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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 4, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. new at 11:00, scientists are in the bay area this morning, talking about what we've learned from last month's 6.0 quake in napa. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the usgs center in menlo park with more on what they've gleaned and talking about really how they've assessed the damage in addition to what happened in the earthquake, right? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, kris. and what they've observed so far from sunday's 6.0, the one from two sundays ago, is a little bit of a surprise. right now, at the usg building in money lowe parks, you have geologists and seismologists.
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they're sharing the data they collected on the south napa quake. this is data collected from drone, censor, and on the ground observation. so far, there are two takeaways. one, that crack in the ground goes fairly straight for a few square miles. not what you would normally expect in 6.0. scientists believe it occurred because when the west napa fault ruptured, it directed most of its energy in one direction, namely north into the relatively soft soil of napa, where the ground exploded at the end of that crack. something scientists have observed by a satellite imagery, and something that we have all observed in the amount of damage we've seen and the destruction caused by that shaker. point number two, the initial jolt caused that fault to slip around 12 to 14 inches. what's interesting is that it slowly slipped another 4 to 6 inches since. >> slipping, why isn't the ground shaking? >> because it's slipping very, very slowly.
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>> reporter: is that unusual? >> no, we've seen that in other earthquakes. after the parkfield earthquake in central california, we saw that. but that was along a fault that is more -- doesn't creep so much. and this fault isn't known to be a creeping fault. so, it's an interesting observation. >> reporter: the whole point of today's summit is for all the scientists to share their data and see if there's anything that they've missed. perhaps they need to go back out in the field and make another observation. the usgs does expect to learn something new from this. still waiting to find out exactly what that's going to be. reporting live here in menlo park, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> prepared news, not a new message at all. well, we continue to watch developments as president obama is in wales for the nato summit. on paper, the summit's official agenda calls for a focus on the ukraine and the drawdown of nato combat troops in afghanistan. but the rise of isis is
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dominating discussions on the sidelines. nbc's chris jansing reports from cardiff. >> reporter: president obama is determined not to go it alone, arriving at nato summit in wales with a goal of forming a coalition to fight isis. back home, vice president joe biden was defiant. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside. hell is where they will reside. >> reporter: a determination fueled by the horror of the murder and the grief felt by the family of steven sotloff, the second american brutally murdered at the hands of isis. >> he's the most generous, carrying individual. all he thought about was doing for others. >> reporter: just over a day after president obama arrived in europe, filled with photo-worthy state craft, he left no doubt about american resolve. >> we will not be intimidated, and those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that
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justice will be served. >> reporter: but now, the tough decisions about how and when to strike back, with members of congress on both sides losing patience. the president hasn't indicated he's ready to launch those strikes yet, or that he formulated a specific strategy, as pressure builds. >> this train lefto. and the president is running after a train that is escaping him. and the fact of the matter is, is that he should have had a strategy to deal with isis months ago. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry here as well, working to form that coalition, looking for commitment from humanitarian and military aid, from countries as diverse as saudi arabia, australia, and jordan. i'm chris jansing traveling with the president in cardiff, wales. >> thank you, much. isis used social media to try to spread the video ofdo ahe same after killing steven sotloff. that was because silicon valley companies were ready to take that video down the moment it was posted.
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clips of sotloff's execution were quickly deleted after they were posted on youtube. the silicon valley insider tells the associated press that tech companies have come up with a plan to slow or block the spread ofhat show gratuitous violence or incite hatred. a memorial is growing outside a san francisco market for a teenage boy stabbed to death, allegedly by a former classmate. members of the youth football team, the san francisco warriors, gathered last night to remember former teammate, rachon williams. the freshman was stabbed outside that corner market in the playe say williams was an ambitious freshman with a great smile. >> talking about real good kid, not gang affiliated at all, 4.0 student. >> he's like the nicest person you will ever know. every time you see him, all he do is smile. when i first met him, i was like, why is he smiling? >> police did arrest another teenager who went to middle school with williams. officers say the accused teen may have had a problem with some
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social media postings about him. police have not said whether they are looking for another suspect. police tasers will be the hot topic at a forum in berkeley tonight. the coalition for a taser-free berkeley is holding a panel discussion about the -- to talk about the city's study into whether officers should be equipped with tasers. officers say the data shows police armed with tasers have fewer use of force complaints and even fewer injuries. opponents say opponents have enough weapons already. there are too many risks, they say, that come from tasers. tonight, forums start at 7:00 at the berkeley media center. richmond police need your help identifying a man who tried to pull a 15-year-old girl into his car. the girl tells police he was walking home from kennedy high school a few weeks ago, when she says this man approached her and tried to pull her into his parked car. she managed to break free and run away, but three days later, she was with her family and she spotted the man. one of her relatives took photos of him before he ran off. her father even tried to chase him down, but could not catch up
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with him. officers say the man drives an older four-door mercedes, either light blue or gray in color. san jose city leaders have reached a compromise for advocates with the homeless people living in silicon valley's largest encampment. the city have brought boulders and a gate to a place known as the jungle in kelly park. advocates worried that the barriers will cut off aid, but the city says it's trying to curb illegal dumping and other crime. last night, they promised to wait until next weeks to start using those barriers. they still promised to close the encampment down by the end of the year. tesla will make it official today, the company's new gigafactory is not going to be in the bay area, in fact, it's not even going in california. the electric car company has picked reedno for its $5 billion factory. though tesla picked reno for
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production, tesla says it will still be based here in the bay area. the company headquarters and its growing factory will remain in fremont. still, senator dianne feinstein says this decision is a shame. >> i'm sorry about that. but nevada is a good neighbor. we have a lot in common. so, you know, i wish them well. i'm a big booster for the product and i think the all-electric automobile has a very robust future. >> that big announcement will be made by nevada's governor during a news conference this afternoon. nevada's legislature is also considering a tax break package for tesla that could be introduced early next week. happening today, the one and only debate between the two candidates for california governor. challenger neel kashkari gets his shot at governor jerry brown tonight. kashkari had asked for a regular series of debates, but governor brown declined. now, the governor is 20 points ahead in the polls. the hour-long debate starts at 7:00 tonight in sacramento.
