me -- >> i'm gonna be so good at this, and i'm gonna give you some good clues. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. i'll be pretty good, those two -- you're gonna give some good
12:08 am
clues you have 5 seconds on the clock -- >> okay so that means i pull it? >> jimmy: yeah. >> okay, so when do they start it? >> jimmy: uh, just -- as soon as you pick up the card. >> okay, ready and -- oh, okay, it's an older movie, jason biggs and he's humping a a pie. >> jimmy: "american pie." >> okay. [ buzzer ] can you say -- >> awe man. >> jimmy: you can't say pie. >> you can't say pie? >> jimmy: again, we're both -- >> ah [ bleep ] >> jimmy: can't say that either. [ laughter ] >> i can't say pie, i can say humping. >> jimmy: you can't say the f-word though, you can't -- >> i just said humping. the h-word. >> jimmy: i don't think he did. [ laughter ] >> it's an h! >> jimmy: no. >> we got it on camera. >> jimmy: no, i'm -- [ laughter ] >> we can go back and look -- >> jimmy: you wanna go back and look. here, right now, after he loses watch what he says. >> yeah. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: can you say -- can you say -- >> awe man. >> jimmy: you can't say pie. >> you can't say pie? >> jimmy: again, we're both. >> ah [ bleep ] >> jimmy: can't say that either. [ laughter ] you can't say that! you can't say that word. i told you! >> i thought we were in my living room. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is what your living room looks like? you are awesome.
12:09 am
all right, here we go. five seconds on the clock. okay, uh -- there -- little things that kids play -- >> gremlins! [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> you said good clues. >> jimmy: that was aweful. i felt bad for that. i couldn't say any of the little things -- >> awe man. >> jimmy: little things that kids play with? >> you can say the actors right? >> jimmy: no, you can't say the actors either. >> you can't say the actors either. >> jimmy: just the plot of the movie. >> all right, what else can't you say? [ laughter ] >> you definitely know one of the words. all right, here you go. [ laughter ] >> is this five again? >> jimmy: yeah, this is five. >> ready and go. uh, neo -- oh, yeah -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, you can say that. matrix, "the matrix." [buzzer] you can say the characters. >> all right you can say the characters. all right, we got it. nailed it. >> jimmy: if i can say the characters, that's kind of easy right? >> no characters. >> jimmy: no characters, we've changed the rules. [ laughter ] for me it just got too easy. >> eh. >> jimmy: you cheated again. [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] all right, here we go. this one, here we go.
12:10 am
five seconds on the clock. here we go. oh, my gosh, it's a bunch of girls they send slacks to each other in the mail. [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> i missed that one. >> jimmy: "sisterhood of the traveling pants" you've never seen that? >> i should have got that. >> jimmy: next time you're here, i want to get a dvd. it's good, i love that movie. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: last three seconds, were gonna need a little -- 3 seconds on the clock. >> no names -- just the plot. no swear words. >> jimmy: that's right. no swear words. [ laughter ] >> dressing up like a woman to take -- >> jimmy: "tootsie!" no, no, no, the other one with a robin willaims and -- >> you had it. yeah, yeah, you had it. >> jimmy: "mrs. doubtfire." >> yeah, yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] [ ding ] >> jimmy: i can still say it, right? i don't have to guess in the buzzer. >> okay. >> jimmy: i don't have to guess in the five seconds. that was great. so really, it's one nothing. [ laughter ] we are playing with each other. all right, three seconds on the clock. [ singing the bee gees ] [ buzzer ] >> well, i want to get the
12:11 am
right one. saturday night fever, right? >> yes, it is. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you could've said, "stayin' alive" the people. thank you for not doing that. >> the song was stayin alive. >> jimmy: that's right. now, it's time for the final round, one second each. [ laughter ] >> 1 word. >> jimmy: just one second. yep. got to get everything out. >> ready -- >> jimmy: yeah. [ buzzer ] >> wilson! it's not a character. it's not a character. >> jimmy: that's a character. wilson the volleyball. it's that, fed-ex tom hanks movie. [ cheers and applause ] stranded? deserted? oh, tom hanks, and he talked to a volleyball it was great. >> that's the movie. >> jimmy: i know, i know. it wasn't though. it's wilson the volleyball he's -- >> everybody in the audience is like -- "oh man!" [ cheers and applause ] they're willing it to you. >> jimmy: what is it? it's not called deserted, it's not stranded. it is, it's one word, right? [ shouting ] two words? "forest gump." [ buzzer ]
12:12 am
>> "cast away." "cast away" he knew the movie. here we go. >> jimmy: one second. >> you're gonna have one word. uh -- [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] just give him one word, go! >> jimmy: you. >> oh, man. i mean -- i''m in a lot of movies. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know but -- >> you need a little inflection. give it an accent or something. >> jimmy: you. [ laughter and applause ] >> like, romantic? you're, like, you and dreaming. >> jimmy: no i didn't i was like -- >> oh, "pineapple express"! >> jimmy: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] that's what i'm talking about, my man, james franco. "child of god" is in select theaters friday, check it out. we'll be right back with chadwick boseman everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:13 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: our next guest, rose to fame in this portrayal of jackie robinson in the movie "42." and starting this friday, he gives us another amazing performance. this time as mr. james brown in the new biopic called "get on up." please welcome a talented actor. say hello to chadwick boseman. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about right there. chadwick boseman, welcome to the show, buddy. >> man it's good to be here man. >> jimmy: now everytime you hear james brown music, is it hard to do his moves? >> you know what? yeah, yeah, i have to close down, close down, james brown inside me. >> jimmy: -- started dancing around.
