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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. thousands turned out for a candle light vigil for an 18-year-old shot and killed by a police officer. tensions erupted into anger which led to looting, vandalized property and a major police presence. fighting continues in northern iraq. isis in two towns and targets of u.s. bombings having an impact. and is rory mcilroy the new tiger woods? and more fallout from the tony stewart collision that killed a young driver. gas prices down 19 cents. and turtle power rules the weekend. it's monday, august 11th. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm dara brown. it's all calm in a suburb after a black teen is shot dead, and they were unarmed. new video of rioting and looting in ferguson, tempers reach a boiling point sunday night. looters ransacked stores during a vigil for 18-year-old michael brown. 32 people were erupted. a struggle over a cop's gun led to his fatal shooting. brown's family isn't buying it. this morning, the community remains on edge bracing for more backlash. nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: crowds gathered in ferguson, missouri, sunday night marching for justice and peace. but their vigil turned violent. dozens of police officers from detroit and surrounding areas came in. frustration boiling over after michael brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, was shot and killed during a struggle with a ferguson police officer saturday
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afternoon. the protesters tried to push through barricades, but a line of officers in riot gear held their ground. the violence continued late into the night while civic leaders called for calm and promised justice as the investigation into brown's death continued. jay gray, nbc news. and breaking news just this morning. senior u.s. officials said the obama administration has begun directly arming kurds in iraq. last night, the u.s. military completed a fourth air drop of food and water along the sinjar mountains. there you see members of yazidis approaching those bundles of aid. more than 30,000 refugees have escaped with help from kurdish rebels. now the u.s. is weighing options to rescue the rest. just hours ago at a press conference in australia secretary of defense chuck hagel spoke for the need for a wider
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humanitarian response. >> this is a humanitarian issue of great consequence for all the world, and i think great powers understand they have responsibilities in these areas. >> meanwhile, the u.s. is also monitoring the deepening political crisis following a show of force from prime minister nuri al maliki. nbc news' richard jordan joins us from the washington, d.c. bureau. richard, good morning to you. what's the latest there? >> good morning. now that the u.s. is willing to arm kurds, it is yet another indication of how serious a threat u.s. officials believe isis is. now the obama administration is working on a game plan to get those iraqi christians out of harm's way. >> reporter: the isis threat is spreading, and u.s. lawmakers now fear that the terrorist group could move its target. >> mr. president, if you don't adjust your strategy, these people are coming here. >> this administration said there are no signs of the u.s.-aimed attack, but involvement is necessary to curb
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that risk. >> reporter: over the weekend, more humanitarian air drops for the needy christians stranded on sinjar mountain receiving thousands of pounds of food and water. the state department says it's pulling out some american personnel in erbil, citing an abundance of caution amid intense fighting and will explore options for evacuating stranded refugees. embattled iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki spoke publicly for the first time sunday amid the u.s. air strikes. in what's viewed as a defipt stance by critics he deployed iraqi special forces at main intersections today and refuses to step down. >> government formation process is critical in terms of sustaining the stability and calm in iraq, and our hope is that mr. maliki will not stir
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those waters. >> we can't wait for maliki and the iraqi parliament to fight isis. every day that goes by, isis is a direct threat to the united states. they are more powerful now than al qaeda on 9/11. >> meanwhile, the iraq parliament was scheduled to meet today to discuss their new leadership. that meeting has been postponed. dara. >> thank you for that report. and police in new orleans' ninth ward are investigating a drive-by shooting that killed two people. an 18-year-old woman and an unidentified man were found dead at the scene. a total of seven people shot, including two children, ages 2 and 4, also one adult. all three are fighting for their lives. two others are in stable condition. police say the victims were standing in front of a house when a car pulled up, fired shots and sped off. in the middle east, a new day, a new cease-fire. this morning, it seems to be holding, though. egypt helped broker this latest truce. the pause in fighting was supposed to last three days, but before it went into effect, this happened.
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israeli missiles fell over gaza. a factory and a house where gaza's mayor lives was obliterated. both sides are expected to have peace talks later today. well, red hot rory mcilroy does it again winning back-to-back majors after taking the title at the pga championship. it was a tight race to the finish. early on it was a three-player fight for the lead between rickie fowler, henrik stenson and phil mickelson. but rory finds his groove he drills his second shot on the 10th, able to eagle that and get back on the race at 14 under. now on the 17th, he birdies to get the two-shot lead. and then darkness rolls in in the final minutes, and rory sinks it to finish 16 under. look at that just 25 years old, 3 months and 6 days, rory becomes the third youngest player to win four majors behind only tiger woods and jack nicklaus. that is some good company.
