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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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leland ye. what's expected to happen in court this morning. and the summer showers that moved on for now. right now look at patchy fog around the golden gate bridge which could in turn slow your commute in some spots around the bay area this morning. watching both weather and traffic for you on this thursday morning, forecast coming up. and live look outside at the bay bridge. it's thursday, august 7th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> things are running pretty bare. >> it's all gone. i don't know what we're going to do. >> happening now, panic in paradise as twin hurricanes churn towards the hawaiian islands. people are clearing store shelves of things like water, batteries, and food. but the storms are causing a ripple affect to flight cancellations and price drops including right here in the bay area. >> let's go to bob redell, he's
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at sfo, good morning, bob. >> reporter: well good morning to you, scott, laura. so far the impact is minimal. we only know of one flight to honolulu that's been canceled at 9:05. there are five other flights leaving throughout the morning here at sfo that are still on time. you can see there are people here at security, some of whom are trying to get on a 6:00 a.m. flight to honolulu which i mentioned is on time. we spoke to a mother and two daughters who are on their way to the island state to hawaii to visit family. and you would think she'd be upset about the two hurricanes, surprisingly, not so much. >> my aunt lives there, she's giving us local updates like downgrades, okay, now we're stocking up on water. we're okay. >> reporter: are you afraid you might spend the entire time indoors? >> a little bit, but that's okay because we're going to go and hang out and relax, read books. >> reporter: now the governor of the state of hawaii has already
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declared a state of emergency as you can see perhaps in this video, people have been doing what they normally do before major storms approach land. and that is stocking up on supplies, water and such, batteries, that sort of thing. now again, they're expecting two major hurricanes to hit the aloha state. you havist sell then hooul -- iselle and julio hitting back to back. it's a big deal not only because there's two, but its been a while since a major hurricane has hit hawaii. the last one was in '92, killed two people. destroyed more than 1,000 hopes. just to recap, one flight canceled so far this morning here at sfo. this one honolulus with other five are on time and two flights at norman. those are on time as well as the one in oakland. reporting live here at sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right bob, thank you much. for a look watt exactly where iselle is headed, we're turn to rob mayeda. >> watching them closely iselle
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is the first of the two will make a run later on today. right now the latest on the storm, category one. winds of about 85 miles per hour. so that was updated down from 90 miles per hour, just about a half hour ago. the update has just come in. the path of the storm expected to cross the big island right around 8:00 or so, hawaii time tonight. crossing just south of maui and awaho there. you'll notice et path will curve a little bit from the hawaiian islands, at least that was the latest forecast. winds of 100 miles per hour. you notice the trend here, turning to the north right before it gets to the big island. might see some rain or some increased wind there, but the main focus of julio, which will weaken to a tropical storm at this point by saturday, largely avoiding the hawaiian islands, we think. it's really iselle we'll be watching tonight into tomorrow morning. that'll bring the biggest
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punching to the hawaiian island. temperatures around the bay area. close to 60 with low clouds and fog around san francisco this morning. as we go through the day. we'll see the low clouds and mist begin to break up around the bay and inland, temperatures warming up quickly. we'll see numbers approaching, i think 90 maybe as early as 1:00 this afternoon around livermore. valleys hitting the 80s and 90s where short term the heat will be on as high pressure builds and kind of squishing down the marine layer. this is the next couple of days. interesting, by the end of the weekend, another area of low pressure here form offshore and that could scoop more monsoon moisture back up out of the desert. that's been the trend so far. going back to mid-july. that is the pattern we could see come next monday. the sea breeze will pick up, cooler, but could see midlevel moisture coming in as well monday which means more mountain thundershowers possible early next week. san jose near 84 degrees. 90 # in saratoga. san francisco highs in the low 70s and for the north day today, numbers in the mid to upper 80s
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to san rafael. pleasanton and livermore in the low 90s. i think it'll be the next two days of the warmest temperatures of the tri-valley and dropping into the upper 80s out by livermore by next sunday and monday. back to you. >> thank you, rob. wife of one of china's most famous human rights activists will hold a news conference today in san francisco to talk about his release from prison. he has been behind bars for eight years after denouncing communism in china and challenging the government in court. during his incarceration, he's repeatedly disappeared into secret jails with and has been tortured. he has been nominated for the nobel peace prize three times. he's expected actually today to be released from custody. his wife lives here in the bay area. at 5:05, new this morning, closing arguments are under way in the murder trial of famed runner oscar pistorius. he is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend in his south african home.
