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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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san andreas fault is active tonight. a 2.9 magnitude, technically minor, but nowadays notable, especially after the recent napa quakes. tonight's happen at 8:24 p.m. the quake was centered in la der ra, just a few miles from downtown palo alto. some who felt it initially thought it might be connected to the napa quake ten days ago. >> probably an aftershock. but when i looked it up, it's supposed to be southwest of us. so it's in the other direction. so that's a little more concerning. >> it should be noted the last major rupture of the san andreas fault, the 6.9 loma prieta quake. jeff jeff is with us tracking some of the movement tonight. jeff? >> you mentioned that 2.9 earthquake happening at 8:24 tonight. shortly after that would also give auus a little rise of concn a microearthquake at 6.1.
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both not strong for bay area standards. but the reason why we all felt this earthquake across parts of the peninsula is the fact that it is 2.9 miles deep. that's extremely shallow. so a lot of the energy from the earthquake was able to spread out a lot further with this smaller earthquake. now, again, as we mentioned, it's right on the san andreas fault, which always brings us some concern here in the bay area there is a 21% chance of a 6.7 quake over the next 30 years. so any time the san andreas starts to shake, it starts to get us concerned. so this, again, may seem like it's overdoing it. but when there is an earthquake, you should always be prepared. remember, drop, cover, and hold. have a plan for your family, a place to meet, and why pay all the attention to the smaller earthquakes, even at 2.9 magnitude? they may be a foreshock to something much larger. we're tracking the quakes all across california, and we'll let you me if anything larger happens. >> thank you very much, jeff. hard bargaining, but not
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extortion. that's the decision from the federal appeals court which ruled that yelp, the online review site did not bully businesses into buying ads in exchange for getting good write-ups. it's a big win for the bay area company, but a blow to others who say they have been unfairly yelped out of business. cheryl hurd is live in berkeley. and cheryl, yelp has certainly been controversial. >> it has controversial. and it depends on who you talk to. we've all seen the stickers on businesses all over the place. if you want to know if a business is bad or good, you go on this website to find out ball. group of businesses got together and filed this lawsuit. and they lost. was brass and glass in business? >> 35 years. >> reporter: willow willis managed brass and glass in oakland for 20 years. she complained to us about yelp trying to force her to advertise with them. she says when she refused, the negative reviews didn't go away. >> it's total extortion. and how the judge can rule
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against that is -- again, i'm appalled. >> and if you don't -- >> reporter: san francisco attorney lawrence murray, who represented four companies that claim yelp tries to force small businesses to buy advertising to get good reviews, is shocked that a three-panel judge doesn't agree with his clients. >> when the mafia goes up to you and says hey, you want to keep your business? you know, give us some money, we'll let you. when these guys do it, it's a whole different story because it's the internet. >> reporter: in a unanimous ruling before a three-judge panel, judge marcia bird of song says yelp has the right to charge for legitimate advertising services. the threat of economic harm that yelp leveraged is at most hard bargaining. >> the courts are missing the fact that yelp is going around, shaking down people. >> reporter: yelp released this statement tonight, we are obviously happy that the court reached the right result, and saw through these thin attempts
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by a few businesses and their lawyers to disparage yelp and draw attention away from their own occasional negative review. >> courts have not bellied up to the notion of what the internet is and how it can destroy businesses. >> reporter: so as far as brass and glass is concerned, they are no longer in business. but the attorney says he plans to go to washington to do something about what he feels is a problem. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. our loss is reno's gain. tesla's new $5 billion factory will be built in the reno area. that plant is expected to generate more than 5,000 new jobs. now california and four other states were in the running for this, but state lawmakers here couldn't agree on tax breaks and incentives for tesla before ending their summer session. we were in santa clara today when u.s. senator dianne feinstein learned nevada got the bid. >> well, i'm sorry about that.
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but nevada is a good neighbor. we have a lot in common. so, you know, i wish them well. >> senator feinstein also said tesla's big boost from the reno expansion will likely still trickle down here to the bay area economy. well, new at 11:00, the stressful situation in a south bay neighborhood this evening. the bomb squad was called out to a home of a pg&e employee. this was on westheading street near bellarmine college prep there was a spirs package on the doorstep. the area was sealed off until the bomb squad determined it was harmless. tonight police tell us the home has recently been under surveillance by pg&e's internal private security, but they're not telling us exactly why. a heartbreaking huddle tonight. player, coaches, and friends over a murdered 14-year-old gathered on the football he so loved to mourn his death. the freshman stabbed to death over what may have been an online social media squabble.
