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tv   Today  NBC  September 2, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for at 11:00, until then, this have a great day. good morning. breaking news overnight. the u.s. launches air strikes against a key militant leader with ties to al qaeda while pressure mounts on president obama to attack isis as he gets set for nato meetings overseas. dangerous weather. powerful storms roll across the midwest producing tornadoes, hail and lightning. and today the threat stretches from texas all the way to maine. on the case. the fbi joins the investigation into one of the largest celebrity hacking scandals ever. stars who were targeted respond for the first time. apple says it's fixed the problem, but could your personal information and photos still be at risk?
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♪ and here comes the bride. a very first look at angelina jolie's wedding dress and the heartwarming story of the artwork sewn into it today. today, september 2nd, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales, al roker, and willie geist. savannah remains on maternity leave. we knew she would look beautiful in the dress, angelina jolie. that's a given. but now there's a sentimental story part of the very fabric of the dress. i'm over these two. done. they're too perfect. >> clearly a family affair. everybody involved.
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really just a special moment there. meanwhile, the summer is winding down. the summer concert series still in full swing. we have a great concert for you today. counting crows on the plaza. this following a spectacular week which started with maroon 5 yesterday. and usher we have later on in the week. let's get to our top story on a tuesday morning. the u.s. responds to growing terror threats around the world as the military carries out an air strike aimed at leaders in a key group in somalia. jim miklaszewski is nbc's chief pentagon correspondent. mik, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, matt. u.s. officials tell nbc news the air strikes were aimed at the top leader in al shabaab, a terrorist group in somalia. they're currently digging through all the after action intelligence to make sure they got their man. the attacks occurred just in south of mogadishu in a remote area of somalia. the u.s. military drones fired
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hellfire missiles and destroyed at least two of the al shabaab vehicles. but the target was axmed godane who is the top leader of al shabaab. also known as abu zubair. he is on the top wanted list for terrorists worldwide. godane is accused of being the mastermind behind the terrorist attack against the westgate shopping mall in nairobi, kenya nearly two year ago killing 67 and wounding 172. now almost a year ago, u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s went ashore in somalia to try to capture godane, but they got engaged in a fierce firefight and were forced to leave empty handed. if it's confirmed that godane was indeed taken out, this would be a huge but probably only temporary victory in what now appears to be a seemingly endless war against terrorists. matt. >> all right. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon on this story. mik, thank you very much. meantime, the president is
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facing mounting pressure to take stronger military action against another terror group. this time isis. this as the president gets set to travel overseas for crucial nato meetings. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. president obama will leave here from the white house this afternoon for meetings with allies in europe about a unified strategy to try to contain isis's aggressive moves for both terror and territory. even as that extremist group continues this well funded media savvy effort to recruit westerners including americans. president obama now faces foreign policy challenges on several fronts. the threat from isis, this latest propaganda video just released, a russian invasion in ukraine, and libya diving back into chaos. with critics from both parties attacking the president's handling of isis, some calling him too cautious, others saying blasting his foreign policy for being in absolute freefall. the u.s. unleashed another round
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of air strikes in iraq this weekend. and humanitarian air drops. the president's next stop? estonia to show support for baltic leaders in vladimir putin's backyard. then a meeting with nato leaders in wales, great britain where isis fears led the british government to raise its terror threat level. warning citizens a terrorist attack is highly likely. >> mr. speaker, passports are not an automatic right. >> reporter: on monday, prime minister david cameron announced top anti-terror tactics proposing new rules to seize the passports of british nationals who become radicalized and join islamic militant groups. >> it is abhorrent that people who declare allegiance elsewhere are able to return to the united kingdom and pose a threat to our national security. >> reporter: a threat across europe where hundreds are suspected to have already joined isis and other extremists groups. u.s. officials estimate as many as 100 americans have done the same. >> the u.s. government is not even sure that we know where these people are or how many
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have gone. there remains a serious threat that these people will return to the united states and carry out terrorist attacks here. >> reporter: and this morning the international rights group amnesty international is accusing isis of carrying out a systemic campaign of what it calls ethnic cleansing in northern iraq. the united nations is sending a team there to investigate war crimes by isis that it calls acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale. matt, natalie. >> all right. peter alexander at the white house. peter, thanks. meanwhile, al is tracking the threat of more severe weather in the wake of those storms in the midwest yesterday causing major damage. >> that's right. look at this tornado. it's almost like a scene out of a movie. this is dexter, kansas. and you can see it just barely illuminated by this lightning here. that's kind of frightening. it's a huge tornado. luckily it was in a fairly rural area. no problems, but we then move into parts of iowa, denison, iowa. you can see a lot of lightning and strong storms making their way through that area.
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look at that lightning strike. it was right near a storm chaser. he was very fortunate. he was slightly injured and is expected to recover completely. let's show you what's happening right now. very active line of storms along the kansas/oklahoma border stretching into southern missouri and on into central ohio. and with these storms, we've got the risk of strong storms along the front that's pushing east from utica all the way to lexington, kentucky. we could be looking at damaging winds, hail and a lot of strong storms out of this thing with a lot of flooding rain. and we've got a big area of high pressure pumping up warm, humid air. look at this. it's going to feel like 97 in atlanta today. 102 in charleston. charlotte, 100. all the way up here to the northeast, where the kids are starting school, you don't want to sit in a classroom where it feels like the upper 90s. it will be less humid tomorrow, then, matt, the humidity returns back on thursday. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now to the ebola crisis and what's being done to stop the deadly virus from spreading
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further. so far 1,500 people have died across west africa and the world health organization says up to 20,000 may contract ebola in the next six months. dr. tom frieden is the head of the centers for disease control. he just returned from africa. dr. frieden, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you track all kinds of outbreaks and i know you're also usually very careful not to spread panic when it's unnecessary. but when you come back from africa and you say the situation there is worse than you expected, it gets attention. so what surprised you? >> well, unfortunately, first off, we have the world's first epidemic of ebola and it's spiraling out of control. the situation is bad and it looks like it's going to get worse quickly. there is still a window of opportunity to tamp it down, but that window is closing and we need to act now. >> why is this particular outbreak -- there have been outbreaks in the past and they tend to come under control in a few months.
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why is this out-pacing the efforts to control it? >> this is different from every other ebola situation we've ever had. it's spreading widely throughout entire countries, multiple countries, cities, and it's very fast. it's spiraling out of control. what we have to do is begin to reverse the process by acting now. immediately sending in resources, specialized people, people to help. and ensuring we are all collaborating and working together to get the maximum impact. >> you say sending people in. and unfortunately as you well know many of these poor countries where the outbreak is occurring, they've had years of war and conflict. that's one of the problems. they have fewer resources than they need, and health care workers who are already there are contracting the virus and are either withdrawing or dying. how do you convince people to go into the front lines? >> the united states government is leaning forward. we are running fast. cdc has had hundreds of people
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working on this response. we have 70 in the region now. the whole u.s. government is looking at this and working hard. but really the people within the countries are willing. they say very clearly, we're willing to do whatever we can but there are certain things we need help on, we need resources on. if you look at the ebola treatment units, they're 90% staffed by local folks. if you look at the burial teams working sometimes until 10:00 at night and often being ostracized by their families and communities and having to sleep on the ground and going back the next day, they're made of local folks. so there is a willingness there to confront it, but they need the world to support them. >> cdc director dr. tom frieden, thank you very much. all right. and willie's here now with some scary moments for passengers on a flight to florida. >> another one of these reclining seat situations. unbelievable. an unruly passenger in a fight over a reclining seat caused big problems again monday night. the delta flight took off from
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new york's laguardia and was headed for west palm beach. passengers say a woman tried to recline her seat, but the woman behind her became irate, started screaming and swearing. demanding that the plane land. the pilot diverted the plane to jacksonville where it landed safely. police removed the passenger and the flight continued on to west palm beach. a huge search is underway this morning after a mass breakout from a youth detention center in nashville, tennessee. a spokesman said about 30 teens escaped overnight by squeezing through a weak spot in a fence. a dozen inmates have been captured. officials don't know yet if the escape was planned or spontaneous. good news out of the middle east this morning. all 25 people on board a u.s. marine helicopter rescued monday after the chopper crashed at sea. a helicopter like this one was attempting to land on the "uss mesa verde" when it went down.
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17 marines and 8 sailors went down and were recovered. the crash was not the result of hostile activity. family and friends of joan rivers are holding out hope this morning the comedienne will make a recovery. nbc's stephanie gosk is outside mt. sinai hospital with the latest on her condition. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. family and friends and well wishers continue to come here to show their love and support for joan rivers. but there's been very little new information out there since we heard on thursday that she stopped breathing during a surgical procedure on her throat. she was rushed here to mt. sinai. her daughter melissa rivers and grandson cooper came here to be be her side. the latest family statement from melissa reads released on sunday, thank you for your continued love and support. we are keeping our fingers crossed. meanwhile, the celebrity twitter-sphere continues to
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light up. it shows not how much joan rivers is loved, but it shows how far reaching herrin influence continues to be. tweets from ellen degeneres, sarah silverman, andy cohen. expect those to keep coming in as people pull for her recovery. >> we are rooting for you, joan rivers. thank you so much. we are looking at eruptions of lava from an icelandic volcano. plumes of magma shot 200 feet in the air. ash and smoke can be seen for miles. scientists warn this latest eruption could signal an even bigger one in the coming days. >> you've got to say it for al. >> that's your line. >> magma. >> austin powers. >> al was doing that peripherally while i was reading the story. >> dr. evil. >> i saw the finger go up.
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>> magma. >> now a check of the weather. >> want to get a sharknado with a laser mounted on its freaking head. let's show you what's happening today. a strong risk of storms as we told you. also high surf advisories along the texas coast. that's due to tropical storm dolly. we'll look at this in the next half hour. look at showers moving in the pacific northwest. the heat in the plains. a gorgeous day in minneapolis with sunshine at 79 degrees. we'll get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away. what's in your wallet?
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good tuesday morning, i'm christina loren looking live at a foggy sky over bodaga bay. we have a lot of cloud cover this morning. you can see that clearly here. with that on shore flow, temperatures will drop to ten degrees. what a cool down in store, and yesterday was hot. enjoy the upper 70s today on the peninsula. 82 degrees for the south bay, 72 degrees on the east shore. hot day in the tri-valley, but down by about ten degrees, 86 degrees out thereto for you today. >> and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> all right. thank you, al. two new diet studies are making headlines this morning for their interesting take on weight loss. one explores a possibility of being able to rewire your brain to crave healthier foods while the other aims to settle the long-standing low carb versus low fat diet debate. and with us is dr. nancy snyderman. good morning. let's get to this first one. could we cure our sugar addictions by rewiring or retraining the brain?
7:16 am
>> we used to think no. this is a small study from tufts. 13 people. but what they showed was when people made healthy choices, that is whole wheat pasta and the white stuff and started to eat what they liked with healthy substitutions they could rewire their brain and in some cases the pleasure center started to light up when they made healthy choices within two weeks. so actual confidence that yes, if you start to make smart choices you can rewire your brain to tell yourself i like this better. >> as you mentioned it's a small study. they looked at the mris of these 13 individuals. what's the takeaway? how do you condition yourself? >> make smart choices and then make substitutions slowly. if you love pasta, that's okay. or meatloaf, that's okay. just pick lower fat meat. use whole wheat pasta. you without an mri, can rewire
7:17 am
your brain with that pasta. that can rewire your brain to say i like this better. >> the next one found that a low carb diet is more effective for weight loss than a low fat diet. >> this is the ongoing debate. low carb, low fat. what do you do? and this was out of tulane. they took people ages from 70 down to 20, mixed race. and they found people who had lower carb intake, higher protein intake had better weight loss and more sustained weight loss and it even shocked them. now, i just want to say that does not mean throw out your bread. it means stay away from processed foods. white pasta, potatoes that won't give you nutrients especially if you take off the skin, and processed bread. interestingly, what's back in? the incredible edible egg. people who had eggs for breakfast, a phenomenal source of protein. and people who embraced good fats not only kept the weight off but has made a 30% decreased risk of heart attack and stroke. fat matters. >> the good fats.
7:18 am
>> the good fats, good protein, good carbs. >> all right. dr. nancy, thank you. >> thanks very much. meanwhile there is more fallout this morning over that massive hacking of celebrity photos. carson's in the orange room with more on that. >> i'm here deleting photos off my phone. the fbi is involved now. it's the biggest hacking case ever. it's leading a lot of questions. we figure people at home are wondering what is the icloud? is it safe? how much of my information is on the icloud? we have lance ulanoff here who is a chief correspondent and tech expert. good to have you here. you're busy on twitter helping our viewers out write your question and hash tag it orange room. we'll break it down for you. what's in the cloud. how you can turn stuff on and off. guys, back to you. >> all right, carson. thank you very much. we're going to have more on the fallout from that including how the stars who were targeted are now reacting. plus the dramatic rise in
7:19 am
bicycle thefts. jeff rossen catches thieves in the act and uses a gps device to track them down. we'll show you what happened. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ you're watching "today in the bay." good tuesday morning, it is 7:26 i'm laura garcia-cannon. police have arrested a man who broke into the indonesian consulate overnight. the man broke a window, ran into the building, but didn't take anything. the consulate tells us surveillance shows the man running into the building. police believe he may have been on drugs and was concerned he was being chased. a young man is under arrest after crashing his car into a home in danville. the crash also hit a gas line causing a leak early this morning. about six homes were evacuated until crews were able to cap that leak. luckily no one was hurt. starting today, santa clara county will host workshops on the new system for south bay restaurants. the new system came in part due
7:27 am
to our recent investigative unit reports on local restaurants not keeping their health records readily available. starting october 1st, restaurant owners will, green is passing, yellow is conditional and red is for failing. today's workshop will be held at the community center in cupertino this afternoon at 2:00. i want to check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning, laura, good morning at home. we have interesting changes to tell you about. especially if it was too hot for you yesterday on shore flow is back, it is strong, and for us today, this means low clouds and a nice westerly wind flow are going to bring in that cool ocean air all day long, pacifica at the point. i want to show you sunol, clear, you're going drop off by 15 degrees from where he ended up yesterday. 82 degrees in the south bay. 78 degrees ant peninsula. san francisco today, ending up in the upper 60s, we keep that dooming trend going all week long, here's mike and the drive.
