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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 4, 2014 8:30pm-9:31pm PDT

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>> al: talk about a shutdown corner, or whatever you want to call him. you've had a great night when no one even throws your way, that's your reputation. meanwhile they've thrown maxwell's way nine times, received six. he did have an interception.
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second and ten. andrew corliss. >> cris: believe it or not, sherrod limping a little bit. for aaron rodgers, sometimes you realize your fate and get the heck out of here. but it's going to be a concern, no doubt about it. they're going to have to get some help over to the right side for a little while until they get this offensive line back together and healthy. >> al: on second and ten, it's dujuan harris. back to michelle. >> michelle: we saw eddie lacy leave to be evaluated for a concussion. it was ruled questionable. no further status on bryan bulaga. just out with a knee injury. >> al: at the snap here, we have come upon the two-minute warning. two minutes remaining tonight in
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a 20-point game. seattle looking like the reigning super bowl champions.
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>> al: this is thursday night. sunday night we will be in denver with peyton manning and the broncos on "sunday night football" with the guys getting it started on "football night in america." cris and i with a preview look on what we're going to see sunday night in the mile high city. so a big opening night for seattle, a team that counting
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two postseason games has won 17 of 18 and they're going to go 18 out of 19 over the last two years plus when this one is in the books. it's third down and three here. and rodgers with the throw. gets it away. flag is down, however. back at the line of scrimmage at the 24 yard line. >> cris: and john perry is not moving fast. >> referee: holding offense, ten-yard penalty. replay third down. >> al: that's t.j. lang. he had a hold of michael bennett. >> cris: well, lang is going to get beat around by michael bennett. like so many people have done, you get beat, you save your quarterback and takes off the board. a pretty spectacular play by aaron rodgers. he can do a lot but he can't do it all. give credit tonight, they stopped the running game, byron maxwell, marcus burley, their backup squad.
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they had their two best receivers, jordy nelson and randall cobb. they couldn't get it done, just as simple as that. pressure got there in the second half. >> al: third and 13. boy, that secondary does his job. what else is new. it's deflected and incomplete. legion of boom. rodgers had a lot of time but they don't leave too many openings in the back end. >> cris: great reaction there by earl thomas. i know he's disappointed he didn't come down with that interception. what an intense young man that is. i mean, his whole life is dedicated to the game of football. he is the first one there and the last one to leave and you hear that sometimes but it's serious with this guy. he's there at the crack of dawn. he stays late. he lives for football. just flies around the field. i love watching him play, one of
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the great players in the league. >> al: and look on the stat sheet. fair caught at the 23 yard line by brian waters. when your defense is number one you get to the super bowl. eight teams have made it when they're ranked number one in points allowed. there it is, the last super bowl before the afl-nfl merger was the chiefs. the only loser would be the chiefs and the vikings in that one. >> cris: that was great. one thing that probably won't be talked about in this game, aaron rodgers took his team down the field to get his club right back in it. they were down by 12, 13, something like that. then seattle's offense did what they have to do. if you're going to be champions, you are answer the call.
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you take it the other way for the touchdown. russell wilson and company were so sharp tonight. >> al: a couple of kneel-downs will take it. the youngest 62-going on 63-year-old you'll ever see. he went to new england in the late 90s. bob kraft had inherited bill parcells. so parcels leaves after they win the super bowl. and carroll comes in and leaves after a few years and he gets bill belichick. >> cris: everybody thinks that pete's the guy you get along with and he's great and you play music at practice. no. it's the same formula bill parcells used.
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it's discipline. discipline wins games. he said i'm doing the same thing now we did the usc, the formula works. if the guys are disciplined, we're going to win. >> al: two national championships. nfc a super bowl and a big start tonight in a quest to do it again. seattle dominates in the 2014 opener. winning the game by a score of 36-16. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report after these messages. ♪
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♪ ♪
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welcome to the volkswagen postgame report. here now, bob costas. >> so the seahawks in convincing
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fashion win it 36-16. michele tafoya's interview with some of the game stars coming up. let's take a look at the sunday night football bus, even though this is technically a thursday night, quickly turning into a friday morning in some parts of the country. carrie underwood surrounded by some of the game's greats. and russell wilson will be ad d added. game ball tonight to russell wilson, percy harvin and bobby wagner and the three of them are with michele. >> michelle: thank you. green bay has a lot of offensive weapons. how did you keep them in front of you all night? >> we read the offense pretty well. once we made them want to miss, we thought we were good. >> michelle: what was it like to come out on this field on opening night as defending super bowl champions in front of this crowd. how was that moment? >> it was great.
