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tv   Today  NBC  July 29, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪3 c3 ♪. good morning. breaking news overnight. israeli strikes rain down on gaza, the most intense fighting yet as the obama administration goes on the the defensive after israeli media ripped john kerry's efforts to make peace. calling out putin. the obama administration accuses russia of violating a nuclear treaty by testing a new missile. how will the russian president respond. >> this morning the chilling reports that she was kept locked inside a shipping container. and stranded, 157 people forced to spend the night at sea
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after a boston whalewatching boat got stuck. the three-hour cruise that turned into an all-night ordeal. today, tuesday, july 29, 2013. from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live in studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> am good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. >> you're getting a nice vantage point from the elevator. >> i'm going for a beautiful view, not that view, lady gaga and tony bennett will be here in the studio and up at the top of rock and they have an announcement and we look forward to that later on. >> we have the top story. israel's hef assault since fighting intensified three weeks ago. efforts by the united states to end those attacks are taking a
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toll on the relationship with israel. nbc national correspondent kate snow is in tel aviv this morning. kay, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. john kry is pushing an end to both sides, but diplomatically speaking israel may give him a hard time. the public and the press seemed to have turned on kerry. take a look at the the headline on this morning's paper. obama and krerry, it says are playing with fire. overnight more explosions in gaza. this morning the main power plant took a hit, columns of smoke are still rising. israel confirms ten soldiers died yesterday, pushing the death count to 50 the high of count since 2006. that's only increasing israel's resolve to keep going and why it's been so tough for john kerr toe negotiate a peace deal.
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>> i just want to say a few words quickly about the e vshg in gaza. >> he has been strongly criticized in the media for the way he pushed the cease-fire. senior govern am in jerusalem discussed it as an attack. >> kerry and obama administration are ting the side of the palestinians, but of the arab world in general and this america led by this president won't actually be there when it matters for israel's security needs. >> one paper calls kerry a nudnick. >> someone that's coming again and again and again and again and doesn't do much. >> the coffee crowd in tel aviv think he is out of his league. >> he can write some nice words and nice statements, come on. get real. >> the obama administration spent sunday bending over backwards to defend kerry.
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>> the reality is john kerry, on behalf of united states, has been working every step of the way with israel in support of our shared interests. >> back? washington, there is concern that all of this it bad talk about john kerry is going to affect his ability to get anything done over here as a mediator while the diplomats talk, by the way, at least 30 more palestinians were killed in that overnight fighting. matt? >> kate snow on the story for us. thank you very much. president is ramping up the pressure on vladimir putin on violating a treaty that dates back to the cold war. chuck todd is chief white house correspondent. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> timing is everything. >> of course. >> why is the president choosing to take it on now. >> this is an accusation that dates back to the bush administration that somehow vladimir putin's russia was violating this cold war-era
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treaty. the president formally accused russia in a letter, president obama to vladimir putin and formally accused russia and the president demanded an arms control talks on the side and think about the timing of this as you pointed out, savannah. this comes in the 24 hours that the united states is trying to get desperately to get europe to catch up when it comes to sanctions against russia over what they've been doing in ukraine. europe seems to be onboard. they seem to have agreed to do the same targeted, sectoral sanctions that europe hasn't agreed to do in the past and this -- this comes at the same time because this nuclear treaty is about the short-range cruise missiles. it's not the united states that will be potentially under attack by missiles like this, it would be europe. >> europe is finally getting tough on russia, i guess the question is what's putin's next move likely to be in will he
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feel the pressure is is he likely to dig in? >> every time he's had pressure, he's dug in, but he's not had pressure like this from the europeans and this is the hope from the united states, somehow whether you get real european pressure, whether the french, germans or the brits and all three are major business partners with russia that maybe now he'll start to back up, but it hasn't worked so far. >> chuck todd in washington, thank you very much. natalie is here with headlines including issues for passengers on a whale-watching tour. >> they thought they signed up for a three-hour tour and they got much more than they bargained for after the boat got snagged by a lobster trap forcinging them to spend the night at sea. chris is live with their progress. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. the good news is the whale-watching boat finally way here to boston harbor and docked with it. 157 passengers and six crew
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members onboard what was an extended whale-watching trip and it was supposed to last three to four hours and instead they spent 13 to 14 hours including spending overnight out there on the ocean. it was obviously tough, but we had a chance to talk to a lot of the passengers as they were getting off of the boat and they were in relatively good spirits and they're exhausted and tired after spending their night out to sea. they brought food out there and brought blankets to make them as comfortable as possible. boston harbor cruises is compensating them and they're refunding their night on the ticket when the seven-inch piece of cord got tangled in the propeller causing it to stop and they had to cut it out with some divers with hydraulics to get it freed and make the way back to shore. back to you, natalie. >> i hope they got to see whales out of all of that. chris anderson in of boon. thank you, chris. >> firefighters fought to
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protect dozens of homes threatening nearby yosemite national park and miguel almaguer is where the fire is proving to be costly and very difficult. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. the national treasure firefighters are working around the clock to protect yosemite valley this morning three camp sites are closed because of smoke, but crews are making progress. this one of dozens of fires burning across california, zapping resources and costing big money. the view in yosemite is now breathtaking for a different reason. four square miles of pristine park land up in smoke. crews here racing to protect 100 homes. this morning across the west, 120 wildfires are burning. so far this year, 32,000 fires have destroyed 1.6 million acres. the the region, a tinderbox.
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three years of drought crippling 60% of the west is intensifying across the region. firefighters say this is the front lines of climate change. >> the days are continuously longer, warmer, hotter periods during the summer which helps dry the fuels out. >> with record-setting wildfires in washington and oregon, 300-plus homes destroyed, this is the season of maggie fires. these massive blazes burning bigger, hotter, faster than ever before. >> with the return. >> in california, where nearly 5,000 wildfires have burned this year they'll spend $1 bell onto fight plane. the the single drop from a dc-10, $60,000. >> it is not a cheap venture. absolutely it costs money to make these things happen. we're in an unprecedented
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condition. >> the cost of fighting fires to protect in a season like no other. >> reporter: crews are making headway here. the el portal fire is 5% contained. the good news, we could see rain here later on this afternoon. the bad news, there may also be thunderstorms which may have sparked this blaze. natalie? >> we'll get an update from al on that in just a little bit. miguel almaguer in yosemite national park. thank you. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling lost his battle to block the sale of his team. the superior court judge sided with shelly sterling when negotiated the sale with former microsoft steve ballmer. shelly sterling acted in good faith by removing her husband as co-trustee of the team. the nba banned the 80-year-old billionaire for making racist remarks. now to a dive that went horribly wrong. this happened at the lava idaho
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park and the young woman is okay as she got spooked and she tried to grab the railing and slipped and fell on to the platform below and she tumbled about 20 feet. however, she managed to swim out and only with a hurt pinkie. she ended up okay. thank goodness. it could have ended much worse. the last time we saw denver broncos peyton manning dance it was on saturday night live. we assumed those unique moves were just an a temp at humor. turns out he really does dance that way. take a look. manning was in charge of picking the music for training camp and he chose rocky mountaintop, as a university of tennessee grad which that song is near and dear to his heart and you see some of his teammates there getting into the act as well.
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>> look at the 4 guy doing the dosie do. >> maybe he's channeling fresh prince. >> natalie, thank you. mr. roker, what's shaking in the weather? >> we had a surprise tornado pop up just outside boston yesterday around 9:30 in the morning. revere, massachusetts, an ef-2, six minor injuries, but a ton of damage over 50 buildings including city hall sustaining major damage. throughout that area they'll be cleaning up for weeks after this system moved through. it came off the waters as a water spout and came on land as a tornado and did tremendous amounts of damage. as we look right now you can see we have heavier showers and thunderstorms forming throughout the area. a lot of heavy rain yesterday in southern nevada. so much so they had massive flash flooding just outside of las vegas, mt. charleston, look at this. they got 6 to 7 inches of rain in a fairly quick period of time.
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the mud right now in some areas up to 5 feet thick. a couple of homes were destroyed and a real mess. in the rest of the area today they'll continue with the heavy rain showers and thunderstorms. so we do have flash flood watches and warnings from parts of nevada all of the way into the rockies because we're looking at anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain in a quick period of time. however, some areas locally could see up to two to four inches before it's all over. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here salmon and energy. creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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good morning to you, 7:14 now. these are your current temperatures. i can tell you it's a little humid out there, but that humidity and the midlevel clouds that move in, going to deep your temperatures from soaring today. we're going to talk about the low to mid-80s at best. pacifica, mostly cloudy start there. we're going to see the fog fade fast though as it's already doing so in santa cruz. temperatures today will be bearable. in fact we're talking about temperatures in the low to mid-80s. just about everywhere. 68, san francisco. >> all right, al, thank you very much. the centers for disease control is closely monitoring what's be. come the the largest ebola outbreak in history. more than 1200 cases reported in africa, including two americans. nbc stephanie gosk is in boone, north carolina with their story. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt. this christian charities samaritan's church is one of the
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organizations leading the fight against ebola in west africa and they say they're struggling. now two of their own are fighting for their lives. nancy rightbull is in quarantine in her small house in liberia while friends keep vigil. >> she's doing as well as can be expected. maybe a little bit better than yesterday, but very, very weak. >> the ebola virus is so dangerous she can't have visitors and know even her husband david. he speaks to her from home or from outside the bedroom window. >> he prefers to go over so he can at least go in and talk to her and see her even though he can't touch her. >> the pastor at their church say the couple knew the risks, but stayed on even when they had a chance to fly home. >> it was the love of christ that compelled them and in my book they're true heroes. >> they're missionaries at the same treatment center where dr. kent bradley all contracted the deadly virus.
7:16 am
colleagues shared a message from bradley and his team. >> they are strong. they are firm and resolved interest about their decision to go to liberia and their decision to stay in liberia. his wife and two children flew back to the u.s. just days before the doctor started showing symptoms. they believe the family left just in time. >> we don't see any danger for the wife and children. they are monitoring themselves in case they were to get a fever. >> with two americans infected overseas, the center for disease control issued an alert to u.s. health care providers, to be on the lookout for patients returning to west africa. for family and friends there is just an agonizing wait. >> one biof good news is both cases were detected early and doctors say that could give them an edge in the fight. >> dr. william fisher is the
7:17 am
critical care doctor in north carolina. he just helped the the world health organization. >> the numbers are staggering, 600 casesover 1100 deaths and what do they need to contain it? >> information, resources, what? >> i think you hit the nail on the head and we need both an increase in resources to provide protective kim to keep our health care workers safe as well as to really improve the education of the local community. i think that is a key are the part of this effort. if we can gain trust of the local community and get patients to treatment facilities erle willier, we not only give them the best chance of survival -- >> i read the article where some of the people are actually blaming the doctors blaming in to help them for possibly spreading the disease. >> absolutely, and i think that's a major obstacle the in the effort to combat this virus.
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it's significant mistrust that exists between surrounding community and the health care workers. it's tough to blame them especially given the tact that the virus is associated with such high mortality and up to nine out of ten of their loves ones return in body bags, but if we can get them to the fas ilis sooner. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> ma, thanks. >> a 34-year-old new hampshire man appears this court today charged in connection with a teenager's mysterious nine-month disappearance. >> natalie, you've been following the story closely. >> we heard from abigail hernandez's mother and she vowed to find out what happened to her daughter. a few hours later a s.w.a.t. team and armored vehicle had reportedly surrounded the suspect's home. we still know very little about how abigail hernandez went missing and the circumstances of her sudden return. >> police arrested 34-year-old
7:19 am
nathanial kiby on monday at his trailer home in new hampshire, 30 miles from where abigail hernandez lived with her parents. he's been charged with one count of felony kidnapping and will be a rabrraigned later today. his neighbors said he was nice, but haven't seen much of him. others were cautious. i don't know too much about him and always told the girls stay away from that trailer. >> he locked abby hernandez inside this shipping container behind his trail sneert 14-year-old disappeared from outside of her high school without a trace. >> abby! >> a week ago the now 15-year-old girl walked into her family's home, her mother relieved, but worried about the changes in her daughter. >> she lost a lot of weight. very pale. she had a look in her eyes i've never seen before and that's something that's haunting me, and i think will haunt me for the rest of my life.
7:20 am
>> on monday, abby's mother xenia spoke exclusively to "today" speaking to whoever took her daughter to come forward. >> can you please help us by turning yourself in. >> earn had hearn ez says her daughter's been questioned by police nearly every day since he returned home. police put out the sketch based on abby's description of the suspect and the new hampshire attorney general's office credits abby for the first break in the case. >> i knew that she'd not run away because -- just, there are various things that pointed away from that theory. >> family is asking for privacy at this time, but they released a statement. we are relieved that this is finally over. we are relaxing now and spending time with one another. we appreciate the support of all of those who have been with us since the beginning. >> for xenia hernandez the wait for her daughter to come home is over, the search for answers is not. >> just as i swore that i'll find her, i'll find the person. i'll find out what happened.
