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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good thursday morning to you, it is 4:30, and kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we begin with continuing coverage of the south napa earthquake. about 30 minutes ago, a small quake shook the area near american canyon. the u.s. geological survey is reporting a 3.0 quake struck two miles west of the town just before 4:00 this morning. so far, no damage, but shaken nerves. the usgs will hold a meeting to look at what scientists have learned from last month's 6.0
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quake. the group will examine how that affected movement object grounds. it'll also be scrutinizing the dozens of aftershocks that follow the big quake and how well damage was assessed. meanwhile, they are thrill victims in need of help. victims advocates will be at vallejo city hall today. this morning, forum of the earthquake early warning system will continue at uc berkeley. it started yesterday. scientists and lawmakers have come together to figure out where to get the $80 million needed to put an earthquake early warning system in place in california. it runs through tomorrow. new this morning, small quake shook parts of the south bay as well overnight. 39.0 quake hit about 18 miles east of salinas. no reports of damage or injury. 4:31 on your thursday
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morning, seismic activity all over the bay area this morning. you've been tracking that. >> most certainly. we get the updates. that little holster fault, i can tell you right now, this is a active fault. we've had earthquakes over in that area over the past few days, and typically, that is one of the active places, also up in the region, but for us, we're watching that american canyon area and this morning, that 3.0 is something we're not going to let our guard down for a minute. we'll let you know if we get more aftershocks. 1i6 degrees in san francisco. starting at 63 degrees in oakland. we have a lot of low cloud cover today and they're going to span all the way inland. it means another comfortable afternoon. we'll tell you how nice it's going to be where you live and weekend changes coming your way, but it smells good out there. it smells delicious, mike. yeah, somebody in the way though, oh, thursday and friday. 880 where there's nothing in the way for frooechlt on the southbound side back to the truck skams.
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we will look at the maps further north. despite the traffic, be careful traveling north. the san mateo bridge north on 880 into hayward, reports of a vehicle swerving back and forth in that area of the roadway. chp has been checking it out, no problems reported so far, but use caution through the area anyway. slowing 580 westbound around airway where i just got an update. i'll tell you what's going on with the slow down there. there may be a minor crash. i'll get the details coming up in the next report, back to you. >> thank you very much. happening right now, president obama is in the united kingdom this morning meeting with the leaders of the nato. the president just arrived at the nato summit in wales, and he is a lot to cover today. hoping to garner support for ukraine and possible military action in syria. the u.s. wants to kbin air strikes against the isis terrorists in syria. >> they should nose we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >> u.s. would like a stronger
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sponz to isis after the brutal execution of american journalist steven sotloff. a vigil was held in florida last night. sotloff was killed week after isis beheaded another rp journalists, james foley. isis used social media to help spread video of america james foley's murder. they were not able to use the same methods after using steven sotloff. that's because companies were ready to take the video down. the execution was quick lly deleted. tech companies have come up with a plan to slow or block the spread of extremists propaganda. most ban posts that show violence origin sight hatred. police tasers will be the hot topic tonight.