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"today in the bay's" derek shore joins us with a look at the prosecutor's fight to lock him up. >> reporter: good morning, the runner seen as an inspiration for millions is now in the final lap of a trial that could put him away for life. pistorius faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted in the murder of his girlfriend reeva stooen camp. -- steenkamp. for two days, they'll summarize their versions of the shooting to the judge who will determine the runner's fate. pistorius intentionally shot steenkamp on valentine's day last year says the prosecution. the defense says he mistook her for an intruder. the defense has contradicted himself saying they oorged he feared for his life but flinched pulling that trigger. that amounts to two defenses. >> i've argued that in many cases, but the this is the first instance where in fact in the head of argument, the defense will say just that. we have to defend it.
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we want the court to see that. >> pistorius aside, will of course had have their chance to counter who will make the final decision. south africa does not use injury juries. prosecutors called the athlete an appalling witness who lied multiple times on the stand. live in the studio, derek shore, "today in the bay." >> all right, thank you derek. they are morning we're expecting to learn more about the corruption case against leland ye. stephanie chuang joins us live at the federal courthouse in san francisco. what should we watch for today? >> reporter: good morning scott, this is a status conference, it's housekeeping pretty standard where the judge is set to set at time frame for the cases, but it's critical especially because this situation involves 29 co-defendants. now suspended state senator leland ye was here at the courthouse last week when he was slapped with a new charge of federal racketeering. inside the courtroom, the lawyers spoke for him and
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pleaded not guilty to the corruption, and fraud charges. prosecutors say he tried to get bribes in exchange for political favors and votes. sop far neither ye nor his attorney had much to say. this was all ye had to say the last time he was here. >> i need to talk to my attorney and we'll see where we go from there. >> reporter: and the latest additional charge of racketeering carries a heavy sentence, up to 20 years behind bars and quarter million dollar fine per conviction. it could prompt some of these co-defendants in the case to talk in exchange for plea deals. raymond shrimp boy chow and keith jackson were indicted last week. shipment of stolen goods to money exchanging hands. you also have murder for hire plots alleged in this situation. so that runs the gamut. the status conference could also mean that the judge sets ae tentative trial date. this is the opportunity for the
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judge to encourage him to go early at a hearing set to start at 10:00 this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> stephanie, thank you. 5:08, faith leaders in a children's choir will hold a prayer service urging the president to help undocumented children at the border. san francisco's glad memorial church and the grant rights will take part. it comes after thousands of undocumented women and children came to the u.s. fleeing violence in central america. today's prayer service starts at 4:00 in the federal building in downtown san francisco. the city of san francisco will also consider rules on short term rentals. the kind you find at air b and b to make the lawsless murky. the planning commission expected to look at an ordnance to change the cities administrative code making it legal for permanent residents of the city to rent out their homes under certain conditions. the move is in response is to to sites like air b and b which helpst people rent roops and
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houses for as little as one day. it would put into place procedures for those short term rentals. opponents of air b and b rentals say the landlords evict long term residents to make more money on long-term rentals. check in with rob who's in for mike filling in looking at morning commute for us. >> we just got this in, southbound 88059 a street as we're watching this morning's commute. not much impact right now. tractor-trailer, its right rear tire on fire. that could cause delays for folks watching this action. this is southbound 880 at a street this morning. also over to the side 238 moving past hayward, slowing there. bottlenecking early for you this morning. view 101 and san jose. traffic moving fairly well in both directions. also 80 at powell, traffic there, volume building, but overall, still right on time and across the golden gate bridge. little bit of fog, but traffic there looking good.
