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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> all of the sudden i hear a big boom. and i see the bus coming through my living room. >> right now at 11:00, a crash course right through a neighborhood. what happened with this ac transit bus. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. now that bus coming inches from a 3-month-old baby inside that home. the mayhem began when the bus driver swerved to avoid a stolen car. and it ended seconds later when
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the bus slammed into a richmond duplex. the duplex is at the intersection of 18th and burbeck avenue blocks north of the bart station. a terrifying night for the passengers on board the bus and family inside the home. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us life from richmond. cheryl, that poor mother must have been stunned and terrified. >> reporter: that's right. everyone is lucky to be alive tonight, really. as you can see, this home is boarded up. but take a look at what was left behind. following this crash, twisted metal everywhere, bren fences and debris. this was a horrifying experience for the people on the bus and the family who was inside that home. >> son was on the floor when the bus hit. so, you know, it's very scary. >> ashley ortega holding on to her son tight after this ac transit bus slammed into her richmond home. the bus came within inches of her son, who was just sitting in
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the living room. >> i was in the back bedroom with my daughter. and he was on the floor in his bouncy chair. and all of the sudden i hear a big boom. and i see the bus coming through my living room. >> reporter: the bus, with eight people on board, including the driver, slammed into this duplex after it clipped the front end of this stolen car. police officers did see the car and ran the license plate and knew it was stolen. >> i believe the driver of the vehicle became probably afraid and just accelerated, trying to get out of the area. >> reporter: the driver of the car got away, but the passenger, a juvenile, was arrested at the scene. the bus passengers shaken up and bleeding. >> i come outside, and there is people screaming and coming out of the bus. and i couldn't find my dog. so i was really scared. >> they handed me the little kids. they handed me the kids and i took the kids across the street and told everybody to get back because i kind of smelled gas coming. >> reporter: the bus ran over a
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gas line connected to home. pg&e quickly capped the leak. >> you don't know if it's going to blow up. i remember the san bruno pipeline fire. you never know what gas can do. >> reporter: police are still looking for the driver of that car. and the house has been red tagged, but one person who was on the bus came by late tonight to take a look at the home. she had a cut on the side of her face. she was clearly shaken up and didn't want to appear on camera. now the red cross has stepped in to find housing for the folks who live in these two homes. reporting live in richmond, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, an alarming story in the south bay. out of jail and on the streets, are former inmates attacking their former prison guards? today another corrections officer was attacked. nbc bay area's peggy bunker joins us from the santa clara county jail. peggy, this is a serious issue. >> reporter: raj, it certainly is. obviously being a corrections officer at a jail comes with occupational hazards.
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however, with three attacks in since just june, that does have corrections officers watching their back. >> attacks are happening more frequently. and that is very concerning for us. >> reporter: for the third time in less than three months, a santa clara corrections officer has been stalked or attacked says this officer who pro sides over the officers who work in the jail. >> it ended with one of our correctional deputies ending up in the hospital this morning and spending many hours there having been knocked unconscious from behind. >> reporter: the last attack happened early this morning this the alley of a restaurant on aborn road in san jose. while the offduty corrections officer was chatting with an employee, three people approached and assaulted the officer. he says that assault put one of his officers in the hospital. he can't confirm if the attackers were former inmates, but he does think the recent attacks has to do with changes in the types of criminals who are now being sent to the county jail. >> basically, individuals that were going to spend time in the state prison system are now
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spending time in the county jail. and that is actually elevating the amount of tensions, altercations, and the sophistication of our jail inmates and our population within the jails. >> reporter: now, the last two attacks, those were physical confrontations with officers. but actually, the first attack was when a former inmate went up to his former officer's front door of his home, knocked on his door and said hey, i know where you live. now can understand why he is speaking out of concern for his 600-plus corrections officers. peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, peggy. police say the most popular merchandise at one san jose clothing store wasn't clothing, it was crack cocaine. police this week arrest aed the owner for you clothing on east santa clara street. officers say they found six grams of crack inside the store and more than $3500 in cash. store owner is accused of selling crack to a steady stream of buyers. barbershop owner next door said he had no clue what was going
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on. >> i wouldn't initially identify it as a drug abusers. it just to me seemed like a heavy homeless -- a group of homeless people. >> investigators spent weeks surveying the store before moving in to bust him. to top it off, he is also facing charge forcelling counterfeit clothing. well, demolition is now on tap for the san francisco building destroyed yesterday by a massive fire. burned out luggage and debris is strewn about the damaged building in san francisco's mission district. cleanup will likely take some time. yesterday's fire was brutal, sending thick black smoke into the air. now before they tear the building down, investigators still want to go inside and figure out what sparked the fire. but as of now, firefighters say the building is just too unstable. >> the steel beams and support the building have been compromised due to the heat of the building. they won't sustain the weight that the entire roof has failed.