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the coalition for taser-free berkly is holding a panel discussion to talk the study into whether officers should be equipped with tasers. police armed with tasers have seen fewer use of force complaints and fewer injuries, but critics say police already have enough weapons and that there are too many risks that come with taser shock. tonight's forum starts at 7:00 at berkeley's media center. san jose city leaders reached a compromise with advocates for the homeless people living in the largest encampment. brought boulders and a gate to the place known as the jungle. that's near kelly park. the hope is to limit access to the area. they're worried the barriers will cut off add. last night, the city promised to wait until next week to use these barriers. it wants to close it by the end of the year, but will meet next week to talk about installing more portable toilets and
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garbage units until then. police want your help identifying a man who tried to pull a 15-year-old girl into his car. the girl tells police she was walking home a few weeks ago when this man, approached her and tried to yank her into his parked car. she managed to break free and run away. three days later, she was with her family when she shot -- spotted that man again. one of the relatives took photos. her father tried to chase the man down, but could not catch him. he drives a four door mercedes. new case against former santa clara county supervisor george junior moves forward today. judge will hear defense motion today in the false impersonation case. he is accused of sending out phony campaign mailers in the 2010 san jose city council race. he's already served jail time to date for misusing public and campaign funds. me moral continues to grow outside a san francisco market for a teen boy who was stabbed
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to death allegedly by a former classmate. members of the youth football team, the wart yours, gathered to remember the former teammate. the sacred heart freshman was stabbed outside of the mission district on tuesday night. keechs, parents, and players say williams was an ambitious freshman with a great smile. >> talking about a real good kid. not a gang, not gang affiliated at all, 4.0 student. >> shaern is the nicest person you ever know. all he does is smile, smile, when i first met him i was like why is he smiling? police arrested another teen who went to middle school with williams. officer say he may not have liked the social media postings about him. police have not said whether they are looking for another suspect. tesla will make it official today, the new gigafactory will not be in the bay area or anywhere in california. the car company picked reno for
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its $5 billion facility. that big announcement will be made official later today. tesla picked reno for production, tesla says it'll be based here in the bay area. the company headquarters and growing factory in fremont remains. senator diane feinstein says this decision is a shame. >> well, i'm sorry about that, but nevada's a good neighbor, we have a lot in common. so, you know, i wish them well. i'm a big booster for the product, and i think the all electric automobile has a very robust feature. >> the big announcement will be made by nevada's governor during a news conference this afternoon. nevada's legislature is also considering a tax break package for tesla that could be introduced early next week. happening today, the one and only debate between the two candidates for california's governor challenger neel kashkari gets his shot at governor jerry brown tonight. kashkari asked for a regular series of debates, but governor
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brown declined that offer. he is 20 points ahead in the polls. the hour long debate begins at 7:00 in sacramento, and it'll be streamed live online on cal now let's check the forecast and christina loren says there's a wyff of the weekend in the air. >> i have it to tell you, it's scrumptious. we have a good looking weekend shaping up. temperatures will be mild to start, and even this afternoon work not too bad at all. and yeah, we're close to that weekend. even though it may have been an abbreviated workweek for you, i have to tell you, it's still kind of hard to make it to friday. temperatures have been nice. we're going to get more of the same, monday was down right hot, we cooled you off on tuesday, wednesday really lovely day, more of the same for your thursday. thick low clouds and drizzle to start. in fact, that fog's thick they are morning, as a result, you might actually havele to use your windshield wipers headed um the peninsula. 83 in the south bay today.
