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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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break-in at the consulate in the san francisco. we're going to show you the window the suspect busted through to get inside. sthen an out of control -- then an out of control car slams into a house overnight. we are live with a look at the damage. camera rolls as a fire flairs up in san jose we will tell you why it affect yourself drive for another hour even though it's already out. meanwhile onshore flow strengthens for today. the heat is going to back off. a cooling strend in store for your midweek and then towards the end of the week, we bring on a chance for rain. in just moments. live look outside this morning, golden gate bridge, so many headed back to work after an extended weekend. today is tuesday, september 2nd, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you, i'm lawrie la garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock.
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break news, police have arrested a man accused of breaking into the indonesian consulate in san francisco. this on columbus avenue near san francisco street in the cities rushing hill neighborhood. bob redell live outside right now the consulate, bob, you can see how the man got into that building. do we know anything about his state of mind and what happened? >> reporter: well after speaking with police and the people here, they think it's possible this man was high on something, high on drugs. you can see that window that he broke into around 3:30 this morning. we're on columbus avenue, 1111 columbus avenue, and they've looken at the tapes, it shows him rushing into the building like he was trying to get away from something. and they're wondering if maybe he thought he was being chased, and in the footage shows him going up to the second floor like herself trying to get away from somebody. and he stays up there. the security alarm here alerted flois what was happening. sarks fpd took this man into custo
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custody. we saw him in the back of the squad car. younger guy, not a juvenile, but perhaps in his 20s, appeared to be cooperating with police. and what's remarkable is nothing was taken. he just broke in, broke that window, and took him away. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we have an update now to breaking news now out of danville this morning. young man is under arrest after crashing into a danville home. causing a gas leak that forced more than 1 dozen people out of their home. stephanie chuang live in danville this morning. pretty dangerous situation overnight for that neighborhood. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura. they evacuated the homes in the neighborhood. you can see where the crash, the car crashed into the left of the garage there at the house. but it took pg&e crews more than three hours to cap the gas leak because they had to stop the flow to the side of the driveway
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there. the san ramone says it was around 12:40 when the car crashed into the house hitting a one inch gas main causing a free flowing leak. firefighters got on scene, made sure nothing would trigger an explosion and evacuated six homes or 15 people who were then let back in around 4:00 this morning. that's when the crews were able to cap the leak. we spoke with the homeowner who says he heard the explosion, tried desperately to free the driver from the car. >> it was a young kid. and the car was locked, and i could not open the door. but the person was conscious and, you know -- >> reporter: danville police did give the driver a field sobriety test and eventually arrested him, but the good news, no injuries this morning. pg&e crews could be here for another hour or two because what they're doing now is trying to restore service back to had this
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one home. but again, everyone else in the neighborhood let back into their homes and their service uninterrupted this morning. live in danville, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you, stephanie. more breaking news to tell you about this morning, in san jose where our cameras were rolling as a large fire flared up along highway 87. this fire is about a quarter of an acre and television up against the shoulder of the highway. this between alma and the expressway. we check in now with mike inouye, and mike, this is not an ideal location for commuters, what do you expect? >> it was a horrible location because it was right alongside the freeway and let's show you the live shot right now. you showed videos of ones that flared up there. the live video shows the sun's coming up. and haze as well as the smoke center screen just one set of glowing light there and a couple of flashing lights. it's hard to make out there right now, that is the same zone where we saw significant back up.
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this is the impact we're having on the roadway. we have the slow lane blocked and possibly another half hour until they'll reopen. fire crews are on 87 taking care of the fire just on the east side of the roadway there by the tracks. we heard about no delays for cal train, there's an apartment building in the area, but no evacuations necessary there and as we saw, things were calming down quite a bit. slower drive from capital expressway there's another fender bending moving to the shoulder. already having an impact. you'll expect to see more traffic flowing north 85. some might consider taking that as an alternate. we'll see more traffic as folks choose not to take 87. that will also see a good volume. that'll have a ripple effect, we'll continue to track that. hopefully all lanes reopened by 6:30. the rest of the south bay showing a typical pattern there. dublin, westbound 580, shows a good deal of slowing now from livermore into dublin. big slow down near tassajara.
