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tv   Today  NBC  August 2, 2014 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. almost home. the first of two u.s. aid workers infected with ebola returning to american soil today. the first known cases ever to be treated here in the u.s. what about their prognosis. is there a public health risk? paul george badly hurt during a scrimmage for the u.s. national team. teammates and fans devastated. george is vowing to come back, better than ever. facebook goes down temporarily. online addicts deprived of photos and updates go into a advertisy. they are forced to talk to each other. today, saturday august 2nd, 2014.
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announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside jenna wolfe. >> we are a great bunch. we like to think we are. ahead, we have live in gaza, another intense night of fighting. israel launching a full scale of bombardment as they search for a missing soldier. >> also ahead, we are talking heart health. how to keep your heart healthy with an easy swap with your favorite meals. this is part of our shine a lot
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city. the american heart association is working there to help keep people healthier. s this video has everyone talking this week. she is crying over the fact her baby brother will eventually grow up. cherish life's smallest moments. >> that will be great. we begin with the top story. that is effective of two first aid workers affected with ebola will return to the u.s. today. itis not clear if it will be brantly or nancy writebol. one will arrive today, the other set in a few days. stephanie goff has been following it. >> it will land here and either brantly or writebol will be rushed to the hospital and into
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the isolation ward. the urgency to get them out of liberia has been growing. the deadly disease was taking toll on their bodies while the security situation in the country deteriorated. they were described as grave, but stable. a charity group, said emory university hospital is ready and waiting. developed with the cdc to take care of patients with highly infectious diseases. >> we can deliver a higher level of care to optimize the likelihood those patients will survive. >> reporter: it is a tightly controlled process led by the u.s. state department and the cdc. dr. brantly and writebol are being flown separately on planes like this with multiple layers of protection. the gurney will be placed in a tent. the patient enclosed in another
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part of plastic. everyone on the plane in a suit head-to-toe. s.o.s. provides medical tear to people traveling overseas. this is lodgistically difficult and will risk. >> it's challenging to find a biological containment unit that is a, going to completely protect the health care provi r providers and let them have access to this patient with the disease. >> reporter: once safely here, the medical staff at emory takes over. the doctor is sending a strong message to anyone about ebola. >> i will be one of the individuals in direct contact with the patient. i have no concerns about my personal health. >> reporter: the second patient is expected here next week. and will be brought here to emory. doctors say they have control of everything that goes in and out
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of the isolation ward, including people. the families will be allowed to visit, but the only access is through a glass window. >> thanks. dr. nancy snyderman is the chief medical editor. good morning. we heard a lot of assurances there. are you confident there's risk of this getting out? >> i'm not only confident, lester, but there are dozens of ebola that have been in the country before. it's related to yellow fever, cousins, if you will. it is true, ebola has never been diagnosed in this country before. that's precisely why such unbelievable precautions are being taken. from the time this patient leaves liberia to the time they are admitted at emory, there will be no human contact with anyone. the only way to get ebola is by transferring fluids, that's
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vomit, diarrhea and feces. that is not going to happen. >> stephanie walked us through the precautions in terms of transportation. ebola, first time. this has been done before in terms of transporting infectious patients, correct? >> it has been done. that's why it's been thought out and well planned. the worst thing anyone could have done is say we have to get these people out. they took their time. they assessed from here. they prepare add room. they got the right planes. they got the right team. are either of the people too sick to fly? can they be stabilized in the air? only after those questions were assessed and those boxes checked will it be deemed okay to bring that patient here. i know the cdc had a black eye as we talk about other things, but having the cdc and a top university within a couple miles of each other is really smart in
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this case. >> i think we can understand all the medical precautions for patients known to be infected. what about people coming from west africa showing those symptoms? is there worry there because the outbreak is not controlled in africa? >> the center for disease control have detectives on the ground. they know the manifest. they are screening patients to see if they have early symptoms, fever, sore throat, muscle weakens and aches and pains. many people are too sick to get on an airplane. if someone arrives here, there are also cdc people at over 20 of the international ports looking at people who might be too ill and catching people at that point. if you look at ebola right now in west africa as an out of control wildfire, any individual who escapes that area is
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considered a spark. they are contained. the disease burns its out. there's not evidence of one person casually spreading it to another. all medical personnel who understand infectious diseases are comfortable with the plan. >> dr. nancy snyderman, thanks. if you have questions about ebola go to facebook or twitter. use #orangeroom. dr. nancy will be here to answer your concerns and questions. turning now to the latest on the crisis in the middle east. it's been a deadly day. we have in gaza city with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. we were supposed to be the second day of this cease-fire. instead, we are on the 27th day of the war with the death toll rising by the hour. it began yesterday morning when the israeli military said two soldiers were killed, one abducted.
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there are questions as to whether or not that soldier is dead or alive. israel's unrelenting fire power raining down on gaza. hitting over 200 targets overnight and destroying one of gaza's main universities. day long shelling killing more than 160 palestinians, injuring hundreds more. hamas and health officials are calling it a massacre. israel says it was a rescue operation, part of the hunt to recover an israeli soldier it believes was abducted inside gaza. hamas has been using a network of tunnels like this one, shown by the israeli military just before they blew it up. the tunnels have proven to be lethal in their fight against advancing israeli troops. in an online statement, hamas' military wing says the soldier was probably killed.
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still, the soldier's father held out hope telling reporters, quote, we are certain the defense force will not stop until they have turned every stone and brought him home. the capture would be a nightmare for israel and a victory for hamas that exchanged the captured israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners. it led to a sharp escalation and a lethal blow to a three-day cease-fire that lasted less than three hours. now, despite the violence over the past 24 hours and the sharp escalation, palestinians say they will head to cairo later to participate in negotiations. the question now is whether or not israel will send a delegation from tel-aviv to cairo for the talks. that decision is expected later this evening. erica? >> thanks. the conflict in the middle east was one of the topics of discussion that president obama
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spoke about during a wide range news conference on friday. the president reiterated how important a truce is in that area. >> a cease-fire was one way in which we could stop the killing. step back and try to resolve some of the underlying issues that have been building up over time. >> let's go to kristen welker at the white house with more. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. as the death toll mounts in israel and gaza, president obama has strong words for hamas friday calling for them to release the israeli soldier that was captured among those that led to the cease-fire falling apart. the u.s. believes israel has a right to defend itself. it's up to the two sides to put a working cease-fire in place. the president urged prime minister benjamin netanyahu to work toward a cease-fire.
