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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> that's all for this edition of right now at 11:00, autistic boy is safe and sound tonight. he disappeared from his home yesterday morning. it's been almost four years since this explosion and fire that destroyed an entire san bruno neighborhood. hear from city leaders who say they are still recovering. >> a shocking attack in the hills of silicon valley. mountain lion goes after a 6-year-old boy in the middle of the day. live with why trappers say this wild animal is posing a serious threat. we're following a developing story. parents fight off a mountain
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lion after it attacked their son today. the boy is recovering in the hospital has wildlife experts track the animal. wardens have new evidence about how aggressive this animal is. marianne is here to explain. >> terry, the attack happened on this trail with nine other people just a few feet away. and tonight we have just learned that war dens say the tracks reveal the mountain lion followed the group after the attack. >> the search is on tonight for a mountain lion after one attacked a 6-year-old boy around 1:00 this afternoon. he was walking with his parents, two siblings, and another family of five in this trail about a mile from this spot. >> the cat did make contact with the boy. did end up taking him into a brushy area. his parents did fight the animal off and the boy's in the hospital. >> reporter: the boy was attacked from behind and suffered moderate injuries to his neck and back.
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>> we're just here for a little get together. >> he and his son were among the first to see him after the attack. >> the man came down out of the trail carrying his son. and looked like he had a laceration on the back of his neck and bleeding pretty heavily all over. >> reporter: this afternoon a fish and wildlife employee found the green t-shirt in a trash can and saved it in this bag. it's considered evidence. >> we've collected all of the articles of clothing that the boy was wearing. we test those and get a profile on the cat, a dna profile on the cat just like any crime scene would do with a murder investigation or anything like that. >> reporter: fish and wildlife also brought in four tracking dogs to find the mountain lion. >> the animal will be euthanized because we -- it needs to be tested for several things inlewding rabies because ray byes is prevalent on mountain lions on occasion. >> reporter: these attacks are
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extremely rare. there have only been 16 ever reported in california. experts say today's attack is especially concerning since it happened in the nidmiddle of th day with nine other people just a few feet away. the boy remains hospitalized tonight in fair condition. and the dogs are no longer searching. they will resume the search tomorrow morning starting at about 5:00 a.m. we're also told that two war dens will spend the night out here just in case the mountain lion returns to this area. and in the meantime, as you can see with this gate, all of the hiking trails in this immediate area remain closed. reporting live in cupertino, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new details on mountain lion sightings in area. back in may it was spotted in a downtown apartment complex in mountain view. they tranquilized him. they called the santa cruz puma
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project and put a tracking collar on him months before when he was with his mother. they're not aware of any kolerred mountain lions in the area now. relief in the south bay after a missing 6-year-old autistic boy is found at a homeless encampment. he disappeared yesterday morning from his south san jose home. family membersed to us yesterday he has a history of wandering off and he stumbled into this homeless encampment. they got a call, the police did, about 4:00 this morning. the boy lives a mile from that camp. people from that camp called police, took him to the hospital as a precaution. police do not suspect foul play. >> four years later san bruno continues to rebuild after a deadly explosion flattened the neighborhood there. tomorrow we're going get an update on the recovery. christie smith is life in san bruno. this anniversary comes less than a week after a huge 15 was proposed by state regulators. >> reporter: that's right. good evening, peggy. the anniversary is tuesday but the mayor is going to be
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speaking out tomorrow at 10:30 here at city hall. he's going to be talking about the recovery, what has been rebuilt and what hasn't. we're also expecting to learn more about the next steps in the penalty process. >> the road to full recovery obviously emotional. >> reporter: san bruno city manager connie jackson says much has changed four years after the pg and e natural gas pipeline explosion. >> so far 22 families have returned out of the 38 homes that were destroyed totally. there are a couple more that are in progress. >> reporter: she says there have been infrastructure improvements, too, after the blast killed eight people, injuring dozens more. this week pg&e learned it will face a $1.4 billion fine. >> in large measure it means closure. the fact that the cpuc has finally concluded the three-year-long investigative process and has reached a
