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tv   Today  NBC  July 31, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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7:55. >> they won. >> that's eight bucks. see if you can get at refund. >> that's what's happening today in the bay, we are back at 7:25 with live local news. good morning. breaking news. no end in sight. israel calls up another 16,000 reservists overnight gearing up for a long battle in gaza as some worldwide protests against israel take an anti-semitic turn. we'll talk to israel's ambassador to the u.s. live. going down. the drama from inside the cockpit from a small plane that crashes into the parking lot of a busy san diego shopping center. >> pike, pappa, full throttle. >> i'm full throttle. >> while police say it is a miracle no one on the ground was hurt. ebola scare at a hospital in
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the u.s. more american aid workers being pulled out of western africa where officials call this a public health emergency. this morning dr. nancy snyderman is answering your questions. ending the itching, the app that promises to keep the mosquitos away. we'll find out how well it really works today, thursday, july 31st, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning everyone. nice to have you along on a thursday morning on "today." we have another busy news day today. >> that's right. the crisis in the middle east continues. there are new signs this will not be coming to an end any time soon. the israeli military is calling up another 16,000 reservists, that brings the total to about 86,000. the death toll in the three-week-old fighting is huge.
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more than 1,300 palestinians, 50 israelis, 50 soldiers. this morning, israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is vowing to destroy the tunnels with or without a cease-fire. we'll talk to the israeli ambassador to the u.s. in a moment. let's get right to nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel in gaza city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that death toll you mentioned includes at least three israeli soldiers and five palestinians killed overnight. prime minister netanyahu said there will be no cease-fire until hamas' tunnels are, quote, neutralized. israeli troops push deeper into gaza searching house to house, and now reinforce. s are coming. israel called up an additional 16,000 reservists for the mission to disarm hamas and destroy its tunnels.
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israel says it doesn't target civilians but in crowded penned in gaza civilians are being killed every day in strikes like this one. a cameraman was filming as ambulances rushed to a blast in gaza city when suddenly -- the camera for a pro hamas media company kept rolling as 11 rounds rained down. at least 16 were killed. and anger is growing after another 15 people were killed in at least a sixth un school being used as a shelter. its spokesman unable to contain his emotions in a live interview. most israelis still support the offensive. many want it to go further to
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stop hamas attacks once and for all. israel's image abroad is being tarnished. and worse, in europe, especially france and germany, attacks on synagogues and jewish-owned businesses are on the rise, reviving painful memories for jewish communities around the world. prime minister netanyahu says the israeli offensive won't be over until the tunnels are destroyed. the language here, matt, is quite important because israeli military sources are telling us that the specific tunnel mission could be completed by israeli forces within the next four to five days. so there might be an end in sight. >> richard engel on the story for us. thank you very much. let's turn to ron dermer, israel's ambassador to the united states. again and again they say they don't target civilians, they go above and beyond to minimize civilian casualties. yet we continue to see civilians
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die. the death toll is up to a thousand. we saw the strike on the un school. how would you grade israeli forces in terms of its stated mission of minimizing civilian casualties. you have to put it in context. what do you think united states would do if you had 200 million americans in bombshell terse, 3,000 rockets fired at you by an terrorist organization committed to your production, using your own people as shields, using schools, using mosques, using tunnels into israel. given all those facts israel has taken great care to avoid civilian casualties. we're fighting an enemy that hides behind their civilians. that is the problem. >> it is the problem. i guess that raises the question then why play into hamas' hands. israeli officials say this is a strategy by hamas, to rack up the civilian death toll and get
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the tim sympathy of the world. if that is working, why play into it? >> what would you have us do? you're sitting in new york right now. would you allow you, in this case f you were the citizen in the country, allow you to sit in a bomb shelter for three or four weeks, or would you want your government or military to defend you? they are firing 100 rockets at our citizens every day. no country should have to live that way. >> we've seen some anti israeli protests around, some turning anti-semitic in nature. how concerned are you about that? do you ask yourselves, we may be winning militarily but are we losing the larger battle, the p battle, perhaps minting the next generation of terrorists. >> anti-semitism has been a problem for a few thousand years. there was a hope in the wake of
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the holocaust that it would end and the establishment of israel would bring it to an end. what happened is that the brief period after the holocaust made it politically incorrect to make it anti-semitic. now you have anti-semitism coming to the surface again. now it's happening again. i think the world should be outraged by it, take the stand against it. the birth of the state of israel didn't end hatred to the you wish people, it gave jewish people the ability to defend itself. >> israeli ambassador ron dermer, we appreciate your time, thank you. a tragic scene in san diego where a small plane crashed into a busy parking lot killing its lone passenger. nbc's hallie jackson has the story. good morning. >> good morning. officials say it's miraculous more people weren't killed when the plane crashed. the burned out wreckage of a small plane sits in a parking lot steps from two of the san
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diego area's busiest stores, cosco and target. the crash happened at the peak of rush hour wednesday evening. frantic communication between the pilot and the control tower shortly before the crash. >> oh my god, i'm not getting any altitude now. >> full throttle. >> i'm full throttle. >> turn back to the field. >> i'm going down! >> the plane clipped the roof of the target store, taking out a nearby light pole before slamming down between the two stores and bursting into flames. while the 52-year-old pilot survived, sadly, her only passenger was killed. police say it was a miracle there were no other fatalities on the ground. >> we were very lucky it came down where it came down. obviously it was low enough that at least one person survived the crash. >> witnesses say problems with the fixed wing single engine plane began seconds after taking off. chopper pilot vince carter was flying in the area and heard the distress call.
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>> she came up on her takeoff and lost power. >> reporter: people on the ground raced to the scene, some with fire extinguishers to help the victim. >> several of the rescuers who pulled the people from the plane pulled received minor injuries and burns. >> reporter: the pilot is in a local hospital with severe injuries. at this point it's not clear why the plane crashed. the ntsb is investigating. typically, matt, the agency's preliminary report would come out within a week or two. it could take months for the final assessment. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. meantime there are no concerns that the largest ebola outbreak in history is about to get worse. the medical charity, doctors without borders calls this crisis unprecedented while the peace corps is removing its workers from the region. we have nbc's stephanie gosk in charlotte, north carolina. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the cdc is asking u.s. officials to be vigilant looking for signs of ebola. when a patient walked into this
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emergency room here at this hospital and triggered red flags including telling nurses he had recently traveled to africa, they isolated him and cordoned off a section of the er. for seven hours charlotte medical center was concerned one of the patients had ebola. it turned out to be a false alarm. dr. katy pacioretty says the hospital's response was the right call. >> it's either back off and mez v put measures into place later down the road. >> reporter: balancing trying not to alarm the public is tricky. in sierra leone aid workers san jose they believe this is the tip of the outbreak iceberg. >> they are scared, if you look over and look at the patients and you know their chances are very small. it's horrible. >> reporter: the peace corps announced it is temporarily removing 340 volunteers from the
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region while american aid workers nancy writebol. they prayed for their recovery and spoke by phone with her husband who says his wife's condition is improving. >> she was sitting up and talking with us and she's able to move about, but she still has a long way to go. she's still very ill. >> with cases mounting, containment gets harder and harder. the big concern is air travel. direct flights out of the affected region reached 35 countries. but officials and medical experts in this country are asking americans to take a collective inhale and not panic. >> we haven't had any cases in the united states today. and i think there are the infrastructure in place in hospitals to try to prevent any potential threat to patients or health care workers. >> reporter: officials here at this hospital stress that the best way to narrow this gap between the public's perception of the threat and the actual threat is to educate. so much of this fear comes from
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a lack of information. matt and savannah? >> stephanie, thank you so much. >> it goes without saying this crisis has a lot of people talking. dr. nancy is in the orange room all morning long, she'll answer the questions coming in. we'll check with her later. first tamron is here fortunately, more on the immigration crisis this morning. >> today the border crisis is getting a lot of attention on capitol hill, where the house plans to vote on a $659 million immigration bill, much smaller than the package president wants. it would send money to the border and help speed up the return of unaccompanied children from south america. house republicans are pressing ahead with a lawsuit against president obama. on wednesday lawmakers voted along party lines to move forward with a lawsuit accusing the president of exceeding his authority in implementing the health care law. the president calls it a stunt that will cost taxpayers.
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that massive water pipeline break at ucla finally stopped leaking during the night, but not before spewing more than 20 million gallons of water. six facilities were damaged, almost 1,000 vehicles were trapped in garages, many below waters. repairs could take days, even weeks. the legal team of michael skakel is following a victory wednesday. last year a judge overturned sakal's murder connection in the 1975 death of neighbor martha moxley. now a battle over evidence, more from nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: michael skakel was the focus of cameras as he arrived at court. >> how are you? >> how are you. >> how are you enjoying your time out? >> i wouldn't say enjoying. >> spending time with your family. >> as much as i can. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, arguments centered on evidence including two hairs from unknown individuals found
7:14 am
near martha moxley's body the night she was murdered. the defense believes they could tie other people to the crime scene and want them saved for dna testing. >> we want to make sure the state preserves that type of evidence so in the future there would be testing that would be able to be present for. >> reporter: prosecutors are appealing the decision that granted skakel a new trial and argued it was too soon to argue about evidence while the appeal was pending. the judge ordered all evidence, including those hairs, be preserved. >> i'm going to order the state to preserve all items of evidence. >> reporter: skakel left court saying he was happy. >> very. >> first and foremost, we couldn't be happier about the way the proceedings went today. >> reporter: still unclear is whether the state will be able to use a key piece of evidence, an audio recording of skakel discussing the night of the murder. the defense agreed to put off the fight to keep them out of the retrial. >> absolutely. that evidence was seized without
7:15 am
a warrant, no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: for "today," ron mott, stamford, connecticut. a girl in california was climbing in eaton canyon when she slid down the side of a cliff and was saved, that's the description, by a tree. the slide caught on someone's cell phone. rescuers were able to bring her down. that hirking trail is being closed tomorrow. a surprise presidential farewell for derek jeter as the yankee captain. jeter played his final game in texas. former president george w. bush gave jeter a signed picture of the two of them taken soon after 9/11, the night after the former president threw out the first pitch in game three of the 2001 world series. back then jeter told him not to bounce it or the crowd will boo. jeter said not many people can say they've had the president come out and honor them. pretty cool there.
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7:15. >> jeter gave two pieces of advice in that game. pitch it from the mound, otherwise they'll boo you and don't bounce it, or they'll boo you. and he threw a strike, the former president. >> mr. roker? >> we have severe weather cropping up in western new york making its way right toward a good portion of new england. we're looking at these severe storms firing up. we currently have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect western new york from oswego to syracuse. heavy showers and thunderstorms. reports of water spouts coming off lake erie as well. we have the risk of strong storms today later on moving into albany, into upstate new york and new england. we're watching this system. we're also watching heavy rain coming out of texas into parts of arkansas and louisiana. this is going to be going on all day today. already they've seen a lot of rain and they're going to get more. we have flash flood watches in
7:17 am
effect in a good portion of the region as you can see from texas into parts of louisiana and the southwest, flash flood warnings, flash flood watches. why? we'll see anywhere from two to three inches of rain. we'll see anywhere from two to three inches of rain. locally could be up to four hey, i heard you guys can help me with frog protection? yeah, we help with fraud protection. we monitor every purchase every day and alert you if anything looks unusual. wow! you're really looking out for us. we are. and if there are unauthorized purchases on your discover card, you're never held responsible. just to be clear, you are saying "frog protection" right? yeah, fraud protection. frog protection. fraud protection. frog. fraud. fro-g. frau-d. i think we're on the same page. we're totally on the same page. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. fraud protection. get it at well none of our microclimates are on the same page this morning. good morning i'm christina loren. we are stocked in with low clouds in tiburon. meanwhile you can see the clouds at the midlevel clouds overhead
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and plenty of midlevel clouds right now in san jose. we'll be completely sunny here around 10:00 today. 63 degrees right now on the peninsula. 62 in the south bay. overall mild to start. it's going to be hot later on, 90 degrees for the south bay. 85 degrees today in peninsula area. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks very much. we saw earlier dr. nancy is in the orange room with carson taking questions about the ebola outbreak. guys, what are you hearing? >> dr. nancy, you've been on our facebook page taking questions. what sort of con stirn in general do people have? >> people want to know is it coming to united states, what are the symptoms, where did it come from and how do we keep ourselves safe. >> christopher ask what are symptoms of ebola. >> the early symptoms are very vague, almost flu-like, nausea, vomiting, headache, high fever i. mean 104, 105. it's in the early stages when someone needs to get medical attention because you don't want the kidneys to shut down. people die because they start to hemorrhage.