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secretary kerry traveled to the region and has been working the phones around the clock. it's important to note, the president is pessimistic about the chance for a resolution, even short term anytime soon. lester? >> let's talk about the domestic problems, immigration. he went after republicans for not getting anywhere on this topic. what is he saying. >> reporter: that's right. first to the news, the house passed a piece of legislation that was aimed at dealing with the border crisis. it has no chance of passing through the senate with democrats saying the bill would punish immigrant that is are here. congress left for recess. in his remarks friday, the president blasted republicans. the president asked congress for $3.7 billion to deal with the crisis. friday, he signaled he's prepared to act alone. >> i'm going to have to act alone. we don't have enough resources. we have been clear, we have run out of money. without additional resources and
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help from congress, we are not going to have the resources we need to fully solve the problem. >> reporter: now, based on my conversations with white house officials, the president is still planning to announce an executive action at the end of summer that deals with the broader issue of immigration reform as they urge him to go big. i'm told he's not shying away from that idea. a spokesperson for john boehner said the president has been awol when it comes to fixing the crisis. this is going to be a hot button issue. lester? >> thanks. there are new developments into the death of a new york city man put in a choke hold by police. that is caught on tape. the medical examiner's office ruled his death a homicide. protesters are planning to rally today. anne thompson has more. >> reporter: today, we expect to hear from eric garner's family
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about his death being rule add homicide. a death that happened after his arrest by new york city police. the city medical examiner finding the choke hold used on the man suspected of illegally selling cigarettes caused his death. asthma, obesity and heart disease were factors. the shocking and violent images angered city residents. emergency workers on the tape appear to do nothing to help a struggling garner. there's the issue of white police officers subduing a black suspect. the city's african-american community rallied around his widow. activists and msnbc host reverend al sharpton got personal with the mayor bringing the mayor's teenage son into the debate. >> if donte wasn't your son, he would be a candidate for a choke
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hold. we have to deal with that reality. >> reporter: choke holds were banned by the new york city police and the commissioner promised that message would be reinforced. >> we shall retrain the whole department, all 35,000 members and particularly the 20,000 officer that is routinely work the street. >> reporter: the officer using the choke hold has been banned of his badge and gun. the police union offers sympathy to garner's family, but says if he didn't resist arrest, quote, this tragedy would not have occurred. meanwhile, a family mourns and a city debates the tactics used to keep peace. for "today," anne thompson, nbc news, new york. let's get you caught up on the morning's top stories. jenna is following those for us. >> hi, everyone. two american tourists held in north korea made their first
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public appearance and pleading for help. we have the details. duncan, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. the two have been charged with anti-fate crimes and being detained in north korea for three months. they spoke to a local associated press crew. we don't know how free they were to answer the questions. jeffrey from ohio was arrested in april, suspected by the north koreans of leaving a bible in the bathroom of a nightclub. he speaks of his fears of the trial and in a letter apparently written by him says he's desperate to return to his family. also in the video, todd miller. he's in good health and treated well but asks for the u.s. government to get him released. they have been holding another american, kenneth bey. because of ill health, he's been kept in the hospital. this week, he said he's been
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sent back to a prison camp. all are hoping to be free as these women were in 2009. >> we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> reporter: then bill clinton making a surprise visit to north korea to help negotiate their release. north korea has been trying to get more tourists visiting, but the u.s. state department advises against that because of the risk of arrest and being detained. jenna? >> duncan, thank you very much. a team of international investigators finally made it to the crash site of malaysia airline flight 17 in eastern ukraine. dutch and australian experts scoured the area for remains. it took a week to get to the scene because of the military and pro-russian rebels. investigators collected belongings from the 298 people killed aboard the boeing 777
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that was shot down. the remains will be flown to the netherlands, which is leading the investigation. a late night vote from house republicans certainly won't be the end of the immigration debate on capitol hill. lawmakers passed a $694 million emergency spending bill that would crack down on central american migrants flooding the u.s. border with mexico. they left washington for a five-week summer recess. that means the measure won't go anywhere until september. president obama can veto the house bill, if it comes across his desk. >> you remember that gruesome leg injury. you might think the same thing when i say indiana pacers all-star, paul george. a warning, the video you are about to see is extremely graphic. if you are squeamish, turn away. it happened in vegas. george came down hard, smashed and snapped his leg. he hit the back board post.
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trainers carried him off on a stretcher. the coach came out and canceled the rest of the scrimmage out of respect for george. his family will have more the next hour. another story about an amusement park ride that was everything except the ride. the roller coaster at six flags in new jersey got stuck up on the way up the 230 foot peak forcing passengers to get off before the best part. the best part? well, they had to walk down alongside the tracks. nobody was hurt or injured. park officials say it experienced a power failure. the ride was shut down for the remainder of the night. no word on when it will reopen. any sports fan knows where to get and sit to get the best view of a game. if you are a rugby fan, you know the best line. what if you could get something better? check this out. a mobile row of seats called the
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sideliner. samsung developed it. it's controlled by an operator with a joy stick. it can move up to 12 miles per hour. i absolutely love this. the only catch, you have to go to australia to take it for a spin. i'm going to go out on a crazy limb and say this thing is probably coming to the u.s. pretty soon. >> how is that a catch. if you need to investigate it -- >> you better investigate it. >> i am available. >> is that where you are going? >> yes. i'm getting us a trip to australia. >> it was practically a lounger. >> weekend "today" road trip. dagmar is in for dylan this morning. ready for australia? >> yeah, in a second. >> dylan lost out. >> that's right. i think a lot of folks are ready for australia. this is headed our way. up and down the eastern sea board, that is going to
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continue. take a look at this. it continues to move up along the coast. more rain in store for you. yeah, that is a look at what's going on and we're seeing some low clouds to start this morning across the bay and around san francisco. patchy low clouds at the san jose and we should see cooler temperatures kick in mainly towards the second half of the weekend. today near 87 in san jose. temperatures around the north bay and tri-valley, still 90s around pleasanton. fremont nice, festival of the arts should see mid-80s today, lower 80s through sunday and cooler temperatures will kick in for the second half of the weekend. you'll see the numbers in santa rosa and the tri-valley beginning to cool off early next week. all right. that's the weather. now to erica. >> thanks. still to come, the unique and public way a mom tries to teach her daughter a lesson that and public way a mom tries to teach her daughter a lesson that involves katy
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a mom is getting a fair amount of praise and criticism online after calling her 18-year-old daughter a spoiled brat and selling her katy perry concert tickets. >> there's question about whether or not she went too far with the public nature of it. jenna is following the public reaction. >> bad behavior equals no katy perry. in less than five minutes, the mother of an 18-year-old girl posted tickets in fargo, north dakota. this is the post. daughter is a spoiled brat, doesn't deserve these tickets. she goes on in detail. the response, like anything else in life, a mixed bag. for example, she says great job to this mom showing her kid needs to respect her parent and there are consequences when they
5:25 am
don't. moving on, tailor says telling everyone your daughter is a spoiled brat is uncalled for. >> should be given the mother of the year award. tell us how you really feel. whitney said, go mom. i agree with the punishment. mom paid for the ticket. she expects respect in return. i don't like the way she did it. did the punishment fit the crime? tweet us? >> people share everything. tell the world. >> the public part of it was a little much. still to come on
5:26 am
you're watching "today in the bay." good morning, your time now 5:26 and you're looking live at the golden gate bridge. just a light layer of mist this saturday morning. hello there, i'm alongside our meteorologist with a look at your weekend forecast, good morning. >> and good morning. we're seeing the fog blowing across the bridge this morning and sign of cooler changes eventually kicking in for our valleys. right now 60s outside. you see the fog around san francisco. and we will see our temperatures eventually climbing into the 90s inland again today. you can see the fog there from san francisco over towards oakland and some patchy low clouds into san jose as well. throughout the afternoon, temperatures climb into the upper 80s around san jose. around san francisco, highs in
5:27 am
the 60s to low 70s. and up towards the north bay. highs in the mid-80s around santa rosa. mid to upper 90s again around pleasanton and livermore. the five day trend looking forward, you can see how temperatures cool off a few degrees into sunday, then by monday, inland, temperatures cool off especially towards the tri-valley. you'll see them dropping from the upper 90s to near 90. >> here relief on the way. >> thank you, rob. we are just hours away from opening night at lee vid -- levi stadium. we are hours away from the fans pouring in. the san jose earthquakes playing the seattle sounders tonight sat 7:30. more details on tonight's schedule, this one is key, the parking lots open at 3:30. suite and club members can enter the stadium through gate b at 4:30 and for everyone else, the gates open at 5:30.
