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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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effort when it comes to public safety. details in a live report. >> plus the president pushing for a strong report to the isis terrorists. the latest developments from washington next. >> and that summer heat will grip your temperatures against today. we're talking about the triple digits, even upper 90s and warmer tomorrow. but that heat will break just in time for your weekend. we are have your microforecast coming up in just a minutes. >> and we'll talk about a slowdown on the bay bridge. >> and a live look at the 9/11 memorial in new york city. 13 years ago today the biggest terror attack in u.s. history took place right there. the country healing but certainly not forgetting. it is today, september 11th, and this is "today in the bay."
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>> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. something has to change. that is the message from several san jose chiefs amid an exodus of several officers. we go to live to san jose. good morning, damian. >> reporter: good morning. we're going to meet with four san jose police chiefs to discuss what the problems are. chief, what are your concerns about what is happening with the city of san jose? >> having lived here almost my whole life, i've observed the crime rate increasing and graffiti going up on the walls. although we may be hearing a lot about how there's not a problem
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with crime, those of us who spent over a hundred years collectively fighting crime in this city know that's not true. we have some very serious issues to educate the community about those issues. >> what do you think needs to happen in this city to turn things around. >> i think we need to put officers back on the stree. we've got to get to a point where officers want to come work in san jose again. when you see the number of officers fleeing because they can get a better job anywhere in the bay area, that's a concern for us. we had an academy open up with 60 slots and we had 9 people take those. that's unheard of. so it's very concerning to us with what's happening. >> thank you very much former chief rob davis here. again, we'll be meeting with the former -- four former chiefs in a couple hours to talk in depth about what needs to happen in san jose. we have to mention again this is an election year.
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the chiefs have endorsed dave corteze more mayor in this race. we'll hear from an opponent in that race to find out what his position is. >> damian, thank you very much. >> a day we will never forget. a live look at new york city this morning. this is 1 world trade center. the 9/11 memorial site is very close to there. the president will observe a moment of silence at the white house in about 40 minutes it will mark the exact moment that first place hit the north tower. here in the bay area, flags in concord -- and fire stations
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will observe a moment of silence. and at 9:45 there will be a public event at fire station one in pleasanton. during that ceremony, a bell will rung to. many of them had ties to the bay area. a special memorial will take place the at sugar mills landing park. >> president obama is promising to destroy the terrorist group isis. >> in a primetime address to the nation last night, the president promised to take the fight wherever it goes. "today in the bay" joins us with more details with how the president tries to deet feat. the president telling the nation that he is committing nearly 500
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near troops in iraq but in to eith either. the present strategy calls for air strikes in iraq and -- if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> the president also told the american people that the u.s. will not go it alone. the united states, france and others will strike isis from the air in iraq with no limits and the air strikes to come in syria will mark a dramatic escalation against isis. there is also work to build a coless on the ground among --
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coalition on the ground. >> coming up on the next half hour, more on the president's strategy and how it's being received by members of congress. >> interesting to hear. thank you, kris. >> police in sunnyveiltrait. >> hanging on. >> a south bay sizzler, so says meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. now you're making my hungry. i love a good buffet. a good day for those of you who live near the ocean or inner
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bay. we have a compressed marine layer sorry it's really thin overall. that marine layer will burn off quickly because it is so thin. but at the immediate coast and right down the peninsula this morning, you are going to find quick the the quick fog out there. as the fog drifts in, it's a morning where the fog is going to swallow your open morning bridges. keep in mind, you might run into a little bit of fog out there this morning. we're mostly in the 50s to kick off the day on the peninsula. by lunchtime in 3:00 p.m., temperatures climbing into the upper 80s. so it is going to be a warm day. these are some really top temperatures. as we get into this weekend, beautiful conditions.