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decision is, we think, very much a contribution to the overall recovery of our community. >> reporter: one sticking point is 950 million of the penalty will go to the state's general fund. state senator jerry hill whose district includes san bruno said friday he would introduce a bill earmarking pipeline safety trust and independent monitor over seeing safety plans. >> we were with ones with the exposure so why should the residents of the other counties, why shouldn't the rest of the state benefit? >> reporter: in an earlier statement they said they asked that the penalty is reasonable. an appeal is expected. in san bruno the city keeps pushing forward. >> this was a horrible tragedy that we vowed never to see again happen anywhere else. >> we asked the city manager
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what's next smep said over the next 18 months what they expect to happen is full construction on the lots still vacant. the city is working with a developer to take responsibility for ten of them. we did reach out to pg&e on comment on this but didn't hear back on this issue. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. we do have more online about the san bruno explosion and fire. search san bruno investigation on our website and you can find out about our stories, about the pipeline and the cpuc. you will find it all at new at 11:00, look at this photo. petaluma police are hoping somebody will be able to identify this man caught on camera in the back of petaluma market stealing a refrigerator unit. he's described as a white man in his 50s with tattoos on both arms. he was last seen leaving with a refrigerator unit on a bicycle. urban shield organizers are
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firing back at oakland mayor and her decision to not invite the emergency responders back for their convention next year. this year's event is wrapping up tonight at several locations including mop and field where teams conducted a tanker spill exercise. she said this is the last year they will host. she said the protests an negative publicity are not worth the trouble. the sheriff's office organizes this event. >> we're amazed that the city does not want the revenue of a full hotel that urban shield brings. 5,000 attendees it brings to the city of oakland, hotel tax rev few. >> it's in the eighth year. federally funded. oakland has hosted the last two conferences. they are fighting back, the family of a special needs teenager shot and killed by a deputy in half-moon bay plans on filing a lawsuit tomorrow. according to the family, they called 911 on june 3rd when the
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mentally ill woman armed herself with a knife and refused to take her medication. the sheriff's department said the deputy shot and killed the 18-year-old woman when she lunged at him with the knife. the lawsuit will allege the shooting was unconstitutional and it violated the fourth amendme amendment's limits on police authority. bay area crews, broke out in yosemite national park tonight. the fire is forcing trail cloe hurs and camper evacuations. look at some of the evacuees here waiting to be airlifted via he'll continuer to safety. about 100 hikers on the top of half dome and surrounding trails. they all waited their turn to board helicopters and get out of the park. a wild fire is threatening hundreds of homes and businesses as well. the blatsds has forced the evacuation of 1700 homes. they're making it pretty tough to contain. >> the wildfire is prompting a
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smoke advisory. they say that people may notice a smell of wildflower smoke in the air. keep win i dos and dloors closed. set air conditioning units to recirque brato keep the smoke out. poor air gullity should last until tomorrow. >> all right, sir of southern california after heavy rain and flash flooding. thunderstorms rolled through the inland empire. some places got nearly three inches of rain. you see the result there. chp says flooding stranded dozens of cars on inland freeways and there were reports of toppled trees and power outages. rob, sure would be nice if we could get there which took off this after after the city of day. where the fire acts looic a thunderstorm with strong up grafts near the city. and that does, of course, core
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brant a corporate growth. now you're starting to see thunderstorms coming up out of the south. and that is part of the same wroifr which have been causing the flooding rains in river side. in southern california flash flood watch is in effect in both stories would overlap tomorrow as more moisture begins to spill closer towards yosemiten we could see a risk for the central and southern si airia. maybe enough to drop rain around the fire around yosemite but with the risk of more lightning sparked fires as well. heavy rain is in the forecast. into tomorrow. was we head in creasing clouds and drizzle. we'll have a full look at the changes ahead and warmer changes than that, the microclimate forecast coming up in a few minutes from now. back to you. coming up at 11:00, apple ready to make its next move. what you can expect from the
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tech giant and the an new conferen conference. plus, liftoff or space x. what the company will say today. >> they're expected to be back in san francisco tomorrow. we'll tell you me the special honor he is receives.
