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tv   Today  NBC  September 11, 2014 2:22am-3:16am PDT

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day and they're having a great time. i'm dropping them off. trying to keep it together. i think it's harder for me. and my husband's like, it's fine. they're happy. i know, but i just want -- can i just go at nap time and cuddle? he's like, no, you can't. >> meredith: you know, i know that -- want to switch gears for a second. sin city you were fabulous. everyone loves you in that. [ applause ] fabulous. one of the things that i love about being -- i don't do movies, obviously. i don't go to theater. you get to learn things that you wouldn't learn otherwise. you learned how to laso. and also the whip. >> yeah. >> meredith: audience goes, whip? >> a bull whip. i whipped myself in the face and head many times by accident. >> meredith: you did? >> yeah. you learn quickly how to use that bull whip. it hurts. >> meredith: does that come in
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handy off set? >> no. but if i needed to, i know i could do it. it's nice just having it in the arsenal. >> meredith: yeah. exactly. i read somewhere, i don't know if you still do but you suffer from real insecurities. >> i think normal insecurities that everybody, you know, does. certainly in my 20s. teens and 20s were particularly, you know, just kind of -- i wasn't sure of myself. i was always insecure. i always felt like i needed to apologize for myself. i was such a people pleaser. but after i became, first of all, 30, and being a mom of two, i just sort of came into myself as a woman. and now i have a company. i just have a different -- i was also insecure about not going to college. i always felt like i wasn't smart enough. i feel better now. especially after 30. it's crazy what happens. a little sad that i'll never be
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in my 20s again. >> meredith: tell me about it. [ laughter ] i'm sad for many decades. you got one you're working on. part of that, and i was the same way about having, being a people pleaser, never quite being good enough. but you turned this around. you had your children. you decided, i don't like the products that i'm seeing out there. it says organic, eco friendly but that doesn't mean it's safe. so you decided to do something about it. you started your company. >> i looked at the market place. i saw there was a lot of brain washing. if they have one ingredient that's organic but everything else is questionable, they can put organic on the label and you think you're getting an organic product. or they can say it's eco friendly and there's pictures of nature on the packaging. you think you're getting this high quality healthy product and you're not. just the packaging, it can be recycled. i was like, what about the stuff that's inside? that's what i'm cleaning my kids toys with.
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i want that to be safe and healthy. >> meredith: obviously lot of people agree with you. people are buying your products. >> yeah. >> meredith: for precisely that reason. >> people want to know. they want a company that's reliable that does all the hard work for them. so it's called the honest company. we're honest. we're transparent. we put every ingredient on our labels. we have full disclosure on it. we break down all the ingredients in layman's terms so people can understand it. >> meredith: i know you have teamed up with mount sinai. >> yes. we did a mount sinai honest clean room. it's basically a lab to further research chemicals and the effects that they have on children's health. and then through that research, a, we can develop better products. and, b, we can then try and get better policy so that, you know, now everyone has asked us for this information so that we can
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have real toxic reform. >> meredith: yes. such a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you for having me. [ applause ] >> meredith: coming up next, jessica and i are gonna play a game called baby talk, 'cause we know about babies. we'll be right back. >> announcer: coming up next -- >> you put it on a baby's bum. >> announcer: game time with two expecting moms from the audience. >> what's the baby doing? >> crying? >> tantrum. >> announcer ♪ [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols
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>> announcer: tomorrow's meredith -- little boo was rushed to the hospital with strange symptoms. no one imagined it would come to this. now, meet the boy who defied all the odds. and seth meyers, tomorrow. >> meredith: and we are back with jessica alba. she has two kids and a company dedicated to helping moms. so we thought we'd play a game with two soon to be moms in our audience. we call it "baby talk." [ applause ] i like that. please welcome nicole and issa. do you know when the baby is due? >> november 3rd.
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>> meredith: issa boy or girl stphr >> waiting to meet the baby. >> meredith: i did the same thing. did you know the baby's sex? >> i did. i'm a control freak. >> meredith: all right. that's good, too. then you'll be good in this game. jessica will be paired with nicole and i will be paired with issa over there. we're going to put pictures of baby items on the video wall. one team member will give clues, the other will guess what it is. you cannot say any words that appear. with baby bottle you couldn't use the word baby or bottle. winner will get a year supply of honest company diapers and baby wipes. courtesy of jessica. first up nicole and jessica. come over here. okay. get on your marks. 30 seconds on the clock. nicole, giving the clues. let's go. >> give to it the baby when it's hungry. >> formula. >> container with the formula. give it to the baby. >> bottle. >> good. put it in the bath tub.