5:28 am
two hours ahead of kickoff which is scheduled for 7:30. may be a soccer game, the but bag policy in effect at levi stadium. bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the stadium. you can bring in nfl approved clear, plastic bags, one gallon zip lock tight backs and small clutches about the size of an adult hand. clean up operations will go into effect this weekend at the santa cruz harbor. boat owners and volunteers say you can't escape the smell of thousands of dead anchovies. a massive school of fish swam into the harbor on wednesday. many suffocated because there wasn't enough oxygen in the water. they are now being sucked up and hauled to the landfill. the boats are stuck in the harbor until all the fish are cleared out. boat owners say that could take days. >> to see all these little fish upturned with their white bellies up, it's very, very sad. >> if you threat sit, then it
5:29 am
eats into your fiberglass and when that happens, your boat starts leaking. >> the clean up effort is not over. once the fish are out of the harbor. boat owners are waiting for the fish to clean their boats. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a blessing she didn't expect. how local cops used their free time to change this woman's home and her life. that and more with a look at your weekend forecast coming up at 7:00. right now back to the "today show."
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♪ back on a saturday morning. awkward august 2nd, 2014. a great crowd out there on the plaza. nothing can dampen the spirits, not even a little summer rain we're going to head out there with our umbrellas and say hello in just a little bit. >> the spirits are damping but they're good. have you seen this one, the big sister who starts crying over the thought of her baby brother growing up one day. this sweet scene has got 16 million views on youtube. and we'll have them here with
5:31 am
us. >> and the big brother is going to grow up some day. we'll take you back to our shine a light city to baltimore. to shine a line on health and fitness. it's a major topic of discussion there, heart health, so many residents struggle with it. so there is a program to let people live healthier, making more healthful recipes. we'll share that with you. an explosive first week in the corruption trial against virginia's former governor and his wife. accusations of gifts, improper relationships and a broken marriage. we'll have the latest from the courtroom. but we do begin this half hour for the search for the popular law professor. as the investigation continues officials are responding out of criticism that 2 took paramedics too long to get to the crime scene. >> reporter: tallahassee police
5:32 am
first learned that florida university law professor dan markel had been shot in the head when a neighbor called 9. >> driver's side window is all dashed in. and he's got blood all over hid head. >> reporter: the caller said he found him in his car in his home garage still alive and urged a 911 dispatch tore move faster. >> they're on the way, okay? >> they better be if this guy's got a shot. >> reporter: the took the ambulance a full 19 minutes to respond to the scene which authorities blame on the dispatcher as failing to first list the call as a high majority. >> result was, the result was not as fast as it would have been in a priority one situation. >> reporter: he died the next day and the attorney says he's frankly surprising the by the lack of response. >> hospital is three minutes away where the ambulance is deployed. police say markell, a divorced
5:33 am
father of two was targeted by his killer. and investigators are investigating and potentially a 38 on a blog site. so, yes, all means necessary are important like shutting people like you down. in january, markel road on facebook is begin getting pestered just in the last week with people with sham profiles? police are asking the public for health in solving the two-week old mystery of why a popular professor might have been targeted for murder. for today, mark potter, nbc news, miami. going to head outside now to that damp but not too dreary spot. a check of the weather in for dylan. >> i'm from vancouver, so i'm loving this. let's check out what's going on in the tropics. a lot of folks wondering if this might knack be the rain we're
5:34 am
seeing along the eastern seaboard part of bertha. it is not. tropical storm bertha continues to speed along, moving to the north/northwest at 20, 22 miles per hour. here's the track it will take. it is not expected to strengthen over the next few days. probably remaining tropical storm status until we get to tuesday to wednesday, and at that point it will take up once again as it skirts the eastern part of the seaboard. and it might turn into a category 1 hurricane. taking a look across the country right now, we've got that low pressure system that is stalled all the way across the eastern seaboard. that's the rain that's going to continue to be brought our way as it headed through today. unfortunately folks, more bad news, through tomorrow. and also a flash flood poten
5:35 am
all right. there's a look at today's all right. lester, back to you. now to the corruption trial against virginia's former governor and his wife. bob mcdonnell and his wife were accused of granting political favors in exchange for lavish gifts. the first week of testimony wrapped up were the cross-examination of the prosecution's key witness on the stand. once again, here's kristen welker. >> reporter: former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen entering the courthouse on the fifth day of their corruption trial. on friday, the defense used this new video of maureen on a business trip with businessman
5:36 am
jonnie williams. he's the prosecution's multimillion key witness who struck a deal with government for immunity. >> this is beyond embarrassing. it's humiliating. >> reporter: the defense's strategy is unusual, arguing the mb donnels couldn't have conspired to trade political favors for money and gifts. because their marriage was broken and maureen had a crush on williams. 1200 texts or e-mails were exchanged between williams and maureen in less than two years. the defense revealed a racy e-mail that maureen sent to williams when an earthquake hit virginia. it reads, the earth just moved and i'm not even having sex. on the witness stand, williams strucked to answer questions repeatedly saying i don't recall. >> i think it hurts his credibility with the jury. but in the end, the jury is going to have to balance the fact that nobody they're going to see is going to have a lot of
5:37 am
credibility. >> reporter: prosecutors say the former first family accepted more than $165,000 in gifts including luxury vacations, shopping sprees and cash in exchange for promoting williams' line of dietary supplements. maureen mcdonnell has insisted she's not a public official and therefore can't be bribed. and her husband has said there's nothing wrong with promoting a virginia business. that's what governors do. on friday, the former governor spoke out before leaving court. i have confidence in my legal team. they've done a great job. and we look forward to having the group continue to come out. >> reporter: for "today," kristen welker, nbc news, washington. up next, the simple ways you can make your meals more heart friendly to lead a happy, healthy life. we'll tell you about it, after that this. naturally derived ingredients, carefully chosen and clinically proven to cleanse, purify and moisturize...