7:19 am
we know the two americans right now who are fighting for their lives got early aggressive treatment and that's probably why they are still alive. >> is the virus airborne? >> it is not airborne. you get it through direct contact with an infected person, usually through vomit, saliva, feces. it really is when someone is actively transmitting the virus. >> amanda asks why hasn't there been a virus created? >> there are vaccines in the pipeline. what always happens, these ebola outbreaks come, they burn out fast. the populations are small. i expect a vaccine for this virus will probably make it to market by the end of next year. >> thanks, dr. nancy. she'll be here all morning long taking your questions. back to you. >> coming up, he was the governor of virginia, now he's on trial, explosive testimony and allegations on him and his wife on the lavish life that landed them in a courtroom. and on "rosen reports" an
7:20 am
undercover investigation into an energy drink company raising concerns on college campuses. is it recruiting campuses with possible access to private jets and fancy cars? we'll meet a man who says he was duped and wants to warn other students. first this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ you're watching "today in the bay." good morning to you, it is 7:26 i'm kris sanchez. a woman missing on mt. hamilton has been found safe. 61-year-old kris that pucket and her husband were hiking when thaerp separated around 7:30 last night. 30 minutes ago the santa clara county sheriff's department reported she was found and unclear where she's been this time. suspended state senator leland ye goes back to court. last week prosecutors filed new charges against ye in a far reaching corruption scandal. in addition to the original bribery and gun running charges, he is being charged with a racketeering. ye and gangster raymond shrimp
7:27 am
boy chow are the central figures in the case. and a shocking trade for the a's. comcast sportsnet new england confirms outfielder epede krerks ess headed for the red sox. gomes plays for the a's two years ago. lesser is seen as one of the top pitchers in baseball, still a favorite hitting the road million meteorologist christina loren has a look at the forecast, good morning. >> good morning kris, good morning to you at home. major micro climate separation all do to on shore flow return together bay area. 72 degrees in san francisco. meanwhile, 99 degrees in sunol where we don't have any fog left at this the point. as we head throughout the day today. in the south bay, 90 degrees for us. 83 on the east shore. hot spot as per usual in the tri-valley. upper 90s for you today. 90 degrees in the north bay. but, temperatures are going drop off as we get into saturday and sunday. here's mike and the drive.
7:28 am
we're looking at the oakland area at the coliseum southbound side coming towards you with the headlights. we're looking for a burst of traffic. we're seeing an increase. reason why i looked a the maps. i told you about wood and glass. two lanes were blocked there at 23rd. all lanes have cleared and so has the debris. all the way through downtown and now the traffic moving in that all the way down towards the oakland area and the coliseum. the rest of the bay, approach towards the bay bridge moving smoothly. the rest of the bay nothing unpredictable, back to you. >> thank you very much. more local news coming up in a half hour. right now here's of the "today show." ♪
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♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ]
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[ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! the 31st day of 2014. pretty sunrise in ft. myers, florida. how about this music? that is "the man," alo black. tomorrow morning on our plaza he performs in our 8:30 half hour. you can tell everybody. >> i love this song. come on down if you're in the area. meantime let's take a look at headlines. crews have completely shut off the flow of water from that ruptured pipe that flooded part of ucla's campus. in all some 20 million gallons were lost. repairs should be completely finished by tomorrow night.
7:31 am
israel's military has announced plans to call up another 16,000 reservists as fighting rages on in the middle east. the troops will reportedly be used to relieve some of the 70,000 already taking part in what is a three-week-old offensive. wildfire raging at yosemite national park flared up again. it grew a half mile. then crews were able to knock back the flames. they're now about ten miles from the park's famed giant sequoias. a rossen report investigates an energy drink company recruiting students to promote their product with promises of fast cash, even cars. sigh some universities are warning students to be careful. a mystery tied to one of the most popular channels on youtube, a favorite of the toddler set. this thing has more internet hits than cy and "gangnam style," reportedly making millions for the woman behind
7:32 am
it. >> she just unwraps toys. >> over and over. >> we'll begin this half hour with the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. they are accused of doing favors to get cash and lavish gifts. now the government's star witness has taken the stand. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is at the courthouse in richmond. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. we're a few days into this trial and already some explosive allegations and an unusual defense. the mcdonnells say their marriage was on the rocks, they couldn't be conspireing if they weren't even talking to each other. just seven months ago the mcdonnell family occupied the governor's mansion just blocks from here. now they're accused of trading the prestige of that office for their personal gain. facing a crush of cameras and federal corruption charges, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell heads back to court, once heralded as a possible running mate for mitt romney and
7:33 am
his wife maureen accepted more than $165,000 in secret gifts, lavish trips in exchange for promoting dietary supplements. williams is the government's key witness and has been granted immunity. this was a business relationship williams insisted. the former first family's luxury travels, including a trip on williams' private jet to his virginia lake front home as well as use of his ferrari, dinner, golf and spa sessions. prosecutors san jose in a manhattan spree williams bought the former first lady nearly $11,000 in oscar dela wren they dresses, more than $5,000 at louis vuitton, and for the governor's christmas present, an engraved rolex watch. the mcdonnells have arrived separately to court all week. >> i have great faith in god and
7:34 am
the justice system. >> reporter: their attorneys say they are innocent, they couldn't be conspiring to abuse the office because they marriage had broken down. mrs. mcdonnell was angry for not having enough money, angry for mcdonnell for not spending enough time with her and hated him for not being believe. maureen mcdonnell's attorney says the former washington redskins cheerleader had a crush on johnny williams who she came to see as her favorite playmate. >> i think they realized that whatever was left of their dignity or however you want to describe it was going to be gone by the end of the trial anyway. >> reporter: mrs. mcdonnell's team insists she's not a public official and cannot be bribed. governor mcdonnell says promoting a virginia business is exactly what any governor would do. if convicted, the couple could face decades in prison. >> peter alexander at the courthouse. thank you. >> that's a hot mess. no question about it. let's get a check of the
7:35 am
weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by necks yum 24 hour for frequent heartburn, now available without a prescription. >> i just want clarification, is that a legal term? look what happened here. all of a sudden they take a shot of our floor manager kate -- >> that is not nice. >> now in the witness protection program. >> legal term. you should hear it in latin. >> bertha still hanging in, 856 miles east of the southern windward islands moving west, 60% chance of development. i have 100% chance of being killed by my stage manager. out west, look at all the heat. talking portland 90, seattle eight degrees above average. unfortunately we don't have great news for our friends in
7:36 am
yosemite. 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. some of those thunderstorms is what fired off this current wildfire. high temperatures in the low to mid 90s and gusty winds. again, not a lot of great news for the firefighters out there. that's what's going on good news for you if you're sick of the humidity. we are going to see that dry heat return today, but temperatures will creep up. 85 degrees for the peninsula. 72 in san francisco. # 0 until the south bay. about 95 degrees getting hot out in the north bay. looking good on the east shore for the upper 70s. high in the tri-valley very close to 100 degrees, but just one degree below 99 for you out there today. getting into the next couple days, peek tomorrow and take temperatures down saturday into sunday. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks very much. up next a "rosen reports" undercover investigation, the energy drink company racing concerns on college campuses,
7:37 am
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it's 7:41 on a thursday morning. we have a "rossen reports" investigation on a marketing campaign sweeping college campuses. an energy drink company targeting students with practices that are raising concerns. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen and his team went under cover to check it out. >> think back to being in college. someone walks up to you and says, you can be a millionaire fast, drive fast cars, even fly in private jets. all you have to do is sell an energy drink and get your friends to sell it, too. you may have been excited. this morning some universities are issuing warnings telling
7:42 am
students to be careful of a company doing just that, targeting naive college students. the recruitment videos are flashy. >> i would have never thought it was possible at 20 years old to be financially free. >> reporter: it's the opportunity of a lifetime called vemma, a health and wellness company banking on young dreams, sell its energy drink verve and you can be a millionaire. just ask the ceo. >> $5,000 a month, even $50,000 a month or more. >> reporter: the online videos feature heavy jets and fancy cars. college students are buying in and signing up. >> they promised you you could have a bmw or mercedes. they promised you the world and back. >> reporter: payton carlucci says after joining vemma he lost money and more. >> did you get the private jet? >> i did not. >> did you get the nice car? >> i did not.
7:43 am
>> did you get rich? >> no. i did the opposite, became broke. >> reporter: vemma operates around the world. in the united states the federal trade commission has already received 170 complaints against the company. >> there are classic signs that they could be a pyramid scheme, primarily their reliance on recruitment. >> reporter: to check out how they recruit, we went under cover, wearing hidden cameras, our young producer met with j.d. park, a top salesman. >> what are the opportunities available for me? >> reporter: sounds incredible. documents show less than 1% of vemma salespeople made that last year. then he explains how aspects of the business work.
7:44 am
>> you sign up three friends. you and i help them sign up their free three friends. they help those people sign up their friends. everyone gets their money back. >> reporter: what about those bmws or mercedes in the videos? >> we want to give you a car pretty early. the cars come into play maybe six months in. >> reporter: jeff rossen from nbc news. i caught up with j.d. outside about accusations that could be a pyramid scheme. the way you were describing it, you weren't telling her to go sell a drink, you were telling her to sign up friends and make money and they make money by signing up friends. >> it's not an illegal pyramid scene. >> is it shaped like a pyramid? >> yes. >> you're saying it's not an illegal pyramid scheme? >> reporter: when we shared j.d.'s sales pitch with vemma
7:45 am
corporate, the company suspended him, telling nbc news his statements were inaccurate and not representative of the company. vemma says it recently started to overhaul and improve its compliance program. vemma calls itself an affiliate marketing company that sells high quality products with a number of products that distinguish our model from that of a pyramid scheme. they say affiliates are not rewarded for recruitment and only for products sold, plus offer a 30-day money back guarantee. as for payton, vemma says his accusations are not true, but are sorry to hear he wasn't successful. >> if the executives of that company are watching right now, and i assume they are, what is your message to them? >> stop, stop enticing these college kids. >> the ftc won't say if they're launching a formal investigation into vemma but told us they're aware of the complaints. they continue to grow, a big
7:46 am
company, making $221 million in revenue last year alone. >> meanwhile, since these kids are in college, maybe also a good time to teach them a lesson, that if it sounds so good, maybe too good to be true. >> a good lesson. coming up, what are babies already doing and learning in the nine months before they enter the world. a fascinating look at life inside a mom's belly. >> up next, what you're saying and what the critics are saying about matt and al's big cameo in "sharknado 2." carson is standing by with all the reviews right after this. my family likes camping... ...i like dancing. so when we packed up our rav4,
7:47 am
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7:51 am
talent." >> carson, how are the reviews? >> you were all over television last night. >> competing against myself. >> very, very good. one word, "shark nair dough" almost broke the internet. twitter trending tropics, nine of them were about it. we have a green screen sneak preview of the guys yesterday. i was dieing to know what was it going to look like. let's take a look from "sharknado 2." >> i don't want to alarm anyone but there is concern that new york may be facing a shark storm similar -- >> sharknado. >> shark storm similar to the one that tore through the los angeles region last night. >> this is a twister with teeth. enough said. >> enough said indeed. >> the double sharknado should converge with the other what? >> we're talking about a storm of biblical proportions, matt. >> ah! >> we're still live? >> yes. >> thank you for watching the
7:52 am
"today" show. we now resume our regularly scheduled program. >> guys, when it comes to impersonating yourselves, you got rave reviews. i mean rave. let's go through a couple of them, pia tweets i want every movie ever to cut to matt and al every 12 minutes. how about this one from "people" magazine. if this movie has proven anything, it's that al roker is a national treasure. >> i should be buried. >> the sci-fi network this morning says "sharknado 3" is happening. "sharknado 2" had cam yoes. who you think should be in the third ones? >> there's kelly osbourne. >> had everybody in there last night. andy dick. >> they wouldn't give us a piece of the back end of the deal. >> we're not doing it. >> thanks, carson. it's been fun to hear the comments. coming up, trending, guilty
7:53 am
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7:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." good morning everyone, 7:56 i'm scott mcgrew. a woman missing on mt. hamilton has been found safe. 61-year-old kristina pucdet became separated around 7:30 last night. about 30 minutes ago, the santa clara county sheriff's department reported she's been found. it's unclear where she was or exactly what happened. and already a blooeger san jose area could do away with motorcycle cops. they could cut the traffic unit. part of that plan would be to move the 11 officers into patrol cars. the city should make a final decision soon. well let's check your weather this morning with christina. >> the shot behind you of san jose, scott, nice and clear. we are fogged in here, ocean beach getting enough of that low cloud cover at the coast to keep your temperatures down.
7:57 am
none to show you at this point in pleasanton. high, midlevel clouds and it's going to be hot today as a result. 85 for the peninsula. 90 in the south bay. 83 on the east shore. 99 degrees out in the tri-valley. 90 degrees for the north bay, tomorrow we're going to climb just a little bit more, but then into the weekend, saturday and sunday, taking those temperaturings down -- temperatures down, by monday, back to seasonal averages. it's good news because we'll in be in august and that's a hot month. here is mike and your drive. very slow drive right now past the coliseum. i'm only to explain what's going on. let's look at the maps. chp says all lanes have cleared. they opened all lanes on the roadway. then about 25 minutes later. they said okay now we're going to do a traffic break to clear the glass and that's what's going on. 9 # 0, distraction, big gem from the coliseum, that's the slowest spot for the bay. predictable slowing south 880
7:58 am
down towards the dumbarton bridge. >> watch out for flat tires too. local news update coming up in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, striking gold. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> a family hits the jackpot, finding a boat load of coins. and alison williams, the daughter of our very own brian williams is cast in a starring role. what the proud father has to say. and the secret life of babies before they're even born. >> i didn't think before they're actually born they could. >> a nas naturing look at what babies are already doing those nine months before they come
8:01 am
into the world, today, july 31st, 2014. ♪ >> we flew all night from south carolina. >> we're from pittsburgh, p.a. >> we're for the "today" show! whoo! >> hey, al, come and look at my bucket list. >> whoo! good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today" on a thursday morning. don't you just love that sign. >> i love it. it's throwback thursday. >> yeah, throwing it back to 2009. yes. i love that song. >> great song, great song. >> you got to get this away from matt. in case a shark comes in here.
