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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning, it's 4:30 on a holiday monday, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get started with a live look outside san francisco in san jose. it is going to be a hot one. christina loren joins us now with more on how warm it'll be when you fire up the barbecue, good morning. >> hey, good morning, laura, scott, everybody at home, happy labor day to you. if you have to go to work, we're here with you in that same boat. you know what, temperatures are going to be hot out there, you might be happy to have that ac in your office. if you have the day off, count on a hot second half of the day.
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probably the hottest day we've had in 15. if everything pans out of. 90 degrees for the south bay. the peninsula is at 85 degrees today. 73 degrees in san francisco. and up in wine country, you're in the mid-90s. i'll tell you who might actually see the triple digits or flirting with triple digits for today, then those numbers crash. we have changes coming through the forecast. right now back to you, scott and laura. >> thanks so much. happening now, major off-ramp reopened just moments ago. a water main break sent water rushing down westbound lane in steven's creek boulevard and soaked the southbound highway 85 off-ramp to stephen's creek. "today in the bay's" nannette miranda there live, looks like crews, they've got most of it mopped up? >> reporter: well absolutely. the crews worked pretty much through the night and finished around 3:00 a.m. this morning. a lot earlier than this 6:00 a.m. expected finish time. i just saw crews leave here,
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they've picked up the orange cones and the sign board. this is video what have it looks like 12 hours ago when a water manl break caused a big rush of water to come out of the street around stephen's creek and highway 85 intersection in cooper due know. deputies had to shut down traffic westbound and the southbound highway 85 off-ramp to stephen's creek. drivers had to drive around the mess while san jose water repairs the break. luckily it's a holiday weekend and it impacted fewer people than it would have had it been a regular weekend. it's quite, was quite a mess. it's unclear what caused that water main break. whether it was related somehow to the napa quake, but certainly cities have been grappling with the older infrastructure all around california. and back here live. there's that fresh patch of asphalt there, that's where the repair work happened. again the area around stephen's creek and highway 85 is back open.
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a lot earlier than expected right after that water main break. live in cupertino, nannette miranda, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. and work on 280 cube finished sooner than planned. caltrans says upgrades going quicker than expected. it could be done some time today. they're replacing two bridge hinges. from the 101 interchange to the king street exit. all northbound lanes are shut down. southbound lanes are not affected. it's 4:33, san francisco commuters take note, take effect today. only some riders will be impacted. fare for adults liming to $2.25, adult fast passes increasing by $4. seniors, youth, and the disabled will not change. these are the first fare increases in four years. san francisco police are looking for a driver who will shot a man in a possible case of
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road raged. happened about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. that's near the western edition neighborhood. witnesses told investigators a man who was crossing the street when a speeding consider nearly hit him. the man yelled something and races on towards the car. the driver reportedly made a u turn and hoped fire. >> i heard a popping sound, then it didn't dawn on me what it was. on this i told the desk clerk that someone was shot. came back and the guy was on the ground. >> the victim is in critical condition. he has not been identified. kickoff for the 49ers less than a week away, the focus shifts to the latest run-in with the law. our cameras confronted the defensive end ray mcdonald as he walked out of the santa clara county main jail free on $25,000 bail. this just hours after he was arrested for allegedly abusing his fiancee, sources tell us
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she's pregnant. san jose police arrested mcdonald early yesterday morning at a home in the evergreen area of san jose. vrt same -- the very same block with where alden smith was arrested for dui last year. 49ers insider matt barro says police cuffed him after seeing bruises on his fiancefiancees ad neck. >> it's disappointing. this is a trend that's going on. and that hasn't been what the niners have been all about. and years ago -- >> it doesn't set a good example for the young fans watching. i think they need to tighten the belt a little bit and set an example that that's not the way you can behave and get along in life. >> the arrest comes days after the nfl announced stiff every punishments for players accused of domestic violence. a minimum six game suspension. after this, the arrest of raven's player ray rice on
