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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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lion. wildlife crews back out looking for the animal as we speak. a live update is coming up. >> plus, nearly four years to the day after the explosion and the neighborhood still trying to recover. what we're learning today about the recovery process in a live report. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist christina l e loren. a strong onshore flow means cooler than average weather. >> and we have an average commute this morning. we had an earlier slowdown toward san leandro. >> and san francisco is glowing on this monday, september 8th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nb country bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to
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you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> nanette, how is the young boy doing? >> reporter: he is in fair condition this morning. the trail is in the cupertino hills. the boy, his parents and siblings and another family of five were walking when the mountain lion pounced on the kid. the animal dragged him into the brush, injuring the boy on his back and neck. his parents had to fight off the mountain lion.
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fish and game and other agencies closed down the trail to search for the animal. no luck yesterday, but they're expected to look again today. >> it will be euthanized because it needs to be tested for several things including rabies. rabies is prevalent on mountain lions. >> fish and game says attacks on human by mountain lions are extremely rare. this attack is surprising because there were nine other people just a few feet away. >> nannette miranda, "today in the bay." >> tonight, pg&e will give a report on the recovery of this
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neighborhood. the anniversary comes less than a week after pg&e learned it will face a record $1.4 billion fine. >> in large measure it means closure. the fact that the cpuc has finally completed the three-year-long investigative process and has reached a decision is, we think, very much a contribution to the overall recovery of our community. >> one sticking point, $950 million of the penalty will go to the state's general fund. in response, state senator gerry hill says he'll announce a bill ear marking a majority of the money for pipeline improvement and safety measures. pg&e is appealing the fine. >> urban shield organizers are firing back at the mayor to not invite the emergency responders back for their event next year. teams conducted a tanker spill
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exercise. mayor quan said this is the last year her city will be hosting the conference and trade show. she said the protest and negativity are not worth the trouble. >> we're amazed that the city does not want the revenue of a full hotel that urban shield bring, the 5,000 attendees that it brings to the city of oakland, the sale tax revenue, wholesale tax revenue. >> the, and shield is in its eighth year and it's federally funded. oakland has hosted the last two conference. >> no idea when mission street will be back open to traffic. it has been closed since last week when a mass of fire gutted that building. crews are slowly disassembling that burned out building. >> the next big legal fight for same-sex marriage will heat up
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in a san francisco courtroom this morning. three more states want to legalize same-sex marriage. where do we go from here? >> a big turnout is expected for the hearing that is expected to go for two hours. hawaii already legalized gay marriage back in december so that appeal is at risk of being dismissed. the court there had upheld the ban but lawmakers had a voted to allow same-sex marriages. in nevada, a federal judge struck down an appeal, in idaho a judge upheld gay marriage. supporters of the ban said the state should promote marriage before a man and a woman. in 2012 fbt struck down prop 8,
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the gay marriage ban here in california and ruled for more protection for gay and lesbian couples. a big turnout is expected so seating will be limited. >> of course the supreme court at some point, stephanie, has to rule and has yet to do that. thank you very much. >> it's 5:06 right now. the city of palo alto taking steps to be more responsive in response for public records in the wake of a santa clara county civil investigation. a report said they kept the city in the dark over public land issues and then ignored the public's request for records. they say they later added a form to better track request foss its
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public records web page. >> 5:06 on your monday morning. it's always tough to get the week started, unless you have some incentive to get up and get outside. how are things looking, christina? >> paycheck does it for me. might be the good weather for you. yeah, we get to live in the beautiful bay area and september is probably our best month temperature-wise because it's actually the warmest month in san francisco and it's not going to be too hot, beautiful kin conditions for today. we're not talking about triple digits. 58 in livermore, 59 in san jose. and this is what we're looking for as we head throughout the day today. clouds heading in and as a result, cooler-than-average weather, we'll see a cool westerly flow and beautiful ocean air moving in.
