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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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rashaun followed his older cousin to this school. today another family member told me that the family believes they know who killed rashaun. they say the boy had been threatened by another young man online. they've taken that information to the police. >> can you tell me anything about that? >> the family has talked to our investigators. we also interviewed a number of people that were in the area. >> reporter: police will not confirm what the family told investigators. they are hoping for more witnesses. at sacred heart cathedral prep, the principal said he just met williams a couple of weeks ago. >> i talked to the mother twice on the phone today. it's my hope to go visit her. >> reporter: he heard about the online threats, but not the particula particulars. the family said the threats date back to last year when he was at middle school. two years ago, mission shot this video of a school newscast at buena vista. and there's reshawn williams.
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the difference between this neighborhood on cathedral hill and the neighborhood where reshawn williams grew up is striking. but what stands out is the young man who made it out of those projects and up here to a world of new opportunities, and was cut down. reporting from cathedral, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. the drama continues at 49ers headquarters. the season hasn't even begun. ray mcdonald was at practice today, but tonight 49ers will not say if the controversial defensive lineman will play in the season opener on sunday. mcdonald is accused of abusing his pregnant girlfriend. nbc bay area's marian favro joins us. a tense news conference with the head coach today. >> reporter: i was there, raj, and it was very tense. he kept referring to due process, due process. now, ray mcdonald is out on $25,000 bail. and today, for the second day in a row, he practiced with the team.
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coach harbaugh said until due process runs its course, he will not be punished. san francisco 49er ray mcdonald was back on the practice field for the second time since his arrest sunday for domestic violence. according to a report released by san jose police, officers arrested him at hits home and the victim whose sources say is his pregnant girlfriend suffered visible injuries. today coach jim harbaugh said he hasn't decided if mcdonald will play in the season opener against the dallas cowboys sunday. >> this is a legal matter. and you know my position, and that is to everyone involved, is to allow due process to take place. >> reporter: he said the team will base its decision on information gathered until there are new developments it appears mcdonald will continue as scheduled. today at practice he arrived late and stretched on his own. in the locker room, colin kaepernick said the team is focusing on beating the cowboys.
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>> someone goes down, we have people to step in and play well. >> reporter: but the players admit mcdonald's arrest has been a distraction. it's the tenth arrest for the team since 2012. the highest number of arrests in the league. on friday, the team will leave here heading for dallas. unless there is a major change, it looks like mcdonald will be with them. reporting live in santa clara, matter ann favro, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00, a bit too touchy feely masseuse is under arrest for making inappropriate contact with his clients. 66-year-old was arectd for sexual battery. they would not give the nature of the sexual acts. he's run his massage business for 30 years, treating hundreds of patients from aches and pains to fertility problems. police have interviewed a handful of victims and expect more to come forward.
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a follow-up, now, pg&e today said it will appeal the record fine ordered to pay for the san bruno pipeline explosion. that explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in september 2010. state and federal investigators found pg&e at fault for inadequate maintenance and record keeping. state regulatory judges agreed on a fine of $1.4 billion this week. a pg&e spokesman said the utility is already spending nearly $3 billion on pipeline safety, and it wants state regulators to take that into account. a mega announcement about a mega project, and california is on the short end of the stick, tesla is sending to the biggest little city in the world. they've picked the reno area for its $5 billion factory. california, arizona, new mexico and texas losing out on this project. nevada is the big winner. scott budman has been tracking their plan.