2:30 am
yellow. >> rubber ducky. >> good. >> not a twosie -- >> onesie. >> you wipe its tushy -- i said it. all right. you use it -- okay. you feed the baby with? >> spoon. >> server. >> not bad. >> meredith: pretty good. all right. issa. 30 seconds on the clock, guys. ready, set, go. >> okay. all right. it's cuddly and soft. >> meredith: teddy bear? >> yes. instead of feeding from up here, you may -- save it for later. >> meredith: breast pump? >> yes. you play with it. it's got letters on it. >> meredith: alphabet. blocks? >> yes. all right. training for this might be tough. >> meredith: marathon? >> no. baby -- >> meredith: potty training. oh, yes. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> meredith: okay. wait wait wait.
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we have four. you have three. you guys turn around. okay. you're giving the clues now. ready? 30 seconds on the clock. all right, guys. good luck. not so much. go. >> okay. this is when you're breast-feeding you put this on. >> nursey bra. >> when you get dry -- >> nipple cream. >> yes. you put it on the baby's bum -- pass. okay. you put this on when you're feeding the baby because they spill. >> bib. >> yes. you put the baby in this so that they can sleep an it makes them cozy. >> a swaddle. >> yes. this is what you put on -- >> okay. >> meredith: you guys have six now. great job. we need three for the win, baby. three for the win. 30 seconds on the clock. so we have 60? 30. [ laughter ] go. you put this on the baby -- >> diaper.
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>> meredith: yes. okay. baby sleeps in? >> bassinet? >> meredith: bigger. >> crib. >> meredith: what's the baby doing? >> crying. >> meredith: at 2. >> tantrum. >> meredith: yes! >> pacifier. >> meredith: we got it. we won! [ applause ] >> we did it! >> i loved you acting it out. [ laughter ] >> meredith: do you know what you're getting? both of you are getting a year supply of diapers -- listen to what you're getting. years supply of diapers and baby wipes from the honest company. >> we have really cute designs. >> meredith: they're adorable. >> you can pick and choose from six designs. they're all just really great. >> meredith: you should make them in adult size. there's a whole other market there.
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>> if we expand. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> meredith: by the way, guys? i saved the best for last. all of you in the entire audience are going home with a gift bag from the honest company, courtesy of jessica. and we will be right back. [ applause ] >> announcer: coming up, paralyzed olympian amy van dyken-rouen fights back. it >>'s not like walking like i used to do or you do, but it's walking. >> announcer: plus the incredible surprise for this inspiring woman. >> holy mother of pearl. >> announcer: that's coming up. untamed fruit flavor. jolly rancher. don't blame him.
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>> meredith: olympic swimmer amy van dyken-rouen has six gold medals, but those wins are not what define her success. instead it's the remarkable courage that has sustained her
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since being paralyzed from the waist down in an accident three months ago. in the water, amy van dyken-rouen golden's stroke made her seem invincible. until june, when a fate tall night out with her husband changed everything. >> we were gonna go to dinner. we were debating, do we take his truck or are we gonna take what everyone in the neighborhood rides, either your golf cart, your motorcycle or atv. he took his moateder cycle, i took my atv. sat down. had a great dinner. we got up. that's when my memory stops. >> meredith: what amy doesn't remember is losing control of her atv on the way home an jumping an embankment. the crash crushed her spine and she was in the hospital about to have emergency surgery. >> i have no idea what happened at all. my neurosurgeon said if i slip, you will die. so what i need you to do is say good-byes to your husband. i remember telling him good-bye,
2:37 am
i love you. then he asked me as i was being wheeled in. he said, if this is too much, you can go. that was pretty tough. that was pretty tough when you hear your husband say that. >> meredith: amy pulled through the surgery but she was paralyzed from the waist down. >> one of the toughest things i had to ask her, are you happy you survived this? that's really hard just knowing the challenges she's going to have ahead. >> meredith: but amy was determined. just two months after her accident, she was doing seven hours of intense daily rehab patiently relearning everything. >> right hand. no, no. >> meredith: refusing to let negativity cloud her golden outlook on life. >> i look at this and i go, would i rather be walking? yes, i would. but i'm alive. and i am so stoked to be alive. if that means that i have to be in a wheelchair, you had better
2:38 am
believe it is going to be the most fabulous wheelchair ever. i have said that. it will be. you will see it. you gotta have fun with it, you know, and move on. [ applause ] >> meredith: please welcome amy van dyken-rouen an her fabulous chair. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> meredith: hi, amy! [ applause ] >> meredith: okay. i love it. i matched the chair. the purple i love. >> perfect. almost like you got the memo. >> meredith: exactly. >> it does. it has skulls right here. has to be a little girlie. >> meredith: very very cool. people have used so many adjectives to describe you, including inspirational, brave,
2:39 am
courageous. what words would you use to describe yourself? >> silly, crazy, fun loving. >> meredith: so you don't see any of this as courageous? >> i really don't, no. people ask me, why are you such an inspiration? i'm like, i don't know. i crashed my atv one night an everybody heard the story. people appreciate the fact that i love life. i guess when you almost lose your life a couple of times, you really learn to appreciate it. so, listen. things could be way worse than what's going on at your office desk right now. that's the way i look at it. >> meredith: absolutely. you were paralyzed from the waist down. have you regained any sensation in your legs? >> when i was first injured belly button down. now i'm at hipbones down. >> meredith: that's fabulous. >> really good. yeah. thank you. thank you. yeah. [ applause ] i also, i can all move my hip flexors as well. that will be helpful. then they can put me in braces, lock these knees in.