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the crowd came in. they had us hyped up. that's how we always win. >> you certainly stopped green bay. let's turn to the two offensive guys. let's start with russell wilson. the offense just picked up right where it left off. you're 1-0 in your bid to repeat as champions. what went owe right tonight? >> we played physical. we made some big plays. this guy here had a great night. all the other receivers, ricardo lockette and marshawn lynch, they ran the ball so physically. we could have played better in the third quarter. over than that, we played really well. >> again, the moment, walking out on this field in front of the crowd as super bowl champions, what was it like? >> it's surreal. it's a blessing to be on the field at any time. it's a new year. we're looking forward to one game at a time and having that same mentality as last year.
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>> it's a new year and what is does a healthy percy harvin mean for this team? >> lord have mercy, we have percy. that's what i say. we have a great relationship. it's really good for us. >> congratulations. let's turn to percy. you guys made it look easy out there. what was so in sync tonight? >> we just tried to stay on schedule, got off to a good start. from there we converted on third down at a pretty good rate. we played physical and took care of business. >> people are talking about the seahawks being even better this year than they were last year when they won a super bowl. what do you think the potential of this team is? >> we got a few more weapons on offense. a lot of the guys are just more experienced. the defenders, kam chancellor, earl, they got another year of experience. we just went to work, it was based on our fundamentals in the off season. and it went great.
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>> congratulations. bob? >> you may say to yourself where is marshawn lynch? and i may say to myself, where's my camera? i guess it's this one. tony and dan patrick are here. marshawn lynch is another guy we should acknowledge. carried it 20 times for two touchdowns. he's not the most media friendly guy. when you get an interview with him, it's stop the presses stuff. what do you take away from this game? >> i tried to tell coach in the pregame show that this team is heading back to the super bowl. this team is the best team in the national football league. the scary part about it, coach, is they're only getting better. you talk about russell wilson and him. i think people need to consider him an elite quarterback. even in an interview, he's talking about getting better. but percy harvin, what a
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difference he makes on this team. >> i agree, they're a better football team than last year. harvin brings an element they didn't have, russell wilson is better. their defense, i love the way they play. they're fast and physical. i know pete carroll is going to go in that locker room and say it's only one game, we have to keep going. just like russell wilson said, we didn't repeat. it's not easy. >> you talk about complacency. i don't think this is a complacent team. i watch this team like you watched. they come out, they play hard, they play tough. for the life of me, i believe this is the best team in football. if i had to pick one weakness of this team, it's that they don't have a punt returner. >> maybe it should just be a fair catch or let it roll situation because they're not going to mess anything up. >> they're going to be awfully tough to beat at home but it's a
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8:49 pm
the new and the older -- i'm not going to call him old, mvp of the league, but andrew luck, if you project, who are the great ones going to be? people can't get him on the ground like ben roethlisberger but he's faster. just get von miller back in the lineup again has to make you feel awfully good about things. this is a team that defensively i think they're going to be stronger, loss of wes welker for a little while. any time you have peyton manning, you know you're going to put some points on the board. >> al: denver sunday night. it will be the broncos and the colts. "tonight show" starting jimmy falon, except on the west coast.