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some mist and low clouds could cause issues around the midspan of the bay bridge this morning. watching both weather and traffic on this thursday morning. another update in a couple of minutes. >> thanks. 5:10, just hours left in the cease-fire in the middle east. peace talks do not appear to be going well. we'll have details next. plus why this mir has placed one man in a copy right fight with the owners of the wikipedia.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone. 5:13, the thyme square tour bus -- time square tour bus driver who crashed into another
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bus tested negative for drugs and alcohol. the driver failed a field sobriety test right after tuesday's crash, but there was no other evidence he was drinking. the crash knocked down a stoplight in time square, injured 14 people. the district attorney's office says it's still waiting for the results of a full toxicology report. with just hours left in a three day truce, israel says it will respond if hamas resumes attacks when the cease-fire end. in cairo, both sides appear to be digging in their heels. time for negotiates runs low. israel wants hamas to disarm before they consider the borders open. israel and egypt closed the border to gaza in 2007 after hamas took over the region. after nearly a month of fighting, 1900 palestinians were killed along with 67 israelis. russian retaliation, kremlin banned food imports. sweeping move that could cost farmers billions. the ban could cost american
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farmers as much as $1.3 billion. european farmers could lose almost $16 billion in sales. it's the russians themselves though that'll most likely be most affected in cities like moscow, food accounts for as much as 70%. the ban could lead to empty shelves. they are in retaliation for sanctions against russia over fighting in ukraine. russia and the middle east are both expecting what's happening on wall street as well. courtney reagan live at cnbc with a look at the markets, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. futures are high after stocks ended flat on wednesday as investors weigh developments in ukraine and the mergeer deals that derailed. we'll get data on unemployment and customer credit. the dow rose 13 points to 16,443 in wednesday's session, the nasdaq hauded two points to 4355. that's where things start when opening bells ring, back to you.
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>> all right courtney, thank you. the owners of the wikipedia are facing a bizarre lawsuit this morning and it centers around this photo right here. a photographer says wikimedia violated copy right when it posted his photo. david slater says if the site doesn't take this photo down he's going to sue. in 2011 he was taking pictures of crested black mikak when the monkey grabbed his camera and took a selfie. slater's been fighting ever since to take it down. here's the twist, generally speaking the law says the person that takes the picture owns the copy right, not the camera's owner. wikimedia argues because the animal took the picture, the photo doesn't wlong to slater and belongs in the public domain. >> blah, blah, blah, that's a good selfie. >> it is. >> which the monkey owns. >> that is the lead of that story, let me tell you that. right. good lighting.
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>> great. weather this morning, if you're headed out and around the bay yaer, low clouds and fog around parts of the bay area. misty skies to start, and still some humidity out there which will hopefully decrease a little bit now that to his monsoon summer showers have moved on. right now we have low 60s around parts of the south bay, san francisco, you're at 60 degrees where the fog has set up over downtown. that's a view of the golden gate bridge which looks clear across the midspan. we're seeing the mainly career skies, downtown san francisco looks more like that. we could see mist at times, but those low clouds new morning. hour by hour, low clouds and fog around the coast and possible near the coast. clearing skies as we go through right around noon for inland locations in the valleys warming up quickly. 80s and 90s in the forecast today. so the sea breeze being held at bay, literally as high pressure builds and squishes down the marine layer with warm temperatures in the valley for
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the next few days and the weekend, the sea breeze will pick up and that'll lead to a cool down sunday into monday and the cool down triggered by an area of low pressure just offshore which may try to pull more monsoon moisture our way by the end of the weekend. so far now, summer-like pattern with the fog around the coast and bay. sunday afternoon, we'll start to see how clouds coming out of the south. low pressure offshore. that could scoop up the monsoon thundershowers certainly out towards the sierra and the high country towards the weekend. some of that may get pulled back towards the bay area. stay tuned. forecast for today temperature wise, mid-80s around san jose near 90. out towards the hayes valley. we'll see highs in the low 70s today with patchy low clouds. up into the north bay, mid-80s around santa rosa and pleasanton and livermore looking at highs in the 90s through the weekend. and a twheekd will at least start off a bit warm and turn cooler by the time we get to sunday. partly cloudy skies around san francisco. numbers cooling off a little bit
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as we get into the end of the weekend. morning commute, watching areas here, trouble spot here on the southbound 880 at a street. tractor-trailer had a right reerp tire on fire. the counter-commute crash eastbound 580 at greenville. trafficline is building westbound as it is tip ka call. the eastbound accident could slow things down out of the tri-valley. 101 at 280 in san jose, looking good, 80 at powell. everything on schedule for now. and across the golden gate bridge once again traffic looking good so far this thursday morning, back to you. >> thank you, rob. two fuel tanks were removed from the beached boat on the san francisco shoreline. coast guard says it'll take two days to get a ship out of the water at ocean beach. meanwhile authorities are still looking for the skipper. he's wanted on a drug warrant from santa clara county. he reportedly called someone on tuesday to say he'd made it to shore, so authorities are sure
5:20 am
he's alive. the coast guard spent several hours looking for him in the water on monday. it is 5:19. yet another round of mosquito fogging is planned for the south bay tonight. it'll be the 12th one this year and it's not over yet. got a look at the area that will be sprayed. it is in the city of santa clara and includes parts of lawrence expressway, and el camino real. fogging is set to start at 11:00 tonight. it'll last several hours. vector control says mosquitos testing positive for the advisory were found in that area last month. now vector control also has a fogging plan for saratoga on tuesday night. latest round comes as the state health department reports the first two summer deaths related to west nile virus. senior citizen in sacramento county and adult in shasta county. all of the fogs certainly has locals worried. the mercury news reports healthy
5:21 am
alternatives to pesticides to try to convince the county there are alternatives. county vector control says in the last 30 years of fogs, there has not been a single documented case of the spray hurting anyone. it does however recommend you close all your doors and windows while fogging is happening in your area and bring your pets indoors. you should also wash all your garden vegetables before eating. the time now 5:21. what we are now learning about the meeting between raiders owner mark davis and representatives from san antonio. we'll tell you, coming up. it's never been easier to find a dentist. watch. dentist. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist. we can do the same for you. so don't put it off. call 1-800-dentist. so don't put it off. is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone. good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside at at&t park at 5:23. beyonce and jay-z wrapped up their day two of their two show stop. really in the bay area last night. this time around, there are fewer noise complaints.