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that sounds good! wow... a 10-inch tablet with a built-in keyboard. that sounds good! get to walmart's back to school savings event august 1st through 10th and save even more on cyber monday august 4th. save money. live better. walmart we continue our shine a light series, our yearlong partnership with the city of baltimore to improve health and fittens there. every year, 2,000 residents die of heart and stroke. >> they are trying to reverse the numbers, one meal at a time. dylan recently went to baltimore to check it out. >> reporter: food was always about flavor, not health. >> growing up, as a child, i had a mexican diet. that consisted of frying refried beans in lard, pork lard. >> reporter: then a health scare
5:41 am
forced her to make a change. >> i was working normal day. i had flu-like symptoms, not feeling well, numbness and fatigue. that was a saturday. wednesday, i was being admitted, i was having a sigh lont heart attack. >>reporter: how old were you? >> 42. >> reporter: this single mom of three knew she needed to change her diet. for help, she came here, to the american heart association's first teaching kitchen. she and other heart attack and stroke survivors learned to cook heart healthy meals low in seed yum and fat. let's do this. >> today, we are going to make this. >> on the menu, blackened tilapia with strawberry salsa. >> if you would have seen a recipe like this before, what would you have thought? >> no. no. >> with fish? >> no.
5:42 am
nothing fried. no. no. >> reporter: that skepticism is common. at first, many students aren't convinced it's possible to cut the fat and salt without losing flavor. >> they think it's going to be bland and boring. it's not going to taste good. i like the reaction when they taste the food. >> reporter: she teaches students to swap sauces for salsa. >> you can add a serving of fruits and vegetables to your diet. >> reporter: and stalt for chili spices. >> trying to change it has been a challenge. this is helpful. >> the class costs $5. when it's over, each student gets to take the dishes home, enough to feed a family of four. mmm. oh, wow. with less than 400 calories and 400 milligrams of sodium, it's a
5:43 am
recipe for better health. would you say you are a worse cook now? >> absolutely not. i am a better cook. same flavor and great taste. change a couple ingredients. >> making me hungry. >> i know. it's important we look at it. i am so taste driven, i think. >> i'm the same way. closer to the natural state, too. all these processed foods have more sodium and sugar. you wonder if that contributes. coming up next -- >> it is all about girl power. pre-teens learning how to run >> it is all about girl power. pre-teens learning how to run successful businesses. thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things,
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we're back on a saturday morning with an interesting statist statistic. did you know women only hold a quarter of the jobs in the tech world? an engineer from texas is trying to make that number grow. katety tur explains. >> designed by kids. >> better than converse. >> reporter: invented by girls, made by girls, run by girls. venture heels is all about girl power. >> you need a dream. you need money. >> reporter: amongst companies, for now, these 11 and 12-year-old ceos came up with the idea at girl start up, a program teaching young women how to be entrepreneurs. what did you learn about making your own company? >> it's very hard. >> reporter: these budding
5:48 am
businesswomen learned to design a website, build prototypes, pitch products and by the end of the week, they launched their own company. >> they are going to be the next generation. they are going to be the next steve jobs. the next einstein. >> reporter: crystal launched the program as a way to get girls into tech. >> what about that. why does it matter? >> reporter: ageing from 5 to 13, they get a crash course not just from the tools of the trade, but also the confidence to make it happen. >> a lot of people think 5 years old is too young to teach kids about entrepreneurship. i don't believe that. the best time is to teach them before they get to school, especially girls. before they are taught girls should do this and boys should do this. >> reporter: she shows up with an idea with an app and left with a business plan. >> a lot of what it did for me is getting basic business tools
5:49 am
together to at least make a website for your idea. >> what we have is more location oriented. >> reporter: it rewards kids for physical activity. >> it's using one person. doesn't have to suffer from diabetes or other health issues that will be mission accompli accomplished for me. >> reporter: this session, the ideas range from edible play-doh, duct tape head bands to scarves made with t-shirts. do i look beautiful? >> yeah. >> reporter: by the end of the week, they won over their first group of potential investors, their parents. >> i would absolutely invest in her company selling the amazing scarf. i'm probably going to be part owner anyway. >> reporter: first stop alounsz, the next stop, the world. can i have high fives? oh, my gosh. wait, hold on. does this hug come with a pair of shoes?
5:50 am
>> no. >> reporter: for today, katy tur, nbc news, san antonio. >> amazing group. >> a great program. i love that. still to come, bad blood between bloom and bieber. will we ever know what happened? we'll get into that and hollywood headlines. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
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5:52 am
still to come, we are going to ansz your questions about ebola as it has first of two infected patiented head to the u.s. for treatment. was it
5:53 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." you're looking live at san jose where the weather is looking to be perfect for today's quakes versus sounders game. the first game at levi stadium tonight, good morning, i'm alongside our meteorologist who is standing by now with a look at the weekend forecast and the microclimates we have. >> yeah right now low clouds in san jose. cooler temperatures at least as we get towards tomorrow, notice in the valleys, temperatures will cool off. speaking of levi stadium, temperatures around game time coming up this evening. should be comfortably in the 70s. low clouds begin to break up through the afternoon. right now the low clouds, partly cloudy skies, inland around the tri-valley. staying with those clouds near the coast and in the valleys
5:57 am
again today. hitting 90s for temperatures today. san jose, upper 80s for the forecast. 90s around saratoga and morgan hill. san francisco near 70 today. oakland, upper 70s, mid-90s near livermore. ahead, temperatures begin to cool a couple degrees tomorrow, and that cooling trend should continue with more morning clouds and drizzle at times around the peninsula and coast over the next couple of mornings. >> thank you. we are just hours away from opening night at levi stadium, 44,000 soccer fans will be pouring in for the first game in the $1.# billion stadium. they take on the seattle sounders tonight at 7:30. on the field in the stands and parking lot. more details on the schedule now. this one, the parking lots open at 3:30. get there early if you can. suite and club members can enter through gate b at 4:30, everyone
5:58 am
else, the gates open at 5:30. two hours ahead of kickoff, scheduled at 7:30. the bag policy will be in effect at levi stadium, bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the stadium. you can bring in nfl-approved clear plastic bags, zip lock tight bags, and small clutches, but leave those big bags at home or in the car. clean up operations will go into effect this weekend at the san cruz harbor. boat owners and volunteers say the smell of thousands of dead anchovies is keeping the air pretty ripe there. massive school of fish swam into the harbor on wednesday to take advantage of the nutrient rich quarter, but many suffocated because of a lack of oxygen. they are now being sucked up and hauled off to landfill, but the boats are stuck in the harbor until all the fish are cleared out and boat owners say that could take days. >> to see all these little fish upturned with their white bellies up, it's very, very sad.
