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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the search. where crews say they will focus their efforts to track down a missing hayward teenager. a critical day in court. we could learn about the future of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. taking down isis, look at what president obama is expected to tell the nation later tonight. we're bringing your temperatures way up for today. flirting with triple digits. hotter as we finish off the week. but then a pleasant weekend coming your way. changes in your microclimate in moments. shot of the maze look, jamming up on berkeley curve, 580, toll plaza. where else you're slowing. a live look outside. waiting for the sun's arrival wednesday morning. great view of the bay bridge. september 10th, this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. happening right now, investigators in the east bay are getting ready to talk about whether to keep searching for a hayward teen who ran away and may be lost in the hayward hills. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live from hayward where the teen took off with only the clothes on his back and pair of slippers. his parents have to be concerned. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning. that's the big concern here. it's in the upper 50s now, only to drop, very cold here overnight very dark. here in the hayward hills neighborhood flyers posted up in the neighborhood. the family's had a tough time the last four nights not knowing where minh ly is, a straight-a student, and the teen left home angry saturday afternoon after his dad cut off the internet and prevented him from playing online game. search and rescue crews looked for the teen almost eight hours yesterday, unsuccessful until darkness forced them to stop.
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he describes his missing son. >> very good kid. he's not mad. but the game is, i don't know why he didn't listen. >> there's a lot of valleys in this part of unincorporated hayward. we wanted to make sure he wasn't hurt, if he fell and got stuck. >> his sister has been posting pictures and information since saturday when he ran away. search for minh ly, 5'3", 130, 135 pounds shifting to san francisco. that is because investigators have been monitoring his social network whack teactivity and thn indication he might be there. no physical search yet. >> thank you. 6:02. man accused of murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar in 2012 will be back in court this
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morning. garcia-torres pled not guilty to charges he kidnapped and killed the teenager. indicted by a grand jury in february. today a judge could set the date for garcia-torres' trial to begin. lamar's hair found on a rope inside the trunk of to orres' car and dna on clothes. president obama telling the world how he plans to take done the terrorist group isis. it could take a long time. expected to lay out several military options but ground troops are not among them. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez on what to expect from the president's speech later today. >> the president will talk about the support of the american people as he addresses american people. 61% of people say they support military action against isis because it is in the nation's best interests. that, according to nbc
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news/"wall street journal" poll, before the president laid out the plan. lawmakers say it is about time. new video of kerry arriving in baghdad to help build support. among other middle east partners. in the weeks since the beheading of two american journalists by an isis fighter the pressure has increased. the nation will hear the president's plan. one day after the president laid out the plan for leaders of congress yesterday. he told leader congress it does not include a request or money. the president will use existing money in the budget. the president maintains he doesn't need congressional approval, but would like a vote in favor 0 to show united front against the threat posed by isis abroad and at home. >> he should be asking for our support whether or not he may think he's authorized to do what he intends to do. >> constitution is clear, it's the job of congress, not the
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president, to declare war. >> the white house plan is expected to include training and advising iraqi forces to fight isis on the ground there. secretary of state john kerry on the ground in baghdad, building a plan with allies. the plan expecting to arm rebels in syria to fight isis. tonight we will likely hear the president refer to isil rather than isis, a translation that refers to the levant, the region beyond iraq and syria, the second "i" and "s" in isis. some say it's a translation issue. others say it's political. coming up, live to washington for the latest. >> thank you. constitution, a member of the president's own party, as play as to what the president can and cannot do, we'll see. the president addressing the nation at 6:00 airing live here.
