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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 5, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. new details on that massive fire in san francisco's mission district, sending plumes of thick, black smoke into the air yesterday afternoon. now, the store was full of clothes and backpacks and home goods. in fact, an old google street view image of when it was still a store shows a bunch of these items overflowing on to the sidewalk. nbc bay area's christie smith live outside the burned out building now. christie, crews keeping their distance this morning. >> reporter: yeah, they are. and you talked about overflowing. i want to show you what it looked like out here. in fact, you can see the lanes here on mission street, at least
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in one direction, completely blocked by hoses and some of those goods. i spoke with the battalion chief and he tells me that the fire damage is so bad that the building is going to have to come down. that it's just not structurally stable. debris is piled up outside of the burned shell of burned house inc. here on mission street. they have plastic goods, bags of clothes, stacked up so much on the second and third floors that it was a challenge for those firefighters, that this jumped to a fifth alarm, filling the streets with black smoke yesterday afternoon. two firefighters suffered mild smoke inhalation. two others also needed medical attention for the same reason. the battalion chief says the owners are now working with their snusinsurance and the buig department to try to get the building taken down. >> well, the steel beams that support the building have been compromised due to the heat of the building. they won't sustain the weight.
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the entire roof has failed. so it's just a much easier process to go in there and take the building down, because it is extremely dangerous right now. so we certainly don't want this building, you know, collapsing at any given time. so we just need you to go in there and have a controlled demolition. >> now, exactly when this building might be demolished is unclear. i asked firefighters, could it happen today? they said, possibly, but they doubt it. the arson task force hasn't really determined a cause yet. part of that, though, because they can't go deep inside of the building yet, because it is so unsafe. also, four other businesses here are impacted, basically, not being used today, because of either water damage or just issues because of all the debris here on the street. but firefighters tell me once again, they plan to be here all day. reports live in san francisco, i'm christie smith. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, christie. president obama says he has the full support of nato members on the action needed to
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dismantle and destroy isis. the president talked about it this morning at the nato summit in wales. >> first and foremost, we have reaffirmed the central mission of the alliance. article v enshrines our slum duty to each other, an armed attack against one shall be considered an attack against them all. >> the president is pressing nato members to join a coalition of nations that could go after the islamic state group using mitt power, diplomatic pressure, and economic penalties. he hopes they can have a plan in place by the start of the u.n. general assembly in new york in a little less than two months -- or two weeks, i should say. ukraine's president is declaring a cease-fire to end nearly five months of fighting with russian-backed rebels there. the truce between both sides will lead to the release of prisoners as well. despite this progress, a rebel leader says it does not mean the secession attempt is over. the third american ebola patient has landed in the united states and is now under the care
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of doctors at nebraska medical center. erika edwards shows us the staff there has been preparing for this day for a very long time. >> reporter: the surveillance carrying dr. rick sacra arrived at nebraska medical center in omaha before sunrise. the $51-year-old doctor somehow became infected with the ebola virus while working at an obstetrics unit in liberia. his wife says medical staff in liberia gave her an update on her husband's condition before he left the country. >> she said that rick is clearly sick, but that he was in very good spirits and was -- and he walked on to the plane. >> reporter: the nebraska medical center is specialty equipped with an isolation unit, where staff often do drills like this one. >> the team that's led by dr. smith has drilled for this for years. they're well prepared and i'm very confident we'll care for this patient appropriately.