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tomorrow will be the. >> 89 on the peninsula, 84 for the that's my first report. here's mike on your drive. >> no problems on the approach. christina showed you our view from san francisco. same thing from our emeryville camera. that's impeding the view of the bridge itself. a mid-day game for the giants today, 12:45. so you see the lunch hour traffic blending in with a pregame traffic. maybe some might be taking a long lunch or we'll call a meeting at the office. it looks look tonight as overnight work was going on southbound 885 approaching the area. you lose a lane.
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also 85 north at el cammine owe but there are the truck scales. no problem in either direction. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> 5:09 right now on this thursday morning. america of course remembering today 9/11. a live look at the pentagon this morning. a large american flag flying with the spot where >> don:
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it is a day we will certainly never forget. today thousands of men and women
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who died are being honored. >> reporter: hey there, good morning. it's good to talk to you. it's going to be a difficult day but many in the country say it's very important as we continue to move forward. a live look at ground zero. the ceremony will start in the next 30 minutes or so with the ringing of the bells to honor the victims. there will be the reading of almost 3,000 names of those who died as a result of the attacks. many by surviving family members, which is always an emotional tribute. as that goes on here, there will also be a ceremony at the pentagon in washington. of course that was the second place hit on 9/11 more than a decade ago. and a giant flag unfurled on the side of that building. there will be, again, thousands who gather there as well.
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they will gather in shanksville, pennsylvania where the plane was taken over by passengers and crashed to keep it from causing more harm. at the three sites involved, there will be ceremonies. but around the country other services to honor the men and women who died, to remember what happened here. and for the first time this year on 9/11 here in new york, the plaza just outside of the 9/11 memb memorial is going to be open to the public. a very moving day but one will tell you is necessary. >> understandable. i can't imagine the heart take of the families. we have another live look at the memorial in new york city. there will be a moment of
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silence at 5:46. we'll take you there live later in this newscast. >> san francisco's flower growing association will be voting today on whether to sell the flower mart. we're talking about the second largest flower mart in the entire country, right? >> reporter: that's right. it was around in many locations for more than a century and at this location since the 50s. now, joining me this morning is patrick mccann, ceo of green works. thanks for joining us this morning. you and other vendors and tenants here started hearing about this three weeks ago. tell me what's been going on. >> it's been a huge uprise. we had city officials coming down to really bring the
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awareness of what is going to happen here. the developer has come in rather quickly and has yet to say what is going to occur with the tenant base here. >> you said it happened all very fast. just some memorandum here and there but nothing else? >> nothing else that's concrete about what the issues need to be addressed. >> the worry is that this could be converted to tech nation or what does it mean to people like you? >> it's going to be really tough. we have a corner here where people come down and shop. we get thousands and thousands of people who come down daily and weekly to shop. it would be a huge economic toll. i don't think we could find a
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location to house 100-plus vendors. >> are you hopeful? there's this meeting now today. have people been pretty much accepting the fact that this could really change in. >> i think with the city leaders coming forward and the awareness and the petition drive that we have, i think it's going to be an uplittle. >> kil roy reality did. >> coming up in about half an hour, we'll have more in terms of thein. >> and actually affecting them
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of all things, flowers. >> we've been here before. lots of similarities to the dot-com bubble. literally the example is the tulip bulb bubble. back in the 1600s, the price of a single bulb his astronomical prices. the question is are we in a bubble now like we were? certainly the stock market seems bubbly. the nasdaq hit 14-year highs last month. the dow well over 17,000. the s&p has hits. >> it's largely come from sen trick capital.
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>> yelp was up over 2% yesterday when governor gray davis -- >> gray davis. jerry brown -- a judge did not rule on whether that actually happened. yelp has denied it from day one. but the judge did say innual did t tho. >> not so bad. when you go to mom and dad and say "hey, i did this." >> go pour yourself a cup of coffee, by the way. >> i it my mind on 90s. >> that's what you were talking about, the bubble bursting.
