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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 5, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good morning, coming up on "early today," the cdc tracked 22 more potential ebola cases in the u.s. over the past week while nancy writebol is on her way to atlanta for a rare experimental drug. another tenuous truce is underway as president obama promises another $225 million for israel's iron dome missile defense system. plus a dangerous flash flood in nevada. >> get out. get out. >> it's tuesday, august 5th. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everybody. i'm dara brown. right now the second american sick we bow la is in route to atlanta.
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nancy writebol left liberia in serious condition. she's expected to arrive around 11:00 a.m. eastern time. now writebol will join kent brantley at the hospital. both are being treated with an experimental drug. a director of the national institutes of health spoke with chris hayes about the drug. >> this is an intervention that was developed with federal funding by nih, my institution, and now it's with a company that's trying to scale it up. there are only right now as we speak three treatment doses available, so it isn't like there's a lot of it available. we really have to scale it up. >> the ebola outbreak in west africa is causing doctors around the world to be cautious. a man with ebola-like symptoms has been tested for the virus. it's unlikely he has ebola. i'm joined by jay grey in atlanta.
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what can we expect today? >> hey there. well, a lot of people expecting the arrival of the second american missionary. as you talk about nancy wrightbol with the specially equipped medical swret she's in right now touches down here in atlanta, she will finally be back to the u.s., but doctors stress she is still a long way from a full recovery. >> reporter: nancy wrightbol being flown from liberia equipped with an isolation pod. her son jeremy is anxious to get his mom back on american soil. he knows exactly what he will say to her when he gets the chance. >> i love you, and then i'm going to encourage her that we know that god is good and we trust him. >> reporter: wrightbol is expected to land at davos atlanta air base around noon and will be immediately transferred to this isolation unit at emery hospital that she will share with a colleague, dr. kent
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brantley, the first two ebola patients ever treated in the united states. they contracted the deadly virus while working as medical missionaries in africa, and doctors say both have shown improvement in the last couple of days after receiving the second dose of the experimental drug that is manufactured at this california pharmaceutical company that until now has never been used on humans. >> what it is is a cocktail of anti-bodies that are protein that is the body makes to block the virus. >> reporter: the head of wrightbol's missionary group says it may also be another aspect of their mission. >> if they have to suffer through this in order so tens of thousands and maybe more lives can be saved, they would say i'm willing to go through what i've gone through. >> reporter: but the focus at emory hospital right now is on two people -- dr. kent brantley and nancy wrightbol and their struggle to survive.
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>> now, there have been ebola patients that have been recovered in a couple of days. obviously that is not the case with brantley and wrightbol. doctors here say that their treatment and recovery will likely last a couple of weeks. back to you. >> jay grey reporting. thank you for that update. how much worse can it get for california? parts of southern california are still digging out after heavy rains created flooding and mudslides. bulldozers were used to create roads in an attempt to rescue some 2,500 residents that were trapped in their homes. up to eight homes were destroyed. crews also had to dig through rocks and mud to get to campers that were stranded at a camp site. national guard troops are being deployed to fight the fires throughout the state. they fear a possible thunderstorm coupled with lightning in coming days will cause more fires. the fires have scorched 134,000 acres. record breaking rain is
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flooding the streets of naples, florida. more than six and a half inches made monday the rainiest august day in the city. it also sparked a flash flood warning. cars, trucks, and small businesses felt the brunt of the storm. in this video you can see the conditions drivers faced as they made their way to safety. 42 vehicles were reported stranded as of monday afternoon. a three-day cease-fire between israel and hamas went into effect overnight. it began at 8:00 a.m. local time, 1:00 a.m. eastern. during the next 72 hours israel and hamas are expected to discuss a long-term peace deal. the fighting has killed nearly 1,900 palestinians, many of them civilians. 67 israelis have died, most of them soldiers. meanwhile, president obama has approved a measure that will provide $225 million in emergency aid to israel's iron dome missile defense system. over the past month the system has been used to bring down multiple rockets fired by hamas.
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an arizona judge is allowing convicted murderer jodi air whereas to represent herself when she goes on trial next month to determine if she gets the death penalty. she was convicted last year of first degree murder in the 2008 killing of her ex-boyfriend. at the time jurors were unable to decide her sentencing. arias petitioned a somewhere to allow her to serve as her own lawyer despite having no legal experience or college degree. before granting the motion, the judge strongly urged her to reconsider. more testimony expected today from a detroit man charged with second degree murder in a shooting death of an unarmed teen on his front porch. 55-year-old theodore wafer took the stand in his own defense saying he refused to cower in his own home when he heard pounding on his door at 4:30 in the morning. he also expressed remorse for what he had done.
