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tv   Today  NBC  August 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. tragedy on the track. a young driver killed when police say he was hit by nascar's tony stewart late saturday night. this morning, investigators trying to determine just how it happened. emergency evacuation. a chaotic scene on board a jetblue plane when it caught fire on the runway, forcing nearly 200 passengers off the aircraft. so what went wrong? and fighting spirit. a boxer defies the odds after battling cancer, determined to make a comeback in the ring. >> daniel "the miracle man" -- [ applause ] >> the miracle man, also a world champion today. sunday, august 10th, 2013.
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welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt alongside jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. a lot to talk. the president saying the military involve investment iraq may not be over for a few weeks. could go on for a bit. this as fighter jets spent a second day striking isis militants in iraq. we're live in iraq with the latest. we want to begin with today's top story, that deadly accident involving nascar legend tony stewart. kristen dahlgren is following that for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. it really was a frightening scene for onlookers on saturday night. the sheriff's department says a sprint car driven by tony stewart hit and killed a fellow
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competitor who had gotten out of his car and was standing on the track after a crash. he's one of nascar's most well-known drivers -- tony stewart. a three-time champion and a regular at local sprint car events. this morning, he's at the center of an investigation after a fatal car crash that took place at a race track in upstate new york late saturday night. official with the ontario sheriff's department say stewart's car struck another driver who was walking on the track moments after spinning out. the sheriff's department has said this is not a criminal investigation at this time and that stewart has been "fully cooperative." >> a second sprint car operated by driver tony stewart, age 43, of columbus, indiana, struck the operator of the sprint car that was on the track. >> reporter: this is stewart's third crash in just over a year. in july of 2013, stewart was
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involved in an accident that injured a 19-year-old driver. on the same track as last night's fatal accident. weeks later, he broke his leg in a crash in iowa. something he tweeted about just last week. writing, "one year ago today may life changed. thank you to everyone that worked so hard to get me back to where i i'm at today. it's your life. live it!" and stewart is still set to race later today at an event at watkins glen international in central new york, guys. >> all right. thank. >> thank you. turning now to the crisis in iraq where there was a third humanitarian aid drop overnight for refugees trapped by isis militants. that same group the u.s. military is targeting with air strikes. a mission the president has warned will not be over quickly. chris jansing is traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this is not going to be a mission of week. in fact, the president said it is going to take some time. those humanitarian air drops not just the u.s. now but british
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forces also did an air drop, and the french are expected to join, as well. but as far as the air strikes themselves, the u.s. is going to alone. just before leaving for a long planned family vacation in martha's vineyard, the president acknowledged intelligence underestimated the danger posed by isis in iraq. >> there is no doubt that their advance, their movement over the last several months has been more rapid than the intelligence estimates. >> reporter: military action now underway. more air drops of tons of food and water to address a humanitarian crisis the president describes as genocide. and for the first time, talking about creating a safe corridor to try to help stranded refugees get off a mountain. and more air strikes. just the start of what the president says will be a long-term campaign. >> i don't think we're going to solve this problem in weeks, if that's what you mean. i think this is going to take some time. >> reporter: already shaken by the skriex, the rebels removed
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signature black flags from their vehicles which had made them easy targets. >> so far these strikes have successfully destroyed arms and equipment that isil terrorists could have used against irbil. >> narrator: marking as their own isis' largest capture, the mosul dam, essential to the entire infrastructure of iraq. >> the bigger question is if the iraqi political system gets the house in order, whether or not the president will commit far greater force that would absolutely be required to push isis out of the areas it currently controls. >> reporter: the president made it very clear that the continuing air strikes are contingent on the iraqis forming a more inclusive government, and in that regard the next 24 hours are critical. there's a midnight deadline in iraq for choosing a new prime minister. erica? >> thank you. meantime, it's a desperate situation near the mountain where members of an iraqi