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friends describe rashawn williams as a talented athlete with big dreams and the drive to make them come through. ambition cut short yesterday. nannette miranda joins us live from sacred heart high school in san francisco. i understand police have made an arrest? >> reporter: that's right. family members, though, first say that rashawn williams was an honor student and had a near full ride scholarship to sacred heart cathedral preparatory behind me. he had hoped to play football here using his four years of experience in a youth league to boost his dreams. >> give each other a hug. >> reporter: you can usually find hugs and tears on the field when the team use as hard fought game. but tonight it wasn't a match they lost. it was a player. rashawn williams. the sacred heart high school freshman stabbed to death last night while in the san francisco mission district. >> our hearts are heavy right now. >> reporter: the san francisco warriors began practice by gathering coaches, players, and parents together to pray and honor a kid they have known and
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loved for years. >> you're talking a real good kid. not gang affiliated at all. 4.0 student. he wanted to graduate from harvard, come back and take care of his mom and family. >> rashawn is the nicest person you ever know. every time you see him, all he do is smile. when i first met him, why is he smiling? >> reporter: the knife attacked at 16th and fulsome street where a memorial is growing and friends can leave messages for rashawn. the team was with his little brother. police have arrested another who attended middle school and may have had a social media argument with him. >> and now he lost his life for nothing. they were waiting for him here, and he innocently came here to purchase a soda. it's all because of jealous. >> reporter: a former classmate says that's life in the mission. >> this is how this lifestyle is out here. that's the messed up part. everyone is -- it's constant. it doesn't stop. >> reporter: that's something
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rashawn and his teammates understood too, that doing well in school and on the field could lead to better opportunity. now they'll have to chase those dreams without him. >> rashawn, one two, three. >> rashawn! >> the store clerk says he saw two teenagers outside the store before they attacked, but only one arrest has been made. it's unclear whether police are looking for a second person. live in san francisco, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, nanette. did he get a little too friendly with his clients? police arrested an unlicensed masseuse on the peninsula today. bernardo valle faces sexual battery charges. he is accused of making inappropriate contact with his clients at a home in east palo alto. valle claims to treat people for various health ailments and fertility issues. authorities have interviewed several clients who claim to be victims. we have a follow-up now to a deadly hit-and-run. dramatic surveillance video is credited with helping nab about two bay point men in connection with the deadly hit-and-run.
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it happened sunday night in pittsburgh. a woman pushing a shopping cart was hit and killed on the sidewalk. late yesterday, police arrested this man, jorge luis perez. he is accused of felony hit-and-run. police also arrested his brother. the brother is accused of trying to hide the vehicle in bakersfield. police say surveillance video from a nearby business showed the truck you see it there, swerving on to the sidewalk, striking bay point resident michelle braz. this was on will le pass road. this video led to tips to help locate the suspect. questions tonight about protocol after police detained an offduty black firefighter in oakland. the firefighter says he is the victim of racial profiling, that he was checking out an empty fire station with his sons when police stopped him. >> put your hands up, put your hands up! >> i'm an oakland firefighter. i walk through this space. i'm an oakland firefighter. that's my truck. >> oakland police provided this
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video shot from an officer's body camera. on the video you can hear the man telling the kids it's going to be okay. you also hear him tell police that he is a firefighter and he noticed the door was left open at the station. now officers say they were responding to a request to check on fire station number 29 last month. they were also told that firefighters may have left the door open as they responded to that call. officers say they confirmed the man's id and released him and his children. the internal affairs division of oakland police is now investigating that interchange. looks like ferguson, missouri police are about to be the subject of a federal investigation. according to the associated press, the justice department will open a wide ranging probe. it will cover last month's police response to protests and the use of force by ferguson officers in other recent cases. last month, authorities cracked down on protesters angered by the deadly police shooting of an unarmed teenager. insiders say that probe may be announced adds soon as tomorrow, and missouri officials have already been notified.
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predators lurking in the night, going after neighborhood pets. i'm derek shore in palo alto. we'll show you how coyotes are being seen in areas they've not been before. also, fake cell phone towers discovered across the country. what they might be doing to your phone outyou knowing about it. and experiment gone wrong sends children to the hospital. dramatic video just ahead. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog building back in across the bay. but we're still looking at clear skies here throughout most of san jose. we'll talk more than forecast for thursday morning coming up in a few minutes.