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>> yes, this is a loss for california, but to put it into perspective, it's an expected loss. not necessarily a big loss. yes, it looks like the tesla battery factory will be in reno and not here. that means somewhere around 5,000 jobs will go to reno, which has been on a hot streak lately, landing businesses like apple powering a data center there with solar panels from sun power. but tors sla still has its headquarters here, along with a growing factory in fremont. reno can probably offer a better deal when it comes to money, and a battery factory is likely to be a tough sell when it comes to environmentally conscious california. here's how senator diane feinstein reacted when she heard the news today. >> well, i'm sorry about that. but nevada's a good neighbor. we have a lot in common. so, you know, i wish them well. i'm a big booster for the product. and i think the all-electric automobile has a very robust
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future. >> the bay area council also weighed in on tesla's move, saying, quote, we continue to believe california can be the central place for tesla's growth with many future opportunities to see that happen. it is likely tesla will continue to grow and hire here in the bay area. bottom line, good for reno. they're growing and developing a strong tech presence, but california will grow, too, and tesla is expected to drive a whole lot of that growth. >> thanks so much, scott. to a developing story following the execution of a second american journalist. president obama is under pressure tonight to take more aggressive action against isis. he vows to degrade the terror group to a point in which it becomes a, quote, manageable problem. nbc's steve handelsman is live in washington, d.c. with the details. steve? >> reporter: janelle, thanks. there's more pressure on the pressure tonight from vice president joe biden, who true to form came out emotionally today talking about the murder, the cold blooded killing of steven
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sotloff, vowing to pursue isis to the gates of hell. which was a stark contrast for the president who weighed his words today and changed his words today, angering some lawmakers, particularly one senior republican senator who said isis cannot be nearly managed as the president implied. president obama's mixed message on isis came in estonia. the day after he learned of steven sotloff's beheading, many wondered if the commander in chief had a strategy yet for isis. >> our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy isil so it's no longer a threat not just to iraq, but also the region. and to the united states. >> reporter: destroy, but soon a back track. mr. obama said he wants to shrink isis' military capability. >> to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> reporter: critics say that might not be possible. >> it is not a group we can
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safely co-exist with. >> reporter: but destroying isis could mean a new u.s. war. >> this is going to be broad strikes and ultimately relying on some ground forces. >> reporter: and boots on the ground could mean many u.s. dead. >> you're not going to be able to destroy isis in the next year or two. without thousands of american ground casualties. >> reporter: so mr. obama just using u.s. air power has many backers -- >> he's going to put a coalition together so that we don't have to put the boots on the ground in syria. >> reporter: the president headed to the nato summit in wales, where the focus will be on the russian invasion of ukraine. >> the nato alliance, including the armed forces of the united states of america, right here, present, now. >> reporter: but ukraine is not in nato, not protected. u.s. sanctions have not stopped russia. and the president has made public no plan to stop isis. some senate democrats are
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pushing a vote to authorize u.s. air strikes in syria, where isis has its main bases. but president obama and many lawmakers up here in this election year are leery of taking that big a step. live from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> del rat matter. thanks so much, steve. our coverage continues at 5:30 with an nbc exclusive. an american extremist tells us why he tried to join isis. that's tonight on "nightly news." today, for the first time we heard from america's second survivor of the deadly ebola virus. nancy and david writebol remembers getting the diagnosis from her husband. >> david came towards me to give me a hug. and to put his arms around me. and i knew how dangerous that was. and so i said, no. just -- no. >> she was treated with the experimental drug. it's unknown if she survived
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because of the drug or modern medical carry in atlanta. we learned 51-year-old family doctor from massachusetts is the third american to contract ebola in west africa. dr. rick sakra is said to be doing well and in isolation. a warning this evening about the west nile virus. state health officials say the proportion of mosquitoes infected with west nile is the highest ever recorded. last week, 52 new cases were reported here in california. so far this year, there have been 181 human cases reported. and eight deaths. state health officials say they expect more cases. this is the time of year when the risk of infection is at its highest. still to come, battling breast cancer. the surprising findings of a stanford study on double mastectomies. where's the spell-check? the mistakes made along san francisco's new rainbow honor walk. plus -- >> live at the cal campus. how close are we to an earthquake?
