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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good wednesday morning. it's 4:30, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. first check the forecast. good western morning. halfway through the work week, christina. okay. >> let's check back in with christina momentarilily. we have technical difficulties. we apologize. folks just getting up, over the bay bridge. shouldn't be finding too much in their path, mike. how are the roadways? >> 580 here, the bay bridge
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moving smoothly. west 580, south. a light volume. as we look at maps we have slowing in the westbound direction. you see that red zone, typical right there, as you pass by airway and approach as it harrah. the construshgz woction work go. fender bender westbound 580 at seminary. chp will let us know whether or not lanes are blocked. back to you. happening now, family of a teen who ran away with nothing but the clothes on his back and slippers hope the light of day will help them find a 16-year-old. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live in hayward hills. you just learned the search is shifting? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. minutes ago, confirmation from the sheriff's office that the search is turning to san francisco today. and that's because deputies have
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been monitoring 16-year-old minh ly's social networking activity and there was some ping in san francisco, some indicator, that he was there. so that's where the search is turning. a straight "a," student in hayward. his family say his left home angry saturday after his dad cut off the internet and prevented him from playing this online game. they were fighting the sunset and lack of light yesterday after eight hours looking for the teenager. his dad is worried because his son left in the clothes he had on his back and slippers, and not much else he doesn't have anything. he doesn't have money, he done have anything in his possession. that's why we so worried. we don't know how he's going to survive. >> reporter: a lot of emotion for that family. the alameda county sheriff's
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deputies elevated the response because minh ly does not have any history of running away, did not have much to get him through to left days and nights without supplies and left on foot. once again, we've confirmed with the sheriff's office the search is turning to san francisco, though know search has been planned yet. the details will continue to follow up on and bring you the latest on the show and newscast. live in hayward hills, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." the man accused of murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar in 2012, back in court. torres pled not guilty to charges he kidnapped and killed the teenager. he was indicted by grand jury in february. the judge could set the date for the trial to begin. investigators say lamar's hair was found on a rope inside the trunk of his car and his dna was
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found on her clothes. but her body still has not been found. 4:33. the family of a santa cruz man who died on highway 17 wants to make the stretch of road through the santa cruz mountains safer. 25-year-old daniel mcguire died when a big rig lost its brakes and caused several cars to crash. seven people were hurt, and the road was closed for hours. today the family will hold a press conference to unveil a plan to widen the road in hopes of preventing more deadly crashes. police looking for potential arsonist, someone who may have set two fires in a 24-hour time frame. the most recent fire yesterday at a vacant building on industrial parkway. firefighters found a gas can set on fire at the front door of the building. they were able to put the fire before it spread inside of the building. earlier somebody threw a molotov cocktail in a building a few doors down. b.a.r.t. officials will
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release a report they hope will prevent crippling strikes like the two last year. the report blames both b.a.r.t. and the union for the strikes. it cites a quote nearly universal lack of trust between two and calls for reform to the negotiation process. the report uses anonymous interviews from b.a.r.t. board members, union officials and management. b.a.r.t. and the union reached a contract agreement last october. the search area expanding for the mountain lie than attacked a 6-year-old boy in cupertino hills. officers closed stevens creek park in cupertino yesterday, that's a mile and a half away from where sunday's attack occurred. officers installed cameras in the area. experts believe it's a subadult and he's not quite fully grown. when they found him et 6-year-old is recovering at
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home. yesterday, leaders it proved a new program that would put volunteers with security cameras on a registry. the city could tap into the cameras when it needs to in order to combat crime. both businesses and homeowners can -- with cameras can volunteer. the city would only be able to use cameras with acourt order and have to have good reason. the staff will nail downl particulars next week. kick-off for the return of fleet week in san francisco this morning. the budget troubles in washington prevented the navy blue angels from flying during fleet week. it's scheduled friday object 10th. other events and activities and preparedness exercises will be taking place that week. 49ers front office pulling out all of the stops as it gets ready for the new levi's stadium in santa clara. the team will hand out 501, 501
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golden tickets sunday. it will come with a special prize though the team's staying quiet. four days away from the home opener at levi's stadium. nbc bay area your home for the 49ers all season long. tune into "today in the bay" 5:00 friday morning. i will be live inside levi's stadium with a behind the scenes look only on nbc bay area. >> excited about that. >> it's going to be fun. christina's join me, too. >> of course. >> they'll let me out of the building, too. good morning. i'm excited to be accompanying you out there, laura. mid 50 to start the day. gorgeous day coming your way. temperatures on the hot side. but this may be it. final stretch of summer heat before we officially kick off the fall. everything i'm looking at, yeah, that's the case. temperatures are definitely chilly. we've got low 50s showing up in santa rosa.
