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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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"today in the bay." and a lovely friday morning to you, it's 4:30, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. first let's check that friday forecast with christina, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, laura, sam, everybody at home. definitely a taste of fall out there when you walk out your front door this morning. temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s. we're at about 58 degrees in santa rosa. 63 in oakland. and 59 degrees in san martin. we have an interesting forecast to go over for today. we will get to that in just a moment. but first, i want to the say good morning, happy friday to mike inouye.
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happy friday it is so far. it's only 4:30 and 52 seconds, we're still counting here looking at dublin 580, westbound 580, well there's a construction zone, right around el charro. we don't see lanes closed here, but i did hear a report of a crew started to clear the westbound direction in this area, may be gravel that was leftover from overnight work. i'm waiting for updates through the area. no crashes through a portion. easy drive right now, but 880 southbound towards mission boulevard, i'm watching this, there are three vehicled over on the overpass. it was dark there. i'll swing the camera around to see if we see problems. bay looking nice. there's the traffic. we'll give you a live look. didn't see anything over at mission. we're looking at the volume headed southbound, that's why you're able to maintain your speed. >> thank you very much. fire crews worked through the night putting out hot spots
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after a fire in the mission district. now there's concern the entire building could come down. it took crews hours to put the flames out, what neighbors calmed big house store on mission near 23rd street. stephanie chuang live outside the building where investigators are hoping to get a better look at damage to pinpoint a cause, good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, laura, 15 hours later, crews are still on scene. you can see the store where the flames ignited. firefighters wanted to make sure that nothing reignited. good morning, chief. thanks for joining us. can you tole us the situation, what you have going on right now. >> right now we have a fire watch. we have five companies here. i have two companies on the roof, one on each side of the fire building. they have hose lines up there, and they're hitting the hot spots. we also have a crew behind the building and they are also hitting hot spots. and two crews up in front making sure that nothing starts up in
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the front. >> reporter: and i understand, there were a couple flare-ups overnight. >> about three hours ago. i'm daug to the companies up on the roof, they're seeing light smoke here and there where they're hitting the hot spots. it's difficult right now because you see the debris every so often, little bit does liegtd up underneath. we're protecting it from starting again. >> reporter: amazing the fire didn't spread. >> it was amazing. the crews did a great job of keeping it contained to this one building. they are so close together, they could easily have spread. >> and as for fire investigators. what's that looking like. when will people get a better look? >> at this point i'm not sure. we'll have the building engineers look at the building, see how safe it is. then also our arson investigators will be out here to see if they can find the origin of the fire. >> reporter: thanks so much, the battalion chief giving us the latest this morning. company, we will have ze tails on how the firefighters were
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called here twice before. muni is the only thing that's being let through here on mission. live in san francisco this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, steph. new this morning, memorial service will be held for american journalist steven sotloff. it'll take place this afternoon in pine crest, florida. sotloff is a native of south florida. until now, the family has been mourning in private. he was beheaded earlier this week. he was captured last year in syria while working as a freelance journalist. the third american to contract the ebola virus in west africa is back on u.s. soil. his plane landed at a nebraska airport space within the last 30 minutes or so. this is the ambulance on its way to the hospital along with a police escort within the last few minutes. 51-year-old rick sacra missionary doctor. he's been in isolation in
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liberia since falling ill. he will be treated in a specialized isolation unit at the nebraska medical center in omaha which regularly runs drills like this one to prepare for such a case. >> this is especially designed unit. it's locked, it's secured, it's separated physically. it has negativepressure, it's not recirculated air, there's an autoclaif on the unit, all medical waste materials will be autoclaifed before leaving the unit. >> he was able to walk on to the airplane in liberia. doctors will provide mostly support ifz care. there's no more of the experimental medicine given to the two other americans. richmond teen faces felony charges and expulsion from school after she allegedly sold pot laced brownies to schoolmates. five students got sick. two were unconscious when paramedics arrived. police arrested a 17-year-old
