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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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effort to get it upright and more information about the missing skipper. >> plus wild fires burning out of control and now firefighters from out of state are coming in to help. rain could be helping with the fires across northern california. meantime for the bay area, you could see showers affecting parts of your morning commute, especially around the east bay. look at rare august rain in the forecast, coming up. and while there is concern about the wet roads. we'll talk about that. right now in the drier south bay, big crash north 101, crews trying to get through this back up to clear that roadway as well as a new crash 880. we'll show you those congestion spots coming up. turning to be a busy morning commute wise out there. that's why it's nice to take a nice clear look at the golden gate bridge for this tuesday, august 5th, this is "today in the bay". from nbc bait area, this is -- bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> and i'm scott mcgrew. just in, a magnitude 3.2 quake rattled wine country this morning. the quake three miles southwest of napa. no reports of any major damage or serious injuries. in the men time, let's check the weather with a live look at san francisco. cloudy skies starting our day. and we have seen some rain in the north bay and east bay. >> that's right. new video taken this morning, one of the directors was driving into work from walnut creek. mike will have the latest on the wet morning commute in a moment, but let's check that microclimate forecast with rob mayeda, he's in for christina. >> this morning we are seeing rare rainfall across the bay area. moving mainly into the east bay, tracking south into the tri-valley. satellite and radar, you can see how most of the action is across northern california. not much south of oakland or san jose for you this morning. you get a closer view here, you see that the showers are pushing from north to south down into
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danville, dunn lin, antioch, martinez and concord. that's where most of the shower activity has been for the morning. slowly heading off towards the south and east. showers there around berkeley approaching oakland and some light rain into navado and brief showers earlier around napa. most of the activity will continue to transition off to the south and east. action for the morning around the north and east bay for the afternoon, still mainly dry around san jose. later tonight, we will see more showers dropping down the coast as we transition to a drier forecast by tomorrow, there you see the skies beginning to clear. wednesday afternoon transitioning back to a drier forecast, but very interesting, just to see some rain in august as you can see, we had the temperatures this morning in the low 60s, should climb into the low 80s this afternoon around san jose. upper 80s further south around saratoga, speernging drying weather for most of the day. san francisco in the low 70s and into the north bay, we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. still a slight chance of a thundershower north of santa rosa, north of napa, mid-80s in
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the forecast around pleasanton and after today, things should start to dry out and certainly warm up for the tri-valley. low 90s towards thursday and friday. keeping an eye on the morning commute, of course keeping things tuned with mike coming up in a bit. well happening right now, crews are preparing to begin the long process of cleaning up a fishing boat that's been leaking fuel near ocean beach for more than 24 hours. "today in the bay's" bob redell has been in san francisco all morning, bob, what's the latest? >> reporter: well good morning, scott, within the past few moments. two members of the u.s. coast guard arrived here on ocean beach. if tourp push in, you might see them silhouetted against the waves. as you push in straight, you see the backhoe just beyond the backhoe and to the right is the fishing skreszle that he they are -- vessel that they are concerned about. they're trying to figure out what's the deal with the fuel. they're waiting for a contractor who specializes in removing fuel to come out here and figure out
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once they remove the fuel how did they best remove this vessel that has been leaking. diesel into the ocean for the past 24 hours or so. the boat is the paloma, it's a 38 foot fishing boat. it ran aground yesterday morning. it has a 400 gallon fuel tank. not clear if it was full of fuel at the time. then as i mentioned, how to figure out how to remove the vessel itself. the skipper of the paloma is still missing, it was around 3:30 yesterday morning that he radioed a veszle to let them know he was caught in the surf around ocean beach. >> we're all worried. we all would love to know that he's okay. timmy's good people. >> reporter: the orange lifeboat also washed up on shore, but it's possible it deployed by itself automatically. the coast guard believes that the man most likely made it to shore safely.
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we've spoken to other fishermen and reports that he may not want to be found so he doesn't have to deal with this situation. we found an old booking photo of him from santa cruz county. law enforcement says nose outstanding warrants as one much his friends told us, he's, quote, good people. back out here live looking down the beach, the shoreline here at ocean beach. about three quarter mile south of the cliff house. you can see two members of the coast guard, they just arrived out here to figure out again what's the best way to remove the spill. they have a contractor coming out to do that and number two, how do they remove. vessel? bring it to shore? get it off they that way or be towed? reporting live here in ocean beach, that's bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. at 6:05, mountain view man is behind bars accused of molesting two sisters. and now, police are asking the public for help. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live at the police department this morning. stephanie, it was this man's job that has investigators extra concerned.