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it is 6:05. as we take a live look outside. pretty shot. waiting for the sun's arriving overlooking san jose. see how traffic's rolling out there we could get our last summer sizzle. >> yeah, we didn't have a hot summer. in fact, it was mild when you take everything and average it out. but you know what? we're going to see return of that near triple digit heat today. the heat is going to come on fast. make sure that you are ready for it because we're starting out so cool. temperatures dropping into the low 50s, upper 40s out there. days are getting shorter. as we transition closer to fall. talk about what you can expect throughout your day today. temps spike, a ten-day warm-up for inland valley spots, three to five degree warm-up at the
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beach. bright sunshine this afternoon. throughout the afternoon, temperatures will be hot. 89 degrees for the south bay. 93 degrees in the north bay. you'll hit 97 degrees. tri-valley, warm. 80 on the east shore. we could see serious situations when it comes to this heat. and we get that particulate matter in the atmosphere. not talking about sparing the air. good to moderate air quality. you don't have to worry about the smoke drifting over from yosemite. even with the heat coming in, i don't think we'll be sparing the air. bad news it's going to be hot for a few days but we'll cool you off for the weekend. what's cool for you and the family. first, check your drive. >> good morning. not cool but necessity for folks the bay bridge backup. look at toll plaza. you have metering lights on in the backup filling in all of the lanes. this happened 5:45 suddenly as
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far as the cash lanes happened before that and fas-trak at 5:45. maps, slowing west 80, berkeley, university avenue where speeds start to dip toward 50 miles per hour and berkeley curve, very slow. heavier track for a wednesday. we'll see things continue to sort out. this evening the second of the six-game run at home for the giants, more traffic after work. tomorrow's a midday game, so a disruptive flow around lunchtime. south bay smooth flow northbound 101, slower drive as well as earlier car fire, earlier roadside fire cleared from 280 and 10. look at oakland, jumping toward 880, traffic flowing nicely northbound. toward the coliseum, headlights, not a big concern. earlier issue seems to have cleared. south bay, sorry, mixed up the shots, back in the south bay, easy flow of traffic. not a big deal for freeways as you travel northbound for the commute past the airport.
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that's where you have the slow zone. >> highway 17 can be a problem. and there's a family in santa cruz, a man, the family who died on highway 17 want to make sure the stretch of road through the mountains make it safer. 25-year-old daniel mcguire died when a big rig lost its brakes, caused several cars to crash. seven people were hurt. the road was closed for hours. today the mcguire family will hold a press conference to unveil a plan to widen the road in hope of preventing more deadly crashes. forget about being a college freshman. controversial new push to limit enrollments at california state universities. apple shares open lower, despite the iphone 6 announcement. a look why, coming up. a live look outside this morning. san bruno camera, from a distance. look at sparkle of the lights. >> almost, almost, looked like
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the ocean from over that hill there but then you look closer, grainy dots. >> the clouds as well. when the warm-up is coming, when it will be over.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back now. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i've got to tell you, it is going to be hot for today throughout your inland valley spots as we have limited natural ac. the good news is, even after the heat wave, we might see our
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first shower. we'll talk all about that coming up in just a few minutes. >> with that phrase, we need the rain. we don't need this but you got it. smoothly in fremont past the truck scales. another issue cause more slowing coming up for free month farther east. today's top stories. search for a missing hayward teen shifting to san francisco. minh ly left his home on saturday and ran into the hayward hills near 238 and 580 interchange. deputies spent the night searching but came up empty. his father says his son was angry at his decision to cut off the internet. >> man accused of murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar 2012 will be back in court. garcia-torres pled not guilty to charge his kidnapped and killed the teenager. he was indicted by a grand jury in february. today, a judge could set the date for garcia-torres' trial to begin. big news, later today
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president obama set to address the nation this evening, outlining his strategy for defeating isis. lawmakers say the president's address is long overdue. question why he's not coming to congress first to ask for permission. 6:14. csu system considering limiting enrollment and only admitting community college transfer students. trustees talked about the idea yesterday. experts predict the enrollment will be even higher next year. majority of students will probably come from community colleges. students who get associate degree at community colleges are guaranteed to be accepted at cal state schools. but it doesn't leave much room for freshmen applying right out of high school. trustees will vote on what to do in november. student loan debt not just a problem for younger americans. small but growing number of seniors struggling to pay down education loans. the am of older minutes having