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two, one, zero, we have liftoff of the falcon 9. >> liftoff of the falcon 9 there. dazzling nighttime liftoff to space. it took off in florida over night. take a look at that. just incredible to see. this is another shot of the rocket here tweeted by spacex and founder elon musk. this is carrying a telecommunication satellite into space for a company in hong kong. the launch was originally scheduled for last month but spacex delayed the mission to give engineers cocheck out why the rocket blew itself up during a test flight. all eyes on a this week. everyone expecting to see big screens and a whole new product. on tuesday the company is expected toen a nouns the new iphone 6 which is rumored to
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have a larger screen. the company could also preview something like an iwatch that you would wear on your wrist. experts say that could silence critics who say that the company has lost its innovative edge. the launch comes on the heel of a security scandal with i cloud -- >> terry: the cloud. they stole nude pictures from the cloud last month. a busy street in san francisco's mission district remains closed tonight following a huge fire earlier this week. crews spent the day slowly disassembling the burned out building after the fire wiped out a retail store. fire, smoke, and water damaged several neighboring businesses. no word on when mission street between 22 and 23rd will be back open to traffic. the problem wasn't fire, it was in water as in no water available. water main broke at 7:30 this thorning at the intersection of second avenue and wallace road. it left the area a muddy mess. people at a nearby apartment building were without water for several hours while crews worked
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to fix that line. some of those tenants were unhappy nobody told them what was going on. >> it was pretty out of nowhere. pretty unexpected. luckily i had enough time to brush my teeth and right after that is when it shut off. >> yeah. >> i was pretty lucky. >> did they come and tell you guys what was going on? >> no. >> of course not. >> we just woke up to no water. >> not yet clear why that water main broke. former governor an arnold schwarzenegger, four years after he left office. the identity of the artist has not been revealed. some are speculating it might be one of austria's top painters. another unresolved question, where exactly the work will be placed inside the state capitol. >> he's back. >> he's back. >> he h be back. also back, meteorologist rob is here with the forecast. nice weekend. >> it was. we're about to see more of the same for one more day tomorrow
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when shaping up to be the coolest day of the workweek ahead before temperatures tart start to rise for the middle part of the week. right now mostly clear. golden gate bridge, you can see across the bridge but will likely find fog and misty skies. the satellite view is interesting. when you look off towards the east, out towards fresno and yosemite. starting to see shower activity and thunder showers at times. that is remnant moisture from former trop dall storm norbert. we head into tomorrow. right now the winds and 45 miles per hour and what's left of the system will cross at least the what's left over of the core, the system will move over the northern baja, california. the tropical moisture will stream off as we head towards tomorrow. a mild start to the week. we will see areas of low clouds and drizzle at times for the bay area. ing into tomorrow morning. cloudy skies to start. this will be one of the low clouds and off to the east. high clouds there bringing a
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chance of thunder showers south of lake tahoe. tomorrow, cooler day of the week thanks to a fairly strong sea breeze. we see it bringing in heavy rains possibly again for southern california and maybe the sierra. for the most part it a fares most of the rain should stay to the south as the model update here tonight brings another inch or two possible for areas south and east of sloengs into tomorrow. for the bay area just drizzle at times. so no relief really from the drought with a particular -- for the bay area with respect to norbert. most of that activity will be towards the deserts of southern california. the warmer trend, not going to see it kick in more tomorrow. we will see the temperatures continues to climb. for the tri-valley that means your number is getting back into the low 80s. areas south of san jose by thursday and friday. san francisco temperatures into the swepts. nice and kofrl for theable.
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more sunshine. average high this time of year around san francisco, close to 70 degrees. right on average as we head towards wednesday and thursday. 78 degrees in san jose for tomorrow. should see up der 60s around sfraness for monday before those temperatures climbed through the other part of the week. sent bs around 80 tomorrow. as we give you a sneak preview to next weekend those 90s and the tri-valley hanging on until saturday. trending cooler as our football team is coming back to the bay area next weekend. oakland taking on the texans. 70s in the forecast there. sunday night football comes to nbc bay area with our own team here at levi stadium. the regular season owner in. should see that kick nauf at 5:30 with temperatures in the 70s. picture per foerfect for footba the bay area. thousands of people put on their orange month tonight.