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minority group are trapped. they're cut off by the advance of islamic extremist fighter. we are more from erbil. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning. isis fighters have been bearing dunn on this city. in fact, it was the threat to erbil that in part prompted president obama to act. this morning, blood-cuddling stories of isis even burying people alive. no wonder wherever isis goes, civilians flee. a frantic scene atop a mountain in northern iraq. dozens of refugees grasping for aid from a kurdish helicopter. one boy clings on. 20 made it on board. thousands are still cut off by isis. families are fleeing any way they can. in temperatures of more than 110 degrees, this child, just five days old, 4 how it have taken
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refugee in a church. there are just crowds of families here. people just carrying their children right the way down the side of the church. parents struggle to hold it together. nidal holds her 10-month-old baby. isis told her to wear an islamic shawl or be killed. they wanted you to convert. "please," they beg, "help stop issues sis." >> army, army american. >> reporter: the president's promise -- no boots on the ground -- is not what they want here. >> not only a plane, okay, to bomb from the sky, okay? we need army. >> reporter: but of course washington has made clear that they will not send in ground forces. there are, though, we're hearing, battling between kurdish fighters and isis a short distance from this city. erica, the question is if that doesn't work, if that doesn't hold back isis, what does the west do then? >> that is a question many people in the u.s. have, as well. thank you. we turn to david gregory who is
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moderator of "meet the press." we know obviously this will be a main topic for you this morning. that question that keir raised, the president admitting that the intelligence really didn't see isis advancing quite this quickly. and yet they were caught a little offguard. now we find ourselves in this position in a mission that we're told will last for some time. how much focus is does the administration have on that end game or on the what if this doesn't work? >> well, there's several different things. you've got the threat from isis that could become a bigger threat to america than even al qaeda. you have a threat to americans on the ground in iraq that harkens the images going back to libya and benghazi which, of course, the president wants to avoid at all cost. and the future of iraq. not just protecting the kurds in the north which are a bright spot of the war in iraq in terms of their self-government, their unity, and their jefoverall success. now a political operation to try to force iraq to deal with the problem itself. the president adamant america can't solve this problem. he want us to be more limited in
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duration, but degrading isis is something nobody can put a timeline on because of how much it's grown. it's not just iraq, it's syria, as well. >> you mention the political initial iraq. the president saying we can't do for them what they're not willing to do for themselves at the same time, completely pulling out and not supporting what's happening there and the refugees who need the help is obviously a fine line. >> it's a more limited mission right now. that's the reality. there is the religious minority, it's protecting the kurds. but the president also has an obligation, as he's talked about, to deal with a terrorist threat that grew in syria, that spread to iraq, and is only getting stronger. and how long that mission goes is what is not clear right now. some of that is breaking down. what it takes to actually defeat the enemy in the form of isis right now, whether it's a real threat to the government or of iraq or something even wider in the region. >> well, there is talk, too, we saw a report in the "washington post" about al qaeda sympathizers from other countries moving to iraq and syria to join the fight.
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there's a separate issue for the president. we know his approval rating is very low with americans. and there is the simple question of optics. after he makes this announcement yesterday, he leaves on vacation. we see pictures of the president playing golf. and many american asking if there is perhaps a disconnect there. >> look, it's always a problem for any president taking a vacation, as president bush did during iraq, and there were similar questions raised for him. yeah, it's difficult. i mean, as the -- is the president as dialed in? of course he is. he has the ability to follow every second of what's happening from wherever he is in the world. yeah, there are going to be pictures of him on vacation, playing golf. it's not going to look good to a lot of americans who think how are you doing this when we're refighting a war in iraq and when the middle east is coming apart. that's going to be a political problem just to add to the list. >> david, nice to see you. we'll check in with you for a bit for a closer look at "meet the press." >> thank you. we want to look at other top stories with jenny. >> good morning. a narrow escape on a runway in
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san juan, puerto rico, last night. one of the engines on the jetblue a-320 caught fire as it was heading for takeoff. 192 passengers and crew slid down emergency chutes. nbc news spoke with one of the passengers who described the panic. >> all of a sudden, there was a huge explosion. in fact, so strong, the spare plane shook when it happened. people started screaming. they were saying that the smoke of coming into the cabin, there was flames. >> the flight was headed for new york. there were no serious injuries. the airline did not say what caused the fire. the faa will investigate. reports from iran's news agency say nine people have survived the crash of an iranian airliner this morning. but at least 40 are dead. the turbo-prop plane slammed into a residential area in tehran. iran's aging fleet of planes have suffered numerous crashes over the last five years. israeli/palestinian peace talks are in jeopardy. palestinian negotiators are threatening to walk out until israel returns to the talks in