5:24 am
people miles away from the stadium reported hearing that concert. taking you across the bay, the a's are going to stick around town at least through 2018 after more than a year of negotiations. a deal between the team, the city of oakland, and alameda county has been signed. it means improvements for including a $10 million score board and better lighting. it also includes though an outclause for both sides. with the a's deal wrapped up, it can turn its attention to the raiders. the team's lease retires this season. owner mark davis visited san antonio to see whether it would be a viable nfl market. we're not learning more about that meeting. san antonio billionaire b.c. mccombs met with davis for about 90 minutes. he tells the san antonio express news, he's willing to buy into the raiders if that's what it takes to get the team to move. he once owned part of the
5:25 am
minnesota vikings. he says it's a definite possibility the raiders would move and it's a myth that san antonio's a bargaining chip to get oakland to offer a new stadium. >> that's one to watch. pga championship under way in kentucky this morning. tiger woods is getting ready to play. just days after pulling out of the final round of the bridgestone invitational with back pain, woods says it was a pinched nerve and he's pain-free now. he arrived at the championship yesterday giving him little time to flarz himself with the -- familiarize himself with the course. he hasn't played since 2000. woods set to tee off in ten minutes, but he's probably good at reading the greens. >> i bet he is. we're going to get a little bit of with the moisture in the air. some rain. let's join rob mayeda, good morning. >> today maybe mists with the fog around san francisco. mostly 60s. 58 right now in santa rosa. as we go through the morning, we'll see mist on the coast and around the golden gate bridge
5:26 am
for your morning commute. valleys warming quickly. highs, 80s to some low 90s. inland today for places like morgan hill and saratoga. mid to upper 80s around downtown san jose. low 70s in san francisco. pleasanton and livermore climbing into the low 90s. danville 87, dublin close to 90 degrees and speaking of the east bay and dublin, that's where one of the issues happens to set up this morning. this is eastbound 580, there you see at greenville we have a crash, counter-commute. meantime on the regular westbound commute. those travel times slowing down a little bit on your tri-valley trek from grantline road to 60. it is a 46 mile per hour drive right now. still going good southbound 580 to vargas road. now down 4 mile per hour. travel times stacking up as you would expect at this hour. we're watching both, back to you. >> sounds good. 5:26, preparing for another run at the super bowl. niners gearing up for the first
5:27 am
pregame season of the year. what we're learning about security at san jose international following the security breach that ended with an unticketed passenger taking a flight to los angeles. and we'll take you out live to the sparkling bay bridge. it's going to be a beautiful morning, we'll be back in just a minute. that's our new interactive speaker wall. 'sup? thinks it's a speak-ing wall. this can even dim your lights. your 3-d-printed girlfriend will love that. real mature. there you go. a laser drone for cats. i wish i had lasers. i don't. pew pew pew... the new radioshack is finally here. the store of your past is now the store of your future. come see one of our remodeled stores and get a free portable power charger with a $15 purchase.