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this going to be the coolest day of the week. 70s straight up on the east shore, even up in the tri-valley. the north bay is at 77. however, we're going to climb by a good 5 to 10 degrees as of tomorrow and then even warmer weather towards the mid section of your week. lots to go over this morning. first, though, here's mike inouye checking your drive. >> good morning. nothing unpredictable. i did talk about caster valley y and 880 where the construction crew cleared. there's been no real problem. first let's talk about over the bridge, 92, the san mateo bridge as we look at our camera. across 92 westbound would be
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over on our left side. same thing for the dunbar bridge a little to the south. this is where the slowing happens toward livermore but an easy flow at the limit towards the dublin interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza, no slowdown. the north bay is also clear and that's good getting into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. appreciate that. foster city leaders are holding a meeting to look at ways to improve the roads. they'll look at traffic safety and efficacy. members of the public are invited to share their experiences as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in foster city. >> it's 5:09. new development when it comes to
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the health of iran's supreme leader. what we're learning about the health of the ayatollah khomeini. >> and we'll look at what's coming up in business news. >> got a tip for the bay's investigative unit? help us hold the powerful accountable. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some!
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. a very good monday morning to you. restaurant joint ali baba takes its restaurants to new york city. it could be the biggest ever on the stock market. >> ever. it's going to be the biggest tech offering ever. it could strip visa of the title
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of biggest ever. the head of ali baba will look for the right investors before offering the stock to the public later this month. yahoo! invested early in the company. yahoo! will make tens of billions of dollars off the deal. yahoo! founder jerry yang and his deputy at the time made that deal back in 2005. turned out to be one of the smartest, if not the completely smartest deals yahoo! has ever done. in fact, yahoo! stands to make so much money, it's going to be a huge windfall for the u.s. government. depending on the original investment -- it could pay for an aircraft carrier. it's a lot of money, which is why yahoo! lawyers are working hard to find a way to avoid that. hampton pearson is one of the
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first persons to see that jobs number. i think you see it before the president does, right? >> well, it's a close call there between the white house and the fed as to who -- and of course the labor secretary as to who gets that first sneak peek. there always is that shock and you a moment inside the lockup when we first see that number. when i saw that number, just 142,000 jobs in august, i thought to myself we could be in for quite a wild ride. fast forwarding to where we are today, futures are lower after stocks did end higher on friday despite the disappointing jobs report, the s&p 500 closing at a new high, the dow ending a with a new record. the dow rising 67 points on friday to close at 17137. the nasdaq adding 20 points to close at 4582, as we head for
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the starting gate on the major markets this week. back to you and happy monday. >> happy monday to you, hampton, as well. of course, laura and sam, we haven't forgot about the big apple announcement coming tomorrow. we'll have that in a bit. >> we'll look forward to it. >> who new hampshire ton was such an insider when it comes to the market. >> who is our insider with the first, who coincidentally has a masters in economics? 59 in san francisco. you know what? the weather is going to be so nice out there today. we're coming off a fantastic weekend. you're likely going to notice temperatures overnight dropping off, getting into that sweater
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weather territory between the hours of about 7:00 and 9:00 as the sun goes down. today widespread low clouds to kick off the day, even a little drizzle out there with onshore flow. we have really dense clouds this morning near the immediate coast but they're going to clear out and we'll bring in that heat all the way through the rest of the week. we'll hit about 65 degrees in san francisco. the south bay is nice and sunny for the second half of the day with 75 degrees, 77 for the north bay and comfortable conditions on the east short up o about 70 degrees. so here's where we're headed as we get into the week. temperatures are going to climb really quickly. much warmer conditions tomorrow, back in the 80s and then that summer feel extends into this weekend. but we only have two more weekends left of summer before we officially kick off the enough season. up to 87 degrees in the south
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bay by wednesday. let's take a look at your drive. >> all right. we're looking towards 101 where we're getting a little more company but nothing dramatic here. look at the map and the entire silicon valley looks pretty nice, too. a little yellow showing up for coupe are tino that's just down below 60 miles an hour. highway 17 reports of deer, one hit earlier this morning just south of the summit. our engineer, randy, said he saw them on the side of the road. it may be getting toward that season where they're looking for a mate and a little distracted. as you're coming down through al a moment, reports of one deer that was hit. activity in the right-hand lane but not a lot of slofing headed toward that walnut creek interchange. the oakland area. the anymore it's freeway moves smoothly. no delays to the toll plaza with a mild wait for the cash lanes
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across the bay bridge. palo alto with a smooth flow of traffic. a little traffic into the city but no major delays. nothing unexpected for 101 or 280. back to you. >> thank you. . the army in endia struggling through sticky mud to get to thousands struck by flash floods. this is after six days of heavy rain. flash floods and mudslides buried entire villages in some instances. some people stuck on rooftops have been given food and blankets. in other cases, people formed human chains to protect their children. over 300 people could not be saved. >> the man in charge of iran since the late 1980s is recovering this morning from prostate surgery. 75-year-old ayatollah khomeini had surgery in tehran.