12:19 am
everything i've seen -- by the way, you were amazing in this movie. congratulations. >> thank you man. thank you. >> jimmy: it was unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] it's so fun. how was tariq? >> he was great man. he was great. >> jimmy: that's your co-star. yeah, the movie, yeah, yeah. he was good to work with? >> he was great to work with. but you know what, what craig said is true. >> jimmy: yeah, craig robinson was on the show and said that tariq wouldn't hang out or talk to anyone, the cast at all. he's like a snob. >> i actually --, no. [ laughter ] i wouldn't go that far. i wouldn't go that far. >> jimmy: yeah, but he's just, not a nice -- he would flake on everybody. >> i actually had dinner with him one time. >> jimmy: oh you did? >> one time, yeah. i shouldn't have said that cause craig doesn't know that. >> jimmy: he's gonna be mad, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, most of the time he'd be like, "yeah, yeah, i'll catch up." and then he'd be gone. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: as he's like backing out of the room. i'll be right there guys. he's a mysterious dude. i mean, we've known each other for a while, i've never been to dinner with you. [ laughter ]
12:20 am
yeah, i've been to dinner with him a couple of times, maybe. he sends out an impersonator to go eat with us. >> oh is that right. >> jimmy: the real tariq, yeah. he puts on sunglasses and a a hat. just like james franco, yeah. i thought i was having dinner with james franco. i didn't know who it was. i see jackie robinson, you see this movie and i go, "oh, my gosh, you're amazing in that in jackie robinson." and then i see james brown, i go, "this is unbelievable. i can be the believe this is the same guy doing both of these, because they're totally different humans." did you know that they could be a james brown character -- you could be jackie robinson. >> no, no, no. when i first saw the script, i was, like, "ain't no way in the world i'm trying that." just because, it was just, like, james brown, to parody james brown. and i didn't really know everything about him at that mount in time. i have seen great performances, but i didn't get the whole scope of his social relevence and his political relevence. i knew some of the songs, but not all of them. but now it's like, i'm a a james brown fanatic, you
12:21 am
know. >> jimmy: oh absolutely. you'd have to be. but i mean, they got the rights to the music, the real music. some of these movies come out and they go, "this is a movie, it's about the beatles, but we couldn't afford any of the beatles songs. [ light laughter ] so they're singing -- they're singing hanson. so it's the beatles, we've got "mmm bop," we've got "mmm bop," but it's paul and george and ringo singing "mmm bop." you go, "okay, i guess i could put my head around that." the family was so involved in this whole process and they wanted it to happen. >> jimmy: mick jagger is a a producer, right? >> that's right. that's right. that's right. they came in and mick, of course loves james brown. known him for years. he imitated a lot of his -- well he was inspired by a lot of his moves. >> he would sit at the apollo and watch him, you know, show after show and then he would go backstage and meet him. and then the tami show incident is depicted in the movie of course where the stones have to go on after james brown. >> jimmy: you don't wanna follow james brown. well, you did a great job. you would make any fan of
12:22 am
james brown proud. you made the family proud by doing that thing. it's a good -- you did a good job with this movie. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i wanna show everyone -- here's a clip -- [ cheers and applause ] chadwick boseman performing as james brown in "get on up" in theaters this friday. check it out. >> mr. brown. >> yes -- >> we reharesed it just like you told us. we got it just like you like it. julie can't play that with the part he's got. we can change the part if you like. >> don't change it. did i say change the part? huh? fellas, does it sound good? >> yeah. >> does it feel good? >> yeah. >> gods made your ears. you didn't make them. you don't argue with gods ears. if it sound good and it feel good, then it's musical. so play it like i say play it. >> jimmy yeah, you tell them what's up. [ cheers and applause ] my thanks to chadwick boseman. go see him as mr. james brown in "get on up" in theaters friday. jenny lewis performs after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:23 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest's first solo album in six years, "the voyager," was just released. here to perform the first single from it, "just one of
12:28 am
the guys," please welcome, jenny lewis. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ all our friends they're gettin' on but the girls are still staying young ♪ ♪ if i get caught being rude in a conversation with the child bride on her summer vacation ♪ ♪ no matter how hard i try to be just one of the guys there's a little something inside that won't let me ♪
12:29 am
♪ ooh ooh ooh no matter how hard i try to have an open mind there's a little voice ♪ ♪ inside that prevents me how i live it got me here ♪ ♪ locked in this bathroom full of tears and i have begged for you and i have borrowed ♪ ♪ but i've been the only sister to my own sorrow no matter how hard i try ♪ ♪ to be just one of the guys there's a little something inside that won't let me
12:30 am
ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ no matter how hard i try to have an open mind there's a little clock inside that keeps tickin' ♪ ♪ there's only one difference between you and me when i look at myself all i can see ♪ ♪ i'm just another lady without a baby ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no matter how hard i try to be just one of the guys there's a little something inside that won't let me ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh no matter how hard i try
12:31 am
to have an open mind there's a little cop ♪ ♪ inside that prevents me i'm not gonna break for you i'm not gonna pray for you i'm not gonna pay for you ♪ ♪ that's not what ladies do ♪ ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ♪ when you break when you break when you break ooh ooh ooh ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:32 am
>> jimmy: hey. that was awesome. that's what i was talking about right there. thank you so much. jenny lewis! "the voyager" is in stores right now. hear her this weekend a a lollapalooza in chicago. we'll be right back everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:33 am
12:34 am
12:35 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to james franco, hadwick boseman, jenny lewis, fantastic. and the roots right there,
12:36 am
ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, great dancers, come on. that was awesome. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. bye, bye, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- carson daly, penn and teller,


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