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senior with that act. bay area car dealer convicted of running a ponzi scheme will find out his fate today. he could face 16 years in prison after plead nothing contest to nine felony counts. prosecutors say he ran an investment scheme giving face pink slips in exchange for cash. the nbc bay area investigative unit first rescreamed his fraud two years ago. he conned nearly two dozen people out of $1.3 million. if off tip for the investigative unit, call us. you can also e-mail us at theun pg&e has not paid its landmark fine for the san bruno explosion. that is not stopping one lawmaker from spending the money. this morning, state senator jerry hill is expected to announce legislation to earmark a majority of those funds for pipeline improvements and safety
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measures. it would also prevent pg&e from passing some of the cost related to pipeline modernization on to customers. it'll create an independent monitor to oversee pg&e and create a trust for california. the 2010 explosion destroyed san bruno's crestmoore neighborhood destroying 34 homes, people killed and injured. pg serks expected to appeal the fine. in the one and only meeting between two men running for california's top spot, both sides didn't pull any punches. >> between fighting for the civil rights of poor kids and fighting for the union bosses, you sided with the union bosses, you should be ashamed of yourself. >> that is so full. so full. >> that was one of the most heated erkts changes of the night between governor brown and neel kashkari. it came up after the court ruling that some teacher tenure rules violate the equal
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education rights in minority children. kashkari accused brown of allowing companies to leave california including the tesla decision to go to reno. >> he says businesses come and go. it's not them coming and going, it's tesla, it's toyota, it's schaub. >> we fought hard for tesla. they wanted a massive cash up front payment that i don't think would be fair to the tax payers of california. >> brown currently leads in the polls by 16 points. . >> that's politics. let's move on to something more light hearted here, 4:38 on your friday. what about the weather this weekend? let's check in with christina. >> one of those safe subjects you can talk about without getting fired up. 60 degrees in connor cord, 58, good morning, san jose. and 63 to kick off the morning, happy friday in oakland. we have a really good looking weekend shaping up across the bay area. and we always do our homework to
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find out what's going on, what's free for you and the family. we'll show you the events throughout the morning. live picture of san francisco. although it's dark out here, we have a thick marine layer overhead, that's going to help us keep us cool. the fog will clear around mid-morning for most of your inland valley spots. you're going to have to wait a while at the coast for today. temperatures, another beautiful day coming your way, 83 degrees from the south bay. 78 degrees on the pence lap today. low 70s on the east shore and in san francisco. you're still getting spoiled with the room temperature readings in the city, not too cold here, but we have some changes to tell you about as we get into next week. stick around, we'll talk about that coming up. mike inouye, there is always something. always something. we're talking about the golden gate bridge where the drive is employee santd right now. you can see them though all the way across the span. visibility's great here. we'll give a shotout to nava toe
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right by the area, there's a crash, unpleasant, no one hurt, that's better news. we're look at traffic into san francisco at the top of the screen, golden gate bridge and bay bridge just fine. stephanie chuang continues to give us the reports over there in mission and 23rd, 22nd, that's the area where they had that horrible fire yesterday. still mopping up the hot spots. traffic control, there will be a muni system getting through. no delays for muni. you can get by just fine as far as driving. muni, bart, cal train, vta, no delays for any of these systems. we'll look towards the peninsula. 101 itself moving smoothly and beat from us, typical flashing lights about the construction zone is not lit up today. smoother drooifz down into the south bay. fremont, i'm weaving between the trees right here, no problems as far as that flow, 880 over at mission, always a concern, back to you.
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>> thanks so much. there's a problem with certain sunglasses for kids. why health officials say they're not safe. plus the bay area housing market is about to get a big boost from a chinese builder. we'll have the details just ahead. and the strange twist in the celebrity hack. those leaked photos will be on display for everyone to see. we'll tell you why, next.