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before the operation, the media reported that there was no room for concern. it's still unclear why he had to have the surgery. the ayatollah has the final say on all state matters in iran and media reports on his health are extremely rare. >> it is 5:19. meredith vee a ra is back on tv today. i sat down and talked to her about her new talk show. that's next. it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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"today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. what time is it, sam? >> let me think about this. 5:21 on your monday. what are we looking at right here? >> beautiful look at the bay bridge this morning. i love it when those lights are illuminated, don't you? >> it's my favorite way to start the day off with. >> meredith vieira returns with
5:22 am
her charm to bay tv. we find out what's in store. meredith vieira is back. monday the veteran journalist and talk show host starts a show of her very own, so she wanted it to be a true reflection of herself. >> this set is designed to look like my family room. i really wanted it to be a true reflection. >> reporter: the idea behind her new show is you're just hanging out with an old friend. >> if you were hanging with your friends, you might be sharing a story that could be a sad one, a happy one but you're sharing. it could be connecting. you might be playing a game. we have games. you might have music on. we have a band. >> television isn't new for the broadcaster, you know her from
5:23 am
"who wants to be a millionaire" and the "today" show. she sat alongside matt lauer before retiring to spend time with her family. that didn't last long. >> why did you do it? >> i don't know. my family wanted me out. i miss the connection with people. i guess i wasn't done. i wanted to do a show that reflected me -- i didn't want to have my name on it but that's the way it goes. but just try it. why not. >> reporter: she's not a stranger to the bay area. >> i love california so much. i try to get there whenever i can c can. >> you know what i really love? >> sam's. >> shout out for sam's. >> the people are great.
5:24 am
>> we're really excited about your show, especially in the bay area. we're going to be in our living rooms at 3:00. maybe sometime you can help me make dinner. >> i'm terrible at making dinner. i'll have a drink with you, though. >> weekdays at 3:00 right here on nbc bay area. >> and she knows the way to our hearts and clearly your heart, hamburgers. >> i was going to say wine. >> any combination of those things. >> don't want it to turn into whacky wednesday just yet. we're just on monday. >> we have to get to that kathie lee/hoda area before we can get to that. what a great interview, laura. we're at 62. on the east shore it's going to be a nice day and i don't like to use that term loosely. 72 degrees, 77 on the peninsula,
5:25 am
70 later in oakland and 65 in san francisco with a warming trend just around the corner. right now let's say good morning to one of my other favorites, mike inouye. >> thank you, thank you. i would have the question that meredith had "who wants to be a millionaire"? >> me! >> everyone's hands up are here. >> fast track moving nicely. this is over at travis as you're coming through the north bay. i-80 just got a crash report right around the air force base. there's berkeley past the racetrack, without delay for the maze. 24 moves smoothly. and sounds like a deer was hit. west 580 interchange shows a
5:26 am
little slowing no drama through sonoma, we like that is correct all the way into the south bay. a live look out there, we'll show you fremont as well. coming up into the area on the northbound side there was a crash. still sounds like fence damage around solyndra. that crash has been cleared and the person has been taken to the hospital. that's all we have. moving slowly for 880. back to you. >> u.s. open men's finals will be played today in flushing meadows new york. it's a pairing no one exactly predicted here. kei nishikori stunned roger djokovic in the final and he'll be taking on roger milic.
5:27 am
>> serena outlasted carolina wozniawo wozniacki and she is again number one in the world. >> a pair of earthquakes shake up parts of california this morning. details to come. >> plus, how wildfires in yosemite could affect you this morning. the warning for parts of the bay area coming up.
