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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, an intense search is for a missing boy who cannot speak. he has been gone for more than 12 hours, and police are asking the public for their help. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker is off tonight. a developing story in the south bay right now. a child missing, and finding him is going to be especially hard. that's because he has autism and
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cannot speak. crews are searching in the area of rortie drive. christie smith is live from the neighborhood with more. christie? >> reporter: good evening to you. police say they definitely do not suspect foul play. in fact, the family spent hours this evening coming and going with police, trying to figure out this out. a short time ago, search and rescue teams came back to the command post. they're still looking for sergio. san jose police say the family of sergio zepeda searched themselves this morning and then called police when they couldn't find the 6-year-old boy. his mom spent the late afternoon talking with investigators. >> i don't know where he is. i wish i could know. >> reporter: his mother and her boyfriend were escorted by police to a command post this evening where police searching for him came and went. the boyfriend says they were last watching tv at home on rorty drive. >> i don't know. he opened the door or not. you know, we put a latch on the door, that way he don't go into
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the garage. but he open it. >> reporter: police say sergio has autism and is nonverbal, that he is known to run and hide. they're asking for the public's help. >> he would more than likely not communicate at all, and might be frightened. a 6-year-old that is lost is probably very confused right now, and he just, you know, act calm and get ahold of us as soon as possible. and if you can, follow him, not staying with you. >> reporter: tonight helicopters are out trying to find him. earlier san jose search and rescue teams say they covered at least three to four miles. >> we look in smaller places obviously, because he is a small child. it increases the urgency quite a bit for us when it's a child. >> reporter: now, this is one of the flyers that search and rescue crews have with them. police have with them. they've been handing it out. they were going door to door earlier. what they're telling us is that sergio may, may have only had on a diaper.
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so that certainly heightens their concern as night is fallen here. he is very small. he is about 4 feet tall and only weighs about 40 pounds. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much. let's take another look at this missing 6-year-old. sergio, zepeda. again, if you see him, do not approach him. he might be scare bade a stranger. but keep an eye on him. use your phone, and please call police. well, it is all about location. levi's stadium was sold out for tonight's soccer match, and we're getting conflicts reports from drivers trying to get back home. some say they were able to leave within minutes, while others are still stuck at that stadium. nbc bay area's marianne favro live at levi's stadium. marianne, how does it look from where you are? >> reporter: i can tell you, terry, there are only a handful of cars left in this parking lot. but if you take a look at the parking garage behind me, we have been hearing a lot of honking from there.
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it seems like people are really frustrated getting out of this several story parking garage tonight. but overall, this parking area cleared up pretty quickly. international soccer, a match between mexico and chile, drew 70,000 fans to the new levi's stadium in santa clara tonight. and when the game ended with a 0-0 tie, the sellout crowd rushed to nearby parking lots, trying to get home. >> feeling confident about two hours, maybe? >> reporter: federico is predicting a long trip out of the parking lot back to his home in san francisco. >> i don't know. traffic just seems to get worse and worse. >> reporter: two hours to get home? >> probably. >> mexico, mexico! >> reporter: so is oscar curio, who is hanging out with friends before heading home. >> probably at least two hours, honestly, to get home. it's going to be long ride home. >> reporter: most of the people at tonight's game are new to levi's stadium. but many say they weren't just watching the players, they were watching the grass too.
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tonight was the first test of the turf since the niners replaced it when the original $1.4 million special bermuda blend started falling apart after the opening preseason game. >> as a player, making sure they don't sink in, the ball doesn't slide too much and the ball bounces right. that's basically it. >> the new grass fans saw tonight is the same type of turf used at candlestick for years. so tonight's no score, fans just hope they'll score a ride home that doesn't require sitting for hours in traffic. for others, decided the best way to beat the crowds is to wait them out with a little after game barbecue in the parking lot. well, i have been personally tracking three people who left this parking lot. i called them half hour later to see how far they got. and all of them told me it took only 20 to 25 minutes before they were able to hit the highways. so that's not too bad, at least from this location. but of course everyone has a
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different story. reporting live from santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you very much. very interesting seeing the tale of two parking lots there. more details now. levi's stadium going to be home to several big events, as you might guess. the next one coming up, the niners home opener against the chicago bears. that's next sunday, and there is more happening besides the red and gold on the field, of course. the pac-12 championship is going to be played right there. that is on december 5th. and wrestlemania 31, i better take my son if i know what is good for me. plus super bowl l played february 7, 2016. if you're headed to next weekend's home opener, we have you covered. go to and search stadium guide. you'll find information on parking lots, traffic and how to avoid it. a busy street in san francisco is still closed tonight as crews demolish a building.