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79 degrees on the peninsula. 71 degrees in san francisco. wine country getting warm, but not too bad. a.m. fog to afternoon sunshine, oh the east shore, beautiful, comfortable day coming your way. 77 degrees, and even out in the tri-valley, not too bad, but it'll be a warm day. you'll probably havele to use your ac. we're not talking 90s for today. 89 degrees coming your way. we have changes for the weekend, we'll talk about that and tell you what's happening across the bay area. first let's check your drive, you have to work for the weekend. and mike can get you there on time. >> get to work before you can work to the weekend. these folks are doing all right through dublin. between el charro and tassajara. just before you get to our camera shot just outside of our view. we're looking at west 580 approaching airway where there's a big backup forming. the interchange, sounds like there's a car that's stuck in park. it's over in the center divide, but there's chp. distraction as construction crews are clearing the area and
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that could be reason for all that slow down. i don't know why there was a car with itself in park in the center divide, that's proibl another story. we'll check and let you know about anything interesting. shows you the crossing can of the bay bridge, smooth drive, no delays, all lanes in both direction all right. looking at the dumbarton bridge, don't often get this view. lights, it's a long shot, but it's the best one we get all day, back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 4:41 now. one of the world's biggest rock bands could be on hand to introduce apple's newest product. recovering after a chemical explosion at the reno children's discovery museum. what the museum is saying about this incident. and the man who got kicked off an airplane after a fight over leg room is defending himself. what he's telling the "today show," next. firz
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. you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back, it's 4:44 now, a group of small business owners is zdsing whether to appeal a
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court ruling in favor of the online review site yelp. they filed suit accusing a company of buying advertising in exchange for good reviewing. judges on the ninth circuit court of apeoples saying yelp has the rooigt to charge for advertising services. the threat of economic harm that the leverage is at most hard bargaining. san francisco attorney lawrence murray represented four businesses in that class action suit. >> when the mafia goes up to you and says hey, you want to keep your business, you know give us money, we'll let you. when these guys do it, it's a whole different story because it's the internet. >> the group has not decided whether it will file an appeal, yelp released this statement on its blog site says quote, we are obviously happy that the court reached the right result and the lawyers to disparage yelp and draw attention away from the
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review. >> despite that ruling, the stock closed down about 2% yesterday. for a look at how the markets are faring this morning when they open in a few hours, we turn to havrpton pearson, good morning. >> how you doing sam? we are going to start with the futures, they are flat after stocks closed. apple saw more than 4% wiping out 26 billion in market values. the company's worse day in more than seven months ahead of the anticipated launch of the iphone 6. employment, trade deficit, productivity, and labor cost. the dow rising just ten pointings yesterday closing at 17,078. nasdaq falling by 25 points to close at 4572. look at setting the table for the business day ahead, back to you, have a great one. >> all right. you too. ruse mores flying this --
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rumors flying this morning that the you two will be playing at the iphone 6 launch next week. one tech blog reports that they shot a music video featuring the new iphone. the band is also expected to drop the first single on tuesday. put two and two together which we sometimes attempt to execute here, and you gate possible big opening act for the as i nounsment of apple's newest technology. >> or the other way around, right? >> reverse, yes. i don't know about you, but i have a busted iphone, looking forward to, they're so easy to drop. >> you're so tall. >> good conditions. >> gravity. gravity, it's a tough force. negative 9.8 meters per second squared. i have to tell you, it pulls things down, sam, so hold on tight. or do what we all do, get
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yourself a protective cover. 69 degrees in concord. 59 in half-moon bay. pretty day shaping up for you, it's going to be a beautiful day, temperatures right now mostly in the 60s, san jose is mostly clear. we are stocked in with fog this morning at oakland and san francisco, but that's a good sign. it means temperatures will be comfortable today, not too hot, not too cold, and remember, days are getting shorter, temperatures will start to drop and you'll notice that as we head into next week, especially the overnight lows. really falling towards chilly conditions. so what we're expecting for today, weather story of the day, 10:00 a.m. clearing inland. clearing around noon bay side and not seeing much clearing whatsoever at the coast today. but that cool westerly flow, clouds banked up against the coastline. temperatures comfortable, 79 degrees for you. 77 on the east shore, san francisco, 70 degrees straight up for today and 83 degrees out in the north bay, let's talk about your weekend after all. you made it this far. we like to think of thursday as friday eve.