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>> the fire completely wiped out a retail store. fire, smoke, and water also damaged several neighboring businesses. it's a controversial issue stemming from the unrest in ferguson, missouri. police departments using military-style tactics and equipment on the local level. tonight in oakland, hundreds of protesters filled the streets. they're protesting a specific event that begins tomorrow morning. here is nbc bay area's monte francis. >> reporter: this promotional video from urban shield shows officers training for emergencies and responding with military gear, assault weapons, and riding in armored vehicles. one such vehicle was at the oakland marriott today, along with infrared goggles and sniper rifle, all on display for more than 200 law enforcement agencies from across the nation. >> the people united. >> reporter: outside the hotel, hundreds of protesters shut down broadway and seventh street and spoke out against the militarization of the police, a
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topic that has been hotly debated since the police response in ferguson, missouri, following the shooting death of michael brown. >> when you present the enemy as community members of various people, it actually undermines the ability of police officer, emts to respond to any disaster at all. >> among the protesters is deion smith of stockton,s whose son was shot in 2010 by a police officer with a military style weapon. >> these military weapons should not be used in a community that you protect and serve. >> reporter: j.d. nelson is the spokesperson for the alameda police department. >> it's a shame that we have to have equipment like this. we ewould rather not have a bulletproof vest on when we go to work. but three weeks after urban shield last year, some whack job goes into l.a.x. and starts shooting up the place. >> reporter: and while protesters say the program teaches officers to treat members of the public like terrorists, nelson says boston's police force was prepared for the marathon bombings last year because its officers attended
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urban shield. >> two years later, they had that happen. and guess what? it went from a bomb squad scenario to a medical scenario to a s.w.a.t. all the three disciplines that we practice here. >> reporter: monte francis, nbc bay area news. left unconscious in the middle of a busy park. police say someone knocked out a 70-year-old man while people at a nearby party continued their festivities. this happened sunday in kennedy park. police say the man collecting aluminum cans exchanged words with someone at the party. the party goer walked up and either hit the elderly man or pushed him. and no one stopped to call for help. >> but if it was an attack, somebody is going to see something. and then the fact that there is hundreds of people at the park that day, and nobody contacted and called the police or 911 to let them know that there was someone lying there in need of help, it's a little zurich. >> now police believe the victim suffered permanent brain damage. his wife found him about an hour later and called 911.
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hayward police have not made any arrests in the case. the 49ers tonight are in dallas. that's where they'll play the cowboys on sunday. before leaving the bay area, though, head coach jim harbaugh confirmed that defensive lineman ray mcdonald will play in that game. >> feel like that where the facts are and what is known, he has the liberty to play in the game. >> mcdonald practiced with the team all week, including a run-through today. as you remember, police arrested him at his san jose home last sunday. he now faces one felony domestic abuse charge, and it comes just as the nfl gets tough on domestic abuse with longer suspensions. the team is drawing criticism from one niners legend. ronnie lott says the team should bench mcdonald. you can hear what he had to say coming up in sports. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. clear skies in san jose right now. but it won't be all clear tomorrow morning. we'll have more on your fog forecast in just a few minutes. plus details on hurricane norbert, and how this will
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impact california in just a few minutes. also, thousands of cars and people cross the golden gate bridge every day. but what about these guys? the unusual traffic jam that is lighting up social media tonight. and then out with the old. mad dash for iphone owners, ahead of the expected unveiling of the iphone 6 next week. and are blue jeans fading? the new threat to an american fashion staple. we're back in a moment. god a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-966-tips or e-mail the and help us hold the powerful accountable. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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a bizarre story in the air. the coast guard is searching for the wreckage from a flight that set off an international response. they think the pilot was unconscious. the private jet went down in the ocean about 14 miles away from the jamaican coast. rescuers in jamaica say they found an oil slick in waters where they suspect the plane crashed. the pilot and his wife took off this morning from rochester, new york, headed down to florida. the air force sent two f-15s to shadow the plane after air traffic control lost contact with it. those f-15 pilots could see a man unconscious and slumped over inside of the cockpit. but they're not certain exactly where that plane went down because the fighter jets had to break away as the plane headed towards cuba. blame it on a mix-up. an aircraft chartered by the u.s. military was forced to land in iran today.