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money taken out of their social security checks to pay for their college debts has significantly increased in the past decade. 2010, for example, 4% of persons between ages of 65 and 74 still owed money on federal student loans. that's up from 1% in 2005. same year the total amount of student loan debt for all sign year citizens under $3 billion. last year, number jumps to 18.2 billion. happening today, nevada legislature in a special session to consider giving $1.3 billion in tax breaks to tesla. sandoval hopes the incentives will seal the deal for the $5 billion battery factory and tens of thousand of jobs to come to reno. it would forgive sales, use, property taxes for at least a decade. tesla ceo announced he planned to build that factory in reno, after considering several
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states, including california. scott mcgrew familiar with the issue. covering all of the details for the last several weeks. >> you think california never had a chance? >> i don't think so. i don't think california was ever a condition. they broke ground in july. so a couple reasons. first, batteries are a dirty business, lots of chemicals. most of the factory fall under federal law california has most strict environmental laws in the nation. not california. that leaves arizona, nevada, and texas. you have to compete for labor for a factory, nevada, lots of people looking for work. arizona does, too. but nevada's closer. so nevada it is. new iphones are here. apple announcing two new iphones, biggest feature, nfc, abt to tap to pay through a chip. the camera specs are cool, too. i phone 6 and 6 plus, leaving some to point out if you want a
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case shop in the plus section. shares of apple fell as they do after any apple announcement. not much disappointment, buy on rumors, sell on news. broader markets, they couldn't get anything going on. dow first back-to-back loss in months. and today, internet slowdown day. some websites are showing this to protest moves to end net neutrality. it doesn't slow down the site, it's a protest. twitter, netflix two companies participating. comcast has a very opposite view in this fight. it's a complicated fight. i'm not going to get into it. but anytime anybody can try to understand what's go on with net neutrality, i encourage it, regardless of what side you take. >> we spend two weeks on the issue, could we do a story and explain it, let alone ourselves? >> no. have you seen john oliver?
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google johnology ver, net neutrally, he does a good job. 6:17 on wednesday. as we take a live look at the bay bridge. my favorite shot that we have at the station. as the sun is coming up. a beautiful vista. what we have in store for us as the week moves to niners opening day sunday. >> it's going to be hot, hotter than it has been. you can see why. we don't have a lot of low cloud cover ut you know what? so many spectacular live cameras across the bay area. they'll show you the same thing and that's a mostly clear sky. as a result of the sunshine coming in so early off the bat, it's going to be a scorcher out there. summer holding on. 56 now in the south bay. temperatures cool enough for a jacket.
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bring the layers for today. temperatures very warm, even in san francisco. talking about return of 70s. outdoors today, what you can expect. coastal clouds at the immediate coast. they aren't going to make their way over the coastal mountains today. santa cruz mountains holding back cloud cover. valleys starting out clear. warm afternoon, ramping up your highs into the upper 80s. low 80s in the south bay yesterday. notice that difference. 84 for the peninsula. 79 on the east shore. and hot spot as per usual will be tri-valley, 97 degrees today. meanwhile, 93 forecasted high in the north bay. here's the deal. bump up the numbers more as we head throughout thursday into friday. but into the weekend, numbers start to fall off as an area of low pressure gets its act together. let's talk about the trend for east bay valley spots throughout the rest of the week.
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we'll bring numbers way up through friday, taking them down in time for the weekend. and look at what happens on monday. 86. we might get our next chance for rain, i should say, first chance this rainy season, looks promising, for september 17th. that's a week away from today. that's what we're watching for. a better chance october 3 through 6. we'll keep you updated. everybody wants to know what's going to happen as we're in the drought. next year will dictate whether or not we have mandatory water restrictions. mike. >> folks around the bay looking at predictable commute. one spot that's unusual. we 580 the build for livermore. the slower drive out of the altamont pass, 84 slows in toward the area, some folks make their cut through 680. recent change here pleasanton.