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domestic violence charges against his then fiancee, now wife, rice was suspended just two games. and while mcdonald's future sun clear, he says there is another side to all this. >> when will we hear your side of the story? >> i don't know, man. next couple days. >> now here's where things get tricky, since the nfl's policy against domestic violence is so new, the process for commissioner roger goodall is to implement it, that's unclear. 49ers general manager trent bulky issued this statement. the 49ers organization is aware of recent reports regarding ray mkd donald. as we continue to gather the facts, we will reserve further comment. now the 49ers recent run-ins have become an ugly pattern. in fact according to the san diego data base that tracks nfl arrests, the niners lead the league in arrests since the
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start of 2012. during that time, 49ers players were involved in a total of ten arrests. six of them alone involve mcdonald or alden smith. last week, the league handed smith a nine game suspension for violating nfl personnel conduct and substance abuse policies. in march, defensive back chris culliver pleaded not guilty. and in january, center daniel kilgore arrested for public intoxication. his case was later dismissed. stay with "today in the bay" for our coverage of the story as it develops. you can visit our website there you'll find full video of mcdonald leaving the santa clara main jail as well as all the investigative unit stories we've done on previous 49 run-ins with the law. all on 4:37, turning now to the
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south napa earthquake. the red cross is opening an emergency assistance center in napa to offer long-term help to the victims of the napa quake. the center will be open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the napa valley marriott hotel on solano avenue in napa. families can meet one on one with workers to discuss disaster cause needs and receive information to help with recovery. overnight shelters in napa and vallejo will provide services including food, clothing, shelter, and clean up supplies as long as there is a need. getting a better idea of just how much damage last sunday's earthquake caused in neighboring sonoma county. officials say the quake caused at least $4.5 million in damage. that's prompting county leaders to declare a local emergency. it'll allow for state and federal assistance if relief is made available. president obama has not declared a federal emergency. still, the amount is nowhere near how much damage was done in
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napa county where estimates hover around $300 million. our coverage of the south napa earthquake continues online at there you can watch an interview with the family about the damage at local wineries. that is at police to want know there are fake gunshots and smoke coming from vallejo city hall today, part of a training there. similar to what you're seeing here in redwood city. police practicing different emergency scenarios. vallejo police say it'll be the first time they train inside city hall. it'll help them learn the layout in case of an emergency there. the session will run pretty much all day starting at 8:00 this morning. >> all right. 4:39 rooigt now, warm -- right now, warm today, lots of people have the day off. >> yeah, lots of people have to labor as well. it's one of those days, but hey, if you do have to work, you might be happy about it, the ac will come in clutch later on today. right by the beach.
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that's where you're going to get perfect conditions. and i mean really choice conditions in san francisco later on. 61 right now. we're starting out nice and clear this morning. little bit of return here, showing you that we have moisture out there around the santa cruz mountains and the western facing slopes. overall, we're done with a lot of that humid they we had to deal with over the weekend. and we're waking up mostly clear even in the city by the bay. hard to find any cloud cover out there this morning. temperatures are going to reflect that sunny start later on today. 80 degrees for the east shore, 73 in san francisco. 90 degrees in the south bay. today will be the warmest of the week, temperatures crash as we head into tomorrow falling by 5, maybe 15 degrees in the inland valley spots. then we're going to get a stretch of it beautiful weather. maybe even a little bit of shower activity. so lots to go over this morning. right now, back to you, scott
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and laura. >> thanks so much. business to new heights. how uber is giving you a birds eye view on the ground below. firing up the grill will cost you more, how much and when, coming up next.