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traffic flowing, no incidents, but a good volume for the tri-valley. bay bridge toll plaza has them on after a holiday weekend we typically see that with a bigger volume than most normal tuesdays. we had them turned on and we do see a pretty standard flow throughout the rest of the east bay. good stuff through the maize if you're just jamming up. . and so that's not bad. and better news getting into san francisco 280 reopened ahead of schedule last night. >> seven hours ahead. >> no problems into or out of the city. >> we like that. we'll take that. >> thanks a lot. new details this morning about a deadly crash involving an amtrak train in oakland. we are told nobody was on board that train when it slammed into an suv. the driver of the car though was killed. thrz the train -- the train named the costar line. the crash happened just after 10:00 last night near the intersection of san leandro and high street not far from the
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fruitvale bart station. it is still unclear what the suv was doing on the tracks in the first place. u6z 06 right -- 6:06-right now. live look at downtown san jose. look at that, sun's arrival and making way far little cooler day ahead. drop in the temperatures, right christina? >> yeah, it is going to be really nice compared to yesterday. sweltering day for your inland valley spots, but you know what, that's kind of the way you want summer to go out, right? as of right now, we are unofficially in fall, but we officially kick off the new season as of the 22nd of this month. good morning to you, my friends, taking a live look owl across the bay area. all your various microclimates and you can see we have that fog in san francisco, 60 degrees here, 63 on the east shore, and 62 degrees facing east in the south bay getting that gorgeous sunrise at this hour. so this is what we're looking towards as we head throughout the day today. on shore sfloe going to be with us for most of the day.
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and for us, that means that cool westerly flow, that ocean air is going to be pumping all the way inland throughout the afternoon. if you want to open up of the windows in your home, do so. give your ac a break and tmpbs are only going to reach into the low 80s in the south bay for today. you can see here in san francisco, stockton with fog, at this time yesterday morning, it was crystal clear out there. so, weather story of the day, on shore flow returns inland, this is going to drop your temperatures in some cases by about 10 even 15 degrees from yesterday's highs. what a difference a day will make out in the tri-valley and north bay in particular. north bay for today, temperatures will rise into the mid-80s, but not too bad. you're in the mid-90s yesterday. san francisco's at 66 degrees. 77 degrees on the pence last, 83 degrees for the south bay, and temperatures up in wine countries are going to be remain pleasant all the way across the board. in fact, most of the bay area getting spoiled as we head through the the next couple days. 72 degrees on the east shore, and 86 degrees in wine country.
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this is where we're headed as we head throughout your day. widespread clouds by this afternoon, that big drop off kicks in and your sun will set at 7:36, we're going to talk about days getting shorter and what this means through the weather. at least coming up, right now back to you sam and laura. >> thank you very much. 6:09, still ahead on "today in the bay," big decision for the 49ers. will a player arrested over the weekend get to play in the team's first game of the season? we're going tell you when the team could make that announcement. thousand protect yourself against a terrible thing that happened to all those hollywood stars. we'll take a look coming up in business and technology. live picture of this morning of the bay bridge as folks commuting in and out of the east bay into the city. it is 6:09 on your tuesday morning, we'll have much more news, weather, and traffic, right after the break. it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back now, we have some good news for you in the weather department on shore flow is going to drive your temperatures down by eight to ten degrees for today. a return to comfortable bay area levels and then might just be a little too cool for you. we're also going to bring in the chance for some measurable drizzle, a changing pattern coming your way. microclimate forecast is in just moments. and following this part of your commute, a problem, south 680, taillights stacked up across the bottom of your screen. there's a crash in the area. we'll talk about that slow drive, what lanes are currently blocked, and also that update for the slowing because of the
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fire activity in san mateo, coming up. here's look at today's top stories this morning, a young man under arrest after crashing his car into a home in danville. the crash caused a gas leak forcing homes in the area to evacuate. crews have since capped the leak. this morning, 49ers head coach jim harbaugh could answer questions about how the team is going to move forward handing the arrest of ray mcdonald. he's accused of abusing his fiancee over the weekend. this morning, medical experts will begin injecting people with an experimental ebola vaccine. the first of its kind human trials are taking place at the national institutes of health. testing was supposed to start later this fall but is being fast tracked because of overwhelming concern about the deadly ebola outbreak in west africa. this morning the fbi investigating the theft of intimate pictures of
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celebrities. >> the celebrities didn't understand the pictures they were taking could end up on a computer somewhere. >> that's right. you think the picture that you take with your camera stays on your phone rather stays on your phone. in a lot of cases it doesn't. the settings are super confusing. even people with appled a mitd to me they don't understand icloud. in fact the whole concept of the cloud was the butt of the joke of a summer movie, "sex tape." >> and you can't get it down from the cloud? >> nobody understands the cloud, it's a mystery. >> what happened was a crime. best a theft at worst arguably a sex crime. the person claims says he's on the run. posting to several boards online this morning saying he did it for money. even though few stars were willing to pay to get their photos back. apple has not specifically addressed this controversy other than to say it's investigating. we do expect a more complete
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statement later this week if for no other reason than apple has a close relationship to hollywood. now there are a number of theories as to how this happened and apple fixed at least one flaw that could have been responsible, but no matter what the cause, there is a way to protected yourself, and that's through something called dual factor authentication. before anyone can access or change your passwords or get into your icloud, they have to know a four digit number that's sent to your phone. you then enter that number on the apple website before apple permits anything to be accessed or changed. twitter has the similar system, facebook has it as well. that way even if somebody guesses your bass word -- password sam and laura, they need the password and the four digit code that only comes to your phone. so if you have your phone, you know you're the only person who's going to get into your account. >> and that's easy to do? >> it is reasonably easy to do.