5:59 am
>> if you let it sit, then it eats into your fiber glass, and when that happens, your boat starts leak. >> boat owners will have to wait to get in there and clean the slime off of their boats and also today, no paddle boarding out at the harbor. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," blessing she didn't expect. how local cops used their free time to change this woman's home and her life, that plus all of your top stories and rob will be back with the weather coming up at 7:00. right now
6:00 am
good morning. it is saturday, august 2nd, 2014. here's a look at today's top stories. almost home. the first of two american aid workers said to be arriving in the united states today. they will be treated at a highly specialized area in atlanta's emre hospital. dr. nancy will answer your questions. horrific injury. a gruesome fall on the court for indiana pacers star paul george during a scrimmage game as a stunned crowd watched in horror. what george is now saying about how he's doing. and the outage outrage. you were maybe one of the
6:01 am
millions affected when facebook went down on friday. turns out that outage was too much to bear, seeing many gasping. and having to talk to each other. >> oh, the horror of having to talk to somebody without a status update. >> i don't understand the horror. hopefully, everybody is recovering. from a rainy new york city. you all get gold stars in the rain. nothing to stop you. >> hand-made microphones, scripts and umbrellas. and most of them are wet anyway. hey, look. it's on the teleprompter, i'm good. all of this coming up. we're looking forward to this one. we're going to introduce you to the little girl who captured hearts ever where on the video crying over the fact that her baby brother was going to have to grow up one day. went viral.
6:02 am
she's all smiles and she and her family are here in the studio to tell us what it's like to have over 16 million views of this. and if you love pinterest, boy, have we got something four. our plaza this morning is decorated to the nines under a tent. the rain won't stop us. a way to light outan outdoor party. before we get to that let's head inside to jenna for a look at the headlines. >> hey, guys. we begin in atlanta where officials at emre hospital are waiting the arrival of the first ebola patients. stephanie gosk is live. >> reporter: she will arrive here at the base. it started on the ground in
6:03 am
liberia with doctors determining whether or not they were fit enough to travel. they were put in a special plane with multiple layers of protection. including a lass tick dome, plastic sheeting. and doctors in that plane, wearing head-to-to hazmat suits and gloves. doctors say they will be controlling absolutely everything that goes in and out of that ward, including things like medical devices and people. the family will only have access to them through glass windows. jenna. >> stephanie gosk reporting for us in atlanta. thank you very much. and dr. nancy snyderman will answer some of your questions about ebola in just a few minutes. we go to another story, the ongoing conflict in the middle east. israel searches for an officer they believe was captured by hamas on individual.
6:04 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jenna, it's supposed to be the second cease-fire, instead, we're in the 22nd day of this fighting. the intense part of the fighting began when israel shelled a town very heavily in the city of south homs, tens of thousands of palestinians forced to leave, pushing the death toll up to at least 1600 palestinians. now, israel says its operations are still ongoing. they are really trying to target the tunnels. one of those tunnels used to kill israeli soldiers and capture another. hamas' military link has denieded any responsibility for it that capture. palestinians here, health officials are call be what happened a massacre. >> thank you very much. two american tourists held in north korea for more than three months made their first public appearance on friday
6:05 am
pleading for the u.s. government to negotiate their release. in this new video, jeffrey fall and matthew miller spoke to a group. but they may have been commenting under duress. they say they were in good health and treated well. the men have been charged with anti-state crimes. north korea has been holding kenneth bayh, bayh was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. and protesters outraged over the death of eric garner who died after being put in a choke hold by police. the medical examiner said compression of the neck and chest along with garner's positions on the ground while being restrained caused this death. asthma, obesity and heart disease were also contributing factors. the officer seen using the dhokhold has been stripped of his badge and gun another is on desk duty pending investigation. >> an amazing water rescue in
6:06 am
phoenix following heavy downpours. check out this car almost completely submerged. officials say a 61-year-old woman drove right into the water thinking she could get across. she couldn't. rescuers have to brave the rushing waters to pull her to safety. she was not hurt. and finally, a s nice lesso about an 11-year-old in florida. cole and his brother are alike many many ways. the only difference, cole has cerebral palsy. it didn't stop him from scoring his very first point ever. beautiful and touching show of sportsmanship from the rest of the kids. beautiful story. that is the news. >> jenna, thanks. let's get a check of the weather now. >> dagmar midcap from knsd is braving the rain in for dylan
6:07 am
this morning. what happened to that california sun asked you to bring? >> i'm sorry, there's no room on my carry-on. i'll bring it next time. let's look at what's going on. along the east coast, the atlantic states, you're below average temperatures after that jet stream dips down and pulls those temperatures down a good -- anywhere from 8 to 12 below seasonal averages. the exact opposite is happening in the northwest. where we have above average heat. the heat wave continues for the pacific northwest. take a look at what's going on across the country. again, it's cooler than average. rainy along the east coast. warmer along the west coast and through the four corners region. and that's right on par with the seasonal averages. that's going to be the central plain states with a chance of thunderstorms mixed in there. temperatures around the upper 80s. 80s. watch that monsoon weather also along the four corners region where that -- you're going to continue to see that ridge of
6:08 am
high pressure strengthen. and it will pull in the stronger monsoon pressure. los angeles, san diego, you may see some of that weather. and weather around the bay area right now, you have low clouds that will break up to clearing skies around midday and for inland temperatures, another hot day inland valleys going into the 90s. we will see a stronger sea breeze which will take an edge off the inland. san jose, should see numbers closer to 70. mid-80s around san francisco. tri-valley, 90s for today. here comes the cooling trend. couple more to graze into sunday and that looks better around livermore. that way from 100 degrees to the low 90s. that's what's going on across the country. back to you. >> all right, dagmar, thanks. we have more on this ebola
6:09 am
outbreak and what you need to know as the two patients come back to the u.s. for treatment. dr. nancy snyderman is back and she's here now to answer some of your questions. dr. nancy, we got a lot of reaction to this as you might expect. the first question comes from victoria leach who asks has ebola been in the usa before? and also, how fast can it spread if it somehow got exposed to others? >> biela has not been in the united states before but its cousins have, dengue fever and yellow fever. that ice has been isolated and it burned out as they're supposed to and that's what will happen here. >> we also hurt from daphne on facebook. she asked how the doctor became infected. she knows we've seen this video of everybody, the caretakers being covered head to foot. how did the doctor and missionary get infected? >> we won't know until we talk
6:10 am
to nancy writebol and dr. brantly, but we presume that it was probably a slip of human error. let me explain how that happened. these suits and everyone's seen them do protect you and cover you from head to toe. but these people are in the field with 100 degrees with normal clothing on. then you put on the suit and the internal temperature can get to 106 degrees, it's terrible. then working hours can be 16, 20 hours. something happens when it's day in, day out, on the front lines. there can be the slightest of human error. and in that case, yes, there can be transmission. now why is that important somewhere because it's not going to happen in the united states. doctors and nurses will rotate off. there will be cool rooms. there are multiple layers of protection. so the kind of harrowing situation that front line workers in sierra leone or
6:11 am
liberia maybe will be markedly different than those people in atlanta. >> lindsay said i'm traveling to south africa soon and will go through dubai. what can i do while traveling particularly in the airplane and airport to stay safe and healthy. before you answer, we should note that dubai and south africa are not part of this. >> we do know everyone sort of lumps africa together as one big continent. but the tsa has put out a travel advisory just for the three countries where ebola is now an outbreak. guinea, sierra leone and liberia. any travel to any african country is fine. of course, make sure you have the right shots. of course, make sure you that still do good handwashing. know where you're going to stay. make sure you have access to clean water. but it's important to remember if we stop traveling to other countries, especially in african
6:12 am
countries where the economy is already fragile, we further cripple them. so the idea of going to south africa as a wonderful experience, get on that plane and go. we also heard from robin wanting to know, speaking about planes, wanting to know about the specific plane that the americans are being flown on, how could be stained on the plane, but she also asks what steps will they take for decontamination of that plane. >> we know that the ebola virus is not airborne, because the patient is in a cocoon, in a tent, in an isolated area, means there are already levels for even the lining of the plane. and lester, we know that we've been on those planes. they're just shelters of planes. imagine taking a hospital room or emergency room setting that up in the middle of a c-130, very ease to contain afterwards.