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5:30 am
"today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. happening right knew, hawaiians stocking up on bottled water and food as they get ready for not one, but two hurricanes iselle is building up steam expected to hit the big island later today. we have live team coverage of the approaching storm. bob redell at sfo where one flight to honolulu has already been canceled, but let's start out with meteorologist rob mayeda. he's tracking it from the microclimate weather center. >> we're watching the hurricanes quickly. especially with hurricane iselle which will make an impact on the hawaiian islands as we go through later on today. we're going to see the storm come in and that'll bring what we think will be a category one hurricane to parts of the hawaiian islanded as we go into tonight. winds at 85 miles per hour right
5:31 am
now. category one hurricane and it should cross the coast at about category one strength around 8:00 hawaii time and 8:00 a.m. friday. we see the storm still is a fairly strong tropical storm tracking south of honolulu and maui there. and one more storm to watch, that is hurricane julio which is actually the stronger of the two. it is a category two, wind of 100 miles per hour. if there's good news here, looks like the second storm right around saturday night will curve to the north of the hawaiian islands. so iselle really is the big issue today as we could see five to eight inches of rain on parts of the big island and run off issues and flooding and some wind damage. very likely on the big island starting as early as later on this evening, back to you. >> thanks a lot, rob. meanwhile bob redell over at sfo, people, bob are getting on flights to hawaii. they're going to fly around this hurricane presumably. >> reporter: well, and you have one that's leaving in about 30 minutes, 6:01 to maui, you have
5:32 am
four others on time. the only one surprisingly that's been canceled if you come over here is the 9:05 to honolulu. that's been canceled for quite some time. you have one canceled, but four on time, two on time at normnetta. now we just spoke with a woman who just went through security here who is taking her two children to the aloha state to see family. family whose been keeping her up to keep on progress of the hurricane. >> it's not what a bummer we're not going to the beach. and we can still swim if the wind isn't so bad outside. if it's raining, we'll be okay. >> reporter: so again, you have one flight to honolulu, 9:50 here at sfo that's been canceled. one before and after that are still on time. we spoke to the duty manager today at sfo asking what's the rime or reason for that, just not clear. just one of those things.
5:33 am
reporting live here at sfo, bob rede redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks bob. this morning we are expecting to hear new details on the corruption case against suspended state senator leland ye. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us at the federal courthouse in san francisco. it's of a standard hearing, but it involves a lot of important people. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, scott. and it's a lot of people at 29 co-defendants. so this status conference hearing gets the opportunity to set time frames it and maybe settle their cases. suspended state senator leland ye will likely not be one of them as he is of course the center of the case. accused of getting prescribes if -- bribes for votes and favors. he was using it to get rid of debt in his bid for mayor. now he was in court last week when he was slapped with a new charge of racketeering inside the courtroom his lawyer speaking for him pleading not guilty to reasonable care
5:34 am
tiering, corruption, and fraud. he has been tight lipped so far throughout the case. >> i need to talk to my attorney and see where we go from there. >> reporter: and that's what he said outside the courthouse on july 31st. dmou the latest additional charge of reasonable care tiering carries a heavy sentence. 20 years behind bars and quarter million dollar fine for each conviction. it could prompt some to talk no in exchange for plea deals. former president keith jackson and mob moss raymond shrimp boy chow were formerly charged last week. they're accused of everything from a murder to hire plot to shipment of stolen good. there's a varying degree of crimes. so the judge may want to take the time to settle or ask the defendants to settle the smaller items and expedite the process. the hear starts at 10 this can morning and we'll be there. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> all right stephanie, thank you. it is 5:34, the woman behind this week's security breech at san jose international on
5:35 am
probation this morning after pleading no contest to a charge of trespassing. court yesterday, she regrets what she did. >> it is by no means an adventure or anything because i could have gotten in much more trouble. >> on monday, hartman snuck past security and knead on to a southwest -- made it on to a southwest flight without a ticket. she doesn't want others to copy her. but she does say being homeless factors in. >> i have $4.25. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know. i don't know. i'll just have, i think, i think i've been on enough programs where people recognize me, they might give me a dollar or two. >> this is not hartman's first arrest. police say she's tried to board planes without tickets several times before. that begs the question, how did someone with a history of sneaking past security manage to do it again? and why did officials try to
5:36 am
keep the breach quiet? we now know hartman's act to sidestep the document screening pros and board that plane without a ticket would have remained a secret if a well played source did not contact nbc bay area. nbc bay area chief investigator broke that story on tuesday. >> if our source didn't contact us, would this have remained a secret? >> we would, we would not have communicated it to the general public. >> is that fair to the public? i mean they're paying for this security system, doesn't the public have a right to fwhoe it fails -- know when it fails? >> if in our opinion after the investigation it did not fail to the point where there was a security threat. she was screened like every other passenger here. >> it's unclear where hartman was not on a security watch list despite having gotten past security twice at sfo. our coverage continues online, click on our top stories to
5:37 am
learn more about the security breach and listen to more of the interview with a woman at the center of it all. that's at all right. switching gears now, to the 49ers where harbaugh preseason style happens today. >> jim harbaugh and the niners play in baltimore against his brother, john harbaugh and the ravens. know we do not expect many of the stars like collin kaepernick to take any snaps, not many anyway, but still, it's a big deal because this is the regular season is that much closer, right? niners stay in baltimore over the weekend. they're going to share the practice field with the ravens. >> even though the preseason just get pg under way, we're counting down to the days to the first 49ers regular season game at levi stadium. just 37 days to go. game against. chicago bears can be seen right here on nbc bay area on september 14th. now in just a few hours, shark season ticketholders will be able to get their ands on tickets for the bay area's ferris outdoor nhl game.
