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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 6, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. let's first check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina. >> seeing light rain. wet roads around san francisco. and the radar shows fast moving line of mainly light showers are from north to south, down the peninsula, passing san mateo into palo alto, los altos, sprinkles towards east bay, near 680 through the tri-valley, west out to castro valley. line from north to south.
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towards afternoon, we will see clearing skies. showers to start off, lunchtime, partly to mostly cloudy in the south bay. late, temperatures into the 70s and 80s, which means san jose 82. upper 60s, near 70 san francisco, low 80s across the north bay. mid to upper 80s across the tri-valley. wet roads could cause some issues. the commute across the golden gate, light rain into oakland. watching how the light rain slowing down your commute as well. full weather and traffic coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. for the second time in four months, there's another major security breach at san jose international airport. it's a story we first broke last night. this time a 62-year-old woman got through security and on to a flight from san jose and made it all the way to l.a.x. "today in the bay's" bob redell from sjc. this is not the first time this
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woman has gotten through security without a ticket. >> reporter: correct, laura. she has actually done this a couple of times. before her recent breach this past month. investigators say marilyn hartman slipped past the document checkpoint and boarded a southwest airlines plane without a boarding pass. after the plane landed at l.a.x., the crew conducted a head count for continuing flight to phoenix and found hartman without a ticket. there, she was take. into custody and remained in l.a. county jail with bail set at $500. this is the third them this year. the other two times were at sfo. >> we're fortunate this woman was harmless. but we might not be so lucky in the future. >> reporter: congressman swallwell believes the airport
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needs more training and better procedures. fixes that he believes would not cost a lot of money. tsa did announce it's made changes inside the document screening area already. live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. this is the second significant security breach at san jose's airport this year. back in april a 15-year-old climbed the outer security fence and flew to maui in the wheel well of a plane. he was trying to get to somali to see his mother but didn't realize he was sneak on to a plane to hawaii. he survived subzero temperatures and low oxygen levels during the five-hour flight. unlike hartman, that teen was never arrested. a south bay politician hopes a new bill will help officers stop gunmen in their tracks and prevent more mass shootings. congressman honda will hold a news conference to introduce a law making it illegal for civilians to own enhanced
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military grade body armor. this armor used by law enforcement and military but used by gunmen in mass shootings like the one inside a colorado movie theater. in 1997, it took dozens of officers and 27 bullets to take down a shooter wearing enhanced body armer in north hollywood. >> that's pretty scary for law enforcement in a security for citizens because it allows them to go on a rampage longer and kill more people. >> the bill's common sense and overdue. he's introducing the bill while everyone in congress is on summer vacation. 4:34. police arrested a man who used a rock and shove toll break into a home in san jose's neighborhood. arrested after a different burglary last week. sources tell us he's the same man in the video lobbing a rock through someone's window. he made off with jewelry and electronics. police think he may be linked to
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other burglaries. san leandro police hope someone will recognize this man. wanted for sexually assaulting a young girl over the weekend at an apartment complex. the girl was playing at the pool when she came across the man in the public bathroom. the man is around 19, tattoos on his arms. police say he does not live at the complex and they're not sure how he got in. the fbi's joined the investigate into the vandalism of a berkeley grocery store. someone threw rocks through the window at star grocery on claremont last week, a posting on a website criticizes star meats and calls the sale of meat murder. it says window damage is part of a window-smashing campaign that started last year with oakland's wayland's meat market and a burger king. they say it's an unfair attack. >> it's a shame. this is a neighborhood treasure and there's no reason to throw rocks through the window.
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there's other ways to protest. we love this store. >> it cost $1300 to replace windows. there are no security cameras but they do have leads. efforts to remove a beached boat from the san francisco shoreline will resume in a few hours. crews get to work on the boat at 7:00. the coast guard will say it takes a couple of days to get the ship out of the water at ocean beach. authorities looking for the skip, timothy lybrand, wanted on a warrant from santa clara county. the warrant is related to drug charges from 2010. lybrand called someone yesterday to say, he had made it to the shore. coast guard spent several hour looking for him in the water monday. check your first weather here with rob mayeda. good morning. >> good morning. weather, interesting, dodging light raindrops from san francisco towards east bay, bay bridge toll plaza, seeing damp roads there, also into san jose, pick up light rain. this is the last gasp of the
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tropical air we had around the bay area, for the north bay. rain heading into palo alto, towards woodside and los altos, scattered sprinkles. hayward, castro valley, light rain. the morning moving from north to south across the bay area for the morning. the trend will be mostly cloudy to start and clearing as we head through afternoon from north to south, passing lunchtime, skies clearing and setting stage for warm-up here as we wrap up the work week. valley temperatures approaching low 90s and tri-valley starting top. today 82 san jose. peninsula, highs in the 70s. san francisco, upper 60s to near 70. low 80s around the north bay. mid up to upper 80s tri-valley. checking how the weather is impacting your commute, you see areas with weather and traffic maps linked together across the peninsula and east bay, indicating light rain on the