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well, this morning, no criminal charges have been filed against three-time nascar champion tony stewart. but investigators are still looking into what caused a fatal track accident over the weekend. stewart's car struck fellow driver 20-year-old kevin ward jr. on saturday. ward was treated at the scene but pronounced dead at the hospital. in a statement released sunday stewart wrote in part, "there aren't words to describe the sadness i feel about the accident that took the life of kevin ward jr. it's a very emotional time for all involved." officials say ward got out of his car on a dimly lit track and appeared to be confronting stewart when he was hit. firefighters in northern california are worried about weather adding fuel to an already stubborn wildfire. an evacuation order is 160 miles north of san francisco. more than 2,000 firefighters and a dozen helicopters are fighting those flames. after today, no rainfall is expected in the area for the next seven to ten days. that brings to us a look at the weather.
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bill karins. >> we're at the peak of the fire season. it's been hot. it's been dry. it's actually much lower than it should be on average, burt we boosted those numbers in the last two, three weeks, and right now we're watching 37 large fires burning in the west. primarily northern california and into the pacific northwest. we have red flag warnings in pink today. interior and northern california and much of the state of oregon, and that's because we're going to have very dry and breeze where i conditions out there, and it's going to be very hot. upper level low, that's a storm system. not at the surface, but above the ground. up in the jet flight. it's spinning off the northern california coastline. actually, it's brought up a decent amount of moisture around vegas, southern nevada, and northern california. there are showers out there, but not the kind of soaking rains we need to really help with any of these fires. you can see on the green some of the showers and storms that were dotting northern arizona and southern nevada overnight. as far as your forecast, look at the temperatures. just soaring in the northwest
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where we've had some of the hottest numbers in the says recent memory. you could have an isolated storm that will cool you off, but the isolated storms with lightning also can form new fires. that's your national y hot toda near mount shasta, still warm with isolated storms. the extended forecast will bring some relief. we'll give you those details coming up. >> i just thought 37 wildfires, that is a huge number. >> large. about 27 last week, so we are almost at kind of the peak for the season. >> let's hope we get some early leaf there. thank you, bill. have you ever heard of the prince of pot? plus, great news for -- >> not since college. >> plus, in dating and hooking up, is it possible to legally define when yes means yes and no
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really means no?
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welcome back. researchers at auburn university have found a compound that could help treated diseases like ebola. not a moment too soon. nearly 1,000 have died in what's been called the largest outbreak ever recorded. according to the morning times, it started with a 2-year-old boy. she says she thought she was going to die. now the woman at the center of this video is sharing her story for the first time. marlene henick told the associated press she felt like the highway patrol officer was going to kill her, and afterwards she would often wake up screaming. the officer is on desk duty pending an investigation. he spent five years in a u.s. prison, but the man they call the pot -- or, rather, prince of pot is going home. canada handed him over after he pleaded guilty to selling marijuana seeds to americans. the 56-year-old vows political
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revenge against his government. in campaigns to stop sexual assault on college campuses the phrase no means no is a familiar mantra. now lawmakers in california are trying to define when yes means yes. new legislation would require all schools that receive public funds and financial assistance to set standards for consent. it would be the first of its kind. a white house court revealed one in five female college students is a victim of sexual assault. it is time to get down to business, and there is great news for drivers as gas prices have dipped about 6 cents a gallon over the past few weeks. prices have dropped 19 cents over the past seven weeks. experion and transunion have started to consider rental payments m credit file. this is great news for renters who have stellar records of payment. soon hotel guests will be able to check in, pick a room, and order room service from mobile devices. researchers from the environment
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institute say the state department underestimated the amount of pollution at the xl pipeline would create. they say the alberta protected product would result in lower oil prices, but that raises demand and creates four times the amount of global warming pollution. amazon is taking on disney by locking preorders of captain america, the winter soldier, among other titles. the largest web retailer wants more control over pricing. and just ahead, some major competitors over the weekend. that's up next.
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this morning on "today a sendoff. "today" is throwing a special baby shower with tons of advice and surprises for the mom to be as she gets ready to embark on her new adventure. that's this morning on "today." now to forbes and the sprint cup series, race at watkins glen international. without tony stewart following an ens dent that took the life of another driver. reaganan smith drove in fourth place. on lap 24 kyle bush in a hurry to leave the pit accidentally took off with a gas can attached. he will have to come back for a pass-through penalty. lap 50 pole sitter jeff gordon was in second before his car lost control. he gets towed in. with 35 laps to go a scary
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condition sends newman hugging the guardrail. after that it was amandigger able to win his first career sprint cup win. world champion ryan lochte beat michael phelps in the 200 meter individual medley at the national championships. he led the entire race finishing just.05 seconds ahead of phelps. the times were recorded as the second and third fastest times in the world this year. phelps remains winless in four races since coming out of retirement. to baseball now marlons-reds. marlons with a power hit into center, and it looks like it's out of there, but, oh, denied. reds jay bruce makes the incredible leap to make the over the wall grab. the reds will go on to win 7-2. to toronto tied 5-5. in 19 innings it's blue jay slugger jose batista with a walk-off run. 6-5. now in milwaukee dodgers-brewers. tied 1-1.