7:28 am
over here to a slow drive westbound 580 coming through dublin and pleasanton. look at this jam right here. let's look at the map. we have a slow drive there because of the crash that just cleared now, southbound 680 and just south of highway 84. it created a big problem, but rippling throughout the tri-valley. slow westbound 80 for the dumbarton bridge, disabled vehicle on a high-rise causes more slowing there. >> all right, thank you very much, we'll be back with another local news update in a half hour. hope to see you then, good morning. ♪ ♪
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♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
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♪ nice day to hang around. wilmington, north carolina, there's the sunrise there this morning on the second day of september 2014. hopefully it's nice where you're waking up as well. the music, by the way, is our way of letting you know we have a special concert coming up in our 8:30 half hour from counting crows. they've got a new album out and they're making their first appearance on our plaza in a long time. we welcome them back. >> meantime, here's a look at what is making headlines today. the u.s. military has carried out an air strike in somalia against al shabaab. a drone launched missiles at two vehicles a day after the extremist group attacked
7:31 am
buildings in mogadishu. president obama stops in estonia before heading to a key nato summit in wales a little bit later in the week. and dolly, the fourth tropical storm of the atlantic hurricane season, it is expected to make landfall in mexico and bring rough surf and strong rip currents to beaches in south texas. coming up this morning, they say the apple does not fall far from the tree. that holds true for clint eastwood's son scott. he's about to star in a major movie. this morning he's sitting down with jenna bush hager for his first interview. >> not a bad assignment. let's start with the investigation into a massive celebrity photo hacking scandal. this targeted everyone from an oscar winner to music superstars and models. and it has people concerned about their safety of their personal photos. jacob rascon has the latest on
7:32 am
this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. many are calling this the biggest celebrity hacking ever. apple and the fbi now investigating personal sometimes provocative photos of the stars taken from online storage used by almost anybody with an iphone. this morning the fbi has joined the investigation into how more than 100 celebrity accounts may have been hacked. including that of academy award winner jennifer lawrence. the star of "the hunger games" franchise is dealing with a different kind of spotlight. dozens of nude and risque photos posted on an anonymous online image sharing site now shared countless times. other reported victims include supermodel kate upton, ariana grande, kim kardashian, and hope solo. the unidentified hacker claims what he stole was stored on the
7:33 am
apple icloud which is a collection of servers like these used by hundreds of people. it's a scenario like in the comedy "sex tape" in which a private video goes viral. >> it went up to the cloud. >> and you can't get it down? >> nobody understands the cloud. >> if a hacker wants to hack into a cloud-based system, at some point they're going to get through to some degree. >> reporter: apple which operates icloud released this statement. we take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report. several tech websites are reporting apple fixed within the find my iphone function which may have been exploited by the hackers. publicists for lawrence and upton all but confirm the photos and call for prosecution. others say their leaked photos are fake. >> this is a wakeup call for hollywood but all of us. our information is going to be on a cloud at some point. now is the time to say how safe
7:34 am
is my information there? >> reporter: and experts we talked to are quick to point out that intrusions in the icloud and other cloud storage systems are extremely rare, but they say this is a new reality. we put what is personal on shared storage, there is always going to be some risk. back to you. >> jacob rascon, thank you very much. the celebrity side of this is getting the attention. the fact is everyone should have questions about what is being shared. >> brought in the big guns. a tech expert. what is the cloud? >> it's not magic. it's just servers that you have internet access to wherever you are in the world. when your stuff is on somebody else's servers, you access it or store stuff there. >> in this case the icloud, how vulnerable is it? >> as vulnerable or invulnerable as any other cloud-based service. they all have encryption. they all work hard to protect your stuff but it goes down to how good is your password?
7:35 am
>> this find your iphone app, does that make you less vulnerable having that turned on? >> not necessarily. there were questions that if you keep hitting with pass words it might not be vulnerable. >> how about photo share? >> it's a shame to do that. photo share is a great thing to do because it stores your photos in the cloud. so if something goes wrong in your phone, you have the chance to get them back. that means unique passwords, whatever you can do. >> when apps close quickly, is that a sign you've been hacked? >> no. not at all. that's usually just a glitch in the application. a lot of times you don't even know, right? you don't know you're being attacked. they have a phishing attempt. something official. you respond and sign in. >> it asks you to verify a password. meanwhile you're just giving
7:36 am
that information out. >> exactly. usually you're in a world of trouble there. >> keep the questions coming in. he'll stick around and answer them. just #orangeroom so we can see them. >> good stuff. thank you very much. >> lots of questions out there. let's get a check of the weather once again. al? >> we've got tropical storm dolly right now. 45 mile-per-hour winds. it's moving west at 13 miles per hour. and so as it comes on shore, we have the danger of rip currents and high surf from houston down to brownsville, texas. and even though the bulk of the rain is going to stay in mexico, we're looking at a decent amount of rainmaking its way into southern texas from brownsville into corpus christi, one to two or three inches of rain locally. rest of the country showers in the pacific northwest. 68 in seattle. beautiful day in los angeles, 76. and look for showers and thunderstorms moving into the
7:37 am
northeast, mid-atlantic states. we got a lot of heat and humidity. make sure you dress the kids light in layers and get them out the door with that's what's goin 7:37, happy tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look at a clear sky over mt. hamilton. we are stocked in with fog at this the hour in san francisco. you can vaguely make out this city in the distance. really thick fog out there this morning, onshore flow is back and for us, that means temperatures are going to be more comfortable as we head throughout the day today. they will be driven by down ten, even 15 degrees in some cases with that means the 70s with are back. 78 degrees on the peninsula. >> and that's your latest weather. you're going to love this next story. >> criminals caught in the act stealing an expensive bicycle in broad daylight. what they didn't realize was our jeff rossen was on the case
7:38 am
tracking them with gps the whole time. and on "trending," trying to watch your weight? we'll tell you what movies you should avoid watching. but first these messages. ♪ ♪
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last year we helped supply three million vaccines to children in need. this year, help give even more. it's easy at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy. back now at 7:42, this is one you'll want to see. this morning on rossen reports, catching brazen thieves steal for your property in the act. jeff rossen is here with a story you have to see. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're about to give you rare access inside a crime. how the thieves target you, how they steal from you and what they do with your stuff after stealing it. police say thieves are especially hot right now on bicycles. more popular than ever, so many of you riding them to work and school. in fact, according to the fbi, nearly 200,000 bikes are stolen every year. that's about 500 bikes a day.
7:43 am
in fact, as we were shooting this very story, our bike was stolen right in front of us. but this time our hidden cameras were rolling and we went after the crooks. you're watching a brazen bike theft in progress. it happens every day. thieves taught on camera cutting and smashing through locks. bike bandits can swipe them in seconds snatching them out of your driveway and the back of your car. even chopping down trees to get at them. >> it was my best bike i've had. >> i'm really sad. >> reporter: most victims never get them back. the thieves peddling off to a big payday. >> it doesn't matter where you live. everybody's getting their bicycles stolen. >> reporter: so we set up our own hidden camera test with our own $1500 mountain bike.
7:44 am
locking it up to this tree in san francisco. now we'll see what happens. what no one knows -- >> now we put the tracking device into the bicycle. >> reporter: we've hidden a gps tracking device in the seat. would anyone take it? after only two hours, these guys zero in. >> they're checking out the bike right now. they keep circling it. >> reporter: then watch this. one of them crosses the street for tools. it looked like he just handed him some wire cutters. while one acts as the lookout, the other goes to work. just seconds later he rips right through the lock and in the blink of an eye he races from the scene on our bike. but his accomplice sticks around. we caught up with him down the street. jeff rossen with nbc news. you stole our bike earlier today. >> i didn't steal [ bleep ]. >> reporter: he denies involved even when i show him our
7:45 am
footage. we watched him get the tools used to steal it and then stand lookout. there you are talking to him as he pulls the tools out and he cuts the lock. >> so what it have to do with me? >> reporter: are you being serious right now? >> are you being serious? >> reporter: i just want to be clear -- >> what does that have to do with me? >> reporter: you're saying you're not involved with stealing that bike? >> i was ta you canni innin inn talking to him, so what? >> reporter: you have a lock on him right now? >> i do. that beeping is the device. >> reporter: this is more of sophisticated operation than i thought. gps right now is showing he's on the highway. he put it in the back of another car. now we're pursuing him that way. we end up in this residential neighborhood. >> i think it's this one right here. >> reporter: jeff rossen from nbc news. we had a bicycle stolen today.
7:46 am
we tracked it back to this home. >> i don't know. >> reporter: can we take a look for our bike. our bike is in here. they eventually let us in to check around. >> back this way. >> reporter: hear that? the gps signal gets stronger in the back yard near this shed. the signal is coming from this shed. wow. you see this? here's our bike. they've already started taking this apart to sell for parts. the wheels are off. we had possession of this just hours ago and how fast these thieves work. wow. on our way back out even with the evidence in my hands, still no explanation from the homeowners. i have my bike back, but i want to know why it was taken. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: you have no idea how it got inside your house? >> exactly. >> reporter: we're taking our bike back. >> sorry about that. >> reporter: yeah. gps saved the day but that's expensive. a tracker will cost you about
7:47 am
$150. not to mention that high-tech hand held device our expert used. if you don't want to spend that kind of money, here's the next best thing. it's called a u-lock. much harder for thieves to cut. this is how you want to do it. here's a to your recollection-lock on the bike. don't put it right into the rack like you're supposed to. but it at the end so you have it go through the wheel and the frame. believe it or not the wheels are hot commodities too. they'll take the wheels right from you. or be like al roker and bring your bike in your office. >> that's the way to go there. for sure. >> i can't believe they let you in their house. >> reporter: i'm pretty persuasive. i'll get in your house if i need to. >> i bet he has. do they make anything like a lo-jack people can use?
7:48 am
>> reporter: they have special gps trackers you can buy but people don't want to spend that money. >> thank you. coming up, a mother coping with the death of her young son. what she's doing to make sure other families do not suffer the same tragedy. bu ♪ ♪ ♪
7:49 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." a very good morning to you, it is 7:56 i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are investigating a deadly crash involving an amtrak train in oakland. we're told no one was on board the train, the driver inside was killed. the crash happened near the intersection of san leanne doe and high street. it's still unclear what the suv was doing on the tracks in the first place. in the meantime, busy stretch of freeway open and ready for the morning commute. caltrans crews wrapped up the work on the northbound 280 between the 101 interchange and the kings street exit in san francisco. the work finished just before 10:00 last night. seven hours ahead of schedule. crews spent the long weekend replacing two bridge hinges as part of a seismic upgrade. temperatures are dropping, let's check in with christina. >> yeah, the thick fog this
7:57 am
morning. good morning, laura, you at home, it is really thick out there. meanwhile, we are nice and clear already. the temperatures with a nice onshore flow throughout the day will drop by 10 or 15 degrees, it was hot yesterday. down to 82 degrees for the south bay today. 78 on the peninsula. the east shore, 72. out in the tri-valley, temperatures will be on the warm side with the mid-80s, but that heat backs off and the cooling trend kicks in through the week. here's mike and your drive. did you say fog? look that the. low clouds for most of the drivers across the golden gate bridge. it's the slower drive, bing burst of traffic coming into san francisco. you'll find slower spots, but no big surprises. northbound 280 reopened after a weekend closures, and so northbound 1501 is better, slower drive for 880 through hayward in twoords fremont. northbound routes through san jose, back to you.
7:58 am
>> thank you very much. back with another local news update in a half hour, we'll see you then. no rush, andy. come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have
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at safeway. ingredients for life. ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, simply stunning. the first photos emerge of angelina jolie in her wedding dress. how hollywood's hottest couple chose to honor their children on that special day. plus like father, like son. blessed with his famous father's movie star looks, scott -- eastwood is ready to take on the industry. >> be a man and show up and do the job. >> jenna bush hager sits down with him in his first network interview. ♪ and they're not just hanging around. they're ready to rock. we're counting down to counting
8:01 am
crows who are set to hit the plaza for a live concert today. tuesday, september 2nd, 2014. ♪ >> we love the counting crows! >> this is my 99th counting crows show. >> and this is my 51st. >> hi mom back in boston. >> we just got married in new york city. >> "toda >> ten in new york city! >> all right. we're back now 8:00 on a tuesday morning. it's the second day of september 2014. carson just told me which is strange because al would normally tell me it's the hottest day of the year. >> it should get up into the low 90s, but the feels like temperature will be closer to 100. >> it's very muggy. >> really? it feels so cool and breezy.