2:40 am
i can throw my legs forward, walk with crutches. i will walk. [ applause ] >> meredith: and you are actually, you are walking now with the help of this ecco skeleton. can you explain that to us? >> this is a new exo skeleton. they're undergoing fda trials pretty soon here. hopefully it will be used in any house hold. it's five pieces. you can put it on yourself. unlike the other ones that you need people to put you in them. you can put this on and walk to the grocery store. it's not like walking like i used to do or you do, but it's walking. >> meredith: absolutely. it is absolutely walking. [ applause ] i think i already know the answer to, this but has there ever been a moment where you said to yourself, i really can't do this? >> i think there's been once or twice. the first time was right when i got out of the hospital. you know, everything is new. carpet is my new enemy. i have learned that small doorways are my new enemy.
2:41 am
>> meredith: things you don't even pay attention to. >> like a little lip going into the shower. i can't do. so the very first day out of the hospital, it was like, i can't do this. my husband looked at me and was like, oh, really? i didn't say that. >> meredith: plus the spirit you had in you. i know we talked on the phone weeks ago. so excited to invite you onto the show. we were just talking ability these kinds of injuries and the attention that chris reeves brought to it. he was the face. since his passing there isn't that face. you said i want to be that face. i want to be out there. i want to let people know that this exists. >> yeah. the thing is, if we find a cure for spinal cord injuries, it will all help with als, alzheimer's and parkinson's. so we need to do something about this. [ applause ] >> meredith: you are the kpabg person to lead the charge. we're going to have a lot more with amy when we come back. stay with us. [ applause ]
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get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. >> meredith: we are back with
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six time olympic swimming champion amy van dyken-rouen. in june she was paralyzed from the waist down in an atv accident. her husband tom was by her side during her recovery, all joins us now. tom, nice to see you as well. thanks for joining us. you guys have not been home in three months. >> yeah. >> meredith: i see you're going there tonight. what are you both looking forward to in terms of getting amy back to your house? >> just getting back to a normal style of life. getting back to our own home. we've been staying in our in-laws. well in-laws, then my mom's house for awhile. just -- >> meredith: you've been in colorado, your home is in arizona. >> correct. and so we've just -- like we've been on an awful road trip for three months. >> meredith: finally coming to an end. you talked about simple things like carpets now being very hard for you and doorways. is your home up to the challenge now? >> i don't know. we've had some of tom's friends in the house making sure that
2:45 am
it's okay. >> meredith: do they know what they're doing? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> meredith: do you know what? i have a little surprise for you. tom's friends have not been in your house. >> okay. >> meredith: no. we wanted to do everything we could to make life a little easier for you when you got home. you ready? >> i don't know. >> meredith: we partnered with the home improvement show. george to the rescue. to make some renovations. george, can you come out here? [ applause ] >> hi. >> meredith: okay. well, just so you know, tom knew what was going on the whole time. >> i'm confused. >> meredith: okay. okay. well, george has been on this secret mission. we called george and asked him because he's so great at this. he wanted to get involved. tell us why. >> well, i mean, anyone who's
2:46 am
watched you compete or has been following you on twitter or tv since your accident, you really are just an inspiration to everybody. for me personally growing up in colorado, i have been following amy van dyken-rouen in the sports pages of the rocky mountain news and denver post since i was a little kid. when i heard about your accident i reached out to see if there was anything to make your home coming easier. >> thank you. did you have to say since you were a little kid? [ applause ] >> i was in junior high. >> that's amazing. thank you. >> meredith: we have live cameras at your house. >> at the front door. [ laughter ] >> meredith: we do. >> okay. >> meredith: so george, you're gonna walk us through this. there's your house. we're gonna start with the kitchen. right, george? >> start with the kitchen. >> meredith: let's see what it looked like before and tell us what the challenges were for you. >> okay. tom's specific directions were you love your house the way it was. and so i usually do giant
2:47 am
