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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," the white house says hitting a woman is not something a real man does. ray rice's actions sparked a nationwide discussion, reaction from far and wide. two people were killed in arizona's flash floods on the rainiest day in phoenix history. other cities nationwide also endured massive flooding including las vegas. president obama will define his strategy today to fight against the terror thugs of isis. it's tuesday, september 9th. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm richard lui. baltimore ravens ray rice has been terminated from the nfl indefinitely, but the question, is that enough? that question after that violent new video coming out yesterday,
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rice delivering a knockout blow as you see here to his then fiancee's face. the other question, did the nfl see this video before? it says no. the president says hitting a woman is not something a real man does. after a rush to cut all ties with rice, the nfl store for instance dumping his jersey. here's nbc's jay gray with more. >> reporter: the video released by is graphic and disturbing. a savage hit that overshadowed the first week of on field action in the nfl. running back ray rice knocking out his fiancee, now wife, janay palmer, in a casino elevator last february. >> any man that hits a woman should, you know, have to suffer for their consequences. >> reporter: monday, the consequences were swift and severe for rice. his reported $40 million contract terminated by the baltimore ravens. >> when someone you care about does wrong, you know, and is faced with the consequences of
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doing wrong and rightfully so, it is tough. it is hurtful. >> reporter: rice has been suspended indefinitely by the nfl. the league also released a brief written statement saying we requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. that video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today. still, for some, that's not enough to explain why rice initially received just a two-game suspension. >> well, everything about it was wrong. the entire thing stunk. it was an embarrassment to the team, it was an embarrassment to the nfl. >> reporter: and frustrating for fans who spoke out on talk radio after seeing the newly released video. >> don't hit a woman. don't punch her in the face. walk away. >> it is disgusting because they're role models to so many people. >> reporter: so many who now wonder how long the ravens and nfl knew about the violent videotape and why it took its public release to force rice out of the league. jay gray, nbc news.
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>> jay, thank you for that. here's vice president joe biden with nbc's tamron hall in a "today" exclusive reacting to that ray rice video. >> the first reason the nfl responded in my view is so many women fans in this billion dollar industry. so all of a sudden, they said, wait a minute, and then when the video was out there and saw how brutal it was, the ravens did the right thing. fired him, immediately. you can argue they should have done it sooner. >> nfl players are outraged. former falcon tony gonzalez tweeted, he's absolutely disgusted with the tape i saw of ray rice and his then fiancee. the ravens did the right thing by cutting him. rice's former mentor and teammate ray lewis, i'm torn because this is a young man i really took up under my wing and tried to mentor to make sure he had a successful career and stayed away from things like this. also trending, the #whyistayed, women opening up and revealing why they stay in abusive relationships. all right, we'll switch to
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weather now. parts of the country are drying out after being under water. history-making rain, three inch downpour in phoenix turning into a state of emergency. cars were swept away in tucson, killing two women. >> the city of phoenix and our entire region saw levels of rainfall we haven't seen in nearly a century. >> heavy rain in las vegas drenching the desert resort. drivers caught off guard were forced to maneuver through flooded streets and along virginia southern coast, a bunch of chaos, up to ten inches of rain, roads closed. and people stranded. bill karins will join us shortly with more on weather. lawmakers on capitol hill should learn more today about the president's plans to take on isis. there is strong opinions emerging about how to handle the terror group after alerting congress today, the president will outline his plan for the rest of us tomorrow during a major speech. nbc's tracie potts is in washington, been watching all of that for us. tracie, as the president reaches out to congress, that was a big debate, what kind of timeline are we looking at here. >> reporter: well, in terms of
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action, in iraq, that's already under way, action in syria doesn't seem to be imminent. timelines for the president, he had dinner last night with a number of foreign policy experts, presumably to get some input on the strategy that he'll talk about tomorrow to the public and today to congressional leaders. president obama says we're going after isis but how, where, when and with whom? >> not something you do by dropping a couple of bombs. you need a strategy. you need allies. >> almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the isil threat and the evil that it represents. >> reporter: secretary kerry heads to the middle east today, building the coalition. iraq has a new more inclusive government as of this week. the president says their soldiers should fight the ground war, not ours. >> this is not a criminal activity akin to breaking and entering. this is a war. >> reporter: after an intelligence briefing last night, and more today, some
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lawmakers are backing u.s. air strikes in syria. >> we ought to go after the snake where the head is, and decapitate the snake. >> reporter: others want more limited action. >> whatever authorization that we agree upon should be on a short tether. >> reporter: the president says he doesn't need authorization, but wants a vote of support. tomorrow, he'll address the nation. >> he needs to be aggressive. he needs to be to the point. he needs to go after these groups and he needs to make certain that we shut them down, that they don't spread. >> reporter: that's one of the many opinions we're hearing on the hill now that congress is back at work. there is another proposal floating around that will pull the passports of americans, u.s. citizens caught fighting with the enemies for the same thing that the british did, that they announced last week now the u.s., congress wants to look at doing the same thing. >> the british setting the benchmark, it would seem, for the most severe actions that can be taken. thank you so much, tracie potts, in washington, d.c.
