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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 5, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today" jimmy fallon and david letterman emotionally react to the death of the queen of comedy, joan rivers. taking the fight directly to isis terrorists is starting to pay off while the u.s. considers boots on the ground in syria. gay marriage, law of the land? the supreme court may decide. plus, an exciting start to the nfl season right here on nbc. one artist wants to display those hacked nude celebrity photos at a gallery. really? it's friday, september 5th. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm dara brown. american is mourning the loss of
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another comedic legend. a week after being hospitalized 81-year-old joan rivers has died. her funeral will be held this sunday in new york city. the clinic where she went under arrest is under investigation. rivers stopped breathing while undergoing a procedure on her vocal cords. late show host david letterman and jimmy fallon took a moment to remember rivers last night. >> i can remember the first time she came out and sat down, and i was stunned and surprised because, oh, my god, the force of power of her comedy was overwhelming, and i said to people, i didn't remember that she was that funny, but, by god, she was all her life. >> we had her on the very first night when i took over, and i'm lucky to say i got to work with her and have her on our tonight show. i'm so blessed. she came out, and she came over to me, and she started -- really emotional.
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she's just -- i don't think it will do her justice. >> there's no denying that joan rivers was a trailblazer. cynthia mcfadden takes a look at how she made history. >> can we talk? she was a tramp. >> reporter: even her biggest fans would agree, not everyone loved joan rivers. >> of as good girl. >> reporter: while she could turn the joke on herself. >> i went into -- what have you got to go with this suit? she gave me a bottle of cheap wine. >> reporter: often vulgar, take no prisoners approach. >> gwyneth paltrow, the woman's most beautiful woman. voted on by stevie wonder. >> reporter: a career lasting more than 50 years. she was, however, the first. first woman to host a late night show. first woman to take on guys in hard-hitting standup. >> her style was bold. really bold. willing to say anything. willing to do edgy material. that was not expected out of a
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woman. >> she was born in brooklyn, and she was discovered by johnny carson. for 20 years she would be a frequent guest and guest host on nbc's "the tonight show." >> zurp the first one. thank you. >> reporter: their friendship ended abruptly in 1986 when she agreed to host her own late night show competing against carson on fox. a moment rivers vividly described in the documentary "joan rivers, a piece of work." >> the first person i called was johnny carson. he slammed the phone down and called me and slammed it down again and never spoke to me again. ever. >> reporter: her show lasted just eight months. not long after her husband of 22 years edgar rosenburg committed suicide. with an uncertain future, rivers
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reinvented herself as an entertainment commentator. of late rivers brought her humor to the red carpet, hosting "faegs police" on e and co-starring in her own reality show. >> mom, got in the car. >> reporter: her use of plastic surgery was well known, and she owned it. >> women didn't talk about that. that's something you had to hide, and people just suddenly saw you had a new nose, and you never talked about it, but she did. >> reporter: while her face may have changed, her schtick never did. >> the germans killed six million jews. you can't fix a [ bleep ] cash rater? >> welcome back to the network, joeb. >> reporter: joan rivers' star burned brightly right up until the end. >> i love performing. i love what the audience gives you. i am so happy i have people i can laugh with. >> nbc news, new york. a win against a growing threat of isis. the u.s. air strikes took out
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three top members of the group. it happened in mosul, an isis stronghold. reportedly killed the right-hand man to the leader. also dead? an explosive expert and military leader. there's also a new strategy for destroying isis, and here's what a white house advisor told nbc's chris jansing. >> can you do it in seriousa without boots on the ground? >> we're looking at what's requesting to be necessary? >> so you're not ruling that out? >> we're not ruling that out. sfroo more strategy could be revealed september 16th when secretary of state john kerry testifies before congress. an american enfekted with ebola is headed to the united states. dr. rick sakra will arrive later today. the medical missionary was infected in liberia. he was volunteering as an obstetrician. he will be treated at a medical center in nebraska. he is the third american to be infected with the virus. two major court decisions could pave the way for the
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nation's highest court to take a stand once and for all in the fight for marriage equality. a three-judge panel on the u.s. court of appeals unanimously ruled that gay marriage bans in indiana and wisconsin are unconstitutional. taking a record nine days, they declared the bans threaten the welfare of american children. it comes one day after a judge in louisiana upheld the gay marriage ban. the victories for same-sex couples in indiana and wisconsin could bolster pressure for the supreme court to hear at least one same-sex marriage case in its upcoming term. adding to the pressure, 32 states, including those where gay marriage is legal, filed a brief asking high court to hear cases from utah, oklahoma, and virginia. all three states, the appeals court struck down bans. to date 19 states and the district of columbia recognize gay marriage. colorado residents describe this scene as apocalyptic.