5:38 am
the sharks will host rival stanley cup champs the l.a. kings at levi stadium february 21st. nearly 69,000 tickets will be available for the game, but it's expected to sell out quickly and set an attendance record for hockey in california. kings and 49ers season ticket hold lers also be able to buy tickets this morning. tickets for the general public won't go on sale until fall. it is 5:38 right now. time to check the forecast once again on this thursday morning, rob's in for christina. >> and the forecast this morning looks a little bit more what you'd expect for august. no rain. the radar's not cranked up this morning. we have fog in spots. you'll see that waiting if for you on the drive around san francisco this morning and along the coast, and speaking of the low clouds. pushed inland pretty far into oakland, parts of the east bay this morning and just some patchy low clouds closer to san jose. so as we go through the afternoon today. we will see a few high clouds at times, but not those most ri
5:39 am
cloudy skies we had yesterday morning. so short term, we're going to see high pressure strengthening the next two days, nas going to compress down the low clouds in the marine layer which will allow temperatures to come up. by the end of the weekend, highs will back off a little bit as an area approaches the coast but you're goinged to a couple of things first. crank up the sea breeze to push cooler air inland. may also start to pull at the midlevels of the atmosphere. more monsoon moisture. by late sunday into monday, we could see another round of showers perhaps early next week. but for today, temperatures around san jose climbing into the mid-80s, low 90s around saratoga and morgan hills towards the hayes valley and marina. highs into the low 70s and highs in the mid0u and pleasanton and livermore highs in the low 90s for the afternoon. so the heat coming back into the tri-valley and for the weekend, we'll see the temperatures cooling off a little bit back into the 0u around the
5:40 am
tri-valley by sunday. watching your morning commute, speaking again of the east bay, right there around eastbound 580 at greenville traffic incident that is slowing traffic down. westbound travel times slowing down as we expect this time of morning from grantline road to 680. you have those speeds there, speed sensors indicating 44 miles per hour as the drive time there from grantline road over to 680. as we show you 101 at san jose, traffic will, more or less moving okay. 80 at powell, traffic is moving smoothly, now the back-ups are beginning there. both weather and traffic on this wednesday morning. another update in a couple minutes, back to you. russia makes a decision about the fate of edward snowden, details next. cdc elated the alert level for the ebola virus. washington holds hearings trying to make sure the outbreak does not spread.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone, it is 5:42. today lawmakers on capitol hill will learn more about the deadly ebola outbreak. the cdc raised its alert. tracy potts joins us live on capitol hill this morning, and tracy, experts think this deadly virus is unlikely to spread. unlikely i should add here as it did in africa. >> reporter: correct. exactly, but we're still a level one health emergency trying to keep it out of the united states. the cdc's only done that twice before and with this, with ebola, they're concerned about whether or not the medical skmunt going to remain vigilant. today on capitol hill, the house foreign affairs committee is going to hear from the cdc and the state department on why they think we're a low level risk. compared to west africa, experts say we have a quicker health response, we know how to deal with this. that was not the case in west africa. that level one means that the
5:44 am
cdc can dwirt resources. they have 50 people set to send to west africa over the next month to try to keep that virus contained. laura. >> thanks so much, tracy. in the men time, new this morning, russia has granted nsa leaker edward snowden three more years of asylum. the lawyer made the announcement. he was granted asylum for one year, last year, it ran out this week. the former nsa agent was stranded at a moscow airport last year trying to get to cuba shortly after he revealed the nsa's phone tapping program. in may, snowden told nbc he misses america, wants to come home, but he doesn't think he would receive a fair trial. well new morning, closing arguments under way in the oscar pistorius murder trial. the star olympic runner now in the final lap of those proceedings to decide his fate. "today in the bay's" derek shore joins us with the prosecutor's harsh words for the athlete, derek. >> reporter: the olympian runner could learn his fate very soon
5:45 am
with a judge set to make a decision on his guilt or innocence. pistorius faces 25 years or it life in prison if convicted in the murder of reeva steenkamp. both sides are set to summarize their versions of valentine's day last year and the shooting that took steenkamp's life. prosecutors say pistorius intentionally shot her. the defense says the double amputees sprinter mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. the defense has contradicted itself saying they argued pistorius feared for his life, but also was not thinking and simply flinched. saying that amounts to two defenses. here's the prosecutor mocking what the defenses are. >> the court will find that we did not have criminalalty. at that critical moment we weren't in control of ourselves. and that's the one to think. then, if the court find that we were, then we deliberately and