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the search is on this morning for a mountain lion that attacked a young boy. >> and helicopters forced to rescues those stranded. >> and we'll see a beautiful
5:30 am
start to your week, coolest day and then we crank up that heat. your full forecast is on the way. >> and typical flow for the cash lanes. we'll show you what's going on in other areas east of there where we have even more slowdowns. >> we start now with a live picture of bait area. almost looks like it's in black and white this morning. >> taking you back to the 1920s. >> it is monday, september 8th and this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a 6-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a mountain lion that pounced on a boy in the middle of a family hike yesterday. nanette joins us live this morning from cupertino where you
5:31 am
just got an update? >> reporter: that's right. authorities had no luck finding the mountain lion yesterday. we're told that this morning at dawn they're expected to resume the search for that mountain lion this morning. the mountain lion attacked the 6-year-old boy around 1:00 sunday afternoon while he, his parent and near family of five were hiking with a family in cupertino. even with that large group, the lion still managed to drag the boy away. the family had to fight the mountain lion off. he is in fair condition and is expected to survive. fish and game is determined to find this mountain lion because of the injuries that it child. >> the lion attacked this young child in an extremely aggressive
5:32 am
manner. the probability of it attacking given is probably pretty good. we want to remove it from the wild before it harms anybody else. >> tracking dogs were brought in yesterday and is expected to continue again this morning we're told that two game wardens spent the night near the attack site because mountain lions are prone to go back to the site where it attacked. they were hoping to see it overnight but there was no sign of the mountain lion. the last time they had to track down a mountain lion was in 2012 and that took six days. >> thank you very much. >> new this morning, earthquakes shook up two california towns overnight, giving some residents pause for thought and a wake-up call this morning. the first was a 3.7 that struck
5:33 am
at and 9:30 last night around los angeles and then a 3.2 quake struck in cambria. there were no reports of injuries. >> the family a child shot is set to go to court today. the family called the sheriff in june when she had a knife and refused to take her medication. the sheriff deputy shot and killed her saying he lunged at him with a knife. >> it was one of the worst pipeline disasters in history. kris sanchez joins us from san
5:34 am
bruno with an update. how is this recovery going four years later, chris? >> reporter: it appears that it is returning back to normal. there is construction and infrastructure changes but the trauma of what happened here four years ago remains. this morning we'll get an update on the road to recovery. eight people died in that pipeline blast, dozens more were injured and so far 22 of the 38 families whose homes were completely destroyed are back in the crestmore neighborhood. today the the city manager will give a finding of the report that resulted in a $1.4 billion fine for pg&e. >> in large measure it means closure. the fact that the cpuc has finally completed the three-year-long investigative process and has reached a decision is, we think, very much
5:35 am
a contribution to the overall recovery of our community. >> we'll hear more from here later on this morning, but the judges who levied that fine against pg&e say it was because of 3,700 violations of federal and state regulations that goff rn gas line maintenance and also the record keeping of all of that. pg&e did announce it will appeal that $1.4 billion fine says the company will make sure mesh yourself it's made to improve safety are taken into account. >> they've come a long way in four years. thank you very much, chris. >> state regulators are holding a public hearing in san jose to get input on upcoming pg&e rate hikes.
5:36 am
pg&e says the increase amounts to about $7.50 a month on a typical customer's bill, $3 more for electricity and $4.50 more for gas each month. >> bay area crews now helping to find a 400 acre wildfire burning in yosemite national park, forcing closures and evacuations. evacuees were waiting to be lifted to safety. about 100 people had to wait for helicopters to be lifted from the park. at one point more than 700 structures were threatened.
5:37 am
it is 70% contained. >> if you notice a smell of wildfire smoke in the air, try to stay indoors with the windows and door closed. set car systems to recirculate to keep the air out. the poor quality could last through today. >> yosemite one of the beautiful areas. what sort of conditions are we going to be looking at? >> we definitely getting the favorable wind direction. good morning to you, sam and laura and everybody at home. it's going to continue to push the smoke out of the bay area and this is only going to strengthen as we head throughout the day today. so that's the good news. if you are somebody who suffers from asthma or respiratory issues, limit your outdoor activity for the day, try to keep them indoors.