8:50 pm
for -- al michaels for cris collinsworth and michele tafoya and our whole crew, good night tonight. the seattle seahawks win tonight, 36-16. >> announcer: nbc sports, thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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stew night -- an inferno in the city. what was inside the burning building. at this hour, an active scene and major questions to be answered. good evening. thank you for joining us on this primetime edition of nbc bay area news. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. >> tonight the clean-up in full swing. a huge fire ripped through the san francisco building, sending thick black smoke, pouring across the city. that happened this afternoon on mission between 22nd and 23rd. >> the flames were problematic for the firefighters. the smoke was toxic for everyone in the area. mark matthews has details on the toxic smoke. start with christie smith at the scene. this doesn't happen often. a five-alarm fire in the middle of the city? >> that's right. mission street shut down at
8:54 pm
22nd. a ladder truck up on the building that burned on the other side of the bus there. the roof has caved in. debris from the store is on the sidewalk. goods from inside of the store, part of the challenge for fire fighters who say they will be here all night. firefighters sprayed water from the outside of the building on mission street for hours. jim pringle watched those first on scene. >> they were all prepped, ready to go. flames coming out. hitting the top. it got so hot i had to go inside and start packing. i couldn't touch the railing. >> reporter: heap sh shot the v from his balcony. the fire jumped to three alarms. >> a three story building. high volume of inventory on the second and third floors. that is really what we're fighting right now. >> reporter: neighbors say the is called big house, clothes, backpacks and items. crews took a defensive stand as thick, black smoke filled the strech street. four including two firefighters
8:55 pm
suffered smoke inhalation. at nearby house of jeans it was hard to breathe. >> it was the smoke. >> reporter: behind the building, neighbors grabbed pets and got out. collin grabbed his snake and birds. >> for a long while. huge plumes of smoke. more and more. >> reporter: the fire chief says they've been called here before for complaints. >> we did receive a complaint in '09. we inspected and directed the owner/manager to widen one of the aisleways that led to a rear exit. they complied. they were not cited. we received a similar complaint for sort of overcrowded in 2013. >> they found no citation was needed. neighbors began to relax after they saw smoke and flames stopped. >> our place is fine as far as i was in the back. >> reporter: the neighbors sheltered in place or evacuated. firefighters didn't gift order. something neighbors did as a
8:56 pm
precaution. some of them complaining about the smell. as for the roof that is caved in. firefighters will have to be very careful as they try to determine a cause. roaring live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. you see the smoke. it could also be seen from miles. at epicenter of the fire it was thick. it was dark and it was toxic. fire fighters urging people to stay away. melting away inside. plastic. breathing plastic, can be dangerous. nbc bay area's mark matthews is at the building. make picks up the coverage for us. mark picks up the coverage for us. mark? >> reporter: fortunate it wasn't more toxic. most of what was burning, merchandise, ball caps, backpacks, there was not a great deal of plastic. they were not chemicals that would have been worse. what was remarkable about this fire, the amount of smoke. people who live and work on this block at mission street say they
8:57 pm
have never seen anything like it. >> i just literally walked outside and there was just so much smoke. >> ross fullerton works at the bar across the street from the burned building. >> it was crazy. looked like a war zone when i walked out my door. >> reporter: a couple doors down the street, myrna gannon didn't know which way to turn. [ indiscernible ] >> everything was blocked. the smoke, oh, boy. i started praying. >> reporter: fire fighters heard there was a day-care center across the street. the county supervisor and police captain went to investigate. >> sure enough there were a. but, three, four infants that were there. we were able to evacuate them. the air quality is horrible. >> reporter: even 2 1/2 hours after the fire began. firefighters flooded the building. smoke continued to pour out. >> hour and a half, two hours ago. you couldn't see across the block. >> out of an abundance of caution, san francisco city college decided to evacuate its
8:58 pm
mission center sccampus two blos away. >> a senior center two blocks down. they asked. we said no, suggest you shelter in place. keep your windows closed. >> the fire fighter came to our door and said, "you guys you should not be here if you didn't have to breathe this. close your door, go some where else." >> good advice. there was an awful lot of smoke and while it was not especially dangerous, there were plastics, there were other materials. it was not a good thing to breathe. people who got out of the way of the smoke, they did the right thing. reporting from mission, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. today's fire reminiscent of what we saw earlier this year. a five-alarm fire. the one in china basin. near at & t park. march 11th, the mission bay fire, consumed the huge apartment complex under construction. fire investigators declared it accidental. likely caused by sparks from welding. and osha was investigating. a $1,000 fine levied against the
8:59 pm
subcontractor on the project. the company appealed the fine. damage estimated at $40 million. >> our coverage of today's fire continues online at nbc bay right there on the front page, find raw video of the flames and the slide show of viewer photos. >> well an illegal bake sale at school. police in richmond say a high school senior was caught selling pot snacks. that got her classmates sick. investigators say three students started throwing up after eating brownies today. pair medics rushed another two to the hospital when they lost consciousness. officers arrested the 17-year-old senior. the seller and pusher. she now faces several felony drug charges and possibly charges of child endangerment. >> the nfl season kicked off tonight you. saw it here on nbc bay area. a big question for the 49ers. will the team bench ray mcdonald? the 49ers in dallas for sunday's game against the cowboys. by all indications, mcdonald will play. nbc bay area's damian trujillo,
9:00 pm
broke the story sunday morning of mcdonald's arrest. damian, a big night in the nfl. of course this is the hot topic, at least around here. >> yeah, you know you are getting a lot of honest reactions from some of the fans here at the san pedro square marketen downtown. some of them say mcdonald should play. others say, he needs to stay home. fans looked on as niners bitter rivals took the field. the seahawks. and on most of their minds tonight is the latest run-in with police involving a 49er. and should ray mcdonald play on sunday. >> he should play. i don't think there is clear evidence against him as of now. >> i think he should play. they serious loo have nothing against him. if evidence pops up where he is guilty. then, then he is definitely shouldn't play. but -- you know, due process hasn't been done yet. >> the da still has not seen the case against mcdonald. san jose police are not done with their investigation.