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happening now, search and rescue crews are clearing debris and looking for two people who were still trapped inside a building that collapsed in the suburb just north of paris overnight. six people, including several children are confirmed dead. ten people were saved, but several really seriously hurt. officials say the collapse happened after an explosion. it's still too early to confirm, but they think the explosion was caused by a gas leak. developing in pakistan, the country's national television news channel had to go off air this morning as protesters stormed its headquarters in stral islamabad. protesters beat journalists and destroyed tens of thousands of worth of equipment. over the weekend, protests
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calling for the prime minister's resignation turned violent. at least three people were killed in clashes with police. two prominent u.s. senators say the president should send weapons to ukraine. robert maine 911 dez and john mccain are also calling for tougher sanctions on russia for its role in ukraine. ukraine says a border guard vessel was attacked early yesterday in the first incident at sea. hours earlier, russia president vladimir putin called on ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution for the crisis. and pressure is mounting on president obama this morning to go after isis inside syria, even diane feinstein is pushing for military action. comes as the u.s. drops more aid to refugees in iraq. this is video aimed at helping christians persecuted by isis
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militants in iraq. the president says air strikes in syria on the back burner for now, but politicians on both sides are urging him to act, saying while he evaluates his options, the isis threat is getting worse. >> the president of the united states is either in denial or overwhelmed. one of the two. >> he's very cautious, maybe in this instance, too cautious. >> now another big concern is how many americans are fighting with i.c.e.s and whether -- isis and whether these may bring the fight and terror back to the united states. people in the east bay say they are stunned by a drive by shooting that injured five people at a house party. it happened on south q street in livermore early sunday morning. police say several people were kicked out of a party then came back and opened fire. three women and two men, all late teens in the early 20s were shot. none of the wounds are considered life threatening. several hours later police
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arrested anthony torres during a traffic stop. he is facing attempted murder charges. california could become the first state in the nation to ban plastic backs. governor jerry brown has until the end of the month to make a final decision. it comes after lawmakers approved a ban last week. many bay area cities already have a ban in place. the bill would prohibit plastic bags at grocery stores next year and at convenience stores in 2016. shop lers have i have to pay ten cents or paper for reusable bags. >> i don't think it's that big of a deal to bring your own bag. it's a big waste and people don't recycle them necessarily. >> advocates have been pushing for a ban for years. now, new compromise will give plastic bag manufacturers $2 million to transition to making reusable bags. massachusetts and washington are also looking goo into similar bans. uber going to new heights. the company is teaming up with a
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helicopter company to offer special tours to places like los angeles and new york. and uber driver picks the customer up and takes him to an uber chopper. >> then it's off to a scenic tour when the day is done. the customers returned to their original destination via uber car. this tour will set you back at least $1500, but some people say it's worth it. especially in l.a. traffic. >> we've been talking about boy, there should be like an uber chopper or something, i would pay more money to be able to go back and forth between them. >> to live like the rich. uber creates unusual promotions to make head lionels. including uber fire trucks, ice cream trucks, and at one time, kitten delivery. the apple campus 2 from a bird's eye view. here we have liftoff, this video shows an aerial drone's flight over the avenue. the pilot maneuvering the drone on to to the project site.
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you can see the main building appears a as large circular furrow in the ground. that's where the rebar is prepared for concrete pouring. the first phase of construction expected to be completed by 2016. >> cool looking building they're going to have there. as you do some of the final preps for labor day, you may notice a higher grocery bill, that's because food prices are going up. pork prices up more than 10% after a virus has reduced supply. in the men time, steaks cost 9% more because of low supply and increase international demand. hot dogs, they're also up a 7%. the good news, soda and beer prices have stayed relatively the same. crack open another i suppose. meantime gas prices are at their lows. national average pricing of regular gas, 3.45 a gallon. triple a says the average price in san jose, little higher, $3.87. in san francisco, $4.00 a
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gallon. experts say the gas prices are due to a drop in crude oil prices. well as you fire up your grill with your expensive meat, it's going to be hot today. >> and your cheap beer. >> you know if we he to choose, wouldn't we choose cheap beer? it's going to be hot. >> wee, wee, wee, something about scott mcgrew. >> party at his house. >> i think so so. temperatures right now are cool out there. in fact it's the coolest start we've had in over a week. one of the colors we haven't seen, the green on your contour map indicating a cool air mass. that's a chilly start up in santa rosa morning. 63 degrees in san jose. taking a life look at the san mateo bridge. really, actually a light volume of traffic here, but more commuters than i thought i'd see at this point, mike has the day off, but we're going to keep tabs on your drive. we'll let you know if anything is going to happen out there. san francisco showing you all of
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the city buildings here. you can see the lights vividly from hayes valley, good indication that that fog has not settled in. we're expecting a little bit of fog this morning at the immediate coast, but not much, and we're crystal clear in san jose to kick off the day. just a really pretty start here. temperatures hot today. 96 degrees on the way to the north bay. 90 degrees today for the south bay. mid-80s for the peninsula and 80 degrees in the east shore. that's a warm day for oakland. keep that in mind. lots of sunshine coming your way. as we head through tomorrow, good news, temperatures will drop by 10 to 15 degrees. as a result, we've got a nice, cool trend that's going to stick around all the way through the weekend. little trough of low pressure cooling us off and may bring shower activity. i'll show you that coming up. right now, back to you scott and laura. >> thank you much. southern california high school has gotten rid of a controversial mascot, but kept the controversial name.