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fifth an new giant race ran into at&t. some ran, others hit the road. the half marathon, 5k. the giants raised $250,000 for project hope hand. that's a charity that will provide feels and christian challenging, dealing with hiv and aids. take a hook at who was there, inde indeed, the amazing sleeping again. >> if -- she wasn't the only bay area staffer. three more there. >> very nice. >> you don't see my picture and you don't see peggy's. >> i know. that's right. >> we were in the background maybe. >> we have a lot of athletes in our newsroom. that's for sure. >> rob is up with of them. >> he is. >> he's doing a cross bit thing and doing it extremely them. well-done. >> frita is also the athlete. >> i was running back around
11:21 pm
forth from the couch to the fridge a lot of times and to the different. >> you add it all up, quite a business dance there. >> you spread it out over a day, there was quite a bet. 49ers, raiders, giants, as. three of the teams did not find themselves in the win column. 49ers, earning their first victory of the season. we've got highlights from your favorite team, coming up next. come to no man's land. it's a place you've been before, but it's not on any map. so go out there, lose yourself, and find the truth. ♪ we're all born wild. ♪ let's keep it that way. the 2014 4runner. toyota. let's go places.
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ahmed fareed here. no one more excited to start talking about football than the 49ers who have had their shares of off the field distractions. 49ers and cowboys in arlington week one. we begin with the opening drive for the cowboys. demarco murray. he's got the ball. no, he doesn't. fumble. he is picking it up and going the other way. 35 yards for the score, make it 7-0. 49ers. >> first offensive possession. colin kaepernick getting tripped up but he's a strong man. dave on his reach. vernon david. end of the first half, rookie
11:25 pm
carlos. 49ers is going to win. >> it went really well, especially for an opener. i'm just excited. i m excited. my teammates are excited that we were able to pull this one off. and now it's time to get back in looking at the fame and getting ready for the next one. >> the ninth and district quarterback. in in the first quarter, where did he go? 12-yard score. raiders up, 7-0. forth quarter though, chris of written, you don't give him much room. it's aefs been. 7 is yards for the touchdown for the raiders. go to the eastern time zone and lose again.
11:26 pm
19 19-1. >> tough loss on the road. not the way you want to tick out your season. obviously some things we got to work on and get better at. there are some good things that happen in the game but we weren't consistent enough for any phase of the football game to goep us . >> miguel cabrera, american league, that is gnome-run hope run. 3-0, tigers. the kids are loving it there. cabrea bear wra with a late. giants lood, 6-1. could not sweep thor isries. that dad couldn't get licorice. couldn't get it. as and one. ryan cook walked three straight batters. >> he said your day is come. first pitch he throws, dick,
11:27 pm
that is seep enough for the tying run to coming into the score. walk in go ahead run. 4-3, astros. come back was complete. oaklanded a its last chance. he goes down. as lose. seven back of the angels now on the west. 49ers did win and frank gore kicking up career 29, the first 49er and franchise history to do that. cool for frank gore. >> that is very good. >> thank you very much. still to come, we investigate. >> he works for the public so why is he getting personal travel tips off public money? our investigative team looks into it. president. promises to go against militants and iraq. what he has to do to a new host.
