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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 4, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today", the justice department intents to launch a civil rights investigation of the ferguson police department in the fatal shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. president obama tries to unite nato against russia and isis. plus, meet an amecan that joined isis, and find out why. also, a fighter jet goes terribly off course. and the nfl on nbc kicks off tonight. it's thursday, september 4th, 2014. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm richard lui. the justice department is expected to launch a civil rights investigation into the
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entire ferguson missouri police department. this new investigation will be much broader because it will look into the conduct of the embattled police department oh the past several years. the justice department, with the help of the fbi has already begun investigating the fatal shooting of unarmed 18-year-old michael broub by ferguson police officer darren wilson. meanwhile, they're saying brown was never convicted of a serious felony as a child and did not have an adult criminal record, but it does not mean he was never charged with lesser crimes. the court is still deciding whether they will release his full record. juvenile records in missouri are sealed. news organizations filed motions to force the court to release any criminal record brown might have had. today the president is meeting with european leaders and allies as the summit kicks off in wales. the president and british prime minister david cameron have co-written a piece written in "the london times" addressing the crisis in both ukraine and
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syria. it reads in part. "there are some who say we shouldn't get involved in addressing these threats. there are others who doubt if nato can adapt to meet the challenges we face. it is crucial we address these beliefs head on." nbc's tracie potts is in washington. good day to you. what's on the president's agenda for the rest of the day some. >> well, in about 20 minutes we're expecting his official arrival at the nato summit. earlier this morning he took a school tour with prime minister cameron and the president has been sitting down with other heads of state with nato leaders to try to map out a strategy for the situation in ukraine. >> reporter: officially the number one issue on nato's agenda today is stopping russia's push into ukraine. >> article 5 is crystal clear. an attack on one, is an attack on all. >> reporter: the u.s. is also seeking support for possible air strikes against isis terrorists in syria. vice president biden put it bluntly. >> they should know we will
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follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >> i do believe international community as a whole has an obligation to stop islamic state from advancing further. >> reporter: but the delay in going after isis in syria have some lawmakers frustrated. >> the president is measured. he should be measured. >> a strong president would stand up and use our air superiority to take them out, to prevent them from murdering innocent americans. >> reporter: like journalist steven sotloff whose alma mater held a vigil last night. terrorists say isis has 10,000 fighters and is wetter ao better than any other terror group at spreading its message. >> left unchecked they will seek to carry out an attack closer to home. >> reporter: president obama may need more authority from congress to carry out air strikes. lawmakers say he will get it. at nato he is meeting with
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european, middle eastern allies, and other nations to get their support. back live now. we're getting more information about who was at that meeting with the president this morning. of course, british prime minister cameron, the french president, italy's prime minister, germany's chancellor and the president of ukraine, as they sat down to talk about how to work out this situation. they only got in for about 30 seconds on the top of that, and we're waiting for more information to come out on exactly what they discussed. sdmroog they discuss that midday there in the u.k. thank you -- in wales, rather. thank you so much, again, tracie potts. vice president joe biden taking direct aim at isis. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside. hell is where they will reside. the u.s. warning comes with an left arming trend. americans joining us isis. here's richard engel with more. >> reporter: isis militants are
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brutal killers whose victims include americans. yet, there are americans in unknown numbers who are isis recruits, including donald morgan. >> my islamic name is nasah abdul rahim. >> reporter: what attracted him to isis? >> someone has to defend islam, and somebody has to defend innocent muslims. >> reporter: nbc news interviewed morgan in beirut through a freelance journalist. he didn't head in detention to join -- >> i purchased a ticket with the intent of entering to syria, either joining up with medical and food aid convoys or directly with islamic state. >> reporter: don morgan, now 44, was educated at a military academy. he was a member of the national guard, a deputy sheriff, a bodybuilder, raised catholic in salsbury, north carolina. morgan had been in trouble with the law and served time on gun
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charges. colleagues and law enforcement officials describe an angry man struggling to fit in and finding a cause in radical islam. >> this is it. this is the path. this is the way you're going to go. >> reporter: morgan says the change came two years ago spending hours on the internet following the wars in the middle east, he got sucked in and started tweeting radical messages under an arabic pseudonym. >> it came from being mistreated from people around me who didn't share the views i had. >> reporter: he decided to join isis last june and began to make his way from beirut to syria, but he was stopped on the way by authorities in turkey and sent back. soon after our interview running low on money morgan returned to the u.s. knowing the risk. >> i think there's a strong possibility that they'll charge me with supporting terrorist organizations and participating
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in terrorist activities. >> reporter: but does he think he is participating in terrorist activities? >> based on the definition, yes. >> that was richard engel reporting. morgan did return. he was arrested. not for terrorism, but allegedly trying to sell a rifle on-line. this video that you see here is heart-stopping. take a look. that's a libyan fighter jet falling from the sky on tuesday. it slammed into a neighborhood killing five people. it happened during an event honoring the pilot of another crash. the crash is being blamed on a technical problem. so the wait is over for football fans. the super bowl champion seattle seahawks take on the green bay packers tonight marking the start of a new nfl season right here on nbc, and right there for nbc is jay gray in seattle. look at that smile on your face.