9:01 pm
>> one reason why the police may be taking extra care in the way they're preparing this report. >> reporter: legal analyst steven clark says the nation is watching. and san jose police want us to make sure they get it right. as we first reported. sunday, police arrested mcdonald early that morning at his home. accusing him of felony domestic violence. clark says domestic violence cases are out of the hands of the alleged victim. >> the victim can refuse to testify. but they cannot drop charges. >> and if charges are one day dropped, clark says that still doesn't clear mcdonald professionally. >> the san jose police department really isn't just investigating this for the district attorney, they're investigating this for the nfl. >> reporter: the 49ers are scheduled to leave tomorrow, between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. i am told by matt mioko he would be very surprised if mcdonald is not on the plane. liven downtown san jose, damian
9:02 pm
trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> nbc bay area follow-up. big win for the raderettes, agreed to a settlement from the oakland raiders. who cheerleaders filed the class action lawsuit in january claiming the team violated several state labor laws including not paying the minimum wage. within months the team which paid the women a plat $125 a game fee, drew up a new contract with hourly pay for game days and practices. today's agreement awards $6,000 a year in back pay for cheer leaders who worked 2010 through 2012 seasons. squad members who worked this past season will get $2,500 because of the pay increase. tonight our investigator unit uncovered a public official racking up perks. we found he turned taxpayer funded conferences into reward points. investigator reporter joins us with a preview of her
9:03 pm
investigation, jenna. >> reporter: the director gained elite status on the public dime. multiple sources within child support services believe the man in charge is using his position of power for personal gain. the county has now opened an investigation into the director's travel spending. we uncovered, puts tens of thousand of dollars of travel on personal credit card adding rewards numbers allowing him to rack up points for everyone's stay. then the county pays him back, while he banks the rewards. we spoke with employees at child support services who are upset over the practice. they asked we conceal their identities out of fear of retaliation.
9:04 pm
>> he has been with the county for 13 years. apointed director by the board of supervisors last year. we wanted to talk to him. he declined our request for an interview. due to the in ternl investigation into his spending. now the president of the board of supervisors says the county is aware uh the allegations. coming up at 11:00. we'll show you how much is involved. and what else we found in travel documents. tonight on nbc bay area news. >> okay. looking forward to it. now, jenna, or any one of our investigative unit give us a call at -- tonight, a face-off in sacramento. governor brown and his challenger, neel kashkari squared off in their only scheduled debate. michelle roberts tracking the debate. michelle, spirited with good one-liners, kashkari needed a home run to get the voters' attention. >> absolutely. neel kashkari has been waiting
9:05 pm
to face-off against the governor on the website. requested ten debates. all denied until now. former u.s. treasury department official, neel kashkari called out the government, saying brown has fall in short in education and the economy. kashkari said the high speed rail ties expensive called "the crazy train." and believes the money should be spent on water. governor brown is defending the project. brown is running for a third term. tonight he stood by his record. >> we created 1.4 million jobs, raised minimum wage, extended health care. instead 22% without health care. we have 11%. the place of google. place of dreams. the land of opportunity. we need to improve our economic climate so job creators can do their best, grow, put california families become to work. we have to rebuild the middle-class of california. we need to bring good jobs to
9:06 pm
california. tesla is one of many examples of this failure of this administration. >> governor brown says he fought hard for tesla but the company wanted a massive cash payment that wouldn't be fair to taxpayers. according to a new poll released this morning, governor brown has a 16% lead over kashkari. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm michelle roberts. >> thank you. michelle. less than a month after the trajic suicide of comic legend robin williams, a comedic icon has died. joan rivers, who made us laugh with her acerbic wit, passed away after complications from throat surgery. at 81, rivers was playing gigs. just in the bay area last month. performing at mountain winery in saratoga. last week, rivers underwent a vocal chord procedure at outpatient clinic when she went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. rushed to mount sinai hospital in new york placed in a medically induced coma and put on life support.