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good looking day for those who live here in san francisco. if you work by the water that's where you get the best conditions. starting out cooler. we'll end up five to eight degrees warmer. 89 degrees in the south bay today. 84 peninsula. 74 san francisco. let's talk about where we're headed. temps for today, hotter tomorrow and peak on friday. looking good for the weekend. up close and personal look what you will get out there weather-wise. levi's stadium sunday and also the raiders have their home opener sunday. first, let's check the drive. yesterday was busy. >> we're looking here to the home of the raiders. marcel reese came by yesterday. looking here, oakland moving nicely. northbound past the coliseum. approaching through san leandro, construction. watch it.
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we'll show you the map for oakland. 880 is not the problem, it's 580 westbound. crash, traowards seminary, thin started to clear. kel, the crash in the roadway may be blocking the fast lane but activity calming down. stay to the right as you approach highway 15. you see the peninsula, palo alto, 101, nice flow of traffic. southbound headlights towards albuquerque into the shoreline and mountain view you see construction affecting on and off ramps. south bay, a look at 101. not a major problem. easy drive however as well south bay. typical construction. 880 towards stevens creek and 280. a different flow overnight, you've got an update on that. >> letting me do the bad news. work to change 280, 880 interchange will change.
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northbound 280 to 880 will be closed tonight. we'll make mike tell you this. more importantly, this could affect your shopping habits this weekend. crews working over night until 5:00. construction part of an effort to improve one of the most dangerous interchanges in the bay area. we can agree. >> it's in the mid of the night. we're okay. >> all is safe. >> 4:40. major tech companies changing their appearance. taking a stance for the battle on net neutrality. drastic measures, schools dealing with budge the shortfalls. one board member suggesting we eliminate college freshmen entirely. what? we'll explain. president obama ready to address the nation. what he's expected to say against the battle against isis.
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"today in the bay." >> welcome back, everyone. a live look outside.
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looks like all-time photo from the 1940s. almost black and white, at least on my month terp don't adjust your television. from the san bruno mountains. secretary of state kerry's in baghdad for the first high-level meeting with iraq's new prime minister. kerry will urge the prime minister to ease tensions between sunni and shiite and discuss putting an toned isis. tonight, president obama will outline his strategy to defeat isis. law makes say it's long overdue but question why he's not coming to congress first to ask permission. lawmakers will pay attention to how the president plans to take action. >> it has to begin in my view, telling the american people what national interests is at stake here. >> in other words, how much of a threat is isis to the u.s. white house plans to get support from other countries, especially the middle east where there's
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plans to equip syrian rebels to fight isis there. sources say the president insisted he doesn't need more authority from congress. also hearing he won't ask congress for more money to expand his campaign against isis. the president will address the nation at 6:00 tonight. we'll air the speech live here on nbc bay area. >> 4:45. a 19-year-old denver woman accused of trying to join isis is expected to plead guilty today. shannon conley arrested at denver airport in april, trying to board a flight to syria. officials say she wanted to use her skills as a nurse's aid to help militants. conley could face up to five years in prison. tech companies take their battle for net neutrality to users today. top sites will display a constant loading symbol, not fun, called the spinning wheel of death as part of internet slowdown day. while it's possible to use that site, that wheel is constantly
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spinning at the bottom right hand corner. if you click on it you'll be taken to the battle for the sites to sign for lawmakers. the idea to push the u.s. government to support internet fast lanen this year the fcc approached allowing broadband providers to charge companies for priority access to customers. the government has not made a final decision on this matter. local tech companies are hoping with enough pressure the fcc will change its mind and treat all web content equally. target is focusing on core items for customers. morgan brennan live at cnbc world headquarters. we will not have you explain us what net neutrality is, but what is going on on the markets? >> i could do it but it might put everybody back to sleep. target's new ceo looking to refocus receipt tailor on a handful of key areas. working to bring shoppers back
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into the stores following setbacks including last year's data breach. areas such as baby products, fashion and health will get extra attention and investment. futures are higher after stocks fell on tuesday. investors start to speculate about the next move by the federal reserve, especially when interest rates may go up. dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 posting a biggest drop in more than a month. the dow notching first back to back declean since early august. data on wholesale trade. the dow falling 97 points. the nasdaq losing 45. microsoft in talks to buy the maker of mind craft. for more than $2 billion. a deal would add to xbox business which is lagging behind play station 4. reports say the deal is surprising since mind craft
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creator shunned outside investors and publicly railed against big corporations including microsoft. >> all comes full circle. 4:47. california's water control board considering aggressive measures after learning californians are nowhere near the governor's call for 20% reduction in water use. new report finds water use cut by 7.5% in july compared to a year ago. need to be doing all that we can to conserve. >> a topic that christina has been hitting upon repeatedly. you talked about a possible warm-up this woke. how are things looking? >> it might be our last one, sam and laura. we want you to enjoy it. yeah, that conservation effort we want to keep it on forefronts of your mind. every five minutes that you can take off of your shower, saving eight to nine gallons of water per minute. one of the best ways to help