8:02 am
you guys are in good form. talking about your throwback song. let's talk about current music. right here tomorrow on the plaza aloe blacc will be here. he's the man and he's putting on a great concert in the 8:30 half hour. if you're in the area come on down. by the way, next week, we're planning something special that some of us can relate to. hoda is turning 50. we're going to look at what ma milestone looks like. according to a new survey, 70% of all people 50 or above say they feel younger than their age. >> what about nagging health concerns and other issues that come with ageing like dating and intimacy? can they actually get better at 50 and beyond? we'll talk about that and more. plus, on monday, hoda is going to check something off her bucket list. what? >> that's a good tease. we want to get in on the conversation on "today" and
8:03 am as the last of the baby boomers hit the five-o, this is 50. speaking to hoda, i'm sure she's delighted that it's a birthday event but he's already automatic celebrating. jenna bush hager is going to fill in today and then tomorrow, reunited and it feels so good and kathie lee is joined by regis. you don't want to miss that. >> did you just do a peaches & herb reference? that's pretty good. let's get the top stories of the morning. tamron, take it away. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news from ukraine. for the first time international investigators have been able to reach the site from malaysia airlines flight 17 crashed two weeks ago. pro-russian rebels have kept the team from the netherlands and those searching the site for many remains have yet to be
8:04 am
recovered. >> the impact of the ebola outbreak in west africa is spreading this morning. sierra leone declared a state of emergency today. because of the outbreak which has killed more than 670 people. the peace corps announced it's pulling out of west africa after two americans from two other aid groups became infected. and in charlotte, north carolina, officials say a patient hoarse infection at a hospital tuesday night most likely had malaria. israel is pushing deeper into gaza on its mission used by tunnels to attack israel. this morning, it's killed more than 1300 palestinians in gaza and 50 israelis, most of them soldiers have lost their lives. and asking ron bermer if it's fuelling an increase in anti-semitism around the world. >> the birth of the state of
8:05 am
israel did not end the hatred against the jews it just gave the jews the ability to defend themselves against the state of israel. >> israel is calling up another 16,000 of its members of its military reserves. >> the ntsb is investigating the crash of a small plane in a busy parking lot. hallie jackson is in los angeles. good morning. >> good morning, tamron. you know, officials say it's a miracle more people weren't killed when this plane came down in a parking lot between a target and a costco in san diego. look at this wreckage. you can see it. think about the time of day this happened right at the peak of rush hour wednesday evening. witnesses say the problems with the fixed-wing single enjen plane began at takeoff. it slammed and burst into flames. the 52-year-old pilot did survive, although she has severe
8:06 am
injuries, her passenger was killed. rescuers tried to run to the plane with fire extinguishes. several folks who tried to help do have burns this morning as both the ntsb and faa investigation. shrepublrepublicans are pus ahead with their demands from lois lerner. s on wednesday the house committee from learner an conservatives at one point calling them crazies. he said the e-mails show learner deliberately targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny by irs. baseball fans would have had a beer, but jordy mercer into the stands, bam, right into her beer. there it is. the $8 beverage was destroyed. and she didn't even end up with the ball.
8:07 am
so no beer, no ball, come on. let's go to al for a check of the weather. >> thanks so much, tamron. you're 50 today. >> yes, sir. >> anti-ageing cream every morning. >> happy birthday, i guess. you've got some cool nails. with the "today" show on it. let's check the weather. our pick city today, north of virginia, we're looking at showers by the weekend. all in all, not too bad. as we check out what else is going on today. strong tomorrows making their way, oklahoma city, we're looking at wet weather and fog this morning. then those showers and thunderstorms move off. but we are looking at slight risk of storms through northern new england, ontario, new york state. and another nice day in pacific northwest. again, the firefighters are taking a real beating as far as the heat is concerned. showers in the southwest as well. what's your name, young man? >> ethan.
8:08 am
>> where are you from? >> iowa. >> what part of iowa? >> blue grass. >> all right. your dad and it's a family affair out there. good morning, al. good morning to you at home. 8:08, san francisco socked in with fog. i want to show you the peninsula, where we have plenty of low clouds, but also above that sky of low clouds, you can see beautiful blue coming in. and at this point, we're burning off quickly, just about everywhere, except for the immediate coast. and you can see that here in santa cruz and san francisco, showing you that foggy sky. same for tiburon. as we head throughout the day today, your temperatures are going to be hot. 90 degrees for the south bay, 85 on the peninsula. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next on "trending," a new push by one of the world's richest men to get us a three-day work week. >> that's pretty good. plus, what has these
8:09 am
toddlers, those toddlers so transfixed. the youtube channel with a simple premise and it's winning over kids by the billions and the mysterious woman behind the phenomenon. and we're going to get up close and personal with wild animals. please, no snakes! >> oh, no! >> in studio 1a. but first these messages. taco bell brought back some old friends... so good to be back. check out our new breakfast burrito. wow. mmm, mmm, mmm. this is legit. it's grilled... it's even pretty. we just say 'it's good' down in louisiana. [laughter] would you get a burrito from a burger place? ♪ you don't go to a sushi bar and order spaghetti. good point, ronald. stick with the people who know burritos. taco bell's new grilled breakfast burritos, bacon, sausage or potato for $1.29 each. [bong!]
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whi, how's it going?. whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
♪ ♪ all right. it is 8:13. three toddlers watching this apparently addictive individual -- oh they actually call it crack for toddlers, kind of inappropriate. a little bit. we'll see if it works with our toddlers in the studio. >> how is your morning going, carson? >> good. nothing to see here. i knocked over a cup of tamron's hot water all over my
8:14 am
co-workers. >> time for what's dripping today. >> okay. what are you drinking? hot water. >> and lemon. >> my phone has never smelled better. >> let's start trending. i think this is a concept we would all be in support of at least initially, a three-day weekend. championed by carlos slim of mexico. research shows productivity tends to go down when working too many hours. here is the catch of the three-day workweek. work days would be 11 hours long. this also assumes that you will work until your mid 70s. there will also be fewer paid hours in a week. if you're relying on an income from a 40-hour workweek, it could make life more difficult. that being said, would you go for it? a three-day workweek? >> i do think americans in general tend to not take enough time off. >> the minute you go to europe and you come back you're like,
8:15 am
what are we doing over here? >> the numbers support that we don't. >> this would not apply to a school week. my kids aren't off the hook on this, sflit. >> why? because you don't want to be at home. >> completely unfair that you only get two days off and have to go to school five days. >> do you stagger the three days or group it? >> group it. >> tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> you have a weekday to take care of business, so -- >> tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> that's good. >> how about this? it's not often that an actress getting the part of peter pan is worthy of a spot on nbc news with brian williams. it is now. take a look. >> today nbc announced allison williams plays the role of peter pan. the actor and singer is currently on the cast of "girls." family members confirm she's been rehearsing for this role since the age of 3 and they look
8:16 am
forward to seeing her fly. >> of course, the reason he mentioned is because he is the proud father of allison williams and why wouldn't he be proud. as you just saw the end of the spot, a picture there posted on allison's instagram page with the caption "thrilled to be playing peter pan live on nbc in december. i've been rehearsing for a really, really long time." she's a lovely young lady and he is a very proud pappa. by the way, christopher walken is cast as captain hook. do you hear that music right there? ♪ >> don't stop believing has made spotify's list of the guiltiest music listeners. i don't know why journey would be on that. number one on that list was mamba by lou vega. my guilty pleasure song that i
8:17 am
selected, only you guys, "barbie girl" by aqua. right here. this is my jam. the minute somebody walks in the room, i deny, deny, deny. let's go down. al? >> hampton the hamster dance song. my kids were playing this thing all the time. ♪ >> you listen to that? >> lela loves this song. little hamsters damages around. >> you should be guilty. >> matt? >> sneak preview a second ago, 10 ccs. ♪ >> that's a good song. >> i never figured you're so sensitive. >> i sit in the car and weep. >> you should watch "the notebook." >> minus she's tastic.
8:18 am
i love "endless love." >> why do you feel guilty for that? >> i thought it was cheesy. i love it. >> what about you? >> i feel guilty because mine is the frat boy song of the year. little john, it implies a lot of shots. "turn down for what." >> nothing to feel guilty about there. >> don't we have a really embarrassing guilty pleasure song. >> play the song and we'll tell you whose guilty pleasure this is "you make me feel like dancing." >> executive producer plays this every single day when he's alone. >> he dedicates it to kate middleton. loves the duchess.
8:19 am
>> he's telling me in my ear, that's what's trending today. wrap it up. up next, the smart phone app mosquitos as we all know a common summer nuisance. a lot of products claim to help keep them away. what if there was an app for that? now there is. nbc's kerry sanders is in lehigh acres, florida, to give it a
8:20 am
try. >> reporter: good morning. i'm at the lee county mosquito control. inside this box there are 5,000 enemies and they're hungry. but because you've challenged me, matt, i'm going to go ahead and stick my hand in here. in a moment we're going to see if i were to actually activate this app, would it keep the skeeters away from me? >> that better work, kerry. >> reporter: south florida's everglades, home to billions of mosquitos. no matter where you live, just one can drive you crazy. but what if there were an app for that? >> i don't know. it sounds kind of far fetched. >> reporter: well, there is an app, the anti mosquito sonic repeller. >> do you feel mosquitos, buddy? no. maybe it's working. >> reporter: scientists say there's a theory that's worked before, emitting a high-end frequency that developers of the app say the mosquitoes find
8:21 am
distasteful. >> putting out a frequency that's supposed to imitate the male wing beat frequency and deter females because it's the female that bites. >> reporter: we asked tyrone to download the app. he listened to the frequency and so do i. >> you can't hear it unless you put it up against you're. >> reporter: opinion among the swatting public is mixed. one says, impressed, after 20 minutes not one mosquito. another found this app will have no effect whatsoever on any species of mosquito. the company that makes the app, pico brothers, says on its website, it's not 100% cover, but it will ease the pain of mosquitos biting you. >> more skeptical. >> can i tell you? a mosquito is right here. it's not working. >> reporter: ouch. this does hurt. i'm going to activate the app -- >> oh!
8:22 am
>> reporter: i'm waiting for this app to work and i'm waiting. you guys make me give blood on these stories literally. i'm just going to say i don't think it works. >> are any of them leaving? >> reporter: nothing is working. >> take your hand out, kerry. >> reporter: it's not working. >> we've established that. take your hand out. >> kerry, is that a free app? >> yes, it is. the $2.99 one is probably the one that works. >> you are in for a long weekend, my friend. >> it's like mosquito-nado down there. >> reporter: just an average day in florida. >> kerry, next week we have a shark repellant app we want you to try. >> reporter: i hope it's more successful. >> have a good weekend, my friend.
8:23 am
>> crazy. >> that was an experiment that went wrong. >> we may have another sign in the offing, the latest internet craze, a youtube channel, we'll see if the toddlers buy it. here is the story with nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: if you always thought the biggest youtube stars are celebrities or maybe that water skiing squirrel, meet disney collector b.r. >> she is absolutely enormous. there's no way to overstate the size of her audience. >> a mystery woman's voice and an anonymous pair of manicured hands showing off children's toys. that's it. somehow causing a frenzy on social media. toddlers, not known for long
8:24 am
attention spans can't get enough. disney collectors' most popular video has over 91 million views. during the week of july 4th, disney collector was the most watched youtube channel in the country. business insider ranked it the third most profitable, pulling in around $5 million a year. some estimates put earnings at more than double that. who is she? outside of youtube, she's not talking. some say her husband has a similar channel. >> welcome to local action. >> god bless them. they're doing it anonymously, that kind of money stuffed under their mattress and nobody knows, that's fantastic. >> reporter: david williams isn't just an industry expert. >> my kids got into it probably around 2 1/2 years old. it's absolutely mind blowing. it's kind of the magic of
8:25 am
digital media. >> reporter: we put it to the test with a little focus group of our own. all three toddlers mesmerized. >> it was shocking to me. i was bored after about ten seconds and they sat there for however long the video is. >> reporter: perhaps it's because every video is a little like christmas morning. >> now let's see what we have in the box. >> reporter: maybe it's the mystery of the woman behind the voice. then again, maybe you're just wondering why didn't i think of that. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> by the way, we did manage to reach the woman behind disney collector, she declined our interview request and wants to remain anonymous. we have three toddlers here, stella, jeb and jayden. do you see what's on tv? what is that?