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crews spent the day slowly taking the building apart brick by brick. the fire completely wiped out a retail store. fire, smoke, and water also damaged several neighboring businesses. no word tonight on when mission street between 22nd and 23rd streets is going to be back open to traffic. a san jose man accused of beating an elderly man at a south bay park is in custody this evening. 41-year-old francisco javier olivo turned himself in to authorities today. he was wanted for felony assault after detectives say he attacked the elderly victim in the rest room of san jose's fowler creek park on labor day. the victim suffered a nonlife threatening injuries. we now know the identity of a woman killed in an early morning crash in san jose. the chp says laura van welos died after being struck by a car as she and another person got out of their honda which had crashed into a retaining wall. the other person barreled into her, knocking her over that eretaining wall. it happened about 2:00 this
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morning on the ramp connecting highway 101 to northbound 680. the drop does not believe alcohol or drugs played any role in that crash. president obama announced today he will delay action on immigration reform until after the november elections. the president believes taking action before those elections would politicize the issue and hurt any chance in a long-term comprehensive reform. after the announcement, some republicans accused the president of playing political games. nbc bay area news political analyst larry gershon says president obama's decision could help him in some states and hurt him in others. >> it may help him in the states where some democratic senators are on the bubble. but it may hurt him in the terms of a discouraged latino turnout. in this sense, it could be a wash. we don't know. no doubt the president and his people have done a lot of polling on this, but the polls can be very finicky, particularly in a midterm election where the turnout tends to be low. >> white house sources say the president will act on immigration reform by the end of this year, meaning he is going
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to do it by executive action, not going through congress. well, the president is responding to his critics tonight in an exclusive nbc interview, the new moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd, asked him about his plans for immigration reform. >> should the public get behind you, you're not take it? you're concerned the public wouldn't support what you did? >> what i'm saying is i'm going to act because it's the right thing for the country. but it's going to be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration, what we've done on unaccompanied children, and why it's necessary. >> and don't miss chuck todd's debut as moderator of "meet the press" tomorrow morning, following today in the bay. and of course, will feature the exclusive interview with president obama. and todd will sit down with the president to discuss the threat of isis, relations with russia and ukraine and the ebola outbreak and the upcoming elections. that's "meet the press" tomorrow
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morning. the latest american stricken with ebola is being treated at a top level isolation unit in the midwest. rick sacra arrived yesterday. he is the third american to contract ebola. he got it while assisting infected patients in liberia. a staff of 35, the facility is called the largest of its kind. sacrcra will receive around the clock treatment. >> we'll hope for the best. >> see in stable condition. the hospital meantime sent out a letter to residents, reassuring them his treatment pose no risk to the community. coming up next at 11:00, apple looking to your wrists for the next big hit. the latest rumors in the tech giant's smart watch that could be united statesed in just a few days. plus, nature making a big comeback. i mean big. more blue whales showing up in the pacific. why the world's largest mammals are seeing a revival. it will be watching the low
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clouds, making a comeback tonight. tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures mostly in the 50s with some patchy fog around san francisco. that's one of the things we're watching for you tomorrow. in addition to moisture from hurricane norbert, which will get closer to the bay area later tomorrow. what it means for your sunday forecast, coming up. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, all beds are on sale.