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egypt. both sides attacked each other overnight. hamas leaders demand that israel end its blockade of gaza. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists israel will not negotiate under fire. there is growing anger over a fatal police shooting near st. louis, missouri. authorities are asking the community to remain calm after an officer shot an 18-year-old man outside an apartment complex in ferguson, missouri, saturday. a large crowd reacted in protest. anger grew into the night. ferguson police did not provide any details of the shooting, but they do plan to hold a news conference later today. eight firefighters are recovering this morning from burns suffered in a california wildfire. an intense effort to control the large fire in northern california is paying off, and hundreds of residents have r being allowed to return home now. the injured firefighters have been released from the hospital and are said to be in good spirits. and since this weekend is all about challenges, ice bucket and otherwise, here's another one for you. the first lady of maine, ann
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lepage, had to overcome a fear of height had she agreed to sky 4 is -- skydive with sav sergeant mills. she challenged him to jump to raise money for a veterans zero. what could she do? what could she do? the first lady, clearly a gamer, did it. she says there is no way she will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever bungee jump, where sergeant mills goes or not. apparently that's where she draws the line. jumping out of a plane, i'll do. that bungee bungee -- >> you have to have boundaries. >> those are interesting boundaries. but give her credit. >> the ice bucket, of course. >> that's where jenna draws the line. >> lukewarm water, yes. icewater -- ooh. >> dylan the forecast. >> i have skydived twice, ill never bungee jump. >> bungee jumping is fun. i'm challenging you now. >> only if it goes to charity. we are looking at hurricane julio becoming less and less of an issue for hawaii.
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here is category one julio. here is hawaii. and you see it's well to the northeast we're not really going to see a whole lot of wind and rain. but we are still looking because it is close enough for some rough surf. there are surf advisories along the coast of hawaii because this category one storm will stay well to the north and east. it will take until about tuesday night before it downgrades to a tropical storm. but we do have high surf warnings all along the northern facing beaches with the surf rising up to around 10 to 15 feet. we could see some of those rip currents also an issue. so that's going to be the concern as things clear out. in the lower 48, we have a couple areas where we could see stronger storms. in red, including southern tennessee, northern alabama and mississippi, also northern texas and western oklahoma. biggest threat not so much for tornadoes but for large hail and damaging wind gust. and otherwise, we'll see scattered sh good morning. 6:14 is the time right now.
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waking up to fog and low clouds. this is what it looks like everywhere. from the north bay to the east bay down to the peninsula. even in the south we're waking up to cloudy skies. you know what? as we head through the afternoon hours, temperatures will be comfortable. similar to yesterday. cooler by a couple of degrees. back into the mid and upper 70 nz the south bay. over towards san francisco, it will be breezy. low 60s today. definitely need jacket if you're headed outside. otherwise tracking a chance of lightning and thunderstorms. cast. >> all right. we turn now to the ebola crisis. so much fear, so much frustration growing this morning over the crisis and how it's impacting some nations in west africa. nearly 1,000 people have r care confirmed dead as the countries involved take steps to try to contain the outbreak. gabe gutierrez has more on that and an update on the two u.s. aid workers being treated for the disease. >> reporter: this morning, dr. kent brantly and nancy wrightbal are said to be improving in an atlanta hospital. ♪ >> reporter: while liberians
6:16 am
here in this country came to show their gratitude, the largest ebola outbreak ever is growing more desperate. >> can the world do more, yes. should they do more, yes. >> reporter: in nigeria, travelers are being screened at airportsment guinea has closed -- airports. guinea has closed fleasing it borders with sierra leone and liberia where police tried to control protester who's said the government is leaving dead bodies in the streets. c.a.r.e. is an aid organization that serves the poor in africa. >> i think the ripple effect of what it does to communities, what it does to people's ability to earn an income, those are the things that are going to have the bigger impact. the economic and overall social impact of the ebola outbreak. >> reporter: we spoke with one of the group's workers in sierra leone. dr. tom cairns of minnesota knows that fear welfare reform as a young missionary 40 years ago, he came down with ebola before it even had a name. >> i was acutely ill before gradually starting to recover.