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a look coming up. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. hazy skies across san jose, but plenty of sunshine, and also a little bit of sun now breaking into san francisco. we'll talk more about our improving forecast the next couple of days in just a few minutes. then at 6:00 -- >> they wanted to put boulders and gate around the largest homeless encampment. the boulders arrived. what might happen next. the exclusive story that's new at 6:00. [ mike ] our living local program
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is identifying farmers within a 50-mile radius of the stores within their community. capay valley puts some of the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes in the box and we get those to the store on the next day. it's a really great relationship when you can buy fresh, flavorful, outstanding products from your neighbor. it's our passion for produce, combined with our strong sense of community. and we're able to deliver that experience by living local. ♪ just in, two arrests have been made in the deadly hit-and-run case in contra costa county. police are hoping to catch the driver after releasing this video. it worked. last night police arrested a 29-year-old bay point man for the hit-and-run. the 50-year-old victim, michelle braz, was walking sunday night on a sidewalk near the corner of
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willow pass road and mountainview avenue. jorge perez is accused of the hit-and-run. police recovered his truck in the bakersfield area. his brother also was arrested as an accessory after the fact for his efforts to hide the truck. it's not a matter of if, but when another earthquake will rock california. you're looking at the moment the south napa quake hit. tonight there are calls for the state to stop spinning its wheels and invest in an early warning system. damian trujillo joins us from uc berkeley where heavy hitters are sending that message. damian? >> reporter: janelle, the politicos say napa should be the wakeup call. they urge lawmakers to look at mexico, and at japan, and to see how well those alert systems are working there. this is how an early warning system works. alex wrote a bill that the
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governor signed, but no one's come up with the $80 million to pay for it. >> this will be the 25th anniversary of loma prieta. it was the 20th anniversary of the north ridge earthquake earlier this year. i don't want to ask after the next big one why didn't we employ this system. >> reporter: san francisco knew about the incoming napa quake eight seconds before it hit. >> the fire stations are already involved in the shake alert. they got the early warnings. even though it's a few seconds, i know the science is going to improve on this. that's why we're here to support the scientists. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. got a five-second warning. >> we need to bring -- i need 23 seconds to bring a 70-mile-an-hour train to a complete halt. >> reporter: the test alert program has been running for two and a half years. there are still worries about false alerts and how those alerts might impact credibility with the public. the big hurdle still remains how to come up with $80 million.
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i messaged my friend in mexico city today. i asked her how that system is working there. she told me she has an app on her cell phone and she usually gets an alert one to two minutes before an earthquake hits. live on the cal campus, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> we've seen it in action down there. thanks so much, damian. more details on the system currently being tested, called shake alert. shake alert is funded by usgs. did you notice a global facebook outage left users in the dark today. the outage hit users online and on the mobile app. it took about 20 minutes to restore service. according to facebook the outage happened after an error was made as programmers made changes to the site. facebook has dealt with major outages in may, june and august. an honor walk in the castro district is raising eyebrows
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tonight because of typos. many people noticed mistakes on a couple of plaques on the newly cemented honor rainbow rock, one on christine is missing an s, and oscar wilde, the word biting has an extra "t" in it. the project is like hollywood's walk of fame, honoring heroes in the lgbt community. the ones with errors will be replaced within the month. a question we've been asking for a few decades. are the raiders staying in town. this is a live look at the coliseum. the raiders on-and-off home since the 1960s. talks appear to be heating up to build a new football-only stadium at the same site. it's called coliseum city. the chronicle reporting a deal is awaiting approval from mark davis. it would include a housing and retail complex constructed near the new venue. it's unclear how this impacts the a's who recently signed a ten-year lease to play at the
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coliseum. the niners have a new stadium, great if the raiders had one, too. >> they need one. >> they definitely do. let's get a check of our microclimate forecast with jeff ranieri. >> beautiful day after starting off super cloudy, and a lot of fog throughout the bay. we started to see the fog push back, and that's why we had so much sunshine. you can see right now in the current map, right on down to the san francisco peninsula, mainly clear skies. i think we'll stay fog-free for the next three to four hours. eventually, that cloud cover will be returning. you can see a lot of sunshine from the south bay into the peninsula. also for the east shore, and san francisco as well. right now, averaging 78 throughout the south bay and hazy. a little breezy for the peninsula, and 76. winds coming out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. the most dramatic difference is right here in downtown san francisco. where the fog just pushed back long enough to enable this kind of a beautiful shot for tonight. a little bit of blue sky here continuing. let's take you to the forecast. the biggest thing that allowed
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the temperatures to heat up this afternoon was the fact that the winds turned a little bit more out of the north. that northerly wind is more drier. also warmer here across the bay area. and you can see a slight northerly component in oakland. also in palo alto, livermore and san jose. with some greater weather in the forecast, the next 24 hours, we've got high pressure building in. that will keep the sunny skies throughout the afternoon. but the one thing we're not going to be able to shake is that fog at the immediate coastline. you can see as we head throughout tomorrow morning at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, not a lot of fog, but patchy fog near the coast. that will be rolling on in. as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll keep those sunny skies here for most of the bay. but if you're heading to the coastline again, areas of low clouds expected to linger. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout our thursday. this was a tough one. just a slight ocean breeze. the numbers would have been kept down. a little bit cooler. but where the ocean breeze is
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not at, we're going to see temperatures increase for tomorrow. you can see cutoff in my breeze, hotter. for the peninsula, pacifica expecting the sun that will heat temperatures up to 71. palo alto 83. in san francisco, we are expecting 70s here throughout the marina and for somea. real beautiful day for us. tri valley heating up to 86. we'll break into the 90s for pleasanton and livermore, expecting low 90s. as we get a look to the upcoming weekend forecast, looks great from the south bay. temperatures right near average. we'll go with 86 on saturday. 84 by sunday. san francisco, starting to get into your classic summertime weather with low 70s. for the tri-valley numbers, averaging in the low 90s. we'll talk more about this forecast coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thanks so much, jeff. surveillance video caught one in the act, a warning for pet owners on the peninsula. a story that might make you squirm. the snake with the deadly bite
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that's on the loose in a california neighborhood. we want to show you some dramatic pictures over san diego. our nbc chopper over a water main break. as you can see, it's flooding a neighborhood in the san diego area. we hear water knee-deep, this is a cul-de-sac. several vehicles apparently flooded.