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a driver wanted in the east bay after this bus crashed that left 11 people injured. take a look at the scene in richmond last night. officers say an ac transit bus driver swerved to avoid hitting a car, which turned out to be stolen. the bus crashed into a home,
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coming within inches of a 3-month-old baby inside the house. police say 24-year-old richard contreras of richmond is the one who caused the crash. he is still on the run tonight. he is currently on probation for multiple stolen vehicle charges. many people abandon their watches for their smart phones. now apple is hoping watches are going to make a comeback. the cupertino-based tech giant is getting ready to release its first smart watch. reports say it's going to feature wireless charging and a circuit board roughly the size of a postage stamp. it has software that allows users to move content between apple devices. and it will support mobile payments. some expert says the apple smart watch will be announced on tuesday, along with the company's iphone 6. a lot of excitement there. recovery now appears complete for the largest creature in the pacific. blue whales along the california coast were close to extinction a few decades ago. now researchers say there are
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more than 2,000, from mexico to alaska. that's about a 97% of the population before they were hunted to near extinction. they're almost all the way back. the man who authored a new paper in the journal marine mammal science calls the whales' recovery a great conservation success. hurricane norbert gaining strength as it moves across mexico tonight. it flooded mexico's baja california peninsula and prompted thousands of evacuations today. it also toppled trees, knocked out electricity in the resort area of los cabos. the u.s. national hurricane center says norbert has maximum sustained winds near 115 miles per hour. i feel like i'm stepping on the toes of meteorologist rob mayeda. lets get to him right now. . that was the maximum strength we saw the storm during the afternoon. it did get up to 1 with 15 miles per hour. now that it is moving into cooler water, it is dropping off big time in strength. still pushing swell towards the beaches of southern california with high surf still likely
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through monday. now the very latest on norbert shows the storm has weaken down to about 80 miles per hour sustained winds. still a hurricane. but as it continues to move into cooler waters, by this time tomorrow, transitioning from a tropical storm to a tropical depression, that at least what is left of it will cross over northern baja. but that moisture will stream away into central and southern california. that will bring some much needed rain perhaps for some parts of southern california out towards the mountains and deserts. and you might see some of the high clouds trying to make a run at the bay area tomorrow. more on that coming up in a moment. 50s and 60s outside right now. not much in the way of fog. but we're expecting some patchy low clouds to fill in across the bay. tomorrow morning, part of what is known as our status quo forecast this time of year. low clouds come back for the morning with the mist and the drizzle across portions of the east bay for the morning. just like we had today. some clearing skies. even out to santa cruz. then late tomorrow, attention turns to the south, which for now look likes most of that moisture will be staying away from the bay area, as you look at some much needed rainfall for parts of southern california.
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these will be mainly out towards riverside and san bernardino counties out to the east of san diego, where it could pick up an inch or two of rain. notice the latest model projection here keeping most of the chances of showers south of morro bay. so we may get some high clouds at times tomorrow into the bay area. right now it doesn't look like we're going to see much rain, as we see kind of this mild finish to the weekend. we will get some warming temperatures ahead, as we take a closer look at pleasanton. temperatures cooling somewhat into monday at that stronger sea breeze, and then high pressure building in will boost the temperatures thursday into the 90s and perhaps even mid-90s by the end of the week and as we approach next weekend. so for the morning we'll have a cool start, mostly in 50s. near 80 in the afternoon for san jose. and san jose will see the temperatures starting to come on up for the middle part of the week. we'll see highs near 80 around a downtown. and then mid-80s as we head towards wednesday and thursday. san francisco seeing temperatures tomorrow in the upper 60s. over towards oakland, we'll see temperatures in the low 70s. we have the a's game tomorrow, 105. should be close to 73 degrees. breezy at times as we head
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towards the afternoon. and now towards the tri-valley. highs tomorrow in the 80s. but you'll see here for the north bay and for livermore, we'll see the temperatures climbing up with low to mid-90s by wednesday and thursday. so tomorrow just some high clouds we think out of norbert. may see a slight increase in humidity. and then that's going to move on by monday with a warm-up headed our way toward the middle of the week. terry? >> thank you so much. right now check in with kate scott joining us from comcast sportsnet. what a great time of year. meaningful baseball, meaningful college football, meaningful pro football. it's all right there for us. >> it is, terry. it is so much fun to be a sports fan right now. let's start with college football. stanford, all looking to improve to 2-0, buster posy and the giants make it two straight in detroit, while jed lowry and the a's, well, they got back to their winning ways in oakland. all the highlights coming up negotiation in sports.