8:02 am
>> all right. we have a lot coming up this morning. including the counting crows concert. but we want to quick check of the top stories with willie. >> good morning, everyone. the u.s. is analyzing the strike of militants in somalia. jim miklaszewski has more. >> reporter: good morning. top brass huddled behind closed doors at the pentagon in an effort to figure out if they, indeed, took out the top leader of the al shabaab terrorist network in somalia and if they did how to roll it out later in some kind of public announcement. now, u.s. air strikes were launched and took out two of al shabaab's trucks in middle somalia. but their target was actually ahmed godan, the terrorist leader of al shabaab. he's accused of launching and ordering the terrorist attack against is the westgate mall in
8:03 am
nairobi, kenya, that killed 67 people. and he's been at the top of the worldwide terrorist list ever since. officials here are confident the missiles struck what they were aimed at. those trucks believed to be carryi carryi carrying godan. >> thanks so much. meantime, president obama is leaving today for the nato summit in europe. his first stop is estonia. he'll show support for those feared of the situation in ukraine. and american airlines jet forced to make emergency landing monday after the plane's windshield cracked shortly after takeoff. the flight had to return to los angeles. the plane landed safely. passengers were switched to a different plane. a baby who hasn't been born
8:04 am
yet is a huge hit on social media. the baby seen flashing a thumbs up sign in the womb. some are calling the baby the fonzie fetus after henry winkler's character on "happy days." let's send it back out to al with weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by centrum silver vitamins. >> and we've got a nice morning to talk about if you like a little heat and humidity. it is warm and humid across the eastern seaboard. let's show you what we've got going on today. firing up from columbus to louisville. in fact, you look at louisville, you can see the rain on the lens. heavy thunderstorms, 68 degrees. isolated storms right into the evening hours. and it is a warm, humid mess from texas all the way into the mid-atlantic states.
8:05 am
parts of the atlantic as well. cool and rain y i in the pacific northwest with temperatures in the 60s in seattle today. risk of strong storms as the front pushes through the valley. look for high surf advisories along the texas coast thanked to tr 8:05 now. happy tuesday. i'm meteorologist christina loren, taking a live look at a clear start over sunol. we're looking good in woodside. all this fog means temperatures will stay below average for today. quite a drop-off between yesterday and today. almost 8 to 10 degrees cooler, with the return of that strong onshore flow. highs look like this. we'll see widespread 70s today, a couple low 80s in the south bay, 78 on the peninsula. 66 in san francisco. and more of the same as we get into your all-important workweek. we keep on dropping those numbers. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, thank you, al. coming up on "trending,"
8:06 am
we're going to take a first look at angelina jolie's wedding dress and tell you the unique story behind its design. and scott eastwood on his new movie and the biggest thing he's learned from his famous father clint. and we're counting down to coun ♪ ♪ ♪ has a new easy-to-swallow ♪ coating... so the nutrients for your eyes, heart and brain go down easier.
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8:09 am
how did we start on a tuesday morning with the first photos of angelina jolie's wedding gown. "people" magazine with the pictures on its cover, including a family portrait with brad pitt and their six kids. now, look closely at angelina's dress and veil. you can see they're decorated with artwork from her children, their children, from the cover of hello magazine you can see the drawings spanned the length of the back of the dress, which was designed by louis ginosi. an intimate photo of angelina and brad, people also reporting her eldest son walked her down the aisle. apparently the artwork was sent to the designer and they embroidered it right into the dress. >> or maybe they started drawing on it with finger paints and went with it. >> a lot less expensive. >> i wonder if that will start a trend. >> she's been known to start trends. this could start a trend. especially for second marriages wanting to include their kids in the wedding celebration.
8:10 am
it's fantastic. also we've been talking to you about the hacking scandal this morning that exposed nude photos of celebrities like jennifer lawrence and kate upton. now comedian ricky gervais is under heat for scandals. celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude picks of you from your computer by not putting nude pictures of yourself on that computer. he deleted that tweet but called it a joke. the comments called basically blaming the victims. she also tweeted seriously do not forget that the person who stole these pictures and leaked them is not a hacker. they're a sex offender. important point that she made there. he did apologize for that. and again deleted the tweet. >> said he made a joke about it but i don't condone it. the key to losing weight isn't just watching what you eat apparently it's also what you're watching while you eat. does that make sense? a new study saying that certain types of shows actually cause us to overeat.
8:11 am
this is a cornell study. different groups were shown a tv interview program, another group was shown the 2005 thriller the island starring ewan mcgregor and scarlett johansson. people who watched the thriller ended up eating twice as much food, and consuming 140 more calories than the people who watched the interview show. researchers say the fast pace of action flicks distrabts your attention so you don't realize how much you're eating. >> i find that i'm like nervous and i'm like nervous eater. >> they'll say it's not just junk. if you put out healthy snacks you'll eat all that too. >> at the end of ghost busters, al ate 2 1/2 bags of stay puff marshmallows. >> the nfl season officially kicks off this thursday right here on nbc and one player to watch is cleveland brown line backer. he's 6'2" but you wouldn't know it thanks to what's being called one of the greatest video game glitches ever. >> that's right. in madden 15, he shrinks down to
8:12 am
1'2". >> watch the foot. >> watch him. >> he's dwarfed by other players. the internet's dubbing him the tiny titan. he is laughing off the fulle tweeting no matter how small you are, have big dreams and live big. >> they got to keep that. >> -- might have done that on purpose. >> that was great. i love it. >> i'm going to bite your ankle. >> it's so good. >> they had him on the wrong team there, too. they had him on the titans. >> kind of a sneak play. go for the little guy. all right. well now to an actor who is about to be trending in a big way. we're trending about scott eastwood. he stars in the longest ride which is anion coming movie based on the nicolas sparks book and jenna bush hager caught up with him. >> that's right. you maying hearing about scott eastwood for the first time. surprising because of who his father is and he's blessed with his dad's extremely good looks.
8:13 am
sor sorry, 407bny. i had the tough assignment of meeting up with scott. >> i live a very simple life. i live in san diego. i live away from all the hollywood hype and i try to keep it that way. >> a simple life about to get a lot more complicated. scott eastwood the 28-year-old son of clint eastwood has successfully avoided the limelight. until now. hollywood has high expectations for the star of the longest ride. >> i would say this is your breakout role but you would say not your breakout role this nicolas sparks film? >> no. i don't yeah i mean i think people breakout role is sort of a loose term. i don't know what that means anymore. i'm lucky to be working. i'm happy to be working. >> scott is the fourth of clint eastwood's seven kids. his mom is former flight attendant jacqueline reed. he was recently named one of america's top bachelors after a profile of him went viral with more than 5 million hits. >> you have recently been on the cover of a magazine as one of the hottest bachelors? >> oh, god, yeah. >> did you read?
8:14 am
>> a little light reading before i go to bed. >> about yourself. and there were several pictures that we couldn't help but notice. you go around shirtless a lot on yachts? >> i -- you know, you know i'll be honest, my buddies are always, put a shirt on, scott. geez, put a shirt on. but i grew up on the beach. i grew up surfing. i grew up, you know, outdoors. i sort of like being shirtless. >> but it must be a little bit overwhelming the attention you're getting all of a sudden. hottest bachelor. is that overwhelming? a title you're comfortable with or is it all in good fun? >> i think it's all in good fun. you can't take yourself too seriously. >> what he has taken seriously is his acting. hollywood's hottest new discovery has actually been hard at work for more than a decade. appearing in more than 20 films. it may be a burden or a blessing
8:15 am
but genetics makes comparison to his father unavoidable. what is abundantly clear is scott eastwood adores his dad. >> he grew up in an era where men were sort of men and i can't thank him enough for sort of teaching me just, you know, go out there. he didn't care what i did. he didn't care if i was a plumber, or if i was anabilitier. whatever you do, just do it well, and be humble about it, and be a good guy. and tell the truth. >> come on. >> he almost didn't go into the family business. >> scott had a front row seat to the good, the bad, and the ugly, at making movies. >> you grew up on the set of your dad's movies. you were in several of them. what was that like? >> it's just been great. it's been great to see a master at work and be a part of it. i think when i was in high school i thought maybe i was a little too cool for it or maybe girls got more important or i don't know then i realized, this is a great life. i want to do this. so i better figure it out.
8:16 am
>> so what have you learned from your dad? >> just be humble and work hard, and, you know, be a man. show up, and do the job. >> his current job may be a game changer for scott. nicolas sparks movies have a well established track record at the box office. his co-star is brett robertson. nicolas sparks movies are known for romance. you guys got the chemistry? >> that's what they say. they're like you guys have great chemistry. i think we bicker like an old married couple. >> which is good chemistry. >> that's true, i guess. he has all these sisters and stuff so he claims he can take it. >> has he? >> and he has. he's touch a trouper i'll give him crap all the time and he just takes it and takes it and takes it. it's impressive. >> nicolas spashs the producer on the film is on set most days. do you think these two are new hollywood royalty? >> i think from what i've seen and the way they've wrked and just the level of skill they bring to their profession, yeah, and let's be honest. they're both people you like to
8:17 am
look at on-screen. they're nice looking people. >> so as the spot light shines brightly on scott eastwood and this new film, an important question. >> are you going to bring the waterworks? >> i'll tell you what i cried. i cried when i watched the the notebook for the first time. >> you're a real man that can admit that. >> any guys who tells you they didn't cry when they watched the notebook is lying. >> you know who else cried? matt lauer and al roker so there's a lot of pressure for the longest ride to bring man tears to those two. >> man tears. >> you think it's going to happen? >> i don't know. i goes you'll be the judge of that. >> all right so he's not sure if he's going to bring the man tears but we know you two are both suckers for nicolas spashs. >> yeah. >> i don't know if it's the romance. the romance or the sadness but i just went ahead an got you some clean nexts. >> when does it come out? >> april. >> you have a long time to hold onto these. >> we'll let you know. >> date night with some popcorn and roses.
8:18 am
>> we'll eat less popcorn. >> perfect. >> jenna, thank you. >> still to come this morning we have a live concert from the counting crows. we're back in 30 seconds. back now at 8:18 with a tragedy that we reported on far too often this summer. children dying after being left in sweltering cars. in a moment we're going to talk to a mother who lost her son less than two months ago and hopes her personal tragedy can become a public turning point.
8:19 am
it's every parents' nightmare. on july 7th, kyle was supposed to drop his son benjamin at day care but instead he drove to work accidentally leaving his 15-month-old in the car for several hours. it wasn't until that afternoon when he went to pick him back up that kyle discovered his son was still in the back seat. he rushed the boy to the hospital, but it was too late. young benjamin died of hypothermia or overheating. it's a tragedy that benjamin's mother is seeking to prevent from happening again in the form of technological safeguards by automakers and government regulations. the story of her crusade is featured in this week's "time" magazine. >> the loss of a loved one is always difficult. the loss of a child is almost incomprehensible. she has been channelling her grief and traumatic experience to inquire into why there aren't regulations governing this kind of thing. >> reporter: toddler hot car deaths like benjamin's have been
8:20 am
grabbing headlines this summer. after the death of cooper harris in georgia. his father has pleaded not guilty to murder. 24 children have died in hot cars so far this year. with over 500 such deaths since 2000, it's demanding attention and action. and lindsey rogers is with us now. good morning. my condolences. you're brave to be here this morning. >> thank you, matt. >> everybody says this can't happen to me. it won't happen to my family. and you say you thought the exact same thing. >> absolutely. every summer you see this in the news. and it's so easy. in the past i've said it can never happen to me. unfortunately we are proof it can happen to any american. i mean, we could be -- to all the listeners we could be you, your best friend, your parent, the neighbor down the street. >> i know you don't want to talk about the specifics of what happened on the day that benjamin died, because there is
8:21 am
an ongoing investigation. the outcome is unclear. but how did you deal with the enormous grief and the questions you must have had in your own mind? >> yeah. well, how we dealt with the grief, we miss him profoundly every day. we really came together as a family honestly. we love each other so much and we hold onto each other every day. but then as an attorney and just as a mother trying to understand how this can happen, i honestly just began researching and looking into the truth and the facts of how this happens every year. >> about your husband kyle who must be dealing with incredible grief and guilt as well, you said this. even the moment i found out, there was never a moment i questioned him or my love for him. it was just how do we deal with this new reality. >> yeah. never once. i think that's the hardest part for some people to understand. when you have a solid foundation in your life and we're christians and we just have a wonderful family. i always love him and i know
8:22 am
this would hurt him more than anybody else. >> you want to raise awareness. you want other people to find out about this and realize it can happen to them. you've done a lot of research. you know, we think about this. we report on this far too often. and i've always thought isn't there a piece of technology, something that can be built into a car when a temperature in a car that's turned off gets to a certain level, an alarm goes off. what have you found? >> what i've found is that some car manufacturers have known about this serious safety problem since 2001 and gm in particular said they were going to install devices in 2004 and nothing has happened. since then there have been over 520 deaths. we know the government is aware of this and they have been working on potential legislation that could be put out there and it hasn't happened yet. i feel like we need expert panels put together to find a good solution for this. >> are you finding that perhaps this isn't being built into new cars right now because of cost? or is this a situation where the
8:23 am
companies are leery of doing this because if that device or technology doesn't work, then they're going to be held accountable? >> you know, i'm a lawyer. think of all the things right now that are in cars that could potentially have liability? that's why they have good legal counsel. that may be part of it, but i don't think it's an excuse because kids are dying. i mean, i think a lot of it is right now we can sit back and most americans can just blame parents, try to think you're different. and if a car manufacturer doesn't want to act, they're not forced to act right now. >> you talk about people blaming other parents. i have to tell you when we cover tragedies like this and have in the past, i'm always surprised when you go online and you look at some of the comments -- >> i don't read those, matt. >> i wouldn't if i were you. because you always see people pointing the finger saying i would never leave my child in a car. i know it couldn't happen. this parent must have "x," "y," or "z."