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it will be streamed live online at still to come, the cou countdown, the kickoff is on. what you need to know about tonight's nfl season opener. and i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco, where angelina jolie is the hot topic at a conference about hundreds of people, but we're talking about the angelina effect and how it could be saving lives. and it's nice and sunny where stephanie is. we have a lot of low cloud cover out there and a little haze as well over san jose and oakland. the good news is, the countdown to fall is on. we're already seeing our overnight lows dropping off. we'll tell you what else to expect with a new season when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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one of hollywood's biggest stars is headlining a conversation at a cancer symposium in the bay area. we're talking about angelina jolie, who announced she underwent a double mastectomy in may of 2013 after discovering she was at risk of a genetic mutation. that led to an incredible trend in the number of women flocking to clinics to get tested. >> and nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live in san francisco outside that convention. and stephanie, medical researchers call this the angelina effect. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. good morning to you both, scott and kris. the breast cancer symposium is happening right now at the marriott marquise behind me. here is a group of researchers who have studied angelina julie's decision to undergo those preventable mastectomies and the impact that's had on other women. as you said, it's called the
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angelina effect. this group of researchers is called from toronto in canada. the study was done by them. they're here at the conference and it revealed that the number of referrals for women to get genetic testing doubled after a angelina's story went public. a true explosion in interest there. the question for the medical community is, was this a truly effective shift in thinking for women, that would help sustain momentum long-term, or unnecessary worry? researchers say it turns out the news was very good. >> the mass hysteria phenomenon, this was better awareness of what the real issues were for the testing. this is appropriate referral by clinicians, and it was patient awareness, bringing the right patients into the clinic. so it's a real success story for what a celebrity medical diagnosis can do. >> reporter: it's positive news, but also, it does turn out that women diagnosed with early stage cancer in one breast more and more are on thing to get more breasts removed to reduce the odds of getting cancer again.
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but researchers both at stanford and the cancer prevention institute of california in fremont released findings this week that determine undergoing the double mastectomy, like angelina jolie did, does not actually increase the chances for long-term survival. there's that bit of news as well. but speaking of long-term, the question now for the mental community is how do we keep the going. the angelina effect seems to have worked in getting women to go get tested, but they're trying to figure out now how to keep the momentum continuing on. the study is going to be released tomorrow, actually, here at the symposium, which runs through saturday. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> a good conversation. thank you so much, steph. well, now to an investigative exclusive, turning taxpayer-funded conferences into reward points. our investigative unit uncovered a public official in sklar county, racking up perks. records show jonathan vartnian, the director of child support services, put tens of thousands
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of dollars of employee travel on his personal credit card, by adding his own personal rewards number, it allows him to rack up points for everybody's stay. and then the county pays him back while he banks those rewards. multiple sources within the department of child support services believes he's using a portion -- a position of power, rather, for personal gain. >> do you believe what's happening is wrong? >> i do. i do believe it's wrong. >> why? >> i don't believe people should be personally benefiting from travel. they are public employees. i think the frustration level is just so high at this point and the morale at the office is just so low. it's just not right. >> now, the county says it's opened an investigation into his travel spending. we wanted to talk to him, but he refused to talk to us because of the internal investigation. you can see our investigation tonight at 11:00. so, are you ready for some football? >> yes, i am.