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the plane took off from afghanistan. according to the state department, iranian officials questioned the pilot about the flight plan and then ordered him to turn around. when he told them he didn't have enough fuel, they allowed him to land on iranian soil. later that plane was allowed to leave. how cool was this? those words from president obama at stonehenge today. this is the first visit of the president to the prehistoric monument. it's located 80 miles southwest of london. the president even snapped his own smartphone photos as he toured the stones that date back 5,000 years. the president had just wrapped up a nato summit in wales. he told reporters today that a trip to stonehenge was on his bucket list. well, purge before you buy. apple is expected to unveil its i-phone 6 tuesday. and that has iphone 4 and 5 ditching their so much older models. so is it the most anticipated iphone ever? ian cull shows us why some retail companies say yes, it is. >> reporter: as the world awaits
11:15 pm
apple's announcement from this mysterious structure at deanza college, some people ditching their iphones days before in anticipation. >> so the frenzy building toward the iphone 6 launch is starting to happen. >> reporter: consumers selling off their phones on-sites like ebay to get ready to buy a new one. >> we think this is going to be a really big launch for apple. we think it's going to be a great opportunity for our customers. >> reporter: ebay has seen a 30% increase in old iphone sales in the past week. the average sales price for a 5 s 32 gigabyte about $493. >> customers on still the older versions, 4s, 4-ss who are looking to trade up. >> the company is so confident you'll be able to sell your old device, they guarantee it. >> if you list your phone on e bay and take our pricing guidance, and you try to sell your phone on ebay, if for some reason it doesn't sell, we'll give you a $100 gift certificate. >> reporter: retail companies like glide seeing three times the amount of visitors to their
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website, and eco atm allows you to trade in your phone at a kiosk and receive cash on-site. exchanges are soaring in san jose. but the big rush for them is later. >> the uptick happens not on the iphone announcement, but it's generally when they start shipping that is two to three to four weeks after the announcement. >> reporter: all of the companies saying trade in now before it's too late. >> as we approach launch, what will start to happen is prices will start to come down as more folks are trading in and selling their phones. >> reporter: sales of old phones at these companies could prove the new iphone is the most anticipated ever. now the world awaits. in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. okay. did you see this? it might have been the most interesting traffic jam we've seen in years. for locals and tourists, the golden gate bridge might never be the same. a pair of deer, that's it right there, a pair of deer ran on to the bridge just in time for the evening commute. all northbound lanes were clear
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as the deer headed into marin county. now chp officers tried to respond, but they got stuck in traffic. not worry, though, the deer made it off the bridge unharmed. now plenty of people capturing the rare sight on their phones. video, photos, and some silly deer puns went viral on social immediate yankees, let's hope they don't take the ferry next time. that could be bad. another deer story, this one in san carlos. this cell phone video showing deputies and firefighters in a backyard trying to free this deer after he got stuck in some netting. the rescue got tricky because the deer's antlers were tangled up inside of that netting. we're told the buck was not hurt. it was last seen running back into the wild on its own. i'm happy that they were all happy endings. >> these are all happy endings. >> you want to end friday on an upknow. >> yes. i can confirm right now no deer on our sky camera network. it's all clear. yes. a little bit of a break here from some of the thick fog we've
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had the past several nights at this hour. but don't let that fool you. we still have low cloud cover coming back in. you can see right now, the clearest spot continues to be san jose. we still have the ten-mile visibility. it looks great. as we get you back to the full view here, what you're going to find is a little bit of cloud cover moving into the peninsula, the east bay and the north bay currently at 56. as we take you into tomorrow morning's forecast, another morning, about our fifth morning in the row where about 75% of the bay area will have to deal with some sort of cloud cover. in fact, just partly sunny as we wake up across the peninsula. same scenario for portions of the east bay. san francisco fogged in. and you'll need a jacket in the north bay. temperatures tomorrow morning close to the 40s. as we head throughout the next three to four week, eventually most of the north bay temperatures will be dropping into the 40s for the averages. so it's going to be getting a lot colder here throughout the next couple weeks. as we look at the futurecast, we'll start off with fog not only for saturday, but for sunday as well.