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cat killers on the prowl. a warning tonight to cat owners. family pets across palo alto and los altos are turning up dead, mutilated in fact. the culprits? coyotes wandering dangerously close to homes in unlikely locations. nbc bay area's derek shore is live in palo alto, and that's where the most recent attack happened? >> reporter: that's right. we are here in robles park. i can tell you, jessica, we are surrounded by houses, city streets. we're definitely not in a rural area. still, a cat was killed here by a coyote, and it is sparking a warning to everyone throughout the area. >> right near. >> reporter: los altos resident anne shows us the spot in her yard where they found her cat, little foot dead, mutilated by a coyote like the ones you see here. >> it was very upsetting. and i did everything i could to alert our neighbors. i put flyers out around the neighborhood. >> reporter: but it was not over. a short time later, another neighborhood cat would be found
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dead. then a call to anne she didn't want. yet another one of her cars was discovered killed. >> any time you lose a pet, it's very difficult. >> reporter: and she is not the only one. three miles away, those living near robles park in palo alto have heard of the latest attack. >> i've heard of them being in los altos hills, but never in this area. >> reporter: this cat named sierra was found gutted by a coyote in the park. the owner didn't want to talk about her loss, but provided us these photos. sierra was the 11th cat suspected to be killed by a coyote in the los altos-palo alto area in a month. the large canines making their way down likely due to the drought in areas they've not been seen. >> the past few years we've noticed an increase, and the past few years we've had a drought. i don't know if the food sources or the water sources are drying up up in the hills, so they're following the creeks down. >> reporter: this video from about a year ago shows a coyote in the area taking a cat from the yard. the up take in feline fatalities is prompting is warning to keep
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cats in at night. this neighborhood show paw prints on his deck last night. for anne, she hopes no other families suffer. >> make sure your small an marlins, dogs and cats are in the house at night. >> and the coyotes seem to be coming out at night. it is really important to bring in any pet food, any water dishes so it is not of course good food or good bait for those coyotes. live in palo alto, i'm derek shore, nbc bay area news. a dangerous albino cobra is on the loose tonight in a southern california neighborhood. it's already attacked a pet dog. this was a photo of the snake in a backyard. this is in thousand oaks. today several agencies searched for the snake, going yard to yard. the snake's venom is deadly. this is no household pet. cobras are restricted animals, meaning you need to have a permit to have one. even then you have to be a scientist or researcher. a quick spell check would have avoided a lot of embarrassment.
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san francisco's new walk of fame style attraction had some type possess. two prominent plaques in the rainbow honor walk have spelling mistakes. these plaques to honor the lgbt were installed yesterday yesterday. one is missing the letter s in transgender. and in the black for oscar wilde, the world biting has an extra t. it's not clear who is responsible for the errors, but the manufacturers is replacing them for free. it may be riskier business for women. a new study suggests that women may be more sensitive to the effects of marijuana. researchers from washington state university found female rats were most affected by cannabis. estrogen levels may be a factor in this. now this is the first study toe show gender differences in the development of tolerance to thc. the study also found male rats on marijuana were more sensitive to feeling the munchies too. well, this is a science experiment that went wrong today at the discovery museum in reno.
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watch. those are flames. a chemical flash injured 13 people, eight of them children. authorities say many suffered from minor burns and smoke inhalation. according to museum workers, this was part of a routine demonstration that combined chemicals to create a whirling tornado effect. authorities are now trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. a san diego neighborhood is cleaning up tonight after a major water main break. water gushed for more than two hours in an area near children's hospital. in some place, people were knee-deep in water. now the break disrupted water service at this hospital, which relied instead on emergency supplies. san diego's water utility says the 18-inch pipe was installed in the 1950s. the age of that pipe made it more difficult to shut off the water. >> the latest in a succession of water main breaks. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. he has the forecast tomorrow for us. >> i should also add it only takes 6 inches of water to actually carry somebody away. two feet of water to carry a car
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away. if you get in the situation where there is a water main break, again, two feet of water can take your car away. a live look outside in san jose. absolutely clear skies tonight. not nearly as much fog as we had this time last night. but we're still being impacted by the cloud cover. you can see right now across the peninsula, east bay, also san francisco in the north bay, those areas of thick clouds moving in. most notably in san francisco, and also through marin, napa and sonoma counties. and check it out in the north bay. currently just 58 degrees. chilly right now does mean a much colder start. six hours from now for those early risers. temperatures actually in the north bay tomorrow will be close to the 40s. we'll start off cool in san francisco with 58. and a few early clouds in the south bay to start. but eventually, we're going to get some sunshine in here by about 8:00, and also 9:00. so yes, we'll have the fog to deal with. it's just not going to be as strong as we had today. all right. adds we look at the overall forecast, we are going to be