8:26 am
good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. the city of san jose is trying to do something about a burned out restaurant along a busy street. the city now considers this flames restaurant in hillsdale a blight, according to the "mercury news." the charred-out remains are behind a chained link fence, but some of it's covered in graffiti and there's trash all around as well. the city is now telling the property owners to do something or face fines. back in january, a kitchen fire caused more than $1 million in damage to that diner. and now let's take a look at your traffic situation. hopefully it's not a disaster. >> you know, not a disaster, but it was very, very slow, kris. you know, there was no damage reported by this, but glass
8:27 am
reported all over lanes at 23rd, downtown oakland. now, look at the volume of traffic here past the coliseum. both sides are very filled with traffic now, much different than a half hour ago. traffic recovering after they had finally cleared the glass debris. southbound 880 jammed before you get to 7th. also, southbound 980 or westbound coming off of 580. that is jammed as well. all lanes have cleared, northbound recovering faster than the southbound side. now, slow across the dumbarton bridge, but the san mateo bridge is moving nicely and so is the northbound commute with the south bay. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. ♪ we've got ooh nice crowd of people gathered out on our plaza, just a little reminder for you, if these people stick around 24 hours from right now they'll be treated to a great outdoor concert from aloe blacc. the man will be here himself tomorrow morning. should be a great show, come on down and get a good place to
8:31 am
stand. >> another reason to tune in tomorrow, one of hollywood's biggest stars -- you're so lucky. you're sitting down with julia roberts for an exclusive interview. i love her. >> this afternoon, it's been a long time since she stopped by. we'll sit down and talk to her about life and career and all those things. we love julia roberts. we can't wait to talk to her. >> coming up this half hour, the secret life of babies. what they're really doing in the womb before they make their way into the world. i feel like we're spying, what's going on in there? >> exactly. >> what are you doing in there? >> doing my taxes. i don't know how you feel about wild animals. we have interesting ones paying a visit. that's a rat. we have a rat and a python. >> not together, i hope. >> we used to have two rats. >> so matt and al, you guys can handle that. >> absolutely. >> meantime, you guys were busy last night. >> up late. >> that's right. we stopped by "america's got
8:32 am
talent" at radio city music hall to announce the "today" show winner. cornwell bangra. >> they seemed happy. >> we performed in a talent show at radio city music hall. scratch that off the bucket list. >> let's find out what carson is up to. >> it smells good out here. great seafood recipes on the grill as we fire up live. we have the stream going, we'll be making a shrimp sandwich, a surf and turf burg ger. andrew gruel, you might know him from the food network show "food truck face-off." we've got the marinade with the pork. it's a classic cubano sandwich but slightly elevated with the
8:33 am
shrimp. >> exactly. nice mustard on there we'll lays out and make fresh. it's a big old sandwich. >> you have a great story. you started on the food truck. it was so successful it enabled you to go to restaurants. >> we went from food truck to international restaurant group. it's been a fun ride literally. >> we'll hear about that story. go to and ask questions. we'll answer them. back to you. >> looking good and smelling good out here. >> love a good cubano sandwich. >> how about a good forecast. >> i'd love one of those today. oh, mamma. our weekend outlook starting with tomorrow, we are looking at a lot of wet weather, gulf coast, mid atlantic states. southwest wet as well. northern tier of states looking good, temperatures in the 80s and 90s in the pacific northwest. saturday more wet weather along the eastern seaboard, ohio river valley, southwest as well.
8:34 am
pacific northwest looking good. california lots of sunshine. sunday, sunday! more rain along the eastern seaboard. showers throughout the inner mountain region into the southwest. beautiful weather along the west coast. heat continues with the sunshine in the pacific northwest. temperatures into the mid 80s good morning to you. it's going to be a hot one, but you'll be happy to know the humid has dropped substantially, and it's going to keep dropping as we head through the next few days. 90 degrees, though, for the south bay. 84 on the peninsula, 72, san francisco. hot in the north bay, 95 degrees. pretty comfortable out on the east shore for today, overcast for now, becoming sunny this afternoon at 78 degrees. and we're looking good, 99 out in the tri-valley. as we head throughout tomorrow, we're actually going to get a little bit hotter, but we'll bring your temperatures right back down. we'll be in the 80s by sunday here in the south bay. hope you have a great day. got all our friends down here getting some love. want to show them off a little bit. now let's head back inside to
8:35 am
savannah. >> all right, al. thank you so much. now to a story i am definitely interested in. what are babe reese doing and actually learning in those nine months before meeting mom and dad, when they're in hotel uterus. more and more studies are giving us a peek at their secret lives. even the tiniest babies know how to cry, sleep and they sure can eat. have you ever wondered how they spend their time while hanging out in mom's belly? >> i would sing to my daughter "you are my sunshine" is our song. >> sometimes i read and i'll put headphones on my tummy just to have him hear some music. >> i read books to them all the time. >> every day there's more and more evidence that these moms are on to something. new results from a university of florida study suggests little ones might recognize nursery rhymes even before they're born. >> i read the same nursery rhyme to her over and over. >> in utero the baby's heart
8:36 am
rate slowed when the rhyme was read by mom and continue to lower even when a different voice took over story time a few weeks later. >> i didn't think before a baby was even born, they could actually show signs of learning. >> that's exactly what some researchers say is happening, and it might only be the tip of the iceberg. >> everything that a newborn baby does, a fetus has pretty much done already. >> dr. bill pfeiffer, a leading expert has gathered some of the most cutting edge research about life in the womb. it's much busier in there than you might expect. a baby's first milestone, touching, maybe even sucking his or her own thumb around the four-month mark. >> they're exquisitely able to sense information overall parts of their body, although some are more sensitive than others, like around the mouth, around the feet, around the hands. >> experts say movements like kicking can be a reaction to mom eating or changing positions or they might occur just because the baby feels like moving around a bit.
8:37 am
certain motions in the womb may also be a response to mom's emotions. one recent study shows a baby is more likely to use his or her left hand to touch the face if mom is stressed. ears are fully formed about halfway through pregnancy early enough that children may know mom's voice by the time they're born. dr. christine moon studies voice recognition by giving an hours-old newborn a pacifier to suck on. if the baby hears a recording of his mother's choice, he or she will suck faster. >> pre natly it's got this extra boost by the fact that it's coming in through the whole body movement. >> around the 20th week of pregnancy, sensory systems for taste and sound develop, allowing the baby to enjoy mom's cravings and maybe leading to future favorite foods. for example, researchers found that mothers who consistently ate carrots during the end of
8:38 am
pregnancy had babies who enjoyed the taste more than babies whose mothers hadn't shared the same diet. next, a similar study about green vegetables like broccoli. the last sense to mature is sight. that mostly happens after birth. but some new evidence suggests babies are able to differentiate between light and dark in utero. should eager parents provide bright lights or soothing sounds to encourage their future baby einstein? dr. pfeiffer says no. >> nature provides pretty much all the source of stimulation that that baby is going to need. >> stimulation that makes for a busy baby life even before you meet them. >> ah! >> little baby boy or bibby girl here probably has a real hankering for junk food and sweets based on your diet. >> mine it would be like, at 20 weeks your baby likes indian food with beef jerky. >> a great baby that knows how to read a prompter.
8:39 am
>> a little sugar addict. my husband, one of the first things he said to the baby was "you will be an eagles fan." good luck with that. our fresh cook live chef shows us how to take seafood to a new level on the grill. the urban jungle comes to studio 1a. we'll meet animals that could be sharing space in your neighborhood. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
whether you live in the big city or suburbtion, there are fascinating creatures all around. what you may not realize is there is a hidden world where animals have us figured out. boone smith is the star of "wild series." what you went to look at is interactions between animals and humans in urban, suburban and
8:42 am
rural settings. >> the whole urban jungle concept with nat geo "wild," where we interact. that's what we found. this animals exist in amazing forms and fashions, sometimes right underneath our noses. >> for example, this burmese python. tell me about this guy. >> these guys are incredible because they don't taunt us. that's not what they're about. in the cities and places we created all these different habitats for different animals, like rats. these guys end upcoming into the cities to hunt and then they end up in our houses, bathrooms, sinks and toilet. they're not there for us. they're there to hunt on an animal that we've created a perfect habitat for. >> if he decided to have some fun, you'd be in trouble. >> he's trying to find a spot to be. shy of ten feet long. he's a pretty big guy.
8:43 am
>> he hasn't spotted this guy in the age here? >> no. we're keeping him pointed the other way. >> how much does he weigh? >> surprisingly a lot. well over 50 pounds. >> we've got a rat in here. this is the kind of rat that a lot of people just cringe at seeing. they're in cities, suburban areas, rural areas. how have they adapted to humans? >> these guys are probably the most invasive species on the planet. famous in new york in the sewers and things like that. despite the fact that we often don't want them here, we've created the perfect environment for them in the sewers. we provide a regular daily food source of the garbage that's there. people estimate there might be as many as one rat per person in new york city. >> eight or nine million rats. >> exactly. they make up a huge pray base. >> different than the ones you see on the streets.
8:44 am
this is -- >> this is a friendly guy. they can get big and are prolific breeders. obviously millions and millions. >> we've got this next. the turkey vulture. >> where would you find them? >> typically we think of the guys in the western scene where they're circling the desert, something that's dead out here. they're found all over the place. they're really, really common. they've evolved to live in a lot of different habitats. we create road systems. we want to go a to b. that's what we're all about. we create the highways and put them through wild places. we have road kill. all of a sudden we have a dinner table. these guys live off dead things. they have an incredible sense of smell. along the roadways we've learned to figure out if they will stay along these places, dinner is always coming up. >> let's end with this kangaroo. we think about them roaming the australian out back.
8:45 am
more and more making their way into the suburbs and cities. >> these guys were unique. when we trapped them in urban jungle, we ended up on the golf courses. here is a constant source of food, the green grass. there's water hazards which we all play in. everything they need is right there. these kangaroos have figured out through drought seasons and times like that, they come in, they basically take up residents on the golf courses and literally hundreds of them will live there on the golf courses. so we've created the perfect environment for kangaroos, not intentionally. but that's the result of it. so really it's the adaptn't of the animals that's just incredible. >> very, very interesting. boone smith, thank you. you can catch the three-hour premier of "urban jungle" sunday night on nat geo wild. coming up, checking in with carson and today's fresh cooks live. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
don't forget fresh cooks live streaming right now on we'll check in with them in a moment. as we take you to the waters auft the coast of florida, a family of treasure hunters hit another jackpot, more gold. this time an unexpected piece of history. nbc's gabe gutierrez joined them on their hunt. >> reporter: as the sun rises off the florida coast, the schmitt family is on the move. this is their 17th year in the diving salvage business. >> pretty unusual to be a modern day treasure hunter. most people don't think that's exactly normal. >> it is. i guess some of us were born with a little pirate in our blood. >> reporter: last year one haul alone netted 64 feet of gold chains and several gold coins. the extremely rare discovery worth more than $300,000. now they're at it again, scouring the ocean floor with a metal detector and digging up
8:49 am
history. >> the conditions are amazing. i'm looking for a pile of gold. it's been a successful few weeks. you can hear their excitement after another amazing find. more gold chains, four gold rings and what turned out to be a rare religious artifact that perfectly matches another historic treasure first discovered decades ago. the new a lot believed to be more than $100,000. >> it's not just the gold. it's the whole history of the whole thing. >> reporter: the bounty had been preserved for three sentries since a fleet of spanish-ships was ripped apart by a hurricane just off this coast. more than 1,000 people died. but the sunken treasure remained. >> i do it for the accomplishment of finding what other people haven't found. >> reporter: they're required to share their findings with the company that owns the salvage rights to this part of the ocean
8:50 am
and the state of florida museum. but this is about more than just money they say. >> it feels wonderful to be able to do it with the family. >> we've always felt as though it was the journey, not the destination. and when i add up the days of my life that i'm happiest, other than your wedding and your kids being born, i'd say the rest of them are all out here on the water. >> reporter: for all of us the search for happiness comes in many forms. as for the schmitt family, they've struck gold. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, ft. pierce, florida. >> they were excited. >> that was florida. speaking of florida, just a few minutes ago kerry sanders stuck his hand into that box filled with mosquitos. they all landed on him. kerry, have you been counting how many bites you actually got? >> reporter: i have been trying to figure it out. i think it's about 300. you can see the marks there. yes, it hurts.
8:51 am
>> i can imagine. we think maybe you used the app incorrectly, that maybe you should have turned the app on before you stuck your hand in that box. >> regrets? >> it's supposed to get them away. i think we should -- i will say this. in florida's history there were so many mosquitos that often the cows would fall down from being swarmed by mosquitos. i think i understand that. >> kerry, who is the cow in this scenario? >> kerry sanders taking one for the team. >> taking a lot for the team. up next, carson and fresh cooks live. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
every mercedes-benz is made with the highest level of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz.
8:53 am
cooks live" summer sizzle series. our guest, seafood guru andrew gould. he's been on food truck face-off. 780,000 youtube views. we're wrapping up our shrimp cubano that we did on the web. it's got the pickle, the pork, also shrimp. good to have you, andrew. good to have you. burger surf and turf? >> yes. if you want to grab some meat, we'll pack the patties. >> first things first, andrew got married this weekend. congratulations.
8:54 am
>> thank you, thank you. >> really great. >> this is our honeymoon. >> originally from jersey, the restaurant is in california. >> yes, i'm a jersey boy. >> you have your meat, 80/20. >> yes. we'll put divots in the center here so when it cooks, instead of having the big bubble, it will be an even top. >> andrew had a food truck, guys. the food truck was such a hit after a couple weeks, it enabled him to open up the brick and mortar restaurant in california. several locations in the middle east. he's rocking right now. >> andrew, that sauls is unbelievable. >> sauce is boss. we'll throw a little crab in here. this will be our surf and turf. this is our surf mixture. a touch of cheese. we'll throw this right onto the grill. we've got some onions already grilled up. we'll kind of warm this up. don't mind if they're a little charred. that sweetness is nice with the sweetness of the crab. >> take the crab and put it right on top of the burger. this came from helping kids
8:55 am
introduce more seafood. >> we wanted kids to eat more seafood, so we did it under the guise of the burger. >> how is it? >> we need tips on how to bite into it. >> we have about a minute left. we've got burgers already here. we'll start off -- we'll get really saucy on these. if you want to throw down lettuce, tomato, i'll pull the crab off the burgers and we'll start grilling. >> easy way to elevate your simple summer grilling burger by adding a little seafood to it here. >> there you go. throw some cucumber, make a platform. i mixed up the crab on i don't know sauce mixture. that goes on top. we can throw the burgers right on here. we go hands-in, all right? >> what's in the sauce? >> this is a lemon herb sauce, sour cream and mayo. really just pack it on there.