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>> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning, laura. he worked as a handyman for homes in the same neighborhood where he lived. even police say he has no criminal record, 43-year-old is behind bars at the jail in san jose in the $300,000 bail. police arrested him friday for lewd and lascivious acts with a child. after two sisters, seven and ten years old told their parents he touched them inappropriately. detectives say he molested them during the course of several days as he worked as a handyman at moffett mobile home park. they believe he lurid the girls to a secluded area, separately, and touched them. at the time the girls were being cared for by another family member, not their parents. neighbors describing him as a religious man. some surprised by the news, others saying they had always thought there was something off about him. >> if you see someone walking around and they just start saying god bless you afterwards,
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it's a little different. yeah, just a little bit. >> i can't believe it. i mean he asked my son, do you believe in god? you know, he looked like he had the love of the lord in his heart. >> reporter: the mobile home park manager telling nbc bay area that he had attended the mountain view hispanic seventh day advent church where parishioners described him as quote a nice man. he is married and has a son. and he is set to be formerly charged some time this week. live in mountain view, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you stephanie. right now reinforcements arriving from all over the country as california firefighters battle more than a dozen wild fires burning across the state. cal fire has created a pair of maps to show what it's dealing with this. . shows you the state right now. it's the second one that's the shocker. we zoomed in to northern california. look at that, nine different
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fires all burning north of redding. the largest of them all is the eiler fire in shasta county. almost 29,000 ache verse burned. that's a little smaller than the entire city of san francisco. there's no containment at this time. firefighters desperately working to gain a proposaler it around the flames. the fire has destroyed at least eight homes and one restaurant. hundreds of buildings are still threatened. and there are more than a thousand flfrts batting that fire alone leaving state resources depleted. the crews from across the country are on their way in to help. connecticut fire crews packed up to leave this morning. they're headed to california. 20 person crew left for the county early this morning. >> weather conditions, where we're going, it's supposed to be really steep terrain. sop yeah, dry conditions, fire behavior, so yeah, you never really know what you're walking into. before you get there. >> all of the crews on their way are trained in battling forest
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fires and wild fires. others sending crews our way. washington, oregon receiving our help for more than a dozen major wild fires are burning. in the men time, let's check in with mike inouye as we check your roads, that doesn't look real good, mark. >> it's reality though, this is better than it was ten minutes ago. it was almost completely stopped. you can see it flowing before. looked like a frozen picture. and laura, we're looking at yes, 101. this is just north of 680 where it's not this bad. look at the maps, crash north of the camera shot behind the trees, always there. we can't see the crash, but it just cleared from all lanes. that's better news. we had two crashes one right around the approach to 680 and one past it. they might have been the same, but we saw the affects of the north one and now a smoother drive. this is the slowing approaching 101 and 680 and heading north towards the airport for 101. this may result in some folks hearing about this, seeing the back up and using capitol
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expressway over towards highway 87. that happens when a crash happens about this time in the morning. expect the ripple affect as they say. we have one thing causing another and down to another. the roadways that normally wouldn't be affected by the crash are now seeing more traffic because of folks trying to get out of that back up. . the rest of the south bay so far though looking predictable. we'll track 87. southbound 880, slower as you head out of hayward towards tenson road. sounds like at least one of the vehicles if not both have made their way over to the shoulder. good deal of slowing past the san mateo bridge. that's more extensive than we typically see. it's keeping union city clear because of the folks in hayward. there are are the affects, green painted over the maps, that's the road weather index. may have slick roadways to concord, walnut creek, danville even. san ramone, easier drive. crash over there you see off of highway 24 been it's on the oakland side of the tunnel. it's moved to the shoulder. it's eastbound, counter-commute as you head to the bay bridge, that's your commute direction westbound. there's the back up. metering lights are on and fast
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track lanes are moving. visibly, that's better news, but we have the folks coming off the freeway. we'll expect that to build. >> starting to get busy. all right, thanks a lot. still ahead on "today in the bay," a quake rattles the roof of a mine. host families for children who cross the border alone. new details about the immigration plan, next. and taking a live look outside, yep, those are those clouds hanging out o overcast skies across the bay area. it's not rain in the north bay and the east bay. rob in for christina. he has tabs on that radar.