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right on schedule slowing down there, through the golf courses 84, where 84 and 680 merge. 680 montague expressway, reports of stalled big rig. i'm tracking that report from chp as they arrive and give us more details. north bound 101 and 87. slowing for 101 toward the airport and for 87 coming into downtown. 280 and 85 towards saratoga next to follow suit. a look at palo alto. smooth drive along the peninsula. no problems northbound with taillights. southbound smooth drive as well and the construction zone has cleared. san mateo bridge, highway 92, east bound, countercommute, light easy flow. westbound slower drive across towards the peninsula. the haze with visibility, not a problem. the maze, look at that, east shore freeway, westbound 580
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towards the macze, 24. heavier traffic flow. we have backup to the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on but span moves smoothly. that's what they're for. >> it helps. he's trying to tell us don't be mad at metering lights. water main break knocks out power to a famous california hotel. video out of las vegas. a van swept up during flash flooding. amazing story of survival. live look. sun's arriving over the bay area starting wednesday morning. ♪
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now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter- -sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. welcome back. video oust southern california where crews are clearing up another water main break. this one knocked out power to several customers including the entire beverly hilton hotel. the water might have got noon the electrical vault, which would be problematic. as of last week, all streets back open but power out for some folks there. >> take a look at this scene. flash flood turning massive rapids on a highway north of las vegas month. you can see the surging water swallowing a minivan there. there was an elderly couple inside. the van went over the edge but got stuck on a pillar. a group of men were able to rescue the man who climbed on to
6:26 am
the roof of the car. the woman was washed down stream but eventually rescued by emergency crews. the couple not seriously hurt. the torrential rain happened as remnants of tropical storm norbert hit areas west, creating flash flooding. how frightening. can you imagine the story they have to tell? >> not at all. the road moving up and down. >> exactly. uc berkeley professor developed a new earthquake warning system made for over $100. brace yourself. here we go. >> earthquake. light shaking expecting in eight seconds. >> duck and cover. the prototype zero made up of parts you can get anywhere, a computer, disc, backup battery at a cost $110. university lab rolfed making the network in california, oregon,
6:27 am
washington state. thanks to the invention, he got a warning just prior to the napa earthquake. the goal, to get state legislat legislators' attention. >> crank up the urgency, good to go. >> no kidding. >> 6:27. moments away from the opening bell. will apple rebound following yesterday's major announcement? scott mcgrew has details, next. the president's plan of attack. live in washington with how president obama will take down isis militants. ...we need to break up.
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taking down isis. the president prepares to tell the world how to defeat the terrorist group. hot for today. temperatures soar, hotter toward the end of the week. a great-looking weekend coming your way. changes and time line in your
6:30 am
microclimate in just moments. >> the stock markets have opened, apple hoping that investors will understand its vision. here's the nyse over on the nasdaq. we have the folks who bought the lexa in hayward as we get under way. we are well under way into this wednesday morning. a live look at san francisco. beautiful vista. september 10th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: frs nom nbc bay a this is "today in the bay." >> that's how you start out wednesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> thousands of people who died september 11th, 2001 will be post hume mussily honored today 13 years after the attack. members of the house and senate will unveil congressional medals honoring those men and women who
6:31 am
died. nearly 3,000 people killed 13 years ago tomorrow at world trade center, pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania. this morning, the president putting the finishing touches on a plan to fight the threat of isis. tonight laying out his plan to the nation. first, he did it yesterday to the congress. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez, joining us with what's in motion in washington. eyeballs and criticism. >> certainly. before hearing how the president plans to combat isis or isil, 61% of americans said that military action is in nation's best interest, according to an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. the president may have more support from the american people than congressional leaders. secretary of state kerry has been on the ground in baghdad for hours now, training and advising iraqi military, one part of the president's plan, which includes support among allies and arming syrian rebels to fight isis in the country.