6:17 am
>> reporter: four years later, he says doctors found he had developed antibodies resistant to the virus. >> so i appear to be the first non- africafrican ever to have the disease, much less to have survived it. >> reporter: he now hopes others can win the same fight. for "today," gub gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. we've got a lot more ahead. one of the breakout stars on the little league field and this fastball pitcher is not who you might expect. we're back to tell you more about it after this. when a pro at any 2014 pga tour event sinks a hole-in-one, quicken loans will pay your mortgage for an entire year. that is how it's done. truly amazing! get in the hole-in-one sweepstakes. enter today at and you could have your mortgage paid
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high performance skincare™ only from roc®. we're back with a star player of a philadelphia little league team in a game largely dominated by boys. the team is led by a 13-year-old girl. >> yeah. this pitcher says she doesn't want to be known for his gender. she wants to be known for her fastball. again, kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: the time when growing like a girl was an
6:20 am
insult. meet monet davis, a 13-year-old pitching phenom, who just happens to be a girl. are you as good as any boy here? >> yes, no question. >> reporter: no question. her confidence has been earned with her 70 mile-per-hour fastball, leading her team to the pennsylvania state championship. and now with a shot at making it to the little league world series. >> she's just a great player. one the curiosity, whatever, it wears off quick. they just recognize her as a very good baseball player. >> is that the -- >> reporter: davis tried to play softball with the other little girls but found it wasn't for her. she switched to baseball. while she says the boys have never given her a hard time, davis doesn't mind making sure they respect her as a player. >> i end up striking them out, and then i look at my teammates, and they're laughing. i just laugh with them. >> reporter: of course, there is good-natured teasing all around. >> when she hit a home run, we like to say she, you know, hits
6:21 am
like a girl. >> reporter: davis can't stay in the dorms with her teammates, but on the field, they're all the same. >> monet davis closed it. there's a very good chance she'll start it -- >> reporter: she says she's not a fan of the extra attention. >> i just want to be like a baseball player. just -- just to go out and be a baseball player. >> reporter: but davis does hope she's inspiring other young girls. >> don't let anyone stop you from doing what you like. so just keep dreaming. go for it. >> reporter: for today, kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> 70 mile-per-hour fastball, impressed. >> right? i'd be scared to be on the receiving end of that. she says she wants to inspire other young girls. i think she's probably inspiring adults, too. >> absolutely. still to come, getting fit. staying strong at any age. we'll introduce you to the bodybuilder who was inspiring people who were really young at heart. first, these mes
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[ applause ] still to come on "today," the inspiring comeback for a cancer survivor going for a wor world boxing championship just a few years after being told he might never fight again. plus, it's a new kind of social experiment. ride sharing. means hopping in a cab with a stranger, but hey, it could save you a few bucks. is it worth it? you a few bucks. is it worth it? mario armstrong my motheit's delicious. toffee in the world. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to
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6:26 on your sunday morning. ch a live picture there of the city of san francisco in the early morning hours of what could be a prototype of every morning in the san francisco bay area. i'm san brock. thanks so much for joining us alongside anthony slaughter with a look at your micro climate forecast. >> very typical morning in the bay area. looking at the fog. that's what we're looking at in san francisco, the north bay, east bay. tri valley and the south bay. everywhere you go in the bay area, we're waking up with clouds. the clouds will be with us at least if r the first half of the day. if you live in san francisco. if you're headed out there, do expect chilly conditions. only lower 60s today with a good mix of sun and clouds. we have a threat for lightning
6:27 am
strikes in the north bay. most likely northern sonoma county. and even raindrops tomorrow night into tuesday morning. we'll break it all down for you at 7:00. >> you'll be tracking that. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> a fatal stabbing saturday sending chills through a south bay community. police tell us they have the suspect in custody and sources tell nbc bay area he's relate mod the victims in a crime that appears to stem from a family fight. this around 6:00 yesterday evening. the first thing they discovered upon their arrival, two victims. officers the describe finding a man suffering from at least one stab wound. he died from his injuries a short time later. in the same home a wok also stabbed at least once. her injuries are not considered life threatening. police tracked down the suspect five blocks from the house. neighbors and other sources tell
6:28 am
nbc bay area he's believed to be the victim's son or stepson. >> one of the south bay's largest homeless areas is about to get cleared out. it asks for all property to be removed by monday morning from a homeless encampment. many who live there call it the jungle. it sits on the banks of coyote creek. some 200 people live there. on monday the city is launching a cleanup effort. homeless supporters plan to be there to protest the evictions. coming up on today in the bay, much more in store for you. a milestone for the silicone valley project. why the multimillion dollar plan will provide relief to commuters and businesses alike. this starting tomorrow. that plus your top stories at 7:00. right now we send you back to the "today show." we'll see you in 30 minutes.