8:56 am
that sweetness goes really nicely with the richness of the burg burger. >> ever do the cheese? >> we mix the cheese with the crap burger. big, bold, decadent burgers. >> an grew ghoul everybody. keep the live stream coming. send us your finished photos. we've got asian good morning, everyone, 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. 49ers linebacker alden smith will meet face to face with the nfl commissioner next week in new york. we're still waiting to learn if smith will be suspended for several run-ins with the law over the past few years, putting it mildly. let's check our weather, our mild weather, with christina. good morning.
8:57 am
>> good morning, mild is a great word for san francisco. 72 degrees. 82 on the east shore and 90 out in the south bay, where they might be throwing the "h" word around, hot. they definitely will be out in the tri-valley. 99 for you today. for tomorrow, we'll boost those temperatures by a few degrees, but take them right back down just in time for the all-important weekend. in fact, by sunday, expecting the upper 80s here in the south bay. hope off great day.
8:58 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," thursday morning, the last day of july, july 31st, 2014. can you believe that? >> the last of july? >> only 31 in july. >> we wanted 32. >> it goes so fast. >> summer is almost over. >> i know. thank you, kill joy. >> you have a month -- >> think about it. you're going to be shopping for new school stuff for the kids -- >> they're already out. the ads are already out now. >> for some kids, they start
9:01 am
that last week of august. >> that's right. thanks, pal. >> i'm thinking of groundhog's day. >> i'm surprised you're here today. the calls you have been fielding from hollywood agents after your performance last night. >> begging me to never, ever get on camera again. >> this is billed as a cameo by al roker. that was a starring role by al roker and matt lauer. talking about "sharknado 2," the second one. al and matt stole the film. that's what critics are saying this morning. >> tia tweeted she wants every movie ever to cut to matt lauer and al roker every 20 minutes. flawless. >> how about "people" magazine, if this movie has proven anything, it's that al roker is a national treasure. >> i should be buried. >> actors and actresses spend their whole careers hoping to be mentioned by "people" magazine.
9:02 am
>> did you see the movie? >> don't downplay it. >> it's fun, firmly tongue in cheap. it is meant to be this cheese-fest. >> you think you have to explain that? >> kraft mac and cheese should have sponsored it. >> there were big actors in it. you stole it, you owned it. >> i had a good coach, mr. lawyer. >> right before we went on, what's our motivation here? what's our motivation? to completely trash whatever credibility we might have. >> i think you were thinking denzel washington, the greats. >> tamron, the only cameo i may have liked better was bismarck -- >> vinnie the pizza guy. >> how random. >> robert hayes as the airplane pilot. >> are you ready for 3?
9:03 am
did they give you a followup role? >> they've already green lit the third. i don't know where it's taking place. >> it doesn't matter where it takes place. you must be in it. you guys are stars. >> whether new york, l.a. or anywhere in between. >> you are everything. you are the movie. you are "sharknado." >> you were awesome. >> we've seen many great sitcoms and they get rid of the main character and the show goes caput. they must put you back in. >> the review from one lela roker was "oh, come on." >> i was at home and i was fast forwarding. she's like, dad, you're just watching your part. i said, yes, and? that's the best part. >> we loved it. >> nicely done. can't wait to see the numbers, too. it felt like everybody was watching. let's turn to real serious news around the world here. we start with the ebola
9:04 am
outbreak, growing fear. this is spreading across west africa. american aid workers nancy wrightbol and dr. kent bratly are in a life and death struggle in liberia. peace corps removed volunteers from the region for fear of contamination. on the home front, cdc is telling health care workers to be vigilant. last night an ebola scare closed a charlotte, north carolina, emergency room for seven hours. a man told nurses he had recently traveled to africa. the staff removed him from other patients, cordoned him often in a section of the er. thank god it turned out to be a false alarm. when you get that kind of alarm in the united states, big concern is air travel. travellers arriving from africa are asked how they are feeling. taking a closer look at them. what about flans to go to europe, they say london or paris, a lot of those are big transit points for people coming in from africa. >> i have to admit, i was one of
9:05 am
those people in the beginning, i read the book "hot zone," one of the most terrifying books i read. when this latest scare happened, i thought, really? are we putting it in perspective, fear versus knowledge. then you see the hospital on alert, aid workers told not to go into certain regions. i don't like using the word fear, but it certainly brings the awareness to reality considering how much we travel this time of the year. i'm not saying run out and be terrified. but dr. nancy snyderman and others are doing a great job in providing balanced information to i guess address our legitimate questions, if i'm saying that right. what's going on here. >> how brave are these doctors to go in and treat the patients. there's a huge risk of you catching it yourself. incredible what they're doing. we'll keep a close eye on that one. >> here is an interesting survey about people truth-telling. for example --
9:06 am
>> your truthiness. >> when you are in with your doctor, how truthful are you? >> i tell my doctor everything because i want to be cured if something is wrong. >> i'm truthful that day. when they ask the past history, have you ever? >> what does that mean? >> have you ever done this, have you ever done that? >> what are you not wanting to tell? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> ever had five drinks in a night? >> yes, stuff like that, drinking. >> now that willie has brought this up -- >> sorry. let's refocus. >> 38% of us lie to our doctors. >> i don't understand that. >> what's the point of that? >> you're there to get better. if you don't tell your doctor what's going on. >> i guess you don't want to be judged. you're there to be judged by definition. >> you're giving blood. they'll know everything. moving off of doctors. top two lies we tell, how much money we spend and sexual experiences. >> why are you looking at me?
9:07 am
>> you just started to laugh. >> your doctor asks about that? >> no. >> no. different question. >> if he does, you should alert authorities. >> you should call 911 on my doctor. >> so, tell me -- more results. we're most likely to lie to our parents, a spouse or significant other while we are least likely to lie to a sibling. >> okay. i'm sure sister or brother. we're in this together. you're usually co-conspirators. >> the top lies you tell your spouse, your eating habits, your physical health, alcohol use -- like they're not going to know -- and exercise habits. >> those are all things that a significant other or spouse would probably stay on you about. what did you eat for lunch? you really did have a big mac. no, i didn't. >> you lazy, fat, drunken slob.
9:08 am
top lies to siblings, you lie about income and salary. >> i don't think they're lying to -- you probably don't want it to be their business. >> what sibling says, hey, man, how much money do you make? does that happen? >> not to me. >> they want a number? >> in case they need a loan. >> the top lies we tell to our best friends are sexual experiences, income, salary and political opinions. >> that's what you lie to your best friend about? that's your best friend! that's just an associate. >> the doctor lies was exercise and health habits. >> that sounds about right. >> your doctor says how often are you working out? >> i'm eating nothing but salads. >> and the results come back and they say, no, you're not doing that and the blood doesn't lie. did you see this picture, unimaginable situation, a couple on i-95 in massachusetts. look at that, in their windshield.
9:09 am
that's an ax. crazy. there was a landscaping truck in front of them. look how close that is to her. the landscaping truck in front of them, this ax obviously flies into their windshield. the driver of the other truck was cited failure to secure cargo. i think it should be something other than that, fined $200. there you are driveing, lying about how much you exercise to your spouse. what is that? >> this is christina, her greatest fear. she was driving ten years ago. ladder flies out of the truck. she got out of the way. now if we're behind any vehicle with something on the roof, she makes me get in the other lane. >> i get that. understand it. >> those poles and you think, if this just comes out -- >> a splitting headache. >> boom. >> this is amazing. some people are calling it a catch. i don't think so. this is yesterday's pirates-giants game. a woman sitting in the
9:10 am
bleachers. >> that's not a catch. >> that's not a catch. >> right through the cup. >> she sees it coming. >> i think she lost it in the sun. it's a home run ball. maybe she thinks the kid is ing to catch it. how about a little effort, kid. stick the glove out. she loses her $8.00 beer. >> i didn't know beer was $8.00 at the game. oh, my god. >> so you got a very strange promotional gift promoting depends undergarments. >> you know how we get these things in the mail. >> we didn't get anything like this. >> what are you pulling from behind your depends. >> imagine my surprise, no previous relationship with depend undergarments other than they're a fine company. this shows up on my desk. >> who is that? >> that's a bobblehead of me, if you can widen a little bit, wearing the depend undergarment. >> what does it say on the front? >> it says drop your wants for
9:11 am
underwearness. people think of depend and think of grandma and grandpa. they want you to know there's 60 million people that suffer from it. >> look how tight the glutes are. >> is that a real mockup, did you send a sketch of yourself. >> let me just say they were very generous to me. >> this reminds me of, the potato goes in front. >> i love those. >> they've got you in your little white sneakers and gray socks. >> that's how i parade around the house. >> can you strike the pose? >> i'm going to leave my pants on. >> no, don't do that. >> but first this. >> i can't wait. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by yoplait greek 1006789 america has volted and four out of five people prefer the taste of yoplait 100
9:12 am
strawberry over chobani 100 strawberry. see if you agree. [ laughter ]. >> depends, send al one, a bobblehead. >> anyway, we are looking at pretty heavy thunderstorms making their way through western new york heading toward new england and, in fact, we are looking at racing of strong storms later this morning into the afternoon from albany all the way through interior sections of new england. then as we head out west, we've got more heavy weather and we've seen a lot of flooding over the last couple of days from texas during the day, moves in through arkansas, on into parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, into the southeast. rainfall amounts we are looking at areas, picking up anywhere from one to two inches, but locally could be as much as three inches from the southwest into 9:12. good morning to you. taking a live look here at
9:13 am
sunol, lots of sunshine coming in. meanwhile, i want to show you the sights over at&t park, where they had that sleepover overnight, you can see they're wrapping things up out here. and we do have an overcast sky in san francisco. getting into this afternoon, those clouds are going to keep you at about 72 degrees in the city, comfortable conditions there. a little hot today in the south bay, 90. that humidity, though, has dropped off. 84 for the peninsula and 89 in the north bay today. >> in the commercial break willie did this very pose. i give you an a plus. >> i did no such thing. a word i never thought i'd see on tv. menopause, middle aged men looking for a boost of testosterone, the grewing tren it's the yoplait greek taste-off and we are asking the music city which 100-calorie strawberry greek yogurt tastes best.
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9:17 am
are you man snuff? that's a question men are apparently asking themselves more and more. >> $2.4 billion question as middle aged guys are shelling out big bucks for testosterone therapy or low t drives to increase energy and sex drive. the treatment is not right for everybody. >> siobhan o'connor is the health director at "time" magazine which tackles the men -opause. good morning. >> 7.5 million prescriptions written. why are men turning to it? >> we have to realize since time in memorial we've been trying to turn back the clock or stop the clock. now we think we have the medical means to do it. there's an industry only so happy to provide a drug that can promise that. >> doc, what do the drugs do? >> that's a good question.
9:18 am
trying to understand whether it increases mood, improves mood, libido, muscle mass. this is the drive that people have. unfortunately a lot of these people have other issues as well like obesity, not exercising. how do you balance all those things? that's the challenge. >> that's the question. how do i know it's right for me. we know testosterone decreases 1% every year after the age of 30. how do you know if you're a candidate? >> the symptoms we talked about. then you have to take a blood test. part of the problem is a lot of different types of blood tests, so we don't know what the best blood test is. the second problem is unlike thyroid, another commonly used hormone. we know it's what's too low, we know what's too high and we know what's right. with testosterone we kind of know what's low, but we don't know what too high is and we don't know the sweet spot. >> siobhan, what's driving this? the boomer guys, a little peter pan syndrome, don't want to grow old? >> to be kind -- >> don't be kind. >> the industry has exploded. marketing has exploded 3,000%
9:19 am
since 2009 marketing of these drugs. you're watching a sports program at night, a golf tournament, there will be ads promising incredible things. the problem is we're not -- the research proving the safety hasn't kept pace with the promotion of the drugs. >> dr. kaplan, what are fwax benefits? if i start taking the drugs, what will be different about me in a couple weeks versus today. >> maybe more than a couple weeks. men have a sense of feeling better. the libido will improve, if they exercise. that's so important. this works better when they exercise, they'll get more muscle mass and also dietary things will change, their mood will change. it's the combination of that overall, i do feel somewhat better if it's in the right person. >> are there downsides to this? >> that's part of the problem. talk of cardiovascular risk, good data, bat dated that. the consent is we don't know.
9:20 am
that's the issue we need to convey to our patients. >> siobhan, where is the fda on this? >> the fda announced they would convene ag tea party, getting together experts to look at the safety of t drugs because right now it's approved for one thing only which is hypo gonadism, a rare disease withdraw mat tick symptoms, it's not just feeling a little sluggish. they'll meet in september and we'll stay tuned. >> siobhan o'connor, dr. stephen kaplan, thanks so much. >> later, the best movie, music books and more to jump start >> later, the best movie, music books and more to jump start your weekend nineteen years ago, we thought, >> later, the best movie, music books and more to jump start your weekend "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress.