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nothing with icloud is super easy, i did tweet out the instructions though. twitter @scottmcgrew. >> don't go cracking the code, thanks a lot, scott. right now on your tuesday morning, a live picture of downtown san jose. actually looking a little bit hazy this morning, but could there be a warm up and a nice day in your future? check in now with meteorologist christina loren. give us good news. the beaches were jam packed. people have to head back to work today, the temperatures are going to drop off. it would be nice for a while. a good stretch of time, and i can tell you we're not looking towards heat to the levels that we saw yesterday anywhere but the next seven days. the temperatures are going the opposite direction, tumbling for today. 63 to kick off your tuesday, back to work, hopefully you have
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an abbreviated workweek. livermore, looking good. san martin 62 near san jose, and you're at 61 degrees to start the day in oakland. meanwhile, plenty of 60s here in your inland valley spots. dropping into the mid-50s this morning, the low clouds are settling in and it's going to take a while for the low clouds to bush off once they have settled in here right at the immediate coast continuing to move on shore throughout the next couple of hours, and for us, that means a cool day is coming your way bay area. one of the days where you want to make those outdoor plans if you are too hot to do so yesterday, it'll be nicer today. and you can see the reason why that fog really settled in here, pacifica yesterday morning, none to show you at this hour. now i want to show you what it looks like over high atop mt. hamilton overlooking the valley. you can see from this shot, from about 4,000 feet. we have enough low cloud cover here to keep those temperatures comfortable for today. and here's what it looks like at the surface here in san jose.
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hazy this morning. temperatures work like this, low 60s to start. we're going to be in the 80s to finish off the day. up to about 82 degrees here in the south bay. you're going to be closer to the 60s for today. mid-60s at best in san francisco where as we hit the mid-70s yesterday. quite a drop off there. and we're going hold on to the levels all the way through this weekend. might get a little bit of drizzle on the coolest day of the week looking good for friday morning. overall though, feels kind of crisp out there when you walk out the front door. let's find out if there's unexpected problems this morning. keeping us updated, good morning to you. >> good morning, christina. and the crisp air allowed chopper to get on scene here. they are bo highway 87, speaking of unexpected, slow northbound right here. we're looking at one of the vta stations, choppers searching around to get a look at the fire we're talking about. there's a fire off the northbound side of highway 87 right around alma. traffic jamming up there, looked like one slaen blocked, there's an onramp getting aside. they're looking for the fire
6:19 am
itself. still one lane blocked. let's show you on the map where we're talking about as the chopper gets oriented. it is right here, west alma chopper was showing you. there was a fire between the expressway over between the cal train tracks and the freeway. now that fire clearly under control, but there's still one slow lane blocking, that has traffic jammed up from 85 all the way to downtown. there was another crash which moved to the shoulder. now expect more traffic 85-17. other folks would take 101. we haven't seen a significant impact just yet. likely more traffic on monterrey highway because that is a good alternate as well. we do see 101 jamming up, again north 87 is the big story because of the fire and the crew block the slow lane at alma. tri-valley, slower drive southbound 680 jamming up to sunol. let's get a look at the live shot there. there's a crash southbound 680.
6:20 am
your commute direction just over tle on the left side of the screen. one lane is blocked, and that has you jammed up through sunol and approaching the golf course. you're clear by the time you gets towards vargas. san mateo bridge illustrates another thing we're talking about this morning. better news here. the sign, you've seen the light up signs saying 280 is now open getting into san francisco. no delays for the city across the san mateo bridge. you have some haze, visibility's fine on the span, san mateo and dumbarton bridge is just fine. the bay bridge has your back up because the metering lights are on. here's the back up, the lanes are seeing better flow of traffic after the early burst hit the traffic and no big unexpected problems. down the east shore freeway, back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. new this morning, san francisco police are upping patrols in and around a popular parking garage. this all because of a spike in car break-ins. this is happenings at the suter stockton parking garage about a block away from union square. police say that most have been the typical smash and grab type of break-ins, but in some cases,
6:21 am
thieves made off with entire cars. there have been two to date, 80 break-ins in year, that's about a third of all burglaries. time now 6:20 on your tuesday morning. still ahead on "today in the bay," on the run. new details on the overnight man hunt for dozens of teens who escaped from a detention center. and bullet hits a child in the chest during target practice. we're live with a look at how it happened. new video coming into our newsroom overnight of a boat slamming sbooltd shore at venice beach, and now the captain is in cuffs.