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5u689 13 been -- at 6:13, top stories this morning. crews will remove a fishing boat that ran aground yesterday. the boat's skipper has not been found. the skip has been leaking fuel since yesterday. firefighters from connecticut are on their way to shasta county to help fight two massive fires burning out of control. the eiler fire and the baltd fires have -- bald fires have burned 66,000 acres combined. they were started by lightning and firefighters don't have either one under control. the plane carrying the second american ebola victim is on its way from maine to atlanta, just hours ago, the plane landed in maine from africa to gas up before heading to atlanta. that's where nancy will be treated for ebola. a mine shaken by a magnitude 5.3 quake near johannesburg, south afterwith a ka. the -- south africa. three people are hurt, but their
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injuries are not considered serious. also happening today, santa clara county leaders will outline their plan to help undocumented children crossing the border. >> kris sanchez joins us now. kris the proposal includes a call for host families. >> reporter: yeah, we're going to hear more about that plan at 8:00 this morning, laura. leaders of the catholic charities of santa clara county and will urge leaders to come up with a plan to take on the children who are in detention centers right now in southern california and in texas. the charity wants to urge the supervisors to move forward with their plan to help. the county executive jeff smith has already had his staff researching the feasibility of housing some of the children in private homes such as foster children are. last month, congresswoman of san jose asked the county board to figure out a way to help. several board members already seemed to be on board with that host family model. now for catholic charities of santa clara county. this is not a new concept. for 30 years, its been a
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resettlement program for which it provides, housing, education, and other assistances to help resettle refugees. as for the host program. about 50 children could be placed in the county with families. the host families would have to meet the same qualifications and criteria as a foster family would. the county would seek federal funds for expenses and the county would provide legal assistance here at the local level. last month, oakland city leaders passed a resolution asking for host families there to come forward. this again as everyone waits for the federal government to figure out what it is going to do about the crisis, scott and laura. >> all right kris, thank you. it's 6:15 right now, it's time to check the forecast. let's take a live look at the eastern approach to the bay bridge. kind of hazy, cloudy start to the day. i want to check in with rob, he's got a look at the forecast for us. >> like many mornings, we look at the fog. the clouds mean business this morning. they're bringing rain to parts of the east bay and tri-valley
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for your morning commute. it's the east bay, north bay impacted by the showers we're seeing rolling through the bay area right now. temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside, and the weather pattern very interesting. you see moderate to heavy rain to the north and west north of sacramento up towards the northern sierra. they're seeing rainfall coming down perhaps an inch or two later on today, but around the bay area, most of the shower activity has been across the east bay. oakland now seeing a little bit of that light rain which is moving into danville dropping down the 680 corridor from alamo into danville approaching to the south and you can see the showers around berk le and oakland -- berkeley and oakland. widely scattered showers, decreasing in intensity and coverage here as most of the moisture transitioned into the hilltops. for the morning, best chance of shower activity around the east bay with mostly cloudy skies, mainly north of san jose as we head towards the afternoon. still a slight chance of an isolated thundershower north of santa rosa. then tonight, band of showers pushing down the coast.
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then for tomorrow, we transition to a drier forecast. what's left of the showers ending in the south baby 2:00, the skies starting to clear there, and you'll see the temperatures climb ugh up back into the 90s inland for the second half of the week, but the rain totals here, very impressive for what is normally one the three driest months of the year. we're seeing rain totals that should approach close to a tenth of an ninch parts of the bay area right around napa. i think that's going to be the best bet of seeing showers as we go into the afternoon and areas north of santa rosa. you can seeing one to two inches near mount shasta, enough to wet the ground for palo alto and san francisco later on tonight. temperatures in the 80s south of san jose. probably the driest forecast we'll see will be for the santa clara valley south today. chance of a stray shower around san francisco of highs near 70 degrees. upper 70s around the north bay, tri-valley mid-80s for now and temperature trend once we get past today and the skies clear for the middleton part of the week. 90s as we approach next week.
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now for a check of the morning commute, here's mike. wetter roads are a concern, but more concern, we have a crash approaching the san mateo bridge, easy light drive westbound because some are held up getting here. let's look at the map. east bay side, out of hayward and 238, we have a slow drive, tenson south of the bridge interchange. we had a crash. took a while to clear to the shoulder. all lanes are cleared, emergency crews are helping out there. no leans blocked, but big digs traction. holidaying up folks towards the interchange and the san mateo bridge toll plaza. that's a benefit for the time being, more folks will head across west 92 and the approach as it typical for that pattern, especially on a tuesday. that's lighter flow through the castro valley wide. and over here the dumbarton bridge, facebook side of the bay as we talk about a smoother drive. slowing for university and the bay front expressway. here, very slow northbound 101 approaching original a crash reported approaching 680. it sound like everything was
6:20 am
over at the other area. look at the live camera where traffic is backed up. moving better now, it's flowing visibly. this recovery will continue, look at the map again. the morning commute has kicked in if that are area. folks will head over to the expressway. there we go. we're seeing the slow down northbound 101 as you're heading up towards 87 and into downtown. that is an alternate route. and that's the rip that will we talk about. problem here, cascades back here and now ripples back over north 87. there you go. rest of the south bay moving smoothly. of course the green blotches here on the map we're talking about the affects the rain drop. walnut creek not presenting any problems, but there are slippery conditions and the bray bridge backup, metering lights are on, back to you. till ahead "today in the bay," a long way from recovery. new details as the second ebola patient makes her way from africa to the united states. and we have that all ahead in a live report. let's take a live look outside at the golden gate
6:21 am
bridge, traffic smooth, but the clouds mean business according to rob mayeda. seeing some rain in the bay area, when and where, we'll keep tabs.