8:24 am
>> yep. it's called the fundamentalal attribution error. i ask parents the question have you ever driven to work and forgotten how you got there? have you ever walked from the living room to the bedroom and forgot what you were going to get? it can happen in a second and your life is changed forever. >> you mentioned your life changed forever. it is still possible charges could be filed against your husband. how would that change your life even further? >> we'll get through. i mean, really, we fought about that. we hold onto each other. and we will get through no matter what and we're doing this for ben. >> i think you're brave to be here and talk about this. so hopefully other families don't have to go through it. >> me too. >> thank you so much. our condolences again. >> thank you so much. >> and we're back after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a once-popular surf instructor accused of lewd acts with two minors could spend the rest of his life in prison. today, in santa cruz county superior court, dylan greiner is expected to plead guilty to dozens of charges. the charges include child molestation and possession of child pornography. greiner is also accused of secretly taping girls changing in the dressing room of his surf school. santa cruz police say he wrote a letter apologizing to the victims and the community after his arrest one year ago. switch gears. let's check on that morning commute. lots of folks headed back today. how we looking out there, mike? >> we're over here at west 580,
8:27 am
still very slow through dublin and pleasanton. look at the map, westbound, you expect that to be a slower direction, but south 680 has the crash, which has cleared in sunol, and that caused everything to be backed up at the interchange. over on the left side, it's eastbound 580 that is also very slow because of that jamup at the interchange. that's recovering, a heavier slower drive towards hayward. dumbarton bridge recovers after an earlier stall has cleared from the high-rise. there's the south bay and the golden gate bridge still slow, laura. >> we'll check the forecast with christina in our next half hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ and we're back on a balmy morning here in new york city. it's the second day of september 2014. these people behind us and in front of us getting ready for a concert out on the plaza. >> yeah. the counting crows coming up in just a little bit. and also speaking of music, don't want to forget we have just a couple of hours left to enter the one direction contest. we announced this yesterday. >> all you have to do is make a
8:31 am
video showing why you are the biggest 1d fan ever. post it to instagram using the #1dfancontest. you'll have a chance to come here and meet the guys. >> that would be huge. >> huge chance. >> all right. mr. roker, check of the weather? >> here in the northeast, southeast kind of hot and steamy today. storms move into the northeast later. wet weather in the pacific northwest. heat continues through texas with a high surf advisory. tomorrow we've got more wet weather due to the tropical storm dolly. the heat and humidity continues in the northeast and new england. temperate along the west coast. 75 in los angeles that's what's going on around 8:31. good tuesday morning to you. back to work today for a lot of
8:32 am
people. we've got strong onshore flow. that means our temperatures will be back to average, as of today. much better scenario than yesterday. it was hot out there. pacifica showing you that cloudy sky. at this point, yesterday, we were completely clear at your beaches. today, that fog is going to settle in for much of the day, and then we'll get that cool, westerly wind and that ocean air will be transported all the way to sunol. 78 along the peninsula today. 72 for the east shore. >> got some nice friends over here from guam. >> yes. >> when'd you get here? >> yesterday. >> big counting crows fans? >> yes. very much so. >> you've got a great view. >> happy birthday, georgia! >> a person or the entire state? >> my niece. >> all right. let's go back inside. >> announcer: viva "today" is brought to you by toyota. a proud supporter of hispanic heritage month. >> now to our special series
8:33 am
viva "today" celebrating the growing influence of hispanic culture in this country. and this morning family, food, and a famed cuban cookbook. the host of top chef on telemundo is here. >> good morning, natalie. as a chef myself, i know the love that goes into a meal. recently i got to spend an afternoon with a mom in miami who is passing on love and family traditions all through a cookbook. ♪ >> reporter: we are starting today recipe 336. >> correct. >> reporter: she decided to cook all 629 recipes from this cookbook.
8:34 am
known as the cuban julia childs, she aired on cuban television. her cookbook, a stap until cuban kitchens. >> it was important for me to get in the kitchen with my family in order to keep it going. >> reporter: it started with christi christina's grandmother who sent her three sons from cuba to the u.s. through operation peter pan. when she joined them three months later she brought the cookbook. >> i always thought to myself if i'd been without my kids in a different country, would i think of bringing any cookbook? when i started bringing this cookbook, i realized yes. this cannot be apart from me. >> reporter: why don't we get started? what are you going to make for us? >> we're going cuban meat and potatoes. >> reporter: she started her cooking project in 2009. at first going in order of the
8:35 am
recipes. >> by the time i got to the fish soup, my husband and kids were like can we eat something besides soup. we started off with a side, a main entree and started to put meals together. >> reporter: but she admits she was not good in the kitchen when she first started. >> i did not know that you could not pour water in hot oil. i didn't know that. >> reporter: you really didn't know how to cook. >> not at all. >> reporter: okay now the cuban sandwich. so far she has made 336 recipes. she's about halfway through the recipes and is documenting each dish on her blog. well now it's dessert. this is the time that we all love. so you're going to be making
8:36 am
torejas. she wants her kids to learn about the ancestry and eat home cooked meals just like her grandmother used to make. what have you learned about cuban history through the recipes your mom has made through the book? >> that cuba gives really good food. >> reporter: i like that. >> no matter what your heritage is, whether it's american, cuban, italian, french, whatever it is. there's food history that's part of who we are. and that's something that's so important to pass on to the next generation. >> although her grandmother has passed, her love for the recipes lives on through all of her fans and herself and her blog. >> and i love you, of course, being colombian. >> i was lucky to have a mom that cooked every single day and
8:37 am
taught us the value of sharing a meal. more than cooking, to share a meal. very important. >> sitting around the table and bringing everybody together. >> yes. >> well, we love it. great to have you and thanks for doing this. i loved the story. thank you. coming up next, counting crows live in concert. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> and we're back now with a special tuesday morning concert on the plaza from counting crows. this is a group that's been hanging around at the top of the charts for more than 20 years. ♪ mr. jones and many >> counting crows. this san francisco bay area bred
8:40 am
alternative rock band first broke onto the scene in the '90s with their hit single "mr. jones." their debut album catapulted them into stardom. ♪ maybe i'm in love >> this golden globe and grammy nominated band has sold over 20 million records worldwide known for their electrifying live performances and fronted by adam. this morning the band releases their seventh studio album. they last rocked the plaza in 2004 and we're thrilled to welcome them back to "today." and here they are performing their very first hit, ladies and gentlemen, counting crows. ♪ ♪ down at the new amsterdam
8:41 am
♪ staring at this yellow haired girl ♪ ♪ mr. jones strikes up a conversation with this black haired flamenco dancer ♪ ♪ she dances while his father plays guitar ♪ ♪ she's suddenly beautiful ♪ and we all want something beautiful ♪ ♪ hey, hey man ♪ i wish i was beautiful ♪ oh ♪ shalalala ♪ yeah ♪ cut up, maria ♪ show me some of them spanish dances ♪ ♪ and pass me a bottle, mr. jones ♪ ♪ baby, believe in me ♪ help me believe in anything
8:42 am
♪ cause i want to be someone who believes ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ mr. jones and me tell other fairy tales ♪ ♪ and we stare at the beautiful women ♪ ♪ she's looking at you ♪ no, no, she's looking at me ♪ smiling in the bright lights ♪ coming through in stereo ♪ when everybody loves you ♪ you never be lonely ♪ i want to paint myself a picture ♪ ♪ i could paint myself in blue and red and black ♪ ♪ and all the beautiful colors are very, very meaningful ♪ ♪ you know gray, that's my favorite color ♪ ♪ just so confused aerved. ♪ ♪ but if i knew picasso, baby i would buy myself a gray guitar
8:43 am
and play ♪ ♪ mr. jones and me look into the future ♪ ♪ see all the beautiful women ♪ she's looking at you ♪ i don't think so ♪ she's looking at me ♪ standing in the spotlight ♪ i got myself a gray guitar ♪ when everybody loves me ♪ i will never, i'll never ever be lonely ♪ ♪ i want to be a lion ♪ everybody wants to pass as cats ♪ ♪ want to be big stars ♪ so screwed up about that ♪ i believe in me even though i
8:44 am
don't believe in anything ♪ ♪ you know, i just might be someone to believe ♪ ♪ believe in me oh ♪ mr. jones and me go stumbling through the barrio ♪ ♪ we stare at all of the beautiful women ♪ ♪ she's perfect for you ♪ there's got to be a girl for me ♪ ♪ i don't want to be bob dylan ♪ and mr. jones wishes he was just someone a little more funky ♪ ♪ when everybody loves you ♪ son, i think it's just about as funky as you can be ♪ ♪ mr. jones and me staring at the video ♪ ♪ when i look at my television ♪ i want to see me staring right back at me ♪ ♪ we want to be big stars but we don't know why ♪ ♪ and we don't know how ♪ but when everybody loves me ♪ i'm going to be just as happy
8:45 am
as i can be ♪ ♪ mr. jones and me ♪ we're going to be big stars ♪ >> more music from counting crows in a couple of minutes, but first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
welcome back to "today." the counts crows here celebrating the release of their new album called "somewhere under wonderland." let's talk about the music in this album. there are a lot of creative lyrics. i think scare crow and i love
8:48 am
undercover russians in a pink rolls-royce. she sets the beat. they carry miss america in the street. she sings snow man, john doe, buffalo. where's all this coming from? >> i make it up. >> it just rhymes. >> it does rhyme though. >> it does. so quite a few years between this album and the last one. why'd you wait so long? >> it was only two years. >> but people were waiting. we wanted something sooner. >> i had to go to the bathroom. i don't know. >> is that it? you're getting to be that age? every few minutes? you made headlines over the weekend. you're out promoting the release of the new album and you're doing a bit of a concert downtown and apparently there was a delay and you tweeted out something like i'm sorry i actually forgot my pants. >> yes. >> how do you forget your pants? >> only because i forgot my pants. i don't know. i left home, i put everything in a bag. >> what were you wearing? >> shorts. no, i was wearing a skirt.
8:49 am
a nice skirt. pencil. no, no. i put it in the bag. clearly they got up and left and i took the bag and went to the show. i didn't look again for awhile. i didn't check for them. today i checked for my pants several times. >> you learned a lesson. >> what are you going to sing now? >> "earthquake driver." >> take it away. ♪ ♪ i was again a little north of disney land ♪ ♪ somewhere under wonderland and hollywood ♪ then i had to go skipping and diving and bouncing back to new york city ♪ ♪ straight through the heart of america are all the wild things grow ♪ ♪ i want to be an earthquake driver ♪ ♪ i want to be an aquarium diver ♪ ♪ i just don't want to go home
8:50 am
♪ hey man ♪ i live alone but i am hungry for affection ♪ ♪ i struggle with connection 'til the water calls me home ♪ ♪ down into the ocean among millions of other lonely people ♪ ♪ drowning among the only people we are ever going to know ♪ ♪ i want to be an earthquake driver ♪ ♪ i want to be an aquarium diver ♪ ♪ i just don't want to go home ♪ i want to be like the people i see ♪ ♪ they run all over just like me ♪ ♪ i want to save what keeps me awake ♪ ♪ is i'm tied into the lightning line ♪ ♪ and i want to where the sun is shining ♪ ♪ all night just a waste of time ♪ ♪ i don't want to see people like me ♪ ♪ just sleeping in, waking in, hoping in, hating in ♪ ♪ you look at me like i'm some kind of carnival attraction ♪
8:51 am
♪ you say love's this attraction joet just some ghost that you chase ♪ ♪ well i'm sorry friend i am a blank space ♪ ♪ but the words you remember from whenever you saw my face ♪ ♪ i want to be an earthquake driver ♪ ♪ i don't want to be an aquarium diver ♪ ♪ i just don't want to go home ♪ i want to be like the people i see ♪ ♪ hey man they run all over just like me ♪ ♪ i want to thank for what keeps me awake ♪ ♪ plugged in to the lightning line ♪ ♪ i want to be where the sun is shining ♪ ♪ all night chasing time ♪ i don't want to be with people like me ♪ ♪ creeping in, waking in, hoping in, hating in ♪ ♪ what is the price for this famous self-absorption ♪ ♪ we turn ourselves into orphans
8:52 am
and then spend our nights alone ♪ ♪ living in fear of some kind of imaginary consequence ♪ ♪ terror incognito ♪ i don't want to be an earthquake driver ♪ ♪ i don't want to be an acquire yuf diver ♪ ♪ i just don't want to go home ♪ truth is i don't want to be no earthquake driver ♪ ♪ and i do not want to be an aquarium diver ♪ ♪ but hey ♪ i just don't want to go home ♪ oh, man, i just don't want to go home ♪ ♪ no, i do not want to go home ♪ >> counting crows, thank you. again, the new album is "somewhere under wonderland." we're back in a moment on
8:53 am
"today" on nbc.
8:54 am
all right. from the counting crows, thanks guys again, to counting birthdays with mr. willard scott. hey, willard. >> what a good looking group you all are up there. i have never seen such a handsome bunch. you are the best. how about that? texie cheek is from danville, virginia. 100 years old today. reads mysteries and novels and
8:55 am
loves to keep up with current events. miss millie brown. bless your heart. 100 years old today. and she is from au leander, north carolina. peter john fordi. he's 100 years old today. bri brick, new jersey. the garden state as they say. and we wish him a happy birthday. adolph charles auer. and adolph is 100 years old today. he is from bellevue, illinois. which him well. love the cardinals. he's a st. louis cardinals fan from top to bottom. that's it. that's our birthday buddies here. now back to the great gang in new york. always happy. >> all right, love you willard. all right. coming up in the next hour -- >> we've got seth green, always funny. >> nice. >> we're going to talk more
8:56 am
about the celebrity hacking scandal and what it means for the rest of us. how to keep people out of the cloud. >> how to keep your personal pictures safe. >> and we're going a very good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san mateo county officials will spray for mosquitos after some were found infected with west nile virus last week. they are focusing on parts of redwood city in menlo park. the spraying will take place between 9:00 tonight and 5:00 tomorrow morning. what about the forecast for today? let's check in with christina. >> a whole other kind of fog. good morning to you, laura. good morning to you at home.