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we'll get back to the breaking news. the nbc chopper down in southern california, grabbing these pictures for you. this is in san diego. not far from qualcomm stadium. a massive water main break. you see knee-deep, this neighborhood knee-deep in water. some kids actually having some fun there. this is a water main break in
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the san diego area near qualcomm stadium. crews are on site to dry to cap the spray. you see the damage to the entire neighborhood of the several streets are flooded. and several streets are actually buckling near qualcomm stadium. we'll stay on the story throughout this evening. also in southern california, the search for this albino cobra from southeast asia. it's been the subject of an intense search in thousand oaks tonight. a homeowner took the photo after the snake bit the neighbor's dog. the dog is in critical condition. the venom is deadly, but local authorities have antivenom medicine on hand. sheriff's deputies, state fish and game and animal control personnel are all searching yard by yard for the snake. it's not likely the owner will come forward. cobras are restricted animals, meaning you you need a permit to have one. a message for pet owners, bring your small pets inside tonight. about a dozen cats have been
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killed by coyotes over this past month. here's the twist. this is not in the palo alto foothills, it's down in the flats. here's home surveillance video of a coyote killing a cat. the arrow on the right shows the coyote approaching the cat, then dragging it. grs dragging it away. it's right there. two of the most recent attacks happened not far from el ka palestinian oh real. coyotes are moving closer to residential areas. >> this is only speculation. but the past years we've noticed an increase and we've had a drought. i don't know if the food sources or water sources are drying up, up in the hills, so they're following the creeks down. that's one theory. >> another theory is that there are more coyotes. apparently this is the time of year the coyote pups leave the den to establish a territory and find food. a stanford study is shaking up the studies on breast cancer.
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they compare the outcomes for double mastectomy, single mastectomy and lumpectomy. they found no difference in long-term survival of women who underwent a double mastectomy and those who chose a lumpectomy followed by radiation. apparently more women are choosing the procedure because of actress angelina jolie who underwent a double mastectomy because of a genetic risk.
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breaking news in southern
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california. a few weeks ago we saw this in the l.a. area near the ucla campus and now in san diego near qualcomm stadium. if you look down below, there's a massive water leak, a water main break. you see the water just flowing down the streets. this is near qualcomm stadium. several streets in the neighborhood have water knee deep. houses are flooded. we'll continue to monitor this story in our 6:00 news. finally at 5:00, levi stadium opened its doors to show you some of the things you can't see, like a giant server room where 400 miles of cable are launched throughout the stadium to control stadium wi-fi, along with the levi's app which lets you watch highlights and order food from your seat. the niners encouraging you to bring your phone. >> i want to be able to use my device to socialize, to check my fantasy scores, to check e-mail. we're in the valley and we're a bunch of workaholicsworkaholics. we should be connected. >> downstairs the nerve center connecting to the giant screens
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up above. a lot of exciting things. on our broadcast tonight, american isis. an nbc news exclusive. a former national guardsman who made the journey overseas to join the enemy. tonight, he tells us why he did it. into danger, an american doctor who went into the hot zone after two of his friends nearly died from ebola has now been stricken as well. and we now hear from one of those friends who survived when every second counts, why some drivers freeze up in emergency. tonight, what our cameras found on the road, what to do and what not do. and a big surprise from country music superstar tim mcgraw making a difference for our veterans and their families. "nbc nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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