9:07 pm
today her daughter melissa rivers announced her mother passed away surrounded by close family and friends. the comedienne known for her bold, self-deprecating and bitterly honest humor. love her or hate her, she was a trail blazer for female comics. a fighter and always memorable. nbc bay area's janelle ryan has a look at her life. >> she came in an egg. some people will do anything not to have off to speak to ryan seacrest. >> joan rivers, had recent fame joking abut red carpet royalty. >> can we talk? >> she was a star doing a job once dominated by men. stand-up comedy. >> i was doing things we were not suppose to talk about. outrageous. >> the brooklyn native's, no holds barred humor. >> i had been working eight years in greenwich village. and nothing. and he said, god bless him, you are going to be a star. he changed my life. >> reporter: rivers became a standout on the stand-up scene
9:08 pm
and television fixture even filling in frequently for carson. >> you were the fir twoouns ssty you're funny. >> carson and rivers had a bitter falling out. rivers became the first woman to have her own late night talk show in direct competition with carson. but rivers' show last aid year. soon after her husband, edgar rosenberg, the show's pre deucer committed suicide. the loss strained rivers' relationship with her daughter melissa. >> it has always been about you. it always will be about you. >> they eventually co-starred as themselves in a tv movie about that dark period. >> absolutely, could not find our way become to each other for two years. >> once reunited the pair became extremely close and worked together frequently on reality television. >> i wanted more from her. >> reporter: recently rivers' biting humor gained a new audience, wooing celebrities on the red carpet and critiquing couture as the host of "fashion
9:09 pm
police." >> how stupid do i look? >> reporter: joan rivers always felt at home doing stand-up. >> this whole act should be called allegedly. >> her custom comedy. >> what humor none of us would be here. >> reporter: that scorched a trail for others to follow. >> she was funny. now, state health officials are investigating the new york facility where rivers underwent the vocal chord surgery. the clinic is out patient endoscopy clinic. officials say the investigation may take some time. rivers' procedure was reportedly minor and quite routine. there is the issue of her age. joan rivers daughter, melissa rivers release aid staement from her mom's passing. saying "my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although it is difficult to do right now, i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon." now this is hollywood's colorful tribute to an unforgettable icon. fans visited joan rivers' star
9:10 pm
on the walk of fame. a wreath of flowers joined flowers left behind. chamber of commerce honored her star in 1989. we invite you to stay with us for continuing coverage of joan rivers' death on air and online at >> still ahead -- some call it double dipping. others think it could solve a growing problem in san how say. the new proposal designed to keep officers on the streets. >> plus a fast food fight. demands thousand of workers made as they walked off the job today. >> and, good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog continues to roll into san francisco right now. we are tracking that low cloud cover. we'll have details on what this means for your forecast on friday in just a few minutes.
9:11 pm
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♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. jenny jenny carlos alex carlos good morning burrito team! we set out to make a bigger, tastier breakfast burrito and i think we nailed it. introducing bigger, better breakfast burritos. the grande sausage, packed with hash browns, sausage, and creamy sriracha sauce and the meat lovers, stuffed with ham, bacon and sausage, both wrapped in a warm guerrero tortilla. burritos so big, they make everything look smaller. some call it a drastic measure, embattled police department is proposing a new plan. comes out as numbers released reveal the department faces more problems in getting new
9:13 pm
officers. here's nbc bay area's robert honda. >> reporter: the san jose police department is attacking staffing problem in different directions. number of officers dropped by the hundreds mainly after a bitter pension fight with the city. today mayor chuck reid and sam lacardo endorsed officer retention program. the program which nbc bay area first revealed last week, offers long time cops a chance to retire but stay on the job. in essence bank pension money earning pay. >> we have certainly seen in other departments. this is something that is very popular with officers. we expect that to be true here, obviously need to be negotiated at bargaining table. the police union says similar plans have caused other cities major problems. >> so to be concentrating their efforts on the political double dipping stunt two months before the election, they need to be concentrating on what it is going to take for us to recruit and retan nin new officers.