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>> it's devastating. this poor girl. >> when you shot that shotgun, ted, were you afraid for your life? >> yes. >> and did you think that danger was just about to get you? >> yes. >> she e shot 19-year-old renesha mcbride in the face last november. her family claims she was asking for help after she crashed her car. you have heard of the war on women, but now according throws a war on whites, according to mo brooks from alabama. on monday, including the appearance of conservative host laura ingram, he turned the war of whites to accuse democrats of race baiting to get more votes. take a listen. >> this is a part of the war on whites that's being launched by
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the democratic party. and the way in which they're launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. it's part of the strategy that barack obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012 where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things." >> ingram wasn't exactly on board with his phrasing calling it "a little out there." for one texas fisherman it is a deadly catch he will never forget. byron spring made his bi-annual fishing trip, but once he hit the water, he hooked this. an 800 pound tiger shark. reeling it in was no easy task. >> fought really hard. seven hours of pure pain and suffering. it was all well worth it, though. >> the shark ended up pulling spring's boat 15 miles and it took a crew just to pull the shark out of the boat.
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he says he is donating the shark meat to charity. >> get out! get out! fast-moving floodwaters create a dangerous situation in las vegas. an elderly couple is rescued from their car moments before it was swept away. now it is time to look at the weather. here's meteorologist swren et. >> good morning. the threat for flash floods continues across parts of the reasonabling. there's a storm system combined with moisture. showers and thunderstorms are expected from the see air wra nevada into the intermountain west and the great basin. in theed watches out for northern nevada and southern idaho. meanwhile, it's going to be another warm one in seattle. more in the way of clouds across the pacific northwest today. chance for showers in san francisco. los angeles, downtown l.a., expected to see lots of sunshine with high temperatures in the middle 80s. that's your national forecast.
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elko will see thunderstorms. plenty of sunshine with highs in the 90s. that's your tuesday forecast. dara, things are relatively quiet across southern california, but those thunderstorms will continue farther inland. >> we'll keep an eye for the upcoming weekend. thank you. a man credited with keeping two million guns out of criminal's hands. redskins owner daniel snyder's latest attempt to keep the team's name. you're watching early today. >> early today is brought to you by centrum silver multi-vitamins. multivitamins for your eyes, heart and brain. now, with a new easy to swallow coating.
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president exploded in james brady's head. at just 40 years old he miraculously survived and was able to regain some speech but was left paralyzed. he and his wife became tireless gun control advocates. the brady bill gave unprecedented restrictions. one group estimates he block blocked two million gun sales to criminals. president reagan had fond words for his press secretary in 1981. >> we are even more related by the presence of a man who truly belongs in this room, a man whose courage has been an inirspyings to all of us, and i am proud that jim brady is my press secretary. former first lady nancy reagan called brady "the personification of courage and perseverance." jim brady was 73. zirchlg today president obama will deliver remarks at the u.s.-africa business for wrum. it's the first of its kind meeting with some 50 african
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leaders. let's get down to business with cnbc's courtney reagan. good morning to you, courtney. >> well, good morning, dara. gwinnett, the publisher of usa today is close to buying the rest of for $1.8 billion. they've been buying more local tv stations and a stake in job website gm is making progress in fixing its recall website that correctly lists all cars that need repairs. they've recalled 29 million vehicles this year. by august 20th all automakers are required to have systems with recall information. redskins owner dan snyder says he was moved the business -- that's why he started to help native americans. the foundation is working on several projects.
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dara, back to you. >> thanks, courtney. fans, listen up, the game is adding 5,000 words to the new edition of its official players dictionary. selfie, bromance, buzz skill and schmutz are all okay. well, just ahead, all your sports highlights, including one of the most bizarre contests involving 150 competitors. that's up next. "making healthy choices" and "getting major kudos." just look at you. you're being healthy, even in little ways. that's worth celebrating. that's why walgreens created the first program that gives you rewards points just for healthy behavior. so stick with it. you've got a lot of people cheering you on... download the app and start getting rewarded today. at the corner of happy and healthy. we fill our freshly baked flatbread, with bold, unflat flavors. like taste inspired by the freshness of the mediterranean.