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you pay for it and he got the perks. tonight the investigative unit exposes a public official who was racking up rewards off taxpayer dollars. perks such as hotel points and up grasds courtesy of a heavy used credit card. >> investigative reporter shows us how a local department director is turning taxpayer funded into a personal benefit. >> reporter: multiple sources believe the man in charge is using his position of power for personal gain. and these records back it up. now the county has opened an investigation into the director's travel spending. >> because the only thing better than bacon is free bacon. >> look at this high gold
11:31 pm
passport video. >> the perks appear endless. for those who spend thousands of dollars on travel, and have rewards cards like these. as hilton honors advertises from free nights to free flights -- >> you'll never have to raid your kid's piggy banks for a vacation ever again. >> what about the public's piggy bank. >> so what's been going on? >> meet john, he's the director of child support services in santa clara county. these travel documents tell the story of a director who has gained elite status on your dime. >> he may have gone from gold status to platinum status but the problem is most taxpayers right now are in mud status. >> records show he puts tens of thousands of dollars of employee travel on his personal credit card adding his own personal
11:32 pm
rewards numbers, allowing him to rack up points for everyone's stay. then the county pays him back while he banks the rewards. >> public tax dollars are being us used. valley yates since 25 years in the department of child support services. she retired in 2010. >> this is conscious, deliber e deliberate, and done know that somehow he's benefiting from not only his travel but all the rest of us traveling. >> dedissorveed them with confidence. >> how awkward did that feel? >> tremendously awkward. that's how i found out he had been doing this. so i contacted our county human resources. i never heard back from them gn. >> we went through thousands of travel documents. dating back to 2008 and compiled our own database. we found he put more than $55,000 worth of hotel stays and
11:33 pm
registration fees on his personal card. for more than 30 employees. like this trip to garden grove. nearly 12 ground went on his marriott rewards. he lost got the highest reward paints. he would pay for them to go. >> do you believe what he is doing is wrong? >> absolutely. >> john is president of the association. >> i think from a taxpayer perspective people are going to look at this and have raised eyebrows. >> shea should be applied toward future county travel. personal use is a taxable fringe benefit and the county has no attention of providing at such fringe benefits. if an employee doesn't have one the county will pay that person back. records show he even paid for those who do have county credit cards. >> i think i remember saying to
11:34 pm
the woman at human resource, then why couldn't i use my credit card? why is it because i'm not doing that? because i'm not the person handling with travel. >> the department has a travel xwlord eighter and it's not john bar tana. look at this. his reward numbers. still used to gain the points. >> he went to one event. he is there to purchase automatic the events strants into the rooms. >> our department should not be engamg weed in this kind of activity. >> both work in department of child support services for santa clara county. we asked to hide their identities. >> i think the frustration level is just so hyatt this point and the morale at the office was just so low. it's just so right. >> reporter: racking up points is a skill.
11:35 pm
there are seminars for it. check out this abc news video documenting the practice. >> i know you get a sign-up bonus. >> look what was there. so what he's doing with all the points? we wanted to talk to him but he refused to sit down with us due to the internal investigation into his travel spending. we also wanted an explanation for this. a new line item and expense report that said paid by j bar can nan. >> add the actual line to the voucher. >> oh, my god. no, no, i do not see this. we don't want somebody to incentivize them. >> he has been with the county for 13 years. he was appointed director by board of supervisors last year. we reached out to the president of the board he told us the. county is investigating whether
11:36 pm
any policies have been violated and because under the circumstances a personnel manner he is unable to value wait. if you have a tip, call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. the next legal battle over gay air heats up tomorrow in a san francisco room. that's where the 9th certain appeals court in three states, hoo what what we, idaho and neva nevada. over the course of two hours. big tushout is expected. feedine there in a lottery. along with washington, d.c. and another nba team is on the market after a racially offensive,er mail. bruce sent the e-mail in 2012 to other co-owners. in the e-mail he says, quote, southern whites are
11:37 pm
uncomfortable at games because the black your he made it easier for him. this comes less than one month after a clippers sewn ersewner. washington redskins as racest protested today. they held signs demanding a name change outside the red skins game in houston, texas. some called for the owner to sell the team. while protesters are defended by the name. many redskins fans don't see a problem. >> we want to dance tonight. listen to the voice of the native people and we don't want them to do over the logo, the mass scott. the hawks, i don't care. they can protest. >> i personally don't find it offensive. you know, i think that, you know, like my husband said, i think they're reading far too much into it. >> several native americans tribes were represented at today's protests.
11:38 pm
after u.s. criticism, the strategy against isis. president obama today said he would layout his game plan for the leak. welly. >> i'm preparing the country to make sure that we feel with a threat from ice sill. it's already taken the lives op two americans and thousands of civilians within the region. on "meet the press" the president told shuck todd an iraq style footage. >> we're going to systematically degrade their capabilities, shrink the territory that they control. and ultimately we're doing to defeat them. >> reporter: today a new round of u.s. air strikes against isis targets including a checkpoint and punker nearer rock. the president says while intelligence shows no immediate risk to the u.s. homeland. that banker is.