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after taking the rain delayed opener last night, the giants up bright and early as they try to make it 2 and 0 over the tigers. well, an early one for these bruce bochy's boys. andrew susac taking david price to the warning track. both runners would come around to score, making it 3-0, san francisco. next up, joaquin arias who would smack a double of his own. 4-0 giants.
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the tying worries eventually cut the lead to one. but buster posey in the fifth giving them some breathing room. a perfect 3 for 3 on the day. giants win it 5-4. a's were meanwhile looking to snap a three-game losing streak today over at the coliseum. this young lady, well, she was practicing her standing o for rally time. that was coming the bottom of the ninth. a's down 2 when josh reddick doubles off the center field wall. it was two a's on. it would become two a's in. and all of the sudden we are tied at three. next up, jed lowry, who punches one to left. and yep, look likes going to gamble on robbie grossman's arm. and the gamble would pay off. the a's walked off on the astros. pies for everyone, 4-3 the final. 13th ranked stanford and number 14 usc today. unfortunately, a lot of missed opportunities for the home team. third quarter, stanford looking to go up six when jordan williamson pushes an easy one. quarterback kevin hogan, oh, that's going to come back to hurt us. in the fourth, hogan was fine.
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austin cooper wide open for the easy score. but a tough luck brings it back another drive. stanford needing three to tie late when hogan loses the football. usc would recover and the trojans go on to win, 13-10. sacramento state. 21-zip in the first. find kenley lawler for an incredible one-handed catch. you didn't see it, check it out again. cal is 2-0 on the year. san jose state were visiting auburn. and this was all tigers. gray back to receive the punt. and he would bring it all the way back, 55 yards to be exact. as auburn coasts past san jose state to the 59-13 win. and the 49ers begin their season tomorrow down in dallas. don't forget, check out 49ers postgame live on comcast sportsnet bay area for interview, highlight, and a analysis after tomorrow's game.
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looking forward to that one, terry. >> kate, you're saying 32-10, 49ers? >> that's why guess. i'm expecting lots of offense from collin kaepernick and company. what about you? any pro jegzs? >> i'm going go with you. >> hopefully i'm right. we'll schek next week. when we come back, food trucks are going to the dogs.
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run of the mill dog food. >> bacon cheeseburger frozen yogurt. >> peanut butter crunch cookies. peanut butter maple bacon. >> most of what we heard i'd eat. >> some trucks also offer dogs a place to nap, play, even take doggie selfies. the primary emphasis of course on canine cuisine to which many owners are saying bon appetit. >> bone. >> it looks good if you want to walk the dogs. >> temperatures for the morning at least a little chilly. north bay, low 50s to start the morning off, a and as we get towards the afternoon tomorrow, cooler into monday. and temperatures climb mid-80s inland toward the middle part of the week. valley temperatures climb together. second half of the week, we'll see some 90s. back around the tri-valley. >> kind of easing out of summer. >> yes. very slowly. it's coming back the second half of the week.
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>> yeah. thanks for watching nbc bay area news. "saturday night live" coming up next. have a great night. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, all beds are on sale. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. head in for the final days of the biggest sale of the year.
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all beds on sale with mattresses starting at $599.99. ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. >> well, i've got to hand it to you, mike. that appearance in between two ferns really got the affordable care act a lot of buzz. >> oh, well, sir, the credit goes to the white house for hiring an online-media consulting firm. reaching young people is what we do. and especially to our social-media expert, mara. she was the one who brought us the galifianakis idea. >> oh, mr. president, it was st


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