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i can't -- look, i'm not a big fan of seattle, but for today i guess i'll have to be. >> yeah. well, i have to be because i'm here, richard. it's great to talk to you, and it's so great to have football back. look, quiet right now. the fans here are raucus. they're crazy, in their own words. it's a great place to start this season. the kickoff of the nfl season right here in the home city of the super bowl champs. >> reporter: there is a unique sound, style, and scene that defines seattle. the space needle, pike place market, and now you can include the lombardi trophy. >> the game has never been stronger, and here we are with the game, with the season kicking off tonight. this is a huge, huge night. >> reporter: the nfl celebrating its newest champion right here on nbc. behind the scenes miles of cable and mobile control rooms are in place, and the broadcast team is ready for kickoff. >> it couldn't be better.
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you want that atmosphere. the championship banner is going to be exciting. these fans are into it. >> super fan right here. >> reporter: the party actually started earlier this week when downtown was turned into a playground. for little kids, big kids, and even these kids. flag teams have been practicing their steps on the field, while just outside seattle's own sound garden and pop sensation pharrell got in a final rehearsal for the pregame concert tonight just before the teams take center stage. >> should be a full evening of fun and football here. for nbc sports, it's a season that begins with the first game here tonight and ends with the last game, the super bowl, in arizona. richard, that's the latest from outside the stadium. we'll be inside a little later. back to you. >> enjoy it, my friend. it begins. many nights of very little sleep
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for us. appreciate it. tonight's nfl action begins with pregame coverage at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific right here on nbc, and we've got bill karins right here. i guess we can talk about the hurricane, but first we have to talk about the game. do you think they're going to break a record. 137 decibels is the current noise record. sfwoo i don't think they'll do it tonight. they'll wait until a marchand lynch touchdown or something. >> he has been smiling all day. >> 12 hours until the nfl season starts. hurricane off the baja, california. cabo san lucas is close to the storm. almost on the outer fringes. they are expecting to get wet weather out of this and wind and waves, but not a direct hit from the storm. what's interesting is it's going to kind of parallel the coastline. right about 2:00 a.m. it will peak in intensity. about 90 miles an hour tonight, and then as we go into saturday, we will be looking at that just paralleling the coast and
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getting weaker as it goes over cooler water. what's interesting is on this trajectory is a lot of this moisture will get sucked up to the north eventually. unfortunately, none of it really making it into california, but arizona to new mexico, you're going to get a lot of the moisture from this, and we're expecting a lot of rain saturday and sunday, possibly flash flooding because of that tropical system that's going to bring your moisture northward. today is another nice day in the northwest, and all through california. not a problem in sight. that's your nationaltoasty. still warmer in the desert southwest. yesterday was 108. today 104 in phoenix. the extended forecast, it looks like our fire weather is going to get more dangerous in the northwest too. it gets warmer from here on out. >> indian summer, as they say, in the west, right? thank you, bill. it is big, and it is
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...there's special k... ...chocolate almond cereal. treat yourself with our... ...chocolatey collection. an unguilty pleasure. what will you gain? welcome back. home depot is hiring two firms to investigate their potential security breach. it's not certain yet how serious the so-called unusual activity was, but they're offering free id protection services to people who may have been affected. right now fast food workers across the country are walking off the job. this is in new york city where there is reportedly a heavy police presence. it's all part of a campaign in that increasing minimum wage to $15 an hour. mcdonald's, burger king, wendy's, and kfc are among those affected. that's real. that's a stadium at the vietnam open crashing down. there were badminton players on the court just moments ago, but a ref saw the ceiling moving and
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cleared everyone away. the building is almost 30 years old and was awaiting major reconstruction. remarkable here no one was -- it took 150 firefighters to wrangle the office fire. everyone is okay, but that eight-unit complex was destroyed. take a look at this newborn white rhino in israel. her species is classified near threat thanks to poaching. they can grow to almost 8,000 pounds. get out of their way. time to get down to business. tesla motors will announce plans to build its first lithium ion battery plant in nevada. goldman saks is the bank in charge of alibabba ipo. bloomberg is back at bloomberg. the billionaire former mayor of new york city returns as the head of the company that made him the 15th richest plan on the planet, according to forbes. the "wall street journal" reports that france is threatening to suspend delivery of a warship to russia's navy.