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so, could this be the next craze in wedding photography? using drones to capture overhead shots of your special day? but is it even legal? kerry sanders has the answer. that's later on today. in sports we begin with the yankees-tigers. yankees elsbur where i with a deep shot to left center. it's going, going, and not gone. outfielder car era with an amazing over the shoulder catch in his first start of the we're for the tigers. even derek jeter was impressed. oh, a miracle catch. the yanks will go on to beat the tigers 2-1. yahoo sports reports that team usa will cut john wahl and paul mill sapp from the fifa world cup roster leaving 16 to compete for the spot of the 12-man roster. a ufc stare down in vegas turned
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violent. john "bone" jones and daniel cornea started the melee with damage and the security broke up the press event. shortly after they took to twitter. jones tweeted "come on d.c., where was your takedown defense? "i put you on your back in six seconds." kormier responded. "i got some takedown defense for you. don't ever put your dirty face on me again." they meet in the octagon on september 27th. now to the nfl. bears behaving badly at training camp. rookie corner tries to strip the ball from martellius bennett. this may bring back memories for you. or maybe not. this game is typically played during a japanese school's annual sports day. it's called essentially 75 defenders protect the pole from 75 attackers trying to topple it. it's a game when one team's pole
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and never any by-products or fillers. wow! being a cat just got more enjoyabowl. fancy feast broths. wow served daily. now to entertainment news. it looks like the next spider-man film might be about a spider-woman. they're planning to focus on a female superhero in the story.
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♪ ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> yes, that song! >> taylor swift took time this weekend to sing with a 6-year-old fan hospitalized while undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. the family said that swift "brightened our sunshine's day." northwest got to hear a preview of kanye's new album. this photo was posted of the two in the studio. nbc's welcome to sweden is only four episodes into its first season. it's already gotten the order for ten episodes of season two. speaking of second seasons, it looks like vince vaughn will be a part of hbo's true detective series. nothing is official yet, but it's rumored his role was created with vaughn in mind. and forbes has released a highest paid actresses of 2014, and the top three are sandra bullock earning $51 million, swren fer lawrence grossing $34 million, and "friends" jennifer
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aniston earning $31 million. it looks like "big bang theory" stars have signed contracts that would allow the show to start filming for the upcoming season. it's rumored that each will earn $1 million per episode. "big bang," big bucks. that's huge. >> i'm surprised sandra is on that list. >> sandra bullock? no, her movies are great. miss conjegeniality. >> i'm dara brown. this is early today. we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc. i'm always talking with my hands so they have to look their best... new revlon colorstay gel envy™ a revolution in modern nail enamel.
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leading the news russia is battle-ready for ukraine. officials warn russia has doubled its battalion near the border with ukraine and may launch a cross-border incursion with little or no warning. huffington post a 6-year-old drives toy car on to parkway. drivers form shield to protect him from traffic. it's just north of new york city. a relative got distracted when the boy took off with his battery powered atv. one of the drivers pulled him off the road, and he was reunited with his family. it's a mother's story we're following today. a new tv show has people calling for boycotts, and it hasn't been aired yet. black jesus comes from the creator of the boondocks. it features a street life jesus
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that may smoke marijuana. it might not be the biggest roller coaster in the world, nor the safest, but the menitor is a cool thing to have in your backyard. designed and built by a teenager. it has about 90 feet of track and goes 12 1/2 miles an hour. a rare kicker too. because of liability concerns, he is only letting family members take a ride. kind of cool. in south dakota -- that's amazing to put that in your backyard. in south dakota it's the invasion of the motorcycle enthusiasts. half a million of them are at the sturgis motorcycle rally. it is the 74th gathering. it's a huge economic benefit to the state bringing in as many as $500 million. amazing. well, they got their seal of approval. the two surfers were pleasantly surprised when a young seal decided to join them. that seal befriended the surfers and hopped right on to their surf boards. he had a little trouble keeping his balance, but the trio road
4:28 am
the waves together for almost an hour. i think that is my favorite story of the day will. >> so cute. >> so amazing. >> this is actually -- >> can you imagine being out there surfing and suddenly -- >> yeah. >> he actually got on the board was able to ride a couple of waves there. now a court hearing is scheduled for pop star justin bebieber in miami. he was arrested in miami after an illegal street race between bieber and a friend. he faces charges of resisting arrest, drunk driving, and other traffic charges. it was previously protest poened as the prosecutor and lawyer tried to work out a plea deal. patrick ewing turns 52. can you believe it, rory mccormick, aka marcia brady, is 58. wkrp actress and 1970s sex symbol lonnie anderson turns 69. now, keep it here for more news, weather, and sports. i'm dare wra brown. thanks for watching "early today." have a terrific tuesday.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, 4:30, it's tuesday morning, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to, let's check the weather forecast, good morning. >> good morning, and we're waking up to rain in parts of the bay area this morning around concord and martinez. we're seeing the showers around your 680 commute which mike will watch closely for you this morning. showers moving off to the south and east and light rain showers across the north bay. cloudy skies around the bay area right now. best chance of showers in the afternoon will be in the north bay and around the tri-valley and east bay. even the south bay will see a chance of showers later tonight. full forecast in a few minutes. right now a


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