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now to the once tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the country, closed none too soon, evidently. a fire breaking out while welders were disassembling the 36-year-old colossus in california. part of it collapsed during the fire. no injuries reported at six flags magic mountain theme park. it was closed since mid-august for a newer version opening next year. last night's super moon or larger than normal full moon was quite a show. the harvest moon is red and pumpkin-like in appearance. look at that. it signals a start of the fall season and was the last back-to-back super moon of the season. the moon will still be pretty full for the next few nights if you want to get on out there. nbc meteorologist bill karins has your tuesday forecast, beautiful moon and if you're in the china towns across the country, this is where they have big festivals because of that. >> kind of fun. >> out partying last night, didn't even tell me. >> i wasn't. i was sleeping. >> i know you. good morning, everyone. we showed you this amazing pictures in the phoenix area,
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and the rain is coming to an end for them, not everyone. you notice the radar clearing up. there is that over 3 inches of rain yesterday. phoenix gets 8 inches for an entire year. you got half of that yesterday. we still have flash flood watches up today for the vegas area. flagstaff, all the way through southern utah and western portions and the mountainous areas of colorado. we have a few flash flood warnings out there now. it is beginning to improve a little bit. you can see the rain still kind of on and off throughout areas of utah, colorado and the mountains, where you can get some flash flooding. as far as the next three days go, all of that rain really pushes into the midwest, the big storm there. we're going to be watching pretty warm conditions in the west. so your tuesday forecast, again, still a slight chance of storms, vegas and phoenix, but dryer air is finally moving in as we try to return back to what should be typical, dry september weather. that's your national
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temperatures are fine, almost where they should be, upper 80s, low 90s. so one thing very interesting just happened in montana. >> what is that? >> you have to wait. i'll tell you coming up later. >> with all the spritzes so early or late, you wonder if they might get more rain in the california area? >> fingers crossed. >> won't answer that one. the cost of milk, pizza and other dairy products about to soar to new highs. it spread to 12 states, the illness hospitalizing kids of all ages.
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welcome back. the cdc is now investigating possible outbreaks of a severe breathing illness in at least 12 states. they're warning this may just be the tip of the iceberg with kids returning to school. enterovirus 68 infected more
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than a thousand children. it starts like a common cold but turns into near respiratory failure. marijuana will soon be decriminalized in philadelphia. mayor michael nutter is expected to sign the bill thursday. possession of a small amount of weed will be a $25 fine, smoking in public is $100. it can be waived with community service. bloomberg saying milk futures are at an all time high. the u.s. is exporting more dairy causing smaller inventories of milk, cheese and butter. that means prices will rise. the punishment for penn state's football program are over. they were sanctioned after the jerry sandusky scandal as you might remember. the ncaa saying the school has shown significant progress toward ensuring integrity in their athletic department. the nittany lions will now be allowed to play in the post season and will have all scholarships restored. okay, how many rumored gadgets will apple finally unveil today? a smart watch, a smartphone with
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bigger screen and digital wallet? well, nbc's jennifer bjorkland is in cupertino, california. you've been at that unveiling site without fail all morning. what has changed in recent hours? >> reporter: all morning. quite a bit, actually, richard. we had a lot more media show up, a lot more lights and television cameras pointing towards this big mysterious box and still some construction. the hype surrounding this event is huge, even for apple. apple's indication to the event reads, wish we could say more. but they're saying plenty with not just the venue, where steve jobs introduced the macintosh 30 years ago, but what they constructed there. observers calling this apple's big white box. >> if all the rumors hold up, i think this could be apple's best product launch. >> reporter: an iphone 6, some so certain lines formed more than a week ago. >> even though me and my cousin were first in line, these people right here actually bought our
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spots for $1250 a piece just to move to third and fourth in line. i think that is pretty worth it. >> reporter: consumers have a wish list. >> oh, my god, please batteries that last, at least one day. >> i think it would be cool to have a larger screen. >> reporter: the rumor, 4.7 and 5.5 inches. >> that's too big. i don't want a tablet on my ear. >> r see the need for constant revamps. >> i already have what i need. it works fine. >> reporter: but innovators like steve jobs gave us things we never knew we wanted, then can't live without. now it may be apple's ceo tim cook's turn to revolutionize the wristwatch. >> they reinvented whole categories in the past. they have changed music. they changed pcs. they can probably change time too. >> reporter: the wearable and new iphones also rumored to be the first to incorporate nfc, near field communications, radio waves which could mean the end of credit cards, even car keys. with apple taking hits from competitors that are beginning
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to resonate, many apple watchers say the technology giant has been sleeping, just working on something huge. and exactly what that could be be, we'll find out, 10:00 a.m. pacific time. richard. >> you'll be there. jennifer bjorkland, thank you so much. the big time actor who really wants to be the next james bond. plus, highlights from last night's late nfl games and the rest of your sports roundup this tuesday morning next.