transformations. so coming in here i was like, i got to make sure it stays organic to amy and what she wants. but i had to add a few bells and whistles. i had to upgrade a few things. first and foremost in the kitchen, we had to deal with the island. you had the tiered island. when you're entertaining, i wanted you to be able to see out over the island to everybody. so we cut off that tier, we put on a giant beautiful piece of granite and then i retrofit your sink for you so that you can roll under and you have all the independence of being able to use your sink, get water, do dishes, what have you. we also decided we should probably retrofit your stove top. so we took the granite from the original island and we married it in so that everything is seamless. we dropped it down a little bit so you can roll under. >> oh my god. >> as you see the backsplash, that was a little bit of an upgrade. but probably the coolest thing
2:48 am
that we did in this kitchen for you, obviously we didn't want to change all the cabinets so now with the touch of a button your cabinets drop down to you. [ applause ] >> oh my god. thank you. >> i wanted to make sure that you were therewanted to give you the independence of your home so when you're there, you're not calling for tom. it was so beautiful to start with. >> it's way better now. >> meredith: we didn't want to stop at the kitchen. >> not what george is all about. >> meredith: on to the bedroom. let's see it before. george, tell us what you did here. >> you said the carpet was your enemy, so i had to rip out all the carpet. but we put down beautiful tile floors. >> oh my gosh. >> we kept your bed but not you a new mattress. little lower so it's ease kwrr
2:49 am
for you to get in. with your hvac, heating and air conditioning as well as with your shades and blinds, all touch of a button. everything is touch of a button. >> i love it. that's amazing. >> meredith: the bathroom, let's see it before. what did you do here? >> ripping out all of the carpet. this is the only room we completely renovated. took it down to the studs and rebuilt it. we took out your tub. behad to twist it a little bit on the side. >> holy mother of pearl! everybody wants a tv in their bathroom. with his and hers vanities. toms is the same but yours is a little bit lower so you can roll under, you can wash your face, put on your makeup. again, independence. >> thank you so much. thank you. wow. [ applause ] holy cow. >> meredith: every woman needs her closet. that's very important. so george, let's see before and tell us what you did.
2:50 am
>> all right. so your closet, it was a mess. [ laughter ] you said it. you have a lot of clothes. everything hung really high. and you have very tall ceilings in that closet. i ripped everything out. we built you a new custom closet. all of your shelves and drawers are your height. plus your hangers are your height. we did one cool feature. we did double hanging and literally you grab that rod and it brings everything down to you. [ applause ] >> wow. >> meredith: beautiful job. >> wow. [ applause ] >> really, really beautiful. wow. thank you. >> meredith: tom, thank you very much. george, you're fabulous. fabulous. >> i think the same about you, meredith. >> meredith: want to give a special thank you to everyone who made this happen. fortunately it wasn't tom's friends. for more information visit our website at meredith vieira we will be right back. [ applause ]
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>> announcer: up next, get ready to go bananas with the audience. >> meredith: name five madonna songs. >> like a virgin. oh my god! i'm freaking out. >> announcer: game with high
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>> meredith: are you guys excited? >> want to be part of our live studio audience? go to meredith vieira for free >> meredith: okay. welcome back. there is nothing like having some good clean fun except today i have something else in mind which is why with some help with my friends and sara lee i have dressed up two audience members for a game of high five, where only one will be the top banana. [ applause ]
2:53 am
okay. i'm gonna explain the rules. first it was time for these bananas to split. whoa! off you go. off you go. [ applause ] all right. here is how high five works. you're going to have ten seconds to name five things in a category. for each correct answer you'll get closer to your target. when you land on the pie crust, hit the target, send your opponent plunging into a cream pie. make sense? [ applause ] okay. >> got it. >> meredith: all right. tia, focus. focus. focus, banana. gonna start with you. in ten seconds name five ice cream flavors. >> chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, cherry. >> meredith: is that five? all right. got it. absolutely. [ applause ]
2:54 am
good. mary beth name five sundae toppings. >> hot fudge, cherry, sprinkles, oreo cookie crunch. >> meredith: tough competition. down you go. all right. kia, in ten seconds name five fruits. go. >> banana, strawberry, apple, orange, tangerine. >> meredith: got it. nice. all right. come on, mary bet. ten seconds. name five breakfast pastries, go. >> croissant, bagel, toast, cereal, blue berry muffin. >> meredith: you are neck and neck. okay. kia, in ten seconds, name five flavors of gum, go. >> spear mint, winter green, pepper mint, bubble gum -- >> meredith: one more. one more. oh! all right.