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tracking a slight onshore wind for tomorrow. not extremely strong. we'll find fog for the morning hours, but it won't last nearly as long. we'll get to the fog in a minute. the other thing i want to talk about is the fact that high pressure is building in. this is pretty strong ridge of high pressure, producing a lot of hot air aloft. with that sitting on top of us, and the fog at the immediate coastline, it's like a battle. these two are going to be going at it for tomorrow. so we're going to get some widespread temperature extremes from the coastlines to the interior valleys. you can see the fog at 6:00 a.m. throughout the north bay. also the entire coast. and also covering the bay, even a few clouds as you mentioned down to san jose. but i really think about 9:00 and 10:00, a lot of that will push out, and we'll get the sunny skies by the afternoon. so tomorrow, yes, it will be a hotter day. and also a little bit more sunshine. san jose expecting 85 degrees. and any one of these locations, you see close to 90 degrees. it is a sure bet you're going to be cut off from any kind of onshore flow. we're going to be hotter there. saratoga is one of those going
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up to 89 degrees. along the coastline, a little bit more sunshine. we'll get 71 in pacifica. nice day there. palo alto, sunny and 86. and san francisco with a few hours of sunshine in the afternoon, going up into the 70s. looks real great there. 72 in the marina. take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. santa rosa 82. sausalito 74. and pleasanton and livermore likely the hottest, pushing up into the low 90s. as we head throughout this weekend, no major extremes here for saturday and sunday. looks great across the south bay. temperatures again in the mid-80s. low 90s for the tri-valley and the north bay low 80s as well. and we're going to leave you with something to think about, september, some of the most dramatic differences in temperatures starting this month. mid-80s throughout the beginning of the month. by the end of the month, upper 70s and low 80s. but the most remarkable thing this month, we lose 70 minutes of daylight. so this means one of two things, raj and jesse. find your jackets, dig them out of the closet, or an excuse to
11:21 pm
go buy one this weekend. >> now you're talking jessica's language. >> i knew i would get her on that. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, a new sweat to your cell phone. details of a fake cell tower. hey, raj and jessica, and everyone in the bay area, blake shelton is my guest tonight. plus, we have tim and eric. and blake performance. he is great. you got to watch.
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this time no hacker to blame. instead, an apple employee acting out of line. another celebrity claims her privacy has been violated. eva longoria told access hollywood that her iphone was compromised after she visited an apple store in texas. she says an apple employee there called her and e-mailed her offering to send her a hand-made dress. no comment from apple on this incident. longoria's allegation comes on the heels of last week's hacking incident where nude photos of celebrities were leaked.
11:25 pm
they may be listening in on your phone conversations. more than a dozen fake cell phone towers have been discovered across the country. according to popular science, the tower can bypass the phone's encryption or read text messages. some could be powerful enough to take over a device and leave a microphone to pick up private conversations. security experts suggest there may be more. they say it's not clear who is controlling those towers. we have new details on the raiders, and a possible new stadium. we'll tell you where it might be built. geraud moncure joins us next.
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good evening. i'm geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios. you won't find many big league pitchers who enjoy taking the mound against the rockies. but you can definitely put ryan vogelsong's name at the top of the list. the last outing in denver in april surrender five runs. today he hung around a little longer, but the results were worse. cory dickerson solo home run in the second. second deck job. getting colorado on the board. three-run shot in the fifth gives the rockies a 4-2 lead. dickerson again in the fifth. the rockies go back-to-back on consecutive pitches, and michael
11:29 pm
mchenry, the sixth home run of the entire season. first time in his career vogie allows four homers in the game. giants lose, 9-2. rubber game for the a's and mariners at the coliseum. seattle down a run. kyle segar. monster shot for seager. ties the game at one in front of a stunned crowd. next up, corey hart. and he will follow suit. solo shot to left. back-to-back home runs for the mariners. seattle takes a 2-1 lead, and they hold on for the 2-1 victory. resumers of the raiders packing up for southern california again may be premature after all. "the san francisco chronicle" has reported that oakland mayor jean quan has worked out a new stadium plan that would keep the raiders in oakland. it involves giving the franchise land and demolishing the coliseum. according to the report, the city is waiting for raiders
11:30 pm
owner to accept or reject the proposal. ray mcdonald missed the early portion of 49er warm-ups today before joining the team for practice. jim harbaugh insists all of his players will receive due process in law, meaning mcdonald may play sunday against the cowboys despite his ongoing domestic violence case. the 49ers most likely will not face the cowboys latest addition to its defense. defensive end michael sam still trying to become the first openly gay player in the nfl, has been signed to dallas' practice squad. sam had three sacks in the preseason with the st. louis rams, and he is also a texas native. finally, usa against the dominican republic. this one breaking open in the third with a little defense. anthony davis on the block. usa on the run. steph curry with the lane at the other end. he finished with eight points. the united states win, 106-71. team usa finishes up group play against ukraine on thursday. then enters tourney bracket action on saturday. more news after the break. no rush, andy.
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service. many riders say they waited more than ten minutes for the traditional taxis. according to the study, they use of friendly apps is one of the reason why ride sharing services are so popular. some say they choose the services to avoid drinking and driving. >> always a good idea. that's going to do it for us. thanks for being with us. we hope to see you tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- blake shelton. tim heidecker and eric wareheim.


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