8:57 am
8 to 10 degrees cooler as a result of that strong onshore flow back in the bay area for today. now, your temperatures are going to stay on the cool side, just about all week long. we hit that sweet stride. 82 for the south bay. the peninsula is at 78. 72 for the east shore. you can see here, nice and level all the way across the board. even a little cooler towards your friday. ♪
8:58 am
♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it is tuesday morning, the second day of september 2014. labor day is behind us. it's back to reality. and we're all here. >> a perfect time for us to get the end of our open an actual fore shot of the four of us together. >> the show opens and we're piecemealed together. now it's a group shot. >> you want to take it? >> i'll take it. >> no you need to be in it.
9:01 am
>> we can drop it into the open. >> i'm watching tv last night. put the kids to bed about 8:45, something like that. i'm flipping around as i'm reading my e-mails. as soon as i put on my tv it comes to nbc automatically. i see tamron hall doing this. ripping the guts out of a squirrel. >> don't say it like that. >> what were you doing with bear grylls? >> i was trying to survive. >> did you eat that? >> i, indeed, ate it. >> raw or cooked? >> cooked. we the great people of utah is like that's not it. >> does it taste like chicken? >> it absolutely does not. >> what does it taste like? >> a funky, pungent taste and smell. bear grylls said, you know, pull -- we found the squirrel. it was there and so he said -- >> it was already dead. >> he said in the wild, though,
9:02 am
you get fresh meat. it's not whole foods. so you got to take advantage of the situation. so we also had crickets. which we ate those. but the squirrel needed to be cleaned. and so i kept pulling at the little -- >> with your bare hands? >> with my bare hands. i know. well, i didn't kill him. he held it up. >> and he said tamron pull. just getting the innards out of there. >> i hope you've had your breakfast. it's 9:00, you should have. >> did you take power bars with you? >> no. when you are in the situation in the wild, you got to -- i did say, can we have a vegan diet? but he said you need protein in the wild. you've got to survive. so i did survive and we had a live tweet thing last night. yeah. that booty though was repeated. you were aware when ariana grande was here. that's what she referred to it as. >> not really code.
9:03 am
>> and now you nominate willie geist to try it. >> i would love to. >> all of you would be phenomenal. >> i don't think i could eat squirrel. >> you'd starve. you guys would be great. al would be amazing. he would make bear grylls laugh the whole time and they'd end up somewhere fun. natalie's super athletic. but willie has the longest legs of any human being i've ever seen. i want to see him rappel with his 6'5" frame. >> he wouldn't have to. he'd just jump. >> take two steps and he's down. >> he could grasshopper crawl and he could crawl over your legs. i want to see willie out there. >> bear, did you hear that? >> that's a fun show. >> we learned a lot watching it. >> we started a fire. >> did they have those mounted on the trees?
9:04 am
little purell pump? as soon as you walk. . you can tap it for sap or get some purell. >> the squirrel was there for the take sog was the purell. >> they gave me a backpack and said bring what you want from home that fits in. i brought purell thinking i would wash my hands. >> i would have brought a power bar. would have been my suggestion. >> i did bring chocolate. yeah. i did have a piece of chocolate. it was a fun show. thank you so everybody who watched. >> good show. let's talk about the story a lot of people are talking about this morning. certainly if it applies to you now. fbi and apple are investigating the hacking of celebrity accounts including those of jennifer lawrence and kate upton. they're calling for prosecution. the unidentified hacker claims he stored pictures stored in the apple icloud. used by hundreds of millions of
9:05 am
people and probably used by you at home. apple released this statement. we take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report. this story brought up a lot of questions about the cloud. >> what is the cloud, right? >> no one quite understands it as in this recent movie. >> it went up to the cloud. >> and you can't get it down from the cloud? >> nobody understands the cloud. >> see. they don't. >> so it's a big storage space. the icloud is just one cloud-based server. >> google. google drive. >> stores your photos, video. in one poll 90% of people polled said they were aware of the cloud. only 29% said they used it but they probably had it and didn't know about it. >> or netflix. any time you download a movie off of netflix, the reason they can instantly stream is because they're getting it off the cloud. >> so this has opened a lot of people's eyes to, my gosh, what
9:06 am
i thought was private is now up in the cloud and accessible. >> and you can't delete. even if you delete a message or photo, they still live on in the cloud. >> which is what happened to celebrities with these. we all have iphones. i get a message saying your storage is full. it pushes you into getting into one of the icloud or drop box, whatever it may be. because how many pictures do you have or video on your phone these days? and pictures you want keep. before we had polaroids or you get them printed out at the drugstore. you'd have a box of them. now this is your box and all of the pictures are here. >> if it's connected to your computer, sometimes that can be hacked. but today it's amazing. you can get a terabyte or two terabytes of storage for under a hundred bucks. >> what's that?
9:07 am
what's a trerabyte? >> it's a backup drive basically. you can store all your photos and movies on this hard drive that aren't that much bigger than this. that way it's there. and you're not on the cloud. >> but what's interesting, most people -- if you have a new iphone, it comes with the cloud built in and you're sort of automatically already on it. you can disable it. >> if you use icloud or you use the apple service, then yes, you're on the cloud. >> androids have it too. >> they all have it. but you can limit what you put on there. ricky gervais got into some hot water. he tweeted something out basically if you don't put stuff on there, celebrities, it won't get on there. and lena dunham said don't blame the victim which is true. but he does raise a point. if you don't put it out there, it won't be out there. >> i don't think everyone has nude, naked pictures like myself
9:08 am
and willie. but -- >> we do? >> a little humor here. unique humor in this world. but what i'm saying is you do have pictures of your children and vacations. no, it's not an issue of whether or not i have inappropriate -- whatever that definition is. you do what you want to do. but i don't want our pictures that i maybe haven't shown of your children, that's the issue. >> and it's not just photos and it's not just this. think of the time you go onto your bank accounts online. if you think that information is living up there too. so it's not just -- >> the new world. >> it's the new world. >> you click on this -- >> now it's the cloud you have to worry about. >> probably one of my favorite stories of the day, we're getting more details about angelina jolie and brad pitt's wedding.
9:09 am
there are some exclusive photos being shown and details of the big day that happened in france on august 23rd. angelina wore this beautiful white gown. on the back it's even more perfect and gorgeous. because hand embroidered into the dress were doodles and drawings that her children had all drawn and messages as well. so the kids helped write the couple's vows. brad apparently even borrowed a tie from one of the sons because he forgot his own. so he borrowed something. something borrowed, something new, right? pax apparently baked the cake. >> wow. that impresses me more than anything. >> wow. >> it was a very small wedding. like 20 people? >> it was a family event. >> did the 20 include the six kids, i wonder. >> well, they participated. but i said earlier what i like about this couple, you don't see them with an entourage. their posse consists of their children. he's got george clooney and matt damon are his close friends, but
9:10 am
they are their unit. which is so sweet in many ways. so probably included the kids, the 20. >> i loved the drawings. we all have framed finger painting of our children and nieces and nephews. it may be so special to us and not anybody else. >> this could start a trend of people including stuff that's important to the children or family and friends within the wedding gown. what a great idea. i'm surprised nobody's done that before. >> it is fantastic. >> i was looking for a new place recent aand i'm going into an apartment where there's kids and you see the collages on the door. it is the ever-continuing challenge of what to do with all of your doodling and all of the little things the kids give you. i think it's adorable. >> put it on the wedding dress. >> so you guys can show up with your suits all -- >> inner lined. yeah. >> what's so sweet is they have said in the past they would get married because their kids wanted it. so it's clear that it was the
9:11 am
kids who wanted to be part of this. >> we all know it's all about our kids. let's show you what we've got going on as far as our weather is concerned. we are looking at some strong storms that have been firing up from cleveland all the way into missouri, parts of arkansas on into central oklahoma. this is part of a frontal system pushing to the south. as it does, we are looking for the risk of strong storms moving into central new york, much of pennsylvania, parts of ohio, on into kentucky. some of these may have damaging winds. a lot of rain with it. and we've got heat to talk about. first day of school for a lot of kids. and look at this in the southeast it's going to feel like 97 in atlanta. charlotte's going to feel like a hundred. here in the northeast as well, boston it's going to feel like 94. 96 in new york city. 101 in richmond. hot and humid today. less humid tomorrow. then that humidity gets back here thursday night into that's what's going on aroun
9:12 am
9:11. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren, taking a live look at a foggy sky over woodside. it is going to be nice and comfortable along the peninsula, because of that fog this morning. meanwhile, even here in the santa clara valley, you can see some high atop mt. hamilton, mostly clear conditions. we're still going to see a day about 10 degrees cooler than where we ended up yesterday. heat relief is the story of the day. the south bay the today at 82. 72 on the east shore. meanwhile, low 80s coming your way in the north bay. >> and that's -- >> oh, my gosh! >> seth green! seth green, ladies and gentlemen! >> i came for the weather. >> all right. good to see you, sir. >> i almost wore stripes. i'm glad i didn't. >> that could have been really embarrassing. guess what. you're here to hang around with us a little bit? >> it's true. i've come to tell you all the important details about the
9:13 am
weather. high pressure system moving in from the east. >> all international male on us. goodness. >> ooh, ooh, ooh. >> earlier we said magma. can you say magma? >> wait. what? >> like dr. evil. >> like hot lava from the earth's core? magma. >> all right. he's going to be chatting about his new film "the identical" right after this. i think i've got it.. ♪ ohh, i lost count. what'cha doing, richard? how does grandpa do it? do what, richard? how does he get so many strawberries in a jar? you'll figure it out. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker grew up knowing that if you want jam to taste irresistible it has to be packed with lots of delicious fruit. i don't even know how he gets peaches in there. [ male announcer ] for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. has a new easy-to-swallow coating...five generations,
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9:16 am
my son is going to wash the family prius. he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius. because like toyota, we both know there's a way to do things, and a way to do things even better. the prius. toyota, let's go places. seth green is a writer, producer, director, and actor who's appeared in dozens of tv shows and films. one of his most memorable roles was as the son of dr. evil who was just not evil enough in the "austin powers" film. also kenny the the cult favorite "can't hardly wait" and is the voice of chris griffin on "family guy." >> "identicals" is about twins
9:17 am
separated at birth. he played a best friend of one of the twins and their friendship picks up right where it left off. >> dino! >> ryan? ryan, my main man. pots and pans. what is shaking bacon? >> how are you? >> i'm good, man. and jenny, oh, man. if i only had me a jenny. i wouldn't spend so much money on alimony. >> seth green, love the hair. >> thanks, man. >> how long did it take you to get that look going? >> in the movie we age from about 17 to 30-something. and so we start off with clean shaven and short hair. then i ended up with wigs. >> is there a look you prefer? >> no. i kind of like to look however the character is supposed to look. that usually helps me get into character. you put on the hair and clothes or whatever. >> well, your character, he's a career indulger. what do you mean by that? >> he is the type of guy who
9:18 am
discovered cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, music, and women really early. just stayed on that track. it's a lot of fun. it's fun to play a character like that. a guy who's got no boundaries. but essentially is a good hearted person. just eats and drinks and romances women. >> anything like your real life? >> my real life? no. i'm happy married. >> nice. >> he's a career indulger. >> yes. he has indulges in multiple vocations. we saw you playing drums in that scene there. any drums in your background? did you know how to play coming in? >> not really. my friend breckin taught me when we were 17, but i didn't practice. when i took this movie i had a coach. this guy that was in the movie taught me to play the songs i needed to play. i focused on playing the songs.
9:19 am
>> you took this -- identical twins who were separated at birth. you said it's got a positive message to it. >> it's a story about nature versus nurture. it's these twins that are separated and raised by different parents. and this one boy, his parents are a preacher. they believe this kid is a gift that was given to them. so they raise it as they believe it's supposed to be raised. and the boy has different instinc instincts. it's about what people tell you you're supposed to be versus what you feel in your heart. that's what i like about it. >> great message. >> one thing people may not know about you and i use this term as a lovable one. you're a space geek. and you got to do a panel at comic-con with buzz aldrin? >> i did. it was awesome. i'm a space enthusiast. i think it's a mistake that we culturally stop doing things like televising launches. because i think that stunts the awareness in a young generation. when i was young i saw ships going up all the time.
9:20 am
it made me think there's people on those rockets. and when the challenger broke up, people got very pc and said let's not subject kids to this kind of potential trauma. what it really did was it removed that as a choice. so kids don't think about growing up and becoming an astronaut. you don't think about having a spring break on mars. >> but you want to get that started. >> i started that a couple years ago. we could #spin stripe brothers. >> and we would be. in fact, we are. >> deep down, yes. pinstripes on the inside. >> seth green. "the identical" hits theaters on friday. thanks for being here. >> thank you. coming up, all the news before you head out the door. >> and which one of these meals before you head out the door. >> and which one of these meals will help you lose more we are the solis family. and this is our chex commercial. there's lots of choices and each of us has a favorite. like chocolate, honey nut and cinnamon.