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the security video caught jocks flying through the air. houses, windows, and doors were flung into neighborhood homes. families up to two blocks away had to be evacuated. the homeowner is hospitalized after the blast. he was shot from the home into the yard. police are investigating the explosion. yet another level of humiliation for celebrities whose nude photos were leaked on to web sites this past weekend. well, los angeles-based artists will use the nude photos of celebrities like jennifer lawrence in an art exhibit next month. the pictures will be unaltered and life-size. aorganized to a press release, the exhibit titled "no delete" is part of an attempt to strengthen the ongoing debate of privacy in the digital era. it will feature nude photos of other celebrities leaked by hackers and paparazzi over the last seven years. hmm. wronk that's going to be so hot. >> who is going to get caught going to that? >> i think there will be a few people protesting that. we do have nbc meteorologist bill karins here.
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it's friday. >> yeah, everyone is always happy with the weekend forecast. it's a big football weekend. nfl season kicked off last night, as you mentioned, and we're looking very nice in the west. it looks warm, actually, two too. if you are going to be doing anything outdoors, we still have our hurricane out there just off the baja of california. the hurricane warnings do go on to land, but the wind so far hasn't been that high, so cab your san lucas is doing okay xshgs we'll keep an eye on it, and it looks like the storm is going to parallel and then weaken as it heads northward. we already have high surf advisories in effect for some of the south facing beaches in southern california, some large waves from the storm should eventually make it to the north, and it looks like some of the rain should go into arizona and especially new mexico, but it does not look like any beneficial rains or anything of significance is going to make it into l.a. some of our computers maybe think las vegas, but it's going to be a close call. again, mostly into sunday if we're going to get a really good chance of rain in the region. look at the forecast. it's another warm one with cool air in the east. that's the warm-up in the west. 89 in portland.
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83 there in seattle. notice a chance of rain there phoenix to albuquerque, and much of new mexico over the weekend. we'll see a lot of heavy rain and he potential for flash flooding, and the forecast looks like saturday, 93 in portland. it's another very warm september day in many areas, and if we're lucky, we get some of the rain in had areas of san diego, but it doesn't look like a lot. that's your fresno, they're at 94. today sacramento also at 94. september is typically a very dry and very warm month in the west, and it was kind of okay and now it's getting warmer. >> i'll be watching the game from air conditioning. >> a lot of people will, right? >> thank you, bill. the super bowl champion seattle seahawks took on the green bay packers in the season
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opener. the big night in football kicked off from the unveiling of the seahawks' first super bowl banner. on the field seattle's percy har vin is looking healthy with seven reacceptings. beast mode. marchon lynch at his best rushing for 110 yards and two touchdowns. the packers struggled against seattle's defense. aaron rodgers sacked three times. a convincing 36-16 blow-out win for the seahawks. just ahead, protecting nude photos and other personal stuff. we will tell you what apple is planning. is google reading your emails before you do? [ shutter ] hi there! [ laughs ] -i'm flo! -i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous. we're going to manage your entire repair process from paperwork to pickup, okay, little tiny baby? your car is ready, and your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own it. the progressive service center -- a real place, where we really manage your claim from start to finish. really.