7:21 am
>> officials say they will reveal more details in the case following kibby's court appearance later today. >> mysterious case and hopefully we will get more answers and justice, as well. >> hey, now! >> nice to see you. >> good morning, everybody. >> how are you? >> is that what we're talking about? now with social media when you travel and it's the first thing you do when you are frustrated and you let the world know, the the good, bad and the ugly. airlines react differently. spirit airlines welcomes your criticism and will give you miles for letting them know what's wrong and southwest airlines kicked a dude off the plane because he was tweeting less than favorable spots. here's tsa, cash for ideas. they're finding this solutions. -us out. they have 15 grand that says maybe they'll use your idea. the deadline is august 15th. #orangeroom, let us know, ways
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to speed up the screening lines. may i suggest this? how about a national travel uniform? sweats, slippers, no buckles. we all look the same going in and we get right through security. how about that, guys? >> i like it. >> i like sweats or something. >> now we know how carson travels. >> i can see some travelers here at this travel. >> thanks. we look forward to getting your ideas. >> coming up, a murder mystery in florida. who gunned down a well-respected law professor in his home. a case that put one college town on edge. is it the ultimate hangover cure, and the the businesses offering you expensive hangover relief through an iv drip. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, lady gaga and
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surprise! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. you're watching "today in the bay." good morning to you public it's 7:26 i'm kris sanchez. police are investigating their second homicide in as many days. a man was stabbed to death in the downtown area near cesar chavez plaza. no word yet on a motive, and no arrests have been made. it is san jose's 22nd homicide of the year. meanwhile officers also looking for the shooter in a city's 21st homicide which happened yesterday afternoon. this happened at the place right after 680 in east san jose. investigators say several children were playing in the street when someone started shooting. investigators are not sure whether the suspect was walking by or driving by, but they say they did find a gun at the scene. representatives for fedex
7:27 am
will be in the san francisco federal courtroom today where they will answer to charges that the overnight delivery company was involved in a prescription drug conspiracy. the company is charged with a knowingly delivering medical drugs and pain killers to people without prescriptions. authorities say fedex worked on behalf of illegal internet pharmacies. and now a look at your forecast i'm meteorologist christina loren, good morning. >> good morning kris, good morning at home. not a lot to show you, some stray showers rolling through the bay area. temperatures for today, although they are going to feel warmer than the true temperature you're seeing here, i have to tell you, not too bad. 88 degrees in the south bay. 83 for the peninsula. 68 degrees today in san francisco. you'll hit about 88 degrees out in the north bay as well. now temperatures are really going to stay steady as we head throughout the nerks few days. no major extremes copping your way. the only difference is we are going to lose that humidity by thursday, then a nice level weekend coming your way. here's mike inouye in your drive. slowing over the shoulder, that's the live view here at
7:28 am
680. it is the map showing you in the backup that approaches. we have a crash that just cleared adding to the backup already there. another crash northbound 10e 1 at 880. that's what caused all this big backup to the scene. and northbound 280, the red stretch well basically 60 tole 80. earlier crash moved shot shoulder in addition to the northbound route. the rest of the bay commute is shaping up typical, including the plaza, back to you. >> thanks mike. another local news update for you in just a half hour. right now here's the "today show."
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7:30 now on a tuesday. it's july 29th, 2014. that is the view right now in kansas city, missouri, where it looks like a nice day is on tap. supposed to be a beauty here in new york as well. take a look at the view from the top of the rock. looking at the empire state building and 1 world trade center. savannah, you've got a date with tony bennett and lady gaga. >> just another tuesday for me. they've got a big announcement to make. we'll catch up with them in a little bit. we want to get to headlines this morning. the obama administration is accusing russia of violating a
7:31 am
1987 nuclear missile treaty. they claim russia has carried out a number of tress on ground launched cruise missiles. meanwhile an arrest has been made in connection with a nine-month disappearance of a new hampshire teenager. nathaniel kibby was take into custody and will be arraigned today. crews are said to be making progress against the dangerous wildfire in yosemite national park. it's already burned through four square miles of land. but the park remains open today. and coming up, what is your go-to fix for a hangover? fried food, pizza? but would you go to a special bar and let somebody come to your home for an iv? we'll introduce you to the latest cure that is catching on across the country. >> anybody still believe in the hair of the dog that bit you? >> i think that works sometimes. >> really?
7:32 am
>> i do. >> i actually got some dog hair. >> a little too literal. >> i'll explain later. we begin this half hour with a story out of arizona. 54-year-old research doctor arrested after he entered an airport terminal carrying an assault rifle. tamron's got the story on this. >> good morning, everyone. dr. peter stein was carrying an ar-15 when he walked into the airport. he said he visited the airport to simply buy a cup of coffee but was arrested after he pointed the gun at a woman and her young daughter. i think he wanted to make a statement about the right to bear arms. this newly released video shows the police confronting the man. the 54-year-old scientist was seen walking near a starbucks in an unsecure area of the terminal with an ar-15 style rifle over his shoulder.
7:33 am
they say steinmetz had pointed it at a woman with her 17-year-old daughter. the victims indicated they were feared for their safety. he said he was buying coffee and had no other business no. it's not illegal to have a gun in the non-secure areas. and police believe he may have been trying to prove a point about gun rights. he was arrested and charged with one count of felony conduct. during his arraignment monday, a judge told him as part of his bond agreement, he's not allowed to possess weapons. >> what precisely do you mean by that? >> kit means no weapons. >> reporter: she a high ranking doctor overseeing brain research. the hospital said we are aware of the situation and are taking it seriously. the doctor was released after
7:34 am
paying his own $5,000 bond. can you imagine how frightening that was for people in that airport especially that mother and her daughter? >> thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by advil pm. when pain keeps you up at night, advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need. >> so far the tropical season has been pretty quiet. but looks like things might be heating up. one coming off of africa we're watching there. but this second one bears closer watching. this would become tropical storm bertha if it does make tropical storm strength. right now winds 35 miles per hour. it's moving west at 13 miles per hour. we've got an 85% probability in the next days of becoming a tropical system. now, we've also got much cooler air. jet stream way down to the south. this trough of low pressure.
7:35 am
look at these temperatures. 81 in paducah. nature hates a vacuum. that rich of high pressure pushing up to the north keeps that jet stream air. yakima, washington, 102. boise going to be near 100 degrees toda 7:35, good tuesday morning, meteorologist christina loren. this is san francisco or what you can make out of the transamerica pyramid here. plenty of low level fog. look just across the bay on the east shore. these are the oakland hills, mostly sunny conditions. 38 for the peninsula. 88 degrees in the south bay. 88 in the north bay for today. san francisco, you'll hit the-upper 60s, we have a fair a. humidity. overall temperatures stay steady, but we lose that humidity thursday and friday and level off in the upper 80s in the south bay, 70% humidity. k you very much. now to the murder of a well-known law professor in florida. it's a mystery for police and
7:36 am
they're now releasing new information in that case hoping it will lead them to the killer. kerry sanders is in tallahassee with the latest on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. investigators say the death and the murder of florida state university professor dan markel was not a random act. and this morning they're revealing details of what happened moments before he was shot in the head. new details this morning in a murder that shocked this quiet tallahassee community. police trying to unravel who would gun down 41-year-old dan markel. a prominent law professor. and why? in a newly released report investigators say a neighbor called 911 after hearing a loud bang at markel's house. the neighbor found markel in the garage in his car and tells dispatchers the driver side window is bashed open and the driver is bleeding. markel was alive, but had been
7:37 am
shot in the jaw and was unable to talk. the neighbor later saw this vehicle captured on a nearby surveillance camera driving away from the scene. police describe it as possibly, a silver prius. >> we believe this was a targeted specific case. it was not a case of randomness. the person that came there was looking for mr. markel. >> reporter: targeted by whom and why? markel taught criminal law at florida state university. a graduate of harvard law school. >> i've been working in the realm of punishing theory -- >> reporter: colleagues said he had a special bond with his students. >> he was a little different, i think, than most law professors in that he was younger, could relate to them more. so he seems to have an empathy to them that you don't always see in academia. >> reporter: markel's ex-wife is also a professor at fsu. they have two sons. a family friend describes her as
7:38 am
being frightened. >> we are working as hard as we can and following all avenues. we are not simply focusing on one thing or one person. we're following everything. >> my own sense is that they're really getting close to putting all this together. >> reporter: police are asking anyone who saw dan markel before he was killed 11 days ago to give them a call because they believe perhaps somebody saw something that maybe they think was insignificant but could be an important piece of cracking this case. back to you. >> kerry, thank you very much. coming up, here's a question for you. would you pay $150 to cure a hangover? that's what it costs a lot of people to get the hangover. the iv clinics popping up across the country, but are they any better than rest and tylenol? then on "trending," the dramatic highs and lows of sports as seen through the candid images of the duchess of
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go to to get started today. we are back now at 7:43 with the latest way to get back on your feet after a night on the -- was that a shark? >> a tornado filled with sharks. >> it's a twister with teeth. >> we'll look forward to that. >> enough said, al. >> all right. transitioning now to hangovers. a big night on the town, how do you get back on your feet? so-called hydration centers promise to treat everything from hangovers to head colds. how do they do it? here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: in south tampa there's a new bar in town. instead of a glass, the cocktails of vitamins come in an iv with names like hair of the dog, chicken soup and fountain of youth. rough night remedies for hangovers and so much more. how's the whole procedure been?
7:44 am
>> painless other than the poke from the first needle. it's been very relaxing. >> reporter: treatments last a half hour and cost from $115 to $159. this doctor is an anesthesiologist who opened the bar this month. >> it's based on a modern wellness spa that allows people to get treatment for not just hangovers but other acute illness. >> reporter: it's called hydration therapy and it's gaining steam across the country. in vegas hangover heaven claims to have treated more than 20,000 customers on its bus since opening two years ago. >> iv doctor provides iv fluids -- >> reporter: in new york, the iv doc makes house calls. >> 50% come in for hangover relief, dehydration from the night prior. >> reporter: but critics say iv clinics are just a gimmick.
7:45 am
>> i can't understand why anybody would be paying money for getting stuck with a needle. >> reporter: others say they could mask deeper issues like addiction. the tampa clinic points out they are administered by paramedics. they work here part time. would you recommend this to a friend? >> is a far absolutely. >> reporter: after a few days of feeling run down, he says he notices the energy boost immediately. you think this might give an edge playing basketball with your friends? >> we'll see. i hope so. i need a bit of help. >> reporter: a different type of cocktail mixed with vitamins, high hopes, and maybe some wishful thinking. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, tampa. >> well? >> i don't know. >> are we sold? >> no. >> no. >> you know what? a burger and fries and soda is much more enjoyable than an iv and also works. coming up, priscilla presley is going to make her first visit to studio 1a. she's going to share rare treasures from elvis.
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up next, a wild new invention that could transform summer fun. carson goes up against bunch of balloons right after this. >> cool. loons right after this. no, no, no, no... this is the wolverine. no, no, this is x-men origins.
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7:50 am
♪ 7:50 now on a tuesday. happy to have priscilla presley in the studio showing off great items you could own relating to the king. we'll talk to her in just a little while. meanwhile, she just dropped something over there, but everything is okay. everything is all right. nobody got hurt. we're going to get to carson in the orange room in a moment. first, though, he managed to find room in his schedule to stop by "late night" with seth meyers. take a look. >> where do you have time in your day? you have a radio show, "today" show, "the voice," your talk show. >> i'm steve harvey, i guess. i don't know how this works. i'm just -- i'm not afraid to work.
7:51 am
and i don't possess many talents, but the "today" show does let me flex what few talents i have. it's similar to "trl" we're live for an hour, talk to this person, then run outside and then introduce this video. i'm like, i know how to do that. >> as a matter of fact, not only does he get to do that, then he gets to fill water balloons out on the plaza. carson, what are you doing? >> i'm here with josh malone who came up with an awesome thing called bunch of balloons. a hundred balloons blown up in less than a minute. >> that's correct. >> where'd you get this idea? >> i do a lot of water balloons every summer. i've got eight kids. >> eight kids? >> it's a great outdoor activity. it gets you together with the kids. we got tired of tying them. >> where'd we go from idea to business? >> i think of better ways of doing things. i had a lot of times to think about how to do it. >> kickstarter, eight, seven days a and got $600,000. show me how it works here.
7:52 am
>> you bet. >> you just screw it into any hose. all right. and then turn it on. and then watch this, guys. it fills up the balloons. there's 37 on one. you might lose one or two. you can do a hundred in under a minute. you don't have to tie the balloon. it's filling up. when do you know when to stop? >> you can make them as big as you want. >> reporter: how do you get them off? what's the trick? >> just shake. >> wow. bring them in here, carson. >> why don't you have to tie them? >> what's that? >> why don't you have to tie them? >> yeah. why don't you have to tie them? >> they tie themselves. >> yeah, they tie themselves. >> that's crazy. >> it's 2014. you don't have to tie water balloons. >> we need one. >> call the nobel committee because this is awesome. my gosh. note to self don't go out on the plaza.
7:53 am
>> i haven't done one yet and he's got how many? i'm laboring, josh is laughing. hold on. >> i love this. >> here we go. all right. look at this process. >> better living through science. thank you very much. coming up next, lady gaga and tony bennett. we're back in a minute. i'm mona and i'm beth and we raced around the world on a reality show. you may know us, we were the roller derby moms. and our families are super competitive. so when we heard walmart's clothes were better than ever, we had to put 'em to the test. i love that the clothes can stand up to the kids and this avia line is awesome. we're pretty tough, and these clothes are really keeping up with us. fit, style, performance. discover the look of quality backed by our satisfaction guarantee. available at walmart and save money, live better. walmart.