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new this morning, case of friendly fire that killed five u.s. soldiers in afghanistan was the result of a miscommunication. a military found that soldiers commanders, and air crew members failed to execute the fundamentals of their mission last june as a result, the five americans and one afghan were mistaken for the enemy and attacked with two laser guided bombs. the incident was one of the deadliest friendly fire episodes of the war in afghanistan. it is 4:44, kids sunglasses could be hazardous to their health. about 215,000 of these sun glasses are being recalled by
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fgx international because the paint has excessive levels of lead. 20 styles of disney, marvel, of sooers or k mart brands are affected. you can return them to fgx international for a free replacement or a refund. it is early right now, no doubt, 4:45 a.m. on your friday, all things are buzzing in the business and tech world. let's join scott mcgrew with the latest. >> good morning, sam. chinese home building investing big bucks to build new homes in california. including here in the bay area, land c group investing a billion dollars in the housing market starting with two developments in california. one in new york, this is a photo of a new town home complex in dublin and what that's going to look like. the group is planning to build nearly 200 homes and condos in new york. the fight over tech poaching will be back before a u.s. court judge next week. apple and google filed appeals
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fighting back against the judge's rejection of the $325 million settlement over salaries. the amount is too low the judge says. tech workers have accused amtz, intel, google, and adobe of conspireing and not hiring each other's employees. google will play $19 million to kids who made purchased through the store. the federal trade commission says google made it too easy for kids to buy apps and items within apps without parent's permission. google since changed its policy. apple settled a similar case earlier this year. amazon is fighting the charges. and in a strange twist of the latest celebrity hack, the newest exhibit will feature the leaked nude photos. the pictures will be displayed unaltered on life size canvas as part of the no delete show.
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its purpose to fuel debate on privacy in the dinlal age. the website says no delete will feature celebrities caught in their most vulnerable and private moments. it opens in october in florida. so perhaps someone will display the art galleries owners pictures. meantime, apple's ceo tim cook says the company is planning more steps to keep hackers out of user accounts. for that let's turn to jackie deangelis, good morning, jackie. >> good morning, scott. well, apple's ceo telling the wall street journal that the company does plan new steps to keep hackers away from user accounts, but he denies that a lack of security allowed hackers to access and post nude photos of several celebrities on the web. cook says apple will alert users when someone tries to change their pass word or store icloud data. meantime the u.s. government says that hackers broke into a
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server supporting the website that be consumers use to enroll in obamacare. the intrusion likely occurred in july but wasn't discovered until last week. investigators say that no computer data info was viewed or stolen. it will not impact the second enrollment period for obamacare which does start in mid-november. features are lower ahead of today's big event, that is the august job's report. hiring expected to pick up, offering evidence of momentum in the u.s. economy. forecast calling for 225,000 new jobs to have been created, which would mark the seventh straight month of gains above 200,000. the unemployment rate expected to tick down to 6.1%. on thursday, the dow slipped eight points finishing at 17,069, nasdaq falling ten. scott, back to you. >> jackie, thank you, much. yelp won a huge court case. >> we'll look forwarded to it, thanks so much. 4:48 on your friday morning.
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i'm feeling good about the weekend. >> there's a spring in everybody's step around here on a friday. don't you think? >> yeah you know we get to have a beautiful bay area weekend, and this weekend, oh, you will not bes did pointed, gorgeous conditions already this morning. getting a little bit of a taste of fall out there with temperatures in the 50s in san jose. san martin, upper 50s in santa rosa and half-moon bay as well this morning. so a little hint of fall out there in our atmosphere throughout your day today, temperatures look good. we have low cloud overhead, and definitely making an appearance throughout your morning commute. mike and i will be keeping tabs on that for you. right now you can see both towers of the bay bridge looking good. as we head through your afternoon, this is what you can expect, fog and drizzle will clear by late morning. and then we are talking about a gorgeous day with temperatures right around average for this time of year. as we get into that all important weekend, temperatures are going to be comfortable, we'll see the same pattern, gorgeous afternoons with
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abundant sunshine. temperatures more of the same coming your way. september usually a really nice month in the bay area. 83 degrees for the south bay. peninsula today, you're at 72 right at room temperature in san francisco. meanwhile, you're be in the upper 80s in the north bay, but not too bad there, and hey, if you're looking for something to do, big event. 43rd annual art and wine festival. this is 11:00 to 6:00, beautiful conditions out there. it's free, an it's a really good time for you and the family. otherwise, as we head throughout next week, temperatures stay nice and steady until we hit wednesday. we're going to bring the numbers up, you'll notice that on the forecast right here in the bottom of your screen. events happening across the bay area this weekend, right now back to you sam and laura. >> sounds good, thank you. people living on hawaii's big island on stand by as a volcano lava moves closer to their home. it's less than a mile from the
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homesteads in a rural area. so far, there are no evacuation orders in place currently, but scientists say 30 could be affected. it has moved about 800 feet per day since early july. scary stuff there, while it's not common, lava has wiped out neighborhood in the past. this morning, fans across the country are mourning the death of comedian joan rivers. her family is planning her funeral set for this sunday. rivers was pronounced dead yesterday after her daughter took her off of life support. this is video into our newsroom overnight, people dropping by her manhattan apartment leaving flowers, cards, notes, and candles on her doorstep. it's a similar scene on the hollywood walk of fame. rivers was a a trail blazer and she didn't slow down. in fact she was just in the south bay performing at the mountain winery in saratoga. rivers went into cardiac arrest during a procedure on her vocal chords last week. there's some concern about the circumstances surrounding her death.