2:55 am
mary beth your turn. you're still tied. ten seconds name five family members go. >> my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister and my husband. >> meredith: yes, you got it. all right. get to go down a little further. all right. kia, not quite. oh! kia you're going down, baby! which means, mary beth, mary beth, mary beth -- >> yes. >> meredith: you're going home with $500, baby. [ applause ] you're going home with whipped cream. i'm sorry, kia. big thank you to our pals at sara lee for transforming these ladies into beautiful bananas. up next, there's something you should know. we'll be right back to tell you. [ applause ] [ female announcer ] new gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy.
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used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. 90% saw smoother, softer skin in one week. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. >> announcer: tomorrow's meredith -- little boo was rushed to the hospital with strange symptoms. no one imagined it would come to this.
2:57 am
now, meet the boy who defied all the odds. and seth meyers, tomorrow. >> meredith: and welcome back. now it's time for one of my favorite parts of the show called something you should know. could be anything from amazing tips to help you with your busy lives, to people who are making a big difference in their commune. today we are talking about beauty both inside and out thanks to young women across the country known as the glamour gals. these high school and college students provide companionship and makeovers to women living in senior homes. almost 20 years ago rachel doyle started tkpwhropl our girls to honor her grandmother's memory. now the organization has 71 chapters across 14 states. they are bringing generations together for a manicure and makeover. for more visit our website. if there's something you think you should know, go to meredith vieira
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thanks to all of my guests and you at home for stopping by. we'll see you next time. [ applause ]
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>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together.
3:01 am
[applause] folks, whether you're in a relationship or still looking for one, this is a show that you want to miss today because as you can see, i have couples audience today. everybody in the audience is a couple. all of them say they have at issue they're trying to overcome in their relationship but they can't figure out how to compromise. marjorie and i, we can't a degree on everything. don't care how happy you are, you can't agree on everything. o two people everywhere have ever united and agreed on everything. usually takes ve the art of negotiation. good luck, fellas.
3:02 am
that's why i asked my beautiful to join me for an intense couples summit today. a woman here who is kicking herself for how badly things went on a recent date. she wishes she could take back some of what she did and said so going to give her a second chance at her first date. that, let's hit the audience. it's time for "ask steve." let's go. [applause] >> carlos, whose girlfriend is suspicious. uh-oh. happening, man? >> how is it going, steve? >> i'm good. what's up? >> i'm owned a business for 18 years. now, throughout the years, i've customers always leave something behind. for a y i towed a car woman and she left her high heeled shoes underneath the seat. girlfriend and i were cleaning out the truck and she came across them and started belong to? do they i told her it was a tow that i
3:03 am
did. she doesn't believe me. on's accusing me of cheating her. now she's asking for her number. she's just going to have all my calling me op because of this. what should i do? >> i sure wish you would have called me before you asked me that in front of her. in the room just got their head hanging down going, damn, doug. let me ask you this. has carlos been faithful to you known him? as you've >> i believe so. >> absolutely? >> yes. >> so there's no nothing that's happened. no texts? no pictures? >> not that i found. >> if you ain't found them, it there. let's stop that. i ain't found them. they ain't there. that's just one for the fellas in the room. [applause]
3:04 am
>> before i let these shoes mess house and i got to -- you're hearing this all the time. >> oh, yeah. >> all the time. the shoes,o give her the lady's damn number, a and an ion of the lady address where i dropped the car off at and i'm going to let her herself fix it for because i ain't got to keep hearing this, man. is confidence. why would she take her shoes off? who puts the shoes under your seat? under the hey be seat? why didn't she put them in the back of the truck? why didn't she put them in her car? have you heard this? >> oh, yeah. >> it's getting louder, too, ain't it? >> yeah. the damn number, carlos. number, boy. damn [applause] >> olivia has something to show me. >> hi, steve. >> hi, olivia. >> hi. i'm a big fan of the steve harvey show. i own a business in the south side of chicago and i bought something or you, special just for you.