5:38 am
58 in livermore, 57 in san martino. we're kicking off the day with a full deck of clouds this morning. clouds really thick right along the coastline this morning and that's go to lead to a gradual burnoff today. because of that really thick marine layer, you're probably going to have to wait until about lunch time for the time to clear on the coast. 77 degrees for the north bay today, 65 in san francisco. you'll hit 70 in the tri-valley. not a bad day for you. and 76 degrees on the peninsula. we have some big heat coming to your forecast. we'll talk about that in just a little bit. right now i think we have a t p
5:39 am
traffic alert out there. >> getting into the city is a concern for drivers as well. cash track still an advantage. we'll see another ten minutes for those meandering lights here. the drive is all right for the bay and golden gate bridges muni is all right. now back to the live shots. the san mateo moves smoothly and south of here is clear including san jose. there's 280 and 17. it's smooth. back to you. >> 5:39. congress gets back to work today and there's a lot on lawmakers avenue plates. we're live on capitol hill with all the details. >> it's an interesting side effect when you get up that
5:40 am
might surprise you, coming up.
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you're watching "today in
5:42 am
the bay." >> as you head to work today, so does congress today in the capital. tracie potts joins us live across from the capitol where all that work gets under way today. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. this coming congress coming bac has got to focus on the budget. money to run the federal government runs out september 30th. that's priority number one when congress gets back today. they'll likely consider a temporary extension. the other big issue, immigration, all those children flooding across the border without parents. president obama says he's delaying any executive action until after the november election. >> when i take action, i want to make sure it's sustainable. >> he's saying he doesn't want
5:43 am
to be held accountable by the electorate. >> reporter: the president says he'll lay out his strategy concerning isis. >> boots on the ground have to be iraqi. >> what about syria? >> the boots on the ground have to be syrian. >> reporter: the president needs to be clear and decisive. >> we need to have an end game. >> what is the military plan? what's the diplomatic plan? time's aris wasting. time for there's a long list of issues that congress may try to get through. they've only got three real working weeks before they go on break again, laura. when they're out giveagain, the
5:44 am
not back until after the election. >> very important time. >> the balanillionaire of chick-fil-a has passed away. he opened his first restaurant in 1946 and founded chick-fil-a two decades later in 1967. the family's religiously conservative views are well known and doubd. the chain grew criticism when his son denounced gay marriage publicly. he's also well known for creating the winshape foundation, which helps children through scholarship. and back in 2012 the chick-fil-a
5:45 am
shop in san hojose opened in protest. >> the next big fight for same-sex marriage takes place this morning. the court has set aside two hours to hear the case from three different states. >> reporter: this issue will have to go state by saturday. the court of appeals has sed aside two hours to argument. today the federal appeals court will also hear argument on whether gay charj bans should be struck down in idaho and saefd. the federal appears this year the supreme court ruled in favor of extended protections for gay
5:46 am
and lesbian companies. target, ebay and pfizer are chiming into the discussion, urging the supreme court to settle the issue once and for all. same-sex marriage is legal now in 19 states along with washington d.c. now, it's not just businesses but another major group hoping the supreme court will also take up the issue. that's coming up in detail in 40 minutes. as for today's hearing, sam, a lot of people are expected. public seating will be limited through a lottery. >> thank you very much, stephanie. >> in the central valley, drought conditions have become so harsh in one community, many residents dependent on their own wells have just ron out of water. roughly 300 homes in east porterville have received a supply of bottle water after their wells have just gone dry.
5:47 am
they've also been filling a 2,500 water tank with water so residents it just flush their toilets and bathe. al roker visited this family. >> your kitchen looks like just about any other. but when you turn on the water, what happens? >> well, you can see this is what we have. >> more from al roker on the "today" show. >> despite the drought, some in the north bay of seeing water where they haven't seen it in years. experts say you can thank the earthquake for that. last month's 6.6 weak caused ground water. experts say they don't know why it happens but that it's commonly reported after earthquakes. in one sonoma creek alone,
5:48 am
surveyors said there were 20 times as much wart -- water. >> we're going to take a look in a moment at the weather we typically get in september and october. all the palm trees take a lot of water to grow but typically that's where you have the scenario where the fault squeezes up that water, pushes it to the surface, and that's where you get those little pockets of palm trees. kind of cool stuff. good morning to you in san martin. beautiful day, i mean beautiful day right here in the bay area and the reason why, the low clouds. they're going to settle in for most of the day. after they burn off about 10:00 and 2:00, we'll see the cool air
5:49 am
intensify and today's highs here in the 70s. typically we're in the 80s. 65 degrees in san francisco for today. this is typically the warmest month in san francisco, you may not know that. look what happens when we head through october, november and december. those numbers just tumble. as we head throughout this week, we're going to hit a stretch of that average weather. back to that rainfall, this is what we typically average in september, up to about 0.3 0.3 -- .03 in september. let's go to mike inouye.