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damaged boat is stuck on venice beach and the captain under arrest for suspicion of dui. the boat ran aground with four people on board. after registration cue crews helped -- rescue crews helped them to shore, officers handcuffed the captain. right now he's behind bars this morning. up 6:24, police in the area reason on the lookout for more than a dozen teens who have escaped from the youth detention center in nashville. 32 teens escaped from the woodland hills youth development center late last night when they crawled under a weak spot that surrounded the yard. about half caught overnight, but 17 still on the run. all of the teens have committed at least three felonies. staffing at the detention center is light during the evening
6:25 am
hours. no word yet if the escape was planned or spontaneous. bay area boy is recovering after getting hit by a stray bullet on his family's northern california property shooting range. kris sanchez joins us in the newsroom with the latest and the details. >> reporter: hi there sam, the seven-year-old boy's at uc davis medical center. he wasn't shot, but investigators from the sheriff's department for el dorado county say he was injured when a piece of bullet ricochetted and hit him. it all appears to be a terrible accident. the spokesperson with the el dorado county sheriff's department says the boy and his father were shooting targets at a range they had set up on their property which is in a rural part of el dorado county. no time were the guns aimed at a person as the seven-year-old and his dad fired shots at targets about a half football field away. >> parents were watching, and the boy was using a little single shot 22 bolt action
6:26 am
rifle. dad was right there and all the sudden the boy complained of pain, dad looked down, saw a hole until his t-shirt. >> reporter: according to the el dorado county sheriff's office, the father checked his son and found he was bleeding from his chest around the same spot where his t-shirt was ripped. father immediately took his son to a nearby fire station from which he was air lifted to uc davis medical center. investigators say that noern noticed the ricochet, but it does appear that that is what happened. the boy is expected to survive though his condition has not been yet updated this morning. this comes about a week after a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed an instructor at an arizona shooting range where she was firing a fully automatic usy machine gun. though this is not the same kind of weapon we're talking about today. coming up, we have some statistics regarding children and guns to help you put it in perspective, sam. >> thank you very much, kris. 6:26, still ahead, gone in five seconds.
6:27 am
bikes stolen off the streets of san francisco in the middle of the day. the video you'll only see on nbc ahead in a live report. and a live image right now of the bay bridge toll plaza. yep, sometimes you have to wait in a little bit of a line back up there just to get in, but hopefully you'll make it through. we will certainly see you soon after the break with news, traffic, and weather, stay with us.
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brazen bike robberies in san francisco. how thieves can crack your lock and ride away in five seconds start to finish. and big changes coming to your forecast for today. that heat backs off considerably. cooling trend kicks in midweek, then a chance for drizzle. we'll give you the time line for the changes in your microclimate in moments. hopefully changing for the better yourself, the commute really slammed down for guadalupe parkway, that's highway 87, we'll talk about what's going on there as well as the bay bridge backup coming up.