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happening now, a second ebola patient is on a plane headed to atlanta for treatment. >> nancy writebol left for liberia and is bound for emory university hospital where a team of patientists will -- specialists will oversee her
6:24 am
care. she'll join colleague dr. kent brandtly. both are a long way from recovery. jay gray is live outside in atlanta. what time will nancy writebol arrive? >> reporter: hey there, great to talk to you. looks like around noon. perhaps a little bit before. that plane that she's in, especially -- a specially designed plane, medevac jet that includes an isolation pod inside. it's on the way to atlanta, but stopped briefly just about 20 or 30 minutes ago in bangor, maine. cleared customs which is just a formality, but also to refuel and now back in the air and headed this way as you talked about, nancy writebol is on board. she is a missionary in africa, contracted the deadly virus. and has been treated there, but will come here and continue that treatment. she is in serious, but stable condition right now. and there's a guarded, but optistic prognosis, both for she
6:25 am
and her missionary colleague, dr. kent brandtly. back to atlanta over the weekend, both making a 5,000 mile trip in the same jet. look, they both also took two doses of an experimental drug. we'll talk more about that later. doctors feel like they've really turned the corner. they stress though as you talk about laura, there's still a long way to go, and that the next few days may be the most critical in their treatment and recovery. >> yay, you -- jay, you touched on the drug. there's a sign of desperation. manufactured here in california has never been used on human beings. >> reporter: no, you're absolutely right, scott. i think you hit on an parent point. we know that dr. brandtly took an extreme turn to the worse before he was evacuated here. in fact, so much that doctors in africa described him as near death. he got this experimental drug,
6:26 am
zmap which is the manufacturer there in california, and it was nearly miraculous that within 45 minutes to an hour, his problems eased. he was breathing easier. some of the symptoms from ebola had kind diminished a bit. and it works so well that even while here in atlanta he received another dose over the weekend. so, they feel like that that along with the treatment that they're receiving here is a great combination. now, this drug never before used with humans as you talked about. successful in limited animal testing. also, very limited production, in fact, this morning, i was told only three viles exist right now. of course they're trying to ramp that up. and it could be a part of the treatment protocol here, the specialists won't say. what they do tell is they want access to every available weapon as they continue to fight the lethal virus. >> sure. >> very interesting, thanks so much, jay gray in atlanta with
6:27 am
the very latest for us. it's 6:26, still ahead, a mundane tasks takes on a new meaning in gaza part for the first time in days people are free to shop for food in open air markets. but will the cease-fire with israel last? we are live with the latest. plus burglar in the backyard. how a garden tool helped him break in to a south bay home, next. and we'll take you out live to the san mateo bridge, we'll check in with mike in just a minute.
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temporary truce but will it lead to lasting peace? we're live with new details and the cease-fire between israel and hamas. well the calendar says august, but we do have some light rain showers in parts of the bay area impacting your morning commute. look at those changes in your forecast coming up. and rob, speaking of impact, look what we found. that back up at 101, it's not clearing yet, a new crash, look at this, t-boned against the big rig. everybody's out talking it out.