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temperatures are going to be stay comfortable all across the board, even into this weekend holding on to the low 80s inland, and you're going get a treat on saturday. that's your beach day. temps in the 70s even in san francisco. when we meet back here next week, temperatures will start to climb, we're looking towards a little bit of a warming trenld. we'll talk about that coming up, right now back to you sam and kris. >> thank you. laundry day. nevada child should be released from the hospital today after an explosion aif a children's discovery museum in reno. there was a chemical splash that injured 13 people eight of the people who were injured were children. nine people were taken to the hospital with minor burns and smoke inhalation and one child was kept overnight for observation. the chemicals were combined to create a whirling tornado effect. no worpd on what happened and caused that chemical splash. we are expecting to find out new details today about what went wrong during an april
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execution in oklahoma. clayton lochte died of a heart attack 43 minutes after he was first lethally injected. witnesses say that locket moaned, clenched his teeth, and his entire body contorted. the department of public safety will release its investigation today. authorities regained control of a juvenile detention center after 30 teenagers revolted. it hammed at the same center where dozens escaped earlier this week. a spokesman says the latest incident started late last night when 28 vez fused to go to their dorms. some fogt with the -- fought with the guards and used fire extinguishers as weapons. eventually officers did get a handle on the situation and moved ten teenagers who escalated the situation to another facility. 32 teens escaped from that center monday night and six of them are still on the run. the men who caused an entire flight to be diverted after a fiekt over a leg room says he's
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embarrassed now by his behavior. he used the knee defender device to keep the passenger in front of him from reclining her children. he refused to remove the device and the argument escalated. the flight was diverted and both he and the woman were escorted off of the plane. he should have handled things better. >> absolutely. i felt terrible when we landed. i felt terrible. like i said, it was just that bit of rage. and i should have absolutely should have taken the high road, without a doubt. and just okay, if it means that much to you to put your seat back, fine, i'll finish my work up with the laptop on my lap and my elbows on the people on the left and right. but that's the way i should have handled it. >> and he does not plan to stop using that knee defender device pictured right there which i didn't know existed until about two seconds ago, but he'll be
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nicer about it. you can see his entire interview on the today show. >> i feel like it's not either his fault or her fault. the airlines push us together. >> we need etiquette. >> it's nice to be short. >> and hard to be tall on a plane. two teenagers are in shock after a great white shark attacked their kayak. >> they were paddling and talking when the shark came out of nowhere, flipped their kayak over yesterday. the girls say a neighbor heard them screaming, rushed into the water after calling 911. >> the skarziest part was sitting in the water thinking he was waiting, wondering where he was. you didn't know if he's under you or around you. >> officials confirmed that those bites were indeed from a great white shark. >> lucky to escape that situation, no question about it. 4:52 on your thursday morning, the nfl season, getting
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ready to kick off. today we'll show you the original way that one of the players is getting ready. and are you ready to commute to work on the planes? if so that's great, if not, we'll show you the slowing in the tri-valley, coming up.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back, the 49ers will not be making their gridiron debut until sunday, but the nfl season, officially starts tonight. >> you know the song.
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game time as the season defending superchampions and the green bay packers. the saezhawks will share that coveted lombardi trophy with fans tonight much to the chagrin of niner fans all over the bay area. you can watch the game if you want to right here on nbc bay area starting at 5:30. >> great game. and you can bet marshawn lynch will play in the game. the seattle running back uses an interesting offseason training program dead lifting what appears to be a lifetime collection of skit ls. the love of skittles goes back 15 years. they would help him play well and run fast. the oakland native and former star did not look back, and now, with a new commercial with skittles incorporating candy sbool his training regimen. >> you can tell so much about a person based on what is their go to candy.
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i like whachamacalit. what is your can dif choice? >> i really like them,est there a specific chevron, i know where they are. extra large size. we'll talk about it. over here, smooth drive for 580, the earlier slowing, simmer down and all the activity is over to the shoulder. better news for the tri-valley. san mateo bridge, easy flow of traffic across the bay. no problems for west 92. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 4:57 now, oakland firefighter is accusing the city's police department of racial profiling. we'll show you what happened next. and the cdc issuing new recommendations about getting the flu shot. what it's telling parents this morning, we'll be right back.
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they already have guns, but coming up, we'll still you about the new weapon that berkeley is considering arming its cops
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with. and the compromise reached between san jose and, the city of san jose and the city's biggest homeless encampment. the camp will be cleared out within months. and we have another good looking day coming your way. this morning, fog, drizzle by this afternoon, sunny and mild, and then this weekend, looking fantastic, we'll tell you what's going on around the bay area. little fog out there this morning, watch out for that. and traffic's just easing in to start your morning commute, most spots we will talk about the bay bridge toll plaza where some are already at a standstill. and we are looking live at the bay bridge and the installation looking twingly and pretty this morning, it is thursday, september 4th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon.


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