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>> i love tulips. >> it's very interesting to know that sam has a sensitive heart and he loves tulips, ladies and gentlemen. >> you know what to give him in. >> all it was are mostly in the 50s. as we get into this afternoon, it's going to be a scorcher out there but this is our last heat wave before we officially kick off the new season on the 2nd2n of this month. we are talking about a high u.v. index today. make sure you have that spf 30 plus. this is what we're working with
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temperaturewise. 90 degrees for the south bay, you're going to hit about 81 in san francisco. that's a hot day in the city where we typically average 72 degrees this time of year. 97 for the north bay. 84 degrees on the east shore and 98 degrees the hot spot, as per usual, will be the tri-valley. we do have air quality issues. the unhealthiest levels of pollution in your south bay and east bay areas. best air quality is in the early morning hours. >> stay in hot, great beach weather and then. >> say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. are you talking about the highest part of the trivalley.
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coming into livermore, adam dublin picking up highway 84 just starting a little build between pleasanton and over here in oakland we do have a crash at 7th street, north 880. we see the crash developing where there's only a wait for the cash lanes heading into san francisco. san francisco giants play today at 12:45. regarding oakland and the approach coming in toward the area with the crash, no problem. now there's some haze in the area and low clouds that will abissue as you cross the bay bridge or golden gate bridge. south bay, no problems to speak
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of. silicon valley, you're at speed. back to you. >> some disturbing news just to the north of us. a little girl has died and her 5-year-old brother is in the hospital after the siblings somehow contracted e. coli on the coast. lab tests are currently under way to are they are seeking sources. the family says the two kids shared a turkey sandism. but it's too hard to tell if that's what they'd them sick. when your child is sick, you do everything you're supposed to. and for this to happen, it's very quick. >> your heart of course goes out
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to that mom. the boy is still in the hospital, listed in critical condition. >> precious little children. the trial against a man accused of killing a morganville teen-ager has been put on hold until november. he was indicted by a grand jury in february. his dna was found on her clothing. >> a family that lost a loved one on one of the most dangerous highways is trying to make it safer. yesterday the mcguire says it wants the highway that runs against han ho said and. >> and that stretch of road
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going down is. a new begin us book. >> thing about jackpot with an indian motor seekle away give were. at shell, we believe the world needs
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a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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5:26 right now. a guy in new york has a big slobbery record now. >> he officially has the world's widest tongue. that's a roadway, you could drive on that. the previous winner is a man in australia whose tongue measured 7.7 inches wide. just in case you were wondering, his is 8. 3 centimeters.
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>> people get excited but sometimes they catch you off guard. they're like, "oh, can you look my book?" i'm not licking anything. anybody that knows me knows i don't take anything in my life too seriously. >> all right, tmi, too much information. >> can you lick my book? >> his daughter said we have to contact guinness and set the record straight. >> we prefer jip, the pomeranian, the fastest dog. >> a former police chief asks for his more support for his officers. >> and oscar pistorius deemed
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not guilty of murder.
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calling for a change. the men who used to lead the san jose police department now calling out city officials. details in a live report. >> plus tens of thousands of signatures will be delivered to the blue shield help offices today. what it has to do with the new levi stadium in santa clara. >> and good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. another hot day coming your way. tomorrow even warmer. then we're going to break that heat for the weekend and we're showing you our first chance for rain this season. >> and the backup at the bay bridge is for the cash lanes. we're watching for the meteoring lights. >> and a live look right now this morning at 1 world trade center on a day where we commemorate and honor the lives lost on september 11th.