6:32 am
"today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington. arming syrian rebels has to have people talking this morning. >> it can be tricky because there's the opposition to the assad regime which isn't always necessarily on the same page with the u.s. but in this case, we have been working with them against the terrorist group isis or isil, as the government refers to it. at that meeting yesterday, the president did not ask for more money, new money to finance the expanded campaign he's going to announce. instead, shifting around funds, requesting to shift around funds within the pentagon budget, $2 billion that they think will cover. the president also has said he didn't think he needs to go back to congress to and ask for permission to expand the campaign against isis. some disagree with the president. he does want their support and he'll outline what that means
6:33 am
later tonight. >> technicality may be that you know, congress is the body that enacts an act of war however this is not declaring war. >> right. he's not declaring war but expanding the military action that we've already been doing. well over 100 air strikes now in iraq. a bit of a gray area and some lawmakers think he needs to get permission. >> not asking for permission and not asking for additional funds, using existing funds in the pentagon budget. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. we'll have to hear more on what the time line might be later on today. we will carry the president's 6:00 address live here on nbc bay area. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll talk about an isis threat possibly here in the united states. a denver woman arrested after trying to board a flight for syria where she said she wanted to join rebel forces. >> i'll get to that now. thank you.
6:34 am
there's the woman, 19-year-old denver woman, adduced of trying to join the militant group isis. she's expected to plead guilty today. shannon conley arrested at denver airport in april trying to board a flight to syria. she wanted to use her skills as a nurse's aide to aid militants. time to check the forecast. a live look outside. look at cloud level there. like to see above the clouds as well as below. >> gorgeous. love the bird eye views. >> got them throughout the bay area. christina loren has a look at microclimate forecast as well. >> good morning. happy wednesday. i have to take good news off the table. done with that cool weather and bringing disappointing news. all things in perspective, closer to triple digit today. nobody likes to run ac all day
6:35 am
because it's expensive. good news, it looks like this is our last spike in temperatures before we kick off fall 22nd of this month. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. it's chilly in the north bay. 50 in santa rosa. 55 oakland. a55 here in san jose. san francisco. we have cool imagery that tells the weather story of the day. high pressure building in, compresses energy our atmosphere. forces it to the surface. you can see where the marine layer is. lower than the trans-america pyramid. what the bay area looks like from space. low clouds confined to the immediate coast today. we'll clear you out. early clearing at the coast by 10:00 a.m. clear inland valley spots by 8:00 a.m. little cloud cover here. these are temperatures. 89 south bay. peninsula at 85.
6:36 am
see 74 degrees in san francisco. that is a warm day. 96 out in the tri-valley with warm sunshine. piece of good information, good air quality today. we'll tell you what's coming your way for the weekend. first your drive. >> give you a quick look, live shot for san jose 101 north bound. slowing. this one will stick around for the commute. this is the build from 680 toward 880. that's the stretch that is the worst. look at the maps. 87 guadeloupe parkway. we see slower sensors from 17 to saratoga north bound 85. tri-valley, typical build. traffic flow building through pleasanton, south towards sunol. that's the focus around bernal slowest speeds, through that area. north bay, smooth drive southbound, 101 through san rafael. no major issues, typical commute.
6:37 am
slowing through navato. out of vallejo, slower. bay bridge metering lights on, backup is there. slow around the berkeley curve to watch it. markets just opened starting to get cooking. check the numbers. >> apple up a bit. >> a little bit. good morning. 98 cents, good morning to you, sam. 98 cents, under $100 a share. check the big board and dow industrials up six. not a lot to move the markets. dow had its first back to back losses in months yesterday and the day before. there you see it it. .02 of 1%. >> thanks so much. 6:37. shocking story out of the south. a father leads police to bodies of his own children. up next, disturbing, new details about the investigation.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back, everyone. disturbing story out of alabama this morning. a father is now in police custody, after authorities say he led them to the body of his five young children. timothy ray jones allegedly killed his children in south carolina and drove to alabama, dumping the bodies along a dirt road. they say each body was individually wrapped in a plastic bag. jones then took off to
6:41 am
mississippi where he was tracked down by police. they say they found bleach and bloodstains inside his suv. so far jones not charged with their murders. he is expected to be extradited to south carolina. n. a south african courtroom oscar pistorius will find out his fate. the judge will announce the verdict tomorrow, a minimum of 25 years to complete acquittal. both sides spent 41 days making their case. prosecutors say pistorius shot his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp on purpose on valentine's day last year. pistorius maintains it was an accident and he thought that she was an intruder. coming up, exclusive, jeff rossen reports from inside the home where that deadly shooting took place. he'll have a tour of the house as well as in-depth look at pistorius' side of the story at 7:00 right after "today in the bay."