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it was a cartoonish sneering man, hooked nose, and a head scarf. they are known as the arabs. last november, someone brought the mascot to the attention of the american arab antidiscrimination committee. the committee complained the school eventually agreed to get a new mascot and have the logo redesigned, but they'll keep the arab theme and name. a belly dancing geneny was also retired. weeks after a ferguson officer shot and killed an unarmed teen, police in the st. louis suburb are now equipped with body cameras. the police chief says officers are completing training on how to use pem. officers wore them on saturday during a protest march on ferguson. two companies donated 15 body cameras, enough for almost every officer on the force. the device is tachled to the uniforms and records both video and audio. major breach of privacy for some of the hollywood's leading
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ladies. their photos hacked and posted online. and the hacker claims to have a master list of 100 other starlets. among the stars affected, date upton and jennifer lawrence. the photos are real and blasted the hacker for flagrant violation of privacy. actress mary winston said they were deleted long ago. i can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. key player is expected to return this morning. we'll look, coming up.
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you're watching "today in the bay." and welcome back to you, it's 4:55, and a live look at coliseum this morning. unfamiliar territory for the a's this season. they are now five games back in the al west. after being swept by the first place l.a. angels over the weekend. the a's turned things around this afternoon against the mariners first pitch, 1:05. and across the bay, at&t park the giants waking up in colorado this morning. they'll play about a game and a half against the rockies today. first up, they'll finish off a suspended game from back in may, then hit the field for the regularly scheduled show down right after. meantime, giants riding serious momentum coming off a three game sweep of milwaukee. yesterday the g-men trailed behind a big day at the plate from pablo sandoval.
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now they trail the dodgers by two and a half games in the division. well with all the negativity surrounding the 49ers right now, a little glimmer of hope. >> guard alex boone will officially end his hold up and report to the team today. boone will reportedly receive a substantial pay increase earning nearly $6 million over the remaining two years of his contract. >> i guess it pays to hold out on the 49ers. >> maybe so. speaking of the 49ers, the team facing new legal trouble this morning. still ahead, the arrest of ray mcdonald. plus crews work to fix a broken water main in the south bay. your impacts of the labor day drive coming up next.
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new trouble for the 49ers, another player arrested and possibly facing charges. what the team told nbc bay area about the charges. efforts to move the card room bay 101 out of san jose
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stopped short by the state legislature. i'm christina loren, our natural ac thwarted for today. that mean it's going to be hot out there, but temperatures crash as of tomorrow. i'll take you through the changes in your microclimate in just moments. let's take a peek outside, beautiful illuminated bay bridge on this monday, the first day of september, this is "today in the bay". from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you, happy labor day, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. live to san jose this morning, couple of clouds up there, but it's expected to be very hot for those labor day barbecues. >> let's check in with christina loren, she has a look at the forecast. >> it's the unofficial end of summer time, i think some like it hot on a day like today. san jose showing you that clear sky, we have a hot day


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