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this is lady. and for dark spots rapid to♪e repair. she's a unicorn... ...and a pegasus. and why is she strapped to the roof of my rav4? well, if you have kids... ...then you know why. now the real question. where's this thing going in the house? the rav4 toyota. let's go places. ... ...
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you're watching "today in the bay." good morning everyone, 7:56 i'm scott mcgrew. bicyclist fighting for his life after a van hit him. trying to escape police causing a major, major crash. all happened late last night. police tried to pull over the van at larkin and post in san francisco. it didn't stop. couple of blocks away at post and jones. that van ran a red light, hit a taxi, both vehicles spun out of control on to the sidewalk. that hit the bicyclist and the pedestrian. the driver of the van jumped out of the van, tried to run away, later arrested trying to board a bus. driver of the taxi and the taxi's passenger were not seriously hurt. police say the van was stolen. well let's get a check of your weather this morning with christina. >> hey good morning, scott. good morning to you at home. temperatures mostly in the upper 50s to mid-60s. even though we're seeing 68 degrees in livermore, your temperatures aren't going to be too hot today. showing you a live look at pleasant hill, indication of all
7:57 am
that humidity. you can vividly see that moisture in our atmosphere. same sky over heelsburg. more low cloud cover here. sunol, where we have the midlevel clouds that you're done with the low clouds for now. as a result, temperatures are going to be warm, but not too bad. 88 degrees in the south bay. 83 for the peninsula. 82 on the east shore and 68 degrees in san francisco. so here we go. getting into the next couple days, we'll keep that humidity, upper 80s to low 90s. upper 80s, less humidity. here's mike and the drive. >> looking at the south bay, northbound routes still slow. northbound 101 from basically 85 all the way up to the airport. we have a slower drive. it's smoothing itself out. not a bad cluster as we saw before. northbound 280 slow towards 880. earlier crashes have cleared, but north 680, adding to the slow down. you see it forming. the tri-valley typical build southbound 680. rest of the bay standard. 880 past the coliseum. back to you. >> thanks.
7:58 am
another local news update in a half hour. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
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8:00 am
♪ ♪3 c3 ♪. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, how would you like to own a song list handwritten by the king himself? priscilla presley is here with rare elvis treasures and big news about graceland. plus, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. serving up emotion. and dynamic duo. they have 22 grammys between them. music powerhouses lady gaga and tony bennett. they're here to tell us what has two of the biggest names in music joining forces, tod"today july 29th, 2014.
8:01 am
♪ >> we're gaga for gaga. >> yeah! >> today is our birthday. >> today's my sweet 16. >> i'm 10 today. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." beautiful tuesday morning. we are looking at a -- that's a rolls-royce, isn't it? two people who really know how to make an entrance together. lady gaga and tony bennett are arriving here at studio 1a. as we speak, carson's over there. okay. he's doing limo duty. hey, carson. >> hey, guys. mr. bennett, how are you, sir? welcome to the plaza to the "today" show. nice to see you. how are you? tony bennett, everybody.
8:02 am
the beautiful lady gaga. hi, sweetheart. how are you? i love this friendship. tell me quickly about the two of you. >> i love the way she sings. she's a wonderful person. i think it's a wonderful experience to be around her. the whole world loves her. >> the whole world loves both of you of the >> you have a big announcement at the top of the rock. we'll get to that. but tell me about music's great right here. >> it's a legend. it's an honor to be singing with him. he's really changed my life after making this record with him. i've been singing jazz since i was 13 years old and tony was the first person that knew that. >> we'll have more in a half hour. back to you in the plaza. >> there's something you don't see every day. >> i know. we'll get a check of the top stories of the morning. natalie is inside at the news desk. natalie? >> good morning to you guys once again. israel's air and ground assault on gaza escalated overnight. after israel's prime minister
8:03 am
warned a prolonged fight against hamas. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in gaza where the war is now in its fourth week. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. after at least ten israeli soldiers were killed in hamas attacks, a cease-fire that seems to be in place yesterday completely collapsed. overnight israel pounded the gaza strip with direct strikes in and around gaza city. hamas' television station was destroyed. the home of a hamas leader was destroyed. we could feel buildings here in gaza city shaking. many of the buildings that were targeted were empty at the time, but perhaps what gazans are feeling most is the power plant producing power here inside the gaza strip was attacked, knocked offline. now there are sporadic blackouts in the strip. >> thanks so much. the obama administration is accusing russia of violating a
8:04 am
1987 nuclear missile treaty by conducting new tests. the u.s. says russia tested a new ground launched cruise missile breaking a treaty that president ronald reagan signed with gorbachev. russian officials say they have looked into the allegations and consider the matter closed. health officials are warning doctors to be on the lookout for symptoms of ebola virus in patients coming from south africa. two american aid workers in liberia tested positive for the virus and are being treated there. the family of one dr. kent brantly flew back to texas just days before he started showing symptoms. health officials say the family appears to be fine. the ebola outbreak in west africa has killed 670 people. health officials say it is a reminder that deadly viruses can be only a plane ride away. large steel beams shaped like a cross and pulled from the wreckage of the world trade center will remain on display at national september 11 memorial
8:05 am
museum. on monday a federal appeals court rejected a group by an atheist group to have the cross removed. they sued on constitutional grounds claiming the cross promoted religion. but the cross is historical in nature and does not promote religion. president obama revealed a personal secret while handing out national medals of arts and humanities monday night. among the honorees were dreamworks chief and singer linda ronstadt. he said he had a boyhood crush on her back in the day. he didn't say whether or not she responded. 8:05 right now. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> natalie, got a young birthday here. you are double digits today. what's your name? >> cooper. >> nice to see you. got a bunch of birthdays here. your sweet 16. a birthday as well. another birthday over here. another birthday there.
8:06 am
fantastic. it's a happy birthday day. let's show you what we've got for today's pick city. new york city. city so nice they named it twice. gorgeous weather right into thursday. with temperatures in the low 80s. and as you can see, we've got showers and thunderstorms down south through new mexico, plenty of sunshine in colorado as you look at our sunrise #todaysunrise. showers and thunderstorms by late in the day. and this young lady is calling me over here. hello. what's your name? >> nora. >> very nice. happy birthday to you. hey, love that fedora. 8:06. looking good here. as we take a live look over the santa clara valley, mostly clear conditions at this point. i want to show you bodega bay. lots of cloud cover here. it will be fading fast. and the beach is actually a great place to go later on today, once all these low clouds burn off, by about lunchtime. we're talking about warm
8:07 am
temperatures, but still getting the upper 60s to low 70s at your local beaches. 68 for san francisco, 81 on the east shore, and 88 in the south bay. humid today and storm, then we'll lose that humidity by thursday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up next, what's your favorite shade? we're celebrating national lipstick day on "trending". >> exciting. want to own one of elvis's guitars? priscilla presley is here with great pieces going up for auction at grace land. two of the biggest names in music joining forces. lady gaga and tony bennett. they will tell us all about it. tpu but first these messages. wow! you're really looking out for us. we are. and if there are unauthorized purchases on your discover card, you're never held responsible. just to be clear, you are saying "frog protection" right? yeah, fraud protection.
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8:12 am
♪ ♪ it's 8:12. back with what's trending today. >> we told you the tsa is offering a cash prize to anyone who gives a good idea to speed up its airport screening lines. we can all relate to the frustration. carson said national security uniform. >> team usa. >> check is in the mail. >> well, you wrote some of your ideas to us. hillary said, how about splitting up security.
8:13 am
one for families, one for carry on passengers, one for checked bags. >> the family lane is already in existence. sorry, hillary. vinnie said how about an automatic machine that examines id, passports and boarding passes. >> expanding global entry. >> sort of. >> i like humans. i like the human reaction. i want someone to look in your eyes. >> you want to check somebody's behavior. >> well, that's true. >> we're just shooting down everyone's idea. >> leigh says separate lines for traveling with or without liquids and gels. that's kind of a good idea. >> not bad. >> good luck to everybody. august 15th. there is a prize of at least $5,000. i don't know how they do their selection criteria. they are tough customers. >> tough critics. >> ever get emotional while
8:14 am
you're watching a sporting event. >> yes. >> would you hide your expressions if you knew you were constantly on camera? >> no. >> you would just keep showing them? >> yeah. >> crazy sports fan kate middleton does not hide her emotion. we are used to seeing her in public gatherings. take a look at her at monday at britain's commonwealth games. first, bent over in shock with her signature mouth cover. things wincing at the hockey being played in front of her. from grins and grimaces, kate is spotted everywhere. here she is they are yankees game. sorry. that's the wrong picture. >> by the way, that hoodie is flying off store shelves. >> she was seen at wimbledon, throwing up her hands and gasping at the games being
8:15 am
played. >> royals. they flip out just like us. >> all right, ladies, time to pucker up. it is national lipstick day the. believe it or not, women have been using it since the beginning of time. ♪ >> since the beginning of time? >> you can trace lipstick's origins way back. pre-5,000 years ago, in fact. almost 60% of makeup users use lipstick. and the color red keeps growing in popularity. >> red seems to be the really big all-time favorite. when we trace lipstick through history. so many different actresses have looked quite fabulous throughout the years. we think of people like betty davis, marilyn monroe. to more modern pop stars like madonna and taylor swift. >> it's a powerful symbol. women very often don't feel dressed without it. >> last year, americans bought
8:16 am
approximately $377 million worth of lip color. >> it's interesting to note when we go through a recession, lipstick sales tend to be in the increase. >> there's even a turn on it. the lipstick effect. >> because whilst you might not be able to afford the expensive bag, you can certainly afford a lipstick. as trends come and go, one thing we can be certain of, lipstick will never go out of fashion. >> all right. this is my favorite here. nude beach by eve pearl. nude beach. >> i love lipstick. i never go without it. my favorite is what's on the coffee mug. it is a red. >> nothing worse than mom wanting to the take a sip of your drink because you knew that lipstick would be there. >> anything more unattractive than lipstick on a cup? i don't think so. >> i can think of five things.
8:17 am
>> it's national wings day as well. >> much better. >> for us we went through national lipstick day. sorry, guys. >> you mean we could have had a plate of wings? >> sometimes the girls win the argument. that's what's trending. priscilla presley on the exciting changes coming to grace land. we are back in 30 seconds.
8:18 am
all right. do you think you're too busy to exercise? well, think again. a new report from the american college of cardiology says all you need is five minutes of running a day. the results of a 15-year study indicate that jogging can help you reduce your risk from dying from cardiovascular by 45%, and from other causes by 30%. it can ex paneled your life span by three years. dr. nancy snyderman and dr. jordan specializes in sports medicine. good morning all of you. avid runner, might say. you don't have to be an iron man like you, dr. jordan. even a little bit of running can be beneficial. >> i love running. i want everybody to run. you don't have to run a marathon or do an iron man. even five minutes can make a difference. we spend a billion dollars of treating problems they happen. you'll just be much happier at
8:19 am
what you do. >> the last thing we want to do is ever see a doctor. what we would say is put off seeing the doctor. so many things like diabetes, heart disease and stroke and cancer you can put off by doing a little bit. i'm not a runner. i hate running. i love to walk and hike. that's my substitute. but you have to get your heart rate up. 10,000 steps is your daily minimum. >> let's be clear. this isn't run five minutes and you'll lose weight. this is run five minutes and you will live longer potentially. >> the key is consistency and intensity. in the study they looked at people over 15 years. what i love is people committed to fitness today, tomorrow, the next day. over six years the results are found to be true. if you're consistent every day, it makes a huge difference. let's go something with intensity. we were talking zone one. it's easy. zone 2 is a little more exerting. zone 3 is huffing and puffing. we want you up there for five
8:20 am
minutes a day at least. >> people say i can't run. my knees, my back, whatever. >> a lot of people say they can't do that because they have already never asked their joints to do it. they have never gone out and quietly and slowly gotten into the program. so start somewhere. i mean, if you don't use your body, which is meant to be an ergonomic fabulous machine, you're not going to do it. don't take the the elevators. takes take the steps. don't take meetings at your desk. take walking meetings. this data, over 55,000 people, this is a pay attention study. >> i love it. anybody can commit to that. thank you so much. matt? >> savannah, thank you very much. it seems hard to believe but this year marks 60 years since elvis presley recorded his very first single "that's all right."
8:21 am
priscilla presley is with us talking about the exciting changes coming to graceland and she has brought pieces from the first ever auction. good morning. >> good morning. >> going to be 37 years in august since elvis passed away. still enormous fascination. this is the first time graceland has held an auction. these items don't come from your archives. >> no. they do not come from the graceland archives. we have so many artifacts. all belongs to lisa. they will always be hers. this is from one of the largest collectors there is. >> great page of the wiggles. >> the founder of the wiggles. that's right. >> can i ask you to get up and we will take a walk over here. >> yes. >> come with me. we have white gloves. we will need those in a second. take a look at this and explain. this is a military leave pass, 1958. >> that's right. elvis went to germany. he was drafted, of course.
8:22 am
he went to germany in 1958 and had his grandmother and his come in october. this leave was 24 hours. he met them and got them setsed in. they were actually going to live with them. >> i want to show you from a picture at the same time. you actually met elvis in germany. >> yes. >> this is you being escorted away. >> i don't know where i was. i was completely, you know, taken by the fact that he had left. they escorted me back to be with my parents. there's something about that. i came with elvis. >> there are a lot of stories. he loved jewelry. custom designed and made for him. i can pick this up with the gloves. tell me about this ring. >> this is a golden nugget in the 70s.