6:30 am
we'll talk about the back-up, coming up. and a live look at the opening bell this morning. we're in new york city and wall street. there's the bell on the nyse. nasdaq, same happening. and here comes the buzzer, tuesday, august 5th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and a good tuesday morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we start with breaking news. of a loan gunman opened fire on a group of military officials at a british base in kabul, afghanistan. the group made up mostly of u.s. military officials and some germans. at this point three people are dead, 13 others are hurt. officials say many of the injured may not survive. the department of defense has asked nbc news not to identify the victims until their family, families are notified. new this morning, latest
6:31 am
ceasefire appears to be holding between israel and hamas. tracy potts monitoring the story from washington, d.c. and tracy, the cease-fire could set the stage for more permanent truce. >> reporter: well laura, that's the hope. its been eight hours now, that's four times as long as the last one lasted. israel announced early this morning they were pulling out, and now the focus is what about the people in gaza? 1800 killed, thousands who've been wounded. people there now trying to venture out and just find food. there's $6 billion worth of damage to gaza just over a million and a half people live in that area. so that's something that's going to have to be dealt with now as they try to move forward with this cease-fire. israel troops are now returning to israel. they pulled out, they announced this morning after shutting down some 32 tunnels that hamas had built into israel. hamas said $100 million building those tunnels. now as you said, the focus becomes what's next. if they're able to actually hold
6:32 am
off rocket fire for three days. the focus is going to be in egypt, in cairo where israel is now sending delegates to sit down with palestinians and hamas to try to figure out if they can work out their long-term issues and come to some sort of lasting peace in that region. laura. >> eight hours in counting, thanks a lot, tracy. let's check your forecast this morning as we give you a live look at emeryville at 6:32 in the morning, say hello to rob mayeda, he's in for christina. >> good morning. interesting start in you're joining us from the north and east. light rain falling which is part of a weather system that's dropping heavy rain, north of lake tahoe for you this morning. line of showers have been watching, pushing out of the north bay at 4:00 a.m. now into danville and dublin. lighter rain showers. you're seeing that east of oakland into danville. approaching dublin and pleasanton. lighter rain into livermore, again the activity tracking off towards the south and east and
6:33 am
tapering off into oakland, just a few light sprinkles over downtown oakland into the north bay. things beginning to dry out. and this is the first wave of moisture that's dropping through the north bay into the east bay for the rest of your morning commute. and notice the south bay, not seeing a whole lot. 10:00, partly cloudy skies, san jose south and later on today, pop up showers in the north bay, slight chance of a thunder shower north of santa rosa. then 10:00, another band comes through down the peninsula and scattered showers maybe into early tomorrow morning. then skies clear and then wednesday, we transition to a drier forecast ahead as those temperatures begin to climb on up. san jose should see warm temperatures, upper 80s there. 60s closer to pacifica. we'll see a few light showers possible, little bit later on this evening. and for the north bay, you've got scattered showers, slight chance of a thunder shower, north of santa rosa, and you can see the tri-valley in the 80s today. you can see the temperatures
6:34 am
climb up as the moisture moves on. the humidity will decrease, temperatures on the increase for the second half of the week. let's check your morning commute with mike. rob, we have better news, crash i just showed you with one vehicle t-boned with the big rig. look at the live shot now. just cleared. just took three minutes from when we showed you to when they cleared it up. chp arrived quickly and said let's clear out. both vehicles were drivable and both are okay. it's smooth there. look at the approach, big back up making it worse because of the earlier crash. jammed north 10 # # approaching capital expressway, then look over here, 87 into downtown. heavier volume of traffic. morning commute kicking in and folks also tried to avoid north 101. there's the ripple effect for the south bay. both moving nice lit and little bit lighter for a tuesday there. rest of the bay on the peninsula moving smoothly. south 880 through 92. the earlier crash seen now clear and the tri-valley slowing.
6:35 am
look at the green over there. santa ramone, oakland, those are areas that were hit by lighter rain that rob was talking about. nothing dramatic as far as the effects on your commute. nice smooth drive across the bridge. watch for slick spots. we had puddling earlier. >> all right, good to know. busy for a tuesday. thanks. 6:35, san jose police hoping video is going to help them catch a brazen burglar. look. you can see the suspected thief rooming in -- roaming in a backyard. the man grabs a shol and tries to pry the sliding glass door open. when that doesn't work. he'll grab a big rock and he just simply will throw thing through the window. the homeowner says the suspect got away with jewelry and electronics. . >> he's motivated. speaking of crime today, a toox pay for more police. a recent poll of 1500 san jose residents asked if they'd pay more tax and if so, what they
6:36 am
would want the extra money use used for. first would be a general purpose sales tax. for any kind of expense. 67% said they would support a one quarter of one cent increase. 65% are on board if the money went towards better roads. proposed tax increase would be for a nine year period. 6:36, still ahead, can the giants keep the wins coming. your black and orange update with amy g. coming up next. >> maybe we should get it. let's go live outside, and from at&t park, overcast skies keeping an eye on as well this morning. with some rain in the forecast. rob's got tabs on that, mike's taking a look at the commute. 6:36, a lot more ahead, stake around.