6:13 am
because the virus does not hang along forever or is not airborne to survive, the chances of transmitting it is negligible. >> thank you for passing on those answers to questions as well. turning to the horrific injury suffered by paul george friday night. we want to warn you, some of the video can be tough to watch. ron mott is following this one. good morning. >> erica, good morning to you. paul george came off the best season of his pro career, off the top of his game, promising to come back better than ever. this is the kind of injury that sticks with you see it. fair warning the indiana pacers star was trying to make team usa when the right foot went between the stanchion breaking his knee. george is set to compete at the world cup in spain later this month. there was a huge roar and standing ovation from the crowd
6:14 am
when he came off the court. george's injury brought back memories of other horrific injures. joe theismann never played the game again after his accident in 1985. and the guard broke his leg. he tweeted minor setback for a major comeback, p.g. plenty of athletes have bounced back. paul george intends to be one of them. he took to twitter as well with a shoutout to fans saying thanks everybody for the love and support. i'll be okay and be back better than ever. love y'all. >> a lot of well wishes his way. ron, thanks. >> still to come on "today" -- the little girl who took the internet by storm, but with this video of her crying all because she didn't want her cute baby brother to grow up. we're going to speak with her and her entire family live about what this week has been like. that's right after these messages. it's great on strawberries, apples...
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6:18 am
>> >> carson is really loving lester, by the way. you are making him smile. what a week it's been for the miller family. they are with us this morning. we never expected, of course, that sweet moment of sweet sibling love to get that reaction, but it did. sadie, carson, brooklyn and mom and dad are here. >> everyone is feeling the love now. lindsay, take me through this. what precipitated this and made you bring out the camera? >> well, she's quite a drama queen. so, kind of meltdowns have happened before but not over little baby carson. so when she started crying and was all upset, i thought, oh, is this so funny. i need to video tape it so one day she will see what a drama queen she was and how much she loved her brother. then maybe when they're fighting one day, i can pull out the video and say, hey, you guys loved each other so much. >> he's pretty lovable. >> because you can't talk yet. your brother took this and posted it, is that correct? >> i don't do youtube.
6:19 am
>> so, i posted it on facebook, and he said this is great, you need to post it on youtube. >> he said i'm going to post it, were you thinking it would go viral like this? >> no. i don't know how these things work. it literally happened overnight. it's kind of crazy. >> how has sadie reacted to seeing -- like the clip we just showed and seeing it online? >> she was embarrassed at first, now she's like wow, i'm on tv. >> it's fun. not so bad, is it? >> yeah. >> yeah? >> i'm still curious, what was the conversation that led up to this about, you know, the baby will grow up? >> well, there's been a couple conversations about the fact that she's going to grow up and she thinks that's sad. i guess, at that moment, she put together he's going to grow up. she really started getting upset about the fact he's going to grow up and there will always be tomorrow and she won't be able
6:20 am
to carry him around all over. >> sadie, what is it you love most about your brother, carson? >> he has big hands. >> he has big hands? did you do that to brooklyn when she was little, too? do you remember? it was a long time ago, huh? >> you have a gorgeous family. thanks for coming on. i think you have been overwhelmed by this. you went from 0 to 60 overnight. >> yes. it's been fun, too. >> definitely a good one as you pointed out. i'm sure you'll bring it out. for years to come. >> it's great when they grow up. thanks for being here. still ahead, we have great ideas to make your next patio party stand out. first this is "today" on nbc. ...we need to break up.
6:21 am
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6:22 am
still to come on "today," survivors of the friday facebook outage. >> we had an outage? >> we'll share the hilarious
6:23 am
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xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ] you're watching "today in the bay." time now 6:26, you're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. shaping up to be a really mild and beautiful day across the bay area today. good morning, i'm vicky wynn alongside our meteorologist with a look at the forecast, good morning. >> good morning, and we have low clouds around the approach. and lots of gray all across the screen from san jose to the north bay this morning. later on, lee vid stadium opening evening. we'll see 70s around the time that game gets started with clearing skies. as we get up through the afternoon. right now low dlouds start off the morning. and mist with the low clouds, you're seeing that around san francisco and the coast this morning.
6:27 am
right around lunchtime, clearing skies and at least one more hot day inland for the valleys especially out by livermore. today near 87 and san jose. close to 70 in san francisco. pleasanton and livermore mid to upper 90s today. then cooling off a little bit more as we see the sea breeze into early next week. >> thank you. countdown is on, we're hours away from opening night tonight. from 44,000 soccer fans will be pouring in for the first game at the $1.3 billion stadium. the san jose earthquakes playing the seattle sounders tonight at 7:30. months of planning and preparation going to the test on the fields, in the stands, and in the parking lot tonight. more details on the schedule. the parking lots open at 3:30 and all of the advice is to get there early. suite and club members can enter through gate b. everyone else, games will open at 5:30, two hours ahead of kickoff. plenty of time to kickoff at
6:28 am
7:30. it is a soccer match, but the nfl's bag policy will be in effect at levi stadium tonight. backs and backpacks are not allowed inside. you can bring in nfl approved clear plastic backs, one gallon clear plastic zip lock type bags and small clutches like the one on your screen. our coverage continues online at click on the levi stadium guide for everything you need to know before you go including videos from the 49ers on the various parking lots. and attention shoppers. stanford shopping center is getting a makeover. a project is under way to add at least 20 new shops and five more restaurants. there are plans to add so-called outdoor living rooms where shoppers can relax. that includes an open air fireplace near the louis vuitton store. architects plan on using energy saving nerl materials in the new building. it is expected to take about two years to complete.