8:23 am
this is a star sapphire he wore on his pinky. this is one of the rings he wore on stage. so this is 13 karat gold. he loved pinky rings. we authenticated that of course. >> take a look at this pendant. by the way, elvis aficionados will recognize this pendant. he wore this to the white house to meet president nixon. >> yes, he did. not only that. but the outstanding young man that the jaycees gave him in 1971. and also one of the men that worked for him, to his wedding. >> he was willing to spend a lot of money on jewelry. >> yes, he did. a lot of it was for stage. and he gave a lot of it away. he was very generous. >> he revolutionized the way performers performed in las vegas. he was the first to take up residence there. this is a handwritten song list
8:24 am
or set list from one of his performances. >> some 1969. people don't realize he took so much a part of his shows. handwritten everything. >> blue suede shoes. particularly in that order. he also produced and made sure that everyone was, you know, that they all gave him what they wanted for the performances as far as tenor, bass, going higher or lower in sweet inspirations. he was so in love with his music. >> he went back to the martins in the '70s. >> and things changing a at graceland. you have a tablet tour. you can use your tablet to take a tour from home. >> absolutely. this is i think for a historical private home this is revolutionary technology.
8:25 am
you can go on ipad and press on it and see a 360 vision of all around the grounds. you point to the gate. it goes right to the gate. you also go into the living room. you see our family having christmas. you know, we have to stay on top of it to make sure that people get the best out of what they come to see. >> real quickly, would you ever bid on any of these items at auction? >> i think we have some bidders out there. >> i'm just curious. >> thanks for the white gloves. do i get to keep these? >> thank you so much. what an honor to have you here. >> thank you. >> and the auction held on august 14th. coming up, tony bennett and lady gaga, speaking of great music, an announcement live from the top of the rock.
8:26 am
good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. make-a-wish is making dreams come true for a bay area teenager who dreams of working on wall street. trey grener rang the closing bell on the nasdaq yesterday and today he is on the floor of the new york stock exchange, studying for what he hopes will be a future job as a an investment banker. the 17-year-old from alamo was diagnosed with hodgkins li's lymphoma on christmas eve. just wrapped up chemotherapy treatments and amazingly still managed to graduate from high school last month. an amazing young man. and another amazing young man, mike inouye, with a good traffic situation. >> i'll take either, amazing or young. looking over here towards westbound 92, the san mateo bridge, not so amazing. actually a little slow, but it's
8:27 am
steady across the bay. we're looking at the maps, slow and steady across 92, and also a little slower across the dumbarton bridge, 84 to the south. no big incidents across the bay, just an easy build for that commute. and now starting to taper off bit. a same thing for the northbound routes through san jose. a little bit better now, downtown san jose, markets should be reopening around cesar chavez. but still closed for a homicide investigation downtown. the rest of the bay looking standard, kris. back to you. >> we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. have a great morning and we'll see you back here.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 on a tuesday morning, the 29th day of july, 2014. it's a beautiful start today here in the northeast. as we say hi to the folks gathered in rockefeller center. good to see you. >> howie mandel, nbc's hit show "america's got talent". live from radio city music hall tonight. >> it gets really fun now.
8:31 am
also, get on up. the life of james brown, the godfather of soul is here. >> he is awesome in this movie let's head up to the top of the rock high above rockefeller center. savannah is up there with a couple of big stars. >> this is the best view in new york city. not that right there, but we have tony bennett and lady gaga. you have a big announcement. >> yes, we do. >> sshhh. >> lady gaga knows how to do a tease. >> don't test me. >> we will hear from both of these legends. for now, matt, we will send it back down to you. >> say hi to them for us. let's go over to carson. he is manage the grill for fresh cooked live summer sizzle. >> the blogger behind grrrl
8:32 am
griller. join us for cooking. we'll pop in on the "today" show. say hi to the folks there. >> hey, everybody. let's grill some calzones. >> george likes the calzone classic seinfeld. >> how about a check of the weather. >> if you saw seinfeld, you would get it. steinbrenner likes the calzone. a beautiful day in the northeast. showers in the great lakes. a lot of wet weather back to the rockies and the cascades. look for sunshine in the pacific northwest. toasty conditions continue in the southwest. more rain in the great lakes tomorrow. florida, you will be looking at showers and thunderstorms along the region, along the northeast atlantic coast another 8:32. good morning to you. taking a live look at downtown
8:33 am
san francisco, where we have some blue sky and also starting to get a lot of sunshine. low clouds were very thick earlier this morning. that's clearing out nicely. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to be comfortable. we're talking about temperatures wrapping up into the mid- to upper 80s across the board. so it's going to be nice out there. 69 degrees in san francisco. that's the cool spot at the coast. 81 for the east shore and 88 degrees today in the south bay. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. we're joined by one of the esteemed judges. >> you are steamed. >> howie mandel. >> grilled. >> exactly. >> just down the block here at radio city music hall. welcome pack to the neighborhood. >> yes. it's great. exciting. don't is what it's all about. the iconic stage. live in front of millions. will they be crushed under the pressure, or will they rise to the occasion? that's the question for tonight. >> our viewers have been helping
8:34 am
get in on the act. today's viewers are helping pick the 48th act that will be taking part as well. >> and they can vote until noon today at -- what is it? >> >> >> have you seen the finals? >> i have seen. i have seen. so there is one spot left. and we'll see -- >> we'll see the expression on your face. >> we have the tumblers. >> the dominos are going. and you have the dancers. >> what do you think the biggest competition is? >> this was the toughest judgment week we have had whittling it down to 48. it's like apples and oranges. the youngest people we have ever had. the oldest people we have had. so anybody, anybody can take this one. >> do you have a favorite act? >> that i do personally. no, i do not.
8:35 am
i do not. this is the the first year i can't pick one. >> really? >> i think the bar has been set. it is higher than it has ever been. tune in tonight. don't miss it. >> i've been to one. it's a lot of fun. >> and you will be there tomorrow night announcing. >> i've heard the rumor is exactly right. >> who you choose to be the 48th act in the live show. >> and looking forward to it. >> mr. mandel, good to see you, bud. >> my pleasure. >> and you can catch the live shows on "america's got talent" tonight 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc. coming up next, back to the top of the rock with tony bennett and savannah. but first this is "today" on nbc. gaga and savannah. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
♪ all right. we're back at the top of the
8:38 am
rock with lady gaga and tony bennett. we're going to get to big news from them. they've got an announcement to make in a moment, but first a peek at their new song "anything goes." take a look. ♪ and it's nice day ♪ and most guys today the women like today are just silly gigolos ♪ ♪ and though we're not such great romanticizers they answer when we propose ♪ ♪ anything goes ♪ anything goes ♪ anything goes ♪ anything goes >> well, if you love that, you're going to love this announcement from lady gaga and tony bennett. without further adieu, what is going on? >> well, last night we did a
8:39 am
major concert. and it was very exciting. the public loved it. we're having a beautiful time. >> and please call us tony bennett and lady gaga. >> good point. we have to do the hierarchy here. >> we are excited to announce our album is coming out september 23rd. and the collaboration has been so wonderful. it's so natural singing with tony. i learn so much from him every day. >> you have such a lovely relationship. tony, when you met gaga was it friendship at first sight? >> absolutely. i kind of go by the ear, you know? she sings so wonderful. and she's really actually a great jazz singer. she improvises every time we do a song. we do it over and over, it's different every time. >> not so bad yourself.
8:40 am
>> i heard you say you don't know why she sings any other kind of music. you think this is her music. >> she's the most natural with that, yes. america's greatest music, actually. >> it is. and what does it mean to you to sing these classics? people may not know this, you've been singing these songs sincer a teenager. >> i've been singing jazz since i was 13. i sang to raise money. and he heard me sing and said i love you singing jazz. do you want to do an album together. i said of course. >> and that knocked me out. >> that's it. >> so tell me about being in the studio together. i heard you recorded these duets live together with the band. very organic. what was that experience like? >> it was a wonderful experience. what i loved about her, you know, very subtly she changed the studio.
8:41 am
without anybody not making a fuss about it. she just said put a carpet on the floor. she saw we were being photographed. and she turned it into a movie set. it looked beautiful. >> well, you know, tony, my life feels like a movie when i'm singing with you. >> all right. thank you very much. >> you guys are adorable. you obviously have a great relationship. but tell me the truth. when you get in there, did you fight over which songs get to make it to album? or did you have creative differen differences? >> oh, no. >> we put a change on the original songbook. >> anything goes by cole porter. >> right. the very best. >> for very best. >> i was so nervous went i first went in studio with him. i told everybody the most important thing, i want to hear
8:42 am
i have an authentic jazz voice. and if you can hear that, everything will be okay. but if you can't hear that, then i'm not an authentic jazz singer. he knows all about jazz. he's the best. >> we have to tell one story. i heard you asked tony for a sketch of a trumpet. miles davis' trumpet. then you did something with that sketch. >> i asked him to sketch a trumpet for me. he did miles davis' trumpet. i decided to get a tattoo because i loved it so much. >> did you know she was going to do that? >> no. >> then the family name because i'm part of the family now. >> we are so excited to have here heres with this great aannouncement. september 23rd, "cheek to cheek." you can get "anything goes" right now, the single is out.
8:43 am
you surprised some kids at a school recently. we've got a story about that tomorrow on "today." thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, we've got the star of the new james brown biopic. but first this is "today" on nbc. every mercedes-benz is made with the highest level of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric!
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the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans.
8:45 am
start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! cheek to cheek, lady gaga and tony bennett departed 30 rock. always nice to have a visit like that. that's the name of their upcoming album. now we turn to another music great. chadwick robinson stars as the late great. >> what do you call your style of music? >> james brown music. it's so far ahead of its time, they don't have a name for it yet. check any record. it ain't going to sound like
8:46 am
mine. not even my old record sounds like this new bag. papa's got a brand new bag. the bag is the bass and the bass never change. it's a groove. as soon as you hear that groove, i know i got you. >> chadwick boseman, got to see you. >> good morning. >> i watched that clip. i think you nailed this as well as an actor can nail a role. yet i learned you had to be convinced to do it. >> yeah. when i first saw the script i was like i'm not even going to open it and read it. there's no way i'm playing james brown. >> why? >> just because i knew that the skillset was so difficult, the dancing and singing. i said i don't know who they're going to get to do that. and i also felt like, you know, there's been a lot of parody in jokes that have been made and i didn't know how you could find the real man and get away from
8:47 am
what people already thought about him. >> was there a piece of it you just came off playing jackie robinson. you didn't want to go from iconic historical character to iconic historical character? >> that was the real reason. my team, we weren't looking for another biopic, period. when you do one thing, you get sent a whole bunch of biopics. yesterday i was sent two. >> we didn't want to get in that kind of a groove. you had to ask yourself and you mentioned this, at some point can i pull off those legendary dance moves? what went into learning them? because you're not old enough to have watched him the way i did growing up. >> well, what we did was, you know, was just rehearsal. it was similar to "42" with jackie robinson. i had to lace them up and go work. they were leather shoes instead of cleats. >> day in and day out.
8:48 am
>> five hours a day pretty much. and five days a week. that was the official rehearsal. and even on the weekends i was still -- i was obsessed with it. it was something i enjoyed doing. >> when was the last time you did a split, chad? >> the last time i did a split was the last day of filming. >> and no desire to get back into that, i imagine. >> no, no. >> there are no scenes between the character and the actor in this movie. i watch and try to find them. did you have to be james brown all day every day while you were filming this? >> when we went to set, yeah. i was very, very, very conscious about once i got home, once i walked back into the house we were staying in. you know, i cut it off at that point and just totally let everything go. but every once in awhile it would seep out that at point. but when i was going to set every day, as soon as i got in
8:49 am
the car it was like go into it. and i kept it all the way until i got home. >> mick jagger is one of the producers on this film. i had rarely seen him as excited about anything as he is about this movie. you cheated me last time we got together. yes you did. we were together a couple weeks ago with dan aykroyd and octavia spencer. i went around the table and said who wants to sing me a portion of my favorite james brown song. nobody sang. then after the cameras were broken down you walked up to me and said i was going to sing, but i didn't. so go ahead. >> it's early, man. >> it's not too early. it's lunchtime for me. >> okay. okay. >> your favorite. >> a portion. >> no, sing the whole song. yes, a portion. ♪ man made the car to take us over the road ♪ ♪ man made the train to carry the heavy load ♪
8:50 am
♪ man made the lek rik lights to keep us out of the dark ♪ ♪ man made the bowl for the water like noah made the ark ♪ ♪ this is a man's world and stop. >> very nice. you did cheat me last time. >> it's early. >> congratulations. you're unbelievable in this movie. >> thank you, man. >> "get on up" from our sister company universal picks opens up on friday. up next, we'll do fresh cooks live. carson is going to handle that chore right after these messages.
8:51 am
and this journey will keep you on the edge of your seat all summer long during the emirates airline us open series. this summer we'll be in the great city of washington, dc for the citi open. where some of the top players in tennis will battle it out to see who's best. which champion will prevail, which new hero will emerge? don't miss your chance to find out. for ticket and player information, go to
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all right, everybody. welcome back to "today" as we are live streaming on for more of our special series fresh cooks live. summer sizzle. once again we've got robin lindars. she's behind grill it's to empower women to master outdoor grilling. super cool hanging out with you. we're making calzones and pizza on the grill. in this man-oriented world of grilling, what made you dive into it? >> i bought my husband a grill and decided i needed to -- i just loved it so much.