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>> reporter: dr. sacra is the third american missionary serving in africa to become infected. the other two, dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol were successfully treated at emory university hospital in atlanta. they received an experimental p ebola drug. there are no more doses of that drug available. erika edwards, nbc news. new at 11:00, a bay area lawmaker hoping to use the money from the landmark fine against bt&e to make sure that future disasters like the san bruno explosion don't happen again. nbc bay area's bob redell live in los altos, where, bob, you just talked to senator jerry hill about this plan. >> reporter: we caught up with the senator here at a local art gallery here in downtown los altos, before he is headed up to san francisco, where in a few moments, he'll be announcing this new legislation, concerning the recent fines levied against pg&e for its role in the pipeline explosion that ki
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destroyed 38 homes. they fined pg&e $1.4 billion. now, i want to show you this breakdown. we put up a graphic for you. of that $1.4 billion, $400 million would go towards pipeline improvement. a $50 million towards pipeline safety. the remainder, $950 million, towards the state's general fund. and that's where senator jerry hill of san mateo hassen issue. the fact that the $950 million could benefit citizens throughout the state who aren't necessarily pg&e rate payers. he is proposing a bill that would divvy up that $950 million as follows. $300 million -- only $300 million would go to the general fund. $50 million towards the pipeline safety trust, $30 million for an independent monitor to oversee pg&e safety improvement and the puc's oversight of pg&e, the rest, $570 million, that would help offset $12 million in proposed rate hikes by pg&e. >> i think it's inappropriate for the rate payers in the pg&e
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service area, who have really suffered over the last decades, for having inadequate system, having an unsafe system, and we're the ones with the exposure. so why should the residents of los angeles county or shasta county, yolo county, why shouldn't the rest of the state benefit from pg&e's negligence here? we should be the beneficiaries of that. >> reporter: senator hill will introduce that yet to be named bill when the legislature reconvenes september 1st. he also made it clear, he does not think the $1.4 billion fine is enough, that it should be more in the range of $2.2 billion fine, initially proposed by the safety commission. but as a state senator, he has no control over that. something he regrets. reporting live in los altos, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thanks. police in hayward are investigating a heinous crime there. an elderly man was beaten and then left in a heap in the park. it happened sunday night at kennedy park, or rather, sunday
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afternoon at kennedy park near hesperian boulevard. the man was reportedly collecting bottles and cans near where a group of people were hanging out, celebrating perhaps a birthday. police say for seemingly no reason, one of the men from the group walked up to that man, who was 70 years old, punched him in the head, and knocked him unconscious. the man's wife found him an hour later, and he was taken to the hospital, but he is still unconscious and will likely have permanent brain damage. a richmond teen faces felony charges and expulsion from school after she allegedly sold pot-laced brownies to a group of classmates. five students at de anza high school got sick after eating those brownies. two of them unconscious when the paramedics arrived. they had to be rushed to the hospital. police have arrested a 17-year-old senior. a bay area car dealer convicted of running a ponzi scheme will find out his fate today. ron batastella could face as many as 16 years in prison after pleading no contest to nine felony counts.
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prosecutors say he ran an investment scheme through his car dealership, giving fake pink slips to investors in exchange for cash. the nbc bay area investigative unit first revealed this fraud two years ago. batasellah conned nearly two dozen people out of more than $1.3 million. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. you can also e-mail us at crews on the peninsula had to work quickly to rescue a deer trapped in some fencing this morning. take a look at this video. you can see the sheriff's department deputies and firefighters, they had to work quickly to free the deer from a backyard in a home in redwood city. we're told this buck was not hurt and it was able to head back. boy, really tangled. in the wild, on its own. still to come, remembering a trailblazer and a comedy icon. we'll tell you how late-night tv those paying tribute to joan rivers. plus, peculiar job numbers released this morning. we'll explain it, coming up next.
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and i'm meteorologist christina loren. you made it to the weekend, surf's up. beautiful conditions at your local beaches. and usually, that means it's going to be hot inland. not the case this weekend. we'll have those numbers for you and tell you what's going on, when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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welcome back to you. we're taking you out live. this is a dedication ceremony, just about to get underway in walnut creek. it's honoring officer kenya youngstrom. here you see one of our photographers getting ready for it. he was shot and killed in contra costra county back in september of 2012. this morning, the chp is renaming a portion of interstate 680 as the kenyan youngstrom
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memorial freeway. we'll have more on this story during our next newscast, that will be at 5:00. in the one and only meeting between the two men running for california's top spot, both sides, neither side pulled any punches. >> if i have a choice between fighting for the civil rights of poor kids and fighting for the union bosses that funded your campaign, you sided with the union bosses. you should be ashamed of yourself, governor. >> that makes no sense at all. that is so false. >> wow, maybe that should have been on tv. it was one of the most heated exchanges of the night between governor brown and challenger neil cash cakascash cash cakash. and it came that some rules mitigate the rights of poor children. kashkari also accused brown of allowing some companies to leave, pointing to tesla's decision to build its gigafactory in reno.