6:42 am
6:41. teenager stabbed as he walked home from school near a quiet san jose park what happen investigators are telling us about possible suspects. shifting the search, where crews now say they'll be focusing efforts to track down a missing hayward teenager. >> critical day in court. what we could learn about the future of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. first, quick look right now at at&t park on this wednesday morning. waiting for a warm-up in store. we'll get news and traffic as well after the break along with 15 minutes of nonstop news.
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6:44 am
>> announcer: you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in
6:45 am
the bay." >> 6:44. the family of a teenager who ran away with nothing but the clothes on his back and slips are hopes the light of day will help them find the 16-year-old. stephanie chuang live in hayward hills. the search is shifting, do they have new leads? >> reporter: they do. good morning. first, here in this hayward hills neighborhood off clover road by his parents' home where minh ly last seen. you can see flyers posted here and around the neighborhood. yes, search shifting to san francisco this morning. that's because investigators have been monitoring the 16-year-old's activity online on social networking sites. there was an indication he might be there. reports someone read a facebook message from a san francisco library but alameda county sheriff's deputy could not confirm that. crews spent eight hours yesterday looking for the teen who has been missing since saturday afternoon. family says he left on foot, angry after an argument with his
6:46 am
dad who turned off the internet and stopped ly from playing games online, a straight "a" students in hayward. his dad worried because his son took off with almost nothing, even leaving in just a pair of slippers. >> he doesn't have money. he didn't have anything in his possession. that's why we're so worried. we don't know how he can survive. >> reporter: ly's sister kim has been tweeting since he ran way saturday, posting pictures. they elevated the response because they doesn't have a history of running away and left on foot. search shifting to san francisco, though no physical search scheduled or planned yet. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> i'm sure the parents want him home. san jose place are trying to identify the suspect whose jumped a 16-year-old boy as he was walking home from school.
6:47 am
hes and scream for help at marijane hamanning tucked into a neighborhood between monroe middle and castlemont middle schools near highway 17. the teen was in a fight. the suspects took off in several cars and so far no arrests made. victim is expected to be okay. 6:47. taking a live look outside before we take a look at microclimate forecast, downtown san jose. the sun is up, warming things up today. >> you've been breaking out fancy graphics including uv monitor. >> it's going to be hot. >> sets us up now. got to deliver. >> very high for today. it's at an eight. i want to let everybody know, we kicked off fall on labor day. but officials we don't kick it off until 2 27b of this month. if you've got little ones headed out, make sure they've got
6:48 am
sweaters to start and sunscreen. temperatures will be warm. 55 degrees in the south bay to start. 54 degrees. good morning to you in san martin. what a pretty start. that's a hot spot. same for livermore, starting out at 56. seize the morning because by this afternoon, you're going to be seeking shade. 55 concord. 55 degrees to kick off the day in oakland. talk about what you can expect. weather story of the day, that natural ac, getting cut off, confined to the immediate coast. if you don't have ac, that's where you want to go, maybe you have the day off, beaches spectacular. inland valley spots on the warm side. hour by hour for the south bay, by 9:00 a.m., up to 72 degrees. that's room temperature. then when noon and 3:00 p.m., we climb up to 89 degrees. that's the hottest time of the day. noticeably warmer than yesterday
6:49 am
as most are ten degrees warmer. then overnight, mild night shaping up for you, 78 degrees, at about 7:00 p.m. as the sun starts to drop off. that's when you open up the windows. 89 in the south bay. warm in the tri-valley. temperatures close to triple digits but below. and then good news, we are going to take you warmer for tomorrow into friday and cool you back down just in time for the one. check your drive. mike can get you there on time. >> certainly look at the weekend. it's looking all right. we don't have a lot of crashes or issues but we have a big backup here. this is powell on approach towards the bay bridge. slowdown, folks making the decision, bay bridge, maze, slow drive around the bend. 580 look at this out of 24, that's a sizable backup. map, slower drive west 80 starting around golden gate field, berk le, emmiville.