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you're watching "today in the bay." and if you use highway 4, 680, or 580 this morning, rare august rain showers. seeing some of that into san ramone over towards livermore and east of oakland. sign of unusual weather in your forecast. full look at that coming up in adjust couple mirns, laura. >> thanks so much, roob. it's time to talk giants
6:40 am
baseball. tim lincecum looks to bounce back today against the milwaukee brewers. >> two injured giants closer to the line-up. amy gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: good morning everyone, hey, san francisco giants are off to a great start on this ten-game road trip. they took three out of four from the mets. it was a hard fought win yesterday in new york, but it is sure to provide momentum as they head on to their next city. >> you know got down a couple times and yeah, they kept grinding. >> reporter: giants set to kick off a three game series against milwaukee this afternoon. tim lincecum getting the call for the opener, and he's going to square off against the brewers right-handed pitcher james nelson. lincecum looking to get back on track. he's struggled in the last two outings. he allowed 11 runs combined to the dodgers and the pirates. he's going up against a line up with a lot of thump. in fact, the brewers are the only team in major league
6:41 am
baseball who have five players who have knocked in 50 runs on the season. on the giants injury watch, good news for hector sanchez. he is set to join the fresno grizzlies todayed to begin a rehab assignment. he's been suffering the affects from a concussion he got july 26th and angel pagen was with the grizzlies last night and he could join the giants on this road trip. that's your giants update, i'm amy gutierrez for "today in the bay." good-bye rally monkey, hello rally opossum. this morning, some a's fans accrediting that little guy right there for stocking the teams extra inning rally against the tampa bay raies last night. in the bottom of the tenth, he jogged around the warning track before hiding. the next batters scored a winning run. it has its own twit
6:42 am
handing, #rallyopossum. i want to the hear the sound as he runs across there. flames in northern california. live at the firelines coming up next. the beached boat out of the water. and more information about the missing skipper. plus stranded at sea. the incredible video as helicopters plus tourists from a sinking boat. live look at san francisco this morning, we will power through 15 minutes of uninterpreted news after this -- uninterrupted news after this short break. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in
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you're watching 156 minutes -- 15 minutes of continuous news, weather, and traffic. intense day on the fire lines. >> right now at least 14 wild fires are burning out of control and now there's a chance that
6:45 am
thunderstorms and lightning could spark new flames. one much those fires is threatening the small town of bernie where residents are preparing to evacuate at a moment's notice. that's why where nbc's reporter joins us live this morning. the fire is tearing through dry terrain due to the drought. >> reporter: certainly guys, good morning. as you mentioned, the storms, we have already seen the front end of them. it's wet out here at this hour. it rained late last night and early this morning. so good news for firefighters as they got some much needed precipitation. the bad news of course, that rain came with some thunder and lightning. that's of course what sparked the two major wild fires burning in that area. as you mentioned. 00 structures here are threatened. this is a drought-stricken area. the fuels on the ground here are explosive. crews from across the state and outside of the state are working their way here to land support. this is the command post where they are gathering and assembling here to attack one edge of the blaze. we're expecting about 1,000
6:46 am
firefighters on the ground working around the clock to build those containment lines. we're mentioning two major wild fires burning in the area. one roughly 20% contained. the other at 0% containment. they will change in the short time from now as we get updated information from firefighters, but they certainly plan on a very aggressive fight here today, guys. >> we'll see what they can do, thanks so much, miguel. >> he's going to have more continues congress on the "today show.", just search for the word wild fires. right now, closer to home, it's time to check our forecast as we give you a live look outside at san jose. look at the clouds hanging overhead. >> that's right, early this morning in fact we saw the first, the dose of moderate rain in the bay area and quite some time. new video shot overnight at the midnight showing of guardians of the gal laxy. it's hard to take pictures of rain drops. >> that's one way to do it. the rain very heavy and spotty at times. most of the cars stayed at the
6:47 am
drive in, despite the rain drops. fun to see it in the rain, why not? rob has a look at the radar to see where the rain's falling. >> same pattern that's affecting, good news with the wild fires in california with we have rain falling right now. and in fact the satellite radar view, very unusual for august, you have rain coming in, redding down towards chico, yuba city. the lightning detection network is turned on, no lightning strikes, but with the heating and the moisture north carolinaing. the instability and sunny breaks, they could to lead scattered thundershowers later on today. we'll have to watch the area especially this afternoon where thundershowers are likely to develop. notice the bay on the southern fringe of the moisture which has been dropping out of the north bay into the east bay around danville, dublin, san ramone, mt. diablo. we had a few around berkeley and oakland heading off towards st. marys. the north bay clearing out a