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bottom of the fourth. a wild pitch. be a quick throw to third to catch the runner off the bag, but he is ruled safe. after review, though, the call is reversed. bottom of the fifth. an amazing dive on a bunt. he will make that a double catching the runner at third. the dodgers will go on to win 5-1. female pitcher monet davis led her team to the little league world series. she struck out six batters to lead her team from philadelphia to an 8-0 victory over delaware. she is only the 17th girl to play in the little league world series in 68 years. and a wardrobe malfunction during the royals traditional hot dog derby. i love this. the kid in the mustard, he gets up, and he loses his pants, tripping repeatedly, unable to catch up. get it? next time you'll get it, mustard. good times there. just ahead, it's good news for fans of disney's "frozen" and over the weekend there was
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what's called the super moon. sky watchers were treated to the phenomenon, making it about 30% brighter. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. take a look at the weird workweek ahead. for some of you are going back to school. especially the southern half of the country. we are watching conditions typical in the desert southwest and southern california.
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the northwest is seeing weird weather. today will be by far the warmest. then we're going to cool it off to the 80s for many of the wrarz. even interior sections in the 100s. we'll go down into the 90s. here we're looking at portland. then it should clear out towards the end of the week. best chance of rainy conditions on wednesday, and then we're talking upper 70s. that's better than -- nothing denied, which is unusual for the northwest. >> that cooler air coming through. >> enjoyable. >> thank you, bill. now for entertainment news. the box office was shell shocked by the teenage mutant ninja turtles. get ready for more turtle power as a sequel has been announced. "guardians of the galaxy" earned second place with $41 million, and into the storm took in $18 million. "frozen" will return, but this time ann wra and elsa will continue their adventures in a series of books. and wait.
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what? who is that? that is taylor swift, of course, with a video on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. it's in preparation for her appearance on the show. >> do you remember seeing her like that? >> no, i did not. at last night's annual teen choice awards, the fault in our stars was a big winner in seven different categories. hunger games won four. the rock had a family minutes emergency. both his mother and cousin were in a car hit by a drunk driver. he shared words of wisdom. he said, "first reaction is to find the person who did it and to realize the most important thing with your family. we can hug each other, and they are much tighter these days. hug your family, stay close, and be grateful, and tell them you love them. these are words to live by every day. i'm dara brown. this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day.
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five rescued off oregon coast after boat caps seeses. the group of boaters is recovering this morning after their charter boat sank. the coast guard helicopter crew came in to rescue. from nbc bay area animal shelters brace for unwanted effects of new ninja turtles movie. we've seen it before. animal shelters are expected an ill-advised rush of families wanting pet turtles after the latest blockbuster film. not only they are expensive and live longer than their owners, but turtles can also carry salmonella. in the news this morning 24 people are saying after being stranded for five hours on a mare marry roller coaster. officials handed out umbrellas for sun protection.
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luckily -- >> space mountain. that's a lot of stuff. >> no sun there, hoe. >> you're in the dark. >> this one, too close to call. still nowhere in the hawaii democratic primary. the incumbent calls a narrow lead oh colleen in a race that was interrupted by tropical storm iselle. the state's governor was hawaii's first incumbent to lose to a primary challenger. could a cup of coffee help with that ring in your ears? that sound is called tenitis, and researchers could be on to something. a constituted where i for the american journal of medicine evaluated 65,000 women. the ruling, more caffeine, less ringing. >> i'm told it's from talking about you. >> oh, that's itching. that's your nose itching. >> that's itching? i thought it was ringing of the ear. >> it's powerful and it controls your main source of news and entertainment, but this baby boy, you fwot to love this. he seems to get that. every time the tv's remote control is revealed to him, he
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goes bonkers. it is clear he understands the importance of having the remote control. can you imagine how excited he will be when he knows how to switch the channels and control the remote control. >> do you search or control the remote control? >> search. i just love that face. he is, like, oh, remote control. oh, oh, channels. sxwlirchlgts now it's time for a look back. on this day in 1984 president ronald reagan made a controversial joke about russia during a sound check before his weekly radio address. >> my fellow americans, i am pleased to tell you today that i've signed legislation that will outlaw russia forever. we begin bombing in five minutes." we want to wish a happy berth day to chris helmsley who is turning 31, and hulk hogan is 61, and steve wozniak is 64. keep it here.
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thanks for watching "early today." have a good one.
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s from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, 4:30 i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's start out this monday morning with a live look outside, good morning, san jose, nice start to the day, but there is concern as the bay area could see lightning. let's check that forecast now with rob mayeda in for christina, good morning, rob. >> good morning, right now we have low clouds and drizzle out towards san francisco. on the coast, misty skies. at noon, then we have a watch for moisture that could kick off isolated thundershowers perhaps around the coastal hilltops later on today. the fog on the coast and later on for the


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