6:50 am
now 880 as you're making the bend. that's the slowest area for the bay. rest looking typical. 580 westbound, south 680 tri-valley slowing. there's a crash off of the interchange, that will cause slowing for folks out of town. through town 84 smooth. south bay typical build. 101, 87, 85, like we said, slower zones now. arrange around the 50 mile per hour mark. live look at san jose volume slow. 680 and 280 smooth over the scene. 101 along the peninsula, palo alto, no major issues north past the san mateo bridge toward the city. across the san mateo bridge, good volume of traffic, steady flow for 92. dumbarton starting to pick up. this evening president obama with an address to the nation outlining his plan on defeating isis. kris sanchez joins us where members in congress are not
6:51 am
happy the president's asking capitol hill for their permission but is he asking for their permission? >> he's not asking for permission and he done have to, because this is not a declaration of war. even before the hearing the president's plan, the ma majority of americans polled by nbc news and "wall street journal" say they support military ax against isis because it's in the nation's best interest. first video of kerry arriving in baghdad trying to build support there among middle east partners and iraq as well. in the weeks since beheading of two american journalists, the pressure really has been on. today the nation will hear the president's plan one day after mr. obama met with leaders of congress yesterday where he laid out the proposed action which did not include a request for more funds or approval there he ought to be asking for our support, whether or not he may think he's authorized to do what he intends to to.
6:52 am
>> the constitution is clear, it's the job of congress not the president to declare war. >> that from republicans and democrats alike. the white house plan is expected to include training and advising of iraqi forces to fight isis on the ground in that country. also secretary of state kerry on the ground in baghdad toward that end with the end of building support among allies. the plan expected to include arming rebels in syria by isis fighters in that country. also the denver woman arrested at airport will face a judge after arrested trying to board a flight to syria. she wanted to join isis and help rebel forces there. >> so much at stake. interesting to see how the country will move forward. the "today" show offering continuing coverage of the story in a few minutes. the president planning on addressing the nation at 6:00. we'll air the speech live here. a judge scheduled to set a
6:53 am
trial data excused of killing sierra lamar. garcia-torres in jail since lamar disappeared two years aepg the body has not been found. damian trujillo live in front of the hall of justice this a look at a long awaited hearing. >> reporter: good morning. we've been here before, but the judge keeps pushing back the trial setting date. we should know when the trial should begin against garcia-torres. garcia-torres has denied any involvement in the disappearance of sierra lamar back in 2002. 2012, i should say. grand jury testimony showed sierra's dna found in the car, a hair belonging to sierra found on the rope in the trunk of garcia-torres' car and his dna found on her pen. prosecutors told the grand jury, sierra lamar was bound up, dragged, placed in garcia-torres' car, in the trunk. the judge will likely meet with
6:54 am
both sides in chambers before coming out for the official hearing. observers and the lamar family frustrated, wondering whether anyone will go to trial for sierra's murder in the homicide case, especially when they've witnessed day delay after delay. not to mention the uncertainty of the california death penalty. a judge ruled the death penalty unconstitutional. i've got a text from our legal analyst steven clark, 5:45, telling us not to forget about any possible change of venue motion because the grand jury transcripts released to the media, there's fear that the defense and prosecution will ask for a change of venue to perhaps another county in california because there might be a prejudicial jury in this case, since everybody should know details of this case with grand jury transcripts.