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9:24 am
day showed significant drops in insulin levelsment. some signs of body inpla medication also dropped dramatically. the iphone 6 can be used like a mobile wallet. apple has teamed up with visa, mastercard and american express to make mobile payments easier and it comes with a new communications chip that will allow consumers to pay for items with just the touch of a finger. apple has not yet commented on this feature. and what were you doing at 2:20 this morning? most of you probably sleeping. but not these guys. take a look. japan's nishikori and roundlich of canada went until 2:26 in the morning, the tie for the latest in matches. the match went on for 4 hours and 19 minutes and in the end, nishikori came out on top in
9:25 am
five sets. pretty crazy. stick around. because we're going to find out what seth green is up to with our al roker. coming up after your local news. , we've put a fresh twist on classic desserts. making them all new, any day treats. starting with cheesecakes, reinvented using thick and creamy traditional greek yogurt. then delicately topped with delicious fruit sauces. the twist? less than 200 calories. new dannon creamery desserts. cause life's better with a twist. ♪ dannon! also try our dannon creamery pudding range. apthai shrimp salad,bos now with crisp greens,w juicy shrimp, and sliced almonds. all tossed with a chili lime vinaigrette. better lunch choices never tasted so good. under 600 calorie lunch combos starting at just $6.99 only at applebee's. or they'll be ready for pick-up when you order online. hey! i found my true love, livin' in a sweet dream. what matters most should always come first. that's why whole grain is first
9:26 am
in every general mills big g cereal. and why we never use high fructose corn syrup. general mills. goodness first. and a good tuesday morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. police have arrested a man who broke into the indonesian consulate in san francisco overnight. now, the man busted a window and ran into the building, but he didn't take anything. the consulate tells us surveillance video shows the man running into the building. police believe he may have been on some kind of drug or he was concerned about being chased. just moments ago, officers identified him as a 26-year-old man from south carolina. he was booked into jail for vandalism and trespassing. a young man is also under arrest after crashing his car into a home in danville this morning. the crash also hit a gas line, causing a leak early in the morning. about six homes were evacuated until crews were able to cap that leak.
9:27 am
nobody was hurt. starting today, santa clara county will host workshops on its new health score system for south bay restaurants. the new system came in part due to our recent investigative report on local restaurants not keeping their health records readily available. starting october 1st, restaurants will have to post placards showing a color-coded score. green is passing, yellow is conditional, and red is for failure. a look at your weather and traffic right after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. the time now, 9:28. a pretty day here in sunol and temperatures will be a lot more bearable in the tri-valley. the reason why, that onshore flow. the fog machine is back on in san francisco. we're going to see a really nice day once we get rid of all that fog in the city, temperatures are going to be comfortable. we'll hid the mid- to upper 60s there. elsewhere, i'm forecasting a day about 8 to 10 degrees cooler than where we ended up yesterday. 77 degrees for the peninsula, and the biggest impact will be felt inland, about 82 for the south bay and 72 on the east
9:29 am
shore. here's mike and your drive. >> and a slow drive it is. west 92 across the san mateo bridge. no incidents reported in the last few minutes, but we do see a good slowdown that just kicked in really hard over the last 20. looking south of there from 880 towards fremont. a big burst of traffic as well. slow across the dumbarton bridge and anywhere south of there for the nimitz. and the tri-valley still drags westbound towards westbound 580. look at the map. a tougher driver because of the earlier crashes in sunol. that rippled back towards the altamont. coming off the dublin grade, a lot better, sam. back to you. >> still plenty of red spots on that map. another look at traffic and weather coming up in 25 minutes. see you then. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. time for a holiday get together. fresh sweet corn is 5 for just $1.00. grill up rancher's reserve ribeye steaks for only $7.99 a pound. and nabisco snack crackers are just $1.89.
9:30 am
there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. ♪ welcome back to "today." it's a tuesday morning, september 2, 2014. as you come back from that long summer. >> go ahead. >> this is one of my favorite songs of the summer. my kids are singing all of the words. ♪ gonna marry that girl >> stephen is like okay. >> a speeding train, trying to hold on. >> you can be our pilot. >> are you going to do weather in a minute? is that what i heard? >> i would love to. i would love to participate. >> you know, al does a little acting on the side too. and he did some "sesame street" apparently, cookie monster, comedian john oliver. and i think you were talking about words, is that right, al? >> that's right. instead of the weather cast,
9:31 am
they did the vocabu-cast. >> oh, i like it. >> now it's time for your vocabu-cast on the 8s. here is our own al roker. >> thank you so much. as you can see, we've got massive vocabulary front coming in from the east and it is going to be bringing some brand-new words like bromance and surfboard. okay. tuesday, we're looking at a 30% chance of hangary followed by expect 2 to 3 feet of gifs in the southern plains. >> al, i believe it's pronounced jiff. >> oh, is that what you believe? i don't tell you how to eat cookies so i don't need you tell me how to pronounce words. i'm done! >> wow, he really stormed out of there. >> cookie monster!
9:32 am
shame on you! [ grunting ] >> oh. >> wow. >> sorry. >> i didn't see that coming. >> "sesame street" online's research, words are everywhere. we're in two different studios. >> they couldn't put you in the same room. >> yeah. so ugly. >> is it weird i don't know what some of those words are? shelfy? >> shelfy. watch. [ grunting ] >> how about the weather. >> let's do it. >> first you have to walk over. that's -- and you -- button as you go. very nice. just kind of -- >> which side do you want me on? >> right here. you're going to hit the button that advances over here. first you kind of hit the button and that will move the map. so describe what you see. >> well, you can see over here this area is at a slight risk for one of these sharp blue
9:33 am
things with raidiant spikes that seem to be creating a cool of viscous blood. it looks like storm clouds will be pulsing and shooting lightning so be careful about holding any metal or not wearing rubber. over here, the sun has got some cool shades, clearly been shopping online. looks to have developed a little bit of this storm blemishing. i see it's -- this die guy is cool, clearly using some -- >> sunscreen. >> proactive. >> and if you hit the button again, it will take us to tomorrow. where, boom -- >> tomorrow, now inc. everybody is smiling, except for this guy who has a bleeding beard. >> yeah. >> looks like he was washing his face and didn't shave properly. >> no, ugly. seth, that was spectacular. >> thank you. over here, a slight risk for another massive blood pool. >> yes. that's where the sharknado hit. that's what's going on around the country. thank you, seth and al.
9:34 am
taking a live look at san jose, a little hazy here. overall, got a good-looking day shaping up, courtesy of these low clouds, which right now are hugging the coastline. that westerly flow is going to increase throughout the day today, and temperatures will be comfortable. we're talking about the low 80s, down from the 90s yesterday in the south bay. we're going to stick with this pattern as well, all these patterns top off even more so as we head into friday and saturday with a strong enough onshore flow. maybe some drizzle on friday morning. and that is your latest weather! natalie. >> you're hired, seth. >> you are, seth green. >> thank you very much. of back to you. >> take the rest of the week off, pal. >> you need a fill-in. thank you, guys. good news for people watching their weight, don't we? >> that's right. we don't have the job. you may be able to retrain your brain to crave only healthy food. >> and a new study finds low carb is more effective than low fat. here to break it down, dr. stanford davis and kristen kirk patrick, wellness director at
9:35 am
the cleveland clinic. welcome to you both. kristen, let me start with you. it may be possible to retrain your brain to stop liking junk food? first thing to point out, this is a very small study. what's the take-away on this? >> there were two groups, an intervention group and control group. the intervention group actually had a diet that was lower on the glycemic index, higher in fiber, 40 grams per day and higher in protein. the control group ate the regular diet. both had brain scans and then at six months. >> in the end, dr. sampson, they learned how to eat healthier? >> what happens with the part of the brain, this area shows the brain responded favorably to the low calorie diet, which goes against what we usually think. that the brain sometimes doesn't like this kind of food that's lower in calories. but the brain shows a positive reaction at a six-month time frame to low calories. so you can retrain your brain to sort of have favorable outcomes
9:36 am
towards low calorie diet. >> we have heard from time to time junk food can be addictive like drugs. is that true? >> that is absolutely true. we have seen several studies that look at foods, especially at high in sugar and refined carbohydrates that light up the areas of the brain that make it difficult to get off those foods. this was a fascinating study that showed that behavioral management actually did this. >> so if you can just program your brain at home to like the your brain at home to like the healthy stuff instead of the sweet stuff. >> yeah. eat the right foods. that's the takeaway. >> get onto the next study here. talking about the difference between low carb and low fat diets. researchers took a look at two different groups of 150 people. they gave them different diets. the study didn't necessarily focus on the participants, what they ate, but tell us more about what the results showed when it came to weight loss and cardiovascular risk. >> it showed that individuals in the low carb group actually
9:37 am
faired better in weight loss and reducing weight factors that predicted whether or not you would develop coronary artery disease. >> what's the distinction here between low carb and low fat? >> with the low carb diet, some had each. there was a favorable response in weight loss as well as improvement in overall heart risk. and what they measured was the good cholesterol. an increase when you follow a low carb diet. von overall a healthier heart was the outcome. but with the weight loss, they noticed on average the individual lost 12 pounds at one year versus 4 pounds at the low fat diet. >> so does this give you a license to eat butter, bacon, steak. no? >> no. >> that's not the takeaway. >> balanced diet is the key and exercise. >> everything is moderation. >> everything is moderation. in this particular study as
9:38 am
well, they also did education on avoidance of fats such as transfat and saturated fat that we know does increase heart risk. so focusing on unsaturated fats is the key and balanced diet is always the right way. >> thanks so much. always the right way. >>snack time takes mercy on no one. it can be an unforgiving foe of rational thought. an adversary of better judgement. and when it has it's sights set on you, it isn't about to play nice. but snack time has finally met it's match. sargento cheese snacks a natural source of protein and calcium. wholesome and full of fresh flavor. sargento cheese snacks are the smart way to tame snack time. choose our family's wholesome, natural cheese snacks. sargento taste the real difference. basic moisturization isn't enough. you need healing. the only lotion with healing micro-droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care deeply moisturizes dry skin from the first application
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9:43 am
kneads and treats. where the employees have a learning disability. >> special needs kids love to cook. they love getting in there and mixing things up. from the beginning to end, they help make the finished product. >> reporter: they created the business for their 24-year-old son bradley who aged out of their county's education system two years ago. >> the school system cannot take care of them any longer and then we have to find jobs for them. >> reporter: so they created a bakery to give their son a job and hopefully a future. >> the main thing always in my mind, what is he going to do when we're gone? i've got to give him something to have to know he has a place to go and be accepted. so it means the world we're able to do this for him. >> reporter: they soon realized they weren't just helping their son but the entire special needs community. >> i was excited when cody was offered this job here. i never thought he would be employable and also he would enjoy what to do as a job. he gets dressed hours before to come here to make sure that he
9:44 am
is on time. >> that is one thing about our special kneads adults. they know what they do and do it well and take pride in it. i have one yet to call in sick. >> reporter: they employee nine adults with disabilities. >> it's been a wonderful education for john. he loves coming here and being busy every saturday. >> reporter: but the waiting list is long and has currently over 30 people. >> we need to bring awareness out there that we need more places to put our special needs adults to work. >> those with special needs are often paired with volunteers or staff employees. >> if it wasn't for laurie being here to help me learn how to do everything, i would be lost. >> reporter: mark and laurie have worked together five months but they consider themselves much more than coworkers. they're family. >> we've been like brother and sister since day one. she's shown me how to make cupcakes. how to make the frosting.
9:45 am
she's given me the reins to apply. >> reporter: they get something some of us take for granted. >> they love to get paid. it's a great day to hand the checks out. >> reporter: more they get the feeling of a job well done. >> something i look forward to doing. if you get down and dirty, that means you're having fun. >> isn't that terrific. >> great idea. more businesses need to start up with this idea in mind. >> what an accomplishment. they got their first paycheck. i mean, that means you are getting compensated. bravo, guys. up next, my tuesday trend. one of my favorite styles these days. known as the skater dress. we'll show you how to rock a dress style i am convinced looks good on every body sweets become salaries. an oven heats up a community la cocina, a small kitchen that kick-starts the careers of 41 entrepreneurs.
9:46 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ shield, sneeze, swish ♪ this back to school, there's a new routine ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues are thick and absorbent. in this lab demo, they help stop moisture better than the leading competitor's everyday tissue. pick some up today. [ male announcer ] sweet sun ripened strawberries. now we've added even more of them to philadelphia® strawberry. . . . now to my tuesday trend. and today it's all about skater
9:50 am
dresses. these are dresses you may have seen me wear on the show. they're tighter in the bodice and then they flare out on your hips. we've seen them on taylor swift and gabrielle union, to name a few. here to help us pull it off is lilliana vasquez. i'm convinced this dress type looks good on every body type. >> i think you nailed it. it's a the reason women gravitate towards them. that's why you can find them pretty much at every store at any price point. >> people refer to the fit and flare. a person told me i love your skater dress. but we got a couple of my dresses here. one of the things i like to do. i bought this one last night. it was my treat to myself after eating a squirrel.
9:51 am
so here's the deal. i put this belt on with it. cinch it in and it changes the whole look. and a lot of people think you have on a different dress. this is my new publicity pictures. i have the white one on as well. but you got three models in to prove this works on every type. who do we have here? >> the first is ana. she's showing us a simple skater dress. this one is actually from kohls. i did it in a plaid. you can do it in a solid color. then thded a knee-high boot. these were under a hundred bucks from t.j. maxx. >> i want to show something here. see, she's got a great figure here. hourglass figure. this it fits well. then comes out. with the boots, it's amazing. i feel like i'm in a department
9:52 am
store. you look so good. >> thank you. >> i love the flirtiness of it. >> you feel very feminine without looking too girly. i think it's too sophisticated but very girly. next we have kimberly. she's showing us how to layer. you can layer on top or under like you did here. everyone's got a white blouse. button all the way to the top and add a gorgeous statement necklace. >> here's the deal. transition to fall. i don't like the term pre-fall because i think that's a scam to get your money. that's my two cents. i love this because this gets you to transition from summer to fall. >> and as it gets cooler, you could add tights to this. it's really appropriate for so many occasions. >> my other obsession is leopard so i want these shoes. and let's get the last model in to prove my theory it looks good on every body type. this is our third body type.