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>> it's not businesses coming and going, it's tesla, it's toyota, it's schwab. >> we fought hard for tesla, but tesla wanted a massive up-front cash payment that i don't think would be fair to the taxpayers of california. >> brown currently leads in the polls by 16 points. that was on the internet. data shows hiring slowed in august, but lots of people think it's the data, and not the economy, that's flawed. the labor department says just 142,000 jobs were added in august. that's well below the 212,000-per-month average over the past year. unemployment, 6.1%. the slowdown was very unexpected, since recent data show healthy growth in the economy and sometimes, frankly, the data is just wrong. apple ceo tim cook tells "the wall street journal" the company plans new steps to warn users when they've been hacked. but he denies it was apple's fault hackers were able to invade the privacy of hollywood celebrities. cook says apple will alert users when someone tries to change
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their password or restore icloud data to a new device. in the case of sending old data to a new device, that warning would only tell you the hackers had your information, but wouldn't prevent it. the u.s. government says hackers did break into a server, supporting the website that consumers use to enroll in obamacare. the intrusion likely happened in july, wasn't discovered until last week. investigators say no consumer data was stolen or viewed during the breach. officials say the attack will not impact the second open enrollment period, which starts in mid-november. well, if your kids wear sunglasses, they could be hazardous to their health. about 215,000 of these sunglasses are being recalled by fgx international, because the paint has excessive levels of lead. 20 styles of disney, marvel, and sears or k-mart brand sunglasses are affected. they were sold at cvs, at
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k-mart, walgreens, and other stores. you can return them to sgx international for a full replacement or refund. state officials say the west nile virus has set a dangerous new record in california. the proportion of the mosquito population carrying the virus is at the highest level ever detected. just last week, 52 new human cases were reported. there have been 181 this year. nearly an 80% increase over this time last year. health officials say this is the time of year when the risks of infection is highest. they're urging people to use bug spray and to avoid being outside in the early morning and evening, when mosquitos are most active. people across the country are honoring joan rivers this morning. this video just into our newsroom shows flowers, cards, notes, and candles, all placed on the doorstep of hermant manhattan apartment. last week, rivers went into cardiac arrest during a
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procedure on her vocal chords. new york health officials are now investigating the facility where she had the that procedure, trying to find out what went wrong during that procedure that was supposed to be minor. a funeral for rivers will be held on sunday. well, you'll remember rivers was a mainstay on late-night tv, stretching back to "the tonight show" with jimmy carson. last night, jimmy fallon and david letterman paid tribute to her. >> we had her on our very first "tonight show," when i took over. and she came out, and she came over to me, and she started crying and gave me a kiss. it was really emotional. it was really nice. she's just -- i don't want to show a clip, because i don't think it will do her justice, she was just too funny. >> she was 81 years old, out doing it, and funny today as she was when she first got into showbiz. and talk about guts. she would come out here and sit in this chair and say some things that were unbelievable. just, where you would have to swallow, pretty hard, and twice.