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>> the nfl season gets started tonight and lucky enough for us, it's on nbc. the super bowl champions, the seahawks, they're taking on the green bay packers. >> live outside the stadium in seattle with the countdown to kickoff, jay gray. >> reporter: there is the unique sound, style, and scene that defies seattle. the space needle, tight place market, and now you can include the lombardi trophy. >> the game has never been stronger and here we are with the game, with the season kicking off tonight, this is a huge, huge night. >> reporter: the nfl celebrating its newest champion right here on nbc. behind the scenes, miles of cable and mobile control rooms are in place and the broadcast team is ready for kickoff. >> it couldn't be better. you want that atmosphere, the championship barn is going to be exciting. these fans are into it. >> super fan right here! >> reporter: the party actually started earlier this week when
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downtown was turned into a playground for little kids, big kids, and even these kids. flag team have been practicing their steps on the field while just outside, seattle's own sound garden. and pop sensation pharrell got in a pre-game practice for the concert tonight, just before the teams take center stage. >> it really should be a full evening of fun and football and for nbc sports, the beginning of a season with the first game here tonight and the last one, super bowl xlix in arizona. jay grey, nbc news, seattle. >> you know if he's wearing niners, right? >> niners red. mar jean lynch will play a big part in tonight's game. >> the seattle's running back, an interesting off-season training program, dead lifting what appears to be a lifetime collection of, there they are,
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skittles. his love of skittles goes back about 15 years when his mom carried the candy in her purse, telling him they would help him play hard and run fast. now he has a new commercial with skittles whereby showing him incorporating the candy into his training regimen. i'm sure his trainer approves, right? >> why not? so seahawks host the packers tonight at 5:30 right here on nbc. that means there is no 5:00, no 6:00 news tonight. we are still working our reporters though, because we'll have a newscast right after the game. >> and you can get it anytime of the day, so do you need to know the weather around kickoff time? maybe not. maybe you're trying to get away from the tv. >> you know what, it's going to be nice out there. indoors, outdoors, wherever you're going to watch the game, right here on nbc bay area, temperatures are going to be comfortable all across the board. so it's one of those days, you can get outdoors comfortably and probably get by without your ac in most spots, especially around
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the south bay, temperatures are at 65 here. meanwhile, 73 out in concord and livermore at 72. this is going to be your hot spot today, out in the extreme east bay valleys. but we still have plenty of low clouds here. over san francisco, and i want to show you this particular shot, because you can see those clouds breaking apart at this point, and you can vaguely make out the golden gate bridge here. now, take a look at this. i'll take you right to the golden gate bridge, and you can see those thick low clouds. also, you'll notice, a lot of spectators out there, taking a look at our iconic bridge. and it looks kind of cloudy. you'll get three to maybe four hours of sunshine later today in the city by the bay. but you can see what's happening. all those clouds are banked up against the coastline. we get that westerly flow, carries the air all the way inland. so even today, once those clouds burn off, still really nice out there. temperatures work like this, 83 for the south bay. the 70s on the way to the peninsula, east shore, san francisco, a taste of the low 70s for you. meanwhile, 83 degrees in the north bay. and part of the reason why we're
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seeing cooler temperatures is because our days are getting shorter as we transition closer to fall. first official day is the 22nd of this month. and that's when we'll see the day and night of equal length. after that, our nights get longer than our days, so the temperatures continue to cool off. leaves change color as a result of those reduced daylight hours, because they're not producing much chlorophyll. that's why they turn from green to yellow and orange. and this is also a big change. between the first of september and the 30th, we actually lose 70 minutes of daylight, which is part of the reason why we cool off. otherwise, it's going to be really nice around here, all weekend along. temperatures in the 70s and 80s on the peninsula. kind of a warm weekend shaping up for you. if you're brewaking up with thi morning in san jose, not too bad. this is the kind of weather we yearn for in the heat of the summertime. not too bad out there. back to you, scott and kris. families who don't have their "frozen" fix, they're in luck. disney releasing a mini sequel
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this spring. >> the animated short called "frozen feature" will feature ana, elsa, and olaf. the story centers on her birthday. her icy powers will put more than just her powers at risk. >> i'm excessing it's popular with your daughters? >> yes. >> yes. a mystery of missing socks sol solved by a family in portland. >> we'll show you why man's best friend wasn't so friendly.
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well, two teenagers are still in shock after a great white shark attacked their kayak off the coast of massachusetts. >> so the two ckayakers say the were paddling and talking. the shark comes out of the water and flips over their boat. this happened yesterday.
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the girls say a neighbor heard the screaming and they rushed into the water after calling 911. >> the worst part was sitting in the water, waiting, wondering where he was. you didn't know if he was under you or around you. >> they're going to need a bigger boat. officials confirm the bites were from a great white shark. >> those girls are really lucky. well, we have all wondered from time to time, you know all those socks that disappear, where do they go? one family in portland is not wondering anymore, because they found out that the dog has been eating the socks. >> oh, yuck. this turns out a 3-year-old great dane named claude has a sock problem. after he got sick, his family took him to the vet. those are all socks. >> oh, my goodness! >> after a quick surgery, the vet pulled out 43 1/2 socks. >> oh, my -- >> they opened up his stomach and just kept removing sock after sock of all different shapes, colors, and sizes. >> claude recovered quickly.
11:25 am
he went home the next day. the x-ray won the second place in the veterinarian news annual "they ate what?" contest. the hospital is using the $500 prize to help cover vet bills for patients who these extra help. >> 43 1/2 -- where's the other half? >> i bet claude knows. usually there's nothing tiny about a rhino. >> wait until you see the newest addition of a zoo in new zealand.
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look at that. that is a little female white rhino that was born in israel. >> ahh! >> white rhinos are classified as near threatened. there was a much anticipated birth, because it is a female and it was the first at the zoo in more than 20 years. two males have been born. >> i want a baby rhino. >> i want to give it a hug. >> we're going to get a baby rhino. >> bye!
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