8:53 am
i started doing it all the time. and it creates less dishes. why are more women not grilling? >> we've got the calzones we've been making. we've got everybody over there. hello, everybody. i'm going to dump the peppers out. >> here, do you want to use this? >> let's rehash, robin, for them how we made these calzones? >> we took store bought dough. we grilled up a bunch of toppings and created calzones with it. >> it's easy to grill pizza, right? >> yeah. we're cooking on indirect. so we're getting the smokeyness from the wood charcoal. but making like in a pizza oven. >> have you got some of those pizza stones you can put in the grill? would that help? >> you can also do that. i like to do actually on the grates because i'm obsessed with a nice char mark. but you can do it on a pizza stone. tough let it warm up for 20 to 30 minutes.
8:54 am
>> we have two types of sausage here. what else is in this one? onions and veggies. i'm going to plate these for these guys. >> get a plate. that would be good to go. >> then for the pizza, you'll do the same thing but it will take a different form. do you cook or your husband cooks? what does he do now that you're the grill king -- queen. >> he helps me do the dishes, actually. >> it's amazing. what kind of cheese is this? >> that's provolone cheese. >> is there a ladylike way to eat it? just go for it? >> fork and knife? >> now you tell me. >> all right. perfect. let's get to the pizza. >> all right, you guys. now we're going to start on the pizza. so let's go ahead and make sure that our cutting board, our knife and -- >> how's it taste, guys? >> amazing.
8:55 am
>> we want to make sure we floured it so it doesn't stick. and we're going to roll it out. >> what's the deal with the calzone and the sauce? you didn't put much inside? can you do it on the side. >> for dipping, for sure. you always have a little sauce to go with it. so what we're going to do is roll this out and then we're going to place it to indirect on the grill. >> okay. just put this on the grill first. >> yeah. hold on. i'm going to coat the grill grates. >> are you grill girls? >> i'm intimidated. >> robin said is when she first started this most girls said i don't know how to turn it on. >> that's the intimidating part. >> we just scared people with the story about propane. >> i think this could be a great
8:56 am
hangover cure. >> is it delicious? >> yes. >> do you bake the pizza first before putting it on there? >> no. we do everything on the grill. we have direct and indirect zones. i throw it on the direct side and let it bake. like a pizza oven. >> can you come every day? >> robin well, good morning, everyone. it's 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. little leaguers from several countries will be buzzing around the bay area this week. hundreds filled the street of livermore yesterday for the start of little league world series intermediate division. eleven teams are taking part, including one from san ramon. let's get your baseball weather with christina. good morning. >> good morning. not too hot for swinging that bat around today in petaluma, but you do want to keep tabs on
8:57 am
the forecast, if you're a parent headed out there or a fan who's going to be watching those games, because it will get hot. i want to show you what's happening right now. san jose, we have a little bit of cumulonimbus buildup there. some thunderstorm towers starting to develop. we're keeping our eyes on that. otherwise, san francisco, looking really good. clearing out nicely. 81 on the east shore, 88 in the south bay.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning, july the 29th, 2014. i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales, and tamron hall. this is the morning. tony bennett and lady gaga on the roof. >> chadwick boseman. >> i'm telling people you have to go see this movie. he will blow your mind. chadwick as james brown. >> not a bad performance in it. >> no. >> davis, dan aykroyd.
9:01 am
craig robinson. >> it's a good movie. >> when a biopic rises and falls on the performance of the main character, this guy is so good. "get on up." >> not an easy character to play. >> going from playing jackie robinson. amazing in this one. >> check that out. you're getting ready maybe to go on your summer vacation. maybe you'll take a boat out. you like whale watching? >> love it. >> sure. well, you'll want to hear this. around 4:30 p.m. yesterday a whale watching boat was stranded off the coast of massachusetts. about ten minutes into its return trip, a propeller got tangled up in a lobster trap. >> that's not good. >> it wasn't for 15n't manies. it wasn't for an hour. they were stuck overnight. >> it was completely wrapped around the cord of the lobster
9:02 am
trap. >> how long was the original trip? >> only three hours. >> three hours? ♪ ♪ passengers set sail that day for a three-hour tour ♪ ♪ a three-hour tour >> are they finally back now? they're saying hallelujah. >> oh, he's still going. >> now we're chasing him. wow. >> people are getting nauseous at home. >> any time you can run gilligan's island. >> the good news is these people are okay. 15 hours on this boat. they couldn't make a transfer to another boat. >> was there a potty? >> there was. >> and they've got food and water and blanket. >> by the end of that trip, that
9:03 am
potty was -- >> i hope they at least saw a bunch of whales. >> they got back this morning, actually. they were supposed to get back 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday. just got back into port at boston. >> is that the boat? it's like one of those ferries. >> not too bad. >> they look happy. >> king of the world, ma! king of the world! >> here's what they got. $100 voucher to a new cruise and they got $500 cash. >> that's very generous. >> that's worth it. >> maybe that was worth it. $500 cash. >> not a bad deal. >> kudos to that company. you hear about the airlines who cheap out every time. that's really nice. >> and they did it quickly. >> and they have a whale of a tale to tell. >> oh. >> ooh. >> nice, natalie. >> well, if you are booking a
9:04 am
trip -- >> now that you've got the $500 cash. >> looking for a last minute inexpensive getaway. how spontaneous? vegas maybe. right now? okay. there is a new app. it's called flight tonight. it's basically like an on-demand uber app. it allows you to get services instantly. for example, right now we can go to savannah, georgia, for $280. myrtle beach. >> when does the flight leave? >> tonight. these are all flights tonight. myrtle beach $292. these are one way, we should mention. >> round trip. you have to be flexible about your return. >> you may have to come home in a week. >> we're not coming back home? >> no. you can pick it, but there's a range. like one day to a week. >> you can fly to boston right now for $368. it's a two-day trip returning
9:05 am
friday. that's not a bad deal. not a bad deal. so it's a cool app and it's free right now. >> that whole 21 days, it seems so antiquated. you're sitting next to someone who paid far less than they paid to be able to fly spontaneously. >> if there's a seat, sell it. >> if you're young and single and have no cares. >> or if you're old and with somebody. going on a trip, mavis. you're not coming. but going on o trip. >> okay. so the whole selfie thing.
9:06 am
. toronto mayor rob ford at a toronto park with his brother, doug. take a look. >> no. no. >> yes! >> no. seriously? what? >> does he need to jump that aggressively? >> doesn't even need any commentary. whoa. >> okay, this is starting to look a little perverse. i'm sorry. >> what's wrong with that? >> starting? >> look at the kid. >> the horrified children behind him. >> the children are behind -- >> they're like, please don't break the see-saw. >> mommy, mommy, make it stop! >> have they never been on a see-saw? one person goes up -- it's like it's a hoppy horse. >> so, we can now say definitively that rob ford does not have a staff, right? he has no advanced team, no one to say, hey, don't do that.
9:07 am
>> just you. >> it's just him. >> throwing it all out there. >> throwing it out. >> so, he's out of rehab and this is the beginning of his re-election campaign. see-saw with doug. >> but we saved the best for last. >> oh, yes. >> tamron, you were on "kimmel" last night. >> i've heard, but i've never seen for fear of what happened. >> tamron went on the show "running wild," did some rappelling. >> last night zac efron's eps aired. zach was shirtless. i won't be. >> did yours air yet? >> no, on the 8th, i think. >> let's see how jimmy treated you. >> he showed a clip from his show on the "today" show. it's him rappelling into a gorge with tamron hall, who is a correspondent for the "today" show and tamron did not seem excited to be there. >> good girl, tamron. it's going to be good. >> oh. >> okay? >> okay. ah! >> it's good. it's good. that's good. >> oh, my god. [ laughter ]
9:08 am
>> okay, so, it's fun to watch, but if you remove the visuals from the equation, you take out the video, i think it's even more fun to listen to. ♪ good girl, tamron. ♪ >> ah. >> good. >> ah! >> it's good, it's good. that's good. that's good. >> oh! >> i apologize, tamron. >> so, was it good? >> my mom watches this show! >> wow. wow. that's the first time we played a clip where we're all going out for a cigarette. >> wow. wow. >> just a sip of ice water right now. >> mm-mmm. >> you know what's interesting? he did the same thing with zac efron. >> good girl. good girl. >> stop it! my hands are shaking now. >> you were rappelling.
9:09 am
>> obviously, you weren't that rappelled. >> you were scared to death. [ laughter ] >> that was hilarious. >> okay, stay on the line. compare that to jury duty. >> i was afraid. >> are you good? >> jimmy did it first. >> jimmy did it first. >> okay, we'll let you regroup a little bit while al does the weather. >> my poor mom. i'm sorry. >> you have a beautiful mother. >> she's so proud. >> she raised you right. >> yes, she did. she obviously raised you right. okay. well, of course, if rappelling you is wrong, i don't want to be right. hey, you know what? we're going to be talking "sharknado 2." shark river hills, it's going to be 80 degrees. sharky, it's going to be 75. shark gill, arkansas, 93. finley, california, 101. and finley point up in montana, they're looking at sunshine and temperatures in the 90s. all right, rest of your weather.
9:10 am
out west we've got more rain to talk about. boy, you want to talk about rain, they got dumped over 5 inches of rain in mt. charleston, nevada, and the rain came down. and look at what happened, massive flooding. some areas, the debris is up to 5 feet thick. and we've got more heavy rain in that area all the way into the rockies and the central plains. we have flash flood watches, flood watches and flash flood warnings because we're looking at some areas picking up 2 to 3 inches of rain, but we've already gotten dumped on, but some locally could see 2 to 4 more inches. 9:10. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at san jose, where we have a mix of sun and clouds. humidity will linger for today, showing you san francisco. we also have a little bit of a marine influence here. and that's going to keep your temperatures nice and comfortable, right by the water. 69 degrees in san francisco. 81 degrees on the east shore. 84 for the peninsula today. and 88 degrees throughout the south bay and the north bay,
9:11 am
staying steady temperature wise, we lose that humidity thursday into friday. >> i'm so happy right now. >> good show. up next, millions already tuning in for the sequel. it is "sharknado 2." the second one. we'll talk to the star ian ziering after this. >> can we just hear something one more time? >> oh. >> good girl, tamron. >> oh. >> they added the music. >> i think we got it. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiqtm technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust
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[ female announcer ] aaah, the amazing, delicious cinnamon and sugar taste of cinnamon toast crunch and cold milk. ♪ cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares. each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away cinnamon toast crunch. in the us alone. that's enough to fill the empire state building...twice. now there's scott naturals tube-free bath tissue. get the premium softness you need without the wasteful tube. toss the tube for good with scott naturals tube-free. oh, oh can my, look how ominous this is. >> what is happening? >> well. >> no, no, you've got to go back to that, okay?
9:15 am
>> that's not good when you see the hands. >> it's one of our producers, kate. you know her parents are so proud. >> you know her career has paid off when you get that role. look at you. >> her parents had such high hopes, kate. all right, as al should have told you in his forecast this morning but neglected to, there is a tornado full of sharks headed for manhattan tomorrow night. >> i'm sorry. >> and if there's anyone who can save new yorkers, it's ian ziering, reprising his role as fin shepard in "sharknado 2," the second one. and news of the shark storm has everyone on edge, including matt and al. take a look. >> the big question is, first of all, what is drawing these two twisters together? and i don't want to ask, but what happens when they finally meet? >> matt, i am very nervous about this. in fact, i'm downright scared. here's the problem, the island of manhattan creates a lot of heat. as the hot air rises, cool air is sucked in to replace it. that effect is drawing these sharknados to the very heart of the city. now, these two ef-2 tornadoes
9:16 am
merge. their power could actually multiply. we could be talking about an ef-5 sharknado on the upper east side of manhattan. matt, that's sufficient power enough to damage steel reinforced skyscrapers. >> wow. >> ef-5? >> ef-5 sharknado. >> i just got a call, i'm out. >> you're a scene-stealer, you and matt. ian, how was it sharing time with these guys? >> you know what? they crushed it. if anyone sees just this segment, they're going to have like an orson welles moment. people are going to be running to storm shelters. you were so convincing. it's great! >> so convincing. and it's not just that scene, you guys carried the plot throughout. >> do you have to have seen "sharknado 1" to appreciate the subtlety of "sharknado 2"? >> no, you don't. you know what to expect. it's sharks and tornadoes. >> you know what to expect. >> it's a similar formula but a difference experience, and the movie --
9:17 am
>> new york instead of los angeles. >> it's a different location but more of the same. if you like "sharknado," people are going to absolutely love "sharknado 2" the second one. >> how strange has this last year or so been for you? when you took this job, you probably didn't quite understand what it was become, but what i love about you and everyone in this movie is they get the joke. >> yeah. >> we get the joke, but you can't let on, because if you let the wind out of the sails, then it ruins the experience for whoever's watching it. so, we're very sure to stay in character, to experience the sharknado as though it was real. that's what acting is, so -- >> the chainsaw really your favorite -- the chainsaw is back. >> it's a bigger chainsaw. >> bigger, right? >> oh, my god, that thing was a 4-foot timber saw, weighed about 45 pounds. so, wielding that through the air was pretty formidable in itself. most of my kills are me just bracing the thing and letting the sharks fly through it. >> did you say -- >> it's a pull start, so i'm franticly trying to start this thing, and there's teeth not just on the blade but on the
9:18 am
actual machine itself. so, yeah, it kind of dug into -- >> that's dangerous! >> man. >> big scars. it's okay. >> that's crazy. >> look what happened to the shark, see? >> oh, yeah, that's my favorite kill. >> you've got an amazing cast of great cameos, actually. >> amazing. everyone was clamoring wanting to be shark food, and the movie delivered, you know? >> we wanted to, the ladies of the "today" show, but yet, no ladies of the "today" show are in that. >> we're saving something for "sharknado 3." >> this is a franchise. >> it doesn't end with this one, natalie. >> right. >> after you heard tamron's acting -- >> right. >> that wasn't acting. that was real fear. that was absolute real fear -- >> we're talking about the second part. >> will you see her in that show. >> absolutely. i'm thinking a major part, maybe a love interest. >> a shark. >> anything's possible. i mean -- >> i can dream. a girl can dream. >> right. >> what about this app they were telling us about, where we can kind of get into "sharknado"?