6:29 am
coming up this morning on "today in the bay," blessing she didn't expect. how local cops used their free time to change this woman's home and her life. that plus all your top stories coming up at 7:00. right now back to the today show.
6:30 am
♪ >> good morning, "today." >> it's my 13th birthday. >> and i'm the tag along. >> i eep spending my birthday with "today." >> i'm 13. >> we are back on a saturday morning, august 2nd, 2014. the rain in new york can't stop this crowd. we appreciate that. we are not out here all alone. our thanks to them for breaking out the umbrellas and braving the rain on a saturday morning. >> that's my part, isn't it? the thing is, i felt so distracted after the facebook app. millions of people where it was horrific. there were no status updates, no
6:31 am
birthday wishes, no pictures of you having a great time on vacation. you didn't get a status update. the good news is, it's back up. we have a fun look at the reaction to the outage, coming up. >> i was waiting for you to say, oh, my god, the humanity. a feud is brewing in a missouri town pinning the mayor against a cyclist. we are going to talk about what the men say happened and what is alleged to be a case of road rage. then a little rain isn't going to stop us from entertaining this morning here on the plaza. we are going to show you how to transform your backyard into party central this summer. >> that's coming up. we'll catch you up on the hollywood headlines, first, a final check on the weather with dagmar. >> i'm going to say hi to these lovely folks. pittsburgh, wisconsin and everywhere. pittsburgh and wisconsin. hi.
6:32 am
you folks here aren't minding this weather, are you? >> no. >> they are used to it. they are. they are brave and hearty souls. exactly. this is a good place to be today despite the rain. we are going to look at what's going on with your national maps and your temperatures. look at what's going on today. low pressure across the east coast bringing showers in a slightly below average temperature. a chance of thunderstorms mixed in, too. you are going to see it across the four corner's reg on. temperatures above average there. not much of a change for sunday, i'm afraid. this is going to be a soggy weekend along the gulf coast and east coast. bring your umbrellas if you are headed outside. the monsoon weather will continue. also, over that four
6:33 am
we have a top spot. today's top spot comes from our affiliate wamg in illinois. it is the 2014 decatur celebration. look at that. the streets will come alive for the 28th year. there will be carnival rides and so much more on top of that razzle-dazzle parade. who doesn't want to be part of a razzle-dazzle parade. blocks and blocks of arts and crafts. eight stages for a bunch of musical acts. did you want get better than that. everything looks like it is deep fried.
6:34 am
yum, yum. okay. lester, back to you. >> thanks very much. hysteria set in as millions of people learned that facebook was down. >> based on the social media reaction, people were not very happy about it. here is mike taibbi. >> reporter: the simple message from facebook, sorry, something is wrong stopped the news everywhere. >> right now, facebook is down. we are expecting this to, you know, trend on twitter any moment. >> reporter: trend on twitter, it did. shock, horror, apocalypse about to start. in arizona, some caught facebookless. >> i was crawled up under my desk in a fetal position. >> how am i supposed to know where people are, what they are eating for breakfast and wish them a happy birthday. >> the billion plus active users don't check in every day or every five days and wouldn't
6:35 am
care about an outage that lasts a half hour. connecting through social media is an important, every day routine. that's what the mark zuckerberg character indicates about the rules for facebook. >> we don't crash, ever. if the servers are down for a day, our entire reputation is destroyed. >> the servers were not down for a day. we have investigated and restored the service. one police agency tweeted, facebook is not a law enforcement issue. don't call us about it being done. >> i was devastated. >> reporter: it was big news. >> they are a billion dollar company and should be able to keep their network running. >> reporter: the tv news teams were at a loss. >> if it's down, what are you going to do? >> reporter: one answer from a headline writer, facebook recently went down. reports claim people actually
6:36 am
spoke to each other. what a concept. for "today," mike taibbi, nbc news, los angeles. >> they called police? really? >> yeah. this one guy was saying they were getting calls. people were commenting, did they do that. they call for everything, cable goes out, trouble with phone service. >> well f the cable goes out. >> call the cops, then lester holt. an alleged case of road rage. why does one man say he was run down by the mayor of a small why does one[ woman ]he was run i've always tried to see things from the best angle i could. it's how i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin but wondered, could i focus on something better? my doctor told me about eliquis for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial
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♪ and get a lowe's gift card worth up to $1,000 by mail. as parents we hold our kids' hands when crossing the street so think of the internet as the world's busiest street. teach your kids to surf and post responsibly. they'll be safer with a dedicated crossing guard... the more you know. we're back with the ongoing feud between the mayor of a missouri town and a bicyclist. the cyclist claims he was run off the road earlier this week by the town's mayor. the mayor is . kwlp. >> the mayor is telling a
6:39 am
different story. >> how many cyclists are you planning to murder today. >> mayor has been getting messages lately. >> i hope you get hit by a mac truck of cyclists. >> the texts and phone calls from around the country is over an encounter with a cyclist. what happens? it depends who you ask. >> i would never intentionally run a bicycle off the road. i'm in a road rage guy. >> basically it was road rage what it comes down to. >> finishing up a the 40 mile bike ride when he claims he pulled up beside him. >> out of nowhere there is a red convertible next to me. and just screaming get off my road. and ran into me. >> he claims his leg is over.
6:40 am
>> but fur says he cut him off. >> no is signal. no stop. i pulled up to him you're suppose to stop sat is stop sign and he started cursing at me. >> murdock says the mayor sped off only stopping when he saw witnesses were following him. posts like he's the mayor of of a rich suburb of course he thinks he's above the law. >> i never yelled at him to get off my road because they are not my road. >> investigating at the heated debate goes on. for today john yang nbc news chicago. >> now to the orange room. >> we have a special one today. celebrating a birthday and you are here and want to wish your
6:41 am
husband well today he's on the lung transplant list, correct now you have something important to do. >> we'll tell you about the new album that just came out that came as the surprise to everyone including the band. but first this is today on nbc.