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this change of heart was from paris, by the way, stemming from the escalating situation in ukraine. triple-a expects gas prices to continue dropping this fall, suggesting another 10 to 20 cent drop per gallon nationwide could happen by november. it has people buzzing. the first photo of nbc's peter pan revealed. your kids can't sleep? turn on some nba basketball. we'll explain. you're watching "early today." sometimes healthy is not on the menu. luckily, i always keep my meta health bars handy. it's my favorite bar hands down. from the makers of metamucil, new multi-health meta health bars have natural psyllium fiber that helps promote heart health with a taste consumers prefer. would you like one of these instead? yummy - thanks! experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line and see how one small change can lead to good things.
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let's get you to sports. 14 innings, five and a half hours, and 51 players. the nationals and dodgers, 18 different pitchers took the mound in that game. the nats prevailed. the u.s. open serena williams defeats italy's slava pineta. both go on to the semis. the first japanese player in almost 100 years to do that. he beat third seed after five sets in just over four hours. he faces djokovic on saturday. a youthful u.s. men's soccer team wins their first match in world cup play beating czech republic 1-0. team usa gets the top seed in
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the fifa. they get a win over the dominican republic. nba teams having a little fun with the _#nba bedtime stories. orlando magic tweets the magic school bus. cleveland cavaliers with james and the giant peach. washington wizards with the wizards of oz, and the charlotte hornets with lancel and gret-al. never to be seen that way never and ever again. hopefully, they say. the view reveals its last two hosts. one pick no one predicted. forget your dryer's black hole. why this x-ray can hold the key to missing socks. this is "early today." moms know that no two mouths are the same. that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth. one to clean your whole mouth. one for those hard to reach places. one to protect kids mouths from cavities. even one to freshen breath on-the-go.
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entertainment news. zach shepherd's newest project. shepherd with michael pena will star in the "chips" film. word is still out if larry wilcox and eric estrada, the original motorcycle cops, will have a drive-by appearance. allison williams is officially the boy that never grows up. this was released ahead of the live performance. it's a wig. actor rosy perez and executive nicole wallace are taking over for barbara walters at "the view." they'll join when the show returns. seinfeld is still celebrating its 25th not that there's anything wrong with that
4:24 am
to commemorate the congoers who wear the famous puffy shirt for their november 16th game. the team will also remove their names from the jersey and replace them with characters from that show. got to wear the puffy shirt, huh? >> yeah. had to wear the puffy shirt, and he wore it on the tonight show, and everyone made fun of him, and it looked like a pirate. >> there are so many classics that they could have picked, right? >> that's the fun of it. everyone can have their favorite, and they can show up and do whatever scenes they want to. >> 25th game. >> yeah. >> you're not that old yet. i'm richard lui. hope it's just your first stop of the day. grandpa lui. grandpa karins. your first stop of the day on nbc.
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the washington post, interns sought for republican congressman. vapid gran oela need not reply. pat wrots who can count up to 17 in trillions, he says, and he also adds mushy pleasers, apeerses, keep walking. end quote. in the l.a. times great daen dined on 43 socks. all were removed in successful surgery. it happened earlier this year after the dog's owners noticed he was drawing increasingly ill. 140 pound pup has fully recovered. >> i think you fwot some pairs in there. >> you think you would notice after 20 socks were missing. >> my dryer is eating them all up. some other stories. four years after that
4:27 am
devastating 7.0 earthquake in haiti, new concerns about where all that u.s. aide money went. the nation is reporting that of the $1.4 billion funds from washington less than 1% has gone directly to aid organizations, while 57% has gone to firms located around d.c. legal representation for undocumented immigrant children. they say it would attract more to illegally cross the border. advocacy groups argue the children are entitled to due process. a federal judge upheld the law yesterday. it's the first ruling against gay marriage in more than 20 decisions. a beautiful wedding ring usually comes in those small cheap boxes, right? what if your box had a little twist to it? for $90 you could have this. a in addition ring box the size of a wall let. no one would ever suspect that a wedding ring is inside, except after this story, of course. >> how smart is this? >> these are handmade in
4:28 am
vancouver, and have become increasingly popular after circulating on red-it. for now they have stopped taking orders for september. interesting how it opens up like that. >> that's a great invention. >> it is. >> at first i heard $90. $90 for a box, but if you are spending a couple of grand on a ring, what's $90? >> ten months of your salary? is that the rule? the top executive of a new york city based bitcoin company expected to plead guilty to federal criminal charges. charlie is accused of conspireing to celibatecoins to criminals who wanted to sell narcotics between december 2011 and october 2013. on this day in 1951 president truman gave the first television broadcast speaking from the peace treaty summit in san francisco. beyonce, 33, tom watson is 55. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. >> three months, you say? >> thanks for watching "early
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good thursday morning to you, it is 4:30, and kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we begin with continuing coverage of the south napa earthquake. about 30 minutes ago, a small quake shook the area near american canyon. the u.s. geological survey is reporting a 3.0 quake struck two miles west of the town just before 4:00 this morning. so far, no damage, but shaken nerves. the usgs will hold a meeting to look at what scientists have learned from last month's 6.0 quake. the group will examine how that affected movement object grs.


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