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this of course thursday, september 11th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you so much for joining us on this thursday. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. several former san jose police chiefs are coming together to say enough is enough with the officer exodus in the city and the perceived rise in crime. good morning, damian. >> reporter: good morning. the election for mayor is only a few weeks away and these former chiefs have endorzed dave corteze for mayor. you have to listen to what they have to save. >> before form are chiefs rob davis, chris moore, tom wheatley
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and bill lansdowne will stit down with me later this morning to discuss city safety. moore said this city needs at least 1,200 officers to keep it safe. san jose currently stands at under 900 officers. the mayor's office says crime stats are down in the industry. just about a half hour ago, we spoke here at city hall with former chief rob davis, who insists the city is headsed. >> this is very concerning to watch. we need to do something now, change how we're treating the police department. >> licardo has the backing of
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former mayors including tom mcrenry and the endorsement of the current mayor, chuck reid. we are. >> we're live outside st. >> 280 and los altos are back open after a wrong-way accident. >> in south africa, the judge
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has cleared oscar pistorius of premeditated murder but he could be found guilty on lesser charges, which include culpable homicide, which is the same as verdict. he admitted to keeping his girl friend, reeva steenkamp, but says he thought she was an intruder if. >> in president obama's speech last night, he promises to destroy isis, whatever it takes. >> he told the nation that the u.s. is not going into war, but
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at least one lawmaker counters that, saying that to say the troops aren't going into war is not try. th th the president's strategy also called for air strikes in new york and at the same time, new air strikes in syria. >> this counterterrorism campaign will be waejd to a steady effort to take out isil, wherever they exist. >> the president told the american people that the united states, france and other nations will strike isis from the air in iraq with no limits. the air strikes do mark a
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dramatic effort to strikeitis. they are frustrated that the president is come panningthis it will be difficult to say how this will all play out. more on that part coming up in the next half. >> thanks so much. >> it is 5:36 right now. thousands who get their insurance blue blue cross-blue shield say they want a piece of the company's $2.5 million luxury becomes.
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>> a lot of high stakes sporting events this weekend. you mentioned of course the game add levi stadium, the. >> and who has been checking this all out? >> christina loren. >> we've had a chance to get down and dirty that the stadium and get all the nitty-gritty for you. we know what the wind is going to do when it really picks up in that stadium and now we know what the rain will do. we have all that detail on drainage as well. this is what we're looking at for today.
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it's going to be hot out there. the peninsula is the 84 degrees. we are tracking your first chance for rain. it looks like our computer models are now on the same page. wednesday at 10:30, it looks like a little bit of precipitation here in the bay area. and this is not our only chance. we'll talk about when we get a better chance rain in our next report. first let's check your drive. >> we have an alert for the peninsula now, southbound 101. coming into the area just north of willows, a report of a crash blocking your three left lanes. that means one, maybe two, depending how close it is to the
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off ramp. from what i hear, it's tough to see vehicles. a smooth drive meanwhile across the dunbar. we're going to end with the toll by. >> and you see ted robinson there, a well-known 49ers radio announcer who will now miss the next two games after making insensitive comments about ray rice's wife, janay. the pac-12 network has suspended him for two weeks and ordered him to undergo sensitivity training. on the radio he said that janay
5:40 am
is partly responsible for not speaking up. ron inson said "i want to unconditionally apologize for my comments the other day as a professional communicator, i am responsible for my words. >> ray mcdonald is expected to play on sunday, despite a recent arrest for tell. >> many groups are calling for the resignation of league commissioner roger goodell, especially after the associated press reported that fegoodell's office had received a video of the attack in that elevator five
5:41 am
months ago. robert mueller has been hired to conduct an independent report on the issue. 5:41 right now. coming up, the deal that could be the end of the famed san francisco flower mart. >> and the president and first lady preparing to observe a moment of silence for the victims of the 9/11 attack. 13 years ago.
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welcome back. it is 5:43 on your thursday morning. we have big sporting vants. >> you have the giants in town,
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the raiders home opener and of course the 49ers home opener on sunday. we are going to be out there live tomorrow morning at this time. when you flip on "today in the bay," you're going to see it in a whole new light, stadium light that is, as we're going to be out there live. you can count on a lot of fun out there. plus, we're going to give you a lot of information. we have an exclusive backstage pass for you. stick around. that's coming up tomorrow morning. 62 this morning, 61 in san jose. a good looking day shaping up with those of you who live by the way or at the coast. temperatures are going to be hot. it looks like it will be the last day of this extreme heat for tomorrow and then we're going to cool you off steadily as we head through the next ten days. temperatures mostly in the 90s across the bay area. as we get into this weekend, staying nice and comfortable.