9:21 am
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9:22 am
invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions,
9:23 am
medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. taking a look at the headlines. house republicans are pressing ahead with a lawsuit against president obama. on wednesday lawmakers voted along party lines to move forward with a lawsuit accusing him of exceeding his authority in implementing the health care law. a white house official says instead of doing their job, they're suing the president for doing his. a surgical cutting tool used in hysterectomies is being pulled from the market. johnson & johnson is telling
9:24 am
hospitals to return the devices known as power morse letters. the company stopped selling them in april after the fda warned doctors that the tool might actually spread cancerous cells within the body. hyundai is recalling more than 800,000 cars, the recall affects 2011 to 2014 sonata mid size sedans, the automatic transmission shift cable can separate from the shift lever. if the car is put in park, it may still be in gear and could actually roll. the amount of money americans borrow to send kids to college was down for the first time in two years, 22% of the cost, down 5% from the previous two years. one-fifth of american families were able to pay the entire cost out of their own pocket. a surprise presidential farewell for derek jeter as the yankee captain played his final game in texas. former president george w. bush was in attendance.
9:25 am
jeter told him not to bounce it or the crowd would boo. jeter said not many people could say they had the president c ok buddy, aim it at us. there you go. so it's kfc night. [cheering] last week we hosted. yes, this week the kids invited us to their place. sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. but look at all this food we've got. yeah we got this delicious kfc meal and they threw in 2 extra sides for free. for free! and i love what you've done with the drapes. are those your bedsheets? [laughing] ♪ tthe pleasure you crave bjust got real.leasure? light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. irresistible flavors, like toasted coconut vanilla, with a thick creamy texture. never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying.
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light & fit greek. taste satisfaction without sacrifice. ♪ dannon good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. a woman missing on mt. hamilton has been found safe. 61-year-old christina puckett and her husband were hiking yesterday when they somehow became separated around 7:30 last night. it is unclear where she's been this time, but she is safe. an already beleaguered san jose police department could soon do away with motorcycle police officers. nbc bay area has learned that the department is considering a plan to cut the motorcycle traffic unit. part of that plan would be to move those 11 officers into patrol cars. the city should make a final decision soon. and this morning, san jose police are looking at surveillance video, hoping to catch a glimpse of a man who broke into a home and tied up a
9:27 am
teenager. police say the armed man broke into the sliding glass door of a home on angu creek court just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon in the almaden valley neighborhood. once inside, the intruder came face-to-face with a 17-year-old boy who was home at the time. police say the man used zip ties to tie up the teen and then demand cash. the teen told the man where to find some valuables and then the robber took off. we have a look at your weather and traffic forecast right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. now look at your temperatures. you're at 67 degrees in concord. meanwhile, 57 degrees in half moon bay. ie, that microclimate spread is on. and temperatures are going to be about 30 degrees cooler today at the coast than what we're expecting inland. take a look at this, the point arena lighthouse, beautiful, foggy start there, showing at&t park, still overcast, still cleaning up after that slumber party out there, and temperatures for today, in san
9:29 am
francisco, 72 degrees. really nice. 90, meanwhile, here in the south bay and 83 on the peninsula. here's mike and your drive. >> cleaning up after this slumber party, difficult. southbound 880 through fremont, a little slow. typical there, but better news. let's look at the system. the hayward station has reopened again, 20 to possibly 30-minute delays. there are trains again stopping at the hayward station, where someone reported that it sounded like on the tracks, no trains were coming through. they are back in service for the hayward station and a fremont line. major delays for that system. and slowing through fremont. slow across the dumbarton bridge. 84 a little heavier today. >> thank you so much, mike. more local news coming up for you in a half hour. right now, here's more of the "today" show.
9:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today," it's thursday morning, july 31st, 2014. that's right, august is tomorrow. i'm willie along with al and tamron. natalie has the day off. this next story really has tamron worked off. a terminal at the international airport offering exercise equipment for passengers who want a little light workout. in late june the airport became the first in the u.s. to provide the service free of charge, 30 exercise bikes you'll find there. also four ellipticals and a pop-up gym that moves between the airport terminals. after the summer they'll decide whether to make it permanent.
9:31 am
tamron hall, your thoughts? >> where do i start? where is the shower? >> okay. >> i'm sitting there in the middle seat, what did you do while we were delayed? i hit the gym. oh, i know. >> and you were at cinnabon. >> a little crumbs on my face. you come over smelling like the gym. >> but perhaps you don't have to do a full all-out workout. >> let's do nothing. >> you do a little light pedalling so you're moving. >> walk. >> you can get funky walking, too. >> i then went to the conversation of -- not judging, so don't tweet me, because i will delete it. >> too late. >> i will delete it and block
9:32 am
you. people who work out on vacation, they pack all their workout clothes. i'm walking with my margarita and i look up and you're in the gym. >> what you're saying is it makes you feel bad about yourself? >> no. i feel bad they're missing out. come on out and play. >> they're going to go out and play. here is my theory. i like to work out while i'm on vacation so it allows me to indulge a little bit. >> but you worked out for the vacation. those five days won't set you back. >> oh, yeah? you're looking at a brother that can put ten pounds on in five days if he works at it. >> i bow down. once somebody goes brother on you -- >> you can't do any damage in five days? you're not trying. >> my theory is tone muffin top -- don't say i don't have it. >> which muffin top are you telling me about? >> you don't want to see me in those jeans lately. relax, sometimes we just do too
9:33 am
much. >> i love when we both get -- ♪ turn down the what >> your weekend ahead here, friday, wet weather along the mid atlantic into the gulf coast. west coast looking pretty good. then as we show you what's happening on saturday, expect to see more wet weather in the southwest. the northeast -- i should say the northwest still going to be pretty warm, lots of sunshine, but again that doesn't help the firefighter situation. saturday wet wther along the eastern seaboard. and then as we finish off the weekend, sunday, sunday, again up and down i-95. more rain. showers in the great lakes from texas into the plains. sunny and toasty. out west all along the coast it is going to be another warm one with 9:33. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren, taking a live look at
9:34 am
bodega bay. still nice and cloudy here. meanwhile, we are clearing out rapidly over the santa clara valley. it's going to be a hot day out with temperatures in the low 90s. 83 degrees. becoming sunny later on today, comfortable conditions for the peninsula. 76 degrees with a cool breeze out there, comfortable in the tri-valley for the first part of the day. then you'll hit 99. you want to make indoor plans for the second half of the day. getting into your friday and saturday, temperatures stick with the 90s. >> thanks a lot. it is thursday, so it's fair to assume you're already thinking about the weekend and what you're going to do. >> we want to give you a jump start with the best music, movies, books and apps. here with fun idea "entertainment weekly" correspondent nina terrero. >> still time to get summer reads under the book. first book "big little lies," great reviews. >> it's a favorite of ours at ew. we gave it an a review in our
9:35 am
magazine. an international bestseller, she doesn't disappoint. it's a murder mystery, set in the suburb of very pausch australia, centers on a group of moms at an upscale kindergarten. while there were elements of the classic who done it. there's the intrigue, the drama, the flashy shoes, tamron. you'd like that. very amazing. very fast paced, gossipy. >> nina sounds like stefan from s&l. >> i read it last week. i've got to get up soon. so put it in your beach bag. >> a graphic novel. >> brian leo mali behind the scott pilgrim series. a graphic novel that follow as 20-something named katie. like a lot of millennials she's trying to figure out the direction of her life. in the process realizing she made mistakes. with the help of magic mushrooms she's able to go back in time.
9:36 am
like most good things, too good to be true, she learns a lesson. you've got to read the book. >> how about apps? for those of us who like to r t rant. >> whether it's a bad date or bad pizza. rantable came out this week. it's free. what's fun is you can sort through rants posted on twitter. i can't even read some of these. >> for people to blow off some steam. >> you can rate other people's rants on a five-star scale. >> rate the rant. >> when you think your day is bad, check out rantable. someone is having it worse. >> what about shin dig. >> i love this one. you have to be over 17 to download it. if you're over 21, nothing say it is weekend like a cool cocktail or a craft beer. this will help you make the most of your cocktail experience. what you can do is explore different hash tags like tequila cocktail. look how cute that is, right?
9:37 am
you can see what other people are drinking. >> recipes on how to make it? >> no. what it does is it can help clue you in to the cool new hot spots in the neighborhood. >> tamron is so disappoint sgld this is better. who wants to be home in the kitchen? >> movies, big movie if you've got pg-13 "guardians of the galaxy." >> this is a fun one. the latest marvel movie features chris pratt, vin diesel, bradley cooper as a gang of unrulies who invade the universe. >> another favorite of ours "get on up." >> we know he's good at playing historical cameras. >> james brown, you'll want to get the music. you find a fun playlist. >> i did. just for you guys. go to spotify and search james
9:38 am
brown and the famous flames, four hours of music. it's thursday, it will feel like saturday night. >> you got us partying all week. >> for free. >> oh, my gosh, i'm going on a rantable about that. up next, do you know what today is? the best day to ask for a raise. we'll tell you why as we dance you [ kevin ] this is connolly, cameron, zach, and clementine. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around, and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye.
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9:42 am
>> announcer: today at work is brought to you by university of phoenix. let's get to work. >> it's one of the conversations you dread but have to have from time to time with your boss, asking for a raise. >> there is a wrong way and right way to do it. timing is everything. >> here with smart strategies, linkedin career expert nicole williams. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> you're afraid to ask for it. you know you've got to. we kind of alluded to this. timing has to be the important part. >> timing is everything.
9:43 am
>> time of day, day of the week. is this person just coming off vacation, had a little rendezvous with their partner, husband or wife, how are they feeling in life, has a lot to play into how successful you're going to be. >> of course. >> you say you have to go when the bass bos is in the good mood. how do you feel that out? >> there's things we can do. the smart person is going to engage it with their assistant, hey, what's going on. we know times of the week, times of the year, things -- after a good meal. but you've really got to gauge that. >> what are the times of the week, times of the year? >> thinking times of the year, in the fall, planning for the next year, they're really waiting to cut back. wait until january. 16% of all the raises in the last four years given in january. time of the week, people recommend tuesday and thursday. here is why, monday you're planning out the week, tuesday you're trying to stay on task. wednesday, hump day!
9:44 am
thursday, now i'm feeling good, and friday is coming, so we're happier on thursday. >> i like that strategy. >> thursday in january. >> you have to practice though. >> you do. so many people, it's not only the words you're saying, but these non-verbal tells that indicate you're nervous or intimidated or not confident. i love when people actually videotape themselves practicing the ask so you can see what you're doing with your hands, words you tend to over use, pick your nails. these are non-verbal things that indicate you're not confident walking into the conversation. >> worth checking out. >> you're going into a negotiation, you should do some research, find out what your value is worth, what other companies value what you do. >> absolutely. i'm, of course, a big pro noent of linkedin, you'll go on and see what people in a comparable position are doing, what skills are they espousing to have? what kind of content are they putting out there? what are they sharing with their
9:45 am
community? can learn a lot by virtue of looking at other professionals who are in a position you're trying to be. >> is it okay to say i work very hard, here is what i think i bring to the company, here is why i think i deserve a raise. that direct? >> you don't want to be that direct. you want to remind them of their worth. good to schedule a performance time where you don't have to reach to remind them, this is what i just did, i helped you with a big favor, what about a favor for me. >> so today is thursday. >> we know what you guys are doing. >> thank you so much. coming up next, your kids flew the coop, what are you going to do with those sem so we have the graph ready in keeping... you know that feeling when you've realized most of what you've learned has little to do with your actual job. oh jerry, last quarter's numbers... can you figure out the discrepancies? umm. and your response is?
9:46 am
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9:49 am
>> announcer: today's home is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. . >> well, if you arere getting ready to pack up your kids for college, you pay be thinking, hmm, what are we going to do with that empty room? what will we turn it into? kind of like the family in the ikia commercial. >> wow, this kitchen is beautiful.
9:50 am
>> it's great. >> let me show you, forced countertop itself, sink, under cabinet lighting. look at the spice rack. >> where's my room? >> right there where it's always been. we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in. >> well, chip and joanne fa gains are parents of four and have a fixer upper where they transform an old property into a deem house. it's great to see you. welcome. let's start, tamron and i were talking, you go away to college, you come home, it's gone. is it an idea to pack everything up, make decisions before your son or daughter leaves? >> i think one of the things is getting behind the seasons our clients are in. the first thing is storage. decluttering the rooms the best thing to do is sit with your children and sort through the stuff, organize it well, using great storage, open containers so you can see in them.