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this morning on "today," real sports and former "today" host bryant gumbel weighing in on ray rice's domestic violence incident and suspension. now the latest in sports, two monday night football games to talk about. new york giants at detroit, one word here, megatron. calvin johnson, seven catches and two early touchdowns against the giants. quarterback matthew stafford throwing for 346 yards, also wanted to get in on those runs. he ran in a td to top the giants 35-14. boom. take that. the other monday game, a rocky start for arizona against san diego. multiple turnovers by carson palmer. they overcome an 11 point deficit and with that edging out san diego by just one point, 18-17. celebrities on deck to watch 14th seed marin cilic face kei nishikori in the finals.
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after cilic won two sets, this. >> and marin cilic has won the u.s. open. >> he won in straight sets, his first grand slam singles title pocketing $3 million. he said his win was like the world cup in his home country of croatia. to baseball, marcus stroeman pitches a shutout against the chicago cubs. top of the ninth, get the hand here, watch this. the bare hand catch. and in one motion, makes the play at first. the cubs get the goose egg. toronto wins with eight. two bicycle racers get in a slap fight during the race. after some punches were landed as well, sunglasses broken, both riders were disqualified. one bicyclist later tweeted an apology. poland builds a huge indoor beach for an indoor windsurfing competition. yes, that's indoors.
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after 50 hours and 80,000 gallons, it drew 70 competitors and biggest audience turnout for indoor events. "early today" brought to you by just for men mustache and beard, just you and the look you want. >> that's a swimming pool. just ahead, new details on george clooney's wedding. i said that. and overruled. judge judy says you'll never see her naked pictures. details next.
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now, for entertainment news, wedding bells are in the air. george clooney revealed he and amal alamuddin will be married in venice. he would not say when exactly, clooney did say the ceremony will happen in a couple of weeks. congratulations in order for neil patrick harris and david burka. they got married in a private ceremony but afterwards wanted to let everyone know. guess what, david and i got married over the weekend in italy. we put the n and d in husband. italy seems to be the place, right? now something for you can't unhear. judge judy, when asked about the icloud hack that leased nude celebrity photos online, revealed that she once had naked pictures herself. bill? >> i'm sure she was a knockout. >> the judge explained how after she broke up with her significant other, who she gave them to, she destroyed the pictures not wanting them to get out. >> thanks. >> there you go.
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just letting it ruminate. mel brooks in typical mel brooks fashion when putting his hand prints in cement outside the chinese theater, he wore a prosthetic finger. love the guy. he left his own six finger mark. the star saying, we start the denzel as bond campaign today. 59 years old, why not? >> 59, huh? >> he was saying look at other great actorers o ars out there. clint eastwood, 80 plus. >> he could be the dad. >> i like what you're suggesting. i'm richard lui, this is "early today." we hope it is your first stop of the day right here on nbc.
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leading the news from the hill, senate moves forward with amendment to the constitution on elections. in a 79-18 procedural vote, the senate advanced an amendment to overturn citizens united and restore congress' ability to establish campaign spending limits. but watchers say this is a republican stalling tactic and republicans plan it reject the measure in the final vote. in the bleacher report, pacers roy hibbert witnesses police officer give homeless man shoes. hibbert spotted the random act of kindness when driving around indianapolis. way to go. some other stories we're following for you, england's invictus games start on thursday for wounded veterans. prince harry starred in the competition after his trip to the warrior games in colorado. he responded to the news that his sister-in-law kate middleton
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is pregnant and what that means for his older brother. >> i can't wait to see my brother suffer more. and a little girl, even greater. i would like to see him cope with that. in california be investigators are trying to figure out what caused this massive water main break. a 16 inch pipe broke and this whirlpool swallowed the road. the street buckles, two homes were evacuated. a new billboard that says god loves gays in topeka, kansas, the home city of the anti-gay westboro baptist church. the facebook group raised $82,000 on a crowd funding website and say they want to put up more just like that. four new dr. seuss stories hit the bookstores today. the author wrote tunes twister, tales of familiar characters such as the grinch and horton the elephant. but they were never published. probably tongue twisters. >> are you twisting your own tongue in. >> i guess i am.
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the stories were rediscovered and translated from 1950s magazines. the language has stayed in tact but new characters are being introduced and so are new word ares that i'm introducing. >> i looked at the all time children's book, dr. seuss has six of the top 20 all time. >> i love those stories growing up. >> who didn't? golden books. >> and the associated comics they had during the holidays, right? >> you're a comic book guy. here we go. a look ahead and look back, another ebola patient headed to emory university hospital's unit. it will be the third recent ebola victim. last month dr. ken brantley and nancy writebol were successfully treated there. they were given an experimental drug and survived the disease. happy birthday to actress michelle williams who turns 34. canadian crooner are michael buble is 39. and actor comedian and former "snl" cast member adam sandler, 48. but he's never going to grow old. i'm richard lui with bill
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karins and the entire "early today," thank you for watching
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