6:48 am
little bit as we watch most of the action for you this morning in the east bay now. and that should hold up through about lunchtime. then later today, watching for the scattered showers and thundershowers north of santa rosa. then tonight, one more band pushing through and we transition through a drier forecast, seven day jumping up in the temperatures. the skies clear and we see the numbers back in the 90s around the tri-valley. this map is very impressive. one to two inches of rain north of sacramento. in some of the higher hills. north bay picking up substantial totals for this time of year. anything to wet the ground to be perfectly honest with you is pretty unusual for early august. and you can see the totals, mostly confined to the north bay and we will see this all shutting down by tomorrow morning. 80s in the forecast today around san jose. maybe closer to 90 in morgan hill. that'll be one the drier spos. close to 70 in san francisco. north bay, mid to upper 70s in santa rosa. slight chance of a thundershower, north of santa rosa for the afternoon. pleasanton in the mid-80s right
6:49 am
now, and one of the spots could be looking at light rain for your morning commute. more on that, we'll go to mike. we've seen the issues on our maps, and i'll talk about how our weather and traffic maps are tied together. here's a live shot for 10 is 1. it's not wet. moving, look at the recovery over here. we had a big jam. look at the maps. camera shot right here. now things have sorted themselves out and smoothed a little slowing towards the airport starting way back here, just south of 85 before you get towards capital expressway, big slowing there. we're seeing slowing for the entire stretch northbound 87 from 85 up to 280. that's standard as folks have a problem for the bay shore freeway to shift over there. 85 and 280 building. so the south bay commute is building, different flow, watch 87 now. slower. the rest of the bay, across the dumbarton and san mateo bridges, moving smoothly. south 880 and in towards fremont, typical build there. we're looking at also your
6:50 am
tri-valley build which is typical there. all is green on the map. our road weather index talking about roadways possible. even puddling and ponding north of concord and coming across the bridge. but no problems reported by chp, that's better news, further north we're looking at a smooth drive, highway 37 flows out of vallejo. no problems, just traditional slowing southbound. then the golden gate bridge, 101 coming across the bay. you can see the entire span, that's better news. look at the flow into the city. expect slowing south of the tunnel. back to you. 6:50, happening now, crews preparing to begin the long pros of cleaning up a land -- process of cleaning up a landlocked fishing boat that's been leaking fuel for more than 24 hours. >> bob redell has been at the beach in san francisco all morning. bob, they finally have sunlight they can decide what to do. >> reporter: they've got a pretty good idea, good morning, scott and laura. we have workers behind me. they have a long cable, very
6:51 am
thick rope and in the background, you have an excavator and the backhoe. they'll attach the cable and the rope to the pieces of equipment. and if you look to the right, they're going try to pull out that fishing vessel right there that's been aground here on ocean beach for over 24 hours from now. that's a fishing vessel that ran aground around 3:30 yesterday morning. being downwind from it, we can definitely smell diesel. coast guard confirms that diesel is leaking from it. so they want to drag it on to shore. as you can see the waves are coming in, that's high tide coming in. it's around 7:30. they're going to try to pull this in around high tide and hopefully that wave action will assist the excavator and backhoe. part of the challenges, they believe the hull is damaged. they don't know how badly damaged, but the idea of course is to get this ashore without it breaking apart anymore. and in the first order of business to remove the diesel. this has a 400 gallon diesel fuel tank on board. they don't know if that fuel tank was full at the time it grounded.
6:52 am
now the person who was on board this vessel, this is the paloma. it's a 38 foot fishing vessel. timothy is still nising, but the coast guard believes he most likely made it to shore. now he became caught in the surf around 3:30 yesterday morning. he radioed another fishing vessel called the sunrise to let them know he was going up against the rocks. he was going to put on a life jacket and try to swim the 25 yards into shore. now his orange lifeboat washed up on the beach, but it's possible that it deployed automatically. in other words, it's maybe not something that he used. we've spoken to commercial fishermen who know him, he's a veteran. they heard reports he may have walked away from the situation because he doesn't to want deal with this. we found an old booking photo from santa cruz cant. law enforcement says he has no outstanding warrants. >> we're all worried. we all would love to know that he's okay. timmy's good people.