11:39 pm
>> what i'm going to be asking the american people to understand here, number one, this is a serious threat. number two, we have the capacity to deal with it. >> today an expresence of relief on intelligence who had purkd the president to move faster. >> did i congratulation the president. republicans continue to washington had been the response had been to show. >> i believe the committed malpractice in his foreign policy. >> the president acknowledged krit sicks who said he should not have been golfing. >> after the statement that i made, that, you know, i should have anticipated the optics. >> turning to immigration, fallout of mr. obama's new decision to wait until after the midterm election before reuses executive power. likely to hold some deportation without congressional approval. when it comes to the latino
11:40 pm
commune. here frustrated but i think they're pissed off with what they evidence. for the with, new concerns about border security. >> the truth of the matter is the politics did shift mid summer because of that problem. want to spend some time as we're getting all of our ducks where a row. because beunderstand the right thing. why it's the right thing for the american people and the american economy. >> that was kelley o'donnell reporting. american tourist he taned in north 22-year-old. he was accuse of entering the country on a tourist visa. tearing up a document and saying he wanted to file them. a sat-one media short does not say on what charges the 24-year-old would be tried. last week it was north.
11:41 pm
new york city is recently opened 9/11 museum displaying new artifacts tied to the aftermath of the terror attacks. one is a shirt that was worn by the navy steel team 6 murder. there's also a bic from the ben latd den compound. another is a special koint that was created about successful collision. gloss to one many people visited. since it opened the may. she would have wanted. we'll show you how friends and family gave their farewell to joan rivers.
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
today's funeral for joan rivers may have been held in new york but it took on the style of a grand hollywood sendoff. a legion of celebrities came out to pay their final respects. >> that's the way she wanted it. she died on thursday. a week after she stopped breathing during a medical procedure on her vocal cords. we have the detail on rivers' red carpet remembrance. >> reporter: it was hollywood on the way. a star-studded of pair in new york's upper east side as long time friends gathered to say good-bye to joan rivers. it was just as rivers wanted it. she said as much in her 2012 book "i hate everyone, starting with me." >> it was irreverent. irrif rent was the word, hysterical follows that. the rabbi does a beautiful job opening up. howard stern gets up unannounced me opens with a line that brought the house down but, boy, was it risky. >> as friends like barbara walters, whoopee goldberg and
11:44 pm
kelley osborne looked on others shared memories of the comedian, actress, and tv personality. >> the words from the rabbi, he was like, that's okay. words spoke beautifully. melissa, a beautiful letter. it was beautiful. >> reporter: as rivers' only child, daughter melissa and grandson cooper left, bagpipes played "new york new york." red carpet rivers' friends walked on will be buried along with her. a final wish fulfilled for a star who always did it her way. >> she was a rule breaker, that's for sure. sounds like her funeral followed suit. >> i wish someone made a recording. glad they didn't in a way but i would have loved to hear those jokes. >> as people are talking about them. for sure. coming up next, wild weather in phoenix. look at this amazing video here of a dust to srm, nearly covered the city. , nearly covered the city. s, nearly covered the city. t, nearly covered the city. o, nearly covered
11:45 pm
the city. r, nearly covered the city. m, nearly covered the city. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. take a look at this. a massive wall of dust blew up around phoenix last night coating everything in its path. so much for all that spring cleaning. as you can see in this time-lapse video, it turned the night sky dark. drivers found themselves navigating the rows in almost zero visibility all because of the dust. thunderstorms and rain from hurricane norbert followed the dust storm. you could see about two inches
11:48 pm
of rain this cleaning up all the dust. >> those dust storms are live on the news and coming in taking over block by block. >> just enveloped the whole city. >> like a sci-fi movie. >> at least the rain came in afterward and cleaned it up a little bit. >> made things probably out there around phoenix and dust form. right now we're waiting for the fog to pass. much more taper for tomorrow morning. we'll see misty skies. temperatures tomorrow morning, dropping in the mid 50s. napa, and san rosa, san jose. we will see the sea breeze pushing in the low clouds, into the dublin grade tomorrow morning and delta. tomorrow should be the coolest day ahead with low clouds and drizzle in the morning. what you might notice around midday, high clouds in the south. that is the remnant moisture