11:19 pm
we have this deep marine layer moving in against the california coastline. so with that said, yes, it's going to be more of the same for tomorrow morning. as i said in earlier newscasts, maybe it's an excuse to sleep in, put your weekend chore list aside. and, well, enjoy it. you see at 8:00 a.m., we have low clouds up into marin, napa and a sonoma counties. that's the thickest. also at the immediate coastline. and the clouds tomorrow back into oakland, possibly making it to lafayette. and then also down towards palo alto and san jose. it doesn't look like as much to start back here for the tri-valley. but you still can't rule out a little bit of cloud cover. then by the afternoon hours, we get sunny skies from santa rosa to livermore, down to san jose and back towards palo alto. if you're headed to the coastline, these areas of white here. that's all the areas of low clouds we'll continue to have in the forecast. let's take you into microclimate forecast. the cooling wind at the coastline, it's going to keep us from getting too hot. this weekend is going to be a lot more enjoyable than many of you as you probably remember
11:20 pm
last week when temperatures were close to 100 degrees inland. you see san jose tomorrow. 84 degrees and sunny skies. 69 pacific california. 76 in foster city. now most of san francisco will be in the 60s. but again, if you're heading to downtown san francisco, we get this urban heat island effect. a lot of the downtown buildings radiate more help. so we'll have a temperature of 71 degrees. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, napa into wine country, 85 degrees. and for the tri-valleys, danville, 87. pleasanton a little hotter and 91. so saturday looks great. by sunday's forecast, temperatures go down a couple of degrees. but not cold by any standards. low to mid 80s in the south bay. right here in san francisco, instead of 70s, we'll drop to 60s. and for the north bay, numbers in the low 80s. now, if you're thinking about stanford and the big game, we've got temperatures that are going to be in the 70s just before that 12:30 kickoff. awesome weather. fog should clear by then. by the third anding four, we're
11:21 pm
going get a little bit of wind building in. speaking of southern california, we're going to take you to another wild weather note. check this out. hurricane norbert a category 3 storm. it's almost like we're talking about an east coast storm. this storm is going to break up. but it will impact los angeles, with tropical rains by sunday into monday. we may get 1 to 3 inches for the higher elevations. flash flood watches in effect. if you're headed this way, watch out for some serious weather. >> all right. thank you very much, jeff. very nice forecast. >> thank you. >> just in time for the weekend. >> that's perfect. >> still ahead, the fading state of blue jeans, and the new fashion trend that is threatening the denim. >> we also have jimmy. >> hey, raj and jessica and everyone in the bay area, i'm playing whiffle ball with monet davis. and thank you notes are on next.
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growth. denim companies report a 6% drop in sales in just the past year. industry expert says that yoga pants may be replacing them. it's part of a trend known as athletic leisure. more people are wearing yoga pants as they run around all day because they feel they're versatile enough to be dressed up or dressed down. okay. forget about the whipped cream and the carmel drizzle and all those extras you might get. when you want to fuel up, that simple need for caffeine, you have the new express cafes with limited men use. this isn't starbucks. the starbucks are meant for people on the run likes many of russ allowing you to order online with your smartphones. you can also pay via your starbucks app. the seattle company got the idea of the stores after seeing a jump in sales from their drive-through windows. the first express store for starbucks is set to open next year in new york. how about that? >> yeah. 49ers legend ronnie lott doesn't really agree with how the 49ers are handling the ray mcdonald situation. sports is next. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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good evening. i'm geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios. very seldom, if at all this season with boston or the giants has jake peavy been given offensive support of six runs.
11:29 pm
so despite a rain delay of 2 hours and 42 minutes at comerica park tonight, no way the right-hander was going to let it go to waste. giants and tigers game one of a three game set. top third. 4-0 g-men, and they add on. blanco doubles down the line. buster posey scores 5-0 giants. then the rains come. with the giants leading 6-zip. after a long delay, the skies relent and baseball was on again. bottom 6, gets martinez to end the inning. he goes six strong. despite the delay, gives up six runs with no earned runs and three strikeouts in an 8-2 giants win. on to the coliseum. a's and astros. houston up 1-0. bases loaded for derek norris. he'll take brett to right. jake comes on hard. can't make the play. callaspo scores. comes around on the error. 2-1, oakland. a's up 3-2. one on. former athletic chris carter continues to hurt his former team.
11:30 pm
monster shot to left center off jeff samardzija. seven games against the a's. astros win, 4-3. well, to really the surprise of no one, 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald travelled with the team today to dallas and will play in the season opener against the cowboys, despite his pending felony domestic violence case. 49ers hall of fame safety ronnie lott took to knbr this morning to say this. everybody has rules. all i can tell you is next man up, that's what my dad would say. that's kind of a lott rule. that's not anything towards mcdonald or towards the situation. it's next man up, and the reason is there is certain things we can't do or put ourselves in certain situations. the raiders gearing up in new jersey at a high school for sunday's matchup against the new york jets. the silver and black are focused on ending a 13-game losing streak in the eastern time zone with rookie qb derek carr getting the start and his
11:31 pm
teammates locked in according to dennis allen. >> i thought we had a good practice today. obviously, you know, travel plans, you know, are a little bit different. a little warmer day, a little humid. we got to make sure we do a good job of staying hydrated. we're not going to let any external factors affect how we play the game. the guys are focused in and i think are ready to go. >> that's it for sports. more news coming up after the is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that.
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what are we doing this weekend? >> i don't know. we have to find out from jeff. what can we do? >> it's the weekend tomorrow? oh, my gosh. yes, of course. we're prepared. saturday and sunday low 80s in the south bay. sunny skies. that is after morning fog for everyone. san francisco 71 on saturday. by sunday, 66. and for the north bay, low to mid 80s. if you're along the peninsula, not only the stanford game, but the 34th annual art and wine festival in mountain view. you can do both. >> we'll meet at jessica's house and head on over. >> i think you're closer. we'll meet at your house. >> have a great weegtd. applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- claire danes, little league star, mo'ne davis,


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