9:14 pm
>> police academy numbers show, 29 recruits in a class that fills 60. >> we know that again, starting next year, we will see historic low staffing numbers in san jose. well are hiring through more and if we don't get quite as many per academy as long as we can build this department and really halt the bleeding i think that's what's most important. >> the efforts to solve the staffing problems will face tests soon when city find out just how many academy graduates stay on the force as well as if or when the officer retention program proposal goes before the full city council. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> officers found a woman's bed last thubed -- body last thursday slumped over the wheel of the car. her son may have been the one who killed her. investigators say they found his body near the church as well. according to police he may have killed himself after stabbing his mother to death. investigators say at this point
9:15 pm
they're not searching for any other suspects in the case. >> customers called him a shady furniture store owner and he faces felony charges. authorities arrested hung han trong. he owned furniture stores. prosecutors say he ripped off customers by selling item he's never delivered and closing his stores. complaints included delivering shoddy merchandise. trong faces nine years in prison. currently out on bail. >> fast food workers demanded super-sized wages as they walked off the job today. at least 500 workers took over busy intersection in sacramento. demonstration, one of dozens of protested staged in cities new york to los angeles. the workers are calling for what they describe as a livable wage. $15 an hour. ten workers refuse budge. others cleared when officers led
9:16 pm
them away in handcuffs. >> there will be ways to, let the workers, you know, decide who will be there, their representatives of the table. it is a process. and, the-- the industry need to speak up eventually. >> san jose's minimum wage set at $10 an hour. in san francisco, it is $10.74. in november, voters will decide on the proposal to raise it to $15. also a ballot is nesh tinitiatig on raising city wage. >> what did we learn from the 6.0 earthquake in napa. getting answers. collected by sensor, drone, chopper, on the ground observation. the crack in the ground that runs along the vineyards in napa goes fairly straight for a good six miles. it's not what is normally expected from a 6.0 quake. scientists believe it occurred when the west napa fault ruptured it directed most energy
9:17 pm
in one direction. north into the relatively soft soil of napa. they found the initial jolt caused the fault to slip around 12 to 14 inches. >> we have seen that in other earth quakes. after the parkfield earthquake. in central, california, we saw that. this was, that was along a fault that is more -- doesn't creep so much. this fault isn't, isn't known to be a creeping fault. so -- it is an interesting observation. >> a meeting of the minds. the seminar to share the data and see if there is something they missed for the scientists. the usgs expects to learn something new from these observations. >> wealth of observations to come i'm sure. lots of information out there. turn things over to meteorologist, jeff ranieri, observing the weather outside. >> yes, beautiful on a thursday. temperatures going as high as 90 degrees in dublin. also walnut creek. south san jose. getting up to 89. los altos, 84.
9:18 pm
mill valley, 82. san francisco, temperatures popped up into the 70s. now, quickly advancing over the past two hours, right now is that fog. also low cloud cover. you can see right now across the east shore. areas of cloud moving in. currently 65. not only the fog in san francisco, but if you are traveling there for a late evening, let's say, also areas of drizzle. and few clouds. north bay. currently, 62. some of the best weather right now in the south bay. check it out across san jose. 10 mile and plus visibility. get you into the forecast. first thing i will show you is the fog data. computer models placing thickest fog. immediate coastline. the thing that is different at 9:18. the fact that low cloud cover moving into napa. marin and sonoma. and the east bay. that combining with a very strong on-shore flow for
9:19 pm
tomorrow. no way we will wake up without cloud cover. a foggy morning for us here. also as we zoom in closer. check it out, 6:00 a.m. little green here showing up on futurecast. and possibly get drizzle near the coastline. also back for the trivalley. then as we head throughout the afternoon tomorrow. sunny skies from santa rosa done to san jose. but of course that fog, not going to go anywhere. headed to the coastline. one of the days, where you need a light jacket. in the back seat. pull it out. get to the coastline. as we take-up to the microclimate forecast, friday. temperatures staying similar to today. we may go up a degree or two. but all and all. beautiful weather here across the south bay. san jose. 86. hotter, saratoga. 89. right at pacifica. rays of sun. should pop up to 73. palo alto. san francisco. 90% of the san francisco, northern peninsula in the 60s. headed to downtown. the one spot, that will pop up into the low 70s. and for the north bay, east bay,
9:20 pm
trivalley. napa, 86. little more on the comfortable side. doing any earth quake clean-up. and for the trivalley. go back into the 90s for pleasantton and also for livermore. as far as this weekend. looks look saturday the hottest day. 87 in south bay. trivalley. 93. north bay, 85. go about, 3, 4 degrees cooler. head throughout sunday's forecast. sunday, better day if you have yard work outside. leave you right now with the el nino update. now in. currently, 65% that we will see el nino from november to january. this strength looks weak at this point. likely a weak event, raj, jess, means at best average rainfall. more updates to come over the next month or so. let's hope we continue to see our rain averages stay up there. >> okay. let's hope so. >> thank you, jeff. see how good the seahawks look tonight. scary for the 49ers. niners holding their final practice before heading to texas
9:21 pm
tomorrow. we are joined next. safeway understands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. school is in and so are the savings. pretty lady green grapes are just $1.99 a pound. kids love kraft mac & cheese. you'll love that it's 79¢ a box. and grab capri sun for just $1.88. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life.