11:49 pm
probably not going to get out of rain out here. notice these temperatures for the valleys tomorrow. fairly comfortable not getting much of the needed rain which has been going out towards the rain. they had three inches that fell this afternoon. most of the moisture will continue to see across southeastern california as we go through tomorrow. this mild start to the week will include the low clouds as he drizzled at times. that's about all the rain we're going to see. high clouds and the chance of tuntder will stay off twad the eat. still dealing with the thunderstorms for tomorrow, if you're going to head down to the grapevine you might notice that active weather. for the day area and peek ahead we're going to start to see tomorrow. the numbers are going to cool a little bit. you will see numbers in the mid 80s but close to 90 on
11:50 pm
wednesday. second haft of the week does look warmer. >> these very likely into the start of next week. tomorrow, 78 in january jose. still mid to upper 80s by their south. breezy at times. up ter 60s in the forecast around tomorrow, mostly around and pleasanton, 84 or so. in livermore tomorrow and 90 s showing up saturday for the tri-valley. the temperatures begin to cool down on sunday as the home games gak on the raiders and b start next sunday. should be comfortable for the sundaying and rely stadium. we'll see those numbers in the mid 60s. >> thank you. chlts co coming up, the debate over college education. >> a degree does not garn you a
11:51 pm
food salary.
11:52 pm
♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪
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for many a college education is thought to be key to securing a good job and in a tough job market some graduates are finding their degrees are not paying off fast enough. >> new research has some asking if the price of education is wot the investment. nbc's sharon epperson has the story. >> reporter: marcy gardner works 30 hours a week as a waitress. >> thank you. >> reporter: not exactly the job she was expecting to have when she graduated with a masters degree in policy research last year. >> i never thought this would happen to me. i have worked hard all my life. i was in the hop nors program. i graduated scum laude. >> so far, no luck. she's struggling to pay off her
11:54 pm
$70,000 student loan debt. >> i definitely found that i am over-educated for a lot of the positions out there. it's a very frustrating experience. >> reporter: last year while the average salary for an american with a bachelor's degree was $48,000, 25% of college graduates earned $27,000 or less, $2,000 more a year than the average high school grad. >> companies are not looking for a college degree than they were. >> the percentage of recent college grads working in jobs that do not typically require a bachelor's degree has risen in the last decade. complete job market has some questions whether too many are over investing in their education. >> in the long run a rep search finds a college degree will help people prepare for high-skilled, high-paying jobs. >> for the vast majority of people college is worth it.
11:55 pm
just don't get buried in mountains of debt. >> like marcy -- >> i know that it's really foreign to me as a person, but obviously monetarily speaking, is a really bad choice. >> okay. id? >> reporter: experts say future graduates should weigh the financial risk against the reward. irn sharon epperson, nbc news, new york. >>ity about how many people take out student loans and you're supposed to get that job to pay them off. >> i think it's going to turn out for the better. >> yeah. . eventually. eventually.
11:56 pm
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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amazing to story here. amateur treasure hunter in
11:58 pm
england hit the jackpot after digging up that rare coin. he found the three penny coin from 1652 in a farmer's field. >> wow. >> because it was just a one single coin instead of a bunch of coins he's allowed to keep the proceeds when it goes to auction. when it goes to auction they think it's going to sell for $1.6 million. >> nice. >> stoner intends to give half of the proceeds to the farmer that owns the land where it was found. >> he had to have that metal detector. it paid off. >> have a great night. have a great week. >> good night, everyone.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
you're watching an nbc bay area news special. "bay area proud". >> without love i wouldn't be where i'm at. >> love, the therapy dog, helped him through his toughest times and in return he helped others. >> never give up. keep pushing. stay positive. >> when someone snatched the toy poodle the good will of others turned heartbreak into joy. >> it felt great to be able to have that support and it felt even better to get her back. >> after the unthinkable happened to a san jose family in this remote spot in idaho a 17-year-old friend took action. >> a lot of prayers, a lot of anxiety. about kind of being able to step up to this role i had taken on. >>


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