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we're back on this sunday morning, august 10th, 2014. we've got a nice crowd joining us on a beautiful sunday morning in new york city. thanks to them for coming out. >> i feel like they're upping the ante this morning. >> yeah. >> i love it.
6:31 am
props. >> props and everything out there. >> i know. it's going to be exciting when we get out in a bit. we want to get you caught up on the top headlines. one man is dead this morning after a terrible accident on a race track in western new york. police say nascar champion tony stewart was driving the car that hit that young driver. the exact circumstances are under investigation. president obama says there's no end in sight for the u.s. military mission in remember. overnight the military made a third humanitarian aid drop after two more rounds of air strikes targeting islamic militants. and a frightening scene on board a jetblue plane. it was sitting on a runway in puerto rico getting ready to take off when nearly 200 passengers and crew had to evacuate after the plane caught fire. and still to come in this half-hour, exercise at any age could be kind of tough. for this group of grandmas, good luck getting them to stop moving. they're coached by an incredible guy who wants the world how special our elders are. i'm going to introduce you to him and them, and they're a ton
6:32 am
of fun. then, a hands-free way to watch shows on your tablet device that might just change the way you use it. mario armstrong will show us how. also ahead, they've got moves, and they know. it dragon house: the agents are a hip-hop dance crew wowing judges on "who's got talent." we've got them for a live performance on our plaza. we're really spreading the ice bucket love this morning after i challenged lester, eric aand ena. let's look at this -- and jenna. let's look at this one more time. >> look at the slow pour i got. not ten seconds. >> look at my face -- >> that was so unfortunate, that slow pour, lester. >> many thing unfortunate about that segment. we'll stop there. >> yes. at the end of that, they challenged some of their friends and family, and our own executive producer. so coming up in a little bit, it's their turn to get iced. >> fancy. looking forward to that. we do begin this half-hour with the story of a boxer facing the biggest match of his career. the prize fight comes three years after daniel jakeons
6:33 am
fought off his big -- jacobs fought off his biggest opponent when he was diagnosed with cancer. in a nationally televised title match last night he was trying to become the first cancer survivor to win a world championship. hally jackson has the story. daniel "the miracle man" jacobs! [ applause ] >> reporter: daniel jacobs stepped into the ring, a world title on the line. [ bell ] >> reporter: this match far from jacobs' toughest fight. that came about three years ago. >> that's how i looked at cancer. i looked at it as an opponent. >> reporter: when doctors diagnosed jacobs with a rare type of bone cancer, he barely heard a word. one sentence stuck out -- >> the only thing i remember was, "i don't think you'll be able to box again, daniel." it was mind-blowing. >> reporter: the cancer left him partially paralyzed. losing boxing, he says, broke his heart. jacobs did what he knows best -- he turned to his training. >> you got to get back up.
6:34 am
you got to continue to fight. >> reporter: through therapy and radiation, jacobs built back his strength all the way to the top of his middleweight division. he wasn't given the nickname "miracle man," he earned it. >> working the body -- >> reporter: saturday night in his hometown of brooklyn, he again came out swinging. >> fletcher in the corner and down he goes. daniel jacobs, who went through 25 rounds of radiation treatment -- >> reporter: took five rounds to get the knockout. his championship belt, a better fit than a hospital bracelet. >> i never thought i'd make it to this moment. i actually thought i was going die in the hospital. i'm living proof that god work miracles. >> reporter: another hard-fought victory for a boxer who's faced down his toughest challengers in and out of the ring. for "today," nbc news. let's check the weather with dylan out on the plaza. >> good morning, everyone. i'm -- is this a felt or a cloth sign here? this is fancy. it's your 18th birthday? where are you from? >> yeah.