9:53 am
>> all we did was add a bold blazer. i know you love a blazer. layer it on top. have fun with colors and textures. she's good to go. >> and your legs look amazing. that's the other thing, i have chicken legs. it makes your legs look smoking hot. thank you. we'll be right back. this is "today" on nbc. skater dress rules.
9:54 am
9:55 am
kathie lee and hoda are back. >> hey! >> where are they? >> still on vacation. >> where's the wine? >> we're t
9:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. police are investigating a deadly crash involving an amtrak train in oakland. we're told nobody was on board the plane when it hit into an suv. the driver was killed. the crash happened just after
9:57 am
10:00 last night, near the intersection of san leandro and high street, to the far from the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. still unclear what the suv was doing on the tracks in the first place. meanwhile, a busy stretch of freeway open and ready for the morning commute. this is video late last night of corral transcrews wrapping up seismic retrofitting work on northbound 280 near king street in san francisco. the work finished before 10:00 last night, seven hours ahead of schedule, and those cars started rolling through. let's check your weather this morning. hey, thank you. big cooling trend for today and we're going to get even cooler as we head through the next couple of days. onshore flow is back and it's strong enough to drop your temperatures by about 8 to 10 degrees. that's 82 degrees on the way into the south bay. the peninsula is at 72. 66 for you in san francisco. and 84 degrees for today in the
9:58 am
north bay. now, we do have some changes coming your way. heat will back off for today, cooler for tomorrow, maybe even a little bit of drizzle as we head toward the end of the week. more on this today at 11:00. >> here's a slow drive west 92, still jammed up across the san mateo bridge. a second crash in that backup, look at san mateo and dumbarton bridges both very slow. peninsula is recovering, though. the latest slowdown north, 101 at hillsdale boulevard. that crash was cleared so all lanes are recovering. another crash will cause you slowing out of the city. here's the tri-valley, a tough drive for south 680, which rippled back towards west 580. all rip baippling bac one another. >> more news in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
oh, my god. what is that? >> oh, no! >> what? >> we have to go back. >> why? >> it's time. >> for what? >> a live show. we have to go. come on. >> i'll be with you in a second. >> they're waiting for us. >> get up. >> pull me up. >> give me your hand. >> come on. >> i don't want to. >> let's go. we want to. from nbc news, this is "today." d
10:01 am
♪ >> whoo! >> wonder woman. wonder woman. hi, everybody. >> wait. are we live? >> we are. >> we forgot what it's like. >> you know what hasn't changed? >> it's september 2nd. can you believe we're saying september 2nd? >> no! you know who's glad we're back? sheila, marie, debbie, belinda, joan, and mary. >> don't forget julie. >> and julie. >> letting us know how they felt. >> yes. in no uncertain terms. >> kelly let us know how she felt. she sent thus picture. she wrote this, my husband brought me coffee in bed and turned on kathie lee and hoda. he knows the way to my heart.
10:02 am
can you imagine? nag has changed. >> so hoda had a great time. you look radiant. you look beautiful. >> so, do you. >> thanks. but hoda actually does. here's a picture of hoda on vacation. >> yeah. >> anyway, went to this really great, great place in mexico with boots. we'll call him still. great, great time. >> who did not wear boots on the beach. >> this is one of those places, i was telling you how cool it. >> it is just that gorgeous. >> it's a place called the rosewood maya coba. you go on a 30-minute ride and you're there. it's one of the place that's takes customer service to this extreme. >> to the max. >> you're laying object beach and someone shows up with a bucket of ice and water. you no he? >> yeah. >> then 30 minutes later when it starts melting, they change the ice. i was literally looking at the guy. they kept changing it back and forth. they would show up on the beach. >> do any beverages go in the ice?
10:03 am
>> yes, then they take them out and replace it with fresh ice. >> without asking. >> without asking. >> tell them what they did with the glasses. >> oh, my god. it doesn't cost a nickel. it is customer service. >> you're on a plan of some sort. >> yes. they come up to you and see your sunglasses. they take them off. they take like a windex. while you're on the beach, they're cleaning them and putting them back on. my friend and i, boots kept looking at each other going, what is going on? we were so excited. >> how about the drinks. >> oh, yeah. they make the best drinks. there is this tequila drink. first of all, you sip tequila which is so thrilling. i mean you sip it. >> usually she just downs it. she just does shots. >> they have something called sangrita which is like a bloody mary mix but so much better. you take a sip of tequila and then a sip of sangrita. >> and this went on for days. >> days. days and days and days.
10:04 am
>> i heard the screams. i was just north of you in texas. i thought i heard you screaming. >> there was this girl on beach, by the way, who said to me, she walked up and said you're not going to believe. this is her. she said my husband gave me two choices of a vacation. either we were going to go to this place in mexico or go to the today show and see you guys in new york. she said i chose this beach place. i can't believe you're here. where is kathie lee? >> so she got both things. >> she got everything she wanted in life. then to wrap up the vacation, we came back and went to my mom's place. she knew i wasn't going to be able to come because i was out of town. well, i did a sneak attack. and here it s i came with my dog and boots. >> yep. >> that is her. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god! >> hi! >> that's so nice.
10:05 am
>> yes. >> they love their aunty hoda. >> it was so much fun. so anyway that, was a bow on the vacation. >> well, i was in rehoboth the week before you. i can't say what i was doing because i was there with my stuff signing it. and then a couple of places i was with my stuff, thank you for everybody who came by to get my stuff and see the stuff and drink the stuff. >> yeah. >> and then i went from there to a place where i can't talk about what i went for because -- and i can't talk about the person who was doing what i went for i can't talk about. >> things will be revealed later. >> eventually. >> and they will be big and exciting things. >> it just takes a minute to get warmed up. >> well, nobody wants to talk to me. everybody is talking to ricky jervake. he didn't win the emmy. i was disappointed for him.
10:06 am
he'll win his emmy down the road. >> so what happened is you saw a lot of the stars' naked pictures were leaked. not his. >> okay. have you guys -- when i take a picture on my phone, click. then i go home to my computer. the picture is on my computer. and then i look on my i pad and hocus-pocus there it is, too. because it's on the cloud. >> okay. >> nobody understand this is cloud. >> i know. >> i think that's where everybody e-mail's have supposedly are missing or actually are on the cloud some place. >> well, these naked pictures, as you heard, jennifer lawrence, kate upton, some of their naked pictures were apparently taken off somewhere and sent out to everybody. so the fbi and apple are investigating. ricky has to chime n he got in a little trouble for comments that he made on at which timer about this. >> this is the tweet. celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pictures
10:07 am
from your computer by not putting nude pictures of yourself on your computer. well, people got mad. >> elahe he later deleted the t saying that his comments blame the victim. well, people were saying well i guess we shouldn't put our credit cards online then because if someone takes our credit card number, then it's our fault for putting it online in the first place. >> which is a good point. this is what i think. everybody thinks they're so cool to take naked pictures of themselves. well, there was a time when kodak and you always had to take the film and give it over to somebody to -- a drugstore. yeah. and nobody would take the naked pictures. so that's why god invented a polaroid. and that's what other people, i won't say who, used to do during -- people would take the polaroid. >> and then shake it. >> and then watch the nude pictures come -- it's like so much more fun. so i suggest that they -- go
10:08 am
back to polaroid. >> if they're hell pent on taking naked pictures, take them on a polaroid. can you put them in a drawer or burn them or put nem a scrapbook. >> you no he what is funny? >> the scrapbooks -- >> and the polaroid pictures and cameras are coming back. >> this is why. this is why, hoda. i'm convinced. >> so after ricky got totally pounded for that tweet, he responded with another tweet with a picture of him in the tub saying anyone who retweets this leaked erotic photo of myself should be ashamed of themselves. >> i think he handled it perfectly. the man doesn't have a mean bone in his body. he wasn't trying to blame the victim. he is just stating the truth which is if you never had taken them, they're not going to show up. >> right. >> sometimes people take pictures of you like are aareri
10:09 am
andrews situation that, is different. we're sorry anybody's privacy was invaded. i didn't think we were going to talk about their wedding. i was told, no, we were going to talk about beyonce and jay z instead. >> here is something great about this. you know how everybody you hear rumors when are they getting married? these two -- >> they pulled it off, boy. >> pulled it off. i'm so happy for them that they did. >> the pictures are awesome, by the way. there is her wedding gown. this is a versace. and when she turns around, you can see and other pictures that her kids had a hand in decorating the wedding dress. >> the veil, right? >> i think it's the back of the dress. >> i haven't seen the -- i guess news stands on wednesday. >> maybe it is just the veil. they stitched in pictures that kids made and made it part of the wedding dress. >> and the older boys walked her down the aisle. one of the boys -- one of them, pchl pax i guess baked the cake. you know what?
10:10 am
they pulled it off. i think it's a lovely thing they did. they have that special, special time. now some one is talking about whether they sold the pictures to "people." >> and "hello." >> usually they make an announcement. they usually give the money away to charity. >> very, very happy to see them. >> yeah. >> we want to give our love to joan. >> to joan -- joan rivers who we adore and everybody's praying for her and she's tough and we heard some news that we can't confirm but e is basically saying she is doing better. and getting stronger. we hope that is absolutely true. we also want to send our love to carrie underwood who is pregnant with her first baby. >> funny how news comes. >> yes. >> so that is called life, little woman. i'm happy to see you. >> i'm happy to see you. i'm glad you are here. we're starting to get people like ooh, she's so happy.
10:11 am
>> do you want to know what your man likes in bed? >> what? >> what is this? >> he likes my polaroids. we're going to help you open up a little more in our guys tell all. >> and brad and angelina, they get married. there are some other ones who totally got overshadowed. >> completely. i was supposed to be on the cover of "people" magazine once and guess who got married? brad and jennifer aniston! kicked me right off. >> we'll have the buzz. >> find out what everybody is talking about right after this. . we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around, and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table, underneath my work desk, we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ [ kevin ] really?
10:12 am
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over three generations have taught us so is my family. about growing the best tasting fruit. our grapes ripen on the vine so that the flavors can fully develop. and only the most experienced hands harvest them to bring quality fruit to your table. that's why we work with walmart... ... together we guarantee you only get the freshest grapes available. backed by their 100% money-back guarantee. picked by farmers. guaranteed by us. ♪ hello. >> hi. >> we're back with today's buzz. there was no holiday for hot hollywood gossip. we're going to get you caught up on everything you might have missed. >> and here with your celebrity scoop is in and ounaughty but n >> that some introduction. >> did you get a hair cut? >> i cut it all off. >> what did do you? >> is that gel?
10:15 am
>> my awesome friend lewis cut it all off. >> wild man. >> he sat me down and cut it off. >> angelina and brad took the headlines away from others. >> one of the big weddings is jenny mccarthy finally said i do to donny wallberg. they got married outside chicago which is where she's from. she wore a very, very sexy, sexy dress there. now i had a couple of friends that went to the wedding. they had their phones removed from them which lets us believe that we're probably going to see the pictures somewhere as an exclusive and there were camera crews there. there may be a tv wedding in the making. >> well, of course. >> why keep something private and special? that's so yesterday. >> brother mark was missing. he wasn't at the wedding. there's been a lot of rumors that they do not get along very well with jenny. his people say that is absolutely not true. however, he did put out an instagrandmother video wishing them a happy wedding. i think that is a little odd.
10:16 am
>> maybe he's working constantly. >> he said it was his daughter's birthday party. >> oh. >> well there you have it. >> all right. another wedding, gabrielle union and dwayne got married. >> this is a much, much fancy wedding. this is outside miami. it's believed to have cost over $5 million. >> what? >> he proposed to her -- it was adorable. he did it with his two sons from a previous marriage and the proposal was will you marry us? so she's very aware. she was marrying into the entire family. >> i always fall for that stuff. >> she is wearing an 8.5 carat engagement ring. >> and she gets to keep it. not like on the red carpet where you have to give it back. >> they said i do this weekend. >> and evan ross and -- >> and ashley simpson. they got married. >> another one. >> yes. they got married in connecticut.
10:17 am
diana ross has a beautiful estate up. there they got married at her home. she sang after they got married. >> she did? >> i didn't see the kel tohelic or anything buzzing around glchlt they fell off the radar. ashley hasn't made a record in some time. i think they fell off the celebrity radar. and certainly everyone this weekend is talking about jenny mccarthy and brad and ank lean yachlt. >> let's talk about beyonce and jay z. >> there is a photograph of them in l.a. together at a musical festival and they're hugging and kissing. what i love about this is at the vmas, there is the picture. everybody thought that moment was staged. they knew the camera crews were there. all the rumors about their wedding, marriage being in trouble, people thought they might have staged the vmas. that picture is not staged. >> people are saying they also staged the whole thing in the elevator because they wanted -- do they need to stage anything to get people to buy tickets to see them?