6:42 am
6:43 am
. this morning in today's hollywood head lines a celebrity skew continues to boil over and the legendary james brown gets a evict write ri mo moments. >> good morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me here. >> i never thought we would still be talking about this bieber bloom bust stuff but we are. >> there is a situation in which
6:44 am
ornld bloom allegedly swung a punch at justin bieber. has been tremendous blowbacks. justin bieber post tad photo of bloom's ex-wife amanda kerr and then put up a photo in what appears to be a crying face. then everyone got wind of this. and even celebrities are the chiming in. it's just been trending this week. people can't stop talking about it. >> that's why they're so upset about the facebook outoutage. i want to find out what the buzz is in this james brown biobiopt get on up. what is the buzz on acting and the movie itself. >> critics are split. a b minus.
6:45 am
a lot of regarding the scripting is off at times. some of the action doesn't seem to be concurrent. but everyone can agree on one thing. and that's kevin is amazing. he's electric. you don't even have to know that james brown is to know that this man is really electric on stage. and this is someone who's never done musical theater or a broadway guy. and he's not a musician by any means. but when he lip syncs you swear it is james brown. >> and this isn't just for james brown fans. >> exactly. they are wonderful. go see it. >> as power house cast. i heard a little in sync when we came back in bye-bye bye there's o new in sync album. how did that happen. >> they released a deluxe album of the greatest hits and just
6:46 am
dropped it on tuesday. and the in syncs are like wait what? i think might have been upset but it the did tremendously well. sold out immediately on amazon and top five. >> you would think a oerks e-mail by the way we're dropping you are eoalbum. >> as long as it brings in cash. >> now the big head line of the week, sharknado two. i want to know how i did. >> everyone couldn't stop talking about it. it was the number one movie for sci-fi. almost 4 million viewers tuned into to see the film. and if you couldn't get enough. don't worry. there is going to be a sharknado three. hitting the screens next summer. and in the meantime the tide you over. tara reed has released a shark
6:47 am
perfume. >> i think it's time for a little lester holt saves the world from sharknado three. >> yeah that will make my career. >> we're starting a petition right now. still to come a backyard patio party outside on the plaza but first these messages. you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. you would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. [ kc ] you're probably right. hi, cascade kitchen counselor. 1 pac of cascade complete cleans tough food better
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6:50 am
morning with inspiration for your backyard party. you have a month of outdoor entertaining. interior designer is going to show us how to celebrate. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you have mirrors here. tell me why mirrors are a good idea. >> mirrors are glass. they can live outside. i think we only think of them as interior pieces. they are wonderful to reflect the other side of the foliage. it's a beautiful tool to use on your fence, an your wall, lovely. >> you have an interesting way of displaying the menu. explain that to me. >> old window pains, we have them sitting out in the garage. they are great with a dry erase marker. create the menu, what's happening for the evening. it's a sense of importance. we are thinking about you and this night and we are going to blow it out. last month of summer, do it up.
6:51 am
>> a window payne and marker. let's talk about lighting. down to erica for that. >> we think about candles and strings of light. you have more fun ways. >> the thing about entertaining outside, often or not enclosed. here are a couple ways to do it. create almost a room within a backyard or patio. ladders, we have them in the basement and garage. they have a great way to bring candles and flowers up into these walls. >> a great way to get the lighting up high, too. i love that. >> at night, you don't see the ladder anyway. you stee light. >> if you are not into that look -- >> what is this. this is weird looking because we can't string it across. >> a little pail, quick drying comment and string lights. go from pole to pole to pole and
6:52 am
create a canopy of light. right nour, we are showing pictures from pinterest of ways to do this and how lovely it is. it creates a sense of intimacy and romance and love. >> these are battery operated. >> yeah. >> they are safer, especially if you have them on a ladder or have kids. >> these are wax coated l.e.d.s. >> wow. >> feel it. it has a burnt wick on it. >> what are they going to do next. great. i love it. moving into the lighting here on the table, we have this citronella candles. instead of the big torches your mom had, it's more elegant and you have the bug repellant bringing in hurricane lights, again with the battery power. it's a lovely amber light that makes everybody look prettier. >> we love that. that works for us. >> let's move over to the table setting. how do you make it
6:53 am
non-traditional. you don't want it to look like every other table setting. >> layer pattern and color. not being afraid to do that. white, white, white. outside z, you are really competing with the natural flora and fauna. you can go wild. i like to use herbs, make a runner down the table. family style, help yourself. >> i love what you do with the silverware. >> use planting urns. >> incorporate your bar into it as well? >> absolutely. everyone serve themselves. the last thing you want to do is pour everybody a drink all night. >> exactly. >> this is a simple drop cloth that was $9. this is my grandma's table cloth. >> it looks beautiful. really affordable. down to dagmar now.
6:54 am
>> this is so beautiful, inviting, it makes me want to pour my lemonade. let's talk, what you have done here is bring the indoors out. you have blankets, pillows, bed sheets and blurred the lines between inside and outside. >> we talk about bringing the outside in. the reverse is true when you are outside. the light create as sense of lull in a room. we can use these interior elements. nice plate wear. >> so comfortable. >> summer party. >> you expand the space, too. you brought it outside. >> then you are more relaxed. >> layer your rugs. don't keep them outside all year. bring them out for events.
6:55 am
you can do it with the bed sheets. >> projectors are now under $200. you can lounge, i mean you can have a movie night outside. >> and it's about creating a chair back. >> while you get comfy, it's great to have you here. see you back again tomorrow. >> i'll see you back here tonight for nbc "nightly news." have a great day. bye bye.
6:56 am
good morning i'm vicky wynn, coming up next on "today in the bay," ready for kickoff. it's not the 49ers who get to open levi's stadium tonight. it's a football of different kind. and chaos on different corners. after two separate muni crashes sends dozens of people to the hospital. also he calmly pulled out a huge gun and demanding all of the cash. a brazen south bay robbery and what police hope you recognize in the video. ♪
6:57 am
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6:59 am
from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." welcome, and here's what the golden gate bridge looks like this hour early on your saturday morning. traffic moves nicely, but keep the fog lamps on, it is quite drizzly out there. thanks for joining us today, i'm vicky wynn alongside our meteorologist who has a look at the microclimate forecast, good morning. >> good morning. san francisco, we have the low
7:00 am
clouds, but really all across the bay area from san jose up to the north bay and all across the east bay, lots of gray skies right now with some mist and drizzle across the golden gate bridge in the coast. clearing skies then around lunchtime, still a little bit on the hot side. valleys today climbing into the 90s. the sea breeze will pick up in the afternoon. early afternoon game time for the a's looks good. mid-70s as the clouds try to break up and as we watch that as well as later on this evening we have opening evening for levi stadium. san jose earthquakes hosting the sounders, coming to town. should see 70s with sunshine. nice and comfortable out there at the brand new stadium out there and we'll see cooler changes ahead. full look at that coming up in just a few minutes from now. >> we'll hope everything goes without a hitch. >> thank you, rob. we are just hours away from opening night at levi stadium. tonight the 44,000 soccer fans will be pouring in for the first game inside the $1.3 billion stadium. look at that live picture just


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