6:35 am
new jersey. >> nice. left wi long trip in to new york to celebrate your birthday. fantastic. a gorgeous day in the city and across the northeast. low humidity thanks to high pressure in control. it is going to be absolutely gorgeous. we have a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the southeast and also in the pacific northwest. northern california into oregon. we're going to see dry thunderstorm today, meaning you'll get the lightning and the wind without the rain. so that could be an issue with the forest fires. we are also going to see the same type of setup for tomorrow. scattered showers and storms spread a little further to the east tomorrow, as well, from the great lakes stretching down into the gulf coast states. it again stays nice in the northeast. temperatures should be in the 80s. it is going to be still pretty warm in texas. but today we'll have those heat advisories in effect. tomorrow should cool back into the good morning. 6:35 is the time right now. waking up to cloudy skies for the south bay to the east bay. even in san francisco, a little bit of drizzle there. you will notice, we will see
6:36 am
sunshine later on today. temperatures all that comfortable. 78 in south bay. san francisco will be a little cool, though. only in the low 60s for highs there. now we have a slight risk for thunderstorms, most likely north of the area today. i was in northern sonoma county and northern marin county. we'll talk about this coming up at 7:00. >> today's top spot comes to us from north carolina and our affiliate witn. it's the 44th annual sneeds ferry seafood festival. i love these festivals. the small village comes alive every year to celebrate the area's fishing history. the festival has little bit of something for everyone from a car show to live music. and of course it wouldn't be a seafood festival without plenty of delicious food. looks fantastic. so if you're in north carolina, check it out. erica? >> all right. sounds good. up next, would you share a car with strange force maybe save a couple bucks -- strangers to maybe save a couple of bucks? mario is here to show the high-tech way to carpool. maybe
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welcome back. this morning on "mario's top three," carpooling with a tap of your finger. and a new way to find the cheapest tickets for sporting events. digital lifetime contributor mario arm strostrong is to tell about it. good morning. this is uber's latest offering, the way to embrace car or ride sharing? >> yeah. this is also a social experiment. here's how it works -- you would use ubetter like you normally would. pull up your phone, ask for a car to pick you up. it will search to see if there's someone else that wants to go the same route or is near you so you guys can jump into the car together and split that fare. >> so it has to know where you're going. >> it has to kind of know where you're going, and then find swu someone else what wants to go the same route or similar route so they can match you together. you'll get the first name of that person, and then you. >> bethenny: will get into the car -- you both will get into the car, you will split the
6:40 am
fare. might save 30% to 40% off. could be huge to airports, big expense with that. it's good to help with the idea of not having as many cars on the road. maybe. it might take time for that to happen if the ride sharing takes off. a lot of competitors are also doing the ride sharing, as well. uber's always been innovative. they've done thing like deliver christmas trees at christmas time and air conditioning units throughout the summer. they're always coming up with new ideas. >> ayou also have an minneapoli to help latch on to sporting tickets. >> i love this app. game time. simple app. basically what you see is the way to benefit from game time is the idea is, lester, that i can pull up a game up to eight different cities now. and then i can be able to see exactly what those prices are for those tickets and see exactly where i would actually be seating -- >> these aren't retail tickets. these are first tickets, first-run tickets. >> these are private owners' tickets. private owners' tickets.
6:41 am
what's really good is not only do you like get the discount rate, it a best if you do it right before the game because then that's when the desperation kicks in. >> but you can see where you're going to be. >> you can actually see exactly where your seat actually is located by just pulling up the actual map. and then not only that, you can do this all from your phone so there's no ticket to print out. you can do this standing out front of the stadium, 20 minutes, 30 minutes before the game, actually get the ticket done on your phone, they'll scan the phone on your way in to the stadium. >> i like it. hey, is that pad getting heavy in your hand? i only ask that because you're -- your next gadget here is -- >> yes. i love this. >> i'm going to sit with you here. explain this. >> this is the monkey kit. basically what this does, it will suction cup your ipad or other tablet. you squeed tze it six times. basically it creates this industrial suction to this device. won't fall off of there. >> maybe if you're working on a laptop and pad at the same time, this would be helpful? >> yes. the other idea is -- >> watching a movie. >> watching a movie.