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roads. wide view, expect this time of morning, doesn't show a lot happening other than planned construction, like seeing in and around san francisco, park presidio closed between california street and 101 scheduled through 501, use 25th and lincoln in the next few minutes. this wrapping up just after 3 k 5:00. how the rain could be slowing your commute around the east bay. nine caltrans engineers moved, demoted or fired after questioning quality of work done on the new span of the bay bridge. this according to an investigator who testified in a state senate hearing yesterday. contra costa times reports, one engineers was sent to china for new assignment after he reported welding inspections were not thorough enough. at yesterday's hearing, experts testified caltrans needs more oversight from outside agencies. live look at the bridge which experienced numerous problems as
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it was completed last year, broken bolts and water leaks. investigators agreed the bridge is safe but inadequate welding and parts will likely lead to higher maintenance costs later on. park service back to normal after a bomb threat shut down a major route between oakland and san francisco last night. 7:00 a caller reportedly told police there was an explosive device on an ac transit bus. that bus was parked under the track of the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. police evacuated the bus and homes and businesses. no signs of explosives. the station reopened a few hours later. countdown's on when you can get your hands on the iphone 6 coming up. plus, courthouse closures. we'll tell you how much further you'll have to go for traffic court in the bay area. not one, but two hurricanes head toward the hawaiian islands em people are bracing for a dangerous weekend. it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside in the south bay this morning. rob, keeping track of the forecast for us. hoping for a nice wednesday. 4:42. now in the middle east, second quiet day in a row in gaza following a month of bombing and shooting. cease-fire between israel and hamas is holding strong, but both sides need to come to an agreement before the truce is up tomorrow. today, egyptian mediators will be shuttling between both sides, trying to work out a deal. some details are emerging about hamas' negotiation points including internationally funded reconstruction of gaza. in the meantime, palestinians are taking time during this calm to return to their bombed out homes and collect what is left of their possessions. anti-war protesters and marchering down streets in san francisco today. group says it's against what it calls u.s. support of israel. the protests begin at 5:00 p.m.
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outside the san francisco federal building at 7th and mission streets. the attorney for sergeant bowe bergdahl says the former p.o.w. is anxious to share his side of the story, as he prepares to be questioned by an army investigator. the his lawyer released the picture of his meeting with the soldier from yesterday. they used yesterday's meeting to go over a classified report into bergdahl's disappearance. bergdahl could have chosen not to take part in the meeting but he wants to talk. bergdahl has been on desk duty since last month help was freed in a controversial swap this year for five taliban presideis templar sports is moving. it's a flashpoint between business owners and resident whose did not want a gun store in town. the council put a moratorium on new firearms dealers in los
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gatos. people in south bay have to travel farther for the day in court. small claims, civil divisions and traffic will close more than 50 courthouses tate wide are being shut down. the closures in south bay save $2 million a year but many question at what cost to justice. >> how am i going to cross-examination? there are number of ways to be more efficient but it's not justice. when we look at efficiencies and we look hard, where is the justice? >> bottom line, residents have to travel to santa clara or san jose for civil and small claims as well as traffic court. santa clara county leaders moving forward with a plan to give unaccompanied immigrant children a safe place to stay. yesterday immigration reform advocates held a news conference, urging the board of supervisor to put a system in place to support undocumented children who have come to the country alone. the plan would give children temporary housing with host
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families or community groups. thousands who crossed the border illegally to escape from violence are being held in texas and southern california. santa clara county leaders voted to ban medical marijuana shops in unincorporated parts of the county. preemptive move since there are no pot shops in the parks. lead have extended a moratorium on new pot clubs until then. san jose, there will nobody tax increase measure on this year's ballot. it comes as leaders could not agree on how money should be spent. among options, general purpose tax, public safety tax, and infrastructure snoox anticipated iphone 6, if they call it that, will be unveiled next month. for that and the news before the bell, courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning. that's right, apple, at least, reportedly set to unveil the new
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iphone september 9th. in stores two weeks later if the company follows pattern of its past. the company shows off its latest model in the fall. iphone 6, if that's what it's called, comes in two versions with 4.7 or 5.5 inch screen similar to galaxy phones. future are higher after stocks closed tuesday. dow giving up all of its gains from monday on worries on tensions between russia and ukraine, and concern the fed could lead to hikes sooner than expected. today earnings from viacom and aol. the dow dropping 139 points. the nasdaq losing 31 to 4352. rupert murdoch pulls his bid to buy time warn. the board refused to discuss a deal though the offer was compelling and fox's approach was frepiendly.