6:30 am
wall street back to work after a long weekend on the nyse. we have the opening bell and global x over in australia. san jose's own marvel semiconductor. the only woman ever to ever found a chip company as the bell starts this morning. take you now to a live picture of the golden gate bridge, if you can make it out there, signature san francisco, this is tuesday, september 2nd, and this is now "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and good tuesday morning, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. as far as big city goes, san francisco is a bike-friendly place, but it is also a major target for bike thieves. according to the city's latest numbers, more than 4,000 bicycles are stolen in san francisco in a given year. but police only get 817 reports of bike thefts or attempted
6:31 am
thefts. and just 142 of those stolen bikes are returned to their owners. and that's what brings the today show to san francisco is to to see what happens when you put a hidden camera on a hidden bike and leave it out as bait for thieves. >> reporter: nbc news. you stole our bike earlier today. >> i didn't steal [ bleep ]. >> joins us now live from new york this morning, jeff, san francisco is busy, lots of people everywhere, but apparently that does not deter thieves. >> no, we came to your city in broad daylight. only took a couple of hours, we were at mission and 12th, a right near a bus stop. we locked our bike up to a tree. sort of a wild goose chase. would thieves steal it with we heard that san francisco was a hot spot for bike thieves and low and behold, within a couple of hours, that's all it took. thieves were circling in and zeroing in and looking at it it. then they got wire cutters. we watched them cut right through the lock and take off
6:32 am
with our bike. we believe that they ended up immediately riding it to the un plaza there in san francisco. selling it, putting it in the back of a car, and then driving it to southeast san francisco near hunter's point and we found it in the back of a house. i mean wait until you see the pursuit because not donl with we get our bike stolen with, stop that gentleman on the street who was an accomplice in the crime, but also we went after the bike itself and we tracked it down and where it took us is really a fascinating look into criminals, how they act, how fast they act, and where your stuff goes. >> that's the thing, i mean from the pictures, they are so aggressive as well. but what can people do? keep track of serial number, is there a chance you get it back? anything else you can do? >> yeah, there are a few things, first of all, a lot of us use those, if you're a biker, regular wire lock, it was so easy for thieves to cut right
6:33 am
through there, there's a u-lock, it's pretty cheap, get it at big box stores. or hardware stores or bike stores, buy a u-lock, much harder for a thief to get through. they'll move on and take somebody else's bike. we're also going to show you coming up on the today show how to lock your bike up because believe it or not, the wheels themselves are a hot commodity. tie up the frame and the wheels. also we're going to tell you how much money a gps unit can be for your bike. and also, etch your name into the bike, or register it with the city or both because sometimes police have big dragnets fliek san francisco where they're aggressive with this. if they recover your bike, you want them to know. get your name on it. >> clearly there is a market here. huge culture in san francisco, thank you very much. >> you can catch the rest of the story coming up at 7:00 on the "today show," right after "today in the bay." time now to look at your forecast, 6:33 on your tuesday
6:34 am
as we look at a live picture of san jose. let me tell you something, christina will not steal any beauty out of your day today, in fact she'll add to it. >> i'm not going to steal your bike either. i have no need for it. good morning to you, right now we're in the 50s and 60s. 636 degrees in livermore. although it is a nice looking morning for bike ride. we have good visibility in your inland valley spots, watch out there's thick fog. i want to show you a live look at heelsburg, pretty start to the day here. mostly clear. warm out here later on today. but definitely getting those low clouds that we promised you here over tiburon, pretty start, you can stimsee a little bit of that golden gate bridge, but not much as that fog continues to settle in. this is pleasanton, and you can see a little bit of low cloud cover to the tri-valley. that's going to keep your temperatures significantly cooler as we head throughout the day today. on shore flow is going to bring about eight to ten degrees of cooling as a matter of fact, and that's translates to the upper
6:35 am
70s, return of the upper 70s on the peninsula. 66 degrees, fog to sunshine today in san francisco, what about 82 degrees becoming sunny throughout the day here in the south bay, the north bay is looking at 82 degrees east shore, fantastic day for you, 72, and even out in the tri-valley, not too hot. today, a nice 86 degree day coming your way. as we head deeper into the week. we have more changes to tell you about including a chance for some drizzle. we're going to keep cooling you off through midweek, then towards the end of the week, maybe even measuring some of that drizzle. we'll talk about the changes in my next report. first, let's check your drive, say good morning to mike inouye. 86 degrees in the tri-valley, we can 86 a smooth commute. look over here, sunol, southbound 680 janling up towards the left side of your screen. weapon did have the flashing lights all the way no, still there just off to the left side. one lane's still blocked. you're jammed through pleasanton and into sunol.
6:36 am
now in the backup, there's a disabled vehicle and there's the original crash there. just past our camera as you're making your way around the bend, golf course south of the highway 848. that is a big jam there. even if you take the roads, you can't get past this crash. it looks like an hot lane a better drive over the last two minutes. northbound 87 recovering after an earlier fire on the side of the roadway, had your slow lane blocked. we're seeing some recovery off 85, still jammed from capitol expressway up past alma and downtown. more folks are taking them northbound partly because of the typical pattern for your commute and folks trying to avoid the backup as they see and continue on north 17 will be jammed up coming into campbell out of los gatos. the rest moving nicely. there's a crash on the shoulder, north 101. not a major problem. palo alto travlg up the peninsula, easy drive here and 280 off of 1011 is soap getting
6:37 am
into san francisco. that's good news, haven't had a problem is there. on the east bay, look at oakland 880 past the coliseum there, and smooth drive here and the bay bridge toll plaza, of course metering rights on, that's to be expected. and considering it's a tuesday after a holiday weekend, the bay bridge toll plaza is not bad, it's full, but not bad. >> the optimist. >> you don't have to drive. >> exactly. thanks a lot. >> all right. well for the labor day holiday, the market's closed, but now just reopened. >> let's check in with business and tech reporters for a closer look. >> well good morning to you, you can in fact check the live big board at the nyse. dow industrial falling about 19 points after one of the best weeks we've had in quite some time. we were talking earlier about the open on the nasdaq this morning. tvz wiley die from marvel, one of the very first women to ever found a chip company in silicon valley. and one of the best basketball players in the ceo office. she was placed semipro ball in
6:38 am
chooinl. she is doing the open honors this morning, back to you. >> not be challenging her, thank you very much, scott. >> i won't be challenging anyone. >> probably not. still ahead, your black and orange update with amy g.