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welcome back. guilty of public corruption. former virginia governor bobbing mcdonnell and his wife sobbed before exiting the courtroom yesterday. the judge found mcdonnell and his wife guilty on multiple counts of providing favors to a wealthy businessman in exchange for more than $165,000 in gifts
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and loans. another courthouse 500 miles south. a father who allegedly left his child in a hot car to die was indicted on multiple counts of murder. charges for justin ross harris include requesting and sending nude photos to a minor, possibly while his son was in the car. google will pay out $19 million to parents who say they were unfairly billed for app purchases their children made. the federal trade commission also says the tech company has to let parents know about and agree to their kids' purchases. google may also need to explain a new report saying the company has been scanning user emails even before subscribers have an opportunity to read them. usa today says the tech company tried to remove this information from recent court documents. let's get down to business with cnbc's jackie deangeles. good morning to you, jackie. >> good morning, dara. well, investors are awaiting the big event of the day. that is the august jobs report. hiring is expected to have picked up, which is more evidence of momentum in the u.s.
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economy. forecast calling for 225,000 jobs to have been added, which would mark the seventh straight month of gain above 200,000. unemployment down to 6.1%. meanwhile, apple ceo tim cook tells the "wall street journal" that the company plans new steps to keep hackers away from user's accounts in the wake of that celebrity photo scandal. cook says that apple will alert users when someone tries to change their password or restore i cloud data to a new device. bp is planning to appeal a court ruling that found that the company was grossly negligent in the 2010 gulf oil spill. the decision could add $18 billion in fines to the $42 billion in charges that bp has taken for the accident. that's it for us here at cnbc's first in business worldwide. now back to you. >> thank you, jackie. just ahead, all your sports headlines and some pretty entertaining mean tweets up next. product for every mouth.
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♪ this morning on "today" usher is live on the plaza for the today summer concert series. now let's get down to sports with my good friend betty. good morning, betty. >> good morning, dara. a dramatic night at the u.s. open. second seed roger federer to come on monteef. monteef won the first two sets,
4:18 am
but then federer wins and heads to his ninth career u.s. open finals. phoenix suns -- who is currently playing for slovenia in the world cup. he says there is no room for fixing a game like today. australia versus angola. fib fiba should do something about that. >> i just want to tell you that daddy is free of cancer. next thing i have to do is a couple of follow-ups, but it's such great news. thank god. >> thankfully. a cancer-free jim kelly sharing those great words with his daughter. the former buffalo bills quarterback had a series of follow-up biopsies that came back. >> jimmy kimmel's mean tweets. they're back. this time an nfl edition. >> [ bleep ] you.
4:19 am
i hope your -- rip off in the game. [ bleep ]. really? >> keyshawn johnson must have ate the guys who used to cover him. fat [ bleep ]. whatever. >> michael strahan's teeth are having a middle school dance with a boy standing on one side of the room and the girls standing on the other. >> that is so wrong, but yet so funny. dara, back to you. >> oh, thank you so much, betty. just ahead, big news for two of the world's most beautiful women. plus, how would ray liota deal with boys wanting to date his 13-year-old daughter? we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around, and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table, underneath my work desk, we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair.