9:19 am
>> go shark yourself. >> have you heard about this? >> yeah, you can paint yourself into the shark's mouth. it's great. it's just funny. it keeps in line with the whole movie. it's ridiculous fun. >> you said it so beautifully. go shark yourself. >> go shark yourself. >> there you go. >> oh! >> nice work. nice work. >> look at that, al. i never saw that -- >> oh, wow! >> she's not taking any -- >> that shark's afraid of you. >> oh! >> nice hat. shark hat, yeah. >> oh, gosh. >> i love this. >> we're excited. >> i love the popularity of it, and i'm sure you're enjoying it. >> it's like a meteor shot. it's incredible. the success of "sharknado" happened even before the first movie aired. what i experienced from "90210" took a couple years to cultivate. because of social media, it was instantaneous -- actually, even before the movie aired, there was such anticipation for it. and it was global anticipation. >> right. >> the movie delivered, and that excitement spilled over into mainstream entertainment, and now, you know, this could be a
9:20 am
summer event. premiering wednesday night. should break twitter. it's going to be in 90 countries all within 24 hours. >> great, twitter. you heard it right here, of biblical proportions. >> start building your ark now. >> "sharko 2: the second one" premieres tomorrow night at 8:00/9:00 central on sci-fi. ian, great catching up. we enjoyed it. >> next, we'll get you caught up on all the news you need to know before you leave the house, but after this. itch in for an industrial-sized smoker. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. all with no hoops to jump through. norm used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to enter the bbq masters invitational. where he smoked 40 pounds of ribs and the competition. that's the satisfaction of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want. taking a look at the headlines, consumer reports is urging toyota to recall older model camry hybrids because the brakes could fail. toyota's decision to only repair cars when they're brought in by owners doesn't go far enough and consumer reports says a formal recall is necessary. the problem affects the 2007 to 2011 camrys. more than a third of the country is having problems paying their bills on time. 45% of americans have debt in collections. that means the debt is so far past due that the account was turned over to another division or agency. it also means the debt has been reported and can affect credit score. sometimes it's hard to find the time to exercise, but a new
9:24 am
study shows just a few minutes a day can be heart healthy. the study followed 50,000 adults for 15 years. they found runners on average lived three years longer than others. five minutes of running a day reduced the risk of dying from heart disease. the american heart association still recommends 75 minutes a week of aerobic activity. the struggling red lobster chain has started arranging its food on the plate in ways usually found at fancier restaurants. and it will reduce the number of non-seafood items on the menu. britain's prince harry clearly enjoying himself at the commonwealth games in scotland. monday night he flashed a double thumbs up behind the coach and his guests. and this morning the prince who does have military training joined some young athletes for a little hand to hand rough
9:25 am
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9:26 am
high performance skincare™ only from roc®. good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. a bicyclist is fighting for their lives this morning after a van trying to escape police caused a major crash. late last night, police tried to pull over the van at larkin and post streets, but the driver did not stop. a couple of blocks away at post and jones street, the van ran a red light and hit a taxi. both vehicles spun out of control on to the sidewalk, hitting a bicyclist and another person, who was walking by. the driver of the van then bailed and ran away. however, he was later arrested, trying to board a bus. police say that van was stolen. representatives for fedex will be in a san francisco federal courtroom today, answering charges that the overnight delivery company was involved in a precipitation drug conspiracy. the company is charged with
9:27 am
knowingly delivering medical drugs and painkillers to people without prescriptions. and a san francisco supervisor wants to help retail employees get better work schedules. supervisor eric marvel introduced the retail workers' bill of rights at the board meeting this afternoon. that bill is designed to protect retail workers, particularly part-time employees, who often have inconsistent schedules and reduced hours. we have a look at your weather and traffic coming up right after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back now. the time is 9:28. taking a look at a pretty sky over san jose. you can still see those mid-level clouds, we still have a lot of monsoonal moisture. in san francisco, it's the low clouds we get to show you at this hour. and lacking good in sunol, an absence of clouds. temperatures mostly in the 80s for today. that humidity is going to make it feel even warmer than the true temperature. so it's 88 degrees, it's going to feel more like mid-90s in the south bay. peninsula's at 84, 80 on the east shore.
9:29 am
your full forecast in moments. >> the sun is the issue right here, so let me show you the full screen, out here looking westbound. coming towards us off the high-rise, that's the slower congested ride off the 92 interchange off of 101. as well as southbound 101, which continues to recover after an earlier crash cleared from holly. the extra slowing down through redwood city. the rest of your bay, pretty clear north of 84, aside from that issue in redwood city. and in the south bay, northbound 101 slows a bit here. same thing through fremont, through the truck scales. more local news coming up in a half hour. have a great morning. see you back here.
9:30 am
. welcome to "today." tuesday morning july 29th, 2014. i'm willie along with al, natalie, and tamron. before we show you this video we want to tell you that this young girl is okay. 17-year-old taylor roberts might have second thoughts on top of the high dive. hesitated a minute. >> a guy runs past her, spooks her. >> she tried to stop herself at the lava hot springs in idaho. check this out. 20-foot-high platform. tries to hang onto the railing. went straight to the hospital.
9:31 am
was checked for internal injuries. she walks out only with a jammed finger. that's it. walked out of the hospital. >> and swam off after she hit. >> thank goodness. >> terrifying. >> those high dives, i'm so scared of them. >> and she's okay. >> jammed her finger, that's it. >> all right. mr. roker, you got some weather? >> we do as we check out what's happening for today. we're looking at a gorgeous day in the northeast. tho cold front that pushed through caused the surprise tornado outside of boston. look at these temperatures. low 80s. a lot of wet weather through the rockies where we could be looking at flash flooding. tomorrow west coast fantastic. 81 in l.a. portland 88 degrees. temperatures start to mad rate as you get into the upper mississippi river valley. and again east coast looking that's what's going on around
9:32 am
the 9:31. taking a live look at san jose. what a pretty day shaping up for us. still a little humid, but overall, temperatures comfortable. not too hot. right on par with your seasonal average in san francisco. 69 degrees there. 88 for the south bay, 84 degrees, comfortable conditions, at least temperature wise, on the peninsula. and as we head throughout the day today, that chance for showers will diminish and we'll start to feel a little bit better as we get the return of that onshore breeze. 90 degrees for tomorrow, 89 for thursday. you'll really notice that humidity drop off thursday into friday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. emmy award winning actor brendan gleason has brought many characters to light in "into the storm" to hogwarts professor and tony nominated actor chris o'dell is part of the ensemble that made us laugh so much in
9:33 am
"bridesmaids". >> now they're collaborating in a movie. good to see you guys. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> first of all, thank you for wearing the shark themed shirt. >> sure. >> i wear it like i was looking to wear something shark themed every day. the fact you were doing a sharknado feature was purely a coincidence. >> so this movie isn't so much a whodunit but who's going to do it in a sense. >> yeah. the priest is told in confession he has seven days to live, basically. and it's to do with the whole scandal in the church. the guy is making his confession had been abused. so rather than pay somebody back who did something, he's not going to pay attention to that. we're going to kill you because you're a good man. so we follow the seven days to see who's going to do it. >> there is some darkness to the movie. no question about it.
9:34 am
but it's funny too. there's a lot of laughs especially with your character jack. >> yeah. i play a local butcher. it's a very -- we deal with a lot of dark things but it is funny. it's a very true film. it's a true representation of a place at the end of the world. it's very, very funny. a lot of great gags. i know it doesn't seem like it. there's a good chance a priest is going to die, doesn't feel like a great comedic premise. but it's very funny. because he kills and a bang thing comes out. >> you're giving it away. >> it's been released in ireland already. controversy enough. but people feel that it's giving a fair crack of the whip.
9:35 am
it's an intriguing kind of a thing. everybody seems to have a personal relationship with it. once seeing it, you're never free. >> there you go. >> and we talk about it in the film a lot. religion these days seems to talk about damnation a lot and not enough about forgiveness and virtue. there's a positive spin on it. >> i think people love to know the backgrounds behind your celebrity. it's fascinating before you became a big star you were a teacher and father of four and you gave that up. >> i'm still a father of four. i was a teacher for ten years. i was also doing theater. something to do on my own terms. and i enjoyed it. i had a good time. i was teaching teenage boys which is an interesting time in life. >> i cannot imagine. >> yeah. so one of the things -- you
9:36 am
know, you can think back to the troubles of your teens and all. the thing that impressed me about them is you forgot how much you laugh at that point. you're beginning to get adult jokes. you're beginning to get adult themes in your head. i don't think you laugh as much as you do in school. >> you haven't been around this crew. we've got two teenage boys here. >> the time i remember laughing first, i used to be an altar boy. >> they wouldn't let me in. >> the times you're not supposed to laugh is when you laugh the most. when you're walking around with hot candles and hot wax and boys your own age. app lot of burns and a lot of laughs. >> like this movie. >> a lot of burns, a lot of laughs. >> yeah. >> the last time we saw you you were talking about "of mice and men." since then you've been nominated for a tony. congratulations. >> well done. >> fingers crossed.
9:37 am
>> i didn't win. but it was terrific. it was actually our last show today. then we're through. >> you're here with us, last show. >> it's a big mistake. i should be in bed. >> thankfully he knows his lines. last show. >> i feel like i have one last shot to do it well. >> it was a great play. had a lot of burns and a lot of laughs. >> it did. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. >> "calvary" opens up this friday and then nationwide later on. the small accessory making a big impact on young kids battling cancer after this. we are the saunders, and we're new to the pacific northwest. the rain, the mud... ba-bam! it's there! the outside, comes in. it's kinda nasty. so, you start the towel-mop shuffle.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
patients feel beautiful again. >> one of the side effects of cancer treatment is hair loss. but one woman is hoping to help young girls feel beautiful again one head band at a time. jessica is a familiar face at the childrens hospital in the raleigh durham area. and the colorful head bands of hope she gives to young cancer patients around the country are welcomed accessories. >> you want to see yourself? you go into the hospitals and see their reactions when they put on a head band, you see girls open up because of the simple head band that gives them so much confidence. it's hard not to believe in that when you see it. you have beautiful hair. >> reporter: jessica started the company before she graduated from north carolina state university. >> thanks for letting me come by. >> thank you too. >> reporter: for each head band sold, a dollar is donated to cancer research. plus a head band is put aside
9:43 am
for a girl undergoing cancer treatment. 12-year-old megan bunn lost her hair during treatment for a brain tumor two years ago. after becoming friends with jessica, she has a head band in her favorite colors named after her. >> it gave me, like, a sense of security. because you can tell your personality. and it gives me hope that one day i know i can wear it and have hair. >> reporter: jessica's idea for the company came after an internship where she dressed as a princess for a young cancer patient whose dying wish was to meet sleeping beauty. >> it was at that moment that everything i thought i knew about my life changed. everything i thought i wanted changed. and i wanted to recreate that feeling of helping others and do it in my own way. and i found that head bands were the perfect way to do that. >> reporter: a head band can allow a girl who has lost her hair to retain her feminine
9:44 am
identity without hiding the fact she is battling cancer. >> most of our kids do lose their hair during treatment. so anything that helps them compensate for them or anything in this case the head band is incredible. >> reporter: this patient remembers the first head band she received during her treatment. >> i wasn't wearing anything on my head. and it made me feel nice. it was nice of her. >> it means a lot to the kids. >> i'll let you have all these. do you like them? >> reporter: bringing head bands to remind each patient that even though she is fighting an ugly disease, she is no less beautiful. >> so sweet. what a great idea. over the past two years, 20,000 have been given to children around the country. and $20,000 has been donated to cancer research. we applaud jessica. >> they look good.