6:55 am
that could mean even more delays. live outside the hall of justice, damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> good point. so many people familiar with this young lady whose body was never found. police in hayward looking for somebody who may have set two fires in 24 hours. the most recent one happened yesterday at a vacant building on industrial parkway. firefighters found a gas can set on fire at the front door of the building. they were able to put that out, the fire out, before it spread inside. a day earlier somebody threw a molotov cocktail into a vacant building a few doors down than only caught the carpets that caught fire, nothing else. >> 6:55. apple gaining a bit of ground on the stock market. >> scott, it's interesting. big news for apple yesterday, traditionally do they see a letdown on stock markets. >> almost immediately a bit of a pop, by the end of the day on every apple announcement you
6:56 am
lose a bit. we're gaining i a bit this morning, 67 apple to the positive. quiet day on the dow, down 19. nasdaq unchanged. there are two new apple iphones, 6 and 6 plus. not only bigger apple says battery life is longer, and they have nfc chips, the same clip that allows you to tap your security badge at work which will allow you to tap your phone to pay. mcdonald's says it will be the first to irn corporate apple pay in the drive-threw windows. not harder to predict people will drop their phone in a rush to get a mcrib. we did not see the sapphire screen. kyocera has a sapphire screen. industrial sapphire, guys, hard to make in large quantities. it's not an issue for key yocer
6:57 am
because they don't sell many phones. they'd like to move to industrial sapphire, they just can't. the apple new watch will have a sapphire cover. if you wanted to, you rub rocks. >> whatever it will take. >> i don't think there's technology existing that's going to prodeck. >> i'm challenging. >> exactly. >> laura has a guy who fixes her phone. >> i've got a guy i've got him on quick dial. i broke it again. 6:57. final check of the top torys. search is on for missing hayward teenager shifting to san francisco. minh ly left his home saturday, ran to the hayward hills. deputies spent the night searching but came up empty. firefighters are scrambling to put out a brushfire in the hills east of los angeles.
6:58 am
fire started three hours ago near a golf course about 30 miles of l.a. it's burned through five acres. >> president obama will address the nation tonight outlining his strategy for defeating isis. some lawmakers say the president's address is long overdue and question why he's not coming to congress first to ask permission. >> a lot of eyes tuned to see what the president has to say. 6:58 on wednesday. quick check of what's going on with the weather. >> hot day today. yeah, make sure you're ready for it, make sure they're ready. spf 30 plus necessary with high uv index. these are temperatures. pretty hot, 89 for the south bay, 79 on the east shore. 79 in san francisco. if you missed the forecast, don't worry about it. we'll have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" sh show. here with you through noon. >> that's how we roll. >> happy to be here, too. good deal. >> happy to not be in morning
6:59 am
commute. >> san mateo bridge, look at this, westbound 92, almost crawling there off of the toll plaza across the flat section. everybody rushes there before 7:00. that's the slower drive. map shows you south bay, traffic hitting northbound routes. nothing unpredictable about this flow. red and orange, 20 and 30s. bay bridge toll plaza backup thr slowing through berkeley and emeryville. >> 49ers kicking off back to school and the start of it by trying to give back to the community. >> a packed house. efforts from the 49ers, levi's stadium employees volunteering 49ers, alumni, wives of current players to fill backpacks with school item for nearly 2,000 students. the plaza will turn into a broadcast booth and hole a pep rally. mcnabb and malone will hold a broadca
7:00 am
broadcast of their show. >> live at levi's stadium friday morning. a lot of fun. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> get the pom-poms ready. >> live local news. good morning. good morning. taking action. president obama set to make his case. this as secretary of state john kerry arrives from the middle east overnight to build support for strikes against that terror group. playing defense, facing growing criticism and calls to resign the nfl commissioner speaks out about his handling of the ray rice scandal. >> we assumed there was video and asked for video but we were never granted that opportunity.


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