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out. it's hard to take a shorter shower. also invest in a low flow shower head. always a good option as well. natural ac, confined to the coast for today. make sure that you get outdoors for the first part of the day if you have activities you're trying to take care of in inland valley spots because it will be hot out there. we have a high uv index for today. that means everybody, not just people who burn five minutes or less, everybody out there is going to have to make sure you're aware of this today. spf 30 plus, exposed to the sun not just 15 minutes you run the risk of burning today. uva as well for tomorrow. 80 on the east shore. get you warm out there in oakland. return of the 80s. 93 for the north bay. hot spot in tri-valley. you'll hit 97. that's a warm-up from
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yesterday's high. notice that temp jumping by ten degrees from where we ended up yesterday. this is it, though. looks like as we head throughout the next 10 to 15 days temperatures are going to start to cool off. one more summer sizzle before those numbers drop off. we'll talk more and i'm tracking a chance for rain. stick around. we'll tell you when and where. >> thank you. the california state university system considering limiting enrollment and only admitting community college transfer students. "the l.a. times" reports that trustees talked about this idea yesterday. trying to figure out how to deal with limited state funding and record-high enrollment. next year's enrollment will be higher than this year's majority of the students will probably come from community colleges. student whose get associate degrees at community colleges are guaranteed to be accepted to cal state school. but that does not leave much room for freshmen.
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applying right out of high school. trustees will vote on that matter in november. >> it's 4:50. uc berkeley professor developed a earthquake warning system made for more than $100. >> earthquake, lights shaking expected and eight seconds. >> josh plume says it's made of parts you can get anywhere. sounds like he's in the same room with you. it includes a computer, disc, backup battery, cost of $ 110. the lab is making senses around california, oregon and washington state. he got a warning just prior to the napa earthquake. the goal is to get state legislato legislators' attention to make the device available at home. >> you don't want to panic people. >> i want a punch. >> you could be the voice.
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>> duck and cover. >> 4:51 on wednesday. new program letting select giant fans speed up through security. >> fremont, 880, moving smoothly now past the truck scales. i'll give you an update on the crash we saw slowing in oaklands and 580 construct site.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back.
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4:54 on wednesday morning. as we take a live peek at at&t park which should be rockin'. the giants are on a roll. back in action tonight for game two of the series with the diamondbacks last night they won 5-1 under a great start from petit. >> on friday, they take on the dodgers. >> 7:15 tart for that. >> uh-huh. first time last night, giant fans used clear cards to avoid long security lines at at&t park. the same technology used at the airport. it's only available at center field entrance for the park but that could expand as early as postseason. the cards allow you to get through security faster. >> clear is a natural progression for the marketplace. they're in two airports. they have over 60,000 members in the bay area. i'm sure a number are giants season ticket holds are. >> get to the yard, first thing
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get to your seat, enjoy the scene scenery. waiting in line might kill the vibe. >> the price of convenience, though that would be $175 a year for one of the cards. you can start the process by going online >> interesting. >> new video of what happenen p native jeremy lin received a wax statue at the museum. >> he was sneaking up on people there. he decided to have fun with visitors in san francisco. he was shocking fans. he showed up to take a picture and they touch him and he came alive. stunned local family members, surprising his mom before taking a picture with her and the real statue. >> is this look a moment, inside
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jeremy lin inside jeremy lin. >> we could do that. >> he couldn't stay still. >> i can't stand still long enough to get a wax figure. over here, looking towards san mateo bridge. easy drive. over on the side, where we would have seen a few hours ago, a wind advisory, no more wind, at least double-checked with christina. foster city side, steady camera, calm. slowing over westbound 580 through dublin for construction zone. back to you. >> all right. 4:57 on your wednesday morning. peninsula school forced to send kids home early for a major water main break. what the district is telling parents. >> the bay 101 card room looking for any awe home. the move that could keep the business in san jose.
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the search is on for a hayward teen who disappeared late last night. where police are turning their attention, coming up in a live
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report. into san jose teen in the hospital after attacked in the south bay park. police looking for his attackers. >> we're flirting with triple digits in the hot spots as temperatures soar. getting into the end of the week. we're going to get even hotter. but this weekend, beautiful conditions coming your way. we'll take you through the changes, time line for your microclimate in moments. >> some folks are waiting here at the bay bridge toll plaza, waiting where they're not supposed to stop. an update on the crash in oakland. both updates coming up. first, a live look outside. beautiful look at the bay bridge. cars moving along like ants. it's halfway through the workweek. wednesday, september 10th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm


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