6:53 am
>> reporter: nbc bay area did reach out to the owner of the paloma who lives in orton, california, but we have not yet heard back. back out here live where within roughly the past hour you've had the coast guard and these workers with the fuel removal crew arrive out hire. they have the two pieces of heavy equipment that are off camera from your position and what they're going too to try to do is tow in the 30 foot fishing vessel on the shore to so they can remove the fuel and figure out what plan b is as far as removing this from ocean beach. the challenge of course being that it's probably dug in the stland pretty well, hence high tide which you can hear and see behind it seems to me coming in. they hope they'll get assists from that in a half hour when they plan on trying this operation. reporting live here on ocean beach, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right bob, thank you. well mountain view police are looking for more possible victims of a handy man accused of sexually abusing two young girls. stephanie chuang joins us in mountain view, the suspect ha h
6:54 am
no past criminal history. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, skouts. but police -- scott, but police adding the job of handyman that is adding concern here. he worked here at the mobile home park as the the handy man. he is behind bars at the santa clara county jail in san jose in lieu of $300,000 bail. police arrested him friday for lewd and la cys you acts with a child. saying that he lured two sisters, ages seven and ten on separate occasions to an area hidden from view and molested both of them during the course of several days as he worked as a handyman in this complex. at the time the girls were being cared for by another family member, but later told their parents who immediately called police. neighbors had mixed reactions describing him as a seemingly very religious man. >> i can't believe it. i mean, he asked my son do you
6:55 am
believe in god, you know, he looked like he the love of the lord in his heart. >> if you see someone walking around and then they just start saying god bless you afterwards, it's a little different. just a little bit. >> reporter: and the mobile home park manager telling nbc bay area that he taebded the -- attending the mountain view advent church where parishioners described him as a nice man. he is married and has a son. he is set to be formerly charged during his arraignment some time this week. live in mountain view this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." happening today, santa clara county leaders will outline their plan to help undocumented children crossing the border. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now, kris, the proposal includes a call for host families. >> reporter: it does laura. we should learn more about an hour from now as leaders of catholic charities of santa clara county urge leaders to move forward with a plan to take
6:56 am
on some of the unaccompanied children who are right now in detention centers in southern california and in texas. the county executive jeff smith will be asked staff to research the feasibility of housing the children in private homes as foster children are. last month, congresswoman of san jose asked the county board of supervisors to figure out a way to help. several board members were on board with the host family model. now this is not a new concept for catholic charities. for 30 years, they have a refugee resettlement program for which it provides housing, education, and other stoons resettle refugees from around the world. jerry brown called the children that are coming accompanied refugee situation. as for santa clara county's host program. it could look like this. 50 children placed in county homes. the host families would have to meet the same qualifications and criteria as a foster family. the county would seek federal fund for expresses related to the program and county would provide legal assistance for the
6:57 am
children while they are here. oakland city leaders passed a similar resolution asking for host families to come forward there. so certainly seems like it's part of a conversation of the undocumented crisis. it's 6:57, final check. lone gunman opened fire on a group of military officials at a british fwhas kabul, afghanistan. the group was mostly made up of u.s. military officials and germans. at this point, three people are dead. at least 13 others are hurt. officials say many of the injured may not survive. firefighters from connecticut are on their way to shasta continue top help fight two wild fires burning out of control. the eiler and bald fires burned about 66,000 acres combined. both were started by lightning. magnitude 3.# 2 quake rattled wine country this morning. the quake hit three miles southwest of napa around 5:40. no reports of damage or
6:58 am
injuries. >> but what a jolt to wake you up. the rain coming down in what, the north bay? >> yeah, parts of the north bay. quake and rain. couple of things in the north bay. right now interesting view of the satellite and radar. you can see the heavier rain off to the north and east. but it's the tri-valley, east bay hills, we're seeing light showers at times, east of oakland. and it will be the north bay and east bay, at least for the afternoon, the best bet of seeing showers today, warmer south around san jose where highs will be in the low 80s, san jose upper 80s. >> welcome rain. let's check in with mike and the slow traffic. >> watch out for the slicker roads. not quite so bad, we're looking to the south bay with a big, couple of crashes on 1011. now look how quickly things are recovering. slow approaching capital expressway, north of there it's moving better. rest of the bay, slower drive northbound, i mean west eastbound 84 kreerd up and trey valley not -- tri-valley not so bad.
6:59 am
lighter than a typical tuesday. metering lights are on, folks getting into the city and jay-z and beyonce playing. >> tonight and tomorrow, sold out. pretty incredible video this morning. it's a rescue at sea. this is gopro video taken by one of eight people stranded near hawaii. as the boat went down, the crew untied chi yax and everyone just climbed aboard. they called 911. a coast guard helicopter arrived within minutes. that's nervous. blankets to hoist everyone up. and the good news is that everyone was wearing a life jacket and no one was hurt. >> and somebody was wearing a gopro, we have that as well. more amazing video, this time 30 miles northwest of las vegas. water taking over a couple inside a prius. of a airman nearly gets swept away trying to save them. luckily he rescued the couple. they all got out safely. my goodness, be careful of
7:00 am
moving water. not the extent of that water coming to the bay area today. rain, moisture in the air. rob's going to keep tabs of that. that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> have a great tuesday. an american is dead, more than a dozen others wounded after a gunman opens fire at a military base in afghanistan. the latest from the pentagon this morning. atlanta-bound. the second american ebola patient arrives in the united states today. we get new details about the never-before-used drug used on both of them. could it be hel used to help st


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