10:18 am
>> absolutely not. absolutely not. you two have a fight in the elevator. >> people that are desperate like hoda and i need to do that. they are not on the desperate stage. >> let's talk about -- >> that's right. season five. they put out a trailer. here it is. >> i love their trailers. ♪ >> there is a shaking of the ground i stand on. >> oh! >> look at that. >> i love it. >> is the queen coming in or something? >> maggie smith s so certainly that is a big, big moment. >> wow. >> now let me tell you a little bit about the trailer. it is started on british tv at the end of september. so they're going to see all this before we do. >> it's going to sneak out. >> yes. it's ment to be fantastic. there is lots of changes. it's 1924. lots of changes in britain. >> i really do want to catch up on that one. it is such a great series. >> thank you, rob. >> and don't worry, your hair
10:19 am
will grow back. just kidding. you look very cute. one cookie for your kid, one for yourself. >> if you're a big snacker, we'll tell you which ones to beat and which ones to eat. >> and want to know how your man thinks? >> all the sexy studs are going to give you insight. >> that's just wrong. >> no. i can't. >> next they're going to take a polaroid. ♪ ♪ fruit, with a cool finish. fruit on one side.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
and. >> last but certainly not least and so sad, the divorced and single bob guinea still with guinea and grimes. >> always. >> go across the street for questions. >> i'm debbie from new jersey. i was wondering if you could be a woman for the day how would you spend it? >> i would never leave the house. >> family show. >> what is the answer? >> i would probably stay home and explore my woman hood. i would be so fascinated to get some answers from the inside out. >> i would do the primping that women can do. >> the first day would be totally staying home and just enjoying being a woman. >> chuck? >> i'm speechless. >> i would find me a billionaire and get married that day.
10:24 am
>> single guy, what would you do? >> if you are a woman i would take that opportunity to read all of the romance novels and see the movies, the guilty pleasures. you can't do it as a guy. you can watch "the note book." >> i would go to ladies night. >> i hope that answered her question. next question is, are guys just more quiet in bed? this is from tiffany. i have only been with my husband. i have been with him for 17 years. i don't know what he likes. >> we discussed things like this before. i don't think any woman wants to hear what a guy is really going to say in bed. i would be thinking about i'm so hungry i want a banana split. >> i think however you introduce the sex kind of stays with you. maybe that guy was first introduced to sex in a way where he had to sneak it and be quiet and that is why he is quiet. >> deeply rooted.
10:25 am
>> normally what i have to say is i have a cramp. >> normally what i have to say is i have a cramp. >> we'll that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth. one to clean your whole mouth. one for those hard to reach places. one to protect kids mouths from cavities. even one to freshen breath on-the-go. with over 100 years of innovation in oral care... there's a listerine® product for every mouth in your house. for cleaner, healthier mouths go beyond brushing alone. listerine®. power to your mouth ™. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands. make dinner pop. with new jolly rancher filled gummy bites?
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not today. bites. little greatness. (together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay! apthai shrimp salad,bos now with crisp greens,w juicy shrimp, and sliced almonds. all tossed with a chili lime vinaigrette. better lunch choices never tasted so good. under 600 calorie lunch combos starting at just $6.99 only at applebee's. or they'll be ready for pick-up when you order online. good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. the associated press a few moments ago reported there's new video that appears to show the execution of american reporter, steve sotloff by isis militants. here at home, police have arrested a man who broke into
10:27 am
the indonesian consulate in san francisco overnight. the man broke a window and ran into the building, but did not take anything. just hours ago, officers identified him as a 26-year-old man from south carolina. he was booked into jail for vandalism and trespassing. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back, now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. if yesterday was too hot for you, i've got some really good news coming your way. 8 to 10-degree drop-off in your
10:29 am
temperatures for today, as onshore flow is back and it is relatively strong. and as a result, it is going to be comfortable today. 82 on the south bay. 78 for the peninsula. the east shore is at 72 degrees. it is going to be a little bit warm out there in the tri-valley, but 86 down from the 90s yesterday. 66 degrees in san francisco in the north bay today at 84 degrees. the cooling trend continues. we'll have all those changes coming your way today at 11:00. see you then. first, though, here's mike. >> we still have that slower pattern here. typical for a tuesday, south 880 through fremont. look at the maps, we have a slower drive from the dumbarton bridge down towards mission boulevard and also calaveras. 237 also slow through milpitas out . still a late slowdown off livermore, clears of a residual slowing. and southbound 801, still slow past the airport, the southbound side. scott, there's the bay bridge toll plaza, got a burst of traffic there. no incidents reported, but i'll keep track of that. >> new details of the arrest of
10:30 am
49ers player ray mcdonald. coach jim harbaugh reacts to the domestic violence accusation. that story and more local news at 11:00. we are back with "today" on this booze day tuesday. >> we have the single star of "satisfaction" and of course our favorite married once but single now so sad bob guinea. >> let's go across the street to the nbc experience store. >> i am joyce from florida. i would like to know why do guys like to leave the toilet seat up? >> we like the blue mark it leaves around your butt when you fall in. >> easy for the next time we go. >> why do the women leave the toilet seat down? that is a lot of work. >> you go a lot more times in
10:31 am
the day. >> i just been peeing sitting down. >> it is easier. >> it is so easy. >> do you do that? >> no way. >> you just sit down like this is nice. >> what is going on with you today? >> why do we pee standing up? >> because we can. >> now that i know that i can, all these years of doing it this is so nice. >> here is a question from barbara from new jersey. >> that was weird. >> he is on a roll today. >> my husband is better with our kids than i am. it worries me that he doesn't respect me as a mom. do i need to worry? >> you do if you are having that feeling there is cause for concern. if you feel he doesn't respect you as a mother then something
10:32 am
is wrong there. you need to have an open, honest conversation like how do you really think of me as a mom. >> maybe have a counselor present. >> maybe have someone there to help you mediate because that is going to blow up. >> you have a lot more men who are active as fathers. what happens is each parent is trying to tell the other how to do the thing the way that they do it. i think parents need to accept that as a father this is how i do it. if my wife does it differently that is how she does it. >> also, you have to have -- my wife and i do have different co-parenting styles. we co-parent. that means that we have to get together and talk about what our strategy is. and be consistent. i heard my kids say i don't think they are on the same page here. >> we got to open it right here. let's drive that wedge like kids will use that against you.
10:33 am
>> i think it is important as parents to let the kids know that this is the source that you are on the same team. that is why i like to smooch up my wife in my son's presence and let him know this is my lady. >> i think her husband should be there if she feels that he is that good of a parent and she is not meeting the parents he should be there to talk with her about it and incorporate her in whatever he thinks she is excelling at. >> they need to have an open, honest conversation. it might help to have a professional. >> jillion griffith asks this. we have tons of fun with each other and are goofing around. there are times when i would like to turned off. it is hard to feel sexy with an air of humor constantly around. how do i get him to understand i want to feel more than just the funny girl.
10:34 am
>> i love humor in the relationship. >> all the time? >> not all the time. there has to be a moment where you turn to someone and tell them how you feel for a hot second. >> the but naked slow walk through is more serious than the run through. >> you are getting older. you can sitting down and instead of running you are walking. >> i'm going to go sit down and pee. >> banana split. thank you. come back and see us. the young violinest is so good we plucked him off a new york city street to play for us. >> guess what we are playing. beat it or eat it. you will be thinking twice. wild woman.
10:35 am
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hey, mi towel, su towel. more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze for 3 big things in one gain fling. it's our best gain ever! beat it. >> it is time to play a fun game we like to call "beat it or eat it." >> september is child obesity awareness month. >> nbc news health and diet editor is here with the skinny on snacking. >> today we all like to snack. we want to make better choices. nothing is off limits. let's start with something that must be beaten because it has much more fat, about the same calories. is it four little cheese pizza
10:39 am
bites or four chicken nuggets? which one has more fat? >> this is what i want to hit. >> kathie lee is right. you want to beat the chicken nuggets. >> i actually want to eat them. >> two thirds less fat in the little bites. let's move on to something that is salty. which one must you beat because it has more calories? is it three cups of light popcorn or a serving of baked tortilla chips. >> hoda would be right. you can eat this. >> always stick with light popcorn. even though baked chips is almost the same calories. you might as well have some. baked chips have more calories. 125 or 75.
10:40 am
let's turn to something when you are looking for cookies to go with a glass of low fat milk which one do you beat because it has more calories and sugar? is it the honey grams? you want to beat the chocolate sandwich cookies. one more teaspoon than this. don't be fooled when it says honey grahams. which must be beaten because it has more sugar? fat free strawberry bar or organic nonfat yogurt. >> you go. >> you would both be wrong. the strawberry fruit bar. it has actually a teaspoon less sugar. they are both an okay choice. if you are trying to trade the sugar stick with the low fat chocolate bar. we will look at sandwich snacks.
10:41 am
which one has less protein? is it a peanut butter and banana sandwich or turkey and reduced fat cheese stand wch. less protein. beat the one with less protein. >> i will go with the other one for fun. >> beat with enthusiasm. hoda would be right. they both have some protein. this has twice the protein. >> you love that. a good snack but looking for more protein stick with the turkey. >> on to something. which one must you beat because it has less fiber. beat the one with less fiber, the apple and almond butter or whole wheat pita chips and hummus. >> kathie lee would be right. you have a double duty fiber load. >> last one. also national healthy breakfast
10:42 am
month. what do you want to beat because it has more fat and calories? hoda would be right. you can have some waffles and low fat syrup. >> for more on choosing healthy snacks go to why labels can be bad for your kids. right after this. i get goose bumps when i find a low price. i let him know every time i save a dollar. every time. now there is a tool made for you. introducing savings catcher from walmart. it compares prices to top stores in your area. no more driving all over town. if there's a lower advertised price, walmart will give you the difference on an e-gift card. oh! money! every penny counts! yep! try the savings catcher for yourself. go to and enter your receipt. save money. live better. walmart. ♪
10:43 am
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10:45 am
10:46 am
we are back with today's family talking about the effect labelling our children can have on them. >> whether your child is a math genius or football player praising them for being smart or athletic may do more harm than good in the long run. >> what should we say to our
10:47 am
kid kids? wouldn't that be nice. >> everyone has their label up. so you were known as -- >> i was chatty. >> i was smart. >> and i was hyper. >> and i was energetic. >> so sometimes especially when parents are trying to distinguish among their children they will sometimes say this is billy. he loves football or she is so smart. it doesn't seem so harmful when they seem like positive labels. >> where is the damage done there? >> sometimes people, adults don't understand the weight of their words on children. children can take a label like that and they can decide this is all i am. and they feel like they have to live -- they are defined by that and have to live up to that label. it limits them. if someone is defined as the athlete so your sister can't be
10:48 am
athletic, too? sometimes it places limitations on the child. >> in my mother's family there were three sisters. somebody described them as the smart and good day from new york. we're coming on the air sadly to report video evidence that seems to show another american has been beheaded by the radical isis militants. in this case another american journalist. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell standing by in washington to fill in some of the blanks in this story. andrea? >> reporter: we have not confirmed the details, but the fight website is saying that steven sotloff, the american who we know was being held by isis, originally in syria, in northern syria harks been beheaded.
10:49 am
we saw the appeal from his mother in florida. he was a florida native. 31 years old. a freelance for "time," for "foreign policy" magazine and other journals. his mother shirley sotloff with an appeal directly to the head of isis saying that you are the head and can be merciful. show your mercy. give him a release, because he is not responsible for president obama's foreign policy. he is an innocent. brian? >> so, isis, once again, acting in a way, disseminated using the world's media, and, andrea,mains these past several days, pressure increasing on the obama administration to do more. we will have a complete report obviously along with the rest of the day's news when we join you tonight nor "nbc nightly news." for andrea mitchell in our washington bureau, i'm brian williams, nbc news, new york. and move on but you talk with
10:50 am
them about the fact that it is great your teacher called you smart. what mommy is interviewed so mae through the years here who have been called class clown who became some of the greatest comedians in the world because they could not be contained. they were the class clown. you have to be careful. >> the key thing is we want to be our children's biassed biographiers to tell stories about how they struggled and triumphed. we don't want to label this young man but he is a fantastic violinist. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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there are talented musicians out there. you may have run into this adorable 11 year old playing his violin right there on 5th avenue. >> his name is dylan. he has been playing since he was 3 years old. we wanted to bring him to the studio and get him out of the hot weather. >> very nice to welcome you. >> how are you? >> good. how are you? >> great. >> you just set up there and play that violin? >> yes. >> how do most people respond to you? >> a lot of them are surprised that i at such a young age and they are surprised that i play so well. some of them think i'm cute. one person even i played for
10:55 am
someone and they cried. >> you have a sign that says remember me, dylan i'm following in the foot steps of my idol. >> he played here when he was 14. >> there he is. >> you are going to play a little something for us. >> there he is playing. >> wow. >> what are you going to play for us? >> i will play "symphony espaniol." >> we were hoping you would play that one. >> let's hear a little bit. ♪
10:56 am
>> dylan! >> you know who -- >> we weren't tricking you. >> no one was going to keep him from finishing. >> i was worried he wouldn't recognize me. >> you sound so great. i'm so glad that you invited me here because i have been looking for you. everyone has been talking. i have had like five people tell me have you seen the kid with the sign. i have been looking for you. you keep moving around.
10:57 am
>> play with him, please. >> asked me to come here and say hi. do you want to play something together? >> i don't know too many. ♪ ♪ >> beautiful, beautiful.
10:58 am
unbelievable! >> tomorrow big announcement. and have an
10:59 am
11:00 am
well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we are learning new details about the arrest of 49ers player, ray mcdonald. for the first time, head coach jim harbaugh is speaking out about the domestic violence allegation. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san jose. bob, harbaugh did not comment on this arrest in particular, but he did say that the team is not going to tolerate violence against women, right? >> reporter: he did. good morning to you, kris. we're here at san jose pd, because we just spoke with police and they expect to release within the next couple of hours, a synopsis of the arrest of ray mcdonnell, who could give us a little bit mor


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