9:45 am
>> they have beautiful. >> for a little girl to lose their hair, so hard. >> they have such beautiful kids. and for girls especially. >> well, if you know someone or somebody's great story spreading hope in your community, let us know about it with the #hopetoit. back after this. this one goes out to all you know who you are... you've become deaf to the sound of your own sniffling. your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you can clear a table without lifting a finger... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because zyrtec® starts working at hour 1 on the first day you take it. claritin doesn't start working until hour 3. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ ♪
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vagisil max strength anti-itch wipes relieve itch and odor instantly as they cleanse. so why wait to feel comfortable? trust vagisil. the number one wipe for itch. back now with my tuesday trend. i still have my head band of hope on. congratulations to them for that. and today it's all about how to rock a white blazer. i happen to match. a staple every woman should have in her closet because it looks good on all types of bodies. here with us author of "the cheap chica's guide to style." i love you're helping me with this. on tuesdays we look at things i like. i love a white blazer. i have never paid full price for one. there's a couple of reasons. i think it's impossible to keep them new and fresh and white. so you don't want to waste cash on them. but i love you can put a white
9:50 am
blazer with anything. i just -- this is the tress i have on today. i pop this white blazer which i got at an outlet mall. i beat up a couple of women. no, i'm kidding. >> it'd be fine if you did. >> but i did ask twitter followers to send pics of you rocking your white blazer. here's what i got from renee, courtney. they sent white blazers in their everyday life. don't they look amazing? >> it adds a fresh, modern touch to anything in your closet. it's so verse it'll. and there's a cut for every body type. >> i don't actually wear blazers on air. and women ask why do you wear sleeveless? that's my preference. but i wear a white blazer through the winter. i know that's controversial. let's get to the looks you have here. first up we have kelly. she's keeping it corporate cool and fabulous. >> you think of blazers at the office. but do it with a white blazer.
9:51 am
with this one, i wanted a crop jacket on her. you want to look for one that hits at your hip or above. this is from t.j. maxx. and the fit, hits above the hipbone and the quality of the material gives a nice stretch so it fits her perfectly over a floral printed dress. beautiful. >> and after work you take off that jacket and you are the star of the club. moving on to phyllis. >> amazing. first i wanted a more boyfriend style blazer. this one is more masculine but still has feminine details. thinner lapels. darts in the back to define her shape. she's wearing it with a jumper. this was 25 bucks from forever 21. >> here's another tip. we've been talking about how you show up to pick your kids up at school. get a white blazer, black t-shirt, black leggings, flats. meet your kids' teacher. get back to the car and you look
9:52 am
fabulous. the next look, listen. i'm 43 years old so i probably would never wear these shorts in public. i'm kidding. yes, i do. >> i was going to say i've seen them on instagram. >> but the way to grown this up is with a white blazer. >> this is the most classic blazer i would say. this is something every woman can wear. not too oversized. this one i found on clearance. this is the best time to buy blazers right now because they're on sale. buy them now and wear them year round. i layered this over a cardigan and tank top. the reason why i chose cutoffs is i wanted to show that a white blazer can really elevate the look of the most casual items in the closet. throw on a heel, a great clutch, and you are solid and good to go. >> i try to live my life in an honest way. in my closet, i have about six white blazers. all of them i have had for
9:53 am
years. i wash them by hand with a little woollite and then i iron them and they have legs for days. but it is the one thing i cannot live without. ladies, you look absolutely phenomenal. >> and every jacket was under 60 bucks. >> i don't want to hear about your body type because you can find one. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
another big show. >> they just keep coming. >> the stars are lining up. priscilla presley is here. >> ian ziering is here.
9:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. san jose police investigating their second homicide in as many days. early this morning, a man was stabbed to death near plaza de cesar chavez park.
9:57 am
a group of five or six people attacked that victim. no word on a motive. no arrests have been made. this is san jose's 22nd homicide of the year. meanwhile, officers are looking for the shooter in the city's 21st homicide. that happened yesterday afternoon on gramercy place, right off 680. this in east san jose. investigators say several children were playing in the street, when someone began shooting, investigators unsure if the suspect was walking by or driving by, but a gun was found at the scene and a man was killed. let's check your weather with christina. >> hey, thank you! happy tuesday to you. and temperatures for today, not too hot, especially when you consider the fact that we are now in late july, and 83 degrees is not too bad on the peninsula. we do have some humidity you have to deal with for today and tomorrow. we'll shave it off, by thursday, 88 in the north bay and the south bay. temperatures are going to stay level, but like i said before, we're going to lose that humidity. so it will feel more
9:58 am
comfortable, as of tomorrow. still a slight chance for showers today and tomorrow. and by this weekend, dry air mass moves in. above average heat, that's what we're going to talk about today at 11:00. first, here's mike and your drive. >> we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, a very light backup in most of your lanes, but the lanes off to the right approach, still slow, coming off of the berkeley curve. nothing really heavy through that approach. looking at the rest of traffic flow. i've zoomed into the south, where traffic flow is a little slow the from west 237, as you're heading toward 101. the rest of your bay, looking really nice. no major issues. a lot of your congestion clearing up from the south bay with north 101 past the airport. and also 880 coming off of 238. back to you. >> mike, thank you. another local news update for you coming up in a half an hurry. you used to sleep like a champ.
9:59 am
then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you.
10:00 am
only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq™ start at just $999.98. know better sleep with sleep number. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everybody. we are so happy you areith us for booze day tuesday, july 29. it is national lipstick day. we have a lovely lady with us wearing lipstick for a long time. prisilla presley is with us today. >> she has big news for elvis's. >> talking about "sharknado 2".
10:01 am
>> i'm still not over the fact that matt and al stole our part. >> we were asked first to be in "sharknado". >> were we asked or did we ask? >> i can't remember, but we had a campaign. yesterday in the beginning of our chat i'm minding my own business when all of a sudden hot flash. you have them at the most inappropriate time. the facebook folks got online and they all said just deal with it and get over it. >> man up and be a woman. >> look at this cool looking fan, look at that one. nobody is going to notice you with that out. they have this one with the mister which i advise no one to use. >> not around your hair. >> and a nice fan, too. >> you can fake it a little bit and people think you are
10:02 am
southern. >> i like it. >> southern accent and a mint julep. >> you know what i love? what happened to you yesterday when you saw me having hot flashes. >> what did i do? >> you had a sympathy. >> that was last night. i thought i was all over it. because i love her so much and am going through this with you last night it was drench like a river. i couldn't believe it. >> so good. >> we are going to talk about your favorite thing from yesterday. wild over your jump suit. >> sonny works at a shop in florida, right? and sonny what is her name? >> clarence moon. >> she is going to her place today because our facebook went crazy. >> you know what is great about
10:03 am
this stuff, $79. what you wore yesterday everybody was wild for, the cute sweater and jump suit. >> you can travel with it. >> thank you. patchington. >> if you were home last night and i know you were it was the finale of "the bachelorette". >> we were home but i didn't see it. >> who was andy going to choose? josh or nick. it came to those two. in the beginning she made her choice and didn't want to do it in front of everyone so she broke up with nick a little privately. >> i know you didn't, but, like i just don't know. >> it was heartbreaking for him. she had a great first impression of him.
10:04 am
she liked him very much. other guys in the house weren't so wild about the guy. >> how long did this go on? >> over the course of the season. the other guys did not like them. he thought they were in love and he was devastated and shocked when she said he was not going to be the guy. >> did she give him a reason why? >> she sent him home and chose a former baseball player named josh. they got engaged. >> let's watch this moment. >> i can't wait. >> please. >> what are you talking about? >> it's love. it's love. >> she doesn't expect it to happen. >> sometimes they don't propose. >> will you marry me? >> i love her dress. i love her dress.
10:05 am
>> oh. >> so now we are like this is the best day ever. but then nick was devastated. so he tried to contact her a bunch of times. >> is that against the rules? >> this is like at the finale thing. there was a time to confront her and talk to her during a live post finale sit down. this is extremely important. this is nick confronting andi. take a look. >> if you weren't in love with me i'm just not sure why -- like why you made love with me. >> first of all, i think that's kind of below the belt, something that is private and should be kept private but the
10:06 am
things i did with you and said with you i think i told you this at the very last date with you. those things were real. >> i'm not trying to put you below the belt or whatever -- >> you already have. >> that is how you made me feel. that night like that was like fiance type of stuff. >> fiance type of stuff. jennifer winer says this is her tweet, she considers fiance things like she roasted him a chicken. what did you think about him saying to her in front of people on live television that they made love when she probably thought it was a private thing going on? >> i never like the kiss and tell. a gentleman never does and a lady never does. the whole premise is ridiculous. i can't watch it.
10:07 am
i am embarrassed for everybody involved. it's degrading to human beings to me. i know lots of people love it and i'm not putting you down for it. i'm saying i can't watch it. >> so what do you think about the couple? >> i think it is going to last forever. i would like to see the wedding, too. nothing is sacred anymore. >> i think nick saying that on the air, he looked like he felt sorry that he did it and thinking maybe she will love me later and now he ruined it forever. i didn't mean to hit below the belt. >> i don't know how to respond to this. you know my feelings about it. i try to tell you in our meeting every day. i can't stand this stuff. >> exactly. let's talk about josh. >> i'll keep talking about it,
10:08 am
but, you know -- >> it seemed real. listen to me. i think a lot of reality tv does not seem real. >> let me take you to my house after 28 years and i will show you real and it ain't pretty. it can never be real when there are cameras everywhere. >> what about right now? >> this isn't real. this is all written. this is us just discussing. i see why there is an appeal, i suppose. i think it is part and parcel of the whole thing of people watching other people have a picnic instead of going off and having a picnic. there is danger in all of this. >> instead of going on dates you are watching other people go on dates. >> tell us about your date. >> kind of like what i'm going through. if someone in your office had b.o. or bad breath and you didn't want to tell them because you felt embarrassed and you don't want to hurt their
10:09 am
feelings would you go to anonymous e-mail source to subscribe to where they will write an e-mail to your co-worker not from anybody in particular -- hey, betty, your breath is bad and explains the complaint but coming from no one in particular. >> i think there are dangers in it. i don't know. i think they should just tase them. >> just tase people. >> anytime you are cool it is not good. >> at my mom's work somebody had a bad case of b.o. everybody is in a cube. somebody put a bar of soap on the desk. >> yesterday everybody is going -- i don't know. i think sometimes the best thing to do is like when you have trouble on the airline and somebody is behaving badly you go to the flight attendant and say this is an issue, would you handle it. they are people in authority.
10:10 am
>> go to your supervisor or boss and don't just go as one person and say could you guys maybe take care of this? >> if you want to do the e-mail instead the website will handle it for you. >> just leak it. >> just leak it. we are going to do a shout out today. what is your style personality? if you wonder what yours is tomorrow we reveal what our style personality is. >> do you think it can be a cross hybrid? >> there is vintage glam, preppy casual, bombshell sexy. >> i like girlie. >> i like feminine. >> go to and take the quiz. >> let me know if i'm completely wrong on the bachelorette thing.
10:11 am
if you love it, great. >> facebook page is going to explode. >> hoda's birthday is in 11 days. if you are a big elvis fan would you like memorabilia priscilla presley will tell america, land of the free and home of the mouth-watering ball park frank. made with 100% angus beef and just a dash of democracy. ball park franks. so american, you can taste it. introducing america's greatest invention ever. parks finest, from ball park. what? made with 100% beef, no nitrates, and infused with bold premium seasonings like slow smoked hickory. and just wait 'til you taste it. new parks finest from ball park.
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10:15 am
heard the news. i remember it like yesterday. >> how often do you think about that day? >> i don't think any of us could forget about that day. we were all caught off guard. >> every time our birthday comes along it is one of our memories. >> we had a lot of great things going on to keep his legacy going. >> it is so interesting to look at things that involve either his handwriting or know he touched them. you have things on the table. >> we are having the first-ever auction at graceland, not anything that we have in our own archives. >> that other people have made available. >> these are other things. the founder of the wiggles. this is one of the largest collectors. >> people have their entire homes as shrines to him. they still do. >> is that the screen play for
10:16 am
"love me tender"? >> this was his very first movie and really cute story is that being the first time in the movie business he staudied everybody's lines so he knew the entire script. this is really enduring. >> this is when he was doing those things? >> absolutely. this is the production for three years. >> what is going on there? >> that is a library card. >> you sign it and this is the signature. >> and this is an opal. >> this is the ring from vegas. >> the pinky ring, one of two we have in the auction. >> what would the starting bid be on this? >> i have no idea. >> this is the second performance in vegas, 1970,
10:17 am
january, the key to the city. >> i remember back in those days vegas was struggling and when he made the big deal it just boomed and started an entirely new life for vegas. >> i want to preface again, this is stuff and people would love to -- we are also going to be there. >> you go out to graceland a few times a year. do you still have strong memories of your life there? >> we have the tablet now which is now the tour of graceland. you can get the ear phones if you want to hear the voice. you press a button and it is interactive. you go to the gate and you get to actually see our life, having christmas if you wanted to point to the dining room or living room. you see him sitting on the couch, rare footage.
10:18 am
this is going to really enhance the visitor who comes to graceland. people get nervous about what we are doing as far as all of the press about the ipads. we are one of the first historic homes ever for this revolutionary technology. >> and soon there will be a hotel across the street. >> no, it is adjacent to graceland, about a half a mile. >> i thought it was -- you said there were no guest rooms in graceland and had to send everybody down. >> the guest house of graceland. >> and i always wanted to have friends stay over. we never had room. >> didn't have room for you, hoda. >> this is an opportunity for people to know that this is an extension of elvis. we always wanted a hotel. we had four plans drawn up. >> this is going to happen in 2015. >> years in the making.
10:19 am
i think our visitors will be thrilled with the swimming pool and trees and grounds all around and a place of gathering where people can have reunions. >> a lot of great memories. >> jill is here with great gift ideas for the important milestone occasions in your life. >> actor ian ziering recently celebrated his 50th birthday. >> also another thing is how delicious it can be.