6:39 am
6:40 am
time now tow talk giant's baseball. the gerks men looking to get back in the win column after
6:41 am
splitting two games yesterday. comcast sportsnet amy gutierrez has a preview. >> reporter: good morning everyone, you're san francisco giants completed their may 22nd suspended game and game one of a three game series against the colorado rockies. game two set to kick off this evening, it'll be a rematch of last thursday's game right here at at&t park. the giants have petite, he's going to square off against jordan lyles. they won 4-1. expect to the see gregor blanco in the line-up. he took lyles deep for a two run home run in the 4-1 victory. we have a fun one on this date in giant's history, september 2nd, 2006. ray derm and the other hit back to back jacks and barry bonds added a homer as well. the trio never homered in the same game and lifted the giants
6:42 am
to 4-2 victory. that is your update, i'm amy goouz rez for "today in the bay." >> thanks amy. 6:42 on your tuesday. updates to three breaking stories. first a break into the consulate in san francisco. we'll show you the window the suspect busted through to get inside. then an out of control car slams into a house overnight. we're live with a look at the damage. and our cameras rolling as a big fire flares a up along 87 in san jose. we are back with 15 minutes of nonstop news right after this break.
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breaking news to jump right into today, police have arrested a man who broke into the indonesian consulate in san francisco overnight.
6:45 am
>> "today in the bay's" bob redell live outside the consulate, bob, investigators think the man may have been on something? >> reporter: laura, sam, from what we've gathered from the folks and police here at the inld knee shan consulate. they believe burglar may have been high on some sort of drugs, paranoid and being choiced or -- chased or thought he was being chased. whatever the case, he broke through the window here on columbus. this was around 3:30 this morning. and then he went inside the building. the consulate says they've been reviewing their footage and what it shows is him rushing into the building like he's trying to get away from someone, he hops the gate, goes in the window, then goes up to the second floor like he's trying to get away from somebody. the security alarm alerted police, they took this young man into the custody. he appears knob his 20s. he seems to be cooperating with place, at least wasn't resisting arrest. the consulate tells us that nothing was taken only that that
6:46 am
front window was broken and again, sfpd taking that young man into custody. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks bob. breaking news is the theme of the morning. more to deliver now in danville where stephanie chuang joins us live, crews, steph, have capped a gas leak caused by an out of control car then. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning, sam. that's the good news this morning. you can see pg&e crews have been working here. been working here overnight to stop the flow of gas from the side of the driveway to stop the leak where you see the car actually crashed into the house to the left of the garage there. that happened early this morning. the san ramone valley department says i it was around 12:40 when the car and audi caused a leek. firefighters caused on scene and evacuated six homes. that's 15 people. the homeowner says he woke up to the loud explosion, ran out, heard the gas spewing out then tried to save the driver who he
6:47 am
described as a guy in his late teens, calm through the chaos. >> very apologetic, but apparently he missed the house. he missed the turn and it was late at night and said he possibly fell asleep. >> reporter: and that's what he may have said, danville police did give the driver a field sobriety test and later arrested him. back here live, 15 people in six homes back is in their homes this morning. that's part of the good news. pg&e working to get the service restored back to the one house. all in all, successful morning as everyone got out safely. live in danville, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay.." >> like to see the good news, thank you. san jose our cameras were rolling this morning, a large fire swelling up along highway 87. that fire is about a quarter of an acre and it's up against the shoulderway of the highway
6:48 am
between the expressways. the fire is out, but it could wreak havoc on your traffic. time to check the forecast as we take a live look at san francisco this morning. foggy start to our city by the bay this morning. cooling temperatures as well. christina has a look at the forecast. >> yeah, the fog will keep the numbers down. and yesterday was pretty hot, but you know what, it was the unofficial end of summer time, hopefully you were able to get out the beach. i know the beaches were jam packed. as for today, 10 to 15 degree dropoff court sift strong flow. your beaches my friends are going to be foggy. at least for the fist part of the day, once we lose all that cloud cover, after around noon from a noon to 3:00 p.m., you will get choice conditions in pacifica, half-moon bay, and of course santa cruz. 63 degrees in livermore. 61 in concord to kick off the day. 61 degrees on the east shore. we have interesting weather out there. and i can really tell you the weather story of the day.