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[ female announcer ] there are millions of ways to eggo! try one of our fun recipes on facebook... and eggo your way! ♪ just l'eggo my eggo i cover up the city, you probably wouldn't guess are where this forecast is from. yes, it's warm, but phoenix, arizona, with a chance of rain five days in a row. that's with the added moisture and humidity from our tropical system. the one that went into new mexico and a couple of days ago and now in norberg. we have a chance of rain. flash flooding. especially a chance as we go throughout saturday and sunday. los angeles, a typical summertime late summertime week for you. into the weekend. then portland, oregon, who had an extremely warm summer is going back into the 90s on saturday. that's pretty fascinating. they've been very, very warm. >> thank you for that update, bill. now it is time for entertainment news. avengers star and big screen
4:23 am
siren scarlett johannson is officially a mom. she welcomes baby rose into the world yesterday just as "who is the boss" star alissa milano welcomed her second child. garth brooks played the first show of his comeback tour last night and revealed his plans for an arrival for itunes allowing artists to sell the music how they want to. the toronto film festival has begun. it started off by showcasing robert downey jr. and this remarks a return to the drama after years of action films like iron man and sherlock holmes. >> he is swimming from his money like the other ones sfwloosh now he can be the artist he wants to be. what do tom hanks, al green, and patricia mcbride have in common? they have all been selected for the kennedy center honors this year. great award. they're being recognized for their influence on american culture through the arts. and the boss is going to take over the small screen. bruce springsteen will help out
4:24 am
his band mate little stevie on the next season of his netflix series. no matter if you are rooting for the seahawks or packers, you had to have enjoyed the music beforehand. pharrell warmed up the crowd and then arianna grande sang the national anthem before the game. what happens when ray leoata's teenage daughter -- he channels the character from "good fellows" and stares him down with his face. >> does he -- >> i'm not sure, but that face would scare anybody away, i think. >> because he is a little cooky. >> he is practicing his acting there. >> maybe. maybe. don't test it. >> no. i wouldn't test it. i'm dara brown. this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc. kerri: kerri the sparkle® fairy here.
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leading the news in "the guardian" suicide kills one person worldwide every 40 seconds. world health organization report finds. that adds up to a staggering 800,000 suicides each year. it's the second leading cause of death among 15 to 29-year-olds and more common among men than women. in the l.a. times cobra is captured after four days on the loose in thousand oaks. the five foot long albino cobra bit a dog sparking a neighborhood hunt. its venom can kill a human within an hour. so far the snake's owner has not yet come forward. other stories we're following for you. a man in new york city is alive and in stable condition after this. adairing rescue by an nypd helicopter. officers gave him cpr on the
4:27 am
stretcher midair before his violations returned, and then he was delivered to the hospital. investigators are looking into what caused this massive five alarm fire in san francisco that sent toxic smoke billowing into the air. three people were injured. the building was reportedly cited for fire code violations twice in the past five years. scientists have discovered a colossal new dinosaur. its name even makes it sound huge. drednotis. guess this, 130,000 pounds and still growing when it died. that means it could have weighed more than a 737. amazing. >> imaginations run wild. that's big. a jayz rap parody called "bald so hard" has been released. it's for cancer awaerns month. ♪ bald so hard ♪ bright glare behind me ♪ what's the brush, what's a bad hair day ♪ ♪ please remind me
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♪ bald so hard ♪ if you are around, and i'm awake, stop by an oreo shake ♪ >> doctors and nurses also sang along. great video there. the stars come out tonight for stand up to cancer. it's a one-hour telethon to benefit cancer research. it will be carried on 32 broadcasts and cable networks, including nbc, beginning at 8:00, 7:00 central. happy birthday to michael keaton, who is 63, actress from the 1970s, sex symbol raquel welch is 74, and veteran actor and comedian bob newhart, he turns 85. in a week of serious news, something inspiring, and it just might be the closest thing to a miracle. take a look. [ crying ] >> hello. hello, darling. hi. hello. >> hi. hi. >> he is smiling. >> it is amazing the 7-week-old getting his first hearing aid
4:29 am
and hearing his parents for the first time. i'm dara brown. this is "early today."
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"today in the bay." and a lovely friday morning to you, it's 4:30, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. first let's check that friday forecast with christina, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, laura, sam, everybody at home. definitely a taste of fall out there when you walk out your front door this morning. temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s. we're at about 58 degrees in santa rosa. 63 in oakland. and 59 degrees in san martin. we have an interesting forecast to go over for today. we will get to that in just a moment. but first, i want to the say good morning, happy friday to mike inouye. happy friday it is so far. it's only


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