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good evening. geraud moncure. before heading to the lone star state for the opener against the cow biz at jerboys at jerry's w. with all the offthe season issues, a welcome challenge. 49ers/cow biz haboys haven't me dallas escaped with an overtime victory at candlestick park. of course a lot has changed since then. >> it's opening day. you never know what they're going to do. and -- it is a new defense for them. been very impressed with them. >> last year in spite of going 8-8. they were i think fourth in the league in points scored. really the only stat that matters offensively. >> i'm excited, man. going back from, from selling
9:24 pm
popcorn and hot dogs in the stand for the cowboys. and being, being able to play. that's a big change. anybody got to be excite ford that. i can't wit to go baait to go b. >> opener. packers, seahawks. seattle raising the super bowl banneren front of the 12th man. trailing, russell wilson. a read option. wide open. do the rest. 33 yards. 10-7, seahawks. later, game tied at 10. mar se marshawn lynch. 110 yards. seattle wins, 36-16. raj, jessica. seattle, aggressive, fast, very hungry despite raising the banner. see a lot of teams raise the banner after a championship. lay an egg. they were dominant tonight. >> yeah, can you tell your friend jessica not to wear seahawks colors next time you work. >> razzing me about that all night. >> you know what, jessica, you
9:25 pm
kind of deserve it a little bit. >> the winning colors. see. >> she looks good. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment. [ mike ] our living local program is identifying farmers within a 50-mile radius of the stores within their community. capay valley puts some of the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes in the box and we get those to the store on the next day. it's a really great relationship when you can buy fresh, flavorful, outstanding products from your neighbor. it's our passion for produce, combined with our strong sense of community. and we're able to deliver that experience by living local.
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9:27 pm
sttonight. the investigative unit, a public official rack up reward. >> finally here at 9:00 you. may see changes to sushi menus next year. part of the plan to save blue fin tuna. the fish on the monterey bay sea watch list. scientists say the current rate of overfishing is unsustainable. tonight the united states and several countries agreed to a plan to cutback on their catches. this may allow stocks of adult tuna to rebound over the next decade. beginning in the new year, pacific fishing cut in half. >> jeff, final word. inching close to friday, mister. >> yes, weekend forecast, for
9:28 pm
friday, not going to disappoint. see after morning fog in the south bay. sunny skies by afternoon. 87 degrees. more low 90s for the trivalley. out in the sun feels like 94. remember drink plenty of water. in san francisco, maybe foggy now. but by tomorrow afternoon, some sun and cloud. temperatures even as high as 72. pretty comfortable weather there for the north bay. looking at 85 degrees. talk more about our weekend forecast at 11:00 p.m. one day that is better than the other. >> oh. >> we'll break it down. >> ha-ha. >> at 11:00. >> i will have to be here for that then. >> bye-bye. >> bye.
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
>> let the games begin! the 2014 nfl season is officially under way. the 49ers are dreaming of a lombardi trophy. they have fall in just short for the third straight year. harbaugh. look to tame the super bowl champs and bring glory back to the bay. meanwhile, the raiders are looking for big changes, and a cast of veterans. the silver and black welcome the future of the summer hoping to turn the fortunes of the once proud franchise around. we preview the season a special edition of


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