9:51 am
label them well. if you want to preserve and protect some things, clear containers, label. >> that's work, too, when you put it in storage, you don't know. >> what's in there, mom? >> one thing we've noticed is really incorporate the kids in the process. this is an emotional time for everybody, kids going on to school, parents empty nesters. incorporate them so they can be a part of the decision. >> we will go to the big screen, look at the transformations you have done. you have the bug. it hopes to turn it into a master suite. >> you have already got this space in the house. so why not use this space in a new, functional way for your family? >> obviously the kids aren't making it into a him radioing peak eight guestbed bedroom, other options like expanding the master suite. that's a huge expansion to the property. >> this is the bedroom. it's expanded basically, you know, it was a smaller master
9:52 am
suite. they wanted to make it a bicker master suite. people finish out the attic spaces. they spent money all these years on their children and will create attic spaces. >> i hope you talked about old kid rooms into a work space, what about a hobby? >> one of the things, families take an entire bedroom, add into that master bathroom suite, the other half an office in the house. it's a no-brainer, what's funny, my folks. i felt like that kid on the i kea commercial, as soon as i got out, they were moving into a different direction. >> we have some creative ideas as well moving down on the wall here. what do you got? a lot of pictures, which you end up having a ton of. >> condense them, new purpose, new season if life, max miedzing the space, letting kids know, this is home, it's still
9:53 am
reflective with you. fresh up the paint. few don't want to blow out the walls, a new duvet, few curtains, something like this, ten or 15 other favorite things, you can put it on the wall. >> it's not like you vanished. you still are there. these are great. >> if you want to do a memory wall. you have more space, change up the space, again, it's a new season, make it work for what you got. these shelves come at any home improvement store, you tack them up on the wall. >> they're precut. all you need to have is a drill. put some memorabilia. at least the space isn't completely a reminder of the kid is in the house. >> very cool. thanks so much. can you catch fixer upper thursdays on hdtv. we are back in a moment. in is "today" on
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. suspended state senator leland ye is back in court this morning. last week, prosecutors filed new charges against ye in a far-reaching corruption scandal.
9:57 am
in addition to the original bribery, money laundering, and gun-running charges, ye is also charged with racketeering. ye and this man, chinatown gangster, raymond "shrimp boy" chow are central figures in the case. and a shocking trade for the a's. outfielder is headed to the red sox. in exchange, the a's will get pitcher john lester and petaluma native, jonny gomes. he played for the a's two years ago. lester seen as one of the top pitchers in baseball. let's check your weather with christina. >> hey, thank you. 72 degrees in san francisco for today. that fog will be burning off. as we head throughout the second half of the day, it is going to be hot. major microclimate separation, though, out in the tri-valley. 99 degrees for sunol, and of course, that's because we're not getting any low clouds out there. 85 degrees for the peninsula. 90 on the north bay today. 72 degrees, san francisco, and yeah, hitting the low 90s here in the south bay for one more day. tomorrow, we'll boost your numbers up just a touch, and
9:58 am
then we'll take them right back down for the weekend. sunday in the south bay, 88 degrees. here's mike and your drive. >> all right, christina. we're looking at fremont, 880 southbound through this area past the truck scales, we're starting to see traffic move a little bit better. this is one of your last spots where traffic compresses coming from the south bay don the east pay. looking at the map and we see that slower drive as you're getting in towards the area, this is not the right section of map. i'll tell you what's going on as we look at the south bay, the speed censors are turned off, i apologize, but the traffic flow is moving nicely past the san jose airport. a little slowing down through oakland, 880 southbound, as we recovered after an earlier big jamup with some glass debris. we finally see a better flow of traffic. and better news for the b.a.r.t. system as well, as we come back to the fremont area. the b.a.r.t. system has recovered through fremont into hayward, those trains are still going a little slow, though. >> mike, that button you told me never to touch? sorry about that. we'll have another local news update in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> let the games begin, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. last day of july already. we'll celebrate because jenna bush hager is in for hoda today. you know which one i want to show up here today? the one that has us in fits in the makeup room. is she here today? >> she'll be here. the pg-13 version. >> darn. >> mama is watching.
10:01 am
she doesn't want rated r. >> i know your mom and dad are watching. the stuff we learned about you today. it's safe. it's not going anywhere. >> we hope it's safe. >> everybody knows that we have just welcomed you since the day you walked through these doors and you have become -- you're family to us. we want to come down and be family to you. when are we going to the ranch? >> what? >> family is a two-way thing. you married henry. you sometimes go and visit henry's family. >> you did invite me to your beautiful home. >> you came. >> you invited me to your beautiful home. >> you have yet to invite me to your huge, beautiful, childhood home. >> well, do you do crawford, texas, well? >> i would probably for a night. >> i was going to say i can't really imagine with the tumbleweed and cacti. >> you have no idea what i have done with a cacti or two.
10:02 am
>> that's why i'm scared to invite you to the ranch. >> it makes me happy to know that your mom and dad are happy to see you on nbc where we you can about "sharknado" instead of iraq. did you see it? >> i watched 30 seconds of it. >> why? >> how much did you watch? >> none. >> people were talking about it on tweeter. i was watching the yankees/rangers game. i got to watch the baseball america's pastime. >> are rangers having great year? >> not great but they beat the yankees. >> that doesn't make you popular in new york. >> it doesn't. derek jeter was there and whatever. he makes you popular in new york. i watched a couple minutes. it is crazy. >> it's crazy because it's so ridiculous. movie was packed with over 20 cameos including -- remember robert hayes, the pilot on the
10:03 am
"airplane" movies. billy ray cyrus and our own matt and al were in it. hilarious. here they are. we've seen it about a thousand times. >> we thank you for watching the "today" show. we now resume our regularly scheduled program. >> the thing that's so ridiculous as they were as good of actors as anyone in the film. >> that's saying nothing. how he kept his tongue firmly implanted in that cheek of his, i don't know. it will be interesting to see how it did in the ratings. >> i bet it did great. we're going to be snarknado here. >> my daughter is turning 21 this saturday. your daughter is what -- >> 15 months. >> it goes like this.
10:04 am
i was out to dinner with my daughter and her best friend since they were in kindergarten and her mom. mother/daughter dinner we thought would be there for an hour and a half. it was four hours. when people say just wait -- the best is always yet to come with your kids. >> every day i hear something a 3-year-old thinks and i can't wait until she's 3 but i'm trying to live in the moment. at 15 months she's a total nut. >> you were a twin and you were telling us stories -- you remind me of hoda. when i'm around you, the spirit of hoda is here because you leave everything everywhere. your purse is a disaster. >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> you forget things. you're just like hoda which we love. you say you're the polar opposite of barbara, your twin. not your grandmother. >> i'm more like her. i have that wild mouth that you have. >> thank you. >> so any way, my sister is different than i am.
10:05 am
we're best friends. >> is she patty perfect? >> she's patty perfect but doesn't think that about herself. >> one thing you said was okay to share about the one thing your parents once said to you. >> i said thank goodness my parents didn't compare us because had they? i would have come out on the bottom. let's just be honest. my sister is a genius. never said anything. never said anything. jenna is funny. jenny is very funny. jenna is weird. she can ride her bike. whatever talents i could possibly do, which i appreciate it. while she's shoving te i solvin problems. when they thought i was old enough to take it, we were applying to college, stanford has a twin policy. in one applies the other one automatically gets in. >> i didn't know that. >> they did back 15 years ago when they apply to college. they both get in or they both
10:06 am
don't. >> she deserved to get in? >> she's brilliant. not that i didn't deserve. i said, yes, a twin policy. i'm going to stanford. i'm going to ride on barbara's coattails all the way to palo alto. my parents looked at me and said, no, do not ruin barbara's chances. mom, do you remember that, lady? because i do. >> there's some issues in the bush family. >> there are no issues. >> there are issues still at the "bachelorette." we've been following it. most everybody but me. so tell us what the latest is. >> i watched this because -- i'll admit it. my husband was out of town. i had three remote controls all to myself. >> that's a little bit of heaven. >> heaven. the baby was asleep. i did miss henry but i could watch whatever i wanted without him making fun of me. i didn't mind nick. i'm the only person in america.
10:07 am
he came out and said something that was very below the belt. >> he revealed that they had slept together. that was bad form. you never kiss and tell. and you never boink and tell. >> he sat down with "access hollywood" and made a comment. >> to the other bush guy. >> if you weren't in love with me, i'm not sure why you made love with me. >> any regrets saying that? >> i was as surprised as anyone that it came out of my mouth i suppose. if i had anticipated it, maybe i could have been more delicate or wish i was. that was something that was weighing on my mind. >> a lot of people think that maybe what you said on the live show there kind of broke the code. >> it was something that meant a lot to me. unfortunately it was my only opportunity to express that to
10:08 am
her. i wish i would have had an opportunity in private. we were in an extraordinary situation. >> there is no privacy on "the bachelorette" what do you mean i wish i could have taken you aside after 20,000 hours of being in front of the cameras. >> he did try to meet her in mexico or something like that. >> would you have any faith in a guy who would go on and show all his stuff on that type of show? >> i would not be the "bachelorette" type. i just like to meet people the old fashioned way in bars, you know what i'm saying? or i did when i met my husband. i just met him in a bar. >> was it the kind that had the bull? the bull bar? >> why are you stereotyping me because i'm from texas? again, no ranch for you, lady. right after that. >> when hoda and i went down to
10:09 am
san antonio, we rode the bulls, the mechanical ones. we did. do you know there's a new beauty trend you're going to want to jump on. most baby mothers want to do this. does your butt need a facial? it's called a bacial. >> i just closed my eyes when you said that. >> only joanne knows about things like that. >> have you had butne before? >> is that like acne? i don't think so. according to amanda and joanne who know all things in that world out there, celebrities are taking self-portraits of their butts. >> which is disgusting. they're the ones that introduce this. they showed us. >> and so women are going in and spending tons and tons of money
10:10 am
on butt facials and butt massages and they started laughing at us. tammy did, our executive producer. who would ever do that. >> who gets bottom massages? excuse me. have you had syatica? i gave jenna a little -- >> that looks like a mom jump that you're massaging. i need to get to the gym asap. look at your face. >> i ham it up a little bit. you hit that spot. >> when we get -- if we get a massage, we don't mind a butt massage. >> not by a man. have you had a man massage you? >> yes. i like deep massage. >> you don't mind? >> no. >> strip down and --
10:11 am
>> i don't mind a massage from a man. i'm mature enough to know it doesn't mean anything to get these muscles to work. >> how do you know what it means to him? >> believe me, when i just looked at my mom butt, i'm sure he's not that into it. >> if you ever had a butt massage -- whatever. any of those treatments. >> it's gross. can we talk about something more pleasant. >> we're on sirius radio. >> some of you driving to work having danish listening to us talk about butt facials. >> i wish it was something deeper. they won't allow it around here. guess who is here with me tomorrow? regis philbin is coming back to co-host with me tomorrow. hoda is taking a couple days off which she never does. >> i sat down in the wrong seat because we've never done this before. >> you were at my house for a podcast and we had a ball. she's with her mom, her sister and her two best friends in the whole world some place quiet for
10:12 am
pre-birthday bash. if you have any questions for regis tomorrow, please post them today on our facebook page. he may answer your question on the air. we don't have time to do our i-hoda. >> we need to do i-hoda. >> this is my choice since hoda is missing. here we go. this is my choice. >> you're taking over. >> here's my song in honor of tomorrow. ♪ >> that's the wrong one. i think that's billie holiday singing. it was supposed took regis singing "pennies from heaven. he loves that song. >> hoda wouldn't approve. let's put it that way. >> is it okay to show skin at the airport. probably hoda did on her way
10:13 am
down. here's what we had to say about it. >> i think there's a time and a place for everything and i just don't think airports are sexy. >> here's my answer. no, it's not okay. do you know how freezing cold it is in airports? more clothes not less. more clothes not less. more clothes not less. >> yeah. okay. so hoda will be back with me on monday. these people could have stayed in bed all morning but instead they made their way here and they got what they were looking for. >> we'll check out the results of our ambush makeover and some of the most famous women in the world. of the most famous women in the world. >> and zac at sargento, our cheese is going thin in a big way. with our ultra thin slices, you can now enjoy the same natural sargento cheese you love, at just 45 calories a slice. the same cheddar, swiss
10:14 am
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10:15 am
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10:16 am
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10:17 am
dressing michelle obama to oprah winfrey. >> and now he's back in the judge's seat scooping out hot new talent for the third season of the hit reality show "project runway." he's going to help you learn something that he does best. >> something brand new. >> which i cannot do. >> i'm so happy to meet you. i feel like i know you, but we never met before. welcome. it's your third season on "project runway." heidi was doing something weird with jimmy fallon last night. some sort of german thing. >> singing? >> do you remember when halle berry rolled with him on the ground -- >> heidi does surprising things. we sing all day on set. >> how is it with heidi? is it so much fun? >> she's a hidden music theater geek. we sing everything. sometimes "chorus line" when designers are standing up there.
10:18 am
>> you know you have -- >> god i hope i get it. >> what are we going to learn today? >> we're going to sew? >> let's talk about tonight. tonight is the second episode of season 13 and tonight is one of my favorite things. alternative material challenges. they have to come up with stuff -- >> like trash? >> like things that are inspired and made in the movies. film. popcorn maybe. >> all your life did you want to be a designer? >> i started sketching little dresses and sweaters when i was three or four. wanted to be an actor and singer and jazz and tap kid. i became a tenor. no more good roles. >> never say never. teach us how to sew. >> you know how to sew. >> i sewed when i was in junior high school. >> we'll do this quick. i hope you like the fabric.