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but it was hilarious. >> i did see something where she described what she wanted her funeral to be like. she said, i want meryl streep to cry in four different accents and a fan that makes me look like beyonce and look better in death than i did in life. it's a sign of a life well lived. >> what a neat lady and so sad that we've had two comedians in the last, very recently. well, on a happier note, let's check the weekend, the weather, and your microclimate forecast. good morning. >> it is going to be nice. good morning. good morning to you. and i wouldn't be surprised if they did give her every request that she asked for. 69 in concord. we are looking forward to that funeral. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to be comfortable, all across the board. and the reason why, is that strong onshore flow, that keeps temperatures nice. we call it that natural ac here
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in the bay area. and it's going to be pumping strong all weekend long. even into your inland valley spots. so this is what we're working with right now. those low clouds hug the coastline, and really, that's the story of the day. they're going to stay put. that westerly flow will transport that cool ocean air all the way into the sacramento valley. they're talking about that delta breeze out there in sacramento for today. and we will gradually clear you out, as we head throughout the day today, but you're not going to get a lot of sunshine at your beach cities this afternoon. you'll get more tomorrow. 65 degrees right now in the south bay. the peninsula is at 67. and 68 on the east shore, temperatures are climbing nicely. after all, we are getting closer to fall right now, you might want to enjoy. 83 degrees, that is where we should be this time of year in the south bay. 73 for the peninsula, 73 on the east shore. a little warm in the tri-valley, 89 there. and we're looking good for a fantastic weekend across the bay area, wherever you live. if it's on the peninsula, staycation, a good idea. mid-80s come yrg way. we're going to see a comfortable weekend in the north bay, great
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weekend to check out wine country, and we're also looking good on the east shore. this is where you're going to get spoiled this weekend. low 70s coming your way for san jose and san francisco, looking good. low 80s, really, temperatures staying steady all the way through next week as well. we're calling it the sweet september stride. and we've hit it for a while. looks like by wednesday into thursday of next week, temperatures climb, but not by much. looks like we're done with the dog days of summer, guys. back to you. >> dog days are over! for football fans in the south bay, it's nice having a new stadium in santa clara. >> yeah, but coming up, if you want to take the family to the game, you better start saving some money now so you don't have to dip into the college fund. how much it will cost an average family of four.
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welcome back. the 49ers leave for dallas this
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afternoon, and the big question is not about the game, it's about whether ray mcdonald will make the trip. so far, everything points to mcdonald playing in the season opener against the cowboys sunday. he's been practicing all week, despite facing domestic violence charges. experts believe the niners will likely wait to take any action until the case shakes out. even if the criminal charges against mcdonalds are dropped, he may face some kind of suspension from the nfl. but speaking of the 49ers, a dubious honor for the team's new home. levi stadium is the most expensive venue in terms of going to the game in the entire nfl. >> not surprised. latest fan cost index shows a family of four will have to shell out about $640 to go to a 49ers game at levi stadium. that includes four average-priced tickets, not the cheap seats, not the expensive ones, parking, two programs, to beers, two hats, four sodas, and four hot dogs. the average price for a ticket
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jumps 40% since last year to $117 and that is the second highest in the league behind only the new england patriots. and if you think you can sneak in a peanut butter and jelly like i try to do at the movies, i don't think they going to let you do it. new video now just into our newsroom of levi stadium looking right now like a soccer pitch, not a football field, because tomorrow levi will host the international soccer match between mexico and chile. you'll notice that this is new, fresh turf, not torn up, players are practicing on it right now. the two previous fields had to be ripped out after each of the 49ers' pre-season games. >> so football of a different sort. >> exactly. while the season opener is sunday, we are counting down the days until the big regular season home opener at levie stadium. and we are now just nine days away. the 49ers welcome the chicago bears, the bears, right, on september 14th, and you can catch it all right here on nbc's sunday night football night in
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america. >> the bears! still ahead, baby pandas. which are bears! viewable at the touch of a button. what kind of an animal, bears!
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so if you love pandas, anywhere in the world, you can now go online and watch live streams of adorable newborn twin panda cubs in southwest china as they grow up. >> the 40-day-old pandas began their broadcast live this morning on a popular chinese video-sharing website. according to a researcher at the giant panda breeding research base, the cubs are expected to open their eyes in the next two days. and live broadcasts will be available every saturday for the next three months and giant pandas, they're an endangered species. all 1,600 pandas live in the wild. 300 live in captivity. >> they need a stage mom in there to pump up the energy. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. have a great weekend.
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