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state health officials are now investigating the new york facility where she had that procedure. it was supposed to be minor, and she was to return home later that day. joan rivers was 1i78 years old. -- 81 years old, i met her once, she was a funny lady, we'll be right back.
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welcome back, the time right now, 4:54 on your friday as you take a live look at
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coliseum and at&t park this morning. the a's ield yesterday, but in action tonight, welcoming in the houston astros. the giants meantime are on the road taking on the detroit tigers. first pitch in detroit is just after 4:00 this afternoon. 49ers meantime leave for dallas this afternoon as well. but the big question, will ray mcdonald make the trip. everything points to him playing in the teams season opener against the cowboys on sunday. he's been practicing despite facing domestic violence chargers. the niners will wait until the case shakes out, even if the criminal charges against mcdonald are dropped. he may still face some kind of suspension from the nfl. speaking of those 49ers, dubious honor for the team's new home. levi stadium is officially the most expensive venue in terms of going to a game in the entire nfl. >> that's right. better save, the latest index shows a family of four will have to shell out about $640 to go to a 49ers game at levi stadium,
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that includes four average price tickets, parking, two programs, two beers, two hats, four sodas, and four hot dogs. average price jumped 4% since last year -- 40% since last year, that's the second highest behind only the new england patriots. maybe just don't buy the hat to cut down, i don't know. no program. season opener is sunday, we are counting the days until regular season home opener at levi stadium, we're just nine days away. 49ers welcome the chicago bears on september 14th, and you can catch it all right here on nbc sunday night football. >> and that will be a good one, chicago bears a prolitic offense, lots of activity. what we hope not to find on our roadways right now. nothing offensive on the roadways. good morning, over here, golden gate bridge, crews moving the cones, they are set for the morning commute. we'll take you to the south bay, san jose moving nicely
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northbound with the headlights, taillights moving. same for the rest of the south bay and silicon valley. san mateo bring easy drive from the hayward side. over the flat section and high-rise. we have cameras on either side of the bay, smooth drive toward 101 into our out of san francisco. and getting over towards the bay bridge. east bay oakland looks nice right here. northbound past high street to the toll plaza without delay. no metering lights and no real backups although the cash lanes are seeing a few waits. back to you. still ahead on "today in the bay," man fighting to stay alive after a brutal attack in a popular bay area park. plus a massive fire engulfs an entire building right in the heart of san francisco. firefighters now on stand by as they fear that building could come tumbling down.
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right now at 5:00, third american to test positive for the e bow lea virus arrives for
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treatment in the u.s. just minutes ago. what his wife says about his condition. plus in danger of collapse. firefighters in san francisco brace for a burned building to come it upabling down. and we are getting into the final weeks of summer. this is a hint of fall out there this morning. plenty of 50s and low 60s right now. gorgeous weekend coming your way, microclimate forecast in moments. and while you are expecting a lighter commute for friday, we see a good volume to be expected by burst and a break and another burst. i'm cheque the reports and something new for the tri-valley, we'll give you that coming up. and a live look outside of the bay bridge on your friday morning, everything just looks better on friday. including this always gorgeous vista. it's friday, september 5th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and very good friday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura rc


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