5:46 am
we intention fired a shot to kill someone. >> reporter: the pistorius family has a lot on their plate at the moment, oscar's brother carl pistorius is recovering from a serious car crash last week. meanwhile prosecutors have called the oscar trial an appalling witness calling him someone who lied multiple times on the stand. derek shore, "today in the bay." >> derek, thanks. happening now, hundreds of people in oregon are leaving their homes behind hoping something will remain when fierce flames calm down. overnight firefighters evacuated nearly 300 homes went 75 mimes eaves portland and -- miles east of portland. the wind whipped fires started tuesday, so far, no homes have burned. let's check in with rob mayeda, is some of the moisture going to help or all the wind? >> right now we're seeing the things drying out and turning breezy again. that's a problem. last couple of days, we had moisture that brought rain. now we're seeing high pressure
5:47 am
strengthen which will also begin to warm temperatures here around the bay area. especially out towards the tri-valley and the valley locations south of san jose. 60s mostly right now with patchy low clouds. in the north bay this morning, as we go through the morning, there's low clouds around san francisco down the coast of santa cruz. they'll get late day clearing there. patches of low clouds a start of the morning, and then as we head towards lunchtime. kwooel see valley temperatures warming quickly. we should be in the mid-80s inland by noon and for the rest of the day, valleys into the 90s. we did see temperatures climb into the upper 0u yesterday, today, few more degrees of warmer as high pressure weakens. valley temperatures climbing up, but then early next week, and this will include the second half of the weekend forecast. we're going to see the high weaken enough, yay of low pressure here off to the west which will increase the ocean
5:48 am
wind and at same time perhaps pull up monsoon moisture out of the desert southwest which could bring eat round of monsoon showers to the bay area. maybe by next monday, stay tuned. today near 84 degrees in san jose. 90s in saratoga and low 90s in morgan hills. . not much change temperature rise around -- temperature wise around san francisco. valley temperatures climbing up into the low 90s through the afternoon. so the weather warming up a little bit, then we have in for san jose this weekend, jazz summer fest, should be gorgeous with temperatures in san jose in the low 0u and another event for you if you want to make early weekend plans. outside land music festival, golden gate park. temperatures comfortably cool there in the mid-60s for you this weekend with some low clouds in and around san francisco. morning commute just got nor complicated on 60. this is again south as we look at warm springs here. traffic incident there that is slowing things down on your
5:49 am
commute southbound 680. that has slowed traffic down counter-commute. you can see the travel times westbound as is typical at this hour beginning to slow down. the speeds now down to 37 miles per hour. livermore commute from 580 down to 680 seeing 42 mile per hour speed times there. car fire at story road which looks like that's been cleared off to the side. traffic volumes blaifing as they should. 80 at powell, traffic moving nicely. and bay bridge toll plaza stacking a but again the cars starting to fill up the metering lights around the bay bridge toll plaza. mass transit on time frp bart, muni, cal train, and vta. that's the latest in traffic, now back to you. >> thanks. scott's valley now selling recycled water to people living outside city limits. it comes a as way to share the city's excess waters to others. according to the sental, the
5:50 am
recycled water, treated water from sewers, would be used for things like irrigation and construction. money from water sales would go into the city's general fund. it is 5:49, today a rare albino mixed redwood tree will be moved after people in the community raise enough money to pay for it. the mutant coast redwood will be dug up and replanted. the tree was blocking a construction path for a new smart railway and it's too close to passing trains. transportation officials wanted to cut downtown tree but residents weren't happen. arborists say it's the tallest tree of its kind in the world. >> good for him. california lottery just released a list of lucky retailers to increase your chances of winning and a number of them are right here in the bay area. >> this is on the lottery website. type in your zip code, see the shops that have sold a ticket of $100,000 or more or average of
5:51 am
400 winning tickets a week or paid out more than $4,000 a week which includes hannah's bottle shop in santa clara which sold six $500 tickets in the last three weeks. >> it's a very competitive business. it does help. >> okay. so luck is maybe not the most scientific of word. the stores that sell a lot of winning tickets do tend to draw in more ticket buy ergs which then decreases the number of winning with tickets and so on. okay so that said, the luckiest northern california stars, kav in a liquors in san loren zoe. >> when it's a big one, that's where people head. >> can't win in you don't play. 5:51, bay area tech company teaming up with barnes and noble to take down amazon.