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a better chance for rain, october 3rd through the 6th. here's mike on your drive. >> between marsh and willow we see all this slowing. a crash is blocking three left lane. northbound, we see slowing just north of willow as well. both directions slowing down. 280 is slow through the area. i'll show you the volume starting to kick imim. >> and today we take a live look from the memorial in new york as we get set to remember all of the victims of 9/11 on a day when we all remember with such vivid recollection where we were when we first learned about
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the 9/11 attacks back in 2001. here of course the president walking with his wife for a moment of silence at the white house. >> can commemorating what happened on that day. >> the moment of silence is set to hit at 8:46 new york time. >> we are now going to observe this moment of silence.
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[ playing "taps" ]
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13 years later. we will never forget 9/11. we just observed a moment of silence for the first plane that went into the north tower, killing all the people on board. we knew what was to come. now we could talk about it. at the time we didn't know what was happening in this world. eventually a second plane goes into the second tower. the faa started halting all flights after that as they tried to evacuate world trade center 2. the president and first lady
5:49 am
entering the white house once more. a huge memorial going on at the 9/11 actual site of the former world trade towers as well. and they will also read all the names. nearly 3,000 people were killed that day. >> from new york to washington, of course reflection on day that will never be forgotten in our minds. there will also be local ceremonies. all vta buses and light rail trains will stop to mark the exact moment the first plane hit the world trade center in honor of the men and women who gave their lives. >> and in san francisco, a bell will ring later this morning to remember those folks, including emergency responders who died in the 9/11 attacks.
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and there will be a public ceremony at sugar mill. moving on now, it's a tough day but we will now focus on what's happening locally. today in san francisco, the san francisco flower marts is the second largest in the country but today there could be a decision to sell much of that property to a group known for developing spaces for tech. stephanie chuang wondering if they're going to have a new space when this is over. what can we tell them at this point sp. >> there's a lot of uncertainty. for many years countless people have come here to the mart. it may be bought by a developer that will be home to companies
5:51 am
like sales force and drop box. >> it's very difficult because we've put our life into it and built out our stores. to see it all come to an end is pretty sad. >> reporter: are you going to keep fighting? >> we'll keep fighting. we always fight. >> reporter: that was patrick mccann, who is a store owner here, leasing some space. there's been a push to save the flower mart, including videos. the owners association is to hold a meeting today. the vendors here say they've heard very little about whether they'll be allowed to stay. i want to show you the statement we got from kilroy reality that reads in part, "after we acquire
5:52 am
the site from the san francisco flower growers association, we look forward to conducting an extensive outreach. calls to the growers association were unreturned. coming up, we'll have more. ...we need to break up.
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new reviews of the free u2 album sent to itunes user. >> it is free and people tend to be much more harsh for things they get tore free. a critic from "new yorker" magazine said "one song sounds like 17 different bands." >> now a vote a week from tod
5:56 am
today -- this is a huge economic issue. we'll talk about why coming up in just a bit. >> an emotional plea, a rare thing to see from the head of state. >> it's 5:56 now. we want to see what's ahead. summer is hanging on. >> it is the opinions la is 89 degrees there, 84 on the shore. in san francisco, 81 today, which is a good thing we're going to break the heat because there's the ghiradelli we're
5:57 am
still having this beg jam the northbound side is all right and by comparison, 280 is very clear. i suggest doing that and getting on the freeway south at willow. 101 starts to build and the mete meteor. >> we are following breaking news. our cruiser is on the way to the house fire. >> a group of former a how one stit leader o and a live look near the world trade center
5:58 am
rewe'll have much more on this day of remembrance prch
5:59 am
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several former police chiefs call out san jose city leaders asking for safer streets. >> plus, it is a day we will never forget. how the country is remembering 9/11 victims 13 years later. >> and just 12 days away from the official kickoff of fall and we are in the dog days of summer. peak heat tomorrow as we climb more. and that heat will break just in time for the weekend and also tracking chances of rain. much more in your microformat over. >> slaying up


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