6:49 am
with your satellite imagery because over the past couple hours, these clouds have not only thickened up, they've increased. and as a result here, sunol, low cloud cover to start the day. overlooking here the east shore. let me show you on the east shore. mostly cloudy, murky sky, this is going to keep your temperature later on, it's always a give and take hereby in the bay area. we're talking about 72 degrees though, perfection on the east shore for today. the reason why is on shore flow is going to strengthen as we head throughout the next several days. for us, the cooldown will continue, and microclimate separation is not going to be that significant. it'll be about 67 degrees. meanwhile 84 degrees out in the pleasanton. as we head throughout the afternoon, not a bad day shaping up for you. and yeah, 66 in san francisco down from the mid to upper 70s. we had out there yesterday. cooling trend kicks in as we head through thursday, then on friday, maybe a little bit of drizzle, when we meet back here on friday morning. let's get an update on your drive, here's mike inouye.
6:50 am
>> it's a slow down. some of the haze not a big issue. there's a crash just over, see the flashing flights here. look at the map and how jammed you are from 580 down through pleasanton. the shoulder now, this crash still blocking on one lane. there's a flat bed tow truck yet to arrive. i just saw flashing lights, may be able to clear the cars soon. we're jammed out of livermore as well. that's the big sport for the tri-valley. south bay, we have this jam from north 87 which continues to recover. this is better than all morning long. north 85 there and some of the traffic has folks take 17 as well. look that the shot from the chopper. not too long ago. this is the result of the fire that sam and laura have been telling you about. it's on the northbound side just off the freeway, we have your slow lanes blocked and look at that traffic jam. that's still recovering north towards alma avenue where things recover heading into our
6:51 am
downtown. you're all right, but then we have a crash over at the airport. highway 87 at 101 bogging things down. live look outside, this is a slower drive westbound because traffic flow, that's your commute across the bay. you can see the haze, but no problems seeing that high-rise. good stuff, but again highway 92 degrees the floor. that sign tells us in san francisco better flow for 280 getting into san francisco. that's reopened last night ahead of schedule. so a nice drive this morning getting in towards 101 and 280 for san francisco. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where you have lanes backed up, the left approach is clear than the right approach, but you are backed up. nothing unusual about this flow and the east shore freeway looking good slowing out of the maize, back to you. >> good to have you back, thanks mike. bay area boy recovering after getting injured by a stray bullet at his family's backyard shooting range. kris sanchez joins us now with more on the boy's condition and details on how he got hurt. >> reporter: the seven-year-old
6:52 am
boy is now at uc davis medical center recovering from a piece of a bullet that ricochetted. spokesperson with the sheriff's department says they were shooting targets at a range they had set up on their rural property. the boy was firing a sickle shot 22 bullet action rifle at a target about 40 yards away when he complained of pain and his father saw a small hole in the boy's t-shirt and blood. >> preliminary deputies that went out there said that the guns weren't being pointed at anybody. there was plenty of supervision there. they a pretty good range set up, and it all looked relatively safe. >> reporter: father immediately took his son to a nearby fire station from which he was air lifted to uc davis medical center. investigators say that no one noticed the ricocheted, but it does appear that's what happened. the boy is expected to survive, but his condition was not updated this morning. this comes a week after the debate heated up about guns and kids after a nine-year-old girl
6:53 am
accidentally shot and killed an instructor at an arizona shooting range where she was firing a fully automatic uzy machine gun. 45 clirn have been accidentally shot to death this year, but according to the brady center for parenting gun violence, they were shot by guns found in homes and not at a range. laura. >> thank you, kris. happening right now, big part of san francisco's culture will be coming to life. a walk of fame honoring the most prominent figures in the lgbt community is being unveiled in the castro. the rainbow honor walk is made up of 20 bronze plax telling the stoifrt men and women who stemmed out of the shadows and honest about the ones they loved. some are world figures, others are san francisco heroes like adel martin. she and her partner fought for gay rights and the first same-sex couple to say i do in the state of california. >> the folks who moved here in the 70s were really another generation of pioneers who took
6:54 am
this neighborhood to a new place. and celebrating them and celebrating their achievement in a physical way to remind everyone sing truly special. >> the volunteers raids $100,000 for the walk. it'll be unveiled at harvey milk plaza at 11:00 this o this morning. and the fund raising and selection process begins for another 20 plaques. 6:54 now to continuing coverage of the south napa earthquake. the red cross will be back out in the napa this morning offering to help those affected by the south napa earthquake. hundreds showed up at the red cross service center in napa yesterday looking for financial help or clothing and temporary housing. others wanted to talk about the quake and what they've been through. the site will be open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the napa valley marriott hotel. san mateo county officials will be spraying for mosquitoses, some were found infected last week. this is parts of redwood city