6:42 am
you can sit this anywhere. i use it a lot on the sofa. if you wanted to sit it on a table, you could easily prop it on a table, as well. so many different uses. i've seen people plug this -- hook it on to a ladder so they could be hands free if they're looking at trying to fix something, or when they're exercising, on the exercise bike. they'll coil it around like you see here, around the leg of the -- >> that's very handy. and if you just are plain old lazy. like i am sometimes. >> this is definitely the new -- the new big sleeper/sofa, chair, you have your beer to the side, and just enjoy -- >> cupholder on the other side. i'm liking it. thank you very much. now let's send to dylan in the orange room with today's plaza fan of the day. good morning. >> good morning. mar ace snyder here from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this is your third morning coming down to the "today" show. so third time's a charm. let's go for it. >> still to come today, a bodybuilding champion brings his message of fame, of staying fit, to baby-boomers and beyond. but first, these messages! [ applause ]
6:43 am
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this morning "get fit
6:46 am
today," proof are you never too old to get out and move a little. jenna's introducing us to a group of people you met recently. >> yeah. i have three amazing ladies you have to meet. they're led by a guy who traded the glory of winning bodybuilding competitions for the joy of working with people who couldn't be more appreciative. to the seniors of southbridge, martin luther king otto is the man who keeps them going. a native of west africa where he made his name in fitness. >> i won the bodybuilding dealership in 1995 and defended it in 1996. in ghana, i have achieved it all. >> reporter: even though he was at the top of his game, he had other aspirations. >> the dream was to come to america one day. >> reporter: he came here with a lofty goal in mind. >> i wanted the whole world to understand how important it is when you give back to seniors. >> reporter: shirley, elizabeth, and dance machine mary, three of
6:47 am
otto's regular client. how young are you? >> 90. >> reporter: you're 86 years old? >> i'm very young. >> reporter: put it right there. >> i was raised by my grandmother. i was raised by my aunties. we called them the elders. whenever you need motivation and encouragement, you go to these people. >> grabbing that one to do -- >> reporter: the people here come to him. >> when i came, i was actually walking with a walker. >> basically i had a rotator cuff problem. and my other problem was my balance. >> perfect! >> reporter: schiller question now lift her arm again and stands easily on one leg. otto stresses three main areas -- balance, flexibility, and strength training. >> yes! >> reporter: even has them count in different language to exercise their minds. elizabeth started working out last year for the first time in her life at 72. >> after every class, i feel energized. i feel strong. >> reporter: do you feel good about yourself whether you come here? do you feel accomplished? >> i feel wonderful when i come
6:48 am
here. they're all good people. they're all friendly. they're not my age, but i feel better being with people that are younger than me. >> reporter: do you hang out with people older than you? >> i try not to. >> reporter: you try not to. >> to the right leg. >> reporter: while otto is inspiring many, he feels like he's the one getting the most all of all of this. >> any time i see shelly coming in here, walking tall with her chest out and swinging her arms and walking gracefully, that put a big smile in my face. they have brought me a lot of joy, and they also bring me a lot of happiness. i'm the lucky one. >> really, really sweet. again, never too late to start. really. >> so because it's never too late to start, you've got actually great exercises that people who are old kerr try. but really these -- older can try. but really these work for any age. >> yes. i want to show three exercises. going give a workout based on balance, core, and strength. so as you age, your body
6:49 am
changes, you lose balance and muscle mass. working out can help offset some of that. so let's start off with balance. the quintessential balance exercise is a one-legged stand. what you'd like to do is if you need to, stand behind a chair that's sturdy. you're going to lift one leg up. and -- >> heels or no heels? >> i would say no heels. for purposes of television, i'm in heels. if this is all you can do, stay here. if you can do more, i'd like to see if you can write the alphabet with your raised foot, a to z. if you really feel comfortable, let go and try to do it in heels -- don't do it in heels. then core. i like to do chops and figure eights. great a weighed, one pound, two pounds is fine. these are chops. you're working on the core. while you're doing this, working on the core will automatically improve your balance. and a figure eight real quick, you're doing a figure eight, a lateral figure eight. this is going to help work the core and the upper body. that's core.