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check the forecast now with meteorologist rob mayeda. how are we looking today? >> interesting out there. we have light rain falling in parts of the central bay from the peninsula towards the east bay, too. you can see, some of the wet roadways around san francisco, last band of showers through the bay area now, down into palo alto and sunnyvale. and heading towards castro valley, pleasanton, dublin, san ramon, light rain from north to south. that will be the trend today. enough to wet the ground in a few spots by hayward. down the sunol grade, you may have wet roads. anytime you get to light rain around the driest time of year, that could make roadways slick with the oil on the top of those freeways. we will see clearing skies from north to south, heading into the afternoon. past lunchtime, clearing. temperatures climbing warmer than when we saw yesterday. we should see low 80s around san jose, mid to upper 80s south
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around saratoga, morgan hill, partly cloudy skies late. san francisco highs near 70, into the north bay highs in the low 80s san rafael. mid-80s tri-valley and an eye on the tropics, hurricane iselle category i storm expected late thursday to cross the big island of hawaii at tropical storm strength, 65-mile-per-hour wind. julio strengthened more. take a look at that storm, now a hurricane this morning, category i. the path here, this might be good news, could curve to the north and away from the hawaiian islands. something we'll be watching closely over the next couple of days. >> as you mentioned, they are barreling towards the hawaiian islands. and people there are bracing. they're not taking any chances. they're rushing to stores to stock up on supplies, like batteries, flashlights and water out there. as everyone takes a look at the storms. our own christina loren is in hawaii for her wedding now.
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she tweeted out a photo, the store shelves are nearly empty. no doubt she'll be a beautiful bride. hawaiian united and american airlines say travelers can change reservations for free, applies to anyone who is planning to fly to the islands between now and next tuesday. thousands of firefighters meanwhile making progress in taming more than a dozen fires covering the north half of california. one of the most dangerous is the aler fire, scorched 31,000 acres near lake shas ter. it's 35% contains. the bald fire spread to 40,000 acres and is 30% contained. the el portal fire, now completely contained. officials say dry weather will fuel the fires. they don't expect some to be contained for new few weeks.
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the driver of a tour bus arrested after he crashed into another bus in times square. this happened yesterday afternoon. but the driver not arrested until last night. they say he was on some kind of medication when he hit another double-decker bus. 14 people hurt, all expected to be okay. 4:51 right now, coming up next on "today in the bay," breakfast for 25 cents. we'll tell you where and why. >> hey, i'll buy today! san jose traffic, it's building, not even 5:00. you need mike inouye.
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welcome back to you. live look at at&t park this morning. the field is prepped not for the giants but the big jay z and beyonce finale. people could hear the show loud and clear from all over the city. some enjoyed it others not so much. this posted on twitter with a caption, i'm this far away from the ballpark and i can here the jay z/beyonce show. others say, who needs tickets? i can hear beyonce from my house. >> giants are on the road in milwaukee -- on the road in milwaukee. yesterday, the orange and black lost to the brewers, 4-3. the first pitch today at 5:10. also, center fielder angel
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pagan set to hop on a plane to join the giants in milwaukee. he's expected to start at the top of the lineup in the series finale tomorrow afternoon. manager, bruce bochy, says pagan could be available to come off the bench as soon as tonight. he's recovering from a back injury since june. a's are now two games up on the angels in the a.l. west after beating the rays 3-0 last night. the two wrap up their series this afternoon at coliseum. first pitch 12:35 into looking for a cheap breakfast, today is the day. >> a quarter, get your hands on a bagel at noah's bagels nation wide. no catch. you don't have to buy anything else. the company which first opened in berkeley back in 1989 says it just wanted to do something special for customers in honor of its 25th birthday. just a warning, do i have to tell you this, get there early.
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lines, no doubt, expected to be long. that's great. >> earlier, i was saying, this is the day to have mike inouye here because of the traffic we saw. and laura said, yeah, mike's on vacation. i hadn't noticed. >> i, too, would like mike to be here. 101 at university, palo alto, wet roads. peninsula, traffic, as you expect, at this hour, not all that bad. at least for now. 880 fremont, traffic smoothly. and 880, across the golden gate bridge, wet roads, drizzle falling. that may slow your commute as you come down from marin into san francisco. we do, though, have a construction related delay on 580. past the bridge as you approach 80. see slowing eastbound, construction reduced travel down to one lane eastbound. watch out for the area next hour. so in addition to that, we'll keep an eye on light rain that's falling that could cause slippery roads around 680,
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tracking that throughout the morning with weather and traffic together for this morning. back to you. next, "today in the bay," a car flies off the freeway, landing on three other cars in a bay area car dealership. >> sounds like a movie scene. concerns at sjc after a woman managed to get through airport security and fly all the way to los angeles. preventing a tragedy,le bill aimed at stopping gunmen in their tracks. on august 4th, two unsuspecting men walked in to a mcdonald's and discovered an extraordinary burger with heaps of jalapeños... ...for only two dollars. within minutes, they had also discovered the phenomenon of
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turned away at sfo multiple times, but somehow suspected stowaway managed to get through security at sjc. why airport officials say she was never a threat. bay area politician pushes for stricter laws on body armor. seeing rain to start your
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day in parts of the bay area which could affect travel times on your commute with wet roads. we're watching both on wednesday morning. live look outside on wednesday, august 6th. beautiful day bridge. illuminated, what a pretty postcard start to the day. wednesday, august 6th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> the tsa says it's made changes at mineta san jose airport after astowaway made it past security without a ticket. the second time the stowaway's made it on a plane last month. this time, a 62-year-old woman got through security on to a flight from san jose, made it to l.a.x. "today in the bay's" bob redell from san jose international. the stowaway has tried


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