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5:54 am
you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back to you. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, traffic beginning to back up. let's take you over to san jose as well. as the sun starts to come up, that city under a lot of construction. you can see the cranes, rob mayeda pulling double duty this morning. he'll have traffic and weather coming up up at the top of the hour. cnbc confirmed reports bank of america will pay $17 billion to set al justice department probe into the sale of toxic mortgages before the financial crisis. the deal is not final, it could still come apart. reports say bank of america will pay 9 billion in cash, the rest in the assistance to struggling homeowners. the settlement reportedly comes after a phone call last week between b of a and the u.s. attorney general eric holder. barnes and noble is teaming up with google to take on amazon.
5:55 am
the new york times reports starting today, book buyers in new york city, l.a., and right here in san francisco can get same day delivery through google shopping express service. you order a book, it shows up in the afternoon. unlike amazon which relies on warehouses, google send couriers to pick stuff up. delivery's free for shopping express members and five bucks for everybody else. a's are starting a series against the minnesota twins. oakland at home tonight at 7:05 with a start there. a's to want snap a short game, short one game skid rather. they lost to the raies yesterday. live look at at&t park this morning, breaking down the set from the jay-z andby imprison say show. no need to rush, giants are still on the road. ge men playing in an 11-10 game against the brewers. angel pagan expected to be back in the line-up.
5:56 am
giants beat milwaukee yesterday 7-4. earlier this week we were taling you about the met fans. >> they were trying to. >> poking fun of hunter pence. it's really nice fun. >> it was. the heckling followed pence to milwaukee as well. brewers fans holding up signs saying hunter pence still has a blockbuster card. >> well spence showing he can hand al little heat. he's posting these pictures on instagram says hunter pence signs. apparent inability for him to parallel park. then there's another one that shows his tend city return library books before they're due so in a others can enjoy them as well. >> hunter pence is a nice guy. >> he is. it is 5:56 right now. >> a drone crash lands in a national park. park officials are investigating the drone. plus it's a selfie show down. the fight between a photographer and wikipedia goes into international. why wikipedia says it doesn't
5:57 am
have to pay for the photo. the fight over short term rentals, san francisco gets ready to change its policies, possibly clearing the way for ab and b supporters as well. let's look live outside,, they're ready for a game this morning. early though, we wanted to look live and show you what the skies are looking like as well. rob keeping track of the forecast. heat on the way. when and where, we'll find out, 5:57. no rush, andy.
5:58 am
come on. with the chase mobile app
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you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can bracing for impact. two hurricanes churning towards hawaii. live team coverage next. plus all is quiet now at at&t park, but was the volume still way too loud during last night's beyonce, jay-z show? morning starting off with
6:00 am
patchy low clouds and fog for parts of the bay area. accident now on northbound 101 at story road with a car fire. we're watching weather and traffic for you on this thursday morning. let's look live outside, beautiful golden gate bridge this morning. it's thursday, august 7th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, one-two punch as two hurricanes churn towards hawaii. but it's unclear if either storm will be a knockout. take a look at the radar this morning. hurricane iselle is supposed to hit the big island tonight. hurricane julio, not far behind. and we just learned, julio has strengthened into a category two storm. this will be the first direct hurricane hit in hawaii in 22 years. and we have team coverage. meteorologist rob mayeda


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