6:50 am
now for strength, i either recommend a short squat holding on the back of a chair or -- this is what i like to do. lester, come over here. pretend this is a wall, a wall of steel. put your hand up against a wall. this is how if you're older and getting back to the gym, you can work out a pushup. lester's the wall, i'm going to push in and out ever so slowly. in and out. and as you get more comfortable, you move further away. may take baby steps to reach your goal -- nice job, buddy. that was awesome. >> thank you. >> you will see the difference as you get there. just remember, you are never too old to start. these are really important, balance, core, and strength. >> good stuff. >> thank you. >> good advice as always. we have more moves coming up that none of us should deal doo in hee that none of us should deal doo in hee -- should do in heels ever. carmax is the best place to start your car search.e, great for frank, who's quite particular... russian jazz funk? next to swedish hip hop.
6:51 am
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the men of the hip-hop group dragon house: the agents, are proving they've got what it takes, dancing their way to the top 48 of "america's got talent." >> andre and drew "dizzy" graham have something to show us on the plasa. before that, we want to talk to you for a moment. this is a big moment. you're getting a lot of praise from howie. must feel pretty good. >> yeah. feels great. >> amazing feeling. >> now, i'm sorry, go ahead -- >> no. >> i was going to say, from where you started to getting to "america's got talent," wasn't an easy road. what advice do you have for anyone trying to purtuesd toing
6:55 am
dancing professional? >> it's a tough road, but put 100% into it. >> while we're waiting -- should we do this? take it away. show us what you got. ♪
6:56 am
>> love it. guys, good luck! you can watch the agents perform on "america's got talent" at 9:8:00 center on tuesdays and wednesday nights. >> awesome. we'll check in with david gregory for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." good morning again. good morning. u.s. air strikes targeting isis militants in iraq. how does the u.s. avoid mission creep in a country the president said was stable and self-reliant when u.s. troops left? and impeachment, two key players in the fight over president clinton's impeachment will be here to talk about what's being talked about with president obama. all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> all right, david. thank you very much. before we go, we couldn't let a few of our favorite people get
6:57 am
out of the ice bucket challenge. you'll remember that this is not just for fun, it's also a way to raise money and awareness for various charities. >> it's also fun for us. >> it's also fun. and thousands of people have taken part in this across the country. saturday, eric ajerica, jenna, got the buckets dumped on us after being challenged by dylan. now it's our turn. some of the people we challenged yesterday here -- >> we are starting here. my awesome cousin, dana. more like a sister to me. this is all about family love. >> right. >> my dear, dear friend, thomas roberts. also host -- >> i love you. i love you very much. >> we mean it. >> love you. >> and nothing says all those years of redemption like -- stephanie gosk, everybody. [ applause ] >> i should point out, i did not challenge anybody, but the two of you chose our executive producer -- >> yes, we did. >> deedee thomas, whose son
6:58 am
thomas -- >> charles thomas. >> make sure you have the target. you're ready to go. >> you guys are all ready? >> take a little step forward. i don't want to get water on me. >> buckets in hand, everybody. and on my count -- one, two, three. go! [ cheers ] ♪ ice ice baby ice ice baby ♪ [ applause ] >> as they say, better you than me! >> yay! [ cheers ] >> lou did that feel? [ laughter ] >> kind of makes you feel alive, doesn't it? >> let's do it again! bring more -- one more time! [ applause ] >> one more time! >> one more time! >> you guys are good sports.
6:59 am
later today you'll
7:00 am
is. good morning. i'm sam brock. a husband dead and his wife stabbed in san jose. the suspect is their son. you'll hear from a witness on scene. also they went to help but came home burned. three firefighters burned. and we're tracking the threat for lightning over the next 48 hours. anthony slaughter joins us. this is today in the bay. >> from nbc bay area. this is "today in the bay." >> a live look for you to start out your morning. it's sunday, august 10th


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