6:55 am
and menlo park which are set to be fogged this evening. the area is mostly industrial and bordered by kenfield avenue in redwood city and jefferson drive in menlo park. it'll take place between 9:00 tonight and 5:00 tomorrow morning. 6:55, netflix says it's cutting back on what you share with friends. >> scott mcgrew joins us now, people scott ended up being embarrassed by their movie choices, explain. >> reporter: right, if you link your facebook and netflix account, every single movie you watch or take a peek at ends up getting posted to facebook. netflix this morning says a lot of customers think that's too much sharing. allowing you to choose which friends now that actually know what you watch. if it's love actually or "house of cards" in this case every friday night. all right. hacker who claims to be responsible for the heft of hundreds of intimate pictures. of hollywood stars says he or she did it for the money. posting on a board this morning. the person said he or she got
6:56 am
only a few hundred dollars hoped to make more and says he or she's on the run from the fbi which is investigating. another person who reposted some of these pictures has been already identified by fellow internet users. and according to blog posts is waiting for a lawyer's office to open this morning. earlier we talked about how the hacker mafr done it and discussed what's called two factor authentication for your phones. you're the victim of the same thing. i tweeted out how to do. finally the markets this morning, the dow industrial is down slightly. the nasdaq breaking even as marvel from san jose opens the nasd nasdaq, back to you. >> thanks. nothing wrong with having "love actually" in your cue of movies. >> we see the romantic that you are. >> i don't know that. >> right. top check of the stories. president obama will head overseas to the deal with the isis threat and russia's
6:57 am
incursion into ukraine. want first stop, a tiny baltic country bordering russia. the former soviet state is worried about becoming russia's next target. san francisco police say a man may have high on drugs when he broke into the indonesian consulate early this morning. police say surveillance video shows the man running through the building as if if he was trying to get away from something or someone. he was arrested, but police say he didn't take anything. and in danville, young man is under arrest for crashing his car into a house taking a gas main on the way. twheek ensued forced about 15 people overnight. crews will be in the yairt for the next few hours. feeling of fall in the air, not just the football that's already on. >> we like the football too. >> we do. first regular season game september 11th. >> yeah. >> days away though, days away still. it's going to feel nice out there. we're at 53 degrees right now in
6:58 am
the north bay. that's an indication that nip is in the air out there this morning. 61 2 in the south bay, and here's the big weather story of the day. yesterday was hot. today, not so bad. we've taken those numbers down 10 to 15 degrees in some cases. so niceable cool down. >> what a drop. 6:58, check check of traffic, mike, conditions on 87. >> right. first also 87, this is 680 southbound in sunol. we're seeing a little bit of flow. looks like the crash just cleared just outside of camera range over southbound 680. look at the map. the earlier crash highway 84. we'll just show you this slower drive, northbound routes for the south bay as well. highway 87, fire around alma. all laned cleared as the fire crew left the area. we're still tracking the reports of anything else going on. now with delays reported there.
6:59 am
we're looking at the golden gate bridge in the city. there's low clouds there, still you can see the deck and better news getting into the peninsula as 280 as we've been talking about earlier. ahead of schedule, no problems. >> good news there and wedding good news as well. finally our first look at ank flee jolie's dress. it's unconventional. take a look. check out the vail. see it there. this is on the cover of hello magazine. there's drawings on it, and they were done by her six children and sewn on by the master tailor at versace. yeah, nonetheless. people magazine also had some wedding pictures, jolie's dress spaeskically made of course, but brad pitt, he wore a suit from his closet. it was probably nice. but he borrowed a tie from one of his sons because he forgot to pack one. big day. >> anybody draw on his suit? >> i guess not. >> both collections of their kids. it's a tight knit family, no pun
7:00 am
intended. >> little bit there i think. that's what's happening "today in the bay," we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for at 11:00, until then, this have a great day. good morning. breaking news overnight. the u.s. launches air strikes against a key militant leader with ties to al qaeda while pressure mounts on president obama to attack isis as he gets set for nato meetings overseas. dangerous weather. powerful storms roll across the midwest producing tornadoes, hail and lightning. and today the threat stretches from texas all the way to maine. on the case. the fbi joins the investigation into one of the largest celebrity hacking scandals ever. stars who were targeted respond for the first time. apple says it's fixed the


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