10:20 am
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10:22 am
call your doctor if you have changes in mood or behavior, thoughts of suicide, or a high fever, stiff muscles or confusion, signs of a possible life-threatening condition. abnormal bleeding, bone fractures, restlessness, vision problems, and impaired judgment and motor skills may occur. don't take brisdelle if you are pregnant, taking maois, thioridazine, pimozide, or are allergic to paroxetine. tell your doctor about all your medicines like tamoxifen, triptans, or paroxetine. side effects include nausea, vomiting, tiredness, and headache. change is in the air. it's time to talk to your doctor about the only fda approved, non-hormonal option. brisdelle. last year spent the summer protecting los angeles from a tornado that rained down sharks in the fem ohm none known as sharknado. >> this time he's helping new yorkers save themselves from
10:23 am
another shark assault in the sequel sharknado 2, the second one. take a look. >> i know you're scared. i'm scared, too. they're sharks. they're scary. no one wants to get eaten. but i've been eaten, and i'm here to tell you, it takes a lot more than that to bring a good man down. >> ridiculous. >> i read that in the script. >> you knew it was going to be good. how in the world to you keep a straight face? >> you just have to commit to the material, in the context of that reality, yeah, it would be scary to be eaten about bay shark. i actually had to call the writer and said, really? really? are you drunk? what are you writing here? >> it must be fun. >> it's reckless abandon. it's completely a fun movie. you may see someone running through the background who had their legs chewed off in a previous seen. >> details, details. >> it's fun. we were on broadway, standing on
10:24 am
top of a fire truck from the '70s is and i'm screaming let's go kill some sharks and not just our video village but all the new yorkers that could see me on top of this fire truck all screamed, yeah! it was just amazing. >> it was shot in the winter, right? it was cold. >> it was the polar vortex. remember? >> yeah. >> yeah. that's the code name for shar a sharknado. and it didn't get over 20 degrees. >> do you ever explain why the sharks are so angry? >> fish out of water. wouldn't you be angry? >> we do have a bone to pick with ian, don't we? a huge one. >> there's no bone so we can't go there. >> matt and al stole our roles. we're over it. we love matt and al. >> not really. >> but we're waiting for our moment -- i'm sick of this clip. >> i'll tell you something, they have several clips that run throughout the entire movie.
10:25 am
>> now we're really mad. >> so convincing that if people see these clips they're going to have an or son wells moment. they're going to run to their storm shelters. al is predicting a storm of biblical proportions. >> of course. he's usually right, too. >> we have to go. >> he turned 50. >> a lot of anti-action donts, clean living, good skin care. and chippendales. >> that's it. sharknado 2 tomorrow on sci-fi. >> oh, boy. >> that's how you go out. >> back after your local news. it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean. fortunately, you've got listerine®. unlike brushing which misses 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so what are you waiting for?
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10:27 am
a couple of blocks away at post and jones, the van ran a red light and hit a taxi. both vehicles spun out of control on the sidewalk and hit that bicyclist and a person walking as well. the driver of the van then jumped out of the car, ran away, he was later arrested trying to board a bus. police say the van was stolen, but they haven't caught up with the suspect. we'll take a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back now, meteorologist christina loren, san jose, hazy sky, a lot of
10:29 am
moisture and humidity in our atmosphere for today. although, it's not going to hang around forever. we should be done with it by thursday. 83 on the peninsula today. 82 is the forecasted high on the east shore. and 68 in san francisco. meanwhile, getting close to 90, but not bypassing that 90-degree mark today in wine country. so it will be warm. that humidity is going to make it feel even warmer. but here's the deal, as we get into the next couple of days, we'll donate lose that shower chance and humidity by this weekend, above average heat, but a drier air mass. we'll talk all about that today at 11:00. here's mike and your drive. >> a full screen southbound coming towards us, jammed up traffic from the coliseum, heading south to hayward, where we have the sweepers already in effect. that's a little early, but there's the jam. let's look at the rest of your bay, and that's not so bad. things moving smoothly through the south bay and peninsula. we have a slower drive as you head down from mission through 237. this is the last of your southbound bound commute, just in time for lunch, i guess. >> thanks, mike.
10:30 am
they could have it at this bar, where cocktails are served along with an i.d. bag. why some people will say it will help you with your hangover, coming up at 11:00. we're back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday. time to check out what is inside jill's shopping bag. >> we have gifts for the 50th wedding anniversary -- >> or maybe for hoda's 50th birthday. who is counting? >> you are counting. >> let's start with cassidy's birthday, happy 21st. you can get any scrapbook. when you open it we had everybody send in 21 things they love about cassidy. katie said mom and dad can fill in the gaps. then we had from you. >> i love this. >> and so that -- >> now i don't have to give
10:31 am
anything. >> if you want to give a 21 year old kit what they need when turning 21 this is wrapping it up here. this is all under $100. clean diamond studs under $30. watch is from target. nyx cosmetics. any perfume you want. a nice wallet and nice key chain. >> beautiful. >> now -- big month for you. now, this is from jennifer miller jewelry. these are all the charms that you have accumulated over the years from different places. now for starting at $25 you can buy the leather band and compile it. >> that's so cool.
10:32 am >> another 50th gift. this is the "washington post" and the date you were born and the year and gives you the newspaper from that day. you can personalize it. isn't that nice to give somebody? if you want to get a little wild let's say we can drink it at the end. beer pong. if you get it in your partner has to drink. >> got it. >> now we move to the 75th birthday. plan a movie night for your significant other. a 4:30 movie night, candy all from amazon. >> i love that idea. >> $65. five generations of your family. you start with one or two people here and it bridges back for five generations.
10:33 am
>> how beautiful. >> it is not the traditional family tree but a version of it. anniversary coming up. i made it 25 for the purposes of the segment. throw a silver party. everything in silver. you can go to amazon and go to and have everything printed plus personalized glasses. ice buckets. so it has all of your initials on it. >> then 50th anniversary. i asked my parents what they ate at their anniversary. this is all of the things they ate. these books are great to do together. all about us, the bucket list for couples. what i love about you, you each fill it out and go over it. >> one more thing -- >> you can actually get a greeting from the white house if you go on to whitehouse dot .go
10:34 am
they will send you a signed greeting. >> from the president? >> from the white house. okay. you know what else makes a great gift? home made chocolate. fancy treats from mr. chocolate himself. >> how to pick the perfect himself. >> how to pick the perfect and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and
10:35 am
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10:39 am
>> beauty and style expert has more for us. >> thank you. >> national lipstick month. >> everything has a day. >> national lipstick day is here. lipstick is searched twice as often as lip gloss on amazon. this month alone 50% of an increase of a search for nudes. >> i'm into the nudes. >> is nude just this like 2014, is that the year of nude? >> this is the summer of nude. the summer of nude. what is interesting is that lipstick companies have come out with all different shades of nude because one nude does not suit all. >> you are picky about your nude. >> you will never see me nude, either. >> maybeline has a whole buffs
10:40 am
collection. >> this is a pencil version of the same. >> brighter colors over here. what has been fun is these lip crayons. these are buildable and easy to put on. >> you use the same thing you line with to fill in. >> and then you can layer it. you can go sheer or full and change up your lips. >> i like glosses but i feel like they are too sheer. >> liquid lipstick is the new big thing. revlon has the moisture lipstick. from dior this lipstick instead of wax uses water. this is new called melted. this is what would happen to lipstick if left in the car. >> tory birch is doing lipsticks? >> because nothing else has been
10:41 am
successful. >> she put her signature scent into the lipstick so it has a great fragrance. >> we have our ladies all covering their mouth. >> first up we have soriah. >> she isn't a big makeup person. we wanted to try something bolder. check out our reveal. she is wear ag great bold pink. >> that is really pretty. >> it is a really great fun party. it is girlie and feminine. >> you look good. >> here is debbie's before picture. >> all right. i like debbie's color. >> she is a teacher, wanted to switch up the look. we went a little purple. >> it brightens up her face a little bit. a little more summery feeling and something she can wear day, night, wear to work. >> i don't see a huge, huge
10:42 am
difference. >> we have beth here. >> blonds are nervous about wearing red. we decided to give beth a little red lip. then we amped it up. >> she looks good. >> this is a great bright red. >> you have two colors for us. >> this is for you. it's a lip twist that is kind of sheer. hoda i have baby doll for you. both easy to apply. just enough color. >> let's see. take you out of your comfort zone today. >> i'm going right back to it. >> i like it. >> you can do it on your cheeks and get a complimentary glow. >> looking good, girls. >> it ages me like crazy. >> wipe it off. >> i'm taking this one with me!
10:43 am
>> thank you so much. >> band of brothers. how sweet is that? this you can make in your own kitchen. after this. the all-new electronics wdepartment at walmart? because you need to take your game to the next level. so we did, too. because you need to hear beats to truly hear beats. because you need gopro cameras to go do, whatever you do, like a pro. because you need to watch things here ...or here. we've got what you need in our new electronics department. over a thousand more of the latest tech products from all the best brands. the tech you want online and in-store. save money. live better. walmart.
10:44 am
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10:45 am
introducing america's greatest invention ever. park's finest from ball park what? made with 100% beef, no nitrates and infused with bold premium seasonings like slow smoked hickory... and just wait 'til you taste it. new park's finest from ball park. yyyup. with xfinity internet soyour family can use all their devices at once. works anywhere in the house. even in the garage. max what's going on? we're doing a tech startup. we're going public! [cheering] the fastest in-home wifi for your entire family. only from xfinity.
10:46 am
10:47 am
national milk chocolate day was yesterday. today is lipstick. it is never too late to indulge a little. >> we are here with famed chocolatier. he is about to show us a thing or two about creating home made chocolate. hello. >> bonjour. every day is milk chocolate, not only yesterday but every day. >> you are going to show us how to make chocolate bark. >> milk chocolate are relatively -- milk chocolate is
10:48 am
good. it is cocoa bean. this is inside the cocoa bean. and this is the purist form of chocolate. powder, sugar, vanilla ground together. this is what it is. we temper the chocolate meaning crystallize it a little bit. when the chocolate reaches 80 degrees it is ready. the way to make bark is simple. you put nuts in it. >> whatever kind you like. >> and then a little bit of postachio. >> coconut is great. also, you can add a bit of cere cereal. >> if you have cereal in your house dump cereal into the chocolate. >> look at that. >> when you get that you take a spatula and spread it all over. i know you are good at that.
10:49 am
you are good at it. when everything is spread all over we tap it a little bit and put it in the fridge. >> look what happens. >> look that is the magic of television. >> i just did that. >> how long in the fridge? >> it is supposed to come out, about five minutes. let's see, very fast i'm going to take it out. >> beautiful! >> we break it in pieces like that and you can present it. look how nice it is. the idea behind that is to put something on the table that you are going to share. >> we only have a few seconds. >> take a little bit of chocolate and put them on the lollipop mold and use candy to decorate it. >> absolutely. >> it is a nice way to form it to do that. you can pop popcorn and put a
10:50 am
bit of sugar on. you know i was the judge on the next great baker. >> of course, you were. >> with bobby -- and that was so much fun to be the judge. i loved to do that. being the judge is great. i love to teach and do that. >> we love you. thank you for coming. >> thank you so much. you can catch "the next great baker" tuesday on tlc. it has been a long road for the band ajr. the brothers are getting ready to perform their hit single. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> eight years ago three brothers, adam, jack and ryan or
10:54 am
ajr were performing in new york central park until they were noticed by a hit artist. >> now their hit song "i'm ready" climbed the charts. coming out this fall "living room". >> what an american success story. >> one day central park. >> are your parents busting? >> they are super proud and very supportive. >> that has to be great. >> you went to ivy league schools. >> i'm only in my senior year in high school so maybe. >> you going to do "i'm ready"? >> we're ready to hear "i'm ready". ♪ i'm ready ♪ i'm ready, i'm ready ♪ ♪ are you ready
10:55 am
♪ you're feeling good, feeling right ♪ ♪ across the floor and i'm already losing my mind ♪ ♪ looking fine while you playing and playing these guys ♪ ♪ tell me that you're ready and you're feeling ♪ ♪ when riding behind the hashtag sign ♪ ♪ i won't forget you but i may forget your name ♪ ♪ my lady i know what you're thinking when the basis starts ringing and you tell me ♪ ♪ are you ready for tonight setting it on fire ♪ ♪ we're dancing until ♪ i know what you're thinking when the bass starts kicking ♪ ♪ are you ready for tonight setting it on fire ♪ ♪ dancing
10:56 am
♪ i'm ready, i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready ♪ ♪ ♪ break me down ♪ watching everything you want to know ♪ ♪ ♪ i won't forget you but i may forget your name ♪ ♪ my lady i know what you're thinking when the bass starts ringing ♪ ♪ are you ready for tonight, setting it on fire ♪ ♪ ♪ my lady i know what you're thinking when the bass starts ringing ♪ ♪ are you ready for tonight
10:57 am
setting it on fire ♪ ♪ i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ break it down i'm ready to break it down ♪ ♪ break me down ♪ i won't forget you but i may forget your name ♪ ♪ i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready ♪
10:58 am
♪ ♪ are you ready
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, they promised they're working on it, that's the message from the 49ers after fans expressed their frustration with parking after a recent open house. >> this story is new at 11:00, the 49ers and santa clara city leaders are working on a plan to improve traffic heading to levi stadium. now, this comes just days away from the first major event there. nbc bay area's derek shore live at the stadium. derek, one of the team's big wigs stepping up with an explanation about last week's traffic chaos. >> reporter: that's right, and it was friday, scott, that i was standing here,


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