5:50 am
>> we'll show you we have that typical slow build from 680 up from 880. it's the first burst that will kick in one against after 6:20, about a half an hour from now. the rest of the bay, nothing really unpredictable. in san francisco we had the report of a crash involving a pedestrian. sounds like northbound t-blocked between third and carroll. and from what we just heard, the person that was hit is doing poorly and meanwhile, the golden gate bridge moves slowly, the bay bridge has its backups. no problems for the east shore freeway or coming out of the maze at the standard flow. a nice build right here through dublin and livermore. speeds coming down through the
5:51 am
stretch. at the ultimate pass, speeds coming in around the 30s. now back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:30 right now. news this morning, prince george is getting a royal sibling. the royal palace has confirmed the news that the duchess of cambridge is expecting the another child. she is at home suffering from severe morning sickness, poor thing. we're told kate's pregnancy is not past the third-month stage. the new baby will be fourth in line to the throne, pushing prince harry back to fifth.
5:52 am
>> is that list of name out yet? >> well, usually it's not out yet, you want to throw caution to the wind. >> so wait a little bit. >> and coming up, trying to figure out that strange jobs number from friday. all your business news coming up ahead.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back, everyone. it is 5:54. stock markets still trying to figure out what the world happened on friday. scott, everyone had that same reaction. >> the reaction was, "well, what?" we were on the tear and then friday the labor department announces just 142,000 jobs were added in august. that's the lowest number so far all year. many economists think this just
5:55 am
has got to be a mistake. had the number been bigger, the market could have worried about things like interest rate hikes or inflation. but now it has nothing to sink its teeth into. looking ahead on the business week, who can forget apple announces new phones tomorrow. hopefully something more. apple needs a blockbuster, even after the latest hacking problems made it even worse. a number of web sites will feature a banner to show what a slow web site looks like. it's similar to previous efforts to stop piracy. it's not actually going to slow anything down. it's all pretend. but it will remind you what your
5:56 am
internet looks look when it's buffering. >> i remember very clearly what my internet looks like when it's buffering. >> remember the dial tone? ready for lunch? >> i'm starving. >> olive guaarden is taking it to the next level. >> the chain will announce plans for a never ending pasta pass. for $100, you can eat all the pasta and drinks for $100. but act fast. there are only 1,000 pasta passes, which can you get today starting at 3:00 on the olive garden web site. >> you're tall. for me it just goes out. >> i'm not even going to bother with that. >> love that pasta pass.
5:57 am
the lights are on. that's one issue. getting into san francisco, the maze itself move smoothly. and it sounds like a major crash involving a muni vehicles. there will be delay, folks. back to you. >> thanks a lot. a pair of quakes shaking california overnight. details next. >> and our top story of morning, a mountain lion attacks a boy in the south bay. we have just received an update. we'll have details in a live report next.
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breaking news out of san francisco. we have the backup getting into the city but in the city a person is in critical condition after being hit by a muni light
6:00 am
rail vehicle. >> plus, a mountain lion attacks a young boy at a popular south bay hiking trail. but it's what the big cat did moments after that's even more disturbing. >> and rebuilding san bruno. coming up, a look back at that devastating explosion nearly four years ago and what's being done right now to make sure it ever happens giveagain. >> and the benefits of an earthquake. how it is easing drought in the bay area. >> and in the month of september, mild with a cool ocean breeze today. much warmer by mid-week, temperatures jumping into the 90s. we'll keep that going through the final weeks of summer. >> first a look live downtown at san jose. should be a very


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