3:05 am
steve harvey pinata for you. >> steve harvey pinata? > filled with yummy candy but also beans in there that i know you talk about in the show. going to ask you, do you mind breaking this thing open right here, right now? [applause] >> that's for you, steve. rigged this all up? this is supposed to be me? >> that's you, steve. mustache. my >> there you go. we'll blindfold you. last time i got blindfolded -- -- come here. go you have to go down.
3:06 am
i'm a little bit short. >> i have to go down. >> wait, wait, wait. are you ready? are you lefty or righty? bidextrious. where are we going? >> you're too tall for me. you have to go down. you go. there you go. [applause] >> go, steve! [applause] >> there you go.
3:07 am
[applause] >> wait, wait, wait. [applause] >> cigars. >> they're candy. >> oh, lord. yes. yes. >> you're in for a good one, everybody. stay with us. we'll be back.
3:08 am
wife ing up next, steve's marjorie shares her insight how o maintain a successful relationship. >> compromise. you know, it's going to be give and take. >> and steve couldn't agree more. >> fellas, listen closely. you can be right or you can be happy. >> and later, how to nail one of he hottest trends for the summer. >> the latest look in nail art manicurist
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mom usually throws a gogurt in there. well mom's not here today so we're doing things dad's way. which means i get... two. (singing) snack time and lunch. (singing) snack time and lunch. gogurt because lunch needs some fun.
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always say, when it comes to relationships, fellas, here is rule number one all have to remember. you can be ight or happy. towife marjorie and i choose be happy and that means compromise. constantly compromising. relationships are tough, man. our relationship is no different. today is udience filled with couples who say they have great relationships but see eye to eye on one issue. bute never done this before so many people ask us what's our secret to keeping our healthy and really we have a healthy relationship. it is not problem-free. mean it's 't problem-free. if you're looking for
3:12 am
the divorce get now. nobody laughed. okay. to our couples summit. please welcome my wife marjorie. [applause] >> all right, darling. you ready to do it? >> ready. >> what's one thing that people always ask you? secret ask me what's the to having a healthy relationship? it's just that. it's compromise. give ow, it's going to be and take. but you have to be on the same page, the two of you have to be on the same page. >> let's talk about it. start with stephanistephanie, m. but 're not married yet we've had the same two arguments over and over. the first argument is about him shaving. he gets up, shaves in the morning, goes off to work. go to brush my teeth and all his nasty little hairs are all over the sink and it's disgusting. i tried being nice about it,
3:13 am
talking to him. babe, would you please pay attention? clean out the sink. wo years later, still not handled. the other argument we have, driving in the car. too slow, too fast, got me stepping on imaginary brake in thepassenger seat, gripping dashboard, giving me whiplash, my neck hurts. i can't deal with it. what to do. >> really? manny? >> steve, i love her to death but something has got to give. can't keep having the same argument over and over again. as far as the shaving, i clean the sink. i do. some reason, she seems to think she has to come behind me and clean further, whatever. she acts like my whole beard is in the sink. it may be just one or two little her, it's a major deal. you know? and i really don't know how to handle that. driving, i haven't had an accident in 10 years. she's had known her, two. >> marjorie?
3:14 am
this. me say he probably feels like the sink is clean. me first say that this one is so let me tell you one time what i did. i had to go out of town and he mess, he got sick of himself. he really did. so i just think it's one of those situations you've got to learn to pick your battles and a little give him time with himself to just see if it's one of those situations thinks 's as neat as he he is or he may just want to say, well, maybe i could clean bit. a little or switch bathrooms. is there another bathroom that one can be -- >> there's a half bath. him the half bath. give him the half bath your house.t >> give him the half bath and that's his bathroom and however looks, it's his. >> you have to pick your battle. good g thing, he's a driver. quit complaining about the man's driving. you haven't had an accident.
3:15 am
he's safe. let that go. a guy can't clean up. he thinks it's clean. cleans. he sucks. you know, we think it's clean. hat i think is clean -- >> no. >> marjorie will go, what did do? just >> but even that was a compromise. you're not nearly as messy as you were. >> thank you, stephanie and manny. and move on to lakeisha brett. they can't see eye to eye on handyman skills. >> my husband went to school to be an architect so he believes fix anything so we've got broken cabinet doors, we've got pantry doors that are falling in. got a horrible paint job. i had to unplug something because it almost caused an electrical fire. we have people sitting on the water fall and then they're soaking wet. so he needs to realize he needs to hire a


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