10:19 am
you have the old pattern. >> i like it. >> floral. >> plum. so is there nobody here to safeguard my hand in case of an accident. >> take it slow. the first thing is there's no rush in sewing. >> you want to be meticulous lining things up. >> once you put it up, i'm going to make a handkerchief thing. >> shall i turn it inside out so when we turn it inside in it's perfect. >> stop, polly perfect, over there. do you just push the dial and go? >> hold on. first you push that down. >> there we go. >> all right. make something beautiful. >> okay. let's go. >> this is right -- i go crazy with this stuff. >> we can drape something on you. you can be my muse today. >> i love it. >> what do you do when -- >> you just take your time. this is what designers do on the
10:20 am
show. >> i can't turn unless i find out where that thing is. >> i won. i won. >> what did you make? we'll have you on "runway." >> i made a circle. >> i'm going to turn it inside out and make it a pillow. >> you put it on the mannequin and then you come here. >> you're known for draping, right? >> i drape. >> how do you drape without making someone look like a blob. >> it's about seduction of the fab rig on the body. you would go there. so you would take that up there. you would take the fabric here. >> so far you have something that will look good on halle berry. >> you fill that in. >> do you pin as you go along? >> i pin. get some pins. >> quickly. >> we don't have much time.
10:21 am
>> what do you do to cover the other bazoo. >> you match it. >> is that weird? >> excuse me. you're supposed to be supportive. >> one more right here. >> they came in for an ambush makeover. >> right after these message. i should never go down like that. stand up straight. >> look at this amazing you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiqtm technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq start at just $999.98. know better sleep with sleep number.
10:22 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
not want to take your kids to this weekend. not want to take your kids to this weekend. >> real moms a looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294. [ bells ring on sign ] [ vehicle beeping ] who's ready for the garlic festival? this guy! bringing our competitors' rates to you -- now, that's progressive. [ male announcer ] crisp garden vegetables. now, we've added even more of them to philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. me? i've got a few. that's why i use excellence hair color by l'oreal. the exclusive non-drip creme gives me triple protection for color perfection. rich, gorgeous color. and those grays? they'll be our little secret.
10:26 am
excellence creme by l'oreal. good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. a woman who went missing on mt. hamilton has been found safe. 61-year-old christina puckett and her husband were hiking yesterday. they somehow became separated at
10:27 am
7:30 last night. it was unclear where she had been the whole time, but she was discovered this morning. an already beleaguered san jose police department could do away with motorcycle cops. nbc bay area has learned the department is considering cutting -- planning a cut to its motorcycle traffic unit. part of the plan would be to move those 11 officers into patrol cars. the city should make a final decision soon. we'll check weather and traffic after the praek.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. now we're going to cut off that humidity substantially for today, but we're going to boost up your temperatures, so you might not notice the difference. 90 in the south bay. 85 on the peninsula, and 72 degrees in san francisco. another gorgeous day here, but it will be hot out in the north bay. 95 degrees. east shore is looking good, 78 degrees, and the warm spot, of course, the tri-valley at 99 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow is going to be actually even warmer and then we'll start to level off as we get into your weekend, but peaking tomorrow in 100-degree-plus weather out in the tri-valley. take those numbers down a touch for the weekend and tell you what's going on all around the bay area today at 11:00. first, let's check your drive with mike. >> we have a good backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, or a bad backup depending on the way you're looking at it. the fast track lanes have traffic filled in until about the end of the parking lot. a little sparser than it was about 20 minutes ago. look at the maps and we're talking about a slower drive still going through berkeley. 580 has cleared and slow has 880
10:30 am
recovery into san francisco. the rest of your bay looking pretty good. the castro valley showing slowing and there's the golden gate bridge. >> all right, mike, thank you. more news coming up on the big show at 11:00. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. ready to reveal the results of our ambush makeovers for two lucky ladies. >> they got here at the crack of dawn for a chance to get swept off the plaza into our hair and makeup chairs. >> no one could make them look as fabulous as these two. you know them. you love them. let's sing about them. ♪ >> you are cutting off all of the social media. >> that's crazy. >> what are you giving up? >> worrying.
10:31 am
>> that's good. okay. >> so our first candidate is jennifer cox. she's a texas girl from frisco, texas. >> we'll forgive her that. >> that makes her the best. she's always helping others. she's a physical therapist. she has two adorable little kids. >> i wonder if she does butt massages. >> she probably does. we need to talk to her later on. she needs help especially with the hair. it's dry. >> look how pretty her face is. >> i think her hair looks really good. let's see what happened. >> let's hear her story. >> we ambushed your wife, kevin. what do you think about this? >> thank goodness. i think she looks great just the way she is but she wants to do this so i'm excited for her. >> got to love it. what do you guys think? >> i'm excited to be on tv. >> okay. i understand, sir. >> i'm happy. >> we love this. all right. ready to be pampered for three hours? >> i'm ready. i can't believe it. i'm so excited.
10:32 am
>> we've got her husband here who is in a texas ranger hat. he's a man of my own heart. we've got her sons who just spoke the truth they just want to be on tv but they'll get to see their mom looking really beautiful. okay. >> let's see the old picture first. >> you have to tell me how to do this. >> then come on out. >> oh my gosh. okay. do you want to look at your hot mom? >> wow! >> you look amazing. >> do you want to see? >> sure. >> my gosh. i feel so grown up. >> you're beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> look into this camera. >> you look amazing. >> you were beautiful to begin with. >> this is a perfect example how
10:33 am
color and cut work together. first of all, the hair color is darker. accents her skin tone. it's incredible. her color and skin were a little close together. you neededed to hit it up with makeup. and then igor gave her a great haircut. >> and my gosh, the dress is amazing. i love that dress. >> she has a gorgeous figure. just a little bit of sparkle. >> beautiful. >> what do the men in her family think? >> i didn't think it could get any better but wow. >> we hope you're taking her out. you guys need to dress up and take mom out. >> enjoy your family, honey. so beautiful. >> our second lady is tara green from west point, new york. she's a military wife but an army veteran herself. a mom of fourth about to start
10:34 am
her first job since leaving the army 15 years ago. last night her sister told her it was time for a new look. we all need a sister that tells us the truth. a plaza ambush makeover was just what she needed. let's listen to her story. >> you made this fabulous sign. i know you want this. why is this so important to you? >> i got out of the army 15 years ago and this is my first job since and i need a new professional look. i've never worked in the workforce. i need help. >> we can do whatever we want? >> yes. >> her family is laughing in the background. we'll take good care of you. >> i trust you. >> you got good reason to. she's here with her four children, her mother, her sister and her brother-in-law. let's take one last look at tara before. and bring out the new and gorgeous tara green. keep them on, you guys. >> wow! >> all right, family.
10:35 am
you can take them off. >> what do you think? do you like? >> yes. >> do you want to see what they're looking at? >> yes. >> turn around. >> oh my gosh. >> you look beautiful. look into the camera. >> you changed the color obviously. >> her hair was just dark and heavy. tara is lucky enough to have more hair than at least four or five girls. and what we did is i lightened the hair and we added a pinch of red which goes with the name tara and choppeded into her hair and this is wash and wear to the epitome. >> i love this dress. >> this is her first job since working in the army 15 years. we needed something sophisticated but also conservative and hot and this is new.
10:36 am
>> it's got the inside panel thing. >> what do you think, family? >> we love it. she looks beautiful. >> she sure is. the other lady, where is she? jennifer? she's on her date already. >> the texan. >> we want to thank you, guys. ha what are your weekend plans? >> it includes a trip to the movies, our real moms weigh in on the films for the whole family right after this. ♪ when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter
10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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save money. live better. walmart. yyyup. with xfinity internet soyour family can use all their devices at once. works anywhere in the house. even in the garage. max what's going on? we're doing a tech startup. we're going public! [cheering] the fastest in-home wifi for your entire family. only from xfinity. >> we've got our popcorn. our real moms are back to weigh in on the films you might want to take your family to this weekend. >> tara is a mother of three and co-host of "mom's movie minute." susan is a mother of two and lifestyle editor at "family
10:41 am
circle" magazine. >> high powered moms. >> "guardians of the galaxy" will be the number one show this weekend. >> it's pg-13 so how old should the kidsbe? >> i would go 11 and up. it's a comedy. that doesn't happen. >> i haven't heard a word about it. now it's the big movie. >> i loved it. >> didn't know it would be a movie i would love and my husband would want to take my kids but we had the best time. >> 10 year old, was it okay? >> here's the thing about it. there's more profanity in this than most disney movies. >> i thought it was fine. definitely 11. it's just a fun and great summer blockbuster. you don't want to miss it. sophisticated 10 year old. >> i had a conversation with my 10-year-old that it might be
10:42 am
violent or scary. just prewarned him a little bit. i think 10, 11, go for it. >> only you know your kids. >> "plane, fire and rescue" is for young children. mine is three and he loved it. on the edge of his seat. they are fighting fires. >> henry and i have debated when to take our daughter to the movie for the first time. how old was your kid when you took him to the movie? >> i took him to the first "planes" and he was three. >> i think four and under. >> it's cute. >> my 7 year old i took him and he thought it was cute. animation is great. i would recommend it for kids 7 and under.
10:43 am
>> we thought the movie "hercul"her "hercul "hercules" would be fantastic. what did you think? >> it's a slice them and dice them adventure. you know, really, there is a lot of violence on the battlefield a lot. it lands on this great big wonderful message about believing that you're a hero. you believe you're a hero, you will be. that's the good part of it. >> you said you went just to see the rock. >> i like him. >> eye candy. >> would that keep mothers entertained? >> i think so. >> i thought it was distracting with the hair. i like him bald. >> he's actually a very nice guy. all right. third one is what? "teenage mutant ninja turtles." it's so fun.
10:44 am
it's ridiculous. >> "sharknado" type or better? >> it's really fun. the 3-d is just the kind the kids like. but it plays into the violence. they have tricks to make the violence not so bad for younger kids like extreme closeups you can't tell what's going on and of course the battles are between giant turtles and a rat. >> my gosh. i would say it is pg-13. if your kid is not sensitive, eight and up. >> if you're an adult go see "boyhood." >> thank you so much. we have something really juicy for you in the kitchen. >> a little liquid relaxation but not the kind you're thinking. >> what's the point? grab your ingredients and cook with us righ it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean.
10:45 am
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10:46 am
and helps keep your dishwasher sparkling. tthe pleasure you crave bjust got real.leasure? light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. irresistible flavors, like toasted coconut vanilla, with a thick creamy texture. never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying. light & fit greek. taste satisfaction without sacrifice. ♪ dannon
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
>> it's time to have you cook with us in today's kitchen where you decide what's on the menu and today is all about summer in a glass. >> fresh juices are a good way to stay hydrated in the heat and fill you up without filling you out. >> jenny, also known as super jenny, has been with us many times and has three refreshing recipes. good to see you. >> this is great time of year to juice. it's so hot. >> juicing is hot. >> people don't realize how good it is for you when you cut out high sugar in juices. >> plus how good it can taste. >> first one we'll get in on. this is your homemade v-8. i'll turn the juicer on and this is -- i like to call this -- this is a liquid relaxation. >> without the alcohol. >> this has red peppers, tomato, cucumber, celery. it's really fun to juice because you just shove it through there.
10:50 am
>> it's therapeutic. it's like a power tool. >> it's all coming out gorgeous juice. >> that's good. >> i'm going to turn that off. it haslem lemon and pepper and red pepper has magnesium which is great for stress. it's like a little herbal anxiety drug for you. >> it's delicious with vodka as well. >> we would never suggest such a thing. >> and this is a wonderful summer drink for hydration if you love to work out. i'll turn that on. >> i love to work out. >> you really do? i hate it. >> juice down. >> if we were going to put in -- >> i don't know if you should chew it like that though.
10:51 am
>> this is great. if you do love to work out, this is great for hydration. >> that's good. >> i'm not saying this would be good with alcohol but it might be if you wanted to. >> this is my favorite so far. >> delicious. you can put any of your summer favorite fruits in these juices. >> you can freeze these. >> popsicles. >> delicious. this is also a favorite. this is called liquid summer. this has cantaloupe, which is great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, fresh mint and watermelon. >> that's it? that's all of the ingredients. >> and coconut water. >> that's what you have for hydration. >> that has a kick. >> what's the kick? >> the ginger. >> they both have ginger. >> which i like this. i'm going to take this puppy with me.
10:52 am
>> it's good stuff. thank you so much. good to see you, sweetheart. all of the recipes on our website. >> get ready to laugh. the fan spotlight will make sure that you feel good. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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10:55 am
it's time to shine our fan spat spotlight on a little guy who is sure to make your day. >> check out this video that victoria wagner sent us of her son, cameron, laughing uncontrollably while watching his mom and dad toss a toy football. that's it. >> you want it?
10:56 am
you can have it. >> more than anything that makes me want to get home to my baby. >> are you still nursing? >> no. why does it look? >> sometimes when mothers hear a baby laugh, they start to lactate. >> listen, she doesn't need it from there anymore. she's drinking normal milk. >> juicing. i love you. thank you for being with me. it's fun. >> regis will be here tomorrow. a big announcement to make. if you have a question for him, go to our facebook page. >> you're going to have a lot going on. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. bye-bye.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
and good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. a woman is back at her peninsula home this morning after spending 12 hours out in the wilderness. she got lost on a hike on mt. hamilton, leading to an all-out search and rescue effort. nbc bay area's derek shore just returned from that santa clara county search area. derek, this is good news. it could have been a different story. it was rough out there overnight. >> yeah, it is good news. rescuers found that woman after one very long night. one she will not forget. now, you can see some video of christina puckett as she was arriving at a cal fire station, where she was eventually


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